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By: LazerKim


Are you aware that if we browse around the internet about this nightmare, the news sites are filled with lies? And if we try surfing around YouTube, smear campaign about Kim Hyun Joong is all over! I said to myself, what a cheap way of earning money!

May I remind everyone to stay alert with the articles we are reading from those media outlets about Kim Hyun Joong that may be tricky! Meaning looking good at first glance but insulting on him. Other than this, there are rumors spreading around the internet that may perceive downfall on him. Be wise with what we read before sharing it. Thank you!

How I wish I can write something to cheer us up but I don’t think that’s possible at the moment. I was thinking these articles that I have been writing may stay at the internet for the longest period. With hopes the future may be able read and be clarified with the TRUTH, instead of being blinded by lies forever.



This silence may be irritating and making us weary, but THINK again! We were being left with two sides of the coin being laid in front of us, this is just a matter whom you should believe. I hope everyone here have read my recent article Building Puzzle, we have already establish who is the LIAR in this game.

I’ll say it again, If Choi had taken those legit PT and DNA test, she should be out there at the media jumping with joy announcing that she is legitimately carrying Kim Hyun Joong’s child! This could be the right time to clear her name and throw to our faces what we have doubted for! But it’s been almost 3 weeks we heard nothing, right?

As for me I have not even convince myself that she’s pregnant at all. Hyun Joong may have made a mistake, or maybe just naive. But I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that “he is NOT STUPID to just jump into danger zone!”

Not unless Hyun Joong declare positive results pertaining to Choi’s so-called pregnancy to be his, then that’s the only time I believe. I will believe only in him without the word IF or PROBABLY with no single doubt.

THINK again my dear co-fans!  At least give him the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming something which we do not even have legitimate proof! I am not in denial, I am just being realistic about this nightmare.  I TRUST HIM.



During the last series of Gemini Hyun Joong mentioned that he wanted to leave for his MS quietly. This request from Hyun Joong did not change despite of the scandal, he still wanted to leave in silence without fanfare. I understand how his SK fans feels of wanting to see him for the last time before his MS, but we have to respect his wishes.

Therefore may I appeal to all KHJ fan to let him go in peace. His agent may be misleading his fans for a good reason as he requested which I ageee. Why else do we brag about whether he’s delaying it for whatever reason?  It’s his right.

May I also appeal to everyone to please STOP speculating on MARRIAGE or BABY. Nothing is confirm pertaining this matter. And this speculation doesn’t help him at all.

It’s no use arguing on this matter that would only lead to bad results as it already started. The media would only pick it up and write those trash articles again. And it already happened, DramaFever wrote another insulting article which is even groundless.

Many of his fans are urging him to speak up and I’m one of those fans. But now I got it, I understand why he’s remaining silent. Because whatever he says, media would only continue to twist his words. Damn if you do damn if you don’t, choose the lesser evil!

Maybe one day in the future when everyone is silent and is just ready to hear from him then he’ll speak up the truth. TRUST HIM.



Kim Hyun Joong has so many dreams, he has many plans of how he can make his last few months on stage before his MS to be memorable to all of us. And he did fulfill despite of the obstacles which was not easy for him at all. Yet he did his very best to pursue Gemini which is such a memory unforgettable to him and his fans as his last farewell until he comes back to us again.

Do you remember how he cried on his last Gemini series? Do you know how painful it is for him to leave the stage even just for a while? We have witness it. Until a monster just came by to face him and his fans. Does he deserve this nightmare that even affected his own life, his career, his fans, his family and anyone connected to him?

We feel his pain because we know he doesn’t deserve this humiliation created by a nobody. This nightmare is all made up of lies and we know it. Are we going to let these LIES win? If not, then STOP believing in those lies that are meant to destroy him.

May I ask this question….

Do you love Kim Hyun Joong?  Then prove it……The best proof of love is TRUST.

