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By: LazerKim


We had such a tiring and emotional week from Feb.22 and I’m very thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Kim who shed light to all this nightmare as they came out and revealed the truth on their side and their son Kim Hyun Joong.

I’m thankful to the media outlet THE FACT which is another SK media outlet for giving an opportunity to Mr. and Mrs. Kim to clarify and voice out their feelings pertaining to the current controversy that Hyun Joong and his family are facing.

We give credit where credit is due my hats off THE FACT which was said to be a competitor of trash Dispatch. And thanks to allkpop that at last for the first time since the nightmare broke they posted the translation of this interview. I just hope this media outlet would continue to have a balance reporting. Trash news would lead you to no where but to the garbage that I hope you realize that now.



I read the interview for several times that I can’t help having teary eyes. Hyun Joong’s parents are very private people that I think this was the first time for them to face the media and get involve in clarifying this whole mess.

The Kim’s couple stated that what Choi showed to them are ultrasound pictures without a name nor any medical info pertaining to the ultrasound! In short there’s no specific credible proof to Choi’s so-called pregnancy. I would just like to focus on this area as Mrs. Kim stated:

“Of course I believe that Miss Choi is pregnant, I’m also not suspecting the claim that the child is our son’s. But it’s hard to think to myself ‘‘Ah, this is our grandchild’ by just looking at a few ultrasound pictures with no names or anything on them received through a mobile messenger app.

What parent out there would be able to easily accept it when someone just says ‘This is your baby’ with ultrasound pictures with no name or info attached to them. All we’ve been asking from the beginning is for us to be able to confirm by going to the hospital together.”

I don’t see anything wrong with this that’s making it harder for Choi to come with them in the hospital. Given the benefit of the doubt she can bring her parents with her along with the Kim’s and have her pregnancy, DNA test What it so difficult with that? Instead of Choi going to the media which is so lame!

After that interview I’m sure this matter shall be settled in close doors. However, I wish whatever the results are, would be posted too. It’s because Hyun Joong is a prominent figure and this matter was dragged to the public without a closure that may mark on Hyun Joong both in his personal and career future.  This is just my opinion.

After the closure, we can all move on hoping we shall never hear anything about Hyun Joong’s personal privacy out there in the public ever again.



Choi’s camp posted rebuttal right after the interview, saying they have nothing else to say, that Choi has to keep her right of privacy! LOL and saying there are parts in the interview that are not true! Now accusing Hyun Joong’s parents to be liars! The following day here goes Choi’s lawyer again showing documents that prove her pregnancy from the health center!! “Attorney what are you doing, getting air time?” LOL Gosh this is really tiring!

May I just clarify Choi’s lawyer Sun Jung Moon is a freelance lawyer from Sun and Partners who caters legal services to KE, SM, AM, and JYP he is not a company lawyer of KE. Lawyers are like doctors they are independent in their profession.

I think this doesn’t affect Hyun Joong’s case. And besides Hyun Joong have a different lawyer who handled his case last year, better have his own lawyer. He’s not taking any legal action as of now so he doesn’t need it yet. I think the guy who released his first statement is KE’s in-house legal council if I’m not mistaken. What is needed here is not a lawyer but an OB Gynecologist!  Oh and a psychiatrist for Choi too!



I really feel sorry for Hyun Joong’s parents specially his mom who just had a surgery last month that despite of her condition she joined her husband to the hospital to meet with Choi and this woman did not appear to the settled date! I mean she can behave in such manner younger than her!

But to be rude and disrespectful to Hyun Joong’s parents is just so disgusting and unforgivable! Pardon me for bursting out my anger, where else can I bring it except here in my own territory! I can feel their pain being parents who would do anything for their son. just want to say,

“You can always change lovers and wives as many as you can, but your mom and dad, are the only ones in your life in this world and you can never change them..”

I’m done with my anger! This circus is really exhausting, but I still consider worth learning! Now I hope I can take my break for a while! But I’ll keep you updated!



They said, in a family whenever there’s problem with a family member, this is the time they get together and share each other views and comforting the affected member. This makes the family ties even stronger and well harmonized.

This is a period we share more of our time in showing more love and caring to the affected member. It happens in any family, they too have bumpy roads along the way in their lives as one family.

Hyun Joong and his family shares this cross with him not to weakened them but to make their ties even stronger. And this is God’s way given to them, but God will not give this cross to them if they cannot surpass with it.

We may just be spectators around them, but we help them from oceans away from us through our prayers because this is the least we can do.

“Family is not always about blood, sometimes it’s about who is there to hold your hand and support you when you need them….”            (fr.

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

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  1. He leido que un fiscal acuso a choi por fraude y calumnia, al menos es un primer paso, lo que lamento es que KHJ por tratar de salvar la situacion se dejo manipular por ella, tengo la impresion de que esta mujer se volvio loca cuando el quiso dejarla (segun se ha dicho, ellos acordaron estar juntos hasta diciembre y ella se iria en paz, pero convenientemente resulto embarazada, otra vez), hasta el momento se ha demostrado que ella nunca se embarazo antes, solo fue en diciembre, ninguna mujer es tan especial como para tener 4 embarazos y 3 abortos, pienso que ella queria obligarlo a formalizar con ella, en el supuesto primer bebe, pero como no le resulto, busco dinero, como recibio una buena suma(pienso que ella ha sido muy bien aconsejada, para sacar provecho de todo esto), penso que si daba a conocer todo esto en publicidad, el estaria obligado a darle mas dinero, para no seguir hundiendo su imagen, pero el fue al servicio militar, por lo que quedo fuera de sus garras y ella debio enfrentar a los padres de KHJ, ya que no los podia manipular como a el, recuerdo en una publicacion ella dijo que solo a KHJ le mostraria su hijo, pero recibio un no rotundo, mi pensamiento es, KHJ le tenia aprecio como amiga con beneficios, sin querer lastimarla y sin querer dañar su carrera, ella se aporvecho de eso para manipularlo y sacar provecho, ahora por esto KHJ tendra muchos problemas si quiere tener una familia real, ya que estoy segura que ella le hara la vida imposible, utilizando al niño como enganche, y por otro lado, la mujer que decida estar con el, tendra que quererlo mucho para tener la paciencia de conseguir su confianza en que quiere al hombre y no el dinero y la fama del artista

  2. Если бы подобное происходило на просторах СНГ, то фанаты скорее всего не поверили в это, приняв происходящее за черный пиар, к которому часто у нас прибегают… но как относится к происходящему с Ким Хён Джуном я не знаю. Остается верить в то, что все разрешится наилучшим для него способом, ведь он счастливчик, не смотря на весь яд этой странной женщины. Спасибо автору за статьи, которые являются хорошей поддержкой и для фанатов, чтобы не падали духом.

  3. KHJ obviously cares a lot about his exgirlfriend and vice versa. It would be impossible to reconcile after such a public display with the abuse charges otherwise. I read his agency admits they did reconcile and even in KHJ parents interview his father stated he did not disbelieve she is pregnant or
    that KHJ is the father. He mentions on
    two occasions that he could be the father inlaw soon. I think the sheer fact they they did reconcile says a lot about their feelings for one another. These are adults in their 30s and not immature kids. I think for KHJ sake and the best interest of his child who is truly innocent of any wrong doing it would be nice if fans could simply wish him the best and give them needed space to figure out the future and perhaps start anew and make a new future with his girlfriend and child. Love can overcome many obstacles. I imagine they both have learned much over the past 6 months.

    • You may be right . However i can not imagine any girl who really loves a guy will be able to humiliate him in front of public twice regardless of destroying his career. This girl did not respect his career what so ever. This girl also did not respect his parents. I can not see a happy family from them. Can you imagine to live with somebody who deceives you and humiliate you in public every time she is angry and did not get what she wants.

      Considering her manipulative habit by exposing edited personal text message to medias just because he is a popular star. She knew his weakness and intentionally ruined him. You really call this ” love ” ? I don’t. Love will help to bring the best of you not the worst of you. Therefore if he really loves her i just hope he does not blind and he should love himself more. I don’t think to marry someone who did not respect you , your career and your parents is healthy. It will be more harmful to a baby than help a baby if there is really a baby. There is many ways they can raise a baby without being a couple.

      Yes, this is my opinion but it’s his life he is the one who have to make decision. I just know that if he is my sibling this is what i would tell him. Take responsibility to a baby but Never marry for a baby because you will have to live with the woman who will ruin your life every time she does not get what she wants if you think you can tolerate it then you may have to consider leaving the entertainment industry for good and find a new career.
      So far she made you an abuser for public eyes who know what is next she will bring to you.. …an attempt murderer ?????? I believe she can do.

      It will be too sad if he has to marry this manipulative woman just because she got herself pregnant with him. The poor guy will live in hell even before he knows .

      I don’t think people can change easily. The last 6 months we have seen this woman’s pattern. The way she deals things with her manipulative character . She was dishonest with her story twice. All her actions were very suspicious. I found she is not trustworthy and cunning. Therefore as KHJ’s fan I ‘m worry for him I can’t help to feel that he was trapped by her. However i respect it’s his life he can do what he wants and we can do nothing .

