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By: LazerKim


These past days we have been concern with Kim Hyun Joong and still waiting hoping to hear news about him and development of this nightmare. We may be consumed with thoughts about Choi with hopes he would not end up with her which obviously a disaster! So I thought of digging down to this woman’s roots who is destroying Kim Hyun Joong. By the way at the age 31, is Choi still single??

At the comment box in my recent article some fans brought up Choi’s parents that reminded me that she has parents and actually mentioned during the Kims interview. (Thanks for reminding me, you know who you are!)

So I reviewed Kim Hyun Joong’s parents statement transcript. In Aug nightmare, many fans commented something like “This is a disgrace to her parents!!” I thought so too!! But is this thought justifiable? Let’s see…



In Aug nightmare as I was reading the text message from A or Choi, she called Hyun Joong as “Oppa” so I was thinking she’s younger than him. I have been asking myself, “Where are her parents to guide her?” I wonder why they change her age?? Hmm.. Anyway, here are questions I would like to share with you, that’s been ringing in my thoughts as follows:

1.) If you were a parent of Choi, would you tolerate your daughter to lie over a serious assault case accusation to a high profile star, to go to the media and present all those FAKE evidences? As the police stated there was NO substantial evidence to file a case.

2.) If you are a parent of Choi what would you advice her having a legit pregnancy problem based from her statement? On the contrary, what would you advice to your daughter IF the pregnancy is fake which I think they have the knowledge if ever?

3.) If you are a parent of Choi, would you still encourage your daughter to be married to Kim Hyun Joong after this embarassing scandal created by your daughter?

Be my guest at my comment box, as we all learn from you being a parent, a sister or family member.



As a parent would you like your daughter to be dragged by media creating scandal? As far as I know, parents are the first ones to protect their children just as much as they would protect their family NAME. Am I right?

First scandal:  (Aug 2014)

If my daughter has those bruises I would take her to the hospital as first instinct, and yes I would go the police to report. BUT WAIT, “as a parent can I talk to that person in private who did this to you?” I’m sure this is a natural reaction of parents having the knowledge about the so-called assault and be a mediator. It turned out the case was closed and  the police stated there was NO substantial evidence to file a case!

It was only when the Kims turned out to the media that her parents were mentioned. Therefore Choi’s parents has full knowledge of these Aug and Feb scandals. Am I right?

Second scandal:  (Feb 2015)

As a parent you knew that your daughter is pregnant, you met the parents of the man responsible for this, wouldn’t you encourage your daughter to take the legit test in their presence? Simply said “Honey take the test I’ll be right here with you and show them the baby is well.” I think this should be the first instinct a parent should react to. And knowing Choi is 31 matured enough to protect herself IF indeed the pregnancy is REAL???

Both Hyun Joong and Choi’s parents have met in the absence of Hyun Joong, Choi should have taken the test in the presence of both parents, but kept refusing. And the timing again in bringing this matter to the media is something to doubt about on her motive.



Pardon me for being blunt, but I’m asking myself now. What kind of parents do Choi has? Is she educated?  At her age 31 she should be a professional and should be considering her career, if she has?? Is she jobless to have time to go to the media? And where does she gets the money to support her lawyer? Hmm……I’m just curious!

Pardon me for saying, but I just find this soooo UGLY that made me ask this question. Is it possible that this is a conspiracy MAY BE involving even Choi’s parents? Is this possible? I wonder, does Choi’s parents have no control over her as their daughter regardless of her maturing age? And this is strange that gave me the biggest question mark on my mind!

As if something is not normal on how Choi’s parents should normally react as parent’s concern which for me is something strange. Well, we may not know what’s behind the scene???

BUT the fact she’s out there at the mdeia only goes to show her parents tolerated such action!! What could be the motive? Is it for money? I’m just asking!! Am I making sense? Is this the kind of woman you want for a daughter in law?

How was Kim Hyun Joong trapped in such a woman? Find out on my next article…



One day at the tweeter I ask this question “Are lies bound to win?” Some fans responded that “lies never win”, which I have the same belief that truth always prevail. As a child learning how to talk, our parents taught us to always be honest and NOT to lie which is BAD and as we grew up in maturity of life we teach the same to our kids.

In this scandal there are times I feel weary with the WHAT IF? which is assuming the negative or expecting the worst so it won’t be too painful as we face reality. But I keep this words in my mind LIES NEVER WIN.

In Aug nightmare, right from the very start as this scandal broke I knew all along it’s all made of lies. And I was right, Kim Hyun Joong was cleared from this case. Here comes another scandal, that I think even worst than the first one.

Then again in Feb 22, another set of fake evidences were presented as Mr. Kim had proven it. The text messages were made up “Cut and Paste”. Choi never learned!! LOL

Going back to my question earlier, Is Choi a disgrace to her parents?



I read this from a KHJ fan as she wrote…“This storm makes us closer to each other”  (Thanks for sharing, you know who you are!) I firmly believe in this statement.

We may be in such uncertain period of trial being KHJ fans, just like the Kim Family as they may be getting through a difficult situation. This trial is not given to us to test our weakness, but a test to our strength being in a one family with Kim Hyun Joong.

It is in this period that we unite as one to love, to share, to comfort one another and to hold tightly to our commitment bond with Kim Hyun Joong. Allow me again to leave you today with Kim Hyun Joong’s words as he stated…

“I did some things well and I also made mistakes, but I thank you sincerely for continuing to be tolerant of me, believing in and following me to this day”       Kim Hyun Joong 2011

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

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160 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DIGGING ROOTS

  1. If I were choi’s parent! 😐
    She says I’m pregnant, so I go to meet the boy’s parents. It is obvious that they need proof after all that has happened. So is it logical to show them just some sonograms with no name on it in an envelope as a convincing proof (While everybody knows that the only proof they need is the result of a DNA test)?
    1) I’m too stupid 2) want to try my chance so they might buy our story
    Honestly I can’t see any other possibilities.
    If I am a good person with high ethics: what should I do when I see my daughter is trying to twist the situation and not willing to do the simplest solution of the problem?
    First, I will explain to her how grave this situation is and tell her let’s not joke around to the media and go for the REAL test with me and his parents.
    BUT, she is not listening to my advices and I can’t force her to go for the test since she is a mature 31 year old woman. So the least I can do is to not cooperate with any of her plans since she is not doing the simplest thing that has to be done (The REAL test). After all she is my daughter and what she is doing is a reflection of my character as her parents. So I am fully ashamed of myself about how bad I brought up my daughter that I can’t appear in front of the boy’s family!
    So what does it mean when they go with an envelope which is not a reasonable proof? I think her parents are with her in this story. They’re exactly as vicious as her! The least they could do was not appearing to meet with kims and defending their daughter’s claim when they see she is behaving this way!

    • I totally agree with you. They’re in on it together. What a shame. Like parent like daughter. I hope KHJ and his parent will not bow to this choi’s nightmare wish. I think Choi need to go somewhere else for her next victim. If i may ask, what is she doing at 31 years old that nobody wants to marry her? Maybe because they know the type of person she is? Or her parents is. May God deliver KHJ from Evil. Amen. Amen.

    • I really don’t want to believe that her parent was together joining her with her evil plan. But still I can’t help myself when thinking how in the world a parent whom their daughter has been ‘badly abused’ by her boyfriend keep supporting their daughter for all her plan to published all those ‘should be secret and personal matters’ to the world and trying to ‘kidding’ around with HJ’s parent regarding the envelope. Its envelope with thousand of mystery that was mentioned by Mr. Kim.

      Since HJ said there were never discuss abt marriage, so I guess her parent just might want ‘something’ from Kim’s family? Now it really sound like a blackmail?

      I really hope HJ will go MS as soon as possible. And before he goes he will left us with his love message. Or he can just release the message right after he in MS. I don’t mind at all. Just go quietly and peacefully as u wanted my dear HJ.

  2. Hey all…Curiosity killed the cat.. please allow me to ask.. or else I will be drowned in these questions.. Can share your thoughts please? How on earth people know his whereabouts so well? Even when enlist MS? KE already mentioned they will not announce publicly.. Was HJ’s home or devices he used has some voice tracking device or videocam??!! Why he can’t go in private? Sorry these queries are swarming around my mind…

  3. Hi LK,
    Its my second time commenting on your blog,i really do enjoy reading your blogs.I have seen such situations like this only on television but i never thought that it would happen in reality especially to someone as famous as Kim Hyun Joong.It really is sad that a person who tries to be the best that they can be has to go through something like this,it would be great if the matter could be settled once and for all before march 31st so that he can serve in the military in peace for the next two years.As an aspiring scientist,I believe in seeing the evidence before i can infer and therefore I will believe that choi is pregnant once irrefutable evidence has been presented.For now its just mere speculation.

  4. I my opinion there can be people that can’t be controlled neither by their parents nor anyone except the police, if choi was proved lying she should be sued for trying to destroy Hyun Joong’s image, and that’s to be fair in my opinion.

  5. KHj delaying his enlistment? For what reason? I will accept any reasons except that one thing that I am afraid or worried about? Please, KHJ think of your future..If it is really true that you would be a father soon..think also of his future..but please..stay away from someone whose only aim is to destroy..

      • It’s in the news He’s scheduled for mar 31 but contemplating on delaying it. What could be the reason? Hj said it himself he wants to go QUIETLY unfortunately his fans are not listening! So I’m sure he’ll delay it without his fans knowing his sched.
        What good will it give having his fans there in the camp the media will only find out and write another trash news, here we go again attacking media! I hope these fans would listen just for once. It’s his request to go quietly then let go…

  6. Who cares about hte lunar calendar or western calendar,if she is pregnant he will be responsible of the baby if he/she is his.
    What imaginations we have. ……..lots of posible explanations here. Calm down we soon know it, we´d really like to solve it but only they can fix the problem, We just must hope HE will do the best for him and the baby, because from her side I dont expect anytihing smart.
    take care , calm and be positive.

