Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CONFUSING PUBLIC??



By: LazerKim


I think my readers and I have a clear understanding that whatever I write in this site is my own views and opinions about whatever is going on around us. Neither am I imposing anything from what I have written, so it’s a “take it or leave it” kinda thing. Whether my readers agree with me or not, it doesn’t matter, we’re all entitled with our own opinion.

Someone wrote at my comment box from, and stated that “they” have been monitoring this site and that they received report that this site is harmful and making the public CONFUSE!! LOL. At first I ignored this comment, however it was followed by ugly comments obviously from the haters. As a general rule in this site I shoot to kill Haters right on the spot without warning and so I delete everything.

I vent my anger at tweeter seeing so many unfairness, that it seems to me this tiny site was being reported to be harmful, of all the blog sites nowadays that protect and defend the truth about Kim Hyun Joong!! It somehow gave me the impression, is he being supressed to have his fans to defend and protect him and flags up to the LIES of Choi? Is this world have that much tolerance to swallow evil lies in destroying a person?



What about those so-called news sites who have been spreading lies and supporting the LIAR of the century Choi, plus their hateful readers who knew nothing but to hate, are they being reported too? If this site is guilty of Defamation, so what charges can be filed to those news sites and choi who in reality are the ones confusing the public of their twisted news? Ms. Monitor, I think you’re barking on the wrong tree!! THINK AGAIN!

So to the so-called volunteers of “youarereported” who monitors this site, I welcome you to read all 442 articles written under this site and be the judge if this site is “harmful” to my readers. And take note that majority of my readers are smart elders, mothers and matured individuals with good brain to understand what I’m writing about. If you are a keen monitoring team, you should know what I am, so be the judge.

And please do evaluate whoever is reporting to you, BUT may I remind you of Freedom of Speech for your fair judgement. I don’t think I violated any rules or laws in expressing my thoughts which is what blog sites are for! It is very clear that I have ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong to protect defend in this site, and I guess it’s my right that cannot be threatened. This blog site functions with love and not with hatred! Thank you.



I guess these people doesn’t understand what a home means which is a place you can run to, a shoulder you can cry on to, a family you can trust your thoughts and feelings, and a place you can breath on both sad and happy moment shared. And this is that place where Kim Hyun Joong and his fans can be free from those bashers surrounding him.

This blog site is not here to compete with number of people who visits, because for me even there’s only one important person who reads from here, I shall continue writing. And if I ever lose that person then I stop from writing. But I will NEVER stop while he’s around and will never stop without a fair fight if I’m bound to losing him.

So to that person who reported this site to be harmful to the public, THINK again!  I can only speak for myself, not because other sites are bigger is always a worthwhile reading to everyone. Reading is not just to entertain you, reading should be a good input in learning too. Learning to love and accept your enemies as you love yourself!

May I just emphasize that Kim Hyun Joong fans NEVER GIVE UP without a fight!



In my recent article Goodbye Nightmare, I was really intending to put an end to this circus but I don’t think this is the right time to do so. I must admit, this SILENCE cause me to worry, that I couldn’t even ignore! It’s been 3 weeks now since the recent media play left us hanging up in the air!

Now I know why I had that starnge feeling when he left for Seoul that his smiles from Gemini would just soon fade away as he goes home! But I believe these set backs are all just temporary that we can all endure with, that would even make us stronger for him.

Now I truly believe Kim Hyun Joong and his fans are TWINS! They do feel for each other exactly like twins. Wherever he is, I know he knows he’s not alone because we are all here with him in thoughts. I’m sure that would give him a smile just to think of GEMINI!

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!

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155 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CONFUSING PUBLIC??

  1. Fighting oppa.I’m really thankful to lazer kim for putting afford in writing and for supporting oppa. I wish only that oppa will be able to see these i’m sure he’s really tired from that ms choi case. I’m sure that even if 1 fan will sent or publish a supporting i’m sure he will be very hlad and will get his strength. I’m 12 but I don’t like exo or other young groups. Forever Hyun Joong Oppa.I also really hate it when I see some fans talking bad about oppa and some of my friends say oppa is too old I want to kill my own friends with my own hands but I’m glad that there are still supporters here.Oppa Fighting ❤ Keep righting Lazer Kim. Fighting I'm always supporting what kinds of situation will happen even if it's oppa baby.Author I'm really counting on you 🙂

  2. Your title is really suit news and articles written by medias outlet such as D..( I can not remember the name just knew that it start with D and so on… or allkpop or Koreaboo or s
    Korea…somethings and the last but not least the articles in soompi ‘s website especially the ones that written by a person call ” callmenoona ” .

    The name mentioned above are public medias I found they are very good examples of bad medias who intentionally try to confuse public with their distorted information and inject their personal opinion as fact. I feel they do not respect their readers at all as they can write anything they want to without concerning whether the information they send out is reflecting the truth or not. In my view their readers are truly their victims. The victims of distorted information that leads to form an opinion that contrast with the fact and real situation . I would call this the real act of confusing public.

  3. Thank you so much for every thing.We love Kim hyun joong and believe in him.We will support him and stay beside him as long as we are a live. Onnie I was so sad when I read your previous article as I felt that it was your last one and I wrote you some thing in the comments I guess you didnt read .Its about you onnie please stay with us,I dont know what to do? Isn`t it our right to know what had happened? ..I wish If he could till us what he intends to do..he will go to his military service and leave us like this?.. I know that he wanted to leave quietly, but I really hoped if he come out to tell us a farewell speech ?? ..will we continue for two years without knowing any thing about him?..How can I reassure him ,I need to hear from him any thing…How will we handle this???….kinzy,Egypt

    • Hello kinzy!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Sweetie i read your comment at the other article at the 1st comment box. you hit the pot so i just remained silent and didnt reply. Dont worry as ive said in this article you dont leave your idol at times he needed you the most. even he’s in his ms of course ill be missing him so i hv to run home in this site and cry over the missing feelings!! Theres no place i cn except here! Lol i wld let everyone knw if its gonna be my last. And if ever i reach that point meaning im drained out since its not easy to write in the absence of my subject. But for sure im coming bk as soon as he goes back on stage. Thats how it is gonna be.

      On his ms thats gonna a period called test of time. We will know if we are still his fans but i still believe in hs magic spell that once we get to see him again everything will revive and everyone coming bk to him. Thank you again take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Dear: Lazer kim I’m really thankful for your nice words which makes me feel comfortable whenever I read it,God bless you. About our KHJ I hope that he can make the right decision and that he will always be fine and be in good health. I always pray to God to stand next to him in this topic difficult phase in his life and that he can pass the army period in peace.I have nobody but him so I`ll stay with him forever, love him, support him and live with his memories till he comes back. When I miss him I`ll listen to his songs and watch his dramas and shows as I do every day .I hope that the days pass quickly and he returns to us .I believe that our God will help us and helps our kind wonderful angel,Kim Hyun Joong…. Yours..Kinzy

  4. Hi Everyone, (Lk..seeking permission to use this platform)

    Please help to pray for Kim Hyun Joong to be free from this scandal , from Choi and from other women with bad intention. Please God, let the truth be exposed and people know that all these are lies created by Choi to destroy HJ. Please help him shine again. Please pray for 3 days and fast if u can starting 18/3. Thank you. (Thanks Emmanuella for info).

  5. O my, Ms Monitor has written that she is after the protection of artists, and as a I read Lazer Kim’s articles, I did not find any intriguing aspects that she came to defame or harm any artists. What is this Ms. Monitor talking about? her intentions are not to protect but to put KHJ in bad light, and and I say she wrote nonsense.

  6. To that Monitor…WP have no hand in this! So please show your credentials!
    Voluntary means you are doing that on your own?

    By the By this Blog exist for few years now, why wasn’t it reported till now?
    In this Blog always the topic is Kim Hyun Joong.

    Your mail and message was sent to WP already for query. I suggest my sisters here to Report to WP (wordpress) the mail and comment. It will be helpful.

    • I agree. Why all of a sudden now LK is being reported. Maybe they unhappy coz they couldn’t get HJ down so now lets go after his fans that are positive about him all the time. This is really fishy. Show us who you are.. LK always states it is her opinion in her articles. Go after Soompi, Dispatch, and Allkpop… the always write harmful articles on artists and their info is not always correct..