  4. I do not know how to thank you for the articles which stands next to him at a time when everyone is attacking him. I can not find anything to say because your articles reflect everything within us show the truth that haters are trying to change. We all sympathize with him and his parents and I also cried like you did when I read the article of “Fact” and knew what happened to them and what they have suffered because of that girl, especially when his mother said that she cried a lot before she came and when she said that oppa Does not go out of the house .. Oh my sweet heart rather than spending the period before entering the Army in entertaining yourself and going out with your friends ,you are trapping in the house !! My heart really was crying .. really do not know what to say about that girl that caused him and his family in all this .. I can not believe, but it’s impossible that she loves him. Thank you so much ..always stay with oppa and with us.. Kinzy,Egypt[

  5. I am thankful for all who has posted and for those who have read and never posted because we are all here for the same reason, to unconditional love and support to KHJ and his family. I, always, believed that as we continue in prayer God will answer.

    Today, in reading my Facebook book page came across these sayings I will leave with you:

    God opens doors that your haters can never shut. Can, can, can never, never shut. I firmly believe this. author unknown.

    One of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring what anyone else think of you.
    Pastor Tony Evans
    So again let them talk and write because you know who you are and what you believe. They can’t dictate your life or conform you to do what they want.

    “Always look for the Spiritual even though you may be struggling in the physical. There is a principle in the problem. Author unknown
    But again, a lesson/principle for all of us in our own way

    God bless as we continental to await his return.

  6. Everybody has their own opinion base on what they believe and what they want it to be. I know we have contrary perspectives to each other which I think its healthy thought and full of love to our KHJ. Eventhough some of us sound a bit harshful on their comments but we know that after all, everybody in here loves Hyun Joong so much that make us so worry abt him.Yeah, i guess everybody who cares abt him should be worried so much since he keeps quiet and no response at all to that lunatic girl last public messages.

    I remember, if I’m not mistaken, once he came back to SK, when the news abt him reconciled with that physcho and made her pregnant, he has made a statement ( to Henecia Japan site ) that he was so sorry and apologised to them for raising another trouble. He promised to settle the mess as well as possible. Please correct me if I get this message wrong. By that message, it means he really cares abt what fans would be thought abt the mess. He did not want fans worried abt him. At the time I thought that he would make things clear once and for all. But it seems there’s still no conclusion abt it. I bet everybody so worried abt him. Don’t lie. I just know. We have the same feeling. And i think HJ feel it too. We just have no clue what HJ’s side up to until now. Maybe silent is the best thing to do.

    Unfortunately, I still worried abt him. Yesterday, i saw a message from ex-staff of DSP agency made a calling emergency not to make him ‘loneliness’. What does he meant? It sound alarming yet we still have no clue. And then, some says, they saw on twitter talking abt he already entered MS? How true is this? Well, I think everybody had watched him said ( in Gemini concert ) that he wanted no farewell from fans and will be going quiet and smooth into MS. But leaving things behind and make fans wandering so much? I couldn’t think more. I guess no need to think so much but just wait and see. Yeah, i’ll be waiting for you until u come. May God bless u in whatever u doing dear HJ.

    Here some quotes abt Waiting….

    “I’ve learned that waiting is the most difficult bit, and I want to get used to the feeling, knowing that you’re with me, even when you’re not by my side.”
    ― Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes

    “I want to reach out and grab his hand and hold it to me, right over my heart, right where it aches the most. I don’t know if doing that would heal me or make my heart break entirely, but either way this constant hungry waiting would be over.”
    ― Ally Condie, Matched

    “The wait is long, my dream of you does not end.”
    ― Nuala O’Faolain, My Dream of You

    Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering.
    — Paulo Coelho

    Of course, I think that people are just waiting for that time when I make a mistake and they’re gonna jump on it…. There’s gonna be haters.
    — Justin Bieber

    “The best thing you can do right now is wait. I’m through some really hard times right now, and I’m not dealing with things very well. But I promise that if you’ll be there for me, it will all be worth it in the end.”
    — Michelle Burns

    • Thank you Atig for sharing your thought I feel the same. thanks also for some quotes about waiting.Right now I try not to think about anything. what will happen will happen we can’t do anything.

      • Yeah, i rest my case. Earlier before, I might sound i have hated him in my comment talking abt how stupid he is. Some of us here might get offended of what I said but how could I hate him? No. I just couldn’t myself. He has been my priority in my life before. He has given me happines and life. He’s my precious one. I will waiting for him whatever it is. I believe that he will do the right thing in his life once and for all. Waiting is best thing to do now. Just be patience and it will not going to hurt u. There’s always GOD beside us, HE will guide us and HJ. So, I won’t worry anymore.

  7. HJ,
    Ms Choi is not a trustworthy person.. All she wants is Money. She is the one who is playing media game again and again instead of solving matters. She didn’t even leave your parents.
    Don’t feel sick oppa. We’re always here to comfort you. You know the power of Henecia and TS right. We know what kind of person you are. But you have to fight it !! Clear out everything. Don’t protect anyone anymore. She doesn’t deserves to be protected by a person like you.. Don’t fall in her trap again plz.
    We’re always here to support you no matter what.. Fighting!! 😘

  8. Just Let The Haters be hating,shake it all off.i love kim hyun joong then, ima demo(even now) and forever.hyun na:u are the best,thumbs very proud of my oppa,dont worry dear fans,ms choi will definately be stripped of all her lies.i am postive,very positive that hyun joong won’t be a bachelor,he will have an amazing woman that will support him all thru.WE ARE THE MASKERTIERS:ONE FOR ALL,ALL FOR hyun joong ,SMILE,love u.

  9. Why so many confusions for past days ?? Its very hard to see the haters comments and words … whatever u decide we will support u.. one thing is clear that ms.choi is not a loveable person to u ..she is totally money maker not trustworthy person..clear out everything before entering into MS and serve the nation peacefully…don’t feel sad and get sick ..we r there to support u and comfort u .. we r proud to be henecians ..we trust u and believe u from bottom of our heart…Nobody is perfect in this world no one have rights to judge u .. ur very kind and good person HJ …so only they r trying to use ur kindness don’t fall in that trap again …just believe ur parents and henecians we will never make u down..our family is big nobody can break that easily… love u alot .. Fighting HJ we r there with u ..let ur worries down and fight back with strength ..

  10. I just read the article in Soompi. This noona is totally unfair, as if she is paid to write against us. I guess some people can not imagine how KHJ is still having fans and support after all they did to him. But I am happy that most of the comments below the article blame Choi and do not agree with noona’s ridiculous words. I can’t imagine that this is an article from a journalist, it seems more like a hater’s oppinion.

    • She is a hater.
      Seems like a lot of editors in Soompi are not much of a fan of our boy.
      I don’t know…
      Perhaps the ones that they do like are not as famous or popular as him?
      Or pale in comparison when it comes to their looks?
      Those haters are always accusing his fans of liking him for his looks, aren’t they?
      Probably it could be they are envious of that in actuality…

  11. Why is everybody is so upset what happened to hope and daily prayers? huh? why are you so pessimistic why can’t we be the source of hope for him he is really in a bad situation and he really needs some hope he is between two fires whether he abandons his baby (which I doubt that there is one at the first place) or his music can you imagine?? and he has to choose one of them? why don’t you think that he is maybe taking her at her pace till she falls and all her lies come out to the public maybe he just will wait to inter MS and then later find out that her billy is not getting bigger? have you thought of this? forgive me but it seems that some of us lost the unconditional love for him (I hope I’m wrong) unconditional love is love that never dies even if the person actually hurt me after all that’s the love that Jesus Christ has for every human being and I’m praying that Jesus gives me to have that kind of love for him, please everyone comeback to be hopeful again I soooooooo hate sadness and grief and pessimism please??

    • Totally agree , it hurts but it is his business, what he did just forgive, we are here, behind suporting him, he has the last word. be wiser boy. We will respect your decision.

  12. Why not make a video!
    Its fine the news is good or bad… but please clear it out before leaving or else all fans will be in confused state for such long time…
    Its really tiring to see everyone in pain… we will accept HJ as he is… but speak before you enlist…

  13. Getting tensed very much!! Everything is so silent!
    We just want to clear this out. He has to expose her and sort it out soon…
    Then all can be free and KHJ can go to MS freely…
    All these stress we are taking its hard to endure now…
    Really she has to expose her and get himself out of it…
    Oppa fighting we are with you..

  14. I am going to be honest here because I feel this is the only place where I can do so. I hope you don’t mind LK! But I need to let it all out!

