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Re: Appeal for Statement (Ms. Choi’s Pregnancy legit results)

I would like to appeal to your good office for clarification statement representing Kim Hyun Joong or anyone in his camp pertaining to the current situation as Kim Hyun Joong is involved in this scandal created by Ms. Choi.

It has been 3 weeks since the interview of Mr. and Mrs. Kim with the media was conducted and since then we have not heard any results on Ms. Choi’s pregnancy. I understand that this matter is Hyun Joong’s personal privacy, but since this matter is out in the public knowledge, therefore it’s no longer private.

Ms. Choi started this media play followed by an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Kim might as well put an end to this matter. After the interview with Hyun Joong’s parents, his fans were left with lingering doubtful thoughts if Ms. Choi is indeed pregnant or not. There are three questions that we need to know, to clear up the air. Here as follows:

1.) Is Ms. Choi legitimately pregnant?  Did she take the necessary Pregnancy Test in the presence of KHJ’s camp?

2.) Is Kim Hyun Joong responsible (if he’s the father) for the said legitimate pregnancy of Ms. Choi? Did she undergo the necessary DNA test in the presence of KHJ camp?

3.) Or is Ms. Choi in hiding and still refuse to take the tests until at this period?

I understand what Kim Hyun Joong is currently getting through with this matter but I do hope he would also consider his fans are waiting for results pertaining Ms. Choi’s pregnancy. I think it’s high time to finalize this episode for the sake of Kim Hyun Joong and his fans.

I believe to be responded to and to be cleared pertaining the above questions can shed peace to him and his fans, since we ONLY believe in Kim Hyun Joong’s statement. His fans has already been threatened so please bear with us, we need to be clarified about this Choi’s pregnancy matter.

Nothing change within KHJ fans as we shall continue supporting him whatever the results of this scandal may lead him to.

I’m sincerely hoping for your kind consideration and understanding pertaining to this request for statement from your good office.

Thank you, God bless…

Very truly yours,

LazerKim  (KHJ fan writer)

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58 thoughts on “ATTN: KEYEAST, KHJ CAMP

  1. well I think no news means she is still hiding, however may I ask everyone here if you haven’t done it already to record 10 seconds audio messages in your original language and send it to radio@kpopway? I have already sent mine and please don’t forget to include the original transcript of the message in the email you are going to send

  2. TQ LK for what you have done for us, KHJ fans. Whatever the result is going to be, I personally believe we should forgive him as we are normal human beings always make mistakes. I just hope that he will learn something from this incident and be careful in the future. I truly want him to continue to show his talent to us as I have faith that he has potential to succeed in the show biz industry.
    I will always support him and look forward to his new songs, dramas and even movies!!!

    KHJ, we are your fans and will be stay beside you during hard times and good times!!
    Every cloud has a silver lining, KHJ. so please continue to smile!!

  3. Wow… this whole situation is getting out of hand. I hope HJ and his family are ok…. I worry about his state of mind.

    I understand why some want to expose Choi – but not sure it would be wise. That would only hurt (and disappoint ) Hyun Joong. He trusts his fans…and so far, his fans have been respectful and mature (Unlike Choi)
    She and her family obviously have some kind of power over him. I’m sure he is doing what he can behind the scenes to resolve this. If this turns to war and out comes the news that she lost the baby (real or not) It could reflect badly on Hyun Joong and his fans.

    Choi seems mentally unstable so who knows what she is capable of. HE never wanted all of this out there, but here it is… and she sure seems to enjoy riling up his fans!

    ps) I agree LazerKim…. this all needs to be addressed before his enlistment — lets hope he can :/

    • ps ) i think you should keep the post from ‘YouAreReported’
      Is there anyway someone can track the IP address?
      I googled for info, regarding this ‘organisation’… and nothing comes up.
      Prob worth looking into. Doesn’t seem legit… obviously so.

      A blog is a blog, simple as. This clearly is not an official website! So, what a ridiculous question! Considering the writer acknowledged your disclaimer…then tried to contradict it. It’s almost too stupid to respond to. These people just want to piss off his fans… other than that, what can they do?

  4. always with kim hyun joong.i also want to know the answers to those questions but i will advise we should not be worried,truly GOD is in control of the whole situation we only need prayers accompined with faith that GOD is able, hyun joong will heal,GOD is in strong our brave prince,love u.