    • I don’t think that Reporting is officially from WP site. Never heard such thing that they work like this sending ‘someone’ to comment in the blog. And more, the official comment looks fishy coz not in formal manner and sound rubbish..LOL…I think this is just some sort of hater pretending being official just to warn ( so-called ? ) LK for her telling the truth and supporting HJ all the way….pathetic hater never dies….LOL…

    • Yes, we voluntarily watch for copyright infringements of artist and for sites that give away music (music dumping) so artist do not get paid. We have never claimed to be connected to word press or any other site. We only stated that this is a public blog hosted by WordPress. Period. Why did we only watch this site now? Because no one had complained about this site prior to now. We do not have time to watch all the millions of Internet sites so many are brought to our attention.
      To be clear we found no copyright issues on this site however this site has many issues that will be in a report. It is completely up to Kim Hyun Joong and his management company what fan sites exist on the web. We only report what we find. Thank you.

      • WHAT? You mean to say YIRUMA do not get paid!! LOL Bcoz so far this is the music I posted in my article for the first time!! Are you nuts, that music came from YouTube do you have any problem with that? Miss you have been beating around the bush that until now I couldn’t get your point! So what’s the issue in this site may I now ask which you should have mentioned since yesterday? You said many issues what are those? Wait I have to move you I’m running out of space and time!
        Watch out girl bcoz Yiruma is one of my subcribers that’s why I posted his music in my blog!! A great pianist not being paid???

      • I’m still going to laugh. You really sound so immature….More like a youngster…. you still didn’t say who was supposed to make this complaint. do you think KHJ and his agency would want LK taken out when all she says is uplifting to KHJ fans. what a serious laugh. Thank you for the laughter and tears today when going threw so much depressing stuff now. wow, please come back at least 1 time weekly so I can get my laugh fix. OH, and now to be clear you found no copy right issues…. Isnt it funny how you say that NOW after so many KHJ fans have chewed you up and spit you out…We are not easy to play with are we. You have to be a genuine brother or sister for us to play good…. Last laugh on you

      • To Youarereported, you stated earlier someone from Twitter complaint against this website and now there are many issues.. I seriously think you are trying to find bones in an egg. Supposed to be a Chinese proverb. In this case, Meaning you are trying to insist a non problematic blog with issues by your definition. define the many issues. Please?? There is nothing wrong with Lazerkim blog. If you are into volunteering, please go charity orgs..they need many kind volunteers there. More meaningful. Don’t you think so? Thank you.

        • Hello to the most adorable and loyal fans of kim hyun joong, i think i understand ms monitor’s problem, first, kim hyun joong refused to marry ms choi even her invisible pregnancy couldn’t make him change his mind ‘ i do not see a reason why we have to get married just because of a child’ quote KHJ in the text message released to the media by choi. They lost already and will lose forever. They can’t touch KHJ. Ms monitor I did tell you before that if you refused to stop pestering us and KHJ, i will exposed you and choi with her fake pregnancy. Stay away from us. To all fans on lazerkim, thank you once again.

      • Youaremonitor, are you really serious? I doubt that. Because you’re losing, so now you’re monitoring copyright infringement? Really? Lol. Back off. Rain of shame will come down on you. I am warning you. Back off. Do not let me hear from you again and again. Oloriburuku! Olosi! Were!

      • This is Just LOL!!
        First say about confusing public and harmful site and all…
        Now artist not getting paid??
        That music was shared from you tube are you that stupid to understand that?
        And look around there are thousands of sites that deal with illegal sharing!
        Go bother them… Don’t fool around here… You chose wrong place!
        At least try stick on to your actual words…
        And as far as KHJ he knows whats LK writing here you don’t have to be concerned about it…

          • By making this comment that person is just showing for whom he/she work for LOL…
            We know it we don’t want proof Lol
            I guess I don’t have to explain why I said this kekeke!

      • Oh my god you’re still talking? What is the point that you are making? That there is no copyright infringement? We know that! The fact that you say that you are voluntary organisation who doesn’t have time to check the million sites that are reported but are repeatedly whining on an obscure point about LK’s blog? Do you not see how ridiculous you sound? Oh and you’re saying all the images and everything are copyright of the artist and his company? We knew that too! First things we learn while sharing pics is giving credits to owners!
        Please stop displaying the glaring fact that your notice has no authenticity and go bark up a new tree!

        Best wishes to you and your team.

      • May l have your first name and last name exactly? Please state your email address and the email of your volunteer organization that you said. It’s mean you work for free? What’s such a qualified volunteer in music industry get us to your point. I shall wait for your reply.

      • Now you are really kidding us. What copyrights infringements?

        What to report…Adulation of the Masses to KHJ?

        This site is like a shrine to Kim Hyun Joong. His agency read from here KHJ read from here.

        So stop harassing and bullying us in this site, please.

        Noted no connection to WP, even so the IP address and mail and comments been forwarded to WP for check and security, they do have something dealing with this. The complaint was made for harassing.

      • Helloooooo….whats up to KHJ and his company? There are thousands of blog who make our dear KHJ as their subject matter and they don’t need any permission from Khj n his company to adore Khj as much as they like. What nonsense u are talking now?

        Then what issues did u people find from this blog that u eagerly to report it? Are you still figure it out until now what could be the issue? If u can find them can’t u just stated them here so that LK could make a amendment of it. Hellooo…how do you people work actually? You people really look funny u know. I really admire your persistent in this so- called monitoring thing..LOL

        Okey. Let just wait what u up to after this. We Watch You! ! Lol…

      • I am 100% sure that the artist’s music that is being shared from YouTube is receiving all the “royalties”. I am sure you are aware of ASCAP?
        Also, what are “other” reasons for being reported? Having an opinion? Talking nice things about Kim Hyun Joong? Is that reason for this site being reported? If that is the case, I am again 100% that KHJ doesn’t find this blog harmful or defaming of any sort. After all, he is a reader too! Lol!
        You are not affiliated with WordPress? So what’s your purpose of reporting? Clearly your job is pointless if WordPress itself doesn’t care. What would you even follow up with and with whom would you follow up with!? Your entire job seems pointless, time consuming and totally wasteful!
        Stop embarrassing yourself. You are not a voluntary monitoring site. You are a troll trying to stop LK from speaking her mind and trying to create fear in fans. You totally failed at it and now you’re pathetically scrambling on your feet and changing your comments. Quit it. You are not legitimate and we know it. A report comes from an email not a comment. (Not sure if you know this but WordPress sends automated emails to the writer whenever someone comments on blogs… Including the IP address. LOL!)
        “Thank you.”

  7. Hallo there Ms.Monitoring / youarereported!!! ~~excuse me, which part of Ms.LK articles mislead??? More than 400 articles have been written here, and none of her articles confuse me!!! And BTW , who are You Ms.Monitoring “youarereported”?? Why just now U concern about this blog?? after more than 400 articles??? U want to remove this blog??? OMG!! >< This is Personal Blog for Us, KHJ Fans!!! Please Leave Us Alone ㅠㅠ ~~This Blog are home for Henecia , we wrote Our Feeling Our opinion here.And Please remember that there is a freedom of Speech!!! Last but not least, We will never stop to Protect Our KHJ, We will always Stand by His Side!! Henecia will always Love and Support KHJ♡~~ Thanks and May God Bless U Ms.youarereported

  8. hello,i am.a henecian and a silent reader of lazerkim’s articles.Today i had to speakup because our sister “lazerkim” is being threatened by someone calling himself “monitoring agent of online sites”LOLZ.HEYA mr.monitor,i think i don’t have to say much as you would have already gone through all of my sisters comments till now,all i want you to show us howmany report notices you have got,you can give us a screenshot,…common,.we need proof..
    Listen tell your boss miss choi we did not have ever left hyun joong’s hand and never gonna do so even..better she should get it beyond any doubts and stop playing these childish tricks… are making us more strong .
    And lazer kim we all fully support you,keep on writing like this as this provides boost to our fighting spirits and to support hyun joong whenever these kind of people come forward to destroy him.

