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By: LazerKim


Geez I got such a week filled with hilarious reading items and I just can’t help but laugh! One day a Soompi writer Callmenoona was on Death Theat saying it’s because of Kim Hyun Joong and then another day from Seoulbeat writer Hania “Kim Hyun Joong and the cycle of abuse” still feeding misleading info about the history of 2014 nightmare till the present, which is another trash article.

BEWARE because these media outlets are pretty scared that once Hyun Joong gets out of his MS they will surely see the same scenario from GEMINI if nothing will be done. If these detractors cannot bring the STAR down, then they will just have to bring down the ones supporting the star! They will push to discourage his fans into supporting him. Well they have 2 years to do that! This is how I see what’s currently going on.

I think none of these people from so-called media outlets ever realize they themselves are the ones who are the masters of ABUSE and they themselves are the top abusers manipulating the minds of KHJ fans and the public into inflicting LIES over and over again!

Namely, the media outlets with the top notched of all distorted news Dispatch followed by other stupid media outlets and the best friend of Dispatch CHOI, the most insecure and jealous creature ever existed in this world! I won’t play hypocrisy in this site. She started all these nightmare that I have almost lost my idol on stage, how would I feel?

I just see her as someone ruthless to hurt Kim Hyun Joong, his true love and millions of his fans worldwide! Choi and the media outlets is indeed the master of all abusers! Mental and emotional torture is what she brought to Kim Hyun Joong and his fans How will I forgive? How will I forget?



After Hyun Joong’s parents interview here goes Choi’s lawyer with another bunch of fake documents that no one believed even the non-fans! Followed by a complete SILENCE! Probably leaving all of us wondering what’s behind close doors.

While those media outlets took advantage of the silence and posted trash articles pertaining the nightmare trying to discourage KHJ fans in supporting him! Beware of those media outlets, they will keep posting those misleading info pertaining the nightmare. Even they know the truth, they will stick to their LIES, no matter how we defend, they are deaf with the truth.

Many of his fans believe that Hyun Joong loves Choi after all! And this makes him stupid after all these circus!  I don’t care who she is in the life of Kim Hyun Joong, for me she had just sold her soul to Satan who is trying to push Hyun Joong to join her in HELL!

Am I going against Hyun Joong’s direction? NO absolutely not! But I’m trying to pull him out from that HELL where CHOI is taking him! You may say this is his private life, yes I know but aren’t you affected at all even just being a fan?



With all those so-called text messages from Choi to prove Hyun Joong will marry her, and I bet you, she knows very well she can’t even have that chance legally! Having realized this fact as Hyun Joong denied those wedding plans she was bubbling about, she went ahead to the media again saying she doesn’t have any intention of marrying Hyun Joong?? LOL!

Hyun Joong made the statement he will take responsibility IF indeed he is the father of that so-called pregnancy. As his parents stated he has accepted his fate of being a BACHELOR with a kid, therefore he’s not really marrying Choi.

Is this what you call LOVE? Hello wake up guys, we’re all matured here to understand what love means! I repeat Hyun Joong may have made a mistake, but he is not stupid!

Just one point, this Choi turned ballistic every time Hyun Joong breaks off with her and just in time for two consecutive incidents May 2014 and recently in Feb.22, he was on his way to Japan! WHY?

What could be the real reason more logical fact as to why Choi was all itching to rush and bring all her dirty laundry to the media with all the cycle of LIES other than destroying Kim Hyun Joong? Let’s find that out on my next article….

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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79 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CYCLE OF LIES

  1. love this article. so far, your best one. I can’t agree more. bravo. standing ovation to lazerkim. muah. yes KHJ may have made mistakes but he certainly is not stupid. he better get rid of choi as soon as possible.

  2. I just read some news about Kim Jae Joong`s enlistment and I want to share my anger here. How can be a friend with someone for so many years and to stand aside when he is in trouble and needs support. Only to save his immage he lets his company to do such statements – that he is not in contact with KHJ and they will not be enlisted together. It sounds like ” WE have nothing to do with this guy”. I really like KJJ, but now I am pissed off. Keep on with your career, Henecia will bring KHJ back to his glory and he will shine again with or without your help.
    And those haters – they just use the opportunity to talk nonsense again.

