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By: LazerKim


This day is the greatest day for Kim Hyun Joong as we celebrate his 30th birthday! This time he may not be able to celebrate his birthday having his family and friends around him as usual nor celebrating it with his fans if ever he’s spending his weekend at the camp, though I sure do hope he can still spend at home. As for us fans, we can still make this day memorable for him.

We take a brief break away from his case today and maybe we can celebrate it here by sharing our thoughts about Hyun Joong and wishes for him on this special day which I invite my dear readers to leave your birthday greetings to Hyun Joong through my comment box below.

There’s one comment  that I read from a non-fan from other site saying something like we fans are family with Hyun Joong, cheering him up during difficult times that she could not understand!

I think that’s the best comment I read from that site from a non-fan! She may not understand but she’s telling the truth and her observation is right, that we take Hyun Joong as our own family for real. That’s how it is in the fandom that make me proud being a part of it.



Dear Hyun Joong

I’m happy to see your latest photo with a big smile with your colleagues at the camp! It’s been over 3 weeks since your enlistment and I do hope you have somehow adjusted to your new environment. I’ve known you to be a very flexible person and you easily get along with everyone you work with so easily, I know you’ll be alright! 

Please remain focus on what you do inside the camp, and leave everything behind that gate. I want you to bear in mind your fans trust you no matter what happen, it is in you that we ONLY believe in and that will never change, good or bad. We love you for who you are or what you are as a person and nothing can break that, ever! We are waiting for you!

Take care and don’t forget, whenever you feel lonely, just look up to the night sky and you see us there watching over you anywhere you are!

May all your birthday wishes come true! Be happy on this day for it’s your big day as it is for us too. You are loved by us everyday!   See you soon!     HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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127 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BIRTHDAY GREETINGS!

  1. Good news fr kHj fans
    on Monday, as the embattled former boy band SS501 main rapper celebrates his 30th birthday, a record label had good news to help Kim Hyun Joong restart his flagging showbiz career. Universal Music Japan announced on the same day the release in fall of a new album titled “The Best of KIM HYUN JOONG – 5th Anniversary.”

    The album not only celebrates his birthday but also commemorates the fifth anniversary solo debut. The music label said it would provide more details about the album later. The rapper is actually serving his compulsory two-year military service as a border patrol which he enlisted on May 12, 2015. He will be officially discharged on Feb. 11, 2017.

    On Twitter, his fans posted greetings and photos of Kim Hyun Joong. The fans used the hashtag #HappyHyunJoongDay to celebrate his birthday.

    Henecia India made a donation to an orphanage on behalf of the Korean celebrity. KPop Radio would feature the singer and actor on its Sunday 8:30 p.m. show and Monday 7 a.m. show.

  2. i cannot believe this, i love khj and i support him but i do believe in facts because i work as a family nurse practitioner and i work for womens health in a clinic in california. Based on what i read? This is what i am going to stand ” amenorrhea is not considered pregnancy there is a lot of factors causing this could be hormonal imbalance, stress, anemia, infertility or cancer.
    Second, when you have an ultrasound the image will have the name of the patient, week of gestation, and expected delivery date.
    Third, i deal with miscarriage all the time, it will take 6-8 weeks before your hormone goes down meaning you will still have a positive pregnancy test. But its a false positive test.
    Fourth, with the xray if its really an assault they will manage to take a picture of the belly that wad assaulted and ultrasound. If this choi lawyer is claiming about assault then why would you not show it to the public? Since the identity is hidden.

    Fifth: as you age, your hormone becomes so imbalance.

    I dare all the hater to challenge me with this knowledge with womens health, this is my cup of tea and before you even judge the person don’t you review facts meaning not from google univesity like literally a university and i do not have a problem whoever will challenge my credentials since its public record in the states. I think this case is so simple however this lawyers are being stupid. Ministry of health also follows what world health organization protocols and guidelines are which is based internationally.

    With the lawyer of choi: please do study about protocols a simple test does not prove a pregnancy nor a pregnancy test. You can have it from blood . Anybody can pee on a pregnancy test and turn up to be pregnant and it was a false positive. Have you heard there was a lady who sells ” positive pregnancy test” to blackmail a guy to stay with her!!!!

    Leave the poor guy alone!! Choi you are just fortunate enough your in sk if you were here i will definitely go to the stand and make sure grill all your documents for falsification. Its not because i like khj im doing it i am a very busy person however the fact that you are bringing negativity to a person who is defenseless because he is protecting his reputation, his hardwork. I will not let that happen..

    There is also called cordvilli sampling where they can literally get the dna of the baby from inside where the baby does not have to be born yet. There are risk but if you really want to prove its his and you already went your way causing this problem why don’t you go do it???? I am not pushing you but its an option.
    I hope the editor will share this piece of knowledge to the legal attorney of khj. A text can be edited, a pregnancy test can be fabricated.
    Please don’t make your kid as a meal ticket choi that is just low. And for the mental stress anybody who is in the right mind during pregnancy you have surge of hormones you might be depressed without cause its because of your hormones and if this happen its your obgyn MD responsibility to refer you for a doctor to evaluate since it also affect the baby health status.

    Like i said this case is so easy i don’t know this woman is making things complicated if you really want to expose the truth why wait for a year or even weeks ? ? Why ask for compensation? If i got pregnant and the guy dont want the baby i work hard and would never abort the baby and would not even bother the father of the baby. Its stupid to even ask if the person dont want to be involve. Like i said if there would be haters or any violent reactions please do not hesitate to contact me however make sure your piece of knowledge is worth of my time if you “just heard” it please grow some brains. Thank you

  3. Khj is best… Whoever or whatever complaints are filed against him we fans will support him until the end….. No matter what happens we will support him….

