Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HALLOWEEN UPDATES!



By: LazerKim


The nightmare drama continues as the fourth court hearing adjourned and shall resume on Dec 23! Wow! What a way for Hyun Joong to spend his Christmas having this case in his hand! Then we might as well join him and I think it would be better to laugh it out how ever this case proceed!!

Here are some highlights on random news summary event info through Q & A from Media and KHJ camp from the Oct 30 fourth hearing as follows:

*** Witness shall be brought in for questioning since there was an eye-witness was said to be a friend who had seen Choi drinking alcohol and riding a bike during pregnancy after alleged assault in 2014.

*** KE representative who have witnessed Hyun Joong being threatened into blackmail shall also be called in for questioning. 

*** Decision for the 5th hearing of trial preparation on Dec 23 was due to lawsuit and related paternity confirmation. The court of law may request both parties (KHJ and Choi) involved to testify after the 5th hearing ONLY if necessary. 

*** Atty Lee stated “the 5th hearing was set to our counterclaim but not to the original claims”

*** Atty Lee confirmed a baby boy’s photo was shown to him by Atty Seon. Atty Lee only confirmed the baby’s appearance through photo from Atty Seon’s mobile phone.

*** Kim Hyun Joong have not seen the baby since Choi have delivered in Sept. although his stance still remain consistent, that paternity test has to be done first and foremost to confirm 100% before he can acknowledge the said child to be his. Hyun Joong and Choi have not communicated with each other ever since numerous court cases had been filed.

(Trans cr: MichLui and Sunny posted via Tweeter:   Thanks for sharing!)

If ever there may be interview coverage for further clarity on details I shall be posting later on below this article. My dear readers may check it out from this page as usual. Thank you!



A baby boy’s photo was shown to Atty Lee by Atty Seon through his mobile phone before entering the court room yesterday! May I clear it up that the baby photo is not related to the Oct 30 fourth hearing. Although the photo became highlight of the event!!

Now we have the baby’s gender! It’s a baby boy!! I can’t help but laugh reading this part of the report!! At least Choi’s camp didn’t submit text message for a change! Instead a baby boy’s photo from mobile phone AGAIN!!

Sounds familiar, first ultra sound photo was shown through Choi’s mobile, now a baby boy photo was shown through her lawyer’s mobile phone! Poor baby always been victimized by mobile phone!! It was said Choi doesn’t even know her baby’s blood type?!! I wonder where she got a mysterious baby that even Atty Seon said he had not seen it!

Atty Seon stated to the media “Soon, the paternity results will be revealed in Seoul Family Court.”  This matter pertains to another case which Choi filed this year.

At the end of the day if Choi has proven right, then I’ll probably welcome the disaster with a big laugh, shrug my shoulders and say, “And so be it! But leave the poor baby away from the court room, he has got nothing to do in this circus show!”



Here we go again! GRANTING for the sake of argument, the baby boy on that photo is genuine that it’s Choi’s baby and the father is Hyun Joong, FINE, but the same question still stand!

Why is Choi still beating around the bush until at this time, instead of taking the baby’s DNA straight ahead right after childbirth in Sept? This has been my question since Feb this year, from valid proof of pregnancy till childbirth, nothing was proven!

First, Is she intending to pawn the baby to Hyun Joong and his parents to acknowledge without DNA and to drop charges against her, get on with child support settlement with more money and probably possible marriage!?? I can still remember what Choi stated in Feb. “KHJ and I are still connected because we have a baby!”   (in her dreams!)

Second, Choi is definitely not seeking justice because if so, this case should be over and done ages ago! Is she deliberately prolonging this drama episode media coverage? Because surely this is all about publicity in destroying Hyun Joong which is quite obvious from day one, so much more at this time that everything seem to be loud and clear!

Kim Hyun Joong and his fans shall continue the fight until we see Choi behind bars! As I said in my recent article I cannot be convinced Hyun Joong’s baby unless a credible proof of DNA on the baby has been PUBLICLY provided.  A baby photo proves nothing!



May I clear it up that what we have been observing on fourth hearing Oct 30 are merely court proceedings in preparation to the court trial on civil case that Choi had filed. Since I’m not a lawyer this is how far I can understand what’s going on! So all I can do is to rally behind Hyun Joong bringing my placard at Tweeter every time there’s a court hearing on KHJ’s case and post gathered info in this site whatever can be translated by other fans!

May I say, whether Hyun Joong has a baby from Choi or not, nothing change! If I was able to survive as a fan for a year covering this case in this site, then I think I can survive for another year or so! If Choi’s camp is intending to exhaust Hyun Joong, his family and fans then I would say they will fail to do so!

I know this must be so difficult to the Kims to endure with, that neither can I speak in their behalf with what they feel. However, I sincerely appreciate KHJ fans in showing their support even to his family to at least ease down their pain and letting them know they are not alone as we fans are with them the whole time till this case ends.

For me as a fan, the real fight starts when he’s out from the camp and get him back to the stardom, this is the true fight for KHJ fans. The road that we’re taking at present is just a slow bumpy road that a fan has to take, to test our strength and so with Hyun Joong.



I think this is the longest Halloween I have ever spent in my entire life since this nightmare has been going on for over a year! But believe me I’m enjoying it!! LOL Specially whenever Choi and her lawyer opens their mouth and bringing out their so-called evidence, they surely entertain me by their stupidity!

This nightmare is meant to scare us, to exhaust us and drive us away from Hyun Joong! Unfortunatey, it’s over one year yet we’re still here as KHJ fans supporting him! On the contrary I think it’s Choi who is scared by this time since the jail gates will soon welcome her grand entry as a prisoner!!

