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By: LazerKim


The nightmare drama continues as the fourth court hearing adjourned and shall resume on Dec 23! Wow! What a way for Hyun Joong to spend his Christmas having this case in his hand! Then we might as well join him and I think it would be better to laugh it out how ever this case proceed!!

Here are some highlights on random news summary event info through Q & A from Media and KHJ camp from the Oct 30 fourth hearing as follows:

*** Witness shall be brought in for questioning since there was an eye-witness was said to be a friend who had seen Choi drinking alcohol and riding a bike during pregnancy after alleged assault in 2014.

*** KE representative who have witnessed Hyun Joong being threatened into blackmail shall also be called in for questioning. 

*** Decision for the 5th hearing of trial preparation on Dec 23 was due to lawsuit and related paternity confirmation. The court of law may request both parties (KHJ and Choi) involved to testify after the 5th hearing ONLY if necessary. 

*** Atty Lee stated “the 5th hearing was set to our counterclaim but not to the original claims”

*** Atty Lee confirmed a baby boy’s photo was shown to him by Atty Seon. Atty Lee only confirmed the baby’s appearance through photo from Atty Seon’s mobile phone.

*** Kim Hyun Joong have not seen the baby since Choi have delivered in Sept. although his stance still remain consistent, that paternity test has to be done first and foremost to confirm 100% before he can acknowledge the said child to be his. Hyun Joong and Choi have not communicated with each other ever since numerous court cases had been filed.

(Trans cr: MichLui and Sunny posted via Tweeter:   Thanks for sharing!)

If ever there may be interview coverage for further clarity on details I shall be posting later on below this article. My dear readers may check it out from this page as usual. Thank you!



A baby boy’s photo was shown to Atty Lee by Atty Seon through his mobile phone before entering the court room yesterday! May I clear it up that the baby photo is not related to the Oct 30 fourth hearing. Although the photo became highlight of the event!!

Now we have the baby’s gender! It’s a baby boy!! I can’t help but laugh reading this part of the report!! At least Choi’s camp didn’t submit text message for a change! Instead a baby boy’s photo from mobile phone AGAIN!!

Sounds familiar, first ultra sound photo was shown through Choi’s mobile, now a baby boy photo was shown through her lawyer’s mobile phone! Poor baby always been victimized by mobile phone!! It was said Choi doesn’t even know her baby’s blood type?!! I wonder where she got a mysterious baby that even Atty Seon said he had not seen it!

Atty Seon stated to the media “Soon, the paternity results will be revealed in Seoul Family Court.”  This matter pertains to another case which Choi filed this year.

At the end of the day if Choi has proven right, then I’ll probably welcome the disaster with a big laugh, shrug my shoulders and say, “And so be it! But leave the poor baby away from the court room, he has got nothing to do in this circus show!”



Here we go again! GRANTING for the sake of argument, the baby boy on that photo is genuine that it’s Choi’s baby and the father is Hyun Joong, FINE, but the same question still stand!

Why is Choi still beating around the bush until at this time, instead of taking the baby’s DNA straight ahead right after childbirth in Sept? This has been my question since Feb this year, from valid proof of pregnancy till childbirth, nothing was proven!

First, Is she intending to pawn the baby to Hyun Joong and his parents to acknowledge without DNA and to drop charges against her, get on with child support settlement with more money and probably possible marriage!?? I can still remember what Choi stated in Feb. “KHJ and I are still connected because we have a baby!”   (in her dreams!)

Second, Choi is definitely not seeking justice because if so, this case should be over and done ages ago! Is she deliberately prolonging this drama episode media coverage? Because surely this is all about publicity in destroying Hyun Joong which is quite obvious from day one, so much more at this time that everything seem to be loud and clear!

Kim Hyun Joong and his fans shall continue the fight until we see Choi behind bars! As I said in my recent article I cannot be convinced Hyun Joong’s baby unless a credible proof of DNA on the baby has been PUBLICLY provided.  A baby photo proves nothing!



