By: LazerKim


In March 17th I posted an appeal to KHJ camp to release a statement of clarification pertaining to this so-called prenancy, if ever a legit PT and DNA was taken after the media play between Kim Hyun Joong parents and Choi. A simple negative, positive or MIA even without details is all I’m seeking for an answer prior to anything else.

As we recall in Feb Choi had been refusing to take the medical check up requested by the Kims. During the Kims interview Mrs Kim stated that Choi only presented some ultrasound pictures without a name date or any medical info whatsoever. Right after the Kims interview, Choi’s lawyer presented documents proving Choi’s so-called pregnancy which is not even credible, and requested for privacy which is just hillarious!

This scandal broke out in Feb 22 and it’s been 2 months now and still we have not heard any update. As I have said in my previous article, if Choi had taken the test and it turn out positive knowing her character she should have been at the media jumping with joy to announce her legit pregnancy! But nothing like it transpired! What does that mean?



We are all women here and we all know that we don’t have to wait for 9 months just to confirm results if the so-called pregnancy is negative or positive and whether Hyun Joong is responsible for it or not. We already have extablish that legitimate PT and DNA is possibly safe to be taken during pregnancy, not unless she’s missing!

For me this is prior important over anything else, to be able to set the record straight and to know where exactly Hyun Joong stand in such situation for us to know how we can help him. At the same time we can also prepare ourselves whatever the results and whatever Hyun Joong has to decide.

This matter may be his personal privacy, unfortunately this matter was brought to the media that became a public interest. It is very important that the results of this so-called pregnancy has to be known by the public because this has a greater repercussion on Hyun Joong’s future, whether you agree with me or not, this is reality.



If this so-called pregnancy result would NOT be known to the public, here are possible common repercussion in such situation a public figure or celeb as example:

1.) There will come a time in the future he will finally find the right woman for him and wanted to marry her. Will her parents be able to accept him to their family considering their culture and knowing this scandal brought by media to the public that wasn’t publicly cleared?

2.) From the public eye whoever woman he would marry, the first question could be, “Is this Choi? Are these her kids?” There’s a possibility that his future wife whoever she may be can be tagged as Choi!

3.) He clearly stated he will not marry that lunatic! His future wife would take him no matter what and that is real love. What about his future growing kids, how would they feel? The kids would probably ask “Who is Choi? Dad is she that woman you beaten up?”

4.) If he unfortunately ends up with Choi, the more disaster there is! Their kid would probably ask “Dad why did you beat mom? And mom why did you destroy dad’s career?” Choi is such a poison in any men’s life! Who can be her next victim? I wonder!

This scandal is all over the internet and it will stay there for the longest period if not forever! Internet even develop further by the time Hyun Joong has growing kids. I can’t imagine these kids would be reading those trash news filled with lies at the internet!

That none from those media even took his side or defended him. How I wish those trash news and trash articles can be deleted forever!



See how brainless Choi is? Not knowing her own child if she has can be affected too? Or maybe not, since she’s just after destroying Hyun Joong! But this is what Choi brought to his life that it may possibly mark on him forever if this scandal cannot be publicly cleared.

In the future, the innocent child or any of his future kids end up to be the victim of this scandal created by that woman! I certainly hope this so-called pregnancy would be clarified, because there is a greater repercussion to his future IF this matter would just be left forgotten without resolving it. And this is why I do not want to forget any of the details.

My thoughts may be far to the future but nothing from what I have mentioned is impossible. A repercussion causing an innocent man as a victim and a possible child may be confused by future society. How cruel this Choi has brought to an innocent man!

What I’m trying to show you is how damaging Choi made to Hyun Joong not to mention his career but even to his own dignity as a man in the future. That I’m hoping we’ll be able to help him regain what he had lost most specially in being a future family man. Most of you here are parents so I’m sure you can understand what I’m talking about.



This nagging silence has brought a lot of whispers and groundless rumors simply because his fans hunger for updates! And so there are fans who basically make up stories about Hyun Joong and Choi, that speculations flowing like river, so let me lay down the cards.

GRANTING for the sake of argument, Hyun Joong ends up with Choi with positive pregnancy which we know is a complete disaster! We got no choice but to accept no matter how much we dislike it! We have to support whatever Hyun Joong decides for himself. With hope I’ll never get to hear his personal life being drag to the public again.

BUT if this so-called pregnancy turns out to be negative which I never doubt, I sure do hope something has to be done here. Not to be vengeful NO absolutely not! We can say whatever we want, but NO to physical harm on her because we fans are just spectators. We let justice and karma take those steps. I’m just hoping the right move from KHJ camp to be taken and let justice take its roll.

I still remain in my stance, I never believe Choi is pregnant as I’ve said if ever she is by this time she should have been in the media. But where is she? Hidding somewhere with her LIES?? I wouldn’t doubt!

My motive in wanting to know her identity even just her name, is that in any event that Hyun Joong may find the woman he will eventually marry or any woman he may be with, I wouldn’t want this woman to be tagged by the public as Choi, this is just it, nothing more.



If people from SK can easily believe in trash news, they don’t easily forget a scandal. History can tell I guess, that even those celebs who are not guilty of what they were accused, stays idle from the lime light in SK. Kim Hyun Joong is their great lost and not his

I believe we can resolve his career to recover in the future, that we fans can do a lot. This is just a matter of economic principle Demand and Supply. Meaning if there’s a demand therefore there has to be supply. We shall provide that huge demand so that producers can supply to our demand through Kim hyun Joong to be back on stage. I strongly believe he’ll be back even stronger than ever after his MS.

What worries me the most is his life as a human being and his dignity in the future, that could be even painful to Hyun Joong being mistreated by his own country. It may be lonely to be away from his grass roots, but there’s nothing far better than being in a place where he is loved, nurtured and respected. He left something in Japan and he’ll be back for it!

I have great hope that Hyun Joong will find the right woman for himself whom he can love trust and make him proud. Anyone in Hyun Joong’s situation is such a pain but these are just temporary set backs. There’s a two years MS ahead of him and there he shall be healed and will be back with us stronger than ever as we wait for him!



In my previous articles I wrote that Hyun Joong’s detractors will do everything in their power to put him down. They consider Kim Hyun Joong as a great threat to them even he’s in his MS. As I’ve said if they cannot bring him down, then they will bring down the people who support him, his loyal fans and beware because it’s already happening.

We take this as a challenge being his loyal fans and we have to keep our spirit intact!

This silence is scary and I won’t pretend I don’t see it. We just have to be strong and keep us being together. I believe the fandom is being infiltrated, we just have to remain vigilant since many whispers are spreading around. We just have to stick together because I know they are trying to break us apart, just hold on tight and let them fail!

I don’t know if being silent is good which I think not!! LOL Just refrain from listening to whispers and rumors which is slowly poisoning the fandom. I know we hunger for updates but we just have to bear with each other and let them take that poison instead! LOL!



We may have different views and opinion, argue on it, but I don’t take this personally. I guess my pioneer readers have already known me well so we keep on coming back with each other, as TRUST had already been built its foundation in this site.

For the new ones, I welcome you all on board the Alien Family, please do stick around as we learn from each other, and I think we’ll be doing this even Hyun Joong is in his MS, no promises though. Life is full of surprises!

May I just mention the fans whom Kim Hyun Joong gained from the nightmare is really surprising! His haters were saying he lost his fans! On the contrary he even gained more! So don’t be surprise why we are also being silently harass!! LOL

And this is a fact based from my WordPress record since Aug 2014 and currently in Feb-March my scale kept getting high! This is the power of Kim Hyun Joong that no matter how he is being kept in the treasure box, he still shine! LOL! Thank you all for staying!

I remain searching for justice untill this nightmare is over. My apology if I couldn’t write something entertaining as yet! I guess we had too much of those over the years so now we’re put in the test of silence!! LOL! We can just have to laugh it out!! And with that, is my closing remarks…

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stand in the moment of comfort and convenience….but where he stand at times of CHALLENGE AND CONTROVERSY!                                                                                                                  (Martin Luther King Jr)            

“Hyun Joong, do you read that? Hold on and STAY CONFIDENT!”

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms D thanks!

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187 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CONTROVERSIAL CHALLENGE

  1. Hello ellan, since choi is having her tantrums again, i think she didnt get what she want with hj. And sueing fans is just a way to get a reaction and provoking hj! We all know that hyun joong loves his fans very much! Or, the big fish that is behind choi wants to hit the fandom in SK hard. Maybe they thought the fans will be scared and will stop supporting him.
    Just my thoughts.

  2. I do not think that she understands what they call ‘Freedom of speech ‘. so many people wrote a defamatory comments about KHJ, but he didn’t sue them. So, why is she suing netizen? This to me, means that she’s not pregnant andShe’s hiding something.

