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By: LazerKim



Well well well…what have we got here? An update fresh from the oven! “Choi has filed a mass lawsuit claiming she was psychologically harmed by the spread of false rumors on the internet as well as hate comments.”  My first impression was WHAT? This is so funny!

If ever Choi is having psychological damage, what’s new about this? The entire world knew all along something is wrong with her the moment she step into the media and spill out her dirty laundry to the public! Why blame news readers in stating their opinion?

I believe she already anticipated those hateful comments as she stated in her interview on Feb 25th “She’s also aware and understanding of the public’s negative opinion of her and her pregnancy.”      So why is she filing a mass lawsuit??

Well, if they filed a lawsuit on LK, I think I got my legal rights to know who is filing the lawsuit against me, therefore I’ll be able to know her name, her identity! The news said there were 100 netizens who shall be investigated by the police! Well, good luck, I’ll be glad to meet my co-fans in SK, do I get free air ticket to SK jail? Let’s party!! LOL!



I’m just curious, why is she doing this? Is she not getting what she wanted from Hyun Joong that’s why she’s out there in the media again? This is becoming a pattern that I noticed every time she seeks for attention from Hyun Joong she gets on with tantrum!

In another news outlet, it stated this “Her lawyers announced on May 4 that they were filing the charges because the insults and libel that were directed towards her and her unborn child were “beyond the level of common sense.”

What child? Is this issue been legitimately proven? Has she taken the PT and DNA test since there was no update pertaining this issue! I’m just asking! And I would only believe in it, if Hyun Joong confirms it, since Choi had already lost her credibility!

Now look who’s talking about common sense? Who started all of this circus?? Whoever gets such insults in this drama, it’s Kim Hyun Joong who gets them not only from haters even from media, what insults are you talking about Mr. Lawyer? Hyun Joong is the victim here and not your client who spread all that alleged assault and pregnancy issues!

What do you expect from the public? Sympathy to take Choi’s side? KHJ fans have been suffering from mental torture from what Choi brought to us with her media plays, now she wanted to suppress KHJ fans from letting the whole world know how disgusting we feel about her own doings?

Did anyone suppress your client from talking to media even we knew it’s all lies? If Choi doesn’t want to be criticized, then why is she always been at the media seeking for attention? Whoever is guilty of defamation in this drama, it is Choi, her lawyer and media!



I still think it’s really high time for KHJ camp to speak up pertaining this pregnancy issue before this matter create a huge war if Choi would pursue this lawsuit! If we get to the roots of all these it’s because no one believes Choi is pregnant. And no one can blame KHJ fans to react on all these circus because we will only believe in Hyun Joong!

I have clearly emphasized that whatever the results of those legitimate PT and DNA or whatever Hyun Joong has to decide on, his fans would respect it and to put an end to this drama! This pregnancy issue cannot be kept forever, otherwise there will never be peace. Now we know she’s not missing in action!

And yes quite surprisingly, if she’s pregnant for real, why can’t she just focus on her pregnancy instead of paying attention to the internet? I think she should be reading what is gonna be good to her pregnancy or the baby, IF this is legit and real! Don’t you think so?

I would just like to react to those news! As usual, I’m stating what I think and feel, I guess this is what blog site is all about! If Choi has the right to speak out to the media through internet, then I get the same human right to speak up!  I’m done, now I rest my case! Thank you!   See you SK!! See you Choi!!  Remember, free air ticket to SK jail!! LOL!



I got this info from my comment box down there and putting it up up here, shared by a fan Martha, thanks for sharing! This info came out while I was writing this article. May I quote:

“HJ’s lawyer has spoken and said they are already checking on the lawsuit and getting ready to take legal action. He also said that regarding the paternity they still only have the medical certificate she sent them in the very beginning.”

This is the best info news I have ever read for months, so this is quite a relief that KHJ camp are intending to take actions. Thank God, I’ve been waiting for this!

Source> ( (News source shared by Martha thanks!)


KeyEast was unable to report updates pertaining Kim Hyun Joong’s MS schedule, ex-girlfriend Choi, legit pregnancy, ect. I would believe KeyEast is still the official agent of Hyun Joong, since there was no public notice being announced that Hyun Joong contract with the company had expired.

The fact that the company responded to the media therefore Hyun Joong is still with them! It’s so easy to respond like saying Kim Hyun Joong is no longer within our management therefore we have no knowledge pertaining his whereabouts! But nothing like it was being said, so they are still responsible with Hyun Joong. This is just my opinion.


UPI NEWS UPDATE    (news details from link below)

Kim Hyun Joong is also being sued for $1.48 million by Choi on ground of “psychological harm”??? Wow, now her true color is just showing!  In this news stated:  Maeil Business reported Choe had also targeted her online antagonists for spreading malicious rumors — including stories claiming the two were visiting an obstetrician.

Oh great, this makes me laugh! Who can spread such rumors? Of course the person who wanted to be pregnant! Whom are you joking with Choi? So therefore, she is filing charges against Kim Hyun Joong and his fans for the same grounds? Great!

I have just read this news and this really surprise me! Hyun Joong should be the one to file against her for causing himself, his family and his fans all these mental torture for the last 3 months!  Why don’t I file the charges too?

I think I know what’s next to this episode! Since she have not taken the legit PT and DNA test, therefore her so-call pregnancy is still in question! I can guess how she can get away with this and put all the blame to Hyun Joong and his fans! Stay alert, keep checking on updates, let’s see if this guess is right!

I shall be posting updates on this article page, you may visit from time to time as usual. Stay tune everyone!! Let’s keep our eyes and ears open! Thank you!

                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

News source UPI (



I got some info from allkpop, civil suit court date shall be on June 3rd. As we are aware from the news Hyun Joong will be in his MS in May 12th, I’m hesitant to post about it since the news came from Dispatch right after May 4th Choi’s bubbling about lawsuits here and there!

However, Hyun Joong’s legal counselor Lee Jae Man will proceed and respond to the lawsuit Hyun Joong being charged with, and if counter charge is necessary he will go through about it. Meaning the fight has begun!! Good! Very good indeed!

He’s updating with whatever is going on with the case, so I sure do hope Mr Lee Jae Man will continue to share with his updates, so fans can observe with the court proceedings.

link fr allkpop> (

link > (

link > (

SBS Midnight entertainment Link (


Just a while ago this lawsuit was on TV if anyone of the fans can translate the said news it will be well appreciated. This news was strike out from YouTube but I got one from Daily motion. Thank you.

I sincerely hope the media would be fair enough this time to get both sides of the story before publishing any news pertaining to this case. Now I think media slowly realizing where they went wrong in Aug nightmare.

Here’s the vid news link below:

Link fr Dailymotion > (

Link fr YouTube (



For those who are asking pertaining to Choi’s statement on her pregnancy saying Hyun Joong was with her to see her OB Gyne, here’s that news link below.

If indeed there’s a reality in her statement that they went to visit the OB, Hyun Joong should have known her pregnancy is legitimate. However, in the statement from KHJ lawyer that what they have is the same medical certificate she showed in Feb.

I think the best way to find that out is by Sept as Choi stated she’s giving birth in Sept! Then the next question would be DNA test if indeed the so-called pregnancy is legitimate!

Please stay tune as I recap these turn of events on my next article and how we can encourage KHJ Korean fans to stay strong. Thank you!

                                                                                               LazerKim here reporting!

