Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CRIME HEADLINE



By: LazerKim


From kim Hyun Joong’s side:   Choi, the accused is charged with extortion, false accusation, litigation of fraud and defamation!

The SK prosecutor’s office confirmed SUSPECT A is forbidden to leave the country from July 28th and that Choi is a suspect of serious offenses! A’s exploitation of Hyun Joong’s fear of being burried by the entertainment industry is a criminal act.  Atty Lee shall take strong measures against Choi’s exposing text messages in a scandalous and uncensored manner.

Currently in Naver, Daum there are commenters with the same ID that has repeatedly and continuesly slander on comment. Atty Lee has also filed charges against those cyber bullies!                   -END-

Atty Lee’s Press Release Aug 5, 2015  – below this article

(News Trans by Sunny and MichLui, thanks for sharing)



I’m sure the trash site will not publish Atty Lee’s press release so I’m doing the headline!! This is such good news as Choi’s travel ban has been impplemented in July 28th and that Atty Lee pressed more charges against Choi. If she had those additional text, then Atty Lee filed additional charges against her!

As I’m writing this article I’ve been waiting for those trash sites to publish this news, but as I have said, we’re on our own KHJ fans! We’re lucky to be blessed with KHJ fans who tirelessly translate updates from KHJ camp! To Sunny and MichLui whom I truly appreciate their hard work, thank you so much!

May I also thank all the KHJ fans who have been posting comments at those trash sites in defense for Kim Hyun Joong and for spreading the truth. Your effort is very much appreciated! Good job guys! I’m truly proud of you! You know who you are!



In Aug 3rd Monday, the trash site posted another statement from Choi. Let us not forget that Choi started all these media plays from Aug 2014 to the present and that Atty Lee was simply responding to her claims. May I just share some pointers on Choi’s statement as she’s trying to prove there was no break up back in 2014. Here’s what I believe:

There’s one specific fact that I cannot forget, and that’s Kim Hyun Joong’s first testimony at the police station back in Aug 2014, which specifically stated his affair with A (Choi) lasted only for two months and that he broke off with A in May 30th 2014 which caused the heated argument between them that lead to altercation as the first and the last iincident, simply because A could not accept being rejected!

I believe Hyun Joong have not changed his testimony the whole time last year therefore in July 2014, Choi was no longer his girlfriend much more NOT his wife! Having said this, she’s considered an intruder in getting into Hyun Joong’s apartment without being invited to his place!   I sure do hope a gag order on Choi may be imposed, so that she’ll STOP!



I got every reason to justify the blackmail that Choi created last year which she’s currently trying to reverse. She blackmailed and threatened Hyun Joong into publicly disclosing those fake pregnancies, miscarriage and abortion attached to the alledged assault!

She made Hyun Joong believe all that assault and pregnancy crap that lead him to fear, kept it to himself while she sucked up money from him in 2014. She already admitted to have taken money from Hyun Joong, even she defended that the said amount was for damage on assault which we all know it never transpired!

From behind the scene, I knew it something was wrong in Aug 2014 nightmare because everyone at KHJ side were silent, that he couldn’t even defend himself. I understand this, since the WT concert was on-going that time, plus Gemini planning process was already on the table. Knowing Hyun Joong never wanted to ruined what he worked hard on these concerts for his fans, I can only imagine the mental and emotional torture he’s been through, only to find out this blackmailing of Choi!

Back in time, I could not eliminate the obvious timing which was perfectly planned by Choi that made me believe someone was behind her!  Aug 2014 at the middle of WT concert and Feb pregnancy issue at the start of Gemini, I can say indeed Choi is some piece of work! So who could blame KHJ fans for hating her doings this much? It’s not only Hyun Joong whom she hurt, but his entire family, his name, his life and his fans worldwide.

I don’t think she can orchestrate this case by herself. Well, obviously the trash media is involved, her lawyer and I’m sure someone big who can finance the massive media coverage last year is also involved. Let’s not forget, Choi started all this circus who filed endless lawsuits against Hyun Joong and dragged his name to the media!

