Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MONITORING COMMITMENT!



By: LazerKim


From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank my dear readers for your love and support in this blog site that I truly appreciate very much. Please do not worry I shall be keeping this site till the end whatever happens.

I’ll always be true to my words as I have mentioned in my old articles “A fan is always a fan be it in good or bad times” and this “You do not leave your idol on bad times when he needed you the most.”

The only thing that I cannot do is to make promises FOREVER since I do not believe in forever. I believe that if there’s a beginning then there’s also an ending to eveything in this world. This is my principle in life, neither would I make promises simply because we do not know what tomorrow would bring us. We just have to keep moving on, live by the day and be strong.. Again Thank you very much for your trust.



May I remind again to everyone here that everthing I write in this site are all my personal opinion and views, be it having a source or not, I speak my mind out through this blog site and had been doing this for 4 years exclusively for Kim Hyun Joong only. With hopes that I do not have to repeat myself every time I write! Got that Ms. Monitor? Thank you!

We have a new reader around and I’m glad to know the other camp is reading from here too! Geez this is good Hyun Joong reads from here and so with his enemies! Welcome to our humble home everyone!! If you don’t seem to like my writings, Ms. Monitor feel free to walk out, I don’t have any problem with that! BUT if I were you, I’ll stay and learn the truth!



I have read from some fans at tweeter that KHJ fans from SK were being threatened to be sued! How true is this? Though I have no personal knowledge about this, but I would believe so. If this tiny site was threatened to be sued with defamation what more with KHJ fans from SK?

But I can understand just like myself and every KHJ fan here, SK fans has nowhere to go to burst out their frustration except the tweeter where her co-fans are there who can understand each other. I can imagine their fear, that I can only wish this site would be able to reach them and let them know they have a home here to comfort them.

We all have to remain strong and keep in mind every individual has the right to speak out, speak their mind out, this is a free world. Every human is entitled to Freedom of Speech!

Whatever right the other camp has, we get the same right as human as simple as that! So stay strong, the more I’m being pushed to the wall the more I get persistent!

Ms Monitor we get the same right as you have ok? Ah! I warned you didn’t I? My readers are intelligent and matured individuals! Do you get that now? We are not just “fans”!



We have already established Choi’s personal reason as to why she was out there in the media that even gave me the impression media and Choi are truly a partner! Just my opinion! For Choi it may be personal yet my wild thoughts kept nagging me there’s something else behind her. If you remember the article Simply Defending, which I wrote the night this scandal broke, and I mentioned this to A…“how much were you being paid?

As time passes by, it’s becoming clearer to me that someone is behind this. It may just be speculation but did it ever cross your mind, the timing of Aug and Feb scandal both period when Hyun Joong was in Japan and gaining success? To his detractors this is painful unexpectedly despite of the 1st scandal his fans should have walked away from him but they didn’t! He even gained fans out of the nightmare! Just give me a little more time and we’ll find that out.

Now that his detractors failed in destroying him, so they started the demolition scheme on whoever is supporting him which is his loyal fans. LK here, present!! LOLThis now is very obvious to me since Ms. Monitor is here to see how we are!! Sit back and relax Ms Monitor you have so much to learn from here, who knows one day you’re already with us!!

In my opinion, his detractors are using Choi’s so-called pregnancy plot to bury Hyun Joong alive before his MS. So by the time he comes back from MS he would be pushed to resign! BUT Hyun Joong doesn’t have the right to resign without our approval! Remember at the Gemini last series the Time Capsule Commitment? We all know Hyun Joong never fails in his commitment. That says it all! Photo below! Isn’t he cute? He’s married to us! lol



Until at this time I haven’t convinced myself about the so-called Choi’s pregnancy. This is one reason why I posted an open letter to KE yesterday to clarify a legit test on her so-called pregnancy. We were left with statements from Hyun Joong’s parents that shed light to this matter, that proved Choi was indeed refusing to take necessary test.