  3. One thing is clear with the news.

    1 HJ completely ignores this woman, and is still with its cheap show for the media …

    2 Choi had no intention of disappearing from the media, so it is clear that she is pregnant with KHJ otherwise would not exposing themselves if everything was a lie …

    Someone has another theory?
    I’m so emotionally unstable, the news invoilucren KHJ this woman and make me very unstable and sad 😦

    Oh god, I hate that damn bitch (sorry for expressing myself so) … oh wait! .. That I can go to jail LOL …

    is more than clear that this woman appears in the important moments of KHJ: Phantasm Tour, Tour Gemini, MS

    • Please @Gaby stop speculating! What pregnancy? She’s not pregnant. The reason why she’s suing now is because she’s looking for a reason to say she ghost ad a miscarriage? Maybe some people have been wondering why is no changes in her appearance ( belly), so need to blame the fandom for a miscarriage, she knows that she’s not pregnant. Shame on her.

      • Oh apology for the question … there are girls of fandom that has seen and speculated that no changes in his belly ???
        Sorry again, maybe there’s information I do not know … if you could inform me, I would be delighted …

        • @Gaby, if she’s pregnant she won’t be making all this noise again. Suing the fandom automatically shows us that she’s not pregnant, but planning her next manipulative games, after this, i won’t be surprised if she said she had a miscarriage because of the comments.

          I know for the fact that when a woman is pregnant, she needs a peaceful,quiet and stress free environment for her and the unborn child. At least that’s what the doctor ordered my sister to do when she was pregnant.
          So, @Gaby now you can understand what I’m saying.

  4. Hurray! Hurray! Everyone we won again & KHJ won over Evil Choi. I am happy that KHJ did not succumb to her manipulative marriage plan. Omg! did i just read that she’s suing all of us? Please if they’re giving a free ticket to SK, I’m in. She’s such a fool, illiteracy is a disease if not cured, how can you sue over a 1000 fandom who left a comment? She really really needs to get a life and get a proper education,so that she can stop blackmailing men to make money.

    What else does she want? She was thinking that we will leave KHJ,but she got it wrong and failed woefully.
    The next news will be suing netizen for a miscarriage, LOL. Get a life bitch.

    KHJ please if you’re really interested in getting married, i will advise you to marry a foreigner because I really don’t trust your korean women /girls anymore after all this scandalous news of blackmailing Which is now rampant.

    I’m happy for KHJ that evil lost already.

  5. It is ridiculous /about Choi suing us/, but this is a good sign. First it shows that there is nothing else she can do at this moment – she cannot prove that she is pregnant with KHJ`s child. Second – they are not in a relationship now and do not keep in touch. Third – there is nothing to sue KHJ for /because he is silent and even protects her name/, so she decides to turn against us. And last, but not least – a lot of people, who are not fans of KHJ start to understand the whole picture and to protect him. Now she is having less and less support. I guess she is losing control. So, congratulations, girls, for the stupid and desperate move of this vicious woman.

  6. Actually she could not handle her jealousy.She didn’t expect that much support to KHJ.How fool is she!

  7. Lol…if that butch choi is suing us Hj fans, does that mean we are all getting a free trip to SK? Lol I want FC please.
    Playing the drama queen still?!
    Go get a life leech choi! 😎

      • She didn’t get what she wanted…hence suing Fandom!
        What is Hj ignoring u psycho?
        We should sue her for harassing the Fandom with her lies!
        Mental case for sure! 👎👎

        • Actually she could not handle her jealousy.She didn’t expect that much support to KHJ.How fool is she!

      • Hello hazell, that stupid choi never learned, if she want to fight with the fandom, its just like hitting her head on the wall! Until now, she doesnt know that we are UNBREAKABLE!

    • Hahaha, you made me laugh. I want a free trip as well, should I post something mean about her and several insults in Korean sites? It is soooo sad, that I cannot speak Korean…. Maybe I should translate some mean words with google. Will they understand :)) Is it going to be the same police station where KHJ went in September? / I hope so/ Maybe the same police officer?…..

  8. My goodness, that report of soompi abouit Choi’s plans of suing the netizens for bad comments about her is hilarious. This tells us all that Choi is expreriencing defeat. Being a fan, I am not intimated but feels relieve that she is now the one who is confirming that all is not well betweeen her and KHJ, and that is why she is turning to his fans. As far as I know, the Korean fans are very silent about the issue, and so the ones that Choi is about to sue are international fans, Is she that influential to even consider suing other citizens of the world. CHOI, this is a good move not for yourself, but for the fans,. You are affected, fine. I am not surprise that her next move is suing again the fandom for miscarriage..

    • really i’m laughing so hard at this choi venom … she’s trying toget KHJ outto the media again by attacking his fans????? God… my dearest Joong-ie, what did you do until you have to meet this crazy woman for the mother of your child?
      it really just proves that we are right.. about her mental stability… i never denied her pregnancy is fake, but she really wanted to have aworld celebrity to be confined in her cage she so called love? ohh come on … we are all women here…. we know your games.. so lady choi, sue us and you’d be the joke of the month if not for years for becoming the first woman who wants KHJ stays at home and do nothing but worshipping you. you must be reading reading this anyway right lady choi? be careful when you ask uncle google or auntie bing or grandpa chrome’s favour to translate all the language we use. different grammar of course..

  9. To me these is a final confirmation that these two are on separation. I mean if they were together she wouldnt even bother to read or check what’s going on about her on Internet instead she should be wrapping and playing with him before his MS. Why is she still dedicating her time reading if she is happily inlove ?. Now I rest my uncertainty. ️Thnx for ur role played info mam.

  10. Hi LazerKim,
    The drama continues, I just read this and copied and pasted it so you can see this.

    Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi has filed a mass lawsuit claiming she was psychologically harmed by the spread of false rumors on the internet as well as hate comments.

    Through law firm ‘A’, she asked the police to investigate over 100 netizens on the 4th. A police insider told Star Today, “We cannot tell you anything in detail,” but did not deny that the lawsuit had been filed.

    • What does she (choi) expect? What does she think she’s doing to Hyun Joong? All I can say is,, WHAT YOU SOW IS WHAT YOU REAP period.

    • well…I don’t think police will take this crazy choi’s report seriuosly…wtf?! how could they investigate the netizens espcially international fans?? Does she expects police will catch and lock up those 100 netizens she claimed?

      Wait a minute! Does this mean she didn’t ‘get’ what she wanted from HJ?? She didn’t pregnant? If she pregnant, the baby was not HJ’s? If true that she pregnant with HJ’s what else that she didn’t satisfied? HJ refuse to marry her? LOL….

  11. Congrats to our Alien Family!!!!
    Our Prince Alien once again won the Celeb King!Otsukaresama desuka (sorry if I spell it wrongly). Thank you for all our hardwork!

  12. hello everyone if you are blocked from voting try voting from a different ip address or disconnect your device and reconnect it as in the FAQ section in polldaddy they say when they receive too many votes they block because they receive too many votes from the same ip address so try to change the your ip address, hope this works

  13. KHJ family.. URGENT please we need as many possible henecias and Triiple S to vote for our only one KHJ as soon as possible.. as a number of fans who have been devoting voting.. all this while have been ban/blocked including me.. with reason such as “We have received too many votes from you”.. even though it stated there that you can ‘Vote as many as you can by clicking at the “return to poll”.. to vote again’.. please I think KHJ percentage has drop.. and might lost..

  14. …I’ve been in Japan for two weeks,and since Tuesday I’m here in Seoul( but because of friends and study) anyway I hoped that I could get some news being here but..,nothing 😓 least we could see pics of him in Gimpo…what do you suggest I can do? Trying and go to Jaksal? So frustrating….

    • Yes may drop by at the Jaksal restaurant and try to talk to KHJ’s friends. Sara you can pass to them if you want to send KHJ any letters or cards to encourage and cheer him up.

  15. yes u r rite..khj u r never alone..we r with u.. love u khj oppa more fan from india… 🙂 🙂

  16. I was absent for a while from commenting, but I’m still reading and always stay with KHJ. I got really upset when his rep saying he postponed the MS again … I believe to comply with that woman Choi’s request regarding her pregnancy … especially when JaeJoong went, and he chose to stay behind … Gosh, he was supposed to go with his best buddy, why wouldn’t he?
    So, all I’m doing now is watching news and wait if there’s any new post aboit him, or them. Snooping and poking around sounds impossible.