2zxDa-1U7L7-1 (1)


I wonder, if anyone in SK authority ever noticed that something weird is going on around their showbiz industry? Here’s an unidentified woman who accused a star celeb of assault and countless charges just to gain money from the celeb!

Unfortunately, some SK public believed everything Choi stated without scrutinizing what they read! In short, they easily believed such rediculous story! The international community even accused KHJ fans as supporters of domestic violence! Do you know how painful this was for us KHJ fans? But we fans stood up no matter how high the tide!

Choi is confident in doing this crap like a professional con artist, because she got nothing to lose as she thought, since her identity remained concealed to the public! Now her travel ban has been implemented and I hope she’s still in SK. Because if not, I sure do hope her identity would be revealed by the SK court of law and hunt for Choi! A private detective has its magnifying glass to watch over!!

Even if this case ends up winning, I still think Choi has to be exposed after closing this case to avoid repercussion on Hyun Joong’s future and to other celebs too who may experience the same case.  Otherwise this scandal story will be implanted to the ignorant public blinded by lies, as I wrote in my article Controvertial Challenge.



In one of my articles Searching Justice, I mentioned that there are a lot of matters being attached to this scandal, not only Choi, the media and whoever is behind her. As this case unfold I sure do hope the South Korean Government would give some attention to this case. I think this is the longest scandal ever happened in SK showbiz so far.

My question, Who can protect the rights of Hallyu stars? Up to what level does SK laws can protect them? I’m just asking. This is not the first case transpired within the SK entertainment field, in fact blackmailing SK celebs is becoming rampant. How can the gov’t control such irresponsible behavior of these women like Choi and those SK tabloids?

South Korea I think is one of the most conservative countries in Asia and considering the fact that defamation is a criminal act based on SK laws, yet it seems to me SK tabloids fearlessly gone overboard in this case. I have read Dispatch has countless charges against them and yet they still work on wrong doings such as destroying celebs!

Media people hunger for scoops, and sensationalized stories they write is where they earn. But as I observe some SK media and those English site covering SK showbiz news simply write irresponsibly without even doing their homework to have a balance reporting. I think something has to be done in the field of SK journalism. Just my opinion.



As I’m writing this article I just read both Atty Lee and Atty Seon are suing each other for defamation!! LOL I knew it! Atty Seon considered Atty Lee’s press release to ruin Choi’s public reputation?? What reputation is he talking about? The world knows it’s Choi herself ruined her own reputation (if she has)! Does she even have an identity known to the general public? Isn’t it her identity is concealed? What reputation can be ruined?

Her own words already showed NO self respect at all! Who among decent women would dare shout to the world she had an abortion? This is short of saying “I just killed my child!” I bet you not even a certified prostitute would have the guts to go to the media and admit she committed abortion! Only Choi has the guts and she did in her latest statements!

This is the legal battle for real! But it should have been better if Choi and those behind her would come out front and let their presence be known! Choi and her associates are a bunch of COWARDS to be hiding behind media! And the good Atty Seon, the face mask of these cowards is being caught at the middle of the battle field!!

If only Choi is decent enough to face this case head on instead of hiding behind the skirts of media, I might give the least benefit of the doubt since I’m also a woman in a relationship but my biggest question is, “Is KHJ the only man on earth?” Why would she stoop down to her lowest degree of being a woman? Is it just for money that she’s most willing to give her soul to Satan to seek revernge?

I CHALLENGE CHOI TO EXPOSE HERSELF! That is if she seeks for public opinion to believe her claims! One liar cannot look straight eye to eye! That’s why she’s hiding!!



To Choi and her associates, all of these rooted from JEALOUSY AND ENVIOUS! Envious of what Hyun Joong had attained in his career who takes him as threat to their careers. And with Choi other than $$$ she’s jealous of any woman whoever Hyun Joong has in mind. Simply said “If I can’t have you, then I make sure no woman can!” So lowlife!!