  9. Hi LK
    i am a regular reader of your articles and also one of those mature adult readers – a mother of 2 adults and a business woman who can think and come to a decision on my own with out any out side source influenzing me . LK ,you just wrote down what i had some suspicion of regarding this fiasco ,so no one can say that you or your articles have confused me or mislead me at any point of time since August .LK, you can write your opinion about anything under the sun in your own blog,and if it is something which is too close to the truth which is being concealed by some people,then it is their problem!
    As for the the “youarereported” , what you said about other media reports and blogs which slander KHJ,i deduce that you are not bothered about the truth ..I quote you -The readers of this site are very concerned about the “media” and their reporting and why media outlets are not monitored by us. Simply put, media must follow rules that will not permit them to write articles without a source be it an interview or even quoting another form of media. Media can be and often is sued for libel and defamation when false reports are reported. When you see no suits being brought upon these outlets by those in question one must assume the validity of the report at least to some degree – You are only concerned about one thing- free thinking! Those media and their sources are mainly quoting one source which from past experiences we know to be highly misleading and unethical ….all the other media play “follow the leader” and just post from each other which is “lawful” according to you, even if it may not be the truth?Often the reports which are translated from the original language is highly misleading, inciting unsuspecting public ..they twist the original words and produce an entirely different meaning to it all which is highly harmful to the concerned “star”.
    Media can be sued you say?If the concerned authorities ,in their ignorance of what is being misinterpreted or mistranslated are not suing those trash media ,it is naturally concluded that what ever they say is the truth?No one can point out the matter or write about it if the news is not from “source”?
    In this blog, the writer is simply telling the readers what she thinks about this case and that is not allowed? Do we,the public have to conform to what ever the trash media is saying just because it has a “source”- however questionable that is?We ,the readers and fans of the said star,do not trust these sources at all and we support the writer of this blog !
    Dear officials of “youarereported’, do tell us the link to do the “reporting” of the harmful or false news if we find it and we will do the same as the “person” who did report this private blog!
    Thank you!

  10. Hey you Monitor! You said ‘mislead’? Which part of LK’s article is mislead? I don’t get it. I’m sure none of us;her readers feel so. Fyi, we’re not blind nor stupid. I’ve been following this blog ever since i decided to be Henecia, and I’m so thankful i found this blog. I feel like I have home & family around here. So cozy. Or, IMO you keep emphasizing ‘mislead’ since we are here against Choi!? Then sorry to say, that will never change! We will NEVER stand on her side!

  11. To the “official monitor of lazer kim ‘ s blog” thanks for being so curious about us .This is my opinion I am writing here,to me lazer kim is not a spokesperson for kim hyun joong oppa my favourite IDOL forever no one can ever stop me from being his fan . And also lazer kim mam ‘ s work are not misleading too she speaks only her opinion here in her blog !I believe everyone has their freedom of speech as a birthright.

  12. someone reported you?! to who? and did someone listened to her? LMAO!!!!! seriously! there are a lot of bullies out there why don’t she just report on them? than a personal blog of a fan. maybe she wants her trash posted here but she can’t because she won’t come out here unscathed. at least she was warned not like on other sites where you’ll just be burned alive. Me too I’m afraid of the silence but what can I do. What I fear is when he comes out of MS and she makes herself active again. If could hunt her down myself I would but I can’t do that because of Hyunjoong. Because I know whatever happens to her, Hyunjoong will be blamed. and I can’t do anything about it, damn it! (sorry)

    • Hello Fay! The person concern is this comment box below me. See that long litany of comment fr YouAreReported still couldn’t get her point!! LOL However I want to be monitored so I welcome her to this blog. I have a new reader!! LOL I’ll be glad if she came from Choi’s camp or fr Soompi I forgot the name of that writer Noona or something?? We may never know it might be her! LOL

  13. This article on LazerKim has mislead readers regarding our notice. Our notice which was censored and deleted as we have found all comments that don’t agree with the owner of LazerKim are so we are posting it below for readers.
    Our notice simply asks if this site is an “Official” site or if LazerKim is a appointed spokesperson for Artist Kim Hyun Joong? It goes on to explain the types of sites we as volunteers monitor for the protection of all artist and how sites come to our attention which is by complaint. We are not “haters, weasels, insects or people without lives who are barking up the wrong tree” Though this is a very good example to the harm that misleading information promotes.
    The readers of this site are very concerned about the “media” and their reporting and why media outlets are not monitored by us. Simply put, media must follow rules that will not permit them to write articles without a source be it an interview or even quoting another form of media. Media can be and often is sued for libel and defamation when false reports are reported. When you see no suits being brought upon these outlets by those in question one must assume the validity of the report at least to some degree. Artist have attorneys, managers and agencies for this reason. Their first and foremost duty is in the protection of the artist, their music and their reputation. Media can write opinion pieces but it must be noted that way.
    The normal complaints we receive are regarding photo and music copyright laws such as sites giving away mp3s of the artist music or photos not properly credited, however there are times a person or persons will report sites that they feel are misleading in their presentation to readers. All reports and our findings are written and submitted to the management company of said artist as it is only the artist or those who represent the artist that can have sites that are questionable or misleading removed by filing official complaints. Blatant sites with multiple complaints may be removed by the host of the website. Websites and blogs that pose as “official” sites that have some “behind the scenes” knowledge are often regarded as dangerous and detrimental to the public image of the artist. Artist and agencies frown upon sites representing them that they have no control over the content that can misrepresent them publicly while acting as their voice. It is good to note this site has gone back and inserted that these articles are “opinion” pieces which prior has not been noted.
    Readers of LazerKim have called this a “private blog only for KHJ fans”. This is not a private blog but moreover a public site. Putting a tag line on your site does not make it private. This site is a public domain hosted by a public host called WordPress.
    If this site wants to be private, and many are, then it could have members register and login to a private site or forum that is not accessible by the general public. This would be a good choice for sites that want to write “scenarios” with no basis of fact and to censor their comments. Our official opinion is that these types of sites are misleading and they create an atmosphere of anger that can be seen readily by the comments of its readers.
    Writing the word “love” while calling people names and accusing people of blatant acts of deception without fact does not make you a loving above board site or is it good journalism.
    To clear up the misleading article regarding our notice we have posted the original notice post below in its entirety.
    Thank you.

    “Is this an official site for artist Kim Hyun Joong? Are you a spokesperson for Kim Hyun Joong? We monitor online sites that are potentially run by self appointment that confuse the public as who is speaking or for whom they are speaking. This site is being monitored due to a complaint from a user on the social media site, Twitter. If you are an “official” person for the management team then this does not affect you. If you are not and are speaking for or about a said third person in a manner to confuse or defame a third party then we encourage you to familiarize yourself with what is appropriate and what constitutes a violation of rights and becomes harmful to the said third party. We volunteeringly monitor and report for the protection of all artist but enforcement of copyrights and defamation complaints can only be through the artist or their representatives. Thank you.
    Note: If you are an “official” site for Mr. Kim Hyun Joong we will remove this site (LazerKim) from our monitoring complaint and list it as a safe site.”

    • Hellooooo…miss reporting…who are u working for? who are you really? are u working with wordpress company??? LOL..u must be in high position to do this so-called job right? LOL….

      I google up ur name but can’t find any information abt u. How many of u working together just to point out this blog? Common…u must be kidding. U people really make me laugh out loud….LOL

    • Blog is where a person puts his opinion! Its completely depends on what he thinks.. And people can read if they wish or just ignore…
      Every person has the right to put their point of view its about right to speak!
      If you really are official talk to LazerKim in official way instead of commenting in blog!!
      Again the owner here is talking about a public issue and she is not blaming anybody here… She is just putting up whats given in so called news sites…
      Its better to review your complaint again…

      • lazerkim had write more then 400 article through this blog for a long period..why suddenly this monitor talk about “are this an official site??”…unbelieveable..!!!
        if this site are confuse the public,u should give the notice few years ago..not now..!!

        • Yeah , I also raise this same question. Why All of a sudden you are coming up with such a question to lazer kim “are you official “are and all?you could have asked long back itself no if this site is confusing to its readers no???and also r u official too .??? This is not an official way !!! (Commenting on some ones blog and threatening lazer kim and her readers!everyone has their freedom to express their views and thoughts through their blogs .are you bothering others too like this????

    • its public blog…but the thing is… only fans are pleased here… who are you to come here and check out???!! seems like you are so free..out of many blogs…how come you gotto know this!! is something making you insecure or someone is reporting a blog…we have freedom of speech…..its our opinion~ its about others right…they dunn hav any problem…why do you feel too much for them??!!!! don’t make such obstacles of your wish… its her blog…she is writing – its her wish….. many are following – its their wish…if you dunn wanna hear it…dunn come here and “blah blah” here!!!

    • Hello there!
      This is not an official site of KHJ, I think you should know that being in a monitoring team! This is a fan site, how come you do not know? I’m not a spokeman of KHJ and my readers knows that, how come you do not know that too if indeed you are in a monitoring team whatsoever?

      This cause me to doubt if you’re aware with what’s going on surrounding us fans. I have been writing blogs for years now and this is the 1st time I have ever received such comment from you. So you can’t blame me if I may reaact on your comment and so with my readers.

      As fans we are being called worst names than what you read here, do they have that right and we don’t? I’m just asking. Why don’t you monitor those news sites and check it out how those haters call us. Just for you to see.

      Now please clarify which of what I have written to be misleading? Simply bcoz we do not believe in those media news write ups that you say what I wrote is misleading? Can’t I have my own opinion pertaining those news?

