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By: LazerKim


I’m sure everyone here is aware of the Dec 14th DNA result that turned out positive on Kim Hyun Joong as the father of Choi’s child. If you notice, I didn’t write about it on my Case Update article report! I was not surprised about the DNA result, BUT I was shock by how this news was brought out to the public!

First, the result was out to the media provided by the hospital where DNA took place and was reported to the media, before it was reported to the family court! Is this normal?Second, according to the trash news the DNA result showed 99.9999% positive on KHJ paternity, is this result even possible for real? I’m just asking!

I can’t help but doubt the manner how the result was released before the court of law who ordered this DNA process, however, Hyun Joong and his family acknowledged the result in respect to the court order. This baby may be Hyun Joong’s first child, but why is his existence seem to be questionable?

Allow me to pour out my thoughts on this blog, so I can move on further from where I am!



From day one since this nightmare started in Aug 2014, until the present 2015 I have been writing about Hyun Joong’s case and its development, therefore, most of my readers are aware of what’s going on, not to identify the loopholes on Choi’s pregnancy and childbirth.

Prior to the DNA result release, Atty Seon was saying he was 1000% sure that Hyun Joong is the father of Choi’s baby and was demanding for huge amount of money for child support! The following day he was accusing the public for taking his client as if she’s a National Swindler!! Why not? People judge you by what they see and hear from you!

As soon as this DNA result was released to the media in Dec 21st Atty Seon made another set of lies, stating this:  “During the two years she (Choi) lived with Kim Hyun Joong, she was impregnated 5 times…”  Come on Counselor, only in her dream!! The Kims refuted this false statement.

As I read this press release from Atty Seon, I was asking myself, is this another way of confusing the public?  I can understand that it’s so unbelievable for a normal woman to get pregnant 5 times within the period of 7 months with continous miscarriage and abortion which is clinically and humanly impossible, therefore Atty Seon has to change his statement!  How can I believe this lawyer if he and his client kept changing statements in every media interviews??

Then finally in Feb 2015, Choi suddenly announced she was pregnant then gave birth without even valid proof! Are we to be blamed as to why we are forever doubting Choi knowing she has been lying ever since this nightmare exploded?



I was all prepared to accept the DNA results even a part of me doubted it! Until this latest development came out from Mr. Kim’s translated interview posted yesterday! Here it goes:

KHJ Father:    “On July 13th, 2014 Choi’s mom directed Choi to maintain her relationship with Hyun Joong till the end of the year. To me it seems very premeditated. I’m sorry to the baby but we will follow legal decision. If Choi cannot raise him well.

Choi premeditated or planned out conspiracy with her mom by saying “Think of how you can get most out of him, you have to endure well and must keep it till the end of the year, though there are many mountains to climb over!”

To say to keep it till the end of the year even before filling lawsuit in Aug. 2014 is very odd! as Hyun Joong’s dad, I can’t help but take this as premeditated or well planned out!”

(Trans Cr:  @sun_sunsky, thanks for sharing!)



Reading from above translation, made me think this Choi’s pregnancy and childbirth had been planned since last year 2014! When I saw the picture of Mrs. Choi carrying the baby even made me doubtful of the baby’s age that seemed bigger than a 3 months old baby! Who is this child? Who are his real biological parents?

These are the questions nagging my wild thoughts! Am I to be blamed with such doubtful thoughts if from the start Choi’s pregnancy and childbirth was not clinically and legitimately proven? Well, I may be wrong which I hope I am because this is too much of a lied game to play with!

You may ask if SK hospitals can lie, Why not? If the hospital where the Dec 14th DNA took place had the guts to release sensitive DNA result ordered by the SK court of law to the media, then I don’t see any reason as to why they can’t falsify Choi’s medical childbirth records too! Do I make sense?

Well, this may be speculations on take it or leave it terms to my dear readers, I’m just clearing it up, I’m simply pouring out my wild thoughts whether I’m wrong or not! However, I have every reason to doubt this circus show that Choi presented to us!



In one of my articles, I wrote that Choi and her lawyer seem to be taking the SK court of law as their playground conniving with media! And this time they made me conclude, indeed they are taking the court as a playground in convincing the public of their lies!