Link> (


ENGLISH TRANSLATION ON PREGNANCY (share by Michlui thanks for sharing!)

A clear statement of BLACKMAILING!

Towards end-March/early April, Choi messaged HJ rushing him to make his decision as the father of the child, and if he did not decide then she would use legal means to settle matter. On 7 April, notice of the 1.6 billion won lawsuit was served. Link below Trans 2.

Translation 1 link >

Translation 2 link >

                                                                                                       LazerKim here reporting!

Photo credits as tagged, and video link fr Ms D thanks! Trans shared by michlui thank!

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180 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MASS LAWSUIT??

  1. Still praying very much for my Oppa…. I knw it hasn’t bin easy for him bt I av always known him to b strong and always smiling so he will surely smile out of all this at d end….
    And to u Miss Choi or whatever is ur name, b careful n watch ur back bcoz we his fans will nt give up on him and always fight for him…. Kim Hyun-Joong **fighting** always loving u n missing u so much…

  2. My theory is that she isn’t pregnant at all , but she make this fuss to pretending a miscarriage and claim money from him , the same she provide false medical document , i hope the HJ’s attorney does a good job and punish her for all false accusation and defamation that ruin HJ ‘s career . I saw people left her side and if a trial will show her blackmail , people will reconsider theier position against those false accusation of assault and will clear his name .

    • Miss Claudia, LazerKim, get ready for it: She has finally done it! She has come out with a report in the media claiming that she lost the baby due to KHJ’s beating her last year. From my friend in SK:

      The Latest BOMB from Choi–
      She came out on TV Morning Show this morning…..
      and said that she had an ABORTION before due to
      KHJ’s BEATINGS…and she produced a new phone-text
      messages with him dated May 30 2014…which “said”~
      that his beatings were bad enough to lose the baby??!!

      How? Seriously? But, we saw it coming, “I had a miscarriage and it’s KHJ’s fault!” We knew she would do this since it is obvious SHE WAS NEVER PREGNANT! Mr. Lee has stated he will be verifying all hospital records and if there is NO PROOF (which there won’t be because she was never really pregnant, right?) He will be countersuing her for defamation, threats and lies!

      and Atty Lee’s response:

      Apparently, last year, she already received from KHJ 6 billion won
      for settlement… it is about $600,000 USD. Oh, my, my…………!!!!!

      Attorney Lee: “She had notified us of her MISCARRIAGE… and
      she had been threatening KHJ “I shall report ALL to media” while
      KHJ always responded with “If the child is mine then I will take
      full responsibility once it is verified.” And Mr. Lee said now, if
      what she claims (miscarriage) is true…we will check and examine
      the hospital records, etc. and according to the results we can counter
      sue her-CRIMINAL LAW-SUIT AGAINST CHOI–either for [Defamation]
      or [Lies and Threats].

      Just thought you would like to hear it first hand. The news reports should be coming out tomorrow… just in time for him to enter MS. She is just one sick and sad, crazy and desperate woman. I am relieved though! If the public can’t see through her now, they are really blind.

  3. I drop by because I find what people are writing and putting on Google very interesting. Since this story broke I have been going on Google to see the headlines and true to its form just as before they continue to run this story with different headlines but basically running the same story. I want all these media outlets to know that the more they run this story and keep it up people will come to their senses and know that the problem is not HJ but the person who keeps running to the media, and this is why he has gained in fans. You see, the more people are expose to a situation the more they start to understand and see the truth. Yes, there will be some who will always believe the lie and you can’t do anything about them. But even for them, as long as they live, they too will reap what you sow. You see, they will realize that it was her and not HJ that spoke to the media everyone and he never said a word against her, and will see that he is willing to take care of the child so there was no reason for her to sue, and for that amount of money. Let us believe that he will be back because he does not shy away from controversy. He stand tall and fight back when it is time. Because of this I am glad that he never came out and said a word. H J God is on your side and go to MS in perfect peace.

    To HJ I will leave you with these sayings of encouragement:

    “Some people haven’t apologize because they’re ashamed. Forgive them anyway! Sometimes you have to be okay with a sorry you never got. Forgiveness unblock your blessings”.—- Phucky Quote

    “When you made a mistake or make a bad choice ask the Lord to help you. He’s merciful”.
    Fred Hammond

    “All failed relationship hurts, but losing someone who doesn’t appreciate and respect you is actually a gsin, not avloss.” Try Life.

    “Shake off these worries God is about to do a new thing in your life. Unknown.

    And to Miss LarazKim, thank you for your wisdom and insight into this matter and for keeping us in line. I pray for your health and strength so you can keep going and speaking truth.

  4. ¿Is there a possibility that that bitch choi withdraw the complaint and did not carry out the trial on June 3 ?? …. it would be a shame if so, since it is an opportunity for everyone to know their true face !. ..the a MONSTER!!!!!!!….and she’s a bitch

    • Hello Gabby! Just my opinion, even she drop the charges as HJ’s lawyer stated he will file for counter charge, so there’s no escape for choi to face this battle. If she drop that only mean one thing, she’s not pregnant at all or if so HJ is not responsible for it. How I wish we fans has also the right to sue her. There are a lot to be done in this case not to mention those media outlet back in Aug nightmare and KE too for negligence. Just my opinion!

      • KHJ attorney will most likely wait to see if the case is dropped or dismissed before filing a countersuit because once you file a countersuit then the original case can not be dropped and must move forward.

  5. Here:s a theory. I believe Choi is very smart and manipulative. When KHJ slept with her back in Dec/Jan.. who is to say she didn’t save his sperm from the condom (he must’ve used one I hope) and got impregnated in vitro. KHJ admits to drinking a lot. He got drunk and couldn’t hold back. That’s way I out there I know but thinking outside the box, so to speak. Choi is making his life a living hell any way she can and I wouldn’t put it past her to come up with something like that to emotionally imprison KHJ for life. I feel sorry for that baby if there is one and it is his and even if it isn’t his. I pray for him, his family and fans. Whatever the outcome, we’ll stand by him. Do you think my theory is possible?

      • Hi Angelaaaj. Do you think I’ve watched too many dramas? Yup, I have. I just wish the best for KHJ. He has been and always will be a true gentleman. This is a great website and LazerKim is doing a wonderful job keeping us informed and sharing comments. I’m sorry if I offended anyone with my theory. e

  6. this is just for info ladies re Paternity test non invasive:

    For prenatal testing, or testing done during pregnancy, there are several options to choose from:
    •Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity (NIPP): A non-invasive prenatal paternity test is the most accurate non-invasive way to establish paternity before the baby is born. The process is state-of-the-art, combining the latest technology and proprietary methods of preserving and analyzing the baby’s DNA found naturally in the mother’s bloodstream. This test requires only a simple blood collection from the mother and alleged father and can be performed any time after the 8th week of pregnancy. The test is 99.9% accurate.

    I.E. = this can be done after 8 weeks any time…just proving a point!
    Below is the link fm USA .

  7. Realy are we still having people with these mindset of blackmailing men🙉She is not sure who made her pregnant hence she lied in January about the fetal development looking on the pictures then the nose was already well defined which is not true it can’t be as in the oby gyne department she is day dreaming. Pls lady tell the truth .why u don’t want them to see when they scan the baby coz the measurements will tell how far is the baby’s gestation period. 😉Pls give him a break omg what’s wrong. We love him don’t spoil our mood.pls.

