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By: LazerKim


Sept 23 third court hearing of Choi’s litigation on her multiple alleged pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion which is a civil case, ended up in another 4th hearing scheduled on Oct 30, a clear delaying tactics from Choi’s camp! The day ended in frustration because what was submitted to the court by Choi’s camp are all text messages AGAIN which was already published!

Witness on Choi’s side has been requested, however, the court DECLINED the request. As usual the trash site published the court hearing to pollute the public mind again! Are they achieving even Atty Seon put on his dramatic act? I very much doubt it! Such desperate move there from a lawyer!! Why can’t he just marry Choi!? LOL Might as well laugh it out because this case is simply a public BIG JOKE!!

Here’s some of Atty Seon’s statement that I would like to respond to as follows:


Today we submitted the documents that show Kim Hyun Joong exchanged text messages with Choi acknowledging the contents related to the pregnancy and miscarriage. Though we provided hard evidence….??????????

He (KHJ) knows well enough how he and Choi were together and lived together.????  It’s shocking that he didn’t celebrate the child he had with the woman he loved.??? I can’t help but feel sorry for my client who is living [alone] with her new baby.” Crying…. Poor lawyer!!

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Common sense would tell us that pregnancy, miscarriage and abortion are sensitive matters that I believe has to be discussed by the couple in person and not through text message!  If Hyun Joong and Choi indeed LIVED TOGETHER, why was there a need to text each other consistently and discuss problems like this through text message? Are they mute not to be able to communicate in person?

It was said that the civil court can accept this case even without medical records provided the couple is married or living together as couple.  It seems this lawyer was trying hard to prove this through those text to avoid clinically proving that Hyun Joong is responsible to her alleged multiple pregnancies since Choi does not have legit medical records. What hard evidence was he talking about?

Now I ask the good lawyer, being a man himself, How can a man celebrate a childbirth if he doesn’t have any proof that the child is his, knowing they DID NOT live together nor they are married? Choi is nobody but a fling and I’m sure Mr. Lawyer knows it.

Having 5 pregnancies in matter of 7 months is humanly impossible, and being majority of us here are women knows this fact.   LOVE? I don’t think there’s ever love between them from the start, as the lawyer claimed! Because if there was love, why are they in court?



@Allkpop Kim Hyun Joong’s legal representative Lee Jae Man told the press after the plea date, “The courts have denied Choi’s side’s request to obtain a witness. Choi’s side once again submitted the documents that show the text messages exchanged with Kim Hyun Joong.Nothing has changed after this plea date. Choi’s side didn’t provide any documents related to her treatments or any images. Choi has totally mutilated Kim Hyun Joong using the press. Kim Hyun Joong and his family doesn’t even want to meet with Choi anymore.” 

There’s no reason for the Kims meeting with Choi again after what she had done to them in the hospital!  Who among parents would like to see a person who is so disrespectful? If Allkpop is bragging about this statement to gain sympathy for Choi, well it’s not working!

Additional  statements from Atty Lee omitted:  “It seems delaying tactics to drag litigation to 4th hearing in order to bring out negotiations for criminal lawsuit (filed by KHJ).  Choi talked about abortion in Dec and got 6 billion won for compensation but there’s no material in this regard. Multiple text messages is nothing to one credible medical record, more text messages is in our advantage.”        (Trans cr: Sunny@sunsun_sky Thanks!)

Atty Lee pertains to those text message as a way to deliberately defame Kim Hyun Joong which is another criminal act of Choi. I don’t think Kim Hyun Joong and his family would settle for anything less than jail for Choi from the pain she brought them in this situation.

What we can look forward to is the criminal case that KHJ camp filed against Choi as police investigation shall start very soon!



Here’s my wild thoughts while crossing my fingers!! Choi filed those lawsuits against Hyun Joong just to give the public a bit shake, sensationalized her lies to make it appear true to reality!!  And I can’t imagine the court going over those text messages for verification that may end up to the garbage, only to find out Choi and her lawyer are simply playing games with them too, same as she’s doing to us and the public!!

This case is for PUBLICITY that Choi’s camp sees the courtroom like a playground beating around the bush, that she and her lawyer is playing on. It doesn’t matter to them if they lose because what they are trying to achieve from behind is to destroy Kim Hyun Joong forever. If Choi’s litigation is for real and if she’s after justice, therefore obvious stupid lies by her lawyer should not be scattering around the court room!

Choi wants her litigation to go on forever, to delay it consistently until the next case on paternity refusal is set to be filed. She will never stop until KHJ, his parents and his fans are completely drained out and get what she wants, MONEY and KHJ! She will try hard to be a leech to KHJ’s life forever! This is how I see this scenario loud and clear, even she ends up behind bars for time being!

It seems so easy for them to work on their plot in fooling the public by using the media fearlessly. Is it because they can easily get away from what they are doing knowing how their justice system roll? I’m just asking!



I was thinking if only Hyun Joong disclosed Choi’s identity and her blackmail plot right from the start last year, this case should have ended! I’ve written this last year that he was legally misguided during the heated scandal, even I have to consider his two major concerts that made his hands tied up by Choi, I strongly  believe his fans would never leave him no matter what!

The opposite was bound to happened for a reason. And so here we are maybe feeling irritated by Choi but let’s just take this as “Bad Publicity is Good Publicity!!” Why am I saying this?

Because until at this point that Hyun Joong is currently in his MS and having this scandal may be too much to bear BUT he is even winning new fans!  He is still blessed despite of this nightmare!  And I would say these new fans started knowing Kim Hyun Joong as a person more than an artist through this scandal!

We may be in the dark and so with Hyun Joong but somehow we know we are not alone in this darkness! We still laugh and giggle like kids playing jokes over puppets named Choi and Seon! Go with the flow while we strike gently from behind!

In due time Hyun Joong will realize all of these that he has a much stronger fan base worldwide than in the past. This case is like a filter eliminating the weather fans from his loyal fans for real.

We may be tired and frustrated over this case but let us look at the bright side of this situation as we are fast multiplying for a better stronger fanbase for Kim Hyun Joong!

            To all new fans welcome to the world of Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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UPDATES     (Sept 24)    

(Photo cr: allthatstar      shared by SP@illiblue thanks for sharing!)


The photos you are about to see was shown by Atty Seon to the media as he stated those photos are not fake taken at her house 2-3 days after. However, Atty Lee said Choi in sleeveless shirt was seen uninjured on June 2nd.

Judge for yourself if Atty Seon is telling the truth from those pictures!



See photo above. Notice the bruise encircled in red. that’s the RIGHT ARM. This photo was taken June 2 2014 few days after the May 30 but was shown to the media yesterday Sept 23 2015. Remember the bruise is on the right arm. See photo below. This was the first photo that Choi showed in Aug 2014, see the bruise at the LEFT ARM!

Choi’s camp had forgotten all about the 1st photo they have shown in Aug 2014! Liars do get confuse with their statements which turns out inconsistent!

Now see how this liar can lie that the photo above is not fake but I can tell you both photos are fake done by photoshop! Although these photos were not submitted to the court or Atty Seon will be in a big trouble! These photos are for the media to publish! See their motive?

As I mentioned if Choi is after justice, why would her camp publish such FAKE photos to show to the public? But I think Atty Lee shall be submitting this in court because this is evidence for intentionally defame KHJ. The more they talk, the more they put out pictures like this the more they get into trouble!