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

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120 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] TRUST HIM

  1. I just can say God bless you my sister
    when I come here,I can breath again….
    now I am certain that she is not pregnant because if she was,till now she has many interview with medias..
    I love him and support him till the last breath………and now I know that you and who come here are real fans…….here is a place for real henecia……
    i think that just one think happen and that is that kim hyun joong is not happy anymore and this is bad…….I do not believe that stupid rumor

  2. I agree with you 200%! “the best proof of love is TRUST”…so true..💕
    Only love and trust for him NOW..
    A beautiful song came to my mind after reading your great article 💗a sweet song for a wonderful ,inspiring person ..KimHyunJoong
    “Darling you always needed,and your tenderness is needed too. And it seems that I’m never tired loving you,loving you. Never was a feeling stronger,aching for the sweet things you do..and it seems that I’m never tired loving you. Should the mountains crumble to ashes and the rain should cease to fall, and if the river stopped its flowing you ‘d still be my all in all. And if the clouds cover the sky so the sunlight won’t come through..then I will never,never,never,never ,never tire loving you” (Nina Simone)💕

  3. Hey, you know, I recently started reading everything concerning Kim Hyun Joong, and much agree with you. As true fans should give the benefit of the doubt because nothing is clear or said. In addition, I also agree that KHJ remains silent for fear and concern that any word he says will be misused to cause more harm or affect both professionally and personally, I’m sure would not have it so difficult if only affects only to him, but this time also affects everyone around them, family, friends, fans, and I think or rather, I am sure that all this is very important to him being as its Achilles heel in which you can not just fix it without them being affected.
    So good as you say, you have to trust him and only what he has to say and will in due time. Now maybe it’s true, because everything they put on the net and you say the agency can believe one hundred percent, but it is true that KHJ has again postponed his military service. I hope you can solve this mystery. Well I think that it all. My name is Natalie and I write from Peru. Good luck and success ^^

  4. I’m not the Fan of anyone ^^ ~~ But I do really Love Kim Hyun Joong so so much. Since the first time I’m fallen for Jihoo (BOF) and He admire me With everything He has. His so Unique and Special.He is not only my Idol~ But He is my Family, My Brother.I will always TRUST and BELIEVE Him. No matter what. Thank U so much Ms.LK♡ ~~ as always Ure Article are the Best Vitamin. God Bless♡ ^^

  5. KHj , all you need is LOVE .God love,your famili„s love,your friend„s love and your„s fan love and you have it all.So keep smiling.We all trust you and will always be by your side.God bless you always.From Romania with love.
    LK,thank you so much , please continue writing .

  6. To trust others means to believe that they honest & sincere & that they will not deliberate do anything that will hurt you. Dishonesty is all around not all reporters are honest, some journalist fabricate stories,photos can also be manipulated to deceive the public. Photograph-altering technology has become more effective, & some manipulations are practically impossible to detect.
    Here are some tips that will help us to test out the words we hear & read:
    Provider: Does the reports come from a credible, authoritative person or organization? Does the program or publication have a reputation for seriousness or for sensationalism? Who provide fund for the news source?
    Sources: Is there evidence of thorough research? Is the story based on just one source? Are the source reliable,fair & objective,are they balance or have they been selected to convey only one point of view?
    Purpose: Ask yourself: Is the news item primarily to inform or entertain? Is it trying to sell or support something?
    Tone: When the tone of a news item is angry, spiteful or highly critical, it suggest that an attack is under way & not a reasoned argument,
    Consistency: Are the facts consistent with those in other articles or report? If stories contradict one another, be careful!
    Timeliness: Is the information recent enough to be acceptable something thought to be corrected 20 yrs.Ago maybe discounted today. On the other hand, if the news item is a breaking story,it may lack complete & comprehensive information.
    For all I know KHJ is very honest & sincere person. So I rather trust him than those news media & Ms. I’m here silently and patiently waiting for the good news to come and continue support KHJ no matter what.
    Ms. Lk thank you very much for this wonderful article 🙂 have a blessed day….

