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Sept 23 third court hearing of Choi’s litigation on her multiple alleged pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion which is a civil case, ended up in another 4th hearing scheduled on Oct 30, a clear delaying tactics from Choi’s camp! The day ended in frustration because what was submitted to the court by Choi’s camp are all text messages AGAIN which was already published!

Witness on Choi’s side has been requested, however, the court DECLINED the request. As usual the trash site published the court hearing to pollute the public mind again! Are they achieving even Atty Seon put on his dramatic act? I very much doubt it! Such desperate move there from a lawyer!! Why can’t he just marry Choi!? LOL Might as well laugh it out because this case is simply a public BIG JOKE!!

Here’s some of Atty Seon’s statement that I would like to respond to as follows:


Today we submitted the documents that show Kim Hyun Joong exchanged text messages with Choi acknowledging the contents related to the pregnancy and miscarriage. Though we provided hard evidence….??????????

He (KHJ) knows well enough how he and Choi were together and lived together.????  It’s shocking that he didn’t celebrate the child he had with the woman he loved.??? I can’t help but feel sorry for my client who is living [alone] with her new baby.” Crying…. Poor lawyer!!

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Common sense would tell us that pregnancy, miscarriage and abortion are sensitive matters that I believe has to be discussed by the couple in person and not through text message!  If Hyun Joong and Choi indeed LIVED TOGETHER, why was there a need to text each other consistently and discuss problems like this through text message? Are they mute not to be able to communicate in person?

It was said that the civil court can accept this case even without medical records provided the couple is married or living together as couple.  It seems this lawyer was trying hard to prove this through those text to avoid clinically proving that Hyun Joong is responsible to her alleged multiple pregnancies since Choi does not have legit medical records. What hard evidence was he talking about?

Now I ask the good lawyer, being a man himself, How can a man celebrate a childbirth if he doesn’t have any proof that the child is his, knowing they DID NOT live together nor they are married? Choi is nobody but a fling and I’m sure Mr. Lawyer knows it.

Having 5 pregnancies in matter of 7 months is humanly impossible, and being majority of us here are women knows this fact.   LOVE? I don’t think there’s ever love between them from the start, as the lawyer claimed! Because if there was love, why are they in court?



@Allkpop Kim Hyun Joong’s legal representative Lee Jae Man told the press after the plea date, “The courts have denied Choi’s side’s request to obtain a witness. Choi’s side once again submitted the documents that show the text messages exchanged with Kim Hyun Joong.Nothing has changed after this plea date. Choi’s side didn’t provide any documents related to her treatments or any images. Choi has totally mutilated Kim Hyun Joong using the press. Kim Hyun Joong and his family doesn’t even want to meet with Choi anymore.” 

There’s no reason for the Kims meeting with Choi again after what she had done to them in the hospital!  Who among parents would like to see a person who is so disrespectful? If Allkpop is bragging about this statement to gain sympathy for Choi, well it’s not working!

Additional  statements from Atty Lee omitted:  “It seems delaying tactics to drag litigation to 4th hearing in order to bring out negotiations for criminal lawsuit (filed by KHJ).  Choi talked about abortion in Dec and got 6 billion won for compensation but there’s no material in this regard. Multiple text messages is nothing to one credible medical record, more text messages is in our advantage.”        (Trans cr: Sunny@sunsun_sky Thanks!)

Atty Lee pertains to those text message as a way to deliberately defame Kim Hyun Joong which is another criminal act of Choi. I don’t think Kim Hyun Joong and his family would settle for anything less than jail for Choi from the pain she brought them in this situation.

What we can look forward to is the criminal case that KHJ camp filed against Choi as police investigation shall start very soon!



Here’s my wild thoughts while crossing my fingers!! Choi filed those lawsuits against Hyun Joong just to give the public a bit shake, sensationalized her lies to make it appear true to reality!!  And I can’t imagine the court going over those text messages for verification that may end up to the garbage, only to find out Choi and her lawyer are simply playing games with them too, same as she’s doing to us and the public!!

This case is for PUBLICITY that Choi’s camp sees the courtroom like a playground beating around the bush, that she and her lawyer is playing on. It doesn’t matter to them if they lose because what they are trying to achieve from behind is to destroy Kim Hyun Joong forever. If Choi’s litigation is for real and if she’s after justice, therefore obvious stupid lies by her lawyer should not be scattering around the court room!

Choi wants her litigation to go on forever, to delay it consistently until the next case on paternity refusal is set to be filed. She will never stop until KHJ, his parents and his fans are completely drained out and get what she wants, MONEY and KHJ! She will try hard to be a leech to KHJ’s life forever! This is how I see this scenario loud and clear, even she ends up behind bars for time being!

It seems so easy for them to work on their plot in fooling the public by using the media fearlessly. Is it because they can easily get away from what they are doing knowing how their justice system roll? I’m just asking!



I was thinking if only Hyun Joong disclosed Choi’s identity and her blackmail plot right from the start last year, this case should have ended! I’ve written this last year that he was legally misguided during the heated scandal, even I have to consider his two major concerts that made his hands tied up by Choi, I strongly  believe his fans would never leave him no matter what!

The opposite was bound to happened for a reason. And so here we are maybe feeling irritated by Choi but let’s just take this as “Bad Publicity is Good Publicity!!” Why am I saying this?

Because until at this point that Hyun Joong is currently in his MS and having this scandal may be too much to bear BUT he is even winning new fans!  He is still blessed despite of this nightmare!  And I would say these new fans started knowing Kim Hyun Joong as a person more than an artist through this scandal!

We may be in the dark and so with Hyun Joong but somehow we know we are not alone in this darkness! We still laugh and giggle like kids playing jokes over puppets named Choi and Seon! Go with the flow while we strike gently from behind!

In due time Hyun Joong will realize all of these that he has a much stronger fan base worldwide than in the past. This case is like a filter eliminating the weather fans from his loyal fans for real.

We may be tired and frustrated over this case but let us look at the bright side of this situation as we are fast multiplying for a better stronger fanbase for Kim Hyun Joong!

            To all new fans welcome to the world of Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

                                MORE UPDATES TO FOLLOW BELLOW

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UPDATES     (Sept 24)    

(Photo cr: allthatstar      shared by SP@illiblue thanks for sharing!)


The photos you are about to see was shown by Atty Seon to the media as he stated those photos are not fake taken at her house 2-3 days after. However, Atty Lee said Choi in sleeveless shirt was seen uninjured on June 2nd.

Judge for yourself if Atty Seon is telling the truth from those pictures!



See photo above. Notice the bruise encircled in red. that’s the RIGHT ARM. This photo was taken June 2 2014 few days after the May 30 but was shown to the media yesterday Sept 23 2015. Remember the bruise is on the right arm. See photo below. This was the first photo that Choi showed in Aug 2014, see the bruise at the LEFT ARM!

Choi’s camp had forgotten all about the 1st photo they have shown in Aug 2014! Liars do get confuse with their statements which turns out inconsistent!

Now see how this liar can lie that the photo above is not fake but I can tell you both photos are fake done by photoshop! Although these photos were not submitted to the court or Atty Seon will be in a big trouble! These photos are for the media to publish! See their motive?

As I mentioned if Choi is after justice, why would her camp publish such FAKE photos to show to the public? But I think Atty Lee shall be submitting this in court because this is evidence for intentionally defame KHJ. The more they talk, the more they put out pictures like this the more they get into trouble!

Choi’s baby DNA shall be announced brfore the 4th hearing Oct 30th! Let’s see if we can see some magic on DNA as well!! LOL


NEWS SCOOP        (Sept 25)

PATERNITY LAWSUIT FILED       (News scoop shared by Michlui@princessmich)

Choi filed for a Paternity lawsuit at Seoul Family Court on Sept 24. Can she files this case without DNA proving Hyun Joong is the father of her so-called baby? Or is this another show to conceal her lies? What a nerve she got there! Will she using those text messages again to prove her pregnancy?? LOL

Slow down Choi or you might stumble on your own lies!! She had not even proven anything pertaining to your so-called pregnancy and childbirth! Is she up to fool the public again? Fine Choi! We love to be entertained by your stupid fairy tales!! LOL

This is another ballgame! Now I have proven she surely will file all the lawsuits against Hyun Joong and I won’t be surprise if she consumes all the money she got from him just to bring him back to her! She will do everything destructive before the criminal case she has to face from KHJ!


NAGGING THOUGHTS!         (Sept 26)


May I briefly say, I’m just wondering, if there is indeed a relationship between Hyun Joong and Choi, why would Choi and her lawyer resort to photoshop fake pictures? Does this shows Hyun Joong and Choi does not have any single photo that shows they were couple? Yes they slept together, but I think there’s nothing more than that!

Take note, the Kim doesn’t even know who Choi is not until in Jan 2015!! All I know is that in man’s nature there are 2 separate types of women in their lives. One is a fling for convenience and one whom he can introduce to his mom.

I don’t mean to discredit Hyun Joong here, I’m only speaking of men’s nature in reality. Remember Hyun Joong outright rejected marriage with Choi in Feb, and again reconciliation was rejected this Sept. Next is this another lawsuit filed against Hyun Joon!!