As for me being a fan, I’ll take this case to the most practical way! All I need is a bucket of popcorn to fill up my stomach to keep me up while watching this drama! Anyway I still have another year to wait for Hyun Joong, so might as well enjoy the horror comedy show that Choi is bringing up while Hyun Joong is away!

May I just say…In my previous article in 2014 after the Aug scandal, I wrote this statement… “Let’s not forget this nightmare!!” Only to find out there’s part 2 to nightmare 2014!!     Indeed a true Halloween nightmare!! LOL!  Well, that’s life, full of surprises!!

                                       HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!

                                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

                        MORE UPDATES BELOW THIS ARTICLE

Photo credits as tagged, Ms D thanks!       Trans cr: Sunny and MichLui thanks!

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(Trans cr @sunsun_sky: Sunny thanks for sharing your effort is very much appreciated!)






I find it so rediculous that an operation of abortion was performed without even medical records! Did Choi administer that drug by herself and did her own abortion? I’m sure not if there was indeed an abortion operation performed on her! This is still a medical issue as far as I know and cannot just be proven by text messages!!

May I quote “if it were blackmail…they continued to exchange text….” hmmm correction…Choi’s obvious fabricated text messages! But as far as I remember Atty Seon admitted that Choi received 600MW from Hyun Joong.

May I quote fr Seon statement  “If paternity were 100% I hope he apologize.”

Oh my! Such guts from the good lawyer. Whoever is obliged to apologize that’s none other than his client CHOI! For bringing her dirty laundry to the public, for exposing such private fabricated text messages and with her endless lies causing HJ’s family mental torture whether paternity is 100% or not is NOT an excuse to her inappropriate behaviour.


May I quote from HJ’s dad; “There were many parts that were not true. What if all of them were released? If they were all released my life would be completely ruined.”

May I just express myself. This statement from Hyun Joong’s dad as a parent really gives me a pinch in my heart. Mr. Kim knows very well how SK media works and at this point his entire family has been crushed by Choi’s evilness. It hurts for a parent seeing his son being treated this way putting all lies in the mind of the public for her own selfish intention. I’m just so glad that many netizens now can see those lies that Choi created.

I wonder where are Choi’s parents? I wonder if they are not even alarmed by what their daughter has been doing and putting out those obvious lies to the public? Are they not scared for their daughter for possible consequesnces to what she did? Or did they also took part of this conspiracy? Try reversing the situation and putting their daughter in Hyun Joong’s and family’s situation, would they even care? I wonder!


FACT FINDING          (Nov 5)

Allow me to add up, by reviewing in 2014 alleged assault from Atty Lee’s revelation that there was a certain media A who approached KE stating they have materials of assault and miscarriage to be published which they already did, despite the monetary settlement.

This incident transpired early Aug 2014 before Choi reported to the police that she was assaulted by KHJ, that made me think both KE and KHJ were blackmailed. KHJ at first may have refused to give Choi the money in July as reason why Choi went to report assault in Aug 20, 2014 at the police station.

So how come Atty Seon end up stating “Was KHJ threatened? ….they went to Jeju and continued to sleep together….?”  I think Atty Seon forgot to have admitted that the said Jeju travels transpired in June and early July from Choi’s FABRICATED text messages.

If media A approached KE in early Aug, and Jeju transpired in June therefore KHJ had stopped seeing Choi before she went to the police to report assault. Still, I believe KHJ’s testimony at the police station in Aug that he ended up his affair with Choi in May, meaning he had stopped seeing her after their fight causing mutual altercation transpired in May 30

Even photos were shown as their evidence that HJ and Choi were together in June or July doesn’t convince me at all, because those photos were all FAKE and obviously fabricated through photoshop.

Again my question, if indeed HJ and Choi can still be called couple during those times, why would Atty Seon resort to producing and fabricating fake photos from photoshop and showed it to the media and published??



I shall never forget Atty Seon statement in Sept 2014. That for me this statement itself is already an indirect threat to false accusation…..

(Sept 12 2014) “Our current stance is that he needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration.

Let’s not forget that according to the police report in 2014 that there was no substantial evidence to file charges against KHJ on the alleged assault on Choi.

(Sept 17, 2014)   “A’s” lawyer said, “From the beginning, if he [Kim Hyun Joong] apologized, ‘A’ was planning on dropping charges under no condition or receipt of settlement money.”

Now it was revealed that there was indeed monetary settlement of 600MW that even KHJ’s letter of apology is part of settlement, as I have said Choi’s gun was pointed at KHJ’s head while he writes that letter of apology to protect herself from being mobbed by his fans!

Liars are bound to stumble on their own lies! From day one of scandal 2014 till the present Choi and Seon has been busy creating stories out of their own lies. If they started this story with lies then it will definitely end in all LIES.



I know I’ll be out of the blog topic this time, but since we still don’t have updates on KHJ case, allow me to use this space to share with you what is currently going on in Paris France. It was said in the news that there were at least 129 killed and 352 injured in a terror attack.

Quote fr news > Paris terror attacks: Everything we know so far on Saturday night. At least 129 people have been killed in seven separate attacks across Paris, including 82 during a hostage situation at Bataclan, a music venue… Read more fr News Link>

May I appeal to all KHJ fans to please share our prayers to this country being attacked by terrorist. At the same time, may I also make an appeal to all of us to be open-minded because there were a lot of talks going on around the internet blaming religion to this incident.

Just my opinion, there are horrible people using religion or religious belief for so many times in some terror attack as an excuse in killing other people. I myself is not a religious person but I’m a strong believer of one God regardless of religion.

