Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LOVE MEANS…



By: LazerKim


In our journey with Kim Hyun Joong as his fans we shared a lot of good memories with him that all through the years since we started following him, there was never a dull moment. Be it in concerts, album launching, TV shows or appearances, and even in his dramas, we all shared the success of all his projects for the last 10 years of his career.

I started following Hyun Joong in 2011 and started writing about him until he became my healer, until he became the person I can turn to whenever I’m sad or happy and it all happened in this site.

It is in this place that I found home with him, where my comfort zone is, that I can say what I think and feel, where I can breath on to release stress and it helped me a lot. The more I read about him the more I feel secured and the more I write about him the more I feel closer to him.

It was all happiness I can write about him that feels love is always in the air! And I’m truly happy that my co-fans find this place their home filled with love too! I’m not alone anymore!



One morning I woke up, the nightmare started and all I said was “How dare them”!! Whatelse is there for me to do but to attack whoever wrote that news and attack a woman whom I didn’t even know who she was! Looking back in the past, I realize how brave Hyun Joong has turned me into!!

That time I was all out of touch from his fans on line since I have been so busy with work so I felt I was all alone defending him. My work travel took me away from this site for about a week and when I came back the haters were here almost burnt my home!

I can only cry seeing my readers fighting with all their might in the most decent way over those monsters that I couldn’t forget. At first I deleted that article Simply Defending, but when I thought about it, why should I allow myself to be defeated? I did nothing wrong!

And so I recovered that article and shoot those haters one by one all of them out of anger! I said to myself this is the battle I have to face that I have to be strong to keep Hyun Joong and his fans intact if I still want to see my idol on stage for the rest of WT concert series.

2zxDa-197tZ-1 (1)


After the successful WT, followed by another successful Gemini series, here comes another scandal created by that same woman, however in a different strategy that obviously not only meant to harm Kim Hyun Joong but also his loyal fans.

That woman barely knew Kim Hyun Joong and doesn’t have any idea who his fans are, so that is very unfortunate for her! It may not be now or tomorrow but someday she’ll taste her own dirt and evilness.

Nevertheless, with all this painful nightmare we experienced, I’m truly thankful for this trial because I came to realize how an important person Kim Hyun Joong is in my life and in the lives of millions of fans worldwide. The nightmare proved our strength on how strong we are for Kim Hyun Joong.

The fandom is much stronger than ever that we all learned how to fight in the most decent way. I shall always remember this nightmare that made us closer and stronger for him!



One of KHJ new blogger Malavika had a question in her article, “What do we do for next two years?” I did plan that out years ago, if you have read my old article as I wrote, “I’m gonna put up a tent within the vicinity of the military camp and be the spy to get updates that I can write about Kim Hyun Joong!!”  LOL!

Before Gemini started, I was thinking if this guy leaves for MS I have to do something productive in this site while waiting for him. Since all news sites were filled with lies that it seems no one took his side to defend and concealed the truth, I hope this blog site can be a help to enlighten in the future. And my count down had already started in doing so!

I want to write about this nightmare again in the future when there is no longer pain that probably I can get to understand those detractors. I want to understand why this nightmare was bound to happen and how can this be relevant to the future.

Writing all about Kim Hyun Joong can make me feel him near even he’s far away in his MS. I will always remind everyone he’s just beside us preparing for his future stage all for his fans!! No promises though just simply living my life without him around and wait.

Malavika Blog Site: (pls do check this out, thanks!)




May I ask this sincere question, with all honesty? Did you ever doubted Hyun Joong even once within the nightmare? I did, as a natural reaction. I doubted on him for so many times that I just couldn’t understand whenever I get to this site which became more frequent than in 2013, I felt mysteriously very sure of myself and very sure of him!!

And I was right, I made the right judgement on him, for the longest period that I followed him, to the extent of bargaining on my time and effort, still love and trust prevailed. That all I can think of is to fight for the truth, and trust led me in defending him.

There’s this old song from a classic movie which I heard from an old man, (my boss who was a very good musician) singing this meaningful song. I think this song is perfect at this period which I would like to share with you.

