Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MESSENGER’S MESSAGE!



By: LazerKim


The other night  April 2nd Kim Hyun Joong’s manager Manager Seo, posted a message in his Instagram that I would like to share with you. Here it goes as I quote..

Manager Seo’s Message:

Thank you so much for everything. Time passed by real fast, so it seems. Though I lacked in many areas, I am thankful for your help and guidance along the way. 

I am sure there were quite a few who got stressed because of me… But yet you were patient and still supported me. I will  be forever thankful.

I enjoyed many good experiences and learned a lot! Wish you all the very best!



It takes knowing Kim Hyun Joong by heart to be able to understand his words whoever is relating it. This is how I take this message I posted above. I leave it up to you on how you understand this message and from whom. Take it or leave it, again I’m not imposing anything here, I’m simply sharing my thoughts with all honesty, and I’m just glad somebody listened and finally reciprocated.

“Silence is good but not all the time, silence can sometimes be crucifying…”

“In any relationship communication is still important, to reciprocate with one another fills in the gap for better understanding.”

The other day I posted my honest thoughts and feelings at Tweeter and stated these words above same words I stated in one of my comment box. I was intending to make noise so I can be heard by someone. At that same day, I read the message from Manager Seo. Thank you so much!



I would like to thank my dear readers for all the comments you have written in my comment box article Love Means… Thank you for sharing your thoughts, that I appreciate so much.

I was all being honest to my words, good or bad, whether you agree with me or not it doesn’t matter for as long as I’m being honest. As I have said this is my home and this is where I can breath on, hoping to be understood. If not, it’s alright I’m simply airing out.

To be in a good relationship, understanding should be two way, or there will always be conflict. Thank you for all the noise, it was effective and helpful to bring me peace of mind to hear from him at last!

Now I can take a walk peacefully to get some air and refect in search for something that may benefit for his future.         God bless the twins!  (KHJ and fans)

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms D thanks!



52 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MESSENGER’S MESSAGE!

  1. Hello LazerKim, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for voicing out for Hyun Joong and his fans!! This whole situation/scandal is really upsetting to me!! I might not know Hyun Joong personally but after listening to him in interviews and hearing his heart and the love he has for his fans he can do no wrong in my mind. I will ALWAYS support him no matter what! He is a very special young man and I pray God will help him get this whole matter settled once and for all. I do hope he and his family will sue this Choi person and teach her a lesson. Happiness and love to Hyun Joong and his family! Love and Kisses, Hyun!!

  2. LK,

    Is it true that KHJ has enlisted in MS? as i was reading all the comments people keep saying how they will miss him for two years and all. Thanks.

  3. I think all of these rumors are made by keyeast…..and all of things come true with this choice……so manager left keyeast yesterday………..what do you think?

  4. Hello and Selamat Sejahtera to all my dearest friends!!!!

    HJ’s “Tonight” Is A Platinum Record!”
    With this achievement, he joins artists such as Duran Duran, 3 Doors , Lenny Kravitz, Abba, John Mayer & other artists whom gain international recognition! I am more proud of Kim Hyun Joong!
    I hope this news made our day as there is nothing more than make me excited to see our idol getting international award.
    I get to know this from Malavika. Read this link if you guys want to know more.

    Congrats to all and KHJ too!
    Don’t worry about them, Kim Hyun Joong shii, just remember us those around the world whom still want to hear your new songs.

    With Love,
    Hazell, Malaysia.

    Thank you Miss Lk for allowing me to share with our friends about this awesome news!

    • Dear hazell..

      May I know where can i read the news abt it? Am so excited but I wanna see the proof. If its true this would be really a slap on ‘ their’…

  5. LK,

    Just wanna tell u that I love that picture u posted. Handsome n solemn look. HJ May u overcome ur grief. I will pray for u. May u smile ur beautiful smile again. I miss u, so I m watching BOF again . Ur smile melted my heart. I m watching ur Dvd n SS501 too. Ps stay strong n soon I will see LK posting ur beautiful smile again.

  6. Thank you Lazerkim!

    I took this as I wanted….and I keep my opinion to myself.

    Happy Easter to All and to Hj and his family !