In my old articles I once mentioned KHJ is a good factor in uniting people regardless of color, race, nationality, religion and he embraces whoever we are. Maybe we can use this thoughts at this time that the world is under attack by terrorists again.

That instead of blaming the religion that may affect the innocent religious group, let’s offer prayers to the country affected by such evil acts created by selfish people and their power play.                                #Pray for humanity #Pray for Paris France.


May I share with you another news from Seoul as I read this article title…. “Tens and Thousands march in Seoul, calling for Ouster of the President”

What is going on in Seoul??? President Park Geun Hye is the first female President ever elected in the history of SK and had assume office in Feb 2013.

Quote from this news > SEOUL, South Korea — The police on Saturday fired water cannons and tear gas at thousands of protesters shouting for President Park Geun Hye’s resignation while marching toward her office in Seoul in the largest anti-government demonstration here in several years. (Read more fr this News Link>




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    • Dear Jazu,
      I think that Hj being nominated when he is in MS it just show his power as Star, he is still up there, even though fans are disappointed after last year play done by Yahoo, I will vote to show all antis and haters HJ has a fan base bigger and bigger and we want his name UP there and to see him back on stage after his MS regardless of the nightmare.
      just my opinion and I am not suggesting or pushing someone to go vote, everyone should do as her heart is guiding.

      I think is 7th time!!

      Tolerance and peace to all during those turbulent times!

      HJ power is to unite his Fans from all over the world regardless of religions/color/language.
      thank you LK for this Blog which is full of love and peace and a healing place to us as our Idol!!
      God Bless All!

      • Tnx for the link and plz continue with World Star Popularity Vote Ranking, HJ keeping his first positions there for a long time already. For those fans who didn’t vote yet – just Google it, the site itself is the voting station, once a day available. Show must go on! Tnx to all.

  1. Dear friends let’s pray together for the World Peace, for our kids, for our soldiers, for innocent people all nations. Let’s pray for Paris, for 38 parallel, for Humanity. Let’s love each other.

  2. Any News with Choi coming out of the Boogie Closet yet?
    This will be there 5th Court Case Fieldtrip from the Month of December.
    How many Lawsuits are they Filing one another? Does anybody know whats next after
    this one?

  3. Why shouldn’t we have doubt on so-called ‘HJ-Choi living together’ photo shown by Seonpiggy??!! I dun get it why we hve to believe Seonpiggy 100% since he always talk . Why the photo is doubted?

    1. The most significant – Choi’s bruise should be on LEFT arm, not on the RIGHT as in Seon’s photo shown

    2. The angle between the two looks weird and fishy…( its my instinct, dunno how to )

    3. Hj’s side hair cut extremely DIFFERENT than it should be ( his Phantasm hair cut )

    4. The timing Seon showed the pic to public was ridiculously unappropriate with the case matter…u think we should just swallowed whatever Seonpiggy exposed regarding HJ’s so-called private life? Don’t u know his motive whenever he revealed something personal like that? Gosh…

    5. Why got fans bother to argue with other fans who just blurting her opinion to other fans in her own blog? We are adults and have rights and know the good and bad in our choices.

    LK, sorry for my ranting at this time. I’ve read that comments ealier before but doesn’t hve much time to comment abt it here and to that particular fans, no offence but I hve to say my mind.

  4. Wow, great article Ella, totally agree. LazerKim, you rock.!! As we all know there will always be haters out there, too bad for them!! Thanksgiving is in a few weeks in the U.S., I am truly thankful for finding All of you here,!! God bless HJK & his entire fan nation!!! HAPPY early THANKSGIVINGS!!! just love the holidays!!! Never stop believing!!

  5. If I may with my careful thought… i’m just a guest on this blog, but from the very beginning I fell for LK’s every word, every feeling, every share. No need to meet her to realize clearly what kind of a person she is – amazing fighter and leader. Yes I agree that the word is powerful, but we are not in the court.

    We are the HJ FansFamily and as a family we have full rights for our open round tables and tea parties and even it’s absolutely normal to bring up our guesses and versions to discuss. But the most important part of it that in despite of our differences we have very deep respect for each other and we get united so tight not coz LK directs us like a stupid fools by her words but because we have the same heartstrings, special connections without words, we are not just some excited fans – we are trusted friends and faithful soulmates. And we very grateful to our dear Hostess to welcome us here, to respond generously to all our worries and questions regarding to our Star.

    And I’m sorry for not to be sorry for telling this: Whoever protecting those high degree con-artists and blames LK for hurting HJ doesn’t sound like KHJ fan to me, moreover your comments are cold, rude, intentionally forced with one way declaration and cutting off your opponent’s sidewalk. That s it. No hard feelings.

    • I totally agree with you ella straight up. I for one is very Thankful that LK is opening her personal site to express my own opinion. No rudeness necessary. I feel safe this site to express how I feel with Love & frankly I got an Honest responds & opinions from all of you & Thanks LK & everyone for making me feel like a member of a KHJ Family. PEACE , LOVE, & RESPECT. ❤
      God Bless.

  6. Dear friend l know that you have the privilege to see him in the concerts profesionally talking, and you see him in action and it gives us advantage because through you we know him better more than an artist as a beautiful person. Many times you avoid to talk about it and l respect it.

    As you know LK l have 3 young adult children and be rounded of more at work. l experience a lot of issues among them, young marriages because of pregnacies, early divorces, abortions, fights DV etc. Experience teaches us, being sexually active too.
    So, even if it hurts us, excuse me but he could have sex for fun since he doesnt want to marry yet. IN MY OPINION we cant cover the sun with a finger, be realistic, She is just a woman who took advantage of his male weekness. He is a NORMAL boy who took what the girls offer. Even if it sound rude it is true among youngers. He is not living out, he tries hard to live a normal life. We cant judge this part of his private life.