We may be in this test, we may experience sadness and weary at times, I hope this music can remind us of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Listen to what this song says..

video source:



The song says, “Love means without a word you’ll understand”  Hyun Joong has been keeping silent that for me he need not say anything, because deep inside me I understand him even without a word.

The song says, ” Love means you never have to say your’re sorry”  if you really love a person, you know for yourself there’s always a room for forgiveness that you can sincerely give.

The song says, ” Love means we’ll never really say goodbye” if you really love a person you just don’t give up or end up, if he has to go… let go and wait, because he’ll be back!

To Kim Hyun Joong,  

“Wherever you are, if you get lonely out there, just look up the dark sky and you’ll see all of us within those tiny stars. As we look up at the same dark sky to search for the biggest star, knowing that star is YOU our only one…..We shall be waiting till you come back to us…..God bless the twins.” (KHJ and fans) 

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

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By: LazerKim


Dear Kim Hyun Joong shii,

This video clip above was produced by your fans from all the corners of the world. We know what you’re getting through at this time, but this is only a temporary set back, you will soon get over with this obstacle.

I want you to know that your fans are here for you, staying by your side, praying for you everyday with all hopes that you would hold on to us because we understand you.

Whatever happens, please don’t forget the Time Capsule Commitment. Your fans are committed to you…. as you are to us, we are one big family with you.   Keep fighting!

Don’t lose hope because God is with you all the time and He will take care of you. If you are lonely and sad, you know where to go, don’t you?

I hope you will find time to watch this video clip, and LISTEN to your fans. We love you, we care for you and we ONLY believe in you whatever you say. Stay strong and healthy, be confident because YOU ARE NOT ALONE…

                 God bless you, our only one Kim Hyun Joong as always…

                                                                              LazerKim here writing

Video credit: Ms Seta, Ms D and to all Henecia posted on video, thank you for sharing!

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May I appeal to everyone here, to dedicate this page for KHJ, if you have message for him please feel free to use my comment box and pls state your country. Thanks!

I shall open another page for your comments and opinion within the day. See you on my next article! Thanks for your understanding!

LazerKim here!

Kim Hyun Joong…[article] TRUST HIM




By: LazerKim


Are you aware that if we browse around the internet about this nightmare, the news sites are filled with lies? And if we try surfing around YouTube, smear campaign about Kim Hyun Joong is all over! I said to myself, what a cheap way of earning money!

May I remind everyone to stay alert with the articles we are reading from those media outlets about Kim Hyun Joong that may be tricky! Meaning looking good at first glance but insulting on him. Other than this, there are rumors spreading around the internet that may perceive downfall on him. Be wise with what we read before sharing it. Thank you!

How I wish I can write something to cheer us up but I don’t think that’s possible at the moment. I was thinking these articles that I have been writing may stay at the internet for the longest period. With hopes the future may be able read and be clarified with the TRUTH, instead of being blinded by lies forever.



This silence may be irritating and making us weary, but THINK again! We were being left with two sides of the coin being laid in front of us, this is just a matter whom you should believe. I hope everyone here have read my recent article Building Puzzle, we have already establish who is the LIAR in this game.

I’ll say it again, If Choi had taken those legit PT and DNA test, she should be out there at the media jumping with joy announcing that she is legitimately carrying Kim Hyun Joong’s child! This could be the right time to clear her name and throw to our faces what we have doubted for! But it’s been almost 3 weeks we heard nothing, right?

As for me I have not even convince myself that she’s pregnant at all. Hyun Joong may have made a mistake, or maybe just naive. But I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that “he is NOT STUPID to just jump into danger zone!”

Not unless Hyun Joong declare positive results pertaining to Choi’s so-called pregnancy to be his, then that’s the only time I believe. I will believe only in him without the word IF or PROBABLY with no single doubt.

THINK again my dear co-fans!  At least give him the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming something which we do not even have legitimate proof! I am not in denial, I am just being realistic about this nightmare.  I TRUST HIM.



During the last series of Gemini Hyun Joong mentioned that he wanted to leave for his MS quietly. This request from Hyun Joong did not change despite of the scandal, he still wanted to leave in silence without fanfare. I understand how his SK fans feels of wanting to see him for the last time before his MS, but we have to respect his wishes.

