By: LazerKim

Attn: SOOMPI author

To: CallMeNoona

Re: Article “There are too many victims of KHJ”

I have read your article posted in March 2nd entitled “There are too many victims of KHJ” and may I say I die laughing as you mentioned you have received your first death threat because of Kim Hyun Joong! May I just say you’re still lucky it’s only death threat that you received at the Tweeter??!! LOL

And you didn’t take it seriously, that’s good, but it seems to me you’re very much affected by KHJ and his fans? That’s good too! That only goes to show how strong Kim Hyun Joong and his fans because you paid attention to him and his fans!

In this site I simply SHOOT to kill with a mouse to delete without warning on haters touching my comment box! And they are all dead meat! However, I still leave them a message of love from their comment box like “I love you KHJ!”

In your article,  you asked “Why are we not angry?” This really made me laughed! It seems to me you are the one who’s angry because no matter how you and SOOMPI twist your trash news about Kim Hyun Joong, his fans still support him.

“Why are we not Angry?” It’s because we never believe the co-called news that you have been publishing and invented stories adding up to a closed case, that is why.

And you asked this question…”Am I the only one who thinks this is such a slap in the face, to his fans?”

Yes I think so!! You’re the only one being slapped on your face! LOL I realize you deserve it after all! And because YOU Soompi and the other media outlet failed to deliver your evil intention in bringing Kim Hyun Joong down so you are now trying to bring down his fans! Well, Good Luck to you!! but I doubt if you ever win!

Who are you to interfere with other’s life? Who are you to judge people from around the world supporting Kim Hyun Joong? Who are you to ever exist in this world and destroy others?

You are thinking of one death threat on you at Tweeter, but did you ever think how you and your lousy readers extended your evil intent of CHARACTER ASSASSINATION with your trash news full of lies on Kim Hyun Joong and his fandom everyday ever since you published your trash news about him?

Well, with all due respect Ms. CallMeNoona I think it’s high time for you to THINK again on articles you’re writing if you really want to be called a professional media writer and be respected, which I doubt if you ever will attain professionalism!.

Oh may I suggest if you can change your username so much the better, because being called Noona does not suit you at all. An elder sister should be respected, and this depends on how you deliver your write-ups.

I do hope you have found your answers to your questions that we KHJ fans NEVER give up supporting Kim Hyun Joong and this is entirely NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, mind your own life, girl! Just remember you started this war!

Respect yourself before others respect you….which I doubt if you ever have self respect!

FREEDOM OF SPEECH…. If you can say whatever you want in your blog, then I get the same right as you have.

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing


Hey Noona you must be scared of this photo below that’s why you’re trying to put KHJ fans down!! LOL Good luck to your enemies! “Love your enemies as you love yourself!”




65 thoughts on “Attn: SOOMPI – DEATH THREAT???

  1. that callmenoon girl is no saint, her perspective is so twisted yet she has this false pride like she is some goddess. she feels as if only her perspective is correct & all others r wrong. I don’t get such twisted, narrow minded people. she needs to mature up. I may be younger to her yet I’m so grown up. may be I should take her job as she sucks at just saying

  2. Why did she only got a “Death threat”? She deserves a “Death” itself. I LMAO reading the part where she says HJ has no fans left. Then what are we? potatoes???

    • We all KHJ with our hearts and we show that all the time… Please let us fans not say such things as “she should get death” We must show them we are better then them and I am sure KHJ would NOT want us to talk that way… Show our love first

  3. Hi LK,

    You have been very quiet I miss you. I hope you are O.K. thank you so much for the article above. The author is simply ignorance and full of resentment in her heart. I could not careless.

    The last 6 months have been very difficult for all of us. I remembered well how hard we worked together tried every possible ways to support him. Now we are again in the same situation . Know nothing what is going on now. I learned not to expect or even hope for the better . I can’t even say be wiser as many of us have already said that for 6 months. What will happen will happen. That’s all I can say for now.

  4. To KHJ,

    I hope you are reading this. Please don’t marry her. It will be a mental torture to you, your family and your fans. She will be the best friend of Dispatch “The drama queen of reality show “. Marry someone who will respect your privacy, your parents and your fans.

    This will be your life. Imagine this if you marry her, you will be in the news everyday. When you snore, when you fart, when you miss her birthday, when you call her a different name, when you disagree on small tiny things, and many more. She will report you to Dispatch or call her Lawyer.

