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By: LazerKim


In my previous articles after the Aug nightmare, I kept saying “we forgive but we never FORGET!”  I’m not writing this article to add fuel to what seemed to be burning hot the past months, but to give ourselves a bit of a space to think, now that we have cooled down by this time. I think it’s time to search for justice.

I’m moving forward towards that direction on how we can search for justice that cannot be denied forever. We all know there was injustice no matter how I twist and turn the situation it still boils down to a certain conclusion that this nightmare were all made out of lies.

The fact that this nightmare can possibly mark on Kim Hyun Joong forever is one thing I cannot digest or accept, because injustice was shown right in front of us! Are we just going to let this pass by, count to experience and just write it in the history of SK showbiz scandal? Are we going to allow history to be manipulated by lies too? I won’t!



Here are some set of facts that we have to start bearing in our mind to be resolved:

1. The fact that Kim Hyun Joong was accused of assault in Aug 2014, that this case was closed clearing up Hyun Joong from this case, BUT the damage was done and nothing was resolved to go after the people who damaged his career life and his name.

2. The fact that in Aug 2014, the person who accused him monopolized the media in destroying him and that none in the media outlet took his side of the story. On the contrary those media outlets even twisted his words with obvious intention of deliberately misleading both the local and foreign public.

3. The fact that another scandal was placed on his head again in Feb by the same person who accused him of assault, bringing another scandal to the media that caused Kim Hyun Joong, his family, and his fans to mental and emotional torture.

4. The fact that proof of lies had been laid out right in front of our eyes on both scandals in Aug and Feb brought to the media, yet nothing was done to those lies and to the liar!


My question:  Who has the right to file charges against the accuser aside from the Kim Family? Does KHJ fans has the right to seek justice for Kim Hyun Joong? I would like to know! I believe justice can be served, if justice is being sought after.



In this particular scandal I think a lot should be done to correct the past for the sake of the future. Specially that INJUSTICE to Kim Hyun Joong was clearly shown through trial by publicity, judging without due process and ruthless inhuman bashing from his haters.

He was totally roasted by the media in Aug scandal, while the accuser totally manipulated the entire situation that I can only imagine the flow of cash within the media outlets during that nightmare in bringing Kim Hyun Joong down! However, they failed!!

And the accuser was not even contented with the 1st scandal, she again brought another set of LIES in Feb to totally pin down Kim Hyun Joong, his family and his fans to mental torture pertaining Choi’s so-called pregnancy!

I honestly find it cruel to let the lies win! I find it foolish to let wrong doings get away, and I find it really weird to let all of these be tolerated by society. What can be done so that this scandal may not become a precedent in the future?

How I wish someone from KHJ camp would make the right move to correct this wrong doings done to Hyun Joong. How I wish KHJ fans has the right to take legal actions against those who destroyed his life, his career and his future as a human being.

How I wish someone from KHJ camp would reveal Choi’s identity for once and for all! If not, then I think a credible private detective in SK can find out her identity!!



Aug scandal…… I would like to point out on evidences used at the assault case in Aug. shown by the media. In the police report stated, there’s no substantial evidence to file a case, therefore I may conclude that those evidences shown by media were indeed fake! And that Choi was not after justice, but simply to create a scandal and destroy Kim Hyun Joong!

Feb scandal…….In the interview with Hyun Joong’s parents, Mr Kim mentioned that those text messages between Choi and Mr Kim, were cut and paste to make them appear that the Kims have a bad intention in those text that Choi presented to the media.

I’m not a lawyer to identify if there was an unlawful act done in this scandal, so I made a brief search about defamation, let’s see if this case has sufficient ground to file against Choi and the media.



The term “defamation” is an all-encompassing term that covers any statement that hurts someone’s reputation. If the statement is made in writing and published, the defamation is called “libel.” If the hurtful statement is spoken, the statement is “slander.” A person that has suffered a defamatory statement may sue the person that made the statement under defamation law.

Elements of Defamation

Defamation law changes as you cross state borders, but there are normally some accepted standards that make laws similar no matter where you are. If you think that you have been the victim of some defamatory statement, whether slander or libel, then you will need to file a lawsuit in order to recover. Generally speaking, in order to win your lawsuit, you must show that:

  1. Someone made a statement;
  2. that statement was published;
  3. the statement caused you injury;
  4. the statement was false; and
  5. the statement did not fall into a privileged category                                            Source:



As I was searching on SK laws pertaining defamation, I stumbled in an article that may be interesting to you. This article was posted this early morning April 12, 2015, which may be politically motivated, but what caught my curiosity is the article title “A Country of Liars” by Kim Dae Joong, posted by Chosun Media. This was stated, as I quote:

National Intelligence Service director-designate Kim Seung-kyu, in a lecture he gave late in May when he was justice minister, said: “The three representative crimes of our country are perjury, libel and fraud.”  The common denominator of the three crimes is lying; in short, we live in a country of liars. The prosecution devotes 70 percent of its work to handling the three crimes, the former justice minister said.

“Internationally, too, there is a perception that South Korea’s representative crime is fraud,” Kim said, adding that recent major scandals show how rampant lying is in this country. 

Lying is so common in our society because few recognize that it leads to crime. “What’s wrong with telling a little lie?” they think. And here the big problem is that men of power, rather than ordinary citizens, indulge in lying on a massive scale, to the point where it is regarded as a necessary means of survival in some circles. 

can it be denied that our cultural climate has justified the perception that if you manage to get out of a tight spot by lying first, you will be able to overcome the whole matter one way or the other.




Reading from that article above, coming from a SK ex-gov’t official, that scandals are very rampant in SK not only in their political arena, but most likely in their showbiz community. And that the public easily believe in whatever the media writes! While the liars can easily get away with and so with those media outlets despite of the law implemented by the gov’t.

What has Choi got to lose? She’s a nobody, her identity is not even exposed to ruin her reputation if she has! On the contrary, I’m sure she even earned out of her fake stories in destroying Kim Hyun Joong from the media and her backers! While Hyun Joong lost his well-earned reputation, his career, his life and even the name of his family. Is this fair?

May I just clarify, we are talking about a human life of a young man who worked hard to be where he is and just blew up by a greedy jealous woman out of her lies! And I don’t care whoever she is, she destroyed a man in her most evil way and I think this is all WRONG!



I’m sure we’ll not be hearing much updates about Kim Hyun Joong the following days, so might as well have some food for our thoughts. Being a fan is just not for fun, there’s something else deeper in this case that we can learn from.

And maybe you’re not aware that there are other matters attached to this nightmare that has to be resolved and learn from it that it will not be a precedent in the future. I’ll take this one by one on my articles in the coming days!

I do hope we were able to cool down our mind by this time that instead of listening to nonsense rumors, might as well occupy our mind with more relevant matters, from what can be learned from the past that can be changed towards the future.

By this way, we can keep him close to us, that we’re doing something productive by bringing out the truth on this nightmare which has been concealed by the media as we seek for justice.  Allow me to say this again….

“It is not the fault of Kim Hyun Joong to be popular. It is not his fault to be in the global star status, and it is not his fault to be loved by millions worldwide.”

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

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275 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SEARCHING JUSTICE

  1. why should we need the south Korean fans consent? it is because they know more about how’s going around rather we don’t know? Maybe… but if the south Korean fans start the petition, doesn’t sound bias too much on KHJ? Wow, you are risking your life too much on KHJ and then what? Can they admired to other celebrity? I bet they cant admired others if they show they too bias with khj…. But the other hand, we foreigners can do as much as we can to save Khj especially on the internet besides praying for khj… we are not stopping to love and pray for Khj, right? Why should we stop the petition goings on? Why should we fighting over because of the petition?
    The petition start to make the evil woman loss and not khj… it not that we speculate her in internet, it just petition.. the petition doesnt change the fact what khj has been through but it is used for future…to make the other people not taste the bitterness as much as khj taste…to make the people think wisely about accused someone… to pull out the trick whatever she ‘s done to kim hyun joong and to show the world, khj is person that you cannot mess it!
    just like street activist, it not change the fact and decision of big power, but to tell what we are not satisfy it…whether worth or not, as i like Ms.Lazerkim said ‘there is no lose of trying’… we are trying to tell the world this scandal shoulnt give to someone else and especially celebrity and enough with just only khj… the pain just only one fandom taste that no other fandom should taste the same….
    we sign the petition or not doesn’t change fact that we love khj… there are many intentions out there and all settle with one petition… doesn’t sound good to you? Its okay because we had many rights in our life… its our decision to sign or not but please don’t fight whether its good or not for KHj…. Like the quote Ms.nixxie said (sorry I mention her name but I like what she says) ‘we assume what khj want but we don’t know what actually he want’… so, don’t assume whether the petition is good or not, but assume the good intention are all in one petition…. Doesn’t mean we aren’t sign it we had a bad intention but we know what we do right? I know maybe I am saying ridiculous and says over and over the same thing, but I just want let my mind and heart pour that called home….
    I am sorry if I hurt many hearts and I know my sorry are not healing but still I want to say I am sorry for making other people hurt because of me..May God bless khj, his family, big henecia family, Ms.LK and me…..^_^v

    • DEe Joong, I understand your thoughts and i agree the best thing is to not bicker and stay unified as fans so that in the future KHJ has a fan base to come back to. Sending positive thoughts and prayer is always a good thing. I’m not sure the SK fans know much more than international fans, although they do apparently know who Choi is, but I think they understand the culture because it is their home. It is very different in SK than the US anyway. I think if the petition was written differently it probably would not have had such a split reaction among fans but honestly my feeling is that we don’t even know what is going on and have not heard a word in two months. As far as we know they may have already determined pregnancy and paternity and it just has not been made public. What if, and I will say again, “What if” it is made public that she is pregnant and KHJ is the father and they are staying together even if it’s for the baby or the family or whatever the reasons??….won’t it look bad if we file a petition asking media to expose Choi and further more saying that without question the baby is not KHJ’s but some boyfriend she had after their first breakup? In good conscious I can not sign my name to that because honestly I have no idea if she is pregnant and I certainly am not privy to who the father is or if she was dating anyone or what the time frame is etc… What if they have a DNA proving paternity and fans have made these claims? This petition says (and I quote):
      How do we know that?? Did I miss something? Are these not rumors?? I just think we are making accusations that we can not back up with fact and that makes us no different then the people who accused KHJ of things without fact or proof. It really burdens me to see this happen with his loyal fans but I feel like the heavy silence for months is now bringing out the worst in all of us and agree with Ms Lazer Kim that this ongoing silence is not healthy. Unless I missed some big news I feel the petition is making some serious claims that have no factual basis to them and I worry that its not what KHJ would want. This is just my opinion in answering the questions in your posts. If the petition had been written about the defamation of KHJ by the media as Lazer Kim suggested in her “Justice” post then it would be different. That we do have actual proof of by the slanderous articles written that were totally one sided and biased but as written this petition falls short.
      I am really worried about his fandom and what is going on and I truly hope that something is updated sooner rather than later so that there can be some closure to all this and fans know what the future looks like. That is my true hope and prayer. That said I believe with all my heart that closure needs to come from KHJ and though I believe celebrities have a right to their personal life I think its good to remember that celebrities become celebrities by the love and support of their fans so with all due respect when something impacts an entire fan base to this degree then its time to speak up. That’s my two cents anyway. ( sorry I rambled so long LK but I’ve been gone for work the last week kkk 🙂 )

      • dear Ms.angelaaj,
        i agree with you that we need to stay united…
        i know because we dont know too much information about the scandal and some people especially SK agree with khj’s silence….
        i know you are doubtful with the sources other fans get and how can they start petition without waiting clearance from khj…. till when we are waiting khj to come forward and then what? and start the petition after khj’s clearance? Do we help him at that time? Nope at all because it all clear…what left is history…
        Do you think the fan that start this petition just to be popular? Doesn’t she think what effect to KHJ? she has the reliable source and that’s why she start this petition alone…And you ask me where you get this and that? dont i thought about khj’s sake?
        oh please, dont be like Ms.Choi… if you remember that khj’s father said about Ms.choi’s behavior when someone tells about her drinking habit and knowing her character, ask who give the information and what? Make the people silent? Maybe or accused something or pointing out the weakness of people who spread her drinking habit during pregnancy, and that is why khj’s father ask her with filtering questions and still khj’s father is wronged after all because of Ms.choi lies….
        If they love their culture, they had straighten up this matter… and that’s why the petition start…
        We are not argue for khj’s sake but actually we are arguing about sign in or not… even you are sign in, you feel doubtful… and if you are not sign in, there’s no hope that you help khj..and you wil think over and over whether to sign in or not… plus the people whisper many rumors… and some worries were created…. And people are arguing it is good for khj and not….please don’t assume anything… if you’re sign in, you know what your good intention and God will be deliver it…and if you’re not sign in, just sit relax and see what happen… whether you sign or not, you don’t stop praying and love kim hyun joong..
        Ms.angelaaj, you are worrying too much about khj and you realized you should be a realistic person… I know, its your strength anyway but don’t let worrying kills… khj’s delay going MS because he has his reason and he need the calmness to clear from his thought about this scandal…doesn’t sound great to you? Okay, I am saying ridiculous but doesn’t mean I don’t have source like you do…
        I am sorry if I hurt your heart and I always feel guilty of what am I comment but I wanna let you know what’s on my mind and heart… May God bless khj, his family, big henecia family, Ms.angelaaaj and me…^_^v

  2. very true even i couldnt have said it better. Just to add lets also ask God to give us unity strength and patience during this time! LK you have our total respect for u created this blog… I hope everyone is in agreement…those who agree say ay????…..

  3. very true even i couldnt have said it better. Just to add lets also ask God to give us unity strength and patience during this time!

  4. Thank You Lk girl for all, as always trust you and your judgement!

    I want to say this to others here – let’s respect each other as we always done here, let’s keep the Unity and decency and the best Fandom as it is. We all have the same thoughts and feelings what is best for HJ and for his being.
    We may have different ways of helping but the main issue is we want the same.
    So no insults please and not pressure to sign or not to say something or not. We are living in a world where freedom of speech is such an oportunity for all to have their say, so let’s just respect that and not attack and insult each other.

    We have to be thankfull that LK blog is like our home.

    Just remember why we are United Aliens here the strongest Fandom we’ve been through thick and thin this is not going to put us to shame!

    Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.!
    There is more power in unity than division.

    One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say!

    We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.
    We are here all for One! the only One! 🙂

  5. Dar friend
    I always trust you, we know eachother. My love for him nobody would doubt. Just our ways are diferent, take care,

  6. hi everyone
    i totally agree with you LK we need to know if this pregnancy claim is indeed true first and foremost so if anyone hears anything let us know. God bless you all

  7. Hello everyone!
    I think we have cross boundaries in this site. This is my blog site which I consider my home that I have every RIGHT to post anything I want. I clearly wrote I’m not imposing anything here, if anyone do not support the petition, let go it’s alright you are not being forced to support, I think I clearly stated it in the petition before you can click the link.