    On the highly unlikely event if she is pregnant, then personally, I don’t mind it one bit. A baby is always a blessing and it would probably bring good things in his life. However, I do not think that Choi would do ANYTHING good for anybody. That woman is poisonous. To me, she is a gold digger and only seeks for revenge. If she has the nerve to continue drinking alcohol while she is pregnant, what guarantee do we have that she won’t neglect the poor child? Is she really trying to protect her baby? I don’t think so.
    Hyun Joong, if you marry her, I am afraid but I won’t ever be able to forgive you or even look at you the same way I do now. Will I stop being your fan? No. Will I stop listening to your music and watching your dramas? Absolutely not. My interest in you is solely because of your gorgeous voice and how you are as a performer on stage. To me, the biggest disappointment would be that you wouldn’t have the balls to even stand up for yourself in all this. Seriously. You need to man the eff up. You cannot let that sick person ruin your life. What kind of a marriage do you think it would be? A gold digger for a mother, a fickle father and a neglected, innocent child. Do you really plan to live a life like this?
    I hope you will be able to make a wise decision and be SELFISH for once. Don’t think about others. Think about YOURSELF. There is nothing wrong in being a bachelor dad. We are not living in some backward society where such things are not accepted. Please decide wisely and don’t come under any sort of external pressure. Remember, no one can force you to make decisions. You are the maker of your life. That’s all I wanna say.

    • I do share your thought. I seriously think this woman need to see mental health doctor or psychologist.

      He needs to think longer than one years or two years ahead but see what is going to happen to his everyday life in the next 10 years or 20 years. What he thinks is ” love ” now he will realize later it is not so . Only passion and obsession that resulted in this way .

      Love will contribute to your energy and will never make you feel discourage ,small and fatigue.

      HJ ,Now please love yourselves , truly love yourselves . Sometime you need to be selfish to love yourselves correctly . It will always help you to love the other in the right ways. You are a good person , a kind person who make a mistake as we all do. Do not let one or two mistakes ruin your whole life. Sometime you met a bad person for you he or she might not be a very bad in general but for you that person is bad for your life she /he can not bring good quality out of you but your weakness. You said life is one shot please use that one shot wisely.

      We will love you because we know how good you are and how good you can be. Do not harm yourselves by repeating the same mistake again.

  15. I read the article soompi, at first I was quite fond. but then I remembered each of the words and the love that I read on this blog and nuevamnete decided to ignore everything, leaving no comment to our defense.

    This afternoon I returned to join the article and I was surprised how they attack us, but I was surprised comments weight and well-founded many fans (especially that of Oshim1) if they spend time reading it.

  16. To:KHJ
    Don’t ever have to feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life. You don’t have to make a for people who cause you pain or make you feel small. It’s onething if a person owns up to their behaviour & makes an effort to change. But if a person disregards your feelings, ignores your boundaries & continues to treat you in a harmful way, it’s time for you to let them go…..

    Thank you once again Ms.LK. Take care.

  17. Oh yeah, there was mention of an article where they were blaming the fans. Well, I did not read the article but I agree with Ms Lazarkim, ignore and here is why. They can’t believe you stayed, he was successful, and you pushed him to the top in record sales and polls. So now, they are getting ready for another phase and they really want you to give up on him. Please do not give them want they want. They are mad and upset, but if you really want to get them real mad, ignore and stay by his side no matter what.

  18. I understand that everyone is upset, but if we are truly praying then we must realize that it is not about what we want all the time that counts, most of the time it is His will be done. I am reminded of the story of Hosea and Gomer. I am being still and I will wait for His will to be done. Because in the Bible story of Hosea and Gomer, his love changed her and brought her to the Lord. I will not leave him because the Lord does not leave us when we make a mistake.

    Then for the sake of the child, if there is one, who better then he. He will be strong enough to pass this test and come out fine because he still has a lot to give and she can’t stop what God had ordained for his life. Many famous people have had set backs but they were able to come back

    . My prayer is that he will continue to belive in himself and his God. We all are sinners saved by Grace so who are we to not forgive. My Lord said,”there is no sin that you commit that I will not forgive, if you repent of the heart, and follow Me”. So hopefully he is taking all of these things (advice) and whatever decision he makes I will back him.

    Prayer works but we must know we don’t receive our wishes or that our prayers are answered right away, it is all in this time and his plan. God bless.

  19. when l knew this second news;l was so sad and upset.Why he return to this woman?why?love? stupid?why?Honestly; now;l can’t believe hj although l love him.l have the same thoughts “perhaps while we arguing about the case;he had already reconciled with that woman” “he may marry her” like this. Its hurt for me.I ‘m so tired of this news.But there is no doubt that l still love him whatever he decides and so will not stop the prayers for him.We don’t know the truth but the truth will comes out.

  20. Lazer Kim Help!!! The last article,on Soompi, CallmeNoona…is terribile…what a shame…they are now attacking and blaming the fandom! These journalists are trying to twist the facts again…

    • I’ve read the article just now but it doesn’t seem too annoying and the comments they have just the healthy one. Thanks to one of our darling fan called TELERI she was there all out to defend KHJ morally anf ethically. And also 2-3 fans were also there.

  21. Just checking the blog updates and surprised seeing so many comments on the possibility of HJ getting married to the crazy woman. I really don’t think that would be the case. Their relationship is toxic and dangerous. This would be the reason that they were drawn to each other in the first place. HJ is a lonely and in his 20s. It is very easy to be taken advantage of. And this is a common mistake. But because he is a celebrity, it becomes a huge scandle. I don’t think he ever intended to marry her, not before, not now and not ever. She is a leech, and it is hard to get rid of. HJ is not speaking, because he knew that he made a mistake and he is blaming himself for everything. From watching his show, we all know that He is introverted, and he turns everything inside. He is probably very hard on himself and more than we can imagine. I will support him no matter what happens.
    She is a sinner and I will never forget nor forgive. HJ made a stupid mistake, he will move on and we will continue supporting him.

    As l can see she is a difficult girl, I don’t believe in the horoscope but Astrology helps to know people behavior and personality,
    SCORPION are difficult people, my daughter is one, she is a nature fighter, impulsive, manipulative and stubborn and sometimes a bit disrespectful. She is adorable but strong, it was difficult for me to control her, especially in her teens, as she went to study abroad to be a doctor, this character really helps her, but being alone she learns to control that too, with me a gemini girl she has troubles, I didnt and don’t let her to bring out her carácter without control, (…hey, hey.….. take care what and how you say …. what ?….., look who are you talking, ……. Love you baby but ………. Tss , tss, tss , nop…… it is not your business, shhhh………………. Control yourself baby.)
    She admits that with me and his gemini brother she needs to be careful. We don’t let her to be disrespectful, but she looks us for advice. Now she is married but l pray that her husband can deal with that strong and manipulative character, l am always giving her advices because l know her well. In addition I listen to one of my sons saying “ if l cannot be faithful to a girl I am not marry any” l was shocked, WHAT how many girlfriends do you have ?… but then l gave it a second thought that l prefer him single than cheating his wife. SO KHJL is not ready to get married.
    AHHH……. my children and my students are my school in life experiences.

    KHJL would have been attracted by the strength that the girl showed , it could work sexually but not in other aspects, he is not suspicious, not totally concern about everything as she liked except HIS WORK FIELD, so surely, l bet they will have many problems about jealousy, relationships’, friends etc. I really prefer him as a single father. This couple doesn’t match well. Even if they got married for pressure as he said her in the messages, nobody will be happy if there is a marriage because of a child, EVEN IF THEY TRY..

  23. I think the worse case would be KHJ fans might be in a battle with this evil through a year and get sick with her more stories.BECAUSE KHJ will refuse her wishes completely. I am confident that if she pregnant, the baby not happen by khj.I believe in his moral.But he fell in to her tricks.

  24. May I share something here..few years ago there ia one interview with ss501 member in radio show..they had been questioned “wat will u do if yr ex-gf contact ur to reconciled back?”..khj answer: I wont back to my ex-gf but still can be friend with her..from the text mcg showed by ms.choi we can see khj reply her “y we should marriage juz bcs of baby sake”…n but he also mentioned he will get married…i dont know wat to say n wat to believe…but I feel like he wont get married her…:-(.. Hope so…
    dear lk, u seems to know alots about khj since u had been follow him for so many years..may I ask something,based on ur opinion,,do u think he will marry this ms.choi?? Please give me honest answer..:-(

    • May I share something here..few years ago there ia one interview with ss501 member in radio show..they had been questioned “wat will u do if yr ex-gf contact ur to reconciled back?”..khj answer: “I wont back to my ex-gf”..he also said if I breakup tats means he breakup clearly n wont back to her again..(did u all watch this interview) from the text mcg showed by ms.choi we can see khj reply her “y we should marriage juz bcs of baby sake”…n but he also mentioned he will get married…i dont know wat to say n wat to believe…but I feel like he wont get married her…:-(.. Hope so…
      dear lk, u seems to know alots about khj since u had been follow him for so many years..may I ask something,based on ur opinion,,do u think he will marry this ms.choi?? Please give me honest answer..:-(

      • *sory lk,,from my first comment box I had write some wrong info regarding the I reply it wit the right words after I watch it again…so sorry..!!!

        • I watch the show too…yes,,he said he wont back to his ex-gf..and he looks very confident went he answer it..but still I dont get why he meet this ms.choi back..???