    • I can’t believe Jaejoong has said that. Where did u read those statement? I read abt such thing in some JJ fans comment in alkpoop. I just don’t believe what haters saying. If there really such statement, I don’t think its from JJ. It must be his agency which I think uncapable to give good picture of JJ-KHJ friendship. So selfish. OMG all these haters, their reaction as if KHJ is a big criminal in SK. Damn all of them!

        • Thank you for the link. I’ve read both of them and I can see some of JJ’s fans still in their right mind not to bashing KHJ coz they know really abt JJ-HJ close friendship. Most of them still wise and relevance in their judgment over HJ. The others who bashing HJ hard I feel sorry for them. Hope they can find peace in their mind somewhere.

          • I think some of you are misreading the info… JaeJoong never said anything, it was his agency and said they haven’t been in contact lately and that they aren’t going to be stationed together. Nothing else. Don’t start now bashing JJ when he’s done absolutely nothing. Besides, I know pretty well he’s been there since August when all this nightmare started as well as other close friends of HJ in the business… Read carefully the info before saying anything, please. If you knew JaeJoong, you would know that he’s not the type to forsake his friends in time of need and that he’s probably, out of HJ’s friends in the business, the one that can understand what he’s going through the best…

            I really hope HJ comes back to us stronger and happier with the help of his family, friends and fans! All are needed now.

    • How about take it with doubt? Because Media is Media and they will always turn things as they want to sell their rags. Re JJ and Hj friendship, they go back too many years to doubt that. I am sure what they have in private it doesn’t need to be disclosed to all. Re JJ agency, it is their right to keep their artist protected (from that psycho choi and her best friends at Dispatch who may attack Hj friends as well not only his fans) not like other agencies we all know…!
      I am sure Hj had his closest friends with him during the nightmare and that need not be in the tabloids.
      I just hope thet the competitor of dirt rag Dispatch “The Fact” will do some more digging and maybe we will have all true things one day?!

      • I agree with you and its understable if JJ’s agency need to make such statement for his artist. I never doubt abt JJ-HJ long friendship. In this cruel Kpop world, I believe idols doesn’t have many best friend for themselves in thick and thin days and when they have one its not something that they can just throw them away like a garbage. Lets pray all the best for them.

    • I found nothing wrong with the article. JJ’s agency just mentioned that they r enlisting separately or different locations. it is to clear misconceptions before fans assume something beforehand. I’m sure they r still good friends. it’s just JJ’s way of protecting KHJ. JJ fighting! KHJ fighting! I love them all, so I’m not mad at such neutral statement.

    • I read the news too even though I feel a bit upset because it’s no need to mention anything at all but I also feel it’s normal that the agency will say the unnecessary thing like this to prevent its artist from haters. I believe JJ and KHJ they maintain their good friendship. I can understand if his celebrities friends are not allow to support him openly but I hope they made a strong support to him behind the scenes.

  3. I read BYJ had been accused of fraud by some party in Japan last September. The issue is that the case has been settled 5 years ago but the party who involved in the case keep accusing BYJ was the cause of the fraud. They kept insulting him for these 5 years tru their mock and protest such as putting the banner etc. I wonder why they were targeting only BYJ in the case.

    As we all know, KHJ is a darling artist in KE ( the only singer with great supporting fandom in Japan/World ) and he has been brought in by BYJ into KE agency ( BYJ was one of the biggest shareholder in KE ). Why i think these two incidents ( BYJ & KHJ cases ) got related each other? I smell fishy on this. Is there SOMEBODY envy with these TWO people in KE and try really hard to smear their image in public? Or somebody in KE trying to remove BYJ and his darling boy?

    They both are so popular ( called Yonsama and Yonsama Junior ) in Japan bcoz of their character in their historical record in the drama they acted ( Winter sonata & BOF ). They were envied so much bcoz of that. The fact that BYJ has been ‘banished’ from SK sometimes ago bcoz of his acting in ‘racy’ drama ( correct me of this if im wrong ) and live in Japan for long time until now really show how shallow minded and how primitive SK society are in this industry. How could they easily ‘killing’ their artist such a way. Its the same case with HJ and its rather bad in term of media playing and character assasination repeatedly recycling in their so-called editorial medium.