Was the DNA fiasco in Dec 14th created by Choi’s camp their way of diverting the public attention away from the real issue that Choi doesn’t have a case in any of the charges she filed, be it the civil court or the family court? And so the least that they can do is relay on court of public opinion, that Choi and Atty Seon was making the public stupid by his inconsistent statements?

Is this their motive in this media play started by Atty Seon on revealing the Dec 14th DNA, exposing his client Choi’s identity and now making noise on its result? Is this how dirty SK media played their role to KHJ image demolition? I may just be writing  my wild thoughts out but this is how I see this big picture for real!!

Yes Atty Seon stated to have submitted multiple evidences! BUT what matters in any court of law is the veracity of evidence rather than numbers which contains nothing but unbelievable trash evidence! Is this how Atty Seon played with the SK court of law? I’m just asking since I’m having a bad impression on how this dirty game was being played!



In all this circus show there’s one important thing that Choi NEVER considered that I can call her “brain-dead mother” because she is not thinking and all she has in mind is REVENGE and MONEY! Choi Hye Mi and her family think she won this battle by proving the father of her own child is Kim Hyun Joong. Fine! I’m prepared to accept this.

However, she and her family never realize the future repercussion of this circus they created. I swear she can never have peace the moment she brought that baby to the public and made an innocent child the victim of her own foolish revenge.

It’s so obvious that she’s not after the child’s sake, hence, she made an innocent child her own money bag and bringing the child’s father downfall. Is this child will not grow up? Is this child will stay as he is, an infant who cannot understand? No of course not!

That child will grow up to an adult in the future and when the time comes he’s in his right mind, will he not question his own mother as to why she dragged him to this shameful scenario and pushed his own father to the quicksand?

Will this child never question as to why his mother said all those lies about his father that made the public look bad on Hyun Joong as his father? There’s a saying, “There’s nothing that can be hidden under the sun!”

Can a REAL mother and grandmother do such shameful thing to an innocent child? Now who is the victim in this circus that she created? Isn’t it the poor innocent nameless child who is the true victim here?



Now I can see a full picture of Choi and her family with a shotgun pointed at Hyun Joong and his family using this child in order to live! However, the Kims firmly stated that the criminal case filed by Hyun Joong against Choi shall proceed no matter what happen, I think this message was said loud and clear to Choi’s camp.

What kind of mother who would only care for herself and simply concern herself at present with what she can earn out of this circus? And what kind of a grandmother (Mrs. Choi) does this child has who is even pushing him to the public for money? I remember reading this part from the news on the Kim’s interview in Feb 2015 as follows:

According to the Kims, they met with Miss Choi’s parents on January 14. Miss Choi’s parents had an envelope with documents inside, but according to Kim Hyun Joong’s parents, they were unable to confirm what was inside the envelope because Miss Choi’s parents later left and took the envelope with them.

Ever since the first time that this second scandal exploded, I already had the impression that Choi’s parents are involved in this conspiracy that now it came out true! I really thought Kdramas are just fiction! Now I can see it does happen in real life in South Korea, that parents like Choi has, do sell their own daughter’s soul for money! Unbelievable!



We are now at a different stage in this nightmare and at this point whether we like it or not we start accepting what Hyun Joong and his family acknowledged, as Hyun Joong’s mother stated this….

“We admitted that he [KHJ] is the father and said that we will take full responsibility so I don’t know why they [Choi’s camp] keep trying to murder his [KHJ] reputation?” expressing her frustration.

I got the answer to her question. Choi simply wanted to bring down Kim Hyun Joong as her revenge for rejecting her! She will definitely be pulling him down the drain until he has nothing left for himself including his career!  While in the public eye, Choi’s supporters, simply wanted Kim Hyun Joong cast out from the SK showbiz industry!

Well, that will never happen, because no scandal can make KHJ fans move an inch away from him! And so to his detractors, may I just say it again, you are simply wasting your time and money in destroying Kim Hyun Joong! We are delulu fans who never give up, right? LOL

As Hyun Joong and his family fight till the end of this case, let’s pray for them for strength to endure all of these in the coming year 2016. May they feel that they are not alone and that we’re here for them and shall stay till all of this nightmare ends.



It doesn’t matter how long this case would take, KHJ fans stays with him until he can clear his name. In other countries, celeb’s personal lives may be exposed to the public which may be even have a worst case than Hyun Joong and yet they stayed in the lime light. On the contrary, SK may have a different showbiz culture which I think is a bit “primitive”.