May I clear it up that what we have been observing on fourth hearing Oct 30 are merely court proceedings in preparation to the court trial on civil case that Choi had filed. Since I’m not a lawyer this is how far I can understand what’s going on! So all I can do is to rally behind Hyun Joong bringing my placard at Tweeter every time there’s a court hearing on KHJ’s case and post gathered info in this site whatever can be translated by other fans!

May I say, whether Hyun Joong has a baby from Choi or not, nothing change! If I was able to survive as a fan for a year covering this case in this site, then I think I can survive for another year or so! If Choi’s camp is intending to exhaust Hyun Joong, his family and fans then I would say they will fail to do so!

I know this must be so difficult to the Kims to endure with, that neither can I speak in their behalf with what they feel. However, I sincerely appreciate KHJ fans in showing their support even to his family to at least ease down their pain and letting them know they are not alone as we fans are with them the whole time till this case ends.

For me as a fan, the real fight starts when he’s out from the camp and get him back to the stardom, this is the true fight for KHJ fans. The road that we’re taking at present is just a slow bumpy road that a fan has to take, to test our strength and so with Hyun Joong.



I think this is the longest Halloween I have ever spent in my entire life since this nightmare has been going on for over a year! But believe me I’m enjoying it!! LOL Specially whenever Choi and her lawyer opens their mouth and bringing out their so-called evidence, they surely entertain me by their stupidity!

This nightmare is meant to scare us, to exhaust us and drive us away from Hyun Joong! Unfortunatey, it’s over one year yet we’re still here as KHJ fans supporting him! On the contrary I think it’s Choi who is scared by this time since the jail gates will soon welcome her grand entry as a prisoner!!

As for me being a fan, I’ll take this case to the most practical way! All I need is a bucket of popcorn to fill up my stomach to keep me up while watching this drama! Anyway I still have another year to wait for Hyun Joong, so might as well enjoy the horror comedy show that Choi is bringing up while Hyun Joong is away!

May I just say…In my previous article in 2014 after the Aug scandal, I wrote this statement… “Let’s not forget this nightmare!!” Only to find out there’s part 2 to nightmare 2014!!     Indeed a true Halloween nightmare!! LOL!  Well, that’s life, full of surprises!!

                                       HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!

                                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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bwiwu1hcuae3rku (1)


(Trans cr @sunsun_sky: Sunny thanks for sharing your effort is very much appreciated!)






I find it so rediculous that an operation of abortion was performed without even medical records! Did Choi administer that drug by herself and did her own abortion? I’m sure not if there was indeed an abortion operation performed on her! This is still a medical issue as far as I know and cannot just be proven by text messages!!

May I quote “if it were blackmail…they continued to exchange text….” hmmm correction…Choi’s obvious fabricated text messages! But as far as I remember Atty Seon admitted that Choi received 600MW from Hyun Joong.

May I quote fr Seon statement  “If paternity were 100% I hope he apologize.”

Oh my! Such guts from the good lawyer. Whoever is obliged to apologize that’s none other than his client CHOI! For bringing her dirty laundry to the public, for exposing such private fabricated text messages and with her endless lies causing HJ’s family mental torture whether paternity is 100% or not is NOT an excuse to her inappropriate behaviour.


May I quote from HJ’s dad; “There were many parts that were not true. What if all of them were released? If they were all released my life would be completely ruined.”

May I just express myself. This statement from Hyun Joong’s dad as a parent really gives me a pinch in my heart. Mr. Kim knows very well how SK media works and at this point his entire family has been crushed by Choi’s evilness. It hurts for a parent seeing his son being treated this way putting all lies in the mind of the public for her own selfish intention. I’m just so glad that many netizens now can see those lies that Choi created.

I wonder where are Choi’s parents? I wonder if they are not even alarmed by what their daughter has been doing and putting out those obvious lies to the public? Are they not scared for their daughter for possible consequesnces to what she did? Or did they also took part of this conspiracy? Try reversing the situation and putting their daughter in Hyun Joong’s and family’s situation, would they even care? I wonder!