I remember reading from the news in Feb 2015 something like “Yes it’s true Choi and Hyun Joong met again in Nov as part of SETTLEMENT made in Sept 2014.” It’s seems 50% of blackmail was settled in Sept and another 50%  had to be settled in Nov.

I may be speculating, but I think Hyun Joong was forced to meet her in Nov and Dec since Gemini was set in Jan which was already approaching. Next was pregnancy in Jan, however, Hyun Joong fought back after Gemini resulting to Choi’s lawsuit filed in March!!

In this whole episode I just noticed every time Hyun Joong break loose from her that Hyun Joong kept rejecting her, she would immediately run to the media and file her endless lawsuits just like what happened recently KHJ saying even there’s a baby he’ll not reconcile with her! Now I’m convinced this is not only about money, but even marriage.

What she declared to the media in Feb that she was not intending to marry Hyun Joong and would take care of her so-called baby on her own, now turns out to be another BIG LIE! I can only guess………Hyun Joong would rather die than marry her!! LOL



May I just share my thoughts. At tweeter I was joking by saying “Choi has been watching too many dramas!!” She brought out a lot of impossible pregnancies which I only see from those dramas that I never thought can happen in reality created by Choi!! Is this the influence of Kdramas? LOL I’ve seen some dramas that Korean women use pregnancy or their own child to get their men hooked! Script writers of these dramas are of course Koreans!

Example: 1.) Empress Ki as Empress Tanashiri made up her fake pregnancy to the extent of grabbing a nobody’s baby so as to win the Emperor’s love! 2.) Yi San, that one King’s mistress pretended her pregnancy that put her to death! 3.)Dong Yi as Queen Jang Ok Jo using her child to remain in power!

Sounds familiar right? LOL Is it safe for me to say history repeats itself, now that it is currently happening in reality?


Lately I have noticed a lot of videos at YouTube are out there perceive to be some negative criticism on SK women! Not to mention multiple scandals on SK male star celebs created by SK women comes in trend. Like Lee Byung Hun, Park Shi Hoo, even JYJ scandal created by sasaeng fans. Hyun Joong got the longest scandal! Isn’t these scandals done by women alarming??

I wonder how SK women’s organization is taking all of these that concerns their women of present generation?  Is the women’s organization remaining silent to the fact that men are not always the guilty ones on abuse, that the fact it’s women who are truly the abusers in those scandals? Or did they choose to ignore even it is already reflecting to women’s dignity? I’m just asking!

Why attack media on topics about plastic surgery if there’s even a serious problem pertaining to women’s morality openly brought to the public? I find this alarming since SK now has their first female president! I sure do hope something can be done!


SK JUSTICE SYSTEM            (Sept 26)

Now let’s talk about SK justice system. Few years ago, I read some articles pertaining to the failure of justice system in SK and corrupt practices within. Well, I won’t single out SK on this matter since a lot of countries do have corruption. Now I can no longer ignore this matter since Hyun Joong is involved on cases filed against him and his counter charges.

With what Choi and her lawyer has been showing to the public somehow gave me the idea there MIGHT be indeed something wrong with SK justice system. I mean filing lawsuits left and right even without substantial evidence seems so easy!! Wouldn’t you doubt on how SK justice system goes?


I don’t mean to interfere with this legal battle please don’t get me wrong, I’m just sharing my observation. I think, it takes only one private detective tailing on Choi to find out the truth to all of these! At least to ease down being in such limbo about that so-called Choi’s baby! I don’t know if this is being done in SK

Most of high calibrated lawyers do have those private detectives in search of evidence. Although they don’t bring it out to the public before the court. I think Atty Lee had done his homework on this case. However, I believe he will only disclose what he has in his hand during the court trial on criminal case against Choi. We’ll see!

My dear readers, thank you for dropping by from time to time, please do stay tune in! As of now what we can do is share and exchange opinion like school for thoughts! See you!!



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Let us continue supporting Kim Hyun Joong’s albums and his concert DVD and show his detructors and to the world that we KHJ fans have the power to maintain his star status brighter than ever even during his absence and even in the midst of this scandal. This is the only way we can fight, take our sweet revenge and assure his future stardom that we KHJ fans are the most capable of doing so!! Fighting!!

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Article: WHAT IS STALKING?        (shared by Noya thanks!)





NEWS UPDATE    (Oct. 2nd)

KHJ side:    “Choi’s paternity lawsuit….Expected! We have not heard from the court as yet but we will comply and will defitely wait for results!”    (Trans cr Sunny thanks!)

News source Link:




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  1. Dearest LazerKim!
    today is a special day!
    Your birthday so Happy Birthday ! May all you wishes became true and God Bless !

    And thank you for all your hard work and keeping this blog alive, we miss you dearly!
    Maligayang bati sis!
    much love

  2. Any news about Hyun Joong? It’s been quite a while since we heard about him… the hearing is on October 30th, right? I hope this is the last hearing for this case.. and may our Kim Hyun Joong gets justified. Just want to see his old self… smiling brightly again…

  3. Hi guys! HJ holding 1st place as a singer and 2nd one as an actor ‘” World star popularity”. Please support and vote every single day if possible. Inquisitr News from October 17 said that Henecia Fans of HJ providing him and his military unit with plenty of gifts to cheer him up. Korean news outlet Xsports and KdramaStars detailed what they have sent. And by Korea Joongang Daily from October 14 they said HJ scheduled his first leave from the army since he was enlisted in May. Do no if it’s real facts. Just sharing.

  4. It sure has been quiet with the media lately and nothing from Choi’s team. I assume that is a good thing. I hope Atty Lee and the courts are successful with the criminal investigations against the her. It’s weird that she refuses to show baby DNA. After all the early bragging that she was carrying KHJ baby….now she won’t prove to the world that she was right. It was probably just another lie. I suspect she has no baby of her own.

  5. the asia star contest based on only fans voting is coming in finals KHJ last position 16 over 40, now again the round till Oct 24th to choose only 20. and till nov 8 they will choose only 10. hope he will be into the 10.
    this is the link try each 20 or 30 mint. KHJ family fighting.

    • I cannot understand what`s going on with this contest. Two days ago KHJ was on 16th position with over 150 000 votes. Yesterday he was on second position with 25 300 votes. Is this another contest? I cannot understand Chinese / first I thought it was Japanese :)))))/ Can someone explain? Nevertheless I am still voting, but what happened with the previous rating?

  6. Is the Investigation Over or They still Continue? I feel like Choi has another Game
    What about Choi’s Family are they allow to Leave there Country?

    • I found the post on” Hyunniespexers blog ” It came from DCGALL. Translate into English by sunny$ sunsun_ sky . i hope this post will help you a bit while waiting for news update. Here they are …..

      ” {ENGL Partial translation ] [DCKHJ 김현중 GALL] 피의자 최씨 소환일자 Police investigation date of criminal suspect Choi:

      Tweet/Translation Credit: sunny@sunsun_sky

      The procedure of criminal litigation is different from civil litigation and some parts are known to be undisclosed.

      … omitted …

      We all are very curious and concerned about when and how investigation proceeds but let’s trust in Atty Lee and leisurely wait for him. I believe when he thinks that certain things must be known, he will let them known by news articles.

      You know how the fierce beast hunts for prey, right? The beast closes up his prey so very quietly and pounces on it in a split second and kills it instantly.

      What we can do is to quietly cheer up the fierce beast. We don’t have to guess this or that. If it is quiet, we can just think hunting is in progress.

      I write this post, just in case, some of us, fans, may get nervous, if there are no news about investigation. Hope it’s ok with you… ”


      I guess we just need to be patient and trust ATT LEE. In the mean while keep supporting HJ , his family and his legal team whatever we can. This is the best we can do for now. Keep our heart , head and mind fresh . Worry does not help.

      Fighting !!!!

      • There it is, no wonder i couldn’t find it. I totally forgot about it after that cause i was busy having a life from the Outside World.

        To Bella
        If there is no News about Investigation. What about asking any kind of Questions Does it bother you or anyone else?

        • I’m not sure i understood your question.

          However what kind of question you are talking about ?? If it’s about the investigation I’m afraid that we do not know the answer. The ones who might know more than what we have already known here probably have good reason not to reveal it yet.

          I’m not sure if I answer your question.

          • Sorry Bella, I didn’t finish the sentence Correctly i accidently Click Post.

            What i Meant to say was
            If there is No News About Investigation as of now .

            What about asking any Question of What Happen Before ((Past of What Happen)) thats When KHJ didn’t have Att Lee yet.
            instead of the Current Events as of Today
            Investigations like you said that you posted.

            Sooo…Dose that make Sense to you?

            • O.K I understood now.

              i think you can ask if you have questions. However if you read LK’s articles start from August last year you might find the answer.