  5. My dear LK…thank you again for speaking up on behalf of us….

    As for me, I will feel relieved if i know the answer to all those questions. Surely, it will make us so happy and will let him go freely with all our love to him. But if HJ’s camp are not able to answer those completely, at least please give us a HINT abt the situation. Please HJ, please don’t leave us without knowing anything abt u. Whatever it is we will support u until the end.

    EVERYBOBY here ONLY believe in Kim Hyun Joong’s statement about this Choi’s pregnancy matter. Hope that they do something soon about those logical questions. Haters are starting to atack us here, they dare to report this blog like this, So I am aware that they and she read here. Good, so they are councious of our feelings.It is good that you request to continue monitoring it, here are only KHJL fans, it is not a controversial site to start a war each time you write something, it is our home.
    As KHJL is the most important member of our family we will continue supporting only him.
    I said before and I repeat it, for me she is no one, because of her disrespect behavior she will never get my favor. I know that she may be part of KHJL life for the baby,OK.
    But, No one is transparent, does not exist to my eyes. It is KHJL who l support, I like his voice, his smile, his reactions, his cuteness, and only he is who I care , point.
    What I am worried is his pain, as you said just arriving to the airport they started the atack, what a shame. Poor my baby, what a girl he let enter in his life.
    we are not insulting her saying that she is disrespecful, everybody knows it. But ok I am not going to mention her again, as she is declared by myself no one.
    To my only one , my boy I will see you are ok, this is going to pass anytime, whatever you decide, whatever you do will be respected. But nobody will tell me to stop behind and support you, you are my bias so I will stand next to you and support Lazerkim till the end.
    I always be with you LK since the very begining, you are an angel for me. You as well as KHJ are kind with fans. If you are not an official site of KHJ, we consider this our official home site.
    God bless you my son. I pray that this end soon for everybody sakes, u and your child have my blessings.

    • Hello Jazu!! Oh yes you are one of my very pioneer readers, and we’re still together here! LOL that’s really nice, Thank you so much for staying and thanks for the support. Being together in this makes us all stronger. thank you again, take care be happy and see you again! God bless…

      Thank you so much everyone!! Let’s keep our patience and we just have to wait.

      • Maybe the problem for them is that after the scandal last year the readers here really grow . I am happy for it. But oviously that bothers them , what a shame for them hahaha
        love you girl.

  7. Everyone thank you and I’m proud to be part of you all. Even if KE and KHJ doesn’t want to say anything, we will understand but as for Ms Choi, her days of shame is just near. I am telling you all to wait and see her being exposed very soon.

  8. Thank you LK for speaking on behalf of so many of us. Those 3 questions are definitely the most important for us to get our minds at rest. I just hope and pray that he’s okay..

  9. Buna urmares de pe margine acest teatru regizat de aceasta doamna si deja se vede ca pierde , e prea evident ca totul e o minciuna , si haide sal lasam pe KHJ sa decida singur ce trebuie sa faca noi doar sal sprijinim si sai fim aproape Va multumesc

  10. Thank you for all LaserKim and I support you.
    I would like to know who she is, for equality, and also to know why she has so much power. And I wonder why korean fans and mainly stalkers and paparazzis don’t find who she is and who is behind her. Does she belong to a family that scares in Korea? I find it is very strange and very scary for HJ and relatives!

  11. After HJ’s parents’ interview I didn’t dare checking your articles. Since here is the place to *think* and I had so many things in my mind already and I really couldn’t think about the reality of the disaster happening to HJ and us! I really was afraid of thinking about what is happening, what will happen… so many concerns in my mind.
    Since the very beginning I was very worried about his image! “What ppl will think about him in the future”! It was very important to me. During Gemini I saw how much he is loved even now. I think this incident showed HJ how much his fans love him sincerely, believe him deeply. So now in the new episode of the nightmare he should know that he is not alone and we are by his side unconditionally, regardless of the result.
    And there is another group of ppl that hate him! Of course I don’t want anybody to hate him but who are these ppl? These are the ppl who have hated him so much since he became a very popular idol in very young age. They only didn’t have the chance to show this hatred and now they gained the most wanted opportunity. They’re not normal, logical ppl that you would care about their attitude! Is it really important how a brainless thinks about U! Definitely no!
    As far as I know this answer is only important to HJ’s fans and the haters will continue hating him no matter what’s the reality. I believe that all of us can wait for him even if he doesn’t give us an answer before leaving for MS. Since we have faith in him and I’m sure he knows it well. And this is the thing that gives us strength to endure all these hardships… We’ll stay strong and unbreakable together. We’ve promised to not leave each other’s hand.
    I like U and Ur blog very much, our WISE Henecian sister. Thank U for being by his side. God bless U and HJ and all of us ❤