  25. Well to each their own but I’m not going to let that psycho ruin the thing I appreciate most about Hyun Joong… his music. I don’t know what everyone is getting all upset about anyway because as someone pointed out he said he wasn’t getting married. That’s why that nutty woman got all pissy and released those text messages. Something I think some of you are forgetting though is that Korean culture is very different. The families, especially the fathers, make a lot of the decisions in these situations. You all are talking about his career ending if he marries her, well sadly it may end anyway if he doesn’t. Koreans are very strict about the do’s and dont’s in dealing with these kinds of situations. Sadly Hyun Joong may be danged if he does and danged if he doesn’t. But you know what? He got involved with her so he will have to deal with it. Lot’s of men have been destroyed or nearly destroyed by getting involved with the wrong woman and vice versa. But there is possibly a baby in all this mess and that baby would be the true victim, especially if that child never got to know someone who I know would be a great father.

    I’ve decided I am going to stop commenting here because obviously my views on certain things are quite different than most in here and I do not wish to continue upsetting lazerkim’s readers. I will just continue to support Hyun Joong because as I said I support him warts and all. Besides who am I to judge anyone.

    • I agree with you lot, Korea has a very strict and very different from western culture culture. As I mentioned in my personal opinion a little lower.

      For my part I find very interesting point of view, because I think there is no chance to close against the future that will KHJ as well have said, there is a baby in play (if indeed there is one).

      And finally as well you said “I’ve got Involved With Her so I will Have to deal with it”. Independent if she is to blame for all this or not, if she began again all this, to have reached what supposedly was reached (pregnancy) both had to have sex, and it takes two!

    • Hello Allie! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. First and foremost, I was the one who was asking for opinion, it is I who needs the input. And I would appreciate it very much if you guys can share your opinion and I respect since I was asking for it. Please feel free to share your thoughts at this point it is I who needs it.

      I agree with you we got the same thoughts lingering in my mind if ever there’s a baby, this might appear to be the true victim and I wouldn’t want that to happen.

      I’m still waiting for results before I can write my next article. Thank you everyone! Pls feel free to share I’ll be reading from all of you, thank you so much.

      Allie thanks, I know you, you seldom comment but you’ve always been here whenever we’re on bumpy roads, that I appreciate, pls do continue sharing. Take care everyone, be happy and see you again! God bless..

    • Allie dear,
      Yes you are right, who are we to judge is his life after all.

      But when I meant to career suicide, I meant in SK the people in the industry will not touch him and abroad lots of fans will be dissapointed and hurt because of that nobody who trashed his name first and then claim has his child, which is still not confirmed. So where is the credibility here?

      As long as Hj didn’t gave any statement for now. For all we know he may have enrolled already…or even got married to that bitch (sorry can’t call otherwise, is too painfull after all the pain she caused to all…).

      We love the artist true, we love his music…but do you think this artist can continue after all this mess with someone who single handedly destroyed his hard worked career for 10 years with her lies and she will continue regardless, because she is a psychopat and paranoid bitch?

      How an artist can continue when showbiz doors will be closed? We are talking about SK here and they are a different culture, for sure.

      Japan may be more lenient, but I won’t bet on that….sorry if this is too harsh, but that will be reality.

      So let’s pray for a Miracle to clear all this mud.

      Yes Hj we yoru fans love you and want your best, but we need you to help us to help you. 🙂

  26. Things are not looking good…from what we know or from what we perceive. But then we don’t know the whole story, we don’know the full facts. We don’t know the bind he is in. It is hard to separate the private llife from the public life of the artist especially with Henecia as most of us were with him growing up til now, but we also cannot deny that we are (still here) because we honestly enjoy his talent too not just the personality.

    I don’t mind that he gets married and have a family, i wish that for him – a happy family life. But for the life of me, how can he be happy with this creature who dioes not even think twice to ruin him just to have her way. Imagine what life will be for him. If he is not fighting back to protect someone or something, marrying this creature is not the path to take. She has ruined you already so why give her/them the satisfaction. And besides, she disrespected your parents what worst thing can she do.

    He Has made mistakes but what he chooses to do now will determine whether he can rise from those mistakes or not. I am praying that God will help him see the light.

    • Hi,

      I share very much your view. I don’t mind at all he has a girl friend or marriage. He is not 20 years old. The point is what’s kind of life he will have to tide his life with a person who intended to ruin his career his life again and again and especially has no respect to his parents. I think in this point just thinking about family life alone without carrying his career is already disaster.. I saw so many people who married just because of the baby end up suffered even more and affected entried family including the child.

      They have unhealthy relationship and break up twice after trying again and again . The way she reacted to the break up was evil and dishonest . In my opinion she has a strategy to use pregnancy and baby to catch him. I Knew it sound unkind to say this but I don’t think it’s far from the truth.

      It was revealed the text message was edited to support her and discredit HJ . We have never known what brought him to this point but we can see very clear that she is tricky and manipulative . She tried to get support from public to pressure HJ again with the same old trick.. This person probably still continue talking to medias if HJ’s father did not reveal that he has the full text message without edited. Suddently she wanted privacy. How can we, his fans are not worry for him considering her trickery and dishonest behavior. I feel truly sad that HJ happened to trust the woman who he can not feel safe and respect what so ever. He has never known when this snake would turns back and bit him. It can happen anytime when it get angry and do not get what they want.

      If there is a baby and it’s proved his baby . He needs to responsible for sure but he does not need to create more problem by marry her. Marriage is life commitment I ‘m afraid that his life will live in hell by marry this woman. He also can forget about his career which I think she will ruin it again and again. He might not see it now but he definitely will see it. I hope he will make a wise decision for his life when he still can.
      Regarding SK public I think more and more people understand that unhealthy relationship is harmful to a child and it can be prevent . I don’t think people in Korea will appreciate the women who is dishonest and disrespectful to the elderly. Her behavior is very suspicious in many ways.

      • Very well said Bella. Yes to take responsibility to the baby if exist and if his..but to get married ?? Who is forcing marriage because of a baby these days even more if there is no love or that sick obsessive behaviour from her part? we are in 2015 after all….. Life is not Fair…

  27. While we’re all still arguing about what will happen? What? Who is Choi? What do you want to accomplish? Why do you behave like this? I repeat, perhaps he at this time this solving and reconciling with her. Unfortunately we see only part of the story, and so far has been the most unpleasant, and we know this story only media, which are never 100% reliable.

    I fully understand the feelings of each of you, but all exactly all we rely on assumptions on what they said, what we believe, what we trust in our heart, and we have the right facts. But only he and no one else knows the truth.

    Maybe in the future form a family, some say that love (doubt that’s love) or perhaps for some other reason we will never know. We must remember that Korea has a thought and culture quite different. That is why we do not understand many of their behaviors.

    Throughout this time I have been reading this blog (and usually read virtually everyone who each write), I have never read a totally offensive remark to KHJ, and sometimes are deleted some comments. What I understand is that often we unloaded our frustration in this way, to be read, understood, and yes, why not? Download our disgust at everything that has happened. Because yes, I was one of them, with the second scandal I promised myself stop loving him, my heart had suffered enough, that he did not have reason or logic (maybe they have, but unknown) .

    I’ve said many times through this blog, that KHJ only’ve known recently (unfortunately), and despite the scandals of the accusations something goes inside me, on the contrary, it has led me to do things that I’ve never done the other idols. I must say that I am unqualified to him, however.

    I do not want to dwell more (I usually do, sorry) but against what happened and what might happen in the future. If chooses to marry her, I know that I will act in the same way as the second act scandal. Suffer, I know, it’ll be disappointed again, deeply detestaré this woman, my heart is pained. But of one thing I am certain, is that time heals wounds, and I think it will happen to me exactly what has happened with this scandal, I calm down my heart and try to understand and to understand that if that happens, it is because it has been KHJ decision (I hope), and that he wants happiness and perfectly knows the consequences of his actions (do not want to imagine any other reason than to achieve happiness, serious too shabby).

    I remain hopeful, he heard his parents, his fans, and please! A good friend who will listen, understand it and advise accordingly. So that he has to share his feelings and thoughts and are not now or in the future, returning to resort to it.

    Finally, it could be a whole afternoon writing about my feelings about this. But I let my heart rest for now.

    Sorry if I could not express myself well, unfortunately English is not my native language

  28. Gaby – I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Till really proven otherwise.

    LK – sigh!! – the truth, I was terribly disappointed when I read that Hj meet again the person who actually destroyed and ruined him and now she is claiming having gotten pregnant. If that so called “pregnancy” is real, still remain to be seen though. I was thinking is he in his right mind? I mean really she single handedly Ruined his image in SK, his career and his life work and his credibility and for sure she got money from him….but we do not know the circumstances and what really transpired, hence the benefit of the doubt, still trying.

    All are giving assumtions and presumtions, what If …well, what if he will go and do the crazy thing and get married to that bitch, the result will be that All his fans can say goodby to seeing again KHJ. Because yes that will be the stupidest thing that he can do.
    A sure suicide in his career and a suicide for his life as well. Why? because HJ loves his music, he loves his career that is what he is living for, his music, he is creative and have still lots to accomplish but without it he will be lifeless, unhappy and misreable and most probably will go drinking and destroying his life…..dying slowly. Harsh but true, that is how I see it.