What good can she and her associates get out of all of these? No matter what they do to destroy Hyun Joong, his fans would only bring him up to stardom again and again tirelessly even after two years! Haven’t they proven it? From WT at the middle of the scandal 2014, the concert was not even affected, not even an inch, and so with Gemini! His last album release even ranked top 5 at Oricon despite of the heated Feb scandal!

And now that Hyun Joong is in his MS, can’t they see KHJ fans still here supporting and fighting for him endlessly? Choi and her associates including the trash media should STOP! Because you guys are just increasing KHJ fans population worldwide out of this case! Specially at this period that the truth is slowly coming out! Can’t you see it?



I’ll say it again… “It’s not Kim Hyun Joong’s fault to be loved by millions worldwide!” This is a painful reality to his detractors including the jealous Choi! Yet they are trying so hard to bring him down! BUT I’m sorry to say they will surely fail! They have to kill KHJ fans worldwide before they can kill Kim Hyun Joong!

I’ll say it again… “Win or lose, it doesn’t matter, nothing change.”  However, I firmly believe the truth always win! And Kim Hyun Joong has always been the winner!

Here’s another truth in every single KHJ fan that his detractors should bear in mind. Even if he loses this case, he’s still the winner because KHJ fans will always stay with him be it in smooth or rough sailing, they remain ever loyal to Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms D thanks!               News trans credit: Sunny thanks!

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Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend cancels charges on Kim’s lawyer Read more at:


Is Choi seeking for public sympathy now? She can’t take it that Atty Lee has been spilling out the truth on this case to the media that Choi started and her camp could no longer think of other alibi to hide their lies?? She ask for it therefore Atty Lee was simply giving facts to her!

Or did she decide to withdraw lawsuit against Atty Lee before she gets a gag order from the court which is even embarrassing!!??


Please prefrain from reading news update from allkpop. They twisted the news again pertaining Atty Lee’s phone patch interview. Remember, Allkpop, Dispatch are Choi’s associates and they will distort any news coming from KHJ side and confuse the public. This media outlet is really scary if the public would just believe what they write without thinking!  Here’s that news for better understanding as follows;

From KoreaHerald


Kim Hyun-joong claims blackmailed by ex-girlfriend and press

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong, who has been embroiled in acrid legal conflicts with his ex-girlfriend, claimed Friday that he has been blackmailed by his former girlfriend, surnamed Choi, along with a local news agency.

“Choi shared the documents related to her pregnancy and miscarriage with the newspaper, which then told Kim’s management agency that they have the files. This would have imposed severe strain on the actor,” said Kim’s attorney Lee Jae-man on Friday through a local news outlet.

As Kim and his agency felt pressured, they surrendered 600 million won ($510,000), after which Choi withdrew the litigation and the newspaper did not report the news related to Kim, according to Kim’s assertion.

Kim previously filed a criminal suit against his ex-girlfriend for “calumny, blackmail, defamation and fraud,” along with a petition to forbid her from traveling abroad, in response to Choi’s claim for 1.6 billion won in damages for physical assault and her pregnancy.

By Ko Ji-seon (


PETITION                                         (Shared by ella, thanks!)

I’m posting this petition in titled REVEAL THE IDENTITY OF MS CHOI. I support this petition which I have written in this article. However, my dear readers may I just would like to clear it up, you are not being forced to sign up and support, I leave it up to your own decision whether to support or not. Thank you!  Here it is link below:


Atty Lee’s Press Release  – Aug. 5, 2015       (trans credit: @sunsun_sky thanks!)







South Korea ready to respond to further ‘provocations’ as North’s deadline looms

AUG 22, 2015


S. Korea, U.S, military chiefs vow to counterattack powerfully against N. Korea provocation


(LEAD) S. Korea on high alert over N. Korea’s possible provocations


Praying and hoping for PEACE TALK between South Korea and North Korea. We pray for Kim Hyun Joong’s safety and we pray for his country fellowmen.



CHOI GAVE BIRTH    (News Sept 10th)

“She gave birth to the child last week at a local hospital,” said Choi’s close friend on Thursday. “We can not say the exact date of birth, as she wanted to avoid media exposure.”


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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BIG JOKE!



