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By: LazerKim


To this day Oct 22, 2015 is my fourth year being a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong that I can still remember how I started being a fan for the first time that I have ever followed one particular artist! It was on my birthday back in Oct 22, 2011 that I celebrated by watching Kim Hyun Joong’s Breakdown videos at YouTube for 12 hours, totally bewildered by his transformation from a flower boy to a big man!!

This explains as to why I have not change my blog site wallpaper of Hyun Joong’s photo on his first launching of Breakdown that remain ever memorable to me! We all have different stories on how we stumbled on Kim Hyun Joong that I’m sure we all have one thing in common, and that’s getting crazy about this guy!!!

I bet you, the first time you got hooked by Kim Hyun Joong is the most unforgettable moment of your life being a KHJ fan!! And I’m glad I wasn’t alone in 2011 having the same feeling of loving and supporting him tirelessly!!

Feel free to share your experience and we’ll all read from you! For a change, let’s reminisce how it is to be a KHJ fan!


photo cr: @devenyi eniko thanks for sharing!


I would like to share this message from a non-fan and let this be an inspiration to all of us KHJ fans, that indeed people now can see how devoted we are to Kim Hyun Joong as his fans. Here’s the message as follows:

(Cr: Sunny, thanks for sharing!)

[ENGL non-fan acnt] 김현중팬들 감동이야-[김현중갤러리] KHJ fans, you moved me:

I am a caller of other GALL and visiting here after reading the article. Frankly, I criticized your star in the beginning. But as new facts came out over the time, I began to think that he is a victim and an extremely pure-naive person. And when I read your posts here, I thought you guys are very passionate fans.

After reading the article today, I came here. Wahh, while reading the army support post, I was so moved and could shed some tears. World Wide United Support for KHJ! It’s really cool! I know it’s difficult even to have fans in Korea united, but you had world-wide fans united! It is impossible to pull off such thing, if you didn’t have absolute love and faith in your star. I was truly touched.

Because of you guys, everything will work out for your star for sure. Sorry that I am writing this not very orderly, just because I am so moved. Lastly, I want to mention that most people around me tend to take your star’s side. Hope all ends well and wish your star the best for the rest of his military service. ☀️


I sincerely appreciate the comment above and how I wish many more people would recognize KHJ fans who are open-minded for real and that Kim Hyun Joong is a deserving artist more than worthy of our love and support.

To the person who wrote this comment above, thank you so much for the inspiring words!



From the time I started following Kim Hyun Joong being a fan in 2011 I was already tagged as “Delulu fan” by KHJ antis and haters which now I’m getting used to be called as such!! Last year many antis and haters attack KHJ fans into asking “do you know who Kim Hyun Joong is for real?  I’m sure you don’t!” I simply would say to those haters, “As a KHJ fan who has been following him for years, I think I know him better than you do as a hater!!”

Now I really would like to go back to those people who made a lot of wrong accusations on Hyun Joong during the Aug 2014 scandal and let them swallow their hateful words against him and his fans!

But then again I realize it was painful, yes, but I believe we endured all those words and that pain only made us even stronger as KHJ fans, that we showed the world how we stood tall beside Hyun Joong no matter what others think of us and remained ever proud knowing the truth is on our side.


There’s only one thing that I would like to say to KHJ detractors, antis and haters.

NEVER underestimate the power of Kim Hyun Joong and his loyal fans!! We are not brainless, we are not on blind devotion, and we are not just a NOBODY!

I’ll say it again…. KHJ fans have the power to bring Kim Hyun Joong to the heights of stardom. We did it for years and we shall be doing it again and again!!. No scandal nor image demolition can ever change a single loyal KHJ fan and would remain unbreakable!

And to those working behind Choi, may I just mention the agency’s business competitor, they may be able to bring down KE, but they can NEVER bring down Kim Hyun Joong! So they are just wasting their time and money in supporting a BIG LIAR Choi!



For 4 years now being a fan, I still could not find a concrete answer as to why am I still addicted to Kim Hyun Joong until this addiction to him developed to unconditional love as a fan!  Is there suppose to be a reason why you love someone? I’ve been asking this question to myself.

If I say I love Kim Hyun Joong because he’s handsome, he’s talented, he has a good image, he got everything I want in an artist! Oh yes, being a fan I got hooked on Kim Hyun Joong because of these qualities! BUT at this point of being a fan it’s no longer these qualities that made me stay loyal to him, but Kim Hyun Joong as a person himself for real.

There’s a statement that remained in my mind from a veteran fan back in 2012 as she stated from an interview in one of Hyun Joong’s concert something like this…

“If you are caught by KHJ’s magic net, you’ll find it hard to get away from him!”

I can only speak for myself but what she said is true to me until at this very moment! I’m a victim of KHJ’s magic net that I could not set myself free from him or the fact that I really do not want to be free from his spell!!



The KHJ fandom was put into a test in Aug 2014 when this long-standing nightmare started. Many of KHJ fans jump ship as soon as the scandal broke and turned to antis or some of them merely walk out silently and left Hyun Joong.

I truly believe there will come a time that those fans who jump ship in Aug 2014, will go back to him!! We may never know they are just silent but still reading from this site or from other KHJ bloggers!!  Lessons learned….. Never pass judgement on someone who have not said his side of story or believe in just simple hearsay!

I got nothing against those fans who jump ship, as I always say, fans have every right to follow whoever they want! While Hyun Joong doesn’t have that same right of choice as an artist in choosing his fans and that’s a fact in reality.

What Hyun Joong currently have in his hand is his loyal fans, who have been there at his side through thick and thin, who would not just be there for him on his bright joyful days but most of all remain at his side in this nightmare. And to the new fans who started knowing Hyun Joong as a person than being an artist through this nightmare, please do stick around, getting to know this guy is worth your time.

One of my happiest moment in life is knowing a person like Kim Hyun Joong who has shared a lot of unforgettable memories as an artist.There may be sadness and pain too, but it’s a bittersweet experience in learning a lot and knowing Kim Hyun Joong and his fans never give up in any battle made me even confident in fighting for him.

                                   My birthday wish……….JUSTICE FOR KHJ!