  4. Hello lk, it has been a month since you wrote this birthday article. I understand that you are busy on your work and personal matters; but i am missing your articles on KHJ, I want to read from you regarding the many issues about my adopted son (LOL). His ongoing court
    battle with that money-faced girl, her pregnancy, KHJ’s album (did it sell good?), the latest evidences that the alleged miscarriage last year is false (but I want to clarify that some headlines stating that the miscarriage was not true at the time of assaulting – for me it is still defaming KHJ, why did they say at the time of assaulting? KHJ never assaulted her!!); and just yesterday read it that Atty. Lee had acquired evidences that her rib fracture was not all caused by KHJ. I am happy for KHJ that his legal counsel is smart and is praying that he will continue to get wisodm and guidance from GOD.
    Inspite of the truth being disclosed and unfolded, still many sites especially Korean re twsiting the story and kept on taggin KHJ with that assault and pregnancy.

  5. Hiii Lazerkim,

    My name is Mousumi and am from India. I have been meaning to write to you and also interested in getting a reply from you too. The thing is I want to send a letter to KIm
    Hyun Joong but not sure if the address that was last mentioned is still the current one. Can you please, help me out on this, dear ?

    I know you are busy and less frequent in your replies because of your work. And also the fact that everyone here on this page is missing you and waiting for your new article including me. But if you could please help me out. Waiting for your reply.

    one of your avid but lazy readr

    • Hello Mousumi!
      I hope my other readers can read fr you too since there’s a definite address where fans can send letters and forward it to khj. Im really sorry I wasn’t able to post that address in this site but one of my readers did in one of my articles.
      I would appreciate it very much if anyone here can share the address pls. My apology i wasnt able to keep track of the address. Thank you so much.

      • Am truly delighted and big THANKS from my side for your reply.
        I was really looking forward to it. And as for the address, I really hope that the address I have (the one mentioned below) when Kim Hyun Joong enlisted for his month long military training proves to be the current one.

        P O Box 61
        Seongnam Bundang Post Office
        Zip code 463-600

        The above is the address one of the fellow readers posted on your blog. Since he is in Paju now as a soldier in the border patrol unit, I am not sure if my letter would reach him. So fingers crossed. And wish me luck that my letter finds one way or the other to his place. And again thanks for your time and saranghae.

        one of your delighted readers

        • Hi Mousumi Pradhan!
          Yes..that is the address for you to send the letter. It was set up by SK Henecia if am not mistaken. don’t worry your letter will reach there. KHJ will definitely happy receiving your letter!

    • hazell (@hazellhassan) on June 3, 2015 at 11:14 am said:
      Hi my Alien Big family,
      For those who want to wish a happy birthday to KHJ, you may email it to the following email adds : or (either one of the email).
      Then the staff will translate them to Korean and attach it together with the original email. If you don’t want to be translated into Korean, let them know in your email.
      Languages to be translated into Korea are English, Japanese and Chinese.
      For those who want to send cards,
      you may send it to the following PO Box.
      PO Box 61
      Seongnam Bundang Post Office,
      347, Hwangsaeul-ro,
      Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,
      Zip Code 463-600
      If possible you may do it before 8/6/2015.
      Let’s send as much as happy birthday wishes to him-so that he can smile and laugh reading our thought on him again!

      p/s: you can send email daily or weekly….good luck…^_^

      • opps,i’m sorry….hahaha,aigoo…
        ms.mousumi,u can ignore the date okay because the date is past due the project,but the address you can use….either email or both….u can send the letters daily or weekly means it always active….
        dont get confuse ok…^_^

        • THANK you very much Hazell Hassan. You made my day. Am so very happy. Really from the bottom of my heart a big thank you.

    • Hi Lazer Kim how are you? How do I get The Best of KHJ album. I live in Toronto, Canada. Hope you can help me out & greatly appreciated if you can. Maraming Salamat ❤ God Bless.

    • I am really happy to know it, hope it will be number one at the end.
      How are you dear?
      God bless you. take care ehh , we need your posts.

  6. I agree with you 100% TOTALLY!!! that we respect each others opinion,, As I said in my post that was my opinion & I’m hoping people will also respect that, No disrespect/anger intended to anybody from my part. MY APOLOGIES to who directly or indirectly offend anyone. That wasn’t my intention I simply express my opinion, so I’m Cool 🙂 We ALL love Hyun Joong so at least we agree on that part & we All love LK too. So again I agree let’s continue support each other to our one common goal Support Hyun Joong at All cost & Enjoy each other’s company while were doing it. We might not agree all the time like any family out there because truly that’s how I feel with all of you guys my family, but like a family we have to learn to Agree to Disagree & STILL love Hyun Joong & each other at the end of the day. So again MY APOLOGIES 🙂 GOD BLESS EVERYONE.

    • Me too, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be offensive, I was just carried away by my anger as i felt boycott to be another bunch for KHJ especially now while he’s away in MS being helpless to save his career. I wish no one gets angry as we’re all family here. Let’s keep praying for him as i recently knew he became a border patrol soldier, and stick together aliens everywhere. I think we as a family are blessed with open-minded personalities, so we can view and accept different opinions without quarrels. Thank you all for defending KHJ’s career, life and future in every convenient way. That’s what is family for.
      To miss LK, we miss you a lot indeed. hope to read more of you’r articles soon.