  14. She destroyed Hyun Joong, we should destroy her too. Actually she is already destroyed when she made the text messages public. So stupid. It actually showed what a good hearted person Hyun Joong is. I was actually surprised she revealed that. Nothing negative on Hyun Joong. I am glad his parents made the interview. At least it turned some haters around. Those with logical minds.

  15. This girl is stuck in his lies as in the swamp. False and calculating, this girl’s parents should be ashamed of their behavior irresponsible daughter. Let finally left alone Kim Hyun Joong. Because its behavior says only one thing – she wants revenge and ruin his career Hyun Joon, but she forgot that he had millions of fans around the world who will always support their idol.

      even if this is the reason she does not want to do it feeling fear that it could hurt the baby, well calmly everybody can wait, till the baby arrive, but, clear the reason with good evidences, we are not irracional, we are mothers too. Just say what is going on, it is not logical to explot a bomb new in that way, with that disgusting disespecful way, not only to KHJ but also to herself, what an ugly way to deal with it. Hope that she let him to care the baby. He seems to be worried, he asked to see her as soon as he arrive to SK. But she waited him with this.
      God bless and care the baby.

  16. I have a feeling that mrs. choi, the end will mean losing the baby by stress and bla bla bla. then nobody will know whether or not to HJ!

  17. Estou em total apoio a você, pois como fãs estamos esperando uma resposta, para aquietar nosso coração e apoiar ainda mais nosso Only One💖💖💖💖

  18. Thank you LK for this article,

    I fully support you for this. We fans need to settle our mind to . We want to know therefore we know how we can support him best. I only believe in him and his family. No more trash news from outlet medias and manipulative information from psycho choi.

    I believe more and more there is someone behind this. I even think that whoever introduced the psycho choi to HJ must hate him enough to bring this kind of woman to his life.

    I was away for a few days and very busy . However as soon as my brain is free from work HJ’s topic will pop up into my head. i really hope he is O’K and recovers from this painful incident.

    I hope to hear something from them soon.

    • Hello Bella,
      Totally agreed with you. KHJ had learned the big lesson in his life about his friend.I think he’s suffering of what this betreyer done.May be jealousy of KHJ’s successful in his career and his lovely fans supporting him around the world.May be it’s better that they showed themselves too early as we all catched up.Before his life dumped in bigger disaster than Ms.Choi’s stories.

    • This Choi I read during last year incident, was friend to HJ’s friend. Now I thinking of wether this friend has something personal with HJ that made her/him to revenge this kind of way to HJ. Hope the truth will reveal eventually.

    • I heard that SK fans know very well her face and real name. They just keep quiet for HJ sake.
      Pregnancy? Isn’t that Fiction till proven otherwise?

  19. Once in for all we need clear result and we are going to accept whatever happen on this issue…we need to concentrate to wait for KHJ comeback than anything else…thE LAke are still here as a family of HENECIANS……

  20. Thank you LK.
    You are right.
    This is the twelfth hour prior his MS! We do not want him going to MS with this stigma to his name and image?
    We want justice if possible and the TRUTH. This woman has done more damage to this man than can be imagined and now she is attacking his family and his fans. There must be a way to put a stop to her vendeta.
    This story gone beyond being private when she went to Media and exposed her private txts and so called “medical reports”.
    I do not think is appropriate to conceal her identity anymore, it is about time that all her fabricated lies shoudl be exposed.

    • Hi Noya,

      I agree this story gone beyond being private since the psycho choi brought the medias to her edited private text. She did the same thing in last August .