    • agree miss dragon lady…we hope khj that u don’t marry that bitch coz for sure ur life will be miserable… me I can’t promise to stay when that happen becoz I don’t want to see ur life like that..because all I want is your happiness..seeing u smile means a lot…but I can’t unloved u either…khj, be wise…sigh
      -becoz third, 4th and so on scandal will be so depressing…

  5. I was waiting to read your take on this! That stupid girl took it too far by pointing fingers at his fans – US! Disgusting how she talks on & on about his private life! Has she no sense of decency? UGH!
    People should know by now that we don’t care nor ask for others opinions! She says we fell to the bottom most rank in the Kpop fandom ladder. Well if being in the best fandom means leaving your idol/bias when they are going through tough times, then I’m glad we are at the bottom!

    Thanks for your valuable input on my post. I felt honored that you took time to read it! I admire your work. Your words have given me strength so many times when I was worried about Hyun Joong. Fighting! 🙂

    Malavika ❤

  6. Fighting kim hyun joong! Fighting henecia!
    I really hope this mess made by “that Choi!” Will end up soon! And for haters! I am wondering what’s wrong with them! First they bashed khj using horrible language! And now!! :O to our surprise, they are trying to make us hate him and leave him!
    what’s wrong with them? Seriously?!!!!
    To you HATERS, don’t even try to do that!
    Do you know what we call khj? We call him our only ONE! The ONE and only for us! And this won’t ever change! Keep that in mind haters! Fighting henecia family!

  7. Gaby dear
    U really have a point …I would not want to be left in a limbo for 2 years and then another psychotic scandal.
    Frankly I wish that Hj will clear all and make a statement before enlisting for the peace of mind of all his fans, even if personal, but we had more than enough surprises lately.
    Coming from him will be just perfect closure to this saga. 🙏🙏🙏

  8. I wonder should we Henecians just ‘attack’ them and put all the proof in tbeir comment section? LOL..

    Somebody please paste the pic of the ocean of HJ fans in Gemini concert recently. They said we were all gone and just a small amount of loyal fans still stay with him. Lol….

    Some more all the older fans have leave him, just bunch of delusional young fans still in tag with him..Lol…they really the laughing stock! !

  9. O God! I just read a new article published in against KHJ and in defense of the woman.

    To mention KHJ parents and treat them as “a disgustingly flippant attitude to the whole situation.” They mention that parents try to portray themselves as victims.

    Really unfortunate everything still happens.

    It is as if your own country is by all means trying to undir and detrozar to KHJ. 😦

    • I’ve read it after u mention it. Its a cruel article. So evil that the editor accused khj and his parent as a manipulator and abuser. Its disgusting to think how this article all of sudden appeared after both parties have put on silent of the issue. Obviously, this shameless media have no credibility and their intention is just to gain more views. What a shame. What a shame!

      • yes, I also had thought about it, both articles are published after both parties are silent on the issue. It is as if only seek more controversial and continue destroying KHJ and their fans.

        It’s all so unfortunate.

        Sorry Atiq, where are you? I think I read that you mentioned in a comment that English was not his native language, and caused me curious to know what country you are. I hope you do not mind my question.

        • Im from Malaysia. And English is my second language, If u mean english not native languange for Hj, yeah its true of course. I hope that article not written in Hangul for that HJ or his parent might read them and bother them a lot. Goshh..these people are really sick u know.

  10. LOL…good one LK…

    Is she really the EDITOR? Yeah, I agree as some fans here say, she just a Blogger as many as them in the cybernet, just like u LK and million others. She got her own biased and the way she attacked KHJ has said it all. She really showing herself as Haters when she dares insulting HJ and his fans. She made it so personal of it after she got so-called ‘threaten death’ from HJ fans?! For real?! Obviously, it just one crap write-up from envious blogger upon other artist that she hate the most…LOL…

    Actually, I don’t give a damn on her writing when I dropped by there few days ago. But since u have brought it here I hve no choice to drop by there again and read some comments. I noticed many fans and no-fans slashing her for her unprofessional ethics as an Editor. Thats good. They really have their point on that.

    People who non-biased ( or other idol-bias ) already can see the facts of HJ-Choi’s turmoil. But KHJ haters/antis doesn’t really seem to let go of their hatred emotion towards HJ. They just can’t accept the FACT that HJ and his ex-gf is only an ordinary couple who got into a toxic relationship as many as other couples in the world. HJ is NOT AN ABUSER and that girl is NOT AN ABUSED VICTIM at all.