    • Surprisly it seems like a discrepance of the petition to say who is Miss A, At last discrepance I said not, and was atacked, well now l say, buy it and hope nobody hurt me.
      The most important is to support him as the last one, the way you do is only you. As a song – I did and do in my way – , Let me tell you that without a petition in allkpop l knew who is Choi, some fans showed photos of her, KHJ and some friends, so why to argue, things come out step by step.
      I agree with some of you, KE disapointed us, but it is the only way to support him now, and he trusts the company, it is his last effort to let us something to listen during his absence, dont let him alone disapproving HIS WORK.
      KE is not KHJ, it is just a way, a via to see his work, and dont forget that the company trusted him so much that they let him to do what he wanted on his work as singer, of couse till the scandal, that was their mistake. A big one letting him alone and neglected to care his personal relationships, even if he asked for it. He is not a malicious boy but very naive , and that would be a good reason to follow him even if it disgusted him.
      Well now the cards are appearing on the table, we will see on july 22. It will be disgusting too because she will try to make him look like a monster, but we are ready for her attack, for her strugles to turn it against him.
      We just only see that he is a normal guy with good and bad moments, and with her maybe the worst because of her manipulations, hard pressure and lies.
      Fighting family for our only one and unbreakable boy.
      Hope the sells will be great for him , the last one he was 2nd this time I dream he will be the 1st.

  7. Please, respect each other’s stand. Our views may be different, but stop the quarrels. It will not do KHJ any good.

    • I totally agree with you .
      We are here to support HJ not to quarrel so please do so in whatever way you can. I will not say more about the best of Kim Hyun Joong ‘s album. Please do Whatever you think is best .

      Please avoid hurting each other feeling. We need to cherish each other. I wish I have some magic to cheer up all of us here. We all hurt and upset with what happen to HJ and we knew his family and him must even more hurt than all of us here. However. We must respect each other’s opinion and look forwards and try to do our best for him at this very time. I strongly believe that our unity can really boot his spirit and his confident. We can be unity even though we have different views.

      For now i can only hope he will do well and do not worry too much about his future while serving for his country. Unfortunately he has a lot more to think than his fellow soldiers because of the lawsuit. I pray he is always mentally healthy while doing a dangerous job at the border day by day.

      i often think if I was HJ in his situation what do i want the most. I find that the affirmation of love and support from those who loves and trusts me will stimulate my everyday ‘s spirit . The kind of affirmation that announces to the world that I ‘m loved and be appreciated. If there is a strong unity among people who support me I think I can fight with a bunch of giant elephants with no fear. I believe the power of this unseen positive energy will eradicate all the fear in my heart. I dream to see this happen to HJ.

      Please do not get upset when you see some different views here. We all share the same goal we want to pull him off from the mud. I ‘m 100% sure we can achieve that. We do have the same heart and we do care for each other and we also need each other for comforting our heart from time to time. Let be happy and let’s everyone know how much we appreciate him.

      God bless Kim Hyun Joong
      God bless LK and all of us.

  8. BOYCOTT ??? KIM HYUN JOONG Album?? You must be Choi’s follower/& Haters altogether. What’s KeyEast got to do with Kim Hyun Joong’s album??? Granted KE will make money out of it,, BUT it’s Hyun Joong’s HARDWORK.. He put his Soul, Time, Money & Love into his work not mentioning hours & hours of sleepless nights just to put it all together to make an album. Don’t do this, if your are TRULY a Fan of Hyun Joong you will not do this because WE ALL LOVE HIM. Of course it’s individual decision, I get it,, But your ONLY HURTING Hyun Joong NOT KeyEast. That’s my opinion. GOD BLESS EVERYONE.

  9. I just observe that there are some talks to boycott the coming album of HJ because of the inappropriate management of KE toward HJ’s problem. They wanted to boycott KE but it effects directly to HJ. I was one of those who don’t want to do anything that relates to KE because I’m angry the way they treated HJ and the way they handled his case as his representative since last year till now. In my opinion KE is pretty inability to protect their artist as a credible agency.

    I admit that i was hesitate a lot whether to buy this album because i can’t accept the way KE mistreated him but I love HJ’s talents and love his work and admire him as a human being. He had put his life and souls into every pieces of his work i have acknowledged it and I can’t ignore this fact. i ,however can’t see his effort to bring the good works for his fans go down the drain because of my anger.

    I finally decide to buy this album. I would never hesitate to buy it in the first place if it ‘s not because of KE’s issue. Actually this is what we his fans have been expecting anyway. We should not let other issue to distract our support.Not especially now.

    I just want to share my feeling and my thought here as I see this is a home for those who care for HJ . Since last August our feeling is up and down a lot depend on what we have heard at a time but at the end we always decide what is best for HJ. I have seen a lot of us change our way of thinking and doing just not to make more harm to HJ . I have seen many of us gave up our ego just to make sure it will be better for HJ . We have consolidate and compromise a lot among all of us because we realize how important that we have to maintain our unity to strengthen the support to HJ. I can go on and on what we have been experience together. I think what we have been doing here for HJ is exactly what everybody need in life. i come to realize this is a kind of love that is very healthy and it really affect HJ’s spirit and confident .We had never thought that he will fight back after we have given up our hope. Then we saw him fight back with the support of his parents. Now he starts to fight for justice and his name. I see this is a crucial time of his career and the best time for us to show support for his career while he will be away for 2 years. I can imagine how much the number of album sell will boot HJ’s confident and his cheerful spirit. This is also another time that we as his fans will need to compromise with ourselves and each other and put KE issue issue aside to do what is the best for HJ ‘s career for now. .

    In my opinion the best tangible thing we can show support and guarantee for his career in the future is to buy his latest album the best of Kim Hyun Joong.. This album is his 10 years anniversary and we have never known it might be his last. I ,myself will be so upset and disappointed if the number of the album sold will affect his career after the MS and I do not support him while i can.. I might be angry with KE ‘s actions but I think this album is nothing to do with KE but it is everything to do with HJ’s career when he will return from MS. I love to see the agency in Japan who produced this album realize how much HJ’s works has been appreciated.

    God bless you Kim Hyun Joong
    God bless you LK and all of us.

        • In order for the sales to be recorded on Oricon’s charts, you need to order it through a forwarding service like Tenso. You can choose to read their site in English, so it’s easy. It takes a day or two to get everything verified (their site is down for maintenance until 6/28). There is a very good tutorial on Hyunnies Pexers’s blog that takes you through all of the steps of ordering the album from Tower Records Japan. You can find it under the heading [Still/Even Now] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Album Support – Release Date: February 11, 2015. I think it was posted in January.