      And yes i wrote that exclusive for KHJ fans bcoz we are being pestered by haters here. Did I violate any rules as I wrote that? Can’t we have the right to have a place to breath on as you have read in this article? I think we have that right too, don’t we?

      You mentioned harmful to the 3rd party, who could that be? Oh you mean to say at the other article the reason why choi is doing all these scandals, is this what you’re pertaining to? She stated it there’s another woman why HJ and her broke up, if you’re aware of this scandal, are you? What is so misleading about that? It was stated in the news! That’s not even misinfo, is it?

      You may not be a hater or insect but may I ask to whom do you work for?

    • All are curious now!
      If you are official then please do specify your site address and whom do you work whats your domain??
      When you accuse someone that someone will have rights to know about you i suppose if not for readers but clarify these to owner of blog..
      Again i found definition of blog for you here you go –

    • Excuse me, who are you to “monitor” what one wants to express in their blog? May we know your authenticity? You claim you are here to protect the artist’s interests. Which artist are you even talking about? If you are from Kim Hyun Joong’s side, then why is there a problem? All the writer has written is her opinions and for your kind information, she ALWAYS mentions that it is her opinion. You think she’s as dumb as you?
      Yes it is a public forum, hosted on a public platform. Have you been policing other such “forums” on other such “public platforms?” If yes, then please we would like to see proof of the same.
      You are talking about not quoting information from other sites. What about your soompi, allkpop & other such “blogs” borrowing quotes from each other? LK has ALWAYS GIVEN CREDITS to the artists whose pics & videos she has taken, she has never blurred out their watermark. She even has addressed it in one of her articles.
      If your reader has problems in reading LK’s content. then simple- ask her not to read it!! Do not come about policing bloggers who are putting in their efforts to show support to the artists they LOVE. Yes, LOVE. Because, since the other tabloids are only writing negative things about our idols, we come to blogs like these to express our opinions & feelings. This increases the likeness towards a star and finally the culture as well as more visitors & lovers for the genre of music! So… This is only benefiting the readers and the country Kim Hyun Joong belongs to. How’s that for business sense?
      You guys should just let it be, give it up & go pacify whosoever raised a flag to calm down. The article was not even offensive compared to the standards that the tabloids are writing about Kim Hyun Joong against Kim Hyun Joong. Not even a speck. Your argument, kind Sirs/Madams is moot.

      Thank You, Have a good day!

    • Still checking with WordPress about your monitoring. I wrote them hope they will give an answer.

      By the way your reply here is quite misleading, your reply has a hint of being affected by the comments and that some comments with hate in them were erased by LK.

      As a monitor you should be impartial and not taking sides!

      Only what you are stating that you think Media is publicing what they have as good informaiton, our opinion here is different and here is the place that we can voice that.
      At the Media outlets we get attacked, cyber bullied, called names for our opinion.

      Should we think that WordPress is using a totalitarian method to supress freeedom of speach? I doubt that.

      There are many blog that use the : your comment is waiting moderation, maybe Lk should do that here as well.

      So we really suggest that you make sure that complaint came from someone reliable and is true if you are really legit.
      Still waiting reply from WordPress on that.

      What is written here is private opinion of all including Lk, the pictures used are from private blogs with their credit the music (which is not the artist music actualy) is public from Youtube so no harm can be done to the artist that we are fans to.

      If you really are who you say you are I trust impartiality and neutral approach is the correct way. Even if you sound offended by comments.

      • I’d actually be very interested to hear the reply… I think there are sufficient grounds for escalating our concerns up the hierarchy should this monitor actually be from WordPress.

    • Seriously I have HUGE DOUBT about your ‘official’ position to be in the position to monitor blog sites. If you are that ‘official’, then tell us who you are or where is the official website to register your true existence, responsibility and right to monitor others!

      This blog site by LazerKim has been around for many years and it only shares information and her views about Kim Hyun Joong among his fans. We, as her readers, are not confused at all because we are smart enough to know what is happening on those matters shared by LazerKim in her articles! So what is so ‘harmful’ about those articles?! I really wonder for someone like you, who I do not think you are a KIm Hyun Joong fan, could just make judgement on an article is harmful or not! Frankly, your intention and accusation are very questionable!!!!

    • First of all, please explain clearly who you are, and who has grant you the right of monitoring and policing public domains and websites.
      If you have abundant knowledge of privacy laws, copyrights and defamation charges. I would like to formally make a complain in regarding to “articles” published by dispatch that has many private text messages published without the knowledge of artist Kim Hyun Joong and those texts (even if it is true) are cut and paste and edited which clearly intended to cause further harm of the artist reputation and career. The reason that I would like to make a formal complaint, because it is the source of all “evil”. All articles, commntories and opinions are all written due to the “so called report” from dispatch.
      If you have the power and right, please send the notice to dispatch, smoopi along with other sites who has published those text messages and hurtful comments. However, if only lazer Kim received the notice, your policing is biases and all the readers from her site would kindly ask you to back off.
      In regarding to the freedom of speech, Lazer Kim holds equal rights when comparing to other sources and writers of the social media. All readers may not agree with her opinions , but please let us be the judge. As one of her thousands readers on this site, I think that by publishing this notice, you have violate her right of freedom to speech. And if you don’t have the proper right to policing and if you were paid by a third party to publish this notice (I sad “if”, because I don’t know), then you are blackmailing her, which can also be a serious accusations. Please reconsider!

      • Dear You are reported,
        “Please identify yourself first and you’re an official from?”
        And all I want to tell you to stop to doing something like this. It’s unprofessional at all. Tell the world who you are unless you afraid of the thruth and the power of love here at this site.
        I’m guessing you’re Ms.Choi because this behavior always come from Ms.Choi.
        Dare to face us and fight on stage.

          • “You are reported”. Let’s talk here who are the artists that you said you protecting.mention some name of those for example…then we might think you represent them officially. Then we will require them for who you are!!!
            Dare to do so! . With respect of Lazerkim officially fan’ articles that my whole family been through, We never feel any harmful to anyone. That’s the opinion, free speak moreover never harmful to any artist at all!!!
            Did you read 442 of her articles here?. Your action is totally unprofessional even you are volunteer… I know that is you Ms.evil,? You created the war to big than you can handle it.I suggests you “Stop now before you have nothing left, before you lost everyone around you.Remember Satanic never win the power of God no matter what. You can not win the power of guinine love of KHJ fans here. You’re in the wrong stage? We will support Lazerkim ,you are reported.

    • What happens to khj n henecia now is not normally happen to other idols n their fans…??
      1st they attack khj..n then they try to attack henecia..???
      I have strong feeling that there are some people trying hard to destroy khj..!!..
      they wont success..henecia will protect khj forever..!!
      this situation will show the world how strong henecia..!!!

    • Ms. Monitor aren’t you done reading yet? Bcoz you occupied a big space in my comment box I’ll delete your comment so pls let me know if you’re done reading. Thanks!

    • I think you better monitors Soompi’s articles and ALLkpop’s articles or many outlet medias websites. I’m sure you will find all of everything that you accused LAZERKIM ‘s blog here.

      Who pay you to do this ?. Do I have a right to ask ?

    • Hi! You say you work for copyright for songs and pictures? As I am an artist, I don’t understand why you would want to report someone under defamation if your field of work is copyright laws. This blog always uses reference and cites her her information. I assure you that this blog has nothing to do with copyright laws.
      Also, what’s the name of your voluntary organisation? Who do you work under? Where is your authoritative signature at the end of the comment? (Though it’s unethical for you to drop a comment instead of sending a formal e-mail to the writer.)
      Aren’t you just a troll? Your entire comment collapses within itself. You contradict your own statements. Besides a simple BLOG is not subject to laws made for mass media. A blog is solely directed for personal interest. In this case, her personal interest is a famous singer. And we are here just to support the singer. In this blog not a single person has DEFAMED and ARTIST. Could you please explain which ARTIST is being defamed? (Don’t forget your signature! Unless you don’t have one which makes you unauthentic!)
      If you’re really that jobless for a voluntary monitor, I can help you out with sites that go against copyright laws and make money out of it illegally, which should be your main concern!