Choi’s baby DNA shall be announced brfore the 4th hearing Oct 30th! Let’s see if we can see some magic on DNA as well!! LOL


NEWS SCOOP        (Sept 25)

PATERNITY LAWSUIT FILED       (News scoop shared by Michlui@princessmich)

Choi filed for a Paternity lawsuit at Seoul Family Court on Sept 24. Can she files this case without DNA proving Hyun Joong is the father of her so-called baby? Or is this another show to conceal her lies? What a nerve she got there! Will she using those text messages again to prove her pregnancy?? LOL

Slow down Choi or you might stumble on your own lies!! She had not even proven anything pertaining to your so-called pregnancy and childbirth! Is she up to fool the public again? Fine Choi! We love to be entertained by your stupid fairy tales!! LOL

This is another ballgame! Now I have proven she surely will file all the lawsuits against Hyun Joong and I won’t be surprise if she consumes all the money she got from him just to bring him back to her! She will do everything destructive before the criminal case she has to face from KHJ!


NAGGING THOUGHTS!         (Sept 26)


May I briefly say, I’m just wondering, if there is indeed a relationship between Hyun Joong and Choi, why would Choi and her lawyer resort to photoshop fake pictures? Does this shows Hyun Joong and Choi does not have any single photo that shows they were couple? Yes they slept together, but I think there’s nothing more than that!

Take note, the Kim doesn’t even know who Choi is not until in Jan 2015!! All I know is that in man’s nature there are 2 separate types of women in their lives. One is a fling for convenience and one whom he can introduce to his mom.

I don’t mean to discredit Hyun Joong here, I’m only speaking of men’s nature in reality. Remember Hyun Joong outright rejected marriage with Choi in Feb, and again reconciliation was rejected this Sept. Next is this another lawsuit filed against Hyun Joon!!


I remember reading from the news in Feb 2015 something like “Yes it’s true Choi and Hyun Joong met again in Nov as part of SETTLEMENT made in Sept 2014.” It’s seems 50% of blackmail was settled in Sept and another 50%  had to be settled in Nov.

I may be speculating, but I think Hyun Joong was forced to meet her in Nov and Dec since Gemini was set in Jan which was already approaching. Next was pregnancy in Jan, however, Hyun Joong fought back after Gemini resulting to Choi’s lawsuit filed in March!!

In this whole episode I just noticed every time Hyun Joong break loose from her that Hyun Joong kept rejecting her, she would immediately run to the media and file her endless lawsuits just like what happened recently KHJ saying even there’s a baby he’ll not reconcile with her! Now I’m convinced this is not only about money, but even marriage.

What she declared to the media in Feb that she was not intending to marry Hyun Joong and would take care of her so-called baby on her own, now turns out to be another BIG LIE! I can only guess………Hyun Joong would rather die than marry her!! LOL



May I just share my thoughts. At tweeter I was joking by saying “Choi has been watching too many dramas!!” She brought out a lot of impossible pregnancies which I only see from those dramas that I never thought can happen in reality created by Choi!! Is this the influence of Kdramas? LOL I’ve seen some dramas that Korean women use pregnancy or their own child to get their men hooked! Script writers of these dramas are of course Koreans!

Example: 1.) Empress Ki as Empress Tanashiri made up her fake pregnancy to the extent of grabbing a nobody’s baby so as to win the Emperor’s love! 2.) Yi San, that one King’s mistress pretended her pregnancy that put her to death! 3.)Dong Yi as Queen Jang Ok Jo using her child to remain in power!

Sounds familiar right? LOL Is it safe for me to say history repeats itself, now that it is currently happening in reality?


Lately I have noticed a lot of videos at YouTube are out there perceive to be some negative criticism on SK women! Not to mention multiple scandals on SK male star celebs created by SK women comes in trend. Like Lee Byung Hun, Park Shi Hoo, even JYJ scandal created by sasaeng fans. Hyun Joong got the longest scandal! Isn’t these scandals done by women alarming??

I wonder how SK women’s organization is taking all of these that concerns their women of present generation?  Is the women’s organization remaining silent to the fact that men are not always the guilty ones on abuse, that the fact it’s women who are truly the abusers in those scandals? Or did they choose to ignore even it is already reflecting to women’s dignity? I’m just asking!

Why attack media on topics about plastic surgery if there’s even a serious problem pertaining to women’s morality openly brought to the public? I find this alarming since SK now has their first female president! I sure do hope something can be done!


SK JUSTICE SYSTEM            (Sept 26)

Now let’s talk about SK justice system. Few years ago, I read some articles pertaining to the failure of justice system in SK and corrupt practices within. Well, I won’t single out SK on this matter since a lot of countries do have corruption. Now I can no longer ignore this matter since Hyun Joong is involved on cases filed against him and his counter charges.

With what Choi and her lawyer has been showing to the public somehow gave me the idea there MIGHT be indeed something wrong with SK justice system. I mean filing lawsuits left and right even without substantial evidence seems so easy!! Wouldn’t you doubt on how SK justice system goes?


I don’t mean to interfere with this legal battle please don’t get me wrong, I’m just sharing my observation. I think, it takes only one private detective tailing on Choi to find out the truth to all of these! At least to ease down being in such limbo about that so-called Choi’s baby! I don’t know if this is being done in SK

Most of high calibrated lawyers do have those private detectives in search of evidence. Although they don’t bring it out to the public before the court. I think Atty Lee had done his homework on this case. However, I believe he will only disclose what he has in his hand during the court trial on criminal case against Choi. We’ll see!

My dear readers, thank you for dropping by from time to time, please do stay tune in! As of now what we can do is share and exchange opinion like school for thoughts! See you!!



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Article: WHAT IS STALKING?        (shared by Noya thanks!)





NEWS UPDATE    (Oct. 2nd)

KHJ side:    “Choi’s paternity lawsuit….Expected! We have not heard from the court as yet but we will comply and will defitely wait for results!”    (Trans cr Sunny thanks!)

News source Link:




Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRESSCON RESPONSE



By: LazerKim


What you are about to read is a news item summary event of Sept 17th press conference conducted by Atty Lee and counter attack by Atty Seon pertaining to paternity dispute over Kim Hyun Joong and Choi’s baby, as Hyun Joong had already complied with his DNA required specimen and result was brought in to the press conference.

As you read on with this news I shall be stating my comment in each of the topic, here it goes as follows:


Kim Hyun-joong and his ex-girlfriend: The algorithm between ‘paternal test’ and ‘child expenses’

(news cr: Hancinema)

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong are in conflict about the blood of the child. The baby was born early September and paternal issues are at hand. It will happen either way but with form. Kim Hyun Joong claimed he’s done DNA testing but the ex-girlfriend, known as Choi, said, “We have no reason to comply”.

Kim and Choi are in legal dispute over pregnancy, miscarriage, abuse and such. They are irrelevant to the delivery of the child. Choi sued Kim for abuse and infliction of injuries in August last year and again in April this year for compensation of 1.6 billion won.



May I quote, “We have no reason to comply”  stated by Atty Seon.  Fine, if choi will not comply then she will not get child support as simple as that! Why would Hyun Joong provide for child support if the child is not his? Whom are you threatening to Mr. Lawyer? This statement from Atty Seon only created further doubts if Hyun Joong is the father of the baby!