    I feel disappointed when people here are assuming that love crap, pleaseeeeee, do you guys really believe Hj has any feelings for that bitch (I will continue to call her bitch, conniving and lying…no I am not excusing myself for my language here), I can hardly believe it, only if he is an Idiot, that is why I still give him the benefit of the doubt.
    After soo many years in showbiz and his success, why throwing all his hard work out of the window like that……?!

    I have one thing to say to all, Hj actually never lied in his statements 1ts when scandal erupted in August he stated they never dated two years only fm april till May and was only one altercation, he remained firm on that and it was proven all fabricated evidences.
    Now he stated that if she is pregnant and his, he will take responsibility but NO Marriage. But who is getting married today if one is pregnant, even his parents mentioned he will be a bachelor with a kid…

    I tend to belive him on what he said, he never changed his statements.
    If he didn’t fought when the scandal erupted in Aug2014, still have that feeling he was either blackmailed or he was protecting something or someone …so he could not go full force.

    Now…he is one or two weeks prior his MS, if he will force the bitch to go to Dr she will say miscarriage happened because of stress, he will still be discredited, like no way out!!
    Sound so bad but, how would like to have all her lies exposed and to know the outcome of this Drama, which really this is a life drama that beats the movies.

    Yes LK …Japan is good and hope will be good in future to HJ, IF he will be back in showbiz….IF!

    You all remember what Hj said in one of his last concerts during Gemeni – if I will have only one fan left I will continue to sing.
    OK, if you guys go, I will be that One Fan that will continue to give him hope to come to his senses and sing.
    LK you remember what you once wrote, once a Fan always a fan and for life through good times and bad times (you wrote an article about this….your aunt…)

    So let’s give him hope that he has something and a home to come back after all he is passing now.

    Frankly I am Praying for a MIRACLE to happen to expose all those lies and wash away the grief and the pain for all HJ his family his loved ones and for all his Fans.

    Is this honest enough for you LK? Still love you all wonderfull people! 🙂

    • You have a good point of view… all we can do now is stay on his and his family side and wait. I send good vibrations to everyone!

    • I understand perfectly, and logically the benefit of the doubt always be in us.

      And like you, I was totally disappointed with him when he broke the second scandal. Because the point of having sex with that woman, after all that happened is absolutely irrational!

      And need not have intentions to apologize for referring to profanity that woman, I think that’s how each of us would like to treat it, and why not? Tell in the face! She really never have our respect.

      Hopefully soon this nightmare ends, and have a happy ending. I wish with all my heart.

      • Gaby
        The 2nd scandal the bitch coordinated to broke exactly one day upon his successful return in SK after his Gemeni Tour….doesn’t that sound strange? He didn’t started this. 😕

    • ‘I feel disappointed when people here are assuming that love crap, pleaseeeeee, do you guys really believe Hj has any feelings for that bitch (I will continue to call her bitch, conniving and lying…no I am not excusing myself for my language here), I can hardly believe it, only if he is an Idiot, that is why I still give him the benefit of the doubt.
      After soo many years in showbiz and his success, why throwing all his hard work out of the window like that……?!’


  29. If you love his music and acting then marrying this nutty woman shouldn’t make a difference in that regard. Besides if he did marry her it would be because he thinks he would have to do it to take care if his baby. He had already broken up with her again so they weren’t together. He does not seem to want to be with her. In those texts you can see he said they didn’t have to get married just because of a baby. Of course the text jumps to him saying he would marry her so in your heads imagine what she said to him. I would not for a second think she wouldn’t stoop to threats of him never seeing his child or worse. His parents are thinking of the child and it is obvious from even those cut and misleading texts that Hyun Joong is too. While I think it would be a HUGE mistake to marry that woman and it won’t end well, that is my issue not Hyun Joong’s. Would I be disappointed? Sure. Would I never listen to his music or watch his dramas again? No way! No crazy woman is going to get in the way of that! I would be sorely disappointed in his fans if they stuck with him through that stupid heat of the moment mistake, which in the eyes of today’s society was not the right way to handle that situation, but abandon him when he tries to do the right thing for his child. Seriously we don’t know anything and we need to wait. First to see if she even really is pregnant, second, if she is, then to see if it really is his, and third to see what he chooses to do. We can belly ache and be upset but it’s his life and he is the one who ultimately must live it. Why can’t we keep his career and his private life separate? It is one of the things that has made me so angry about this. The media, people who have never liked him, and even some of his used to be fans keep using that one time stupid in the heat of the moment physical confrontation to try to completely destroy him and his career! Amazingly a lot of us fans have chosen to stick by him, even with all the ridicule and hate we got and keep getting from doing so. Now, if he thinks about or decides to marry the woman (nutty as she may be) because of his baby, fans want to abandon him? I’m just going to smh on that one.

    • Agree with you…
      Kind of like inflicting more wounds on him when he’s already injured…badly too…

      Poor baby…

  30. First i want to thank you for keeping us fans up to date, I read your blog regularly. Secondly my heart breaks for Hyun Joong & his parents, for this heart ache they are going through. As a parent myself I totally understand and support their wanting to do what they can for their son. This is something that should have been handled privately but because of Ms Choi’ s actions they had no choice but defend. As a HUGE fan of Hyun Joong I can do nothing but give him my full support, love and pray for him & his parents. Prayer moves mountains, All things are possible through Christ!!

  31. Ahh..what my thought IF he CHOOSE to marry her?

    Bad decisions of course. To him, to his parent and to his fans for sure. It definately sadden me, really dissapointed to the extent I might not want to see him again. Yeah, so agree, if he really do married her, he has to be ready for his carrier ending. Can’t agree more. Even fans in Japan can’t help to stay with him, i guess. Gosh….i feel terrible to think like this but all this possibilities u just can’t deny. After all this while fans support and encouraging him in bad times, he still choose her so-called true love. Yeah, i used to say he is ‘stupid’ when he get back to her after the case last year, eventhough i didn’t really mean he’s stupid himself but only ‘stupid in love’. I realized that some of you get offended when I say that. Please, don’t be my dear friends, I say it bcoz I love him so much. I just can’t accept him acting like a weak man just for that lunatic girl. She didn’t deserve his loves and attentions anyway. But man’s heart u just can’t predict it precisely. It sad.

    I can say KHJ that i see now after he get involved with this girl is not KHJ that i know before. His charisma, his personality, his uniqueness is all gone for me. What i can say more. Please my dear friends, don’t get mad at me. Sorry, if u get wrong idea with my words, since am not good in expressing my heart in English.

    Bottom line, I still hope there is a chance for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lets just pray that HJ would think twice and wisely in his decision. God know what is bad and good for him. Lets pray that GOD will grant him all the BEST for him. God ALmighty, please pity him. T_T

    • Thank you atiq for sharing your thoughts and I hope he’s reading this from you so he can be enlightened. Let’s STOP spoiling him for a while just a bit spanking is what he needs, to come to his senses. This guy is just so unbelievably stubborn!! That’s a fact. I’m just being realistic he will again earn criticism if ever he makes another mistake pertaining this woman. How else can I defend him? I still have one defense but I don’t want to use it. This is my greatest dilemma now. Expect the worst so it won’t be too painful…. still with all hopes and prayers everything would turn out favorable, positive for his sake, his parents and his fans. *sigh*

  32. While all still arguing about this woman Choi, her plans, her wickedness on KHJ parents, KHJ and future.
    Perhaps at this very moment KHJ this already reconciled with that woman, as happened once, would not surprise me a second. 😦

    • i’m with you i think he’s going to marry that awful woman and it’s really sad to spend the life with someone who is so disrespectful with your family just because your having a kid together. He’s in love with her and she’s obsessed with him.

        • It’s like a vicious circle, like last accident.
          Unfortunately I also think so, that ended up marrying, and at the same time in his career suicide. The good thing is that he will go to SM or yes, perhaps time (two years) make us forget everything that means.

          I hope I’m totally wrong (I remain hopeful).

          But remember that the father said in the interview that he would not oppose the marriage if they still love each other despite all the pain you have gone, ie including specifically that KHJ loved, or even unfortunately loves .

    • Hj said fm the first statement marriage is Not an option. If kid his will take responsibility! Read his statement carefully. Don’t make an Idiot of him bcs he is not. He never said love to the bitch.

      • Ahaha is not to react well Noya.
        We all thought that the first accident, they NEVER return. And we see how the matter ended.
        I have carefully read all the interviews, one thing is what we see and what else do you really can feel it.
        As the saying, faces we see, hearts we know says. Maybe next arrival of baby changing feelings for him.
        I think they should keep all possibilities open, but not like us. Since so in the event that the resolution of the case is not the hope, we will be a bit more ready for whatever he decides.