  7. This is the best way for him to communicate even though it may confuse us because if we are confuse think of the others. We need to take from this message, the good parts and let us not speculate on who wrote it. Think back to the Gemini Concert and the other messages from his manager. Do you think he would leave just within weeks off returning from a successful concert? No. However, why would he hold on to his Manger and others when he is gone for two years? Maybe, he is going into a new direction or he does not want others talking about the people he loves, so he has release them. I am accepting this message for what it is and it s similar to the ones he gave his fans in his last concert. So again, calm your hearts, what will be will be and he will return to what he loves.

  8. Hello LK, thanks for sharing this, at first I thought it was the manager’s message but as I read it it felt like hyun joong who was talking in this message his soul was in there, I don’t know I just felt him he was the one talking in this message.

  9. Hello LazerKim it’s me Madhuri Kim Hyun Joong from India. I Hope that this message sent by KHJ Only to his lovely henecias. Please help me with this hell. One time i think like i have to reach him with in 2 years and see him in real, in another second only i think ” Is it possible for me to reach him can i see him in real in my life time. I Don’t know when i think in negative way it makes me cry. Now a day’s i am crying alot because only one reason i want to meet Kim Hyun Joong in real before i die. If he accept me to stay with him i want to stay with him. I am not saying like girlfriend or wife any blind relationship just want to stay with him in person. Day by day it’s getting more hard on me that i am far away from Kim Hyun Joong. When ever i hear about him or surrounding’s of him like Korea i am feeling excited. When i am going to korea???? I am really saying this from my heart i am the most unlukest person in the world. God Please Bless me with luck (Kim Hyun Joong). I want this Angel in my life.

    • I too want this most beautiful angel in my life. And also want to meet him for real before I die ,stay with him if he permits me . Want to be one of his best friends etc . God please please please fulfill at least my dream of meeting him really .

    • Hi, Anonymous, I completely undertsand your feelings. It fells like a never ending pain and need. My advise is – in such moments, when you think that your heart will explode – think of something else. Think of the real life around you. Stop seeing his videos for awhile /not stop being a fan, just for a few days/. I also feel that the more I watch his videos the more I want to be near him. This is when I close the computer and start living my life. And if some day it happens to see him – then live for the moment. But untill then – be realistic, try to find your real life love.

  10. Kim Hyun Joong oppa! We were with you, We are with you and we’ll be with you no matter what people say… For you are the only one for us. Stay healthy and blessed. Love youuu…..

  11. This Messanger’s Message really left me confused as always…
    At times i think it might be from HJ but the very next I feel that it might be managers words to HJ or may be something else… Someone please help me out of these puzzles…Lol
    Hope it is from HJ. Waiting to see him again!

    • Me confuse also..i want to believe the words came from khj to us… but if the words came from manager to khj it was wonderful also..bcoz it show how much his manager alwiz support him..not only in good moments but also in difficult time…
      waiting for next 2years to see khj again..hope manager seo will alwiz stay beside khj…

    • I too feel this is from KHJ. We that care about him will support him no matter what. It is difficult for him and his family. What ever decision he makes I will stand by him. He is a human being first way before he became popular. No one should judge anyone. My own opinion I feel that trying to destroy someone’s image because your upset with them that the relationship did not workout the way you wanted is wrong. He has support from is family which is very important. There are questions/answers we will never get to ask. But at least he knows he has support from his fans.

  12. I think that we have to stop “crediting” things to HJ. I understand the “desperation” to believe he is reaching out but honestly I think he would do it under his official site like he has always done. Its not in HJ’s nature to have someone pretend to be him. Also, regards to SeungKyo’s being too cryptic: HJ fans stalk him too, so he can’t even have a normal post. He posts “Why is it raining on a day like today?” and HJ fans are all over it, reading all sorts of things into it. How can he not be cryptic? I think HJ deserves his privacy and if this is what he wants, this is what I will give him.

    • Hello there! Thank you! May I just clarify, that’s why I stated this…”I leave it up to you on how you understand this message and from whom. Take it or leave it, again I’m not imposing anything here,” My appreciation goes to Manager Seo as you can read from this article. Thank you and have a nice day! God bless..