    From comments box u can only see just few of them still with their mindset that HJ is an abuser while the girl is a victim. They keep stating the same quotes ‘ HJ admitted to assault ‘, ‘ HJ charged for 2 assaults ‘ etc. Still in denial when fans/non-fans showing them all the links abt ONLY ONE BODILY HARM ADMITTED BY HJ. Goshh…how delusional they are and their denial-mode really made me LOL myself.

    And didn’t this NOONA realised that, when she tend to write and bashing Idols who got into the mess and badmouthing that Idols’ fans, she really pissing off other fans also who got into the same situation ( be it drink and drive, love scandals, gambling, taxes fleeing etc ) before? That’s why she got bashed from non-fans of HJ who I think they have experienced the same mess as us. Served her right!

    Well…we all learned that Idols are also humanbeing and made mistakes. They are not an Angels who we expect to always smile and make people happy for their life. We forgive and forget for people who we love.

    Hyunjoong ahh…be strong my dear….we will always here for you.

  11. LK thanks….rolf…those at Soompi are so hilarious, lol. Really guys…you put a bloger calling herself what ever trying to be and editor…rolf. It just show how superficial they are and unprofessional. It is not worth the time of the day to get upset on those stupid, biased and repressed people. Narrow minded for sure. We’ve been called worst than that silly treat when the first nightmare erupted in Aug2014 since then I decided no look at those trashy so called sites and it include AllKakaPop (for sure this name fits them better) and the others.

    Oh yes to all Haters and Antis…what can I do I am a fan of KHJ and will remain so, you don’t like it, tough, it is your problem not mine. So to Noona what ever you can kiss our royal asses ….because we are here to stay! 🙂

  12. Good job lazer kim,some people just can’t help themselves,they just tend to be on the wrong me noona,u must be very bitter,probably because u can’t understand what kind of feeling we receive from hyun joong.well let me tell u,when u feel any kind of negative feeling,pray and then just rid ur mind of all worries and look at that angel’s face and u will find ur self smiling and dreaming.and when u are happy thank God for his life and dance and listen to his voice.You are missing out call me n….,,i don’t at all fell betrayed or slapped in the face by kim hyun joong.if your friend leaves you hanging then go find out why,if he don’t answer,look into his eyes and heart to know if he is okay,and listen carefully to what he says,and offer him unconditional support.hyun joong is like our child,he teachs us and we do likewise.Our greatest mistake as fans of hyun na is to feel he does’nt love us,but am sure the true ones will never doubt him.Always remember doubt is the begining of the end of a relationship.hyun joong ….fighting…….love u oppa.

    • Well said..iloma..its true..when I comes to know about this really shock and sad..but later i watch his music video n some tv interview..ahh.!!…,,..i cannot hate him..whenever see his smile i can feel his sincerity..dear callmenoona..,,please stop making the stupid article to destroy khj..its impossible to hate khj since he alwiz love his fans..luv u khj..fighting..!!!

  13. excelent LazerKim!! I think similar!! I’m not a víctim of anybody!! And if I support Kim Hyun Joong, it’s my business!! I have a good reason, I have read, analized, compared and I decided support him. I don’t need to justify my decision, so, Noona? that’s ok? all right! leave KHJ and HIS FANS alone!

  14. I didn’t like noonas article, she is bashing us just like that. However I feel that one of her statements were true: I really feel slapped in the face. Henecia has been protecting our only one, but knowing that he went back to her, makes me want to pull my hair out. He must have had his reasons, but I don’t think they can justify anything. It feels like being betrayed, just like when you are protecting one friend, and then that friend solves his issues with the culprit behind your back, and leaves you hanging in mid air.

    • Must admit, I feel similar. I was so disappointed that he went back to her, after fans went out of their way to defend him.
      BUT…I understand, life isn’t simple. We have no idea how he felt/ still feels. Choi seems to be a manipulator, so who knows where his head is at!
      While he stays silent, knowing how much crap (false or not) has been leaked, knowing how many fans are worrying, I am not sure its doing any favors. That makes me think, he got back with her to stop put an end to her drama….(why else is she quiet) or he enlisted,,,OR he is waiting til the KE contract expires, when he is no longer under gag order.