    • Hi, I tried to vote.. I have successfully voted but suddenly found myself being ban because of “receiving so many vote from you” reason.. I thought it says there we can vote as many as we like.. a bit suspicious.. is it another scam.. trying to lower our vote for khj? We need as many vote because the % is closing and Kim Hyun Joong might lost due to some of his fans been ban/block from voting.. for the reason of “we have received so many votes from you” even though it stated there we can vote as many as we like by just clicking at “return to poll”

      • true enough.. a number of KHJ fans are banned from voting.. as reply by this fan on the chat: anon8523: y vote for kim hyun joong now is pause for my..

  17. Hey everyone

    I have there is a petition being signed on behalf of Hyun Joong shi’s fans . I would also like to sign it . Is there any link to give my name for the petition

    God is with him because he is a good guy and will come out of this situation very soon. I hope he joins in May and comes back soon by Feb 2017 to entertain us more and come to a bigger home made by the Henecians all over the world 🙂

  18. it was a trip by his last managers before his enlisting to the military so why you say about choi??please stop these rumors…….I just hope hyun joong does not hear these rumors…….

    • I was happy to see airport photos but thought maybe he was just taking a break from Seoul and all the confusion.It hasn’t sounded like he has been able to get out and about much lately. I had not heard he was on a trip before ms so the May enlistment to ms has been confirmed now? Did he change managers? I think the May enlistment could be a good thing and the sooner he leaves the sooner he returns….. 🙂

  19. Thank u so much LK.Now I’m not in doubt anymore and I believe that choi is not pregnant at least not by KHJ.I will only believe it if KHJ will say that he is the father of the baby.Thank u very very much for solving my doubts.Keep up updating

  20. LK, hopefully now people will not jump to conclusion. I guess they do not remember what they read, no wonder they believe a lie. You stated that this was going to happen. Every time someone see him with a women they will believe it is her. It is good to see him out and smiling, so I hope he or someone from his camp will be making a statement soon.

    Also, I would like to thank all those who have been posting here, on facebook, and other blogs, and social media the works of KHJ. LK your writings and these postings have brought peace to many. I am not adapted at that so I am thankful. God bless you all, the family.

  21. Thanx to that person who has clicked his pics.Feeling very happy to see him after so many days.At least I got an update.Thanx a lot LaserKim and keep on updating.

  22. Thanx to that person who has clicked his pics.Feeling very happy to see him after so many days.At least I got a update.Thanx a lot LaserKim and keep on updating.

  23. Guys I have a question in my mind that HJ accepted that the bitch is pregnant?May be the pregnancy news is true neither why HJ is accepting that news.

  24. Hello Everyone!
    Just in time, a good example transpired! HJ was spotted at Gimpo AP in April 25, and there were two fans walking with him. Who among you didn’t ask at first glance “who is she? Is that Choi?” Obviously none of those two fans is choi since it’s only HJ who got into the car, and I’m thankful to whoever took that pic that another picture in the car was taken otherwise he’ll be totally misunderstood. It can’t be helped, he’s still a public figure, luckily there was no media!

    No offense to Ms Anonymous, I’m just showing a good example (initial reaction)of what I have written in this article if this matter will not be cleared! His fans may have speculated, what more with the general public who had read the Feb scandal news? I’m just being realistic. How I wish to urge his camp to clear up before it’s too late! Just my opinion! Have a nice day everyone!
    LazerKim here!

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  27. LK, can you please check the pictures of KHJ dated April 25, 2015. It was his arrival from at Gimop Airport from Jeju Island. He was with a girl, but it looks like she is Choi.

    • @Anonymous how did you know that’s Choi? Because nobody has ever seen her face? If you know her, then tell us.

      I heard he’s with his mother. I’m happy that he’s doing good. Stop speculating what you don’t know.

      • Sorry if I speculated so soon. I thought the long jacket that she wore during interview by Dispatch in Feb.2015 is the same as with the girl at the airport. I will be happy if I am wrong.

          • Sis. the photo I was referring to was the photo during the Feb. 2015 interview showing the alleged exchanges of messages between the two of them. She was photographed showing side view wearing a jacket.

        • why jumpiing in assumtions and speculations? isn’t that wrong when you don’t have facts? FACT is that HJ got in the car ALONE!

          • ANON
            for clarification please see below and for future, not every woman near by Hj is that bitch.

            Hope this stops stupid rumors. However, let’s stop the matter please

            He had a trip with his ex-managers before enlistment. The girls at the airport were fans.

  28. I don’t think she is pregnant at all, he was with her during 2 months after they broke up there was the august scandal, he told himself that he can’t date an ex girlfriend so i don’t know why he would date the woman who attacks him in justice and he dated her only 2 months and he’s the one who broke up…

  29. Thanks for this blog guys.Thanks for the support towards hyun joong.From the day I got these mind fu#*&!@ news I was suffering from a very big headache.I was just thinking about hyun joong and searching for updates.Really thanx for the blog guys just now for the 1st time I entered to this blog and I’m very that I’m not the only one worrying about hyun joong.Thanx for the support guys and keep on updating.plz and I’m also with you guys like a family.I joined this blog today and forever.

  30. Hi Ms Angleaaaj and all,
    Sorry for late replying to Ms Angleaaaj.
    Following is the address that you can send letters, cards or whatever that you want to send to him (no food, just moderate size will do ok,,he..he..he)

    Kim Hyun Joong
    P.O. Box 61, Seongnam Bundang Post Office, 347,
    Hwangsaeul-ro,Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
    zip code 463-600

  31. What are ya’ll thinking about the May ms enlistment possibility? I am thinking it could be a good thing. Not that I want him to go away but just that I want him to be away from this “situation” I truly believe that time is a great healer of all things and that he can come back to a kinder more gentler public in 2 years. People will move on to the next scandal and this one won’t be fresh in minds. I think it would give him a much needed break too not only from this but from 10 years of hard work. Maybe fans can do some projects in his absence? I find myself hoping it’s true but torn at the same time. What say you?? Thoughts Lazer Kim??

    • Honestly angelaaj i just hope that news is true. For me i got something to do as i mentioned in my previous articles circulate the truth. im also in search of sites where i can put it w bigger coverage. this is the only way i can defend him for the future. i already got one but need more.

      • Great Idea! I bet some of the KPop sites may allow guest editorials they call Op Ed pieces for (Opinion Editorials) When I was working with an American artist and his fan club we use to post links to articles in comment boxes too to get word out on shows and new music. Its tiring but effective to reach readers. I think there is a lot of misinformation out there regardless pregnancy or whatever he decides. I had no idea till you pointed out that he had only KNOWN Choi for 2 years and not actually dated!! Thanks for clarifying that because that is a huge difference!!

        • PS: That makes sense cause I had thought it was strange that they would be able to hide a relationship for TWO YEARS??!! LOL now I understand.

        • The prob is mostly if not all kpop sites are against hj.
          re misinfo. oh yes a lot of misinfo even police report very few or only 1 journalist fr china released that report. good thing is he has a korean fan fr US who translated the news even his letter of apology.
          If they were dating for 2yrs i dont think any woman would have the guts to spill out the beans to the media.

        • And that letter of apology a gun is pointed at his head!! lol thats how i see it! if you read further his lawyer mentioning working on refining… emotional whatever but obviously that letter was made by his lawyer since thats choi’s demand. Unfortunately even that letter was misinterpreted by media.

          • Dearest LK,
            It seems you do have your work cut out for you, because by the look of it, many fans are missing the important points or misunderstood some. As you pointed out all should read the Recap again for a better understanding. Angelaaj no offence here, just the right facts needs to be highlighted again it seems, that way all this weird scandal can be better understood and maybe all together can find a better way ( a kind of brainstorm as we say…) to help each other to shed light and uncover the Truth.
            I think all together can do that, LK you are not Alone, we are here as well to help you with whatever you may need. I hope all will give a helping hand!!

    May I just correct some info from the comment box. For clarification, KHJ and that Choi were NOT dating for 2 years. They have known each other for 2yrs but only dated for 2 months, there’s a big difference between DATING and KNOWING each other. KHJ has maintained his statement all through out the nightmare. As we already know the media twisted interpretation of their own news. For clarification here’s the statements he made: May I quote:

    Aug. 23 2014 KE stated “After confirming with Kim Hyun Joong, we found that it’s true the two parties have known each other since 2012, but they didn’t start dating until a few months ago…

    Sept 15, 2014 Letter of Apology: “Hello, this is Kim Hyun Joong. During the two years we have known each others, once trusted and loved; to that person I’ve hurt emotionally and mentally I do apologize.”

    I think I have to write about this again in my next article to avoid others from being mislead by the media that period in Aug nightmare.

    Pls review this article SCANDAL DIARY a compilation of Aug nightmare if you have time, thanks!


    LazerKim here!