    But please let us have some respect here and refrain from criticizing the petition, if you are sincerely promoting for silence. This at least would avoid bickering. I simply posted that petition which is my right in this blog site and I did nothing wrong. Thank you! Have a nice day!

    LazerKim here!

    • Unfortunately not everyone is of your mindset. Everyone here wants the best for KHJ, and that’s what matters. What some readers have gone beyond that and calling thhose that don’t agree anti-ans or siding with Ms. Choi and that ‘ s what i ccouldn’t handle anymore. We’re supposed to lift eachother up not tear each other down. I thought that’s what this was about. Forgive me if I was wrong.

      • Hello Lilian! I got it don’t worry now I fully understand what you mean, we’ll bring back the peace. In a real home it’s also natural to have some misunderstanding bcoz we are all different. It’s like there has to be misunderstanding in order to understand each other. I’ll make it up with you and everyone here. I’m sorry about your previous comment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts I understand. Take care, have a nice day! See you again! God bless…

        • I agree Ms Kim. In families, we have fight and quarrel yet we’ll be together again in the end. I am not only fall in love with the talent and values that KHJ has but his fandom too.

          With love,
          Hazell, Malaysia.

        • Good Morning! I just wanted to share this verse I heard this morning: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, Running down on the beard, The beard of Aaron, Running down on the edge of his garments.

          Let’s be that precious oil for out boy Kim Hyun Joong. Let’s not be divided over differances of opinion. Our unity is what makes us differant from the rest and able to withstand the tides against KHJ and us. Stay strong, and fighting! We’re all together in our love and support for KHJ.

  8. Been away for a few days and was back reading … Now I am truly saddened 😔😔

    True….scandal after scandal … We have seen Hyun joong loose face, loose his credibility, loose some of his fans, loose the faith of his country and even loose his confidence in himself… Despite all this though , one thing that he did not loose was the love and faith of his true fans….and honestly , I think this is what kept him sane … Gave him hope to keep on …Gave him courage to hold back …. Gave him reason to stand proud … Gave him strenght to stay true to himself….gave him confidence to look forward to something wonderful after all of this is over.

    Now , I see this fandom falling apart .

    Choi or whoever she may be … May be one cunning , clever lady … However she forgot or overlooked something very important… The fact that hyun joong has a strong solid fanbase that she needs to tear apart first before she can destroy hyun joong. and I think somewhere along the way she realized this after fans remain true to hyun joong despite all her media manipulation and thus perhaps her silence and maybe retreat?

    So what after all these months are we letting her get through the thick walls of our fortress? Because she is … This is exactly what she and anti hj fans are waiting for… A show of weakness in his fans.

    We are all mature adults , all these bickering will not help… I’ve always been proud of hj fans for their class, intelligence and sensibility.

    Let us not fail hyun joong, we are his last hope. Remember , as he had said many times, the stage where he can sings and meets his fans is his happy place… His little peace of heaven … Let us not let choi take that away from him. We may not all support him the same ways buts lets us respect that and instead remember that no matter what we are all on the Same side … Fighting for the same man , our only one.

    • And lastly …we all wish to clear hyun joongs name but in truth… Only him can do that…. And if at this time he chooses not to …he must have reasons for I do not see him a person who will hide and cower in fear for no reason… He has always defied anything conventional if he feels differently… Keeping silent for fear of negative publicity or change in how the public will see him has never been his style.

      Still, I laud and commend those who would like to support him in a different way … All I wish for though is that as you do , let this not be reason for division , I’m pretty sure those who choose not to sign the petition will all be cheering you on and rooting for a positive outcome from this venture.

      • Hi all my dearest friends,
        I am not only in love with KHJ but his fandom too. Even though I have different opinion than some of us yet we shared the same care and love for the same person. It is common in families we do have different opinions and argue on some issues but please do not fall apart. Families do quarrel and fight yet they’ll be together again in the end.
        Please all do not fall apart.Diversity is a Strength rather than a weakness,my dearest ones.

  9. few hours ago I read someone comment here saying she/he read an article saying khj was doing scuba diving together with the not believe it so I ask to link the article here..there is no reply…but now the comment was deleted….im curious who was that commenter…why she/he need to create new rumor???is there anybody here read that comment too??i think we need to be aware…somebody are trying to do evil again??

    • LOL I’m sorry I have to delete the comment, I learned my lesson with posting groundless rumors here so I have to delete. Don’t worry I’m still on guard!

      • Hi Ms. Lk! I’m a silent reader of your articles and seldom to comment.but after reading all the comments here.That is what my suspicion too… Hope we must be aware of all those insect whose trying to spread rumour to make things worse, also we need to use our discernment before giving any doubts on KHJ sincerity. Although we have different opinions on many things, hope we must maintain the unity that we may have as we continue on this journey. May our love and support to our only one KHJ. Fighting!!!
        KHJ be strong and healthy! No matter what we’re still here waiting and supporting you as always.
        have a blessed day everyone:-):-):-)

        • Hello smile! welcome back!! lol You feel it too so strange silence and noisy whisper fr nowhere! Too many sources with different news versions LOL!! The sad thing is some fans believe in those whispers too scary if you ask me. Im trying to trace where those coming fr but pointing fr one fan to another. This never happen before so alarming. Thank smile keep smiling!! take care God bless…

          • Thank you very much Ms.Lk, in providing this blog for all of us KHJ fans and supporter . your time , effort and commitment in this blog is very much appreciated. Keep up the good works to the best of your ability to support, protect and to love our only one KHJ, and we’ll be with you all the time. Don’t be sad be positive and everything will be fine in the right time.:-):-):-)

  10. It has been a while since I have left a comment here. First, I am not a fan of petitions, I don’t sign them. Nowl that does not make me any less of a supporter of HJ, I am just as committed as before, just difference of opinion. I don’t know much about his life because I’m interested in his creative side of his music and his acting. I knew nothing about a fortune teller and he not renewing his cintract. Now that I know this I understand more as to waht is going on. HJ is being blacklisted because he refuses to do what they want him too do. He is holding on and maintaining his integrity, fame is not that important to him. I know of this person who was going on the scene with an excellent gospel group, got invited to the big time. But, when he found out what he had to accept and do, he walked out and never looked back. Did his group make it? No, but they contine to sing and he never regretted the decision. Some people will sale theif soul for fame but nog HJ. The people in SK do know what is going on but not telling, thy have a reason. They can do what they want but he will be back. No man in earth and no devil in hell can take his creative genius away. I congratulate those who have signed the petition and know that the rest of us are still supporters of HJ and his family. To HJ, keep the Faith and don’t let anyone steal your joy.

  11. Hello LK! I just read your article and now I think our sixth sense says truth always… I thought right that Kim Hyun Joong can’t do this… Thanks for the article… 🙂

  12. sometimes i feel like it’s not something started in one night
    let’s open our eyes and look carefully.not as a fan but as a third person.
    it sounds like a case bigger than just a jealous girl
    we all know from some points Hyun joong suddenly changed.his laughs gone and he wasn’t as cheerful as he used to was months after Lucky guy era. about middle of 2012. isn’t it funny that it matches the time he met Miss choi?
    one more thing. how come lyrics of album “round 3 ” are like that he is talking about future?
    then u remember that foreteller in his fanmeeting? i dnt remember exactly but i think it was a lotte fanmeeting in 2014.he said the popularity he gained will be gone in 2014
    and i dnt think u can find many people who believe a foreteller can tell abt that upcoming storm just a few months before the Aug scandal.
    it’s more like someone asked him to say it in that fanmeeting.
    one more thing.the way HJ handles miss choi is a little funny. he is not stupid to stay silent the whole time and let a girl ruin his whole life. let’s look at the was all Keyeast statements.we barely heard anything from him.and do you recognize how keyeast statements always made more mess? twisting the true feeling and words of HJ.
    if HJ was bad guy with money and power , in a lawless country like korea he could easily turn everything against her and make her a bitch who tries to ruin his life. but the whole time he was silent.
    i know some people may say, his silent is because he has a habit of not talking abt scandals. but No… remember his political least he tried to talk or even that cute Hong kong scandal with Youngsaeng. so he is not a man who keep silent and let others ruin his life.
    and if he was a bad guy. his friends nor his family like his Aunt wouldn’t tell others that he is good and it’s missundrestanding
    i don’t believe it’s just about a jealous crazy girl friend. it’s not even about a company trying to take revenge because he said i won’t renew my contract. i mean why should Keyeast do this? BYJ was his friend.
    it feels like it’s something more
    all those media plays by Miss choi. a lonely innocent victim won’t have such power in front of a 10 years celebrity with money and fans. her power and media plays was higher than SM entertainment.

    by the way if u think my comment can be a harm for fans or HJ it’s okay to delete it ^^ i dnt want to make a mess.

    • Hi nana..well said..this is something to think about…i have same tought..I mean how come a woman which is nothing can have a power to control the media against a popular artist..i wonder if there are evil people surrounding him??im so scared to think about future..what going to happen to him..??pray all will turns positive..

        • I am firm believer that justice need to be seeked and upheld.even I fight for my own freedom in the court despite received rejections and hatred. So I have done the same for this to make sure other people cannot simply take advantage on others’ hardwork especially our KHJ. Yet at the same time, I don’t mind sending
          Cards or participate in any KHj’s event as as I believe in him and want him to come back to is with his name cleared.

        • LK for me I would still be worried about exposing her identity for fear that she might fake something saying that we threatened her and then make another scandal in the media babbling about how horrible Hyun Joong and his fans are, this is my only worry, other than that I’m all in for exposing her lies in the media and Hyun Joong’s name must be cleared in the media so he can gain his reputation and image back.

              • No, you got me wrong what I mean is she is going to accuse him in the media again that he and his fans threatened her, LK you mentioned before that one journalist said falsely that she was threatened by him that’s what I’m worried about it’s going to lead more hatred to him and not let him even tell his side of the story, now I’m not afraid of her going after us his fans in fact I wish if I got all that badmouthing and harsh comments instead of him ever since this nightmare came out, and btw I haven’t unsigned the petition.

                • Ah that was in Feb, from her text message HJ said “I’ll kill you if you have another men” but of course text was fake. choi said hj threatened her!! LOL

          • well i have to admit all i want is clarity on that pregnancy issue nothing more i dont even need details. I post an appeal to khj camp about it. I think this is prior important than anything else so that we would know where we or hj stand to be able to help him.
            Her identity well also needed for the future so that if hj finds the right woman for him she wont be tagged as choi. this is one repercussion i was talking about that im worried about. its more on his future. I think im being misunderstood. so sad!

            • Dear Lk,

              Thank you for your clarification. Don’t be so sad. i have never doubt in you and personally I don’t think I misunderstood your intention.

              It will be O.K LK .. Keep your spirit high . We all need some space to think and digest everything that come to us..

              I have a strong trust in this fandom and people here. We have been through big obstacle a few times and we managed to deal with it with our heart , our trust and sincere love toward HJ.Therefore i think if we all let our mind still for a while we will feel differently and more in peace within ourselves.

              I notice most rumor that posted here always steam up the mood of fandom rather than sharing information. I hope we all will be careful with rumor and do not let it ruin our mood and jump into speculation and get upset.

              With all my love and trust toward the people who love and care for Kim Hyun joong.

  13. am urging everyone to calm down and remain united all our opinions are correct to some extent but honestly everything goes back to hyun joong he has to give us signs that he want justice. Because we dont whats on the ground so just maybe we as fans have a whole lot more passion to pursue this because they are stepping over hyun. Also lets not act out of fear some things must be faced head on and we cant give choi an upper hand in this we just cant and lastly yes i agree we should trust God to help hyun and us to deal with all this.

    • I 200% agree I’m noticing that fans who don’t want to sign this petition are being accused to be working for choi, please Emmanuella calm down I’m sure everyone here is a sincere fan of KHJ we just think differently for his best interest I believe if we expose her identity in media she would go fake evidence that we threatened her which I really don’t want to happen but I’m all in to find justice media in SK need to learn to have both sides of the story.

      Apart from this, please do what you think is best for KHJ whether to sign it or not, please let’s not fight with each other because it’s normal for everyone to have different thinking but never lose our unity and love for eachother and for Hyun Joong ok pleaaazzzzzzzz thank you and sorry for the long comment

  14. Hello everyone, please bear with me, but after second thought about this petition couldn’t choi use it in faking that some of us threatened her and then that would blame Hyun Joong again, I’m being honest here I am saying that I could have rushed in signing this petition, it’s just a thought, I think that this what some of the fans here meant by saying she’s manipulative she could fake again evidence that one of us threatened her and therefore Hyun Joong’s situation wouldn’t be good, think about it please LK and everyone who supports the petition, don’t get me wrong I want justice but I think we should pursue justice in a way that she could never manipulate, my God I don’t know I pray he shows us what to do to help him without hurting him.

      it would be worst than good for him.
      I definetly dont sign there. Thanks for your words¨My God I don’t know I pray he shows us what to do to help him without hurting him¨. His way is this, sorry for whom dont undestand him. We are so worry, because the damage is done, nothing that we do will change it. Just calm down, this is not the way.

    • U may have apoint here ; BUT I re-read that petition (have you read it?) and is say somehting like this:

      is not about that creature …is about Justice being served!
      We do not need to see her face or name we know it most of us. Is about her LIES and Blackmail out into open!

      Some Fans may disagree with the petition and not support it which is understandable but I hope they will not to believe in the rumors and suppositions that are running wild and not opressing other fans in their blief that this is th3e way of helping HJ.

      Hj fans should be UNITED always to support him! Always for our only ONE!

      • @Noya Thanks. I do not think that he or she read the petition. I sincerely believed that she maybe working for choi.

        • please calm down nobody here is working for choi, BTW I already signed the petition but I’m worried about exposing her identity we can force media to expose her lies without exposing her identity just to avoid her manipulative acts

      • I know Noya I read it but it also says in the title to expose her identity that’s what I’m worried about she could fake evidence saying that we threatened her and then go to media again and have them say “how horrible Kim Hyun Joong fans are and so is he, he probably asked them to do so blah blah blah” that’s all I’m worried about but if it’s only going to ask media to be fair and have both sides of the story I’m all in for that.

    • If you don’t want to sign,then don’t. Nobody is forcing you. I’m sure some people are lying on this forum pretending to be KHJ’s fan.

    • Tina if i was the one Lazerkim wrote that petition would you doubt it? Let me know bcoz i really think this fandom is being infiltrated by insects spreading rumors in whispers and i really think they are breaking down this fandom.