    • OK…..I was going to not say anything about this, but “in my opinion” this is really getting stupid!!!!! When you go to read any article (blog) that is posted by LK it clearly states that “THIS BLOG SITE IS EXCLUSIVELY FOR KHJ FANS”. I can not figure out how this is confusing anyone. Being a fan means that you support the artist no matter what. I do not know where this site that “monitors” is originating from, but I am in the US and one of my “RIGHTS” is the right of “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”, so I can say whatever I want to as long as it is my opinion. No one has to like it, listen to it, or agree with it because it is my “OPINION” no one else’s. LK also clearly states “TO ALL HATERS BACK OFF FROM MY COMMENT BOX!”, so anyone of a different opinion should not comment. Still not sure what is so confusing about this, or how any of it is misleading. My question to YouAreReported is, are you an official spokesperson for KHJ or Key East??? Does your site represent KHJ or Key East in anyway??? If you are then please provide “US” all of KHJ’s fans the proof. If not then who cares if you are going to monitor anyone??? Just do not comment because your comments will not be tolerated and WILL be deleted. ONCE AGAIN I WILL STATE THIS IS JUST “MY OPINION”.

    • Excuse me, how many of the media outlets are actually protecting the artistes and their company name?? Put name here. Not sueing the media outlets who are experts in twisting words doesn’t mean what they wrote is true. And for your info, these are the media that creates fury in me at least. I normally trying to keep my cool but this really sparks me off!! Talking about creating Anger and protecting artistes.. *rolling eyes* How do you explain that?? We, fans here are the ones protecting who we have chosen. That is Kim Hyun Joong. Supporting him is our utmost priority now. What we wrote on blog is simply our opinions. What harm did Lazerkim do?? Her blogs are healing sources for me. Did you count healing website? Please start now if you haven’t.. this Lazerkim blog is one healing blog. Brings happiness to me. Although you sound suspicious to me, I shall give you benefit of doubt. Though is funny that you suddenly appeared.. Oh.. since you volunteering monitoring.. catch me if you can. I go write “Official fan of Kim Hyun Joong” on my blog now.. Leave Lazerkim alone.. Thank you. I will be waiting for you.

    • Hi! I might not always agree with the views of this blog site or any for that matter .. But a blog is precisely to express one’s opinions. By your criteria, I would be grateful in that case if I could report the Asia 24/7 site for a start? It appears to be masquerading as a newsite and certainly seems to be inciting hatred. This current blog site from what I can see is clearly labelled as addressed to KHJ fans and not the public. But do look into my complaint please.
      Thank you

    • Ah Ms. Monitor pls do not remove this site from your monitoring list, you’ll be one of my reader!! And you are welcome to read more since I intend to write about you on my next article pls anticipate my next article, ok? Stay tune don’t go…

    • Like seriously who are you???Mr/Mrs youarereported..This is completely absurd.. you’re asking if she’s official??lol..can I also ask this ‘are you official’.???.. All these years LK has been writing her over 400 articles, why all of a sudden..I’m getting curious about where you came from,cause this very ridiculous…

    • What nonsense! Monitor or whatever your name is, please stop playing this type of games with us because it’s not going to work. Oh! So now that the fans refused to abandon kim hyun joong is when someone reported this site. If you’re not dumb, this is a fan site and laserkim did not tell anyone that it’s kim hyun joong official site. This is a blog, and since when is it a crime to voice your opinion or create a blog in support of your favorite celebrity? If you did not stop bothering us or laserkim, then i will find you and exposed you. If you like dare me. I know whom you’re. Please tell whosoever sent you, that you’re just too small for us. As for kim hyun joong, we will never leave him. If choi is your boss, please tell her that we will have the last laugh. She will soon be exposed, both of you. You’re losing and getting more angrier, Lol. Shame on you. Get a life.

  14. Had to make this added comment my mother use to say,”never listen to a one sided story because just like a coin, there is always two sides to a story and if you only get one side the story is fake”. Agree, that some are now listening to and reading the other side of the story and is now able to determine the truth. They are losing their grip on the people who believed them, so now they want to attack you, but even this will not win. They played this story out too long, and you and us are still here supporting each other. We will continue because truth and time is on our side. Ms LazerKim we love you and we will support you too. God bless and keep the Faith.

  15. Hi! Ms. LK, thank u very much from the button of my heart💐.please continue & keep on going on what u are doing for our only one KHJ. I know as a busy person like u, time is gold but u make a lot of sacrifices for the sake of KHJ. Your time & effort in doing so is very much appreciated. Ever since I found this blog of yours I’ve never miss a single day not to visit & read nice comments from other fans of KHJ. B’coz everyone here have a lot in common when it comes to our only one. Such as thought, feelings, & experiences on how we became a fan of him. Please don’t forget what u have said as I quote:” a fans is always a fans no matter what either for good or for bad.” i know u have a strong personality, that you don’t easily give up on what u think is right & that is depending KHJ. & I admired both ur courage & boldness in doing so. Thank u & Don’t worry we are with you in this regards. KHJ fighting…. Ms. LK fighting… Figthing everyone… Let’s love & unity will be with us as we continue on this journey….👣🌹🌹🌹

  16. Thank you LK for always giving us your straightforward opinion. Thanks also for defending your readers as intelligent women. It’s interesting how many have commented that they have 2 sons just as I do, well, 3 counting KHJ 🙂 Anyway, keep up the good work. I’m an accountant and am analytic by nature and feel that your “Goodbye Nightmare” was spot on!

    • Thank you so much for this video… I watched it 3 times now and just cried watching it. I honestly forgot about this song and god yes, it is perfect for now. I hope all henecans can see this. It is awesome and perfect…. Thank you from the bottom of this KHJ fan. I will watch it everyday as a reminder.. Love you my friends

      • Otiaf Thank you for this lovely link. Thank you Lazer K for being you and offering a place where we can post our thoughts.

  17. Dear LazerKim,
    Thank You for your article,
    always a pleasure to hear from You 🙂

    I posted this on soompi couple of days ago 🙂
    Sorry I have to repeat myself 🙂
    But this thoughts put smile on my face every time I read it 🙂

    Sympathy is what you have for someone after they die, pity you have for someone when they don’t have a date to the biggest dance of the year. Empathy is what I do to you when you judge me. Envy is having pity on yourself. Can you discern the rest for yourself?”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    “We all know that light travels faster than sound. That’s why certain people appear bright until you hear them speak.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    “Who are you to judge the life I live?
    I know I’m not perfect
    -and I don’t live to be-
    but before you start pointing fingers…
    make sure you hands are clean!”
    ― Bob Marley

    “There are Seven Deadly Social Sins:
    Politics without principle.
    Wealth without work.
    Commerce without morality.
    Pleasure without conscience.
    Education without character.
    Science without humility.
    Worship without sacrifice.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    And this will be my answer to EVERYONE who is not part of THIS HOME and HIS ALIEN FAMILY
    Kim Hyun Joong Forever ,ever after,til my last breath…
    No Fear
    God Bless You Dear LazerKim
    God Bless Kim Hyun Joong
    and God Bless All His Fans all around the World 🙂

  18. Ms. Monitor, I think you’re barking on the wrong tree!! WELL SAID
    Dont worry dear it only will make other people to star reading you, getting another picture of this issue. I also suggest these haters read some experienced women giving opinions from their experiencies of life, respecting others points of view, agree with you because you always write some of our thoughts and deep feelings, and even disagree politely even with you, as me about certain things, but what is sure is that we have a reason to be here and it is that it is a confortable place at home to say what we feel and CLAIM our great love for him. If they consider us delu, I can say that they are delu haters too.
    At this point I really think that what Choi wants is that KHJ gives up, stops being an artist (hope that it never happens) , chooses another occupation, marries her and has a family with her, out of fans and women who surely are around him. A very jelous, inmature, disrespectful, selfish and childish 31 years old woman.
    MIS CHOI I AM SURE YOU READ THIS BLOG, you know that in this blog we are not supporting you. Why?? because you are NO ONE for us, Who knows you??? you are eager to show yourself, You want that we are aware that you exist, if you want that we accept and like you as his wife or his son´s mother, SORRY it is impossible, even if you marry him you will continue being NO ONE for us. HIS SON will be accepted, yes since he will love him so much, a son is a son. BUT you ah…ah…NO. Your way to treat him, your way to behave, your way to cope with problems left a bad impression, especially the lack of respect for his privacy and disrespect to his parents who even asked you permission to show the messages, LEARN GIRL.
    I hope your mind rest for a while and start to care our baby, if some comments hurt you, consider that you hurt him and us 100 times more. It is time to stop. I recommend you that if our comments distub you just stop reading and have peace, eat well, rest and DONT DRINK ALCOHOL, AHH ….. and consider who said that, surely we are not, these words come from someone who knows you well KHJL.
    TO MY ONLY ONE, be smart, God is with you, take care, we will be waiting for you.

    • Hahahaha….. I like your comments:) she is very insecure, 31 years old, old maid….. Who would like to be with lunatic, insecure auntie or grandma? Ooooops …… Did I say that loud? LOL …… hahahajajand …. Choi the oldmaid insecure lady!