    Sorry for raising this issue at the moment. I felt so bored today and thinking much of HJ and all of sudden such thought emerged in my mind…LOL

    LK…if you think this is nonsense and unacceptable, please do ‘banish’ this any time…doesn’t matter at all, I love u whatever u do…LOL

    • Hello atiq! What you’re saying is true. That media in sk they dont easily forget. i worry bout hj too after his ms.
      Its a movie of byj Untold Scandal 2003 he ws criticized in that movie.

      • Yeah, thats what make me worried too. I guess once he was out MS after 2 years, their medias would already with their guns and weapons too shoot HJ again in all corners. He might faces hardship also in Japan. We just can pray that he will be strong enough and believe that his fans Henecians/TS were still here to put him up in the right place and make him superior again.

        • HJ is learning his lesson the hard way. Just my opinion the earlier he gets to MS the better, delaying it would be too much for him to bear the stones being thrown to him. While for us it’s easier to attack which I think I’m getting used to it!! LOL But you know no pain no glory I believe in this. I’m gonna put an end to this nightmare on my next article. Still lingering with time though but I think we had enough for 6 mos. However, this is how we are if he’s in pain we feel it too!

          • We have took it the hard way too. Like u, nowadays I feel no offended at all with all the bashing from those sick haterz to HJ…it become immune to me..LOL…

            I stop by Alkpoop for awhile just now just to take a glance abt his enlistment news. I saw almost the same haterz who gathered there to smash and insulting him in every comment. I don’t feel offended or hate them, instead i pity them. I could just laughed seeing their childish behaviour hating and throwing a vulgar words on him..they are so sick mentally and spiritually.

            And instead I feel proud and glad with myself that I have so much love in me not to hate other people. I thought of give my comment there ( at least assist our fellow fans there who defending HJ ) but i guess it just waste of time and my energy to explain to haters that had already make their own judgement. It useless thou.

            • One more thing, this is absolutely lying and ridiculous….how delusional some of them saying that all the flowers bouquet sending to HJ during his last Gemini concert ( from JJoong, JGS, Infinite, Boys Republic and Block B ) were all made up by DATV Japan just to give good impression on KHJ…LOL LOL….WOW…can u imagine that?! I can’t help myslef to LOL at those delusional haterz…they just can’t accept that such popular idols and boybands gave their support to our boy…just wait and see those stars sueing DATV for faking congratulatory flowers bouquet using their names…LOL LOL…thats really hillarious one!!

              • Pathetic really…
                They are in denial…& yet they call us ‘delusional’!
                They are trying so hard to convince the gullible public & especially themselves that our boy no longer has any fans.
                Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they were to stress themselves out with the fact that our boy still has his fans all over the world supporting & loving him?
                In other words what the fans should do is not to fight verbally or in cyber-space with them. Ignore their insults…
                The best way is to keep enthusing about his successes & post the pictures of all those beautiful green sea of light-sticks…
                Or post those beautiful fanvids by his ever-loyal fans…
                That should stress them out, hahaha…

                • Isn’t it? So delusional and couldn’t accept the fact that their beloved Idols were still giving their support to HJ eventhough knowing KHJ is ‘monster ‘ ‘pathetic loser ‘ and ‘ cruel abuser’…hahaha…poor them…they might be traumatised right now after knew that…and now become hallucination thinking that all are faked by DATV….LOL…all of suddden they become as dumbass as their so-called ‘abused victime’…looks like karma has been served to them….

                  Bottom line, i pity those idols who sent the flowers coz they now might be criticised by their pathetic fans..didn’t they have a brain to think that they have gone overboard to control of who their idols should be friend to or not…*sigh*

    • Sad to say you get it wrong. That these two issues are interrelated in the way you say it is. And KHJ is not the ‘darling artist’ of KE. On the contrary or haven’t you noticed.

      • Hello HI…

        Okey. Which part that I wrong? As far as I concern, I considered HJ as a darling artist to KE bcoz he’s the only one singer in KE. To be exact, he was the most popular singer in KE that has given them huge revenue since he’s joining KE. And I remenber there’s a time KE share price gone up drastically after HJ’s succesful promotion in Japan. The news I read sometime back 2012.

        Well, these two issues might not be related at all or it could be related too. We just don’t know. Just assume that what all i said above as a speculation only. Nothing personal, nothing is really true. Only God knows.

  4. “Meanwhile, Choi, Kim Hyunjoong’s former girlfriend, also revealed that they have reconciled following news of her pregnancy. It can be noted that the former filed an assault accusation against him back in May 2014.”
    Es en serio, u otra mentira de esa mujer?