Who among normal men in their right mind would pay for child support with doubts about the child’s biological identity?? If they are confident it’s Hyun Joong’s child then prove it and he’s most willing to acknowledge and provide for the child. What’s your problem!

Choi’s behavior is fishy from the start of her so-called pregnancy in 2015 and yes it would be better for her camp to file charges against Hyun Joong on paternity refusal. It’s only then Choi will be forced to show proof of child’s biological identity by court order. We all know the truth Hyun Joong NEVER refused to acknowledge the child provided it’s proven to be his child.


“Test” VS “Discussion first”   (news Hancinema)

Kim Hyun Joong’s legal attorney held a press conference and stated on the 17th that Kim has completed his DNA test and all that’s left was the child’s. He claimed all costs would be supported with. Kim’s test was taken by trips as he is currently in Service to his country.

After the press conference, Seon Jong-moon, Choi’s lawyer showed his discomfort. He said, “This is just media play. We tried to proceed with the DNA check after discussion with Kim Hyun Joong We can’t comply with one-way notices like this”.



As I quote, “This is just media play” stated by Atty Seon. Oh sure this is just media play, but who started it? Back in 2014 as Choi falsely accused Hyun Joong of alleged assault, Hyun Joong had been roasted by media by Choi’s lies non-stop from 2014 until at present 2015 and it’s been going on continuously!

For over one year with this ongoing scandal Sept 17th this year was the first time for Hyun Joong to say his piece without a gun pointed to his head!! What media play is he talking about?

Atty Seon said as I quote, “We tried to proceed with the DNA check after discussion with Kim Hyun Joong.  We can’t comply with one-way notices like this”.

Oh so there’s discussion with Hyun Joong? What for is that discussion? Is it for bargaining terms? This lawyer is trying to trap him, I wonder which way is one way? Hyun Joong took his test from Human Pass which is said to be a credible institution in SK and paid for Choi and baby’s DNA test that she simply has to go there and have her test.

Why are they refusing? Is it because Choi’s camp cannot falsify DNA result from this institution? Come on counselor, your style is absolutely rotten, Choi is known for fabrication of anything but fake! It’s either she takes this DNA from this lab or wait for her court order to drag her for DNA. Let’s see what she can do, not unless she has other motive!!


Fight for child rearing costs?    (news Hancinema)

They are in conflict with the way this test should be conducted, but both sides agree that the test must be done. Kim’s spokesperson claims that he is ready to take responsibility for his child if it does belong to him. Considering the favorable factors for her, even Choi needs to do this test. Kim Hyun Joong has been pressuring her with this matter but they both have to do it in the end.

Lee Jae-man said, “Choi looks like she’s just stalling time. The longer this takes, the more harm it has on Kim and she knows this. In the end, it’s all about the money and they are just looking out for themselves”.



Bingo! I fully agree with Atty Lee, as I quote, “the longer this takes the more harm it has on KHJ… in the end this is all about MONEY!”    I’ll say it again…Common sense would dictate to us if Choi indeed has the baby and she is sure Hyun Joong is the father, why fear the DNA or any test that the Kims has been demanding that will prove her pregnancy and now her childbirth?

It’s pretty obvious now Choi will reverse every circumstances to be where she is hiding behind the skirt of media to possibly buy time and suck more money from her milking cows! Can you just imagine right after giving birth her camp was already with the media stating she’s filing another charges against Hyun Joong for refusing paternity!!?? Go ahead Choi! I see this act as shameless publicly threatening Kim Hyun Joong again!

He sincerely hope that this child would not be a pawn to this case as what Choi has been intending to. Unbelievable epic, she’s a truly certified GOLD DIGGER! Can anyone here give her a life? She’s now desperate!  Wake up SK, one of your citizen has been scattering garbage and this is already known worldwide!


Distrust and enmity   (news Hancinema)

It all comes down to “Time” Kim Hyun Joong is trying to quicken the process and Choi is taking things more seriously. They have the same goal, but just different methods of approaching it. When it comes to child supporting costs, they might face a bigger conflict. It looks like Choi is preparing for another case regardless of the paternal test.

The problem is distrust and enmity. There is currently no communication between Choi and Kim. Kim said on the 17th in a handwritten letter that he didn’t even know of the child’s birth. Even Choi’s lawyer said that Kim Hyun Joong didn’t seem to want to communicate with them.

Source :…

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I quote from media “They have the same goal….????”     I don’t think so! Hyun Joong is after the truth. Choi is after concealing the truth from the lies she has been spilling out to media and public.    “Choi is taking things more seriously”…… and more desperately!! Desperate people resort to desperate moves!

“Kim Hyun Joong is trying to quicken the process…”   If Hyun Joong was pushing to rush the DNA process, he has every right to do so. Of course he’s the most affected in this scandal not to mention the mental torture Choi has brought to him to his family and KHJ fans. But remember she was already publicly claiming on Hyun Joong’s paternity refusal!  Again, a baseless accusasion from Choi! What’s new?

Hyun Joong had already submitted his DNA result, it’s Choi’s turn now to submit her baby for DNA test! Now she refuse to comply? What kind of behavior is that? Such a lowlife and a disgrace to SK!

“The problem is distrust…”  Precisely, who do you think can ever trust Choi and her lawyer after all her lies being said to you media (that you believe) to the public and to us KHJ fans ( although we are not stupid to take her words)???



Choi has barely 4 days to go to put up her diversity tactics before the 3rd court hearing on Sept 23rd. The court hearing shall tackle on Choi’s lawsuit filed by her pertaining 2014 case. Just a speculation but I think this case shall be dismissed for lack of substantial evidence. I may just be speculating since what we only have seen from Choi were text messages as her evidence and fake documents which I doubt if the court accepted!

Atty Lee stated police investigation shall start by the end of this month if I’m not mistaken. I think Choi fears this stage of their legal battle that’s why she’s putting all the fuss on DNA issue to divert the public mind. Let’s just stay alert!!

Well, I’m glad KHJ fans has been following this case diligently, as I have written in my articles last year, let’s not forget every details of this case. Because I know Hyun Joong will fight back at the right time and this is the right time to do so.

I think Choi and her camp are now caught in the corner because this time Hyun Joong is definitely firm about fighting against her fearlessly till the end to see her behind bars!. She really made a big mistake to over do with her acts of lying and I don’t think she’ll ever get away with what she had done and will be doing more in the near future!



Even this case wraps up we still have a long way to go to be with Hyun Joong on this road we’re taking with him. I read from tweeter a fan joking that this case might be running until Hyun Joong gets out from the camp!! LOL Funny it may be but I think she’s right!!! What do we do but laugh out whatever Choi presents to us in her every episode!

So do stick around, let’s remain alert on the coming days. Atty Lee mentioned there’s gonna be at least 2-3 months to get over with crime investigation on Hyun Joong’s counter charge against Choi, after this 3rd court hearing. Actually there are more to this, because KHJ camp is definitely going after the big guy, those involve with Choi’s conspiracy and those media who roasted him last year till the present. Plus those bashing on Hyun Joong on line SK sites.

Anyway, please forgive me for not posting Hyun Joong’s letter in this blog, but I shall be discussing the letter next time when we’re all have cooled down. There are lots that I can say pertaining his thoughts not only at present but on his future. And so may I leave you for just a few days and will be back after the 3rd court hearing.