  33. I will respond to this by saying 2 things. First I do not put anyone but my Lord and Savior on a pedastle. I do not have any oppas. I have never said resorting to any kind of physical reaction is acceptable but I also do not forever condemn people for one mistake. Even so I do not believe he hit her the way that woman, the tabloid media, and people like you keep repeating when Hyun Joong repeatedly denied it and was honest from the start. Are you too blind or ignorant to see the evidence she produced was not real? Even the police stated that the evidence could not be proven. So excuse me for believing the person I have been following for 8 years and not some woman I don’t know a hill of beans about. The only thing Hyun Joong was charged with was bodily harm and that is only because of his honesty in what happened. If he was some woman beater then this woman is a masochist cause she went back to him after she very publicly “got away” from him. His parents said they would go to whatever hospital or doctor she wanted to go to but she didn’t do anything so they picked a hospital. She agreed to go to that hospital but she said she wanted a female doctor so they scheduled her an appointment with one. She told them repeatedly she would show up but she didn’t and went to the media instead. Says everything I need to know about her in my opinion.

  34. People, Ladies …hold on get a grip, you all are forgetting KHJ is an ARTIST foremost, all programs or whatever is not the personal HJ we see, we see his celeb persona.
    The private Hj we have seen in recent Gemeni when he actually cried and showed how much he love his fans.
    Assumptions and suppositions made on a celeb status of mind is like making them all something else.
    Well, they are different because they have talent and drive to go into this crazy showbiz, more so in SK.

    Bottom line with all you said HJ is a Genius.

    Let’s leave it for now and not insult him, Hj is a normal man in his thirties with a huge popularity and talent, a celeb, that he made a couple of huge mistakes in his life for which he is paying dearly right now. It may cost him more than we will ever know, because he will not disclose, he is very private and you should know that by now, his true fans.

    Let’s all pray that he will pass all and that Light and Truth will be out.

    Now from all this telenovela and saga that this psycho choi is making ..I would like to know if all her lies will be revealed to the Media as she done with trashing HJ name in the mud?
    I want to know what next?

        • Hello Allie! May i apologize i hv to delete all of those bcoz we’re being penetrated by haters. Im sorry i hope youll understand. Its not you but someone else the comments and replies were connected at the same box. Thank you for your understanding. Take care and see you again. God bless…

          • I understand. It’s probably for the best that all of it was deleted because it was upsetting some people but the one I was referring to is the last comment I made. It was supposed to be a reply to that hateful comment but for some reason my reply didn’t delete and is up there all alone and no one will have a clue what it’s about. So feel free to delete it.

  35. HI…

    What you bring here is so interesting. I know HJ is special. He is different from other idols. In fact he way more different and kind of unique person compared to other kpop idols i’ve ever known. I first fell for him tru BOF. He makes me wanna search more and more abt him until I found WGM. Yes, WGM has exposed his unique characteristics. Everybody said, they were so anticipating him whenever the show was airing. His uniqueness u can see in every episode, in fact in all time episode he was in. I can say I fall in love with KHJ in WGM. He soo loveable to see to.

    Thanks for ur effort to write with long description abt the syndrome. First time i come to know this. I just wondering why are you suggesting HJ to be diagnosed abt this syndrom Let me guess but sorry if i was wrong. Did u mean if HJ is diagnosed with this syndrome he might get free from the charges and will clear up his name from red line? ( HJ had talking abt red line under his name bcoz of the case before – in text mssge ). I thought ‘red line’ means his name has been pick for MS but I guess am wrong. Ok, back to my question, is it possible??

    However, what concern me now is what will we hear next? I keep waiting for any updates. Did they both parties meet each other and have a conclusion of their family matters? Or did this Choi pathetic whore still keep whining and bimboing around abt her claim? Honestly, am so nervous thinking of that but I pray that she actually lying abt her pregnancy and HJ’s family will take action on her for defamation.

    But then, supposing she was pregnant, please, please GOD Almighty,please don’t make him marry her by crook or by hook. NO NO NO. It will really broke my heart and i think it can never be healed again. T_T

    • Atiq,
      Again, this is just a theory of mine and if it were true, he would NOT be cleared of charges. However, it would help his fans understand him better and maybe bring back some of those wayward fans. It may calm some of the media propagandists, too, but not entirely because they make a living at being jerks.

      I also hope that he does not marry Ms. Choi. It would be an incredibly bad idea.

      To address why I put any stock at all in WGM, is that when looking at all the things fans had said about his personality in the show, I came across something that his mother had said in regard to his personality and how he portrayed himself on the show, she said that is the way he is. Not only that, but I see these same things in interviews and on and on again. Honestly, even though I enjoy everything he has acted in, I must say that he is not that great of an actor, but he does get cast in roles that are still very enjoyable to watch. So, to say that he acted all of that in WGM…where was that kind of acting in all the roles he has played, because that was great acting. However, logic overrides and says, the way he was in WGM; that is more his real personality.

      I do believe that he is asked to behave a certain way in the public eye, which is why I think we do not get to see the complete picture of that which is him, because he has to be careful and censor himself, just as for any person in the public eye, unless you want negative attention and some do.

      As for the text messages and the one I pointed out, his parents (his father really) said that the messages were taken out of context and wanted to share the full conversations, because the parts that Dispatch showed were not full and complete. Regardless of this fact, what I said about the one in which he sent her a funny picture and said he sent it to her because he had no one else to share it with, still stands. It does not matter when he sent that to her, where, how, why…the part where he says I had no one else to share it with (just as long as that part was verbatim, and it wasn’t something like, “I had no one at the moment to share it with and I had to share it immediately”, etc.), that has lonely written all over it.

    • He is only shy and awkward at first or so meetings. He is not like that all the time. And if another person is having fits to the point of scandalous behavior, wont we do something to stop her? Maybe a slap or two to bring her back to her senses.

      • Only a slap or two?? How abt beating the crap out of the stupid bitch..😉 and stay in line bcs i will be first.
        Hj…he is ok..intelligent smart just too good and gentle for his own good. Having a bohemuan soul…artist naieve…So ppl r taking advantage of him…😯

  36. thank you so much whoever you are. I read your post inventively and recognized a lot of your references and more. i tend to see along with your points and hope there will be really somebody to help him out. i hate to see this woman destroy his life and soul again and again. Now she even start to ruin his family reputation. It ‘s too sad to see someone like this in his life. It is not hard at all to see that this Choi did not love him for who he is.

    I ‘ve never believed this Choi’s words . The first scandal i can see she was exaggerated the story to ruin him and made him feel guilty. His words always honest that’s why fans keep supporting him all the way. We recognized his mistake but he is far far from what she accused him. Look at what she did now I’m not surprise she if she pushed him to do that. It sounds cruel to say this but life is not so beautiful and some people are really have a evil ‘s heart.

    I suspect this Choi is pregnant with someone eles baby if she is really pregnant I hope Kim Hyun Joong and his parents insist for DNA’s test.

    Your post is really valuable information event though I do not like to think it is a not normal thing. I like to see this is a special personality that we see as 4D with the deeper understanding under this personality.

    One question how do they be treated or cured. ?

    However there is one thing really true from the start of this scandal is his fans are never wrong about him.

    thank you so much.

    • Hello everyone? Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt since this analysis was based on TV prog with the cameras and of course celeb still has 2 persona even we say it’s a reality show still not convincing.

      Other than this I don’t believe in those text message Choi showed the media as I mentioned in my previous article I read this as if 2 morons are talking! Not so convincing. Other than this haven’t you notice this recent so-called text fr HJ and the previous text in 2014 as I read it as if there were 2 choi’s and 2 HJ in it, seeing from the flow of conversation. And HJ’s father can prove those text message from him were cut and paste. I should have suspected by the flow of conversation through those text. Come on we should learn from past experience! It’s hard to believe in anything she says based from what she lied on last year.

      There’s only one conclusion I got here, choi is a sick jealous woman, overly obsessed. This woman was his drinking buddy, men gets drunk tend to be on his loose that made him go back to her, that can be possible. We may never know. As for me I’ll wait for the results. And whatever it may be then let’s accept it.

      For me worst comes to worst, I’ll pretend choi never existed in this world anyway it’s only KHJ whom I support and still be supporting. The only thing I’m sure of is that Choi will never gain my respect ever. AND if she ever ruin HJ’s life again then I’ll be her greatest enemy.

      I really think she’s a disaster in HJ’s life that may even lead a disaster to HJ’s career. I mean seeing all of this happen that every time this choi throw tantrum she would just go to the media, what else will happen to HJ? This is just alarming to me honestly. I may have lend advise take it or leave it’s his life not ours, the rest is up to him. I see this as a gun pointed at HJ’s head ever since that first nightmare broke and now here we go again! I pity the guy really and so with his parents. Thank you take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • Sorry but I have a confusion, says he does not fully believe in and act on camera KHJ (referring to the programs referred Barefoot friends, WGM) and then as you think you know, if not completely believe in as the acting front of the cameras? only by what you see at concerts ?, I have understood that some agencies ask their idols to act a certain way on camera or selling certain characters, then and only believe what you see in concert, being it may well be a sold image?

        I can not understand, do not want to upset her. I just want to understand their point of view with respect to know the true KHJ.

        For my part I’ve seen WGM and found it very credible way he acted, I must say that this program because I’ve fallen complement it, for its unique personality.
        And Barefoot Friends, and I also saw that I think KHJ always maintained the essence of personality regarding WGM, only that was more modest.