  7. I only want to say I do trust him and waiting for his comeback. I don’t even need an explanation, I just need him happy and healthy the same as the past.
    To my precious brother, HJ: 나는 오빠를 믿는다
    ThankU LK for this insightful article ❤

  8. I don’t read and watch videos that I know will make my blood boil. I don’t read the comment section on youtube because there will always be stray bashers there. I don’t need to always explain or defend my side. I do not believe these online bashers and online tabloids can take Hyunjoong down, they’re not the whole world. In fact the more this Choi speaks the more people are beginning to doubt her. These bashers makes you think they’re winning, NOT! Even CNN can make mistakes and they’re a very highly respected news authority so what about theses tabloids? They don’t even give balanced news and you’ll believe them? Please that’s just plain dumb!

    • Yes!
      That’s a very good attitude, dear…
      We shouldn’t give those antis a second of our time.
      The best way to fight them is to enthuse about our boy & constantly write supporting & loving messages to him especially on his Youtube channel…
      If they were to insult us, well, ignore…
      Who cares what they think anyway…

      • Yes! The more we feed them with our hurt and defend him to them the more they think they win because we got hurt we reacted. To them that means they win. I do not believe in fighting fire with fire cause it will just consume you in the end. It will tire you and make ill in the end, it’s true the more you dwell on hurt and hatred your lifespan shrinks. I know it’s hard when people throw stones at you but let’s just smile and tell the world the good guy that is Hyunjoong. Let’s spread the word of his kindness. Specially those fans that have encountered this. it’s time for them to tell those fan accounts ^^
        Let’s ignore those bashers, when we shower them with our rage they multiply, they’re like gremlins. Instead let’s show them to the light, enlighten them with the truth ^^

  9. Hello LK..thank you for this article..i understand khj silent..i am a fan and always be..i really really miss thought, bachelor with kid is not a bad option..

  10. Solomon Idn Gabriol quotes “the first step on the acquisition of wisdom is silence,the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth is teaching others” so as fan of khj i know that his knowledgeable enough to handle this kind of situation we must listen to what he says not on what we see and what we read, in times like this all that we can do is to reminisce all his happy memories by watching his old videos, interviews, dramas, mv’s so that we cant forget what kind of person he is specially to his family, friends and to us fans.also it can give us hope that someday he will be back to us as more refined and stronger man who are capable of giving inspiration and joy to others..because of him i met new friends not just here in our country but also all over the globe,,im very blessed that his the only artist that i admired the most and no one can ever bring down my loyalty to him..for my fellow sisters here please we dont need to speculate to much about this pregnancy issue,,,WE NEED TO TRUST HIM!!

  11. KHJ’s songs ‘please’ does remind me something of what happened to him now..i wonder whether it is just a coincidence or he can predict it? even his song ‘your story’ does reflect something..ha..ha..ha..just my personal view only

  12. oh2…i forgot one thing… did in song of hj, “i’m yours” said “believe in me, it will awesome” right?
    so, believe him, trust him…..there awesome things will happen! ^_^v

  13. Thank you for your wonderful article… ^_^
    Ms.Lk, you are right…. we should TRUST HIM! why should we doubting and assumed thing that are groundless and these things are not happened… dont mix up our mind with evil whisper… those haters are laughing to us because we are made ourselves worried too much… yes, worried is needed and the key of solve worried is praying… we are twins and mirror of khj…. we are calm fans, so he is… if we calm and made us happier, so he is… why we should give those evils do what they want? as example as ms.Lk said they write those articles for looking good but actually insulting him, and we want protecting him we put the comments and the end we are tiring… just sit back and relax….let those moron haters talkin each other…and us continue praying… just like ancient sayin,”hear in right ear and let it out in left ear, dont save in head and body”
    we hear the news and left it out…dont keep in mind and body… we are saved so he is…. he is silence and so we….and continue praying…May God bless ms.Lk,hj and his family,Henecia family and me… ^_^v

