By: LazerKim


In March 17th I posted an appeal to KHJ camp to release a statement of clarification pertaining to this so-called prenancy, if ever a legit PT and DNA was taken after the media play between Kim Hyun Joong parents and Choi. A simple negative, positive or MIA even without details is all I’m seeking for an answer prior to anything else.

As we recall in Feb Choi had been refusing to take the medical check up requested by the Kims. During the Kims interview Mrs Kim stated that Choi only presented some ultrasound pictures without a name date or any medical info whatsoever. Right after the Kims interview, Choi’s lawyer presented documents proving Choi’s so-called pregnancy which is not even credible, and requested for privacy which is just hillarious!

This scandal broke out in Feb 22 and it’s been 2 months now and still we have not heard any update. As I have said in my previous article, if Choi had taken the test and it turn out positive knowing her character she should have been at the media jumping with joy to announce her legit pregnancy! But nothing like it transpired! What does that mean?



We are all women here and we all know that we don’t have to wait for 9 months just to confirm results if the so-called pregnancy is negative or positive and whether Hyun Joong is responsible for it or not. We already have extablish that legitimate PT and DNA is possibly safe to be taken during pregnancy, not unless she’s missing!

For me this is prior important over anything else, to be able to set the record straight and to know where exactly Hyun Joong stand in such situation for us to know how we can help him. At the same time we can also prepare ourselves whatever the results and whatever Hyun Joong has to decide.

This matter may be his personal privacy, unfortunately this matter was brought to the media that became a public interest. It is very important that the results of this so-called pregnancy has to be known by the public because this has a greater repercussion on Hyun Joong’s future, whether you agree with me or not, this is reality.



If this so-called pregnancy result would NOT be known to the public, here are possible common repercussion in such situation a public figure or celeb as example:

1.) There will come a time in the future he will finally find the right woman for him and wanted to marry her. Will her parents be able to accept him to their family considering their culture and knowing this scandal brought by media to the public that wasn’t publicly cleared?

2.) From the public eye whoever woman he would marry, the first question could be, “Is this Choi? Are these her kids?” There’s a possibility that his future wife whoever she may be can be tagged as Choi!

3.) He clearly stated he will not marry that lunatic! His future wife would take him no matter what and that is real love. What about his future growing kids, how would they feel? The kids would probably ask “Who is Choi? Dad is she that woman you beaten up?”

4.) If he unfortunately ends up with Choi, the more disaster there is! Their kid would probably ask “Dad why did you beat mom? And mom why did you destroy dad’s career?” Choi is such a poison in any men’s life! Who can be her next victim? I wonder!

This scandal is all over the internet and it will stay there for the longest period if not forever! Internet even develop further by the time Hyun Joong has growing kids. I can’t imagine these kids would be reading those trash news filled with lies at the internet!

That none from those media even took his side or defended him. How I wish those trash news and trash articles can be deleted forever!



See how brainless Choi is? Not knowing her own child if she has can be affected too? Or maybe not, since she’s just after destroying Hyun Joong! But this is what Choi brought to his life that it may possibly mark on him forever if this scandal cannot be publicly cleared.

In the future, the innocent child or any of his future kids end up to be the victim of this scandal created by that woman! I certainly hope this so-called pregnancy would be clarified, because there is a greater repercussion to his future IF this matter would just be left forgotten without resolving it. And this is why I do not want to forget any of the details.

My thoughts may be far to the future but nothing from what I have mentioned is impossible. A repercussion causing an innocent man as a victim and a possible child may be confused by future society. How cruel this Choi has brought to an innocent man!

What I’m trying to show you is how damaging Choi made to Hyun Joong not to mention his career but even to his own dignity as a man in the future. That I’m hoping we’ll be able to help him regain what he had lost most specially in being a future family man. Most of you here are parents so I’m sure you can understand what I’m talking about.



This nagging silence has brought a lot of whispers and groundless rumors simply because his fans hunger for updates! And so there are fans who basically make up stories about Hyun Joong and Choi, that speculations flowing like river, so let me lay down the cards.

GRANTING for the sake of argument, Hyun Joong ends up with Choi with positive pregnancy which we know is a complete disaster! We got no choice but to accept no matter how much we dislike it! We have to support whatever Hyun Joong decides for himself. With hope I’ll never get to hear his personal life being drag to the public again.

