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By: LazerKim


May I appeal to my dear readers to please bear with me for the last time I hope, since I’ll be discussing the most tiring topic again and hopefully putting an end to whatever is lingering in my mind. May I just remind everyone that I’m not imposing anything here, I’m just sharing my thoughts, however wild it may be!

I’m also one of those fans who may have lingering thoughts as to whatever is going on behind close doors pertaining this nightmare. I have been in showbiz half of my life and I would say for me this is the worst scandal I have ever encountered created by a lunattic. Or maybe I was very much affected by this nightmare since it’s the person I admired the most who is involved.

I may be helpless that the least I can do is to protect and defend Hyun Joong through this site, that how I wish I can do more for him. But I believe prayers for him can do a lot.



Hyun Joong’s mom has a question in that interview with THE FACT as stated:

“Why is she making this issue into something like this when it’s a matter that should be solved between the two families. Why does she do all this but not discuss with us the things that should be talked about.”

I have the same question and I think I got the answer which I never doubted since day 1 of Aug nightmare as to why Choi is doing this. I don’t see any other logical reason than JEALOUSY. Choi desperately wanted the whole world to know that NO ONE can own Kim Hyun Joong except CHOI! What else could be a more sensible reason to justify her acts? But what is she jealous about?

Among all the statements that Choi said, there’s only one consistent statement she made from Aug. nightmare to Feb. the reason of their break-up is that Hyun Joong is seeing another woman. I don’t mean to discredit Hyun Joong here, but is it not posible that he might have found the right person to sincerely love than a lunatic Choi? I would be glad about that!

Is it not possible he’s trying to protect this person being a decent woman from Choi that he doesn’t want to be involved and Choi knows where she stand that she couldn’t accept? And pregnancy could be her last card in tying him down, so the other person got no choice but to give in and walk away from Hyun Joong so Choi would stop. Is this not posible? Did this ever cross your mind?



In Nov. Choi stated they met up again and that Hyun Joong was DRUNK. Did it ever cross your mind that Choi may have taken advantage of this chance and deliberatedly seduced Hyun Joong who was under the influence of alcohol to go back to her? Hyun Joong is a man who also has weakness in him, who can also be seduced, he also have imperfection. Is this not possible?

By the end of the month they broke up and after few days here comes Choi’s plot saying she’s pregnant! I bet you Hyun Joong was even doubtful of her pregnancy or if he’s responsible for it. And it is his right to confirm! Why not, from May 2014 when they first broke off there’s a gap of 8 months before she told Hyun Joong she’s pregnant! Pathetic!


I sure do hope we have learned our lesson from the first nightmare that Choi is the queen of fabricating text messages and fake evidences. I guess I don’t need to elaborate on this area.  I’m sure she was not expecting Hyun Joong’s parents would come out with the truth!!        WHERE IS SHE NOW???

I would IGNORE Choi forever as if she did not ever exist in this world.  She is one person who will never gain my respect and I don’t care whoever she is in the life of Kim Hyun Joong.  If she ever mess up Hyun Joong’s life again, I would definitely be her worst enemy ever!



I think this matter has to be cleared since it’s out there in the public knowledge. In the future if Hyun Joong gets married and have kids, everyone will be wondering “Is this Choi that he married to? Is this their kid?” People would still talk.

What if Hyun Joong married another woman? Still the same question would be raised, “Is this Choi?”    Do you think this case will be forgotten? I don’t think so, since Hyun Joong is a high profile celeb. And this worries me on Hyun Joong’s future if nothing can be cleared. Who’s the future victim? The poor child beside Hyun Joong, whoever the mother is…..

All I know is that he has to help us to shed light, to be able to help him. Just two questions that I’m craving to be answered: First, Is Choi’s pregnancy LEGIT? Second, Is Kim Hyun Joong responsible for the said LEGIT pregnancy? This is all I want to know.

A.) If those tests turns POSITIVE then it’s career suicide for Hyun Joong. WHY? Because while Choi is in his life she will continue destroying him. Choi is a dangerous woman and we all have seen this. However, we have to accept if indeed she’s pregnant no matter how much we dislike her.

B.) If those tests turns NEGATIVE, well, I sure do hope Hyun Joong or any right party in his camp would press charges against Choi. That is if he still wants to go back on stage after MS, this time he really has to defend himself and clear his name.

C.) If she’s HIDING somewhere, and didn’t take the legit test then Hyun Joong will be in limbo for 2 years, or is this one of her intentions too which is such a mental torture?



I would rather give the benefit of the doubt on something beautiful, that he is protecting someone he truly loves that he doesn’t want to be involved in this ugly situation. Knowing Hyun Joong, he would rather be hurt, and shoulder all the pain by himself than seeing someone he treasure being dragged to the public by a lunatic.

I would rather have this thought than trying to convince myself that he’s in love to a lunatic which is way beyond his character, knowing Hyun Joong all these years! I feel it’s just so unfair for him to be misjudged.

This nightmare wound is too deep for Hyun Joong and there will be scars that will always remind him of how he worked so diligently for 10 years only to be destroyed by a nobody.                                   Hyun Joong, Don’t allow this to happen please…”

We do not know what future brings us, just as life is full of surprises! I can only hold on to my prayers that he’ll be able to surpass all of these and that Hyun Joong would be blessed with more strength and wisdom wherever he is……


May I just share a music (vid above) that I always listen to every time I’m here writing all about Kim Hyun Joong. It’s from my favorite brilliant pianist/composer YIRUMA, whom I discovered through Hyun Joong, his music is inspiring and helps in healing! I hope it can be a help to you too. I think it’s high time we start healing from this painful nightmare…

Well, that was such a long 6 months ordeal, and I do hope we all learned from this nightmare. The scars may still be there even in the future but let that scar be a reminder of this nightmare which taught us how to be strong as a fan of Kim Hyun Joong.

By letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but supporting him with whatever he decides on. It’s his life not ours although he’s a big part of our family, we feel for him but we respect him still. For as long as we are here for him every time things go wrong, and whenever he needs us we continue to support and pray for him.

Hyun Joong wanted to leave for his MS silently, so let’s respect that too. Let’s just try to convince ourselves he’s already in and that he’s peaceful wherever he is. Set our mind in a more positive way. Be my guest every time we miss him, my comment box is always open for every fan of Kim Hyun Joong to share with all of us here, anything goes as usual.

Those who have been wounded greatly are also those who are capable of loving greatly…

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing 

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!   Vid Hermine smile thanks!

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  1. I agree with you on everything, everything you said crossed my mind. If he was in a love with her he wouldn`t search for another woman. The conversations she published prove that he was really on a close relationship with another woman reach the limit of leaving her stuff at his house.So When she found that the great Kim Hyun-jung is getting away from her hands and that he no longer loves her_ as you said_ had planned to become pregnant to tie him forever.Of course, it was not difficult for her to convince him to sleep with her, he is a man with desires and she is a woman who stayed with him for a long period, she knows more than any other female his points of weakness. If some one felt that this is incorrect he can ask himself : she stayed with him for more than two years and did not become pregnant, why did she became pregnant now !! Why now? After they have decided to break up ?? ..and if the pregnancy happened without the willingness of her, why didnt she go simply and conducted an abortion..?!! About you onnie please stay with us,I dont know what to do?? … Isn`t it our right to know what had happened? ..I wish If he could till us what he intends to do..he will go to his military service and leave us like this?..I really hoped if he come out to tell us a farewell speech ?? ..will we continue for two years without knowing any thing about him?..How can I reassure him ,I need to hear from him any thing…How can I handle this???….kinzy,Egypt

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  2. I agree with you on everything, everything you said crossed my mind. If he was in a love with her he wouldn`t search for another woman. The conversations she published prove that he was really on a close relationship with another woman reach the limit of leaving her stuff at his house.So When she found that the great Kim Hyun-jung is getting away from her hands and that he no longer loves her_ as you said_ had planned to become pregnant to tie him forever.Of course, it was not difficult for her to convince him to sleep with her, he is a man with desires and she is a woman who stayed with him for a long period, she knows more than any other female his points of weakness. If some one felt that this is incorrect he can ask himself : she stayed with him for more than two years and did not become pregnant, why did she became pregnant now !! Why now? After they have decided to break up ?? ..and if the pregnancy happened without the willingness of her, why didnt she go simply and conducted an abortion..?!! About you onnie please stay with us,I dont know what to do?? … Isn`t it our right to know what had happened? ..I wish If he could till us what he intends to do..he will go to his military service and leave us like this?..I really hoped if he come out to tell us a farewell speech ?? ..will we continue for two years without knowing any thing about him?..How can I reassure him ,I need to hear from him any thing…How can I handle this???

  3. LK, thank you again for you beautiful article as usual….. Your are correct! This girl is very sick person and very dangerous ….. A normal person….. ” You will never hurt or destroy a person for your own benefits”. The lunatic stupid girl needs to see a psychopathic doctor and send her in mental hospital emediately. Thanks as aways there for Kim Hyun Joong…. I really appreciate everything you do for our hyun. More power to you and fighting!

  4. Dear lazerkim,,
    I heard that u had been threatened by choi and her side..please take care of yourself..if she can hurt our khj,she can also do bad thing to normal people(fans) like us.!!.she might be reveal fake evidence to prove that u are disturbing her life or do whatever to make sure that you stop write an article about khj..
    we need you for this coming 2years which will be without khj..atleast we can read something about khj through ur article…take care n luv u..!!

  5. Dear Lazer kim mam, your words r really true , comforting my heart a lot ,even though its a painful nightmare for me too this my already biggest enemy of mine miss.CHOI happening to my darling Hyun Joong oppa . I respect, love, want to support, and protect my oppa always and forever no matter what ever may happen in future. I don’t what that disaster to happen to him.Since you are a person who studied my hyun joong oppa well , more than me , I know that u know what kind of Man is my darling, so I respect your words too .thankyou Lazer kim for supporting oppa.

  6. Hola 🙂 tu articulo me parece lo mas coherente hasta ahora, espero que toda esta pesadilla termine pronto y que cuando el regrese despues de estos dos años lo haga tranquilo y con muy buena musica. Cuidate y bendiciones

  7. but if KHJ cared to defend someone else … this other person for the sake of KHJ would not try at once to reveal the truth, defend KHJ as both personally defend? before KHJ out more damaged?

    There is much at stake to think it’s just to defend or hide a third person? :/

    sorry for my English 😦

    • in the event that KHJ found true love, that would maybe last 6 months? or maybe a little more (anyway the Choi admitted having dated for about 2 months) …. would not be very risky to try to defend this person (true love) arriegando his career, reputation, and even health of their parents, only this person? (I have a very rational thought, rather than emotional, sorry 😦 )

  8. Hello! Ms.LK, let me thank u once again for this article of yours. We have the same thoughts & conclusion in this nightmare cause by the unknown person link to KHJ. What i have observe in this blog & all the comment of others, that no one known HJ better than we do as his loyal fans who follow him everyday from the beginning of his debut till now, unlike that Ms. Choi just like mushroom in the field who came out from nowhere & known only from the start of this nightmare. Now I realized that HJ being in silent mode in this regards proved that he has a great self- control and patience, not to fight back, but he would rather blame & suffer than to hurt others who are involve in this matter. I think this his nature or ways in dealing difficulties in life. Hope learning from his experience will make him more determined, strong and better person that can inspired others. So as we continue in this journey with HJ, let’s move forwards along with him to say our final goodbye to this nightmare & start a new beginning with a happy & smile in our hearts.😍KHJ fighting…..may the peace of God be with you.
    Thank you everyone and have a lovely and blessed day.