  15. He acts like a knight of old times who sacrifices himself instead of fighting.
    I do not understand why the Korean fans (who know who this Callmechoi is) does not say to Henecias why they do nothing. HJ is a man who is much too kind (as his parents), too gentleman, I think he will not say anything. In France, we say “qui ne dit rien consent” = “who says nothing consents”. I think he was wrong by not defending himself. He acts like a knight of old times who sacrifices himself instead of fighting. But Korean fans should defend HJ as fans of JYJ did. HJ is a naive victim who need help. Overseas fans can help korean fans to do something but with their consentment.

    • Overseas fans need not only their consentment but also HIS CONSENTIMENT. I think fans are being too much more passionate about it than maybe he is.

      • @Jazu what do you mean by ‘Fan being too passionate than he is’? Are you working for Choi? Please do not suppress other fans who really cares about him.

  16. everyone who wants justice for hyun should support the petition. This choi has already done enough damage and its time to fight back. One woman versus millions of fans worldwide.

  17. Dear everyone ,

    I can feel a lot lot of love and concern toward HJ here. Either people who support a petition or people who still reluctant we have shared exactly the same feeling of being hurt from the injustice . We are upset and so hurtful to witness the injustice HJ has received from SK medias .The ignorance of SK’s public made us feel even more hurtful that the injustice and mistreating have been well accepted by The Korean. I do not know how can we overcome the habitual practice of people in SK and its medias. The jealousy among people who involve in SK entertainment industry is something undeniable and probably play a part in this scandal’s news. The callmechoi ‘s scandal is somewhat complicate . There are a lot of unusual thing keep happening since its started in last August.

    The situation that pending for 8 months we feel uneasy to just waiting to react to whatever will happen. Some of us want to act when we feel something continue to go wrong rather than waiting to react all the time. Some might want to wait afraid that it will make more harm to the situation. For me both way can support the situation in different ways. The petition is good as long as we are careful and focus on fairness and justice. At least to showed them there are people who care for justice and monitor their wrong doing. To reveal callmechoi identity I hope it is not what the psycho has yearned for a long time. The psycho might expect career in showbiz too. The other thing is the petition will not be used for the excuse of the psycho to be protected. I think this tricky psycho can do anything without shame.

    However either we sign the petition or not one good thing that we all can do for HJ is to write him a letter to encourage him and give him moral support..I’m sure this is what he needs the most from us his fans. Here the address that we can send a letter to him. The letter is in English will be translated to Korean by a translator.

    I really admire all of us here who are willing to try every possible way to bring justice for HJ. The way we openly discussed our different opinion is shown that we trust and care each other enough to open up. The different is not necessary that disagree but just need more time more discussion to think and digest I see this is a good thing and will do the best i can to support HJ.

    LK , Marutasan and everyone we all have the same heart. We all feel hurt.We all frustrate and we all worry about HJ . Our cheerful hearts and caring for each other and trust each other will be a very strong home for HJ.

    LK .Please maintain your strong will your soul , your spirit and your strength as it is. I will always be here with you.

    I just Love Love Love all of you here.

    God bless you.

    • Bella thanks! Something is not right within the fandom, we have to straighten this up pls just be around, till my next article, you’ll understand what im trying to say. See you!


    • Agreed..why we need to scared to bring the justice to khj since choi dont scared on henecia fandom and she dare to destroy khj… She is brave enough telling lies to the media as well to the world so we have to be more brave to bring the justice to khj..

    • I think you misunderstood.
      Not signing the petition doesn’ t mean that fans are afraid of bringing justice for our boy.
      I should say that we fans are afraid of the consequences for Kim Hyun Joong, his loved ones & his Koreans fans.
      Are you living in Korea?
      Most of us are not, in fact I should think none of us are & that’s the reason why we do not know what is truly happening there.
      We are not that familiar with the true Korean society & its mentality.
      Let’s look at the pros & cons before we do anything.

      If say this petition were to work & the media revealed that creature’s face & identity, what good would that be for us?
      If your reason for doing so is so that the Korean public would recognise her & perhaps start to judge her properly, do you really think that would really happen?
      I think during these hell-acious months we have already been shown how very fickle & small-minded the Korean media & public are.

      Alright let’s say they do start to be more amenable to our boy’s innocence & this creature’s guilt, then yes that would be a good outcome ~ if it plays that way.
      What happens if it doesn’t?
      What if the media & public started again their campaign of hatred?
      Some of you say you aren’t afraid of the consequences.
      What consequences?
      None of us are living there so who do you think will feel them, hmm?
      Wouldn’t that be our boy, his loved ones & his fans there?
      However much we hurt, our pain & humiliation are nowhere near how he & they would feel cos they live there not us.

      We have to think of both sides of the coin before we start something.
      All of us would love to find justice for him but we should really think of a way that would not rebound onto him & make it worse.
      I think showing our love & support to him by writing letters like what the Korean fans have suggested is one positive way of ensuring he knows he is still very much loved.
      Remember none of the Korean fans have said & asked anything as yet aside from that one instance.
      Don’t you think they would have done something if they could?
      Perhaps there was & still is something that makes them silent & at this moment in time support & respect our boy’s decision.

      Let us not be the ones to stir the hornets’ nest ~ unless or until we are truly clear & understood the real situation in Korea.

      My 2-cents & no intention of offending any fans loving our boy…

      • One thing …SK fans know psycho choi face and her personally, so WHY the silence? We all know her face it’s been circulating at TT for long enough, cross eyed and plastic face. But we don’t want her face and name, which we all know it, we want HER LIES out in the OPEN.




        • So does that mean just do what we think should be done without even consulting any Korean fans?
          Is that wise?
          Yes, the intention is good, nobody said otherwise but is it the right time?

          You said all the SK fans know her face etc & your question is ‘why the silence’?
          Don’t you think that there’s something there & that’s the reason why they are silent?
          Or perhaps it’s because they respect KHJ’s wishes which have been stated again & again by him?
          All of us have been fans of our boy ~ some for quite a number of years & others, just recently.
          Those Korean fans have probably been with him since before his debut or a lot longer than any of us.
          You really think they would just let him suffer without doing something if they could?
          Really? These fans who look on him as their younger or older brother or even son?
          Who have done everything they could to protect & support him through the years?

          The only thing we are asking is that the fans should not be hasty & to be really sure that this move would not have repercussions ~ on our boy, cos he’s the one who’s the sitting duck, not us.

          My apologies again if I sounded harsh but just voicing my worries.
          Recently I got an inkling on how one Korean really thinks by another non-traditional Korean. She said the former finds our boy distasteful cos he is successful in Japan & that to her & probably the Korean public is a betrayal to SK itself. Even though they seem to be proud of those who are successful in Japan, they still do not approve of them due to the history between the 2 countries.

          As I’ve said before, perhaps we should try to find out more of the real situation in SK instead of following blindly our need for justice.
          By the way, who is this fan who has made this petition?
          Does anyone know of her?
          Are you ladies sure that she’s not an anti-fan who’s trying to mislead his real fans?
          Forgive me, but after all these nightmarish months I’m not too ready to trust just anyone…

          • Do you really think that brushing all under the rug will make this story go away? Do you believe by staying silent they will exonerate him?

            Now frankly when Hj asked the fans not to do nothing? I didn’t hear him voicing that? maybe in the beginning (in aug) but not now, all I know Hj always in his statements he said the Truth and stayed behind what he said.
            Only people took out all of context and Rumors and Suppositions and Gossip are running wild in the fandom.
            I agree silence is Golden but not in this case because of the big Injustice done to KHJ.

            I believe in TRUTH and JUSTICE and if any means will help Clear that, being it a petition, being a lawsuit for libel by foreign Fans or whatever will be acceptable this is the Human and the right way! Freedom of Speech!!

          • As you said, perhaps it’s because they respect KHJ’s wishes, we are free to speech, but I dont like this way. I prefer to follow him and support his way.

            • I totally agree with you Jazu. As I have said before I don’t thin KHJ is a “shrinking violet” who takes things laying down and without thought. We need to give him credit, he did not build his career over a decade by being weak. He is surrounded by an agency, managers and a legal team who certainly can advise him, not to mention family and friends. If he wanted to counter sue I honestly believe he would have done so months ago. I also believe that he will let fans know in his own time what is going on with the pregnancy. As far as we all know they could have already determined the legitimacy of the pregnancy and paternity and then to have fans file a petition suggesting she is pregnant by another boyfriend? I find that assuming based on what actual facts the public even knows. What proof does anyone have that there was another guy involved? Choi went to the media asking them initially to publicize her charges against KHJ and fans have repeatedly attacked her for this so for fans to now go to the media asking them to expose Choi…I dunno….I feel like its doing exactly what we hated her for doing. Just my opinion. We want to ask an industry we claim not to trust to expose Choi?

              Anyway, I agree and I will not be signing and I actually got a message on Twitter asking me not to sign so some of the SK fans are speaking out against the petition. I for one think this is beyond what a fandom should do and that legal and personal issues need to be solely up to KHJ or his agency. Fans say he asks fans to stay out of it back in Aug but not now but when did he ever ask fans to get involved either? I think KHJ will tell everyone in his own time what his decisions and his plans are and sadly his silence seems to be weighing heavy on his fandom. I have no idea why he is waiting months but I do think it has to come from him. I worry for him that if the unknown is having this effect on his fans then his decision may be even more detrimental.

              ****And before I am attacked here is my disclaimer as I have learned well what happens when you post an opposing opinion here (if you don’t get deleted):

              • LOL hello angelaaj!! now i believe you!! you’re like jazu we hv diff views but we miss each other for years we’re together here!! Welcome angelaaj!! Thank you take care be haapy see you again God bless…

                • Yes!! You are right Ms Lazer Kim…I was gone working and missed reading you these past few days. I am really looking forward to your next article Lk and I am worried about all that is going on. I hope you have good ideas to unite fans once again. I think that is so important to Hyun Joong moving forward. I don’t always agree with everything but I truly respect your thoughts and always look forward to your next article! Fighting!!

          • @Arfina, please stop preaching gospel. What is wrong in his fan petitioning for justice? Who’s side are you? Are you just pretending to be his fan? Why do we need to take permission from SK fan? Whatis it you think is stopping them from saying or doing something for KHJ, i think i believe in the saying ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’ At least the petition is seeking justice for him, and it can not bring any problem for KHJ. The fans are the one seeking justice. If you don’t want to sign it, then stop talking nonsense. By the way, if the fan who created the petition is on choi’s side, i don’t think he or she will started it.

          • @Arfina I’m sure the South Korean fans knows what is going on with KHJ, so why are they not doing or saying anything? What side are you on?

  19. khjluv and Hazell i understand that we ought to move on but if this choi girl is lying about a pregnancy then this is very dire and serious that if she could fabricate a lie regarding a pregnancy then maybe she lied about hyun hurting her and those text messages. If she was truthful why shouldnt she give her true identity or better yet take the tests required. What is she so afraid of?and whats her motive?

    • Dear stephie,,i already done my part to sign in..i juz want those who doubt about the petition to fully undrstand the purpose of this move…since now henecia start to have different opinian I scared it going to slowly kill the sory for being too straightforwards..but we cannot force anyone to do what we like it depends on their own opinion..

    • Dear LK,

      I kind of reluctant for this. I agree for searching justice for HJ but we should be careful not to do any thing that the psycho choi can use to get attention and use it to harm HJ again. We all know how tricky and manipulative is this psycho . What happen in the last 8-9 months we knew well how this psycho planed step by step to fame HJ . The psycho miscalculated once therefore this psycho will take any chance and try her best to come back to attention again. This is the reason I want to be real careful I do not know who is Tonia ? Is she really HJ’s fan ? I’m sorry to ask this question because we need to know the motive of a person who do this if nobody know her we should try to know her more.Should we concern her information is accurate?

      I hope I did not upset anyone here i would give my full support to bring justice to HJ but I think we need to be careful. However if anyone of us know her well please let us know more.

      • Hello there, I agree with Bella. I have already been discussing this issue with other people and I really think this is a big mistake. This woman has been MIA for a while and doing this is like giving her the perfect excuse to make a comeback once again and who knows what else she might come up with… :s Besides, anyone has thought about how HJ will feel about it once he finds out? I’m pretty sure he’s not gonna like it at all and remember that we are here for him and not to fulfill our selfish needs. Remember that this is his private life and with one person disclosing his well-kept till now private life is more than enough. Moreover, has anyone consulted with South Korean fans? They know way better how things work in South Korea and unfortunately, I don’t think they would agree and I’m afraid that this will backfire on us and HJ.

        We have no clue of what’s been happening behind closed doors so I don’t think any of this is very wise. We all are worried about him and his future but I don’t think that this is the answer. I would have agreed on a petition for SK media to check on their working methods and ethics but not on this. I’m sorry.

        • I disagree with you, simply because this petition is about asking media to be fair just as they listened to choi they should listen to Hyun Joong and have both sides of the story for the public to judge, but I agree with you that Korean fans should have consulted first, however I signed because I think he deserves to at least be heard.

        • Hello Martha!
          Yes as you said Choi is MIA so how can HJ make the right move to sue her if she’s missing?! May i just correct as far as I know this scandal is no longer HJ’s privacy since it’s already out in the media and public knowledge. If they kept it among themselves and that Choi should have kept that so-called pregnancy and did not bring it to media, then it’s private! Obviously she has motive.
          Another thing may i just correct, as far I’m concern my intention of wanting to know the truth is not selfish. I wanted to know if this so-called pregnancy is legit and yes including her identity, it’s bcoz i want to know how I’m gonna help him and how I’m gonna protect him through this site.

          Precisely I agree we have no clue to whatever is going on behind close doors, and I think his fans has the right to know so we can protect him to future repercussion created by this scandal instead of spreading groundless rumors within the fandom and barking on the wrong tree! Might as well find the truth. How can we have answers if we don’t seek for it.

          She is being manipulative, it’s bcoz we’re allowing her to do so by remaining silent as simple as that! Expose her let’s see what she can do. Something may be wrong with SK yes I agree that’s why I’m bringing it out so someone in authority can make the change to correct the wrong doings

          This is just my opinion! I wonder, Why is everyone so scared??? I’m just asking.
          Oh Martha I remember, you were one of those fans who was complaining about silence in one of my articles, am I right? And I took your side! lol! You stated this..

          “Hyun Joong are you aware of to what limits you are pushing us with all this uncertainty, anxiety and silence? I’m aware of the nightmare you’ve been through these last months but we have been there with you too.”

          You are right in saying this statement! LOL! I stand by what I write even I’m alone. Thank you, take care, have a nice day! God bless..

          • I still think what I wrote weeks ago but from my point of view this is a complete different issue. I asked him to stand up but so that fans know he’s doing well and so rumors stop spreading on his whereabouts and so on. Here are fans asking for so called justice but truth is no one knows what’s going on behind doors. Let me say that if he wants to take legal action against her, he can. It doesn’t matter her whereabouts might be unknown right now. And yes HIS private life has been exposed but it is still HIS private life. This doesn’t entitle us to know everything concerning it. To me, what it is most important right now is knowing he’s healthy and doing fine. It is my opinion that it must be his prerogative to take any action even though we might agree with him or not in the end. Right now I only feel we’re making things way harder for him of what they already are.