For a briefer, Choi showed ultra sound pictures with no name, date not even medical info attached to the pictures. On Feb 28th Choi’s lawyer released another set of documents proving her pregnancy and stating she’s on her 16th week or 4 months pregnancy???

Again this statement raised so many questions not only from his fans but the public since a week prior to this statement, on Feb 22nd Choi stated she was 10-11 weeks pregnant!! Therefore info from Choi’s camp is totally unreliable. This is funny meant to fool us, the good lawyer forgot we are all women here reading from him not to know our birth cycle!!

May I emphasize once again that it is the right of Kim Hyun Joong and his parents to verify her so-called pregnancy. And since she kept refusing, this made his fans and the public doubted the so-called pregnancy. Followed by SILENCE….



Whether KE would respond to the open letter or not, it doesn’t matter for as long as we did something and informed KE the needs for KHJ fans to be clarified about this matter. I just took the chance for them to hear from us, I got nothing to lose in trying!

And I’m hoping for a better understanding that in SK Hyun Joong has only his agent to turn to as an access channel to his fans with a more credible information. And this was why I appealed for ceased fire on KE. Hyun Joong needs help from whoever he can trust near him, so let’s endure with KE for time being for Hyun Joong’s sake till everything resolves.

I believe we fans have a clean intention and with our prayers we can turn to, we’ll be able to surpass all of these in due time. As I have said this is a test of faith to all of us, as we endure this trial with Kim Hyun Joong. Allow me to I write this again for strength…

“There is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible when all the strength are combined together. So I sincerely believe that everything KHJ works hard for will come true to the degree that your fans collectively give that force and strength to you” (Quote fr Lee Sora 2011)

                     Let us all stay strong for Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks!

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83 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MONITORING COMMITMENT!

  1. I am sorry for some errors just can’t help tears to flow while encoding. I will be waiting for more updates. Arigatou gozaimasu!

  2. Thank you so much Ms Lazerkim for the info about Kim Hyun Joong. I am also a fan of KHJ from the Philippines. I am a mother and also a teacher by profession. I got to know KHJ only this May2015 thru the net. I started watching videos where he is and I admire him for his honesty that is shown with the way he acts and anwers questions. One can NEVER fake sincerity and honesty. I just hope KHJ will have time to read the messages from his loyal fans. Just want to tell KHJ , be STRONG son! Whatever happens we your loyal fans will NEVER leave you. We may have problems with communication since you (KHJ) do not understand english but always bear in mind that the language of prayers is more powerful than any languages in the world. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A PART OF OUR PRAYERS SO BE STRONG. AT THE END OF A RAINBOW IS ALWAYS A SUN SHINING BRIGHTLY . You and us your fans will be there in this “storm”. When you are hurting, your fans are hurting also. Stay strong. Cry in silence if that would make you feel better but always think that when you cry, we are also crying because we are hurting the most! To his manager and KEYEAST please take care of KHJ for us. Hope we hear more updates .We love you , I am just new but you have earned my respect and TRUST. GOD bless you more KHJ! You too Ms Kimlazer. I will waiting for more updates thru ny email. Arugatou gozaimasu! Thank you !

  3. I always feel sorry fo Hyun Joong’s fans that are abused…simple becaz we love him to bits…i guess they should know that this is not the beginning hence, not the end…we should kip on loving him till the whole world knows…i mean even those not yet born…

    Am also sorry fo what his been through (khj)…what ever happens…we will love him big and shame them devils…

    *keeping him in our prayers* *mad love fo yu Hyun Joong* *XOXO* *yu were lvd *yu are lvd *yu will always be in my heart*

    Bernadet Ndebele

  4. OMG!!! LK I was thinking about Lee Sora’s quotes and that’s what we need to remind ourselves with, yes we can and will give him the strength, Henecia FIGHTING!!

  5. I believe in my love, I believe KHJ. But I wanna see his so called ex Ms. Choi once so I can try my punches on her ugly face.