              Last year HJ did not have a proper lawyer who defended for him he just had a representative from KE who supposed to give him advised . Therefore his acted last year based on what he was told and the main thing was he believed in everything choi lied to him especially about pregnancies and miscarriage. He also acted under being threatened. He did not only had to settlement with her false accusation but paid her 600 MW under her blackmailing. Only in May-June this year that he has realized choi ‘s lies from the medical reports that proved choi had never been pregnant in May-June -July as she claimed. ( if you notice choi got pregnant every months in only a few months he dated her.

              Now the pregnancy in Dec. She can claim that her baby is his because she managed to make a trick ( you can read details from Att .Lee Press release ) to be able to spend one night with him in Dec . therefore even he has a lot of doubt he could not deny completely accept asking for DNA’s test. Choi now refused to bring the baby for DNA test. She wants HJ to accept the baby without a test.

              However HJ and his family do not know where is the baby and where , when the baby was born. The rest i think you have already knew.

  7. that criminal trying to destroy the hard work of KHJ and all those people …she should ne in JAIL for all her craziness and Lies ..
    look at how much hard work put on the IG…

    • Thank you Noya for posting this clip.

      You are so right. Whoever planed all these mess to destroy KHJ just proved that how inhuman and absolutely immoral they are.. I ‘m confident they will have to pay for their crime.

      KHJ Fighting !

      KHJ’s supporters Fighting !

      What we have ever asked for since the beginning of this nightmare is justice . We can’t allow injustice that keep happening before our eyes can get away without punishment . This incident just show to the world how SK medias ignore justice and devalue honesty and sincerity even some of them have betrayed their readers and their own society.

      Hope the court can bring back the dignity of the country not being label as the country of blackmailers and liars.

      • Tnx a lot Noya for this video. That’s exact meaning to be a celebrity – work, work & work again and u have to learn to sacrifice tremendous of things in exchange just for the only one – your dream. And nobody has right to take your dream away from u. My bright wish is, like Bella said, to see that HJ’s country can embrace him with huge loving heart coz I love Korea very much.

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    • I do my best on this matter. Do u vote for World Star Popularity? I do every day. HJ still keeping all top places there as a singer and an actor too. I signed the petition as well. Good luck to u. Take care.

      • O, I didn’t ask if u got the website over there eventually for World Star popularity Vote coz my links didn’t get through for some reasons, I tried few times. Please, let me know, i’d like u hv it.

    • Friend I got that website and I voted also. But for Asia star im feeling so sad, earlier he was in first place during finals he dropped to 16 place and only 5 days left. Still I’m doing my part of voting as khj is my happiness I’m voting him more than my level. Apart from all these if he is happy means all we will be happy. Apart from my personnel life the only thing I like is khj. Now the only thing what I can do for him is praying for his well being. Friends if any contests are there means you please mention in this, because this is the only one site that I will visit daily. Thank you

      • I couldn`t vote for a few days due to personal problems. Sorry for that, girls. Now I am back and I already voted / now I`m waiting for the 30 minutes to pass/. Let`s unite, henecia. Let`s show them who is the star of Asia!!! Despite of all that dirt coming out of the media and Choi`s camp. Love you alll.

      • Tnx dear! I feel the same way. No matter how much I enjoy other actors or singers – I love many of them in actions, but every time my heart is back to HJ. I keep trying to analyze my feelings and get over & over through them & can say for sure that it’s nothing emotional about it but just such a clear realization that everything so different, so special about him, even hard to put into the words how sky high awesome this person is, terrific in every way. I’m so happy that he became such unexpectedly beautiful part of my life and brought so many wonderful things & great people like u guys into my life, that we love each other with unconditional love, real love, coz Love is Care & Share. Our unit & friendship now is the unbreakable proof of the existence such wonderful things as Hope, Faith, Loyalty & Truth. But the greatest of them that He did it, He brought millions of us together to love, to smile, to cry, to believe, to fight for what is right. Please don’t be very upset about ratings. His life is ups & downs as well. I will pray with u for his health, happiness and best luck. Bless u all.

          • Tnx, appreciate it. I’m from US CA too. I like this blog for positive, intelligent, ” HJ Family” oriented style. Huge love & respect to LK. Love u all. Tnx again.

            • Hi Ella and Patricia! I live in Arizona. How this young man has brought together so many fans from around the world is amazing. LK, thank you for your articles. We all stand together behind KHJ. I find it very odd that we haven’t heard anything from Choi or her atty since criminal investigation started. Guess they are hiding in fear. They’ve been caught in all their lies! Atty Seon should also be banned from leaving SK. A commenter recently stated that she wondered if the sister’s pregnancy test was used by Choi. From what we’ve seen from Choi, I wouldn’t put it past her even so far as using the sister’s baby since the DNA from the baby would show as being Choi’s. That being said, no wonder she doesn’t want baby tested since it’s her sister’s baby. Think I’ve watched too many dramas ?😊
              Thanks again everyone for believing in KHJ.

        • I couldn’t agree with you more Ella….I could have written your post my self. Who would have even thought I would get caught up with KHJ??? Boy am I glad I did. Something about him draws you in…I can’t really explain it. I too believe in him and hope this ends will for him. I live in USA Pennsylvania and have chatted with many folks here in positive ways and I really feel part of something good. I am not a delulu but a mother with children his age. I feel for his parents who try to support him in anyway possible.

          • Hi guys! So very happy to meet u here! Seems our HJ is a real American Sweet-heart now, It’s awesome! I confess to u guys that I’m a first time fan. Never experienced it before. Feels good though. Thank u for your comments I agree with every word u say. It’s obvious that HJ was innocent from the beginning, but situation s still foggy. I heard the investigation gonna take about three months. Hope, like u said those spooky dudes in panic already and their undercover boss as well. They r really too much with no limits to bring the remarkable person down and play dirty with public opinion. Guess they r done and this is HJ’s call now. Love u all. Take care and plz be in touch.

  9. Friends now in asia star contest khj dropped to 11 position. So please still only one week left please start voting. Please start now you can vote for every 30 min. Think from first posotion he dropped to 11. Fighting

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  11. You are so right dear,
    it is certain that she wants to create more problems for him unless why would she be so desperately seeking for him attention…
    I see no reason why the case that happened in july 2014 SHOULD be repeated in the court,she should know he does NOT owe her again rather she owes him because he did all he was asked to dO but she bleached d comtract even after HE paID for d crime they said he commited.she should be sued for bleaching of contract.
    She isnt looking up to the court for justice but she is rather trying so hard to manipulated the media because she knows she is wrong.THE COURT SHOULD BANNED HER FROM SPEAKING TO THE PRESS AND A LAW SHOULD BE PLACED THAT ANY MEDIA WHO TRASH HIS NAME WOULD BE CHARGE TO COURT#A PETITION SHOULD REALLY BE WRITTEN IN ORDER TO STOP THIS MADNESS OF HER’S#

  12. Hello everyone. Here’s my 2 cents about the current situation. I can’t but agree with this comment from FB:

    “As I see it, Choi wanted to threaten KHJ with a criminal lawsuit last year when she said she got assaulted. But let’s not forget police and prosecutor didn’t proceed with the charges. Media may twist the fact KHJ got fined for having some sort of physical altercation with Choi and say he admitted abuse but not even in the apology letter he nodded to that. He mentioned “mental pain” as we all know. It’s evident Choi’s camp wanted to somehow revive the cause, yet the only way for them to do it was to file a civil lawsuit. One who doesn’t have convincing evidence to support their version of events but can rely on the media may think they’ll take advantage of the situation when they get months to “gather more evidence” when in fact all they do is badmouth the other party in public. They mean to create pressure of manipulated public opinion that would make KHJ think he can’t even live in the country anymore, as everybody allegedly hates him (which we know is not true) and if it’s still not enough, they’ll share touching stories about pregnancy and childbirth and struggles of a single mother (who never proved she was pregnant in the first place and acts very arrogantly). It’s all meant to bully KHJ, his family and supporters BUT – and always remebers this – they want to actually distract everyone from the actual problem they’re facing and hope to somehow win with smoke and mirrors. KHJ filed criminal lawsuit against Choi = if she won her case, he’d at most have to pay some sort of settlement. If he won his case, she’d go to jail and take her supporters with her. Apparently he has a fair chance to win here, as since summer Choi is prohibited to leave the country – that means she is suspicious in front of authorities. Everything she is doing now aims to make people forget about this but KHJ can’t and we can’t either. Mr. Lee said it clearly – in 2, 3 months the police are supposed to have finished investigating Choi’s activities and she’ll face criminal trial. The only problem for KHJ until then is strictly avoid contact with her, so that she’s not able to create further incidents between them. Can you see how she and her lawyer are desperate when he is unreachable for them during his MS? They want to get him out of there to meet her at any cost. But he musn’t, so that they can’t create more mess. It seems he knows that 🙂 and that’s good news.”