            • That’s why i seek for justice bcoz I want to know the truth!I already stated what I want to know. If you trust KHJ why are you scared of knowing the the truth???

              • I honestly think this ain’t gonna help HJ at all but to make SK’s opinion on HJ harder and it will turn Choi once again into a victim. She knows very well how to play this game. We should leave HJ and his family to manage things privately like they asked to. It’s their decision what to do, not ours… Whether we like it or not.

      • Hello Bella!
        No problem Bella, you are welcome, you already know me!! LOL!
        The way i understand this petition is for the media to expose her identity since they (choi and media) started this nightmare. It’s so unfair that HJ has been exposed in this scandal while the psycho is hiding behind the skirt of media! And yes it would be better to expose how a psycho she is so she can be brought to the right medical treatment! I’m not joking, I mean she’s been causing all of us this stress and uncertainty! We cannot go on silent mode forever!

        This is like if we’re seeking for justice, we have to know whom we are filing charge against with. This silence is no longer healthy to the fandom, we can’t have this strange silence forever that it feels HJ is like a prisoner in his own country while we are in th dark wondering from where we were being left after that media play in Feb!

        As for me, first and foremost, for the record I need to know if that so-called pregnancy turns out legit positive or negative. I have already made an appeal to KHJ camp but until now we have not heard from them. They have to clear this up for once and for all so that we would know how we can help HJ. Whatever result, I’m prepared to accept so I would know how we can protect him from the future repercussion of this scandal.

        How can we have answers if we do not seek for it right? I really think it’s time to get moving. 8 months in nightmare is already too much! 2 months of waiting for results is such agony in silence, don’t you think so? As we all know PT and DNA is a safe way to obtain answers that we don’t need to wait for 9 months!!!

        As I always say I don’t impose anything in this site, I just posted the petition for whoever wants to support, I don’t see anything wrong with the petition since in that site anyone can post any petition.

        Don’t worry, “if there’s a will there’s a way” We just have to show the WILL power instead of sitting around in silence but deep inside us is enduring the uncertainty. Might as well break the silence and seek for answers.

        Oh and I also want to say, blessings just don’t fall on our lap, human effort is also needed while someone up there with great powers will guide us. This is my belief. In my language I say it “Nasa tao ang gawa, nasa Dyios ang awa”
        Thank you Bella, I miss reading from you! Take care, have a nice day! God bless..

        • The petition as it is written is for Choi’s identity to be disclosed. That’s the main purpose of it. The media harassment and biased view on all that’s been going on becomes secondary and that’s why I don’t agree with it. If we wanted to confront the media there was no need to ask for her identity to be disclosed. There wouldn’t even have been a need to mention HJ in the petition since many SK stars suffer the media hounding (even though HJ’s been the worst I’ve ever seen!) and many ppl would have signed it with closes eyes but sadly this is not what this is abt…

          Again, are we really thinking of HJ’s well-being? Is this gonna bring him any good? Honestly, I doubt it.

          • wou wou hold your horses! Martha If you do not support the petition fine, no one here is forcing you to do so! But pls don’t insult fans who signed there. You’re way hitting below the belt dear!

            • @Lazerkim Thank you for the respond to Martha’s humming. i think she needs to read all the article in the petition, i read it and i think it supports everything about KHJ. who is Martha working for?

            • Insulting? When did I use any bad words here? I honestly don’t see how am I insulting those who’ve signed the petition. I’ve tried to be very respectful even though I don’t share the same opinion. What I find insulting is ppl trying to manipulate me by saying I am not his fan bc not signing means I don’t trust HJ. I don’t think I need to prove anyone my loyalty and/or love towards him. My conscience is quite at ease.
              As far as my post goes, I only pointed out what the main goal of the petition is and what my stand is in all this. And I read the petition several times by the way, but everything is around the same: disclosing her identity to find justice. One only needs to read the title. Again, by doing so the other points become secondary. Not to point out that disclosing her identity is illegal without her consent. No matter her last name be known by now and how unfair we may think it is. If media release it without her consent they’ll be taken to court.

              Everyone is free to choose but as in any decision we take there are consequences, good and bad, and this won’t be an exception. If the consequences are good for HJ then I will be the first one to congratulate and thank everyone for doing so. However, I keep on thinking that we have much more to loose than gain from all this. I also think that if SK fans haven’t done anything till now, it’s because they may have a good reason. Shouldn’t we trust them better? I agree with everything Arfina said. I share the same opinion and many others as well though don’t dare to show it since then it seems we’re antis, bad fans or even working for some “others”… Like I said, everybody is free to decide. This place like you said Lazerkim is supposed to be the house, shelter, for HJ’s fans but right now I feel that it’s only a place for some of HJ’s fans… I feel sad how fans are attacking each other. Having different opinion is legit but not insulting and accusing others bc are trying to voice their opinions. And again, I haven’t insulted anyone. If anyone felt hurt for smtg I said then I apologize since that wasn’t my intention.

              Honestly, I am sad and disappointed in seeing the fracture this is causing within the fandom.The truth is that HJ needs us stronger and most united than ever and instead we’re all arguing abt this… Sad indeed.

                • how is this insulting? Many ppl I think would have signed without hesitation a petition confronting media in general. Which is what I tried to explain and what that expression means. I even asked other ppl to revise my post and couldn’t find anything impolite in it. Whatever, I think we better stop this. It’s no good. However, now that SK fans are raising their voice against this petition, I hope they are heard and taken their opiniom into consideration since they know way better than any of us. And what they are saying is very worrying if this pushes through.

        • Thank you very much LK for your full respond.
          i visit your blog everyday and feel so thankful for this article. I ‘m now trying to cultivate positive energy as much as I can to send out a good supportive energy to Hyun Joong. I think he probably really needs it right now. I hope he will be ready to go to MS soon. i kind of like the silent for now.

          I think I understand your point and your concern. I know it’s importance to make it be heard how injustice SK medias are and it is a very wrong doing. The very injustice have tremendously hurt everyone who care for HJ. I truly hope the petition can help to bring justice to him. I just want to be very careful not to be used and fall to the trap that’s all. i truly hope somehow we can contact SK’s fans but i do not know any of them. I wonder how we can reunite or corporate with SK’s fans in order to work in parallel with them to support and help HJ.

          LK I will always be with you because i feel i know your heart. The heart that values justice and will always fight for justice for Kim Hyun Joong.

      • I just want to clear up my post a bit. I mean do we know who is Tonia and Is she active in any Hyun Joong ‘s fan web ? I agree with Marutasan ‘s point on South Korea media.

        I know we all upset , worry and concern about Hyun Joong ‘s situation. However we need to be careful as well as do our best for Hyun Joong.

        • LOL Bella you can already see what risk I’m taking writing using all my freedom of speech! I just have to take all the risk, no harm in trying! I take it from Benjamin Franklin and Matin Luther King!!! LOL! Oh I’m just glad HJ is not into politics!! This site will die seeking for the truth! LOL But I respect everyone’s opinion here. Thank you Bella and everyone!

      • COMPLETE AGREE WITH YOU, OH PLEASE CALM DOWN, WHAT IF KHJ DOESNT LIKE WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO?, HE PROTECTS HER BEFORE AND POSSIBLE NOW TOO , WHY DONT YOU LEAVE HIM AND HER TO SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS. IT IS UNFAIR TO BE SO NOSY IN HIS LIFE, SORRY, BUT THIS PROJECT IS NOT SMART. Probably he will ask the media not to do that. He loves the privacy, he is not going to say or tell us his story with her yet, Lots of speculations from us and the haters. hey everybody take it easy.
        If we can ask the media to be trustful checking the two sides and look for justice, it is ok. But KHJ himself is not the kind of person to run to the medias to clear things, So why to try to wider the problem, dont you think that it could be worse? What kind of fandom people will think we are? And what if a passionated fan hurt her? he will feel guilty.
        I really dont want to do it, it is extreme, just he decides who to protect, if we dont like , we are not a supporter to him. Respect and understanding is what he needs. fist of all from us his fans. The damage that A did to KHJ is already done, but it could arecord his situation, I suffer too much for him too, but calmly i decide to wait for him.
        Sooner or later her identity will be reveled, just it takes time, dont pressure for it, because he does not like this kind of things, it is a shame but because he said once ¨I thought that I has lived as Kim Hyun Joong but now it seems that my life is not totally mine it is yours too¨. What a shame to lost part of your life because of fame, WHAT EVER happens to him I will support him. NO MATTER WHAT.

        • For me the most important info that i need to know is pregnancy positive or negative period i don’t even need details. Although I support that petition too at least something is being done. WOW now I knew it!! Ok go and support choi but Im sorry I can NEVER support a liar and who brought this to us. Don’t you think haters are laughing now? Oh Geez….so dissappointing!

          • Drea LK,

            I just saw this.
            Please do not discourage and be disappointed. I understand your point very well and always support what you are doing. I do not think anyone here will support any character like callmechoi ( especually me ) either it relate to HJ or not. Her actions and her behavior through the whole scandal is so low and cheap in my opinion , I do not know HJ did protect this psycho or not but at the least he should know he not the one who put this psycho in this position. The psycho has put herself in this position willingly. Even the name psycho choi it is really come from the way she presents herself.

            I believe the different opinions will not hamper us but make us taking care of our heart and mind harder. Please be happy and enjoy the spirit and commitment you have taken to find justice for a person. I sincerely salute you in everything you did and really appreciate it.

            With all my love..

            God bless you.

          • DEAR LAZERKIM
            Do you really think that my opinion supports her, OMG, I clearl you dear, ¨WHAT EVER happens to him I will support him. NO MATTER WHAT¨. It is just that I dont like it, Well as as you said it is up to us, So OK . You know that I was always with you, at your side, but sorry if I disapointed you for not suporting it. The most important info that I need TOO IS to know is pregnancy positive or negative period,and I don’t even need details EITHER. If I dont see her face, better. I will see his movevements, because only what he says is what I believe.
            For me his mental health is important, so we need to care not to give him more worries too, and I HOPE HE DOES THE BEST FOR HIM MAINLY.
            Take care and God bless you and my only one.

            • Jazu, you are one of my pioneers here and so with noya this is gonna be the 1st time I’m gonna ask you to trust me, you know and I feel it you know me even we have different opinion. OK I understand your point we leave that there’s more important thing we have to settle. I now confirm they are trying to break this fandom. Think about it, this has got nothing to do with that petition don’t worry i know you don’t like war I’ll settle this as peaceful as I cn, but you have got to trust me. On my next article you’ll understand. Thanks!

  20. so does this mean khj ex girlfriend is actually not pregnant?? Because i dont understand why she refused to show up for the tests?? Its so uncanny that hyuns life is so much like a korean drama..

  21. all of us know that all of these are just a stupid rumor and noe of us accept it right??
    so I think we can just pray for his calmness…he has bad times now….he knows that he did not do anything but enemies made rumors for him….only God should help him and us…
    but think posetive….it help us a lot………

  22. You know what girls, let’s pray that God will show us what to do to find justice okay? just include this part in your prayers for him, I do believe that prayer moves mountains but there is also a role from our side that we have to do, so let’s pray that God will show us that role.

    • I agree with you. We need to definitely ask the Lord for HIS wisdom in all this. ”
      Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Our prayers are useless if we start taking matters into our own hands.

  23. Hazell dear prayer indeed move mountains, but actions speak louder sometimes!
    that is why I said our way of helping will help Hj as well if we want him back!

    Hi khjLuv – the point here in exposing the bitch I think is not making us feel happy or satisfaction but to CLEAR and correct the injustice done to HJ in his own country, because his name is tarnished there by her lies, his image is damaged, if we want Hj back in showbiz after MS the TRUTH about this weird scandal must be out there, is like paving him the way back. That is how I see it because she done imense damage to his career with this scandals. That is why LK wrote about Searching JUSTICE is our way to help Hj back. We have his MS time to do just that!

  24. Sorry LK…but I think we need a bit of happy memories here:

    So just in case someone misses this guy…for the good old times enjoy it again…Prince of Asia at Happy camp and happier times in Eng sub….have fun ladies …for HJ! 🙂

  25. Everything is silent. But is everyone in peace? Silence does not always mean calmness. There are so many things is my mind, Is KHJ okay now? That girl seems to be influential that nobody in SK wants to go against her. For sure many know her identity but why not even one expose who she really is? Is she gonna control KHJ for he rest of his life? Or will KHJ allow her to control him again and again. Until now, I could not understand why KHJ has hooked to that girl.Poor KhJ. My friends keep saying that KHJ is alright and is happy with that girl now and that is why that girl is no longer turning to media for help. I do not want to admit it, but this really hurts me. Do not get me wrong I am fan who wants him to settle down but not to that girl who keeps on controlling the situation and always gets away with it thoruhg the help of media. KHJ, though an artist is a private person..and this girl fail to respect that.

    • Hi Ms Anonymous,
      I understand how you feel. The most important thing for u and us is to keep on praying to the God to give him guidance on making the WISEST decision for his life while thinking on actions to help him and waiting for his statement (until he is ready to face us with his decision.) I believe based on his name meaning, he’ll survive!
      In the meantime with our diligent and sincere prayers, they will produce positive energy and vibration and surround him, and will eventually make him see the whole challenge with a clear mind and positive state. Therefore, he will be able to make the WISEST decision for his life.
      Life is full of surprises. He might come back to us sooner than we think!
      Please cheer up and let me remind you, this is our journey with him on bonding our unseen relationships. We might be far away from him or even near to him, yet we are closer than that as he is in our mind and prayers 24-7.

      • Amen and do true. If we keep doubting ourselves and weaving back and forward how can God hear or even answer our prayer. Either we trust him, believe in him, and support him, or we don’t. Just remember, when God is on control it is not our will but his be done. This is why it is a good thing that Lk warned us not to make derogatory comments, don’t try to find her, and do not do anything to this girl. I am not going to guess as to what is happening, but I am keeping calm and trusting the Lord. Everyone changes and that God most of the time it is for the better and if his family say they would accept her who are we to do otherwise. I will believe in him “no matter what” because I know God has him.

        • Sis, there was never a statement that KHJ family will accept the girl.. What they did say is that they will accept the child if he/she is really KHJ’s.

        • Hi Ms Iena,
          I do agree that we have to be calmed, pray for him and us strength to see the whole thing (positively) and the girl also to change and repent but at the same time we’ve to do something for him.
          One of them is restoring his good image. If she felt guilty and repent (before or right after some us exposing her lies publicly), she needs to apologize publicly and say it to KHJ and the KHJ’s worldwide fans as she had done somethings unethically and that have affected us emotionally and physically.
          One has to bear the consequences that he/she had done as part of learning process in his/her life.
          We don’t want another lies created by somebody happen again to our KHJ in the future. It is kind of lessons for not doing again to those people who just like to take advantage on people’s kindness and feelings.