May I just mention: To all who have greeted me on my birthday at Tweeter, thank you so much for your thoughts! I’m so happy and proud to be in this huge family with Kim Hyun Joong worldwide that is filled with lots of love and nourtured each other with sincere care! Thank you to all for being you…..ever devoted KHJ fans!

                                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

                              MORE UPDATES AND OPINION BELOW

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UPDATE NEWS        (OCT 24)


This news pertaining Hyun Joong first vacation this from the camp was leaked to the media about a week ago! However, Atty Lee refuted this news stating this a false news and that it’s not true that Hyun Joong is having a long vacation from the camp this Oct.

I read the leaked news from about 3 different media outlets and giving different news version as to where the info came from! This appears to be all rumors after all, that made me think, “Is Choi’s camp up to something again?!” It’s just good that Atty Lee is quite prepared to refute this false news!


Whatever good news there is about KHJ I know the media would try to conceal it! Fine! But the most important thing is that, the music dealers and retailers of Hyun Joong’s albums and DVD have those records intact on how KHJ products selling goes even he’s not around and he’s inside the camp!

And may I just add up, that his last album before MS, Imademo is still ranking on top 5 in the music chart among those music dealers. That’s all I can say! We keep going on with our daily lives as usual, we keep supporting him no matter what happen, and even without being aware, he’s already up there again!!

I always believe in unified effort and sincere intention truimph over everything! If Hyun Joong is meant to be up there in the stardom, then he’s bound to be there no matter what other evil motives by others try to block his fate!



May I just say this which have been in my mind for ages! We all know that Kim Hyun Joong is a Hallyu star known in the international communiity and let’s accept it, he has bigger fanbase outside South Korea.

Having said this, after Hyun Joong comes out from his military duty in 2017 back to the lime light and to whatever agency he ends up with in the future, I do hope this agency would have a good PR manager for him who can communicate in English! This is very important that has to be considered I think!.

Allow me to mention that Hyun Joong and his fandom is very lucky that there are fans who can translate and update news from SK. I’m sorry to say but SK has a very bad media coverage to the point of distorting the news! I honestly had enough and hardly rely on those trash English sites in delivering those trash news about Hyun Joong.

I really think it’s high time for KHJ camp to consider this matter. I may be thinking far out from the present and I really don’t care even this case would last forever because I truly believe we can bring him back to where he was and that is on TOP of stardom! Period!


From the bottom of my heart…..Thank you so much to everyone for your thoughts shared and birthday greetings! You guys inspired me a lot in my learning process about life of being a fan and sharing love! Kim Hyun Joong and YOU are the reason why this site is still here alive and kicking to protect and defend our only one!  God bless Gemini!



Kim Hyun Joong- TONIGHT Real Story (Eng Sub) Watch Hyun Joong’s adventurous journey as he goes on to become a Diving Master! Battling waves and hardships in Busan, Daejin, Jeju and Okinawa, Japan he overcomes his challenges, ridding himself of his phobia from sharks as he explores the beautiful marine life, training to become a master!   (video link below)

Here’s a video clip shared by KHJ loyal fans as an example of what I have written above pertining fans who can translate either from Hangul to English, Hangul to Chinese or Nihongo to English. KHJ fans in their sincere effort do find ways for all of us to understand Hyun Joong better.

No language barrier can be a problem to us actually, as the saying states “If there’s a will there’s always a way!” And I do hope those English media outlets can realize that KHJ fans cannot be fooled by their destorted translation and twisted news!

Eng sub Trans cr:@Nixiedesu blogsite Thank you for sharing, your effort is very much appreciated!

Nixie blog link>

Vid cr: @KHJ Beauty  Thank you for sharing!



NEWS UPDATE     (OCT 30  am KST)

As of this morning Oct 30th prior to the scheduled fourth court hearing at 3:40 PM (KST) today on Kim Hyun Joong’s case filed by Choi, a news item was published as follows:


Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend A are having their 4th trial on the 30th. This trial will deal with the main issues of this court case and establish plans for the future and will be held in private.

The 3rd trial was on the 23rd of last month and like this trial, it is expected that there is going to be fierce battle surrounding A’s miscarriage because of Kim’s abuse and evidence. Also, the result of the paternity suit by A will be brought forth and the background on Kim’s counteraction relief sought in demand.

On the 3rd trial, A claimed she provided new evidence of pregnancy.

Kim and A have been in legal battle since the year 2012 about pregnancy and abuse. Kim was charged with abuse in May last year and was fined 5 million won. Things seemed to end but A filed a damage suit of 1.6 billion won in April this year.

Kim countercharged her for exposing this secret to the press even after receiving 600 million won and charged for 1.2 billion won in total.

Source :…

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Choi is said to have claimed she provided new evidence of pregnancy! She must be pertaining to the numerous text messages copy paste fabrication! May I clear this up that it was Atty Lee who provided her medical records showing there was no pregnancy last year, as Choi trying hard to prove she had miscarriage during the alledged assault in 2014!

As Atty Lee stated, one medical record that he provided will crushed those fabricated text messages!  I’ll state again what I have written from the comment box down there, this case that Choi filed takes only common sense to see her motive and I sure do hope the SK court of law would see the obvious lies lay down before them and to dismiss the case that Choi filed.

I’ll be updating today’s event on my next article! See you all!




100 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRICELESS DEVOTION

  1. I seriously hope all these scandal are fake!If these scandal are true some of his fans will be upset with his actions.I hope he will change his character for good and realized his mistakes.Baby is innocent.

  2. When this scandal had first broke out I was shocked and disappointed, but something in the back of my mind was telling me that there may have been something more to this, even when he made that bogus confession and made that apology. When Choi started threatening to sue fans and Mr. Kim for “emotional distress” and when I did some research, I knew for sure that these allegations were false. The fact that she keeps dragging her feet, further proves that. I hope Mr. Kim’s fans don’t mess her up too badly when Choi is exposed for the conniving, vindictive, gold-digging tramp that she is. I wish that they’ll show footage of her getting sent to jail in a jumpsuit and handcuffs.