  7. Hello everyone!
    Anyone who wants to write comments, please do open new comment box so we can clearly read from you since boxes below are loaded. I would love to read from you! Thank you for your cooperation! Enjoy reading!
    LazerKim here!

  8. I have been reading your blog for so long and trust me i’m a big fan of yours. please don’t stop writing as i really like it. You don’t take any BS from anyone and i like it. Speak out your mind other then following what other people say. At least on your site, you give us topic to think about and freedom to say what we have bottle up inside. The media has never give us freedom to choose rather they make us believe what they write. I thank you for choices you given us. And for Ms. Monitor, Screw you. Go away. >:P

  9. I agree Lies never win..But lies can be used for a long haul battle, especially with a player in any situation. Assuming if Choi is really that unscrupulous for whatever crap reason, definitely tedious to HJ and his family. I really hope HJ will stay strong and his mother has recovered well. I know this is just a wishful thinking but I really hope someone can help them resolve this matter skilfully!! Anyone!! who has a kind heart and counter Choi’s moves. I also hope this will be over soon!!!

    • Is not assuming, for sure she is unscrupulous, look at this story since it started and how it developed, this is one creature going for the prey with all means!
      The prey here being HJ! She needs to be stopped before even more damage.

      • I am strongly saying that Ms.Choi is not pregnant for KHJ. Quote me anytime. I know what I’m saying and i will continue to tell you guys that she’s not pregnant for him.

        • Hi Emmanuelle

          I feel the same . Two occasions that this choi’s lawyer talked to medias I have the impression that he intentionally focused on convincing public that HJ is a father for choi’s pregnancy more than necessary . My first impression told me that there is something that they worry about.

          • Choi and her lawyer are worried that the public will soon find out that she’s been lying about the pregnancy. So, they’re mute for now. But they will be exposed very soon.

  10. I hope, that it is better for now not to hear anything from Choi and about the case. She obviously was afraid that the truth will come out, after the interview of KHJs` parents. It was so funny to hear from her lawyer that she wanted “privacy” :))))))) When part of the truth came out, she suddenly wanted privacy! Everything will come out one day, sooner or later. I just hope that he is healthy and calm. I believe that he appreciates our help and support.

  11. Hi guys! After reading all the info given in this blog, I found it is a really tiring scandal. we fans reading it and going through this also feel headache and nausea, I wonder how KHJ and his parents going thru this.. OMG.. I do hope all this will be over soon!

    LK please keep writing.. KHJ, stays strong! we will always be with you!

    • I think our boy’s Korean fans are already familiar with the she-d…. ~ apt description, by the way ~ but because of their concern for our boy, they never let on…
      I really feel for them being in the middle of it all & not being able to do much for him.
      I hope & pray our All-Mighty God will take pity on our boy & releases him from his sufferings soon while showing up who the real culprit/s is/are…

    • I wish to know who she is, why she has this power to scare everybody in Korea. HJ is too gentleman, too kind, too naive. But I am not sure he is right. She is destroying his career, his honor, his name. I think her name should be publicly known since august. I also think she is so crazy that she threatens (possibly death) someone very close to HJ and he knows she can do it. I’m really afraid for HJ and his future! She makes me sick, really!

      • She doesn’t have any power, she’s just a desperate woman and stupid. By the way, she’s not pregnant for KHJ. Don’t ask how i got my information, but just believe me when i say ‘she’s not pregnant for him’ you all will know very soon. I only sympathize with KHJ because she’s destroying what he built through hard work. She won’t succeed.

        • Sympathize..but its ok..what happens now will make khj becomes more stronger…he will have a healthy life in future..thats my wish..

        • I just really wish that she is not pregnant with KHJ’s. Miss Emmnuela, may I ask what you mean that she is not pregnant with KHJ, Either she is not pregnant at all or she is pregnant but not with KHJ’s?

  12. I’ve sorted and figured out the chronologies of the event… it goes…some part I take it from Allkpop and I added some important infos from HJ’s side ( as MY INFO )… to them Allkpop…


    8.20 – Kim Hyun Joong accused of assaulting ex-girlfriend from May to July
    8.22 – Kim Hyun Joong’s assault case becomes revealed to the world. Key East Entertainment attempts to figure out what’s happening
    8.23 – Key East releases official statement saying that there was a physical and verbal fight, there was no repeated assault.
    8.24 – Kim Hyun Joong carries out world tour in Thailand, delays enlistment ( it wasn’t delay but has been confirmed to be on Mac 2015 due to his world tour )
    9.2 – 1st round of investigation, Kim Hyun Joong denies repeated assault
    9.15 – 2nd round of investigation, Kim Hyun Joong meets with Choi and apologizes and reconciles. Reveals they dated for 2 years and apologizes to fans on his homepage
    9.17 – Choi’s lawyer asks to withdraw lawsuit
    November – Kim Hyun Joong and Choi get back together
    December – Kim Hyun Joong and Choi break up

    ( According to HJ – she was just a friend to his friend and for these 2 years she just around him but they started dating on April, broke off May 30)

    ( Also to mention that within July time, we fans have witnessed his injuries/bruises on part of his body tru some of fancams while he was touch down Japan for his promotion there. We have argued abt all these bruises but have no clarification from him. )


    1.3 – Choi realizes she’s pregnant
    1.5 – Choi notified Kim Hyun Joong about pregnancy
    1.6 – Kim Hyun Joong’s father meets with Choi, receives 3 ultrasound pictures
    1.8 – Omma KHj having her neck surgery.
    1.14 – KHJ’s parent meet Choi’s parent. Her parent refuse to show them whats in the envelope.( my info )
    1.17 – Kim Hyun Joong’s parents show up for the hospital appointment, Miss Choi can’t be reached
    1.19 – Kim Hyun Joong fined 5 million KRW for the one acknowledged case of bodily harm
    1.31 – Choi should have a check-up but insisted for KHJ wo be with her eventhou she know HJ was in Japan at the time. ( my info )
    2.2 – Kim Hyun Joong’s parents reschedule hospital appointment with the female doctor Choi requested for to this date. However, this appointment is rescheduled again for the 25th due to Choi’s refusal
    2.12 – Kim Hyun Joong’s parents receive request to meet from Choi’s parents
    2.14 – Kim Hyun Joong’s parents and Choi’s parents meet, agree to Choi’s hospital visit on the 25th
    2.22 – HJ come back from Japan just to know abt the news headline. ( my info )
    2.22 – ‘Woman Sense’ releases report on Kim Hyun Joong and Choi’s reconciliation and pregnancy. Kim Hyun Joong’s side asks to meet with Choi’s side again
    2.23 – Kim Hyun Joong denies rumors of getting back together, but says he’ll take responsibility if pregnancy is true. Choi’s side says they have plenty of documents to prove her pregnancy. Choi and Kim Hyung Joong’s parents get in touch, agree to meet at another hospital that Choi wants on 24th ( Choi’s prenancy is 10 WEEKS as they officially stated )
    2.24 – Choi doesn’t show up while Kim Hyun Joong’s parents wait. Choi meets with media
    2.25 – Kim Hyun Joong’s parents wait at the first hospital for the appointment they scheduled previously with the female doctor of Choi’s choosing, Choi doesn’t show. Dispatch releases interview with Choi ( saying she has no intention to marry HJ and will take responsibility of baby on her own )
    2.26 – KHJ’s parent speaks out!
    2.27 – Choi and lawyer have gone to media and claim HJ’s parent were lying in some part of the interview. They also stated that she wanted a privacy. ( my info )
    2.28 – Choi’s lawyer has final evidence of Choi’s pregnancy which is doc from a health center – ( medical examination & pregnant test )

    Last but not least, here the LAST statement from her lawyer….

    ****Ms. Choi’s lawyer stated, “It’s true that my client is pregnant. She’s currently 4 MONTHS pregnant. I can tell you that around the time the child was conceived, [she and Kim Hyun Joong] were always together.” He also revealed documents from a health center detailing medical examinations and pregnancy tests, confirming that Ms. Choi is indeed with child.****

    The last statement was so EPIC…they then become so SILENT until now…LOL

    SO, u guys figure it out urself.

    Thank you LK. and all my fellow friends. LOVE YA!!

    P/S- please correct me if any missing or misleading info. Thank you.

      • My pleasure LK….hope those infos can be an open eye for those who saying us as DELULU…now I hve to go to make a lunch for my family..its 11.00 am here …Bye and see u all again…: )

        • My Korean friend came to work in US from South Korea. Her son was born there. I was telling her about this and she said no you are confused and was explaining to me that in South Korea they use a lunar calendar in pregnancy and it gets confusing. Here is what she says: Lunar calendar goes by full moon cycles or lunar months and it also adds 2 weeks to the start of the pregnancy. Lunar calendar has full pregnancy as 10 months.
          Koreans are also considered one year old at birth because of the lunar calendar. Anyway she says 10 weeks would be over 3 months on lunar calendar with 4 months mid March because of the moon cycle. Maybe someone on here from a country that uses lunar calendar knows more but that was what I was told by my South Korean friend.
          She said attorney may have been early on the 4 months but March would start the 4th lunar month. She said attorney would have been accurate to say she is starting her 4th month. She thinks the attorney is talking lunar calendar where 10 week is over 3 months but 10 weeks is 2 and a half months on western calendar. Not defending anyone just saying I think she could be right now that I know they use lunar calendar in South Korea.

          • I also have a friend that teaches English un South Korea, she said the lunar year is after birth not while pregnant. She and some Koreans co-workers also think something is wrong with the pregnancy issue.

          • Dear please no offence but these really confusing. I don’t think calculating the age of the baby in a womb would be really this hard….it takes much time for me to understand and after awhile I stil couldn’t understand how to figure out. I bet many women in SK will have difficulty to calculate their own fetus age. LOL…

            Are u sure ur friend have no issue with HJ? hehe…

            • Maybe that friend of yours has issues with KHJ, because if not, she won’t be misleading the information. Check how Koreans calculate their age. Lazerkim posted a link. You only calculate it after birth and not while pregnant.

