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By: LazerKim


I’m sure everyone here have read the latest show of Choi as she brought out nonsense text messages between her and Kim Hyun Joong! I’m getting tired of this freak show filled with her own lies again and nonsense fairy tale love story that gave me a total headache! I feel like I’m reading from two morons talking with each other!

The first trash news posted on Feb.22 with loop holes, the media and Choi realized, “ah this is unbelievable!” So they released another post which was Choi’s fake text messages, again with so many loop holes, and another that post “KHJ threatened to kill me” The media and Choi are really best of friends!! LOL

If you noticed the more Choi opens her mouth the more illogical lies and stories are coming out. So I urge her to talk some more, in the next few days the truth will be revealed from her own lying mouth. This is a real circus!! Oh but beware! She will never expose herself to the public so beware of those photos claiming to be her, she knows she’s being hunted by Hyun Joong’s fans.

From day 1 of this nightmare in Aug, I have only one conclusion about her, that someone big hired her to deliberately seduced and to destroy Kim Hyun Joong. Unfortunately Hyun Joong fell in her trap and that is why we have this endless freak show with Choi. I still have that wild thought lingering in my mind as I wrote in my article in Aug.! But I’ll discuss this some other time, I still need to dig in further on more info.



I can sense something is just not right somewhere, having the question “Why did Hyun Joong went back to her after the case closure?”  So I reviewed the nightmare in Aug. that led me to this impression…..

Is Hyun Joong being blackmailed all along from the first nightmare in Aug. 2014 until now?

Seeing her again after case closure may be another mistake he took in his hands BUT I think he was being ill-advised back in Sept. to meet Choi again. Remember he was being left alone and a lawyer was just at his side and Choi’s lawyer stated this in Sept. 2014…

“Our current stance is that he needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration. We will take action as needed. Our biggest goal is to reveal the truth, and for that to happen, he must admit, apologize, and reflect.”  ( Doesn’t  this seem like a threat? I’m just asking!!) Fr article Scandal Diary

I think it’s not only admitting to assault that Choi wanted that time but a reconciliation with Hyun Joong. Remember, Hyun Joong was breaking off the relationship in May 30 that turned Choi ballistic and filed the assault case? I think this was an agreement placed by Choi to reconcile with her or she’ll be out there for another bomb shell ready to explode. Later in Jan 2015 before Hyun Joong went to Japan they broke off again, so Choi made up this so-called pregnancy and rushed to the media again!! This is how I analyze it.

I was reviewing the nightmare in Aug. that led me to the impression, he’s being blackmailed, and this could be the reason why Choi can easily manipulate on him?  I’m sorry but no matter how I analyzed everything I just don’t think there’s love in between them, if I recall WT and Gemini since I was there in both series BTS. All I can say is……… If a man loves a woman why would he break off with her twice?

Pregnancy is a way for Choi to tie him down again knowing he love kids and would surely damp him to the quick sand! Just my wild thoughts though, but this matter really kept nagging my mind as to why did he went back to her? Because he is being blackmailed.

Choi definitely is not happy whenever Hyun Joong is in Japan and going home with huge success!  WHY???  Because someone else is behind her and is not happy either…



Allow me to speak out my mind further on what I still want to say to him that’s been in my mind since the first nightmare concluded in Sept. I think Hyun Joong has to clear his name.

How I wish he could leave even just a personal recorded video and spill out the true story of the nightmare before he leaves for MS and post it when he gets inside MS..

It’s his personal life, I know. But precisely so, it’s his personal life which had been in private for 10 years, now it’s out there being dragged by a green monster. It’s his choice though, I’m merely wishing he would. So that we can do our homework in defending him while in he’s in MS and prepare for his home coming on stage all clean. We got to help him

If he cannot clear himself in his favor, how I wish he would do it for his fans sake peace of mind. Otherwise this will really mark on him forever and may backfire even in his personal future. I’ll discuss this some other time in another page.

It’s only Hyun Joong who truly holds the truth that I hope he can bring it out. SPEAK UP!! as many of his fans has been silently screaming in their mind, count me in! And if he does this I just wish he would STOP protecting her because it’s not doing any good to him. My mind is screaming this statement….