    • Hyun Joong’s lawyer has to counter all of the psycho woman’s claims so another hearing is needed. These hearings are not the actual trial. They are to determine if the woman actually has a case. Even though we know she doesn’t the court has to allow her to present all her so called evidence so she can not claim any kind of prejudice. Hyun Joong’s lawyer is doing his job and from what I can see he is doing it quite well. This has nothing to do with the criminal case against that woman and if she gets indicted that will be a great help in destroying her civil case. Besides it seems that Hyun Joong’s lawyer wants the baby’s paternity to be established as soon as possible. Psycho woman is trying to coerce Hyun Joong and his family to accept the baby as his without a paternity test. They are thankfully not falling for it. If she is so sure the baby is Hyun Joong’s she would have already had the test done. Every day she refuses to do the test makes her look more suspicious and that she appears to definitely be hiding something. She claims she doesn’t even know the baby’s blood type. What kind of mother doesn’t know her baby’s blood type? She is either a liar or a completely incompetent mother! She’s pathetic either way. Anyway there is that old saying that “Patience is a virtue” and we fans are apparently going to have to be extremely virtuous during this process. We just have to have faith that justice will prevail and the courts will come to the right conclusion.

  3. Belated happy bday lazerkim!! May you have all the blessing and happiness in the world. I love khj it’s funny how i always defend him whenever his topic comes up with one of my friends. I want to send him a post card and a gift, but i don’t know where to send them. I live in California, kindly post the address where i can send them. Thanks !!! More power!!!

  4. As a long time fan (since 2007), it makes me happy to see that Hyun Joong is still gaining new fans, even with the lying media and psycho woman trying to destroy him. He deserves good things and I am just praying justice will prevail. Ignore the losers and haters, especially those saying we fans don’t really know him. That’s a bunch of bull. If all of you have researched and watched even a fraction of the things I have about Hyun Joong, then you know him. They are ignorant hypocrites for saying that the psycho woman is telling the truth when they know NOTHING about her and even though a lot of us have been following Hyun Joong for years we don’t really “know” him so he is lying. They call us delusional for trusting Hyun Joong and not believing a woman we know nothing about? They are the delusional ones for believing the lying psycho woman when the truth is right in front of their faces! Anyway enough about those losers. Just hang in there. Trust me when I say being a fan of Hyun Joong is worth it.

  5. Hello,
    I am going to Korea on Feb. Would anyone know how to send him anything? I just want to support him through this difficult time.
    Keep it up.


  6. Hi guys, I’m sure all of us under a huge pressure and tense now before new court hearing. But please, even in such moments of pain and uncertainness continue to come to voting stations Asian Star and World Star Popularity Vote, we can’t give up on it never ever, please keep him up. Tnx. Take care. Love u all.

  7. Hi…I am a newer fan and this entire thing has been an absolute nightmare for me, as I know it has been for all his devotees. I had been into his different activities when I came across some of these horrible “news” and at first I couldn’t believe this was happening. I have been parts of many different fan bases and not once did I face something like this. Since I was new and I knew practically nothing about the star, these things horrified me. But, honestly, I couldn’t accept it, because to me KHJ didNOT seem like the kind of person who can do such bad things. Even so, not knowing if it was the truth or not was torture. While I was gathering as much information as I could, suddenly it hit me. Not as a fan, but as a woman. So much of what that woman was saying made little sense. There are two things I’d like to point out. 1. If a guy is so terrible and he is hitting you, giving you miscarriages, making you get abortions then why the hell were you still with him? That makes no sense. Any logical person will not stay too long in a relationship that is causing as much harm as she claims. 2. What kind of women publishes such private messages online for other people to see? Has she no shame? As a woman it is degrading to do so really..If you are having so much problems, there are other ways of handling things. Ways that does not involve the entire world to see things that are very personal. For starter, she could have silently got out of the relationship and moved on. Any self respecting woman would do so. Even if a guy is abusive, and you want him to be convicted, one would not shame their own self so publicly for this motive. Clearly her motive was to publicly ruin the stars name and reputation. I am not a blind fan. Like I said, I am very new. But, this is just the logical way of looking at things. It really just seems like a public way of blackmailing a person over and over again. Never before have I been a fan of a person who I didn’t think deserved my devotion, and I do not think that will happen in the future. It’s just really sad what is happening to KHJ. It’s great to see how you guys have united in your really shows your strength.


    A new fan.

    • Hello there!
      Welsome to the world of KHJ family! As you pointed the obvious I sure do hope the SK court of law would see the obvious fact if they have enough common sense! Instead of prolonging this nonsense case that Choi filed! LOL

  8. Is the Investigation still Ongoing? Any News Lately?
    Friday is getting Closer, We better get ready before Handed, Never know what they
    will do Next.

    • Hello LK,
      Oct 30 is getting closer than ever. Whatever is going to reveal in the court. I always support him. I believe Ms Choi doesnt love him with her heart, she just wants his money. Because if she loved him, she wouldnt put him through these kind of stresses. I think that he joins Military at this moment is the best decision ever. In there, he will have more time to think, relax, get away from reality. Please keep us posted.

      Much appreciated

  9. This is my story: About two years ago I became a fan of Korean dramas, thanks to The Princess Man. I knew nothing about South Korea and almost nothing about Asian culture. After a few more dramas I watched BOF. At first I thought KHJ was too feminine and just noticed that his face features are unique. That was all. A few moths later I watched PLayful kiss. I decided to search more info about him and the first video in Youtube that I saw was Licky guy. The video just supported my first impression that he is too feminine and I still don`t like that video. I really don`t remember when I first became a fan – little by little. maybe after I finished watching Playful kiss, maybe after I listened to his solo performance of BOF ost, maybe after I saw the dance practice of Unbreakable or after I watched numerous interviews and was enchanted by his charm and love for his fans. And I wanted to be one of those fans, that he loves so much.
    I never thought that I may like a star, an Asian star. I am a white woman and I am very practical, with a handsome husband and two wonderful little boys…. And I really like KHJ, not just because of his looks, but because of his personality and most of all – talent. He has an amazing voice, he has a great sense of music / I play a piano and I can see how he is born to feel the tones/ and his dancing skills are outstanding. I hope that he will continue to dance, although he intended not to, because of his age.