  6. Welcome again Ms.Monitoring!!! And let Us show U How We are Love Our KHJ so much!! Never ending Support from the deep of Our Heart coz He deserve and worthy. We received a lot from KHJ, Happiness , Courage and many more that we cannot express that tones of Loves. And this is the time for Us to defend , speak and STAND for Him ~from all this Nightmare from CHOI. Hope U can Understand Our Heart Ms.Monitoring!!

    And am Glad and Thankful for all the articles from U Ms.LK♡ it’s like coming home, find Peace and Comfort after my tiring day. Got all the Courage here.Thank U so much Ms.LK♡ I will never Stop Love and Support KHJ no matter what.FIGHTING to all of Us God Bless ~~~♡ ^^

  7. Hello LK! Thank you again for your beautiful articles….. I’m always here reading all your article no matter what, and support KHJ until the end. LK, you never know how much I really appreciated you;) your continues support for KHJ….. And feeding a good news to all his fans all over world really means a lot to me, specially that I don’t understand and speak Korean. Thank you so much for sharing and letting us leave our comments in here. I alway come to your blog to find a happiness and comfort because I know you always say good things about KHJ! I love reading your articles, so please continue to write and don’t give up, be strong for KHJ and to all his fans all over the world….. For me …. Your our spokesperson…… You really did a great job for sending a letter to KE and I hoping that they will give us an answer very soon. You are such amazing and courageous person LK, and I know that whatever they say……I am not worried because of your blog ….. KHJ fans multiplies…… I am here to support you and hopefully ….that monitor person will get the message!!!! KHJ fighting!!!!! LK fighting !!!!!

    • I am also supporting you dear lazer kim mam. I pray for you too along with my hyun joong oppa , l love reading your blogs Mam.고맙습니다 lazer kim mam for being such a wonderfull person as always. for being a motherly support for My DARLING ANGEL KIM HYUN JOONG OPPA. please continue your blogs Mam ,I ameagerly waitng here in India for your blogs mam , coz this is my home henecia. thanks for being such an important person in our lives(henecians all over the world).i hope you read this mam.with lotz of lobe arya mary varghese

  8. Looks like they already removed the CallMeNoona article. They probably realize that the one who wrote it is not a person who acts and thinks like a person with age. See they are shameful on what they did..and no longer have the nerve to go on…because the truth is coming now..

  9. am truly blessed to be part of this family,everyday i learn something new and enlighting.i pray we all continue in thispath,being there for each life,especially when we’ve found passion and in something that interests us,and you know what you want in life,there is always going to be faults and difficulties but when you fight back and refuse to back down, overcomimg each one of your trails you will then come to know true happiness,its same with hyun joong,but the pecularity is that we are together,just like stars in sky radiating our kim hyun joong,that special one in our hearts,that had shown us how to smile and be free and confident in who we are.these haters do not understand,and they will never know not with such biased mind of truly grateful that i came to know hyun joong.stay put hyun joong,we are always beside u,love u.

  10. Dear LK.

    Thank you so much for this article and all the articles about KHJ. For those who come to read your articles they will learn something from you , us and KHJ. We do not ask them to agree with everything we said but they will hear if they want to . I’m sure they will learn something that will be useful for them.

    I think your articles and KHJ’s fandom are reflecting how we should as a human being live in this world in the way that the head and the heart are used for the best.

    The most significant I feel from this fandom is we can’t tolerate injustice . No matter what everybody deserves justice and no one should be mistreated without a fair trial and a proper proved. Sadly KHJ has never received such basic principle since the scandal started. I feel like we are the activist group who work against the mighty powerful ruler who take advantage over the powerless and violates their rights. Fighting for what seem wrong and try to make it right and fair.

    I have never regret what we have done to support KHJ since the start . I would say we have a good instinct and an outstanding intuition. I don’t think this kind of thing comes by chance but the experience in life and wisdom . I want to say that I respect and proud to be part of this fandom. i have never been registered as Henecian but I feel like one.