              • No she has no problem with KHJ and has not followed this because she is a tax attorney and this is very busy time. She was the first person to ever tell me about KHJ music.
                According to her age in Korea is calculated from start of pregnancy and NOT after birth. If it starts AFTER birth then how can baby be born at one year old? That makes no sense unless they COUNT PREGNANCY AS PART OF THE AGE and that is calculated on the lunar calendar.
                My friend lived in South Korea for 37 years so I would not think she is wrong on this. She says you may find some clinics that cater to westerners not using the lunar calendar but traditional Korean pregnancies include the entire pregnancy in calculating age based on the lunar calendar and that includes the months they are carrying the baby and that is why the baby is born as one year old.
                How can explaining the cultural difference in calculating pregnancy and age mean you have a problem with KHJ?
                I usually just look and never say anything but thought I could clarify but never mind. I don’t need this. I actually really like KHJ just so you know and was concerned fans were writing comments that were not accurate. Goodbye.

                • ok. the lunar year age only started or count after birth. the doctor that i work with is a Korean, so i asked him today and what he told me is that it only count after birth.

    • So, from February 23 ( 10 weeks pregnancy) February 28th ( 16 weeks pregnancy) 4 months. hmmm. i wonder how her pregnancy jumped to 4 months within those short interval. I noticed this same issue about her so called pregnancy too in February. Thank you for letting everybody know.

      • Whatever it is, the the fact that both ages ( 10 weeks & 16 weeks ) were said tru his lawyer mouth to the media. I guess he realised he had lied abt the 16 weeks pregnancy on the last statement, that’s why he got silent for good. LOL…

    • Dear Atiq
      Excuse me, you have some fancam of KHJ with bruises or injuries?
      I remember seeing some images seen this, but I would like to review the material again.
      Thank You

          • Bcoz the altercation transpired on May 30, based fr hj statement. He had his WT started in June 28 in Seoul followed by Taiwan in July5 Yokohama July 20-30 The bruises were not there yest. It 1st appeared in Aug 16th Shanhai series, 3 mos after the altercation, bruises don’t develop after 3mos on the contrary it heals after a month or so if i’m not mistaken depending on how serious the bruises are.

  13. Since the news is too long i just paste it one shot…so, whoever who doesn’t want to go to the site can read here again…LOL

    The father also went on to reveal that he is especially pressing for a hospital visit because he had heard a rumor that Choi drank alcohol after she became pregnant. He said he beat around the bush by telling Choi, “Oh I’m just worried that you might have eaten whatever without knowing you were pregnant”. But Choi told him she did not eat without thinking. Kim Hyung Joong’s father said, ‘I wanted to ask her ‘did you drink’, but because it wasn’t something I had actually witnessed, I had a hard time actually asking her that since if I asked her that then I’d have to tell her the name of the person who told me. That would cause this issue to get bigger and I thought she’d also be hurt by it, and I didn’t want to hurt someone who could potentially become a part of my family. But I think when I had mentioned to her ‘let’s check before it’s too late’, she misunderstood it as me implying ‘let’s go abort this baby before it gets bigger’. However, I have no such intentions at all. I actually only want to protect the baby.”

    Kim Hyun Joong’s father also went on to clarify the matter of the scheduled hospital visit. If you remember, Miss Choi had revealed that she was afraid to go receive a checkup with them as they had insisted on a specific hospital with a specific doctor. Choi believed that because of their insistence on the certain hospital and doctor, she was scared something had been arranged and that something might happen to her baby if she attended this hospital visit. However, Kim Hyun Joong’s father presented a very different side of the story.

    He said, “When I met with Miss Choi and learned about the pregnancy was January 6, Hyun Joong’s mom had surgery for neck disc on January 8, so I didn’t tell my wife and met with Miss Choi alone. She said she was pregnant so I said since you’re going to have to take care of your health as well as the baby’s health, let’s go get checked out at a big hospital. I also mentioned this to her parents and her parents agreed. Afterwards, I called Miss Choi as I was about to schedule an appointment at a hospital that’s well known and has favorable reviews. However, she said she didn’t want a male doctor. I told her that there was a doctor here who is well respected so let’s just go see him first and then afterwards we can change to a female doctor. Miss Choi then said herself that she knew of a famous female doctor at the same hospital, so to schedule an appointment with that doctor instead. So I agreed and scheduled an appointment with the female doctor.”

    He revealed that despite all this, Miss Choi never showed up as promised on January 17th. He had told his wife about all this after she finished her surgery and his wife had said she’ll attend the check up with Miss Choi. So even though she was not even fully recovered and had to rely on a wheelchair to move about, she and her husband waited for Miss Choi to show up at the hospital, but Miss Choi failed to show up. In an emotional and upset state, Kim Hyun Joong’s father revealed that he had texted Choi, “You really can’t be doing things like this.”

    They then rescheduled the appointment for February 2. However, on January 31, Choi texted them saying that she won’t attend if Kim Hyun Joong does not come. Although they tried to persuade her to attend, she refused, and they had to once again reschedule the appointment for February 25, since Kim Hyun Joong would have returned from his overseas schedule by then.

    However Miss Choi contacted them again on February 24 saying she didn’t want to visit that hospital anymore, so they agreed to go to another hospital that she wanted on the same day. However, she never showed that day, and this day was the day that Miss Choi had her interview with Dispatch.

    Kim Hyun Joong’s parents then asked her to just meet them at the previously scheduled hospital on the 25th. When they texted her, “We are on our way, so please come”, Miss Choi only responded, “Stop media playing. The truth will always be revealed.” Kim Hyun Joong’s father commented during the interview, “What media play have we done? Isn’t it her who revealed that she was pregnant and mentioned taking responsibility and such to the media in the first place?”

    Kim Hyun Joong’s mother added, “We’re frustrated. I don’t know how to express these emotions in words. We haven’t even begun the talk about marriage yet, but she’s going on saying she’s not going to marry our son and that she’s going to take responsibility for the baby. I just want to die. Why is she making this issue into something like this when it’s a matter that should be solved between the two families. Why does she do all this but not discuss with us the things that should be talked about.”

    The singer’s parents also revealed that they tried calling the hospital that Miss Choi has been visiting, but the hospital told them that they can only release information if Miss Choi comes with them. As if to address Miss Choi, Kim Hyun Joong’s mother remarked at this point in the interview, “Please just go with us to the hospital so that we can check on the condition, and let’s solve family matters between the families.”

    As for the topic of marriage, Kim Hyun Joong’s father stated, “We want to raise the baby even if the two don’t get married. However, since the mother is the one with the custody, we will follow Miss Choi’s decision. However, no matter who it is that takes responsibility for the child, we must confirm the condition of the baby and the mother. What becomes of us when she says she’ll take responsibility and won’t even visit the hospital with us. We want to go to the hospital with her and learn what she plans to do from now on. We want to hear this not through the media, but through discussion among ourselves to resolve the problem. If it all goes well, then I could potentially become her father-in-law. So it’s a shame that things keep going this direction. I think marriage is something that the two should work out. If they say they want to live together then I will not oppose it. What else can I do if they were to say they want to keep living on together because they love each other even despite all the pain they’ve received.”

    As for what their son is up to these days and how he’s doing, his father commented, “He’s having a tough time. He can’t even step a foot outside of the house.” His mom added, “Even today, I came after having cried for an hour. Those with children should be able to understand how pained I am. I don’t know how to express it in words. Is it only considered murder if one actually kills a person. I think putting a family through this kind of pain is also murder. Honestly, this the pitiful state of heart I’m in. If I’m feeling like this, how do you think he [Kim Hyun Joong] feels.”

    When asked what Kim Hyun Joong’s thoughts are on the situation, his father revealed, “Our son said that if it’s true that she is pregnant, then that the baby is probably his. If he had been unsure about it then we might have suspected Miss Choi, but since he’s the one saying that, we of course believe [she’s pregnant]. He said he’ll take responsibility so we respected his decision. I told him, ‘If all this happens and you don’t get married then you’re going to be a bachelor with a kid.’ Hyun Joong told me he is ready to accept that as well. I think that whatever decision is made should be made for the baby, and I told my son the same.”


    1, HJ’s father knows abt her drinking habit tru HJ of course. Really clear that she doesn’t care abt the baby OR she is actually NOT PREGNANT AT ALL!!!

    2. She’s trying to twist HJ’s father statement asking her for checking up iINTO HJ’s father trying to make her abort the baby?!…DAMNNNN….

    3. Her parent were invited also for the check-up. The doctor also change according to her wish but she still refuse and didn’t show up. Again they made app to another days still she didn’t turned up.

    4. On Feb 2nd they should have the test again but on 31 Jan this Choi texted KHJ’s parent saying she won’t attend if KHJ doesn’t come together with her. The heck! Hj was in Japan for his concert. B****yfool bitch! Is she trying to foolisch around with KHJ’s parent? So damn rude!

    5. Instead of the news came out in the magazine disclosed abt their planning of marriage and so on by their so-called close friend, KHJ’s parent still keep persuade her for check-up. On 25th they should have gone to hospital since Hj is around ( as per she request, bitch ). However, on 24th Feb she called not to go check anymore and agreed to make another app BUT on this day she gone to DISPATCH to tell her pityful story with all those text messages, WOW, what a fine plan you have huh!

    6. They didn’t even plan abt marriage according to HJ’s parent but she already barking abt she won’t married him and will take responsibility of her own child. What a bullshit again.

    7. Its clearly stated from HJ’s father statement that they just want to make sure the safety and the healthy of the baby. They won’t forced them to marry just for the sake of the baby. Even HJ said they shouldn’t married just bcoz of the baby. HJ said the baby probably HIS and if its true will take responsibility and doesn’t care being bachelor with kid. Way to go HJ!

    **SIGH…..its a long interview….Sorry LK for using so much spaces in ur comment box…if u find it irrelevant u can delete this anyway..don’t mind…LOL

    Hahh…abt her parent…they smell so fishy abt them…they acknowledged that their daughter was ‘abused by KHJ’…u can see how BAD she’s being ‘beaten’ and she broke her rib duhh… so pity!!,, but they seems really don’t care of that and trying to get them ?! LOL….what a shameful people we have here! LOl….