  10. LazerKim thank you for believing in KHJ!!! I am following this now!!! A few of my friends jumped the ship but I never believed it for a second, from the beginning and it breaks my heart that KHJ has to go through all this… Choi is a despicable woman and she gives women a bad name…
    Saranghae Kim Hyun Joong!!!

  11. Hello,
    I live in US. I want to send postcard to support KHJ while he is service. Dont you think which address I might be able to send it over to Korea? Please give us an update about KHJ soon.
    Very respectfully,

  12. I really admired your effort and the LOVe you have showed to Kim Hyun Joong. I love his music and dance. Despite I am only being his Fan from May this year. However, I so look forward to seeing him returns to stage and visit Seoul by 2017. I am living in New Zealand and far from Seoul. I am trying my best to follow the news and media about what’s happening to him. Thank you for your all informations that , that I can see kHJ is well loved by you all. I have strong faith and trust in him. The whole thing is alike a BIG drama. It will be all over soon. Keep our faith and love to him, and God’s grace will be with him and his family. Lots of love ,xoxox

    Jessica H

    • Hello Jessica!
      Thank you so much! Allow me to welcome you to the world of KHJ family!
      I agree with you this case is like a big drama that also has a finale ending! I’ll try my best to keep you updated through this page or another article. Take care and see you again! Have a nice day , God bless..

      • Hello LK,
        Would you please let me know whether I could send the post card to HyunJoong with the address you posted a few months ago?

    • Hi, Jessica, welcome to the most wonderful fandom ever. We are looking forward for the next trial on the 30th of October. I am sure Choi will pay for her actions. Regards from me.

  13. Sorry am late in wishing u a happy birthday late,but pretty please accept my glad that u gave us ur readers and fellow sisters such a gift on ur bday.thanks alot for d article,let me use this opportunity to thank d fans dat contributed to d items sent to oppa’s military glad these days, cause I know dat Kim hyun joong is in safe hands.God is with him, am sure…lets be strong for him and keep a smile on our faces.peace to all and love a ton..

  14. Happy belated Birthday LK! You share a BD with my brother. KHJ went to Paju on my birthday, and will return to us on my father’s BD. Its nice to find these connections between us, no matter how insignificant they may seem. I was introduced to K-Dramas by my daughter in 2013. She had actually watched PK first, but she didn’t like the character of Baek Seung Jo, so she recommended that I not watch it. Bad Girl! 🙂 I actually found BOF on my own, and wanted to know more about KHJ. That’s when I found WGM, and I was reeled in and caught in that “magnetic net”. No amount of reflection has helped me to figure out how on earth a woman in her 50’s, residing in Texas, can become so helplessly addicted to this man named Kim Hyun Joong. I have stopped trying to figure it out now. Maybe the heavens knew that the day would come that he would need the undying support of so many fans. So, the net was cast, and we found ourselves helplessly, but happily, caught.

  15. Even with the circumstances surrounding his scandal,he is still WINNING THE SOULS OF MANY AND NOW HE HAS GREAT FANS WHO ARE READY TO DEFEND HIM AT ANY GIVEN TIME…
    Oppa will forever stand by you
    we are unbreakable

  16. A very big happy birthday to you lazer kim! May all your birthday wishes come through. It all started at my final year in the university when i was looking for a gift i could take to my family after graduation, then one of my friend suggested BOF for me, so after i watched an episode i asked myself if he is actually a male or female! At the time we only knew him as ji hoo sunbea, what happen to me then was what i can’t fully esplain till date, why i suddenly grow too much attraction to this guy! this is unlike me cause i ve never done this before as i easily get pissed by stars because of their too much attention. Then i took to the internet to browse about him and what i found out made me bond to him forever… His gentle personality, his kind heartedness and above all his philanthropic nature. All these qualities make me love him so much that i get really traumatised when i heared about the scandal last year i felt like i was going to loose the only star i most cherised in this world infact the scandal even get me more attached to him to the point that i orderd for his full DVD collections so i could just get some sort of consolation it get to a point where my fiancee get so jealous of him since i was allways reading updates about him but now after getting to know him he is even more serious about him now than me. Hyun joong’s personality not just touch my life alone but my entire family and people around me. Just looking at him makes me happy and i pray that he finds happiness in what ever he does God will surely give him a woman that will love and cherish him for who he is, there is allways a sunshine at the end of the tunnel.


    Love your article, your confidence in writing and bravery writing your thought. Wishing you all the best in whatever you do.


  18. Belated happy birthday Lazer Kim! Thanks for another wonderful article about HJ and the fandom. We need this inspiration so badly because we miss him a lot!

    I’ve been only a fan for more than a year after I’ve watch BOF. I did not like at him first because of his hair. But after I saw him sing Because I’m Stupid and found out that he is member of SS501, same thing happened to me that I watched him all night long in You Tube. It was his “Please” performance in M Count Down that got me addicted to him. I got to like him more in Playful Kiss. Then I got to know him better with WGM and BFF and had fallen more under his magnetic charm. I’m a couch potato, but after being a fan of HJ, I don’t enjoy watching TV anymore and would rather listen to his songs or watch his videos and browse his pictures on social media. I even deleted all the music from my MP3 that is not KHJ or SS501 and even unsubscribe to cable TV. This is how he had affected me and I was also trying to figure out what does he possess that made me like this crazy about an artist that I have never been before in my entire life? He is so addicting that you can’t get enough of. I’m thinking that it has to be his music. Because my day won’t be complete without listening to music. I feel like when he sings, that he is singing to me personally because of how he sings with so much emotion plus his sweet, gentle voice. That is how I feel connected to him. When the scandal broke out last year, I was a new fan then. But I didn’t doubt his innocence even a bit because this was my biggest fear for him that an obsess girl would blackmail him. But I did try to stop listening to his songs around that time to try and see if I can forget him because I was not sleeping from searching on him on You tube. But guess what? It didn’t last me a week to be craving for his music and videos again. For me, I hate to be called a delusional fan. I want to be considered a loyal fan instead. The connection that HJ and fans have is something magical that we ourselves couldn’t even explain, what more the antis/bashers?