    • That’s a really good point, maybe she IS pregnant but knows it isn’t Hyun Joong’s, that being the reason why she isn’t allowing him or his family in the room during her ultrasound.
      It would make sense. I can’t understand why else she would refuse him and his parents access… yet, according to HJ’s lawyer, INSIST they meet her at the hospital!
      Hmmm…. something is very suspicious

  8. I detected 2 important infos/clues from Madam Hamm….

    1. You’re the media ( the ears and eyes of everyone ), if you dig deeper into her background, you’ll see that this is not her first time of blackmailing or accusing men into making money and destroying them. The only reason why this is different is because he’s a celebrity which she can milk more money from.

    I wonder who is Mdm. Hamm. Is she Korean? Its like she knows abt this crazy Choi scheming and blackmailing thing on Korean men?

    2. Lastly Mdm. Hamm said this……

    As for madam and whosever is aiding her in destroying kim hyun joong, I think both of you need to think twice and remember that nothing is hidden under the sun. Both of you need to stop now; haven’t you done enough damages already? Do you have conscience?

    Why did she mention abt this ‘Madam’ aiding crazy Choi with her dirty work? Does she knows them both?

    My words…

    I love how Mdm. Hamm wrote her opinion. She have said it all. I hope if she reading LK blog, please appear in here and give some comments. We love to talk with you and we can share any feedback abt this recent development.

    Re, KHJ silent sometime ago, now we know that this crazy Choi is actually ‘not reconcile with him” and just met him and his parent just to check on her fetus condition. I just feel so relieve to know this. As we already know from those articles, she just kind of disrespectful people to elder folk and really sly in her actions. As if Khj’s omma will push her down and beat her to make her abort her baby. i don’t get it why it so hard for her just to make ONE thorough check-up with Hj’s omma as a witness.

    I feel so sorry for KHJ. How would he feels now knowing this crazy ex. behaviour, what will she up to some more while he was in MS. He must be feel insecure while in a camp thinking abt what will be her next move. I hope HJ will be still strong as if our +ve vibes all around the world get chilling in him. May God protect him while in MS from any harm and bad intention.

    • Hello Tina! Got it! Thanks so much for sharing, this shed light to us now. Till my next article just waiting for something else. Thanks again take care! God bless..

      • My dear LK…long time no see you….ekeke

        Will always waiting for ur great writing… hope u always be healthy and God bless u in everywhere u go….

    • Hi dear Tina…thank you for this…

      HJ’s lawyer said, ” Although in different situations, the compensation figure could be negotiated by both parties but in this case, Choibitch’s demand is obviously way out of any negotiable parameters.”

      Someone please clear me up, does this mean she refuses for any negotiation and still with her demand of $1.4million? Therefore HJ has no choices just to countersue her? Means, for such effort HJ will have to exposed every single thing about herself, her motive, her background, her plan, aka all her lies?!
      So it also means HJ will try his best to fix up his image that has been damaged and gain back his reputations? Are these possible after what had happened?

      Just asking….*sigh*

      • Hello Atiq! Clearing up his name is the best he can do. To gain back his reputation, oh yes I’m possitive about this and it will be our role to give it back to him no matter what happen.

        TO EVERYONE!
        As I have mentioned in my previous article which I have been pushing is for us to know the truth positive negative DNA. These are what we need to know then we can take it from there at least we know how we can defend and protect him. And this is the most important thing. Now we know PT is positive (STILL TO BE CONFIRMED) as I understand from the translation fr his lawyer so we wait for DNA. Again we shall respect whatever the results are and whatever HJ decides on. I remain in this stance.

        However, wrong doings has to be straightened with no excuse, simply pointing out where Choi made the biggest mistake of her life without thinking it can even affect that child she’s having as I emphasized in my recent article Controvertial Challenge. Even if you say she’s the mother of HJ’s child (NOT CONFIRM YET) something has to be done to correct the mistake that tainted the image of an innocent man, otherwise nothing can be learned out of this long ordeal.

        For the mean time as I have said we open our eyes and ears with what is going on. For sure KHJ will be able to surpass all of these. I’m so happy he got himself a good lawyer and now I’m hoping the SK media would do their job right as professionals, FAIR WELL BALANCE REPORTING, and this time I would scream for this!!

        TO ATIQ!
        Thank you Atiq, i miss you!! LOL take care and see you again pls stay tune! God bless..

        • Oh dear…u are so fast in ur reply…thank you LK…I missed u too…LOL

          Firstly, don’t get me wrong, is it look like I believe the baby is HJ’s? No. I really hope it wasn’t his. But if the baby really his, I too will accept that and support whatever HJ decides abt her/him ( ofcoz not in marrying her…NO..NO…NO ) and I believe he won’t do that at all.

          It just that I worry abt him to face all the procudures/consequences along that way. Im afraid in order for him to expose her, she will pull her card just to damage him more. I mean she will exposed ‘something’ that he had protect with cares all these while before ( remember we talk abt he keeps quiet just to protect someone/something? ). He was in a camp training and that crazy Choi’s ass got hot up and will make her next move to ruin him again and again.

          Oh…I think am thinking so much abt him. I shouldn’t worry right? LOL…

  9. now I am very happy.his attorney is very good and said that even when he is in military,he continue and will solve this problem..I think all of anti fans now should know the personality of choi
    hope that this story be solved as soon as possible
    he is the best in the whole world….yes..the fight is begun and I believe khj…he is the winner of this round..

  10. She herself can actually stop this emotional and psychological trauma. JUST Show a legitimate proof of what you are claiming and everyone’s mouth will be shut up. What is keeping you from doing this? Unless you are really hiding something. If I were you CHOI, I will
    shame those who hate me by showing all valid proofs so I can have the world be on my side. Can’t you see even those who defend you before are now saying that you are a laughing stock and made yourself not reliable anymore..oops I may add they even say now that you are mentally unstable. Stop this circus and have pity on yourself.

    • She went with khj and khj’s mother (although in the interview she only made mentioned of khj being with her) to the hospital of her choice but prevented the two of them to come inside the ultrascan room.

      • Ohhh…and u know that because? U been with them or just rumors again?
        No offence…but we had more than enough rumors and gossips.
        Cause Hj Lawyer said NO hospital visits were and no news since last.

        I believe Hj lawyer knows what he is talking.
        So maybe less we mention rumors better for Hj and let his Legal Team do the talking.

        • Dear friend…please read again LK article up there ( in the last part ) abt these matter….there’s so much updates she has put up…Hope it will clear up all your confusions…: )

    • she said that she went to hospital with khj but after one day his attorney said that this was wrong and they did not give any documents just one pic without date and name at the first

      • Hi dear friends…for further more info abt this, please do open the link that TINA gave up there regarding the video of interview with HJ’s lawyer. Its a translation to English from Chinese translation. I have seen the video but don’t understand coz in Hangul.

        • I just want to correct something Atiq this translation is of the phone interview he did yesterday may 5th but there is another video interview made to day may 6th but I haven’t found any english translation of it.

  11. This woman makes me laugh,now am certain on how stupid she is,hyun joong will never be destroyed by any demon from hell.we are all waiting for her and her stupid lawyer,peace to all.

  12. if that’s the case LK you will have a chance of meeting that ‘girl’ask her please why she’s so bad to Hyun-joong that the whole world got angry with her 🙂

  13. It is indeed another heart breaking news. But still my stand will never change no matter what the result will be. I’m always praying for him and his family. This even made his fans grow stronger and closer. Thanks for the info and the global support video. It made me teary eyed.Good luck to us ,God bless and stay healthy.

