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By: LazerKim


Some of you may have gone tired of reading about this nightmare, but I have to bear with it, I just know I have to do this while everything is still fresh in my mind, and to put this on recond in this site. I  just can’t give up!

I take this as food for the thoughts of letting my brain work while waiting and started disecting some statements left to us by both camps of Kim Hyun Joong and Choi. Care to join me in this puzzle?

My comment box is open as usual  to join me in this building puzzle! Thank you for always sharing with me your thoughts as I learn from you too! Here’s just my building puzzle…



Here I lay down the cards on Kim Hyun Joong’s camp that I want to emphasize on some relevant pointers:

KHJ’s statement through KE:

Yesterday (February 22) after the reports, Kim Hyun Joong attempted to contact Choi again to confirm the pregnancy, but was not able receive a response. Rumors of both families meeting and discussing marriage are groundless. Kim Hyun Joong stated that if Choi’s pregnancy is true, then he will be taking on the necessary responsibilities.     (News Source:allkopop)

KHJ’s parents statement:

“Our son said that if it’s true that she is pregnant, then that the baby is probably his. If he had been unsure about it then we might have suspected Miss Choi, but since he’s the one saying that, we of course believe [she’s pregnant]. He said he’ll take responsibility so we respected his decision. I told him, ‘If all this happens and you don’t get married then you’re going to be a bachelor with a kid.’ Hyun Joong told me he is ready to accept that as well. I think that whatever decision is made should be made for the baby, and I told my son the same.”

NOTE:     As Hyun Joong stated, he will take necessary responsibility IF the baby is his. Then saying that the baby is PROBABLY his. And with saying He’s prepared to be a bachelor with a kid, meaning he doesn’t have any intention of marrying her to begin with.

He admited they met up after the case was close, broke off and DENIED those wedding plans that Choi was bubbling about!   Whatever he may decide on it’s only for the child’s sake if indeed there’s a child, and if he is the father.


PUZZLE 2    (Doubtful)

Turn of events: (from Jan 3rd to Jan 17th)

1.3 – Choi realizes she’s pregnant

1.5 – Choi notified Kim Hyun Joong about pregnancy

1.6 – Kim Hyun Joong’s father meets with Choi, receives 3 ultrasound pictures

1.17 – Kim Hyun Joong’s parents show up for the hospital appointment, Miss Choi can’t be reached

NOTE:     Take a look at this dates and events, Hyun Joong left for Japan in Jan 9th. Choi notified him about the so-called pregnancy in Jan 5th. There was a gap of 3 days before he left for Japan, but it was his parents who met with Choi Jan 6th and showed those fake untra sound pictures with no name date whatsoever, just pictures.

I think Hyun Joong doubted that so-called pregnancy. Because if he’s convinced as Choi had been trying to show, he should have been there with her and have the necessary prenatal check up, just like any exited father to be! This is just my opinion!.


PUZZLE 3   (so-called reconciliation)

I don’t mean to discredit Hyun Joong here. But what I’m trying to show is that Hyun Joong doubted that so-called pregnancy right from the start.  From Choi’s statement, she said she met up with Hyun Joong being DRUNK!

Choi’s Statement:    Ms. Choi also stated that despite their initial breakup, Kim Hyun Joong sent her a birthday and flowers and showed up to see her drunk, resulting in a change of heart for her.

NOTE:    As we all know Hyun Joong doesn’t drink by himself and when he gets drunk, he just sleep! Whether something happened between them in Nov no one knows. Is he alone in meeting her? Maybe or maybe not!   But it’s clear from her statement he was drunk!

Is it possible that Hyun Joong even doubted if something really happened in Nov? I’m just asking!!

On the part of Hyun Joong, I think this case is short of saying “Damn if you do, damn if you don’t.” choose the lesser evil!  Are we having of the same thoughts? LOL


PUZZLE 4  (Text messages, cut and paste)

Those text messages from Choi appeared as if two morons were talking! Here’s one classic example of those text message:

November 30, 2014

K: I don’t think this is going to end well. I’ll take care of it myself now. You live the way you want.

C: Okay. Then let’s go our separate ways, and take no interest in each other.

K: Okay. Let’s go our separate ways. This is the end. (CUT AND PASTE) But why are the dogs in this neighborhood like this? I got angry, but I have no one to send these photos to. I thought about it and send them to you. It’s so funny.

NOTE:    In a conversation of breaking up is a serious matter to talk about and common sense dictates us “You don’t talk about DOGS while seriously talking about breaking up?”

Don’t you think Choi is making a fool of Hyun Joong out of this so-called text message?This is NOT the Kim Hyun Joong that I know! So how would you expect me to believe?


PUZZLE 5   (Breaking Up Nov 30)

Take a look at this statement from Choi. She said they were together in Nov until New Year spending the last 2 weeks of Nov in Jeju. Then later on she said they broke up after the trip in Jeju which I suppose in Nov. How can they be together until New Year if she said they broke off after their trip in Jeju in Nov? See the inconsistency?

She also shared that she decided to reunite with him in November of 2014, and they were together until the new year, spending the last two weeks of November on Jeju Island.

Ms. Choi also suggested that the reason she and Kim Hyun Joong broke up after their trip to Jeju Island was because he was seeing another woman. She stated that she found the woman’s items in his bag. 

NOTE:     She stated Hyun Joong is seeing another woman as the reason why they broke off. This statement at least is consistent because she had the same statement from Aug. nightmare and this Feb scandal.

Honestly, I sincerely hope the other woman is still around, I can’t imagine how painful this can be for her with what Choi had been doing to Hyun Joong!


PUZZLE 6   (Other agenda)

Reading from Choi’s text messages I only have one conclusion. Choi is making Hyun Joong look like stupid trying hard to prove Hyun Joong never doubted her pregnancy and is willing to marry her! Other than she’s trying to prove he has other agenda with her pertaining his case! Here’s that text:

January 10, 2015       (KHJ was already in Japan on this date)

K: Okay, I’ll marry you, but file a petition for me. Your husband is about to get a red line across his name. 

C: What are you talking about?

K: If I get fined like this, I’ll receive a red mark. If I’m found guilty, my agency says I’ll be considered a criminal.

NOTE:      In Dec.19th Japan news posted that Hyun Joong shall be hosting his Japan Tour concert series which is Gemini in Jan 2015. Therefore I may confirm he was off the hook from this assault case before he left for Japan in Jan 9th.

I don’t think this project would be confirmed and announced if he had not gotten his clearance from this case. Japan cannot accept an artist having a pending case in SK while performing in their country.I have been waiting for media to release that news, but they must have concealed that too! Until at later date that they announced Hyun Joong was cleared of this case.



I think Choi must be pretty scared that the truth was revealed by the Kims so she declared she needed PRIVACY!!! After spilling out the beans?? LOL

Feb 28th statement from Choi’s lawyer:

Ms. Choi’s lawyer stated, “It’s true that my client is pregnant. She’s currently 4 months pregnant. I can tell you that around the time the child was conceived, [she and Kim Hyun Joong] were always together.” He also revealed documents from a health center detailing medical examinations and pregnancy tests, confirming that Ms. Choi is indeed with child.

NOTE:    Unfortunately this final round was not able to convince the public of her so-called pregnancy! In Feb 22 Choi was on her 10-11 weeks pregnancy. In Feb. 28 she’s 16 week or 4 months pregnant! How did this so-called pregnancy jump from 10 to 16 weeks in just a matter of 6 days? Who would believe this?



If by this time Choi had taken those PT and DNA, knowing her character, don’t you think she should be out there to the media and announce her legitimate pregnancy IF this turns out Positive?  This should have been her chance to clear her name after those feasco over her lies, right?  Or if it turns out Negative she must be in hiding by this time!!

Why do we have this silence?  Well, knowing the Kims Family are private people knowing that if they talk again, surely Choi will be out there and bubbling with her lies again! So this will be endless! One thing is clear to me, she was never expecting the Kims would bring the truth to the media.

Let’s just say she’s pregnant, the question still remain, is Hyun Joong responsible for her so-called pregnancy? Remember there’s an 8 months gap from May as they 1st broke off, before she notified Hyun Joong about her so-called pregnancy in Jan.

May I just clear it up that DNA test can be taken during pregnancy thru non-invasive paternity testing thru blood sampling from parents. Here’s the link below for more info:

LINK: >>

If it’s Hyun Joong’s responsibility then fine, expect the unexpected disaster and we can’t do anything about it! It’s like a gun again pointing to his head!!

Just don’t marry her, for your sake, at least save your neck Kiddo! Till the next article!



Seeing the whole picture of this media play, may I conclude that Choi and her lawyer were busy proving that Hyun Joong was the father of this Choi’s so-called pregnancy instead of agreeing to the Kims to take the legit PT and DNA test, which is enough proof right from the start, then this case should have been over and done!

Knowing Hyun Joong is not the kind of person to set the record straight through legal actions, so Choi kept manipulating everyone! In this case it’s not being pregnant that is in question anymore, but how this pregnancy was brought out to the public which is such humiliation. And this has to stop that it will not be repeated by others.

I write what I think through this site which is my right to do so! Whether my readers agree with me or not, it doesn’t matter, I respect everyone’s opinion here! As I said earlier I just have to do this, and never give up!

I still wait for any news as I’m prepared to accept whatever the outcome of this behind close door silence as it may break one day, I hope sooner!

Thank you for reading, my comment box is now open anything goes as usual! Thank you for sharing your thoughts as a way of learning from one another!

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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155 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BUILDING PUZZLE

  1. Hello thanks for your articles…and am a big fan of KHJ so I want to share some of my opinion about the article…if its true then he also make a mistake but according to me if the girl miss choice really love him why she is exposing her lover I hope KHJ did not force her and rape her….am also a girl but a girl should not exposed her own story to public if she fall in love someone…..both of them are equally same she should not give wrong image to his bf…..though she expose him also he is popular he will not down because of her so she better keep quite instead of exposing herself…….she should mind her own business’s……sorry if my opinion hurts you all…fighting KHJ oppa…

  2. Lazer Kim,
    No disrespect but Japan does not keep people from entering the country with “pending” cases. Only “convictions have to be disclosed on Visa applications and you can even enter Japan with convictions as long as they are not drug related, acts against children, violent or requiring over a year in jail. South Korea has a short stay exemption with Japan that does not require a Visa but when you go to Japan for work (earning income) you must have a Visa unless the funds are being paid to the employer and not directly to you. In KHJ case that would be KeyEast or his booking agency. I believe if the income is not in your name you can enter on the exemption. The country with the pending case can keep people from leaving if they fear flight risks but not the entering country on cases without convictions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has an entire site on entering Japan and what needs to be disclosed.