    I see many fans are angry that Choi ridiculously demands more and more time from the court to submit more evidence. That’s understandable, since we feel she is hurting an innocent family. But is it right to blame the court? Mr.Lee said the good news is the only “evidence” Choi could bring were text messages – that really is good news, if she had something better, she’d use it. If the court gives her time now to hinder her from future complaints, it may seem like the case takes very long but in reality it shall save KHJ lots of time. Imagine she’d say the court didn’t let her submit all evidence because they side the celebrity. She already questioned KHJ’s DNA test from a reputable lab, so she’d question the court too and the whole thing would start anew. That’s why I would not suggest to write petitions to the government to “fasten” the trial – Choi would twist it and say KHJ won illegally. The only petition that could help in my opinion would be against media who wrongfully inform and label people as if they were found guilty by authorities when in fact they are innocent. That is one thing SK government will have to change – every and any rich reputable person may be afraid their opponent will hire media to ruin them. That gives the country a bad image.

    As to the text messages – hopefully they’ll be able to organize those billions of messages – ORGANIZE when they’re supposed to follow one after another, so even if someone is so creepy that they will keep every single message they ever sent and got (should we believe these are real), they’d only have to print them and that’s it. Honestly I don’t know what Choi wants us to think when she says they were together all the time but on the other hand they kept sending messages back and forth… How weird. (Personally I prefer talking to my partner in person or call him than writing endless messages – the more when we live together and talk about serious problems)

    The truly interesting point now is the criminal lawsuit against Choi where she will have to promptly co-operate with authorities in case she doesn’t want to go to jail. Here nobody will wait for her “evidence” and “witnesses” for months. I trust Mr.Lee knows what people he’s dealing with (Choi + her lawyer + her sponsor + friendly media) and before he asked police to start investigating he gathered information he will need later. I noticed so far he didn’t publicly say almost anything he found out about Choi’s background but he must have given the court a good reason to forbid her from travelling abroad. My guess is he doesn’t want to give us hope sooner than police finish their work simply because he could alarm Choi & Co. and they’d get an idea as to what they should expect. It’s better that we now don’t know details when those details will be used in court in favour of KHJ. Anyway we’ll hear the whole story, I believe so, when they want to clean his name. This includes also Keyeast and KHJ’s former lawyer who both broke their promise to do everything they can to help their client. I’ll be interested to hear what was their reason to do so.

    As to the family court, I’m not surprised Choi came up with another lawsuit – that’s her way to force KHJ to obey like he did before. She desperately needs to meet him at least once, so that she can twist and make up facts again. Everyone knows they have no contact, therefore it’s hard to serve us another episode of her abuse saga. This time he was way smarter than her and she needed to respond – hence the lawsuit. When her lawyer said “KHJ avoids paternity test, well, he doesn’t, as we arrogantly and questionably didn’t inform him about the childbirth”, what could they do? They knew Choi wouldn’t be able to approach him while he’s in the military (thank God!). So she as a victim of a brutal abuser and tyrant first let him know she’s pregnant with him, then concealed the alleged child was finally born (for no good reason in my opinion), then used media and lawyer to call the abuser to go together with her and a newborn baby to the lab. Are we really supposed to believe KHJ is the overly confident person here? That he abused her? And she can’t do better than run to him who doesn’t believe the child is his (if there’s any) and create a situation that could threaten both her and the baby? If I’m not mistaken she presented KHJ as the person who ran after her to get her back (when they didn’t even live together) and she ran away from him, so why the heck did she call him to meet her and the child? His brother could go there, his parents could go there but she – the abused victim – thinks she will dictate everyone. LOL, sure. One thing is certain, KHJ musn’t meet that woman ever again and it appears he doesn’t want to.

    I trust it is for the better for everyone who wants well for KHJ to keep away from Choi, so that she doesn’t get the slightest chance to provoke any incident and blame another innocent person.
    Unfortunately getting Choi behind the bars will not end this, KHJ will have to exemplarily sue the media and everyone who helped tarnish his reputation – including infamous online commenters and so called netizens who often tend to be aggressive and irrational and probably hope to escape punishment, as they “only express their opinion”. As if, these people know very well they singled out one person, put him into weak position and bully him as a group almost to death. If Choi, who started this mess deliberately and brought it to the public without any response in her favour from authorities, dares to sue people who speak against her, what punishment deserve those who took part in this witch hunt once KHJ wins his criminal lawsuit?

    I’ve been thinking about how single fans could help and the best I can come up with is to continuously show support but don’t engage in fights with haters when many of us think these people can actually be paid for provoking long irrational discussions on trash sites. I no longer visit sites as allkpop because a while ago I noticed they are biased against certain artists while they seem to overly favour others. I want to make them stop spreading lies about KHJ, so I won’t help them earn money. The fewer clicks, the fewer ads and the fewer money for them. If some official fan platform started a petition against wrongdoings of the media, I’d be willing to participate. It could help any citizen who was not proclaimed guilty by court, only falsely accused by media.

    Take care everyone, xxx

  13. Friends really our khj family is very strong in asia star contest again our khj occupied first position. So still one week we should be work had to keep our prince in first position also share the website with ur friends.

  14. Whats happening any news lately?
    So Who’s the person Behind Choi that wants to Screw KHJ Career?
    Did Att Lee find the No Name Person yet or they still investigating?

  15. I have been trying to figure out why Choi filed the paternity suit against HJ. If she isn’t willing to get the DNA test for her and her baby how can she prove the baby is HJ’s. I read somewhere that Choi’s sister in law delivered in August….do you think its possible that the “pregnancy tester” and un-named sonograms were that of her sister in law and not Choi’s? There is so much doubt that Choi had a baby at all with all the run around she did this year avoiding HJ parents and the August picture of so Choi not looking pregnant at all. l really feel badly for him and his family.

  16. Hi LK.

    This is again another great article to understand this case and to see how trash medias, choi’s lawyer and the psycho-woman tried to manipulate public and everybody who are following this case. Thank you soooo much for your effort.

    We can also see very clear now that there are a group of people who keep repeating lies and made a hate comments in online trash medias .They are acting like haters but actually I believe these people are not just simple haters but they did as it is their duties or a work to do . They really go far beyond reasonable as they refuse strongly to think rational and exclude all information from the other side . They took choi’s words as truth even though they knew well choi and her lawyer were proved they lied and still are lying. They acts as if they are paid to promote the lies. They are more diligent now since choi has filed the paternity suit. They are conspiracy to harm other people it is a real criminal acts. However they are trying their best to destroy HJ no matter what it takes. I start to think money is playing a big role for some of them because no one can not be that stupid to not see what choi is trying to do . If there is really a baby certainly not for the best interest of the baby. It just for money and money alone.

    As for the haters who keep promoting choi’s lies and defame HJ i believe at the end they also will have to pay for their crime.

    • I heard that big cases involving big companies and/or celebrities use paid commenters. Like when an idol group has problems with their agency etc. etc. If you notice a pattern, it makes sense. There are certain cases those have their stable and incredibly hateful yet illogical commenters. It’s scary!

  17. I ‘m now tried to be patient with the legal process which we can not do much just keep recording how choi and her lawyer play their legal game with justice system and using media play to manipulate public. However i still want to believe that the court will be the place that can give justice to its people.

    The below is a comment in the ” Hyunniespexers ‘s post ” i found it is interesting to read. Here they are ……..

    [ENG Partial summary trans] 헤네치아 저쪽 언플에 휘둘리지마^^ Henecia, let’s not get confused by media play by the other side^^:

    Hearings are the period for both parties to establish how they will proceed for the main trial on the basis of materials they submit. It is a period that court neither accepts submitted materials as evidences nor judge them. So in civil litigation, court lets the accuser submit materials until the party says there’s no more materials left. Setting a 4th hearing means nothing more than that court is just waiting till the accuser says no more materials left.

    … omitted …

    Court is known to dislike that words they haven’t said are being wrongfully mentioned outside the court or being misrepresented in media.

    … omitted …

    Henecia, we don’t have to get tired or impatient.
    Atty Lee is doing awesome^^

    ps: HWAITING!!!! ↖️😄↗️ “

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  21. Did u all read allkpoop new article? Abt the Best comment gor the fourth week of September. One of the winner is comment ( actually its a troll putting a gif to insult Hj ) from one of the haters. So, allkpoop did adknowledged abt fans says those trollers are being paid…good….hahaha

    • I don’t bother with allkpoop XD anymore. They’re so biased! I’d suggest to ignore them, so that they don’t have people clicking on their trash site. They do this for money and one way for us fans to influence them is to make them lose money.

    • The majority of people clicking on articles on sites like allkpoop XD and soompi (that didn’t post anything about the 3rd hearing) are fans. KHJ is not the only celebrity these sites help to bash. If all the fans start ignoring those sites, a couple paid trolls won’t earn them anything – the money comes from fans commenting and refreshing the page, if I’m not mistaken.

      • Hi nemesis. ..

        I’m not so often going there n make comments. It actually make me sick and piss-off wth those moron who didn’t care at all abt the truth. U can read their pattern, so so ignorant & trolling d same things over n over again. It just that, sometimes I pity our friends there who keeps protecting HJ and correcting all those false claims..They are battling with all their hearts. I just can 1 or 2 but that’s it. It really frustrating and hurt emotionally.

        I really salute all those friends who always be there n protect HJ. So sorry friends I can’t do more tbat what I’ve done! Thank you sooo much!!