    Once he said ¨ l thought l was living the Kim Hyun Joong´s life privately, but l knew now that part of my life is yours.¨ (to the fans after the scandal) He got a carelessness with her that lead to the nightmare and he knows it. l also was insulting in comments but who cares. l will defend him as hard as l can. He is my son, the one who needs me now.
    He learned and for sure is remorseful for that, just seeing him the last day concert crying makes me think he was suffering for what was comming after the concert. When he came back she was ready to shot and presure him.
    All what l wrote here are speculation comming from my experiences and knowlege of him. Being Gemini as him l have feeling of what l will do in this case.

    Well just opinions not fact but seems that our feeling came true in some way.
    He is now suffering with that uncertainty done by her, hope he will know soon if he is the father or not, the only thing that we know is that she got a baby by her lawyer and a photo sooo, the baby doesnt exists until she proves there is a baby and he is of KHJ. Well calm down friends.
    Keep defending him til his comeback dears
    God bless you

  7. LK, Kristin…we are adults, right? LK can write whatever she wants and it’s up to us to believe or not believe. I believe what she writes. This is the one, if not the only site where KHJ fans can read what’s current and emphasize together. Kristin, you have your opinions, as does LK. Kristin, I’m not familiar with your posts, but I’m sure you are also doing your best. LK, please continue writing your blog. You help those of us outside of Korea to keep informed on the circus that Choi has created. I pray that KHJ has a way to read this post and see how much he is appreciated and loved. Praying for justice.

    • Some Rival Guy who is Unknown and a threat to KHJ.
      Sound like this Unknown Guy is Jealous of KHJ Career. What did KHJ ever do to him? I don’t even know the Whole Story yet.
      Did Att Lee Investigate the Higher Up Unknown Person who
      plan the Whole thing yet or He Still Busy with his Client KHJ Along with Att Seon and Choi?

    • For sure, she is now his pain in his neck for about 20 years till the boy will be adult. That is a shame but true.
      I Dont doub that she will ask money in the future with any pretext.

      • I still do not believe that Choi gave birth at all. If she did, it wasn’t to KHJ’s baby. The time lines just don’t match up at all. Her medical report says she had her last period on 12/6/14. She claims she got pregnant after having sex on 12/23/14. Then, she texts an ultrasound image to KHJ on 1/3/15, telling him that she’s pregnant. THERE IS NO WAY SHE COULD HAVE EVEN KNOWN SHE WAS PREGNANT THAT SOON! She wouldn’t have even missed her period yet. And then there are all the months of refusing to provide any substantial evidence of pregnancy. After lying to him about 4 pregnancies, why would the 5th be any different. If there really is a baby, then I’ll eat my words.

      • I wondered how KHJ will ever find a cinderella when Choi
        Chain Dog him around his neck. So many pain, so many regrets.

        I guess he found a Cinderella Stepsister. lol

        Choi’s Quote: If i can’t have you, then no one else can.


    RE: Voting Polls

    There’s a voting poll currently conducted on line, the ASIA STAR 2015 in which Kim Hyun Joong is included among the star artist candidate. Feel free to vote which may help him bring to the top among the star candidates. You may vote every hour until the voting poll closes on Nov 8.

    LINK: (shared by jazu thanks!)

    I think this can be a good way of diverting and using our spare time while we wait for the next court hearing date Dec 23 on KHJ case. I’m aware there are voting polls currently conducting.

    To KHJ fans who are active in voting at the polls, feel free to post those links on my comment box for interested fans who wants to vote. However, I would appeal to please share the guide lines on how to vote for successful voting on daily basis. Thank you!

    LazerKim here!

    • Please continue to vote on World Star Popularity Vote Ranking, the site is the Voting Station, just Google it. HJ is on the first place as a singer and the second place as an actor, actually few months already he s holding the lead. U can vote once a day. Tnx.

    Let me share with the family that KHJ is now 9th in Asia Star poll, Could you all of you vote for him in Asia Star here. With your help maybe we can put him in fistrt place as he deserve it . This is the last round till Nov 8th, just 3 days, could you ? voting really calm me down and l end enjoying it since the first time l run into a poll where he is.
    see you there sis.

  10. So KHJ has this Book called Manga and doesn’t like to Read Real Books. I think KHJ
    should start Reading Books
    (For Example, Steven King Book or Catch Me If You Can Book. Etc) so he can Educate
    himself more.

    When your in the Entertainment Business, There are Good and Bad People.
    Being a Gentleman and a Good Heart. KHJ needs to be Aware of his Surrounding and
    start Learning how to Reject People. Its Going to Hurt himself More if he Keep being
    Nice and Let everyone Screw Him Over or Manipulate him. Like how Choi did to

    Well for KHJ Private Dating Life he needs to Becareful Who hes with, Maybe start
    Learning how to Reject them Girls and take a Break and Start Consentrate on
    his Work instead of Dating so Much. Later on he can go find a better Cindrella
    that can Suit him well.

    I hope things will Change for the Better after KHJ come out of MS.

  11. By the way, LK….THANK YOU for your posts! The one place I trust for honesty. I love reading the comments from loyal fans. We are KHJ’s extended family 😆. Happy belated birthday!

  12. Is that Choi’s face??? Why hasn’t she gotten the paternity test? Because she’s trying to find someone who will take a bribe and falsify the test. Otherwise she would have done it the minute the baby was born…if she even had a baby. Just my thoughts. Praying for KHJ, family and fans.