    Also I don’t really agree that Ms Choi would be going public if she had confirmed test unless she and KHJ were still broken up. In the past she has never gone public with anything unless they were broken up. In the two years they dated she never disclosed them dating to the public and when they reconciled in November she did not disclose that either. I am not convinced she would go public with anything if she and KHJ reconciled because that just is not what she has done in the past. Of course this is just my own observation and I could be wrong.

    I do agree as you said in her TRUST article that fans continuing to talk about this over and over only brings more exposure to it and fuels more discussion…. just this site alone has posted the last 18 articles on this very subject. I look forward to articles about music and dramas and fan experiences at concerts like the last Gemini concerts in Japan. Being in the US we hear very little about things like this.

    • Hi angelaaaj….

      I don’t know wether still appropriate to talk abt this but since u hve mentioned it here, I would like to express my 2 cents.

      This Choi already gone public 2 times as all we know right after Khj broke up with her. If u see the pattern of how people look at her drama, u will realize something.

      1st attenpt, all people out there except true fans believed her.

      2nd attempt, most who believe her are only Khj’s antis and haters who still believe her as an Abuse Victim.. Non biased, and people with brain hve been questioning abt her motive instead.

      And what do u think IF she try to go public again to bluff abt her sad story for the 3rd time after what she has said she wanted Privacy right after being ‘smacked’ by Khj’s parent??!!

      As most of us here believe, I don’t think Hj would marry her after all damages she had done to him and his parent recently. I can feel how painful it was to Hj himself to see how his parent has been humiliated by this creature.

      LK…sorry for intervene again abt this. Just can’t help myself.

      • It’s okay Atiq, I totally agree with you btw, I think she didn’t expect HJ’s parents going to public as well, but I think as long as she’s silence it means she’s worried to be exposed of her lies.

        • Exactly …she didn’t take into consideration that HJ parents will step out and prove her lies! Hj parents were insulted by this creature with her lies and blackmail.

          WHY do you need a lawyer if you say your are pregnant? Why go to Media with the lawyer and show made up txts (we already seen this befire) and ultrasounds (that even a child can take out of google even in better quality?) Why this circus? Because she is mental and needs to be locked up?!

      • Hi Ladies!
        I agree with you but she only has gone public when she and KHJ are broken up. When they are together she stays quiet. I think in most cultures what you say is true about getting back together after all that has happened but we are talking about South Korea and in South Korea having a child out of wedlock is considered shameful not only to the families but also to the child. Being born into this situation can follow the child into adulthood. South Korea doesn’t even have legalized abortions and family is the cornerstone of their society. Mother’s who have children out of wedlock can be forced to give up their jobs and even the child can face criticism. Here in US the earlier scandal would have been thought to be more damaging but in SK this would be considered a bigger reflection on the family. I can’t imagine any family in SK if convinced this child is theirs ever wanting this brought upon a little innocent baby.
        In the interview Mr Kim sounded to me like he was accepting of being her father in-law and considered that as things turning out well. At some point everyone will hear something and know for sure but I think the focus by the families going forward will be only on the baby and not on anything from the past. That is just my opinion.
        This blog post talks about the shame of having a baby out of marriage in SK and is written by a woman living there:
        I think KHJ is far too classy a guy to have anything like that happen. Again, just my opinion. Regardless if I agree with it I understand this is his culture and the society he and his family have to live in. I can respect that. Thank you for your followup!!

    • Hello angelaaaj,
      first to correct a few points :
      HJ stated and stood behind that he have known the creature for 2 yesr but dated her only 2 months april-may 2014. They never had a relation more than that stated time by HJ.
      He broke with her in May 2014 and Hj stated and I believe him, he never said reconciled with the creature, that is her bogus story to try and discredit Hj and get his attention again.

      Hj clearly stated NO to Reconciliation NO to Marriage and IF – If she is pregnant and is proven his he will take responsibility. It is all in articles u can check.
      He agreed to meet and take test, in a way to prove her bluff. She never showed up.

      That creature is not pregnant because if she would have been I believe we would all have seen it in the media her best friends. She gone silent after Hj’s father said that he has proof about the text messages that she claimed she exchanged that were not true and her fake evidence.

      Taken in consideration her past behaviour with the media with all her fake txts and evidence she just proven she lost by going in hidding afterwards.

      Re Visa …if it was any doubt about Hj status I do not think the organizers would have allowed to continue his Gemeni Tour.

      re this blog it is for KHJ fans only and LazerKim is a veteran fan and she is writing facts and is her opinion that we all share and stand behind.

      Are you a fan or just passing by?

    • Hello Angelaaj! Thanks you for sharing your thoughts and thank you for reading 18 articles on the same subject. There are lots more coming up on the same topics on the following days. If you move a little backward you’ll find the articles which I wrote about KHJ music drama some fan experiences and his concerts WT Gemini as well. In short I’m done writing about those as soon as the event transpired.

      I believe I have updated this site as always ever since I started writng If I review or re-write all of those it would take some time I guess bcoz I won’t stop from writing about this nightmare until I have tackled everything attached to it. Why am I doing this, it’s bcoz many people had been misled by some wrong info from the media, I think you’re one of them based on your comment. So may I correct, you may check it out since everything I have written in this site are factual and my readers knows it.

      First, HJ have known Choi for 2 yrs but they only started dating for 2 months fr April-May 2014, as HJ broke off with her in May 30th. This is very clear from his testimony he submitted to the police. Therefore there’s nothing Choi can disclose in 2 yrs since they were not dating yet.

      Second, if she’s really pregnant she should have taken the PT and DNA test as requested by the Kims, why does she kept refusing? The ultrasound pic doesn’t even have a name or date on it. If you’re a parent of a son and a woman just come knocking at your door telling you she’s pregnant would you just accept specially if the parents barely know the woman? And I think it’s the right of KHJ or his parents to know about that pregnancy if he is responsible for it. I see nothing wrong with that!

      Third, what I wrote in this blog is my opinion, which I’m entitled to I guess this is what blog is all about. My question would you marry somebody just because of a baby? As HJ stated he will take responsibility IF indeed he’s responsible for that pregnancy. I’m not talking about culture in this blog, I’m talking about reality in a human being in such situation.

      Lastly, re: visa My apology if you’re misled, I’m pertaining to the Japanese organizer of Gemini and I’m not a woman from SK. I’m also aware that HJ can travel in and out of Japan without visa as he is given 90 days stay as tourist and he’s been provided with commercial visa whenever he’s on official visit to perform. My apology if I may disappoint you, but I follow my heart content whenever I write my article. May I ask are you a fan? Or you happen to be dropping by? But thanks for reading 18 articles, there are more about 400 article if you care to have a martaton reading all about KHJ. Thank you, God bless..

  3. Ciendz
    on March 25, 2015 at 7:02 pm said: Edit
    HI there, I’ve been reading your blog over a year now.And I’m a believer for what you have said or write.. 🙂 I have a same thought and Agree wit you Ms. Tina. And I notice HJ is the one breaking up with this lunatic Choi. Not once but twice ( i hope I get it right, you may correct me if I’m wrong). It is “UNUSUAL” to a man asking for a break up with a girl (not to mention HJ is a very gentleman). Meaning there is a problem with this woman. Let us be honest with this girls. It is a shame for us or insult to us if a man broke us first, right?.. Its like a slap on our face. And With this, I have to commend and applaud HJ for breaking up this woman “FIRST”!!.. A big slap on you bitch. lol.. I also, I appeal to everyone, let us respect HJ if he want to go to MS quietly. And Let us not speculate things that is not confirmed. Specially this “MARRIAGE” issue.. PLEASE.. I firmly believe that HJ would not do that.. I do believe, ONCE A STAR IS ALWAYS A STAR.. And HJ will always a star that shinning upon us.. 🙂

    I moved this comment right on top so everyone can read, Thank you Ciendz for sharing your thoughts!………LK here!

  4. Dear Lazerkim…….As far as I was sad about his entering the army and leaving us, as far as more saddened by the news of postponing. Unfortunately, I don`t find any reason for delaying but his desire to stay beside her at pregnancy and childbirth until he receives her baby. Kim Hyun-jung exhibits the wrong way, military service was going to help him to move away, spend time away from that woman and all these problems,clean his head and think well. And when he returns from the army will find that people have forgotten all of this miss and scandals caused by that same woman, to complete his artistic career, but unfortunately he does the opposite. Kim Hyun Jong commits suicide technically and lose his fans with these actions, I don`t know how does he think?.. I don`t know what to say??, What I know is that I`m really sad and sorry for him….

    • Some think he postponed to go “quietly” into military service but I don’t think the Korean military would grant that as a reason. i read the acceptable reasons are medical, family matters or doing a job that promotes your country like some artists do and like KHJ was doing last fall. His agency said in their Press Release the reason was “too personal” for them to say. Because of that lots of people are speculating like you said that since both sides are quiet that they more than likely have reconciled and or getting married or have quietly married. I guess we won’t know until KHJ makes an announcement but I disagree that he will lose his fans and I don’t know why he would. Fans should like an artist because their music or acting brings them joy and not based on their personal life in my opinion. I don’t think celebrities or idols should have to get their fans permission for their personal choices in their private life. I would really hope after all this that fans would not leave him because he may get married and start a family. For one thing this is South Korea and having a baby out of wedlock in South Korea is looked upon as shameful to not only the families but to the child. South Korea puts so much emphasis on family that they are one of the few countries in the world that still has illegal abortion. In South Korea and a person as well known as KHJ to do that would be almost unheard of.

  5. LK, do KHJ have friends or assoicates whom you personally know, Do they say something about KHJ..His silences is deafening and mysterious. Does KHJ know how his fans worry so much for him? Could someone tell him to speak up..If he is happy now with thatn woman and believe that he is going to be a father soon..well he should tell us..Only KHJ and he alone could put an end to all this mess…KHJ, have pity on your fans..

    • Patience is virtue ms. Anonymous..allthough were all have this worries right now but do we also think what is the worries and burden that kim hyun joong and his family are going through right now…pls we need to respect their decision about this issue if they want to stay quiet so be it,,maybe their waiting for the right to speak..what they need for this moment is our support and prayer

      • The military has accepted his reasons for delayed enlistment..the reasons must really be very valid..and that reasons are keeping everybody in limbo..Did he decide to see his firstborn before Ms or will he be married before MS? Fans are waiting for his reasons…so they stop any speculations…anyway his fans have been vocal that they will accept his decisions no matter what..