        • Hello Atiq 🙂

          That’s what I mean – these hateful people make one emotional and the more you fight with them, the worse you feel. They don’t care about the truth at all, so trying to persuade them is like carry water in a fork.
          I noticed very loyal fans who keep defending their stance no matter what; how brave of them indeed!

  22. Since A is using the media, how about a full-page ad in a reputable newspaper showing support for KHJ, his family and Atty Lee. Pinpoint the lies, the fake pictures, etc. Show them KHJ will never go down in flames like Choi wants. I would gladly donate money to purchase the ad. I would add my name also. I’m not embarrassed to be known as a supporter of KHJ. The “Court of Public Opinion” would be strong. Would it sway the real court? No. I would not want to in any way jeopardize Atty Lee’s case, so I would want his okay to publish an ad. This is, of course, wishful thinking on my part. But wouldn’t it be nice? Thanks for letting me vent, LK. I always look forward to your posts and the comments. As always, keeping KHJ, et al, in my prayers.

  23. Wow friends our khj is in first place in Asia star voting still up to October 8 we have to continuously vote him. Really I’m happy this shows the unity in khj fans. Plz vote up to October 8. Thank u all who are all voted

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    • Love to vote for him, but when I click the website & the his pic it’s all in Korean writing(I think.) Sorry, but is there an English writing I can go to?? Please let me know,, GLADLY DO IT 🙂

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  26. Thank you LK for another great article. So to the point.
    Funny this pyscho bitch still continuing with her drama…even after the 3rd pre-trial hearing on hew own law suit she could not provide not one real evidence only txt msgs again, this is soo funny really. I mean more than 6 thousand msgs? Did she ever left the house or even met Hj because by this amount just to sit and txt, lol. She is digging her hole alone, Hj was very busy during 2014 with his WT do you for one second think he had time to exchange nonsense with this freak?
    As far as I understood (thanks Sunny) this is a Civil court that they will accept at pre-trial hearings all evidences and then decide, don’t forget she is the accuser, and that was some case in SK that they’ve had like 6 pre-trial hearings prior was dismissed, so maybe freak wants to break the record? Anyhow expect more trash.
    Re their so fake photo shop that was desperate attempt of pig to show to the reporter from his own laptop that photoshop…lol, I mean really this is the way a lawyer will conduct? From his own laptop?! not to mention the wrong foot or arm or whatever…soo lame attempt to mislead the public.

    His statements are so out of context really, he forget psycho bitchoi own statement when she said she was coming to visit Hj hence no living together and loved, rolf, what more plain than Hj last statement NEVER AGAIN SEE HER FACE OR MEET?
    Very Loud and Clear for all to understand she was rejected again.

    Now she cry because she was again Rejected and is all over TV Media and she can’t say he wants me or love me like she always manipulate, because all have seen and understood HJ HATES HER GUTS.

    Yes LK you are so right the psycho is an obsessed rejected fling who got rejected after a very short period and got to be a stalker and manipulative and blackmailed Hj and she wants HJ by hook or crook, in her sick mind Hj is hers.

    Now how in hell in her sick mind does she think Hj will even talk with her not look, just talk when she done so much damage when she even doesn’t grasp the enormity of her actions …based on greed and obsessive behaviour that her name to be linked to Hj.

    That new suit they filed …is there a baby first? they will have to prove she gave birth that a baby exists and is hers! She acts like a virgin that Hj was her first, rolf, for a woman in her thirties for sure she is retarded and doesn’t have a clue on how woman’s body works, 5 miscarriages/abortion in 7 months is not even humanly possible as simple as that.
    But that is also a Civil court, so we will expect time consuming and money.
    But Atty Lee is brilliant because HJ already provided the DNA sample from his side so what case she has? I would expect that this court will send her to make the DNA test at Human Pass as well! Let’s see them then as this is the most prestigious Lab in SK.

    Bottom line they are trying to stall time and working on trash/rags media with their lies which as far as I understood the SK people comments are like 98% against her calling her crazy and pig and the other 2% are just worried about the child (if exist) – thanks to Nixie at TT.

    Now lets enjoy our weekend and be ready because psycho and pig are desperate prior the Police Investigations starting by end of this month, i.e. next week and the Criminal Case at the Criminal Court which was filled by Hj against the psycho bitchoi. Now this is more serious and take note this time Hj is the plaintiff and not the accused as in the civil court.

    Hope she will be grilled in the media and Exposed for all she done, it may sound harsh, but I really want her to feel the agony and pain that Hj and his dears felt, to be ashamed to go out of the door.
    Trying to keep anon now is no use, because there is no case for her to keep hidden behind that fat pig lawyer she is a recognized Criminal still which is banned to leave SK by the prosecutors.

    Till next episode of this freak, because for sure she lives in SK drama land, not reality, and they are so desperate for sure more txt msgs or fake evidences.

    We are here always supporting Hj and believing in him.

    Someone suggested we shall all write to Authorities in SK on how this bitch brought so much Shame to SK and shamed their court. I agree we can make a Petition for that and addressed to be sent to their Legal Department !

    As Always ALL for ONE and One for ALL.

    • Hello sis!
      Yeah I understand civil cases takes forever as I have written up there. Well during the second hearing Choi’s camp was given one month to produce those so-called evidence yet their text messages were disorganize as the pig said which for me is obviously delaying tactics to have the 4th hearing and this is exactly what they wanted to delay and delay forever! I can understand that it’s their motive!

      Now here’s my point, as I’ve said Choi’s camp seem to be filling and filing charges even it’s so obvious they could not produce any single substantial evidence. Don’t you find it weird? This is like a showcase of power like “ok HJ one wrong move and I’m taking to court” and she has that confidence! Strange for a nobody right?

      So I’ll be keeping my awareness surrounding this case and I see nothing wrong with that! I’ve read something about corruption in this country which I used to ignore, corruption normally happens from below the rank.

      Then we’ll see, as I’ve said in my previous article SK justice system is being challenged by this case bcoz the whole world is watching, both Choi’s litegation and KHJ’s counter charge. I strongly believe Atty Lee will win this case. We just have to be on guard as far as Choi and media is concern. We all have seen how she and her lawyer doing their dirty work so I don’t think we can be blamed to say NEVER trust her and her lawyer’s moves, they are good manipulators.

      As I have said up there i cross my fingers. I hope I’m wrong! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, have a nice weekend to you and to everyone here! see you again! God bless..

      • Hello Sis,

        You are so right, all eyes are on SK justice system because this bitch and her lawyer are making a mockery out of it.
        you know we think alike on this issue.

        Yes I found it weird that this last law suit was even accepted by the court, because I’ve read somewhere that actually she tried twice to file it but was rejected, maybe in this place she filed this law suit accepted it, who know…weird and fishy.
        But still they will have to follow the law even in this place, there is Atty Lee on the scene and he knows the Laws of this country better than that pig for sure.

        Yes I find it very weird that this Nobody managed to get thus far with her lies and blackmail never producing one solid piece of evidence but still gone suing left and right on baseless bull shit….
        That big media backing her ….in the end will find out who he is, because I strongly believe no matter what one day all will be out.

        The way they are using media with false accusations and fake evidences is actually screaming fraud, libel and defamation, I still wonder why the court did not gag them, but I remember how they got scared when Atty Lee answered their baseless tactics.
        Atty lee did mention that Media to be sued is also on the plan to clear Hj Name.

        Frankly is so hilarious when you hear that all she is presenting is txt msgs …all her case is based on txt messages…yes Shame on them even accepting this for check purposes even, but who know how this works there. Drag on endless, maybe that is why she went to civil court because other place will have thrown her out on baseless shit…

        Have somebody printed or seen the Police report from last year? I hear the Police rejected her so called evidences.

        I have faith that Atty Lee prepared his case very well and he will present to Criminal Court what need to be presented he doesn’t need media now…..he will go to media when Criminal A will go to Jail because she is doomed!

        • Sis i really hope im not being misunderstood. Bribery is diffetent fr what im trying to say here. And i never said giving bribe to the judge to win the case NO. There’s a difference between bribery and corruption. As i mentioned above choi sees the court as playground simply saying they are playing w the law.

          • Im sorry i press the wrong botton!! Like what im saying choi playing with law and justice system seems to be allowing it since there’s no substantial evidence to choi’s claim she had submitted. How can this be they are already on the 3rd hearing. Its not the judge in question but the system.

          • Sis, read you loud and clear,from my side is well understood what you are talking about. We have same opinion here as I said bitchoi andpig are making a mockery out of their court.
            (who mentioned bribery …?)

        • Hi..I didn’t see the police report of her so-called abused pics but I think I know why police rwjected her pics.

          As far as I know, if u want to accuse someone beating u, u must on the day u get beaten, go to the hospital for check-up then using d medical report, do a police report of ur injury. Then it will be valid coz police witnessed ur injury n they will take pics of ur bruise and make a report of it. With that report u can right away appoint lawyer for criminal case. Or maybe police will help u appoint any lawyer for case ( in case if u don’i hve money to appoint by ur own ). That is what abused case reported in my country n I think in d most develop countries have the same rules abt it.

