Kim Hyun Joong…[article] COUNTER ATTACK!



By: LazeerKim


“Kim Hyun Joong bans Choi from Overseas Travel” I’m sure by this time most of you have read this news after July 22nd court hearing.  Hyun Joong’s legal counsel  preparing request for travel ban on Choi, which means Choi shall be prohibitted from traveling overseas upon court release order on Choi’s travel ban..

This is a good news indeed that she cannot escape from being behind bars! For Choi to fly overseas before giving birth is a wise decision for a BIG LIAR like her, which is a way for her to escape of taking theconsequences over her lies and the DNA test after giving birth.

That is IF Choi is still in South Korea at this time before her travel ban is being materialized! And if ever this would be the case, I do hope KHJ camp would expose her identity. I would say anywhere she goes around the world, there will always be KHJ fans around to hunt for her! WANTED CHOI’S HEAD!



At last Atty Lee finally disclosed that he too is thinking someone is behind Choi in this conspiracy of destroying Hyun Joong’s image by using the media which I have written in my articles since last year. Atty Lee stated that he’ll be tracing Choi’s bank account and from there, he can identify if someone has been financing her evil moves.

WHO could be this someone big behind Choi and her lawyer?? How dare them to play with SK court of law!

From that fake assault case last year, to this Choi’s current pregnancy issue and all this circus going on this year, until at this time there’s NO single credible concrete evidence from Choi’s side on her claims against Hyun Joong! Simple common sense would dictate us something fishy is going on! Is this circus all for bad publicity simply to destroy Kim Hyun Joong and suck millions from him? Isn’t that obvious?

As Choi’s lawyer stated, there was no extortion transpired last year! LOL! Then what else could Choi’s motive for bringing out dirty laundry to the public and dropping the case last year if she’s after justice? Followed by another scandal in Feb pregnancy issue and suing Hyun Joong for huge amount? In fact her true color for greed of money surfaced within the public eye!

I’m very sure Choi’s lawyer knew all along she’s lying from the very start including the fake evidence from Aug nightmare! This Choi’s lawyer knew very well his client’s motive in destroying, blackmailing Kim Hyun Joong, and he’s very much aware he’s been part of Choi’s conspiracy with the media. I just find it funny that this Choi’s lawyer even got the nerve to sue Atty Lee for defamation!! LOL! Come on, everyone knows he’s been a part of Choi’s endless lies ever since the start of this nightmare!!



Atty Lee had finally filed for counter charges against Choi for blackmail extortion, and for all the lies she has been airing over the media! At this point, I can only look forward to favorable results on the counter charges and looking forward to Sept as it was said Choi is giving birth, with hopes a court order for DNA test on her child would transpire with no excuse.

If ever Choi leaves her country, this only mean one thing. She doesn’t want to put on her make up on her plastics behind bars where she’ll end up with the verdict GUILTY of lies and extortion!

Not only that, aside from that someone big behind Choi, I sure do hope Atty Lee would also go after those media outlets who twisted the news last year and for being a part of this conspiracy into making the public believe Choi’s lies. I believe there are many characters involved in this drama and so they too should be given a lesson they can never forget! Oh how I love to see them behind bars together with Choi and her lawyer!

There are still haters around saying despite of the lies Choi created, Hyun Joong’s image has already been tainted! I beg to disagree. Fools do believe in fools, and those haters are nothing but fools. Do you read me Ms Monitor noona from soompi?

Now there are already non-fans who started questioning Choi’s motive over this drama! Yes I agree the damage to Hyun Joong has been done, still, no one can put a good man down. Someone has got to pay back the damage done to him.



Well, we still have a long way to go and our bumpy roads isn’t over yet. But somehow little by little the general public are having second thoughts and that some are being enlightened about the truth of this case.

Again my hats off to Atty Lee for working hard on this case, and of course to all KHJ fans who have been tireless in translating the news and spreading the truth. Please do keep up with the good work which all KHJ fans deeply appreciate. Thank you so much.

And with that, I’m sure Hyun Joong somehow feels happy knowing we are here for him as always and that many from the non-fans are slowly being enlightened by the truth, that sooner or later he’ll finally be able to clear his name.

Until the next article from this site, I bit everyone here a pleasant day! God bless Gemini!

                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

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(News translated by Sunny, thanks for your effort and for sharing as always!)







Care for something to laugh about? Here it is from the trash news site AllKpop! Stupid statements of Choi! ( )
Just like what I wrote in this article above, this drama is all for bad publicity! Oh and Choi is still in town! She’s giving hints she might have premature delivery due to Atty Lee’s accusations! I have been speculating it’s so impossible for her to give birth in Sept this year!