  14. going to miss my adorable oppa~i will pray that 2017 should come fast so i can see his lovely face in dramas nd listen to his beautiful voice when singing again~OPPA ALWAYS BE STRONG & HWAITING(SARANGHAE)all what is happening now can not stop my love for him,not now nd forever….

  15. I totally agree with you,if she is not planning to destroy his career she wont have brought their personal issue out to d public.
    She is seriously kiddin me,she want to sue his fans,then she should go ahead(a matter brought to public is to be shared by everyone).she is suffering my foe,our kim hyun joong oppa is d one suffering all d insult from haters but i know he his a strong person,he can get through this with the help of his fans.
    She cant sue all his fans from all over the world right,if she is willing to fight this to the end why dont she reveal her identity to the and she will be a corpse in no time.

  16. Wow LK…this is ludicrous in its own sense! How dare she continue to play the victim, when all along KHJ and all his supporters were her victims! Choi and her legal team better understand the rights of all of us and the proper investigation that will be taken…even the appeal of her alleged claims of abuse, that had its own intention to tarnish KHJ’s career! Please BRING IT ON for those that will try manipulate the legalities of professionalism with their own personalism!!! Wake up Choi, I want to visit SoKo and I would not mind seeing first hand their justice system!!! AND it would be very good to see the face behind this dramatic rollercoaster of almost a year long bullsh!t
    So LK…do you think we would get first class tickets? LOL…#HWAITING #IJNIP

  17. God bless Mrs. Hamm!!!!!!!!!!! Hyun just like BET says WE GOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so does Jesus!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  18. I wonder if she is pregnant. And why she haven’t come forward to end all this. Just take the test and get it over. Or do she have another plan, that’s why she coming up with all these sues. To cover up that she may not have been pregnant in the beginning. And going to use these sue to say she lost her baby due to this situation. This is just my opinion.

  19. Here is my tuppence-worth: Miss A tried for about 2 y to get hold on KHJ-ssi and she finally succeded in April 2014 or so. After 2 months of relationship he decided to break up with her (un uproar breakup) and she tried (my guess that threatening was involved too) to get him back until mid August 2014 when she realised that she has to force him to do so, therefore she accused him of violence in the tabloid. From this point on, the things go insane. I suppose she is so infutuated with him (see obsessed) that she is capable of anything incl. to have sex with him (drunk or not!) in order to have his child and to have him tied to her forever. When this was not enough (I don’t know if she successed or not to have his child) she decided to sue him for 1 mld won for alleged psychological harms & emotional stress during pregnancy. Maybe he has that money maybe he hasn’t, that’s not important. I just wonder how will she prove that in the court? With the same out of context messages?!? Did he make other mistake? Maybe, does she hope for a new settlement and to grab him again in her spider net? I just wish his lawyer (as he said) and his family to stand against it. Maybe, her obsessiveness could be proven in court (by psychiatrical expertize). As for the complaint against the netizens I guess she’s referring to the messages written in Korean because I doubt she knows other languages (there’s no harm if you don’t know about it). Hope this mess will get its end soon. We, as his loyal supporters, struggled so much with all the negative comments, mass-media inconstancy, and now even a complaint.

  20. wow… this is really madness… suing all the fans who made an opinion… is choi in his right mind? does she have a lot of money??? because i want to be included in the lawsuit too… i am really a willing subject for that lawsuit provided i am free with board and lodging and airfare ticket too courtesy of the complainant Ms Choi… i will volunteer to be one to be sued… see you in Korean court henecians ASAP MS. CHOI i am waiting so that i could file a leave of absence from my work…. i love this opportunity… i still did not experience being sued.. so i want to experience now…right away kekekekeek

    • kekekeke me tooo, I would love to meet you, Henecians. I would love to visit Korea, even if it is only in the court.
      PS: Are Korean police officers cute :))))

  21. I am glad that he will try to defend himself finally. I really hope that he is fine, he`s got all our support and love. Fighting KHJ!!! Love u!

    “It’s almost a year, if not over, that this issue between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend (Choi) came out. Since then it’s been so many stories/news or other, accusations over accusations. The dirty laundry that was supposed to be private became public, ex-girlfriend turned from an abused victim to a pregnant victim as she claimed. And when we thought the issues or enough dirt has been aired already; we read another bombshell on May 4, 2015, this same woman (Choi) suing the almost 2,000 plus Netizens that made comments on the web about her issues, how on earth do you sue people whom you don’t even know?
    These commenters are from all over the world; if I could remember, you made this issue a public one the moment you started giving interviews, aired text messages and accused him of an abuse. If you really were not expecting anyone to comment, then you shouldn’t have gone to the press or were you expecting the commenters/netizens to say more positive things about you, but unfortunately it didn’t happened as you wish.
    As if suing the fans are not enough, an hour later, boom! You’re suing Kim Hyun Joong, wow! Don’t you get tired of playing all this manipulative and shameful game? Kim Hyun Joong and his family receives so many blames and hate comments, but they stay quiet even at the expense of his career, he never gave an interview or post any text messages between both of you to the media, he took the heats from every corner and never for once releases your identity or trash you. So, MS (Choi) are they all not enough for you? This is a man that lost a lot because of your accusations, but yet you still not had enough, I thought you once loved this man? Man and woman do fall in love and break up when they’re not compatible, is not a big deal, but why is yours so different? If you really don’t know, I will tell you that you’re now a laughing stock even to the people that once supported you.
    My message to the media in South Korea is that they really need to always double check there stories from both angles before publishing or passing judgements. Do you news outlets still believe that this woman is still a victim? You’re the media(the ears and eyes of everyone), if you dig deeper into her background, you’ll see that this is not her first time of blackmailing or accusing men into making money and destroying them. The only reason why this is different is because he’s a celebrity which she can milk more money from.
    I want South Koreans to know that people get to know more about you worldwide because of KPOP and KDRAMA ( worldwide known celebrity like Park Si Hoo, KIM HYUN JOONG, Lee Byung-hun, Rain and so on.) So, why are you allowing these lazy, desperate and gold digging women to ruin them? These men (celebrities) are the building blocks, representatives of your culture that makes foreigners rush or wants to learn more about your culture. What happened when these building blocks are been removed or destroyed? It’s high time that you people need to stand up against blackmail and supports your ‘sons’, if you did not stop all this women from blackmailing and destroying your reputation, sooner or later nobody will know or heard anything about your culture, tourism, KPOP,KDRAMA and also foreigner will be afraid of coming to your country because just a little contact with this women might lead to lawsuit or blackmail.
    To those who supported her claim of an abused, do you still believes that she’s a victim? Do you think the best thing for her to do since she said she’s expecting his baby and wants to be a single mother is to sue him for $1.48million? How did he cause her a “psychological harm”? She’s the only one doing the talking, interviews and airing of text messages. So, is he supposed to be liable for that? (I could remember the interview she gave that she wasn’t interested in his money, but now she does. Actually, this is all she wanted all along.).
    I, as a 58years old woman, mother, and grandmother will never wish a woman like her for my sons, because she said kim hyun joong is the father of her unborn child, and all she does is trying to destroy him totally; so what happened when the child grows up, heard the story of how the mother destroy the father’s life. What will she tell him/her?
    What even baffles me is that her parents couldn’t even give her a good parental advice. Why did they keep quiet? Why did they allowed her to shame them and the entire womanhood with all her framing, manipulative and desperate games?
    Now it’s not too late for her parent to talk some senses into her, because nemesis will catch up with her one day. Madam choi, please think twice before you destroy some else’s life; one day you’ll be a mother and how would you feel if a woman does the same to your son? Remember, what goes around, comes around. What you sow, you shall reap.
    If my article will cause me to be sued by you, please don’t hesitate to, but please at least include a plane ticket with it.
    I am appealing to all the good women of South Korean to not allow these lazy and gold digging women to destroy your reputation; please end this blackmailing and disgusting ways of all this mentally unstable women like her.
    Kim hyun joong, I have sons older and about your age, my advice to you is that next time you want to date a woman, please be careful and know a little bit about their background and mental state before you proceed. People makes mistake in life, but one mistake is enough for you to learn. This woman is that mistake, a bitter mistake in your life.
    As for madam and whosever is aiding her in destroying kim hyun joong, I think both of you need to think twice and remember that nothing is hidden under the sun. Both of you need to stop now; haven’t you done enough damages already? Do you have conscience? A word is enough for the wise. (That’s if she’s wise).
    Conclusion: you’re after money right from the beginning; you only execute your plans step by step. You mapped it out right from beginning.”