  6. Well I was reading a beautiful comment from Bella ¨Kim Hyun Joong is really a very special person who has power of a healer.This time I hope the love from his fans can heal all his wound.¨ That is something that people dont understand, that he unconsciously can heal our wounds. It is undeniable, just with a smile from him we feel relieve, even with his sad smile ……. I have never known a person with that power, it is rare, he is spontaneous,a naive young man because I feel him with no malicious, he is playful, very honest, that is why whatever he says I BELIEVE. His words prove to be true. Being in America we have many artists to admire but … Why he? I wonder, ???? If my favorite actors divorced or get children l dont care.
    Dear LK, It is strange that a Korean guy from the other side of the world, has managed to completely win my heart. Since I knew him, l start defending him and acept him in my heart as one of my son because there are many coincidences with him and my children. I could not express my thoughts as Bella or you can do since English is not my native language but hope you understand my messages.
    I love this boy who l havent l ever met. One thing is sure, I will be one of those fans that will be listening to him if he lost most of his fans, since he promise to sing even if there is one fan listening to his song. I will be there, because who l defend is the beauty human being and the artist with his unique personalty and profesionalism, what l saw in him is special, and it wont change in him, NO MATTER WHAT they say or what will happen, he will be always my only one and l could say he will be forever.
    I saw him doing things for a reason, so we just wait for news, calmly and hoping he will do it well. GOD BLESS YOU AND MY ONLY ONE.

    • Hello Jazu!! You are meant to be here with me and the rest of my dear readers, where you are bound to!! LOL So no matter what corner of the world you are you are still bound to be here!! jazu it’s been 4 years since the 1st time you stumbled in my site and I’m truly happy you’re here and the rest of my readers as my inspiration in protecting and defending him! Thanks you so much!!

      • 4 years, my God and I hesitated at he beginning to start writing my comments because my English was not good enough, I think is more time. I also think that here my writing English skill improves too. Another thing to thank my only one.
        God bless you, I hope you write until he will be retired.

    • For as long as I asked myself the same questions you asked yourself in your comment..Why him? too have many artistes in my country to admire,They have beauty and attractiveness, but I don`t care about any of them like this.I feel that he has a kind of magic,he have some thing that no body have…Its really like you said he is the only person in this world who have the ability to heal our wounds …but for sorry this time_ about my self and Without exaggeration_ I feel that he has put salt on my open wounds…Kinzy,Egypt

      • If he has put salt on your open wounds… surely you will be heal soon. We need to suffer a bit to heal, dont we?
        Just think that it is his life, he, himself put salt on his wounds too, that thing will pass and he will be heal too. We will have him, the artist forever. whatever he does, he doesn´t lose my support, he is my only one. as you said, – about my self and Without exaggeration- I LOVE HIM, I just send him my blessings and my hope that he will do the best considering his circumstances.

        • What I wrote was never mean that I stopped love or encouragement for KHJ, it is quite the opposite .. what I wrote was just what I felt,it is actually my inner sense .. Believe me, even if I wanted to hate him I can`t do it .What ever I said you won`t imagine what does this person means to me.. I feel like he is a part of me . But I used to come here at Lazerkim to disclose what is inside me so I may have some comfort.I know it’s his private life and I do not have the right to think like this, but believe me it is beyond me cause Its really makes me feel sorry and it pains me to see him with a woman who does`nt deserve him .. a woman who hurt him and tried to discredit him and destroy his career and also hurt his family…..I hope if I can heal soon like you said, and More importantly I hope him all the happiness from all my heart with the person who deserves him. About myself I`ll stay love him, support him and pray for his continued success and happiness until the last day of my life…

  7. I totally agree with you! and glad you to be the voice of many. I was commenting on this situation KHJ with some friends and all agreed that Miss CHOI up to something. (Or already planing) also discussed it with a Korean friend and she said that “once like me KHJ, but now I do not like” we asked why and he said, “now is bad for hitting a woman and will having a baby “I got angry but said nothing. because I accept other opinions. and that made me think that we should support more because your country may have most anti fans! for us it is normal except as hitting a woman! on the other hand. Aunt of my Korean friend said, we can not believe everything because sometimes make these scandals to cover up something. not whether to believe him because I saw something in dramas. but in this world is all! LK I love your blog! when you write also feel that I express myself! thank you very much!

  8. Hi LK,
    I just started liking KHJ Dec 2014 and followed all his stories from then on, that follows reading your articles about him. Every time I opened my email, I make sure that I checked if you have new post. I never joined conversations like this because it is not me, but I feel I need to express my insights about Choi, the haters and KHJ.
    When I read the Aug assault, I never believe right away especially when the documents presented by the idiot lawyer and witch Choi were all fake documents. On my mind, what kind of person is her and what kind of family background she have. The February scandal, made me conclude that they are after (she and her family) with KHJ wealth, nothing more. They are not satisfied with what happened last Aug and they want more. What more triggers me to think this is why the bitchy witchy Choi never showed her face in public, always in code name? Why? Because they are afraid that their own relatives and friends will reveal their true identity. It could be there old modus-operandi. They may have did it before to somebody. It looks like they have planned everything from the beginning.
    To all haters, I feel bad for them, because they showed their stupidity. How come in this world you would believe in one person that you have no idea who she/he is? How come in this world you support a person who provides fake documents. Anyway, birds of the same feather flocks together. Meaning to say, they support Choi because they are also stupid. Also, is this what they want, to put a good man down? Do they have realize that if they tried to put KHJ down, many families will be affected because of his businesses, and the numerous organizations that KHJ secretly helping. Selfish, stupid haters, they just think of themselves, not the people who will be affected. Can they help those people if they put KHJ down? Can they donate same amount that KHJ have donated? Why they don’t just focus their love on their own idols. I hope they will not be chosen as jury because they don’t know the meaning of justice.
    TO KHJ
    At first I am wondering why he is not filing any case against Choi’ and her lawyer’s misrepresentation. Until you mentioned in this article that KHJ is not into “legal actions”. But I think he needs now to take legal action agains this Choi, and her lawyer and all media who are releasing false information. For Choi, if she is really pregnant and the case was sent into court, she has no choice but to follow the rule, have DNA and pregnancy test by certified OB-GYNE. Also it will give him the rights for the child if ever the bitch Choi is pregnant. (BUT I AM HOPING NOT, BECAUSE WHAT KIND OF FUTURE THE BABY WILL HAVE UNDER HER PSCHO LIVING). Through court, it will stop the lawyer and witchy Choi to release confidential information to the media. I strongly believe that KHJ will win on this case if it is done on the court. I am also Gemini by zodiac sign, I also fight with silence because I believe the truth will come out at the right time. But with KHJ, I feel he needs to fight back for the sake of the people depending on him, the fans, his employees, the organizations he is helping and his family and relatives.

  9. I have some thoughts about KE, i don’t think they could do anything without KHJ permission. Look, maybe from the begining KHJ told them not to fight (knowing how our KHJ is) and ask them to let it go. Above it all KHJ did mention that he use to love her and would not want to hurt her. So he decided it was a clean break without knowing this pregnancy thingy would come out and bite him in his A**. About the MS, come on guys KE came out with a statment saying it was all a rumor. So don’t blame them. For now, KHJ only have KE on his side to protact him. So we should ceasfire on them until everything is ok.

  10. Just wanted to thank you for your insight and constant support. It’s been hard reading all the negative articles and comments. I look forward to your articles and thoughts, so please don’t stop writing. Thanks again!!

  11. Hi Elisa, can you correct my typos in my last 2 posts ?! I didn’t prove read first and found all the contract has been mistyped to “contact”. thanks a lot.

  12. opps, forgot to finished my #3. A big company like KE not suppose to be so clumsy. From the beginning was like, Choi has a battle plan and KHJ side was caught unprepared and all announcements send by KE sound like written by office staff and not by professional or attorney.

  13. FYI – KHJ 1st case closed b/4 he left to Japan. (on the news). 3/31 Army enlistment is a total lie. Yesterday Korean fan contact the troop (white horse) KHJ suppose to go and got the answer that they had never said KHJ is going to enlist on 3/31.

    So from Choi’s saga to this army story, I present you the conspirator of Key East. Here are some strange coincidences :

    1. Dispatch and Key East boss is close friend
    2. KE was Choi attorney’s client.
    3. A big company like KE
    4. Last year when asked about his contact KHJ close friend mentioned he will just wait till it expired (which should be end of this month).
    5. Most obvious evidence for me is from KE China big share holder (Soho, who has 49% of KE share in Korea) who had published a web news after Choi statement of pregnancy. Instead of white wash this news, it had add more damaging lies on its report which infuriated KHJ China fans who filed complained to KE and affiliates.
    6. Now this army 3/31 enlistment has been proven a lie. From sending information to all news agency to respond to the question and to commenting on KHJ delay enlistment… it’s like KE wrote the script then direct and act the whole story without main character KHJ.

    Initially I had doubt! Because KE also took a big hit of their stock on the whole saga. But on 2nd thought, if you don’t sell the stock, you will not lose any money because it’s up and down all the time. A little good news stock will bounce back. And since KE 45% profit is from Japan and we all know how important KHJ is for KE Japan market.

    So now I no longer had doubt. KE simply made too many mistakes that’s undeniable more harmful than helpful for KHJ. So I draw my conclusion that KE is the conspirator behind the whole thing. Since KHJ is not renewing the contact so they are taking back what they have done for him since 2010.

    But do I worry about KHJ ? no, not at all. Once he’s with a new agency, with his talent and his looks, all his market will be easily recovered. I don’t think he want western market at all in the future, his Still MV blocked U.S. viewers and maybe other English speaking countries. And he’s busy enough with Asia countries so no big deal.

    So, maybe we will know more next month. Cheers.

    • Hello Matelda! Thanks for sharing! Yes I agree with you Hj left Japan Jan 9th after case close it’s stated in this article. Well, that Mar 31 MS was leacked to the media and we may never know it may be a wrong leakage too!! But I don’t think a military camp would ever give info by just a phone call fr a who a fan?? And we all know that HJ wanted to go quietly right? I don’t think HJ will need an agent in SK after MS. That’s all I can say! Thank you again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • Hi Ms Lazer!
        Do you think our boy will be able to get one in Japan?
        Is he really considered a powerhouse by the Japanese music market?
        If they do then I think a lot of his fans’d be so overjoyed considering that Japanese market is more lucrative & welcoming than his own country.