    • Bella you’re right on the spot! I too have ever suspected if ever she’s pregnant! Oh dear God I hope she’s not, bcoz if she is, I’m sorry to say but I don’t think she’ll ever stop destroying HJ’s life. If she’s not, then HJ and his parents has every right to go after her and make the necessary legal actions against her. This is the only way to stop her and any woman like her. Otherwise nothing is learned from this dirty mess.. I’m out of here!! See you guys!

      • LK, I do think this woman was born especially to harm him. Her actions spoke loudly that she have no heart and brain to concern about the others except her own interest. This person acts like a real lunatic. I’m positive that as long as this woman is still around HJ she will ruin both his life and his career. I feel truly very sorry for his parents too. I hate to think that he did not love himself . However I hope he will love himself enough to make a wise decision. i wonder do he have any older friends who can give him wise advise.

        I’m truly Sorry if my post upset anybody here. i need to speak it out.

    • @Bella – If this is what Hyun Joong actually has it wouldn’t change anything. Hyun Joong has always been different and I know it’s one of the things fans love most about him. So please don’t worry because putting a label on it won’t ever change that or him. It would only explain things that us fans can not understand. Such as the physical confrontation from someone who is always so gentle and caring to others and him going back to this nutty woman after everything she did to him. But knowing this may be something he might actually have and knowing the things that will go along with it, is something we as fans would have to understand and accept. I for one wouldn’t want him to change even for a minute. There’s an old saying that I think fits when it comes to how we all feel about Hyun Joong…

      We love him warts and all.

    • Bella,
      Granted this is just a theory of mine, just keep in mind that if this were true, it is not a negative thing at all. There is no cure for Asperger’s, nor should there ever be. There is treatment and medication for the anxiety and depression that a person with Asperger’s generally faces. However, the best kind of medication is a really good best friend.

      This does not change that he is a unique individual. He will always be a unique individual whether he has this syndrome or not. An individual is an individual. I just wanted to state my theory, because, if this is true, then it may help to shed light on the situation in a different way and help his fans to understand why he has made the decisions he has made. To me, this is a positive way to look at the situation, though it makes it even more heartbreaking.

      Also, under this theory, it makes Ms. Choi an even more sinister person. Also, it would explain why he would be drawn to someone who is (to put it bluntly) crazy. Though, my advice to him would be there is good crazy and there is bad crazy, stay away from the bad crazy. If the person shows signs of being a drama queen, run away. Also, I would advise him to stop drinking. Drinking amplifies the chances of poor decision making, and if you are prone to “meltdowns” then you are taking away the bit of control you had in order to take the appropriate actions in this situation.

      • thank you so much for your explanation. I find it ‘s a useful information. However i think deep inside he knew this person is bad for him. For now I can only hope he will never consider to marry the lunatic. If it turns out otherwise I’m afraid i have to stop follow him not because i do not believe in him but because i don’t want to hear anymore scandal about him ever again. I’m sure he will never be able to continue his career as long as he still have a lunatic around his life.

  37. Whoa! This describes Hyun Joong to a tee and would absolutely explain his actions in this entire situation. Wow, this has left me speechless so I will just end this with…

    🔔 ding, ding, ding.

  38. Oh LK you melt me with your words, yes I feel happy that I can pray for them as a family as I know God is stronger than any force on this earth, we will all pass through this as one family and we will be fine, I just wanted to say to hj’s parents thank you for bringing him to this world and for raising him like that and a special thanks to HJ’s father for fighting with doctor to prevent the abort of HJ, my God what would have happened if HJ was not in this world?? I can’t imagine

      • If not mistaken, hj told in one of his interview that his parents intent to about him when his mother conceived. I am not sure if my memory did not fail me.

        • Really? Why didn’t i know abt this..
          It seems so much i didn’t know abt him or i just couldn’t remember that i’ve read abt it somewhere before but forget it easily…maybe i think its not important for me to memorized it…then i forget…lol

        • I’m sorry you are very wrong about this.I think we should be careful to discuss this sensitive topic like this here. Please be careful before people misuse it. Don’t hate me.

          You can see this in the show called M’PiCK too I think

          He told that when his mother went to checked up in the hospital for pregnancy test the doctor asked his mother whether she wanted to keep the baby because she just gave birth to his elder brother who was at that time only nearly one year old and when his father knew what was the doctor said he was very angry and scored at the doctor. That’s the story.

          • wou wou hold your horses everyone! Here’s what Tina meant, Choi was doubting as to why HJ’s dad wanted her for a check up and choi had it all wrong. That’s why the couple cleared it up that they just wanted to make sure the baby is fine. And to his mom since the ultra sound pic doesn’t even has name on it, of course who would not doubt! They both cleared it up that they didn’t mean any harm to the baby. If there is????
            Tina was simply thanking his dad for clarifying the mess. that’s it on how I understand tina’s comment.

            • Its ok lazer kim…let us just forget abt it…whatever the story back then, i just feel so great that found I KHJ then,,,,great guy, great personality and unique to max….he’s one of kind!

        • WRONG , HIS PARENTS PROTECTED HIM, the doctor had suggested his mother that it could be a possibility because , the diference btw him and his brother is too short and it could affect her health, but they decided to take risk and have him, THANKS FOR THAT KHJL PARENTS

  39. Happy new month,every one,this is a month of hope and faith.Am really glad that fans are finally begining to just let this roll over our back and know we only need to stand by hyun joong’s side. to hyun na:every trail you are going thru today is a is temporary,GOD is so busy planning your matter how your life has been, know that what has not been achieved so far will come to pass as long as there is life”enjoy the time with your family before your MS,rest well and take care,loe u.Enter your comment here…

  40. Yesterday, I went to a theme park in Orlando, Fl call the Holy Land Experience, and I must say it was much more Spiritaul then I had anticipated. There was one song, in particular, that I had never heard and the words may we think of the battle that HJ and his family is facing now, but the words are something we should remember and use in our own life. I may not get the words in the right order therefore, I will not use quotes. The song is called” Hey Goliath”, and here I go.

    Everything is coming in on me and surrounding me, I’m in a place where I thought I would never be, but like David I must try, because I can do all things through Christ. You may be a tall and a gaint but my God is much bigger and you are coming down because I’m not falling. There were other words but these are the main ones I wanted to catch. And after this song a dramatization was presented on Forgiveness. The entire day there were dramatization on the lifd of Christ and what His followers should be doing. Another dramatization was on the Lord saying “thers is nothing you do that I will not forgive but you repent of the heart and truly follow me”. So to my family, yes and being of a different race and across the ocean, I feel like me are family, and this is how it should be regardless of differences in a family of believers. and we do not leave each other, use harsh words to each other, nor ever give up but we use encouragement and prayers at all times. So thank you my family so showing the difference between the world forces andSpiritual forces. So yes, Ms Larzakim and others you can take your rest and just allow her and what ever forces behind her continue to do and say whatever but like Goliath they will come down but we are not falling.

    Don’t you find it interesting that the papers the lawyer brought out was to verify her pregnancy but not to verify that she and the baby is still healthy. Did she not say she was under stress and lost weighf? What mother, or even her mother should have told her to go and have a check up, and would this jot be the time to invite HJ, his parents, and hers? Right now, the question is not whether she istelling lies but the welfare of the child, and to me she, her parents, nor the lawyer is giving her sound advice. So I say, mlet them talk because itnis now becimg old school and people are tired of hearing about these personal matters that should have remain personal. Yes, there is someone behind all of this unless the had expected that he would have agree to a payoff and this would not have gone this far because the lawyer would have gotten paid out off the settlement. Since, there was no settlement the first go round hence the second. One reason we must always keep cool heads, and this is why I have admired allmthe bloggers who blog on behalf of HJ, if we just follow their time lines and act in the manner they instruct we would see that the wheels coming off the wagon.
    1. Very strange that, accordingn to her 2yrs relationship but the abuse did not start until it was
    time for a break up.
    2. During those years no sex, or is the two years not true. In any event no pregnancy? But,
    within four months of getting back together she is pregnant? Was she taking something
    back then to prevent her getting pregnant and did everything to get pregnant?
    3. She is not thinking up these thing on her own. Who is paying for all of this?
    4. Was not the first break up over girls and now does not this pregnancy have to do with
    another girl being in the picture?
    5. Not surprise she has a key, most guys would give their girlfriend a key and forget to get
    It back.
    6. Overplayed the hand therefore, the pull back. Yes, they are trying to come up with
    something but right now people are tired of this news. So all we have to do is to be
    still and see the Lord handle this.

    I am the mother of a son who had a similar experience and there are some people you will never be able to convince of the truth so you can dwell on them, they are lost. Let us keep watch while he is in MS, and just keep reminding them of the truth, by usung her own words and that of her attorney aganist them, but only if they come out first.

    Again, Thank you LK and all bloggers nfor your undieing love of HJ and his family. Please accept my apology for tis long comment but I just do not believe that this is the first time for something like this to happen in SK, but maybe the first that a settlement was not reached.

    • Hi Marian,

      Really well said.

      Thank you so much for your post. Everyone with their logical sense will have a lot of questions toward this Choi ‘s behavior.