Therefore may I appeal to all KHJ fan to let him go in peace. His agent may be misleading his fans for a good reason as he requested which I ageee. Why else do we brag about whether he’s delaying it for whatever reason?  It’s his right.

May I also appeal to everyone to please STOP speculating on MARRIAGE or BABY. Nothing is confirm pertaining this matter. And this speculation doesn’t help him at all.

It’s no use arguing on this matter that would only lead to bad results as it already started. The media would only pick it up and write those trash articles again. And it already happened, DramaFever wrote another insulting article which is even groundless.

Many of his fans are urging him to speak up and I’m one of those fans. But now I got it, I understand why he’s remaining silent. Because whatever he says, media would only continue to twist his words. Damn if you do damn if you don’t, choose the lesser evil!

Maybe one day in the future when everyone is silent and is just ready to hear from him then he’ll speak up the truth. TRUST HIM.



Kim Hyun Joong has so many dreams, he has many plans of how he can make his last few months on stage before his MS to be memorable to all of us. And he did fulfill despite of the obstacles which was not easy for him at all. Yet he did his very best to pursue Gemini which is such a memory unforgettable to him and his fans as his last farewell until he comes back to us again.

Do you remember how he cried on his last Gemini series? Do you know how painful it is for him to leave the stage even just for a while? We have witness it. Until a monster just came by to face him and his fans. Does he deserve this nightmare that even affected his own life, his career, his fans, his family and anyone connected to him?

We feel his pain because we know he doesn’t deserve this humiliation created by a nobody. This nightmare is all made up of lies and we know it. Are we going to let these LIES win? If not, then STOP believing in those lies that are meant to destroy him.

May I ask this question….

Do you love Kim Hyun Joong?  Then prove it……The best proof of love is TRUST.

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BUILDING PUZZLE



By: LazerKim


Some of you may have gone tired of reading about this nightmare, but I have to bear with it, I just know I have to do this while everything is still fresh in my mind, and to put this on recond in this site. I  just can’t give up!

I take this as food for the thoughts of letting my brain work while waiting and started disecting some statements left to us by both camps of Kim Hyun Joong and Choi. Care to join me in this puzzle?

My comment box is open as usual  to join me in this building puzzle! Thank you for always sharing with me your thoughts as I learn from you too! Here’s just my building puzzle…



Here I lay down the cards on Kim Hyun Joong’s camp that I want to emphasize on some relevant pointers:

KHJ’s statement through KE:

Yesterday (February 22) after the reports, Kim Hyun Joong attempted to contact Choi again to confirm the pregnancy, but was not able receive a response. Rumors of both families meeting and discussing marriage are groundless. Kim Hyun Joong stated that if Choi’s pregnancy is true, then he will be taking on the necessary responsibilities.     (News Source:allkopop)

KHJ’s parents statement:

“Our son said that if it’s true that she is pregnant, then that the baby is probably his. If he had been unsure about it then we might have suspected Miss Choi, but since he’s the one saying that, we of course believe [she’s pregnant]. He said he’ll take responsibility so we respected his decision. I told him, ‘If all this happens and you don’t get married then you’re going to be a bachelor with a kid.’ Hyun Joong told me he is ready to accept that as well. I think that whatever decision is made should be made for the baby, and I told my son the same.”

NOTE:     As Hyun Joong stated, he will take necessary responsibility IF the baby is his. Then saying that the baby is PROBABLY his. And with saying He’s prepared to be a bachelor with a kid, meaning he doesn’t have any intention of marrying her to begin with.

He admited they met up after the case was close, broke off and DENIED those wedding plans that Choi was bubbling about!   Whatever he may decide on it’s only for the child’s sake if indeed there’s a child, and if he is the father.