    • Agree, if he is in silence so we.that is , do as he does, dont feed the media because they take it to hurt him.
      KHJ fans, we can help him.Fighting

  14. I love Hyun Joong, I believe him.
    I’m waiting for his comeback.
    I’m sad for his situation and worried about his silence.
    But thinking positively

    • Hello Fanjoong! I’m sorry for not replying to you in your comment box these past days. I’ll make up with you and everyone once I get my rest day again! Thank you, take care, be happy and see you again! god bless…

  15. Please know that God is in control, and as long as we stay faithful, patient, and trusting GOD will answer our prayers and those of his family. I believe for everyone who goes a stray someone will come to show the way, LK and others. I believe, yes I believe God never fails and he never fails His own. Let us let go n let God. Thank you, Thank you, Lazerkm for putting us back on track and calming the heart.

  16. Lazer Kim dear, I do understand why most fans are in panic because of KHJ’s silence. Think of the situation late last year after the scandal – when all fans thought that KHj had settled things wisely..but then the shocking news came that he indeed got back to her..He even thought that there is this possibility that the baby is his..meaning they really had intimate moments together..And now going back to this present event, I could not blame the fans because they are afraid that if it happened in November that they reconciled..there is a possibility it could happen again now..If KHJ was able to forgive and get back again with her after the alleged abuse scandal…How much more now that he will not also have the heart to forgive her again…The pregnancy issue is far far a simple scandal compare to the abuse scandal…and yet he took it all and went to her …It hurts for us fans..but there is nothing we can do now…

    • Hello there!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I got nothing more to say since I have already said it in this article and the recent ones! I still would ask, if you’re a true fan, DO YOU TRUST HIM?

      • Dear Anonymous, First I sympathize and understand whole hardheartedly for your concern, Somehow, I admit, these thoughts came a cross into my mind. But I try t think out of the box, and think rationally, I forget being a fan for awhile just to understand everything. And this is what I discover. IF HJ Really love this “Unknown creature” why bother denying that there is no reconciliation and marriage from the start? Why they are still pushing and insisting PT in front of his parents? Do you think HJ will marry her after all what “Unknown Creature” slander his father and hurt her mom?.. Do you know how much HJ Adore his mom? How much HJ love his mom over anything else?. Do you think after all what bitch done to his family, do you think, HJ would choose this “UNKNOWN CREATURE” over his FAMILY? .Yes I admit HJ did mistake before. But this issue is far different from before because, the situation is different. Again, as a fellow fan, we all very much concern about HJ and we are all confused and I know We all love HJ. But, please may I ask your attention.. ‘Please STOP making any conclusion over HJ Silence. STOP making assumption over this issue.. Just because, we heard this, we heard that. The bottom line is “WE DON’T KNOW THE REAL SCORE OVER THIS MATTER”.. NO ONE KNEW WHAT REALLY HAPPEN BETWEEN THEM.. NO ONE KNEW WHAT HE IS GOING THROUGH..

        Le us pray HJ to enlighten him and may God gave him strength and patience for everything.. 🙂 Cheers to all and Let us stay positive. 🙂

  17. good evening

    I want to thank you for this nice article that responds to some of my questions
    I ‘m going to even give my opinion on what is said rumor
    I really think that when the have is a fan of an artist and that we really respect his private life must remain a secret garden and choices must be respected . For my part I think that like a star is all about respect, he marries this or that and children should rejoice that you Walk back his fans wish him happiness at last !!!
    However it is really lying to rot his life to my darling I admit that I am very pissed we not spoil people’s lives for that money ;
    In any case I said everyone happiness and quickly take advantage of these music news quickly I supported the 1000 %
    (even if I am France I want to support him with all my heart)

    • je suis bien d’ accord avec toi , sa reste un artist excellent, passionnent et sa rien pourra le lui enlevé.