  9. Hi…I like to read news on KHJ from your blog. I became his fan right after watching Boys Over Flowers. I understand that he made mistakes and I think we as humans tend to make mistakes. We shall forgive him and encourage him to become a better person.

    Dear KHJ,
    I really hope you can be patient and bravely go through this stage. This is the God’s test for you and hopefully you will be able to bounce back soon!

    I miss you and want to see your acting and singing asap!

    Enjoy your MS!

    See ya soon, KHJ!!!!!

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  11. in our country, there were also lots of artists or even politicians who became infamous because of scandals, and their friends were free to depend or be on their sides but were not hated by public or the press. Just because you are quick to forgive someone’s mistakes does not at all define who you are. Many are quick to say that KHJ fans are in delusions, but are not they who are ones who are not only in delusions but are blinded by their hatred and jealousy? Hypocrites are all around..

  12. Thanks LK. nowadays, you are one of the very very few persons whose articles make sense. I just hope that KHJ can overcome this and that truth will be revealed at its destined time. Please KHJ, learn from your mistakes, you have known how hard its was to swim in a river when you went to that girl again, and please don’t try try now to swim in an ocean. We can forgive your past mistakes but I do think another mistakes will mean the sun setting of your career and you happiness. For once, think of yourself’s welfare and interests. Find a girl who know how to give you respect; for love and respect go together.

  13. Thanks LK, you are one the very very few persons whose articles make sense. Hope everything at its destined time will be alright for KHJ, Hope he can get away from that lunatic and start a better life.

  14. I am grateful for being a part of HENCIA FAMILY.
    I really love what you said, it does make sence. If some of those people who were and still bashing kim hyun joong read this, they will find it logicl and would believe that all that drama was created in order to destroy him. BUT, I also believe that miss Choi is not alone, someone (or I may say a couple of people) for sure is helping her out there.
    PS: To be honest, I became a big fan of KIM HYUN JOONG after the scandal, I loved him before with several k idols. BUT, NOW no one BUT him. He is the best idol I have ever seen. A humble, sweet and gentleman I have ever seen.
    I wish Henecia fandom will be stronger and stronger, ready to fight and defend OUR ONLY ONE KIM HYUN JOONG anytime and anywhere in the world.
    I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK IN YOUR MS, and I hope you will come back stronger.

    • me too..i became his fans after the scandal…and he is the first kpop idol that I admire after I watch bof…i feel regret for not knowing him more earlier..i cried when his parents cried during the recent interview.. 😥 .I not only love him but also his parents,family and also henecia..

      • To Samjoong and khjLuv:
        May I welcome you both to the world of Kim Hyun Joong! You are now a member of his family, thank you so much for your time in visiting this site! thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

        • Dear lazer kim mam, just like them even me also started loving my darlingangel from the beigining even more deeply after the scandal only . I want you to know that I also exist in this world as a henecian only for hyun joong oppa forever in this world, in this only one life of mine. gomavo lazer kim ,am infinitely from the bottom of my heart , i love reading your blog, because through you, i am understanding my dream namja more.I am greatful to you too , for every support , motherly love and care you are giving to my darling oppa.
          to sam, your words are true.
          to oppa, dear please dont fall down on this matter, we your henecians love u, I love you, and respct you, w will stand with you always, so please,please,please c rise up once again and show ur new Brightness to the world , and shine no one should again pull you down or even touch your hair, be brave and strong darling, and hope you will find your true love and be with her and be really happy from the bottom of your heart ,so that we can also smlie with you forgeting all the pains from the past

    • oh..happy to you to become a part of our family,heneciaaaaaaaa…………i am very glad.yes ms.choi is not alone.but hyun joong is not alone too……my darling nice to meet you

      • Thank you so much for welcoming me..i am very happy and proud to be a part of hanecia..I am going to miss khj during this coming 2years..dear lazerkim,,i hope u will keep write an article about him..please..i gonna miss him so much.. 😦

  15. Wow! Only you could write something that has been going on our minds for some time now! The more & more of this media circus unravels, the more and more I believe that Hyun Joong is a victim of circumstances & is trying really hard to protect someone. And that someone must be really precious to him to go through such sufferings! He’s the guy who makes promises & keeps them; he takes his commitments seriously. You’re right again about Choi. She’s pure evil! She’s psychotic and she needs to be taken away! HJ has suffered so much because of her greed! I hope karma comes calling for her soon!

    I really hope Hyun Joong puts an end to all of this. I want him to leave to his MS – the sooner the better. If the pregnancy is true (I highly doubt that possiblity) and IF the baby is really his, them he can be back by the time the child is still in it’s infancy. If not, then he can stay safe and peaceful in his MS camp while we point out her sins! I find it so ironic that the only way he can achieve peace is by get into military! But, nonetheless, he has to leave. Now. So that he can come back to us as our lovable Hyun Joong! He needs to know now more than ever that we are here for him and we’ll wait for him. Thanks for not playing it safe & giving us and hyun joong a piece of your mind! Do what’s good for you Hyun Joong! For once. Please! We’ll always be with you! Every step beside you! Hwaiting! ❤ 🙂

    • Hello Malvika! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like your blogs I’m sorry I just couldn’t find much time to comment but I do read them pls do keep up the good work and thank you for your effort, it’s well appreciated by all of us.