By: LazerKim


Yesterday July 30th quite surprisingly the trash news site posted written statement from Choi, which gave my day something to laugh about and so with the KHJ fans at the tweeter! At first sight of the news article made me angry because of its long  sensationalized article title as:

“Ms Choi refutes KHJ’s side claims + reveals KHJ assaulted her after she caught him cheating and also pushed her to get an abortion”

Oh so Choi is still in town! But she forgot the way how to get to the courtroom, so she went to the media instead and stated her piece of lies! Oh but wait… mistake, this time she didn’t go to the media, but instead, she sent for a written statement to the media! Hmm I just want to ask Choi “Is it a boy or a girl??”  Just my wild thoughts!! LOL

So this is the volume of text messages showed by media that Atty Seon (Choi’s lawyer) was talking about in July 22nd court hearing as Choi’s evidence on pregnancy and miscarriage last year, which showed nothing but 2 morons texting each other’s nonsense!!

I just want to ask Hyun Joong and Choi, “Don’t they talk in person?” It appears they just text each other! Are they just textmates? And Choi misunderstood their kind of relationship, like delusional fairy tale?? Just an innocent question!! LOL!

As I read Choi’s statements further, I started laughing so hard that pushed me to hit the tweeter making fun of Choi!! Allow me to respond to her statements, as follows:


CHOI’S LETTER (Opening remarks)

Choi:   She stated, “I have been keeping my silence after I filed my lawsuit. I did not try to make any clarifications or issued any responses. This was because I had believed that I thought that the truth will be revealed through the court. However, the longer I remained silent, the more attorney Lee Jae Man (Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer) attacked me. Without any concrete evidence and relying only on assumptions and guesses, he made me into a national criminal.”

LazerKim:    Choi believed that the truth will be revealed through the court? However, it’s Choi who kept losing her way to the court and kept going to the media!  Yes Choi, KHJ fans are also waiting for the truth to be revealed, but what you have been bubbling about again are nothing but statements far from reality!

Choi could not counter attack Atty Lee simply because she knows very well Atty Lee already revealed the truth and she finds it hard to conceal it with lies, as simple as that! So here it is again another set of lies but no matter how she twist and turn, the truth will prevail. And so with her statements, she simply proved how a BIG LIAR  she is.

Choi:    Currently, I’m even at the risk of giving birth pre-maturely due to the immense stress I’m under. I think it’ll be hard to endure it longer.

LazerKim:      Is it not the reason why Choi is saying she might have the possibility of giving pre-mature birth is because her expected date of birth is not Sept? I take this as giving hints on the true expected date of birth which is earlier than Sept. Is this some kind of public mind conditioning??? Let’s not forget, Choi brought this circus to us!


1. Assault and Bodily Harm

Choi:     Kim Hyun Joong’s side gave her 600 million KRW as a form of compensation for damages for the assault.

LazerKim:    So now Choi admitted to have received money from KHJ. But in Aug 2014 here’s what her lawyer stated:

“A’s” lawyer said, “From the beginning, if he [Kim Hyun Joong] apologized, ‘A’ was planning on dropping charges under no condition or receipt of settlement money.” source: (

Choi:    She says she never once mentioned the word ‘pregnancy’ or ‘miscarriage’ in her court documents, and that it was Kim Hyun Joong who warned her to never mention that to his agency Key East or his lawyer, nor her court documents.

LazerKim:  This is like saying…Choi: “KHJ I will sue you!”     KHJ: “Ok but do not tell everything!”   Don’t you find this rather stupid?  Choi now is reversing what she created. If she is sincerely after justice and truth, then should have revealed everything right from day one of her complaint at the police station back in Aug 2014!  

May I just add. As she claims she has been assaulted while she’s pregnant in May 2014. Isn’t it so normal IF she’s all bruised up from so-called assault fine, but a pregnant woman’s first instinct is to worry about the baby’s condition she’s carrying more than anything else! She claimed she went to the hospital, but how come none of those hospital record reflected her pregnancy nor miscarriage in 2014 case? 