      I am in agreement with you, its still a great artist , passionate and nothing will the kidnapped him .

    • Je suis fan de HJ depuis ses débuts, je ne vais pas le laisser tomber maintenant, sûrement pas. J’ai toujours eu confiance en lui et je lui toujours confiance. Il est la première et l’unique star à laquelle je me suis intéressée car tellement unique et différent des autres. Il est très intelligent, je lui fait confiance à 100 %.

      I’m a fan of HJ since his beginnings, I will not let him down now, surely not. I’ve always had confidence in him and I still trust him. It is the first and only star to whom I am interested because he is so unique and different from others. He is very intelligent, I trust him 100%.

  18. I am a fan…I will support this fine person no matter what comes to light. Why? Because everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes….regardless of what unfolds…what is or is not the truth, I will remain a fan. Whatever he chooses to do, if you care about him, support him knowing he is human too. FIGHTING!!!!

  19. Dear L.K! Thank you!!! so painfully and so hard, never was, for one actor. Heart hurts!!! BUT, fight should be continued!!! vile lie, lies, imaginations sick Choi… shouldn’t neither for a minute, nor for a second to stop us to trust KHJ

  20. lk u are so right.honestly i trust khj not for one minute have i ever doubted his innoncence,over and over i keep sayin dat we shuld all be patient.when khj entered my life,everythin changed i started planning 4 my future,i started beliving in my self,i wish i culd take away dis pain from his heart as he did 4 me,but even though am not close to him,with our prayers,belive me a lot can be achieved.hyun joong and his fans is much bigger than never gives up,all his dreams with our prayers and support he will achieve them.i trust GOD who hav brought hyun joong into our lives and i belive hyun joong not to take for granted his happiness and that of his family and fans.forever with hyun joong,cause no liar from hell can seperate me from such a wonderful soul,peace 2 all.

  21. Thank you for your wonderful article… really is about TRUST…..I look forward to reading your articles……Take care…Blessings…

  22. Thanks dear Lazerkim
    That is what I like from fans, I read those ugly articles and I have been commenting all time in favor of my only one. But now I decide not to comment again, it gives importance to whom wrote it. I would like that we stop that war, it really doesnt help him.
    KE AND KHJ arenot feeding the media to continue this circus, he has 10 years of experience in his carrer, and never responded them. in 2010 after almost a year he say something about the SS501 separation, but during that time and even till 2012 he was getting shots protecting his brothers, and that, in silence. I understand that if he says something it will be misunderstood, for sure. May I ask his fans to withdraw from making any comments in those sites, they will star to be tired. But when we know someting about him with a song or see him happy, that is the moment to protect him.
    I will start to review his dramas, to watch his videos since the begining, l enjoy seeing this young boy smiling, those help me to know him, and understand his way of doing things.
    The last crying in the concert after fans singing to him, makes me cry too. Just imaging his feeling and regrets. Poor my boy. he knew what was coming and knew also that there is no turning back, he knew it was going to hurt. What to do?
    On stage he always transfoms, he forgets what is going on. He gave all enjoying beautiful moments with his fans, he gave everything in his last tour. ln the future when he will be on stage again we will be there to support him, for now let him be quiet, to solve his conflicts in his way, we will be supporting, Maybe, it is not what we expect but it’s his life and his decision.
    I LET YOU BE THE ONE, always count with me.

  23. Can’t Thank you enough LazerKim, big sigh of relief here. I was just tired from all assumptions putting Hj in such a light, Yes Trust Him ladies.
    I remain strong of what I always said Hj never lied in his statements not in August and not now, he never changed them. I believe him! He may make mistakes, he is human and we all make mistakes, but this bond he shares with his Fans is too strong and Hj never lied to his Fans maybe he abstained of saying things but he stood behind what he declared till the end.
    If he is silent let’s respect that, when and if he will be ready he will talk. But Truth will always find a way, so let’s wait patiently. Correct patience is a virtue.
    So let’s just stand behind him and support him in this time at this crossroad of his life, let’s be there for him with our love and support.
    Let’s pray for that Miracle to come and clear all the bad. After every storm there is a Rainbow, must be.