Kim Hyun Joong…[article] RACING BACKWARD



By: LazerKim


It’s over a month that the real world, my work career has been keeping me from this blog site and this is the reason why I couldn’t commit a promise to stay consistent in my article writing on regular basis. My apology to my dear readers for letting you wait. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! I got a bunch of topics to tackle that I would like to take advantage this time!

I may not be so active in writing the past month but somehow I still read some news pertaining Kim Hyun Joong’s case, that sooner or later I believe the truth about this case will be revealed and hopefully the person who made all these circus would be put to jail! I believe this nightmare Choi created will soon bounce back to her by 10 folds and I would be happy to see her being punished!

Looking back from where all of these circus started, maybe Hyun Joong made the mistake of keeping the real issue in this nightmare which in reality he’s the victim of a blackmail. But no matter how I twist, turn and search who is to be blamed, I can only think of one entity and that’s his agency KeyEast falling to negligence in protecting and defending Hyun Joong as their artist. Let’s look back then!



I have now a cooler head in sharing my opinion about KE although my opinion about the company still doesn’t change at all! The fact that it is now irrelevant to discuss it but maybe we can learn some lessons out of the incident last year’s scandal.

I wrote an article Artist’s Agent where KE made the big mistake, and how incompetent this company is. For those who have not read the article here’s the link, so I won’t be repeating the same issue. I won’t forget how KE uplifted Hyun Joong’s solo artist career, however, I can never forget how KE neglected him during the most critical period of his career life!

(Artist’s Agent link:) >

From the assault case in Aug last year, I can never forget how Hyun Joong was roasted by media while his agency KeyEast did nothing not even damage control even they already knew Choi was all lying from the very start of the scandal.

I got questions lingering in my mind that even I speculate, it still doesn’t add up! My question is, why didn’t KE sought the help of Atty Lee last year? It was obvious to me that Hyun Joong was totally ill-advised about the fake assault case and real blackmail scheme! The Aug nightmare may be bound to happen, but it can be avoided if only KE did their job!

For 10 years that Hyun Joong has been in showbiz he was never been entangled with such scandal, so therefore KE knew he’s naive in such situation.  As an agent, KE should have sought the best legal team just like what Hyun Joong currently have with Atty Lee! Why didn’t KE do so last year? The agency should know better and should always be above the artist and not the other way around, no matter how stubborn their artist is!



Let’s face the fact, “A celeb is nothing without fans and an artist’s agent is nothing without celeb and his fans.” Of course those agents earn from their artist’s fans and KeyEast failed to realize this fact. The company is just so unprofessional even when it comes to Public Relationship management.

I shall never forget how KHJ fans collected translated news from everywhere and shared with one another just to know what’s going on with Hyun Joong which his agent failed to at least be reliable with information dissemination specially during those times he was being crushed by media last year.

Here’s my stance on KE and I can only speak for myself. I support Kim Hyun Joong wherever agent he may land after his MS. I’m just a fan and it’s not for me to decide or dictate which ever agent Hyun Joong would choose to handle his career.

If ever Hyun Joong chooses KE again after his MS, then I can’t do anything no matter how much I hated the company for neglecting him! I’m just a fan and it’s his choice that I respect with hopes both Hyun Joong and KE had learned something from the past.

I don’t need to enumerate and emphasize what this company lacks or have missed to realize what they ought to learn! It’s just so irritating that KE chooses to ignore KHJ fans where they earn from!  Well, it’s water under the bridge now and time will tell after 2 years.



Atty Lee was in the process of reviewing the alleged assault case, pregnancy miscarriage and all the lies that Choi had been nagging about since last year! And Atty Lee came up with a report that those accusations indeed were all lies including that nonsense rib fracture!

That pregnancy and miscarriage were all false accusations! Gosh, this Choi deserves not only putting her to jail but putting her to the electric chair and let her be roasted instead! Before writing this article I was reviewing the article I wrote Scandal Diary and come to think of how capable she is in destroying a man’s reputation with all her lies, fabricated evidence conspired with her lawyer who should be jailed as well!

To recall Choi’s lawyer press released this statement Sept last year:

 “Our current stance is that he (Kim Hyun Joong) needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration. We will take action as needed. Our biggest goal is to reveal the truth, and for that to happen, he must admit, apologize, and reflect.”

This lawyer had the nerve to let Hyun Joong admit to a crime he’s even innocent about! This Choi’s lawyer should be jailed too!! Choi and her lawyer are BIG STUPID LIARS!

Scandal Diary link>



It was said that Choi will be delivering her baby on Sept. 12th as the reason as to why Atty Lee have not filed counter charge against her. That’s human gesture enough and Choi should be thankful since KHJ side is still humanly kind to her up to this moment!

I think it’s confirmed Choi is pregnant after all, hence the question now is whether Hyun Joong is the father of her baby or not which a DNA test can only prove. This is rather complicated, but as for me I wouldn’t care, she has to be brought to jail after giving birth, only then I would say justice is served.