    Thank You

    • Mrs. Hamm
      My respects to you and thank you for saying it so clear. Hope people will finally understand and see the truth. Which we as Hj fans saw from the beginning.

    • She’s not fan but a very broadminded lady,she has a very good perspective,see things the way it should be…

      • Hello Ellan! Thank you so much for sharing Mrs. Hamm with us, she has a very good point of view there, and I agree what choi has been doing reflects to SK and to other innocent women of SK. I share the same views with her. Something really has to be done to this wrong doing so it won’t happen to others again. Thanks again ellan take care, have a nice day and God bless..

    • LOL OHHH MY!! Is 58 elderly? I really hope not!! =) I’m just a little younger and still have kids in high school and she is a grandmother! I think I must be a late bloomer LOL

    • Beautifully said. I think this woman seriously needs to see a psychiatrist..I’m pretty sure there is a medical mental issue with her. Finally true intentions are out..almost 2 Million USD!! She saw things were getting peaceful, he was quietly going in, media stopped speculating…so before she lost all sympathy, BAM! And this can a human being be so cruel? Before he leaves for Japan she tells him she’s pregnant. There goes his peace of mind. Before he leaves for MS, she sues his fans! Now imagine his state to be cut off from everyone? And to be honest, all this while KHJ kept silent amongst all the bashing he was single-handedly taking, but we all know how much he loves Henecia, and the moment this woman tried to mess with his fans, KHJ is baring his teeth to protect us.

      I really hope his legal team razes her to the ground and shows the world what a gem of a man Kim Hyun Joong really is.

    • Outstanding response! I am a 66 year old grandmother from the U.S. and agree absolutely with the above comment. Well said! She is the one who should be used for defamation, but it is unlikely that he or his family would stoop to her level. I hope for the sake of the baby, regardless of the father, that this woman is not pregnant at all. Continued prayers and support to KHJ and his family.

      • I am 68, birthday this month, and yes I too agree with Mrs.Hamm. I am happy that my son is married to a wonderful woman and he has a beautiful family. To HJ, you too can have the same, just do not repeat the same mistakes. My son learned from his first marriage and he did not make the same mistake the second time. Many people call this a scandal, but you know what this really is, a God lesson for you to understand that you can’t have every and anybody in your life and to remember the advise given you by your parents. You are never to old to ask and remember what was taught by your parents. You will be back no matter what man say or does.
        God can and will continue to open doors, and when God opens doors can no man shut.

        Be bless, go to MS and service your Country with honor. Please God and not man.

        “Always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else say distract you from your goals”. Michelle Obama

        “Let go of people who dull your shine, poison your spirit, and bring you drama”. Steve maraboli.

      • Thank you so much Mrs. Hamm for your insightful comment. Every points you made touch my heart and soul. What you said is so true in my opinion.
        I really wish the Korean medias and SK public finally realize the damage they did to their own country and the impression they made to the international perception.

        Kim Hyun Joong be strong , be happy
        Pay good attention to the elderly advise

        We always believe in you and trues you
        A better future is ahead of you. Never give up.

      • And THANK YOU Ellan for sharing. I wish we can post this to other sites. As many as we can. That would be Awesome. What do you think Ellan??

    • Very well said! Please copy paste this in all Kpop media outlets. SK should see this kind of threat to their own treasures and should do something to stop this injustice. I was furious to read one of the hater’s comments that she was sick of fans defending HJ just because he is handsome. At least she admitted that he’s good-looking.Lol!

  23. Huh! that woman is really a something…i wish kim hyun joong will speak up now.miss kim lazerkim,we are with you…..Thank you for the updates

  24. Good morning my Alien Family,
    When I first read Ms Kim’s blog, I was thrilled. Now our love for KHJ has grown more and more.We must pray for him to gain strength and courage in order to win the lawsuit to clear his name. All of us agree that this matter needs to address once and for all. We don’t want another idol experiences the same thing that our prince alien has gone thru. We will be with you KHJ!!!

  25. What about the damage she has caused to our Kim Hyun Joong? What’ll happen when he files lawsuit against her?

    • Then they will both have a lawsuit against each other that will be heard in court. Since this is a civil suit and not a criminal suit I expect it will be heard in court unless the lawsuit is dropped by Choi’s side. KHJ camp does not appear to even be considering any kind of mediation as stated by his lawyer:
      ” Legal representative of Kim Hyung Joong told media outlet DongA, ‘ We’ve confirmed the lawsuit of Ms. Choi. Currently, we are seeking a way to respond. This case is not something that we will negotiate on to settle. We will be taking strong measures, and if needed, we are willing to countersue.’ “

      • He needs to settle it once and for all. I’ve read the people’s comments on him. It is sad that they just simply said without even thinking how he felt! How cruel they said something so harsh to our KHJ!OMG!

        • I didn’t read comments that were bad about KHJ on these lawsuit articles but I have seen them in the past. The articles today seem like people are more confused about these lawsuits all of a sudden. Like WTH??? Suing netizens is one thing but suing your said baby’s father?? Hmmmm…….

          • There are some of them regarding Ms Choi files the suit to KHJ recently. They even use the word ‘f..k’ to our KHJ. I knew they are outsiders who did not know anything about KHJ yet they shouldn’t have said that. You are rite Ms is abnormal for a ‘becoming’ mother (since she said she’s preggy) to sue her baby’s father. She should have acted like a matured and grown-up woman-discussing with KHJ and KHJ’s parents on the matters instead of going to media.

            • I agree and I have to wonder who is advising her? I think anyone who is a Mother knows that it’s in the best interest of their child to get along with the child’s father and his family ( and vice versa ) even if you are not together or married. I don’t think pressing charges and filing lawsuits makes for a good relationship. I really hope if this baby proves to be the child of these two that all this craziness will stop and the child will be the priority and not have to look back at history that Mommy sued Daddy etc… Very, very sad….and another thought I had is why in the world would you want to cause a financial hardship to the person you claim is the father who will help you support your child? I really don’t get it…..very weird.

              • I think there are 3 reasons that this woman does what she did.