    As a fan, we can go endless in sharing about why we like him so much. I’m so happy to be able to do that here on your blog site LK because I’m a proud fan of HJ. Until your next article!

    • For a new fan to be hit with this terrible scandal must have been very hard. I have been a fan for a long time… and like you I was awake at night for a long time.. and like you I thought he’d been setup by a girlfriend at first.. then as we found out more I knew that the attack was so much worse that that.. I also tried to take a short break from his music, mostly because it was so painful to hear his voice and imagine the pain he was going through. As an older fan.. I think of him as one of my children, so it was that kind of worry and pain. Congratulations for sticking it out, and for perceiving right away that KHJ is a kind soul.

  19. Hello again LK and again Happy Birthday with all the good blessings, love (lots) happiness (lots) smiles (lots) and may Your Wish : Justice for KHJ will became reality soon!

    Have Faith sis! Fate will have it say soon….!!
    The Truth always finds a way to come to light!
    Please continue being the Guardian Angel to Hj and keep this Blog which has became Our Home , alive.

    We started almost same time being (you before) fans of Hj your blog actually being the trigger who got me caught in this and frankly I’ve learned a lot from you how to be a fan, I adopted that “A real fan stick to the Star through thick and thin”! and here I am and I don’t mind being called “delulu fan” because we the Aliens family ( the fans who are not affiliated to the fanclub) and Henecia know our Star and we have brains and have seen the lies from the beginning.

    To all new fans I have a suggestion to you…start reading this Blog from the beginning, believe me it will give insight of who Hj is ….Healing Idol, Rain God, Healing smile and much more, you will enjoy each and every article and you will get to know the real Hj!

    What that fans said is so true and I totally agree with:
    “If you are caught by KHJ’s magic net, you’ll find it hard to get away from him!”
    His true fans will stay with Hj and support him always!
    Read at TT that Gemini DVD is sold out at some sites…this proves Hj power as Star even if he is in the Army!!!
    God Bless!

    For all the haters and antis (little narrow minded mean people) and for that monster bitchoi and her backers and cohorts : What Goes Around Comes Around and sometimes even worst!! Karma has its time but will finally reach them in the end…..!!

  20. hi miss lazerkim… It’s been a while since I wrote a comment, I just want to greet you a happy happy b- day. Please stay healthy and happy for our henecia family… He needs you… We need you to cheer us.. Nothing has change, I’m still a victim of his charm… Waiting for him to come back

  21. Hai… I’m really new.. I’m from Kerala(India). I’m really a big fan of KHJ. I really want to be a part of this big KHJ family. Its really my bad luck that I only know him for like 1 year. He really inspired me in many ways. I really think now I’m lucky to know him. I’m proud to say that I’m his fan. He will not be alone. We will always be with him. Fighting!!!! KHJ Fighting!!!!
    Belated Birthday wishes #LazerKim

  22. Belated Happy Birthday,wishing you good health and more years to celebrate. Happy 4th anniversary for being a devoted fan of KHJ. I also believe in his innocence. I always followed almost all his shows be it drama,interviews or reality shows. There I’ve come to know his real character,thus I never believe in all the accusations. Well ,I will always be at his side no matter what happens. I am always praying for his safety and he be given justice.🙏😍

  23. Happy Birthday LK. Thank you for updating us on the every news on KHJ. The only news that i can trust is only from your blog. Thank you for your good work.
    I will be always be a forever fan to KHJ…..Fighting KHJ.

  24. Hello LK.thanks for keeping me posted about my baby Hyun joong.the first time I saw KHJ was in boys over flowers. I didn’t plan to watch it but I did and the rest is history. I loved his smile even though he has lost the girl to minho. I felt that there was something special about him. Then when I heard the songs from the movie,I researched who the singers the good songs were sung by Hyun joong.the rest is history. I’ve heard at least 90percent of all the music he has sang.I love this guy.I play his music to anyone who will listen. I don’t even care if they don’t listen. He’s so good.he is very talented. I think a lot of people envy my baby boy. I don’t care what the outcome of this evil Web being spun by evil people. He will RISE again because he can sing. Yes he’s naive and simple but we his fans need to support him.he’s a real man.No fake stuff. He’s not a phony.and I love him for that. How can his true fans even think to leave him. Do you leave someone you care for because they find themselves in a dilemma.?.it just proves that not all his fans were real fan.I can only speak for myself when I say that I don’t give a damp about ms choi.there are 2 sides to every story. I will always be his fan. Im never ever going to stop supporting my sweetie. If he hit the woman and it’s legitimate that he hit her, then he needs help .he doesn’t deserve to be destroyed. I’m on his side .when all this crap is over,I’m still going to be on his side. You who are without sin,go ahead and throw the first stone. I’m totally 100percent on his side. I just left Seoul. I was tempted to raise my voice but I don’t want anymore negativity for my you Hyun joong.miss you like the desert misses rain.

    • Yes, the same here, got to know him through BOF. Yes, there was something about him that drew me to him, and after watching I learned of SS501 and started listening, still my favorite group in SK. Later watched and searched everything possible regarding KHJ and found him to be a pure soul and that he has a light that shine from him and gives people strength. I too, feel no way tired of being his fan and will believe in him and will support him. I agree with everything you have said. LK, thanks.