BUT if this so-called pregnancy turns out to be negative which I never doubt, I sure do hope something has to be done here. Not to be vengeful NO absolutely not! We can say whatever we want, but NO to physical harm on her because we fans are just spectators. We let justice and karma take those steps. I’m just hoping the right move from KHJ camp to be taken and let justice take its roll.

I still remain in my stance, I never believe Choi is pregnant as I’ve said if ever she is by this time she should have been in the media. But where is she? Hidding somewhere with her LIES?? I wouldn’t doubt!

My motive in wanting to know her identity even just her name, is that in any event that Hyun Joong may find the woman he will eventually marry or any woman he may be with, I wouldn’t want this woman to be tagged by the public as Choi, this is just it, nothing more.



If people from SK can easily believe in trash news, they don’t easily forget a scandal. History can tell I guess, that even those celebs who are not guilty of what they were accused, stays idle from the lime light in SK. Kim Hyun Joong is their great lost and not his

I believe we can resolve his career to recover in the future, that we fans can do a lot. This is just a matter of economic principle Demand and Supply. Meaning if there’s a demand therefore there has to be supply. We shall provide that huge demand so that producers can supply to our demand through Kim hyun Joong to be back on stage. I strongly believe he’ll be back even stronger than ever after his MS.

What worries me the most is his life as a human being and his dignity in the future, that could be even painful to Hyun Joong being mistreated by his own country. It may be lonely to be away from his grass roots, but there’s nothing far better than being in a place where he is loved, nurtured and respected. He left something in Japan and he’ll be back for it!

I have great hope that Hyun Joong will find the right woman for himself whom he can love trust and make him proud. Anyone in Hyun Joong’s situation is such a pain but these are just temporary set backs. There’s a two years MS ahead of him and there he shall be healed and will be back with us stronger than ever as we wait for him!



In my previous articles I wrote that Hyun Joong’s detractors will do everything in their power to put him down. They consider Kim Hyun Joong as a great threat to them even he’s in his MS. As I’ve said if they cannot bring him down, then they will bring down the people who support him, his loyal fans and beware because it’s already happening.

We take this as a challenge being his loyal fans and we have to keep our spirit intact!

This silence is scary and I won’t pretend I don’t see it. We just have to be strong and keep us being together. I believe the fandom is being infiltrated, we just have to remain vigilant since many whispers are spreading around. We just have to stick together because I know they are trying to break us apart, just hold on tight and let them fail!

I don’t know if being silent is good which I think not!! LOL Just refrain from listening to whispers and rumors which is slowly poisoning the fandom. I know we hunger for updates but we just have to bear with each other and let them take that poison instead! LOL!



We may have different views and opinion, argue on it, but I don’t take this personally. I guess my pioneer readers have already known me well so we keep on coming back with each other, as TRUST had already been built its foundation in this site.

For the new ones, I welcome you all on board the Alien Family, please do stick around as we learn from each other, and I think we’ll be doing this even Hyun Joong is in his MS, no promises though. Life is full of surprises!

May I just mention the fans whom Kim Hyun Joong gained from the nightmare is really surprising! His haters were saying he lost his fans! On the contrary he even gained more! So don’t be surprise why we are also being silently harass!! LOL

And this is a fact based from my WordPress record since Aug 2014 and currently in Feb-March my scale kept getting high! This is the power of Kim Hyun Joong that no matter how he is being kept in the treasure box, he still shine! LOL! Thank you all for staying!

I remain searching for justice untill this nightmare is over. My apology if I couldn’t write something entertaining as yet! I guess we had too much of those over the years so now we’re put in the test of silence!! LOL! We can just have to laugh it out!! And with that, is my closing remarks…

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stand in the moment of comfort and convenience….but where he stand at times of CHALLENGE AND CONTROVERSY!                                                                                                                  (Martin Luther King Jr)            

“Hyun Joong, do you read that? Hold on and STAY CONFIDENT!”

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SEARCHING JUSTICE



By: LazerKim


In my previous articles after the Aug nightmare, I kept saying “we forgive but we never FORGET!”  I’m not writing this article to add fuel to what seemed to be burning hot the past months, but to give ourselves a bit of a space to think, now that we have cooled down by this time. I think it’s time to search for justice.

I’m moving forward towards that direction on how we can search for justice that cannot be denied forever. We all know there was injustice no matter how I twist and turn the situation it still boils down to a certain conclusion that this nightmare were all made out of lies.