    LK please continue doing what you are doing. I respect your judgement and love your spirit. No matter what i will be here with you and keep supporting Kim Hyun Joong. One or two mistakes can not change his good nature just made him a better person. He is just the opposite to someone who has no idea what is the right thing.

    Fighting Kim Hyun Joong. I believe in you.
    LK fighting I believe in you too.

    I just read that Mi-Club , one of the biggest KHJ’s Korea fan club and KHJ will have a video conference on 31st March for approximately 2 hours from 19.30 – 21.30. Have you heard about this. ?

  11. Hello to all my sisters and possible brothers… I had a crazy thought come to my brain, lol… We all keep saying Ms.Monitor could be Ms. Choi.. Remember the article that came out just week or two on Soompi that was written by CallMeNoona about KHJ victims. We all tore her up for the hateful article. Do you think it is possible it could be her or even both? Her hateful revenge maybe? What does everyone think about this thought? What do LK think? Just came to me.. Cause this all of a sudden report after LK being here for so long and then she is attacked like that CallMeNoona was… This is really fishy. See Ms.Monitor we can think… Keep up the great job.

    • Oh I was pertaining to that noona something as ms. monitor. That may be her revenge which I never doubted it’s just that she wrote her comment in the wrong article. So she was trying mislead me, but I know it’s her. It’s also possible she works for Choi’s camp I cannot eliminate that posiblity.
      But still barking on Choi since she’s the whistle blower started all these circus. That noona is definitely a KHJ hater I wouldn’t doubt. There’s 2 sides of the coin now it’s either HJ or choi which side do we defend, That’s the situation now. Thank you, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • I am 100% for KHJ… I know in the comments under CallMeNoona’s article she had fans swearing that she really loved KHJ but was telling her honest opinion about what was going on… I know i argued back as there was NO way she was someone that loved KHJ or she had a twisted love… I really believe Choi and Noona are doing this together. They have to be hateful to make their selves happy. I’m really sure that they have alot of haters behind them as ya LK

  12. Thank you LK, sunshine.
    We never give up here.
    People still think that “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” is pregnant? Really, I mean it si so obvious a lie. Maybe she given birth by now, I just wonder to what? You know gestation of cats is nine weeks, but who knows…
    All this “scandal” it just reeks with inacurracies, all it is done to discredit HJ and his image in public eyes, either for money, greed, either obsessive behaviour of the “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” and whom ever is funding her illness. They all have a goal to destroy the hard work and image and career of KHJ and his Fans, his family, his credibility, his love, his hard achieved world wide Star status.

    Well dears, this is not going to work.
    KHJ Fans are here to stay, so get used to see us here defending Hj even if he doesn’t do it by himself. You don’t like, tough, your problem, get used to see us, we do not give up.
    We can also sue Media outlets as fans for libel, this can be done.

  13. So she is watching us? Wow how desperate she is that forced her to do this…Good job HENECIA
    I think she is hired by someone to enter HJ’s life. She is not pregnant AT ALL (for SO many reasons that she herself has given us) but there is something precious to HJ or KE that she is threatening them with it. This is why they’re quite. This is why HJ has apologized in that way… I believe the truth will emerge finally and she is the one who can’t even look in the eyes of her parents! (Actually if they’re not the same as her)
    I also have a question! Am I the only one who thinks HJ becoming a father (Imaginary) is not a “Scandal”? Do Korean media + Ms Witch and her team need an Oxford Dic to check the definition of some words? Scandal, Honesty, Privacy?
    To The witch and her Boss (the one who has hired her for this destroying KHJ mission)
    You may have tried your best to ruin him but everything is not in your hands but it’s in the powerful hands of GOD (Do U believe in him?). He is the one who have helped HJ in all these years and he will perfectly protect him from anybody’s harm. He won’t let your vicious intentions and plans win, he definitely won’t let HJ lose the things he has gained through hard work during 10 years so easily.
    So U can nicely continue trying to destroy him and burning in the hell of jealousy while we’re living our peaceful lives with his love.