    Im tired thinking abt these crazy people in desperate they are for money…and how evil they can be just for money…Damn…damn….i hve to go put to take a fresh air…

    For KHJ and his parent…be strong my dear boy and Mr. and Mrs, Kim….u are blessed people…We have GOD…so don’t worry…Pray and make a wise decision dear….

    • gosh…so much of typing error…hahaha…..

      ****Hahh…abt her parent…I smell so fishy abt them

      ****..but they seems really don’t care of that and trying to get them married??

      **** i have to go out to take fresh air…

      • Oh I forgot! Here it is why I ask these questions:
        If Choi is educated, having a profeesion and a career which is suppose to be her bread and butter in order to live. …….If I were her, I would undoubtedly have the second thought of going to the media and spill! There’s my name to take care in consideration to my career and to the company I work for as a company rep. I carry its name too. And no matter how she concealed her idnetity sooner or later she will be revealed. I can guess it’s only the foreign fans who doesn’t know her identity. I’m just being realistic with my line of questioning!

        • So true LK…she looks like a woman with no life just thinking abt how to make HJ suffer and for him to go back to her…i think women with careers in SK have no time for all these nonsence for backing their life. They always busy with their work and how to improve their job and quality time. this Choi just have so much free time to do all these. OR is she somebody’s daughter with so much wealth? Hmm….ridiculous…

      • Thanks Atig for all details information. I can feel honesty and sincerity from HJ’s parents interview. I believe people who have a right mind will see that too..I feel HJ is in good hands of his parents.

    • Thank you so much for this Atiq! Every time I read specially cases like this, I don’t easily pass judgement right on the spot, I always have the benefit of the doubt. Who is saying this and who is saying that! Dig a bit specially the queen of this drama in question!
      With how this scandal transpired I can’t help but really dig in since I can smell something fishy! And beside her parents were mentioned, and since I was looking for them since Aug. the more I’m curious!! That’s why I lay the cards on the table.
      And that envelope, yes I mentioned this at tweeter, “is this a blackmail?” fr Choi’s parents? Anything is possible. There must be a relevance why the envelope was mentioned I think! Just my opinion!

    • Here is an article that i posted on other forum for Ms choi and KHJ’s haters. i’m sure some of them understand English. the timeline of this so called pregnancy.

      Acknowledgment MS. CHOI

      Lately I have been going through the interviews and all the dirty laundry that you and your lawyer aired, I found
      some inconsistency in how old your pregnancy is.First, on February 25th is when the news came out that you are pregnant and your lawyer stated that time that you are 11 weeks ( Two and half months), then on February
      28th when your lawyer respond to KHJ’s parent claim, he said, “It’s true that my client is pregnant. She’s currently 4 months pregnant (16 weeks). I can tell you that around the time the child was conceived, she’s always with Kim Hyun Joong.” I have a question for you and your lawyer, how did your lawyer know that you’re always with KHJ? Was he there with both of you or did he put a GPS on you? Secondly, how did your
      pregnancy jumped from 11weeks to 16weeks within 3 days? Hmmm! Even the text messages you provided the media is missing so much of your own responses.

      Okay,now tell me if you still think that Kim Hyun Joong’s parent are wrong in asking for medical text together; your reports are very contradicting. I think you and your lawyer are mischievous, maybe he took your case because of 15 minutes of shame(fame), and I urge him to please take on a genuine case if really he’s a capable lawyer and both of you should stop manipulating the press.

      So,why is it that after you claimed an abused is when you decided to get pregnant?I have questions that I think people need you to answer and be truthful to yourself on why you’re doing all this. I think the truth is that you need to see a psychologist for emotional and attachment evaluation. After all your
      dirty laundry has been aired, what did you achieved? Humiliation! Shame! If KHJ is the baby’s father and married you because of that, both of you are going to live a miserable and loveless life,or do you think both of you will live happily ever after (fantasy)? Giving interviews,publishing text messages between both of you to the public is just not humiliating only to Kim Hyun Joong, but to you too. Most suitors will be afraid of dating you talk less of marrying you. Because they will be afraid of your sneaky ways and afraid of you black mailing them.

      I was wondering, when all this was happening, why is it that your parent did not stopped you from this entire media frenzy? Do you even think of what all this will do to your own reputation? It’s high time you stop kidding yourself. Believe me, 85% of public opinion sees you as a liar, manipulator and a scornful woman,15% only sympathized with the baby (that’s if you’re really pregnant). Please quit playing games with someone’s life. Even if you marry him because of the baby, I’m urging you not to mistake pity for love.

      Ms.Choi, I think you made all this up just to get back at him, because if not, you would have followed the parents to the hospital instead of not keeping up with them. You are afraid that the show of shame will come back to haunt you if they found out that you were lying, because all this was just a payback for him
      dumping you for another woman.

      My only advised to you is that you should stop now, so that you can rectify and repair your own life, move on with your life. Men and women date and dump each other every now and then if they’re incompatible. I am just ashamed of you for belittle women’s dignity and forcing yourself on a man. Where is your dignity?

      Sooner or later when the public found out that you made all this stories up, you won’t be able to stay in Korea, I will conduct my own investigation into where or who forged those fake medical documents for you. This days you can buy anything online (including medical records, sonogram or create them yourself) that’s the power
      of the internet. But if you refrain from publishing or giving stupid interviews, then maybe we will overlook your atrocities.

      Lastly,if you are really pregnant, please go to the hospital with them and proof it. Stop giving interviews and stop misleading the press and the public. I have never seen where a pregnancy that is 11 weeks jumped all of a sudden to 16 weeks within 3 days. Be careful of what you wish for, because it might back fired on you.

      This is just revenge and it has to stop.

      • Lunar calendar. When talking weeks to months it is confusing cause lunar calendar when talking in months adds two weeks to start of pregnancy starting on day one of womans cycle and goes by lunar moons and not actual months like western calendar. My Korean friend who grew up in SK and had her son in Seoul explain this to me. I posted what she said earlier. This is why Korean babies are considered one year old at birth. I was questioning that too until she explained it to me so I looked online and 11 weeks on lunar calendar is over 3 and a half months. Jenny said by the date in the article 4 months would start mid March. Doesn’t mean there is not other strange things going on but that cleared that part up at least for me. There are lots of cultural differences I forget about.

    • Thank you for your work. Now I can express better my thoughts. My feeling: Ms Choi is really pregnant with KHJ baby. She did this with all her willing (I guess she blackmailed him to f… her for droping some issues to media not about her being hit but related to his other relationship she knows about). Being in his circle for over 2 y she knows about him a lot. KHJ tryed to close her mouth sacrificing himself. Ms. Choi only goal is to marry him. I guess she doesn’t have a career and her family is not a rich one and she and her family can just enjoy his chicken restaurants. As I observed from not educated families and women, the best choise you have as an averagel woman (average look, average family, average education and average chance to be rich) you have to marry an outstanding reach your goal to be outstanding too. I guess, if she’ll marry him, it will be desastrous for bouth of them, first due to SK culture (her mother in low aka KHJ mother) will never forget what she done to her son second KHJ will always be under blackmailing and he’ll become her toy. Sincerely I don’t see a good end of this story, unless KHJ is willing to take all the truth about his issues (agency, relationship, etc) and to accept or denaying a lot. Don’t forget he was an idol for almost 10 y and I guess he had relatioships with a lot of women that are married now or are still idols and Ms Choi knows about this. That KHJ big issue

        • If it was not possible to be his child both his agency and family would strongly denied it. For many years, I’m a fan, more a friend of KHJ he doesn’t know about . I’m simply sorry for him (and for me) because there are many chances for him to screw his career and his life due to this Ms Choi who is willing to take every possible step to make him hers. If he ever merry her, his life will be totally compromised (unhappy). Hope that this will never happen.

  14. Hi LK…a great article again this time…I really salute u dear…

    I hve read and comment on this article but never give my opinion yet on this matter. To make myself really sure abt the situation, I go and read news abt KHJ’s parent interview with the FACT again. I’ve read the interview before but maybe I didn’t give much attention on it or I might not really thought so deep and in detail abt it… maybe bcos I was so mad and so sad abt the mess again…

    To make it clear I paste the news ( paragraph by paragraph ) from Allkpop which I think has given more detail on the interview…hope we can see it more clearly, credit to ALLKPOP…: )

    [[[ His mom began the interview, saying, “Honestly, I’m embarrassed that I am here now. I don’t even know if this is something to hold an interview about. This is a matter between my son and Miss Choi, and a matter between two families. But despite this, the reason that we decided to hold this interview is because there is something we want to say. We just want to receive confirmation regarding the baby.”

    “Of course I believe that Miss Choi is pregnant, I’m also not suspecting the claim that the child is our son’s. But it’s hard to think to myself ‘Ah, this is our grandchild’ by just looking at a few ultrasound pictures with no names or anything on them received through a mobile messenger app. What parent out there would be able to easily accept it when someone just says ‘This is your baby’ with ultrasound pictures with no name or info attached to them. All we’ve been asking from the beginning is for us to be able to confirm by going to the hospital together.” ]]]

    ## 1. KHJ’s parent HAVE TO come out and stated their own version since the crazy Choi has already made her preggy to public. She think KHJ’s parent stupid not to realise the drama she made. Here we go.

    [[[ Kim Hyun Joong’s parents also then went onto address these documents that Miss Choi supposedly had to prove that she is pregnant with their son’s baby. According to them, they met with Miss Choi’s parents on January 14. Miss Choi’s parents had an envelope with documents inside, but according to Kim Hyun Joong’s parents, they were unable to confirm what was inside the envelope because Miss Choi’s parents later left and took the envelope with them. They say they didn’t really think to open the envelope right on the spot because they did not suspect Miss Choi to be lying anyway and thought they could open it later.]]]