          But for this Choi’s abuse case, she made police report way to long after the ‘abuse’ incident happened coz police ( might ) didn’t see any injury on her on a day of her report. That’s why those pics got rejected. Sorry I might get this wrong frm SK law perspective.

  27. I have notice alot of star’s and other people kill themselves whether they have done a crime or not. I can still hear Mr. Lee say the light’s was on, but there was no one at home. That was the hardest thing to hear. I know if that was hard for me to hear, I can’t imagine that what it was doing to his family. That’s when I knew I had to do something. I don’t know whether he or anyone could read what I posted that far away. But I had to try for Kim. God let me know he didn’t do this. Because I didn’t feel it in my heart. From the time I’ve seen him in BOF and other shows, news was all good things. Never anything bad. He’s a very talented, with a beautiful heart and soul without every meeting him. He has eyes and a smile that lights up a room when he enters. My first thought was how could someone treat him so bad. I never thought in a million years he would do something like that never. I haven’t waver not one bit . With all of what she’s coming out with. I still don’t believe even if she wins. That to me is just telling me that the big person behind her has power in some high places. If I was Kim if it took me a life time, I would find out who did this. Lock their butt up. I would come back for her also and lock her up also.

  28. Wow, LazerKim, this article was so thought provoking. It’s uncanny how your writings are so spot on. Thank you. Ever since this nightmare for HJK began last year, it was finding you & (Maha & Malvi) that has made it easier to discard the lies. It’s sad that their are still people out there who believe Choi and Seon’s pathetic lies. God bless and thank you.

  29. Wow!!
    Choi’s side submitted those fake pictures to the court and the court accepted those????!!! What the hell is wrong with South Korean judiciary system? Even after knowing the fact that Choi previously tried to manipulate the court by using fake pictures, the accepted her fake pictures again……??
    Instead of putting a conclusion to this case, they’re just making it as lengthy as possible… After all, it’s Kim Hyun Joong who is suffering from all these..not them… I bet they’re getting paid for making Hyun Joong’s life more miserable….
    Shame on such a country, who doesn’t even treasure their precious ones…. 😦 😦 😦

    • Where did you hear that from? Who’s getting Paid?
      Someone need to go out there to put up a Strike, Protest outside
      the Street if this Keep up. Well, KHJ does need to have More Supporters.
      Would they allow you to Protest in SK?

      • I didn’t hear it from anywhere.. that’s what I think is happening. Otherwise, why would the court accept such baseless, stupid things as evidences everytime? And moreover, they don’t even give any gag order on the media or choi for spreading rumours and trash news about Hyun Joong…
        Doesn’t it seems like they’re getting paid for doing all these??
        And they are accepting every lawsuit choi is filing against Hyun Joong. Regardless of any evidence or proof…. This is just…hilarious….

      • Isn’t it the same thing? They’re just creating a scene again… and the court is sitting there and watching all these nonsense.. instead of stopping all these people

        • lol. Enjoy watching them With all that Circus going on outside, The Court seem to Sit Back and Relax until the Drama is over for them.

    • ya she submitted those photos to media not to court coz they’ll definitely examine those photos..regarding text msgs court just given time to choi side to organise their text msgs and materials..this s wat HJ’s lawyer told in his interview..i hope SK justice system will give justice to HJ..if not then they’ll pay for it..

      • Hahaha..Jabun, i’m feeling Gullible and Clumsy today for believing in what you said. I guess my eyes were heavy and didn’t know what you Posted.

        Court give Choi side to Organize there test Messages
        and Materials. How can a Court give Choi time to Oraganize when there Busy Trashing the Media.
        Does the Court Knows Choi is trying to Install to avoid Jail Time?

        If KHJ pay for it, Will Choi still bother Him for Money again?

      • the posted picture of 2 people is really creepy if you really look at it. the female has a huge head with a very small body (not in proportion) and the guy is the back looks tiny. the arm crossing in the front of her is too large to match the man in the back. it does not at all look like HJ to me. the nose does not look right either. HJ squints his eyes when he smiles.

  30. This woman must be a whore walking with celebrities … It’s the only reason why there are no witnesses to speak for one side or another and do not disclose the identity of this bitch !! Where are mutual friends who had each other? And friends who were on the trip to Jeju? In two months of relationship (or two she said) no one saw the two together? This would also explain why the Keywest has been quietly amidst all this scandal.
    I imagine that a real victim of violence want to see all this nightmare ended as soon as possible with his aggressor in jail so you can move on with your life instead of delayng like this crazy woman does. But of course that a person who allegedly got beaten a thousand times, returned to the abuser, got pregnant, got beaten again and had an abortion, resumed with the aggressor, she became pregnant again, had an abortion at his request, got beaten and got pregnant again cannot be considered normal.
    Abou the baby, any woman with half a neuron would make the damned DNA test soon and IF the result was negative, then yes, have every right to demand a new trial, this time on his terms! But of course that a person who allegedl got beaten a thousand times, returned to the abuser, got pregnant, beaten again and had an abortion, resumed with the aggressor, she became pregnant again, had an abortion at his request, beaten again and got pregnant again not should have no neuron …

    • Hahaha….I can feel u how ur feeling when u wrote ur comment. ..this is all insane , normal woman wont behave such these nonsense…lol

  31. I think Choi Paid the entired World News Report outside of SK to Spread the News.
    French News Site on the Internet has it now. She is probably doing this to have people from Different Countries to feel Sympathy and make people Believe in her.
    Is Choi planning to do this?

    • You know thats what is annoying me,the extend in which this case is going is becoming more complicated#each time i feel the case would come to an end but it just keep getting worst,she as really sworn to destroy oppa,even with the presences of the law,she seems unshaken#

  32. Moi, je crois que si vraiment c’était le bébé de KHJ , la mère , si vraiment bébé il y a , aurait déjà montré des photos . Donc pour moi il n’y a pas de bébé ou alors ce n’est pas KHJ le père. De toute façon il ne perdra pas mon soutien . Jamais Courage KHJ.!!!

    • She should at LEAST have shown pictures to KHJ!!!!! I can understand not showing them in public (oh, except Choi basically just bares everything to Dispatch so why not the baby…) KHJ doesn’t want that tho.

  33. Another Lawsuit again, Choi never gives up does She. I find this Picture look so Creepy
    and that Smile to. With all the Lies and Manipulation I wondered what the Court System is Thinking right now, Are they Tired or they just don’t care?

    I wondered what Choi will do when the Police Investigation starts after the Holidays.

    Since KHJ likes to go out and Drink, Hang Out with People, Getting Drunk and not Remember a thing what he did the Next day.
    Do you think someone (Ahem) Spike Up his Drink, Feeling Woozy and feeling Drunk after he went to Bed? You know those Privacy Stuff, i’m just saying.

    • How many Lawsuit File did Choi has of right now i lost Count.
      You think KHJ will lose and Feel Guilty from the Court that Choi

          • When KHJ get Drunk do you think He was Rape when a Certain Someone Put a Spike in His Drink?
            Didn’t KHJ said he doesn’t want to Remember anything that Happen to an Event or something like that.

            • That’s always been my theory. I remember he once said he liked to drink and party. “A” took him at his word. She would go to any extreme to put her hooks into him. What she is doing now is proof of that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  34. Friends in facebook i m noticed the actor talent ranking in korea and our khj is in 5 position. So all we shpuld vote for him. The website is but the language i couldnt understand so plz tell me the procedure and u should vote for him. So that we can show to others that our love towards him wont change bcz of stupid things. So all plz vote for him and make publicity to other fans

    • Hi dear, what’s your name again? It’ so nice of u to take some actions & do smth real for Him. We owe so much to this Guy for working hard all these years to make us happy & i ask myself all the time how can i repay my debt. If u noticed my reply on your suggestion about Request Letter i like this idea very much & will do my best whatever it takes for it realization. Pls keep me posted on this matter.

      • Thank you so… much for your reply. In my comment i mentioned about letter or petition. Ya we have to do that, it will be nice if any fan from law background prepares letter means it will have more weightage and just i got this idea but i dont know how to forword this. So anyone get idea means let us go forward and help our khj.

      • Please find this website also here king of Asia is going on. Last week our khj was in 3 position but now he is in 9 position. So we have to vote him. I think if you use PC means the language you can translate. Anyhow you can find his pic you can click on his pic and u have to enter verification code. Please make publicity and vote more. Bcz October 8 is last date. Before that we should increase our voting

        • Thank you do more votings I think now two contests I mentioned in comments so plz vote for both. So this is the unforgettable gift and support what we can give to khj. Please make publicity also. So we have to make him first position and we have to show to others that our love never change to khj whatever matters. Fans fighting. Sorry star of Asia contest

  35. Hi friends in facebook i have saw a news about actor talent ranking in korea 2015 so at present our khj is in 5 position so we all should vote for him the website is or but that lamguage i couldnot understand so please go through that make publicity so that all fans can vote amd we can show to other people that our love for him wont change bcz of stupid cases. Plz tell the procedure and plz vote for him and tell ur friends to vote

  36. Somebody better find that baby (if there is one) and get it away from this nut. Her and her lawyer are crazy! You only file a paternity suit when paternity is in doubt or when one party refuses to take a paternity test. Hyun Joong should be filing this suit not the nut job woman! He wants to know if the baby is his and has already done his part! The only one refusing is the psycho woman so she is in reality filing a suit against herself. She will now be forced to get the baby’s DNA tested so that’s a good thing but all she is doing is trying to manipulate the court into forcing Hyun Joong to go with her to the place she chooses. If the court system in SK is fair and not corrupt then they will choose where the test is done and legally Hyun Joong does not have to be anywhere near that woman. Only the baby’s DNA is required. But sadly I don’t have much faith in the SK court system.