    • I totally agree. I was not going to post it because I knew it would not be a popular opinion and i think some fans are desperate for some word on what is going on. But imo and since you put it out there then I have to agree. My thought too was that since HJ has never done anything like that before why he would do it now and why use his managers “private” instagram account with less than 3000 followers when his official website would reach the fandom? My first thought was it sounded like a thank you and goodbye from manager seo like maybe his job is changing which could be the case if HJ is in ms for 2 years or if his contract changes. I also agree HJ obviously wants privacy. For me that’s the loudest message in the silence. Hyunniespexers recent blog post really nailed it I thought. In part she said:

      “Besides, there is a private and public life -and a world of difference between the two. Where the private life intrude into the public and vice versa incongruence occurs. Expectations may not be met at least to the eyes of his public.”

      You can read it here:

  13. yo pienso que es un mensaje de despedida del manager, creo que si KHJ se fue al SM ya no trabajara con el, e igual agradece el tiempo que estuvo con el, creo que si KHJ quiere hablar que lo haga el mismo sin terceros ya de una ves por todas………

  14. Oops I accidentally posted without finishing my comment. Yes, at this time it is more important that we are all standing strong together loving and waiting for our dearest HJ. And that is why, I’d like to thank you LK, all the other KHJ bloggers, supportive leaders and active fans for keeping the fandom’s spirit up. The fandom will need a lot of your inspiring, encouraging, funny, crazy and beautiful blogs, pictures, tweets, posts etc in the next two years … Fighting! Yes we will never leave KHJ! Looking forward to the promise of 2017 …

  15. Thank you LK ! I always love it when you give a fresh and different perspective with your articles. Today, I feel a liberating sense of relief and confidence after reading your article. Just like any Henecian, I feel the pain, the fear and the uncertainty. There are so many unanswered questions and thoughts running in my mind. But I know those are not important anymore. It is more important that we stand stepping together and

  16. Thank you once again LK for your thoughts. I agree that it seems Manager Seo is trying to relay our KHJ’s feelings with his message. I am glad you provide this space for the fans to share their thoughts and feelings as I am always blessed and feel better after reading all of their wonderful comments. Your articles give us hope and the fans comments give us faith and peace. Thank you for sharing your ‘home’ with all of us. You are the most gracious host. 🙂

  17. Thanks My dearest LK unnie for this article as usual,
    I really don’t know to explain how important your articles are for me. They always makes me happy give me a feeling of family , togetherness that we share each time. Makes me more close to kim hyun joong oppa ! And his 2nd family (twins ) as you say always .I am very happy to be a part of this family. Each article of yours makes me curious to wait eagerly for your next .It’s like an endless thirst I have to read your articles lazer kim unnie. Keep going !!!!! Cox , I am also waiting here for ur noises .I am hearing you so speak !!!I can understand you unnie! !!!! Love you so much! !!!arya mary varghese , henecia India.

    • I agree with you Arya Mary. It’s like a supplement that I have to feed myself everyday by reading this blog. I am blessed to meet MissLk and others around the world whom share the same passion as me.Really feel awesome everything reading this blog. Tq God for directing me to this blog!!!!

      • Same here chinguya, na do feel blessed to meet my precious LK unnie. Thank god. And also nice to meet you too.

  18. “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.”

    My hope is that our beloved KHJ can claim this verse as his own. Though ALL of us, lack, not just him, we are made perfect by God’s grace. I think these are our dear KHJ’s words. Always humble, always thankful. May the Lord just lift him up out of this trial, may his military time be a time of new experiences, new knowledge gained, a time of reflection on what can be improved either peronally or in his career and come back after two years to show us his beautiful smile once more. “May the LORD watch between you and me when we are absent one from the other.” Take care of yourself while we are apart and you have our promise we will be here when you come back.

    • Thank you Lillian for your beautiful thoughts. I could not agree more! I am praying he will be blessed and find peace while he is safe and away from the pain of the last 6 months. My poor baby, he needs rest. I am glad there will be physical activity for him to focus his mind. We will have him back, just as he was before and better!

      • I was looking for my favorite verse on peace and the first verse popped up, so I figured it was for a reason. It’s Good Friday and Jesus died on the cross for all our screwups big and small, including KHJ’s so that we can all have peace in the end. He’s not a stranger to hard work as we saw on Barefoot Friends, he jumps in and get’s the job done. So I’m sure he’ll pass these two years with flying colors.