2. Pregnancy and Miscarriage

Choi:    she confronted him and asked to break up. It was then that Kim Hyun Joong told her it wasn’t true and assaulted her for 30 minutes (May 30, 2014). She says she started to suffer bloody bowel discharges and suspected of miscarriage, and event sent Kim Hyun Joong a text saying, ‘Because you hit my stomach plenty of times, I think I miscarried.’

LazerKim:   Wow Choi being assaulted in 30 minutes! Did she cry? Didn’t she ask for help from the neighbor or anyone around? Didn’t the neighbor heard anything? Oh geez she’s being hit at her stomach! Choi I think doesn’t know the difference between constipation and miscarriage!  This is like easy saying as “HJ I’m pregnant and I had miscarriage because my poops has blood!!”

Come on Choi, you’re 30 years old as you said, how come you don’t know the difference? If this is miscarriage, of course you bleed from the vagina and not from your ass! And where’s your legit medical record that says you’re pregnant and had miscarriage? Whose pregnancy kit posted by media? I doubt if that’s PT kit showed by media belong to Choi!!


3. July Abortion and Assault

Choi:    Ms. Choi then goes on to reveal that after she miscarried on May 30, 2014, she was impregnated again in July 2014. She also says that in their text messages, Kim Hyun Joong also mentioned how it might be too early to go check now (June 29), showing that he knows from her previous pregnancy that going to the gynecologist early will not produce anything on the ultrasound.

Choi:  She then revealed that this time she also lost her baby, not due to miscarriage, but due to abortion as Kim Hyun Joong did not want the baby. She said text messages show that he had kept suggesting getting an abortion.

LazerKim:    Choi’s pregnancy 3 times in less than a year? Miscarriage in May, abortion in July 2014, and pregnant again in Jan 2015 with even threat of premature delivery?? Is she a rabbit?  It made me ask, “Does Choi has that miraculous fertility at the age 30 to be impregnated every month or every after losing a baby in less than a year from a man who allegedly assault her?”  UNBELIEVABLE!!

I’m sorry I’m still bothered to be repeating myself, because it appears to me that Choi and HJ doesn’t talk in person specially cases like this! I wonder, do they communicate through text message ONLY and prove her pregnancy and miscarriage to HJ through text??? Again stupid text messages doesn’t prove anything! Specially fabricated ones!


(con’t July abortion and assault)

Choi:      “Kim Hyun Joong even said that we should take a trip to Jeju Island together after my [abortion] surgery. I told him that I was having a hard time because it had only been a few days after the surgery, but Kim Hyun Joong even asked me if it was possible to talk to the doctor about it over the phone.

LazerKim:     So there was abortion surgery as she stated, but where’s Choi’s medical record on this surgery? Don’t tell me she performed abortion by herself and text HJ “I just had my abortion in my batrhroom!!”  But she’s still alive!!

Choi:   Kim Hyun Joong brought over a female celebrity ‘J’ to his home. I went to visit him with a friend of mine, and caught the two of them in bed naked. And I was once again mercilessly assaulted by him in the presence of that female celebrity and my friend. I will be calling that female celebrity in as a witness.”

LazerKim:      Oh great, so Choi just got into a house without knocking and HJ in naked bed with a woman without locking his door!! And so she’s now saying she has a witness? Why not! It took her almost a year to produce a witness finally!! And I would assume it’s someone she paid, a lowlife aspiring starlet who also seeks publicity like her!

Hmm situation sounds very familiar in a Kdrama plot!! It appears now Choi is trying to inflict another hired character in this drama!!! I bet you on the next episode there will be 2 women fighting at the media! More popcorn pls!!

Oh may I just add up, I read from tweeter Choi changed her witness!! It’s not a friend as she stated in her statement above, but her sister!! LOL I guess the so-called friend back out from the deal, the price is not right I think, so she change the character friend to sister instead!! Poor Choi desperate to make her drama lies to appear true!! LOL


4. Current Pregnancy

Choi: “Attorney Lee Jae Man says that I didn’t show them the fetus back in January of this year, and that in March, I even blocked their entrance to the ultrasound room.”