FACT FINDING          (Nov 5)

Allow me to add up, by reviewing in 2014 alleged assault from Atty Lee’s revelation that there was a certain media A who approached KE stating they have materials of assault and miscarriage to be published which they already did, despite the monetary settlement.

This incident transpired early Aug 2014 before Choi reported to the police that she was assaulted by KHJ, that made me think both KE and KHJ were blackmailed. KHJ at first may have refused to give Choi the money in July as reason why Choi went to report assault in Aug 20, 2014 at the police station.

So how come Atty Seon end up stating “Was KHJ threatened? ….they went to Jeju and continued to sleep together….?”  I think Atty Seon forgot to have admitted that the said Jeju travels transpired in June and early July from Choi’s FABRICATED text messages.

If media A approached KE in early Aug, and Jeju transpired in June therefore KHJ had stopped seeing Choi before she went to the police to report assault. Still, I believe KHJ’s testimony at the police station in Aug that he ended up his affair with Choi in May, meaning he had stopped seeing her after their fight causing mutual altercation transpired in May 30

Even photos were shown as their evidence that HJ and Choi were together in June or July doesn’t convince me at all, because those photos were all FAKE and obviously fabricated through photoshop.

Again my question, if indeed HJ and Choi can still be called couple during those times, why would Atty Seon resort to producing and fabricating fake photos from photoshop and showed it to the media and published??



I shall never forget Atty Seon statement in Sept 2014. That for me this statement itself is already an indirect threat to false accusation…..

(Sept 12 2014) “Our current stance is that he needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration.

Let’s not forget that according to the police report in 2014 that there was no substantial evidence to file charges against KHJ on the alleged assault on Choi.

(Sept 17, 2014)   “A’s” lawyer said, “From the beginning, if he [Kim Hyun Joong] apologized, ‘A’ was planning on dropping charges under no condition or receipt of settlement money.”

Now it was revealed that there was indeed monetary settlement of 600MW that even KHJ’s letter of apology is part of settlement, as I have said Choi’s gun was pointed at KHJ’s head while he writes that letter of apology to protect herself from being mobbed by his fans!

Liars are bound to stumble on their own lies! From day one of scandal 2014 till the present Choi and Seon has been busy creating stories out of their own lies. If they started this story with lies then it will definitely end in all LIES.



I know I’ll be out of the blog topic this time, but since we still don’t have updates on KHJ case, allow me to use this space to share with you what is currently going on in Paris France. It was said in the news that there were at least 129 killed and 352 injured in a terror attack.

Quote fr news > Paris terror attacks: Everything we know so far on Saturday night. At least 129 people have been killed in seven separate attacks across Paris, including 82 during a hostage situation at Bataclan, a music venue… Read more fr News Link>

May I appeal to all KHJ fans to please share our prayers to this country being attacked by terrorist. At the same time, may I also make an appeal to all of us to be open-minded because there were a lot of talks going on around the internet blaming religion to this incident.

Just my opinion, there are horrible people using religion or religious belief for so many times in some terror attack as an excuse in killing other people. I myself is not a religious person but I’m a strong believer of one God regardless of religion.

In my old articles I once mentioned KHJ is a good factor in uniting people regardless of color, race, nationality, religion and he embraces whoever we are. Maybe we can use this thoughts at this time that the world is under attack by terrorists again.

That instead of blaming the religion that may affect the innocent religious group, let’s offer prayers to the country affected by such evil acts created by selfish people and their power play.                                #Pray for humanity #Pray for Paris France.


May I share with you another news from Seoul as I read this article title…. “Tens and Thousands march in Seoul, calling for Ouster of the President”

What is going on in Seoul??? President Park Geun Hye is the first female President ever elected in the history of SK and had assume office in Feb 2013.