    • Hi YJYJ…

      Translating ur question ( google translate )

      Es en serio, u otra mentira de esa mujer?
      ( Seriously, is this another lie of this woman? )

      Firstly, is this new update or u just read it somewhere randomly?

      As we all know, HJ never admit that he has reconciled with his ex-gf. Then after she heard HJ deny it, she then published that she also never had intention reconcile with HJ. LOL….well, we already knew her intention actually. Stupid whore seeking for his attention again.

  5. A great article as usual LK. What puzzled me most in this case is how the media can publish private txt/conversation without facing any consequences. And those txt could be completely fake and manipulated. I am not sure about the privacy laws in SK, but this is so ridiculous and extremely unfair to HJ and his family.

  6. Khj will join enlistment (ms) on 31st march..together with kim jae jong…i hope khj will live in peace while in ms.. ❤

  7. Dear LK, thanks, true title. This is a true cycle of lies.
    What really disappoints me is that OK, trash media is trash can’t expect more, but other media could have seen through all the lies, but nobody done a thing to correct them. Yes most definitely repressed people without a life who can’t see more than little narrow mind.

    Doesn’t it look to you all that this scandal is like choreographed or a better word orchestrated by someone who have a bigger reason to discredit HJ? I do not deny psycho choi bitch is one mental case that needs to be certified and looked up. But someone is pushing her like a puppet and fuel he craziness.

    I mean look at the facts all started 22Aug2014 and after all suddenly on 22Feb2015 all when Hj was successful in what he was doing? I mean how does the psycho choi and the lawyer get soo much air time on the media and TV? Have you noticed the sudden silence after Hj parents, his Dad said I have all correct Txt messages and with her permission he will disclose them? Suddenly she and the lawyer are screaming privacy and then silent mode? It is not smelly or fishy it is just stinks of the bullshit she is trying to smear on all.

    I mean really, she insulting all people HJ his parents his fans his friends, all are lying, but she is like snow white and the victim? It is sooo screaming of the lies, how come they do not see it in their media? Is SK such a weird and backward culture that they go blind after someone who proves again and again she is unstable mentally?

    I really do not think Hj has any feelings for this crazy bitch, so the love thing, please all the romantic people, snap out of it. Hj maybe is a lot of things maybe but not an idiot!
    I don’t deny Hj made the mistake that he didn’t stand for himself first time and fought, maybe he did have something to protect then, who knows?
    But now before he is going to MS come on HJ stand up and fight. Please help us to help you!
    Can’t wait for your next article LK.

  8. I also believe only the words of KHJ`s parents. I deeply hope that he is fine and has someone around him to cheer him up. I wish him calmness and peace during the MS. He must know that we will wait and we won`t forget him. I will not read those trashy articles and they will not affect my mind, because I am a grown up person and no “journalist” /if they are/ can tell me what to think or how to feel about someone they don`t really know. I am the one who feel pity about them, because they are filled with hatred and negativizm.

  9. kim hyun joong fighting,no matter what,we will support khj all thru no matter what.these two years will definately be a time for us to fight for our prince,to clear the path for his coming back.hyun joong has said all.1:he will take care of the child,2:will not marry the witch,3:if we can wait then let us wait,4:if there is just one person,he will sing,and 5:he will come back a better person.for me its enough.i will just hold on to the memories we’ve all created together and wait for him,hyun joong is the bestttttttttttttttttttt,love u.

  10. With all of the haters being stubborn to picture khj as a bad guy, one thing can not be denied- that our idol has such a kind heart. I agree with one of the comments here. More than his physical beauty, we see his inner beauty. He will never hurt anyone to save his self. He could have defended his side to protect his career. That very thing he worked hard for all these 10 years. But he did not. He still protected the girl until now he does. Khj’s heart is something that media can not touch. He remains to be a good soul in a corrupted world. And this is the khj we love – a good person inside out. 😊

  11. Hi LazerKim! Thank you for this two last articles of yours… actually..the morning I read the art. of Callmenoona I got so upset that the only thing I could do was immediately writing you!!! ..I think I sounded a bit as you suggested I ‘ve just ignored it..but …I was really hoping for you to say something about it…and you did. Thanks. The croocked,twisting,misleading way the article was written annoyed me more than the content itself ( only trash). Me too now I just want to know about whether the pregnancy is true or not..and if the baby is his…but something worries me…so much now…it that it’s true (and ok we will support him more than ever then) how will KHJ cope with it since he will be on MS?..just this..I don’t know..😓 anyway..someone very wise said that “for the next day will have its own anxieties .Each day has enough of its own troubles”. So..let’s live day by day …waiting…I’m eager to read your next art.👍👍👍💕

  12. I think I join the group of fans, who wholeheartedly would like to see a statement of KHJ (and told the fans in Japan that keep abreast) but it’s likely that his agency does not allow.