    • I AGREE!!! when I saw all these tweets&retweets about boycotting I felt so uncomfortable..even if I share the same feelings about KE I see how dangerous that boycotting might be for his career..must separate the two things.. I want KHJ to have a future in the music industry,I want to hear new songs from him, I want to buy other albums and hopefully seeing him in another dramas. In the “scale”,now, these reasons have much more weight than any legitimate/good issue that each one of us have against KE.. Furthermore, even if talking about profits /money is annoying I know😓 I’m thinking about all the legal expenses that KHJ is facing now due to Choi and this case…it’s not little view of 1 year and 8 months now ahead with no activities in the show business(which means no profit) if there’s anything that I can do to support and that will be “translated” into money for his pocket,well..I will be so very glad to do it. His good must come first.

      P.s. Sorry for using this space of birthday greetings..I’m not very active in this blog but I’m missing your articles so much..😓

    • I’m sorry i don’t get it ! what do these people, who’re calling for the album boycott, think of? to boycott is to punish HJ himself not to punish KE, Of course they’ll be affected but like any other business it’s a matter of gains and losses. But for HJ it’s what his life means, he spent many years of his life in doing what he loves, singing and dancing, entertaining the world. i imagine he’s expecting this album to summarize all his life. wrong decision to boycott, specially not now after we all knew he had a thought in his mind about giving up the entertainment career and the whole show-business. i would say such a stupid idea could be released by some of HJ haters, we can’t exclude such a probability.

      • i always believe he will fight back with right timing…but no one listens and seem like to speculate too much…. i’m sorry if i offence you guys and i’m lazy to go for details… boycott or not,its up your decision and actually, from my view,its not pleased hj but to pleased our heart that we make the right decision not to harm hj and we dont want have the guilt feelin make him down….like the petition case… i’m sorry if i offence and maybe some people dont understand what i’m talkin about…i always have guilt feelin with hj because i dont help him so much by buying his album,goes to his concert….only i know i am just praying…my contribute for make hj famous is low and maybe not effect at all…but i love him too much as much as you guys love…. so, thank you for listening my crappy comments and have a wonderful day….^_^
        may God bless all of u and sorry if somebody hurt with my comments…

        • Hi,

          Thank you so much for sharing your thought. The support to HJ either small or big their value are equally great for the heart.

          You have already given a great support to him by stick around with us here and support him. Praying itself is the great support to him especially if we do it everyday it also cherishes our heart and soul. I’m sure the praying from us have reached him . I believe God will always be with him.


      BOYCOTT???? I just hope hj wont read it from his own fans! I wonder whats the connection of KE and hj’s album?? Can anyone pls give me a concrete logical reason why fans need to boycott his album??? The album reflects KHJ! Does the album wrote KE on it?
      We have different opinion i respect. Fans can do whatever they want but i will not punish KE in the name of KHJ by not supporting his album. There are other ways to let KE realize their mistake but i couldnt see the point of letting khj album suffer if i boycott it just to punish KE???? Hello!! Do you think hj will be happy with this???? THINK AGAIN!
      Thank you bella i agree with you im also angry with KE but why should i involve my buying khj album just bcoz of my anger. I share the same thought.

      • You’re right! Boycott his album/s means boycott KHJ_ssi not KE. What a crazy idea! Maybe his haters would love it.

  10. The more the truth has been revealed the more the true self of the woman choi appears. It’s truly painful to know how much the truth has been buried or hidden because of HJ’s soft heart. We probably would never know that HJ have never reconciled with this cruel woman if his parents did not encourage him to fight back for his own good. We , his fans kept wondering why he went back to this woman after the painful accusation because it really made no sense. I’m so glad that we have never wrong about him as it is revealed now that the woman choi was the one who brought herself to join him in Jeju in December as part of the settlement agreement ( verbal agreement ) and he accepted that out of his compassion ( once again his kind heart has harm him at the end ) . I believe she did it with some plans to get pregnant or to get HJ involved with her pregnancy. I said this because I have noticed that her lawyer always focus on HJ as the father of the child more than necessary even though no one ever raised that question. They seems did not care about pregnancy or the baby but to convince and make public know that she got pregnant by Hj.

    I feel so thankful to HJ’s parents that encourage him to fight back otherwise all these truth will have never been revealed. Now , We knew that he is not only was wrongly accused by an obsessive woman but this woman also threatened him and blackmail him with her lies. To protect his family , his fans and whoever involve with him he was suggested to agree to the apology letter that was edited by this woman who is actually a real blackmailer.

    It is proved that HJ is so naive when it comes to woman . His good heart and sincerity really harm him at the end. it’s hard to imagine how he would feel the past 8-9 months . i hope this painful experience will make him wiser and stronger. I do hope he will never lost faith toward women.

    July 22th seems far away to me. I’m so glad that we are stick together here for a man called Kim Hyun Joong as we know well he is a good person, a good man , a good son , a good faithful brother and really a good human being that whoever come to know him will be proud of him. I’m glad all his fans who believe in him continue to forcefully support him to let everyone know we will not let a good man down .

    I’m sometime surprise why people are so cruel and comfortably to destroy a person with their irresponsible comments based on their bias and ignorance. However we can not discourage because of the bad souls . We must encourage ourselves to proudly protect the good souls and find justice for them to make them feel comfortably live in our society with grace and honor. I’m very sure i would do the same for whoever faces the same situation as HJ has faced since last August. We just can’t give up to let bad souls and wrong doing to control our society. Thank you so much to all Kim Hyun Joong ‘s fans . You made me feel so proud to be among a sensitive , mature and intellectual group of people.