    • I dont think so that the bitch keep silent bcoz khj accept her…i believe that the bitch dont expect khj’ parents will came out to speak on behalf of their son since his father also had uncut text massage between him and her and his father(she might be scared on this)…i think this is the reason why she keep silent until now….we fans must stop speculating on MARRIAGE & BABY and only support KHJ no matter what..

      • Thank you khjLuv same thought here….most probably the bitch is in hiding as all her bluff an be out in open like her lies. I believe if she was pregnant the whole world would have heard by now. So really STOP speculating on MARRIAGE & BABY and only support KHJ no matter what.”
        And I am for the psycho bitch to be exposed to be shamed for her acts and feel the pain that she put a lot of people through and most HJ and his family!

        • For me…im very sure khj dont want to expose her bcoz if it happen that means the whole world would know who is she and wherever she go people will say “look at her,she is kim hyun joong ex-gf”..this is another reason y he keep silent..he try to safe her as well as his career..he is very smart and real GENTLEMAN…i read some comment in twitter he doing ok with his parent said by his tat means he live happily bcoz he was not with that bitch(since the bitch only know to make him crying) so we no need to,,I juz wish he will go MS soon and come back earlier..!!he might surprise us after waiting for him..!! 😀 😀

          • Hi khjLuv on exposing the bitch I beg to differ, this is not the case ex-gf of Hj she was too short time with him anyhow, but they will point out that is the BITCH who destroyed KHJ and caused soo much damage and pain to a lot of people, for her to feel the shame and the curcifying damage of the media that is the reverse coin of what she done, she must pay. I don’t think for one second Hj is protecting her indentity on the contrary he is protecting his privacy that is all. As we know on this private part of his life he is quite discreet but he had the misfortune to meet a bitch coming from gutter. We on the other hand need to protect him and digg out the truth for his own sake and for his future career if he will come back…..

            • Hi noya…if by exposing the bitch will give khj n us satisfaction & happinese..,,ofcourse I will support to expose her…i juz hope his future life wont effected by our action..and yes myb u right..he want to protect his privacy not the bitch…i agree..tq noya for correcting me..!!

              • Hi khjLuv – the point here in exposing the bitch I think is not making us feel happy or satisfaction but to CLEAR and correct the injustice done to HJ in his own country, because his name is tarnished there by her lies, his image is damaged, if we want Hj back in showbiz after MS the TRUTH about this weird scandal must be out there, is like paving him the way back. That is how I see it because she done imense damage to his career with this scandals. That is why LK wrote about Searching JUSTICE is our way to help Hj back. We have his MS time to do just that!

                • Yes, indeed you are very true, Ms Noya. It is like a lesson to those people for not just simply lying and do unethical things that tarnish people’s life and images while we, keep on praying for him and us to endure this challenge.
                  There must be a way!!

      • Thank you @khjluv, the evil girl or woman is NOT PREGNANT. i think people need to stop speculating. she’s angry that khj will not marry her, so she’s trying to destroy him. this is a case of, ” if i can have him, no one will” if he will not marry me, i just have to destroy him. very soon, she will meet her water loo. she will be exposed.

        • Hi ellanjohn239..juz believe me she wont get khj now and forever…that stupid lady dont deserve khj at all…khj will not be under her control..

          • I think for a fan to start a petition on his behalf shows that he/she really cares, even if the petition will not bring out the truth from the South Korea’s media, at least it worth trying. So, i signed it. i think we need to do whatever we fans can, to get KHJ image’s and reputation back for him. i do not think there’s harm in trying.

            As for madam evil (choi), she will be exposed in Jesus name. i am 150% sure that she’s not pregnant. and since she and her lawyer stated that she’s due by September, maybe that’s what KHJ is waiting for before saying anything to us. Maybe by then, if at all she’s pregnant, they will be able to do a DNA test concerning the paternity, which i doubt she’s going to do because SHE IS NOT PREGNANT.

  26. Tonight watched the playful kiss diary. Still hard to understand how this did not catch on on Korea, but yet a huge hit internationally. Why was he never accepted in korea? I remember a comment stating that he was not popular in Korea, and this was just after he went solo. What had he done for this type of hate from his own country?

    Well, one thing is for certain we have stirred up a Horne nest. More idols are coming out fighting, a house built on sand can’t stand too long. If one starts there is no telling what all with be uncovered, and this maybe our change to hit them with more than one at the same time.

    • I look at the scenario positively, Ms Iena. I think due to that, he is able to go out and recognized globally. It is a bless rather than the other side, I guess.

      • Yes, I too believe that. But, just wondering why he has some many enemies in his own country as to why he is being treated thus way? Here on America, Chris Brown was not and even some murders. He did not kill or truly harm anyone, so why? For me, my best call is what I have found out and seen about the history of that country. But as for H J, yes he will raise above this and go in to be a better person and star. God bless and thank you.

    • I think his also popular in korea, he has a lot of endorsements, his always on tv guestings, variety shows, etc…and he’s a hallyu star in Korea too..:)

      • You may be right, but just wondering why no other media picked up this story to find the truth. I can’t believe that this person has that kind of control over the entire country, everyone is being quiet and no one has brought her to the forefront. Would never happen in America and I am sure other countries as well. Thank you and God bless. I will never give up on him because God has so much more for him to do.

    • Dear
      PK was later recognized, they had to because of the popularity of the drama out of Korea, but by the time that PK was filmed just after SS501 separation and he as the leader had to give the new, it was like a punisment to him to dare being solo in his carrer, but the decision was for all the members, they specially the younger always said to like to be alone, but KHJ got all the shots, he never defended himself, some time later he explained that the decision was unanimous. But many didnot understood and did not forgive him, and just didnot support his proyect. He was attacked saying that he is not a good actor and singer, that he is only a pretty face, that without the members he was going to fail.
      I am really proud to be his fan, l testify how he grow, 2010 he was really fear, he felt rejection, even with breakdown he said he had fear and delayed its presentation a month in order to be sure to do it well, the song won many first places awards, also lucky guy, in his country he is famous, but, people are so into everything he does, but everything. I shuddered when I heard the song in Barefood friends, KIAKAKA, which shows his frustration at the lack of privacy, if he goes to the airport he worries than enjoys seeing the fans, because it creates problems for fans and airport security, and therefore he moves fast there.
      If we analyze his acting career, ONLY 3 DRAMAS only 3 and he is regarded as an actor, especially after IG, very professional, Many handsome talent actors donot achieve what he has accomplished . But how can accept in Korea that an idol singer becomes a famous actor alone if he has only worked in 3 dramas? and as the main protagonist in 2 of them. Even he could get CNN do an interview. The envy corrode them, many singers also fail to stand alone as he did. I love watching him alone fighting for first place with other groups. I do not think that he is not popular, but Korea is full of idols and actors who are promoted. Personally I like KHJ in PK his character fits better with him, and in IG, he shows there his growth as an actor. If he is not an important singer and actor in Korea why to bother and pay attention on him. I wonder.

      • I strongly agreed to what you have written.What we can do now as supporters of KHJ for now is go on with our prayers and never leave him no matter what.we must remember that prayers can move mountains.

  27. Yesterday, I spend the day going back and watching BOF and PK. It was amazing to see the transformation but yet how he was still able to maintain his inner beauty. I watched some old dramas and was surprised to see somethings written in these dramas. I know many thing that the dramas are basically the writers imagination, but not always. Somethings writers are injecting truth but it is hidden within the frame work of the story. I found several things and now not surprise as to what is happening in SK. One major problem is the different countries that occupied Korea and some of the workings of all are still ingrained in the culture which will give a mix bag of laws for a country. SK is in this dilemma, and I hope is trying to fix this situation. The article gives me hope because it appears that some people recognize the problem, but some people may be happy with the status quo., controlled and not true freedom. Yes, it will be hard to understand SK because they have not come to terms with their problems. For a small country high in divorce rate, suicide, and low in birth rates. Why? Why? Why is it written in some contracts that your clients can’t date? Is is for control? SK is almost like the wizard of Oz, when you pull back the Curtain things are not like they seem. Yes, it is still a young country but they must work to straighten out their problem quickly but as long as they give us fantasy dramas we too will be caught up in the illusion. Think about what brought us to look at SK and how in one swoop that reality came crushing down. Honor and respect, especially of the elders.yes, I a till can’t get over how his parents was treated by the media. Here in America, expected, but Korea no way but there it was. So why should anyone speak up on his behaved in SK, to be treated like his parents.? Remember, a house built on sinking sand will not stand, nor a house divided.and if they do not quickly but a lid on non-violent crime, like lies, they will have a majors problem within their society.

  28. I think he can not say anything because what he said medias translate it to what they want so he does not say anything but we should help him….

  29. Forgive what and whom to forgive if khj are ex girlfriend and they are together and he has not even looked at a given official release of this case it is content to be published on the official fb 23-02- 15 ” stop asking me questions this is my private life” I personally have stopped following the news of this case since because I respect that he wants to have a private life and that he bears no consideration for those fans and those who worried about him
    I think the real versions are only authors who know and khj That person thinks he is victim as aggressors or guilty, but they can sure he is an artist with international standards( the years to come they their proof to everyone they wanted to harm him) I never stop to admire the talents, and I keep to his prayers

      • I’ve never heard of him even having a personal FB or twitter account. Where are you getting that he wrote this. Also Lena us right, it doesn’t sound like him at all.

      • Thank you because that does not even sound like him. Also, we have to remember other people, if they know how can write in your facebok. One thing is for sure, HJ does care about his fans and he always will, it is his nature.

    • Hello anonymous, ive checked khj official fb but theres no post dated 23-2-15.. The last was 21-2-15… Hes singing because im stupid while playing guitar…

    • Hello there I have seen that FB account that person calls himself as HJ and use to chat to fans in inbox answering all questions etc…
      One of my friend told me about it…
      Please be careful about fake things…!

  30. Hi, everyone. I also believe in him and I have never doubted in his kind and loving heart. I just don`t know what to think about this situation. Here are some options that come to my mind:
    1. Maybe he is checking if she is indeed pregnant and if the baby is his to decide what to do afterwards?
    2. He just wants to forget everything as soon as possible, believing that if he keeps digging his words will be twisted and everyone will connect him with his case, instead of his work.
    3. Or he doesn`t want to harm her, beacuse of their previous relationship.
    In any case if he just say a word – we can turn the world upside down for him and expose her and restore his immage. If he can just show that he wants anything different than a silence….. But he is silent. And I respect his decision, because I love him.

  31. Hi I just want to tell my opinion regarding this matter, from the beginning until now, I do believe that KHJ is the victim, and I do agree of what you wrote in this article,, HJ is a very honest person, okay he admitted his wrong doing and he even personally apologized to that woman…
    but the media and the Netizen is really cruel and didn’t even gave a damn , they just do what they want to do to ruined ones life…
    But for me if there is no justice in this World, I do believe that God will judge the wrong person in some other way… I just hope and pray that HJ have to be strong and most important that we his fans will hold our hands together to protect him and to stay with him forever…. no matter!!

  32. To: angelaaj LOL may I ask why are you so negative? I respect your views but pls THINK AGAIN. Here’s my opinion. Why would you doubt if the truth is on your side? If you believe KHJ is innocent then why would you surrender and let negative rule your mind? The point here is at least you did something to save a neck instead of raising up your white flag without even a fight! We’ll see how the SK law can protect a citizen being stumped down, that is if you really believe he’s innocent!

    Yes maybe we foreign fans may not be able to do anything but at least bring out the truth is my point in this article and that’s also why I ask in this article, is it possible that KHJ fans can file a case? It happened with JYJ fans and they won! Can’t KHJ fans in SK give it a try? Challenge their own justice system. I see no harm in trying! If Choi has the right to sue with all those fake evidence why would KHJ be deprive of the same right to counter charge?

    At least something was being done to this case instead of just swallowing what is being fed even we all know it’s all wrong. And this is my point that’s why I stated this…..”occupy our mind with more relevant matters, from what can be learned from the past that can be changed towards the future.”

    • And Angelaaj you stated this “Hiring PI or trying to expose Choi could actually result in a defamation case against those trying to out her and that is probably why SK fans are not saying who she is or leaking photos.”

      For me the only credible info about her identity that i can believe is if it comes from KHJ camp as I stated in this article and from no one else. I won’t take it from fans NO. How can Choi charge for defamation against KHJ camp re; her identity? The fact that she already has that photo fr allkpop so that means she’s already exposing herself, so as just the public would believe her! LOL!!

  33. Tq Ms Angelaaaj for the explanation again. I am grateful for your kind assistance.

    There is no point for me to be UPSET with this SK Defamation law thingy yet I am not GIVING UP! There must be a WAY for us to do something fruitful. Along the way of finding on what to do, I am sure my dearest friends would be quite ‘shocked’ when they see what this app says about our UNBREAKABLE KHJ. Read this link if you have time.

    • To make it easier, well this is what the app says for his name meaning.

      Kim Hyun Jong, You are Smart and Curious
      You are a seeker of knowledge and you have learned many things in your life.
      You have lots of enthusiasm but it fades rather quickly. You don’t stick with anyone thing for very long.
      You make your life out to be exactly like what you want it.
      And you’ll knock down anyone who gets in your way!

      • Hi hazel!
        Don’t get upset with the app or whatever.
        It’s just more or less a ‘guessing’ thingy, kind of like the horoscope or a fortune-teller, in my humble opinion.
        The only one who’s able to predict anything is God Al-Mighty.
        So, let’s trust in God’s Mercy & Justice, especially for a persecuted individual ~ in this case, our beloved boy…
        Keep praying for his well-being…

        • Tq Ms Arfina Irdina.

          I am not going to let myself down and keep being optimistic. I believe there is a hope even in this situation something like doing for his sake-rectifying the actual info in Wikipedia first and foremost by leveraging from the accurate and reliable sources such as Universal Music Japan. All this while all of us have been fed with negative news about him. So I see this is one possible way for us to help him. It might be small yet it is the beginning of something, at least better than nothing.
          The problem is I am not good with Japanese and relying on GoogleTranslate is not sufficient. Wish there are someone out there whom are good in Japanese and English, so they are able to translate the news better. Then we can update the Wikepedia.

    • hazell. I saw a post from a fan below suggesting a online petition and though that is not a legal way it most certainly is a public statement and perhaps the best way for people to connect from all over the world to have their voices join together to be heard. Maybe that is the best thing to look in to?? The fan below seem to have some knowledge of how to start this. Just a suggestion that may benefit.
      He has a strong name!!

      • Yes he is. That’s why I think he lasted 10 years in this kind of showbiz and will continue to shine so for the next couple of years and years. Yup, I kind of agree with online petition but must see it from SK’s law side too. SWOT analysis will be helpful to see whether this strategy is relevant in this circumstance.