  25. Thanks for this beautiful post from you in your birthday.
    It is dammed true, My God, since l saw him in BOF in a dawn, biting the apple that JD offer to GJP as an apology, in a cute manner mocking his friend, I fell completely and forever on his Net. Just imagine me searching any information of that guy, the time gotten, and effort till I reach your page. I love to read your first post, and the doubt to write a comment there. Almost 4 years and we don’t lose our fascination. As you said there are many handsome, tall, gorgeous idols and actors around the world but his special charisma nobody has. When the scandal started, I defended him as one of my sons, I felt as they insulted mine. And also wrote in his page ¨ I would like to give you a spanking for what you’ve done¨.
    WOW, my maternal instinct appeared then. My common sense too. My experience also gave me clues to understand that issue. My way to be as he is, looking for peace and living happily too. With the time l saw and understood why he was in silence, who he was protecting, saying nothing had a reason.
    Nowadays many people start to re- watch him, who was he, what things he did, like charity together with fans, even the strong unite between them showed in the last project. His way of behaving said a lot of him, his natural way to smile honestly, to say what he had in mind even if he did not please someone’s. He is unique for sure.
    I don’t say that the text messages are completely true but his character (4D) appears in some of them unfortunately decontextualized. Funny but some of those text messages showed him as an interesting young man.(sexually talking hahaha) If blackmail worked last year, now free of liabilities he could defend himself without affecting anybody. The baby is other thing. I can stand imagining him worried, waiting for the DNA test, he likes to see the baby´s face, to care the baby if it is his. What a horrible girl she turned to trap him. In my opinion, to have a baby from a man who doesn’t like to be with her seriously is a complete stupidity. Women decide to have or not a baby and she was just looking for trapping him being with him on bed taking advantage of his weakness.
    I just pray for him too much, Hope his time in MS send him to us a more secure, controlled and mature man. We are waiting for him; he surely will have a great comeback after the MS with our help.
    For sure he is strong, unbreakable and persistent as well of his fans.
    Remember to vote for him till Nov 8th here:

  26. Happy Birthday LZ!!! I’ve been a fan of KHJ since 2009 and will always be. Thank you for all the kind, encouraging and enlightening words you write in your blogs. Keep them coming!

  27. Happy birthday 💐💐💐 May your wish come true ASAP 🙏
    I discovered HJ in 2006 and was captivated right now and it has not stopped since this time. From young leader of a group to a solo beautiful man, he became a very manly singer and actor (I’m a fan of Shin Jung Tae / Inspiring Generation 😍 ). I’m a 60 years woman who admire this wonderful man. 😊
    The most Choi try to destroy him and make him dirty, the most I trust him and respect him. Proud to be Henecia and to be a part of the alien family. 💖💖💖💖💖💖
    Happy birthday again LK 🎂🎁🎉🎊🎈

  28. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRICELESS DEVOTION | LazerKim

  29. Happy birthday to you and to me😊😊😊😊. Feel great to know we have the same birthdate,and got the same person whom we admire most. I love your articles,the way you express your thoughts is really amazing. Keep it up. GODBLESS😊

    • And let me add how KHJ came on my radar:
      I watched BoF back in 2010. I’ve ranted enough about THAT all over the place (I never liked the MANGA story) but the 4 KHotties playing the F4 in the KDrama drew me. So I as usual loved KHJ’s character, & it even seemed for a nano-second he might get the girl, so I got excited for nothing – but it was when he sat down and played Because I’m Stupid on acoustic guitar & sang to her that I was lost forever. I went on to watch everything possible he’d been in & to watch & listen (& buy on ITunes) all his MVs & music :d Barefoot Friends pretty much solidified my opinion and admiration for this young man, and the last year of fighting for him on the Internet has given me true perspective of him as an admirable, hard-working, talented, DECENT person and I am PROUD to say I’m his fan 😀

  30. Hello dear miss LazerKim 🙂
    First off let me wish you a very happy birthday, good health and lots of smiles ❤

    Thank you for sharing your story about how you became a fan. Should I speak for myself, I used to prefer other music genres than Jpop or Kpop and I generally don't watch TV much, so Korean dramas were very distant to me. But I like exploring new music and it happened that I stumbled across Bigbang by pure chance. I found them so talented and amusing that I watched not only their music clips but also parodies and videos from variety shows. I particularly liked their BOF parody, so I said to myself, "why not give a chance to the original drama?". Honestly, GD was hilarious as the helpless romantic character and Kim Hyun Joong was just as cute, yet I was sad to see him so sad throughout the drama (sigh). I just can't look at someone being sad like that, it's too hard for me.
    That was about a year ago. Back then I was more or less a casual fan, I saw KHJ as a nice young man, good actor and gifted musician but I didn't actively look up information about him, only some basic stuff and a couple of interviews to get a clue about his personality. Then I found out about this scandal and the more I got to know about the whole thing, the more it was natural for me to support a person who in my opinion is being wrongly attacked from left and right.
    During my fan time I experienced various reactions from beyond the fan circle. I was called names, they questioned my intelligence level, my mental state, my right to pick whose music I can like. Some sunk as low as asking if I "expected him to have sex with me" and similar nonsense. If someone's life (and lives of his family) weren't at stake here, it would be absurdly funny but sadly this is very real. KHJ is being bullied big time and a part of society encourages that. My only response to such people is "No, I don't expect anything of KHJ, as a human being I want for him a chance to defend himself and fair treatment from authorities as well as media and general public. If he stopped being popular because people no longer wanted to buy his music, I couldn't force anyone to support him. But as much as nobody dared to question his artistic abilities, he's being pushed away from the social status he earned for himself. That is not how artists are supposed to leave the stage." Usually they don't believe me, it's probably beyond their understanding that people can genuinely and selflessly support each other.
    I will rather stick with the group of (in my experience kind and loyal) "stupid delulu fans" than join haters who probably expect their day to become better when they manage to ruin it for someone else. The entertainment world is not a bed of roses, especially in South Korea, with all the bloodlust, hypocrisy, bullying and public shaming, insane pressure on everyone's physical looks when inner qualities are often tragically neglected, working in this industry is a constant battle for survival. I can only guess how great the desire for presenting their music/acting must be, how deeply rooted it is in the young people who can expect to be exploited, mistreated, harassed, stalked, put down and in spite of all that they keep their passion for music and art, they work super hard for our entertainment, they sacrifice a big part of their time, freedom and privacy to one goal – finding the right audience, fans who share the same taste and passion for music/art.
    Miss LazerKim, you are very right when you say fans help build their star's solid position. Therefore the party trying to bring down KHJ in this scandal is in fact fighting with his fandom. They are very aware of what they don't want us to see (and I bet they're afraid fans of certain stars already realized it) – there are too many sources of information for Korean fans but they're oftentimes controlled from one place, while there are not many sources for foreign fans. It's ridiculous how all the sites parrot the same news about the same celebrities – meant to be presented as super likeable, talented and successful, although many are not – when some truly promising ones are constantly being put on the periphery. But in reality it's not the sites who can make someone successful, it's first and foremost the fans. Your least favourite celebrity can get a thousand positive articles but as long as you don't buy their products, they won't earn money. However, even if KHJ established his own agency and didn't rely on usual means of promotion, he could sell his music just fine online. Knowing how many fans he actually has he could also go on concert tours. Why not? In his situation he needs but a good website, good youtube channel and stable communication with his fanbase. And that's it. In an instant trash media like Dispatch and Soompi lose any importance here. They don't bring him money, fans do! Therefore I'd kindly suggest them to stop deciding on which star fans can spend their money. I certainly won't go ask them where I can spend mine. Do they have to approve? No. Do they have to agree? No. Do they have to understand? No. If they don't show any will to understand my point of view, I don't care about theirs. It's that simple. Soompi can keep their favourite stars and I'll keep mine.