    • Yes. Thank you n others who have kept us informed and updated and to those fans who stayed together and prayed. Now, others will see and know you can’t mess with a child of God, especially when he has the faithful on his side and praying. God bless us all

  11. The issue with her is mental illness that can only be cured by money and HJ tired on her chair…..then she becomes healthy and thinks clearly with no dispatch no photo shops. The problem that get brewed during these time of majestic thoughts is how to become pregnat with her pet tired to her
    My prayer for u HJ
    (God there is nothing impossible with you only if we believe. Nothing is too hard for u. The Egyptians we see today we won’t see them again. )

      • The Egyptians she is talking about are the people written in the Bible who oppressed the Israelite who are God’s people. God promised that they will never see the Egyptians again meaning God will put an end to their abuses and oppression. And figuratively, when the writer said that “The Egyptians we see today, we won’t see than again” – it means that God will punish the cruel people and let them be gone forever from the sight of God’s people or those who have faith in God.

        • Thank you so much for clarification. God bless you all my big alien family. Let’s keep strong, cheerful and supportive for KHJ’s sake. Fighting everyone.

  12. I have been checking if you have new articles since this one. I do hope that I can read new articles from you soon. Hope you are well.
    The case on my adopted son (LOL) is beginning to come on his side. Thank God for his ways. I have been reading many articles about the issues.
    Last year year and early this year, I did hope that news about KHJ would be scarce because everything about him was negative as per media’s reports. But now, I do hope that more and more news on the lies and inconsistencies of the one who is accusing KHJ come out and be published and televised for the world to know that KHJ is the real victim here.

  13. Glad to hear that you are just busy at work, which is a good thing beacuse i was worried that something may have happened to you. Now, here is my take on KE, if I remember correctly they were also involved in a scandal regarding money so I am sure they used HJ scandal to hide theirs. Also, it has been reported that KE has loss money since HJ enlistment. So I am not to concern with them because they have come to realize that they have very little without HJ. He is their money maker and that is why they were there at his enlistment. But God is not finish with them yet.

    For ms choi I find itinteresting that she is now worried about the baby went she was not before. At one point she kept running to the media, now since HJ obtained an attorney she got quite. She has not given an interview since HJ attorney started giving his interview and bring facts out, especially have not heard from her since court case. Latest, the media can’t get any comments from her, her parents, nor the attorney. Just goes to show who is telling the truth.

    Yes, all will be reveal soon and God will continue to bless and oversee the safety and the blessings of HJ. See how word has gotten out regarding his MS training and how some none fans are now praising him and this fanfamily. God is on the right side, the side of Truth, our side. Again, I am thankful for meeting so many good people I would have never met if is was not for HJ. God bless you all and have a great week.

  14. You don’t know me…
    but I know you…
    Your Story… Cappuccino…I can’t take you out of mind…
    WGM is the best that ever happened…
    Even Now…

    Love the people who love you and forget the people that made you sad…

    Wishing you all the best … you have our support…!


  15. Guys I love Playful Kiss and specially Kim hyun joong and Jung so min as couple.So I really really want Playful kiss season 3 and a really long season.Pls rply if agree with me….

    • I would love to see another season, but I just don’t know how it would happen. The first season didn’t get good ratings in Korea and so they rushed the ending. Then they continued with the condensed version on YouTube, which was nice to see, but it left out too many details. I also wonder if no 3rd season has been done in Taiwan, Japan or Korea due to the death of the writer of the manga.


    Just dropping by for a short note. The truth pertaining to KHJ case is slowly prevailing. Just one point that I think KHJ camp should bring out louder to the media is the LETTER OF APOLOGY to clarify to the media that he was forced to sign and post that letter, that that letter was written by Choi’s camp bcoz he was being blackmailed.

    By this way those haters would shut their mouth into saying hj admitted to hitting that choi which is absolutely a BIG LIE.

    There’s a news posted by Hancinema re: Pregnancy and Miscarriage all lies KHJ victim of scum! I hope you have read it and we can post copy paste that news to those trash news sites.

    LK is currently dead busy at work but Im still the same huge fan and defender to khj as always! I hope to be back to my article writting soon! I miss you guys! I miss KHJ Have a nice day everyone! Take care and God bless…
    LazerKim here!

      First, the miscarriage was found the Chio`s big lie, and found also that it was KHJ`s reason to paid her. I imaged my boy really thinking it was true, because he is so naive. He easily would think he did those bruises, since he was not there the next day, and could not see them, he appeared in his FM really affected.. Those bruises that even with her bad intention or make up, didnt seem from an assault. When l read some comments in that day video, some fans wrote that he seems so serious not too many smiles, Why there were not smiles? and when he sang that song of IG drama, he sang it so sad, watching it l understood that he was affected for that fight. see here:

      l bet that the next week he went with her to Jeju feeling to compensate her, who would make him felt guilty, ignoring her macabre intentions, she was consping, collecting false evidences, keeping messages to herself, feeling that sooner or later he was going to break, because we, as women feel when something like that will happen.
      She worked beforehand to tight him to her in any way, because he decided to break up the relationship, that is why l felt he was such a naive boy to think that he could fix the problem by himself,
      l dont know what KE, parents and friends were said by him to did not do too much in the first fight. Even his parents ignored what had happened, until he recovered his sense and confidence. when he decided to talk with them and said everything to the lawyer, It seems that they knew everything before his enlistment.
      I dont know enough about showbiz and its dark side, but I think that his professionalism and sense of responsibility lead him to hide the problem in order to not affect the fans and agency`s commitments under and with his name according his father words.
      Everybody ignored how big that problem was, that problem could
      pass as nothing, at least KE helped him to go MS without paparazzis around, they could not reach him even as they work hard, seeing the quantity of them there, l imagined what would happen if he were there without bodyguards.
      My boy is now well, far away of her bad intentions and presure to do what she likes taking advantage of his good personality and sense of responsibility.
      STEP BY STEP , his lawyer seems to go slowly since the begining to the end, there are no commitments now, nothing to care now to be silence from him, step by step this case will be clarified just be patience, for sure the next is his apology letter for sure.
      My boy, that God take care of you there, WE WILL BE ALWAYS WAITING FOR YOU.