PUZZLE 2    (Doubtful)

Turn of events: (from Jan 3rd to Jan 17th)

1.3 – Choi realizes she’s pregnant

1.5 – Choi notified Kim Hyun Joong about pregnancy

1.6 – Kim Hyun Joong’s father meets with Choi, receives 3 ultrasound pictures

1.17 – Kim Hyun Joong’s parents show up for the hospital appointment, Miss Choi can’t be reached

NOTE:     Take a look at this dates and events, Hyun Joong left for Japan in Jan 9th. Choi notified him about the so-called pregnancy in Jan 5th. There was a gap of 3 days before he left for Japan, but it was his parents who met with Choi Jan 6th and showed those fake untra sound pictures with no name date whatsoever, just pictures.

I think Hyun Joong doubted that so-called pregnancy. Because if he’s convinced as Choi had been trying to show, he should have been there with her and have the necessary prenatal check up, just like any exited father to be! This is just my opinion!.


PUZZLE 3   (so-called reconciliation)

I don’t mean to discredit Hyun Joong here. But what I’m trying to show is that Hyun Joong doubted that so-called pregnancy right from the start.  From Choi’s statement, she said she met up with Hyun Joong being DRUNK!

Choi’s Statement:    Ms. Choi also stated that despite their initial breakup, Kim Hyun Joong sent her a birthday and flowers and showed up to see her drunk, resulting in a change of heart for her.

NOTE:    As we all know Hyun Joong doesn’t drink by himself and when he gets drunk, he just sleep! Whether something happened between them in Nov no one knows. Is he alone in meeting her? Maybe or maybe not!   But it’s clear from her statement he was drunk!

Is it possible that Hyun Joong even doubted if something really happened in Nov? I’m just asking!!

On the part of Hyun Joong, I think this case is short of saying “Damn if you do, damn if you don’t.” choose the lesser evil!  Are we having of the same thoughts? LOL


PUZZLE 4  (Text messages, cut and paste)

Those text messages from Choi appeared as if two morons were talking! Here’s one classic example of those text message:

November 30, 2014

K: I don’t think this is going to end well. I’ll take care of it myself now. You live the way you want.

C: Okay. Then let’s go our separate ways, and take no interest in each other.

K: Okay. Let’s go our separate ways. This is the end. (CUT AND PASTE) But why are the dogs in this neighborhood like this? I got angry, but I have no one to send these photos to. I thought about it and send them to you. It’s so funny.

NOTE:    In a conversation of breaking up is a serious matter to talk about and common sense dictates us “You don’t talk about DOGS while seriously talking about breaking up?”

Don’t you think Choi is making a fool of Hyun Joong out of this so-called text message?This is NOT the Kim Hyun Joong that I know! So how would you expect me to believe?


PUZZLE 5   (Breaking Up Nov 30)

Take a look at this statement from Choi. She said they were together in Nov until New Year spending the last 2 weeks of Nov in Jeju. Then later on she said they broke up after the trip in Jeju which I suppose in Nov. How can they be together until New Year if she said they broke off after their trip in Jeju in Nov? See the inconsistency?

She also shared that she decided to reunite with him in November of 2014, and they were together until the new year, spending the last two weeks of November on Jeju Island.

Ms. Choi also suggested that the reason she and Kim Hyun Joong broke up after their trip to Jeju Island was because he was seeing another woman. She stated that she found the woman’s items in his bag. 

NOTE:     She stated Hyun Joong is seeing another woman as the reason why they broke off. This statement at least is consistent because she had the same statement from Aug. nightmare and this Feb scandal.

Honestly, I sincerely hope the other woman is still around, I can’t imagine how painful this can be for her with what Choi had been doing to Hyun Joong!


PUZZLE 6   (Other agenda)

Reading from Choi’s text messages I only have one conclusion. Choi is making Hyun Joong look like stupid trying hard to prove Hyun Joong never doubted her pregnancy and is willing to marry her! Other than she’s trying to prove he has other agenda with her pertaining his case! Here’s that text:

January 10, 2015       (KHJ was already in Japan on this date)

K: Okay, I’ll marry you, but file a petition for me. Your husband is about to get a red line across his name. 

C: What are you talking about?

K: If I get fined like this, I’ll receive a red mark. If I’m found guilty, my agency says I’ll be considered a criminal.

NOTE:      In Dec.19th Japan news posted that Hyun Joong shall be hosting his Japan Tour concert series which is Gemini in Jan 2015. Therefore I may confirm he was off the hook from this assault case before he left for Japan in Jan 9th.