Speak up! Have mercy on yourself! And have mercy on your fans, they are no longer teens who can keep up with stress like this!!

Let’s continue being alert with whatever is happening around. We cannot allow Hyun Joong’s name being dragged to the drain without a fight!

Let us continue with our daily prayers for ourselves and for Kim Hyun Joong, that we would be able to surpass all of these trials soon….

               An Alien family that prays together stays forever in one Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

BREAKING NEWS:  re: KHJ’s parents interview


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  1. I think we are still too invasive , in every interview he said that he never will reveal the identity of his girlfriend only if he marry her . I know now is different but this is him . My head and my heart are too disturbed for what this evil creature make to him , but still it is the possibility to marry her if there is a child . Let’s hope to him to be happy whatever the choice he make and God bless him and his parents

  2. Estoy de acuerdo, ojala y el grabara la verdad y la diera a conocer antes de enetrar al SM y dejar claro que fue lo que paso

  3. LazerKim:’ I just don’t think there’s love in between them.’ . Totally agree with you.
    I also agree with your theory that he has been blackmailed or threatened, meeting up with A might be part of the deal.
    I, like most of Henecia of course do hope dearly that HJ will speak up. But since he might be blackmailed, he might have his difficulties of not doing so.
    However, this time we have witnessed HJ is more firm than last time, claiming (1) he will take responsibilities IF (a big if) he is the father (2) No marriage was discussed .
    As long A is not taking the pregnancy test, it is not an easy task to rebut A’s claims. Furthermore it will give A more bullets to kill, the circus will never end.

  4. Hi everyone,
    Thank you so much LK for everything you have done for us and HJ.

    We are tiring isn;t it with all this mess. Let relax our hearts and minds a bit.

    What’s going to happen just be ready to accept it and let go of it. I think probably hyun Joong have never listened to anyone before. That’s why he faces with this disaster today. i believe friends and people close to him if they knew this Choi they probably already said something about it. Hyun Joong probably only believed in himself in his own judgement May be he needs big lesson to become wiser. I read a commentator in the other thread said that may be this is GOD way to save him from greater danger. I like to think it that’s way too.

    Whether this woman is used by someone big behind it or not . She can’t get away from her wrong doing by create this situation. It is her decision to do this. She must have a certain heart and mind to be able to do evil thing to hurt others this much especially HJ’s parents. We can just only hope it will not work her way since we have seen the evil in her what she expect probably will not good to anyone accept her.

    I will continue to support HJ whatever it comes . i only hope he will not make the third mistake . I don’t know whether I can handle it. The first and second we can say he was naive but the third means he is really truly stupid for real.

    To Hyun Joong Please love yourselves more and realizes your own value. You are a precious and a very special person to many lifes not only your mom and dad. you must remember in your heart and should never forget. If you do not realize your own value no one would. Never never blame yourselves for anything that already happened. Mistake will benefit only when you learn from it Everyone make a mistake everyday. Please be strong, be clam and be confident . Your fans have always been behind you. We respect you and always believe in you.

    God bless you.

  5. I’ve read in allkpoop, that Choi through his lawyer said that some of KHJ’s parent statement in their interview is UNTRUE. This is what the lawyer said;-

    He continued, “Ms. Choi relayed her stance on the pregnancy to Kim Hyun Joong multiple times already. She sent a sufficient amount of documents, as well. We no longer have anything to say on this; we merely find the opposing party’s claims to be a shame. There are also parts that Ms. Choi cannot unveil because of her right to privacy. Both sides need to meet and figure things out through conversation. This is the time when an honest conversation is necessary.”

    This is funny. She claims she can’t reveal other proves due to her right of privacy. ( privacy huh! )

    How dare you accuse his parent a LIAR and SHAMEFUL people!! SO disrespectful!! Just get lost from their life B****!