Time change and I do hope SK showbiz culture would change too and go with the flow with the changing time. A celeb’s personal life has got nothing to do with his career being an entertainer. What people buy is their career and not their personal life. I do hope SK people start realizing this as fact in most of their neighboring countries!

For me as a fan, yes I shall be waiting until Hyun Joong gets back on stage after his MS. Regardless of the outcome of this case, I have his music, I have his dramas and I have those concert memories and it will stay with me fadeless. I don’t care whether he’s a bachelor father, I don’t care about his past, for me he’s still my only one star. Period!

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Well, the clock starts ticking from this day to say goodbye to 2015 as we welcome the year 2016! This year 2015 may be such a challenging year to all of us KHJ fans, as there may be a lot of pain caused by this exhausting nightmare, however, I felt even a brave fan inside me and have learned to fight for justice to an innocent man the whole year round!

Being a fan, I think this is the most wonderful experience I had that instead of being driven away from my star Kim Hyun Joong with all the painful nightmare brought me, this nightmare even made me closer to him.

I’m done with tears in 2015, and in this coming year I shall take this case lightly, be entertained by comedians named Choi and Seon and laugh it out as I have written in my previous article, this nightmare is just a BIG JOKE!

And so be it this year 2016, laugh it out, to stay strong, to keep fighting for justice and keep the love within our camp here where I belong as I face my NEW LIFE being a fan of my only one star Kim Hyun Joong!!

                              HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

                               MORE COMEDY ACT BELOW!

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PROOF OF PREGNANCY       (Info cr @Princessmich thanks for sharing!)

Choi’s statement on so-called pregnancy as follows:

Choi had abortion on Dec. 8, 2014

Impregnated on Dec. 20, 2014

Five weeks pregnant as of Jan 9, 2015

Four months pregnant of Feb. 23, 2015



From the picture above submitted by Choi’s camp as proof of pregnancy to the court, I can hardly comprehend an OB performing abortion on the 3rd day of her period!!?? How can a woman get pregnant 10 days after abortion? Can anyone here to please explain! I would like to understand just to give it a benefit of the doubt!

If you notice her statements above and the so-called proof of pregnancy does not jive with each other! This and many more incidents transpired from the time she came out with the news on her pregnancy in Feb 2015 till the present caused me to doubt her claims.

LK as a normal woman, if I get impregnated by a star, I would be very proud of it. If my lover’s parents ask me to be tested, I would gladly give in with no question and prove my pregnancy! The moment I give birth I would surely shout the news to the world! Again if my lover ask for DNA test on my baby I would happily do so, and I don’t need the media to be around in respect to my lover!

If he doesn’t want to take responsibility, then I will on my own, move on with my life happily with my baby and protect it. I’ll show my lover I can raise my baby on my own in the most proper way and be proud of it. I think this is a normal woman’s instinct of being a mother. On the contrary, I saw nothing of a sort from Choi being a mother. Just my opinion!



After reading the translation of Atty Lee’s interview with MBN, I would just like to say, I wish Atty Lee would dig deeper on this issue on Choi’s childbirth, I think there’s a lot more to this case, now knowing how manipulative Choi’s family is. And when the tide has calm down in the future, how I wish Hyun Joong would take another DNA on the baby on his own just for peace of mind before it’s too late.

I don’t know how can this be possible since Choi refuses to show the baby to KHJ and his family and she’ll probably keep the baby away from him.  If this happen, the more I will be doubting about the childbirth or the real father of this child.

Forgive me for being skeptical but as many of us here can see a lot of matters just doesn’t add up, and the more explanations from Choi’s camp turning out, the more I doubt!

                                                    To be continued!



(Trans Cr: Sunny @sun_sunsky   Thanks for sharing!)

CXaVHduUAAAypyP (1)





This may be my last post for the year 2015 as the count down starts at this 24 hours before 2016. Guess what? If this interview I posted above was broadcast on SK national TV in Dec 28, on-line news should be posting this interview by this time! Unfortunately the trash media remained silent! Well, no matter how these people kept the truth, their dirty game will stink and will surely come out in due time!