  13. Wooooww…thanks to you, Lazer Kim. Thanks for the updates. I hope that this battle against Choi will come to an end already. It’s been running for too long. T_T that girl is just so disgusting…

  14. Thanks alot lazerkim i must say your article indeed dig deep into the garbage of choi’s lies and every body is seeing the dirty and disgusting fabricated lies of her and her attorney, their lies indeed have catch up with them. I just hope they won’t be any way of altering the paternity test to suit their lies again cause i strongly doubt HJ is truely the father of that child ( that’s if ever there is a child to begin with)

  15. Brilliant as always Lazerkim. I am truly thankful for your articles and analysis of what’s going on in SK courts. Happy to hear HJK finally got to take his military leave. Hope he and his family had a relaxing time together. Praying for the day this terrible nightmare is over. Stay well. Thanks again, keep posting 😊🌠

  16. Hi LK.
    I guess you are missing something:
    1- the pictures from Jeju, where HJ and Choi were sitting in a diner room (with fruits .. ¬¬!) and the one on a yacht (with a lot of people) were published by attorney Lee, for proving that Choi had no bruises in early June (because she said that Hyun Joong hit her so hard that she was almost dead on May, 30)
    2- Let’s not forget that Choi threatened Hyun Joong by saying that she would talk to media and would say that “KHJ hit a pregnant woman” … this was in September .. if that isn’t a blackmail, I don’t know what the hell it is..
    This year she told to media the same threat “KHJ hit me when I was pregnant and I had a miscarriage” … so she used the threat twice to get money from Hyun Joong … and all this without any medical record..
    So, she threatened him, blackmailed him and extorted him….

    I just want to see Choi burned in hell !!

    Thank you so much for your writing … you put all in perspective that make us easy think in the true facts …..
    Thanks, Elisa Elisa.

    • Hi Elisa! Yes i agree with you, but I think that photo was one of the materials showed to KE by Media A as evidence they were together in June. And I cannot deny it, it’s obviously photoshop.

        • Just my opinion! Atty Seon said KHJ and Choi were together in Jeju showing that photo which Media A submitted to KE, while Atty Lee using that photo which was said to be taken in June and alleged assault was done in May, how come there were no bruises from the photo?

          I’m sorry but I’m not convinced that photo originally came from Atty Lee which is obvious photoshop. And take note. as far as I remember when Atty Lee showed that photo to the media Choi’s camp did not refute. Meaning Choi’s camp knew where that fake photo came from.
          Instead, Atty seon showed another photo showing bruises of Choi’s arm which was contradictory to the 1st photo that Choi submitted to dispatch in Aug 2014.

          • Yes… is a fact that Choi didn’t have bruises in June and never !!!
            I remember Atty. Lee showing those pics… and yes.. when he showed them, Choi’s camp didn’t refute them…. And the ultimate pics that Seon showed are absolutely photoshopped .. fans did an amazing job for making clear that they were fake ..

            To be honest… I don’t know what kind of material have KE or media A…
            Since the pictures are so pixelated, now I have doubts if they are real or not … but Att. Lee wouldn’t show fake pictures…

            Anyway…. Seon is wrong: HJ wasn’t threatened in June nor July, but he was in sepember and he admited that Choi got the money … and that is what it matters..

            Thanks again .. =)

            PS: There are more pics of HJ (with fans) the same day of the pic with Choi … I have the links but I couldn’t put in here =/

  17. Thank you for another great article, Miss Lazerkim

    The highlights that still resonate with me are:
    Choi’s lawyer admitted he’d never seen her alleged child. How does he dare to force KHJ to take responsibility for a child that might very well not exist. Is he even sane? “I hope he’ll apologize” …my foot! Why would KHJ apologize? To whom? To the woman who put him through hell to the extent where he had to question her in a serious issue as paternity?

    I translate that sentence as “he should apologize to Choi for not ever wanting to see her again and not blindly adoring her. if he was a fool enough to help boost her confidence and listen to every order of hers, she might stop throwing tantrums and world would be a happy place again”. So is that what she wanted all along? If she wanted justice and punishment for the assault that was never proven, she should have left it up to the court. Yet when she knew court would not charge KHJ criminally, she took the money and easily forgot about “justice”.

    If she wanted a father for her child, she should have treated the man better or find a better man, if according to her KHJ is so bad. He said he’d provide for his child, it’s her who hasn’t enabled him to do so when she refused the DNA test. Nonsense about how court must order a test means nothing.

    Nobody needs to order anything, other people don’t need to go to court for medical tests and examinations (not just DNA), Choi says this only to manipulate public opinion in her favour. So what exactly is the problem here? She wants to destroy him but at the same time she wants him to beg for her favour. If that’s not obsession, then I don’t know what it is.

    If it was true that there was a child and KHJ was the father, she should have either kept quiet about the pregnancy and take care of it on her own, in case she was the one who sent KHJ away because he allegedly treated her badly or she should have let him and his family take care of the child. She goes around and whines how it’s all up to her but she’s the mother, so what? Who else should care for her child? The father, uncle and fraternal grandparents could help, if Choi wasn’t treating them as some bank supposed to give her money without any right to speak up.

    Where are her parents? That’s a good question. And other relatives and friends, all the people who were supposed to witness what was going on in her life? Is there indeed anyone willing to speak publicly in her favour? I mean anyone except for her lawyer who embarassed himself when filing a lawsuit against a “father” when he can’t witness there’s a child. If until now that man was unprofessional, now he’s ruined in front of anyone with some common sense. And there are more questions – where’s the long promised evidence? Where are additional text messages those they needed to organize for one more month? Where’s anything this woman ever said she’d present?