                1. She is not pregnant

                2. hyun Joong is not the father

                3. She is mentally ill.

                In my opinion she seems mentally unstable. Therefore if her pregnancy is real I don’t think she is capable to raise a baby . It will be too dangerous to allow her to raise a baby. The baby will be used for her own interest or will be harm because of her mentally unstable. So far her actions did not show the best interest for a baby at all.

        • Hi hazell,,pls. dont mind the haters they simply want to bring bad vibes to you,,as what i’ve told you earlier khj.prove that he loves his fans more than this woman,,so we must be thankful for that

          • Tq Maridel for you kind words.I am not upset with them yet I don’t like why they just simply said that without getting to know the person himself. You must get to know him then you’ll know that he has wonderful soul inside him.

            • That is the part they will never come to understand. That we don’t just like him for his looks but he does have a beautiful soul and he is not what she or others say he is. God is the answer, so we must also pray for her and them/the enemy. This is what God would have us to do. What 5hey have fail to realize is, “you reap what you sow”. As long as you are living and have children be careful what you say and do because your children could end up paying your debt.

              • Hi Ms Iena, one just cannot hate someone without even get to know him. Get to know first then decides whether you like him or other wise. They should not jump to a conclusion by reading some news about him. The more we get to know about him, the more we find out the soul that he has although we come from different races, regions,languages, cultures and religions.

  26. I swear we are a sad lit when it comes to Hj… As we are laughing and looking forward to meet-ups, free concert and free tickets with glee as we are in the verge of being sued 😁😁😁hj fans be like .sue me sue me pretty please lol. Choi must be pretty dense for not realizing that hj may have the lingers patience about everyone and everything but you try just try to lay a finger on his fans and there’s hell to pay… My heart swells with fondness for him knowing how he has endured so much even as he was being hit on all sides , patiently he endured it all .. Seeing him forget all his intentions to keep silent and just take all the blame and jump into action the moment his fans became the target is heartwarming. He truly deserves all ournlove and loyalty as we know in his heart he only has his fans best interest… Fighting hj 😘we are all here for you … Even more.

    • Hi Witchthet ,
      There are TWO lawsuits! One filed in April against KHJ for “psychological pain and suffering” and the other against over 100 netizens filed May 4th for “defamation from malicious online comments and rumors” KHJ has hired an attorney to represent himself and fans will need to get legal advice themselves if they are indeed contacted as being part of the mass lawsuit. This is a separate lawsuit from Hyun Joong’s. There are several sites online that offer advise to people who come up against legal issues in foreign countries. Most notably they advise ppl to not ignore the issue and to seek legal advise from an attorney in the same country. The one thing they hope to prove is that that country does not have jurisdiction over the accused. Not sure this case will move forward to a court but it does sound like the SK Cyber Investigations department will be investigating. It’s kinda scary.

  27. I found the chinese weibo news are more up to date than the Korean medias.
    Chinese Henecian has spread the news on the lawsuit and hj gg to counter sue a day before the news break out in Korean. lol

  28. Now any invasive procedure to confirm the pregnancy should be refrained or avoided because she will blame it as the cause of her miscarriage. She said she will cope by herself omg now she wants money. But I’m so happy with the new legal team I hope God will guide them well and protect them too. We will pray for you HJ don’t be weakend by these. Fighting💚

  29. Hallo Ms.LK♡ Glad to visit this Blog again~~ My Comfort room ^^ ~~~ OK!!! firs time read this news, we have the same reaction. This is Really Super Funny and make me LAUGH!!!!! why suddenly she show up again to the media?? hhmmmm…I think she’s desperate because she’s been forgotten 😌 She wants attention again!! Especially from KHJ. Psychology damaged?? and what about Us??!! and What about KHJ??!! KHJ and FANS is the VICTIM not Her!!! >< Her Lawyer is BLIND!!!ㅠㅠ
    Anyway , I'm willing to go on Jail too and this is must be Great, all KHJ Fans gather in Jail at SK 😀 Let's Party

    For CHOI!! REMEMBER!! GOD never Sleep!! THE TRUTH WILL COME!!!
    Thanks for this article Ms.LK♡ Have a Great Day and to all My Henecia Sisters~~ God Bless♡ ^^

  30. Just read anews from Netizens Buzz twitter and article saying that Choi confirmed that she will be giving birth in September; and the news even said that Choi & KHJ went together to her OB-Gyne.
    WOW..If we are to recall, in January Choi sent ultrasound through Kakao Talk to KHJ who was then in Japan, and she even said that she saw the baby’s nose and the baby kicking – and these suggested that the alleged baby is a couple of months already on her womb. . And now she said she is giving birth in September..HOW LONG A BABY IS TO BE IN HIS MOTHER’S WOMB BEFORE HE WILL BE DELIVERED? More than ten months ? That girl has mental issues..with every detail that she is saying – it is backfiring on her. FOR HER INFORMATION, IF A BABY IS TO BE BORN IN SEPTEMBER, HE MUST HAVE BEEN Initially CONCEIVED IN JANUARY. And we all know that KHJ was in Japan in January till late February for his concerts. She has confirmed her pregnancy herself, and by saying that she will give birth in September – she has also confirmed that it is not KHJ’s baby- that is to everyone who is not mentally ill.
    FIGHT KHJ..FIGHT KHJ for the truth. God Bless you.

    • I believe it was said she was 5 weeks pregnant in January. That would make due date in September. Pregnancy is 40 calendar weeks. Some months have 5 weeks rather than 4 weeks. It is accurate to go by weeks and not months for this reason.

      • But in Feb her lawyer said she is 4 months preg…i.e.16 that still not add till sept….math even in weeks is not their forte, lame😄.

        • Right I read that too. It was early Jan she said she was almost 5 weeks pregnant and it was late February the lawyer said she was 4 months pregnant. Between those two dates of Jan 9 and Feb 28 it would actually have been just over 12 weeks or going into the start of the 4th month. He could have meant that or he could have been going by a lunar calendar which is commonly done in SK which actually starts count about two weeks before pregnancy. I honestly don’t disbelieve she is pregnant or that she will have a child in September. I just think everyone will have to wait till September to see if KHJ announces anything but the pregnancy I do believe because that you just can’t fake. Just my opinion.

          • Please pretty please ….don’t start again with that crap calendar. It is boring not accurate and still lots of bullshit as things with this psycho bitch does not add up anyhow. She wants money and to discredit Hj in all ways for leaving her fir ignoring her for not giving her the time of the day.

            Well done Hj fight.
            We can also sue for malicious and insulting comments to us and Hj …and he received the worst if u remember!!

            • In South Korea, the age counting is different and similar to the Chinese. I studied them in my language class too. It is 10 months old in their system (9 months in western calendar). Ms Choi’s behaviour may be loathsome and her pregnancy is in question but AngelaAj is correct with her analysis. You may check in wikipedia or portal sites.

    • Since she modified the messages the dates of course are wrong !!
      First they said that the baby was conceived in November… then they said it was in December (Jeju Christmas trip) … for having 6 month, November sound razonable … but it will born in September??!!!
      Wow she needs to go back school or someone please teach her how to count !!!