The fact that this nightmare can possibly mark on Kim Hyun Joong forever is one thing I cannot digest or accept, because injustice was shown right in front of us! Are we just going to let this pass by, count to experience and just write it in the history of SK showbiz scandal? Are we going to allow history to be manipulated by lies too? I won’t!



Here are some set of facts that we have to start bearing in our mind to be resolved:

1. The fact that Kim Hyun Joong was accused of assault in Aug 2014, that this case was closed clearing up Hyun Joong from this case, BUT the damage was done and nothing was resolved to go after the people who damaged his career life and his name.

2. The fact that in Aug 2014, the person who accused him monopolized the media in destroying him and that none in the media outlet took his side of the story. On the contrary those media outlets even twisted his words with obvious intention of deliberately misleading both the local and foreign public.

3. The fact that another scandal was placed on his head again in Feb by the same person who accused him of assault, bringing another scandal to the media that caused Kim Hyun Joong, his family, and his fans to mental and emotional torture.

4. The fact that proof of lies had been laid out right in front of our eyes on both scandals in Aug and Feb brought to the media, yet nothing was done to those lies and to the liar!


My question:  Who has the right to file charges against the accuser aside from the Kim Family? Does KHJ fans has the right to seek justice for Kim Hyun Joong? I would like to know! I believe justice can be served, if justice is being sought after.



In this particular scandal I think a lot should be done to correct the past for the sake of the future. Specially that INJUSTICE to Kim Hyun Joong was clearly shown through trial by publicity, judging without due process and ruthless inhuman bashing from his haters.

He was totally roasted by the media in Aug scandal, while the accuser totally manipulated the entire situation that I can only imagine the flow of cash within the media outlets during that nightmare in bringing Kim Hyun Joong down! However, they failed!!

And the accuser was not even contented with the 1st scandal, she again brought another set of LIES in Feb to totally pin down Kim Hyun Joong, his family and his fans to mental torture pertaining Choi’s so-called pregnancy!

I honestly find it cruel to let the lies win! I find it foolish to let wrong doings get away, and I find it really weird to let all of these be tolerated by society. What can be done so that this scandal may not become a precedent in the future?

How I wish someone from KHJ camp would make the right move to correct this wrong doings done to Hyun Joong. How I wish KHJ fans has the right to take legal actions against those who destroyed his life, his career and his future as a human being.

How I wish someone from KHJ camp would reveal Choi’s identity for once and for all! If not, then I think a credible private detective in SK can find out her identity!!



Aug scandal…… I would like to point out on evidences used at the assault case in Aug. shown by the media. In the police report stated, there’s no substantial evidence to file a case, therefore I may conclude that those evidences shown by media were indeed fake! And that Choi was not after justice, but simply to create a scandal and destroy Kim Hyun Joong!

Feb scandal…….In the interview with Hyun Joong’s parents, Mr Kim mentioned that those text messages between Choi and Mr Kim, were cut and paste to make them appear that the Kims have a bad intention in those text that Choi presented to the media.

I’m not a lawyer to identify if there was an unlawful act done in this scandal, so I made a brief search about defamation, let’s see if this case has sufficient ground to file against Choi and the media.



The term “defamation” is an all-encompassing term that covers any statement that hurts someone’s reputation. If the statement is made in writing and published, the defamation is called “libel.” If the hurtful statement is spoken, the statement is “slander.” A person that has suffered a defamatory statement may sue the person that made the statement under defamation law.

Elements of Defamation

Defamation law changes as you cross state borders, but there are normally some accepted standards that make laws similar no matter where you are. If you think that you have been the victim of some defamatory statement, whether slander or libel, then you will need to file a lawsuit in order to recover. Generally speaking, in order to win your lawsuit, you must show that:

  1. Someone made a statement;
  2. that statement was published;
  3. the statement caused you injury;
  4. the statement was false; and
  5. the statement did not fall into a privileged category                                            Source:



As I was searching on SK laws pertaining defamation, I stumbled in an article that may be interesting to you. This article was posted this early morning April 12, 2015, which may be politically motivated, but what caught my curiosity is the article title “A Country of Liars” by Kim Dae Joong, posted by Chosun Media. This was stated, as I quote:

National Intelligence Service director-designate Kim Seung-kyu, in a lecture he gave late in May when he was justice minister, said: “The three representative crimes of our country are perjury, libel and fraud.”  The common denominator of the three crimes is lying; in short, we live in a country of liars. The prosecution devotes 70 percent of its work to handling the three crimes, the former justice minister said.