I don’t think this project would be confirmed and announced if he had not gotten his clearance from this case. Japan cannot accept an artist having a pending case in SK while performing in their country.I have been waiting for media to release that news, but they must have concealed that too! Until at later date that they announced Hyun Joong was cleared of this case.



I think Choi must be pretty scared that the truth was revealed by the Kims so she declared she needed PRIVACY!!! After spilling out the beans?? LOL

Feb 28th statement from Choi’s lawyer:

Ms. Choi’s lawyer stated, “It’s true that my client is pregnant. She’s currently 4 months pregnant. I can tell you that around the time the child was conceived, [she and Kim Hyun Joong] were always together.” He also revealed documents from a health center detailing medical examinations and pregnancy tests, confirming that Ms. Choi is indeed with child.

NOTE:    Unfortunately this final round was not able to convince the public of her so-called pregnancy! In Feb 22 Choi was on her 10-11 weeks pregnancy. In Feb. 28 she’s 16 week or 4 months pregnant! How did this so-called pregnancy jump from 10 to 16 weeks in just a matter of 6 days? Who would believe this?



If by this time Choi had taken those PT and DNA, knowing her character, don’t you think she should be out there to the media and announce her legitimate pregnancy IF this turns out Positive?  This should have been her chance to clear her name after those feasco over her lies, right?  Or if it turns out Negative she must be in hiding by this time!!

Why do we have this silence?  Well, knowing the Kims Family are private people knowing that if they talk again, surely Choi will be out there and bubbling with her lies again! So this will be endless! One thing is clear to me, she was never expecting the Kims would bring the truth to the media.

Let’s just say she’s pregnant, the question still remain, is Hyun Joong responsible for her so-called pregnancy? Remember there’s an 8 months gap from May as they 1st broke off, before she notified Hyun Joong about her so-called pregnancy in Jan.

May I just clear it up that DNA test can be taken during pregnancy thru non-invasive paternity testing thru blood sampling from parents. Here’s the link below for more info:

LINK: >>

If it’s Hyun Joong’s responsibility then fine, expect the unexpected disaster and we can’t do anything about it! It’s like a gun again pointing to his head!!

Just don’t marry her, for your sake, at least save your neck Kiddo! Till the next article!



Seeing the whole picture of this media play, may I conclude that Choi and her lawyer were busy proving that Hyun Joong was the father of this Choi’s so-called pregnancy instead of agreeing to the Kims to take the legit PT and DNA test, which is enough proof right from the start, then this case should have been over and done!

Knowing Hyun Joong is not the kind of person to set the record straight through legal actions, so Choi kept manipulating everyone! In this case it’s not being pregnant that is in question anymore, but how this pregnancy was brought out to the public which is such humiliation. And this has to stop that it will not be repeated by others.

I write what I think through this site which is my right to do so! Whether my readers agree with me or not, it doesn’t matter, I respect everyone’s opinion here! As I said earlier I just have to do this, and never give up!

I still wait for any news as I’m prepared to accept whatever the outcome of this behind close door silence as it may break one day, I hope sooner!

Thank you for reading, my comment box is now open anything goes as usual! Thank you for sharing your thoughts as a way of learning from one another!

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DIGGING ROOTS



By: LazerKim


These past days we have been concern with Kim Hyun Joong and still waiting hoping to hear news about him and development of this nightmare. We may be consumed with thoughts about Choi with hopes he would not end up with her which obviously a disaster! So I thought of digging down to this woman’s roots who is destroying Kim Hyun Joong. By the way at the age 31, is Choi still single??

At the comment box in my recent article some fans brought up Choi’s parents that reminded me that she has parents and actually mentioned during the Kims interview. (Thanks for reminding me, you know who you are!)