      • But why is ‘Noona’ so concerned about his fans?
        She was trying hard to ‘understand’ many fans disappointment, or manipulate vulnerable fans. That would just reinforce those thoughts, and I couldn’t judge those who do need to take a break. Being a fan can be hard work! It’s much easier to self obsess and not give a shit about a person you never met

      • Oh is a good point to consider, KHJ be waiting for the expiry of their contract with their agency, to thus be able to give a real statement to his fans for what happened and be able to quiet the MS?

        I hope if (remember reading in some blog, a girl cometaba the cntrato the agency was about to end), dying to be with this question two years, then that leaves the MS and exit again to light this Choi woman with a baby under 2 years saying he is the son of KHJ. Painful really serious and a new blow to all. 😦

    • Must admit , many fans probably feel similar but considering the manipulative character of this Choi I believe he must have had his reason to do so. I disappointed that his choice of woman was really bad and it already proved that she is very bad toward him his career and even his family. I just wish he would learn and will not make the same mistake again. I still trust him and believe he is a decent man a kind human being. Those haters or that writer of Soompi have just proved to me that they are not capable to understand and analyze anything beyond the report from medias.

      Beside the news or an article that came out from outlet medias or medias online one after another like somebody pays them to do to discredit KHJ and put pressure on him as much as possible. I wonder who ‘s that be if what ‘s my wild thinking is true.

  15. I consider myself as one of khj’s VICTIM too,,,a willing victim rather lol!!!
    To “callmenoona” i dont see you as a professional editor your such a LOUSY writer to me!!!!we know the true meaning of LOVE so dont ask us why were not angry with khj and why where still supporting him;)

    Why dont you try to join our family so you yourself can answer your questions. Your very much welcome but i dont think if the other members of this family will accept you…hahahaha
    This family is one of the biggest fandom that ive ever met..and im proud that i belong to this family, we love khj so much!!

  16. Stupid article actually. I only read a couple of lines and I felt sick. Really some Kim Hyunjoong fan threatened her? As far as I know KHJ fans have much important things to do than threaten someone. From the lines that I’ve read she seemed concern about us, how noble.

  17. Good job, we need to put her in her place. I was fuming when I read her article. How dare she. Thank you for your love and support to Hyun Joong ,,. love him so much..

  18. Well said LK. I’m a FOREVER Victim tooo!!!lol..
    when I read her article too I was like what is this Noona saying. LK I’m so thankful to you for saying the exact words from my mouth. ;)….WHY AREN’T WE ANGRY??? For real is that a question. .lol. soo funny…

  19. I am a victim too but i don’t mind. I love him more & more each day. I’m addicted over him and i think all henecia do so 😍. He’s our happiness. Is there anything wrong with that? 😊

  20. i AM ALSO A VICTIM OF KHJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is molesting me in day light during night he is bothering me with his presence and with his music. And I can tell you that he can continue to victimize me more and more, but I will never be sick in the brain like some people do. xoxo

  21. This is how strong the fandom of khjssi and lol a certain “callmenoona” came up to aquestion “why the fans are not angry”? Is that article a campaign to hate khj? I answered you anyway already.

    That’s what you call “RESPECT”!!! And for you to know exactly what respect means:

    ” it is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”

    Try to meditate and you’ll get the best answer to your pathetic question…

    We are not like other fandom that we get jealous right away if their “idol” got into relationship or got married…we never hate, take note…we always support, we understand and walk with khj no matter what…

    by the way i never hate you for this article, because i know how to respect. And i learned a lot in my life including not to hate. Next time you write, try to think first of an article that never will put down your name and never hurt others feeling.

  22. Wow! Well said and done! Ms.LK👍👍👍👏👏👏 no matter what KHJ still in the heart 💘 of his loyal fans. Fighting everyone. Thanks for the love and support to our only one….KHJ.

  23. LOL… LK! I stopped reading Soompi some time ago after a stupid ‘editor’ reported that KHJ’s Unlimited album was a flop! LOL! The fans posted his Oricon and other chart rankings as #1, #3 and #4 in 8 Asian countries and one ranking in USA Dance chart to show that idiot they had no journalism ethics. I commented there that she should get her facts straight before she writes an article and calls it ‘news.’ Soompi let’s any idiot with a computer become an ‘editor’ I even applied and was accepted once but fortunately never got time to write an article for them before i discovered they have NO CREDIBILITY whatsoever and NO STANDARDS for allowing people to write articles and call them ‘news…’ not surprised by this stupid person. Didn’t bother to read the article since I haven’t touched Soompi, Allkpop, or Kpopstarz websites since the last nightmare… just get my news from the fans i trust… they email me what’s being written in the S. Korean papers an sites.. these English translation sites are just TRASH TABLOIDs nothing more.. they don’t deserve our time..