      This is a well planed strategy to trap a man. It is really old trick that we have seen in the drama and it worked well in reality too.

      I’m not surprise if her friends help her to think of this idea. Unfortunately she success in trapping him. It’s my wild thinking/. She probably can’t feel happy imagine he will have another girl. That’s why whenever they discussed the brake up come the problem.

      Considering her behavior since the first incident she is someone who is capable to destroy him without much thinking and can do just everything to get what she wants. . I did not see love in this woman’s behavior just possess and control .

      It’s impossible for Hyun Joong to continue in his career with someone beside him keep running to medias every time they have problem. Someone like this Choi not only capable to ruin his career but also his life. I’m sure if this Choi still sticks close to him his life will be plainly of scandals in the future. Even if he will not continue his career it will be hard to have a happy life with someone who disrespect you and your family.

      It’s so hard not to feel sad to see HJ being trapped like this and it even sadder to see his parents suffer from this same Choi.

      Hyun Joong . Your future and your happiness is in your hand not others. What’s happen to you today is the result of the decision you made before. Every decision you makes now will affect your future. Please be wise and learn the lesson. Never never blame yourselves for the mistake you did just learn from it. Please listen to the small voice in your head , mind. The small voice has never betrayed you. Listen well to him. He probably warned you many many times already . This time please follow your small voice and love yourselves.. Your parents is the only real true love for your life who will never betray you no matter how many times you let them down. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful parents .

      God bless you.

  41. You explain everything perfectly I already decided that I was going to stand beside kim regardless what happen next I admire him I love his music and dramas that is not going to change for me is the same nothings has change the way I love him I’m truly sorry for his parents the mom is beautiful I see where he gets his looks any way kim you are not alone saranghae

    • Hello cute! I already responded up there….”The following day here goes Choi’s lawyer again showing documents that prove her pregnancy from the health center!! “Attorney what are you doing, getting air time?” LOL Gosh this is really tiring!”
      Another fake doc is what he showed. What we need is an official PT and DNA from certified OB Gynecologist and not fr a health center. DNA can prove who the father is, this is prior important too and these tests should be conducted in the presence of HJ’s camp and not by herself or with her lawyer, is that so difficult to do? How will I know if those fake doc coming from another person’s specimen or fabricated cert. again! We learned from the nightmare in Aug. let’s not allow them to do it again. That’s my opinion. Thank you, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Hmm? I thought she said that she knows a well known certified OB from a good hospital, why just a health center? Pfft! and the Kim family did not deny it’s Hyunjoong’s “baby” why do they keep shoving this so called proof in our faces? idiots.

    • She’s already been caught fabricating health documents so this means nothing until it means something if you get what I mean. You know if she’s so “scared” to go to a hospital it’s very simple to take a home pregnancy test. Have Hyun Joong’s mother go in the bathroom with her, she pees in the little thing, and they wait for it to say yes or no. Those tests are pretty accurate. It comes out yes then they go to the doctor of her choice and all is well. But if it comes out no then she better get to the doctor of their choice quick and prove she isn’t a big fat liar.

    • I think whether they disclose the pregnancy true or not is not important anymore.
      At the end of the day HJ never denied the baby.

  42. The guilty dog barks first and the loudest.

    I am going to just sit patiently and wait for this nutty woman’s story to completely implode.

  43. Dear LK,

    I agree with everything you said here. That lawyer of hers is like a mad dog, and I really hope that he can stop barking around. Everyone including the netizens are very tired of the story now. She went overboard playing her role as a pathetic and innocent woman. No one believes her anymore.
    We will continue to support HJ and his family. Pray for their health and well-being. Hopefully, our words will be a comfort for them and HJ would know that we love him forever…

  44. Thank you LK… again, u proved that we are ONE!! Awesome!! 😍😍 Here where I live (Malaysia), when there is a dispute between 2 parties esp if it involves a man & a woman, you try to settle the problems quietly. U avoid at all cost getting your family involve. So when your parents steps in, you know there is no way you can make the matter quiet … As a mother, i do understand Mrs Kim’s sadness that has fallen his baby boy aka Hyun Joong. No parent on earth wants to see their baby cry, & I think that is what Hyun Joong have been doing since last year. Hiding himself at a corner & cry… 😭😭😭 I believe HyunJoong, i just pray that he knows that we all love him, dearly 😍😍

  45. HI, LK thank you for keeping us updated with the facts. I am with you… exhausted and finished with this media circus. My only concern is to love and support Hyun Joong and his family and help the fans focus on positive actions instead of endless discussion about the antics of that circus monkey Choi who is only performing tricks for the greedy industry people who want to destroy Hyun Joong and the greedy media. I am so finished with her. Although I have to say I have been burdened to pray for her as sick as it makes me feel but she needs to have conviction on her soul to finally come out and tell the truth and clear Hyun Joong’s name. Until she admits her lies we can never ever forgive her. Even then forgiveness will taste bitter but it could be possible. I just pray my poor Hyunnie will not EVER go back to her no matter how much he still thinks he loves her. She doesn’t love him ONE BIT!

    I am also with you that this should be the last we hear of his private life unless it is a joyous announcement of wedding with someone who deserves him and happy family news. I don’t care about anything else. Just his happiness. I am glad we are here to support him when he needs us most… but his private life should remain private just as his parents have said. I would like to ask God to rain down hell fire on Ms. Choi and the Dirtbag Lawyer and whatever big money industry FAT CATs are paying the fees! I hope it is all cleared out and over soon! I have not written in my blog because i don’t want to give it any more space. Like you, I just want it to be finished. Thanks again for providing this space to speak our hearts and minds. You are always so appreciated.

    • Dearest Angie,
      Do you believe for a second this psycho bitch choi has a soul or conscience?
      Her sole purpose is to make Hj marry her regardless of all the mayhem she is causing.
      In her diabolic mind she is so obsessed with Hj that she doesn’t even comprehend the enormity of her lies and actions or the pain she inflicts on all.

      I hardly believe that Hj has something mire than shame and remorse right now for this mistake in his life. That he ever allowed this trash to come close to him and destroy his hard work and inflict soo much pain to him his loved ones and family.
      I don’t even believe he ever had anything more deep than passing the time.
      Hj is known as very very stubborn …but he is not stupid or an idiot.
      Now this bitch crossed all borders of decency with her lies and deceit…do you think he is protecting her? I don’t because common sense say now is the time to expose All the Truth about this nightmare.

      • Noya, I believe she is mentally ill and being manipulated and used by someone with a much greater agenda… she is a human being though. As crazy and messed up and hateful and vengeful and poisonous as she is she is a human being and I believe God can change the heart of even the worst serial murderer… a miracle could happen… and if she were to miraculously realize what she is doing and how she has been used to destroy him… she MIGHT, MIGHT just come forward and expose the whole SCAM for what it is… I don’t have any love for her don’t misunderstand me… but God bothers my conscience about her and I have to believe He is working on her dried up tiny raisin of a heart… perhaps it can become human once again… it would be quite satisfying to have her confess her lies would it not? I will continue to pray for such a miracle.

  46. Thank you for your wonderful article. As a parent myself, I can understand the heartaches KHJ’s
    parents are going through. There is no parents out there that will just sit back and watch their child or children go through what KHJ is going through. I’m so proud of his parents for step out and speak on his behalf by give he truth. For Ms. Choi and her lawyer, I pray to God to find in his heart to forgive them. So that she will realize her wrong doing and for her to feel all the pains she cost to KHJ and his parents a million times worst. Maybe than she will understand and ask for forgive and not to be such a heartless person.

  47. Thanks Lazerkim!! Well said!! I am too furious till I turned to speechless mode. I am really appreciative for anyone who is beside them to offer their sincere help to the Kim’s family.. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. Now I am only concerned about HJ and family’s health and safety.
    To Mr & Mrs Kim and HJ ah, take care of yourselves. We are always here with you! Be well.

  48. But if Keyeast is really helping KHJ they should have taken some actions by now!
    I believe companies like KE will have their own legal consultants. But these freelance Lawyers are used for all these dirty work of theirs since they cant use their legal officers directly!( totally my opinion). And I do think that this fuss is all about termination of contract. If not there should have been some activity by KE against all these issues instead of keeping mum. If they really helped KHJ his parents wouldn’t have to go through all this pain and give interviews in media.
    Well I thank THE FACT too! At least there is someone who wants the truth to come out.
    Stay strong HJ and family… truth will be out soon.

    • Hello there! As I have said what is needed here is a doctor not a lawyer. Now if Choi is still resistant to take the proper test and a credible one that’s the time they will be needed legal actions. BY KHJ he is the right party to take actions and no one else since this is his personal prob.

      This is not to be taken harshly. I have already said my piece to KE then let them be they already posted what they ought to address. Relax we might end up barking on a wrong tree that will only backfire to HJ. What we have to do is wait for that PT and DNA period. Contract is bound to expire or terminate we don’t have prob with that anyway his MS is soon approaching so he doesn’t need an agent. What he needs is a doctor and this choi to take the test, nothing more than that at the moment. Thank you Hyun take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

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