    Anyway, once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our precious LazerKim and all the best to our Hyun Joong. I heard he should take a leave soon, so hopefully he'll spend a nice time with his family.
    Loyal fans, hwaiting!

    • There are a lot of musicians who are actually doing this (I know mostly of the Western ones – David Bowie popped immediately into my mind) but Jay Park did the same thing – when he had that stupid scandal, he left Korea & went home to Seattle where he used his rather large Korean fandom to make hits online 😀 So certainly KHJ could do this – he’s got a huge fanbase!

  31. Happy Birthday LazerKim!

    I enjoy reading your articles since most of the time it is exactly what most of Kim Hyun Joongs fans think or want to say. I would like to also share how I became a fan due to his ‘magnetic net’ . I first became a fan when I came upon the title ‘Boys Over Flowers’ while scrolling through Netflix. I was bored and the title just seemed odd so I decided to give it a try, when Ji Hoo came on I just couldn’t help but love those beautiful eyes and smile of his. I google and watch videos of him on YouTube. ‘Playfull Kiss’ became one of my favorite dramas along with ‘Inspiring Generation’. Thanks to Kim Hyun Joong I became interested in K-Dramas, K-Pop & Korean Language and Culture. Therefore even though I might like other Korean actors and singers, my only and ultimate bias will always be him. I will forever support and be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. I hope one day every one in Korea will realize what a great asset he is to his country.

    • Same here Edith! I got an interest about SK and their culture because of HJ. I only tried watching BOF because I loved Meteor Garden. Because of HJ, I got an interest to travel to SK. Isn’t it sad that they don’t know how to protect their assets?

  32. Through you@#LAZERKIM,i have come to learn what a true fan is all about,i have learnt alot from you and oppa# i also started being a kim fan in 2011 after i watch boys before flower#and today am proud to be a FAN OF KIM#never departing from him cause its just like marriage it is for BETTER FOR WORST

  33. DEAR LAZER KIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY to U! U r my precious wings to keep me high enough to see how bright and beautiful our world can be with absolute Love in your heart. This blog is a cozy harbor and place where I can be just ” real me”. Please accept our sincere gratitude for welcome us here and be the guardian angel to our HJ all this time. Thank u for giving chance to millions fans from the whole world to be together, hear, talk & feel for each other. Love u and the best God Blessings to u. Ella. USA, CA, LA

  34. happy Birthday LK!! I’ve always read all you articles , I must say I share your opinions. It’s true since I’ve known him, he captivated me not only for his unique physical appearance but for his 4D personality too. He taught me that the dreams come true if you put all your best on it. As me around the world there are many people who love and support him no matter what.

  35. Hi LK, happy bday to u!!! Twin reasons to 🎆celebrate! What u said is so true our hearts are crazy n crazier for khj! I discovered him when i was ill……he was n is a ‘smile’ for me. Whenever a non khj fan tells me that I don’t know abt Hyun I just tell them I can feel him even without touching n seeing him in person. This is how much he is close to us – Henecians!😍
    P.S – happy birthday 🎂 LK, have fun n enjoy!!! Every single henecian is very special to me!.💖 ‘lets party!’

  36. Wish You A Happy Birthday 🎂.
    I’m a big fan of lovely prince kHJ from bof. I’ve addicted to him,and still love, believe him blindly, there is no point in backing up because of his scandal, as a person I like him even more nd respect him from the issue and his move towards the scandal. We(fans) are there to support him all time.he will be safe in his military service. Waiting for you!!

  37. Happy birthday… to have a memory of sharing your birthday with a memory of KHJ is significant, and obviously was a touch stone point in your life. My becoming a fan was a slow gradual process.. I’m older.. 58 years old.. so it was different for me, it wasn’t some sexual fantasy, it was more of a wanting to protect this child. I could see the wonder in his eyes, and I loved to watch him mature as an artist. His determination and hard working attitude was the First thing that really sealed the deal of being a fan. I loved him in BBF, then Loved him in SS501 and came to love all of the Boys of SS501… it always seemed like he was a major part of what held them together as a family… Yes.. each brought something to the table.. Each personality is special.. but they all look to him from the corner of their eyes and seemed to be happy when he smiled at them. He wasn’t loud, or bossy, or seeking the limelight.. he seemed to encourage each member to be the best they could be, and ALWAYS with a great sense of Humor. When the news came out over a year ago I was so upset.. I felt like my own child was being attacked. I tried as many did to explain to the haters who posted nasty things that this could not have happened.. that Choi must be lying.. and I was called many names, and ridiculed as many of the other fans were.. I was frustrated with KHJ not defending himself, but now I’ve come to see that in the SKorean system no matter what he said it would have been turned around and used against him. To see the Korean media tell lies and the justice system seem to be manipulated by Choi it was very scary.. and I felt so sad that KHJ who Loves his country was being eaten alive by that same country. I don’t know if I can ever really let go of my anger at Choi and the Korean Media that hurt KHJ, but I know he loves his country, and loves to perform, so I will watch and see how KHJ deals with them and take his lead. Always a fan..