      May I just add up. I wrote in one of my recent articles that HJ was being blackmailed by Choi, I was pertaining to the other woman and the women in HJ’s past that he doesn’t want to be involved. Remember he kept saying he will never go public about his personal rel? He’s fulfilling his words even he has to be the sacrificial lamb. It’s like Choi telling him “Expose me or I’ll expose her” If you notice none of his friends came out to take his side, not because they are not loyal on the contrary they are loyal in keeping silent simply bcoz they know whom HJ is protecting. I still believe someone is behind Choi. Also May I appeal to everyone not to attack JJ it’s unfair bcoz he is HJ’s loyal friend, pls trust me on this. You know nothing behind the scene, I just don’t want to argue since we have diff opinion.

      I’m very sure HJ doubted her pregnancy as before he left for Japan he came to his parents on this purpose. And it is his right to confirm, I just can’t understand why people think HJ must not doubt! Hello we’re on jet age if you may, not bcoz she said she’s pregnant HJ would just jump in and accept without technically confirming? She once betrayed him so the Kims have every reason to doubt, and the whole world knows she cannot be trusted.

      Why do I feel she’s in hiding? I hope not though. Knowing Choi’s character, if she took the test, she should have been out there and announce her legit pregnancy specially at this time that the public already doubted her. But it’s been over 2wks and we hear no word fr both camps and this is not good on public perception. So simple to announce possitive or negative it doesn’t matter.
      Thank you, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • Yes! I have read that article! Coming to think of it! It all fits in the puzzle! “Expose me or I’ll expose her” sounds really apt. What made me feel really bad was the fact that HJ’s parents had to come and speak. Even when his mother was so ill. I will never forgive her for that! I hope the Kims don’t either. She can be detrimental to the entire family’s happiness, she’s that poisonous! I agree with you, she must have backing from someone big! There’s NO WAY that she could have stayed in the media for so long, getting journalists to put false news like “they have reconciled” & “living together” & “he asked her to wait for him?” All lies I’m sure!
        Besides, what’s there to be so “afraid” to go for a test IN A HOSPITAL YOU PICKED OUT? And why shouldn’t they ask for the test? He’s super talented, is doing really well for himself & has the kindest heart. It’s a given that someone might be trying to trap him. If HJ was my son (I’m younger than him) and I had gotten the news, I would have gone to the court to summon her for the test! I only hope the person he’s doing all this for is worth it. Otherwise I would be very disappointed & unhappy for him! He’s never thought big of himself. He needs lots of love & being told how amazing he is. ‘Cause he’s really special this boy. He has the potential to do so much if he’s given the proper love and push an support! I really hope this nightmare ends for him. I pray for him and his family everyday!
        Thank you so much for reading my posts and appreciating them. I feel honored that you read it. I’ve heard how busy you are always! I hope you guide me like how you did last tie. Your support means a lot to me! ❤ Waiting for the day when we can vindicate Hyun Joong! I hope that day comes soon! Fighting!! 🙂

  16. My point of view is that her motive each time is to have HJ come back and beg to her. Remember how she wanted HJ to make a sincere apology for her to drop the case. And now, she is again using the media plus the pregnancy so that HJ would pursue her. She knows how to manipulate HJ and since HJ is a celebrity, he can not just ignore her threats. Unfortunately, HJ fell into her trap…I also think that she seduced him as part of her evil plan. She had said that she doesn’t want to marry him and can raise the child on her own just for like doing a reverse psychology to HJ. Same pattern when she sued him for assault then later on would reconcile with him after accusing him of such. Because if you are a normal person, you would not reconcile with someone who beat you up repeatedly, and if you are saying that because you really love him that you gave him a second chance, that’s bullshit! You would not sue him in the first place and let the media know to protect the man you love! She knows how to play the game by instilling doubts about her pregnancy by delaying the pregnancy test, then later on confirm to make her look like the victim and the protagonist.

    Now, because she is being quiet, I am so afraid that HJ is giving in. Please don’t marry her! As LK said, it’s a career suicide because she’s a distraction to him. I agree with LK’s A, B, and C statements. I hope that God will guide HJ in making a decisions. The scary part is, we might not know anything like when thry reconciled last year. Can the fans protest against him marrying Choi to warn and protect him instead of saying goodbye for enlistment? I know it’s his life to handle, I’m just desperate and worried! I don’t want his life to be miserable with that lunatic.

    • Hello Grace! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Now talking about that letter of apology, I still think there’s a gun pointed to HJ’s head to sign up that letter. This is really blackmailing him, her lawyer had almost spill it out if you review the transcript of Aug nightmare. I never doubted what I wrote in this article, if HJ will not take a drastic step, he may lose just everything in a glance. I just hope he’ll be guided the right way. Why do i doubt that they reconciled? Really it’s not HJ’s character that’s why he disagreed on marriage right? Fans cannot protest on his private life!!
      Thanks again Grace, take care and see you again! God bless..

    • Hi Grace,
      If I am not mistaken HJ said in his statement that he doesn’t plan to marry but if the child is his he will take responsibility. Also in this statement was not mention that he reconciled with the bitch, he recognized they met that is all.
      That choi and her lawyer managed to twist everything and what is unbeliveable is people actually believe her.
      Hj was always consistent in his statement and never changed them, only media are taking things out of context and mixing them as they think will sell their rags. Most definitely Hj was misdjudged in his own country.

      I still wonder who is fuelling the craziness of psycho choi? Because she is guided on how to make more and more damage, definitely not acting alone. Who has to gain more?

  17. Thank you LazerKim. You took the words out of my mouth. I’m hurting so much for HJ. Why is this woman out to torture our Oppa. HJ should stay away from this woman. If she truly is pregnant with HJ’s baby, she still doesn’t deserved to be married to HJ. I hopes he realizes this. This is her MO and would keep doing this if she doesn’t get her way. Prayers to HJ. Stay strong Oppa!!!