Here’s a joke before I go, to cool down the heat!!

Choi:  “Hey Hyun Joong give me money and let us drop all legal charges between us. I’ll remain silent about this child, we part ways and move on separate lives!”

KHJ: “After what you have done? Over my dead body, see you in court Choi!!”  LOL!!!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

                                   READ MORE UPDATES BELOW

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bwiwu1hcuae3rku (1)


(Trans cr: Sunny @sunsun_sky, Thanks! Your effort is very much appreciated!)

Phone patch interview with Atty Lee Sept 17th.

LOL Choi again is choosing her own venue to take DNA! Same thing as she did with Mr. and Mrs Kim! Now this is too much! If she doesn’t want to take DNA, then let go. No DNA no child support!  as simple as that!  I hope this time Atty Lee would not allow manipulations from her again!  Let the police drag her!! LOL

Choi is worried that DNA will be manipulated! LOL She’s so scared by her own ghost!!





 (Published by Netizen’s Buzz, Sept 19. Link shared by Noya thanks!)

A’s lawyer claims Kim Hyun Joong’s request for a DNA test is violation of her human rights!                                

Netizen’s Buzz Link >

One of my readers shared a scoop from Netizen Buzz, that somehow shows the public is slowly seeing Choi’s motives. This was when Atty Seon stated what Hyun Joong did conducting a presscon thru Atty Lee is a Human Rights violation on choi!! LOL Really this statement is so irritating to hear from a lawyer!! I actually forgot to point this out although I vented my irritation at Tweeter. Here’s my counter attack on the goodd lawyer’s statement as follows:


  1. In 2014 Choi falsely accused KHJ of alledged assault publicly showing fake evidences that he was totally roasted by media thru Choi’s endless lies tainting every bit of his well earned image while he was being judged by the public without due process. Who violated human rights in this case?
  2. In early 2015 Choi attacked again by claiming she was pregnant to the extent of concealing proof of said pregnancy from KHJ and his parents leading them to mental torture. In this case who violated human rights?
  3. In mid year 2015 Choi exposed the so-called personal text messages between her and KHJ to the public thru the media. Who violated human rights in this case?
  4. At the same year Choi again exposed multiple pregnancies within few months, miscarriage cause by aleged assault, and abortion fooling Hyun Joong with all these humanly impossible pregnancy. And publicly exposed countless lies! Who do you think violated human rights?
  5. Overall in this scandal for over a year the media went on with their unbalance reporting ONLY believing in Choi’s words to publish, while ignoring Hyun Joong’s side. Who do you think violated human rights?

What I have enumerated above are just a few incidents which I have highlighted from 2014 down at present. And this good lawyer has the audacity to talk about HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION on his client Choi??

Here goes Atty Seon claiming that Hyun Joong violated human rights on Choi for requesting DNA test! I don’t get it, how in hell have Hyun Joong violated human rights of Choi by merely requesting for DNA test on her so-called baby?

Kim Hyun Joong has EVERY RIGHT to know if he has a child or not thru legitimate proofs and not just HERESAY! What human right did he violated? And he and his family has been requesting for the said proofs for 9 nine months from the so-called pregnancy and her so-called childbirth. But nothing has been submitted to them except fake or unreliable proofs such as ultrasound picture with no name, date or any info on the picture.

My dear readers forgive me if I may be harsh, but I just can’t believe a Korean Lawyer said to be decent because of his profession which everyone can respect appeared to be ignorant of his own profession. This lawyer has to be disbarred, seriously, he is a disgrace to any lawyer’s association in SK!



There’s one comment at the other site that caught my attention and I quote as follows:

. [+26, -25] I don’t think people understand what’s going on ㅋㅋㅋ what the woman’s side is saying is that instead of all this media play Kim Hyun Joong is doing, she’d rather the three of them get the DNA test together at the hospital. She never said she was not going to take the test at all.

Here’s my response to this Netizen’s comment. The comment has a point, Choi did not say she’s not going to take the DNA test on her baby BUT Choi wanted the 3 of them, KHJ Choi and baby to take it all together at the same time at the same place TOGETHER seems like as one big family! Right?

Why not! But I can imagine how she can manipulate Hyun Joong again and play with his emotions knowing he cares for any baby or kids for that matter, what more to his own child even it’s a make-believe since nothing has been proven from Choi’s pregnancy down to childbirth! Until Hyun Joong falls in her trap again to agree in acknowledging the baby even without proof!

History dictates to us how manipulative Choi is and how she can fake everything just as to get what she wanted. At this point I still have that bit of giving Choi the benefit of the doubt. However, I cannot be convinced until I can see some proof of facts.


MEDIA TWIST     (Sept 20)

Yesterday Sept 19 the trash media site Allkpop published an article saying something like “KHJ refuse to see his baby”!! This is such a misleading info again knowing on the contrary though Hyun Joong does NOT want to see Choi’s plastic face ever again, he wanted to see the baby. I just want to clear this up before others get confuse as media themselves are already confused with what they have been reporting!! LOL

On the other hand, I read statement fron Atty Seon saying “KHJ has to learn to apologize to his baby if he wants to be a good father!” This lawyer has the nerve to say this when Choi have not even shown a single proof that there’s indeed a baby!  And what have Hyun Joong done wrong to the so-called baby for him to apologize? The entire world knows he has been aggravated by Choi from the start-up until now! What is this lawyer talking about?

Hear this, Choi have NEVER showed any single affection to her so-called baby from the so-called pregnancy to childbirth. On the contrary the mother of this so-called baby drag herself to the media and publicly torturing whom she claimed to be the father of the baby. Should this act be the right behavior of a real mother? And not only that, with what she has been showing to the public she is in doubt be pawning this baby for huge money and I’m pretty sure of that!

Whoever has the right to DEMAND for apology that’s none other than Kim Hyun Joong. And this Choi has to go down on her knees to the Kims and KHJ fans to publicly apologize for the mental and emotional torture she has brought! Which unfortunately is unlikely to happen because this woman is filled with evilness in her whole being! And I mean it! Please forgive me for saying this but I CONDEMN her every actions on this scandal!


HUMAN RIGHTS      (Sept 21)

I read another news article item again saying Atty Seon was pertaining to human rights violation on Choi’s baby!! See, too many media reporting with different versions only to find out their motive is to throw all blames to Kim Hyun Joong. Whichever way this lawyer say I got some piece of thoughts to throw it back to his dirty work.

It is every right of any child to know who their biological parents are, from whom they originated from. And to be able to find this out is through a credible DNA test. Hyun Joong had already complied and just waiting for Choi’s side to comply as well. Then why are they delaying the child’s DNA? And putting all these nonsense crap of human rights violation to the child?

Mr. Counselor Is it because you know very well there’s no baby at all? Or if there is a baby you knew very well it’s not Hyun Joong’s child at all? Come on who’s the father of that baby? Is it the big man from media whom Choi is having an affair with?

Shame on you ATTY SEON! Your behavior is such a disgrace representing any SK lawyer’s association! You are the one who’s putting this innocent child in the front line to shield your lies and your client’s delusions!! How disgusting!