Quote from this news > SEOUL, South Korea — The police on Saturday fired water cannons and tear gas at thousands of protesters shouting for President Park Geun Hye’s resignation while marching toward her office in Seoul in the largest anti-government demonstration here in several years. (Read more fr this News Link>




Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRICELESS DEVOTION




By: LazerKim


To this day Oct 22, 2015 is my fourth year being a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong that I can still remember how I started being a fan for the first time that I have ever followed one particular artist! It was on my birthday back in Oct 22, 2011 that I celebrated by watching Kim Hyun Joong’s Breakdown videos at YouTube for 12 hours, totally bewildered by his transformation from a flower boy to a big man!!

This explains as to why I have not change my blog site wallpaper of Hyun Joong’s photo on his first launching of Breakdown that remain ever memorable to me! We all have different stories on how we stumbled on Kim Hyun Joong that I’m sure we all have one thing in common, and that’s getting crazy about this guy!!!

I bet you, the first time you got hooked by Kim Hyun Joong is the most unforgettable moment of your life being a KHJ fan!! And I’m glad I wasn’t alone in 2011 having the same feeling of loving and supporting him tirelessly!!

Feel free to share your experience and we’ll all read from you! For a change, let’s reminisce how it is to be a KHJ fan!


photo cr: @devenyi eniko thanks for sharing!


I would like to share this message from a non-fan and let this be an inspiration to all of us KHJ fans, that indeed people now can see how devoted we are to Kim Hyun Joong as his fans. Here’s the message as follows:

(Cr: Sunny, thanks for sharing!)

[ENGL non-fan acnt] 김현중팬들 감동이야-[김현중갤러리] KHJ fans, you moved me:

I am a caller of other GALL and visiting here after reading the article. Frankly, I criticized your star in the beginning. But as new facts came out over the time, I began to think that he is a victim and an extremely pure-naive person. And when I read your posts here, I thought you guys are very passionate fans.

After reading the article today, I came here. Wahh, while reading the army support post, I was so moved and could shed some tears. World Wide United Support for KHJ! It’s really cool! I know it’s difficult even to have fans in Korea united, but you had world-wide fans united! It is impossible to pull off such thing, if you didn’t have absolute love and faith in your star. I was truly touched.

Because of you guys, everything will work out for your star for sure. Sorry that I am writing this not very orderly, just because I am so moved. Lastly, I want to mention that most people around me tend to take your star’s side. Hope all ends well and wish your star the best for the rest of his military service. ☀️


I sincerely appreciate the comment above and how I wish many more people would recognize KHJ fans who are open-minded for real and that Kim Hyun Joong is a deserving artist more than worthy of our love and support.

To the person who wrote this comment above, thank you so much for the inspiring words!



From the time I started following Kim Hyun Joong being a fan in 2011 I was already tagged as “Delulu fan” by KHJ antis and haters which now I’m getting used to be called as such!! Last year many antis and haters attack KHJ fans into asking “do you know who Kim Hyun Joong is for real?  I’m sure you don’t!” I simply would say to those haters, “As a KHJ fan who has been following him for years, I think I know him better than you do as a hater!!”

Now I really would like to go back to those people who made a lot of wrong accusations on Hyun Joong during the Aug 2014 scandal and let them swallow their hateful words against him and his fans!

But then again I realize it was painful, yes, but I believe we endured all those words and that pain only made us even stronger as KHJ fans, that we showed the world how we stood tall beside Hyun Joong no matter what others think of us and remained ever proud knowing the truth is on our side.


There’s only one thing that I would like to say to KHJ detractors, antis and haters.

NEVER underestimate the power of Kim Hyun Joong and his loyal fans!! We are not brainless, we are not on blind devotion, and we are not just a NOBODY!

I’ll say it again…. KHJ fans have the power to bring Kim Hyun Joong to the heights of stardom. We did it for years and we shall be doing it again and again!!. No scandal nor image demolition can ever change a single loyal KHJ fan and would remain unbreakable!