    I almost had a heart attack when I read “she’d come to the court to see if he lies and eventually do a cross examination”. If anything, she’s been lying all along, so I certainly won’t wait for her to decide who speaks the truth. And the cross examination… dear Choi, you will do nothing. IF Hyunjoong comes to the court in person, he will say his stance, his lawyer, the judge and your lawyer may ask him questions and you will – for once in your life – STFU and quietly listen. Nobody will let you ask anyone anything, you could be there as related party or witness, nothing else. You better go to the DNA test and hope you eventually don’t go to jail. At this point I got to say I hope otherwise. If you – as self proclaimed bravest single mother in the world – don’t even know your child’s blood type for the sake of a lawsuit you filed, who do you want to convince you’ve been taking this whole thing seriously.

    As far as I know your main goal was to “educate the fetus” while you were “pregnant”. So is this how you care for your child? Brilliant! I still can’t believe what I previously said – if she indeed gave birth, she’d have KHJ pay the bill for the most expensive hospital there is. It didn’t happen. We got here a gold digger who suddenly missed an opportunity to get more money and that makes me curious.

    On another note, I see KHJ finally took a break from his army life and spent a couple days with his family 🙂 Hopefully the Kims now feel better and gained some strength before the battle continues. You show them, Hyunjoong! We have your back 🙂

    • I guess they just trying to win the time, to set a new trap / by contacting him / and to switch one story to another. ‘Desperate move’ like LK said.

  18. thank you LK for all your time and updates and to all the good people translating for us …sunny!
    well…it seems again another hearing….will they go for the sixth hearing?! if yes that will be into 2016, I think they want to bring or drag this into 2017 ….! where no txt msgs this time? only fabricated photo shops of baby? this k-drama story could be so hilarious and totally comical if it was not affecting real life people….like our Hj and his family.
    Praying God will clear all in the end!

    • We can consider the 5th hearing as a step in the right direction, as it will be the first hearing that is set specifically to hear evidence in KHJ’s case against Choi. The court has ordered Choi to get the baby’s DNA test done, and the results must be given at the hearing. Atty Lee said the criminal investigation would take 2 to 3 months, so they may have evidence against Choi prepared to give to the court by that time also. I think I read that Choi’s side is done giving “evidence” in their civil suit, so hopefully we’ll hear results soon, in KHJ’s favor of course.

  19. This has been my number question since last year#WHERE ARE CHOI’s PARENT#.if her claims are true then they should be out there fighting for their child’s justice or do they know all the truth of how choi is blackmailing oppa….
    Choi is just making a big fool out of herself,her lawyer and the netizens who sees nothing apart from her lies,how can they support someone who’s lie is so obvious and watch her destroy their country ASSERT who brought frame and recognition to their country.
    CHOI’S LAWYER MUST BE A BIG JOKE,why would oppa apologise,if things dont turn in oppa’s favour or the court judgement comes out wrong then he have the right to appeal to a HIGHER/SUPREME COURT…
    All we need is #justice4oppa

  20. n every storm there is always a sunshine ! whatever all the issues ,in the end the truth reveal, it is also good to have the paternal DNA to be done,but being with Miss Choi again will surely be a NO HAPPY Decision,I know Kim will never be again with all the headaches that the other party did…praying that this case will end up and clear your name my dear . TO LIVE IS BEING TO BE POSITIVE ALWAYS!

  21. Even though it was another delay by Choi’s side, maybe it will work in KHJ favor. Is it possible that the investigation on Choi by Atty Lee will be complete by then? Also, I thought the DNA was to be released prior to the October 30 pretrial. Now I hear it will be provided at the Dec 23 pretrial. If the child turns out to be KHJ (which I have my doubts or she would have run to the public with it or there is not child at all) it is truly unfair to delay him seeing the baby if it is his. Also his family suffer too. She is a very mean woman.

    • I really think she is trying to wear him down. Honestly, how much can a person take before they just throw up their hands and say WTH……Stay strong KHJ!

    • She is not only destroying oppa and his family life but also putting shame on womanhood.#i seriously pity d man who will blindly marry her in the future or the child who turns out to be her’s

  22. Thanks Lazer, Thanks for Posting up a New Articles that you Updated.
    Another Court Schedule on the go for December 23 and A Christmas Present for
    Fans to see KHJ.

    Somebody need to keep an eye on them, Never know what Choi will do to KHJ
    at the Court. Keep them Seperated. I hope he Doesn’t Break and Give up so
    I’m saying If KHJ Gives Up, Choi Will keep bothering Him again and Whatever Money Crap
    She Will be Using with.

    Is Choi Investigation over yet? Still Keep going? Anyone knows?
    Will there be another Court Trial after this one?
    Are they going to keep Dragging this After KHJ gets out of MS?

    • I think Choi is trying to Get KHJ to come back to Her.

      If the Baby isn’t His, KHJ shouldn’t take Responsibility from
      another Fathers Baby. Stupid KHJ!!

      If the Baby is His, KHJ will take Full Responsiblitiy and Good luck Paying Child Support cause Choi will be Digging Pot Of Gold
      in His Pocket for Life Until the Baby Turn 18.

      If Choi get a Baby from somewhere else that doesn’t Belong
      to Her and KHJ. I hope he isn’t Stupid Enough to Fall for
      A Dirty Trick and Pay Child Support.

      Hey, It Happen to a Guy once, Took him 9 Years to Find out that isn’t His and Wrote a song Called
      (Ain’t Nothing But A GoldDigger). Whatever the Song
      he put in there.