  19. My dear friend always expect silence the truth not long ago I read your articles and because I feel so relieved that many of his true fans we continue to support while this crazy Choi wants to move away from Hyun Joong… I will continue giving support and also you will continue reading your articles because is your love and support to is unconditional as the mine

  20. This whole situation was so disgusting, that i travel to a praying mountain in Africa to pray for KHJ and i wasn’t surprise when the keeper of the praying mountain ( A monk) said ” the person you’re praying for will rise again and the enemy will be put to shame” also ” the lady is not pregnant for him rather she’s trying to destroy him for not wanting to marry her” I was like “what” how can someone be so evil. So he said we should fast and pray for him for three days. So i just came back on Sunday. The reason why I’m saying this is just to let you all know that what happened to him, is nothing but an evil plot from a desperate “woman” you all know who it is.

    • Is it true? Can this monk be trusted? I really hope so. i m so worried abt him. Can u tell us more on what this monk said? Did he tell him beforehand about the scandal n the pregnant girl? I know some monk are really powerful n what they said come true. Did u ask why Hyun Joong is keeping quiet. i remember one spiritual person mentioned in a show that Hyun Joong career will be down by end of that year. I assumed it was due to his enlistment. u can pm me at if u don’t want to say in public. Thanks. Waiting for ur reply.

      • Hi @Tity, yes it’s true and i was there praying but i didn’t say anything to anyone. i didn’t tell even my family what i am praying for. The monk said that the person i’m praying for will shine again, and that the girl is not pregnant for him, ( and that she just want to marry him at all cost and if she can’t have him, she will destroy his career) the monk even said that they’re still two more women that are really desperate to marry him.(which we fans did not even know anything about).

        i told him that l am just worried because the girl is the only one speaking to the media, and l don’t what’s going on, why he’s not saying anything. The monk said , “This person does not talk too much and can easily take hits, but cried silently” he said that he will overcome this but he needs to be careful of “this other two women” so that he doesn’t fall into this type of issues again.

        i asked him if KHJ knows this women? The monk says “Yes” but KHJ did not know their intention because they’re the one throwing themselves to him. he said ” if you can fast for 3 days and pray for him, he will be fine but his career will take time to shine. he said that the reason for the prayer is for him to overcome this problem and for him not to fall into the other 2 women’s trap, those women will try to use his weak point, but if we pray, they won’t succeed.

        Summaries everything he told me, this whole issue was a set up from that lady, for him not wanting to marry her.

      • That’s all i can tell you. maybe i will email the rest to you or not say it because it’s KHJ’s personal life, which i didn’t asked the monk but i guess when they see something spiritually, they say it. i am praying, you guys can start the 3days fasting and prayer with me. i will be starting on March 18th, 2015. Thank You

        • Thank you Dear. Such a relief. But still 2 more women? Oh No! i do hope Hyun Joong parents seek medium to help him too but not possible I guess since they r catholic. Yes, at least the monk said the truth abt him being a quiet one but cry silently. Kyu Jong mentioned that long time ago during ss501 days where he found leader crying alone in Japan. We all know he is one that does not talk much. And he is one naive and kind soul. Do personal message me at for the rest of the info u get fr the monk. I really want to know esp. whether the other SS501 members r still with him, supporting him. How will he overcome this scandal? It will at least keep me at ease knowing he is being framed. I m going crazy everyday searching for sites for updates. I started praying for him odi but I can’t fast….have gastric problem. Let’s everyone join hands n pray together for 3 Days.

          • Dear Emmanuella,
            I am hoping u can let me know more of his situation. His silence is terryfying. I m having bad thought..Only logical explanation why military granted him further extension is if he is not well. Isn ‘t it? I m so worried.

            • Tity, everyone is worried about KHJ too because of his silence. But i do not think that there’s anything wrong with hisv health. Maybe he us trying to sort things out before going to the military. Like the Monk said, KHJ did not believe in this choi’s fairytale pregnancy. (He’s not sure if she’s pregnant or not). All we his fans need to do is pray for him.Very soon everyone will know the truth. The monk said he should beware of the ‘other two women, he did not say that KHJ is dating them but rather he said they might try to use this choi’s problem to more closer to him and he said they’re green snakes under green grass. The monk only wants him to be careful with this women at this time. It’s a warning. I am a nurse and i always volunteered in Africa, so, whenever I visited, i always pray on the mountain where the monk is in Africa.

              • Thank you Emmanuella. I really hope things work well for him. His scandal affecting me a lot. Don’t know why. I got so frustrated when every news on him will have the 2 scandals mentioned, then the readers start to hate him. I guess that is why I got frustrated . I don’t want people to hate him. He has enough of anti fans. I am also angry on why he went back to her after the damage she put on him. I can’t understand why he did that. I m confused on his action..I guess HURT is a better word.Is he that naive or love made him blind and forgive easily?. Sorry. it is jz me letting off anger. Still love my Joong Joong.

  21. Please continue with your support, i like you for not backing down. Don’t listen to haters, because they don’t count. We are here for KHJ now and forever. Just like you i have been monitoring this whole issue since CHOI started it, but it doesn’t add up. (February 24th she’s 11 weeks pregnant and by February 27 she’s 4 months pregnant) how on earth can that be? (4 months is 16weeks) this was all the interviews she and her lawyer gave to the press. So many people thinks she’s not pregnant and i also think so too. So now maybe they’re losing, that’s why they’re attacking your site. Please continue with your support.i enjoyed everything you wrote.
    kim hyun joong is a shining star that not even the so called “choi” can stop him from shining
    Thank you.

    • I was starting to worry, thinking HJ and Choi reconciled – mainly due to silence, and his contact with her after the scandal… (and his Father saying something along the lines of, if she IS pregnant, Hyun Joong said it’s probably his)
      Now I think, he may have said that to pacify the craziness. They are no doubt dealing with something bigger than we can imagine,

      The closest thing I can relate this to, is the smear campaign MJ endured.

      • Dear Lyana, whatever it is… HJ and family are the ones facing the most stress. From vicious media and yes, other unseen sources, possibly.. We have no control over their words and actions.. There is nothing much we can do. BUT we can and will support him all the way. Now and in future too. He is never alone.. Never ever.. will be alone.

  22. What utter nonsense!
    They have done everything to humiliate & break our boy & now they have the cheek to threaten his fans?!!
    Those lily-livered so & so!
    They are a big joke yet totally unaware of it ~ pabo…
    They prefer being the opposite of the following proverb;
    ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’
    Instead for them the motto is, ‘see evil, hear evil, speak evil’…
    Disgusting creatures ~ like attracts like it seems…

    Anyway, Ms Lazer, good to know that you are not cowed by these…insects…
    Though labelling them as ‘insects’ is an insult to the insect community since they, as in the insects, are very important to the environment.
    The former however are definitely the dregs of humanity…
    Sorry for the side-track, Ms Lazer…

    So, do please continue writing & defending our precious boy, Ms LK.
    This site is one of the few KHJ-addicts comfort zones…
    For English readers anyway…
    M sure there are others in other languages…at least I hope so…

    ‘youarereported’? Don’t be a weasel & get a life, please…
    Throwing away your dignity by doing the dirty work of a venomous snake aka…you-know-who…must be such a ‘rewarding’ experience for you…
    Poor pitiful you…

    Dear KHJ love, do take care…
    We’ll always be here for you, no worries…

    Love you very much…

  23. I agree with most of my fellow Henecians that the sites which post false news should be reported. This place is exclusively for KHJ supporters and haters should be away from this place as this is our home , KHJ and Henecians home which will never be affected by the trash news being posted as we know KHJ and trust him.

    We all love you KHJ and LK thanks once again for being the voice of lots of Henecians and way to go girl !! 😀

    Henecians and KHJ fighting

  24. Do not worry LK. The problem is they can not get us fans to hate HJ with their articles from hell about him. So now it is time to try and attack us at our home.. The Soompi article from Askme noona was unsuccessful from getting us to change our minds… Blogs like that one should be shut down as she was mean in her words. They cant stand someone like you that speaks with love and not hate. I feel they will be attacking in a lot of ways to try and hurt us but they ill not succeed..We will stand strong FOREVER…. WE LOVE YOU KHJ

  25. This is ridiculous! What you write her is the most beautiful words I have ever read in this whole social media! ! This blog is a home for kim hyun joong’s fan! So why people are trying to destroy our home?
    But please keep the good work.. Let us show them that we are becoming more and more strong because of their “hate”

  26. It proves one thing that theyre affected that kim hyun joong have many loyal fans and you ms lazerkim is one of the biggest voice of henecia.
    Im very thankful to you that in times of my sorrow during those nightmares this site give me peace of mind and when i read your articles i keep calm and it brings back my confidence to support and defend khj to all his haters and bashers!!!