  18. I just hope KHJ stays strong…. Nd let’s pray this nightmare ends soon nd fr ever… That was a gud article lk… I wish I could explain all this well to my frnds…who strongly think KHJ as a very bad person.. stays

  19. Hi, LK I would just like to keep the positive atmosphere, let’s just keep praying for the best of the best for him pleazzzzzz everybody don’t give up on being positive I think it plays a huge role in how he feels and handling the situation okay? pleazzzz keep on praying and staying positive.

    It seems we all thinks, suppose, the same. Seems you nailed it!
    But I also agree totally with Hj needs to clear this before his MS, with all the shame and pain and hurt he may feel toward his fans his family his loved one, but at least leave with the peace of mind and concentrate on what he has to do for those 21 months coming.
    That psycho choi, manipulative and conniving we all agree she is, but she needs to be shut up once and for all for good, otherwise she will continue to pester Hj during his MS and afterwards for sure. But this is one issue that HJ has to deal by himself only.
    Oh yes Nixie and LK we all know Hj is drinking and not alone, so again we have proof of the manipulations of Choi psycho tales. Most definitely dealing with an obsessed one who wants all the world to know KHJ was with her….pathetic.
    also for once lets respect Hj wish to let wish to enter MS quietly and with dignity.

    As you said let’s pray for Hj that maybe a Miracle will occur at this twelfth hour.
    We all know that the Truth has a way to reveal itself in the end.
    I also strongly believe Love will always conquer all if it is to happen will happen, this is for Hj.
    Always a fan through thick and thin! Good Luck HJ, don’t give up on your dreams make them happen. It may be a tough time but for sure you learned your lesson in life and it may seems that this is a crossroad of your life, from here you can just grow and became better and better and achieve what you plan.
    God Bless All!

    • You are right, Noya! He doesn’t drink alone and he usually has someone around him! When KE said they met a few times, I wonder if someone was there with them. I mean, I don’t think HJ is ever left alone… He needs a babysitter! Hahaha! Anyway, the truth will come out eventually. However hard the dumb bitch tries! 😂 Seriously. I don’t think I have seen anyone as stupid as her! Have you guys watched the movie Gone Girl? This is like a dumbed down version of the movie! 😂😂😂 suited for stupid people to believe her lies and stories 😂😂😂 the text messages are her “diary” lol! 😂

  21. It’s painful to think about what he is going through. But he was a courageous man and still is. No matter what decision he takes I will support him forever. He is our healing idol. But this time he is the one wounded. Hope our prayers could fly all the way into his heart. May Triple Gem bless you Hyun Joong-ssi and Lazer unnie.. I might not leave a comment for your every post. But I never miss your writeups. Thanks for being there.

    Fighting aliens!!

  22. I share the same theory as you do. He is definitely protecting someone and that is clear. We also know that Choi is not alone in this. She has someone backing her up. It would make sense that they’re all being threatened by Choi and her posse. Lol! We know that Hyun Joong would take it all on himself and never let anything happen to the ones he loves. And if there is a girl, it makes sense as to why HJ would be so devastated. That Choi bitch even tried to bring that poor girl in the dirt. She is obsessed with Hyun Joong and I think she would ruin anyone in her way. Just look at what she said about his parents. How disgusting.
    Also, like you said, if he was drunk then what do we know that he did actually sleep with her? She could be lying for all we know. Use some sort of drug, get him naked and then put on a show and play the guilt trip on him. Lol! Just my imagination! The fact that HJ asked her to get a simple pregnancy test with his parents and she scurries away, hiding for an entire month, I feel that HJ is simply calling her bluff! Lol! Then again, these is just my thoughts!
    I can hardly believe she is pregnant. The fact that she has no reports to prove it… I heard she got a report from a health centre and not a qualified obstetrician!? And also submits ultrasounds to his parents without a name!? Lol!
    I just pray that Hyun Joong would be able to move on and find peace in MS. He needs the calm and quiet. He needs time to heal and I hope he would be able to do that in MS. As for us, he should know that no matter what, we are here for him. Forever. We have had far too many amazing memories and moments with him for it all to be ruined because of one psychotic dumbass! Lol! We are here for you, Hyun Joong. Remember that. We love you. Hwaiting! 💜

    • We all know that HJ drinks alot… But I’m sure he wouldn’t go to her getting drunk and he dosnt drink alone as far as I know… Even if he did go and if something have had happened like a mistake or whatever she should have gone to get tested… And if she really tricked him like that she sure would have kept something to blackmail him…

      • You are right! He doesn’t drink alone and we know that he just goes to sleep after he drinks… LOL if you know what I mean! Hahaha!!! And exactly! What’s the harm in doing a simple test! I mean, wouldn’t it be better for her to actually do a test and finish it all!? What’s the reason behind her not turning up for any of these appointments even after scheduling one made with her requested doctor. Instead, she goes to Dispatch and proves herself as a liar! How smart!
        If I were as crazy and psychotic as Choi, HJ would be standing at the alter right now 😂😂😂 lol! no seriously, she’s far too stupid! 😂😂😂😂

        • So we can just deny that got drunk concept…
          And I believe that Choi as well as the one who is backing her up is as dumb as…
          They just want to ruin him but don’t have common sense… Or a plan that can be trusted…

          • I feel they’re just immensely dumb. Or this whole thing is just a gimmick aimed at publicity and attention. We have many actors/singers here in India doing such shit stuff! They lodge charges, make it seem like it’s real and then we find out that it was only a publicity stunt! But I wonder if SK is into all that nonsense. LOL! Also, I don’t think HJ needs publicity xD He’s already really famous! Hahaha!