    “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
    ― Robert Frost
    Life is never dull and it is full or surprises!
    Let’s pray for the good things in life to happen, the power of prayer is stronger than everything else.

    In all honesty, I was cringing at a few comments about marriage and pregnancy online! I mean, HJ himself denied any plans of marriage, so why is it hard to believe him? What makes people think that he’d ever marry that woman!? Also, regarding the pregnancy, anyone with a functional brain that’s able to calculate can prove that it’s impossible to go from 11 weeks to 16 weeks of pregnancy within a span of 3 days. Please try analysing and reasoning before jumping onto conclusions and believing everything you hear! I really hope fans are able to trust HJ and his decisions. HJ has NEVER failed us before. To me, I trust HJ with my whole heart. I trusted him last year and I stood corrected then. I believe it would be the same this time, as well.
    HJ, you’re a dauntless, strong and courageous man. I am very proud of you for bravely overcoming your obstacles and doing your best to move on. You will always have our support and love. Always. Fighting! 💜

  25. hola, soy fan de kim hyun joong y lo sigo siendo, pero la verdad yo no lo entiendo, KE en el comunicado dice que KHJ se hara responsable si el bebe es suyo, y luego los papas en la entrevista dicen que kim dijo que si esta embaraza y el bebe es de el, entonces el no esta esperando un ADN o prueba de paternidad porque esta seguro que el bebe es de el, quien dice la verdad entonces…. habra algo mas que esperar, no creo que el diga algo al respecto, incluso si nace el bebe o no, se casa o no, creo que ese sera un secreto….. el no hablara mas de su vida privada, ya que tanto algunos medios de comunicacion, antifans o los que fueron sus fans en algun momento, atacan o se burlan de lo que el dice o hace.

    • KE ha fallado mucho en cuanto a como manejar a su artista y como defenderlo, en donde están sus relacionistas públicos? en donde están sus abogados? Jamas había visto una compania manejadora que dejara solo a su artista. Por lo menos en mi país no es así.

      • Voy de acuerdo contigo sobre su agencia. Pero a la vez, quizas el propio Hyun Joong haya atado sus manos. Es medio testarudo, no? No quiere mitote, quiere resolver las cosas pacificamente, sin meter a otros en problemas. Aun si ellos son los culpables. Pero es un caballero y no anda hablando de asuntos privados. Lo que diga o no diga, los medios de communication lo van a malhablar, so es preferido el silencio. KE dijo que no hiban a decir si se iba o no al servicio. Ahora sale con que no se va. Estoy pensando, mejor dicho esperando que no mas dijieron eso par distraer a la gente. Como dise LK, hay que confiar, el siempre tiene sus razones.

          • Sorry anonymous for write in our languague (spanish) :/ Or you can translate or you can try like learn other languages it’s fun ! I’m still learning to speak and write in english but i understand perfectly 😦 i know i’m weird. The next languagefor me to learn it’s Korean 😀

            in my bad translation to english….we’re saying …we’re still fans of KHJ but we don’t understand why KE i’s so bad in managing HJ image where are the public relations team and the lawyers? and we need to wait to HJ reply or maybe he never ever talk of this situation because it’s his private life and we’re fine with his decision. We’re sad because of former fans and antis attacking and bashing HJ constantly. We just need to wait for him coz he have reasons for his silence and the first is – He’s a gentleman and he don’t talk about private matters of his relations with woman even if the so called woman is guilt. The press and the antis will bury him even if he speak with the truth so for HJ right now it’s better to wait. We love and trust him.