        I really hope & pray that he’ll be able to continue his career there.
        That his Korean, Japanese, Chinese & International fans will continue to love, support & protect him fiercely…

  14. Why brag about KHJ MS??? If the guy wants to go quietly, can’t we allow him to do so? KE had already misleading his fans about MS schedule and I don’t contradict bcoz hj doesn’t want any fanfare! But why can’t his fans understand? You may never know he’s already in!
    Now he’s in the media with trash article again!! geezzz…

    • I’m so tired with this matter too… Seems that some fans just don’t listen him saying on GEMINI Tour that he wants to go quietly to MS.

      This date (31) came not by the media, but as a rumor, fed and wildly shared by the fans. Media saw it and use on articles.

      Fans need to know what and when share things, especially because he didn’t want to show himself now.
      The same with this Jaksal rumor… Fans need to stop spread this, cause soon the media will take advantage again to make another article.

  15. Thanks so much for the undying trust in KHJ. I came to “stalk” him & GHS because of the drama “Boys over flower”. Even attended his 2012 concert in Singapore, got a handshake with him. I have to say, through the success of his Gemini tour, he has proven to his antis, he’s STILL and will always be our number ONE; and at the same stage he’s made it VERY CLEAR, he’s grateful and thankful to all of us for standing by him during his darkest moments, believing & trusting him unconditionally….This has always been his way of resolving issues, GENTLEMANLY without hurting anyone (regardless the other party is his hater). AND I’m proud to be one of his fans. I wear his name proudly too…heheheh 😜

    As for the saga, like the past saga too. I only have ONE thought…A BAG OF LIES! It’s not even worth any of our time to unravel it. And I think that’s how our leader is also thinking. He’s hurting because his loved ones, his friends, his fans are implicated because of him. What’s happened, happened. It’s the past…I only ask that we too, as matured fans, give him some time to himself for reflection so that he could move on. Didn’t he humbly asked us to WAIT FOR HIM? So, we’ll just have to patiently wait, okay? And when he’s ready, he’ll definitely gloriously shine for us once more! and put his haters to rest!

    Lastly on this person named “Choi”, if she has even the slightest conscience or self worthiness, she should face up to her words instead of keep crying wolf. She may fool us once, but twice? Aren’t we all above her stupidity. (Sorry to KHJ….I simply can’t give her any credibilities, even out of respect she’s someone you once “loved”.) Therefore, I seek that we remain silent, like our leader and not give the hear-says a field day at the expense of OUR LEADER, KIM HYUN JOONG!

    We’ll rise up when our leader returns! And there’ll be no stopping us then!

  16. WOW,
    so many opinions …but bottom line we all want the best for KHJ and love him

    Bella – I loved your comment, it is so reasonable and with logic. Liked the new name of psycho bitch Callmechoi.

    As all put their opinions here my two cents, IF Callmechoi was indeed pregnant don’t you all think that she would have gone straight to her best friends Dispatch and also climbed the Empire State Building shouting I have KHJ baby???

    Think Ladies, we already know her pattern of Lies and how she is thinking and acting. I believe there is nothing proved because Callmechoi went on hidding when Hj’s parents came out with their statement and she barked all over “privacy” …the idea being silent keeping all in limbo including the Kim’s.

    Why do you Ladies don’t Believe KHJ or re-read His statement when the news broke…IF she is preggy and HIS he will take responsibility, NO to marriage, NO to family discussion and NO to reconciled with Callmechoi!
    My two cents here, HJ wanted to call her BLUFF, she dissapeared, but continued with FAKE ultrasounds and txts message, LK put that so apt, two morons and so different from the first set of fake txt messages in Aug2014. Facts and those are there in the media.

    Callmechoi wants to portrait Hj as chasing her, now that is really sick, hilarious and sad same time, why, she wants Hj, he is not giving her the time of the day, she wants his attention, wants HIM as a MAN, not the Star. Why? Obssesion with capital letters, terminal stupidity.
    Hj ignored her she went on the 2nd vendetta, discredit him more, regardless she is hurting all around him the most, his family and friends and even attacking his fans, is that normal to you?
    Do you think for a second that HJ have something like more warm sentiments for this creature? Or that he even got drunk with her? Maybe his warm sentiments are bordering she may burn in Hell for all he cares?!

    All this weird Scandal is really smelling of lots of blackmail and the most to trap HJ.
    Maybe there are other people involved as well that we may not know who are also pulling the puppet strings…who knows?

    Why Hj is silent, maybe no news good news? Why HJ is not disclosing the date of his enllistment? Because he said ” I want to go quitely” . Hj had more than enough bad publicity why feeding the Media when they are not with him, they will find something to bark about.

    Now Why SK Media is siding with callmechoi? I wonder Who is paying them to do that? Because no way they will give and take her side without someone Big backing! As I see it maybe HJ is not the real target here, maybe he is just collateral damage? But Hj is paying the deeds, he may have made his mistakes but all in all is nothing compared to other scandals.

    Think Ladies, this is one scandal that went beyond normal proportions by far and the crazy thing is that is not such a big issue, really. Hj was cleared for Aug scandal and now this Feb2015, just to really crush his image and career. WHY? WHO?

    Very but really very Bad face and bad note for SK Media and entertainment!! What a disgrace and shame to them. Tehir Hallyuwave …WHAT A JOKE!??!

  17. Hi LK,

    Thank you so much for your kind heart and commitment to protect and support KHJ and help us his fans to clear our mind and settle our heart as much as we can.

    We can not change what has already happened Is this callmechoi pregnant for real ? or Is Callmechoi pregnant for HJ or somebody eles ?. It does not matter now . As far as HJ’s career is concerned this Callmechoi had successfully trapped him to get herself pregnant . Even though HJ might not be the father . i would say Callmechoi had already ruined his career and completely damaged his image.

    Therefore I strongly encourage him to protect the only thing he has left from his more than 10 years of hard working which is his right to have a happy peaceful life. Getting more involved with a wrong kind of woman for him is a disaster and will only bring him to live in hell. I’m sure he experienced some of the hell already.

    Callmechoi has proved she is the worst kind of woman for him. If she is not the worst she is a brainless woman who does not know how to live with respect and dignity of herself and does not know how to respect the life and career of the person she dies to live with.

    Why I said Callmechoi is the worst kind of woman ? I did not say this from an anger . Her actions since last August till now has shown that she is not capable to live her life with dignity and respect . She is not capable to conduct constructive reasonable relationship and not capable to have a respectful behavior toward the others. Her actions since last August and again during Feb. this years were so shameful. I’m not surprise if behind the scene she is manipulative and habitually lies by nature . She has shown that she is very capable to ruin and destroy a life of the person she think she loves. In my opinion this woman is not capable to love anyone. She just wants to posses and control. Even when she said she is pregnant for HJ I did not see any action that showed her love toward him , his parents or even a supposedly baby. Her action only reflects revenge and manipulation.
    She invited the public and haters who knew very little about him to condemn him and cursed him . She wanted to show the whole world how bad he is and how pitiful she was. .

    As Hj’s fan I feel sad and feel sorry for him that he happened to know the worst kind of woman for him and his career. It ‘s also proved that Callmechoi can not bring out the best of him but the worst .I do not think he will ever be happy to live with the person that he can not share the best of him. I believe he knew that as he wanted to break up at least twice.

    I have seen the fans who said they did not care what ‘s happen in his personal life or what decision he will make and they still continue supporting him. I respect their opinions and really thankful for that. However Please also understand that the fans who worry and concern so much of his personal life are also will continue to support him even though we do not agree or support some of his decisions.

    I do not only see HJ as a singer or an actor that I appreciate his talents but I also like him as a decent human being. I have developed my love toward him through some years and feel like he is part of my family. I can’t help to worry and concern about his future’s life. I want to see him do the best for his life the same as i want for my younger brothers or my closed cousins. Therefore I understood how a lot of us here feel. We want to do what we can to help him make the best decision in a crucial time of his life and try to protect him from what we see it’s bad for him. In this case we all have seen so clear that this Callmechoi has already done so much damaged to his life and career . She has killed his character and still continue to do so. We know we are only his fans we can only try our best to protect from people who try to take advantage on him but the decision is always his .

    There is one thing that really surprise me is the haters , Callmechoi’s friends and those who claimed to protect women. These people believed choi’s story and badly condemned HJ in last August and called him abuser. If they believed HJ is an abuser what kind of advise they will give to Callmechoi now ? Nothing ? ( If I work for women organization there i would advise a woman to respect herself and not to try to marry to a toxic relationship especially to a man who does not want to marry her.) . It’s so funny i saw some of them want HJ to marry this choi . How come they support a woman or a friend to marry the man they believe he is an abuser. It’s clear to me that they knew well Callmechoi lied to public .. They should at least feel shameful and apologize to HJ. I guest they are the same kind of people as Callmechoi…. shameless. It showed that these people are just haters who care for no one even the one they said they believed she is a victim. They simply only enjoy condemning KHJ for nothing. I don’t know what ‘s happen to people in SK . Do their culture allow woman to manipulate the man and public if she can get herself pregnant ? and get the man to responsible by marrying her regardless of toxic relationship and lie and miserable life later on.? What a hypocritical practice.

    • Hello Bella! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, this is good and I agree with all you have said, yes you’re right, the damage had been done, whether she’s pregnant or not is no longer the question bcoz no matter how we lay out the truth here people still would believe what they read from the news and that’s so sad.
      What a hard way for HJ has to learn his lesson that somewhere along the way there are so many things which I think is wrong and just plain injustice was what is being placed on his head. And yes lots of hypocitical practices that I never thought would exist in this age and time!! So I still have this in mind DO LIES WIN? Would I allow lies to win? *sigh* I’m just so restless to think about this, to just let it get away as if nothing happened!
      Here again so many rumors coming out that Jaksal Japan is closing down I don’t know where that news came from! This is just groundless rumor! Are haters doing this just to show how HJ is losing? Aren’t they happy with this scandal? Makes me ask myself, is this the world we live in? *sigh*
      Thank you again Bella take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Dear Lk,

        Thank you for your respond. I learned a lot from what happen to HJ in Callmechoi ‘s scandal .