      • Hey Guys and Girls, Do you think KHJ should Stop Drinking Heavily?
        When KHJ goes out and get Drunk, Hanging Out with His Friends.

        Think about it, Have you ever thought a Certain Someone who is a Female,
        Just any Women that KHJ hangs out with. They Could Succeed Making KHJ Drunk,
        Spiked His Drink Up, Rape His Junk In bed Just to get Pregnant with Him. Not
        Remembering a thing He did last night.

        • I do wish he would stop. Not only am I worried about about how it affects his ability to think clearly, but I’m more worried about his long term health. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption is a deep seated issued in Korean culture, where it’s considered like a rite of passage to be taught how to drink properly from your parents.

          • Maybe KHJ Brain is already Effected. Can’t Remember a thing what he did.

            Drinking can cause High Blood Pressure,
            Kidney Failure, Heart Disease, Brain Damage and Many more.

        • I sincerely hope Kim Hyun Joong and his friends will stop drinking that much, as drinking (especially heavy drinking) never brought anything good.

          What you say may be right. I don’t think a person like Choi would mind “persuading” someone to “co-operate” and follow her plan even with use of such low method. She has no class.

        • So KHJ has this Book called Manga and doesn’t like to Read Real Books. I think KHJ
          should start Reading Books
          (For Example, Steven King Book or Catch Me If You Can Book. Etc) so he can Educate
          himself more.

          When your in the Entertainment Business, There are Good and Bad People.
          Being a Gentleman and a Good Heart. KHJ needs to be Aware of his Surrounding and
          start Learning how to Reject People. Its Going to Hurt himself More if he Keep being
          Nice and Let everyone Screw Him Over or Manipulate him. Like how Choi did to

          Well for KHJ Private Dating Life he needs to Becareful Who hes with, Maybe start
          Learning how to Reject them Girls and take a Break and Start Consentrate on
          his Work instead of Dating so Much. Later on he can go find a better Cindrella
          that can Suit him well.

          I hope things will Change for the Better after KHJ come out of MS.

  23. Thank You Miss LazerKim,
    Same in here,
    Proud to be His Fan,
    No matter What is comes out of this:)
    Aja ,Aja, Fighting!!
    Love You All!!!
    With Love

  24. Good morning from US, thank you for keeping us informed, we who live and support KHJ but cannot access and summarize these proceedings. Since he has always been my idol choice for my novel this only gives the story more drama. I appreciate your roll regardless of the outcome, as you said we love him anyway.

    • Hello, same here, a grandmother from the usa. I strongly relief on the translations, your blog and others. Will keep praying and supporting HJ, the Kim family, and his lawyer and staff. God bless you all.

  25. Hi LK, again my respect to you straight up. We love you <3…. For Hyun Joong "No weapon shall prosper against you for God Is always with you." We your fans will always with you no matter what. We will be here with you now & We will STILL be here when you come back. And we ALL know that your going to be BIGGER than ever, & WE your fans will make sure of it.. So NO FEAR.. God didn't gave a spirit of fear, but HOPE, LOVE, & SOUND MIND. PRAY without CEASING my fellow fans for our Hyun Joong, Atty Lee with his legal team & Kim family. God Bless us all. Love you guys ❤

    • Amen, and this is what the others did not forsee. That God through his family, his fans, and Hyun Joong, himself that God had him covered. They Underestimated the power of prayer and that his family, friends, and fans would not give up on him nor become like them but instead go to God in prayer. Thank you, thank you all. Just let us stay in prayer and inited. God bless all to bring good news

  26. Thanks for your updates sweetie we love him now and always I’m 99 sure baby is not his if it was she would have test get money then harass him forever we know how greedy she is xx never give up he needs us now and always our one and only I’m glad he is away while this is ongoing must be hell for him and his family love to all fans fighting pic of baby on phone lol could be anyone’s

  27. Once again thank you lazerkim for your insight and heart felt writing! It is so hard to get accurate information here in the U.S. I quite reading the Korean tabloids along time ago as they are definitely not neutral and they only are out to make money, the U.S. tabloids I never read either. You wrote in your last article how you became a KHJ fan and have never looked back. The same goes for me, I have no idea how someone I have never met or have never been to one of his concerts can become so ecthed in my heart but he has! KHJ will always be number 1 to me! For the other fans who visit this site and comment thank you for staying true to our prince! It is a privilege to be apart of his worldwide fan dom. Let’s continue to pray for and support KHJ, the Kims and atty Lee as this nightmare continues. God is more powerful than anyone and I believe the truth will set Hyun Joong free! LET’S STAY STRONG AND UNITED!!!!

  28. Again same story. But im feeling so.. much for khj really im so. Proud to be his fan. Everyone will have problems if we have financial problems it can be easy to go but when comes to problems which cause mental stress then we need more strenght . So i always pray to god to pass all our fans energy to our prince. If he is happy it makes millions peoples to happy. KHJ only thing i can do for u is only praying for your good.

  29. A true fan will always stand by him no matter what happens. So once again we are facing another suspense while waiting for the 5th hearing come december 23. I hope and pray that something good will happen during the 5th hearing. Thank you Lazerkim for the untiring effort in keeping us posted. I am always looking forward to your notification. May God bless us all.

  30. Thank you LK for posting this article. Whatever happens i won’t leave him. I really thank god for supporting him. Life needs to have problems and pain. Then only we can learn about life. Like that, this nightmare is for making hyunjoong more stronger person and for fans to prove our love for him. We will cross this nightmare together and will make our star shine brighter. Big Fighting to all!! Long way to go….