If there’s indeed a truth to what these people are bubbling about then why fear and delay the DNA? In fact Choi’s camp should have done this DNA upon child delivery without fuss if Choi really wanted the truth to come out. But obviously Choi is buying for time hoping for bargaining that spells MONEY to keep her shut off! Well I don’t think HJ will ever surrender at all cost.

Mr.Counselor you may fool the SK general public but bear this in mind, you can never fool KHJ fans we are not stupid like you!

“JUSTICE delay is justice denied. DNA delay is DNA denied!!!”


(cr: Lileem, shared by Angie via tweeter thanks!)




Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CRIME IMPACT



By: LazerKim


Last year 2014 when all we knew about was Kim Hyun Joong being accused of assault by Ms A and later tagged as Choi, I wrote my speculations on her personal motives as follows:

  1. Pride to be KHJ’s girlfriend…………achieved
  2. Personal revenge……………………..achieved
  3. Money Blackmail………………………achieved
  4. Celebrity opportunity…….. ………….trying hard to achieve
  5. Reconciliation with KHJ……………..failed
  6. Destroying KHJ career………………failed
  7. Selfish desire to own KHJ………….BIG FAILURE

Needless to say these motives came out true little by little and these are Choi’s personal motives being used by media and someone big to materialized the bigger motive to fully destroy Kim Hyun Joong. I mentioned in my previous article that these people has to destroy KHJ fans worldwide first before they can fully destroy Hyun Joong! And they made the attempt by suing his Korean fans but still failed and had no effect because there’s a bigger fanbase supporting Hyun Joong outside SK!

In my comment box I read something like this “Why is this case taking so long? How did we reached this far for over a year?” I picked this question from my comment box since I have the same question to myself. I was wondering would this case make any difference if it was resolved last year in the right way while Hyun Joong’s concert was on going?

My dear readers be my guest and share your opinion as we read from you and learn. I don’t mean to cry over spilled milk, but instead I’m hoping we can learn something from this scandal. We may just be speculators in this case, however, let this case be a school for our thoughts.



Here we are now, at this stage that prior to the 3rd court hearing on Sept 23, to tackle previous case in 2014, came another nightmare created by Choi, which is her self-made childbirth. Is she for the truth? Oh yes she is for the truth, to conceal forever!! That’s her prime motive so she can get more money from her milking cows. Behind the scene she has earned from Hyun Joong in 2014 from the blackmail and for this year 2015 she’s earning from her cronies, the media and from the big guy behind her.

I’m sure with the kind of low life Choi has, she won’t have the guts to put up all her fairy tales out to the public if she doesn’t benefit from this scandal. Remember this is a case of a high-profile celeb being sensationalized and media earns better cash from sensationalized stories! Plus that someone big who is filled with greed and envy, financing this scumbag whom Choi earn from to she spill out lies while her identity is concealed.

What we currently have in front of us is nothing but stories!! This so-called childbirth has nothing but childbirth reported by the media since nothing was proven as yet, that even the Kims are not aware whether they already have a grandchild by blood, if it’s a boy or a girl? In short they are being left in the dark with a lot of question marks, that may lead them to another MENTAL TORTURE created by this woman.

And this is what Choi has been doing to them merciless that now it seems to me as if Choi and her camp are playing the guessing game with the Kims and the public while she and her lawyer continue earning from her trash story! Don’t you think so?



I don’t think Choi and SK media realize that the whole world is watching them on how they destroy their own country fellow man who brought a big part of international community to their  country to be known, and to be appreciated through Kim Hyun Joong. I can’t believe they themselves as Koreans are the ones destroying their own country’s reputation. I see Choi and associates as the termite of their own society!

Choi’s motive in all of these is simply her selfish intent to revenge, and to grab for money as much as she can and how SK print media can be so careless to shout to the world making people believe which they themselves already knew are all LIES of Choi that they publish just to earn money?? I really find this so cheap!! Even they are tabloids, I still think they should be covered by principles of resposible journalism!

May I just share, I happen to read an article about some SK women’s organization attacking a local TV show promoting plastic surgery and that’s a good move to eradicate the danger of such surgery! I sure do hope the SK women’s organization can also attack women  and media who baselessly destroy not only Kim Hyun Joong but other Hallyu stars in general, because these stars bring good revenue to SK. They are the instrument in making SK known worldwide.


Kim Hyun Joong is an excellent  asset in promoting his country. Haven’t they realize it? Why do they let a nobody who only wanted money to destroy their country’s asset?

I’m not trying to single out SK here please don’t misunderstand, because similar scandals do happen anywhere regardless of nationality. It’s just regretful since many foreigners do appreciate SK as a beautiful country, the people, their artists and arts in entertainment.

And these foreigners have known South Korea through the Kpop artists and the artists from the Kdrama they watch. Until such time they became fans attached to their Korean favorites. Of course they too will be affected if baseless scandals through lies are brought to the favorite artists they admire, just like what we KHJ fans feel.

Although celebrity scandals cannot change my views on Hallyu stars for as long as I am entertained, and appreciate their arts in music dance and drama most specially Kim Hyun Joong, no scandal nor image demolition can ever change my views about him. I’m just sharing my opinion and of course defending not only Kim Hyun Joong but other Hallyu artists who had been victims of scandals.

I sincerely hope the SK gov’t authority would look into cases like this and protect the Hallyu. One way or another Choi and her cronies reflect their country since this scandal is already out in the international community. Whether you agree with me or not, I mean no offense here but simply a concern from a Hallyu fan speaking in general!



In my previous articles I wrote that I have been wishing and appealing to KHJ camp to expose Choi’s identity, since this case is not even a rape case that the victim has to be concealed. Choi is not even the victim in this case, instead she is the ABUSER for real, which we can all see loud and clear! Abuser to Hyun Joong his family and his fans for mental torture she has been giving! I may not know how system in SK goes but I really couldn’t understand why her identity has to be concealed all this time for over a year now!

I’m saying this because I find it so unfair to be fighting with the unknown enemy! If she’s exposed, I don’t think she can freely destroy anyone in public with her lies using the media just like what she’s doing. Choi and her lawyer seems to be fearlessly attacking without thinking and inconsiderate to whatever damage they may create, for as long as they achieve their motive in destroying a celeb!

No offense if I may ask, is this normal in South Korea? It’s scary, I just feel something is not right within this whole scenario and the media is in this scum! They appear to be too strong and uncontrollable that seems to me SK authority is just letting them do whatever they want to the extent of total human destruction mentally and morally. Again I’m not trying to single out, it just so happen my idol is in SK that brought me to a lot of curiosity!

I wonder how come Choi have that strong guts, unless this case is politically motivated that she’s protected which I doubt! Or if she goes to jail, will that someone big easily bail her out as if nothing happened? If her identity is concealed, how can the public know if she really is put to jail and serve her sentence implemented by SK law? I’m just asking!



From Sept 23rd onwards the SK court of law shall be challenged by this case and we shall see how justice will prevail. From day one this nightmare exploded in 2014 Kim Hyun Joong was being publicly judged without due process and Choi was successful in manipulating the media and the SK public out of her LIES. As time goes her evil motive surfaced from her own lips and hopefully by this time people had seen those lies.