So I reviewed Kim Hyun Joong’s parents statement transcript. In Aug nightmare, many fans commented something like “This is a disgrace to her parents!!” I thought so too!! But is this thought justifiable? Let’s see…



In Aug nightmare as I was reading the text message from A or Choi, she called Hyun Joong as “Oppa” so I was thinking she’s younger than him. I have been asking myself, “Where are her parents to guide her?” I wonder why they change her age?? Hmm.. Anyway, here are questions I would like to share with you, that’s been ringing in my thoughts as follows:

1.) If you were a parent of Choi, would you tolerate your daughter to lie over a serious assault case accusation to a high profile star, to go to the media and present all those FAKE evidences? As the police stated there was NO substantial evidence to file a case.

2.) If you are a parent of Choi what would you advice her having a legit pregnancy problem based from her statement? On the contrary, what would you advice to your daughter IF the pregnancy is fake which I think they have the knowledge if ever?

3.) If you are a parent of Choi, would you still encourage your daughter to be married to Kim Hyun Joong after this embarassing scandal created by your daughter?

Be my guest at my comment box, as we all learn from you being a parent, a sister or family member.



As a parent would you like your daughter to be dragged by media creating scandal? As far as I know, parents are the first ones to protect their children just as much as they would protect their family NAME. Am I right?

First scandal:  (Aug 2014)

If my daughter has those bruises I would take her to the hospital as first instinct, and yes I would go the police to report. BUT WAIT, “as a parent can I talk to that person in private who did this to you?” I’m sure this is a natural reaction of parents having the knowledge about the so-called assault and be a mediator. It turned out the case was closed and  the police stated there was NO substantial evidence to file a case!

It was only when the Kims turned out to the media that her parents were mentioned. Therefore Choi’s parents has full knowledge of these Aug and Feb scandals. Am I right?

Second scandal:  (Feb 2015)

As a parent you knew that your daughter is pregnant, you met the parents of the man responsible for this, wouldn’t you encourage your daughter to take the legit test in their presence? Simply said “Honey take the test I’ll be right here with you and show them the baby is well.” I think this should be the first instinct a parent should react to. And knowing Choi is 31 matured enough to protect herself IF indeed the pregnancy is REAL???

Both Hyun Joong and Choi’s parents have met in the absence of Hyun Joong, Choi should have taken the test in the presence of both parents, but kept refusing. And the timing again in bringing this matter to the media is something to doubt about on her motive.



Pardon me for being blunt, but I’m asking myself now. What kind of parents do Choi has? Is she educated?  At her age 31 she should be a professional and should be considering her career, if she has?? Is she jobless to have time to go to the media? And where does she gets the money to support her lawyer? Hmm……I’m just curious!

Pardon me for saying, but I just find this soooo UGLY that made me ask this question. Is it possible that this is a conspiracy MAY BE involving even Choi’s parents? Is this possible? I wonder, does Choi’s parents have no control over her as their daughter regardless of her maturing age? And this is strange that gave me the biggest question mark on my mind!

As if something is not normal on how Choi’s parents should normally react as parent’s concern which for me is something strange. Well, we may not know what’s behind the scene???

BUT the fact she’s out there at the mdeia only goes to show her parents tolerated such action!! What could be the motive? Is it for money? I’m just asking!! Am I making sense? Is this the kind of woman you want for a daughter in law?

How was Kim Hyun Joong trapped in such a woman? Find out on my next article…



One day at the tweeter I ask this question “Are lies bound to win?” Some fans responded that “lies never win”, which I have the same belief that truth always prevail. As a child learning how to talk, our parents taught us to always be honest and NOT to lie which is BAD and as we grew up in maturity of life we teach the same to our kids.

In this scandal there are times I feel weary with the WHAT IF? which is assuming the negative or expecting the worst so it won’t be too painful as we face reality. But I keep this words in my mind LIES NEVER WIN.

In Aug nightmare, right from the very start as this scandal broke I knew all along it’s all made of lies. And I was right, Kim Hyun Joong was cleared from this case. Here comes another scandal, that I think even worst than the first one.

Then again in Feb 22, another set of fake evidences were presented as Mr. Kim had proven it. The text messages were made up “Cut and Paste”. Choi never learned!! LOL

Going back to my question earlier, Is Choi a disgrace to her parents?



I read this from a KHJ fan as she wrote…“This storm makes us closer to each other”  (Thanks for sharing, you know who you are!) I firmly believe in this statement.