        • if she said right,so she went to is very common for pregnant person…but she did not do that so it means she is a big liar or she is really stupid and need to see a doctor

        • You are so right, he would have just gone to sleep.My father was a Gemini, born 4 days before KHJ but many years apart. My father too liked to drink but he was never violent, he would just go to sleep. He was a quiet soul, loved by those whom he met, hard worker, and loved his family. Later in live he became a Christian, and upon his death he was surrounded by his ten children, and his one faithful wife. My father had a rough young life, brought on by the fact that he did not listen to sound advice so at the young age of 14, he was on his own. But, his life changed did not stay the same, it took him a long time but finally he gave up drinking and his life was all the better for it. KHJ, this is just another chapter in the book call life, it is not the end. Please listen to the advice given you because you have no other place to go but back up. Believe your parents and us, because your live will be all the better for it and your ending will be much better than your beginning because you have more chapters to write. We have not given uo on you so fo not give up on yourself. With love to all, and happy MS .

    • LOL Bingo nixie you’re a smart girl!! Let’s add more to your imagination, yes I agree HJ never drink alone and remember she’s a drinking buddy and there were pigs around, i doubt Hj went to her??? over my dead body!! LOL!!

      • Why would he go to her! Lol! I think he was just trying to bring the situation under control as he knows she’s crazy and he has to handle her with caution. We also know that HJ would never go back to his ex gfs. He said he wouldn’t even be comfortable to be friends with his exes. Then why would he go back to her? It’s obvious that this girl is crazy and he knows he has to be careful with her and the people helping her. That’s my thinking! Lol!

      • I agree with you all. I also think that HJ fell unknowingly into a trap during his drunken sleep. Everything is just a stunt. I hope, if there is a child, there will be a DNA test. As his friends say, HJ is naive like a child. I hope that the truth will be revealed as soon as possible before this devil can not yet get a huge lie. She really scares me! If only those who believe her could finally opened their eyes and then used their brain !!

        • I agree..nixie…he won’t go back to his ex-girl…something wrong had happened…ahh..hopefully the truth will be reveal soon..khj,,fighting..!!

          • agree on that.. jj love hj and he send hj the flowers to his concert and then his fans didnt like it.. i saw them in twitter so i suppose his com decide to say that jj is not conecting with hj just to please them..jj wil not stop talking to hj just bec the haters or crazy other people even if they are his sure hj true friends conecting him and talking to hj and even know the true..dont lissen to thos crazy haters lazer say before they just enjoy to hate.. they shuld go and do something in their life.. they are very bored i think..

            • if you read the news reports about JJ MS they are trying hard to deny that he is going in with HJ. THAT IS JAEJOONG’S AGENCY DOING THAT NOT JJ! Think about it! The mud is all over KHJ right now and Jaejoong’s agency is telling him to STEER CLEAR in the public eye. JJ’s ‘fans’ who criticized him for supporting HJ are stupid because if they really knew their idol they would know how soft hearted and kind he is… they would not expect him to stop loving his friend. They were very close at one time. That just makes me sick. Those ‘fans’ need to find another idol if they don’t know how much JJ cares about HJ and would never abandon him… it’s disgusting. But, JJ does have to obey his agency and stay quiet. Let’s not bad mouth Kim Jaejoong… he is still HJ’s friend and they will at least be together the first 5 weeks of MS at base camp training.

  23. I think that all of these are just rumors…..all of us know that who is pregnant should go to hospital at least once a month…and if she went there,she must show the results….but there is not any confirmation yet and also her lawyer is not here…and at first,hyun joong said that if he saw any confirmed,he will tell us but he did not say anything so it means that he does not know yet……….so all of these were just rumors to harm hyun joong.

  24. LK I’m glad that you went straight to the point and flashing light on the current situation. And yes I fear that will he be able to protect the one who he is found of from this so called Choi. At this point I just want him to stay calm, nobody needs an explanation now…. He has to stay low and complete his MS. I hope the things wont be same after 2 years people will forget this Choi and HJ can start all fresh with more energy with the once he love. I again thank you for explain which he couldn’t. Hope this will reach every Henecian as well as netizens or haters… who ever is aware of this issue…

  25. Lol LK … And I thought I was going crazy… Had the same thought about a third party may be being there from the very beginning… A third party whom hyun joong is trying to protect at all cos haha. Anyway , I hope fans will show up at hyun joong’s day of enlistment … Like Angie ….I think that even though it had been publicized in the past and reiterated by his agency now that hj wanted to enlist quietly,I think in his heart he will find comfort in feeling the love and support from his fans. No matter how strong his persona maybe , even the strong ones find comfort from love ones in tough times like this. It will likewise be a good way to prove everyone wrong and remind antis that his fans are still with him. True there are other ways to support him but every situation calls for a certain set of actions and this situations needs henecians/ts showing a United front …henecians who will not bow down or cower from bullying and negativities. I wish hj health and happiness wherever his journey leads him, I pray that He will find peace within himself and courage to continue on. The path he chose was a difficult one, nevertheless it was a path he chose and all we can do is keep him in our thoughts, our prayers and most importantly for us to never lose faith in him so he may not loose faith in himself . Thank you LK for all that you do … It had been a roller coaster ride these past months that sometimes I ask myself why I liked him and got on the roller coaster in the first place , but at the end of the ride , when it’s time to get off I remember how it felt after having reached the high point where I felt the exhilaration and happiness that only hj can give,I remember how after we experienced the low of lows as the roller coaster plummets down and we hear ourselves screaming in fear and we felt scared , unsure and we ask ourselves why are we doing this to ourselves?…. As I look back and remember all that…. I know at the end of the day , I will go back and do it over and over again .