Atty Lee strongly emphasized that this legal battle will continue, meaning KHJ camp will NEVER withdraw the lawsuits even IF Hyun Joong is the father of Choi’s so-called child. He will provide for child support for as long as it is proven it’s his child. Now if it is proven Hyun Joong is not the father of the said child, then Atty Lee shall file another separate lawsuit against Choi. (info tweet cr Sunny @sun_sunsky thanks!)

I was thinking this childbirth might just be Choi’s strategy hoping for mercy from Hyun Joong’s parents to withdraw their charges against her! The Kims are vey kind parents, that maybe just maybe, if only Choi behaved as expected from her and did the right thing to let them know of her childbirth instead of rushing to her lover Dispatch again, maybe the Kims would go soft hearted to a possible grandchild. But NO WAY!

Unfortunately she turned against the tide that made them even doubtful if there was a baby which we already doubted from the start! Who wouldn’t doubt Choi’s childbirth, that just popped out from nowhere with no birthdate, birthtime, birthplace not even child’s gender! And not to mention a lawyer who has a hundred of inconsistent remarks every minute!



At this point, what I’ve been praying is that if ever there’s a child I pray it’s not from Hyun Joong and I got my own reason why. BUT if ever there’s a child be it Hyun Joong or not I pray that the whole world would accept this child for who he/she is. Children are blessings, they are the joy to any parent regardless to who they are. As Mr. Kim stated he’s hoping this child will no longer be hurt as it already did.

However, since we’re all being played by Choi in concealing the truth pertaining this so-called childbirth, we don’t even know if there is a baby or not, I don’t think I can ever forgive her for playing such a joke. And I really hope someone near her to please bring her somewhere to be healed. Seriously, I really think something is off in her mentally. I’m not trying insult please don’t get me wrong, but I think she needs help.

I was taught by my parents and from school “love your enemy as you love yourself”, I won’t try to impress you guys but honestly, this is the hardest thing to do!! So let’s just say we’re trying to correct what seems to be wrong done by others to us!!

And with that, I end this article hopefully after reading we probably realize the impact of this crime that Choi has done. Let’s just pray that she would be enlightened and face the truth that, selfish intent will lead her to nowhere but the quicksand!!

And to our Prince, I don’t think I will ever leave him! As my aunt said…. “You don’t leave your idol when he’s down there. Instead, lift him up until he can stand by himself again”

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

                               READ MORE BELOW THIS ARTICLE


My dear readers, I shall be in this page in the coming days and write below whatever updates there may be. Thank you so much for reading my articles Take care everyone! Have a pleasant day! God bless…

Photo credits as tagged Ms D thanks!

bwiwu1hcuae3rku (1)


[News] Kim Hyun Joong side “If the baby is not his, will take legal action”

News from + eng trans by kelemama
Repost with full credits.

13 Sep, MBC program 《SectionTV》 scheduled broadcast, actor Kim Hyun Joong conveyed his thoughts on whether the baby of ex-gf A is his, becoming a hot topic of discussions by fans and public.

Kim Hyun Joong side expressed their stand through the program, stating “We’ve got to know about the birth of the baby, we shall proceed to do DNA with the baby. If the baby is confirmed to be Kim Hyun Joong’s, then our side will take full responsibility.” Thereafter, a related personnel adds on, if it’s found that the baby does not belong to Kim Hyun Joong, will take all legal actions to protect Kim Hyun Joong’s legal rights. EX-gf A also expressed that if the baby is Kim Hyun Joong’s, will not proceed with any lawsuit.

(trans cr: @501wangja thanks for sharing)



“Kim Hyun Joong ended DNA tests, paternity must ensure correct immediately.”

Enter Time | 2015.09.16 18:05 | Lee Jung reporters seiji @

KHJ camp Atty Lee shall be holding an emergency press conference tomorrow Sept 17 Thursday. This is in relation to DNA test result. It was said in the news that Kim Hyun Joong had already done his DNA test and result has been released. (news shared by Noya thanks!)     Link:


So Hyun Joong finally did what has to be done to release his DNA results. Good move Atty Lee! The ball now is on Choi. If there’s a baby I sure do hope KHJ legal team would make sure Atty Lee is present when the baby’s DNA test will be taken. A test without the presence of the other party will remain questionable and unacceptale. Now this press conference will surely give pressure on the other side with no more excuses. Will Choi be buying some time again?? We’ll see on the next episode of her fairy tale drama!! LOL!


[News Update-3] [9.16.2015]
1) Atty. Lee:
From end of Sept. investigation will be started by police.
Will take 2~3 months.we requested the police to start it after 3 weeks of delivery.
2) Seon call to Lee and said they wont sue him from denying test but will do paternity test but condition is HJ need to go “together”.
cr: @4everhyun
3) Kim Hyun Joong has completed DNA checks tomorrow open results…
cr: @catgojump
4) Chinese summary of Star news regarding press con at 12pm kst tomorrow
cr: @loving_khj
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NEWS UPDATE   (Posted on this blog site Sept 17)         News posted by Hancinema

Why did Kim Hyun-joong set forward to test paternity?

Lawyer Lee Jae-man is giving a statement regarding singer and actor Kim hyun Joong’s paternal test.  Lee told No Cut News that a statement will be given at noon on the 17th. Why did they decide to do this? We talked with the lawyer.

Q: There has been no official statement from your side yet. Is there a reason you are doing this now?

Lawyer: Kim Hyun Joong and his family asked me to organize their statements for them. It’s not something like a press conference, although I’m only trying to clear up the immediate mess.

What will you be saying there?

I think it would mostly be about paternal matters as that’s an important matter to the Kim family.

How far has the test gone so far?

For now KHJ  has gotten a traveling DNA test and all that’s left is the baby that Choi just gave birth to. The expenses are paid for by us so she only has to just do it. It’s been a while since we requested a paternal test but she’s been refusing to.

If the child turns out to be Kim’s, is there going to be pressure on the case?

They are two different things. There has been too much malign for the case to end. It will go on. However, if it turns out the child is Kim’s then we will be registering the child’s name under that family and supporting it with money. That’s what the family and KHJ himself wants.

Kim sued Choi for fraud, fraud of case and defamation. Is that still going on?

Investigations will start after Chuseok. It’s going to take about 2~3 months but we asked the police to start investigating 3 weeks after the child is born.

Have you talked to Choi’s legal attorney Seon Jong-moon?

I received two phone calls. The first one I do not remember clearly, but I told him there was only Choi left to do the paternal test. I did mention that we will sue them for refusing paternal testing but he said that they never refused. We didn’t know Choi was giving birth yet so it doesn’t make sense. Then he said he would ask Choi himself then called back to say they would do the paternal test under the condition that KHJ goes with her. A paternal test can be done on her own and Kim’s not available at the moment because he’s on duty.

Source :…   

 News Link:–86670.html

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Tweets Credit:    Thanks for sharing!

  • Atty Lee will have press conference tomorrow at noon (12 kst). Lee said KHJ finished DNA test result has been out. Waiting for Choi’s result.
  • HJ’s family are suffering from biological child battle coz he has never been refused the test.
  • At presscon.Lee will reveal the info that can support his side like reveal HJ’s DNA test pic. And to emphasize the main issue of this trial.
  • Lee: From end of Sep.investigation will be started by police. will take 2~3 months.we requested to police to start it after 3 weeks of delivery
  • Seon call to Lee and said they wont sue him for denying test but will do paternity test but condition is HJ need to go “together”.
  • Now Seon said suing for paternity confirmation is correct but he never been said HJ is denying the paternity test!
  • Atty Lee stated paternity test can conducted separately..doesn’t need to go “together” and HJ is on military duty. He is not free to go out.  KHJ finished paternity its baby’s turn. We already paid fr test fee so all u need to do is just go!