        Please take good rest and relax . Let’s GOD handle the important part . Sometime when we want thing to solve quickly we feel frustrate and restless. Looks at the bright side this is probably the most important lesson that HJ needs to learn in order to change his way of living if that brought this kind of woman to his life. I ‘m still curious who introduced this woman to him or how he met her.

        NO, LIES NEVER WIN . It may look like it wins in the beginning but not. I think fighting with people who believed in big lies is restless and exhaust because the more we explain the more they will keep repeating to convince themselves to believe. It’s not worth doing. We better work on supporting and valuing honesty and sincerity more. I believe those haters who are intellectual enough cannot lie to themselves no matter what they said and for those who can’t think we really can’t help just let them be.

        I think for this scandal when the face of Callmechoi is disclosed I wonder if she dare to meet eyes with anyone. I can not imagine this choi can meet the eyes of HJ’s mom. She knows mom would know she did make embarrassing thing happened on purposed.

        The rumor of Jaksal Japan is just to please all haters and upset us i don’t think it’s true. If it’s true then HJ will see it ‘s clearer what happen to his life when he trusts wrong kind of woman. It does not matter how many times you fall the important is you get up stronger each time. I still believe in him.

        • Oh yes me too i’ve learned a lot from this scandal. It’s only HJ who can resolve this and I leave that to him. This time there’s still things to do in enlightening the future for HJ, how this scandal may affect him and what to do so that others may not experience what he had. This I think can maintain our support to him even he’s in MS.
          Now why do we think the same, yes I’ve been wondering as to who introduce Choi to HJ even from last year. LOL I can’t help think whoever he is might have a strong jealousy on HJ. Bcoz this is the 1st time that he was entangled in women scandal, and until at this time no one came forward and complain right? I can’t eliminate the thought Choi is being used that she couldn’t have done this all by herself monopolozing the media!!
          Yeah I know sooner or later she’ll be exposed. *sigh* it just takes one private detective to do that job! Although I still believe she’ll be exposed on her own. She just can’t get away from this, she hurt a lot of people.
          And yes I still feel she’s not preggy I don’t know why i’m not just convinced not that I’m in denial, it’s just that I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that HJ is not stupid to just jump in, no way! Well not unless he acknowledge without IF?? or PROBABLY??? I would only believe in him.

  18. Hello LK….
    Thanks for compiling all the Choi episodes. Every time i go back and read the drama script put up by that woman it makes me even wonder if she really knows/met Hyun Joong oppa!!!! we who are far away know him better than her as we have a better understanding than that liar!!!!!!!!!who is she to him now- a wife, a girlfriend, a friend, a well wisher, a relative or sister…LOL I REALLY PITY HER THAT SHE MADE HERSELF LOOK LIKE A PATHETIC OBSESSED WOMAN..who is no longer in a balanced mental state.
    Well thanks to you CHOI that we are not just close to HYUN JOONG oppa but also made our fellow henecians more closer to each than ever!!! United we stand holding our hands with hyun joong oppa till the end……..

  19. LK, I am so worried now about KHJ, He has again delayed his enlistment, for what reasons? With KHJ’s silence, I think the issue is turning against him.. What is happening to him…that he could not even speak up for himself..For goodness’ sake..there is no time for privacy now…because even the most personal things about him were already revealed by that girl.. so I do not think he would think of “privacy” as the reason why he remains silent..Even his Jaksal-Japan is closing due to circumstances and we all know what those circumstances are..Is he going to wait for everything to fall on him..worst if he will make that scary decision of marrying at this is the end for him..I KNOW HE HAS MANY LOYAL FANS READY TO SUPPORT HIM, BUT IF HE WILL NO LONGER HAVE A CAREER DUE TO THIS SCANDAL…EVEN US FANS CAN NEVER HELP OR REVIVE HIM..I feel so sad for this what that girl want..will she still be hooked on him if he is bankrupt? sad for him..will there still be a woman who would truly love him after this? I am getting hurt because of him…REALLY SO SO SORRY FOR HIM AND I DO NOT KNOW WHY AND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HIM..MAY GOD HELP HIM is all I can pray for him now.

    • I do not wish him bad, but my mother used to say, when you don’t have or when you’re in trouble is when you know a woman that truly loves you, like wise friends too. KHJ will survive this scandal. I wish there’s something i can do to help him.

  20. Agrre . We have to wait cnfirmation from khj…keep patient…KE looks like avoiding to talk about khj future plans (mybe requested by khj) .
    If he said he likes to go in silence, he has this right, I understand the fans intentions not to let him go without a farewell from his fans, but because EVERYBODY deals with his personal problem, that is better to go quietly.
    KE cant say anything since KHJ himself agrees. He needs to fix his problem, probably he likes to wait till the baby comes, does the DNA and goes in peace to the army.
    Just wait calmly.

      • Hello Jazu! I’m sorry I was cut short and I have to continue. May I just point this out as you stated…
        “He needs to fix his problem, probably he likes to wait till the baby comes, does the DNA and goes in peace to the army.” before it might misinterpreted. This is just speculation right? Since there’s no confirmed statement as yet whether she’s pregnant or not. This may not even be the reason for his MS postponement. I would take it as he just wants to go quietly on his MS. This was in the news, right? Thank you for sharing your thoughts, take care, be happy and see you again!! God bless…

        • Of course it is a speculation, I said probably. ahh……….. who knows what is in his mind now, we just speculate, we really need news. What is sure is that sooner or later she will do the DNA test for her own sake.

  21. Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that maybe KE allowed the enlistment date of 31st march be out there while it’s not the real date to hide the real one? maybe the real one is already past and he is there right now, and now it releases that that date was wrong? it’s just my opinion knowing that he wants to go quietly and away from media.

      • HI there, I’ve been reading your blog over a year now.And I’m a believer for what you have said or write.. 🙂 I have a same thought and Agree wit you Ms. Tina. And I notice HJ is the one breaking up with this lunatic Choi. Not once but twice ( i hope I get it right, you may correct me if I’m wrong). It is “UNUSUAL” to a man asking for a break up with a girl (not to mention HJ is a very gentleman). Meaning there is a problem with this woman. Let us be honest with this girls. It is a shame for us or insult to us if a man broke us first, right?.. Its like a slap on our face. And With this, I have to commend and applaud HJ for breaking up this woman “FIRST”!!.. A big slap on you bitch. lol.. I also, I appeal to everyone, let us respect HJ if he want to go to MS quietly. And Let us not speculate things that is not confirmed. Specially this “MARRIAGE” issue.. PLEASE.. I firmly believe that HJ would not do that.. I do believe, ONCE A STAR IS ALWAYS A STAR.. And HJ will always a star that shinning upon us.. 🙂

        • Hello Ciendz! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! You got a strong point and I agree with you, you hit the pot! May I move your comment on top so everyone can read

        • Agree with what you wrote, dear.

          Unfortunately that mental creature doesn’t seem to have any sense of shame.
          She’s having a major temper tantrum & bent on revenge as well as not wanting to let go of our boy.
          If she couldn’t have him then no other woman could too…

          But of course we all know she’s mentally-challenged…

        • Yes thank you Ciendz for trusting and believing in him, I want us to through all the negative and bad thoughts out of the window and trust him pleazzzzzzz

    • Dont worry it is the same story, if he does he is running away, letting her alone dealing with this, if he does not, he is a stupit and irresponsible boy, what to do? he can not please everyone, just to himself even if it hurts us or her.

  22. Pls. Ms anonymous if you have the copy tell us what is the content of it coz im also curious about the issue b/w byj and khj..i wanted to know the root of all this scandal….thank u so much

  23. Shocking news!

    from the beginning, there was no schedule for enlistment on March 31st ! ?

    Is that true? K. E want to hurt our HJ?

    I’m so shocked. …and sad. …
    I hope it’s not true. …

    • I told everyone HJ wanted to get in quietly so why would they expose the real date of his enlistment? I’m just wondering why brag about his MS? That mar 31 came from the news that was leaked. You may never know even that leakage is not right. Let him go quietly. pls…

    • Well, it want i read from korean fans twitter this morning…
      She call to 9th Infantry Division Which the news said hyun joong will enter, asked will there have any enlistment ceremony during 31st? Division respond that there have No any enlistment ceremony will held in 31st.

      The news said close to hyun joong relationship person release this enlist statement to media, then who is this person? Of cau keyeast!!

        • Everybody seaches everywhere, only KE or KHJ himself words are the right.
          If KE doesnt rebel the date it is because KHJ likes to go quietly. just wait

        • Of cau they will give info since there are not only hyun joong, but also have other koean man will join the divsion same day. They have to give info to let people lnow about the enlistment ceremony. And if the day have celeb join, they have to give info to the media. This is what i have knew from my korean friend

  24. I have a doubt please somebody clear it for me..
    Every company trying to safeguard their stars even from simple things, why his company didn’t take any action????????
    why they are just answering the questions????

    • Because it is KHJ right, KE, They can say anything if he does not. It is his way, his personality, evidently his low profile here. Sorry, wehave to wait and acept his decision.

  25. Hi LK thanku for another article:)
    Here are answers for ur puzzles (jus my opinion)

    1. ABOUT LOOKING OTHER WOMAN: In one 2014 interview he said “i dated a star in secret last year but now i’m single” tis means he was single in 2014. As he stated he dated A from april,2014 to may,2014 then they broke up, there is less possibility for another woman within this gap. As A stated,he is looking at other woman, from august nightmare WHY would he go back to her and WHY THE HELL she accepted him again.(she said this other woman story to convince the public and fans that he is a PLAYER) . [MY OPINION: HE DOESN’T HAV OTHER WOMAN].

    2.ABOUT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY OF CHILD: For the woman who made all these things so far its not a big deal to meet him alone while he was drunk. He is totally unaware about what happened. Though he himself didn’t know that if she s really pregnant or s he reason for that, he acceppted to take the resposibility of the child(any human with self conscience would do that) and it doesn’t mean that he admits that as a truth.

    3. ABOUT JEJU ISLAND TRIP: Which person in this world would go for a JOLLY trip with a person whom they just fought with in the court in front of the whole world??? OK they went to jeju island, its means he felt something for her, then why would he have other woman things in his bag????( again trying to prove him as PLAYER).

    4.ABOUT TEXT MSGS: All of us know atleast this much about him that he wont speak about MAKE UP things during such a serious time (break up , child, etc). other things u can decide.

    5.ABOUT FLOWERS: Are they really afraid that they might have caught by her parents, so that he sent flowers without name??? whom r u kidding??? so she means that her parents didn’t know her love relationship at that time. CAN U BELIEVE THIS???