We may be in such uncertain period of trial being KHJ fans, just like the Kim Family as they may be getting through a difficult situation. This trial is not given to us to test our weakness, but a test to our strength being in a one family with Kim Hyun Joong.

It is in this period that we unite as one to love, to share, to comfort one another and to hold tightly to our commitment bond with Kim Hyun Joong. Allow me again to leave you today with Kim Hyun Joong’s words as he stated…

“I did some things well and I also made mistakes, but I thank you sincerely for continuing to be tolerant of me, believing in and following me to this day”       Kim Hyun Joong 2011

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MONITORING COMMITMENT!



By: LazerKim


From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank my dear readers for your love and support in this blog site that I truly appreciate very much. Please do not worry I shall be keeping this site till the end whatever happens.

I’ll always be true to my words as I have mentioned in my old articles “A fan is always a fan be it in good or bad times” and this “You do not leave your idol on bad times when he needed you the most.”

The only thing that I cannot do is to make promises FOREVER since I do not believe in forever. I believe that if there’s a beginning then there’s also an ending to eveything in this world. This is my principle in life, neither would I make promises simply because we do not know what tomorrow would bring us. We just have to keep moving on, live by the day and be strong.. Again Thank you very much for your trust.



May I remind again to everyone here that everthing I write in this site are all my personal opinion and views, be it having a source or not, I speak my mind out through this blog site and had been doing this for 4 years exclusively for Kim Hyun Joong only. With hopes that I do not have to repeat myself every time I write! Got that Ms. Monitor? Thank you!

We have a new reader around and I’m glad to know the other camp is reading from here too! Geez this is good Hyun Joong reads from here and so with his enemies! Welcome to our humble home everyone!! If you don’t seem to like my writings, Ms. Monitor feel free to walk out, I don’t have any problem with that! BUT if I were you, I’ll stay and learn the truth!



I have read from some fans at tweeter that KHJ fans from SK were being threatened to be sued! How true is this? Though I have no personal knowledge about this, but I would believe so. If this tiny site was threatened to be sued with defamation what more with KHJ fans from SK?

But I can understand just like myself and every KHJ fan here, SK fans has nowhere to go to burst out their frustration except the tweeter where her co-fans are there who can understand each other. I can imagine their fear, that I can only wish this site would be able to reach them and let them know they have a home here to comfort them.

We all have to remain strong and keep in mind every individual has the right to speak out, speak their mind out, this is a free world. Every human is entitled to Freedom of Speech!

Whatever right the other camp has, we get the same right as human as simple as that! So stay strong, the more I’m being pushed to the wall the more I get persistent!

Ms Monitor we get the same right as you have ok? Ah! I warned you didn’t I? My readers are intelligent and matured individuals! Do you get that now? We are not just “fans”!



We have already established Choi’s personal reason as to why she was out there in the media that even gave me the impression media and Choi are truly a partner! Just my opinion! For Choi it may be personal yet my wild thoughts kept nagging me there’s something else behind her. If you remember the article Simply Defending, which I wrote the night this scandal broke, and I mentioned this to A…“how much were you being paid?

As time passes by, it’s becoming clearer to me that someone is behind this. It may just be speculation but did it ever cross your mind, the timing of Aug and Feb scandal both period when Hyun Joong was in Japan and gaining success? To his detractors this is painful unexpectedly despite of the 1st scandal his fans should have walked away from him but they didn’t! He even gained fans out of the nightmare! Just give me a little more time and we’ll find that out.

Now that his detractors failed in destroying him, so they started the demolition scheme on whoever is supporting him which is his loyal fans. LK here, present!! LOLThis now is very obvious to me since Ms. Monitor is here to see how we are!! Sit back and relax Ms Monitor you have so much to learn from here, who knows one day you’re already with us!!