  14. I am here just to give you my support. Keep on writing and keep on fighting with everyone that wants to banish free speech and to destroy KHJ and his fans.
    Love from Bulgaria.

  15. Hi Lazerkim,
    You are getting bolder by the day girl and i couldn’t help but agree with you. Among Henecian sisters, I find you the gutsiest of all, you have the nerve and the brain .!! Go all the way darling!!

    I couldn’t help but notice your tweets. it’s getting a little creepier. I’ve heard that many south korean HJ fan blogs are being deleted or being sued. This blog is also being ‘reported’. Why is this witch hunt going on at all ? What do u think they will get by shutting down fan blogs? Deleting fanblogs or suing fans isn’t going to their help their case at all. Don’t they realize that?Are they really that stupid?
    Haven’t they heard of Reverse Psychology. Telling someone not to do “Something” will only make SURE that the “Something” will be done . If more people find out that our fan blogs are being attacked, it is more likely that more people will jump into our ship, even out of curiousity to know why we are being sued.Gosh!! this is 21st century. Blocking blogs don’t hide the TRUTH, it attracts people to KNOW THE TRUTH!!.

    well what can i say about Stupid Choi…She is stupid enough to make herself a laughing stock in front of the media, she doesn’t think like this now….but i’m sure that time will come soon.

    Till that time comes, FIGHTING HJ, FIGHITING HENECIANS

  16. Hi LK! It is really good to hear that you will continue to write for as long as you can! We, KHJ fans will give him our support during this turbulent time.

    Nobody is perfect in this world. As long as one knows and acknowledges the mistakes that he makes and makes an attempt not to repeat it again, we shall give him a chance to prove himself again.

    Going to miss him since I got to know from your blog that he will be attending his MS soon!

    Hope KHJ will learn something from that MS and come out as a bright and shining idol.

    KHJ just move on, love your current self and work on the new you in the future. Nothing can be made to change our past, but there is a hope for tomorrow.

    Fighting, LK and Aja, KHJ!!!!!

  17. Thank you LK for all your posts. I’m in the USA, and read you and Ms. D for KHJ news. Don’t let the haters get you down. Your faithful readers have all got your back.

  18. Hello!

    MI Club and Kim Hyun Joong will hold a video conference ! in march 31…. mi-club is one of the biggest Korean fan club of KHJ.

    i’m happy but i’m a little bit confuse coz isn’t the 31st the day he will enter his MS?

    • I heard about this, has it been confirmed? Anyone know anything?
      I heard you can delay enlistment, I think 3 times?
      I think if he CAN put it back, he probably has – since the date has been leaked to the media and he clearly stated that he wants to go in private.

      • If there really is a conference, someone please record it n translate in English for overseas fans. I hope then he reveal the truth n show the lies Choi made so that anti fans/haters can now eat their words n apologize to him and us. Should we make a list of those who keeps on attacking HJ without witnessing the events that took place except reading the media n formed their own opinion. First name come to mind is Callmenoona. Then Ming Bangsar, also someone made a video too , …….many others. Lazerkim , keep up the good work. Write more so that ur articles will be read by haters. We support u.

        • That Ming Bangsar remind me of something. ‘Bangsar’ is a popular urban city in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Does she/he living there? I hope it just a coincident..LOL

  19. Hello LK … i like the spirit… keep it up sister…. we need that strength from you… we all know very well that hyun joong is a man of few words but he is always truthful of these words. Whether hyun joong or KE or whoever from his camp will shed light on us or not in these issues doesn’t matter anyway … hyun joong and his fans are family… families doesn’t leave each member in troubles but helped him get up and solved that troubles. yes sister we are a family of intellectuals not delusionals .. we are professionals and educated noonas, unnies and sisters… we are not supporting hyun joong as him person or face value but we supported him because of his personality, talents and his honesty … a total package… performer. as a new fan , these issues doesn’t bother me at all. it cemented my opinion since the start of that beating scandal that some mafia world are behind this demolition job for hyun joong. at that time i was just barely a month fan. with hyun joong’s popularity worldwide and with a very strong and unique henecians, there are some people out there is very threatened and wanted him fall face down. All i can say is that, the more they are doing this to kim hyun joong, the more henecians and family and non fans understand and admired hyun joong more… so henecians let’s bolt in and stay strong… and see you on the first concert of kim hyun joong after MS…. love you all KHJ family. Fighting!! Aja!!!