  34. wow..when I come here I am going to be so happy……and by this happiness I start crying….
    my sister you are very good…..I just can say I love you
    I have a question..what can we do now for him????I can not stand i this situation anymore…he is very oppressed and I can not accept it.what can we do???

    • Hello Hyuna! As for me I’ll just keep on writing about this nightmare because this is the least I can do as a fan fr miles away fr him, with hopes in the future someone big will stumble on this tiny site who is more capable of helping KHJ. This is the purpose of my articles other than enlightening those who are blinded by lies.

      • Thank you and pls do it as long as you can. You express the thoughts of a lot of KHJ’s fans (mine too, of course).

  35. LK we are living in a world of lies lies are just everywhere, but I agree with you that we should do something to seek justice, but I think korean fans were collecting material to file a lawsuit against those who bashed him on the internet but I don’t know what happened with that, but indeed if we really have the right to defend him by filing a lawsuit, I’m all in although I’m so far away but I totally support that, may God show us his mercy and protect our Hyun Joong Amen, Happy Easter from Egypt everyone I believe we will rise above all this

  36. I was reading all your posts, in particular I am interested in Kim Dae Joong’s article, cause in my country – I guess in all Latinamerica- the people recently has a new perspective of South Korea.
    I explain, we have a little perspective of korean society, even about chinese society in relation to stop the corruption. Both countries show a combat to corruption and fraud.
    I think the same like Kim Dae Joong; the korean society need to give a lesson for your population to maintain an international image good is necessary to sacrifice somebody, in our case, is KHJ.
    In spite of the KHJ’s innocence, for the jucidial system is so difficult to accept a big mistake.
    Well, I’ m a laywer and I try to explain one perspective.
    Thanks to share this kind of reflections
    Regards from Mexico

    • Actually they can make Hj case as an Example to punish liars and as it is a clear libel case exist here, maybe they can use this case to open their minds and as a pioneer in cleaning their house in SK. Just a thought. Always Hj is leading new trends be it in music acting MVs and scandals, never been one so injust like this in the whole world it seems. So why not to start to clear house with this one? 😉

      • Hi GPG,
        I see your point on one side. From your lawyer point of view, we like to know what are the possible fans’ aspect on this matter. I mean can we do something legally? Just curious.

  37. hola lazer kim, ojala pueda leer mi comentario, pero me gustaría saber algo si bien todo esto es mentira que crees tu que pasa con Kim Hyun Joong que no habla, porque no dice nada, el dijo a sus padres que el bebe si es de el, pero de que manera pueden estarlo chantajeando por decirlo asi que no se atreve a hablar o el esta tan enamorado que puede perdonar todo lo que esta mujer le hizo y estar ahora con ella y talvez molesto por que se habla mal de ella, esta dispuesto a perder todo por ella……yo pienso aveces que el esta con ella y que esa vida que llevan ambos que uno ataca y el otro no dice nada, en cierto modo lo puede gustar? la verdad se que solo soy una fan pero me moleta que mientras se le apoyo tanto en el problema de agosto y pensaba que el esta superando el escandalo el ya estaba nuevamente con ella.

    • Hola…
      Primero.. Hyun Joong dijo que si es verdad que ella está embarazada (o sea el tiene duda) probablemente el bebé sea de el (Nunca dijo: Si ella está esperando un hijo mío) y que si ese es el caso, el tomará responsabilidad por el bebé, no por ella …
      También me inquieta el silencio, pero sabes no creo que este con ella… Hace unos días salió un comentario de unas fans que fueron al Jaksal de Ilsan y hablaron con la tía de Hyun Joong, la tía dijo que Hyun Joong se estaba quedando con sus papás y que estaba bien… Pienso que si el está con sus papás es porque ellos le están ayudando en todo (y con todo, me refiero a mantener a Choi a raya).. si es que ella lo busca, primero debe pasar por los papás de Hyun Joong… y quizás por eso es este silencio… porque Choi lo único que puede decir que le interese a la prensa es que se haría un test de ADN, mientras que cualquier cosa que diga Hyun Joong será distorsionado (fíjate que nadie se ha interesado en saber su lado de la historia, en ninguno de los dos escándalos)

      Lamentablemente, solo nos queda esperar a ver como termina todo esto…


      • HJ es y seguir siendo una persona privada. No porque la media lo crucifica , va ccambiar. Ya ha diçho todo lo que va decir. Lo demas no nos concierne (spelling?) Sus papas estan detras de el, sus fans estan detras de el, es lo unico que importa. Las malas lenguas hablaran si dice algo o no. Pero tambien la Choi esta callada . Ay que darle gracias a Dios por eso. Que no anda con sus mentiras y chismes . Ya veremos en otros dos meses si ay bebe o no. Hasta entonces nos tenemos que aguantar. Aqui podemo alegar todo el día, pero en fin es su vida y es su personalida y asi lo queremos . Porque pedire que cambie.

    • hola
      En lo personal creo que KHJ no habla porque todos estan pendientes de que dice y lo distorsionan feamente, entonces para que aclarar algo si ya lo juzgaron y condenaron.
      En mi opinión que les importa su vida, a quien apoyamos es a la persona , al artista, al actor que nos gusta, muy profesional y adorable persona , soltero, casado o divorciado, siempre estaré allí, porque yo no soy quien para decidir con quien debe compartir su vida, eso es muy personal.
      Mucha de nosotras hicimos malas elecciones con nuestras parejas, muchas de sus detractoras aun soportan malas relaciones incluso verdadero abuso y violencia domestica y por esa fustración atacan fieramente a mi príncipe.
      El es un ser humano excepcional, pero eso no lo exime de cometer errores, pues y que si esta enamorado de esa loca acaso no hemos sido testigos de la ceguera en personas enamoradas?, o si esta con ella como crees, un grave error ,pero a lo mejor lo quiere intentar, como muchos dicen ¨ya cambiara¨. Me inclino a pensar que por su carácter protector probablemente este cerca a ver como va el embarazo, SI LO HAY, para recibir a su vastago, a juzgar por sus mensajes. A cualquier padre amoroso le gustaría ver a su niño venir al mundo aun cuando su madre sea la loca mas loca del mundo, un hijo es un hijo. Si, probablemente le guste esta chica, pero no la ame lo suficiente, ahora el problema es que en esa sociedad conservadora y me atrevería a calificarla de hipócrita, ese tipo de errores conlleva a matrimonio, no es fácil para él enfrentar a toda una sociedad, para hacer lo que el cree que un matrimonio por un hijo no siempre es feliz.
      A que si le gusta que lo ataquen no estoy de acuerdo, el es un hombre de perfil bajo, no trató nunca de sobresalir, tímido, ingenuo, creo que no sabría como enfrentar a los medios en una entrevista. incluso le dijo a esa A en un mensaje ¨ no quiero volver a enfrentar ese tipo de acusaciones ¨ y la muy estupida lo hizo otra vez. Personalmente lo prefiero callado, solita , Choi ¨ sumbea¨ perdió total credibilidad después de la entrevista con los padres de KHJ , se callo si se enfrentaba a sus padres era peor para ella. Los mayores son respetados allá. Creo que incluso muchos ahora se preguntaran si fue cierta la primera acusación. Pienso que su egoísta objetivo es terminar con su carrera, para que, decepcionado, se case con ella, tenga una familia y no vuelva a estar rodeado de mujeres y se dedique a otra cosa.
      Las fans debemos apoyarlo EN SU CARRERA, que su vida personal es suya y esperamos que haga lo mejor para el. para su tranquilidad. Siempre estaré allí en todo lo que haga profesionalmente, perdona por responder por Lazerkim pero me encanta que comenten en español, asi puedo ayudar.

      • Jazu dear
        Hj never said or admitted is his child Hj never said or admitted he reconciled with the psycho. Hj never said he had a serious relation with her either. Hj always said he was with the psycho only for one month. So NO love involved here from his part.
        And for sure no pregnancy exist.
        just lies and injustice done to discredit Hj and his name.

        • por eso escribo si es que existe ese embarazo. if she is really pregnant we will know soon.
          But knowing how careful and loving person he is, he will be waiting to see what happens and if the baby is his. But he needs to be near to be sure about it. If it is a lie we will be there to celebrate her defeat, if it is true we will be there to support the new pretty father and the baby, because she is a nobody to pay attention, for me and others she is invisible, as she hides her identification, better for me , no face to hate. I agree that NO LOVE is involved from him, it could be just attraction, that is why he broke up with her. There are just lies and injustice done to discredit Hj and his name, for sure. The media gained too much with it, better the silence from his side.

        • I AGREE WITH YOU BUT IN HIS WIKIPEDIA PAGE SOMEONE UPDATE ABOUT HIS PERSONAL LIFE SOME NEWS ABOUT THIS CASE:”PERSONAL LIFE:In February 2015, Kim’s girlfriend was reported to be pregnant with his child. Kim stated that he would take full responsibility if his girlfriend was found pregnant.[114] His agency later reported that his girlfriend cannot be contacted even before the issue came out, thus, they cannot confirm if the pregnancy was true.[115] The pregnancy was later confirmed by Kim and his girlfriend.”I AM VERY SAD TO READ THIS IN WIKIPEDIA .

          • Hi dear, I hope that you are aware that Wikipedia is actually updated by all kind of people, and not always reliable news. I would not take this as accurate even if is written in wiki…so till no actual confirmation re this issue from KHJ camp, nothing is certain.

            • another things dear the 115 and 116 is dated 24-25Feb2015..3 days after the story broke and if not mistaken before HJ parents gave the interview with The Fact. Just pointing out discrepancies.

              • Thank you Noya .I want to say I have worries bcs someone is very interested to post in Wikipedia stuffs about his personal life even if not are confirmed.Is unfair.I am very sad.Hope someone can update with good news not with stories of media.For example to update about his platinum status of his album Tonight or all what he did for world culture all this years.

                • Hi Cagome and all my dearest friends,
                  I went to Universal Music Japan’s website just to see is there any press release on his platinum achievement yet none (forgive me if I am wrong as in Japanese language and I just use googletranslate to understand the news written in their website). And the recent news is only until February 2015.
                  If the official statement is there, we can update the Wikipedia with the relevant press release hence they (anti KHJ) will be stunned!
                  These are my suggestions.
                  1.I wish we could write some letters to Universal Music Japan requesting them for an official press release or statement for his platinum achievements as we are his fans that want the WHOLE world to know his achievement not only about his NEGATIVE news that written by one point of view!
                  2.Maybe we can ask Michael Angelo too for the same thing!
                  But I personally think if all KHJ’s fans (Internationally including SK and Japan) united under ONE big LEGAL Fan club, therefore we have more POWER to be heard. We all are scattered around the world and it is BEST for us to be united under ONE MISSION, ONE PLATFORM and ONE VOICE.
                  One Voice is Louder Than A Crowd!!!

                  Deeply Concerned and far-far away,
                  Hazell, Malaysia.

                  • Maybe we can start our ‘fight’.
                    Let us all start with the 1st project. Updating the Wikipedia Kim Hyun Joong.
                    We may not have platinum press release but we do have Still album to add in as there are news for his Still album in the Universal Music Japan website and the Gemini tour is also there. at least there is something that we can start with.

  38. Thank you for this article and the information it provided. I am not surprised by the article information regarding their country’s major crime, and he is right, that will lead to more serious crimes. Therefore, the ball was not dropped by Hyun Joong and his family it is that they understand the workings of their country. I agree but what can you do with a country that allows this type of behavior? What can you do within a country that does not allow the truth to be told but believe more in lies? How do you defend yourself? If no news agency tried to get to the truth? Why, we’re they paid off or threaten?

    I do believe that in most countries there would have been many other news agencies that would have printed her picture and her story by now. So why none in SK did? I do believe that people wanted him out, yes from the start, because he became to big and they could not control him because of his honestly. He would tell the truth no matter what, so he had to go? You can see how they are controlling everything else and everyone else.

    This all has to do with teaching him a lesson, but all will be made clear soon because a house built on sand can’t last forever. SK like most countries were build on blood bath in the streets and in their palaces and of course all of this started with lies, a country built on lies. But, wait until God and the truth will be revealed because his young man and his family does not deserve this type of treatment, nor this fans.

    This last part, his fans, gave me a lot of insight as to what was and is going on. Since when have you heard or seen fans attacked like us, over just wanting to believe your idol and stand by his side? This made no sense. So, want can we do, but continue to post on facebook, YouTube, and surround him with love and support, and of course continue to vote for him in polls. keep sending and making those love videos and buying his records. I support whatever you decide.

    As for SK is no longer on my list as a country to visit, do not like how they treat their citizens, but I must say when I visited Europe I was surprised and I was most impress with Germany. But, I am only one and I know that S K will not suffer because of me, but I too need to hold true to my belief. SK no longer the country I thought it was. I hope you correct your problem before it is too late you will not have the time America and other countries had because time is not at your side, time is going must faster than before. God bless n love.

  39. “Vengeance is mine says the Lord.” I don’t necessarily believe in Karma. But there’s always a repercussion for your actions. She has two choices, repent or pay for her sins. If she’s stressed now, it’s never going to go away. She’ll always have that weight on her shoulders. Eventually someone will find out who she is and take matters into their own hands. As for our boy, well, he’s doing what he thinks is best and we might not agree, but it’s not up to us. He didn’t make a name for himself through hype, he did it through hard work. So with that same dedication to his art, he has maintained, a little singed, a little tired, but still going and he will continue to climb again.

    • Agree, very much agree to what you’ve voiced out…
      Al-Mighty God is Great & Just ~ our boy will rise again, God Willing…

      • Yes, Lord willing. But you know, the commenter that said his name meant he’ll knock anything down that gets in his way. I don’t see that as a negative thing, where as the commenter I think did. He’s overcome many things through his hard work and dedication and has not let anything, even negative press stand in his way. Look at the success of Gemini after the so called abuse scandal. As long as he believes in himself, which I know he has clear cut goals he wants to accomplish and we believe in him too, and with the same humility of spirit and hard work, he’ll overcome as always

        • Hi Ms Lilian. My intention to mention his name meaning is exactly like you said.
          He’ll SURVIVE this and come back differently after those years.

          • Yes, he will. I’m sorry I misundertsood you. I thought you didn’t like that last part of his name meaning. He’s not one to sit around, so he’ll be back stronger than ever.

  40. All.What you.write is absolutely true. Since. Aug. I couldnt Why did she pass by all.this so easy… So well, If she made an ilegal action?
    Why KE didnt Take any action…legal action?
    After.dissmeesed case… I.hoped they took legal actions… Lawsuit for defamation… Overall When everything showed SHE LIED!
    Then in.feb. The baby notice. BrokeMy heart but even.Then i.remembered that this.notice come from a comprobate lier… So i still wait for.the.true
    Defamation is.Totally compruebe… All damages have been done and till now, she couldnt probe even one…so…
    What are We waiting for?
    Sk media involved everybody in the scandal making this new internacional, so now it is a case with that status wholeworld
    We can If We want Take this issue in.a lawterms… Then she has to show her identity and.probes… Eventhough We can.include all that hurt Khj image Without probes

    As the damages Take wholweworld dimensión, the price and punish should be at that scala too.