  31. Thank you very much for that interesting article, that Mrs. Choi does not know who has gotten, fans of Kim Hyun Joong are untouchable and have the right to defend it. I Henecia of Venezuela for me would be a real honor to be part of those 100 Internet and would close my Angel Kim Hyun Joong and would prove to a court Psycho is that woman. Circus armed herself against my Hyun Joong then be prepared !! Infinite blessings to all Henecias the world, in our Hyun Joong to the family of our beloved Angel you LK for keeping us always informed. kiss Kiss

  32. Thank you, LazerKim, for this article, and thanks to everyone for all their comments. This is the first news I have heard in a long time. Every time I think Choi can’t push any farther, or look more ridiculous, she surprises me a new. Glad to read HJ has a new attorney. Hope he ends this once and for all. I was so afraid they had reconciled again. Thank goodness that’s not the case!

  33. Would it be too much to ask, if we could all send Kim Hyun Joong only positive energy? He has such a caring heart and tries so hard to avoid contention and conflict. This must really be hard on him emotionally to have to deal with all the criticism, defamation of character and judgment aimed at him from this latest pregnancy uproar. Second guessing the situation doesn’t help him, it only fuels the fire of doubt and speculation. We have to be better than that. He needs our prayers, positive thinking and positive energy.
    “What we put out there today, we will step into tomorrow!”
    So let’s make a bright and positive future for him to move forward into, by what we send out today. Let the courts take care of the facts and all the fighting, and keep our focus on helping Kim Hyun Joong with support, love, kindness and non-judgment. Let’s stay away from the negative or critical thinking, and show him that we are behind him 100% as a powerful force for good. God bless us all in this journey of support and courage.

    • I like that! That has been my intention all along and when asked what I was going to do privately this has been my response. I will keep supporting him and letting him know what Blessing he is in the lives of many. He needs strength and encouragement more than anything and I intend to be there providing it with all my heart and soul.

  34. A question, did KHJ’s contract with KE expire?
    Is that why he is able to defend himself, because he was possibly under gag order when with the agency?
    They did nothing to help him throughout this mess and now he is vocal!
    I think there is much to be exposed….

  35. This is gonna turnout to be a big fight after all, huh!! I dont think this Choi realised that HyunJoongie has support from every country across the world!! I say.. Let The Games Begin!! 😊😊😊😊😊

  36. finally the truth is out. She has seen that the pregnancy farse might not hold up for much longer so she is trying to get or rather squeeze as much money as she possibly can from hyun so that she can atleast have a leg to stand on! Choi you really think u will succeed????? Get a grip and a life and also your baby’s father. Guyz lets keep on praying for Hyun and his camp . Thanks Lk for the update and God bless u!!!

  37. I’m so happy to know that at this point, pregnancy has not been confirmed yet. Because I was worried that Choi has been quiet for a while because she got what she wanted and reconciled with HJ. Such a relief!

    I agree to your thoughts,LK. What about us fans countersuing? She is guilty herself against HJ and fans. She is the one responsible for all these mess(for herself, HJ and the fans) . As they say, “You promote what you permit”! HJ reputation will never be the same because of Choi. The allegation of assault will always be attatched to HJ’s profile on the internet. What he worked hard for 10 years is ruined by an allegation that was not even proven. And this woman won’t stop, will she?

    Poor HJ! Everytime he would accomplish or will have to accomplish something, Choi would ruin it for him. Like right now when HJ is about to go quietly on his enlistment, here she goes again…torturing HJ mentally and emotionally. You can say that HJ hit her before(and I believed that it’s unintentional but was only provoked), I don’t blame him because look at what kind of woman he is dealing with!
    So sad that HJ met her.

    I believe that everything happens for a reason. HJ gave his best, fans gave their undying love and support…we will stay UNBREAKABLE!

  38. Pero según dicen también esta demandando a KHJ por mas de un millón de dolares, es cierto alguien sabe si es verdad?

    • No, Choi solamente lo está demandando por 1 billón de won. Supuestamente por el maltrato “psicológico” que ÉL le ha causado por sacar a la luz TODO esto. Cuando en realidad fue ELLA la que hizo público todo nada más por minutos de fama y dinero.

  39. So glad that Hyun Joong is FINALLY defending himself. It’s just sad that he enlists this month…hope everything is solved quickly.
    If he is being sued, could his enlistment day be postponed again? Since these are pretty severe circumstances.

    Really hope he is doing ok. Seems he is stronger than before and willing to fight and clear his good name! Good going! I am a proud fan! ❤
    Just hoping this doesn't break him again…whatever crap she releases to the media.

    She is desperate now, attacking fans was the last straw. I knew, as soon as I read it, that he wouldn't just sit back and watch.

    We love you Hyun Joong! Stay strong!!!

  40. She is realy making herself a laughing stock honestly. You know what she did after hearing what the lawyer confirm maybe it’s my thought she went for an interview with kpopstarz to confirm her mutual connection with HJ going to gyne appointment. I think it’s true she is battling to connect with him again now she is using the media. It was send today title ex due date September

    • Doesn’t she always use the media to connect herself to KIM HYUN JOONG name? Otherwise SHE’S A NOBODY. The only reason her name is in the media because of Hyun Joong. Otherwise WHO REALLY CARES. PATHETIC.

    • Gene appointment? She is claiming they met and confirmed her pregnancy? I have missed this! Or am I misunderstanding?

      As many have said, when she isn’t getting what she wants, she runs to the media.
      I’m glad he didn’t falter this time. Fans first instinct seems to have been correct (she is an attention seeker)
      Her continuous media play has done her no favors.
      I honestly believe that Hyun Joong will clear his name this time.

  41. I just read a article in Korean (hopefully one in English confirming information) that the attorney KHJ says fatherhood has not confirmed KHJ.

    I’m really happy, someone has more information?

  42. Hey girls we all have a meeting in SK jail, yupee! Most surely I am on top 100 because for me psycho Choi bitch is an excuse of a mental woman, sue me now, please!! can’t wait to counter sue for mental cruelty libel for us Let’s Party and Lucky Guy and all his repertoire, free concert….soo happy!
    Thanks Martha, finally Hj lawyer got his voice, this is a good start! Your Fans are all with you Hj, go and fight for your name!!

    Serious now, I mean is this bitch for real? Sue Fandom? Sue Hj now , for what, for ignoring her?
    Jesus there really is no limit to this bitch stupidity!!

    Ready to contribute and help SK fans!
    So it really all was about the MONEY!! What she didn’t get enough?

    • Correction :
      can’t wait to counter sue for mental cruelty libel and false evidences.

      Hj will come and sing for us Let’s Party and Lucky Guy and all his repertoire, that will be a free concert….soo happy!!

  43. Lol! LK once again you are right in point. Mass lawsuit? Don’t make me laugh. Can we file a class action suit against her as a fandom? Srsly we have suffered from her ridiculous antics and tantrums for nearly a year now. It is our right to love and support KHJ if we want to. Let her throw her little fit once again. I don’t know about you but i don’t think KHJ will take this one lying down. Threaten and defame him, he can take it. I think he’s been punishing himself that way. But now? She’s threatening his fans. I don’t think he’ll keep quiet any more. He will protect them just as they have worked so hard to protect him. I have full faith in him. Call me delusional antis…. i believe in him and always have no matter what. Even if the baby is real and turns out to be his, i won’t care about that. Just let the truth out there, baby. Your fans are able to handle anything. Haven’t we proven it to you yet? I really think he will step up and speak up this timen i really do.

    • That you Angie for bringing this up! HJ can take all the blame and hate comments and stay quiet, but when it comes to fans being oppressed, he will do something. This makes him more lovable and I am appreciative as a fan! I really hope his side would do something to stop this woman’s craziness. But what will happen with his enlistment being near?