    Im very lucky that i get to know kim hyun joong because of him im here reading all your amazing articles and meeting new henecia friends…as you always say were like family now no one can break the bond between khj and his true fans!!!we will show them that Henecians are STILL UNBREAKABLE as well as KIM HYUN JOONG!!!so be strong unni were always on your side and in your back!!!


  27. It is saddening as a fan to see that issues against kim hyun joong doesn’t stop. Even his fans are destroyed. But i guess what we have proven is that khj’s fans would always respect others no matter what. One thing that our dear one has showed us. Has taught us. I hope that the media & the haters would leave our dear one alone. Let him enter ms peacefully. Why hurt him so much when he all his life did not hurt anyone? 😧

  28. You are always right with everything you post here and what I admire most is your courage. You are the voice of most of us fans who have difficulty in expressing our thoughts and feelings. Your words are in my mind and you helped me pour them out here. Thank you so much LK and I hope you have more wisdom, inspiration and strength to continue writing for Kim Hyun Joong and for the rest of us too. Take care always.

  29. i always reading your article .. but this is the first time i will leave a comment.. your explanation is good that’s why when an article came about on HJ i always check your site to read your article and explanation.. and i always recommend your site to my dongsaeng who is confuse about the issue and they will always said “yes this she is right, this article is right.. totally agree with all the thing’s she say” .. so keep it up sis ^_^ we always support you.

  30. Dearest LK!
    First and foremost WE ARE ALL BEHIND YOU and SUPPORT YOU!

    To those so called monitors, have you ever heard of the Freedom of Speech?

    What is to be reported by misleading the public? This is a PRIVATE BLOG, not a so called “media” outlet. This Blog is for Kim Hyun Joong FANS ONLY!
    Check you facts before you start making accusations.
    KHJ fans coming from all over the world, all continents and are a few millions, what are going to do? Gag us all? Shut up millions?
    What we all share here is our love and admiration for our Star Kim Hyun Joong, this is our HOME!

    As KHJ fans we have been attacked, threatened and been labeled in all so called Media outlets without even given a chance. Here we can all say what we feel.
    So do not come in our Home and insult us and our intelligence by saying that what we all feel here is misleading the public? What public exactly? This is not New York Times or CNN – THIS IS A PRIVATE BLOG.

    Maybe you should take a look on who actually made the report.

    Maybe all of us should start Report those so called media outlets like Soompi / Alkpop/ Dispatch and we can go on? They are all cyber bullying and harassing and insulting KHJ who is a public persona, his fans , I have been insulted with death threats there, did I report that? No, but may is about time.

    Those sites are the ones who are Misleading the Public, they are Media Outlets, hence they have public.
    We don’t give up and if you are a legit you should get you facts Right and stop harassing Private Bloggers.

    We are Here ALL for One and One for ALL and we are all here Fans of Kim Hyun Joong!

  31. What do u mean u hv been reported? Reported to who? What will happened? The one that should be reported are soompi, Callmenoona,korea boo,netizen buzz n souelbeats. They all writes one sided story. When the true facts are there, they jz ignored it. So why can’t we educate the public telling them the other side of the story? I support u for writing. At least when people google.. Hyun Joong latest news or scandal, I see ur articles on the links too. Otherwise we only get news on the negative sides. For those who want to read positive news, can check out these blogs … Angeljoong, Hyunnie Pixer, Malvika blog, Henecia, dazed by life …..

    • Maybe to avoid getting those blogs maybe the “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” may report those as well…! Misleading the public with all the LOVE and support that come from those for KHJ!
      Power to KHJ FANS!! WE ARE HERE TO STAY!!

  32. your article today really make me want leave a comment. I am a silent reader but really admire your’s a a like a daily dosage to me..please keep on writing about our only one..believe in our stand and the truth will be reveal if it is not now perhaps in future..pray for the best ..thanks a lot LK ..fighting !!

  33. go for it sis don’t worry we are here fore you and for hyun joong haters are mentally sick , they can’t do anything only threat.. trash media and this devil who supposed to be a human being Want to bury Kim Hyun Joong alive and this will not happen I KNOW IT’S really scary WORLD , but I’m sure no one that defies the will of God , believe me, God will protect this young man because he is pure and honest

  34. Keep Fighting Lazer Kim,these People Are Just Tipical Fools.With All This Am Full Convinced That Kim Hyun Joong Will Definately Rise Much More,this Is Just The Begining Of His Success In His Career.They Are Cowards Who Are Just Scared That In The Near Future They Will Have To Eat Their Dirty Words.They Are Also Scared Of The Great Positive Power Force That Is Always By Hyun Joong Side,which Consist Of His Family And True Friends,his Amazing Fans,and Most Importantly The Host Of Heaven.All Their Plans Will Come Crashing On Them,their So Called Friend Choi Will Quietly Remove Her Self From Hyun Joong’s Life Out Of Shame.Then We Will Be The One Consoling Our Enemies.I Pray For Choi Future Because She Thinks She Has Scar Hyun Na But Her Whole Soul Has Been Scar,she Won’t Realise It Now But Her Plots Would Definately Haunt Her,i Pray She Would Ask For Forgiveness From God And Man.But One Thing For Certain, Hyun Joong And His Fans Together All Weather,love U Guys And Hyun Na Much……More,always My Smile, Love U.

  35. You are right^^^I think Unnie😊😊
    Hencia and Hyun Joong are twins…
    We will never give up upon him
    we will always support him

  36. I am a non-uniformed personnel..I work for the National Police in our country..I’ve met different kinds of cases already…as for defamation, I think the immature noona should be reported instead. ahahahahah

  37. do you know that why they reported this blog??because they understand that we find the truth and we know what is truth behind our hyun joong so they afraid…..
    till these 3 weeks I heard and visited many different story and rumors till I find this blog and read the articles and at the end I realize that the truth is what written here…..
    now after 3 weeks I find calm and I can breath again……..
    here is somewhere that we say the truth so please dont give up…..
    we should show that kim hyun joong,our only star,is innocent….so in this way we can bring smile on his face again.
    all of us are a family.a big family called HENECIA……..
    so henecia fighting……

  38. we are in for a big Goliath to conquer here… i just don’t believe that it is just a simple Choi plotter …she must have been have a back up…. but whatever it is we will never leave Kim Hyun Joong and if by supporting him and believing in him is abusive? then what is not?
    Monitor us … we love that because here in this site you can read a family of intellectuals, loving, caring, compassionate Family of Kim Hyun Joong… God Bless you all who monitored this site … we love to hear from you too…. LK just don’t be discouraged… we are kim hyun joong’s disciples and by being one we are persecuted…. just like Jesus’s disciples who spread the truth….We will stay strong until the day of redemption… you all…

  39. Hi LK, while I don’t have the habit of leaving comments here but I want to tell you that I really enjoy reading every single of your articles over the last few years. After reading today’s article, I felt really upset and angry that this site got reported for telling the truth!!! This is really too much. Those trashy media sites and nonsensical clips should be reported instead for inciting abuses and misleading people with their lies!

    I support you all the way in speaking up and speaking out the truth. As HJ fan and a Henecian, I will continue to support HJ and his family against all evils and lies. We will use our own ways to spread the truth and thumb down those who deliberately spread malicious lies about HJ and Henecians.






  41. Confusing?… It s abviously clear., we r here for just one reason, supporting KHJ.. Harmful?… Why.?.. We r here because of lovefull.. Fighting LK.. Love u

  42. LK, I salute you for stand up to your (and our) belief… Thanks to you, I have a place to call HOME when I feel confused after reading all hatred story about our KHJ. So, don’t give up… if there’s anything i can do to support, let me know… i might not able to do much.. but i will be on your side.
    I’m just confused if your personal blog being reported for confusing public, what should we called those (so called) articles or reviews in open media (ex. D,Soo,and other site-who told me not to read their articles if i don’t like what they published there^^)?? We could report the writer as well as the media who published it…. couldn’t we??
    Anyway, LK.. FIGHTING!!!!

  43. I do hope that you’ll be ok and continue to write as I like to read news on KHJ from your blog. Hope this thing will not depress you!