  37. Lk plz think about what i have mentioned in last comment we have to show our love to khj by doing something to this incident so letus all send a request letter to korean govt to finish this case fastly i think it will workout because we are so… many are there i think they will consider our request, otherwise this case will prolong to years and our khj will be in mental stress. Plz guys think about this. This is the time to us to unite and show our sincereity to our prince

      • Thank you so… much for your reply, first if we discuss about that case means nothing is going to happen. So what i am thinking is as we know khj has so… many fans worldwide and its impossible to go korea and do strike and all, so what we have to do means we can write a requisition letter to korean government individually and we can post or if any korean government online facility is there means we can send an email it will be easy to finish this case court issues fastly like that. If more people send a letter means there will be a chances of considering our request and korean govt will take action, so that way we can support khj othetwise he and his family is lonely fighting against this. Atleast this way we can show our sincere love towards him. But only thing is for whom we have to send letter and we have to communicate all his fans. Only i habe this idea but if we all together think and we come with some output means it will be good. Let all the hands hold together for khj

        • Another Lawsuit again, Choi never gives up does She. I find this Picture look so Creepy
          and that Smile to. With all the Lies and Manipulation I wondered what the Court System is Thinking right now, Are they Tired or they just don’t care?

          I wondered what Choi will do when the Police Investigation starts after the Holidays.

          Since KHJ likes to go out and Drink, Hang Out with People, Getting Drunk and not Remember a thing what he did the Next day.
          Do you think someone (Ahem) Spike Up his Drink, Feeling Woozy and feeling Drunk after he went to Bed? You know those Privacy Stuff, i’m just saying.

        • I have an idea that maybe we contact all Henecia all over the world & put our heads together. BUT, I don’t know how to go about it. I don’t belong in any of his fandom. I think we have a chance if were ALL involve in this. Guys PLEASE help. Let’s do this for Hyun Joong,His legal team, & his Family. Let Hyun Joong know that WE are ALL in these with him till the end. And most of all let the haters know that WE Hyun Joong Fans are UNBREAKABLE, EVEN NOW. ( I’m serious)
          Let me know Please 🙂

  38. My most recent thing to wonder about besides who is funding this woman’s desperate to the point of psychotic attempt to trap a man by using a baby, is whether there is in fact ‘a baby at all’ and whether her lawyer has even seen or confirmed this allegation which leads back to the funding question. #mytencentsfromtexasusa fighting KHJ!!! I have been pleased to see recent KHJ posts on FB showing him strong; he has much love and support behind him.

  39. After much meditation and asking God for reasons why, I have come to this conclusion. Ms A and her attorney is last on my list to blame. My list consist of the following: SK dramas, government, judicial system, and then choi and her attorney. Drama is first because , have you noticed that one of the underlining theme in most drama is a very evil and wick women? But she never refers to herself as one but, call others one. Also, in the end this women hardly get sent to prison or dies but she gets a lover and lives happily ever after. One thing about American dramas, they die or pay for their crimes. Look at the difference. So in real life which one would you go with?
    Secondly, SK government and judicial system. They know that their biggest crime is scandals, which are created by lies, and evidently they have decided to do nothing about it. Why? Do they really believe that it is a vicitumlist crime because there is no body? Do they not consider sicide, that is committed by these lies, as murder because now they have to face bulling on social or print media. These are the worse crime a person can commit because now a person life is in jeopardy because people have a tendency to believe the worse of others. Hence , the drama we are witnessing now. In America it is hard to find a scandal like this in the courts. Yes, we have more criminal case in our court system, and I guess this is why our courts do not tie themselves up in what is consider frivolous lawsuits. There is a price to pay if you bring one.
    Thirdly. Choi and her attorney. They are doing what they are suppose to do in these type of cases. Trying to play this case in the court of public opinion. Is this not what they are suppose to do? Why? Because of the lack of evidence, and did it not work the first time around. They got everything they wanted. But, unfortunately , they stayed in the game to long. Underestimated the true fans of HJ, HJ parents, and HJ himself. They did not suspect that he would change, become a figther, will no longer be an easy mark, or change attorney’s. Thought he would keep the first one which was on their side. Hence again, the change of public opinion towards HJ because now they see who is whom. And what do you know ,now more so call evidence presented to the press instead of court and another lawsuit. But this one is good, if this court is just because you need to provide prove of father to child, DNA. However, by what I have seen I really do not trust SK judicial system. So, we have to keep praying for HJ, the attorney, and his family. God is an awesome God, and He is faithful.

  40. Hi i have an idea dont know whether it is ok or not, just it is coming in mind. As we know in any country public is the strongest power so our khj has millions of fans now its time to show our power. Let all fans unite and each of us will send a letter to finish this case fastly, there are chances bcz fans from all over world i think definately the govt will respond. Please think about this and take a good decision. To all the fans of khj.

  41. fighting……lets never be weary, lazer kim is right they are just trying to drain us, but our strength is of the LORD, my sisters lets show the world the difference between henecia and other fandoms……lets take this as the test of time, our test of fire and we must strive to overcome together so GOD will make our joy know no end……aja!!!!!!!!khj is safe in the LORD…SMILE

  42. You know what guys? I feel like the court is not playing fair…
    I mean, it’s the 3rd time these pathetic perverts submitted text messages as evidence and the court is giving them time too.
    I doubt if the court is getting money for doing all these or what? How can’t they see that choi doesn’t have any hard proof against Hyun Joong…? They Should dismiss the case. I think Att.Lee should claim for a fair hearing for Hyun Joong to the High court… it’s getting really over the edge. All these are just making Hyun Joong’s life seem like a joke. No one has the right to mess around with someone else’s life. Doesn’t matters if he is a celebrity or a not.. he’s still a human. Even the public are acting too dumb. They ain’t even protesting against this injustice happening with Hyun Joong.
    Till yesterday, Hyun Joong was everyone’s “oppa”..and today, when his life and career is at stake, he has become a “devil”???? What kind of people are they who claim themselves to be his fan only during his good times?
    I wander…. how selfish this world is…

  43. WOW! Is that how u guys running the show – Damb & Damber? I’m impressed. May be it’s time for HJ to relax & have a fun. U really think your junky messages are the smoking gun now?Common! Welcome to the real world. Don’t mess with Texas. Third trial already and the only one same argument – text messages /TM /, nothing new? No news – Good news though. My recent research on a subject ” TM as an evidence in a Court” shows that there is no chance for u to move on with it coz without any sufficient proof your stuff just a scam. Hope much the weapon u use will take a new turn to highlight the all your true colors & the law will charge u for the defamation & harassment. Good luck with that.

  44. I think that there either is no baby or the baby isn’t Mr. Kim’s. I wonder what nonsensical mess that bunny boiler is create next. We’ll just have to tune in next time. Mr. Kim should produce a drama based on this and call it Saesang Nightmare, Crazy Bitch Won’t Stop, The Witch of Seoul, or The Ex From Hell

  45. Another thing: if they were living together, why did she have to break into his apartment? Wouldn’t she have a key? (I haven’t seen the CCTV footage myself. Can someone tell me where I can find it?)

    • Kristin you are absolutely right(why did she break into the his apartment in the other story she cook up)

  46. I find it funny they are trying to gain sympathy now because she is “alone and raising a baby” and such. It reminds me of a quote: “A man guilty of murdering his parents can’t plea for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.” Or it’s something like that.

  47. Wait a second. That thing about trying to prove they lived together….she can’t. She already shot herself in the foot, holy crap! Remember the first batch of text messages she released? She claimed he sent her “I love you, move in with oppa” (even though she is older). If they were already living together, why would he send that? Furthermore, they would have had to have been living together in December, which we all KNOW can’t be true. Hyunjoong himself said he couldn’t leave his apartment because the media was always parked outside of it. They would have seen her coming and going and would have reported that! Oh my gosh I wish I could remind Atty Lee about all of this so he can use her own evidence against her and make Atty Seon eat his own words!

  48. Thanks lazerkim. To hyun joong . Nothing can split us apart. We your real fans love you and forgive your inability to differentiate between a lady and a golddigger. You are my sweetie .no negative energy can make me stop loving you babes. Ill be your last fan standing . god’s will.stay safe. Keep your head up . we’re praying for you baby you like kimchi .

  49. Aloha LK,
    Thanks again for the update on the latest hearing. Too bad it ended up being the same old smoke & mirrors show. It’s heartbreaking to think what HJK & his family have to go through realizing once again, there’s yet another court hearing. I think it’s disgusting how they can manipulate the courts there. Keep the faith & “FIGHTING”.