  20. “BUT Hyun Joong doesn’t have the right to resign without our approval! Remember at the Gemini last series the Time Capsule Commitment? We all know Hyun Joong never fails in his commitment. That says it all! Isn’t he cute? He’s married to us! lol”……THE BEST ONE UNNIEE 🙂
    LK unnie I may not comment on all your articles but I read each and every single post of yours….your are one of the strongest of the Henecians whose words are so beautifully polished and right to the point. Thank you & never ever stop writing….we all are with you and we together are with our prince HYUN JOONG. Actually after this whole irritating episodes, Hyun Joong fans got filtered and now only the true Henecians who are ‘unbreakable’ remain….now we know the freaking losers and we Henecians are stronger than ever…and in turn he did gain a lot of new fans too……..WE WILL ALWAYS STAND BY OUR HYUN JOONG AND NO ONE CAN BRING US DOWN…….HWAITINGGGGGGG..!!!
    AND as for our boy he is a gem, a star who will shine even in the darkness but what will happen to you Choi…??? WELL take a break, get treated by the doctor and have good holiday…at least in this world you can enjoy, because cant say about the hereafter!!!!! I think even you know your future girl…!!!! anyway if you are reading congrats on earning another new name!!!!!! kekekekeke………..

  21. you speak the truth! bless 💚 thank you for all your words. Henecia is just getting stronger. if they want to push us. we will be resilient!

  22. Dear the thing is that OUR FAMILY really grows, it will be scared for them, WOW.
    Afte scandal this site and other that support KHJ grow, it could be rare in the showbiz, Why? Just because we feel unfair the way he is treated, How his life is exposed in such horrible way, l could say now, that his life is an open book where everybody could read. No more secrets FROM HIM, even his personal msms are shown, what a crazy way to ……….? to what ? …….
    that is the question? What for?
    It is dark, we need answers.
    well we will have patience since now hoping to know something soon

  23. That’s just ridiculous, SK fans being sued, for what, defending KHJ? Excuse me but there are a lot of fans other than Hyunjoongs who defends their idols everyday, aren’t they accountable too? Why just Kim Hyun Joong fans? Why not all fandoms? Just preposterous! Tell me who ever got jailed for posting their opinions online. Those horrid tabloids should be the one to be sued for posting those obviously poorly constructed news aka rumors. About the person behind that creature, I do believe so. There is someone bigger here, the creature’s just a puppet. I mean, why can’t her parents control her? Where does she get the money for that lawyer? I don’t know, someone who’s a serious pro bono won’t accept such case cause it’s obviously a family matter. There are a lot of people who needs free legal assistance than her. So if the lawyer is paid, definitely not pro bono. So is she an heiress or something to have a personal representation? and why can’t KeyEast make a move on this? I just find it strange that one of their top star is being harassed and their hands are tied. Too bogus for me. and Ms. Montor, duh!

    • Hello Fay! Oh yes she has parents i forgot!!, well Im gonna write about that next time. LOL Pro bono Fay are you nuts!!! LOL excuse me for the word but I die laughing here!!! LOL Where on earth did you get that idea!!! LOL The creature is plotted for a scandal so money talks definitely!! Did ever cross your mind that parents may hv some involvement here? I’m just asking no strings attached! We’ll discuss that on my next article if I won’t be disturbed by nonsense motor!! LOL LOL thanks Fay you never fail to make me laugh!! Take care, be happy obviously you are!! LOL see you again God bless…

      • Hi Lk,

        I ‘m very often thinking about the psycho ‘s parents. Since last August I was thinking what kind of advise her parents gave her after seeing their daughter humiliated herself by posting all pictures and self-made medical report . I hope they are not part of the team that gave her advise for all her actions then and now.. It they are I ‘m not very surprise either.