For those who are asking about the investigation, I’m sure it’s still on going. I don’t think Atty Lee will disclose the outcome of this investigation until the criminal court starts its trial which I think is the best. Sooner or later everything will be out in the open, as we can see the truth is slowly coming out from Choi’s camp itself out of clumsiness!!

As I mentioned in my article above Choi will never have peace anymore. And so be it, she did this to herself, and her mother even pushed her to go further towards the cliff! Mrs Choi has been an accessory to this crime. Therefore she has to go to jail as well! Shameless!

My last JOKE for this year 2015:

SK Judge:  “Miss Choi who is the father of your child? Remember you are under oath!”

Choi:   “Errr…My mother said it’s Kim Hyun Joong, but I’m not sure, because it was dark and I was told he moved out from his apartment! But I’m sure I slept with a man that night…I can’t remember his face, maybe it’s Hyun Joong or maybe not! I’m confuse!”

SK Judge:  “Case dismiss! On the ground that the plaintiff forgot to lie!”  LOL!!


BREAKING NEWS   (Jan 1, 2016)

First of all allow me to greet everyone here Welcome to Year 2016! I really would like to bring you my first news in the opening of this year with hopes it’s a good news! Unfortunately, it’s not so good news! Here it goes:


(Info cr: @501Wangja, thanks for sharing!)


We all know that the Jaksal IIsan branch is under the management of Hyun Joong’s mom and I think she have not recovered well from the last surgery she had in Jan 2015 that she needed much rest.

Many mother fans here can somehow feel the gravity of what Hyun Joong is getting through as a son for them. So you can just imagine the depression his mom really feels for her son being in such painful situation.

As a mother she has been suffering in this nightmare for over a year both mentally, emotionally and physically, as I remember she was newly discharged from the hospital after a surgery when the second scandal broke. And I think she has not recovered from her usual normal health ever since.

We cannot even physically comfort her since we’re all miles away from Hyun Joong’s mom and his family, and the only thing that we can do at this point is to pray for her that she will be able to regain her health and to be strong again for her son Hyun Joong.

My dear readers, my apology I don’t mean to spoil your New Year celebration, but please if I may be allowed air out and to say the following statements:

I hope Choi has gotten what she wanted from Hyun Joong and his family to suffer this much! But I swear she will NEVER be happy from now on and the rest of her life. She too has a mother, the big difference though is that her mom is just as evil as she is!

Now she’s a mother too as she claimed, and I won’t be surprise if one day she will suffer too because of her son. Indeed Choi did not only hurt Hyun Joong’s mother but a lot of mothers worldwide, and I hope she’s aware of it. I just can’t help putting the blame on her for doing this to Hyun Joong and his family who used to be a big happy family, that now they are facing this ordeal because of Choi’s greed for money!     I rest my case!

Thank you so much for all your greetings! Wishing all KHJ fan family here a good year, good health and prosperity all year round this year 2016!


TRASH FROM TRASH      (Jan 9, 2016)

Just dropping by to bring you a brief info news from the comedians Choi’s camp posted by the trash site as stated the following:

According to the legal circle, Ms. Choi’s mother will face Kim Hyun Joong at the first pleading date for the paternity suit on February 26. The paternity suit’s pleading date was set up by Seoul’s Court of Family Affairs.     (News fr Allkpop)

According to Atty Lee Feb 26th court hearing is for family court filed by Choi’s mom. This court decides paternity rights, custody and child support. (Info cr @sunsun_sky thanks!)


(Trans cr: SP@illiblue, Thanks for sharing!)



There you go, to confirm Mrs. Choi’s participation in this conspiracy as I have mentioned in my article above, is now loud and clear! I’m simply putting this on record and hoping for counter charge against Choi Hye Min’s mother Mrs Choi as accessory to Choi’s crime of blackmail extortion, fraudelism, dafamation ect!

Oh this is just fun for a comedy show to start the year 2016 by putting Choi’s mom to the drama cast! I wonder, what right does the so-called grandmother to file charges against Hyun Joong and demand for child support and custody if the so-called mother is still alive?

It’s pretty obvious now that Choi’s family is using the poor baby as their money bag to feed their low life style, since Mrs Choi I believe is filing this case to gain child support or Choi’s family support from Hyun Joong! It seems to me Choi’s family is acting prior to transpiring event in the near future!! This Choi family should get a life!!