            I send blessings for everyone 🙂

            • Sorry, I meant no disrespect. I kind of know Lilian unnie on a bit of a personal level, Well as personal as one can get online ^. I do agree with you about how KE is mishandling these events. Those former fans you say, they’re not real fans. They were just there because they want to ride with the trend. If a person is a real fan even if you changed after you wouldn’t say ill things about them for respect. and those are not press, they’re just gossipers with diploma.

          • Sorry, I replied to Theanelswon in Spanish, because that’s what language she wrote. I agreed with her about KE’s really bad management of their idol. But I’m also thinking our stubborn KHJ has tied their hands of sorts. He wants to resolve things on his own, without making a big to do about it, even if the others are the guilty ones and not him. Whatever he says or doesn’t say will be mis construed so, it’s probably best just to keep quiet. I’m hoping KE just said he wasn’t going in to throw everyone off. We just need to trust him, he always has his reasons.

  26. 안엥하새요! LAZER KIM MAM,

  27. Hi Lazer Kim.
    I agree with most of what you’ve said but I don’t agree with the way his agency put out the statement On his request or not. They know very well that at this point in time,everyone wants to catch on anything possible to say against him. They should have just been quite cause saying personal issues, even if it’s not related to his present situation, people will say it is, and just makes the speculation increase.I want him to speak out soo bad also. But like you said and everything he says right now will get twisted. The article on drama fever was completely humiliating and made it seem like the whole situation is a joke. (Someones life for goodness sake). I feel it is completely unfair that,someone who has brought smiles to thousands of people can be made to seem like the worst person in the word without even a fair hearing from his side. Everyone makes mistakes but the worst part is that they want everyone to hate him. We have the right not to hate him and try to see things beyond the surface, have doubts and even forgive if we want, but they want to take that right away,it’s so awful. Why is our decision your business?? I just can’t get it. I trust him and will keep praying for him. This is completely destroying him,It’s too sad.
    Thank you for another great article LK..You keep many of us assured. Thank you so much.Be happy and stay safe!!!..

  28. Ms Lazer, thank you for your latest article.
    Thank you for putting it out there…

    You know, I just realised something…
    Nowadays I feel so tired & restless reading twitter & comments of…fans…KHJ fans…
    Of course the hateful articles are definitely not comfortable either.
    But the fans’ persistent queries & demands…makes you wonder sometime whether what they did promise him would survive the 2 years.

    On one side he has that mental creature & cronies to contend with…not to mention the disgusting media & netizens…
    On the other side he has persistent fans querying him, demanding that he shouldn’t marry the creature, speculating IF he’s already married to her, voicing their disapproval of said speculation, reprimanding him for postponing his enlistment…again…etc…

    It’s so noisy…& the haters are having a field day since the opportunity is given to them by our boy’s fans themselves.
    So just…hush…

    Whatever happened to ‘Pray for KHJ’, hmm?
    Why don’t we continue to do that instead of panicking ourselves with so much assumptions & speculations?
    Whether we like it or not, it’s his life & his decision.
    Just continue praying that what he has decided will be the best for him…
    Pray that All-Mighty God will grant him the path that will be the best for him…

    So why don’t we pray?

    • Yup I agree Arfina Irdina. Why don’t we do something like something positive words from us his fans from around the globe? we can channel him the positive and optimistic sentences so that they can help him to feel ease and keep on moving encountering this great turmoil..
      What do you think LK and others?

    • I’m totally with you. We really gain nothing from these speculations than upsetting ourselves. We should let him focus and just trust our *smart* boy and pray for him.