  19. It really made my day lk…as i read the message of manager seo yesterday i really thought that it was khj who is sharing his feeling through his account.
    As i always say were always here for you kim hyun joong oppa we really appreciate you as a person and as an artist..
    You and Us are connected by heart so dont worry about us were willing to wait until you finish your ms..ed sheeran song thinking out loud says that he will love his woman until 70 but i promise that i will love and support you until beyond im 70..
    Now im really at peace knowing that your ok…God answered our prayers.

  20. Thank you LK for sharing this and you made my morning a good one ^^ Thanks to his manager at least someone gave him voice and thank you Kim Hyun Joong for not letting go. Be strong and keep the faith as we do. We won’t tire and we won’t let go. We love you and that’s not just talk, we do love you deep in our hearts. Till we meet again, be happy and have peace within. God bless you and your family.

  21. All in all,hyun joong feelings is most important.we have really done well as his fans,its true he’s got the best fandom in d whole for me indiviually am at Peace and calm in my heart about dis case.though am worried if he is eatin well and smiling a lot.I have FAITH and i have realised that d greatest weapon we need is Faith in God and trust in our prince. Peace to one and all.God is in control and may hyun joong feel all the love that runs through the universe for him.lets just set aside what we want and see to what he needs,then when we’ve succeeded to bring him back with love then we can make our demands.

  22. Thank you Lazerkim,
    When Hyunjoong’ve gotten a family like us,he surely would know that we would cheer him up and be there all the way until he walk through the hall of fame.We will make him feel better when he’s blue And whisper in his ear, I love you.we would teach him something new everyday and help him find success in everyway. We’ll attend to his everyday needs.
    We will make sure he’s comfortable where he is.
    Family would not let obstacles keep you down,And create a smile from your frown.They teach you wrong from right.And encourage you to keep your dreams in sight They wipe your tears away when you are sad.And calm you down when you get mad.Thank you for being a wonderful family for all that you do. We are all kim hyun joong’s family. Thanks

  23. I would like to believe that those words are from Hyun Joong … he knows that he and us are together in this … and also he knows what we’ve been through (all the haters and stuff..)
    If they are not: well, Manager Seo knows that we will not leave him.. so he can tell this to Hyun Joong … we are the strongest fandom EVER !!!
    I believe that he is not in army yet… I really want he goes soon… the soonest he goes in, the soonest he goes out =)
    Thanks for the text LK, you always make me feel that I’m not that wrong in my thinking… peace …

  24. Dear LK and my other dearly friends,
    Good Day and warm regards from Malaysia.

    Ever since I came across this blog, I feel this is the most comfortable place to share my honest feelings and thoughts about KHJ. I have always believe in respecting each other way of looking at things as we all are unique in our own way. Whichever the way one looks at it, I still love and like the way one views on it.
    As for KHJ, I just got to say “Hey, it’s ok. Keep calm and look ahead. We’ve love you the way you are and got your back, baby!”
    My message to all is be calm and react in an optimistic way for any issue that we hear and receive. And do clarify the issues first before react to them.
    Instead of a weakness, the diversity that we have is a strength that unites us all over the globe. Most importantly, this is the crucial time for us to strengthen the bond that has been built.
    Hence, let us all, hands in hands spread the warm, love, care and kind while act smartly and respond positively to the challenge that we face. Be optimistic and live happily within these 2 years!!! Do take of your body too and eat healthily. We need to be there when he returns to us.

    With love,
    Hazell, Malaysia.

  25. Thanks Lazer always supporting Hyun Joong absolutely for everything that’s happened … our ally and contribute with your articles to follow the Henecias together … I will always support Hyun Joong because I love him as an artist and human being because I know he is a great person …. I just hope the day after going to return to military service and continues with his promising career … bye

  26. LazerKim Thanks for your valuable article, I always read your articles even if it does sometimes product reviews on your blogg. We will always support, admiring, loving and bless our Kim Hyun Joong. LazerKim appreciated and loved God bless you.

  27. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” I’m not really sure who coined that, but it is certainly true for KHJ. Why wouldn’t he stay strong when he has the most awesome fans in the whole GALAXY! Kudos to all KHJ fans!

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