Tweet credit: Sunny @sunsun_sky thanks for sharing

Why does KHJ want to make public his official position re paternity confimation? Q&A

  1. Atty Lee:  KHJ’s family requested press conference. Its more like an interview to make public his position..
  2. Atty Lee: Probably there  won’t be any surprising news.  It will be mostly about paternity related matters.
  3. Aty Lee:  It is a very important matter for KHJ’s family..  KHJ completed DNA test. All is needed now is Choi’s baby to do test. We paid expenses for them too.. We requested a while ago and they have been delaying.
  4. Atty Lee:  That [paternity] and this [lawsuit] are separate. Damages are too big and lawsuit continues. If his, he will register as his baby and pay child support.
  5. Atty Lee:  Police investigation will begin right after Lunar Festival. We requested police to begin investigation 3 weeks after delivery..
  6. Atty Lee: [Seon] called twice. Don’t remember content of 1st call, for 2nd call, I told him we completed paternity test. Seon said he mentioned lawsuit  but he [Seon said] didn’t say KHJ side rejected patelrnity confirmation. It doesn’t make sense we rejected paternity test when we didn’t know delivery.
  7. Atty Lee:  Seon said he would ask his client, And called again and said no-lawsuit but paternity test under condition that they go together with KHJ and not separately.
  8. Atty Lee:  Paternity test can be done separately and as KHJ is carrying out his military duty, he’s not a free person. [CBS NO CUT NEWS]

Pls note Atty Lee is talking about HJ’s DNA test done. The baby’s test is not done yet per Atty Lee.

(Posted by Hyunnies and Pexer Blog thanks for sharing! )




Photo above taken as Kim Hyun Joong had his DNA testing. Handsome as always!

“Seon said he would ask his client, And called again and said no-lawsuit but paternity test under condition that they go together with KHJ and not separately.”

A credible DNA test is being done by 3 parties, the mother, the father and the baby by a credible DNA laboratory institution. Since it’s Choi who has been demanding for child support then it’s her turn to take the DNA test on her and the said baby (if there is) since Hyun Joong had already submitted his DNA result. The fee for the baby’s DNA has been paid by KHJ camp therefore Choi just have to go and have the DNA test taken.

I find it so tricky that Atty Seon would demand for Hyun Joong and Choi to have the DNA together. With all the lies Choi and her lawyer been doing, I find it so hard to trust Choi and her camp. They knew from the start that it would not be easy for Hyun Joong to get out from the military camp any time just for this purpose, and having said this, there’s a possiblity they would again accuse Hyun Joong of paternity refusal.

We already have learned lesson how Choi refused a credible legit proof on her pregnancy prior to so-called giving birth. So how would they expect us to believe them this time around? Choi and her lawyer just love reversing everything that made me think there’s no baby at all!

I may be wrong but I think Choi and her lawyer are already desperate! And since Sept 23 third hearing is almost approaching, is this some kind of diverting the public mind from the case?  Let’s wait and see!!



Kim Hyun Joong sent his letter from MS read by Atty Lee from the press conference held today noon time. One important part in this press conference is that atty Lee clearly emphasized there may be a child but there will be no reconcilliation nor marriage between KHJ and Choi in the future. Still Hyun Joong remain consistent that he will provide for child support if it’s his child.

(Translated by Jackie Kim, thanks for sharing!)




Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend regretful for Kim’s press conference

In response to Kim Hyun-joong’s press conference held at noon on Thursday, his former girlfriend, identified by surname Choi, has expressed concerns through her attorney.

In the press conference Thursday, Kim said he would take full responsibility for the newborn baby if the paternity test shows he is the father. The actor also called for her ex-girlfriend to take the test without delay, pushing the dragged-out dispute into a new phase.

“This is flagrant human rights abuse by a giant management company and its hallyu star,” said Choi’s attorney, Seon Jong-moon, expressing regrets toward Kim’s abrupt press event.

When asked why Choi turned down Kim’s suggestion to let the child have a paternity test, the attorney said it seemed unfair as the star and his lawyer unilaterally designated a clinic for the child without mutual consent between the two. He further explained Choi wants to meet her ex-boyfriend in person and choose a test agency through mutual agreement.

If they cannot reach an agreement, Choi said she is prepared to file a paternity suit and proceed with the test at a reputable agency upon the court’s order.

Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend gave birth to a child last week and the singer is currently serving his mandatory military service.

The legal battle between the two flared up in April when Choi filed a suit seeking 1.6 billion won ($1.33 million) in damages for Kim’s alleged physical assault, which she claimed led to the miscarriage of a previous pregnancy.

By Ko Ji-seon (


(Shared by Noya Thanks!)


There you go a thousand excuses and alibi from Choi’s camp which they never run out of ideas to make excuses and avoid the DNA test! I knew it! I think it would be better for Atty Seon to go ahead and file the paternity lawsuit, because I take this as threat to KHJ camp! Geez what a way to escape the DNA. What are they afraid of? If there’s indeed a baby, does it matter wherever she take that test? The more Choi behave this way the more it gives doubt to the public if there is even a baby!

I’m just afraid this issue might take even longer than we expect and this isn’t good for the Kims, because they are being left hanging up in the air, same with Hyun Joong. This Choi is really something.

And by the way, I deleted the translation of HJ’s letter coming from Allkpop, I’m sorry about that but I doubted the translation. It’s a heartfelt letter yes, but I’ll post another translation as soon as I got it. We may have dfferent opinion about the translation, but I was doubtful because it seems some parts being omitted.

2zxDa-1U7L7-1 (1)


Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ENDLESS DRAMA!



By: LazerKim


I’m sure everyone here had already read the news that Choi gave birth to a child with no gender! I waited the whole day yesterday Sept 10th for a detailed sensible news pertaining this child delivery before jumping to any conclusion! Unfortunately none of the info that I was seeking for appeared in any news outlets!

The whole world already knew that Choi was pregnant whether we believe it or not, it’s a worldwide news, in fact everyone was waiting for Sept 12th as the expected date of delivery. Therefore I was expecting a headline title such as “Choi gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy or girl”, which I think is normal for such happy news! But instead what I read was “Choi revealed to have already given birth” news in unison title in all news outlet!

I’m just wondering how come none in the media ever stated the specific date of childbirth nor baby’s gender while Choi’s good lawyer was proudly saying there were media people at the hospital during her delivery last week!



The most irritating news of all is that, Choi is filing paternity suit against Kim Hyun Joong!! Don’t you find this rather annoyingly STUPID?  Mr. Kim stated yesterday that he only knew about Choi’s childbirth through the news article, which obviously he was not informed by her camp about it! And immediately refuted Choi’s claim that Hyun Joong was refusing paternity test!!

Hyun Joon NEVER refuse paternity test and he clearly stated from the start that he’ll take responsibility IF the baby is proven to be his. Now Choi and her lawyer is trying to reverse this!!?? I have never seen such stupid lawyer to be so carelessly filing charges and acting as if he had just got out from the college of law graduation last week!! You and your client is a great shame to SK on how you play dirt with the SK court of law!