      • I once read that love is like a roller coaster ride … Just as it was love for all of us for hyun joong… It was like a roller coaster … When we first came to know him can be likened to waiting in line for the ride…we hesitated, we took a step back , then we took a step forward unsure if we want to take the ride … Then as the roller coaster inches up, we were even more unsure …asking ourselves if we made the right decision to ride it…. But as we get to the top … We feel this sudden rush of exhilaration, we were at the top of the world with him.. laughing , enjoying the thrill of it all and having the time of our life…not wanting to get off or see the end of it … Then suddenly we find ourselves plummetting downwards and we feel like everything is falling apart…we scream in fear, scolding ourselves for getting on it in the first place… Pretty soon we hit rock bottom and (I can say this part is what we went through the last 6 months) … After enduring the suspense and fear that free fall brings… Finally we found ourselves at the end of the ride … we can’t be any happier that the ride is finally over . As soon as the roller coaster pulls to a complete stop however, we find ourselves running as fast as we can… To the front of the line …and can’t barely wait to get on it again…and just like somebody riding a roller coaster I know all of us … After all this craziness and after two long years of waiting … All of us will be back in line patiently waiting to get on this wonderful , crazy roller coaster with kim hyun joong all over again😉

  26. After so many years, he is still the one and only kpop idol that I follow, read about everyday since 2010. So far, still have not found any other kpop idols that I want to read about even though there are many new handsome idols out there. Strange but I still like him despite him having 3 major disasters in his life namely ….during the ‘president birthday celebration’, when leaving DSP and now this lunatic incident. Why is he facing all these challenges? I don’t see other idols having such a hard time. Poor him. Life must be tough for him. Please everyone, let’s pray that he has no more hurdles to go thru. I m actually worried abt his training too. Will they treat him well or will they believe lunatic n start abusing him too. That would be madness since he can’t go against commanders. What abt other trainees? Will they be good to him? We won’t know what is happening in there. Is he allowed to go home or visitation right during training? Can korean fans tell us abt this training? Lastly I wish him well, hold ur head high, heal quietly. If u heal, we heal too.

    p/s I agree fans going to the base to send him off just to show people and antis that we are still behind him. But I want him to go in earlier quietly without the media waiting there to squash him again. Fans jz be there to show support. Maybe they can put a big poster of him standing there. (of course display something to the media that we know he has gone in but we r doing this to show support. Otherwise media will bash him saying he left us n yet we r crazy abt him. u know how cruel these reporters are). HYUN JOONG FIGHTING! LEADER FIGHTING!

    • Oops! Another thing, abt Jaejoong…. seems that his agency trying not to link him with Hyun Joong…saying things like not enlisting together n not in contact for a long time. How true is this? If this is true, then leader, u know who is ur true friend. Don’t be sad. We will stand by you n you never walk alone. Things that happened to you,
      I am really really sad. Please cheer up!

      • You are right it is JJ’s AGENCY trying to avoid their friendship. Don’t worry Kim Jaejoong is NOT the type of person to abandon a friend. They are just trying to keep him out of the way of all the mud slinging and rightly so. Don’t blame JJ for that. He still loves his friend HJ. No doubt.

        • Of course JJ doesn’t abandonned HJ. HJ hosted JJ for 1 year when he left SM and TVXQ and was surely the only one at this time to be on his side. I do not think that JJ can forget that, he is too intelligent and kind, like his friend HJ. I’m sure JJ secretly supports HJ.

    • Never thought about it, but you are right about asking that question. How will he be treated in MS? Now we have to add this to our prayer list, if we didn’t before. Thank you

  27. LK let me just say you are such a hound dog sniffing out the truth and I believe you address definitely on the right trail and just leave there. HJ is definitely protecting someone and it is not Ms. Choi. Also she is a crazy toxic b. Bit she is not alone on her jealousy and trying to destroy him. She had very powerful backers. Also, he May want to go in quietly but I don’t think it’s best. We have to show them he has not lost his fan base and if anything we are stronger. The S Korean news announced his date to enter this morning as 3/31. It is a done deal. Strangely, papers are still publishing that statement from KE saying he may delay but it was confirmed by a major tv news station this morning. The SK fans plan to stand outside showing support at the base on that day bc there will be fans for Kim Jaejoong, 2 members of Super Junior and another actor going in. They do not want the media to have any room to say Hyun Joong’s fans have left him. They can’t let that happen. So, Hyunnie, we’re sorry baby but we have to protect you. He can go by private car and at a private time. The fans are ok with not seeing him but they are not going to let anyone say they have stopped supporting him EVER!

    • Hello Angie! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Pardon me if I may disagree with SK fans, during the last Gemini series he clearly emphasized he wanted to go quietly. For his last request can’t we give in to his wishes? There are so many ways to show the world he has our support, but NOT this way please.

      And yes I’m glad KE is confusing everyone over his MS and TRUST me it’s for the good and for Hyun Joong’s sake, he needs his space let’s give it to him for the last time. This is all I ask from everyone. Let’s respect him on this and understand him further.

      Thank you angie, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • LK.. the SK fans have already made those plans and have distributed the location, maps, where to get taxis from the airport etc. I am sure the Japanese fans plan to join them. I know he wanted it to be quiet but it’s too late… they have already made the decision. They have information we don’t. If we are feeling the pain and hate speech all the way on the other side of the world just IMAGINE what they have been through in the heart of it! I don’t know the right answer, but I understand them and their hearts. They feel they can’t let there be NO PRESENCE for him when there will be a LOT of presence for the other kpop stars. They want to send him in by the light and love of his GREEN OCEAN. I can’t say I disagree… we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

            • you may be right on that but I don’t know why the SK fans would be showing maps from the airport then… maybe fans from other countries? don’t know… I’m just going by what my source in S Korea is telling me. I think HJ won’t be angry with them… how could he? I think he just wants to keep himself to himself and I respect that… he needs this time away from EVERYONE! He can grow and reflect and come back to us BRILLIANTLY SHINING! I want his heart to be in it and whole once again and I think he needs this time to heal.

          • yes… they are. I don’t know if they will be stationed together but they are going in together. It would be nice if they were. I think Jaejoong is a kind soul and would be good support for HJ…. just my wishes… don’t know if it will happen.