  31. Thank you for sharing what you have learned, and for translating it into English. It appears that you are actually closer to the situation… Maybe actually in Korea? I am in the U.S., and truly only have access to second-hand (et cetera) information. I gave up reading the “tabloid” articles a long time ago. They do not seem at all interested in the facts. I now only check “The Korea Herald” and your web site. Even so, I can not help feeling that I am invading Mr. Kim’s privacy. And, that poor child (if there is one). Any way, “Thank you”. I hope that Mr. Kim was able to bring one of his guitars with him. Personally, playing the guitar is very soothing. He also has an awesome opportunity to write songs, as an artist, chronically what he is going through. The best art comes from our lives experiences. Since he has already proven what a fantastic singer/actor he is, I have no doubts about his future career.

  32. I was somewhat confused from statements about paternity suit, so I am happy to see this clarification from Sunny on Twitter:

    In DailySports article, there was a word dat ppl cudnt understand in Atty Lee’s comment. A DCKHJGALL post pointed it out as a typo and clarified the meaning. So during the 4th hearing, court ordered Choi’s side to have paternity test done and hence 5th hearing was set. So what Atty Lee said was: 5th hearing was set for the matter related to our counterclaim, but not to the original claim. Court ordered patenity test to be done in regard to our counterclaim, and decided to have the 5th hearing to see the result.

    The December hearing should definitely bring us some answers. As difficult as it seems to wait for the final verdict, each hearing brings us closer to seeing KHJ’s good name cleared. As LK stated, the real work will come when he leaves his MS, so we must remain strong and keep up our stamina for KHJ’s sake.

  33. My goodness, here we go again! So now there’s a picture of the baby. Did it take her this long to find one? Seriously, even if the child is Hyun Joong’s, who cares? Just prove its his and let’s get on with it. How is this going to wreck his career? His fans are too strong. She’s a real piece of work.

  34. Thank you again for keeping us informed. I am thankful very much that the Kim family has not fell into her trap. God bless and let us continue to stand strong.

  35. You are so inspiring as always. What we need to keep doing is letting KHJ & his family know that they are not forgotten, that KHJ has a career to come home to, never mind that Choi.
    As for her antics – I’ve 2 brothers who are lawyers. They said her behavior points to one of TWO things – either she really has no clue who that child’s father might be (so wants to put off that discovery – & her saying she doesn’t know the blood type fits in cause sometimes just that can determine whether a man can or cannot be the father), or she doesn’t want paternity proven because she doesn’t want to lose a custody case.
    There’s always the wild card – that there IS no baby, or that she herself didn’t have one (some relative did). Maybe…
    After seeing this year-long nightmare, I’m convinced she either knows this baby is NOT KHJ’s or she’s totally not sure – & fears losing $$$$$
    Disgusting female.
    Poor KHJ – to be victimized like this BECAUSE he’s a lovely person inside and out – just vile.

    • I’ll be really shocked if Choi actually had a baby. I really believe she tried to pass off her SIL’s pregnancy as her own. Yes, she is that vile!

    • Thanks for the legal insight. Goes with what I’ve been thinking. Its 1 of 2 things and then the wild card option. I saw a pic of Choi – supposedly days (no more than a week) after the birth. She had the tiniest narrow hips, skinny thighs, very thin – almost anorexic looking. Yes she was wearing a loose top but that means nothing. A loose top hides flat as well as fat. Did not look anything like I did after fisrt child and I was slim at 19 – she’s like 32. Not an extra ounce on her. She was out shopping at Lotte Duty Free with her mom. What a piece of work she is. Not to be mean but she is not attractive. Maybe I’m seeing her ugly character … Ah, that 3rd wild card option. I hoping for that one. For the baby’s sake.

      • Ehm ehm, wasn’t she supposed to be receiving postnatal care at that time? I didn’t know Lotte provided such services XD Gosh, what a creature she is…

        • Yeah…u saying she s not attractive, but pretty or not she did what she did. Her story being a victim sucks. Some moments It feels like a bad dream to me, a Fairy tail with all this witchcrafts and evil forces in an air. But this is a real stuff s going on with a real enemy with no sign of humanity inside, thirsty for revenge and nobody knows how far is too far for her. But I hope like in a good ending fairy tails our HJ will have his life back to be happy again.

          And the day comes when we sitting on our rocking chairs by fireplace will read LK stories and listen to HJ music, enjoy his movies and drink good wine to our fanship and what we did together. For me HJ like the beautiful star in the sky who lights the way for million of us to make us happy and wake us up by his talent to see the very heart of the beauty in the world. Love u all.

      • I saw that picture but people was saying that pic when she was still preg. With 7 or 8 months more or less. But it’s even worse because she didn’t has a belly absolutely.

    • I plan to go to Korea on Feb, 2016. I definitely visit his restaurant, which KHJ is co owner. I will visit DMZ, where I hope if I was lucky enough to see him in person once. Finger cross for me please… If I could meet him, I delivered all messages from you guys to him…

      • Wow u so lucky, I’m so excited and very happy for u! Plz post the pictures and all. Have a safe trip and nice adventures. I met Korean tourists in Canada this summer and when I showed them HJ picture they were thrilled, like in shock u know to see he s so popular that u can walk the street and meet the person from another country /I’m from US/ as a huge fan of HJ. Ok, Bon voyage to u. Good luck in everything u plan.

  36. You are never alone on this… We are together on the same boat since day one. Fighting! I dont never believe ms Choi loves our KHJ by heart. If so, she wouldnt do that to him… There are so many ways to solve the problem.

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