And to those working behind Choi, may I just mention the agency’s business competitor, they may be able to bring down KE, but they can NEVER bring down Kim Hyun Joong! So they are just wasting their time and money in supporting a BIG LIAR Choi!



For 4 years now being a fan, I still could not find a concrete answer as to why am I still addicted to Kim Hyun Joong until this addiction to him developed to unconditional love as a fan!  Is there suppose to be a reason why you love someone? I’ve been asking this question to myself.

If I say I love Kim Hyun Joong because he’s handsome, he’s talented, he has a good image, he got everything I want in an artist! Oh yes, being a fan I got hooked on Kim Hyun Joong because of these qualities! BUT at this point of being a fan it’s no longer these qualities that made me stay loyal to him, but Kim Hyun Joong as a person himself for real.

There’s a statement that remained in my mind from a veteran fan back in 2012 as she stated from an interview in one of Hyun Joong’s concert something like this…

“If you are caught by KHJ’s magic net, you’ll find it hard to get away from him!”

I can only speak for myself but what she said is true to me until at this very moment! I’m a victim of KHJ’s magic net that I could not set myself free from him or the fact that I really do not want to be free from his spell!!



The KHJ fandom was put into a test in Aug 2014 when this long-standing nightmare started. Many of KHJ fans jump ship as soon as the scandal broke and turned to antis or some of them merely walk out silently and left Hyun Joong.

I truly believe there will come a time that those fans who jump ship in Aug 2014, will go back to him!! We may never know they are just silent but still reading from this site or from other KHJ bloggers!!  Lessons learned….. Never pass judgement on someone who have not said his side of story or believe in just simple hearsay!

I got nothing against those fans who jump ship, as I always say, fans have every right to follow whoever they want! While Hyun Joong doesn’t have that same right of choice as an artist in choosing his fans and that’s a fact in reality.

What Hyun Joong currently have in his hand is his loyal fans, who have been there at his side through thick and thin, who would not just be there for him on his bright joyful days but most of all remain at his side in this nightmare. And to the new fans who started knowing Hyun Joong as a person than being an artist through this nightmare, please do stick around, getting to know this guy is worth your time.

One of my happiest moment in life is knowing a person like Kim Hyun Joong who has shared a lot of unforgettable memories as an artist.There may be sadness and pain too, but it’s a bittersweet experience in learning a lot and knowing Kim Hyun Joong and his fans never give up in any battle made me even confident in fighting for him.

                                   My birthday wish……….JUSTICE FOR KHJ!

May I just mention: To all who have greeted me on my birthday at Tweeter, thank you so much for your thoughts! I’m so happy and proud to be in this huge family with Kim Hyun Joong worldwide that is filled with lots of love and nourtured each other with sincere care! Thank you to all for being you…..ever devoted KHJ fans!

                                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

                              MORE UPDATES AND OPINION BELOW

Photo credits as tagged: Ms D thanks!                       Trans credit: Sunny thanks!

bwiwu1hcuae3rku (1)

UPDATE NEWS        (OCT 24)


This news pertaining Hyun Joong first vacation this from the camp was leaked to the media about a week ago! However, Atty Lee refuted this news stating this a false news and that it’s not true that Hyun Joong is having a long vacation from the camp this Oct.

I read the leaked news from about 3 different media outlets and giving different news version as to where the info came from! This appears to be all rumors after all, that made me think, “Is Choi’s camp up to something again?!” It’s just good that Atty Lee is quite prepared to refute this false news!


Whatever good news there is about KHJ I know the media would try to conceal it! Fine! But the most important thing is that, the music dealers and retailers of Hyun Joong’s albums and DVD have those records intact on how KHJ products selling goes even he’s not around and he’s inside the camp!

And may I just add up, that his last album before MS, Imademo is still ranking on top 5 in the music chart among those music dealers. That’s all I can say! We keep going on with our daily lives as usual, we keep supporting him no matter what happen, and even without being aware, he’s already up there again!!