      • Pro bono, I watch too much police crime like Bones, CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds and such hehehehe! Well of course I want everything to be clear cause you know how she works, she might say that the lawyer works for free and of course the haters will agree which is duh?! I want to make clear that to have a personal legal representation costs. And no pro bono lawyers will accept such a case. Yes! she has parents which I would have never found out until HJ parents spoke of it.

        • LOL LOL wait for my next article we’ll give the benefit of the doubt having her parents around!! i think this is good food for the thought to keep us up for 2yrs waiting lol lol😣

        • Add Scandal as well. But here we need a Harvey Spector from Suits to reveal all.

          After all All Sk fans knows her name her face and exactly who is pushing from behind. They are just threatened….what a sham!!

          And a Shame to SK and SK media and SK Entertainment giving the floor to such person like this creature.
          All the hard work of KHJ as the biggest SK Star of Hallyuwave destroyed by this plastic doll trash.
          It keeps bugging me the Injustice and the Lies.

          • True. And not just Hyunjoong. A lot of good artists are destroyed by lies and bashers for what? lies, lies and more lies. I haven’t heard of any respectable media outfit who dug really deep into any of these scandals. They’re all lazy.

            • I would not call them lazy person but rather immoral and ignorance. They did not respect their profession . They don’t respect people’s life and they don’t care if a person’s life is destroyed by their distorted information.

    • Fay, i like your comments… for me i don’t have trust in KE sorry, my opinion, i am talking of contract ending here… and my opinion is if KE is not sure that kim hyun joong will renew his contract no comments mouth sealed. again my opinion and no other persons, news magazines, tv stations and any media or even the owner of this blog is involved. Mafia thing is on the air… again my opinion and me alone… Peace evryone monitoring. i just love kim hyun joong… Fighting !!!

      • thank you, well I do feel too that KE is not doing its job in Hyunjoongs case. I also said this to LK last year when this whole nightmare began that if KE couldn’t defend him might as well seek another home for him. Though LK and I differ in opinion, we all know we just want someone to fight for Hyunjoong vocally since the man doesn’t want to speak for himself, the gentleman side of him always kicks in. I just thank his parents for being the voice of truth here. Whether he stays with KE or not no problem with me but I am very disappointed at how they handled everything.

        • Yes Fay you’re right I just want someone to speak for Hj at least just this info just for once, I have to swallowed my pride after attacking KE real hard, just for this I have to endure! He has no one in Seoul. It’s a grab a dagger situation for him! But to renew artist’s contract NO NO NO NO WAY! And he’s not going back to SK showbiz NO WAY. Japan will be waiting for him I’m pretty sure of that! So he doesn’t need a Korean agent. He can always sign up for overseas artist contract in Japan. He has a better future here after MS.