  44. Waoow~~~ this blog was being reported?? So dare!! and why?? Oke!!! Welcome to this blog Ms.Monitoring , and U will just find Love , Love and Love here! ♡♡ Our Love for KHJ and even Our Tears that never stop since the nightmare from CHOI happened. I was a silent reader and rarely write comment, but for me, this site was my daily Bread. All The articles from Ms.LK is Healing me. Through this Blog I feel comfort coz I have Henecia, All KHJ Family ^^ ~~Will Never stop say Thanks and appreciate with all U’ve done Ms.LK♡all Ure Love and Caring to defend and Protect Our HJ . KHJ and Henecia are UNBREAKABLE!!! For all the Haters , Wish and Pray U will find Peace here~~ Coz we only share Loves. Or I’m begging U , Please Leave Us Alone!!! to my Dear Sister Ms.LK♡ Thanks always~ God Bless♡ ^^

  45. LOL

    I am one of the smart reader, mother with 2 sons, a business consultant by profession with a firm of 40 over employees.

    I don’t think this site is harmful at all. Are the monitors of ‘youarereported’ professional like us readers too.

    I believe there are many professional in here too. Who are those delusional haters to judge that this site is harmful.

    It is a matter of opinion and they cannot stop us from express our opinion and cannot bring us to agree to their opinion, they reported this site.

    Please stay away from our home haters.

    So what are they going to do with us, if the Monitors, found this site harmful. Is there any law to shut down this site. I don’t think so, if there is, please shut down soompi on noonasay, those site are harmful and malicious.

  46. I really feel like home here, although I have been a fan since the nightmare started. I am also a 34 years old mother of two sons and I am a teacher, also. I feel a little bit insulted when some teenagers make conclusions on my judgment, regarding KHJ. I was called once “ignorant chap” on one of those sites that do not “confuse” readers… And when I feel the people`s hatred and ignorance I come here to calm myself and to meet friends, that can understand my thoughts and feelings. I always read the both sides of a story, I try to receive as much information as I can, before I make a judgment and I believe that KHJ has been mistreated and needs our support. Keep writing LazerKim, we will be here.

  47. I really feel like home here, although I have been a fan since the nightmare started. I am also a 34 years old mother of two sons and I am a teacher, also. I feel a little bit insulted when some teenagers make conclusions on my judgment, regarding KHJ. I was called once “ignorant chap” on one of those sites that do not “confuse” readers… On such moments, when I feel the people`s hatred I come here to calm myself and to meet friends, that can understand my thoughts and feelings. I always read the both sides of a story, I try to receive as much information as I can, before I make a judgment and I believe that KHJ has been mistreated and needs our support. Keep writing LazerKim, we will be here.

  48. Unnie,

    You know that truth is truth and that THEY CAN’T STAND BEING TOLD ABOUT WHAT IS REALLY TRUE!!!

    You are NOT ALONE!!! Your unnies from LATIN AMERICA ARE WITH YOU!!! Please continue posting the truth about this because through their attitude we know that all the analisis is true!!!

    Well done, unni!!! Kisses from Bolivia and THEY WILL HAVE TO HUSH ALL OF US FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!!!

  49. Hi LK, Thanks a lot for your wonderful articles. What ever happens please continue what you are doing now. There are many people like me who are interested in your articles. Fighting!!!

  50. Good job LK! Kim Hyun Joong fans NEVER GIVE UP without a fight! Now….. Who is confused? May I answer this question please….. ” those all people who are listening and believing to a lunatic person says”. How could a normal person would listen to psychopathic person and not normal? Now who is being confused??? LK, you are doing a great job and helping all KHJ fans like me that I am not good in words and please don’t let nobody to stop you for doing a great job!!! Fighting!!!

    • For addition, i am filthy-three years old with a decent job and a mother of 2 …. As a mother, I will not allow a lunatic girls to destroy my sons…. So my heart is always with KHJ parent and I understand how they feel as parents…. It is so hard to watch your kids that it’s been hurting by someone. I hope and pray for KHJ and to his parent for them to stay strong and healthy.
      LK, fighting and thank you for delivering a great articles!

      • Dear, you are a wonderful fifty-three year old mother…
        Spelling mistake, dear.
        You are never ‘filthy’…

        The person/s monitoring & reporting Ms LK & this site as being ‘harmful’ ~ what a joke ~ is/are the FILTHY one/s…
        May God help this/these person/s black soul/s…

  51. I really love your words ” And take note that majority of my readers are smart elders, mothers and matured individuals with good brain to understand what I’m writing about. If you are a keen monitoring team, you should know what I am, so be the judge.” I am one of a mother, a PhD and sixty in this year. I love and support Hyun Joong. They should read this.
    Thanks for all writing articles for Hyun Joong. It ‘s a kind of joyful we have share together. Cheer up, my dear Lazer, go on writing.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  52. One more time it is a proof the tares against to KHJ and his Fandom. I totally agree with LazerKim, and more, leave us alone please!!!!!! Hyun Joong-ssi, Henecias, LazerKim and whatever site to show with responsibility other way to see the situation!! I’m so tired to see aggressive and ofensive comments against every people that are with Kim Hyun Joong. I want leave the nightmare and that we move on to the future… Please leave to Hyun Joong-ssi to continue his life and us too. But, if you insist, remember, we do too: HENECIAS’s FAMILY are Unbreakable.

  53. I been a regular reader of your blog for me you are do your best to be fair because you can say here what you feel…sometimes you like a mother telling him what he’s wrong doing but at the end of your articles there is the love…that’s come from your heart…me I appreciated that way because I’m a mother and that is the love that no conditions to take in…fighting Laser Kim….until KHJ is here I support him and your point of view for our THE ONE……

  54. Because this world there are people like CHOI THEN WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU LK . If everyone still does nothing quiet like myself. This world would not exist at all. I agree with you all the support you and KIM HYUN JOONG.

  55. Hi LK,
    I’m in complete shock that someone dared to report this site. It is so unfortunate that they don’t understand we support ourselves and have our own opinions like you said. We don’t force others to believe lies, or push judgements on people. Why don’t they go to the real sites causing harm,directly insulting and periodically confusing people. I believe this is part of their plan to divide us away from our only one which makes this whole thing irritating to me. For readers like me, this is actually a home,whenever news comes out or I just need to feel the togetherness of this family,or a place to pour out my feelings and support KHJ,this is where I come to. SO like you said we don’t and won’t go down without a fight.
    Whoever you are monitoring or whatever it is you’re doing YOU HAVE DEFINITELY COME TO THE WRONG PLACE…

  56. Again, this just show how scared they are, trying to get you out of the way before the next lie is told.But, we all are ready because we know the truth. Your blog, they would find love and may be some with turn from their evil ways. Keeping writing and telling truth and we will be right here with you. God bless.

  57. LK want to tell you – I admire you. Good for you – I have long read your article and I really like. It’s nice to realize that there is justice in the world. Comments on the evil people – do not pay attention, evil people who write nasty things in the networks – probably very unhappy, they are jealous of the popularity. We are many – and the world we will continue to fight for the most beautiful person – Kim Hyun Joong. They can not ignore the millions of fans of this incredible artist that his creativity for many years gives happiness and love. Thank you very much for your articles.

  58. BRAVO Lazerkim!! I AGREE with u. I think their words more harmful. THEY are the ones that made me more confused. Don’t like him but so busy attacking us.. and other haters, we do not need people don’t like Hyun Joong here. Either u try open your heart to like him or Go somewhere else and sulk. We choose him and that is our choice.

  59. I totally agree with you.
    What we write in our blog is our opinion and we have ever right to write it what we want to say
    As for I think that person has no life because it not right to tell you what you can or can’t write because this is your blog and you can write what ever you want to write about kim hyun joong

  60. Well said dear… Who ever is monitoring why don’t you go tho the sites where the actual lies are spilled? And again confusing public, and who ever reported it… We are just curious who is confusing whom?? Ok if some one really reported it or its really the fault of LK why don’t you just point out where she went wrong or who reported it or at-least what was confusing!!
    Its just that they find the blog is harmful and confusing only when the truth is spoken??
    If you are so much insecure about your lies why start all this?
    I just want to tell that Ms.monitor the world is alot bigger than you think… Its not just tiny country which you think is everything… You can go ahead and block the site or twitter or all SNS… All the best for you… You shut one mouth there you find 1000 more people talking about your deeds…
    Wake up… Plan your next story don’t try to do circus that you can never do… Its just waste of time…
    And for LK I’m really proud of you… You just speak the truth straight way to the face… We Henecians are always together hand in hand let us watch what she does… Stay strong..
    And I just want to Let KHJ know that he doesn’t have to worry about all these and just concentrate on solving his the issue and take care of his parents and rest till MS…
    Stay strong Henecia FIGHTING!!

    • Same here Thank you from the bottom of my heart lazer kim mam. Keep going I will support you until I die .Strong henecians fighting

  61. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CONFUSING PUBLIC?? | LazerKim

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