      • Hello Jazu! I agree with your opinion just one thing. I doubted that Jeju incident wc i will not disclose at this time while the case is still in court. I’ll discuss that point later. May i just clarify that hj’parents knew about choi’s existence only after the news on assault last year broke out. They only met her in January and it was in the news.

        You’re right hj thought he can fix that problem by himself without getting his agent involved or anyone else which may be obvious he was scared being a victim of choi’s blackmail scheme.

        Still KE as an agent is obliged to know whats going on with their artist so no excuse be it at work or his personal privacy they ought to know and defend him in every way they can. I got mix thoughts on KE but professionally speaking negligence last year is very clear to me.
        Thank you Jazu for sharing take care have a nuce day and see you again! Hope to be back! God bless..

  17. Hi LK.

    Are you O.K ? I really miss your article. i thought you have prepared an article to post . i check everyday but still no new article.

    Hope you are not too tried with work . i knew it has been some source of exhausting for all of us after following the case for almost a year now. The more i look back the more i see clearer how much HJ felt so alone when he had trouble. Even his parents said something like they feel like the whole world against them.The first thing I thought of is KE. I did not really truly realized then that how bad this agency did nothing to protect HJ’s reputation. i remembered we all hope then KE would do something and we all disappointed that they did do nothing. However we still managed to find an accuse for them last year but not any more now.

    KE is truly incapable to protect their artist . They acted like a coward who was so scare to loose money. Losing Money seem to be the only thing they concerned. . They truly are ready to abandon their artist as soon as they feel some difficulty regardless the damage of the artist’s life and career. I feel so so sad for HJ that he was betrayed by not only the person he once trusted but also the agency he trusted enough to look after his career. His agency that supposed to protect him and help him ignoring his suffering and his problem. The brotherhood we saw from them I feel the sincerity only come from KHJ’s side not KE.

    In my wild thinking HJ is not only a victim of a wrongly accusation from a blackmailer gold digger woman but he might also be a target scapegoat of KE’s business rival . If KE’s rival want to hamper KE ‘s influence in the international market or China it’s easier to attack the most valuable resource of KE’s income. What effect KE is only loosing their income but what HJ might loose is everything he has worked hard for not only his career but his character and his dream to live a happy life.

    I ‘m still wonder why KE ignores the information from HJ’s parents interview and the fact finding from HJ’s lawyer. KE can easily publish this information or passover these information to reporters or TV network. To be frank I think KE mistreated HJ on purpose.

    • Yes that is really true. KE is intentionally not protecting KHJ. They might have thought that KHJ would not renew his contract with them and so KE is doing this so that no one can gain from KHJ..just like Choi.she wants no one for KHJ but only herself. KE and Choi are both selfish and actualy they are the ones who deserve each other (KE & Choi).

      • I think that there are missing information why KE has been quiet. It doesn’t make sense, to me, for them to intentionally destroy KHJ.

        Firstly, KHJ is known to be a ‘people’ person i.e. he gets along well with everybody. That is certainly so for his relationship with BYJ. Why would BYJ and so many staffers and Managers send him off for Military Service if otherwise?

        Secondly, would any other artiste, especially Stars sign up with an agency with such openly bad record or intentions?

        I’m just saying that it doesn’t add up for me. Perhaps the truth will out when KHJ successfully win his lawsuits.

    • Hello Bella!
      Just one thought re KE the company is totally incompetent during the times hj needed to be his mouthpiece over the scandal. Poor management in handling problems of their artist.

      My apologies for my absence i hope to be back soon! Too busy in the real world! Thank you Bella pls do stick around for KHJ. God bless..

  18. Though this is posted at a later date,but it is better late than never. Wishing you good health and more blessings on your birthday and all thru out the year. Happy Birthday Hyun Joong ssi. You are always included in my daily prayers . I hope to see you happy and healthy.🙏😍

  19. Happy happy bday to one and only hyunjoong!!!!!! I cant wait to see u again,hope your fine and okey my well wishes to you,,this is the first time I did comment since 2006 il always follow and look at you on youtube,, but ill always behind you no matter what…keep healthy and wear a beautiful smile as always which I love the most!!!

  20. Good Evening My Alien Big Family,
    To those who want to send messages to KHJ, you can sign up here with your own email, pick up your star; KHJ, leave support message to him daily, and check the end date (it is in Korean but got little English)
    Credit to : sunny☀️‏@sunsun_sky
    If face problem, you twitter me hazell @hazellhassan-am glad to help.

  21. Hi LK,

    Really miss you and your article. Have a lot to say but don’t want to say in this article because this is his Birthday ‘s article.

    i heard that the apology’s letter had been removed from HJ’s official website . It really took a long time for KE before they can do a right thing for HJ regarding the psycho’s scandal..

  22. Happy Birthday oppa, I hope and praying that GOD give you more than everything you want and ever wanted, looooooove you so much ❤ ❤ ❤

  23. “I may not always be with you
    But when we’re far apart
    Remember you will be with me
    Right inside my heart”
    ― Marc Wambolt, Poems from the Heart
    Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong

  24. Happy Birthday Hyun Joong! 🎂 🎉 💖 May the good Lord guide you in all your undertakings. I pray that you’ll have a peace of mind and find happiness while you’re having your military service. Take care and God bless!

  25. Happy BIrthday dear i wish the in your life ,i miss you and i love you always for ever ur fan no matter what ur fan!! God bless you dear handsome Kim Hyun Joong,leader,4D
    We love uuuuuuuu…..

  26. After wishing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY my greatest wish to you,is that you continue smiling brightly and live a healthy life over there.