How I wish KHJ’s camp would dig in to the background of this family and expose their dirty business, because I’m already having the impression that  this family lives the way we see them as great extortionists! As I mentioned earlier, how I wish Atty Lee would dig deeper on this Choi’s childbirth because something is just not right!

Well to confuse the public is Choi’s motive, that seems to me Mrs Choi is the master mind of this circus! But I still wonder who is behind this mother/daughter team showing another desperate move from a desperate Choi family! *sigh* Why is this happening in SK?


SCHOOL FOR THOUGHTS         (Jan 12, 2016)

One of my readers from my comment box here posted this info from an interview view points from experts pertaining KHJ’s case. I’m putting it up here so that everyone can clearly read. This info was posted at Tweeter on Dec 24th but I’m sure we can learn something out of the info, here it goes as follows:

CXD5BuuUkAA2nNR (1)

(Info tran. cr: @illublue thanks for sharing!)


In one of my articles I have written, that if a person is to accuse somebody and putting him to the court of law, there has to be solid evidence to support the accusations and not just mere text messages just like what Choi did in all her claims including her 2015 pregnancy!

(Quoted No. 4 above)  “From the court’s point of view various exchange of text messages, SNS, voice recording ect are generally not accepted for trials as they are easily edited. In addition, the content of such messages which are pending authentication by the court which are released to the press has a negative influence and this is something the lawyers on both sides need to take note of, as the court looks unfavorably upon such activities.”

I’m sure Atty Seon is not that stupid as a lawyer not to know this fact quoted from the law experts, learning from the law school where Atty Seon had been, right? But why is it that he kept bringing those Choi’s fabricated stupid text messages to the public and to the court of law to prove Choi’s claims? Well, a lawyer trainee is far better than him obviously!

As the law experts stated, that the financial demand from Choi’s camp is 3x excessive than the court may require! So what do we call these people demanding for this huge amount? Are they not qualified to be called extortionists?




Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CASE UPDATES



By: LazerKim

NEWS UPDATE      (Dec 14, 2015)

Today Dec 14th Kim Hyun Joong took another DNA test in compliance to court order that Hyun Joong and Choi’s baby has to take this DNA test in connection to Paternity Lawsuit that Choi filed against Hyun Joong. Here’s that news as follows:

Kim Hyun-joong receives DNA paternity test

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong took a DNA paternity test Monday in hopes of proving he is not the father of a child his former girlfriend gave birth to in September.

Kim was tested at the Seoul National University Hospital in Seoul at 2 p.m. along with his ex-girlfriend, surnamed Choi, according to a local news outlet.

The singer, who is currently serving in the military on active duty, used his leave to receive the test with the mother of the child, as ordered by a court earlier.

“We followed the court’s order (to go to the hospital with Kim’s ex-girlfriend). We are not sure if the two are going to be tested simultaneously or separately,” Kim’s lawyer told reporters before.

In April, Choi filed a suit seeking 1.6 billion won ($1.33 million) in damages for Kim’s alleged physical abuse and their relationship leading to pregnancy.

Choi had refused to hand over a medical certificate that proved her pregnancy and gave birth in September.

In a press conference, Kim accused his former girlfriend of being unclear about the pregnancy. Kim said he would “take full responsibility for the newborn baby” if the paternity test identified him as the father.

Kim began his two years of mandatory military conscription in May.

News source: link>



Today Atty Lee stated that as soon as Hyun Joong complied with the DNA he left the hospital and went back to the camp. There were news reporters  around the hospital and so far I have not seen pictures of Hyun Joong except Atty Lee being interviewed and the other party! Here’s some brief translation from the interview.

Atty Lee:   KHJ was in the same place with Choi but they did not talk to each other at all. He didn’t see the baby as Choi has the baby.   KHJ will be responsible IF confirmed test results that would prove he is the father would be available in a week or two. Choi wanted to take DNA test together.

About the damage suit, it hasn’t been proven that there was miscarriage by assault or forced abortion, Choi’s side provided no evidence.    After the 5th hearing on the 23rd our witness will testify, after that KHJ will testify about circumstances he gave 600MW and the trial expected to be over.      (Trans credit: Sunny @sunsun_sky  thanks for sharing!)



(Trans cr: Karenkim thanks for sharing!)