    I would feel that KHJ is defended and not kept silent, I would know his side of the story (without revealing text messages or personal things between them)

    As I would also expose the woman, everyone knows the truth about her and her handling !!

    Otherwise we will be in limbo for about two years or maybe more, to see if there is indeed a baby.

    Anyone know of nearby source as is being done here in Korea ?, What do people think?

  13. Thank you dear LK…..yeah, another trashy ‘editorial’ write-up to ponder…Lol…

    I really impressed with all these ‘editors’ with their concern over KHJ vs Choi’s unfortunate case….that NOONA so concerns abt KHJ’s fans wether we angry or not and then this seoulbeat editor with his/her concern over Domestic Violence cases that have ‘Horrible’ in SK society at these days!! and so worry abt the victims who have been abused brutally and repeatedly by their so-called lovers….LOL…all u can digest really huh! just in one case, its KHJ so-called ASSAULT CASE!! so ignorant, idiot and moron dude…I feel like knocking my head off against wall….LOL

    Goshh…they really have a nerves after all the mess has calmed down…I got no more to say coz i’ve decided to love KHJ unconditionally and will wait for him until he comes out and voice out whatever he feels, whatever decision he’ll took…even for 2 years time waiting….I will forgive and forget his mistake…BUT not that mad girl absolutely….that girl can go to hell….LO

    Thank you again LK…and to all of u who leave comments in this blog….i really love reading all ur comments and feedbacks…..eventhough I didn’t know you all but I can feel love between us KHJ fans, true from the bottom of my heart…May God bless u all my dear sisters…: )



  14. I know thst hj eill not marry that girl because he dud not introduce her. I remenber that hj said before that if ever he will marry a girl he will introduce that person to his fans

  15. I’m just afraid because Choi has been quiet and I’m worried that it’s because she is getting what she wanted from him. We would gladly accept him as a bachelor with kid rather than being trapped in Choi’s evil arms. I am looking forward for your next article LK. I want to see whether we have the same thoughts about Choi’s motives. Lena, you are right! It is better for him to keep silent like he did last year, he was a true gentleman to swallow and acknowledge everything even though it tainted his image and career. That is why fans feel that we have to defend him and do it for him. I miss him so much! Fans were posting his old TV commercials and he had a lot of endorsements! With the scandals(because of Crazy Choi), that’s not possible anymore. How can HJ love such a crazy woman who does not care to ruin his career that he worked hard for? HJ, go to MS quick to keep you away from this bitch!

    • Yes, for now that may be true, but God is able to restored and to give you more then you could ever ask for or imagine. What man means for evil God can use it for our good. Our God is more powerful than man. Trust Him. Do not think negatively think positively. As children of God, when we make mistakes, He is ready to forgive but sometimes He will allow you to go through the fire so you can come out as pure gold. You have to drop off the dross/fleshy parts so that our eyes with be open and see truth.
      If you haven’t, read angeljoong86 post, another excellent blog please read it.God bless and let us keep the Faith, for it is not what KHJ is doing but what God is doing. Let our prayers work for it is not our will be done but for Gods will to be done and whatever that will be we will have to accept. Love, Peace, Joy, and Unity in the Lord.

    • U might be right with ur intuition…but remember, after Khj’s parent interview, she just STOP and RETRACT herself from media playing. Yeah, she has publicised that so-called Pregnancy Test result and her lawyer said she wanted PRIVACY. But why all of sudden she decided to STOP and then she completely DISAPPEARED?

      I sense something ‘funny’ abt this. I bet she got shocked that Khj’s parent so daring to appear in public and made that interview against her. The way her lawyer said abt her PRIVACY also sound frantically funny.LOL. I guess she didn’t expect at all that Khj’s parent would exposed their own text messaging to public to counter back her ‘fabricate’ text msg. Thats what I believe now.