    I’m really curious about one thing, WHY people talking about the ASSAULT case again and again which was proven wrong long ago???

    if he really loved her, he wouln’t have broke up with her.
    if she s really pregnant and it is his child, he wont be simply sitting and watching instead of going to her.
    if he has the thought of marrying her , he would’ve married her by this time.
    HE WAS SILENT, HE IS SILENT , HE WILL REMAIN SILENT coz he knows that trying to prove him will only make him exhausted.

    Director (GOD) of this story will have his own script, who is the best director of this universe, so we dont need to worry. OFCOURSE HERO will get all the problems but at the end he will solve everything and make a HAPPY ENDING where GOOD will win and BAD will lose.

    I dont know why, but all these dramas reminds me ‘INSPIRING GENERATION’. OUR SHIN JUNG TAE is fighting against evils for his loved ones:)))))))))))

    • Hello there! May I just correct, a man having another woman doesn’t always follow he’s a player. There’s a gap of 6mos from the 1st break up in May to Nov. Can’t HJ have a rel within that period? I would prefer HJ having another woman and I will not discredit him with that than having a rel with a lunatic Choi!. Just my opinion! Thanks for sharing! Take care! See you again! God bless..

      • A man having another woman is not a player but a man going to a trip with other woman when he has his own woman is a player. In this article u said she stated that ‘he s seeing another woman’ in aug nightmare also. thatsy i said short gap may to aug jus 2 months in bwn. I think i made my point clear. SORRY if i’m wrong. I didn’t tell that he s a player . I jus told what she is trying to do(jus my opinion). In my point of view he didn’t go for a trip with her and he also dont have another woman(jus my opinion). THANKU :)))

        • Younger adults isues, I experience this daily even with my sons and students. If they dont really love and dont feel secure with to whom they are dating, they continue looking for another woman. So, they do not miss out on a chance to hang out with someone they feel good, not necessarily love here. Of course it disgust me, but they point me out that until they decide to marry, they do not have to stop trying to know other people and find the one, and that if they are not sure who is the right person for their lives, they just live as well as possible and they are not dating with whoever appear, they are not players. I listen this statement from my students and younger adults in the family. They are not bad people, adorable younger adults, some of them with bad experiences with g/f or b/f, cautious with their relationships, clarify beforehand the kind of the relationship well to avoid future conflicts.
          As I listened to KHJ saying the same, it makes me smile and feel that he is my other son, the problem for him in this case is, not to count that she does not like this kind of relation NOW, at the begining it could work, I bet that she knew he had other women to go out with. As she is older 31, time passes and she knows that he likes her, she could change her mind and liked something more serious.
          I don’t think he has another woman, he has other women around. His little bad habit, I could not say HIS HABIT, the youngers bad habit nowadays. Serouisly, it could sound light but this is the true. He is a normal young adult, he is not out of these things since he did not like to marry yet.
          Now he is facing a woman who is forcing KHJ to marry to her, it is not smart ,she can say she does want but SHE DOES. He could marry her in order to correct his mistakes, he would try, it is his right to intent for the baby´s sake but……………….. I have my doubts, Something that is forced doesnt never work.

          • Thanku JAZU:))
            You have told me something useful in a really matured way. I’m 23 yrs old and yet to learn everything. SORRY if I said anything wrong in my comment. again THANKU:)))

            • Ja ja ja ja….. we are always learning something, you can find here mature girls, who daily face problems, as I said before I am a teacher, and as one a little bit psychologist, and also a mother of 3 adorable young adults, the boys are not players but they dont like anything seriuos yet. As a young girl you need to consider this point of view of many boys, at the moment to have a relationship, be clear with your and his intentions.
              God bless you.

          • I just love your comment JAZU and I see evil in her heart.
            Based on my experience this is not love .
            She will not be able to do what she did if she loves him.

            She tried hard to show to public that he loves her and care only for her. i don’t know why ?

            • AGREE, and we know that we, girls, have the power if we really want. We can manipulate,I did it but for little quirks. Ja ja ja ….. poor my husband if I really want something from him, The thing is that we love eachother, we could do it with no bad intentions and avoiding to hurt him.
              well life experiences…
              take care dear l really love your comments.

            • Dear I consider her as one of his girls who was behind him till call his attention. And now shows her claws and her true intentions, to trap the most handsome man in Sk. She likes that everyboby knows that he likes her, BUT LIKE doesnot mean LOVE. That is what she doesnot understand well.
              She does not know what is love, what to really love someone mean. What to do with that stupid girl?

  26. May I ask a question..
    normally in SK,,which would be the month of entering the army…from what I know,,it alwiz in march n july??(if im not mistaken)
    is it anytime they can entering the army??

  27. I guess some agencies are stepping up to the plate to protect their artist. I read where an accident occurred and a famous female artist was involved. Name was not given but the initial “J” was given, and some news reported a name, the artist came out and said not her and her agency said they would sue if her name was attached to that story again. Then I see where Lee Min Ho and Suzy’s agency came out and verify that they were dating. I guess they are learning from what happen to HJ, so you see some good has come out of all of this and these artist and their agencies need to stand with HJ. He is definitely a child of God and he will continue to do His work no matter what. They are not waiting but coming out right away. Amen

  28. Thanks Lazerkim. I think the only way women like Choi can survive in SK is through blackmail and forcing a celebrity or wealthy man to marry them. This is becoming increasingly popular in SK. I only pray that God deliver KHJ from Evil.

  29. Thanks LazerKim, for another piece of this puzzle, but really this creature has no shame in lying to ALL getting mixed up in all her lies and what really is puzzling and baffling is that those SK people they actually believe her?! All her lies with mixed dates with lots of loopholes are really so obvious even a child can see that those txt messages are a fake, she make Hj sound like an idiot and she is just more than stupid, wants to show like he is running after her, really? Who are you kidding?! That hide and seeks with lets’ go to this dr not to other ? the dates the fake documents again…I mean really they all think we are all blind and stupid and can’t see that all this is a web of lies mixed and going deeper they forget one date till the next.
    I hope that lawyer will be disbarred for making up fake documents for misleading the public and making false accusations.

    I hope Hj will be able to free himself from the web of this black spider…she is one rotten to the core woman with a non existent common sense and suffering from terminal stupidity!

    Are all SK Media lacking Ethics that they can’t really see how unethical those outlets are biased and leashed and attacked HJ and discredited him without giving a fair account of all that transpired ? Are they all really that blind not to see what is in front of their eyes, the bitch is not the victim here….KHJ and his family and loved ones are the victims and his fans as well. Isn’t really nobody able to expose the real Choi the face the name the lies?

    What a disappointment those SK Entertainment and Media, what a bad taste they leave….

    But I have seen on TT that some director spoke on MBC about KHJ about his professionalism and his serious working attitude, hear hear …there are still brave men who have the guts to praise KHJ. He showed he is not afraid to speak his mind and appreciate KHJ.
    I wish more will speak up and maybe one way or another maybe just maybe that bitch cjoi will finally be exposed and will disappear from Hj’s life and ours…..for good!!

    • The lawyer already gotten his 15 minutes of shame too, but why silence all of a sudden? Secret’s about to be exposed? Hmmm, the media are so biased in SK, why are they trying to ruined the name of someone that’s promote their country in a good light? Wow! This is so disgusting and annoying.

  30. I agree with Lazer Kim! This is not clear and it seems a dirty play against Hyun Joong-ssi. Why? I don’t know, but we want answers… Certainly, is his private life, but the HENECIAS have suffering, not for Hyun Joong-ssi but because this inconsistences and lies! HENECIAS Fandom isn’t a any group of people, we have seen to grow up to Hyun Joong-ssi and we are growing up with him!! He isn’t only an artist… He’s our family!! We have defended him, we have fighting for him, we have cried for our brother, our example of live, our dream, our friend, our conexión with other people around a world! Kim Hyun Joong is not only an artist, is part our life, so i think the HENECIAS deserve answers, not for judging, but because we have been and will be side by side with him…

  31. Lazerkim

    Wow! Thank You. once again, i believed everything that you pointed out, because i already knew since February when her lawyer releases his last statement ( 11 weeks pregnancy that jumped to 16 weeks within 6 or 4 days) that she made it all up. She won’t get away with it. She’s exposed. and if what i read is correct, KHJ won’t be enlisting at the end of March, i think i support him, to clear this whole choi’s nightmare before going, so that he can atleast have a rest of mind even while in the military and for his parent too, peace of mind.

  32. wow, we have the same thoughts lazer kim, we have already made a video with this evidences & i have mentioned most of these words on that video, it’s amazing , even the puzzle word…thank you so much for another amazing article, wait for our video.

  33. wow, we have the same though lazer kim, we have already made a video with this evidences & i have mentioned most of these words on that video, it’s amazing , even the puzzle word…thank you so much for another amazing article, wait for our video.

  34. Oh what a tangled web she wove . . . keeps getting more dramatic than K-dramas . . . KHJ, you are going through a very dark, tough and rough time in your life right now . . . but hang in there and know that OUR LOVE FOR YOU IS YOUR GUIDING LIGHT, and we will always shine brightly for you!

  35. She has said so many lies that even herself can’t keep the track of them. I have thought about her lies so much and every time I have this feeling that my brain is exploding. How can she tell lies so shamelessly?!
    LK thanks a lot for your article, you’re right we should analyze her statements while they’re still fresh so we can find the holes in her story.
    Today I read about postponement. I really wanted HJ to go on 31th so he can comeback by the end of 2017 but if he has chosen this way it means it’s for the best. After all he can’t go while he still has an open problem. I believe that he wants to concentrate on his MS and his duty toward his country, so first he should erase all the worries and be at peace.
    It comes to my mind that the problem is not solved. so is she still playing hide and seek? Or Is the baby his and he is waiting until the baby is born? And so many other heartbreaking thoughts. This period has been very hard for us since we love him and we’re worried about his future and career. So it must be so many times harder for himself as he is more worried about his most precious thing in his life than us. Therefore, it again shines in my mind that
    *rest assure that HJ will never endanger his music.
    *He will act wisely and he is not alone this time, he has his family.
    *He has promised us that he will come back to us after MS while knowing about this so-called pregnancy at that moment.
    *He is the man who always keeps his words.
    So based on these facts that I know about HJ, I do trust him and for now want to do the only thing that I can do for him at this moment and he needs very much: pray. Let’s all keep praying for him, finally God will hear one of our prayers.