Choi:    Ms. Choi calls this an absurd claim, and explains that getting an ultrasound requires her to pull down her underwear. She says it’s hard to even do such a thing in front of her own father, so how could she invite Kim Hyun Joong’s parents into the ultrasound room with her?

LazerKim:  Hey Choi now it’s pretty obvious you don’t know what’s going on inside an examination room! You don’t need to put down your underwear while taking the ultra sound! Are you really 30 years old? How come you do not know this proceedings if you really took that ultra sound for real! You’re making a fool out of us KHJ fans and the general public!

Choi:   She then reveals that she however asked Kim Hyun Joong to come in with her, but Kim Hyun Joong’s mother blocked their conversation. And that this is why Kim Hyun Joong and his parents were not present inside the ultrasound room with her.

LazerKim:     This statement doesn’t make any sense at all. HJ’s parents were concern to see their grandchild if there’s any!  Why would Mrs Kim spare her time in such physical condition after her surgery if you would just say she blocked themselves in the ultrasound room? This is the most illogical reason I have ever heard!!

Choi:   So after waiting, she went to the hospital and the result was that she was pregnant, and the ultrasound pictures revealed her womb. She says this diagnosis has already been submitted to the court,

LazerKim:   Yes maybe she submitted the ultra sound pictures without her name and any medical statement at those pictures!  With all Choi’s statements, she just even proved to the whole world how a BIG LIAR she is.



Now I can conclude, this is a clear media play, and that Hyun Joong again is under trial by publicity simply because Choi lost her way to the courtroom and lead her way to the media instead and state her side!  The media obviously is not the courtroom, but since she brought this up to herself again, it’s just natural for Atty Lee to counter attack her statement of course! And I’m very happy with his moves.

Choi and her lawyer knew all along they can never win this case in court so they simply brought it up to the public with hope to win their case within public opinion. But unfortunately, this time Choi created another set of lies that only lead the public to doubt her motives even further. I would say she’s one step to the quick sand with what she’s been doing!

Many fans were commenting that trash sites post detailed statements from Choi’s side while this trash site barely post detailed statements from KHJ’s side. Don’t be surprise since this trash site is a co-maker of Choi’s conspiracy!! Let it be, because the more Choi and her lawyer talks, the more mistakes they make!

Choi kept going around this circus instead of simply bringing out LEGIT medical records pertaining those pregnancy. Unfortunately she has no single thing that prove her claims, simply because these are all for PUBLICITY purposes in destroying Kim Hyun Joong with NO solid evidence. Why would Choi bring her dirty laundry to the media if it’s not for money? She had already proven herself as gold digger coming from herself! End of story!



I find it so hard to believe that these people particularly Choi’s camp could simply play with SK court of Law and it somehow frustrates me to ask “Does SK Court of Law allows this kind of game? Or is Choi’s camp underestimating their own Korean court of law?”

In simple layman’s common sense, If you are accusing someone and bringing a case to any court of law, there has to be substantial proofs, valid evidences to your accusations, as simple as that! And not just mere stupid text messages which doesn’t stand in any court of law or not even at any police station!

Lawyers have full knowledge about this, I think. Well, except for Atty Seon I guess! Just check on how he responded to media questioning and judge for yourself what kind of lawyer Atty Seon is!! Here as follows:


Reporter: Is there any reason why text messages were submitted as evidence of the pregnancy and miscarriage last year instead of medical records?  

Attorney Seon: It’s hard for me to say this but I have it confirmed. According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, in 2010, the cases of abortion reached 170,000 a year in our country. Among them, cases that were legally allowed… Read more at:

Reporter: Choi’s legal counsel talked about matters unrelated to the question for a while and then informed of the confirmation of pregnancy by a pregnancy tester.

Attorney Seon: It was confirmed by a pregnancy tester. I did not submit the pregnancy tester today; but have it.

Reporter: Reporters asked once again to confirm the fact accurately.

Another reporter: Does it mean that you do not have a medical record to confirm the pregnancy?