  24. ‘if you can change
    your username so much the better,
    because being called Noona does not
    suit you at all. An elder sister should
    be respected, and this depends on
    how you deliver your write-ups.’ Well, I just love these lines.. I was reading the article from soompi last night and I was like, ‘is she drunk!!’ ‘what the hell she wants ppl to realise or what kinda’ msg she wants to convey!!!’ I didnt find any logic in her writing… may be she just wanted to gain attention from ppl by writing this damn thing but I want to say something to that noona or whatever, may be you have no idea about true fans. there’s a term in my country called plastic-fan, i.e. a fan who change his/her colour frequently. and you know what, you are that kind of girl. now you are writing trash about KHJ. bt im sure u will write the good things again when everything will be okay.. so we henecians doesnt care about your trash news..and pls stop intefering into someone’s personal life..and into our feelings for KHJ

  25. l read that many commenters are disapoiment of the way the article is not balanced as a good journalist would do. l say something there about her opinion of KHJ personality, laughting of his pains and emotions,it is not fare . Thanks LK for your thoughts and answering her questions, fortunately many fans and no fans are disgusted by her post.

  26. For everyone’s information:

    1. CallmeN00na is a Minho (Shenee) fan
    2. She looks like in her 20s and certainly not qualify as a Noona

    Point 1 explains her motive for the article, her opinion was heavily biased and untrustworthy
    Point 2 means she didn’t earn any respect/credibility in news editing yet

    She’s better off reviewing skincare products. Don’t let a junior ruin everyone’s day…

    • Point one, I hope this never happens to her idol, if it’s true it’s Minho of Shinee, I don’t think he’d be very pleased to know something about this wanna be writer.

      Point two, whatever her age is, she doesn’t deserve to be called noona as it is a term of respect and she haven’t done anything worth respecting. Respect is earned not given.
      I wouldn’t even trust her advice for skin care products, Peace!

      • Minho of Shinee´s girl friend is not a well know girl who admited to like and admire Kim Huyn Joong and people said that they were in a relationship when they were younger??? and in an interview someone ask KJHL about their relatinship. So he said that he never says the name of his girlfriend because to have an open relationship in Korea is difficult and he does not like that people said that she is the ex of ………. when she is starting a new relationship and the new boyfriend has to carry this ¨scandal on¨

  27. Oh LK, I absolutely LOVE that you never sugar coat anything and you come right up front! Love this post! She is extremely biased and doesn’t have even have any proper knowledge about the reality of this whole scandal. When I told her that HJ didn’t actually abuse her and that the pregnancy is still not confirmed, she told me to “get my sources checked.” And then when I told her about SBS having her falsified reports she told me “she doesn’t need to dialogue with me regarding her opinions!” LOL! What a weird woman! If she called it an editorial and she published it as her opinion then I am afraid, you foolish noona, but you DO have to “dialogue with me” regarding what’s your reason behind it. (Get yourself educated while you’re at it. I cannot stand to talk to stupid women like you, Soompi Noona) and mind you, she told me that the threats are not the reason why she wrote it! How cynical! Then why did she even write it? If not the threats, she has absolute NO RIGHT to write an opinionated article as an EDITOR. It breaks over ethical codes in journalism because it his nothing to do with her nor does it personally affect or concern her. Seriously, this woman needs to slapped with a book!
    I have a nickname for her. It’s “Hipster Prophet” LOL
    Her editorials are called “NoonaSays” and the usage of the verb “says” implies that she thinks of herself as a gratifying prophet who’s subjects have the absolute privilege reading her write nonsensical untruths made to only SHAME people of their opinions. LOL!

  28. Love you, Lazer.
    I sometime read some comments, so many hates …
    Of course I’m very sad like it happens to my son.
    But nothing can stop my love to HJ, he is the only one from Korean for me.

  29. WELL SAID LAZERKIM!! That Noona needs Love so we must love her (wait, what). Love thy enemies! She’s pathetic! #weneverleaveKHJ!

  30. I love you LK…You think like all the rest of us and just say it. I also left her a note on her article. Such a losey person to be this way and expect respect from people.. Only respect she will get is from KHJ enemies and the it is only coz they like reading crap articles and not the real articles…love ya

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