  33. Lazerkim, I don’t know if this is true but i read it on korea sport website that KHJ will be enlisting in the military in mid May. I saw the link in Henecia srilanka Facebook page.

  34. if she was really pregnant,until now she said to medias but she did not do that and go away so 100% she is not pregnant but what can we do for him?I think he is silent becuse he is tired of everything……

  35. Please everyone have more patience.
    I think for a fan to start a petition on his behalf shows that he/she really cares, even if the petition will not bring out the truth from the South Korea’s media, at least it worth trying. So, i signed it. i think we need to do whatever we fans can, to get KHJ image’s and reputation back for him. i do not think there’s harm in trying.

    As for madam evil (choi), she will be exposed in Jesus name. i am 150% sure that she’s not pregnant. and since she and her lawyer stated that she’s due by September, maybe that’s what KHJ is waiting for before saying anything to us. Maybe by then, if at all she’s pregnant, they will be able to do a DNA test concerning the paternity, which i doubt she’s going to do because SHE IS NOT PREGNANT.

    • Hello Ellan! I’m glad you’re here, I’d like to thank you for sharing the petition, I discover a good site where I can pour out my heartache to KE! Thanks!! Oh and thanks for the reblog. God bless..

  36. I cannot remember if I read it or watched it on you tube.But what I do remember is what KHJ said in the interview – He pointed out that if ever he will date a girl, he would try his best to keep it secret. His reason – If he is not sure that the girl that he dates is really the girl he wants to marry, he does not want that girl to be the talk of the town when they break up. He even explained that the girl will be forever be tagged as KHJ’s ex even if she has found a new love or is married to another man – and he even said that it would be unfair to her.
    If he is really sure that the girl that she has found is the girl that he wants to marry, he would not mind if she will be revealed in public. Very well said. Now I know why KHJ had kept his affair with that girl for two years. Hope you get what I mean.

  37. Amidst the scandal, there are still fans who remain loyal to him with the hope that he can still bounce back from this nightmare. But the ways things are going nowadays, even his fans are beginning to have confusions among themselves. although I hope it will not result to leaving KHJ. Each fans has his / her own views and sometimes it creates confusions. My only wish is that this time, KHJ would speak to clear all things…His fans are never selfish and are even bold enough to defend him even others call them delulu fans.

    He had a succesful Japan/gemini tour; and fans not only from Japan but from other countries came to show to the world that he had still a commanding appeal. .But the way things are going now amidst consfuions..I do hope KHJ would not be selfish enough to speak for the sake of those who truly love and suuport him.
    Please, KHJ it is time to show to your fans that you really care for them..Is it really hard for you to send a short message to them about your present situation.

    My boy, you had done mistakes before and your fans still accepted you,,I doubt if there is still about you that they could no longer accept. The worst have come to them when they learned that you had secret love affairs with Choi for two years, and that you again went to her after the scandal…and that you yourself had once said that there is a possiblility that you are the father of her child…What else can they not learn to accept. Please, take all these considerations so that you will find courage to tell your fans about your situation. That is all that they have been begging you to do.

    Forgive me if I am losing patience my boy, perhaps it is just the stress and the worries about you. But I am still for you and hoping that you will come up to say that everything has been settled.That is all what we want to hear from you. Am I asking too much?

    • anonymous,,u look so upset on khj..relax dear..y u still talk about this so-called pregnancy??its true he had make a mistakes by going back to the bitch after the scandal…and regards the pregnancy he said it probably his and he will take necessary saying this it looks he realy care enough about the baby(i dont think there is a baby)…but my questionis if all happens is true then why the bitch make messes in public to announce about this so-called pregnancy???

      she can handle this in private since khj not ask her for any abortion…and wait..i have a doubts??..when a girl being prgnnt bcoz of ex-boy,normally all girl will think to abort since they alredy breakup…but this bitch inform khj about the prgnancy..and for a man when his ex-gf inform about her being prgnnt bcoz of him,,i think all man probably will ask for abortion…but did khj ask for abortion??NO..!!!did khj try run from being responsible??NO…!!!did khj try to settle her with money and power that he have??NO..!!!

      so im juz dont understnd y the bitch soo scared to do a pregnncy test in presence of khj n his parents..since khj and his parents might be accept her as wife and their daughter in law..there is no sign that khj n his parents will dstroy her or her baby??we know how wonderful people they are?? first she blames khj,then she blames khj’ agency,then khj’ parents and then khj’ fans…what the hell??!!..

      wat she think she is the only good person in this world with not doing any sin and all people around khj are the cruel????…and about this silence,,i agree that it realy make us worried..but what esle khj can do?? from the start we can say he try very hard to handle it in privte but every time he make a move,the bitch will make the problem more worse by making a statemnt to media,reveal text messages and so on..actually if u think deeply she no need to go public since khj already said he will take necessary why she need to??..

      i cnnot think any reason other than she want to prove the world that khj is her’s baby I right??is it wrong his parents ask for prgnncy test together??u want khj accept yr baby but u dont want to go together for test with yr baby’ father,grndpa and grandma(which I doubts most)???hw the bitch expect they accept her baby with no proper proves..!!!???NOT LOGIC..!!!

      khj may need a time to settle this problem bcoz this is not a small metter…he know well when to talk and when to make a move…he such a genius…so please dont think he is selfish…no way..!!..he luv us more than how much we luv him..i realy hope fans will STOP speculating about the baby but it seems so hard..i realy dont know wat to say..juz pray all will settle and we can see our prince’s smile one day in future…

    • Gosh I think people are starting to get very frustrated with the silence and I get that. I feel the same way lately but I was watching some old interviews with KHJ and I was reminded at how sincere and thoughtful he truly is. I honestly feel his silence is from probably embarrassment that this has happened and a fear that he has disappointed so many people that have supported and loved him. I am sure it is weighing on his mind heavily and he is torn in how to move forward and trying to figure out how to fix this.

      In this interview below which I suggest you go back and watch the three parts before this which is the last one of four video’s, KHJ explains how he does not want an error on his part to disappoint the whole. This entire interview I feel really shows his sincerity which is hard to fake. I have been around a lot of musicians as my own son is a professional musician in NYC and I also have worked in the industry in the past for about 6 years and you meet so many that are not sincere and there are so many egos. I think I can read people well and I find KHJ to be extremely sincere and I think for this to happen is nothing short of devastating to him.

      Somehow he needs to work through it and trust that the worst is over and now it’s time to just put closure to it and move on. Will he lose fans? Probably and he probably already has to some extent and I would guess the worst is behind him as you said. I think he’s just scared so lets all be patient a while longer and send lots of good energy his way that the road ahead will not be nearly as bumpy as the last year.

      Take a watch at the ending of this video……

      • angelaaaj,,u rite,,he look sincere and he always sincerily answer at every interview that he had been attend…Knowing this choi is the biggest mistake in his life…he will blaming himself for dissappoint us..i still remmber his parents said he crying badly in “the fact interview”..he might regret for what had happened…im little worried about his condition but I think time will change him to become more strong man..juz wait him after he cameback from MS..but one thing I scared that.. is it he wont trust in relatonship and love anymore??is he ready to become bachelor forever??we know how much he love to having a family…aaahhh..sigh..!!!…this bitch are destroying everything…!!!

        • KHJluv, let’s pray that he will overcome the pain in love that he has gone thru previously and gain the true love that he needs to complete his life.

          • yes..that is totally what I wish..i want to a girl who have a beautiful soul stand beside him and alwiz understand and support him forever…and he can be proud to have such a wife…

      • Dear Ms Angelaaaj,
        I do agree with what you have said about KHJ’s sincerity regarding how he does not want any of his error disappoint whole things including us; his fans based on few videos that I watched previously. My tears drop whenever I watch that video.
        Yes, he may and might lose some of his fans however those who are staying behind and becoming his fans during this ‘nightmare’ will last as only ‘sincerity’, ‘trust’, ’empathy’ and ‘honesty’ will bond us even though we are miles miles away from him. I always believe that an honest person will have his or her positive vibes that will continue to radiate to the whole universe. This is the same for him-continually radiate until now.
        It is a tough journey for him and us yet it is a worthy one as KHJ will be surrounded with those charming and wonderful people with beautiful inner all around the world. Hence, it is a journey that the God has created for him to endure as this test fits his ability to go thru with his personality and values that he has embedded.
        One more thing, whatever move that we choose to take to help him is simply because we care and love him as our dear brother, younger brother, son, grandson and not just a K Pop idol in our mind and heart.
        If he is not taking any action, it is our duty to lead him by motivating and inducing him positively to do so. He will feel our love and sincerity and at last, decide to face all of us with his decision. Let’s do something out of our comfort zones and wait no time to take the action!