      Unfortunately, KHJ is so gentlemen and so kind to expose her identity and her lying. Did someone says before they read tweeter said KHJ might gone off to MS already? Yeah, I hope so coz he said he will go quietly and leaving his lunatic obsessive ex-gf who actually not pregnant to crying out loud behind he doors..LOL

      • May be she had no stories to make anymore because everyone know her plots more than she know herself…
        I wonder if her lawyer still work take her side seems to be the future of that lawyer been buried. 🙂

  16. May I ask a question? What good would it do if he comes out to speak? They would not believe him anyway. The only way would be for him to release all of the text messages, without her consent, but he would never do that nor would she allow him to since the truth will be revealed. So for me, I am glad he is silent and still trying to protect her even though she did not protect herself, this shows what a true gentleman he is. If they really wanted the truth they would have never believe her nor continue this campaign. I call it a campaign because someone is truly trying to bring him down, beside ms a. Why else this old news and made up whatever is still being published. Please know that what God has bless can no man curse and he has been bless by God. Another scripture states, “stand still and let the Lord fight your battle because it is not yours but the Lord. Another, “when you have done all that you can do, just stand”, and the have done all that they could do. Like how they turn on his parents, now i was shock by that. Not SK, who honor their senior, worse I have ever seen. How would they have acted If the parents were really bad parents but there was nothing to indicate that. So why the ugly comments? Hope later in life they will not have to face such and ordeal. No matter what they do, just we continue to pray, love, and stand with him and see what God will do after two years. Also, it you read his message after the Japan tour and his apology to the fans he has made a statement. So just keep posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites that what to blog lies. This is what we have to do and can do. Thanks to all who have been posting. God bless, and to LK and others thank you for informing us. We know we are putting a heavy burden on you because we keep looking for your blogs which gives us news on KJH, but thank you for hanging in there.

    • Hello Lena! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Well as to your question, for me I Just want to know 2 things, first is choi pregnant fr legit PT results second is he the father fr legit DNA test results if she had it. This is all I need to know since this matter is out there in the public,so that i would know how Im gonna defend him fr his detractors. It’s like saying HJ help me so that I can help you. just as simple as that. thanks again Lena, take care, be happy and see you again! god bless..

      • Yes, i agree to these things and this is all he need to state. But, what I am referring to is he does not need to go into any details about their relationship.
        because to much information brings misunderstanding and the the crazy crazy people, haters. So, either it is yes or no. I just want him to keep it simple. Thanks again for your love and understanding of this situation.

        • Oh no he doesn’t need to go on details, in fact im not expecting the statement coming from him but anyone from his camp, just those 2 test results bcoz we’re all hanging, this is just my point that I hope hj or his camp would do it for his fans sake then we can understand. He already stated what I wanted to be cleared about marrying her or not and this is quite clear to us, he’s not marrying her. Whether the result is negative or positive, it doesn’t matter at least we’re cleared about this with credible procedure of tests.

          Unlike at this time we’re all in the darkness. I couldn’t rely on those doc that Choi and her lawyer were showing bcoz I have already learned from them about fake text msg and fake evidences. If this case wasn’t out there at the media or to the public I wouldn’t care at all since this is his private life. the prob is this matter is out there in the public.Mine is just to have idea how I or we can defend him, be it whatever the result is as long as it’s factual and credible, we can defend him and clear his name.

          If in case she’s preggy then fine we can’t do anything about but to accept it.
          BUT if ever she’s not pregnant and result turned out negative, well, this only mean she did not only fool HJ but she fooled the rest of the world. Then i hope we can do something about it, like urging HJ’s camp to really go for after her and take legal actions against her. At least to give her a lesson and that this case wouldn’t be repeated by others anymore. This is quite alarming that I really hope HJ would understnd. If he can’t do it for himself then do it for the sake of others.

          • LK… My Korean source says that they have decided to wait until the baby is born to do the DNA test. I think she probably refused prenatal test and can legally but after the child is born a blood test will be done. I think the fact that she is pregnant is not in question. But, we will not know until after the birth whether it is truly KHJ’s.