  36. I agree with whatever you said comepletely! Thank you for the analyses of dates! Every time I did it I ended up with a headache! LOL. The numbers just don’t add up!
    I agree with you on the text messages! They just don’t add up! And there is no proof that it IS his and her msgs only, is there? Such flimsy evidences and people just believe it! It’s really sad!
    He cannot be stupid enough to get married to that awful woman Choi. Not after what she did to his parents! I only hope he doesn’t come under any pressure and do that! It would make him very very unhappy in his life! I hope he makes wise decisions, goes to his MS, does his training well and comes back to us safe! I don’t even want a statement anymore! We are smart enough to deduce the truth ourselves & not fall for media nonsense.

    Thank you for this amazing breakdown of the circumstances! Anyone with a brain can see through the web of deceit the Choi camp is trying to weave. Too bad for them that he has fans who believe in him! No more lies!

    Fighting! ❤ 🙂

  37. Hi dear…

    I think Foreign fans may not know that, But most of the Korean,Japanese and Chinese fans know that…

    All I can say from now on don’t believe KEYEAST that much!
    this is a magazine that released from Japan last week, it explosion Inside Story about Korean entertainment

    After the magazine released, the Japanese and Korean fan are very angry!

    • Hi..

      The link u gave here is abt twitter messages among HJ’s fans and did not get what they say. It would be great if u can at least explain what were they talking abt.

      And there’s no link of the magazine from Japan that u mention above.

      Thank you for the info and waiting patiently for ur reply.

    • As much as i know was japanese found out that the choi’s lawyer have been work with keyeast between year 2012-2013, then choi get to know hyun joong at 2012, hyun joong have his first contract end at 2012 then he dont want to renew. Ok that match the day they start dating! Japanese fans said it keyeast done everything cau they want to keep hyun joong but hyun joong want to leave.Even lastest news about delay to enlist also keyeast released the news to media.

      P.S. but korean fans call to the army which news said hyun joong will join, 31st of march Do Not have any new army to join that day.

      About the magazine, it seem talk about the bea young jun as one of the biggest onwer of keyeast,try to do everything bad try to keep hyun jong, but since there have no other content so dont know what it said. But my cousin got me a copy from Japan but i still dont have time to get it, as soon as i get it i will post the link here.

      Right now all i can say japanese and korean fans are very angry about keyeast!

      • Pls. Ms anonymous if you have the copy tell us what is the content of it coz im also curious about the issue b/w byj and khj..i wanted to know the root of all this scandal….thank u so much

      • Hi anonymous…thank you for replying…

        1. Sometimes ago we hve talked abt this lawyer and has been cleared that Choi’s lawyer indeed has been working for KE for quite sometimes and he also got job from other agencies. He kind of freelancer lawyer.

        2. Yup true Choi knowing HJ since 2012 as per what KE told after the scandal. HJ mentioned that that woman is used to be a friend to his friend and always around HJ and friend since that 2 years and she just became close to HJ since May 2014 until the scandal burst out on August.

        3. Wait, HJ’s contract with KE ended 2012?! Are they sure abt it? Hj started being KE artist on 2010. How come its just 2 years contract? Shouldn’t it be 5 years contarct which will be ended 2015 this year?

        4, Regarding saying abt KE misleading info abt MS whatsoever, in my opinion, if they really do mislead the MS news, t seems that they do it for HJ sake, Doesn’t Hj already remind his fans in recent concert that he wanted to go quietly. I think we should just respect his humble request just for him and us benefits.

        5. The magazine, what do u mean by ” BYJ try to do everything bad to keep HJ “!? It sound weird for me since we know BYJ and KHJ is really close together like close donseang and hyung. I don’t think BYJ got a heart to do such bad thing to KHJ. It just not right.

  38. LK dear, I sincerely believe that KHJ give an official statement, a letter, or agency we finally communicate the final resolution of this case? Or will it go to MS and will remain in limbo for two years without really knowing what happened? That thought in my head is so frustrating 😦

    • Dear LK, what you think the reason for the postponement of MS? This makes me so nervous and sad.
      I read on twitter that the most logical reason for the postponement of MS is the baby, what do you think? Is this the real reason and KHJ wait until the baby is born and from there to go to calm military?

        • All tests indicate no baby.
          My intention is not to offend anyone, but here we only rely on speculation and supplies delivered to the media.
          There is a document, letter, statement confirming the truth of the facts.
          So therefore I’m not close to any possibility, to not know from direct sources.

      • Hello gaby! I think this postponement is already expected since this scandal just erupted last month, he really has to clear himself before going! Aside from the fact his fans urging to see him off and he already requested that he wanted to go quietly. Why can’t we fans understand that simple request from him?

        • Yes, I agree with you! I hope this is the reason for the postponement.
          Besides it is logical that if he entered the 31 MS, not only fans would go to fire him, also the media would try to take advantage of this situation and perhaps generate more notes trash about him.

          Thanks LK.

        • I really wish that were true but it doesn’t make sense. If postponement is to clear his name then KeyEast could say that he was postponing to take care of these matters besides they have already released statements about the pregnancy for the past month. If it is because fans know that date I don’t think that would be a valid reason for the Korean Military to accept his request to postpone which has to have a valid reason. Entering “quietly” probably won’t count. The KE statement says ” the reasons behind his actions are very personal, so it is hard for us to share his reasons…”
          The “very personal” has people assuming it is something beyond the pregnancy or they would have stated it like they have before. On comments people speculate he has postponed till after baby is born and KHJ will announce marriage. Oh course it’s speculation but its apparent it will have to come from Hyun Joong and that his agency KE does not feel comfortable making the announcement for him. I hope whatever decision he has made, that people respect his privacy and his decision. For me being a fan means I like his music and his dramas and this personal stuff doesn’t really matter to me. I still will watch his dramas and listen to his music. I think whatever he decides is fine and I hope he can reclaim his personal life and keep it personal. I suspect he will announce something in the near future.

          • We have to wait cnfirmation from khj…keep patient…KE looks like avoiding to talk about khj future plans (mybe requested by khj) so we cannot believe only based on KE statement…

  39. Hello, Lazer! ^^
    Let me add some information that I found when I was ‘playing’ of Detective… XD

    When her lawyer did the last interview, he showed some documents claiming to be the pregnancy test. Ok.

    On the top of the document you can see a symbol followed by “임신검사” (‘pregnancy test’ in korean). This isn’t the logo at all, because an hospital can’t be called ‘Pregnancy Test’ (and they do it to the name of the location be preserved), BUT… If there’s a symbol… there’s a logo, right?

    So, I ‘crop’ only the symbol and search on “oracle”… Google. XD (you can search images using another image)… And voilà! The only website with this logo was showed up:

    So… Let’s check this Health Center (not Hospital, as you can see):

    1 – I searched ‘임신 검사’ and the only thing I’ve found in this website was the words ‘임신’ and ‘검사’ in different phrases, talking about ‘Diabets’. Nothing more.

    2 – I found this complaint from a client (in 2012) who moved to the JeungPyeong county (another important fact… I’ll get there soon…) and took his wife there, but was surprised to know that they don’t have gynecology and obstetrics…

    3 – This Health Care have a program of treatment to pregnants (like “maternal & child health handbook”, “Maternal nutritional support”, “Iron therapy: pregnancy from 16 weeks before birth (5 months)”, “Happy Pregnancy Childbirth preparation classes”, etc…) , but don’t even mention pregnancy test, ginecology and other essential care on pregnancy.

    4 – This Health Care is located on JeongPyeong county. It’s something about 8 HOURS from Seoul. With a lot of Hospitals and Health Cares in Seoul and other places near by Seoul… Why she choose to go to this Health Care 8 hours from Seoul? Curious…


    So, if this pregnancy is real or not… Only time will answer. If is real, I’ll don’t be frustrated or anything like this because a son (even if the mother is the personification of the devil) is a precious gift into a life.
    This isn’t signify that I’ll be forced to like this woman. I just will ‘throw her for a corner’ and do what I do with pamphlets that I get on the street: Kneading and throw in the trash (what is the place which she belongs).

    • WOOOoooooaaaaAAAAA!!!!
      I can’t believed what I’ve read !!!!
      You did an amazing job!!! I hope this is true …. with all my heart !!
      Thanks !!!

      But, why KE and Hyun Joong didn’t notice that??
      As a foreign fan.. so I think I miss some information available in Korea only… please share more info !!
      At this point I want to know everything, even the roomers =/

      • Elisa, I’m also a foreign fan. But information nowadays can be found by anyone on the globe. That’s the internet’s miracle.
        I saw the test picture given by the lawyer, crop the symbol and did the search. Done.

        Found the website, you can use specific keywords on the search engines and ask for the results to be only from this website (in this case, you need to know a little of korean). That’s how I found about the complaint, and about the lack of this important information about pregnancy tests.

        And in the footer of the website we can find the address and the phone. Using Google Maps, we can found the distance and the time that will take from Seoul to JeungPyeong.


        Now, my suppositions:

        Well, about KE, I have nothing to say. I don’t even can say I trust them by now. The Only Ones I trust is Kim Hyun Joong and his parents.

        So, we all know that KHJ and his family are trying to go to an Hospital to make the exams. But she’s avoiding it…

        So what’s the problem to go to an Hospital? Probably because in the hospital they will do the test properly? Maybe with a DNA test included?

        “But they even tell her that she could choose any hospital of her preference. So why she chose and disappeared on the dates?”

        Very simple: An hospital will have all the health areas and will be able to do all the exams. Once with her two feet in the hospital, she can’t be able to avoid to do the exams. And that’s what she’s afraid…

        • The Truth…that her Bluff will be revealed!?😉 That she done this again to catch Hj attention?

          Today via the net we can all provide ultra sounds even better quality….3D. Txts and so on…simple copy paste

          But they all keep🙈🙉🙊 !

          Wonder why?

  40. Thanks for this analysis..I can clearly see the “holes” in this story now..
    But what about this delay on the enlistment announced today? I’m so disappointed…because the sooner he will go..the sooner he will come back to us! Another postponement..😓. Me too I’m nervous about the reason..hope is just to clear his name and end up this drama once for all ( like many of you here suggested.. and not because of a future paternity…😓)

  41. Hello everyone!!! Guys, I agree silence torments us to get the latest news on KHJ.
    LK, you again have pointed us with such a thorough analysis on KHJ’s case.
    I just hope that KHJ will really give a deep consideration before making any decision.
    His present action will lead to his future.
    Miss Choi, I do hope that you will make a wise decision for the sake of both parties- I mean a win-win solution.
    Just pray that this mess will be cleared out soon.