    ## 2. Well..well…well…Choi’s parent have met KHJ’s parent, talked abt the preggy daughter who ‘has been abused by KHJ’ and claim the child was his without intention showing ‘the proof’ ( envelope ) they hve brought with them?? What’s in the envolope, the proof of pregnant or something to blackmail them?The way they refused to show KHJ’s parent the thing in the envelope is so alarming showing like they blackmail them?? I hope not so. I really don’t want to suspect her parent since parent is respected people but this is so weird thinking how her parent behave on this and how they believed their daughter not LYING at all!! And why to open it LATER?? For what purpose??

    [[[ Kim Hyun Joong’s father also said that the text messages Miss Choi had released through Dispatch had been cut and pasted in a way that made it look more favorable to her case. He revealed that he also has all the messages and is willing to reveal them, but that he wanted to receive Choi’s consent first. ]]]

    ## 3. Again psycho Choi published CUT & PASTE text messages to her own psycho sake just to potray KHJ and his parent as a BAD PEOPLE! Unfortunately, many non-biased smell fishy on this and turn off themselves. Mr. Kim even asked for her PERMISSION to show the world his text messages?! Still KHJ’s father do not try to humiliate her as what as his son would do too..T_T

    Sorry LK,..,I think this is too long and I have to use another comment box..don’t u mind?..LOL

    • Go ahead Atiq, I don’t mind at all, i’m waiting!! You may use another box. Thank you…you guys hit the pot! At least it didn’t came from me!! LOL Joke!

  15. Thank you LazerKim,
    As usual you put into words what we all think and assume.
    I am not a parent yet, but common sense and logic and normative life is making me asking myself how come this scandal is more Kafkaesque than what Kafka wrote.

    I was asking since August where are her parents her sibling, how they allow this, how they can sleep at night knowing what she is doing in that destructive vendetta? I am really asking myself how those people can sleep at night knowing they’ve done something so abominable to one man?

    Most definitely she obsessed about Hj, for two long years, till he gave in, in April 2014 and since then she continue to do so, regardless that Hj finished with her since May2014, for sure she found her Golden Goose and she and her flock plan to milk it till they will get what they want. It may be that someone bigger started to orchestrate this scandal and kept fuelling her crazyness but then it seems the family wants a bigger piece as well…..what shamefull people….greedy.

    And please take note all, this is happening in a country like SK which is known for the Respect they have for their elders/parents.
    This psycho insulted Hj’s parents when she called them liers in media…do you think she should be part of the family? And please don’t give me Hj love or respect the bitch ….puke!

    We all ask what was in the envelope her parents brought to Kim’s family….I think it was a list of demands of what they want to get from Hj and his family, my thoughts here ok.
    Because this one bitch is for sure keeping Hj by the balls with something that he doesn’t want to be out in the public and is very private….pardon my blunt language, but this is screaming with neon flash, blackmail, my humble thoughts of course.
    Have you all noticed that after Hj’s parents interview she barked suddenly “privacy” and all stopped? Doesn’t that make you wonder why?

    Re pregnancy, I am ready to take bets that she is NOT, all made up to discredit HJ more, why? because of their society in SK who are so self conscious but sooooo HYPOCRITIC, her way of trapping HJ and his family. Something like no way out?!

    Heard by the by this psycho is one plastic doll addicted to plastic surgeries, between the drinkings and who knows what more, she does need funds to continue so it seems, if she will destroy Hj totally she will find some other victim?
    I remember once Hj said in one interview when asked about his friends that he feels like the wallet, maybe he was pertaining to the group of the drinking buddies from where this one is part….maybe he was seeing the light, but got caught in it, he is human after all.
    Hj may not be perfect, he made mistakes and he recognized so, but usually he kept his affairs private, this one just takes the cake, she is schooling Hj in life, a very hard lesson if you ask me.

    Well we all know what they say there are three sides to the Truth – His side/Her side and the TRUTH.
    I still believe the Truth shall prevail one way or other in the END.

    They also say :
    They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel! and HJ made us all feel Good gave to each of us a different feeling but most probably a good one because we are here as ONE.

    I am Part of this Family who protect/admire and love the artist Kim Hyun Joong!

    • Thank you I agree with you. I’m afraid about what KHJ is really wanting to sacrifice about. Pls not his life.

  16. Lazerkim,
    Thank you for bringing those questions to our attention. i am an African, we respect our parents (the elders), no parent in my country will keep quiet and watch their daughter bring shame to them, my father is a military man, he won’t tolerate all this nonsense from his own child . by the way, we dare not try it. so what i’m trying to say is that, why on earth will her parent not stopped her after the first time she leak the information to the media? Why they did not follow her to meet with KHJ’s parent for the 3 missed appointment? who are her parent? what kind of parent would allow their daughter to bring shame to them, and watch her destroying someone else’s life just because of desperation.

    From the first time of this scandal, i know she’s a Gold Digger, because there are so many inconsistency in all the information she gave to the media, even the one her lawyer gave.
    ( February 22 her pregnancy was 11 weeks, then by February 27 her pregnancy jumped to 4 months which is 16 weeks) how so? i’m a Nurse and I’ve never heard of that in my entire career. left for me, i won’t be worried because sooner or later the truth will be exposed. if you love someone, you will protect them with all your power, you will always be happy when they are happy. Choi, does not love KHJ or Have never loved him. her relationship is about what she can get from him, not love.

    This days, there are girls in SK that chose to blackmail there boyfriend or celebrity that are well to do and its becoming too much, even in the USA now i think there’s a limit now.

    My advise to KHJ is that, he should not bow to pressure from Choi and whosever sent her to marry her, it’s better to be a bachelor with a child without forced marriage and be happy than to marry somebody like choi and live a miserable, unhappy life.

    Please and Please, make sure she do a DNA test (that is if she’s pregnant).

    I will tell you what happened last week at the hospital where i work. A 35 years old lady rushed her son to the emergency ward, and to save his life they need the father to give blood, they have to test the father to know that he doesn’t have any diseases or that the blood is a match, the father quickly wanted them to do it to save his child, hmmm, unfortunately, they told him he’s not a match after the test and everything. The father was so angry, we have to call in the cops because he said, why would the Doctor says he’s not his 7 years old father? he needed another qualified Doctor to run the test, the hospital management argue with him that this doctor has been practicing for 30 years. They allowed another doctor to performed it but the result is still the same. although, they saved this boy by getting blood from the blood bank that matches his, but i understand the agony of this man, taking care of a child for 7 years that you thought was yours but unfortunately no, and you only get to know in public like that.

    The boy spent 2 weeks in the hospital but the man never visit anymore. i’m sure by the time the lady gets home, she will receive a divorce paper.

    So, please KHJ’s parent need to insist on DNA if really Choi is pregnant, which i know she’s not.

    • Thank you so much for sharing the story. Your story remind me of my feeling when I heard this choi’s lawyer talking to medias in 2 different occasions. 1, when choi repeatedly missed appointments with HJ’s parents he mentioned that because HJ”s parents only interested to know whether the baby is belong to HJ and not because of caring for his client ‘s pregnancy. The second time when he talked to medias that his client and HJ always together when the baby was conceived .

      I felt so strange that he focused on HJ is a father more than necessary but refused medical check up and pregnancy test with Hj’s parents. He seems try to convince people to believe in this choi’s words rather than prove to HJ’s parents. To me it ‘s like it’s not important what HJ’s parents think he just wanted the public to believe that his client pregnant with HJ’s baby. I found it’s tricky , dirty and disrespect. I do not see any honesty from this choi and her lawyer. They are just disgrace people. This is not the way to form a family together. Like you said Gold digger is suit them well.

      • Her lawyer is the lousy one that I’ve ever known….He sound like a conman not like a lawyer. Decent lawyer would go to all the possibilities for their own client’s sake and williing to go with all the proper way. But her lawyer just wanted HJ’s parent to just accept what they had and deny their pure request. So arrogant yet so stupid. They just make themselves look stupid and desperado.

  17. Lazer… Unfortunately some parents raise their daughters to ‘grab’ a rich man and want to be succeed at any cost. This may be the case of the parents of Choi. Since they don’t talked anything on the first scandal to protect her daughter I knew this. They’re ‘working’ with her. They even don’t showed the pregnancy test to Kim’s parents, maybe because in the envelope don’t have ANY test? Oh, and this is just a rumor I’ve heard… that her parents work in the health area. If this rumor is real… can they able to forge a pregnancy test? I think so…

        • That’s why choi is reluctant to go to the hospital with them. i really believe that she’s not pregnant. Telling KHJ that she’s pregnant is the only way she can milk money out of him and forced him to marry her. Come to think about it, how come they broke up in December and January 3 she told him she’s pregnant? When she knew that he will be going for his MS in March, my suggestion is that she thought that way she can milk money from him while he’s away without any problems. I won’t be surprised if at the end of this choi’s nightmare, she will tell her media friends that she lost the pregnancy.

          • Oh yes, this is one scenario or she may say too much stress from the “Media” or Hj’s fans….it is so obvious to all that is a lie…how come nobody in SK don’t see through her lies?
            But if she is not exposed as it should, after all she went to Disptach by herself, we may not know if she “miscarried” or with the rate of adding weeks in this “pregnancy” maybe she already gave “birth” , who knows…twins, triplets…quintuplets.
            Ridiculous and sad at the same time

            • The way she refuse so many times for the check-up showing that she was hiding something. Wether its true she’s pregnant but afraid of DNA test ( of course she knows HJ’s parent would definately do the DNA test ) OR she actually NOT PREGNANT! Its only either one of this 2 possibilities. Coz is she really sure she pregnant to HJ’s baby she would just go for the test. What the heck with all those hanky-panky thingy saying HJ’s parent threaten to abort the baby. Stupid idiot! Her parent also present with her thou!!