  50. My message to Lady Voldemort aka Choi:

    “First the doctor told me the good news: I was going to have a disease named after me.”

    Love you my Alien Family
    God Bless You All

  51. Great news about his true fans and am so glad his new fans are coming out there way they are. Once again Thanks for your work on getting the truth out, Fighting for the star 🌟 we as fans have come to know. If not personally, defiantly fans mostly know without a doubt what kind of Man he has always been. A Gentle, Honest, Responsible, Talented, Man who deserves far more than what this Choi has ever been to him.
    Fan from CA, USA

  52. Hi. I totally agree with you! Please let me say just my thinking.
    Choi and her lawer have changed their evidences and opinions many times. How poor lawer and their plan! Eventhough they tried to export many picture’s as evidences to public using media, they didn’t bring forward to the court because they couldn’t because everything was fake!
    Why did the court arrange the fourth hearing… They don’t have any evidences except text messages! It is enough to move on!
    The most strange thing to me is why many Korean medias didn’t point out these changing evidences, pictures, echo picture times, opinions, text messages, abortion date etc.
    The last abortion date was Dec7, but her last period has started since Dec7 for this pregnancy. It doesn’t make sence!!!
    Text messages they showed up tell their lies.
    HOwever, I feel like the Korean medias try to protect her. If someone wrote the article which contained to protect KHJ, it was deleted immediately. Who is in her back? Where has money gone which she got from KHJ last year? No one investigates it. That’s why many korean people still take sides with her because the articles are not fair. Eventhough I’m not Korean, I can see this affair which side is telling a truth. I wish if KHJs lawer could have a good friend who has a strong power to the medias.
    In addition, I think her lawer said Choi has the preliminary remark placenta, and she gave natural childbirth the begining of September. This is also impossible. She must give birth by a cesarean operation at least the ending of August. I heard her sister-in law gave birth in August. How strange timing… No one dispached her while she might be a pregnant, no her pictures and no witnesses.
    In Korea, She must give the registration of a birth within 30days. I want to see how she can give it to the government office with the name.
    I believe KHJ has never impregnated her. I hope KHJ is freed from this affair ASAP.
    Thanks for reading and I’m so sorry if I made many mistake sentences.

  53. Sigh. Here I go again. Never have I commented so much on one subject. The latest bruise picture. It is obvious that is not a woman’s arm. In fact that looks more like KHJ’s arm. In that old picture taken last year where he is with Choi at some restaurant, HE is wearing the black tank top. Look closely. Not too many women have “Popeye” forearms. Please SK court, look closely at how Choi and Atty(?)Seon are hiding the truth by only showing so-called evidence to the media. This is outright total disrespect to the court. They must be shown that they cannot get away with this circus. Always by your side, KHJ. Your fans will continue praying for you, your family and Atty Lee.

  54. Thank you for being there as a credible resource for the Eng only fans. I agree totally that this has been a winnowing process for the fans of KHJ.. those that turned on him right away.. some of them maybe had their own abuse issues and reacted in a knee jerk fashion to turn away.. but some were just lookiloos.. that really just said they were fans because of a shirtless picture, or song they had on their Ipod.. but they really had no emotional connection and shortly would have moved to another celebrity anyway. Winnowing, or getting rid of the chaff in this case was the positive result. The fans that always believed, and were heartbroken at the so called news reports, who decided to wait and find out what was really going on now feel vindicated in our belief in KHJ, and we are so much stronger and determined. If there had been no controversy to Firm up our trust in KHJ.. would many of the fans who are firmly behind him now have also faded away during the 2 year MS just because he wasn’t around??? But NOW.. we are sitting here, months into his MS, All determined to be there for him When he finishes his MS. There may be as you said New fans also, I hope there are.. to replace the one’s that left at the first sign of trouble, So It’s possible that KHJ will be returning to one of the most loyal, and connected emotionally to Him Fan base. Not Naive fans who think the celebrity they follow is perfect with no blemish.. but Fans who Know his faults, but always have felt his honesty and humbleness and that is what makes us love and admire him more. Time will tell.. Love the “Prayers for KHJ” and the “Countdown to end of MS” Posts that we see on Facebook.. they keep us focused on what is important, and the time will go fast.

  55. What would ever posses KHJ to negotiate regarding the criminal case? She has treated he and his family shamefully, lied, dragged his reputation through the mud, and sued his fans. The business about the attorney wanting to cry for her as a single mother raising the child alone…please spare me!…isn’t she the one who said she wanted to raise the child alone? Just take the paternity test already, and let the chips fall where they may. She and her attorney are the worst kind of bottom feeders.

    • They are trying to claim the victim in this case.#if the child turns out not to be oppa own,she will end up raising the child so why the crazy noise#

  56. “I can’t help but feel sorry for my client who is living [alone] with her new baby.” Crying ? This is the statement that ticks me off the most from this new episode. First of all, prove that there is a new baby. I also doubt very much that Choi is living alone. What happened to her family and so-called friends? If she really is alone, then maybe her family must have realized that Choi is a sociopath, got tired of the embarrassment, and booted her and her non-existent baby to the curb. Even if KHJ had been proven to be the father from the very beginning, HE’S IN THE MILITARY! Like every other soldier in the world, he must live separate from his family. Is it Seon’s intention to guilt every military parent out there? And, crying?? Well, it is true that pigs can cry, but I’m pretty sure this one doesn’t have the capability. You actually have to have empathy to cry for people, of which Seon has proven, he has none!

    • I was wondering this as well. She keeps saying she has all this support from her friends and family. Why would they suddenly abandon her once she gave birth? I am 99% that there is no baby. If there is, it definitely isn’t KHJ’s and most likely isn’t even her own.

  57. Hope you read this Seon & choi because this is for both of you……..OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! WHAT??? Hyun Joong & choi love each other & lived together?? hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! That is the Most PATHETIC & DESPERATE move I have ever heard in my life,, AND so LOW way LOW… Yaah,, choi & seon, PLEASE DON’T INSULT OUR
    (We Hyun Joong’s Fans) INTELLIGENCE ok.? Seon & choi you can say all your CRAP to alkpop, dispatch, & all trash sites in SK, better yet keep saying that to the two of you & eat it. You both seon & choi might have South Korea fooled, BUT the REST OF THE WORLD HAVE KIM HYUN JOONG on his side, BET on that. You two will NEVER bring Hyun Joong down as long as the rest of the world have him. “WHEN GOD IS WITH US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US.” That’s God promise and HE shall bring it to pass. WE Hyun Joong fans Believe & Trust God that VICTORY IS HYUN JOONG & HIS LEGAL TEAM.
    Sorry guys & LK & thank you for letting me have my say. Love you all & God Bless everyone ❤

  58. Lols choi and her lawyer are just proving how pathetic they are#hahahahah crying for sympathy,only parasites want to be pitied and you just proved to be one and not a real lawyer#


  59. Oh my god, what is this really it is so irritating with more curiousity i was waiting. Again same thing. How the government law system is like this, before i was having more respect and love towards korea because that is the place where our prince kim hyun joong is there.but now its irritating how the case on celebrity can be prolong this way. In other countries if case against celebrity means they will finish fastly but here it is delaying over years. They are not thinking about the celebrity how hard for them in the society. But dont worry khj we are all there for you. As in the other comment, because of this still you are gaining more fans and hearts. Example im your new fan, eventhough i became your fan due to bof but after reading about this case im became unbreakable fan for you. Really you are amazing how you are tolerating this much patience. We are so… proud and lucky to be your fan and try to follow your principles in our real life. You are role model for me.

  60. I completely agree with you that KHJ is getting new fans and his popularity increases. I am again angry, because of Allkpop site for twisting the information and giving more credit to Choi`s lawyer. They completely deleted the following sentence from Atty Lee`s interview: “Choi has totally mutilated Kim Hyun Joong using the press.” As well as almost half of his speech. Nevertheless, there is no way to change the fact that there are no new evidences and that the court did not accept Choi`s witness. The messages only prove that KHJ believed her lies, not that she was pregnant. We love him and will support him forever. No matter how many times she delays the case, we are here for him. Waiting for the 30th of October and for the more important case – the one KHJ filed.

    • This is becoming a joke now! Atty seon should be ashame of himself! He is a lawyer, not an actor, you don’t gain pity on crying, he should be questioning himself why is he taking a case without evidence. He knows that in the judiciary system, you have to have enough evidence like hard evidence, not text messages. Text messages does not prove anything at this point. The court needs to see the name of the hospital, clinic or whatever facility. Atty seon will not gain popularity for any potential clients for this matter , he will be a big joke. You cannot submit those kind of evidence in the court. You cannot falsify documents because that person will end up in jail as soon an expert witness will be called to examine those paperworks. Khj i will keep praying for you..

    • I dont even really believe in the law court again#taking nonsense from this woman is proving how weak their policy is# MAY NEMESIS CATCH UP WITH HER

  61. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DESPERATE MOVE | LazerKim

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