  27. Actually i feel am d happiest person on earth to have witness the love and effort which fans from different part of the countries carried out your birthday.

  28. It’s so true…Hyun Joong, you are family to us and as such, you’re part of our daily family life…and we therefore wish you as a fellow family member a wonderfully happy birthday knowing full well that your days at the MS will be happy and successful…because we know how lovable and loving you are and your mates will be so glad to have you with them as they complete their MS…my wish is simple: be happy…enjoy your experience at the MS fully and forget what has happened in your life…move on and grow as a person…trust yourself and believe in yourself…you are such a unique person…look at yourself through the eyes of your fans and you will be OK…love you always and forever…hugs and kisses!


    Don’t give a fuck about the haters there are still loyal fans who love you ^-^ ♡

  31. My baby love Kim Hyun Joong-ssi…

    Please let me call u Baby Love on ur birthday, I really feel to call u that after seeing your event entering MS recently. You look suffer and depress that make me wanted to hug u, so that u can cry in my shoulder and u’ll feel relieved from all burden u’ve been through.

    My baby HJ, I know u will be strong, enthusiastic and confident while u away from that bitch. Please be healthy so that u can come strong for ur family, friends and ur fans, Come back to us and we will make u fame and rising than ever.




    ( pls fans do not feel offended, it just today I feel like to be mushy with him…LOL…but im not right!? LOL….)

    ps~ I think if HJ reading this in Hangul he will be cringe at first but then Laugh Out Loud, coz he will be entertained with such mushy name calling…I hope sooo…LOL…

  32. Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong! Spent some time this morning watching some of your hilarious videos. I watched the episode of Thank You For Waking Me Up, when you’re cooking spicy rice cakes for SS501. When cutting carrots into large pieces, you explain, “This is a way of creating an illusion. It makes it look like a ham.” I laughed until tears were streaming down my face. This is just one of the many reasons that I love you so much. There is no one else on this earth that compares to you, and this is why I wish you every happiness, for today and always!

  33. Happy 30th birthday Hyun Joong! So happy to see your most recent picture with your beautiful smile! Take care always! We, your fans, are always here for you.

  34. HapPy BirTHday Kim Hyun Joong!!!!!!
    I wish you all the blessings and joy the world can give to you. I hope that you will be happy today and forever. With lots of love…

  35. Não tem muito tempo que fiquei fã de Kim Hyun joong, foi minha filha de 15 anos quem me apresentou este cantor e ator maravilhoso. Sei que muitos devem pensar e achar que já não tenho mais idade para ser fã de algum artista, mas não me importo. Não me importo e tenho acompanhado sua vida e me sinto triste por não te_lo conhecido antes. Mesmo assim gostaria de deixar aqui as minhas felicitações, que ele fique bem no acampamento e que possa regressar bem e em perfeita saúde.
    Mantenha-se com saúde e que todos seus problemas não te atormentem ai dentro.

    Parabéns que DEUS te abençoe sempre….

    Simone Renata

  36. Birthdays are a novel start, a fresh beginning, and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. Moving forward with confidence and courage is the right thing that you did. You’re a very special person-Yes, our ONE and ONLY Kim Hyun Joong. May today and all of upcoming years will be amazing for you and us! Forget the past and look forward to the FUTURE, for the best things are yet to come.My birthday wish for you is that you continue to love life and never stop if you face challenges. May happiness surround you, not only on your special day, but always.Have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday now and forever. Happy 30th Birthday, Kim Hyun Joong!

    Thank you Ms LK for letting us to share our thoughts and feelings in your lovely blog, May God bless our Alien Big Family, KHJ, KHJ’s families and true friends.

  37. Mixed emotions are what I am feeling right now. I remember your birthday last year that you spent prior to military service; and you were with that girl; and instead of good memories to reckon now that you have to spend your first birthday anniversary in the military camp it reminds you of pains. But I do hope that you can completely recover from these as I believe that you are not the man as what the close-minded and jealous people say or think about you.
    May the peace and favor of God be with you always.

  38. С днем рождения! Будь счастлив в этот день и во все другие дни тоже. Мы все любим вас и ждем вашего возвращения на сцену. Пожалуйста, хорошо заботься о себе! 🙂

  39. A big big BURP day to you my only one! Kekeke! We will just drink for you since you cant… May your day filled with happiness together with your friends there…

  40. Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong. It pains my heart that this birthday is spent amongst so much pain and drama. I would never have wished that for you. But in these times I think of a story I once heard:
    Once a little boy was playing outdoors and found a caterpillar. He carefully picked it up and took it home to show his mother. He asked his mother if he could keep it, and he could if he would take good care of it. The little boy got a large jar and put plants to eat, and a stick to climb on, in the jar.He watched it every day.
    One day the caterpillar climbed up the stick and started to create a cocoon. The boy was thrilled to know that the caterpillar was going to go through a metamorphosis and become a butterfly. He watched every day, waiting for the butterfly to emerge. One day it happened, a small hole appeared in the cocoon and the butterfly started to struggle to come out.
    At first the boy was excited, but soon he became concerned. The butterfly was struggling so hard for hours to get out! It looked like it couldn’t break free! The boy was so concerned he decided to help. He ran to get scissors.He snipped the cocoon to make the hole bigger and the butterfly quickly emerged!
    As the butterfly came out the boy was surprised. It had a swollen body and small, shriveled wings. He continued to watch the butterfly expecting that, at any moment, the wings would dry out, enlarge and expand to support the swollen body. But neither happened! The butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly…
    As the boy tried to figure out what had gone wrong his mother took him to talk to a scientist from a local college. He learned that the butterfly was SUPPOSED to struggle. In fact, the butterfly’s struggle to push its way through the tiny opening of the cocoon pushes the fluid out of its body and into its wings to make them stronger and more beautiful. Without the struggle, the butterfly would never, ever fly.