      • I Know. It is this month.. not sure exactly when. Perhaps his lawyer will handle things. It’s not like he’ll be locked up in tower in MS. I’m sure he will still have time to meet with the lawyer if necessary. Of course during basic camp he won’t be available. I just hope the lawyer can handle most things for him. But, he needs to come out with an official statement that addresses the pregnancy and rumors of them going to the hospital together. He needs to set the record straight so she can’t keep pulling all this stupid crap.

      • Hello Angie! Correction pls, that hospital thing I think had been denied by KE since they did not confirm the status of that so-called pregnancy, if it’s true they went to the hospital hj should have confirm the status. it’s in those news link I posted pls read them, and another one fr soompi.

        • Lk i didn’t say it was confirmed. I said IF it was i wouldn’t care. It doesn’t matter to me one easy or the other i will love him. BUT yes, we all know now that Cray Cray (double crazy) B Lied Again! APPARENTLY she said they went to the hospital together in one news article but KHJ lawyer denied it. She is finally getting CAUGHT in her lies and the comments i have read on this biased articles are mostly against her even though those trash tabloids failed to report what khj lawyer said.

  44. Maybe by now the South Korea media will be more than glad to expose her identity now that she’s suing everyone, because i think she’s still going to sue Dispatch news outlet too. What else does this evil of a woman wants from Kim Hyun Joong?

    I love it that KHJ got another capable lawyer, “Kim’s attorney said Kim is ready to go to court against the plaintiff and that there is no room for mediation, reported South Korean newspaper Maeil Business.” now you’re on point Hyunjoong.

  45. I would like to say thank you to my friend ms. Leena for keeping me updated on whats going on with our hallyu star and to you lk for keeping us intact regardless on our different nationalities and beliefs.
    When i read the article about suing khj’s fans by this “DESPERATE” Choi i almost laugh out loud, coz base on my sharp memory, in her last interview shes talking about privacy and keeping her baby “kuno” by her own and that shes not interested in marrying what happen now???she’s LYING again..maybe she was born as a natural LIAR!!!peace..her actions shows that she’s seeking hyun joong ssi’s attention again and again,,well that’s LAME!!!SHAME ON YOU MS. CHOI!!!

    And honestly im super happy that she file a lawsuit against us..and im praying and hoping that my name will be on the list, exciting right? FYI Ms. Choi i have my baggage and passport ready and waiting in vain for my warrant of arrest;) so pursue your case “DESPERATE” woman, but be ready for what were capable of doing if we set our feet in korea you better hide yourself or you can run as fast as mayweather did… Coz im sure “PUPULUTIN KA SA KANGKUNGAN GURL”

    • Hello anonymous… I like that ” pupulutin ka sa kangkungan”. Coz after all this and hj cleared his name, she herself will jump in that ” kangkungan” coz of shame.

    • hahahahahaha,, PUPULUTIN SA KANGKUNGAN?? I prefer pupulutin sya sa GARBAGE DUMP GURL WHERE SHE BELONGS. She is a piece of work. I think her middle name is LIAR. C’mmon Hyun Joong it’s time to speak up because only from your mouth were going to believe.

  46. Hy Miss LaserKim
    Thank You for the article
    I enjoyed it :))
    this news put smile on my face every time I read it 🙂
    Always good to hear from you
    No Fear
    God Bless You
    God Bless Kim Hyun Joong
    And God Bless all His Fans 🙂

  47. suerte lazer kim y cuando la conoscas por favor dasnolo a conocer para saber quien es esta mujer que tanto daño a causado.

  48. chistosa la choi, ahora empieza nuevamente con sus locuras porque sabe que KHJ se va al SM, cuanto mas daño dejara KHJ que siga haciendo esta mala mujer en su vida. despierta KHJ ya basta tanto amor por ella no puedo creerlo.

  49. Which type is the Choi?
    I can’t understand this person from SK.
    It’s positive for me that there is a news related to my prince.

  50. Hello, LK and everyone,
    so its true that choi sued hyun joong for 1.6 billion won? Wow! This choi really loves money! Also, does this mean that he will postpone his MS again? Ohhh, waiting for his comeback will be longer.
    Choi!!! Count me in! I want to go SK jail! Gotta see hj for free! LOL

    • WELL SAID @ Tina. That’s all i can think of too. Completely hilarious… :)… I can’t wait to see who she sues It’s definitely time for KHJ to retaliate and clear up everything. Just one official statement from him will do.
      KHJ Fighting!!! May God continue to bless and protect you and your family.

  51. I too find this Interesting. I want to see how this is played out internationally. I believe freedom of speech is accepted in most. if not all, Country with a democracy. True, if she and her fans are able to spread rumors and speak their minds so do the rest of the citizens, and especially KHJ fans. Not only will she be expose but all of her fans comments. So I do wonder, did they take all of this in consideration when they filed this law suite. Now, everything will have to be expose and we all have a right to face our accusers. This is a ploy for HJ to speak so she and her lawyer who have something to say. Yes, this proves that HJ was ignoring her. Thank you LK, you waited until it was time to speak.

    “I would not have mange my anger if people would mange their stupidity,: unknown

    “A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority”.

    • You are right about most countries and “freedom of speech”. However SK is one of a handful of countries that have “insult laws” and follow strict global internet laws. In SK if what you write or say is true that has no bearing if the plaintiff can prove what was written or said had no public interest except to bring harm or shame to the person and they can prove that the writing or speech brought personal harm be it mental or financial. SK also allows jurisdiction over the comments geographical region rather than the citizenship of the person being charged. For instance they just took a Japanese journalist to court over writing about the where about’s of the SK President during the ferry sinking. The journalist was not a citizen of South Korea. SK has some of the strictest defamation laws in the world outside of maybe France. They allow both civil and criminal defamation and SK was the first democratic country to implement “cyber defamation laws” Because these laws are used so often in SK I for one have been really worried about it. Understandably people have been very upset about what has happened since last September but I became concerned when that petition made claims of another boyfriend etc… those are pretty serious accusations with no proof that I could see. Anyway it concerned me. I am far more worried about the lawsuit against fans then against KHJ because he has said literally nothing especially that could cause harm. Comments online from others I’m not so sure about. I think its craziness that people can write the “truth” and still be charged with defaming another person but that is SK law. It kinda throws the whole “freedom of speech” out the window in my opinion. Very different from US law. I agree it will be interesting to see how it plays out internationally or if it will actually move forward.

    • Hello Martha! Thank you so much for this update! This is a good development on KHJ camp. Wow so until at this time nothing is legit pertaining to the so-called pregnancy! This is good HJ has new lawyer. Thanks again, take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless…

      • Hi Lazerkim! No problem! Those were the last news… It probably came out while you were writing the article. You know what I find funniest above all? She suing HJ for causing her stress during her pregnancy!!!! LOL This is the biggest joke I’ve heard so far…! HJ has kept his mouth shut and away from the media since the beginning, so who’s causing stress to whom? Also his lawyer basically refuted what she said on today’s interview about she having gone to the hospital with HJ when he talked about the medical certificate. I think HJ got a very good lawyer this time…! ^^ Meanwhile, she’s keeping herself entertained suing anyone… HJ (twice), netizens, who’s going to be next????? Her lawyer?! If I were him, I’d be careful enough… XDDDDDD

  52. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MASS LAWSUIT?? | LazerKim

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