  38. Dear LK, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…. While writing this, i thought about something, that hyunjoong only can do that… That people from different places wish each other, really I AM PROUD TO BE HIS FAN… I had watched his drama PK in 2012 since then i became his fan, but i don’t know that he is an hallayu star then…i just watched his drama about countless times. In 2014, i got to know more about him exactly when the nightmare broke out… But i can’t beleive it even a single bit, b’coz his character is what i read more about him and with a help of your articles i know about him and his fans… I am always silent reader bt on your birthday i want to wish you, who with your words make us stronger and united, thank you so much sister

  39. Happy Birthday, dear Ms Lazer…
    Hope your wish of being able to work with our KHJ again in the future comes true…
    Look after him well, dear Ms Lazer…

  40. Hi Lazer Kim wish you many more happy returns of the day Happy birthday. I am Madhuri Kim Hyun Joong from India(Hyderabad). In facebook account name Surya Madhuri.

      • Hi madhuri and anju, im ahalya from india. Im also fallen in to the khj trap and i think i cant come out from that. I also become his fan by watching bof. Up to now i never felt like this for any actor. The first scene of bof where khj was playing violin that the movement where i experienced myself he was just like an star on earth. Then just i started to dig information about him and im become his fan. Still i dont know why i fallen in his trap but really this is my private world where i thunk only about khj. He is my smile. He is my energy. He is my teachdr. He is my role model. From him i started to reach my goal amd i reached my target in my academics because of him. But always i think that atleast before my death i should see khj and his smile. KHJ you are my eberything. I will like u upto my lasy breath. Be strong love you so…. much this love only for you.

  41. I started watching korean dramas from April 2015. Since then i am a huge fan of korean dramas. The first ever korean drama i watched was BOYS OVER FLOWERS. I loved Kim Hyun Joong’s character Jihoo so much in that drama. Since then i am fan of Kim. I searched about names of artists in that drama and came to know that jihoo was played by kim. I faced some difficulty in remembering his name. I started reading about him on internet. The case between Ms.Choi and Kim Hyun was all over internet back then. I read about whole thing and found myself praying for him. His heart warming smile can give strength to his fans for fighting against any odds in life. If i get a chance to meet him, I desperately want to tell him,” Kim Hyun Joong Fighting”.

  42. Happy Birthday LK,

    It was July 28, 2014 that i became a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, it was the day that we are discharged from the almost a month in the hospital because of my baby’s illness. i am stressed and bored and super tired that i decided to browse movies that will take all my stress away. Accidentally, i came across with Boys Over Flowers, i am a fan of the F4 Saga i had watched meteor garden and hana yori danggo and also the manga version of it. i am not a fanatics eversince, i never followed artists not a single one. When i saw Kim Hyun Joong as Yon Ji Ho i felt that he is an angel in disguise … he has that power to soothe people, heal people and even he has the influence me at that time. i searched and know him through write ups and that’s the reason why that i also came across your blog. barely a month the scandal broke out, but i never believed it. i can’t attached hj’s personality to the guy the bitch is referring to. until now, my strong support of KHJ grows stronger especially that the truth is now slowly unravelling.

    being a fan of KHJ brings a lot of joy and happiness to me because my cyber family grows everyday and stronger too…. for me no one and nobody can take the place of hyun joong in my heart no matter what.

    to you LK always keep on writing on your blog because like hyun joong you inspired us.

    hoping to see each other on hun joong’s return and comeback stage,,, Henecians keep on fighting, keep on praying, that justice shall be served to hyun joong who is innocent. #foreverwaitingfor kimhyunjoong… noona elena here from the Philippines

  43. You deserve the most tight hug from HJ ,,,you are the best dear Happy birthday and many happy returns and abundance of God s grace over you.

  44. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Lazer Kim,, May the Good Lord Bless you & Keep you Always. Enjoy your day kababayan. And Thank you so so much for keeping us up to date in everything about our Hyun Joong. Be Blessed & Lab ya ❤

  45. Happy Birth Day LK! 🙂 I’ve been following your blog since I started became KHJ’s fan. Well in fact, I got knew everything about him because of your writes up. I actually started became his fan way back 2009 when I saw him in BOF, but I was very young that time and knew nothing about being a fan. Until I heard about the first nightmare which I felt I can’t believed on those media articles and then I found your blog. I started reading all about him in your blog, until I found out another blog the Hyunnies Pexer’s blog. After a long reading, I decided to say I am KIM HYUN JOONG fan. Just a year as a fan. I became a fan because of your writings. And I like your articles since then. I salute you! Happy Birth Day and may your wish come true! 🙂

  46. Thanks LK felt like the olld days were back again. These days we have a happyness. We absolutely need a happy forever. Read this sweet article again really,really makes me happy and happy birthday to you LK.

  47. Happy birthday LK…!!

    I like to share small piece of story of mine…. I am from India… I have fallen for KHJ from past 1 n half year. Before that i dont knw about him… One day i accidently got the movie Playful Kiss and Boys over Flower from my friend… Finished watching the movie but ended up searching about him in internet and you tube… As of now looks lik i hv read all of the article related to him in internet and seen all of the videos in youtube and downloaded and still hearing all of his songs available.. Never been this much addicted to any of the artist… Addicted may b coz of his 4D personality or his nature or his eyes, smile or his voice, songs or watever it be.. I proudly say i am his fan…

    LazerKim – its worth reading evry article in ur blog and you know how to put in facts… U make us read ur article… And this blog provide one of the best article about him.

  48. Hi LK,
    Wishing you a very happy birthday. Keep well health, happiness, strength and lots of love for you and our one and only shining star KHJ.
    With love,

  49. Hello LK,
    Thank you so much for speaking for so many of us through your blog. I have been caught by Kim Hyun Joongs’net’ for the past three years and I can happily say that being a fan of him was one of the best decisions I ever made. This past year plus has been a true test of our loyalty and devotion to him as fans and I am so greatful at the same time cause I got to know more wonderful fans.
    There is always an end to a beginning and I know that we will surely come out of this together with our star , stronger,happier and maybe an even bigger Alien family..😊👽😊..
    I wish you the best and most blessed birthday..💚💚💚💚💚

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