            • Hello Angie! LOL Where did you get this info? How would she know herself if she’s preggy without the prenatal test??? I understand DNA can be done after giving birth but what about PT? Of course it’s the question if she’s preggy or not!

  17. Dear LK;

    I just love your article. IT is right to the point. I love the tile ” MEDIA ABUSER ” . It’s so true and so real. I don’t think public realized that they are also abusers. Letting the medias manipulate them with repeatedly inject false information and ignore it.e This is a real crime they have committed without knowing. There is a say that if you want to lie you have to make a big lie and repeat it then people will believe it is true. I see that is happening now when the trash medias and an evil heart journalists keep manipulating their readers with half true information. We can not do much with this kind of people who did not respect themselves , did not respect their professional ethics. I just hope they will face exactly the same as they did to Hj to make them realize the evil act they did. It will be perfect if they individually will experience suffering from the injustice and misjudgement from public as well.

    Lk, this article somehow take away some heavy feeling in my heart. I agree and share everything you have said in this article. Hj loves the evil soul Choi or not i don’t know. I really don’t know. What I knew is this evil soul does not love him. Does not love the baby if she is really pregnant and if she is pregnant she does not know how to love the baby either. I don’t think the evil choi knew how to love herself and respect her dignity either. In the last 6 months we only see anger , liar . manipulator , mentally abuser and a psycho woman. All of this revealed to public by her own actions. i can not imagine behind the public how manipulative this one can be. I think this Choi has nothing more to prove she already proved herself that a liar and a manipulator can do everything beyond expectation. If people still gave her credit it ‘s too sad because they should help her. This woman really need help before she can harm more people who unfortunately come closed to her life. I wonder about her family back ground now.

    I feel the same as many of HJ’s fans feel . This woman will bring hell to his life and everybody who closed to him. His suffering and damaging caused by her the last 6 months told a lot about her. It ‘s proved they have a toxic relationship and they are not capable to maintain peaceful relationship.. How can you live with a person who can’t be trusted and be ready to stab your back anytime. It’s wiser to prevent greater trouble when still can.

    As a fan. if i could do something to prevent him from being sucked to live in hell i would love to do so. I wonder after all these scandal if HJ is a siblings or relatives of those haters what kind of advise they will give to him. I’m positive they will say similar as us….At least don’t put your live in hell.

    For medias who are the real abusers what would they will say about this Choi if KHJ is one of their sibling or their relative. I ‘m positive they will say not much different than us..’Avoid to live in hell.

    At last sorry if my post upset any of you. This is how I feel right now and still I respect his life . As this is a very crucial moment that will affect the rest of his life I just hope he will make the wise decision that he will not ever feel sorry about it.

  18. Have been feeling down. Thinking of him often n searching the webs for news of him. All the bashings on him and also us… so cruel. We r called names for supporting him but they blindly supported the girl and don’t care of the facts. Been reading in soompi column and can see same people bashing him. Luckily I saw fans coming to his defence. Wish he would break his silence and proove his innocence. So heartbreaking to see all his hard work n good image gone because of this. Due to many negative comments and cruel editorial, many who r not fans get the wrong idea on him. So so sad. I wonder how he feels right now. Glad that some fans have been uploading videos of his hard work in soompi. Lazerkim, thank you for your articles. Saw them in soompi too. At least non fan get to read it too n learn the truth instead of jz reading negative comments.

    • Some fans went to Jaksal Chicken n asked HJ friend how he’s doing. He said he is ok. That is good but for not stepping out of the house … it doesn’t seem ok to me. Is he eating well? Depressed? Why ExDsp japan asked us to sent him message… emergency … not to be lonely…? Personally i don’t think he is ok.

      • It’s good to think or to feel he is O.K though.
        However his friend is probably will never say he is not O.K.
        So, actually we do not really know he is O.K or not. Just hope he is O.K and pray hard for him.

        God will always be with him especially at this very period..