  38. I do not know what’s going on with KHJ, but I only wish that him or someone from his camp should at least say something to the fans.

    My prayer is that God will deliver KHJ from Evil (Choi).
    Lazerkim thanks a lot for keeping us all together with your blog.
    i will continue to pray for him. I only wish that he will not make a mistake in marrying that woman with fake pregnancy. ( everything about her is fake and plastic).

  39. KHJ’s fans have said that they will support him no matter what his decision would be…but why do KHJ keep silent until now? Only a simple word from him would remove all their worries..He is talking about privacy? He no longer have privacy since he is involved with that Choi..Doesn’t he know that in his silence there are more bad speculations about him..Is it very hard for him to come in the open and inform his fans of what is the real score? Is he having thoughts that his fans would leave him if he tells the truth?

    His request for delaying his MS enlistment was granted, if not for deteriorating health, there would be no other valid reason other than the pregnancy…He cannot reason out that he would want to clear his name before MS, for up to now he has not lifted a finger to clear his name..what is he waiting..his fans to do it for him? The more he keeps silent, the more he is making his fans worry..please have concern on your loyal fans…SPEAK UP..before it is too late. I have great respect and admiration to Henecians and KHJ loyal fans…I DO HOPE KHJ WILL KNOW HOW BLESSED HE IS TO HAVE A FANDOM WHO IS READY TO ACCEPT HIM NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN.

  40. Thank you Angel, for your time. No offence intended to you, but heard that some younger fans were mistreated at TT, sorry to hear that really, as we all say here at our Home , and we all agree we are ALL Fans to same person and I keep saying we must be United more than ever now.

    Re petition I already got my reasonable explanation from angelaaaj and you do have a point, but the way the fans were pressured not to sign or do something about it it was not a decent way, quite discomforting. Is like imposing their views on someone mind or freedom. Not a nice way and really doen without a good reason why not.
    Anyhow I do not think that petition will move further from the internet, so really no harm done.

    Re SK fans…wow, if that is true. Thought only in North Korea things like that might happen…but who knows, as you pointed out someone Big is behind, and that brings us back with what LK already said from the begining that someone is backing the psycho bitch (no way I will call that creature, excuse of a woman, Miss…) and they are keen on ruining the image and career of KHJ. That is why we must stay united and show we are there always for him.

    Re that “apology” from Hj in Sept, sorry to say, I can’t believe it Hj wrote that on his own, only, that as LK put it, if a gun was pointed at his head, cause if you read it carefully is very cautious and ambigous.

    Re Hj’s feelings, I believe only Hj knows how he feels, the rest are just assumptions.
    I do hope that once he read the last article from LK he didn’t feel pain at was said, one thing for sure is Hj does not like his fans to fight or at War and we ALL know Hj is browsing this Blog.

    I might say I admire your continuous work to bring all the love and support.

    But I have to say we have to fight the intruders in all blogs that are spreading false rumors and gossips that might mislead and divide us and those are actually doing the real damage to Hj and his fans, those must be exposed for spreading false rumors.

    We may not all be Henecia FC but we are all a very big Family who support and love KHJ the Artist and our main purpose should be to help and pave his way back in showbiz, I think that is a fight that we must be united because I and may others would like to attend a future concert!

    So All for One and One for all. 🙂

    • Thank you Boys dear for your reply. I had also thought his apology was FORCED and had some thoughts on that also. I did not want to say it in my original response bc I Have no proof of anything. I do believe he was somehow threatened into making that apology also. But since it was on his official Hyun- page and had his name on it i believe he will keep his word regardless of whether he was forced our not. Sigh. I am so heart weary right now. I am beginning to wonder if someone started all of this trying to divide us. Well we well only show then IT CAN NOT BE DONE! Even when we disagree we remain unified and strong. That is the difference in this fan family and why i love all of you so much. I will never stop supporting and loving my Only One and my Fan family. Thanks again Noya! I consider you one of those ‘ veteran’ fans I have known and loved for awhile also. I also have band new fans who started following khj after the second scandal came out whom i have grown close to and love dearly. We are together forever because our Hyunnie inspires that type of love and loyalty. He is truly special.

        • Thank you Angel, yes we are UNITED and will stay like this regardless if others will want to break us or divide us, we must keep our stance and good name even we not always agree on our opinions, because we are one big Fanily (no mistake meant that…).

          Indeed one special Star we are fans of.


    • I think for a fan to start a petition on his behalf shows that he/she really cares, even if the petition will not bring out the truth from the South Korea’s media, at least it worth trying. So, i signed it. i think we need to do whatever we fans can, to get KHJ image’s and reputation back for him. i do not think there’s harm in trying.

      As for madam evil (choi), she will be exposed in Jesus name. i am 150% sure that she’s not pregnant. and since she and her lawyer stated that she’s due by September, maybe that’s what KHJ is waiting for before saying anything to us. Maybe by then, if at all she’s pregnant, they will be able to do a DNA test concerning the paternity, which i doubt she’s going to do because SHE IS NOT PREGNANT.

  41. Hello LK and all pretty fan here!!!!
    This is a good article LK, as always you open up our minds and keep us calm, thank you!!! As I read this and all comments, I see that we all want for justice maybe by different way, but search for KHJ happiness 🙂 I think That your idea (on comment box) is good, that all FC can write to jacksal asking HJ to speak or do something.. So instead of petition, what about to write an official letter to him, like we did before and signed by all fans from the entire world? For exemple, you or WFCKHJ or the UBKBHenecia can write the letter that will be signed by fans. On this, we don’t force him to react but explain to him as you did in this article the good and the bad size of his silence so he will take the decision, that we all have to respect. For the “signature”, it will not be signed by socialmedia account but signed by hand (organized by each country) and after scanned.. Then we send it to him… It is just something who passed on my head and I think it will be like official demand from fans overseas no?
    I see on comment too that we are asking for HKorea confidences and they are powerless on this situation, then what about , we Henecia overseas , make project to assure Hkorea that we are with them? They are our sister and we must support them too.. Maybe they will gain on confident, and they could speak with us in anyway about their problem on that case, then we could help them… It is just my opinion
    Thank you LK for giving me a space to express my thoughts and I hope I will be understood because my English is not so good 😛

    • Hello Vehya! Thank you for dropping by! Thank you for the compliment!

      Yes it’s just a suggestion to Henecia Fan Club Worldwide, it’s a take it or leave it proposal, I hope they can discuss among themselves on how they can encourage Henecia Korea. Hoping this problem can be resolve is a formal Letter of Appeal for statement of clarification on Pregnancy issue to be handed to hj or to any KHJ camp via Jaksal any outlet.
      The Henecia Fan Club Worldwide officers can talk among themselves how they can encourage Henecia Korea to personally hand in the Letter of Appeal. Maybe even stating from what country among the Henecia Fan Club is supporting the said appeal or request. Then whatever HJ’s respond he or any from his camp can use his KHJ website. Here’s an example, the Letter of Appeal that I posted in March 17 to KHJ camp. Link bellow:


      • Dears …that sound just perfect, I hope that those FC’s will pick the glove and do something like you suggested.
        Hear Hear!

            • Lazer Kim:
              I totally agree with you and I think in all fairness after all this time (2 months) fans have a right to know something….anything!! I just can’t believe they think putting all this out in the public and then leaving fans hanging is a good idea? If someone can organize a letter to go to a Jaksal store I think that would be a great idea and probably pick one of the first ones to open in Seoul. Isn’t that the one his bff is running? Hopefully KHJ would get it?? They could use your original letter to KE as a guide on how to write it. What can be done to get that going? I really worry about KHJ and his ability to have a solid fan base to return to if fans have no closure. I just don’t think this is healthy. I hope it changes. I would hope he knows that fans are not going to be judge and jury over his life and his decisions and it’s really okay…just talk to us!! Thanks LK for all your hard work. I am sure Hyun Joong appreciates it even in the silence. I am beginning to understand the saying
              “deafening silence” !! Its so very awkward these days.

              • Dear Ms Angelaaaj and all my dearest friends,
                Good Day!
                I totally agree with the idea in fact some of us already sent a letter to this Jaksal store privately (I am one of them) but the more, the merrier. I really love the idea of each country sends a big love letter or card to him. We need to constantly encourage and motivate him to move on and focus on the bigger thing that awaiting for his decision. I better start thinking how to spread and do this in Malaysia (hopefully they’ll buy the idea!).

              • Hello Angelaaj! I really hope the fan club can read this suggestion. Just one business letter written in Hangul will do even just country flag to sign it for representation will do. And just to specify his fans support him whatever he decides giving assurance. Thanks!