  24. Thank you LK. I know that this has been hard on you , HJ, his parents, and his fans.But as we keep the Faith and continue to pray God will provide victory. Again, the best story to place our Faith and Trust in the Lord on is Job. Remember, even some of his friends gave him bad advice but Job remained faithful. In the end Job was bless more in the end than his beginning, and what God has bless can no man curse. It may seem like they are winning but it is always darkest before the dawn. Yes, this too is testing our Faith because no matter what mistakes we make isn’t God ready to forgive us if we ask, so who are we not to forgive and who are we to judge others. The first to bring all of this out and to call others names was not the fans of HJ but the other side, and who was disrespectful to adults. How would you feel if someone called your parents liars? Please note that none of this was started by HJ, his parents, or his fans. But we have very right to defend and present another side which is also back up by facts and opinions are given. Several facts was presented in this blog, dates of pregnancy, missing text messages, and others. Sue? Kim Hyun Joong parents should be the ones suing but are they? Do you really think they are not because they don’t have evidence? Well, they do, the message sent to them announcing that they are grandparents. some of us will maintain our dignity and privacy and I believe it is stated that they are very private individuals. You came out to defend your son and your name, with a tag “liar” when virtual. Great going SK. So, I will end with another old saying,”if you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen”. This goes for all those who feel that nobody should be defending Kim Hyun Joong. We will and we are not going anywhere. YES, believe it or not I do pray for all because this is a sad situation to bring a child in the world because all of this will be available for that child later in life. Also, believe me someone will show how it all begin, and no matter what it will not be HJ or his parents in a bad light because they remained silent. They did not respond after being call liars. This I just can’t get over. oh! By the way you may not have used the word but what is the opposite of not being truthful? My God taught me to love my enemy and do good to those who mean you harm so I am able to love. You see, I am a sister of seven brothers, two sisters, a mother and a grandmother. Both parents are deceased, and this is way I am finding it hard on how his parents were treated and talked about. Please be more respectful to your parents and others, you only have one set. Thank you LK and God bless and the same for the Family.

  25. Thanks Lazerkim once again! Your articles have brought me loads of happiness. Sometimes laughter, tears of joy, sadness.. most of all Comfort which has healing effect. It’s my honour to be support HJ and reading your articles. And thank you for letting us leave our comments here. Dear HJ, be strong whatever it is, you will never be alone. This is only temporary. Take care always, wherever you are.

  26. Ms LK firstly I would like to thank you for saying it out that we cant put in our words…
    And as I said yesterday I congratulate you for getting a new follower of blog.. LOL
    I’m really happy about it because she could read from here and understand that she cant break us and get frustrated… I really want her to get frustrated and make wrong moves just like she is trying to threaten… As we all know its easy to catch a person who is frustrated and annoyed…
    Right from the beginning we knew that someone big is backing her up… If not she wouldn’t get media in her side against the huge Hallyu star…
    Lets wait truth unfolds by itself its just the mask that we have to uncover…
    And as for as KE I don’t have any hope that they will make a statement and clear things out, because they are the once who put us in this confused state… If they are concerned about their asset KHJ they would have stood by him at the very moment… I’m really disappointed by them…
    Any ways hope for best….
    And Hello Ms Monitor still reading comments and article??
    If so please leave a reply are you planing to show up now itself or you will come out with a baby saying its HJ’s ?? If so please leave that idea its not gone work… we cant trust Googlessi all the time you know!

  27. Hi,
    I always come here to get a new info/news of KH and very happy for any little things/story report here. But at the same time, sad that KH have to encounter lots of pressure due to his success. BE STRONG and BELIEVE in miracle. Keep smile!!!

  28. Whatever they say we should not worry, we know our Hyun Joong and always their Henecias will support it wholeheartedly. Dear Hyun Joong, God always blesses and protects you’re not just your Henecias we are and will always be with you. Saranghaeyo ❤

  29. hi ms. lk, thank u ..:) I’m always reading ur blog and henecia comments …:) reading ur blogs makes me calm n happy..hehehe so what ms monitor if khj is my bias, y do u care..i love him with all my heart and I can abandoned him becoz of that ms. liar…I don’t care about her!!! I’ve known my bias since bof what ms lk said im also a fan be it in good and bad times.. and take note ms. monitor our KIM HYUN JOONG is worthy to be LOVED!!! KHJ fighting…our hallyu star..kekeke

  30. It is like a simple words from me…..until KIM HYUNJOONG is here HENECIANS always here also…cause as KHJ said we are “TWINS”……Thanks Ms.LK….fighting!

  31. I really liked your article because I concentrate that can have a reply of Hyun Joong and Keyeast… only thing that for now we should do is pray for the… in military service have that peace that the need
    the knows that we will wait for it!

  32. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MONITORING COMMITMENT! | LazerKim

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