  28. My heartfelt thanks to Kim Hyun Joong for sharing his gifts and talents for entertaining and singing. I admire the personal sacrifices he has made throughout his entire life. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to have your every move photographed, zoomed-in on and constantly aired in public. I would like to thank him for his courage and sincerity. He has been through more than I think any of us could ever imagine, to be where he is today. I thank him for enduring the persecution and unkind public opinion, and for standing strong when needed. And also for having the courage to reflect, apologize when necessary and move forward~ more determined to be even better than before. That is truly admirable!
    I am 58 years old, I have never been a fan of anyone before ~ never! But his laughter, his voice, and his genuine heart and soul have touched me. I have thought many times that there is something special about Kim Hyun Joong, he shines from the inside out. It is something different than just his good looks and classy dance moves. He has a gift for touching people and helping to lift and build them. He truly cares about people!
    May our Father In Heaven keep him safe and protected, as he now makes one more personal sacrifice and has to leave to go do his duty to his country. My prayer is that he will come back healthy, whole and have that bright, contagious smile and sparkle in his eye when he returns. God bless Kim Hyun Joong!

    • I completely agree and was just considering the exact same thought before coming into this blog to read. I want him to come back healthy, whole, and once again smiling from the depth of his heart all the way into those bright beautiful eyes filled with the light of PURE JOY!

    • I truly agree with you. I myself have never been a fan of anyone too. Kim Hyun Joong is someone very special indeed. He came into my life and brighten the darkest day of my life. I am forever grateful to him. I love him very very much. May God watch over him and shower him with God’s Love and Grace.

    • Thank you for expressing what is truly in my heart…He touches souls…I’m glad he will have this time…I will pray for him daily….and for all of us…this will be a journey of faith and love for us….supporting KHJ and each other….

    • I am mature woman who has enjoyed him as an entertainer. He seems special, and stands out. Happy for military. A break for him and time for reflection. Also, time tends to bring truth and clarity. May that be so in this case.

    • I’m a little older than you and I’m like you. He is the only star I ever followed and he will be the only one. I follow him since his beginnings and he has something very unique. I consider him like a son. I’m not religious, but I pray for him to be happy in MS and come back in great shape to prove to the world that he is the best of the best in everything.

  29. blasphemy as it may seem … but i can compare the life of hyun joong to the sacrifices of Jesus Christ when He carried the cross to redeem the sins of the world. Hyun Joong as a person and celebrity saves a lot of lives I for one ca attest to that and some noona’s i read everywhere… He doesn’t even know that He is an inspiration to most of his family henecians. Hyun Joong’s life is not perfect a human being he is capable of committing mistakes but that mistakes he carried alone like Jesus carrying the cross. He is pushed in the power of greed and envy from other persons and they wanted Him to fall down face flat on earth as a fallen angel. Kim Hyun Joong’s enduring all the pain and accepting blame is his way of saving the millions of fans who have been hurt since the scandal broke down. No artist or celebrities i’ve known doing such kind. others will have a lot of reasons and scapegoats but hyun joong accepting all that is thrown unto him without complaining. All i prayed for Him that He may become strong after all these trials and surfaced victorious of the sacrifice he did. MS is not just a call of duty but also a place the review and reinvent himself of what is his purpose in life, why God put him in his profession and why God put him in the position. maybe then hyun joong will realized that he is an inspiration to others rather than a burden. Choi is just one evil… there maybe a lot more lurking in the shadow that will try to destroy the messenger of God. Hyun Joong you may not know it .there are a lot of positive people that cares for you amog them considered you as family … when you cry the whole world will cry with you and when you smile it is the world for them. Always smile and keep inspiring…good luck to MS ..we will let you go with tears in our eyes but we will welcome you with a big hug and a bright smile. Be safe .. stay healthy… and we will treasure the memories you shared whenever we are all alone. Thanks God for giving us Kim Hyun Joong…

    • not blasphemy, elena I understand you. I compared him that way once a long time ago too and some had to comment on blog that they were concerned for my soul! lol! I by no means worship him like a God… I know very well he is human. But, he has the touch of God on his life there is NO DOUBT about that! I am one of those noonas he saved without his knowing it! 🙂 He is truly special and will not be brought down no matter how hard his enemies try.

    • He is a martyr of modern times. He undergoes (his family, his true friends and his fans with him) moral torments. We all have to be very brave and steadfast, and HJ must cleanse his name, his honor.


  31. Here, here agree. Hopefully, it will clear up before he leaves for MS, those two majority questions that everyone would like to be answered, including his parents. Yes, I too feel that she did not expect his parents to come out and speak nor for his fans to still stand beside him, so how she has gone silent. I guess she is moe waiting for the 31 of the month to make her next move, but I believe that we are hip to her motives, thanks to you. Thank you, and lets us keep praying for his safe return.

  32. no matter what is going on lazer kim,our bond and love has definately showed the world that a good heart can never be the grace of God i belive that when hyun joong is out after two years,things will be different,positively.God will bring up helpers that will work with him with geniue love.Be rest-assured hyun joong is in safe hands,God’s hands.we will always continue to shine with our prince.thank u lazer kim for all ur support,angel joong and all hyun na’s fans all over the world,God is with all.Never cease praying,the angels in heaven rejoice with us,love u all a ton.oppa hyun joong be strong and at peace cause this battle has been won,always remember that-adaptability is not means power of resistence and assimilation.the weak cam never forgive.forgiveness is the attribute of the of the strong.take care and be glad you were born,thank God everyday for ur life.SMILE…….fighting,love u.

  33. This is the best article on the “nightmare” so far. And I am convinced that he is protecting someone he truly cares about and does not want to be dragged into the mess. But I would not blame that person if she gives up after the last mistake of KHJ. It could be too much for her. I will continue to pray that HJ will be able to move on from this and find a way to put all these behind forever. I will always pray for your well being HJ. God bless you.

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