  42. I think khj’s parents still trying to handle this cases behind the scene..!!!this silence is realy killing…are we dont have no other choice other than waiting for the answer from khj’s camp..??this silence leave a lots of doubts,speculation,critics,worries…i scared it going to effect khj’s future n career… T_T

  43. LK – I totally agree with you that questions need to be answered. We don’t need to know the intimate details, but something that would squash the damaging rumors being said about KHJ. I really feel that his livelihood is on the line. Not that I am trying to be negative, but in this case, silence is not golden. Entering into the MS for two years, not being in good standing with SK public, and new K-pop bands/soloists coming into the K-pop world limelight almost every other day, his career could seriously suffer. (Then what would Ms. Choi do?) I think it’s about time someone spoke out.

    Thank you for all your articles throughout the years…and for your devotion to KHJ.

  44. Future is exactly what i’m worry about.
    first you know that senior and bullying things in korea. I’m realy worried. what if they annoy him in military?
    and then what you said. no matter what to do and whom to marry. his future children r going to suffer too.not knowing what happened in the past.also peopleb may bully them about their father’s past.
    and then his career. even if he release an album in korea no one knows what will happened.
    and if he appear on a variety show or radio.. then what r they going to talk about?actually whatever they ask will be awkward.
    fans know who he is and love him but what about others?
    for his future and his family i really wish he breaks this silent and show what is the truth

  45. I will not be bothered by this silence. I won`t forget him, I won`t stop loving and supporting him. I am sure that sonner or later the news will come. I love you, Henecia and I admire your strenght and unity. Please stay united for the sake of KHJ.




  47. Hello LK, I just want point out something and that’s my opinion actually I think if we stop being hungry for updates now, rumors will not go around, I personally don’t want to hear what he has been up to on this issue, I’m waiting for him to stand and tell us what happened and I want one day all media will state that choi is proven to be a liar and Kim Hyun Joong is proven to be innocent loud and clear with evidence no one can suspect, I too believe that in order for him to have an easier comeback this matter needs to be cleared publicly but in my opinion there is no need to state details now and wait until everything is proven then publish the truth and of course truth shall prevail no matter how hard anybody tries to hide it, I truly believe that God will give him back is dignity.

  48. Lazerkim,

    i wish his friends at Jaksal could tell us the truth about the whole thing. They are best friends, why can’t they come out and say it all. They just said HJ is ok and that he is a good man.

  49. I so agree with you LK I also want to know about Ms Choi so call pregnancy and you right about SK lost for HJ because he will always be loved by his fans and we will not leave him

  50. And forge to be better persons as he has taught us thru his life.hyun joong matters a great deal in fact he is ALL THAT MATTERS,i don’t care where that woman is or what she is doing.all i need is assurance from my GOD in my heart that hyun joong is recovering and will be much better in the future and also as the days passes that one day hyun na will come back to us with a smile.that woman have served as an obstacle in kim hyun joong’s life but you know the saying:opportunities most times comes as obstacles”pls lazer kim don’t worry about his future kids and wife.we won’t understand now but as time passes you will see:ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THEM THAT…”JUST like that there are dots in hyun joongs life but they are not left for us to assume the answers,GOD WILL,peace and calm.

  51. Here Is a poem i really like:to laugh often and love much,to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children,to earn the approval of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends,to appreciate beauty,to find the best in others,to give of one’s self without the slightest thought of return,to have accomplished a task,whether a healthy child,a rescued soul,a garden patch,or a redeemed social condition,to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exaltation,to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived,this is to have succeeded.”when i came across this i immediately thought of hyun joong.he might have been fooled by that woman BUT he is NOT a fool.i have said it once that hyun joong is not stupid to deny himself of happiness for a lifetime,our greatest problem now as fans is not the silence but our own DOUBTS.just stop guessing,imaging and lets just pray for him and one another spending our time with all he’s left us with for the main time

    • Yes, this fit him to a “T”.
      How many can say they have changed a person’s heart/life or brought a lasting smile on a persons face, on a large scale. But, our man has and he is paying a price. But, he has obtained a lasting success that none will be able to deny. He is a messenger of The Most High God.

  52. hey LK beautiful message. Thank you for keeping the hope alive and i pray that all this will be over soon. God bless u!

  53. Hello Ms Kim and all my dearest friends,
    Good Day!
    Tq Miss Kim for another uplifting article that continuously lifting up my spirit!
    I am one of the new fans (since I started to become his fan in 2011) as compared to some of us whom become his fans during ss501 epoch. I used to read news about KHJ from Google and Yahoo but as this ‘nightmare’ happened, I could only find negative news about him. I could not believe it so I searched blogs that discuss about KHJ. The first blog that I found was Ms Kim’s blog and until today I am an avid reader of this blog. Like others too, I feel this is my home and place where we share news, discuss issues and sometimes differences might happen but it is normal to have things like this in our enormous gigantic fandom family. Differences are good when we manage them in constructive ways and I strongly believe these differences are not a weakness instead it makes us a STRONG fandom.
    Kudos to Miss Kim for all your articles that inspire us and open up our eyes about KHJ and this blog when we need a ‘home’ to express our thoughts and views. Nobody can BREAK us DOWN, we may differ in our views yet our goal is one-protecting our KHJ and we want him to come back to us aka BACK IN BUSINESS!
    To KHJ haters and MC supporters, we aren’t one easy fandom to be disintegrated!

    With much of loves all the way from, Malaysia, Hazell.

    • Luckily you found Lazerkim otherwise you will be reading lies and have a wrong image of him. Too bad there are many people out there who haven’t found Lazerkim thus having wrong impression of him.

  54. LK. Thank you as always for your wonderful words. Yes we the veteran fans even if we disagree know that we still love each other and KHJ. i agree with you this silence is killing us and it is hard not to wonder what had happened to shut that woman up. We all know when she is not getting what she wants she is loud in throwing her tantrums. And so it is frightening for both of them to be silent. It is my hope that Hyun Joong’s parents have handled this quietly as they stated was their desire and hired good legal counsel that placed a gag on her right away. That is my fervent prayer. as far as Hyun Joong’s silence well we all know how he is a man of few words and prefers to keep his private matters to himself. You are right in that if she was really carrying his baby she should be at the media saying see i told you do. Since she is not it is suspicious. I do hope that everything gets cleared up and that he goes to military after giving his fans some peaceof mind in fact I’m begging him to. I can’t force him though so i just have to wait and love and support him with all my heart. Thank you again for airing your mind here. I always like to know what you are thinking.

      • yes! It does seem like yesterday, LK! I still love him as much now as when i was a ‘newbie’ lol! I didn’t know anything back then and you were a wealth of information and comfort. thank you so much for your friendship these years and for always encouraging me. I appreciate you more than you could ever know, and I will always consider you my sister. Love you so much!

    • Angel dear,
      I have to say something, you call yourself “veteran” fan, lol, we are all FANS here regardless of time we started to be fans and age, we all want the same the well being of our Star in the end.
      Can I ask you why you disagreed with the petition, I mean a viable reason, because as I see it, it can’t hurt Hj or even pose a threat to that creature, it is done outside SK and for sure will die at the at the site in the end, but at least someone had the guts to say something and for that I applaud her.

      Do you have any idea why the SK fans disagree with that petition? after all is really not involving or harming them at all.
      I remember when the DSP issue was in 2010 if not mistaken, the SK fans were posting videos and making lots of noise to clear HJ, why so silent now? Is there some reliable and reasonable reason that now they are silent?
      It is baffling for them to keep silence, do they know something that the International fans don’t? So why not share it with us, after all we are FAMILY here.

      I do not agree to be scared of that creature, the moment you are scared of her she won is like giving way to her, no way.

      I know one thing: the Best Defense is Offense, and this goes back in ancient times.

      • Sorry to butt in Noya but the main problem of the petition for me and I think several others I have talked to is that it is written poorly and not based on fact but rumors. If the petition was written about the defamation done by the media against KHJ as suggested by LK then it would be different but it’s not about that.

        The petition states in the beginning paragraphs that even if Choi is pregnant then without question it is not Hyun Joongs but some other boyfriend. Really? How does she know that? According to KHJ parents he himself believed that if she is pregnant then the child is probably his but a person halfway across the world in NYC seems to know without question that if pregnant the baby is not his and brings some other guy into the mix. I just think to post rumors and endorse them makes us no different than the media who printed fact less rumors about KHJ and we need to follow KHJ example and take the higher road. Between this petition as written and silence I think silence is better.

        Also the petition calls on media to identify Choi….we have spent the last 8 months talking about our lack of trust in the SK media yet now we call on them to identify Choi? The petition makes no sense.