    Everybody is Free to Take legal actions When feel injustice is happening

    Thanks so.much.for.your article
    Have a nice.Day.

  41. Dear LK, thank you!
    As usual you know how to put the cards on the table as they say.
    Oh yes, great injustice has been done to Hj, he was tried publicly found guilty and convicted and crucified by they SK media without giving him the benefit of the doubt, without taking into consideration the blatant lies which were nullified by the police and the DA and then the same psychopat (which I am sure she is certifiable) coming up with some other bogus story just to put again a another nail in the damaged image of Hj and cause so much pain to him and his family and clsoed ones.

    His words always got twisted and misunderstood and taken out of context that in a way I fully understand him for not going out and say more, big sigh….

    Now, isn’t that the weirdest scandal that overrun it’s time.
    It seems they really lack a conscience the psycho, the outlet trash media and others who just played with a human being life, yes another human life that they went like a pack of wolves to destroy and believe all was printed. Frankly with the rate of suicide they have in SK, I was scared when the scandal started that this will destroy Hj, sorry to say this, but I was really thinking that.
    Do they lack a brain? or common sense not to see what is screaming of lies, fake evidence and blackmail and libel, just because Hj is a celeb can they just go at him like this? This is despicable and shamefull to their so called pure SK society, full of hypocrisy and Lies, they like to lie as a way of life?

    Re that psychopat excuse of a woman, I heard SK fans know very well her name, her plastic face and they are not disclosing it? Why? Heard they almost always say because Hj asked in AUGUST 2014 (last year people…hear that, last year) not to disclose, but Hj did not ask now not to do that? Why to keep her protected? Heard psycho asked for privacy and they respect that? Hello??? Respect to whom? Isn’t that going against the one you are a fan to? Don’t you people want the Truth and Hj name cleared, don’t you want to help Hj? Respect must be earned and most surely that one doesn’t deserve it. Why scared of her?

    That creature need to be exposed, I wish for her to feel the shame, the public trial, the guilt the disgust and more so the pain she caused to lot of people, but to feel that she must be normal, but I doubt she grasp the enormity of her damage as she is blinded by her obsession to Hj and to get her way (mental case absolutely!) .

    I agree with you LK, legal actions needs to be taken and most probably only by someone close to Hj is either him (but he is such a closed private person…taking all on his shoulders, Hj you need all the help dear, accept it,embrace it, You are not alone!!!) or his parents, someone very close to him, or his sibling (I doubt that) or his Fans like the fans of his friends JYJ done and helped them when in need? Or that other case, Park Shi Hoo ?

    I do hope that a good PI will be used (by whom ever is going to sue on behalf of HJ) to prove all the connections and lies of that psycho and who ever pulled the strings and then go for a Public trial for libel, defamation and damage to image and benefits…well, this is my wish, which I hope will come true one day. Justice must be served!

    I know the Truth always prevail and the Truth shall set you free….. one day that will be, I hope, maybe till Hj will come back from MS, we his fans will manage to make a miracle for him!

    Till then let’s prove them (to all antis and haters) we all stand behind our Star and support him and will help with our all means to disclose all the Truth.
    sorry it took so long LK. 🙂

  42. We all have a right to our views,though this was a tragic incident i for one have no disire watever to haunt done this woman if hyun joong isnt prepared to do so,i belive that her disgrace would be unexpected.i also think hyun joong does not want to have anything to do with her in anyway and thats why he wants to close this chapter in his own way.belive me when i say that those that cursed him will regret it dearly cause his comeback will be like nothing before.choi will be disposed.when hyun joong sees a reason for court he will do so but justice will inventually be served in the long run.just watch and see.

    • I agree.again, I agree. I too have no desire to move ahead of him for the same reason. His path is not his own, it was laid out by a higher authority.

  43. Time and again we have all vented and expressed our desire to get some semblance of justice for hyun joong… We’ve gone through anger, hurt ,resentment, desire for vengeance , indifference , despair and even just sheer emotional exhaustion from It all…and back again. My point is though, we will continue on this roller coaster of emotions until hyun joong decides to break his silence or even just say something to give us all closure . That is the truth of the matter … It’s up to him. When and if he decides to do something … Wether to fight back or make a statement saying it’s over and done and he wants to just move on without even any explanation … That will be the only time that we will all be able to fully let this go.

    • For until he makes a move … As much as we love him… We are mere spectators watching from the sidelines as we wait for the him, main character, to deliver and play his part for the story to unfold. And come to a conclusion 😔

  44. I have thinking the same, there are some people how ear alot destroying KHJ’s image. This is repulsive and disgusting. I support you LazerKim because I want to believe that the true can win… If this situation doesn’t clear, what kind of lies come in the future? Against him or the any person. The world has lost the way of the true… We need to believe again that the bad actions have consecuences…

  45. If we dont do any things now and jut let ot pass by the thing that happened may take place again sooo i think yes its time for our khj oppas justice !!!!thank u for thearticle and awering us fro doing the great mistake again

    • wow…scary, but so sad and yes very similar to this, but you have to admit this one takes the cake by thousand…….!

  46. LK Thank you! I have been wondering about the SK law and culture of scandal as it has become so apparent during the past 8 months of utter BS we have been fighting against. I have felt tied up with rage and injustice as no one seems to be standing up for his rights as a human being except for his fans. I am nearly in tears right now with that painful feeling. I am crying out with you WHERE IS JUSTICE! ? And why does no one speak up for him? i know the answer. Because they are Korean and this is just accepted as part of the culture part of the business but it is SO WRONG! the rest of the world can’t understand how they just ignore something that is so evil and unjust. And do i look forward to what else you discover. I know the fans tried to start a case against the haters and the media on the first scandal but i never heard the result. I wonder if these cases are next to impossible to win because of this attitude in SK that lying is just a part of their culture? I wonder what it would take to break that complacency? Thank you once again for a thought provoking post.

  47. I totally agree with you. I really hope we could do something to clear khj’s name. I seem to be always teary eyed seeing how these issues had made khj disappear. How these choi issues ruined what he had patiently built for 10 yrs. Is that love for khj? If it’s revenge on her end, it is too much. She had brought down the dreams that our dear one had worked very hard for. 😦

  48. Salam Sejahtera to all my dearest friends..

    Thank you Ms Kim for such fine and bold write up! Your article has boosted up my spirit as usual, huh!!!
    I am perplexed with this issue until this moment. We as the decent human beings, cannot just let this issue continues to happen not only in SK but other parts of the world. Certain actions should have been taken to rectify this issue.
    I am willing to participate if there is any petition regarding KHJ’s issue. I think the best way is if we could discuss or post our suggestions on how best we can help to clear this mess. I think if this issue happens in other countries, they will keep on digging out this issue until the roots of the cause!

    I wish there are some movements or actions that spark by us to clear this mess!

    From my bottom heart,
    Hazell, Malaysia.

    • Hi Hazell…if this happened in our country, am so sure this Choi would be exposed immediately right after her accusation day right? Our fellow netizens were so fast in digging the identity of any person who in viral!..if u know what i mean…LOL…When I think abt Hj case, I simply feel that our law are much much better in term of protecting someone’s right from being defamed or slandered. This bitch would be in jail already if HJ has intended to sue her over defamation/slander. I guess SK law doesn’t have those privacy act to protect their citizens.

      • Yes Atiq. I agree with you. Our media will keep on digging it out until to the bottom of it. Even they will sue those people who give incorrect information or accusation. I think SK needs to improve on its law. It is really sad and depressed just to see it happened right in front of our eyes and we could or shall I say, cannot not do anything regarding this. I hope all worldwide fans should unite and act as ONE. Then, only our voice can be heard.
        Now, I think we should all think what and how to best voicing out this thing to SK Media. How I wish we could report this to they can urge those SK Media to disclose the naked truth of this ‘nightmare’.

        Hazell, Malaysia

        • How I wish KHJ will be like Dok Go Jin in The Greatest Love K Drama..defend himself and being assertive yet I wish we all could do something for him

          • Guys this video is created by TheRukubebe8877
            This for everybody who love Kim Hyun Joong
            We Love YOU and Waiting For YOU^^ KHJ

            • Love the video!
              I was watching this video over the weekend and felt sad:
              “For being able to cry when it gets tough. I’m Fortunate… for the beautiful world that knows you…”

              I think there is a message in that. Truly my favorite KHJ cover and love this song by Lee Juk.

              • This is one of my all time favorite of his. The words are just so beautiful. I want this one for my 25 year wedding anniversary.

                • Congratulation and HAppy 25th year of Anniversary Ms Lillian! Hope both of you will blessed with more happiness, healthy and success in life!

                  • Thank you, but it’s not for a few years yet. Ever since I first heard it I told my hubby that was going to be for anniversary. He responded ‘it’s probably mushy.’ And I said yes, get over it. LOL

      • Actually SK has the second strongest defamation laws in the world. Right now in SK a Japanese Journalist has been jailed over an article written during Sewol Ferry incident and its being looked at worldwide as the rights between freedom of speech vs defamation. In SK even if what is written is true if it is written with an malice or intent to cause harm it falls under defamation. That happens no where in the world outside of SK and France. In other countries it must be proven to be untrue but not in SK. That said only KHJ who was the party harmed can bring a case such as this and since he acknowledges returning to seeing Choi after the first case that more than likely nullifies that option and the pregnancy claim will depend on what route he chooses which no one knows as he is remaining silent. Fans can file a case. anyone can but doubtful it would ever be heard in court as you must show “harm” and legally speaking harm is normally looked at as an economic hardship meaning it caused you to loose money or harmed your livelihood. Making it even more unlikely to be heard is that international fans are not citizens of SK nor do we fall under their defamation laws for injury. Hiring PI or trying to expose Choi could actually result in a defamation case against those trying to out her and that is probably why SK fans are not saying who she is or leaking photos.

        • You can google search or read up on SK defamation laws. This explains it very well:

          Also this article states that:
          “Because the standards for criminal defamation are fairly strict, Korea’s prosecutors frequently decline to indict after receiving the criminal complaint. Even if the prosecutors do indict and the case moves forward, more than 90% of cases are dismissed or result in the prosecution’s defeat.”

          SK also has what they call “criminal insult” which has similar guidelines as defamation but also hard to prosecute and must be filed by the person harmed.

          “This provides punishment up to one year in prison or 2 million won in fines. Unlike criminal defamation, criminal insult involves no statement of fact, but simply generalized epithets. To establish criminal insult, the insult needs to be: (1) made publicly (i.e. the same “publicity” requirement as criminal defamation); (2) directed to a specific individual, and; (3) objectively damaging to the social reputation of the insulted individual.”

          Bottom line any type lawsuit of this nature must show hardship or harm publicly and must be brought by the individual.

          • I hope it makes sense hazell. I had looked into this earlier wondering myself but sadly international fans are at a real disadvantage all together and are not governed by SK law. I don’t think anyone outside of KHJ himself could bring about a case like this and have it be heard. Sounds like even cases that do go to court do not have a good outcome. It’s very different than the US.

            • Yup. I see your point Ms Angelaaaj. But there is only one hope for us now. Just PRAY for His guidance to lead us and KHJ while searching out other alternative/s (if they are other ways). We still need to be optimistic though even during this kind of time.

            • To: angelaaj LOL may I ask why are you so negative? I respect your views but pls THINK AGAIN. Here’s my opinion. Why would you doubt if the truth is on your side? If you believe KHJ is innocent then why would you surrender and let negative rule your mind? The point here is at least you did something to save a neck instead of raising up your white flag without even a fight! We’ll see how the SK law can protect a citizen being stumped down, that is if you really believe he’s innocent!

              Yes maybe we foreign fans may not be able to do anything but at least bring out the truth is my point in this article and that’s also why I ask in this article, is it possible that KHJ fans can file a case? It happened with JYJ fans and they won! Can’t KHJ fans in SK give it a try? Challenge their own justice system. I see no harm in trying! If Choi has the right to sue with all those fake evidence why would KHJ be deprive of the same right to counter charge?

              At least something was being done to this case instead of just swallowing what is being fed even we all know it’s all wrong. And this is my point that’s why I stated this…..”occupy our mind with more relevant matters, from what can be learned from the past that can be changed towards the future.”

              • You seem to get angry at anything I say Ms. LK. I did not write the SK laws. I am only telling you what they are. The JYJ case was different because they (JYJ) also had a lawsuit against SM but KHJ has not filed a complaint in this case. If a SK fan feels that the case brought damages to them in a economic or reputable way then they can file a case. I said that. Don’t consistently shoot the messenger. I am not negative but I am a realist. If KHJ wanted Choi sued I believe he would have sued her. If KHJ wanted this to continue to be talked about I don’t think he would be sitting silent. I give him far more credit then that. I don’t seem him as a shrinking violet that would take anything lying down but I do believe he thinks his way is the best way. I respect that. Shoot me. I have an opinion.

                • If I’m angry yes i would shoot you. But I didn’t I still respect your opinion you have a point and I butt in with my opinion, it’s my right this is my blog site right? Yes i’m a realist too we may have different views but at least come up with something to make the change and wake up people of the universe!! This is just my point!

                • Sorry to butt in, you are right Hj doesn’t seems like a shrinking violet for sure, but have you noticed that all his statements were taken out of context and misinterpreted and never given the benefit of the doubt? Have you noticed that all HJ said he stood behind to what he stated? In aug and in feb? Maybe that is his way to say, let the dogs bark the carvan moves on, i.e. I will continue my way?
                  And maybe we don’t know what really goes behind the scenes and maybe Hj lawyers are preparing a case against that woman? There are a lot of possibilities that maybe the Kim’s are acting but they do not need to go to media for every move.
                  Just my opinion here.

          • Ha..ha..ha..I know Ms Kim. As per Ms Angelaaaj explanation, definitely not the legal action. I thought maybe we can do something legally earlier on. That’s why I am asking.

            • Hello Hazell!
              Oh I’m sorry my comment up there goes to Angelaaj! LOL This is why I pointed out the wrong doings so that we can put it right and try to let the justice system roll in SK no matter how difficult it may be and let the world be the judge of SK judges! Win or lose it doesn’t matter, at least she’ll be exposed and she won’t victimize others with her lies again. let her feel what KHJ, his family and us are getting through with torture she created!! We can’t do anything earlier on bcoz we’re all waiting for KHJ camp to make the move since they have the prior right to legal actions. Unfortunately nothing happened in 8mos. I’m just putting all of these on record and this is the purpose of my articles, I’ll just keep writing everything about the nightmare. Thank you Hazell, take care, have a nice day and God bless..