On Dec 9th, I was surprised upon reading a trash news from Atty Seon announcing the court order that both KHJ and Choi’s baby has to take it together, stating the place, date and time of DNA testing! What do we expect? Of course media will not let this chance slipped by, so Choi and her mother was mobbed by media!

May I just clear it up to “Choi’s fan club” that it was Choi’s camp who revealed info pertaining to DNA scheduled today and that her name and photos were exposed by media and not by KHJ fans! Well, I’m just waiting for the media to do so to confirm her identity since KHJ fans already knew who she is!

For me this court order on DNA test is a good news, whether Choi’s baby is his or not, at least Hyun Joong can finally have some peace of mind pertaining the questionable childbirth of Choi since she have not submitted any proof to her pregnancy and childbirth. It’s just so sad that it took a DNA court order with media around before she can finally submit! This woman is indeed a true attention seeker trying hard to look like a victim!

However, may I remind you my dear readers that Hyun Joong specifically stated that if the child is his he’ll take responsiblity, BUT the criminal case that he filed against Choi shall proceed as is regardless of anything that goes.



From the photo above, there goes the criminal suspect Choi Hye Mi the blackmailer of Hyun Joong with her mother carrying the baby merciless to the poor crying baby for dragging him to such situation to the public!

Atty Seon announced today’s event to the media which I consider another desperate move in seeking media attention which Choi has been wanting! She’s such a loser and manipulator even to an innocent baby who is barely 3 months old being dragged to this circus! And may I just mention, Choi’s mother was there with her that made me think she’s been a part of her daughter’s conspiracy in destroying KHJ!

IF indeed the baby is Hyun Joong’s baby, until now I couldn’t understand why it has to take all this time even a court order to prove it? I couldn’t ignore her behavior right from the start of this so-called pregnancy and childbirth because I believe no decent mother would jeopardize her baby and allowed being mobbed by media, if Choi is a real mother!

From the start I never doubted her true selfish motive is solely for Hyun Joong’s money. Now I’m even convinced this is not the first time she ever did this to a man, meaning Hyun Joong MIGHT not be her first victim! Just my wild thoughts based on everything that transpired from last year’s scandal till today on how she orchestrated this whole conspiracy seems a piece of work by a real pro con artist conspirator!



I know we are all wishing the baby is not his, however if in case it’s his baby, I sure do hope Hyun Joong would fight for full custody, since Choi is obviously an unfit mother. Wishing just for an innocent child who doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment from a mother who obviously doesn’t care for the baby at all! We shall be waiting for DNA results.

Well, we still have a Dec 23rd court hearing to look forward to, let’s hope and pray that this case would end! At the same time, although today’s DNA is not related to the said court hearing I still wish DNA results would be available before the 23rd to at least shed light and give even a little peace of mind for Hyun Joong and his family.

Christmas is just around the corner and this is the first time that Hyun Joong won’t be around us for this season, however he’ll be with us in thoughts as always. How I wish all of these would be over soon and I wish for a favorable results for Hyun Joong!

Further developments and updates shall be posted on this page! Have a great season everyone! God bless Kim Hyun Joong….God bless all of us.


                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

                                MORE UPDATES BELOW THIS ARTICLE!

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bwiwu1hcuae3rku (1)



As far as I remember it was Atty Seon who first announced to the media about Choi giving birth in Sept. However, in this interview he was asked by reporters the exact date that Choi delivered the baby, but he responded he could not remember!!! LOL

Atty Seon publicly announced the Dec 14th DNA test and I’m sure he already anticipated there will be media around the hospital where the DNA test took place, so he should have prepared or he was expecting the media would mob on KHJ!! On the contrary, it was his client who was mobbed by media! Well counselor, your client asked for attention and so she had it all eyes of media on her exposure!!

I wonder if Atty Seon heard the baby cried along the way? But it seems to me the three of them simply didn’t care at all! I wonder if they ever thought if the baby was hungry that’s why he was crying? I didn’t even see a baby stuff bag with them which I think is natural for a mother to be bringing with her whenever the baby is out from his crib! Am I right?



I admire how Atty Lee handled such situation, anticipating the media would be there and so he took extra care for his client and protected him from the media and from Choi’s camp. He and his client used another route towards the lab where DNA was being done. I admire how he responded to the media in such precise and professional way.