Mr Kim clearly stated that KHJ camp will firmly continue the legal battle till the end irrigardless of anything! Therefore, whether Hyun Joong is the father of Choi’s baby or not, (if there’s a baby) she’ll surely end up spending Christmas in her new home jail!!



Let’s just say GRANTING Choi’s childbirth is true, then this news should have been a happy one since a new born life has come to this world! Yet, it’s sad to know how such a mother filled with hatred would put a newborn baby in bad situation and Choi brought this to herself and her child. I could not help feeling sorry for this new born whether Hyun Joong is the father of the baby or not, it appears Hyun Joong is still made to suffer.

I’m not playing blind here and still giving Choi the benefit of the doubt. Yet I’m still crossing my fingers that she is just joking about giving birth, because if there’s a truth to this childbirth issue, I would say this child is another victim in this scandal that she herself created.

I don’t think Choi deserves to be a mother at all! For obvious reason that she simply is making this baby a milking cow which I consider an abuse in using a newborn infant in gaining money and this is totally disgusting!

We may be all women here and we do feel for any innocent child that no matter how I wish this is just a big joke, a part of me really feel sorry that Hyun Joong has to be in this situation that might end up in such disaster even she is bound to go to jail!

Obviously Choi aimed and plotted this scandal to retain her connection to Hyun Joong by her dirty ways without considering consequenses of who will be most affected in the future. This time it’s not only Hyun Joong who is the victim here, but an innocent child, IF indeed there is a child.

BUT if this childbirth is another lie or if Hyun Joong is not the father of her baby, then Choi is in a big trouble! I don’t think she has a way out from the mess she created! We will be waiting for the DNA test, hopefully there’s nothing foul in the result! As we all know Choi is a great manufacturer of anything but FAKE!



This case may be tiring, and irritating to read about Choi and this scandal filled with lies for over a year now! But what we feel is nothing, compare to what Hyun Joong may be feeling trapped in this nightmare, that this is the time Hyun Joong needs us the most.

He may be learning his lessons the hard way and since we are all connected with him in some ways being his fans, it’s so difficult to ignore whatever is going on around him that somehow affects us simply because we care.

How he is taking all of these, that I’m sure he also worries about his dad taking his place to face Choi. As father and son I’m sure both of them are hurting inside. And maybe the only thing that we can contribute to ease even a bit of their sufferings is through our undying prayers and continues support. But once he get over with this nightmare, he’ll surely be more stronger than ever.

I’ll say it again, “being a fan is not always fun” but the important thing is, we are together with him. Hyun Joong is never a weather friend to all of us, that through thick and thin, smooth or rough sailing we stayed by his side. We have proven it for years and we can still prove it again and again tirelesly!

He’s already been a part of our life whether we ignore the fact or not, he is one person we cannot leave alone in the dark. Let’s stay with him even he’s miles away from us, I’m sure he feels our spirit one way or another.

As we continue seeking justice for Kim Hyun Joong, let’s keep an eye in protecting him! And let’s always bear in mind, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. God bless Gemini!

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

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I sure do hope Hyun Joong would remain in the military camp until such time this case is over. To hell whatever media thinks!! I know it’s too much to endure for Hyun Joong, but the camp is the safest place for him to stay away from entrapment. Otherwise Choi and Media will make up stories again to trap him and confuse the public again! Let’s face it Hyun Joong is becoming a news maker.

In Sept 9th news Kim Hyun Joong cancelled his scheduled brief vacation leave from his MS. This info was leaked to the media and the following day Sept 10th we have this news of Choi’s childbirth. I find it strange for the media to publish this childbirth after a week with Choi’s camp excuse they refuse to go public about it! Come on stop the trash lies!!

This is just speculation but I think Choi’s camp took advantage of that cancellation to pin down Hyun Joong by accusing him of refusing paternity test. As I have said she is trying to reverse the situation.

Everyone knows the fact that it’s Choi who has been avoiding ANY LEGIT form of medical test on her since this pregnancy issue 2015 came out! From day one Hyun Joong and family has been demanding for legit proof of her pregnancy that she has been refusing to submit herself. Therefore it doesn’t make sense now as to why he would refuse paternity test.


Is Choi trying to divert issues now and buy time? Because at this point the most important thing is a DNA test on the baby. However, how can she proceed with DNA if there’s no baby? Or if there is, why avoid it? Is it because it’s not Hyun Joong’s baby? We all know she’s been avoiding legit PT for 9 months, what more with DNA test!??

Choi now will do everything to avoid that DNA, in this case a court of law intervention is necessary. I hope Atty Lee has prepared for this as always he’s one step ahead of Choi’s camp. This probably will take time if Choi will continue refusing DNA. She will surely buy time! Well until she can produce a baby!! LOL

This behavior itself is doubtful right from the start. Remember for nine months pretending to be pregnant, nothing was proven legitimately as yet.  Yes you are right, her current behavior is not normal for a woman who just gave birth specially for a first baby! IF there is a baby!!???

Choi may pressure Hyun Joong in getting him out from the military camp to take his speciment for DNA. We may never know Atty Lee might have already secured those speciments, or they can take those sampling from the camp where Hyun Joong is. So the problem on DNA or paternity test is not on Hyun Joong’s side but from Choi’s side. As I’ve said at this point DNA on the baby is vital. If there is a baby!

The hospital or clinic where Choi delivered her so-called baby was not mentioned! So I think Atty Lee will go hunting for hospitals again!! There has to be a medical record on child delivery of course! Geez how I wish we fans can do the detective works on tailing her!! LOL!!

UPDATE NEWS TRANSLATION   (CR: Sunny@sun_sun sky thanks for sharing)

COoZbgiVEAAPVbf (1)



Atty Seon: The issue is that KHJ’s side has continously raised questions about Choi’s pregnancy and baby’s paternity.

LK: Of course counselor, KHJ has every right to question Choi’s pregnancy because she had not submitted any LEGIT proof of pregnancy, all you got there were all nonsense text messages. You are a lawyer you should know which evidence is acceptable and which is not! Now show your proof that Choi had given birth and prove it’s Hyun Joong’s baby if she has, otherwise these questions will forever be raised! Not only by KHJ family but the public.  Your client is a certified BIG LIAR! And you know it!


I just read from tweeter that according to Atty Lee it is not true that Hyun Joong cancelled his vacation leave, as what the media published in Sept 9th! His vacation leave is yet to come in the near future!  (Info tweet cr Sunny thanks for sharing)

It seems to me that cancellation lie was deliberately done prior to Choi’s so-called childbirth to make Hyun Joong appear as if he was trying to avoid something! See how these SK media has been doing their dirty work in misleading and fooling the public? The more they cover up Choi’s lies, the more Choi appear to be desperate in trying to escape from her endless lies!

Not only that, even the English media sites are getting confused with their reports!! LOL Check on Kdramastar “Reports Differ about KHJ paternity test” and read what it says. Liars are never consistent in what they say and Choi is a full proof liar as we can see!

Link kdramastar >

                                                                                    LazerKim here writing


“Go ahead Choi talk more, go on with your lies to ensure your passport to JAIL! You can fool everyone in South Korea, BUT you can NEVER fool KHJ fans worldwide! Bury that in your mind, and NEVER underestimate us!”

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