              • Hi Miss Kim,
                It seemed that your words have boosted up my spirit again. Thank you, Miss Kim. I really appreciate all your efforts for letting us know the NAKED truth of this ‘nightmare’ and like I said earlier, your blog is like a multivitamin for me to continue my daily life! I believe there must be a way for us to clear his name be it online poll, online petition or any possible way to let justice win.

        • I beg to differ in the case of Park Shi Hoo the fans released the picture of the woman accusing him and nobody took them to court. So clearly here that callmechoi wants her 15 minutes of fame, even if she is braking privacy, she is craving for that fame, look why did she go to all media to announce her so called “pregnancy” ? So no defamation here. But for sure a libel case and also all her former and now evidences which we can clearly see they are fake can be used against, so defamation is what she used in destroying one good man life!!
          And that is the main issue here in the end we are talking about a real person with life (ok celeb….but a person) and all been trashed and destroyed with LIES!!

          • got a point too Ms Noya! There is a HOPE for us and KHJ!!! I agree he may do something quietly without the media’s knowledge knowing that they would exaggerate his statements!

  49. Thanks lk,,im waiting for this article
    Maybe its really the high time to take ourrevenge as fans of khj.its not good to just sit down and wait for what would be the next step of this obssess choi to ruin the name kim hyun joong again..but if kim hyun joong ssi would read this please dont just keep silent its not us who will gain justice on this but its you and your family…were willing to wait until you speak up.i hope that your doing good right now!!your fans misses you a lot

  50. Thanks LK to write this article: yes, HJ and his fans need justice! I remember your article about legal actions: no news about that? I think silence is not good. I read comments about JYJ fans who helped them against SM, and they won because they made noises, etc… In SK, it seems it’s the solution !! HJ and his family and his friends are very very kind, far too kind. Korean fans with our help must fight for him now. Korean fans must to reveal what they know!! No pity for this Choi!

  51. Wow! Perjury, libel and fraud. This just proves we should never, EVER!!!! Trust Korean press, EVER!!!! The sad part the Korean people, never did anything about this. I thought North Korea was a nation of fool and blind people, but here, they may be divided as a nation but they think the same way. The difference? North Korean common citizens doesn’t have any means and the freedom to know the truth, South Koreans have the means and the freedom yet they chose to be blind. Justice for Hyunjoong maybe a far fetched idea if we’re talking about South Korea. Far fetched yes, but not impossible. We have a whole nation to shake if we want to his name cleared. We need patience, patience and more patience. As long as we know in our hearts who’s true, we’ll never go wrong. Sad that one of the few honest person in SK is being bullied by his own blind people. I don’t care about what others think, for me Hyunjoong is the only honest thing in all this mess.

    Food for thoughts:

    *A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.*

    ― Mark Twain

    *There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.*

    ― Elie Wiesel

    *Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end.*

    ― Daisaku Ikeda

    To Ms. Choi what goes around, comes around. Karma is a bigger bitch than you are! I believe Kathleen Brooks 🙂

  52. He is tried in public by media and lost what he has gained for the past ten years..But I do not understand why he has to just sit and let everything he has, be gone in a glance. How come he is not doing anything? What is keeping him from protecting that girl? He is afraid that it will create chaos? His life is already in chaos since August 2014..Even his MS enlistment is delayed…He is wasting time..I really like him..but now..that my teenage daughter is beginning to ask me if the scandal is true, I do not know what to say…I even have to delete my online history searches so she could not see…I am hoping that KHJ’s name will be cleared..But it could never happen if he himself does not want to act….Sometimes, I encourage myself to stop liking him but it is very hard to do that…

    • sometimes i felt like you….but i know,he is not sitting still….khj knows what he want to do…it all in his mind… just be patience dear….the hardship will not last longer and it will end with happiness… just wait and see… fighting! ^_^

    • I am also the one who comment on the above..I made a mistake…I do not mean What is keeping him from protecting that girl? but what I really mean is this – WHAT IS KEEPING HIM FROM EXPOSING THAT GIRL? sorry for my mistakes.

      • well Ms.anonymous,
        khj is slient , not protecting the girl but just think, he faced this scandal alone and by his own…
        yes he has family, friends and fans…how far we felt as he had taste this bitter experienced….some people had faced it and how long they can recover?
        its not short term right, but at least with our prayers and support, he are recovering as much as we expected him to do so….
        as we know the woman callmechoi are doing as much as she want to destroy khj doesnt mean she not trying to control khj with spritual way? we dont know maybe now she is afraid facing her karma because of lying?because of that, she do all means to to make him shut up and not exposing her without we cant think about….if you saying i am just saying ridiculous, its okay….because i am not so detail person…maybe its just lingering in my mind….and maybe its not giving you answer of your question….maybe i just saying to encourage myself,but i believe khj has plan,he is smart and he is not staying still…maybe its not right time and maybe he is not in good condition right now…
        so,be patience and pray hard for khj are best way to encourage him and us too..
        for me, i support whatever Ms.LazerKim want to do whether open the petition, sue the defamation, discussed about nightmare to let the someone will hear and do something that give benefit to khj,his family and us…just count me in!haha
        fighting! May God bless you, khj, his family, big henecia, Ms.Lk and me…^_^v

  53. It is time for KHJ to clear his name for the sake of his parents, business partners and international fans. If he is being blackmailed by Callmechoi and her goonies, he needs to share it with his local and international fans so we can help him. The only way he can protect himself is hire a good lawyer and go after all the bad press/medias who twisted all the facts. It is kind of weird that no one knows who Miss Choi is like she never exist. There is no photo of her even in any media which is impossible or unheard of in SK paparazzi culture. Anyone can create rumors or lies in SK and people will believe it. Just like someone mention about Park Shi Hoo case, when his controvery came out few years back. The picture of the lady was all over the news. I just find this situation of KHJ very strange.

    • I agree with you. It’s very strange korean fans and stalkers don’t reveal who she is. They know who is this Choi but it’s silence mode: why? Even SK paparazzi don’t show his face! I’d like korean fans talk to us, overseas fans. We deserve to know what they know!!

    • agree with you. Its very strange indeed. We fans are fighting with a ghost!? Or alien? This callmechoi who is she really?!! As far as I concern, the person who wanted to seek justice for him/herself should revealed themselves to public, for the sake of public sympaty and help from their society but this bitch simply hiding herself from public even from media!! And those stupid media even protect the ‘ghost” they never saw ever? What a strange society is this??

      And I wonder too what’s going on with SK fans, his paparazzi that we had saw them in all fancams in youtube?? Why nobody tell us what they have been through, what they know, what they found, what their plan, what they up to until now? I have subscribed with most of the SK die-hard-fans youtuber whom very active with their update before. But since HJ went back to SK after Gemini, they are really quiet. Not even one updated video. I keep wondering WHY?

  54. thank you for your justice article…. I am agree what had you say….
    KHJ’s case should be brought to JUSTICE!
    it’s okay to hire private investigator? if not gives bad effect on him, i support Ms.Emmanuella to do so…
    it’s hard to be KHJ fan but i learn many things and make me love this fandom so much…
    May God bless khj and family, big henecia family, Ms.Lk and me… ^_^

  55. Hey there LazerKim,
    I am not a lawyer…but my passionate studies maybe can serve of some help.
    You are correct of your gathered research of defamation. whole ordeal with a writer name Noona from Soompi a while back was similar to your desired justice for Kim Hyun Joong and fans…
    there is a line of journalism that can cross over to harming individuals, like you and me; but mostly Kim Hyun Joong supporters.
    We can identify with the harmful slander against an individual, that inspires hope and encourages peace; such as KHJ for us…but what if a routined person emotionally would feel upbeat and proactive through their day; by listening to KHJ music and watch his dramas…and then the same person (hypothetically speaking here)…just say that same person hears the news of accusatiins and the slander, defamation, and injustice toward KHJ….what happens when the person is so emotionally offended by all this and tries to harm theirself…what is the limitation of all of these people that have caused this???
    Well LazerKim…start an online petition(many sites for it)…in this petition, you can add the fact that we, as fans and supporters, seek justice and seek representation for the harm caused upon us all…we all have human rights…personal rights…so dabble with it a bit…if you want email me and I can see how quickly we can get on this…and I also have some approa hes per said matters…
    email: mia.chelle310@gmail
    Okay LazerKim…my prayers are for us all and this matter…may God open our minds to be receptive to the help needed and for u s to discern and be in alignment for Gods purpose in all matters…Prayers for the Kim family and perpetrators towardz us all..Forgive and For justice may we complete the necessary…#IJNIP #Amen

    • Hi!
      That sounds so…positively energising if it’s possible…
      Can we really do that & will it be legit & viable?

      • Ya…can we do that? If yes, shall we do something about this? Until now, there is no news in the newspaper about KHJ’s achievement for platinum award (only few blogs mentioned).

  56. Hi Ms Lazer!
    Eversince this unfortunate incident happened I’ve always hoped & prayed that someone from outside Korea, preferably a high-profile celeb or journalist perhaps who has a lot of clout internationally, would do a commentary or interview which would touch on this matter.
    Haha! My imagination really runs wild sometimes…
    Imagine ~ if there were an internationally popular artiste/celeb from America , Europe or Asia who happened to be a fan of his, perhaps if she/he could highlight his situation, wouldn’t that be an eye-opener?
    Or perhaps we could send his story to one of those popular shows, like ‘Oprah’ a few years back & now, hmm, whose show is really popular now anyway?
    Of course, it doesn’t guarantee that our boy would get justice or even given credence by anyone but at least we would have done something…

    Sigh, but yes, I wish we could do something significant for our beloved boy…
    Like telling the world about the injustice done to him so they’d know the truth & not the skewered ‘truth’ given by his country’s media & public…

  57. I think this should have happened long back case and all. Its been soo long and all are silent now its like now the news is all dead this exposing Choi going against her all should have had happened in right time. Anyone who knows her identity can reveal it. But thing is some say that HJ don’t want to expose her, HJ is silent, HJ will get hurt if we start fight…. I really don’t get this logic at all. Exposing her and trying to bring justice for him was first thing that is needed. But instead everyday fans write new stories like fanfic…
    I’m soo upset about this, there are few who don’t know anything, Some who knows but are not allowed to speak out and some who knows but don’t want to speak out. Its just a mess.
    Fight for him and show he is not alone… I don’t even know if I can say it… Im just tired of this!
    All I want is as you (LK) say speak up fight back HJ and fans stay together and fight back…
    Only then we can clear his name not buy staying like this. If we stay silent its like we are accepting it… So fight back please 😥

    • Exactly my sentiments.. EVERY WORD YOU SAID.. 🙂 I just Hope and pray for HJ in every aspect of his life.. Well, good thing is “KARMA” is faster than my internet connection, so I just have to bear this grudge to this “creature” for awhile.. 🙂 Anyways, In my mind I’ve already killed this “creature” a thousand times.. LOL

  58. Hi Lazerkim,
    Thank you for your article, ever since these whole Choi’s scandal broke out, i have been having sleepless nights. Praying for him and at the same time thinking of how i or the fan can help bring Kim hyun joong justice, but i noticed that south korea is built on lies, for instant, i remember the case of another celebrity (Park Shi Hoo) that was accused of rape, the media crucified him and took the side of the lady, but at the end of the day, the text messages that she cut and paste just like desperado choi, the court couldn’t use it against him, rather she asked for a huge sum of money and the case was settled, but one thing that baffled me is that a fan of his leaked the lady’s picture on the internet.

    So, i asked myself, is it possible to get a private investigator to reveal this desperado choi’s identity? Why is it the the women in SK has to result to blackmailing to make money? why can’t they get an education, work hard and become a better person?

    Women blackmailing celebrity/men is more rampant in SK, and all this women has a flair for quick wealth, and all of them have one thing in common PLASTIC SURGERY.

    I am promising all the fan that i will get to the bottom of this Kim hyun joong’s problem, and when i do, choi will not be spare from God’s wrath.

    I will do whatever it takes to solve this problem and restore dignity back to KHJ’s name.

    I will see what i can do to get the identity of this psychopath choi.

    Every celebrity in south korea really needs to beware of their women.

    i am sure that the almighty father will very soon vindicate KHJ.

    Please believe me everyone.

    • How are u going to do that dear? I really hope that someone ( SK fans ) will try to communicate with us international fans and telling us everything they knew abt that bitchychoi. I just don’t believe that no one know abt this bitch ( except her friends, lawyer and Dispatch ) in SK. Its so wierd. i want to know at least her face then I would know wether she’s the one on the fancams. urghhhh!!

      • I am wondering three…over here. How we can bridge SK fans, Japan fans and of course the international fans together to voice out as ONE? The more, the merrier!

      • I have understood you already know who is Choi, but when fans began to divulge the fancam where it appears, it began banning fearing harm KHJ. :/

  59. KHJ had done a lot of hardwork to reach this place… from a part time waiter to prince of Asia is not simple…ms choi had no right to hurt him. She is just crushing his hard work and i guess she is about to complete it but WE fans of KHJ will not be quiet, her identity should be out and the truth should get into the system of KHJ haters. How can they hate such a good soul!! I hope KHJ oppa gets out of this mess and we know he is strong enough and he has us. SK govt. Should take some action against this, we can even consider it as Human Rights issue. All i want is his happiness

  60. I continue to wonder why isn’t there any one to disclose her identity, there must be some one apart from kim’s family that really know about her, it is clear that since the kim’s are peaceful people who don’t want troubles didn’t want to disclose her. Maybe they are not saying anything because they are afraid but what i know for sure is that you can’t hide anything under the sun lies can never prevail forever the truth will come out one day and his reputation can never be damaged God will vendicate him someday. (medy)

  61. I continue to wonder why isn’t there any one to disclose her identity, there must be some one apart from kim’s family that really know about her, it is clear that since the kim’s are peaceful people who don’t want troubles didn’t want to disclose her. Maybe they are not saying anything because they are afraid but what i know for sure is that you can’t hide anything under the sun lies can never prevail forever the truth will come out one day and his reputation can never be damaged God will vendicate him someday. (medy)

  62. Hello lk Unnie….
    even I had been thinking about the sk law about defamation case….. I am from India and here in India

    case is a serious charge and It doesn’t matter if u r an ordinary person or a powerful one has to present a proper justified statement.
    And in Hyun Joong’s case it is very clear that it is all a stunt to ruin Hyun Joong……how come everybody is blind in sk….i guess I am still seeing from outside so I might not know the darker side but still how come nobody wants to act rightfully in solving this case? Are they scared to dive into this matter or just ignorant?

    I just hope Hyun Joong is doing well…prayers, love and good wishes to him…always and forever!

  63. That psychopath not only wanted to destroy his career also wanted to destroy the tranquility home to parents of our Hyun Joong, but God will divine justice. And if it is true every day we will love more. I agree that all his fans worldwide take action on this matter and Enough !!

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