  29. Thank you LK for always make me strong when I am feeling bad, Last night, I couldn’t sleep because I was so frustrated by some news about his MS and even I was among those who agreed with his silent, Yesterday this is like I wanted to shake him to react… I do trust him, God knows, but I am worried too these rumors will destroy his life, not only his career but also his personal life… I was wondering why why why? It is like that you answered my questions so thank you.. I am quiet now… 🙂

  30. I agree and always support what HJ does. Even though I want him to speak I respect his choice and I believe he is sorting things out.
    But “His agent may be misleading his fans
    for a good reason as he requested which I ageee.”
    I don’t agree with this. If his agency is concerned about him they shouldn’t have made any statement regarding his enlistment that way he would have gone quietly… there was no need for them to talk about his enlistment on 31 and again confusing fans about postponing it. This big lie was not necessary… this just says how irresponsible they are and I don’t find any good in that other than trying to spoil his image.
    Just let him go quietly why make fuss! tale of lies to cover first lie!

    • Hello Hyun! It’s ok dear I understand how you feel, I respect your opinion. Thak you for sharing your thoughts, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • I’m just confused why make situation more complicated by doing all those…
        Hope he will make things clear soon at the right time…

  31. Hello This is Madhuri Kim Hyun Joong
    LazerKim I really sorry if i hurted by posting your post on my blog i just want to Khj pay attention on me. I want that he know about me. But i posted as it is with your name and i want to share so many henecies out there. Sorry Once again. I always love kim hyun joong so i’ll respect his decision what ever he take. My One and only wish is to see him real life i am really dying to see him. What ever you write on your blog i want to say something like that only but i don’t know much english. Sorry

    • Hello Madhuri! I’m sorry I couldn’t get what you mean! If you have posted my articles on your site that’s ok with me I’m allowing you to do so I got no problem with that. I’d be pleased if you do so, so that I can reach more KHJ fans. thank you so much for doing so! Your English is good don’t worry. Thank you again take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • Hi Madhuri, are you from India ? I am from India and also a big KHJ fan and I wish he comes to perform here and your dream of seeing him in person will come true hopefully. 🙂

        LK thanks for the wonderful article and I agree that if we love someone, we should trust them first and we as his fans trust him and respect his decision of being silent because we also understand that its his personal life and he needs that privacy

        I did read that article on KHJ’s reasons of not enlisting for MS by dramafever and found it bizzare. None of the reasons were justified and it just brought about more speculation which was completely unnecessary. I am sincerely praying for KHJ and the Henecian family to come out of this situation soon and be happy together as one big family and wait till our dear KHJ comes back on stage.

    • ani madhu unnie u really hlpd me too to notice lk mam’s blog gomavo . lazer kim mam miyanhaeyo ., for not reading it directly from your blog. I really love my hyun joong oppa so much. I cry , na do jinja want him to notice me too. I have no other place to share this wishes of mine .미안해요,lazer kim mam for using ur coment box.

      • LOL Arya it doesn’t matter wherever you read my article the important thing for me is that i was able to reach you thru other channel and read all about KHJ. For as long as you’re with him, nothing else matter! Thank you so much!

  32. I agree with you I trust him because he never once lied he always told the truth n I still believe that he never marry ms choi

  33. Dear LK, Thank you for writing those wonderful articles. In spite of busy with works, I frequently go through your blog many times just to get any updates on KHJ. Your articles really make me become more attach to KHJ.
    I never joined any blog or websites about Korean singers or actors. Maybe because KHJ’s sincereness has touched my and our hearts (fans around the world). Now, I am not only respect him as a celebrity but as a human being regardless of the differences in our faith and religions.
    I personally believe him and trust his words. He has his own reasons for whatever actions that he choose to take and I will follow your advice and I summon all of us, his fans to continue to believe what he says and decides.
    I pray that he will be strong and move on to another phase of life. Although he is in a great turmoil, but I believe this turmoil won’t be last forever. Every cloud has a silver lining…
    The great thing about this epoch, he gains more and more sincere fans around the globe including ASIA (not forgetting ASEAN too, which is me…he..he..he…)
    I am waiting patiently the news from your ‘trusted’ blog and his comeback after MS.

    Cheers LK and KHJ’s fans!!!

    Love you all from Malaysia!

  34. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] TRUST HIM | LazerKim

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