  18. Actually, this personality of ms. Choi seems to be a character from a fairy tale story. I can’t believe that one could hurt that much the person she said she loved for two years. Not just hurting but destroying him. If i have a genie, i will wish i can find out what’s the real story. I hope that for just this moment our dear khj will defend himself. I always think ‘what did khj do that made her very angry to hurt khj that way?” If it’s money, why now, after 2 yrs. This story is mind boggling. I can’t understand why she won’t take the test. It’s the right of the babe’s grandparents. I think something is fishy. Another question i have is why aren’t she stopping? 😧

    • Maybe she was thinking that he will marry her and he told her NO. She’s desperate. and maybe she’s poor, so she needs money

      • I don’t think she’s poor. I think she just want money stability. And she has jealousy too… You know… that kind of woman that will do everything to state that KHJ was in a relationship with her.
        Show the messages to the media wasn’t a “This is the proof”, but a “Look how he cares of me after all the mess I did. Look, he’s in my hands and if don’t be with me, don’t will be with anyone”.
        She’s not just jealous about other women around him, but seems to be jealous of his fans too. And that really makes me laugh…

        • I think your comment is very closed to the truth. So, my question is how HJ get to know this psycho woman. She is not only mentally unstable but also has an evil heart to destroy his life. Actually this choi has already ruined his career. He will go crazy for sure if he is not able to get himself out of the hook.

          • One way out Military Service…21 months of quiet (hope…) and enllist as quiet as possible….to avoid who know’s what the psycho may do?

    • I am a big fan of K-drama. So…… in the drama, this is all the time happening. and more gets ugly, more people love it. And sometimes makes me believe such people and society is exist in SK.
      That’s so scary. People who has a money & power, can do anything they want to and change the people’s life so easily.

      Jealousy and arrogance make them to a monster.

  19. Hello LazerKim,and hello everybody. Thanks for the article. Even if I was not wondering about Choi’s parents…I appreciated all that you said. Personally I really don’t know whether her family supported her or not, if they raised this girl up good or bad…whatever the answer is…the result remains the same: she did what she did not suppose to do. A son/daughter behavior will always have consequences on the family reputation, with honor or blame. I have experienced that even the best family,a good environment,all the good efforts in raising a child well, means nothing ,cause a child with all his/her lack of wisdom and experience,and stubbornness can easily take bad ‘Choi’ces…she’s 31 but this doesn’t mean anything…she just behaves like a child…!! I will not underestimate the power of her friends and close associates, who may have played a big role also in this game by convincing her to go on…as for the theory of a big personalities who could have maneuvered her like a puppet…I hope we will soon know something about it…because if that it’s true…it’s a very dirty affair…. I also don’t know what to think about this silence…maybe ,MAYBE KimHyunJoong and family finally succeeded in shout her mouth..and this absence of news is just their will ,maybe they want to keep on setting these things privately as it supposed to be since the beginning…I don’t know..I will accept anything from KHJ and family for the sake of their peace and privacy. Ps. Just one more thing , I would like to share with you a news that I heard today on Italian tvnews: a man was found guilty of “breaking his ex girlfriend privacy” and the court condemned him with two years of prison,how so? because he took her mobile phone, he read her text message and expose those msg to the public! (he thought she was cheating on him) I wonder why they don’t have such a law in S.K. Just wondering…

      Why? whaT HAPPEN THERE?
      That privated messages have never been exposed, it is against laws, it is necesary to have permition to the court to do it. Darling KHJ is SOOO gentleman for not sueing her.
      Even his parents asked her permission to do it. I really hope that this case open the eyes of people and authorities there to check this and posible other cases that surely have but as they are not famous…….
      Ahhhh …… in any family there is someone who is out , the black sheep, and mamy youngers learn by the hard way.
      thanks Jazu

      • Really this depens on the laws they have in SK…and till now how they treat their celebs….those netizzens believing in everything that thos trash media are selling them….just a big disappointment. This should have come from Hj alone to complain, he didn’t his hands were tight for sure…for a good reason I hope.

  20. Dear LK mam , I am also a new commer to henecian family. Miyanhaeyo I jzt joined you without any permission . Please consider me too in our henecian family. I too love My darling angel hyun joong oppa! I too belive that stronger the storm even more stronger will be our bond. And I too don’t want that disaster Ms.Choi to happen to kim hyun joong oppa! Your questions are relevant mam. I am now 23,but still if Choi was my daughter or sister I’ d never encourage her to go to the media and spoil family’s name ! Thank god she not my so and so in real life.I think she is a disgrace for her parents or maybe they are not in good terms among themselves, who would like to have such a greedy person as a daughter in law. I respect hyun joong oppa ‘s parents for behaving nicely even to such a kind of person like Choi. Lazer kim mam how to join my henecian family? ??

    • Hello Arya! Welcome to the world of KHJ! Thank you so much for dropping by. You are considered as one of hj’s Henecia family! It’s my pleasure to meet you here.
      If you are pertaining joining the Henecia fan club, since I don’t belong to any of the fan clubs I would be please help you if you want to join the Henecia fan club. Pls specify to what country you then I can ask iinfo from Henecia officers how you can be a member.
      Thank you again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Thank you so much my dearest lazer kim mam. I am indeed greatful for your response to my comment . 고맙습니다 LK mam, I am an Indian, I am a friend of shain park, she introduced you to me, we have met eachother several times .shared wonderfull moments in our hyunworld etc.I am always supporting you LK mam!!!!!!

    • Have to say I agree absolutely.
      Their behaviour coming to the KIms’ house in that manner & leaving with the ‘ultrasound’ pics of the supposed ‘baby’ ~ doesn’t give a person a good impression of them at’all…

      • I think she planned this whole mess. in one of her Private test messages, she said KHJ was drunk and text her, then she met with him, hmmm, i was thinking that since he’s so drunk, could it be that she have sex with him unprotected knowing fully well that whatever he said or do, he was under the influence of alcohol? because if he’s not drunk, i’m sure maybe he would have protect himself. she’s a bad news.

  21. Beautiful part of us” very soon hyun joong will be leaving i think we should trust him in his decisions,praying GOD will help him in each and everyone of them.i will miss him a lot,honsetly i have not fully absorb this but it did come at the right time.sincerely hyun joong future is very bright both in his profession and personal life,its not just a gut feeling but assurance thru faith in GOD.and pertaining to ms choi and her camp,i must say good radiance to bad rubbish.hyun joong is all that matters,with love,peace,faith,favour,grace and mercies of GOD i send u off for two years,which will serve as a time for life decisions,clear thoughts and new plans,and amazing… and dramas,nevert forget our smiles and laughter together,love u.

  22. I really dont want to make any conclusions about her parents,but their actions in this case is questionable,i will leave them to GOD cause only He sees all.well well well am really happy for the newcomers,i want to welcome each and every one to the most amazing fandom in the whole universe,being with hyun joong is like a marriage[for better for worse]you will have to be comitted,allowed to have a free mind,enjoy the ride time of your life.i really have this increasing peace of mind everyday that things are getting better,i pray for his deliverance from this trail.i feel GOD is now going to show ms choi that she has messed with the wrong hyun na,i must commend you for being such an amazing person,for taking this case with such humility and patience,you are so good and loving,i want to say that you and your fans are a match made in heaven.hyun joong dont worry :when you have found your place in the world,then u can easily withstand life trials,our wounds are often the openings into the best and most

  23. Hi LK

    I don’t know how true is the news but weibo started to spread that KHJ will not be enlisting on 31 March 2015. If he is not it is bad news and bad move.

    • I think he has his reasons. Maybe he is gonna fight and clear his name.

      I think enlisting at this point would leave so many question marks….plus, he said he wanted to go in private. It’s not gonna happen if he goes on the 31st…and he is probably concerned for his fans – whether they will be harassed etc.

      There was also news that ‘Mi Club’ would hold a video conference with Hyun Joong on the 31st ….though its yet to be confirmed. I hope its true.

    • >Please don’t spread in twitter with his name or anything about it.
      >So, media won’t know about. >So he can go quietly and privately.

      That’s his wishes. ..

      And I respect that.

  24. Dear LK,

    Thank you so much for this article. It really reflects my thoughts. I was thinking about this since a week after the scandal in last August.

    I only can say that if i believed my friend or a member of my family was repeatedly beaten as she accused him last August . I would strongly against her to go back to him ever again and told her to be far away from that man and stop relationship with him for good. Unless I knew she exaggerated the story and lied . In this case I would feel very sympathy to the man and will never approve her actions. I ‘m very doubtful with the motive of parents and relatives who support this kind of actions.

    If I ‘m a member of the man’s family in this case I would not want the woman who did not respect my brother and my parents or even my cousins to be included in our family. I just can not look into the eyes of an evil heart . This is solely because of her actions that showed how much she is capable to ruin a person life . If she dared to manipulate the public with her lies without shame I can imagine how manipulative this person can be behind the public. She just showed that she is the kind of person that can not be trusted and not capable to make constructive thinking to do the right thing. I would think if she is educated she is emotionally ill if she is not educated her self respected and her morality is low. Therefore I don’t want this character comes closed to my family ever..

    I’m sorry if my comment sound harshly but this is the most sincere I can give whether the man is Kim Hyun Joong or not.

  25. Hi. Am a new comer. Can I join henecians? How to join? Am really thankful that khj has fans like you all. Who loves him to the fullest and support him no matter what. And I’m a fan reader of lazirkim here.. From Phil age 32 single and an HRM grad. Thank you!