“Internationally, too, there is a perception that South Korea’s representative crime is fraud,” Kim said, adding that recent major scandals show how rampant lying is in this country. 

Lying is so common in our society because few recognize that it leads to crime. “What’s wrong with telling a little lie?” they think. And here the big problem is that men of power, rather than ordinary citizens, indulge in lying on a massive scale, to the point where it is regarded as a necessary means of survival in some circles. 

can it be denied that our cultural climate has justified the perception that if you manage to get out of a tight spot by lying first, you will be able to overcome the whole matter one way or the other.




Reading from that article above, coming from a SK ex-gov’t official, that scandals are very rampant in SK not only in their political arena, but most likely in their showbiz community. And that the public easily believe in whatever the media writes! While the liars can easily get away with and so with those media outlets despite of the law implemented by the gov’t.

What has Choi got to lose? She’s a nobody, her identity is not even exposed to ruin her reputation if she has! On the contrary, I’m sure she even earned out of her fake stories in destroying Kim Hyun Joong from the media and her backers! While Hyun Joong lost his well-earned reputation, his career, his life and even the name of his family. Is this fair?

May I just clarify, we are talking about a human life of a young man who worked hard to be where he is and just blew up by a greedy jealous woman out of her lies! And I don’t care whoever she is, she destroyed a man in her most evil way and I think this is all WRONG!



I’m sure we’ll not be hearing much updates about Kim Hyun Joong the following days, so might as well have some food for our thoughts. Being a fan is just not for fun, there’s something else deeper in this case that we can learn from.

And maybe you’re not aware that there are other matters attached to this nightmare that has to be resolved and learn from it that it will not be a precedent in the future. I’ll take this one by one on my articles in the coming days!

I do hope we were able to cool down our mind by this time that instead of listening to nonsense rumors, might as well occupy our mind with more relevant matters, from what can be learned from the past that can be changed towards the future.

By this way, we can keep him close to us, that we’re doing something productive by bringing out the truth on this nightmare which has been concealed by the media as we seek for justice.  Allow me to say this again….

“It is not the fault of Kim Hyun Joong to be popular. It is not his fault to be in the global star status, and it is not his fault to be loved by millions worldwide.”

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MESSENGER’S MESSAGE!



By: LazerKim


The other night  April 2nd Kim Hyun Joong’s manager Manager Seo, posted a message in his Instagram that I would like to share with you. Here it goes as I quote..

Manager Seo’s Message:

Thank you so much for everything. Time passed by real fast, so it seems. Though I lacked in many areas, I am thankful for your help and guidance along the way. 

I am sure there were quite a few who got stressed because of me… But yet you were patient and still supported me. I will  be forever thankful.

I enjoyed many good experiences and learned a lot! Wish you all the very best!



It takes knowing Kim Hyun Joong by heart to be able to understand his words whoever is relating it. This is how I take this message I posted above. I leave it up to you on how you understand this message and from whom. Take it or leave it, again I’m not imposing anything here, I’m simply sharing my thoughts with all honesty, and I’m just glad somebody listened and finally reciprocated.

“Silence is good but not all the time, silence can sometimes be crucifying…”

“In any relationship communication is still important, to reciprocate with one another fills in the gap for better understanding.”

The other day I posted my honest thoughts and feelings at Tweeter and stated these words above same words I stated in one of my comment box. I was intending to make noise so I can be heard by someone. At that same day, I read the message from Manager Seo. Thank you so much!



I would like to thank my dear readers for all the comments you have written in my comment box article Love Means… Thank you for sharing your thoughts, that I appreciate so much.

I was all being honest to my words, good or bad, whether you agree with me or not it doesn’t matter for as long as I’m being honest. As I have said this is my home and this is where I can breath on, hoping to be understood. If not, it’s alright I’m simply airing out.

To be in a good relationship, understanding should be two way, or there will always be conflict. Thank you for all the noise, it was effective and helpful to bring me peace of mind to hear from him at last!

Now I can take a walk peacefully to get some air and refect in search for something that may benefit for his future.         God bless the twins!  (KHJ and fans)

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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