In my opinion, his detractors are using Choi’s so-called pregnancy plot to bury Hyun Joong alive before his MS. So by the time he comes back from MS he would be pushed to resign! BUT Hyun Joong doesn’t have the right to resign without our approval! Remember at the Gemini last series the Time Capsule Commitment? We all know Hyun Joong never fails in his commitment. That says it all! Photo below! Isn’t he cute? He’s married to us! lol



Until at this time I haven’t convinced myself about the so-called Choi’s pregnancy. This is one reason why I posted an open letter to KE yesterday to clarify a legit test on her so-called pregnancy. We were left with statements from Hyun Joong’s parents that shed light to this matter, that proved Choi was indeed refusing to take necessary test.

For a briefer, Choi showed ultra sound pictures with no name, date not even medical info attached to the pictures. On Feb 28th Choi’s lawyer released another set of documents proving her pregnancy and stating she’s on her 16th week or 4 months pregnancy???

Again this statement raised so many questions not only from his fans but the public since a week prior to this statement, on Feb 22nd Choi stated she was 10-11 weeks pregnant!! Therefore info from Choi’s camp is totally unreliable. This is funny meant to fool us, the good lawyer forgot we are all women here reading from him not to know our birth cycle!!

May I emphasize once again that it is the right of Kim Hyun Joong and his parents to verify her so-called pregnancy. And since she kept refusing, this made his fans and the public doubted the so-called pregnancy. Followed by SILENCE….



Whether KE would respond to the open letter or not, it doesn’t matter for as long as we did something and informed KE the needs for KHJ fans to be clarified about this matter. I just took the chance for them to hear from us, I got nothing to lose in trying!

And I’m hoping for a better understanding that in SK Hyun Joong has only his agent to turn to as an access channel to his fans with a more credible information. And this was why I appealed for ceased fire on KE. Hyun Joong needs help from whoever he can trust near him, so let’s endure with KE for time being for Hyun Joong’s sake till everything resolves.

I believe we fans have a clean intention and with our prayers we can turn to, we’ll be able to surpass all of these in due time. As I have said this is a test of faith to all of us, as we endure this trial with Kim Hyun Joong. Allow me to I write this again for strength…

“There is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible when all the strength are combined together. So I sincerely believe that everything KHJ works hard for will come true to the degree that your fans collectively give that force and strength to you” (Quote fr Lee Sora 2011)

                     Let us all stay strong for Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks!

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By; LazerKim



Re: Appeal for Statement (Ms. Choi’s Pregnancy legit results)

I would like to appeal to your good office for clarification statement representing Kim Hyun Joong or anyone in his camp pertaining to the current situation as Kim Hyun Joong is involved in this scandal created by Ms. Choi.

It has been 3 weeks since the interview of Mr. and Mrs. Kim with the media was conducted and since then we have not heard any results on Ms. Choi’s pregnancy. I understand that this matter is Hyun Joong’s personal privacy, but since this matter is out in the public knowledge, therefore it’s no longer private.

Ms. Choi started this media play followed by an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Kim might as well put an end to this matter. After the interview with Hyun Joong’s parents, his fans were left with lingering doubtful thoughts if Ms. Choi is indeed pregnant or not. There are three questions that we need to know, to clear up the air. Here as follows:

1.) Is Ms. Choi legitimately pregnant?  Did she take the necessary Pregnancy Test in the presence of KHJ’s camp?

2.) Is Kim Hyun Joong responsible (if he’s the father) for the said legitimate pregnancy of Ms. Choi? Did she undergo the necessary DNA test in the presence of KHJ camp?

3.) Or is Ms. Choi in hiding and still refuse to take the tests until at this period?

I understand what Kim Hyun Joong is currently getting through with this matter but I do hope he would also consider his fans are waiting for results pertaining Ms. Choi’s pregnancy. I think it’s high time to finalize this episode for the sake of Kim Hyun Joong and his fans.

I believe to be responded to and to be cleared pertaining the above questions can shed peace to him and his fans, since we ONLY believe in Kim Hyun Joong’s statement. His fans has already been threatened so please bear with us, we need to be clarified about this Choi’s pregnancy matter.

Nothing change within KHJ fans as we shall continue supporting him whatever the results of this scandal may lead him to.

I’m sincerely hoping for your kind consideration and understanding pertaining to this request for statement from your good office.

Thank you, God bless…

Very truly yours,

LazerKim  (KHJ fan writer)

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