  19. I am a almost 50 year old mother to a 24 year old daughter who badgered me into watching Boys over Flowers. From the first moment I saw Kim Hyun Joong I was enthralled. I called my daughter and told her I had found the most beautiful man ever created. She laughed at me, and told me that the SHINEE boys were the most beautiful. This argument with my daughter has been going on ever since. I do not believe he beat this women, but do respect that he apologized for the hurt and pain he caused her. It takes a real man to do that. I also respect the fact that he is not giving out her name to protect her. Various different sites have posted that the proof she took to the police was fabricated, and anyone who thinks about it with a clear head should know that there has to be truth in the fact that the evidence was false. If not he would have faced a much harsher penalty. Paying the fine means he paid his debt to society, so everyone needs to stop beating a dead horse and let that one go.
    Now just as he finished a successful tour in Japan she is pregnant, timing or coincidence…..I do not think so. I also think that he has every right to check on the health of the baby and mother. he has said that he will take responsibility if the baby is his, we as fans should expect nothing less from him. I will also say that his silence show what kind of a family he was brought up in. I believe he is behaving as a true gentleman should. As much as I would love to know who she is and why she is doing this, I respect his decision to remain silent. It drives me crazy, but it is his choice to share or not to share that part of his life with his fans.
    What had disgusted me the most with this attach is the way his parents have been disrespected. I live in the US and know that our cultures are very different, but the respect that the elders are given in the Asian countries is something that I envy, I wish it was that was in the states. The trash media in South Korea has really shocked me. I expect to see that in the US, but have been surprised at how viscous it is there too.
    I can tell you that I am still a fan and will always support KHJ in whatever he is doing. I can be having a bad day and just see a picture of him on twitter and it makes my day better right away. I will miss seeing new pictures while he fulfills his MS, but look forward to his return to entertain us all again. I wish him the best of luck and will be waiting for his return.
    Sorry….. got a little long winded. Thanks

    • Thank you so much Sandl for such a beautiful comment. i feel along through every words you have said. He is a beautiful man indeed. Now I feel his inner beauty is more appeared than his look. Sometime i want him to be more cruel . You are right we can tell how he was brought up such a real gentleman. I’m proud of him but feel hurt in the same time.

    • Great post. I too first saw him in BOF my first kdrama! Instantly became a fan. As a mother too, I feel that this mistreatment of KHJ and his parents is a vicious ploy by Choi, her attorney, the media and even his company to bring down a sweet, humble, generous gentleman. We all make mistakes. Do we go to the media? Of course not. Only someone who thinks they will gain something. Sympathy? Money? KHJ will always have his true fans who support him.
      LK… Thank you too for your posts!! Always look forward to them.

    • Thank you very much Sandi, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings for KHJ.

      Just today I showed my mother some videos of KHJ, hahaha just to see what he thought and I was quite surprised to see that said every time he saw smile KHJ “How beautiful smiles that man” I hahaha think it has fallen a victim to the KHJ charm, and why not? If unavoidable! It’s like a drug.

      My mother told me not to continue showing him videos of him, not wanting to fall in love and having to compete with her daughter to see who loved him more (hahah all this with a smile on his face). It was all fun ! 🙂

      his favorite song is knight, and throughout the day has been singing the melody! even while she cooks !! hahahah

    • Hi Sandi, thank you for your comments. Where in the USA? I am in Oklahoma and have met fans from all over USA. We are organizing on facebook here to get Henecia USA established. Hope you can join us! I agree with you… he is beautiful inside and out and he is well mannered and just amazing. I will never ever leave him!

      USA Henecia fb page:

      • I currently live in Ohio, which is where I will be for the next few years at least. my daughter will be going to OSU for grad school (in Korean studies) and I hope to be able to go to South Korea when she goes for school (sometime in late 2016). I will check out the facebook page, always looking for information on KHJ.

  20. To be honest i stopped reading all negative articles since i have read Omma and Appa’s interview…i’m just holding on to what they told us,and i will only believe to Hyun Joong’s words…all the truth will come out soon,and Henecia will NEVER LET GO of him…
    #Once A Henecia will ALWAYS be a Henecia#

  21. I know it is very taxing defending Hyun Joong at those sites but I can’t control myself even though I know that whatever I said will fall on deaf ears. They denied every truth around. The worst was they bashed us, Hyun Joong’s fans left and right. I hated it so I lashed out too.
    To read their comments and bashing, lol, I think I have to move to North and South Pole to keep my cool.
    I will be strong for Hyun Joong. I pray he will enter MS safely and quietly and meet us again in two years time.

  22. ohhh God! please do not think I’ll hold, do not do this LazerKim we need your next article! SOON! PLEASE!!!

    We love you, once again thank you for saying those words that each of us feels.

    I’ll leave it to KHJ not love anything in the world ❤

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