      Personally I ‘m not interested to see the face of this woman at all . Her actions since she appeared as faceless 6 months ago till now has been very ugly. I have enough with it. Her inner self has already been strongly identified.

      • Welcome back Bella.
        For first time I will disagree with you,,,I actually want to see how Evil looks….we all know “she who must no be named” is rotten inside,she caused so much harm and pain and injustice. I mean where is the justice? How come nobody can really put an end to her lies and shameful actions are they all blind? Where is the common sense gone? If we all can see the lies and loopholes in this how come others can’t? Ok I understand maybe Hj is very ashamed about this all, but a closure to this story I think is a must! I mean this story has gone beyond logic it is weird by any standards and is getting even more. I do not believe I’ve seen such atrocious attacks on some celeb anywhere in the world. Even OJ Simpson was less bashed than Hj. What is going on really? Who is really pushing the strings on this?

        • Im with u, I really want to see her real face. Is it the same as the one I’ve suspected in those fancams. If she’s the one no wonder this happened to Hj. But if she is not the one then make me wonder what kind of girls have Hj lingering around.

          • I think the girl is only an instrument of somebody (a big shot) who is frustated with HJ for a very personal reason. How else do you explain the most evil intentions of the scandal. No person deserves such a defamation at such a crucial time in his life. It is meant to destroy him and drive him to despair. My prayers for you HJ and your family.

        • Dear Noya,

          I understood your point and see that it would benefit SK’s society at the end to know the face of a scorn woman and prevent the birth of choi 2 and 3 . It might save the life of this woman’s future victim too. I would think people who knew this woman personally surely knew what kind of person this woman is. However I just feel disgusting to see the person face. As this woman is no one to me. I truly feel sorry to HJ that he happened to meet the worst kind of woman. It is really the big lesson of his life.

          • Dear Bella,
            For sure that is one lesson in life that HJ and most of us will never forget. What a scorn woman can do. Ugly thing.
            I still don’t believe a baby exist.

            But frankly she is giving SK women and SK Society a very bad name and face, I hope by God that not all are like this one, for their sake.

  21. LK, even though we have every right to know, but we may not get an answer. I think HJ is advised to keep his silence, which may against his free will. A few days ago, I don’t believe about the conspiracy theory at all. But after reading your previous article, I think that someone may behind it. HJ has a lot at stake, KE has more at stake. Until they know who are they dealing with, I am afraid that we will hear little. It is very strange that the other party would attack a fan site and make themselves sound like almighty too.
    We will continue praying for HJ and we will continue to support him. We have your back too.

  22. The moment she exposed her relationship with KHJ in the media, everything is no longer private..what a shame that even the exchanges of message were exposed. Isn’t it, most of lies are made through text because you cannot gaze one’s sincerity through texts. She made her pregnancy in public, and so why not made it all the way including the tests and ultrasounds. I think this time, she has lost her credibility if she has one. My opinion is that KHJ does not love her at all and never listen to her that is why she is using media and lies to get his attention. If only she is getting the attention that she need from KHJ, she will not need to resort to other option which is the media.

  23. Thank you Lazer Kim for speaking up in behalf of HJ’s loyal fans! Yes, we deserve some answers, not to meddle with his life but for closure and to clear his name.

  24. I would like to add it to it by saying we want her to be exposed out…
    Henecians are not going to harm her all knows how kind KHJ and his fans are.
    But its time to show her face to world…
    As we all know baby cant stay in womb for entire life One or other day it has to come out…
    From a bunch of Henecians I kindly request to revel her identity…
    Speaking about KHJ and still protecting her Identity at this extent is soo frustrating and this is sooo biased thing to do….

    • I’m with you! HJ is the one receiving all the public heat and she is hiding her identity meanwhile HJ cant go outside and his personal and professional life has been damage on top he’s going to MS for two years. If she want to be a celebrity give her the celebrity status ! everyone will know how she looks and give a warning to other men how psycho she is. Choi said she wants privacy but she’s always going to Dispatch and tell them everything to damage HJ. Don’t she knows she is damaging not only HJ reputation but her too? and the future life of the supposed baby.

  25. of course this is not a private matter since KHJ is a public figure, a celebrity and this girl wanted to be a celebrity too since last year ! so we need to know if she is pregnant and HJ is the father ! is very logical our request !

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