    My words to KHJ and the fandom: although these are painful times with lots of struggle, it serves to polish your soul and make you even more beautiful. It serves to strengthen your wings and make you fly even higher than before. So never give up. Never believe that this is the end. This is the beginning of more beautiful things to come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  41. happy birthday Kim hyun joong … all the good blessings in life may come to you after facing the storm. you are born not because for yourself but you are born to inspire the lives of the people . your strength is unbelievable… and it makes us strong also. May the Lord God guides you always and protect you. take care and HAPPY BIRTHDAY… waiting for your comeback stage.

  42. Sweet Kim Hyun Joong, wishing we a happy birthday and many blessings. We love you and will love you forever! Adjust well and we know you will make many new friends. The best part of the worst part of your life is that it can only get better! Hugs & kisses!!

  43. Happy birthday sweet Kim hyun joong.May God help u to overcome all your difficulties n shine brightly once again n smile brightly to your fans with your sweet smile who r eagerly waiting for your come back. We love u . sarange oopa.God bless u n stay blessed 🙂

  44. hi ms.Lazerkim n huge henecia family….
    Thank you Ms.Lazerkim for the article and for the space of wishing kim hyun joong’s birthday..
    happy birthday kim hyun joong….
    may God bless you always with happiness and love….
    have a faith in your instinct….
    have a wonderful day everyday…
    Hwaiting! ^_^v

  45. Happy birthday sweet Kim Hyun Joong. May God help u to overcome all your difficulties, shine brightly once again n smile brightly with ur sweet smile to all your fans who r eagerly waiting for your come back. We all love u..God bless u. Sarange oopa.stay blessed

  46. On this special day, I would like to say: Thank you, KHJ, for being born, for who you are. Thank you, for making us proud to be your fans, for your gifts – your music, your smile, your love for us and unique personality. Thank you for creating this miracle – Henecia, that exists only because of you. Have a nice birthday. For me, it`s 29, not 30, because 29 years are behind your back. We love you.

  47. Happy Birthday sweet Hyun Joong! I wish you all the joy and happiness that God has to bless you with. Listen to me when I say you are a very special, loving, passionate, endearing man and you deserve to be happy and in love with life and that one special woman!! Enjoy your music, friends and especially your family! They love you more than life itself. I really love your fans from around the world because they are family too and I love them all! Make your life count! You already have!! Love you so much and appreciate all that you have done for me with your beautiful music and words!! Have a blessed Birthday!! Kisses, Annell Cohn

  48. May this birthday comes with lots of joy, happiness, laughter and unconditional love that only God can give. May all your stay in the millitary be fill with fulfillment and great fun. Today a great GENIUS is born we are proud to be your fans we love you

  49. Hyun Joong ssi, the Lord’s blessings on you in your 30th year!

    Enjoy your time in military service as I’m sure you will make many more new friends there. You are an easy going person.

    Remember the Lord promised that nothing can stand against those who are with and for Him.

    There is light at the end of the dark tunnel. Keep going towards it. Don’t give up.

    In Him we trust.

    God bless!

  50. KHJ’s smile and songs have inspired me to survive in dark ages. On this day I wish for his good health and peaceful mind. Millions of people received happiness from his songs. May this birthday brings smile, positivity and happiness to the power of million. May this birthday be the brightest one 🙂

  51. May you have many more birthdays to come filled with true love, peace, joy, good health and blessings. The storm has passed, and there’s a rainbow in sight. God Bless you. Above all may you know God more so you can find serenity in everything you do.

  52. Happy bday Kim hyun joong……may all ur dreams come true….stay strong where ever u are and never loose Ur smile……..awaiting………have a nice life ahead

  53. Happy bday Kim hyun joong……may all ur dreams come true….stay strong where ever u are and never loose Ur smile……..awaiting………

  54. In SK is already 6th June so this is for HJ:
    Happy Birthday Hj, Today is a new beginning for the best years or your life! Thank you for being you!

    this is to add at TT after writing your wishes. Let’s do a trend : #HappyHyunJoongDay

  55. Happy birthday kim hyun joong. I have seen the photos of you blowing your birthday candles, and the happy smile today. May the good Lord commands his angels concerning you to guard and guide you wherever you may go. We miss and love you and will be waiting for your return. Keep shining my dear. God bless you always. ❤

  56. Happy birthday to you Kim Hyun Joong and more birthday s to come your way.keep safe,more blessing to come not problem, have a good day on your birthday, god bless you always xxxx

  57. Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong … May your birthady full of happiness in the camp with your new friends

  58. wish u many many happy returns of day kim hyun joong..”HAPPY BDAY MY BOY”..HOPE ALL UR wish cum true,,god bless u..we all love n a big hug from all the alien family 🙂 🙂 stay happy and be bless. all the best for ur future…love u oppa..

  59. Hi LK! Just wanted to say I love you sis and it’s been a while since we have greeted each other. So busy working hard for Hyun Joong and in our own busy lives. Today is mighty celebration for todayan Angel was born on earth! Also, we are celebrating the fact God has not abandoned his precious son and had brought this wonderful man Mr Lee Jae Man to protect him while he serves out his military duties. I think that is why he can smile so brightly again. He knows he had his fan family, his biological family, his friends who have faithfully remained by his side and now this brilliant legal counsel whois working hard to restore what has been unjustly taken from him! He had every reason to smile celebrate! Happy Birthday baby! I love you!

  60. I hope everybody sent him a card (there’s some loving fans you mail to, who then box them all up to KHJ) – I actually managed to write a message in Hangul (very proud of myself LOL) I’m retired Navy – believe me anyone going thru military training LOVES getting mail :d I saw where he’s sent one message thanking his fans for the handwritten messages 😀 It really does help morale. Love seeing that smile of his come back 😀
    Happy Happy birthday, KHJ 😀



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