I always believe in unified effort and sincere intention truimph over everything! If Hyun Joong is meant to be up there in the stardom, then he’s bound to be there no matter what other evil motives by others try to block his fate!



May I just say this which have been in my mind for ages! We all know that Kim Hyun Joong is a Hallyu star known in the international communiity and let’s accept it, he has bigger fanbase outside South Korea.

Having said this, after Hyun Joong comes out from his military duty in 2017 back to the lime light and to whatever agency he ends up with in the future, I do hope this agency would have a good PR manager for him who can communicate in English! This is very important that has to be considered I think!.

Allow me to mention that Hyun Joong and his fandom is very lucky that there are fans who can translate and update news from SK. I’m sorry to say but SK has a very bad media coverage to the point of distorting the news! I honestly had enough and hardly rely on those trash English sites in delivering those trash news about Hyun Joong.

I really think it’s high time for KHJ camp to consider this matter. I may be thinking far out from the present and I really don’t care even this case would last forever because I truly believe we can bring him back to where he was and that is on TOP of stardom! Period!


From the bottom of my heart…..Thank you so much to everyone for your thoughts shared and birthday greetings! You guys inspired me a lot in my learning process about life of being a fan and sharing love! Kim Hyun Joong and YOU are the reason why this site is still here alive and kicking to protect and defend our only one!  God bless Gemini!



Kim Hyun Joong- TONIGHT Real Story (Eng Sub) Watch Hyun Joong’s adventurous journey as he goes on to become a Diving Master! Battling waves and hardships in Busan, Daejin, Jeju and Okinawa, Japan he overcomes his challenges, ridding himself of his phobia from sharks as he explores the beautiful marine life, training to become a master!   (video link below)

Here’s a video clip shared by KHJ loyal fans as an example of what I have written above pertining fans who can translate either from Hangul to English, Hangul to Chinese or Nihongo to English. KHJ fans in their sincere effort do find ways for all of us to understand Hyun Joong better.

No language barrier can be a problem to us actually, as the saying states “If there’s a will there’s always a way!” And I do hope those English media outlets can realize that KHJ fans cannot be fooled by their destorted translation and twisted news!

Eng sub Trans cr:@Nixiedesu blogsite Thank you for sharing, your effort is very much appreciated!

Nixie blog link>

Vid cr: @KHJ Beauty  Thank you for sharing!



NEWS UPDATE     (OCT 30  am KST)

As of this morning Oct 30th prior to the scheduled fourth court hearing at 3:40 PM (KST) today on Kim Hyun Joong’s case filed by Choi, a news item was published as follows:


Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend A are having their 4th trial on the 30th. This trial will deal with the main issues of this court case and establish plans for the future and will be held in private.

The 3rd trial was on the 23rd of last month and like this trial, it is expected that there is going to be fierce battle surrounding A’s miscarriage because of Kim’s abuse and evidence. Also, the result of the paternity suit by A will be brought forth and the background on Kim’s counteraction relief sought in demand.

On the 3rd trial, A claimed she provided new evidence of pregnancy.

Kim and A have been in legal battle since the year 2012 about pregnancy and abuse. Kim was charged with abuse in May last year and was fined 5 million won. Things seemed to end but A filed a damage suit of 1.6 billion won in April this year.

Kim countercharged her for exposing this secret to the press even after receiving 600 million won and charged for 1.2 billion won in total.

Source :…

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Choi is said to have claimed she provided new evidence of pregnancy! She must be pertaining to the numerous text messages copy paste fabrication! May I clear this up that it was Atty Lee who provided her medical records showing there was no pregnancy last year, as Choi trying hard to prove she had miscarriage during the alledged assault in 2014!

As Atty Lee stated, one medical record that he provided will crushed those fabricated text messages!  I’ll state again what I have written from the comment box down there, this case that Choi filed takes only common sense to see her motive and I sure do hope the SK court of law would see the obvious lies lay down before them and to dismiss the case that Choi filed.

I’ll be updating today’s event on my next article! See you all!