    • Hello Elizabeth! May I welcome you to the world of KHJ. Honestly I do not belong to any official fan club or Henecia but if you want to join the fan club pls search for Deanna Dsc at FaceBook if you have an account, she’s an officer of Henecia Phil. she’ll be able to help you! I have already mentioned you to her so pls feel free to approach her, she’s nice, all Henecia are nice and approachable.
      Thank you so much for dropping by, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  26. Hello LK and everyone here in this blogspot and hello also to ms Monitor… in all these cases starting day one in August .. all i could think of is still the “MAFIA” thing. i believe that SOMEONE BIGGER is behind all these things. Choi is just after the money and some fame thing. i am a mother of 2 my son is almost as old as kim hyun joong and all i want him is to be happy to whomever he chooses to love but over my dead body if the girl is like Choi i will use all my power on earth to defend him. on the other side, if my daughter doing this kind of thing who will disgrace the name of the family i will be the one to drag her to ask forgiveness to the parents of kim hyun joong. with Choi’s display of psychotic attitudes i think her parents is backing her in this situations and i still go back to the same thing that i believe that money can move mountains and somebody up there is the orchestrator and conductor of this schemes and kim hyun joong is a vulnerable victim in this schemes. i still hope and pray that kim hyun joong will come out clear and victorious in all of these scandals. He deserves much more better woman not bitter woman, he is a good man and God will reward him for being one. i do believe in kim hyun joong, his life is an open book, being a celebrity he is consistent, humble, honest, compassionate and sincere. Thank you LK for being a cyber sister to me. i once searching for someone whom i can relate my emotions and admiration towards kim hyun joong. and in my first day of that search alongside my searching who is kim hyun joong i’ve searched you also. so i’m proud to own that you are my cyber sister together with the sister henecians around the globe who welcome me also. to all henecians… we are intellectuals not delusional….together we will emerge victorious with kim hyun joong… see you in 2 years time after kim hyun joong’s MS we will have a grand eyeball…. keep fighting!!!

  27. в блоге написана разумно-логическая речь. Я не говорю , что я конкретно думаю о KHJ. К чему это озвучивать? Если человек думает подобно хозяйки блока…. То после поливания грязью и полного унижения перед миллионами людей… Мужчина не станет возвращаться к “тухлой” женщине………….. Это яйцо уже стухло, оно ничего не может дать, как только брызгать тухлятиной на окружающих людей. Я даже минуту не хочу посветить этой мисс “А”. Просто думать о ней – значит вдыхать её тухлые поры….Когда любят, то так себя не ведут. Её для меня не существует.

    • a blog written by a reasonably logical question. I’m not saying that I’m specifically thinking about KHJ. What is voice? If a man thinks like a mistress block …. after mudslinging and complete humiliation in front of millions of people … The man will not go back to the “rotten” woman ………….. This egg has stuhli it can not give anything as soon as sprinkling moldy stuff on the people around them. I do not want to dedicate a minute of this mission “A”. Just think about it – then inhale her rotten pores …. When love, then do not behave. For me She does not exist.

  28. Lazer, I am from a southeast asian country and with very limited information about SK artists? May I ask, ” Is the boss of KE named BJY? Is he ever married or still single? He seems to be way older than KHJ? Is he very close to KHJ? as to what extent? They were close before, it seems to me that they fallen out now, for what reasons? I have something in my mind but cannot write it here. What I am conceiving is that KHJ is really hiding something..

    • To Anonymous:
      im also from Southeast asian country but now living here in the US for 39 years. As for your question about KHj boss BJY I read that he was in a relationship before but Im not sure if his married to that girl or they broke up. From what I read he has a new girlfriend who is the daughter of BJY boss.

      I also wonder about the relationship of KHJ to BJY now because they have a close relationship before as from what I read before. They even went to JEJU island. According to KHJ he was even telling him to get married because he was about 40 already.
      This is only what I read and saw in one of KHJ interview and Im not sure if its true.

    • Wow..U have a same thought with me. I’ve written a comment abt this in previous LK’s article. It seems that both of them were being ‘thrown down’ from their throne. I mean there’s a big influence person tried to vanish them both from the industry completely. Well, just my speculation but it seems related to each other.

    • Creo pensar lo mismo que tu, pero tambien no lo digo aqui, pero vamos por el mismo camino, talves todo venga desde alli.

  29. Seemed that we have a few new comers. Great! I really hope HATERS found their way here too. Read all ur articles and start to realize that they are the ‘Delulu’ fans . NOT US! So, they have to start apologizing.

  30. HI this is a new comer of this blog coz i knew abt this blog jus 3 weeks ago..
    i’m jus sharing my thoughts here..pardon me if i’m wrong at any point..
    (again i’m making it clear that these are jus my thouhgts)

    after watching all these dramas(aug and feb nightmare) i can think about only one possibility and i dont know why i couldn’t get to any other conclusion..

    SOMEONE, very rich and with great influnce, is behind HER. This SOMEONE doesn’t want HIM to be soooooooooo popular worldwide. So this SOMEONE set up a trap for HIM. But this SOMEONE is very close and important for HIM. HE knew abt the trap and HE escaped. Thatswhy this SOMEONE is finding all means to destroy HIM. As HE cant tell abt this SOMEONE, HE is baring with HER and media. This is the reason for HIS silence.

    YOU may find this silly and sometimes ridiculous. But think abt everything happened so far , this actually answers all our questions and doubts.

  31. Hello everyone and LK! we are glad that we get the news from your blog. It is really hard for us, his fans from ASEAN countries to get the correct news about him. At first, when our TV reported his news, we were cried and could not believe that he was like that (due to his character in boys over flowers). However after we read from your blog, now that we managed get the whole picture. Whatever had happened earlier cannot be changed but we can change today in order to have a better tomorrow. So we hope KHJ will change his present for a better tomorrow.
    We also hope that this incident will be over soon. Ms Choi if you really love KHJ, please do something to protect your love in a right way. The path that you have chosen now is difficult and it caused you and KHJ pain, hate and vengeance instead of love.
    Let’s end all this with love and pray for each other success in whatever field that both of you are doing right now.
    We will always give to you, LK and KHJ our support. We accept and comprehend that KHJ made mistakes and we hope that he will learn and move on.
    We, his fans from ASEAN countries are waiting for his comeback after MS.
    KHJ, please be strong and smile always!!!!

    KHJ ASEAN countries’ fans.

  32. if she is really was beaten by KHJ, her parents would had been the first to help her in her case against KHJ, but Choi turned to media. Perhaps her parents knew the truth, and on this present situation, they should be the one who will keep Choi from KHJ, the more thye are keen on getting in touch with KHJ, he more they are giving light that KHJ was innocence from the accusations,

  33. ..“this storm makes us closer to each other”…i truly can feel it…
    only khj can made this miracle..
    I luv khj..and that is the only reason I luv henecia… ❤

  34. LazerKim:
    First of all, let me start off by saying that I feel your every word and your pleading on behalf of a man; such as Kim Hyun Joong.
    When I see your posts in my inbox I cry for your hope. I take a moment to read the words of a woman, that on behalf of many of us.. who has taken the time to weep heartfelt words about all that has been condemning to Kim Hyung Joong…I know that your blog is opinionated facts of your brain LazerKim…and I want you to know that I am so happy that I found a cyber-sister like you. You touch the hearts of many of us that feel the same way, but tend not to say! You relay the thoughts of most of us that linger for our fingers to type!:))
    I pray for your realness and reactions in responses to the devastating events in KHJ life….and your loyalty and dedication for your love to Hyun Joong through all of this.
    It is refreshing to know that, as I also relate to you on many things…I thank you for being a constant reminder of myself and for many of those that grow weary in well doing for the cause!
    Keep on keeping on Kim Hyun Joong and LazerKim.
    Again, LazerKim, with love from your cyber-sister here….
    SetApart MiA here….and there….everywhere:))

  35. When Choi come out in the media,and I found his different version of his explanation throughout the period of the scandal….I was thinking already where her parents to guide her..but I never ask in my many comments at all because I know HENECIANS was really feeling down already that time with her story…and its good that you open about her parents..because me I was proud to the kim parents that they really support HIM even they had sign that they not so like the girl but they respect KHJ decision if he chose this girl to be with..but I hope not….Thanks LK for articles it is such a signed that we are in one in feelings and mind as long as KHJ is concerned…we really love this guy….

  36. Actually not only international fans have no news on Kim Hyun Joong, I was told by my Korean friend who live in the neighhourhood of Hyun Joong, it was also very quiet in South Korea about Hyun Joong except the enlistment news.
    Most of the fans in SK and Japan will be sending HJ off on 31 march 2015 no matter he shows or no show.
    My friend just travelled from Singapore to SK to see him off on 31 March 2015. Lucky her for the business trip.

    • Hello there! Glad u hv a Korean friend staying near him. How is the neighborhood treating him since they knew him best? I know many other Korean hate him now. How is his parents’ Jaksal outlet? Still as many people? Hope u can ask ur Korean fan. TQ.

  37. Theyn think that KHJ is a very good catch. If her parents really believe that KHJ is an abuser, her parents are the very first persons who would block their daughter from coming or marrying him. Either way, they know that the abuse scandal is not true or they want the riches of KHJ and so they continue to hook him. Never in my wildest action or thoughts that I will allow my own daughter to be back to an abuser..Thier tolerance on their daughter to go back or marry KHj is one proof that there is really no abused at all. The more they tolerate Ms. choi the more they are putting her in bad situation.and not KHJ.

    • To Anonymous

      I’m a mother to a wonderful daughter and me and my husband always talk to our daughter whatever topic. she had a first boyfriend before but she decided to break up with him and they agreed that they remain the best of friends until now. the ex boyfriend want them to get back together again but my daughter stick to her decision. she told us the reason why she broke up with him Its about his parent. As parent we try to know what our kids problem and if they want to tell us we just listen and gave our advise.

      For KHJ girlfriend parent if you know what happen to your daughter if its really true that KHJ did that to her in August 2014 they should demand to her to not see him anymore.

      In my opinion its either their daughter dont respect them or dont have good relationship with them.

  38. I am yet to see a reason as to why I should ever stop supporting this man! Honestly, I’m just so proud of him. He has always said he’s not perfect because he is fully aware of all his flaws. But we have always been so welcoming of his imperfections that even those are a cute side of his! This entire ordeal did make us stronger and united more than before. They say that there is a bright side to every suffering. In this case I believe is that our love for him has been tested and trialed and we have passed the test! Hahaha!