  42. khj needs time to clear his name from this scandal..that bitch have to move from khj life completely so im sure currently khj n his parents still trying their best to handle that bitch..they have to settle this case before his enlistment…so he can enlist in peace n come back after 2years as a healthy person..

  43. The silence makes me worry, Delayed enlistment is also worrying. Why the military allowed so many postponement? Is it allowed because he is getting married?.. Hope not. So so scary…. waiting in silence now….” it’s creepy”

    • If it is bcoz of getting married im sure the news will come out in all media since thats is the reason for delaying enlistment…maybe delay enlistment or the silence will bring us a good news..
      we have to keep waiting for khj cnfirmation….he will come infront of us one day or atleast write a official letter to lets us know the final decision of this scandal…lets keep praying the best for khj n his family..

  44. Thank you for pointing out the important details about this issue lk!!
    Lets hope for the best that khj will decide for what is good for him and for his family..although i have this worries about the postponement of his MS but im still looking for the positive outcome of this whole scenario..
    Lets trust KHJ for this matter!!!

  45. Actually LK I think what you said does make a lot of sense, I too believe she is not pregnant because if she was she wouldn’t be afraid to take the tests again in presence of Hyun Joong and his parents.

  46. Kim Hyun Joong agency confirmed he application for delayed enlistment has been approved. I hope he did not marry that CHoi but use this opportunity to clear himself from all these shits.

  47. Hello LazerKim. Now a days i am waiting for your article. It makes me better, I am also fan of Kim Hyun Joong. Always i thing about Kim Hyun Joong only. What ever you say good things about khj i am ready to listen. When ever your article comes naa i feel like khj is with me. I am really jealous with korean people because you people can see him directly. I really want to see him in real. i feel my self how unlucky i am. what ever I always support Kim Hyun Joong. I have never seen like that person in my whole life. He is such a beautiful hearted person in the world. Really he is not a human being HE IS ANGEL. He just came to earth to guide us in a right way.

  48. Honestly,i don’t think hyun joong loves this woman,on my own analysis:kim hyun joong wants to finish all this case with the lunatic in silence to make such he and his don’t ever have to hear from her again in the future.he is not afraid of her or been blackmailed,and what ever happened between hyun joong reallyu regrets it.he is to busy to be texting such rubbish,she is just something that spoils people’s day,she is bad news,am absolutely such hyun joong regrets ever been with her.please kim hyun joong marry someone with no respect for his parents,fans and most importantly his privacy.pls am pleading with fans not to get worked up or think about anything any damn fool has to say about hyun joong in a wrong GOD good news is around the corner,i pray for more strenght from GOD to fight off her manipulative traps,love u unconditionally kim hyun joong,fightin……

    • oh,i’m so agree with you about this quote “kim hyun joong wants to finish all this case with the lunatic in silence to make such he and his don’t ever have to hear from her again in the future.he is not afraid of her or been blackmailed,and what ever happened between hyun joong reallyu regrets it.he is to busy to be texting such rubbish” it is so true… may god bless hj & his family,henecia family,Lk and me…^_^v

  49. yes, the silence at this point is annoying. I hope KHJ will think wisely this time. He has seen for the second time how terrible this woman is..his life is like a drama seen in public for free and the sad part, KHJ is not the prime artist but the girl..I could never imagine how Khj managed to still be with her after all that chaos last year…I do believe, KHJ career is over once he decide to be with that girl..I AM HOPING AGAINST ALL HOPES THAT KHJ WILL FIND ANOTHER WOMAN WORTHY OF HIS LOVE AND RESPECT.

    • I agree with you, it’s quite annoying.
      But on the other hand I think KHJ who tried to communicate what happened through the official site of Japan.
      and there has continued to publish by this means, it is likely that the agency has not allowed him to continue reporting on the case.

  50. Another PUZZLE

    According to Ms. Choi,
    she met with Kim Hyun Joong’s father on January 6

    But revealed text messages:
    January 10, 2015
    K: Let’s tell our parents later. I thought about it a lot, and it’s still hard for me to handle. I need to think about it more. Please understand.
    C: It’s hard because you keep changing your mind.

    • Choi show the messages on jan 24th (jan 25 to the public) … and on jan 26 (jan 27th to the public) Hyun Joong’s father says he met her on jan 06th… this proof that the text messages that Choi show are fake…
      Hyun Joong’s father also asks her permission to show his messages .. and Choi ask for privacy and says that Hyun Joong’s parents were lying and she has nothing else to say….
      weird isn’t it? actually no, because she managed the messages for her convince, showing a silly Hyun Joong who believes that she is pregnant of his baby…

  51. Another PUZZLE

    According to Ms. Choi,
    she met with Kim Hyun Joong’s father on January 6

    But revealed text messages:
    January 10, 2015
    K: Let’s tell our parents later. I thought about it a lot, and it’s still hard for me to handle. I need to think about it more. Please understand.
    C: It’s hard because you keep changing your mind.

  52. I don’t like what is happening. Choi has been silent, HJ’s postponement of enlistment. I’m thinking that they have met and confirmed the pregnancy that is why he is delaying his MS. Thanks LK for pointing out her inconsistencies and discrepancies. Just worried about HJ’s career and future.

  53. LK you’ve got really good points. Good enough to be filed into a case, and I’m not joking. Those dates and her “pregnancy”. All of it, it’s all bogus. True she can just do that pregnancy and paternity test and if she is confident it’s real, she could just slap it on our faces. But no, she keeps hiding behind her “lawyer”. When this nightmare began I have to get back to my memories about the Hyunjoong that “I” know since SS501. About these texts he sends? I remember Jungmin saying “Hyunjoong hyung doesn’t like texting. He doesn’t answer text messages. He thinks it’s *insincere*.” Hyunjoong calls people, not text people. About getting back together, I wouldn’t even question the dates cause he said this a lot of times. When he breaks up with a girl, don’t expect him to come back. So he asks the girl if she really wants to break up because there’s no turning back.
    I have a feeling he’s not going to marry her because he wouldn’t even say he’s ready to be a bachelor with a kid if he believes that baby is his. We all know how Hyunjoong loves children, we’ve seen this over and over so how come he didn’t meet her personally if he thinks whatever she’s carrying is his. He should have been excited as hell right? But of course he’s is doubtful, big time! They’re just polite to say they doubt her.

  54. Hi LK, Thank you for your wonderful articles… I salute you for analyzing so many things for us…
    I just hope that the truth will come out and will free us all from stress…
    Thank you so much.

  55. When I read that Choi’s story First thing that struck my mind was their conversation about Dog!! Lol really? Talking about beauty products when you just came out of lawsuit?
    That Choi is either missing her brains or her brain is fake made of plastic just like her fake appearance…
    And about this silence of Choi I just have 2 idea
    1- There is no baby so she is not turning up for tests and hiding (Busily stalking fans Lol)
    2- If there is baby then its not HJs anyways if it is his CHOI would have somehow leaked this news all over through her friend Dispatch….
    This silence just says it all… She is hiding in her rat hole planing for next episode…
    She spoke about privacy and went in hiding just when her parents told that they too have text messages and willing to display it with her consent…
    Don’t you think her lies are caught already ???

  56. the weaving of lies schemed by Choi that even herself cannot believe anymore the lies she tell… inconsistencies and change of statements in the court of is often considered a lie all throughout the progression of a case. but bottom line in all these lies… DNA never lied … it is science and proven. granting that she is pregnant … but to whom is the issue… as what hyun joong said “probably” he is not sure also if it is his child. poor child if there is any … he became the object of blackmail by an obsessed woman . i hope there is no pregnancy at all. thanks LK for bringing these thing up. my SK girl friend doesn’t help much she said that all South Koreans believe Choi from day 1 of her lies … even her … we argued but what can i do she is Korean and she believes what she read from their trash media … that’s their culture maybe…i don’t want to generalize but almost all of them don’t like being them, the friends i met here doesn’t like to go back to their place., i wonder why. I hope kim hyun joong will shed light upon us regarding this issue before he goes to MS for our peace and his own peace also. He doesn’t want us to be ashamed as his fans??? now is the time to prove them hyunjoong-ssi … your fans will forever support you. Fighting!

  57. Well, I am just waiting because silence will always be broken and truth can’t stay hidden forever. Will remain right here reading your blog and waiting for Kim Hyun Joong return.
    However, I did see something I missed in the November 2014 text. Question, why is there so many dogs in this neighborhood? What neighborhood, was he not at his home, or was he with her, or where was he to make such a statement? And why in the middle of breaking up, did they not go back to that discussion? Yes, just does not flow.

    Also, why did he not met her along with his father? Was he tricked before and they felt that this was another one of her tricks? Did the father decided that he would go so his son does not get caught by her again?

    Also, could it be that the parents got involved and wanted to meet with her so she could not accuse their son of any violent behavior, especially this time out in public? Also, if they had gotten back together no more confrontations over the other women like before?

    In a drunken state, how did he make it over to her place? A friend or a tax or did she go get him? Why not in the news, no one saw?

    Yes, so many unanswered questions but those who believe the worse of individual does not care about the truth until it happens to them or someone they know. One thing about a lie, once started you have to tell another lie to cover up for the first lie, then the second, and then you have to continue to tell more, then you forget, and there is a tangle weave when you practice to deceive.

    So, we shall see soon, it is or isn’t it. Time for show and tell and DNA. But, Hyun Joong go and be at peace for God will take care of you, your parents, other family members, friends, and your fans. Perfect Peace. Thank you LK, and God bless you, the others, and the family.

    • I wondered the same thing. He doesn’t have a car and he drinks at home. The agency driver would have taken him there or like you said a taxi.

  58. Yes i hope -the other woman- mentioned is still with him but i would guess not. So sad. And yes please don’t marry this choi and save yourself. Or else it would be so sad.

    • The fact he was with another woman means he has no important feelings for Choi anymore. Better if the other woman is still around,but it’s hard, since it’s been made public all the pregnancy issue, and I don’t think a single Korean women would want to get involved (Korea being how it is).

      So,if KHJ marriea Choi,it’d be the most fatal mistake till now. Hope he chooses well,it’s been so many mistakes. Yes,the baby is important,but the father too. It is not healthy for a child to have parents who do not love each other.

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