(Trans cr: Sunny @sunsun_sky       Thanks so much for sharing as always!)


CHOI SPEAKING UP???   (Dec 17)

Yesterday there has been a brief statement from Atty Seon circulating around as he stated this……“My client Choi feels a need to step out and correct the Korean public’s misconception of her as fraudster or a liar and flower snake!”  May I correct Atty Seon’s statement! It’s not only the Korean public who takes Choi as a LIAR, but also KHJ fans worldwide and some non-fans who started to doubt her motive!

I wonder what is there for her to explain? For me, once a liar started her story with lies, she’ll be patching it up with another clumsy lies just to make sense to her fairy tale! I’m just glad that the SK public now has come to their senses and started to doubt her motive in this circus too!

Choi had gone over board with her nonsense accusations in destroying an innocent man to the point of mental and emotional torture, not only to Hyun Joong but to his family and us his fans for nearly two years now. How can she expect SK public to believe her?

Is she now being caught in the corner after the DNA circus that all of a sudden she wanted to speak up? Or does she wants another media coverage? Well, let’s see what she’s up to, I just read she’ll be attending the court hearing on the 23rd, of course she’ll be where the media is!! LOL Let’s see how true this is and what she has to say!

(Atty Seon staement trans cr: @MichLui Thanks for sharing!)


NEWS UPDATE   (Dec 22nd)

From KHJ side:   The 5th court hearing scheduled tomorrow Dec. 23rd is postponed on Feb 3rd, 2016 by court decision! Reason for the postponement remain unknown. This info came from KHJ’s camp as  Atty Lee stated that there was no request for postponement on hearing date. No explaination was given by the court but such postponement often happened.    (Info cr: @sunsun_sky thanks for sharing!)

Since this info came from KHJ camp I sure do hope Atty Seon won’t make up any stories out of this postponement. Although I have to admit, this will mean a long wait again from Dec 23rd to Feb 6th 2016 but we can’t do anything about it since it’s court order!


(Vid cr: @KHJ Supporters, Thanks for sharing, your effort is very much appreciated)


Mr. Kim [Hyun Joong’s dad] being interviewed at SBS and stated that the assault lawsuit premeditated or planned out by Choi together with her mom!! (Info cr: @sun_sun sky TY)

It’s a mother and daughter conspiracy all along! No wonder, we have been asking where Choi’s parents are, now we know her parents were just right beside her planning the assault ploy! Shameless mother, this is the worst news I’ve ever heard having Choi’s mother involved in this nightmare!! This really is epic!!!



(Tran cr: Sunny @sun_sunsky  Thanks as always!)


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In Feb 2015 I can still remember how Hyun Joong clearly stated he’s not going to marry Choi. After Hyun Joong stated his rejection, she responded that she doesn’t want to marry Hyun Joong either, that she will take care of her baby by herself and will not ask for financial support from him!

So what do we have now? Choi is demanding 5 Million Won per month for child support and 100 Million Won for compensation or alimony! As far as I understand, alimony is some sort of financial support by court-ordered provision for a spouse after separation or divorce.

Hyun Joong and Choi was never married nor lived in together, so why is she demanding for compensation or alimony  even 100% higher than child support? What legal right does she has to demand?

May I just add up  Atty Seon’s statement after DNA result was released   “From now on, he (KHJ) will have to apologize and reflect upon his actions that murdered her character, and show responsibility as the father of a child and protect the rights of his child and the mother of his child.

My dear readers be the judge of character since Atty Seon was accusing Hyun Joong of murdering Choi’s character!! This lawyer is getting fond of twisting not only his statements but even situation!

Who is Choi by the way? Is she a nun? Is she a star celeb? Is she someone from the upper echelon, a figure in a high class society?

NO! None of the above! Instead Choi is a BLACKMAILER from a family of con-artists experts, a GOLD DIGGER, CRIMINAL, NATIONAL SWINDLER and an OVERLY OBSESSED woman with low life! That’s her character!

Geez I don’t want to spoil my Christmas Eve, so I’m gonna laugh out everything that I read from Choi’s camp!! Whatever happens Christmas will come in just hours from now. Hyun Joong is a Catholic so I’m sure he’ll be celebrating this season with hopes he can celebrate it with his family!

                                    HAPPY HOLIDAY EVERYONE!