    Regarding Choi, I just hope they’re decent people. Though I don’t have a very good feeling about them, I don’t like blaming parents. (Denial mode for me? Lol!) Is the Choi family flawed to the bone? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for sure, they seem very irresponsible. If I did what Choi did, my mother would run behind me to beat me with a cane! Hahaha! Choi should stop embarrassing herself. I have seen tons of non fans tired of her and they all are beginning to see her lies. The more she opens her putrid, plastic mouth, the more she goes on to prove her stupidity and falsehood. I think she will be the one exposing and ruining her life in the end 😂

    • I agree on what you said I dont want to judge her parent because we dont know how they brought her up, In my own opinion kids become what they are when they grow up base on how the parent teach and show good example to their kids and to show respect to other people.

      in my opinion this choi think only of herself and nothing more.
      She need psychological evalution in my opinion because her behavior is not normal.

      I want to give KHJ advise its good to take responsibility if your the father of this baby but you dont necessarily need to marry her just support the baby.

      I know KHJ and his parent are CAtholic and I nkow how his parent feel but Im also Catholic but for me its better not to marry this girls and later on divorce because you are pressure to marry her because of the baby. To KHJ parent keep praying that KHJ problem will be solve.

  39. Yae I would like to ask these questions to her parents… I do get doubt that they are all involved…
    But I just read article at wrong time…
    Whats all the fuss going on today?
    Don’t post updates.. Not to MS on 31? Everything is kept secret?
    I feel so frustrated to be an International fan and not being in Japan and SK…
    Its only that they are updated with all news but why not us??
    Its really upsetting me today…
    I feel like being an international fan is like a cures…!
    We Love KHJ i believe we need to know whats going on tooo…
    I repeat this has nothing to do with above article… But its my wrong time… Hope you all understand…

  40. Mhmm you just spoke my thoughts on this. I have thinking about for some time now. Where are her “parents”? We know how SK value family and their childs love relationships. If those so called parents really care for her they wouldn’t want her to be pregnant to someone who broke her ribs right? Much more be married to him since you know his career going down because of these scandals. They would want someone with good reputation. Heck I’ve even watched a KDrama where they don’t want their child with someone who’s an orphan? Seriously?! If those were really Korean parents they would’ve beaten her and dragged from Seoul to Busan, like what I see on dramas. Or even disinherit her and erased her from their family tree and so on. I could go on forever. So why? Of course they benefit something from it otherwise they would have packed up and left. So what does this say about the kind of family she has? Or I could also say for their benefit, maybe they’ve been gagged too like KE, threatened too maybe? I don’t know I still want to give them the benefit of the doubt. So this is where this higher up whose making all this ruckus come in. We will never know cause that someone is that powerful he could make KE shut up.

    She’s 31 and she calls him OPPA?! Bigaon ka! ah shincha!!! I’m 41 and so can I call him OPPA too?! XD XD XD So tiring to be angry always, now I’m wondering how those haters are still alive LOL!

  41. Dear Lazerkim
    I dont think a good idea to question her or his parents, sorry, I know for experiences that Asian families respect to much to parents, and children adults or not listen and respect them or at least hear them, If she did not, that , I think it will cost too much to her, this disrespectful behaviour says much of her and that is why she is very stressed, it is something that people dont acept from her. l think that KHJ parents grow well him and you see just a neglect and my boy got trap in this nighmare. Being a gentheman as he is he did not like that people said her anything and got all shots, That decision l did not like but he is in that way, What to do, it is his character.
    Probably he is in presure for his cultural environment to marry her, even if she claim not to do, probably he decides to do it for the baby´s sake. Hope that this dont happen but……….. who knows. Well just get calm we need to wait for the final decision.
    I really like to be positve everybody here, just think in him, his feeling , seeing him crying the last concert hurts me so much, poor my son, how to say us what was going on, how to solve it, how to avoid to hurt us. Howmuch disapointed on himself he felt there , living the crazy life could bring to commit big mistakes, I know, l saw in many youngers situations.
    We need to calm, dear,you know him well and you know me well, l look for peace as he does, to think and face it in the best way. He is a shy person for nature. Not speechful, not rude, gentleman, loving and PROTECTOR. THAT IS HE, I really like that for his own sake, he will be selfish with himself to save his future life. Hope he will be cold at the moment to decide what to do. But I really doubt.
    My blessings my only one do your best.

    • I wish he is selfish for once for the decision that will affect the rest of his life. To be selfish does not mean we will not responsible. The two adults need to share equal responsibility for what was happening. The behavior of this choi and the way she treated him and his parents either she loves him or does not love him it does not matter because it ended up hurting him and destroy him. I’m afraid if he continues with this choi he will end up living like a looser who has low-self-esteem and disrespect himself at the end . I wish he does love himself enough to be selfish to say no to something he does not believe..

      I think when we are afraid of being selfish we are thinking about what other people say or think about us rather than what ‘s our heart and head want to do. I believe he already knew that he can not be happy with this choi as he wanted to broke up twice may be more. I would prefer HJ think with his head and heart the intellectual inside him will tell him what is best for him to be able to enjoy his life and helping the others. He definitely can’t help anyone if he himself does not happy. I must admit I believe he will never feel at ease in his life if he continue with this choi and i think he should avoid that when he still can.

      Let ‘s pray as you said he will be cold and determine at the moment to decide.

      • I wish he will be selfish and cold at the moment to decide as you said well. I mean that he needs to think in himself, be protective means also to protect yourself first to then protect others. Now if he needs to protect the baby doesnt mean to marry her. I agree with you when you said , if he continues with this choi he will end up living like a looser who has low-self-esteem and disrespect himself at the end. But …….. Ahhh
        I am really worry for his decision.
        So … just wait calmly, it is what we can do, pray for him being wise this rime.

        • Hi JAZU

          I really understood when you said you’re really worry for his decision.

          If he makes a mistake again this time. I must admit that he is a real stupid guy who has low-self -esteem and never learned anythings from the past mistakes.

          To be A gentleman does not mean you have to be stupid and foolish too. I hope he realizes this.

          • Hello Jazu! It’s ok dear I respect everyone’s opinion. This is one way of learning on my side as my input. I’m just curious as you mentioned this
            “I dont think a good idea to question her or his parents, sorry,”
            May i ask why can’t I question her or what’s this HJ’s parents or Choi’s parent? Bcoz you mentioned “his parent” LOL I’m sorry Jazu I got confuse, pls clarify! Thank you. I don’t mean anything here neither would I want to misinterpret! I want to understand that’s why I’m asking for clarification. Thank you dear!

            • you know that English is not my language jajaja
              Sorry if my words were not too clear to understand. Just I would like you not to be mistrusted for touching this delicate topic.
              What I want to say is : I dont think a good idea to ¨question¨ (to mistrust or be suspicious about the way her parents grow her), My opinion. Why I mention his parents it is not that you critic his parents, it is because of what happened with his parents in the first scandal, I read some comments about What a disgrace for his parents, what kind of education did he recieved, how his parents let him do whatever, where are they? and more ugly things.
              I am a parent, I have 3 chidren, the girl as I told you is dificult, If I hadnt been as strong as I could specially with her, she would have done lots of stupidities for sure. She made me strong and strick. Life teaches us, to be parents we dont have a course or a training. It does not mean that we did not try to control children, I did all time, but when they were adults, we, as parents turned to be in second place, work, friends and girlfriends or boyfriends are important now. There is when we know if we did well or not. If we taught and prepared them to the life and live honestly. What to do, just pray for them, that they do well.
              Aditionally, the environment counts too, personality comes more from nurture than nature.
              As teacher I saw parents who ¨LOVE¨ so much their children than spoil them. They even cover or justify their mistakes convinced that their angels are the maximum, everybody are wrong not their ¨angels¨. or very week mothers who say ¨He did not listen to me, I can control him, or she is rebel in the future she will change¨ and even dare to say the teacher ¨be patient with him/her¨ for sure it is a psycological problem that deserves a study
              I celebrate that KHJ parents said something about it, but…… even they were mistrusted, they said that they are protecting an adult, that he is yet under his parents decision and that he cant decide for himself, and bla bla bla.
              Foolishness, I know he loves his parents,but as I could see him living alone, taking care of himself since his teens, it is not true. It was for me, that he let the wrong person to enter in his life, and difficult to get rid of her.
              I repeat . Touching parents behaviour is delicate, my personal point of view, WELL, they are enough ADULTS, mature or childish ???, hope that they fix it in the best way, they are aware that they are not a good couple, they dont complement eachother, that is why they fought and broke up many times. I am waiting for good news soon.
              Hope to be clear this time. take care.

              • LOL thanks Jazu for taking time! I got it! That’s why it took months before I spill this out! Yes I agree with you, everyone has its individual uniqueness and doesn’t follow the saying Kids are the mirror of their parents. Or the other way around! Thank you Jazu!

  42. LK, I am curious what is in the envelope that they took back from HJ parents. Love HJ statement abt making mistakes n fans continue to be tolerant. Another statement fr him that I like is…. He does not want his fans to be embarassed by being his fan. Now is the time fans show him how much we love him.

    • I do not think that anything is in the envelop, They’re using it as a way to make KHJ’s parent to force their son to marry her. just intimidating them. i just finished my part of the 3 days fasting and prayer. i will just keep my finger crossed, till when the rain of shame falls on choi. she will be exposed.

  43. I was wondering the same thing. SK is very well known for strict parents, If your child is in distress first instinct is to protect your child. I think this apply to all parents who care for their children, Ms. Choi is either a bull headed selfish child who listens to no one or her parents dont care. It would be a nightmare to have a psycho daughter in law likr her, our Joong deserves a woman that will really stand by him and not destroy him,

  44. I totally think her parents are in on it. In a country where the hierarchy of parents and elders are to be respected above all else, they would not be letting her besmirch their name. How could they’ forget’ to give the Kim’s the paper work. Where were they when should was being beaten to death.

    • True unnie, you’re a parent too. In Asia respect for ones family is very important, She obviously doesn’t have any respect sending her sonogram via kakao talk, duh? She’s 31 for crying out loud! You don’t send important documents through MMS.

      • Also knowing for experience as to how to ‘get pregnant’ If the original 11 weeks pregnant at the time is true and they really were in Jeju at the time. She planned to get pregnant. As someone else has said before, she didn’t get pregnant in their 2 years of dating. They get back together for one month and now she’s supposedly pregnant.

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