Why not? Choi almost destroyed Kim Hyun Joong’s career life and brought his fans to this nightmare from the lies and evil acts she made, leading all of us, Hyun Joong and his family to complete mental torture! It’s unforgettable and unforgivable how a freak woman she is, and the entire world knew what she has done to an innocent man and an innocent child!

If and only IF Hyun Joong is indeed the father of her child, I can only close my eyes to the future disaster there may be!! Accept the child brought into this world and as the Kims said Hyun Joong will take the responsiblity being the father. BUT Choi being a future mother is no excuse for all those lies she had brought in destroying a man’s life, she deserve nothing but JAIL!

I honestly pity the child Choi is carrying, whether it’s Hyun Joong’s baby or not, an innocent child became the victim of those evil acts of Choi. She deliberately brought her pregnancy to the public with no shame demanding for huge money obviously using the child she is carrying in her womb! What kind of mother can she be in the future? I wonder!



This case I think should be brought up to SK women’s society organization if ever SK have, since this blackmail scheme of Choi is not the first time it happened in SK. But I think this is even the longest blackmail drama ever produced by a blackmailer like Choi!

I can still remember the blackmail case of Lee Byung Hun transpired almost at the same time as this alleged assault case against Hyun Joong, as Lee Byung Hun immediately exposed his blackmailer and the case soon ended. That time I was then wondering as to why didn’t Hyun Joong and KE did the same thing? I was already speculating there’s a blackmail scheme in this nightmare which I wrote in my articles last year and I was right!

If only Choi was exposed from the start, I’m sure this case should have ended last year, and I don’t think she can create another set of lies as she did in Feb. if only the concern party have exposed her from the start. Yes I know I’m crying over spilled milk!! But at least we can learn something out of those tortured months.

As I mentioned in one of my article, a lot of concern is attached to this case and if nothing is done to these bimbo women sucking money from the rich famous celebs, then I think women’s dignity in SK would always be jeopardized. And the same thing will happen over and over again to other celebs if nothing can be done to such women! Just my opinion.



Many are wondering how come when Choi has lies to say to the public the media on-line outlets are active in posting those lies. And when it’s KHJ camp’s turn to defend, media seem to be lazy in reporting? Quite understandable of course the media is part of Choi’s lies and they wouldn’t want to swallow the truth or they will choke to death!

Plus the fact people from SK can be easily convinced with Choi’s lies and sensationalized stories to be more saleable without thinking twice! And because of this reality Choi can easily say this and that, proving her pregnancy through text messages which we all know is just lame! Just the same as those fans who jump ship who immediately jump to conclusion without thinking, believing in any news item they read and judged Hyun Joong!

I’m sure the media knows the truth, the media knew from the start Choi was lying and they knew all along Choi is in a mission to destroy Kim Hyun Joong, but they don’t care for as long as they have a scoop, they have a story to publish. That’s their dirty job to earn a living! They probably even knew who’s the father of that child Choi is carrying! Who knows? She seem to be in close associate with the media people particularly Dispatch!



Kim Hyun Joong’s official legal counsel Atty Lee has been doing a great job in defending Hyun Joong, who has been so active giving in to interviews by the media pertaining the case on SK local TV networks and had recently posted his interview at OBS in his personal blog revealing the truth about Hyun Joong’s case and preparing for counter charge against Choi.

I’m so thankful to Atty Lee who have shed light to this nightmare which has been torturing us fans for almost a year now by Aug! On July 22nd there will be another court hearing but I don’t think it will end from there since we are still in limbo about Choi’s current pregnancy and as Atty Lee stated he’ll be filing counter charges after Choi has given birth. This at least is how I understand the progress of this case.



I’m proud to say that Hyun Joong’s album was released in July 1st and rank no.4 at the Oricon and as I’m writing this article which is a week after release the album is still at Oricon Top 10 rank no.6. Despite of this case drama, despite of other’s calling boycott the album still has good sales results.

Of course the album sales somehow was affected as we have gone used to see Hyun Joong’s album always rank no.1 at Oricon, but I’m still proud the album still ranks within top 10 and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m sure even Hyun Joong wasn’t expecting this, it will somehow cheer him up.   To the fans who continued to support his album no matter what happen, thank you so much!

In addition to this good news, from Steven Lee’s Instagram Kim Hyun Joong rank no.1 as international album! I’m sure both friends are happy with this success, Hyun Joong as the singer and Steven Lee as his music composer! CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!

And with that, I end this article by saying I MISS HIM SO MUCH! I know every one of you feels the same way as I do!! I won’t count the days, I would just keep moving on forward to life as usual, but a part of me will always be longing to see him on stage again soon….

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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For those fans who would like to send letters to Hyun Joong here’s the address where you can send it as follow:


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