        I am not scared of anyone at all I just don’t want to put my name to something that is not factual and I worry that if pregnancy and paternity have been confirmed then putting out a petition like that with those claims doesn’t reflect well.

        Sorry again for butting in….

        • Hello Angelaaj!
          I have the same question with Noya. And among all reasons I have read yours has better logic!! LOL sorry about that! Your reason is on technical aspect of the petition which you have a point. That’s why at my other article I asked Bella this “If I wrote that petition would you doubt it?” She said no. You’re right I’ll be pointing out on defamation.
          And yes I want to know who she is as I stated in this article and I have reason. That even others would say it’s his privacy, no I don’t buy that since it’s out there at the media as I mentioned in this article. This will forever linger in my mind, what more with the public! If Choi and HJ should have kept this matter then I wouldn’t care at all. This matter was half revealed half bake, what would this lead us to? Rumors speculations ect.

          But right now my concern is that so-called pregnancy as I mentioned in this article simple positive negative or MIA I don’t even need the details is all I want to know so I point out some common possible repercussion.
          The thing that confuses me most of all is that I hear a lot of reasons from fans that seem to me to be illogical and confusing!! Honestly it cause me to doubt it’s like hearing 1000 different reasons that doesn’t add up! Sorry about that! This is just my opinion.
          And I agree with Noya in 2010 controversy the fans fiercely fought although a different case still it’s defending HJ. Now I don’t see that anymore that leads me to question why so silent?
          It somehow gives me the doubt are we just going to let this be forgotten by time? While those lies are lingering at the internet? Well I’m just asking! I don’t mean to be impatient but come on, time is gold for all I know!! LOL I just think somewhere something is not right. And this rumors whispers I don’t know where it is coming from and so I would like to put this to stop on this uncertainty, that’s why I seek for answers. I’m just being true. But I got it you have a point there.

          How I wish Henecia FC would encourage each other in making an appeal to KHJ camp to clearify this so-called pregnancy. I already did that as I stated at the beginning of this article, but one voice to multiple voice makes the difference of course. I think this can help resolve. Just my wishing thoughts!
          Thank you Angelaaj, for sharing your thoughts, take care have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

          • I totally agree Lazer Kim. I agree as well that KHJ has a right to his private life but you are spot on…. it was not fans that brought this out into the public, it was Choi and her attorney and KHJ and KeyEast. Then after totally publicizing their most private affairs it goes silent. With all due respect what makes a person a celebrity is being well known and “celebrated” by the public. That’s by definition. Celebrities are not celebrities without fans so I think fans are owed some form of respect when you look at it that way and realize it was not fans who opened this can of worms.

            I sincerely feel that the two months of silence is enough and the only closure in this and to stop all the whispers and rumors needs to come from KHJ camp. I am becoming more irritated at the way this is being handled then in the scandal itself. It’s ridiculous. Maybe the only way to get any attention to this is to post the question to KeyEast on social media and simply say ‘Update on KHJ please?” Maybe if enough people asks then they will do their job and post something. It’s all weird and unbelievable really that in 2 months not one endorsement shooting, airport siting, album interview (he did just release a new album in Japan?) variety show, fan siting, soccer game etc??? How believable is this? And they hold the Gemini concert series basically to say goodbye before MS then MS is delayed without any explanation? Horrible public relations on the part of KE. Do they not want KHJ to have a fan base to come back too? I have worked in PR in this industry in the past and I promise you this is the worst public relations I have seen.

            I remember watching an interview and KHJ said he did not want to disappoint in one area that could effect the whole or something like that and I understand that but delaying the inevitable is not solving the problem but actually making it worse in my opinion. I really do agree that something needs to be done but I don’t think this petition is that something. I also agree that something seems off but its hard to put the finger on what it is. I am so irritated by the whole thing and not because I am overly curious about the private life of KHJ because I’m not at all but I’m irritated watching the effects it is having on his fans who have done nothing but give love and support. If you come up with a creative idea I will support it and I trust you would do something far more effective than the petition. I realize it was written with good intentions but it really is missing the mark in my opinion.

            • LOL Angelaaj I just have to accept any language barrier or something there!!
              Anyway, as I have said I have already posted a letter of Appeal to KHJ camp whoever can release statement. And since I just did this on my own with just one voice!

              I was thinking if Henecia FC can work on this appeal pass it on to Henecia FC Korea. I mean I would like to suggest this to the FanClub, take it or leave it. As long as something is being done.

              Fans come and go to any Jaksal outlet, then maybe the officers of the FC Korea can hand in the formal Letter of Appeal. I think this is just a matter of encouraging Henecia FC Korea, I don’t think this would create mess.

              As I said simple Negative, Positive or MIA would be sufficient enough, we don’t need the details anyway. With the emphasis we don’t need details just that result from the said pregnancy issue.

              KE had lost its credibility so I’m not relying on the company anymore. Then whatever respond KHJ camp can post it at KHJ website. As simple as that we can resolve this mess. Again I repeat this is just suggestion, take it or leave it.

              At least by this way we would know where HJ stand. There won’t be anymore speculations or rumors (I hope) Just transparency as well is needed here.

              I really hope Henecia FC officers worldwide would read this suggestion and they can talk among themselves how they can encourage H Korea. This is what I can think of, I just know something has to be done about this uncertainty.

              Angelaaj if you’ll reply pls open up another box, thanks!

        • Thank you angelaaaj, at least you gave a more reasonable reason on why and so on.
          But I will still would like to know why some fans tried to push others that feel different not to sign? Is their own opinion and feeling, so I respect that. This is not the way of bullying someone to change their opinion, use common sense and reasonable reasons and the true behind all and believe me all will understand, after all, we all want the same.

          I would also like to know why SK fans are so quiet and if they do have some information why not share it in the Family? What do they know more than us? I mean I know for sure they know exactly the creature and her face and name and they even been interacting with, so why they “protect” (figure of speech, don’t take it literally…ok, no offence intended to them) her and not making more noise?

          I am still awaiting a reply from Angel though I would really like to hear he opinion, she did wrote on behalf of KHJ he begged?!?! I mean really it does sound far fetched to say that, sorry no offence here.

          I would really like people to get a grip and start thinking how to help HJ back and shed the truth instead of burying their head in the sand and waiting for the storm to pass. Showing that we are here to stay will just show the power of KHJ Fandom is still alive and kicking !!

          • I agree Noya! The silence from the SK fans who normally have daily postings and sightings is very strange. I wonder if the views within the culture make it hard for them to make noise. I say this because I have been told by a couple of my SK friends who live here now and another coworker who spent several years in Seoul teaching English that having children out of wedlock is very much frowned upon. Maybe the whole subject just shy’s them away. It’s only a guess because I truly don’t know. I am sure they still love KHJ but I just wonder if they feel uneasy about this entire subject.
            I remember well what the US was like in the early 70’s before single Moms became common place and before half the population was divorced and I remember having a friend who was raised by her single mother and the awkwardness she felt and how she even hid the fact that her parents were divorced. I wonder if it’s similar to that in SK? We have become far more liberal here in the US but my friends tell me SK is a country who wants badly to be westernized while keeping their more traditional social values.
            Its hard to know being so far away but I agree it feels very odd. I know a few of the SK fans have said that KHJ asked back in the beginning to respect his privacy and I get that but as days drag into weeks and weeks into months it starting to feel a bit weird. I hope we all have some closure soon!

      • Noya,

        Let me just start by saying I love my Alien Family and even if you disagree with me on a point it does not mean I think you are any less a KHJ fan or love him any less. Everything I do I want to be covered with love. I meant no offense with the term ‘veteran fan.’ It is a term that has been used since i was a new fan and i was always grateful to the veteran fans for helping me to learn more about KHJ so i always knew the truth and the facts. It is simply a term of affection for the fans I have known for a long time. I considered LK one of those ‘veteran’ fans even though she had only been following KHJ passionately for a year longer than I. It in no way indicates that ‘newer’ fans are any less fans or love KHJ less. That term is not meant to be derogatory in any way.

        On the matter of why I oppose the petition… MAINLY because I know in my heart of hearts KHJ Would Not Want It! He is my top priority and his Happiness matters most to me. Who am I to push for something he Clearly Doesn’t Want? If he did he would have gone against her himself and revealed her Identity and Lies. How do I know KHJ does not want her identity revealed? He said in an interview prior to the whole scandal breaking out that he would never reveal the identity of someone he dated.