Attorney Seon: Yes… yes.   Read more at:

LazerKim:    Atty Seon did not submit that pregnancy tester in the court during the 2nd hearing in July 22nd because he knew very well that tester is NOT from Choi!  How would you prove that pregnancy tester was Choi’s a year ago? Does that tester has name on it to identify the person who pee on that PT kit? I doubt that very much!

And mind me, Atty Seon, what does Ministry of health and welfare got to do in this case? Finally let’s face it, Choi needs psychiatric help, Atty Seon please go with her too!!

(Translation by Sunny, thanks for sharing)



I’m very glad that every time Choi and her lawyer talks, Atty Lee is just so prepared to counter attack their statements! Now they are obviously caught to the corner and goes bubbling mistakes in their statement!

I hope Atty Lee would reveal Choi’s identity. I think it’s high time to do so since this case has been long over due for nearly a year now. We may never know Hyun Joong may not be Choi’s first and only victim of such accusations, because she seems to be an expert in media plays, and blackmailing. By exposing her, other Korean men would be aware not to be victimized by this Choi or women like her! Just my opinion.

Kim Hyun Joong is a star celeb but he’s still human with dignity. Even we say showbiz people are likely to be in bad publicity, still he has his rights to fair public treatment. And being falsely accused by a nobody whose identity has been concealed to the public, this situation itself shows unfair human treatment. Don’t you think so?

We may be wary in the past 11 months, at least this time we can just laugh at this nightmare! Why not? We have something to laugh about even during rough sailing! Take this case positively, let’s just enjoy this media play this woman has been creating, because Choi is simply just a BIG JOKE!

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Photo credit as tagged, Ms D thanks!        News trans credit. sunny thanks!

bwiwu1hcuae3rku (1)


More comedy acts of Choi and Atty Seon below! Enjoy reading!!

Kim Hyun Joong, the text messages are false    


More comedy acts of Choi and Atty Seon below! Enjoy reading!!

Choi’s additional text message   

If you don’t want to suffer from headache, better refrain from reading Choi’s text! She’s already confused with her lies and trying to twist turn her own statements which appears to me, she’s trying to confuse even the trash site readers!! LOL!

(Posted by Ms. D, trans by @sunsun_sky Thanks for sharing!)

[News Update-2] {8.1.2015]
1) KHJ side: will file defamation suit againnst Choi for releasing personal text messages & the specific media for reporting them.
2) Atty Lee: Text messages & pregnancy tester pics are not legal evidences to prove pregnancy but were released in order to defame KHJ
3) Atty Lee: Text msgs/pregnancy tester were not presented to court. Anonymously releasing personl life of entertainer KHJ deems intentional defamation
4) Atty Lee: If media,that must be discerning for report, publishes any material for financial gain, it has to be restrained.
So we’ll sue specific media for defamation.…
cr translation: @sunsun_sky

[News Update-1] {8.1.2015]
1) Atty Lee: Its HJ who got assaulted.
After HJ told A to separate, she came to his apartment.
She broke latch of front door & got in.
2) Atty Lee: A said she saw them naked.
But its nonsense that they waited lying naked, while she was breaking latch. 3) Choi scratched him so much, his t-shirt got stained so much with his blood.
4) Seon:”It means pregnancy, miscarriage, n abortion were repeated. Aren’t they afraid of heaven?” [how abt u A/Seon?]?😡
5) Seon:A was taking medical care of herself at HJ’s house. Her sis was there wth her to help her. -1-
6) Seon: they came back from grocery shopping,& found a female celebrity in the house. [dnt make sense…]?😡
That was part of Channel A report.
cr: @catgojump
cr translation: @sunsun_sky

(Translation credit: Sunny thanks!)


From K Star TV news link:  (trans crdit: sunny, thanks for sharing!)


In case you have not read Choi’s comedy act from trash news site here’s the link below:


Two Morons texting each other’s nonsense!  (link below)


Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex Releases Thousands Of Texts To The Media


Jin Se-yeon, furious about the rumors linking her to Kim Hyun-joong. “Not me!”