        “I will never go public with a relationship. I noticed that when people date publicly and breakup it’s the woman that has to suffer for it. I don’t think there is any need for a woman, who may be later married, to have the title of being ‘someone’s woman’ following them… If I’m not going to marry that person, I will never go public with a relationship out of respect for that person’s life”

        Clearly, he is keeping his word and respecting her regardless of how she has treated him. KHJ will never go back on his word no matter what has been done to him. Yes, SHE made it public. He will still hold to his word no matter what. I don’t want to be the cause of him feeling his word, which is everything to him, was not honored by his fans.

        Also, in his apology for the first scandal he said this, “Since this incident occurred entirely because of my mistakes, there is no reason for her to be blamed. I want to also say sorry to her family and friends.”

        Does that statement constitute him begging us not to pursue her? Maybe not, but once again, I know KHJ does not give his word LIGHTLY either. So, I wish to HONOR it.

        Also, I think SK fans do know something we don’t. I have been told by a fan who lives there that the atmosphere is very scary for them and that some were even met by law enforcement at the airport when returning to the country from abroad and told to stop saying things against Miss Choi on their Social Media on threat of arrest. NOW, IS THAT A FACT? I can’t say. I have no proof other than the word of someone who lives in SK.

        With that being said I think we need to calm down and think about KHJ and the fans in SK and put them well before our own needs to know things and get justice. We have no IDEA what they are dealing with there. They will probably not reveal it either because it is a matter in their own country. S Koreans are very private and prideful and would not want to announce to the rest of the world their troubles. There could be a lot more to their silence than we could ever know. This Ms. Choi has some powerful backers and big money behind her. The cunning of this whole monkey circus she has created is evident of that. She is not smart enough to cause all this ruckus. Someone USED her and it is someone with POWER. It is reckless to stir up trouble when we have NO IDEA what their reasons are for silence.

        So, you say ‘not to be scared’ I am an American. If this were happening in America I would have NO FEAR and would shout from the rooftops REVEAL the LYING B! Freedom of Speech! Just try to OPPRESS the TRUTH! Why? Because here I know the LAW IS ON MY SIDE!

        As I know very little about the reality of SK Culture and Legal System I am more hesitant. I would never want to cause KHJ more harm by trying to do for him what he clearly has good reasons for not doing himself.

        Let me just end with this: Thank you, Angelaaaj for your thoughts. I agree with you. The Petition is ‘messy’ for lack of a better term. The main request is to reveal the identity of Ms. Choi. Secondary to that it mentions Dispatch and the SK Media. Finally, it speculates about the pregnancy and another guy. These are not facts that have been proven in any way. I think the person that wrote it should have stuck to what could ACTUALLY be pursued on a legal avenue and that is the LIES printed by the Media. The identity of Ms. Choi is not relevant to that. The fact that she LIED is what is relevant. As LK has also stated, the media is probably under legal obligation NOT to reveal her identity. If they do they will have dire legal consequences. In addition to that, it is my opinion that KHJ’s fans do not need to know her identity. We only need to know the truth about her pregnancy. I agree 100% with LK on that. It can’t be left hanging for 2 whole years or even 9 months as she allegedly stated she would not have a DNA test until after the birth. I would also like the truth about the assault case to be cleared up as well. It is my prayer and my faithful belief that all Will Be Revealed in the RIGHT TIME. In God’s time. Waiting on God to do what only He can do because He is all knowing is not sticking my head in the sand. I have Faith that He will make all things right and new. I don’t need to push ahead of Him. I need only to be open to the moving of His Spirit and when the right time comes I will take the appropriate action.

        I hope I have expressed myself in a manner that can be understood. If it does not seem logical to you i apologize but I feel my opinions and reasons are just as valid as anyone else’s

        Sorry, LK for taking so much space! lol

        • Thanks,l couldnt explain it since English is not my language .l SAID it was not SMART, and l was accused to be by CHOI SIDE.
          that is OK just points of view, different visión but same goal
          take care
          oops … do you update the support page?
          GOD BLESS YOU

        • Hi Angie! Just one question, you mentioned this “….9 months as she allegedly stated she would not have a DNA test until after the birth.” I’m sorry I must have missed this statement, was this in the news? If so from what media outlet? Pardon me I just read this the first time. Thanks Angie!

          • yes it was in one of the new reports i read but i can’t remember where LK and I have stopped looking at them at all. I don’t want to go back and sift through any of them. I remember it being stated that she did not want to go to the hospital with the family because she did not want to get the dna test until after the birth. whether that was true or not I can’t say because as we all know we can’t trust what the kpop trash magazines report…
            sorry i don’t have a place to direct you for that statement. that’s why i said ‘allegedly’ because it may not be true.

  55. You are right lazerkim, thank God we still stay united as ever, that is an indication that this family will indeed overcome this storm. Thank you for allways bringing us together

  56. I could not agree more with you Lazer Kim. I think KHJ has an uphill battle regardless what road he chooses and it is important that fans stand united so that he has a strong fan base that brings him back to the stage and to dramas. I also agree that we have to accept whatever path he chooses for his personal life and I know many, if not most of us would wish for him probably a different path than is laid out for him but only he can make those decisions and it is South Korea and not the US or UK or more liberal countries.

    I am not sure in SK he has many options if he is the babies father. I don’t agree however that Choi would be running to the media to prove her pregnancy if they were reunited. She already did that but that seems to be her mode of operation only when they are broken up. For two years they date and she says nothing then they get back together and again she does not publicize it in November so for me the fact that she is not saying anything publicly is more telling. I feel like the silence is KHJ way of not disappointing and I understand that but the longer the silence goes the more speculation arouses and I think it’s time for him to just put closure to this and know that his fans will support him regardless.

    For that reason I worry about the petition and critical mentions of her altogether because I think that fear of rejection by fans keeps the silence going longer. I know many fans don’t believe the pregnancy and I wondered at the beginning as well but as time has gone on I really feel that if it was all baseless and a hoax then KE or someone from that camp would have cleared it up by now. The 2 months of silence and the MS delay has me preparing myself for what I feel like is the obvious announcement. Like you, I hope it is sooner than later because I think closure and moving forward is the best thing that can happen now for KHJ and his fans.

    I think everyone wants to move on but no one knows for certain what that future looks like. Its sad really and people are anxious. I hope fans can stay united so he hears the message loud and clear that it really going to be okay and regardless what happens he has fans supporting him and his decisions. We’ve got your back but its time to move on and it has to come from you. That’s what I hope he knows.
    Thanks LK for another thought provoking article. =)

    • Right I agree with you, as I wrote if HJ ends up with her it’s his decision and I respect. I’m an open minded person. I just need to know where he stand so here I can encourage the fans to accept. Time will heal I’m positive about that it’s dissapointing if he ends up with her after what she did but what can we do? I’m giving that the benefit of the doubt. For me I can always pretend she doesn’t exist at the same time since it’s only HJ whom I support.

      That’s why I said silence is good but not all the time. You’re right the longer this matter will take the more uncertain we are. Don’t worry about that petition I don’t think it will move. Honestly I’m just glad someone with guts put that up because no one seems to be moving! I really hope the fan clubs would encourage KHJ camp to release a statement. Otherwise we’ll be left in a limbo and I don’t think it’s healthy!! I got another reply for you up there pls read it! Thanks again Angelaaj, good interaction we have here!

    • I’ve thought the same things… (the possibility of him being back with Choi) but then I wonder, why would he be staying with his parents? (more than one fan account from fans who supposedly spoke to his Aunt) That would suggest to me, that the family are still trying to solve the issue.

      Also, if Choi is still being uncooperative, but just quietened down after HJ’s parents interview, that could explain him delaying his enlistment.
      Because who knows what condition he is in right now with all this chaos.

      • I wouldn’t have thought his Aunt would tell fans ‘He is staying with Mom and Dad’ – other than to reassure.
        Maybe I’m in denial,,, but seems his parents are still protecting him. If he is in such a situation, I totally understand his silence. Who knows whats going on behind the scenes.

  57. Yes, I agree, we my have differences of opinion but first and foremost we are a family. We fight but we never stop loving each other. The main reason I enjoy your blog Miss LK, as you say this is home and you never leave home. We always come back. Thank you for this article and you are right on all points. Thank you and God bless. We stand united in support of HJ, no matter what.

  58. I don’t know why I feel that these recent tension is just a play from Choi!!
    As you said everything happening around is suspicious to me… Even thought its not it we all know its always the 3rd person who has advantage when 2 are in arguments! So someone might be happy by thinking people are fighting??
    I want them to know that its just difference of opinion! All put up their points and discuss on it there is nothing special in it!! So Choi relax don’t be too happy!!
    Henecia is tooo strong!! We all know that Choi is targeting Henecians so we all are aware of whats happening and all these tricks makes us much more strong and united!
    Anyways sorting things is good for all… Only HJ can do it!
    I hope he will do it soon!

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