    Then the lawyer surprisingly urged both side to just meet and figure out the things through conversation?! ( why? coz afraid ur dirty job would be revealed? are u claim yourself, Ok, I lost!? )


  6. Lazer kim I read somewhere that Ms.Choi’s lawyer Sun Jong Moon works for KeyEast, can you confirm that because that would be a conflict of interest. This is getting really strange. Like I said before KHJ you can win this. “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”

    • Hello Ivis! I think Sun Jong Moon is not a company lawyer of KE he caters legal service to SM, JYP, AM, KE. he’s a free lancer. But that is not the lawyer who handled HJ’s case in 2014. So he has different lawyer.

      • I wonder if HJ has appointed his own lawyer and come up with something like SUE HER?

        Errrmmm….but i bet he wouldn’t sue the girl who might has his baby in her womb. This is indeed complicated. Most and formost they must confirm that the baby is HIS.

        Errrmmm…but in order to confirm that he must file a petition through a court to get her DNA test since she insisted not to do so.

        Complicated indeed…..o^O

  7. That is my prayer too Lazer Kim…I want him to speak…So that once in for all…we can know his side and the real battle with the girl evil doing……right now I’m still waiting for his side although I was very happy for this parents love to him.Hope my #BESTSMILE ..HENECIANS will hear you…..

  8. Dear hyunjoong-ssi,

    First & foremost, do take care of yourself & not let yourself fall in despair, alright love?
    Second ~ dear love, do listen to wiser counsel, especially from your parents & those who love u most.
    Last but certainly not the least, always pray to the God AlMighty because He is always there for us.

    Never lose hope, dear love.
    Your family, friends & fans are steadfast in their love & support for u…

  9. Personally l prefer him silence now, because she is sinking alone,
    1 an older girl so, not credible to be inocent,
    2,l dont read many haters as happend in sep, oct, jan.and they request her to go to hospital
    3,she falls saying many lies herself, ofended that KHJ Parents worried she is a drinker and she shows a mesage where khj said ‘ be sure to eat well, keep warmly, and DONT DRI NK he knows her well.
    4. People start to be tired of her actions going to bad media
    5 the ms are not good for her, they only prove his statements to take responsibility and his worríes for not seeing his baby grow.
    6, his ms are kind, not rude, full of worries
    7, her responses are trying to get from him saying something bad,
    8, her lawyer is using dirty actions
    Just let her to be stupid to lose the suport that she gain in the previos scandal
    Silence leads him to show clase.

    • I actually agree at this point. His words get twisted by the media anyway. I just was baffled when his parents said he had the text messages too but needed to ask that woman’s permission to release them. She had already released not him so he didn’t need her permission. I suppose it is to show her some kind of respect but respect should go both ways and she already called his parents liars. She has no respect for anyone. I realized though that I want him to defend himself because of my selfish need to get the hate to stop but that isn’t going to happen. You are right that we have to be patient because she is talking out of both ends and some people are slowly catching on. Still there is so much hate he is getting and it infuriates me. But that is my problem not Hyun Joong’s. He will do what is best for himself and his family… I hope.

    • ‘Personally l prefer him silence now, because she is sinking alone,………….Just let her to be stupid to lose the suport that she gain in the previos scandal’

  10. some one on comments posted something wonderful. commentator wrote since choi admitted that her friend revealed it to media abt her pregnancy & possible marriage. that means choi had intentions to marry him, that is why her friend revealed to media abt baby & marriage through choi. later choi said to dispatch that she doesn’t want marriage & can raise baby all by herself, which is a contradicting statement & complete lie. choi is lying to pubic, she wants to marry KHJ but she keeps turning story to make her look pitiful in public’s eyes.

    also people are anticipating her to release a statement saying she lost baby bcus of media pressure & continue more drama. but in first place, this whole drama started from her.

    • Right on the spot…inspite of what she is declaring she is dying for Hj to marry her. Most probably he said no to marriage so she went rampant in destroying him again….what a freak?! and added the pregnancy….what is baffling why Hj will even talk with such low life after all the drama circus she created last year in Aug2014. I find hard to believe he has some feelings for someone soo sick in her mind. Don’t believe he is stupid, he may make mistakes, but not stupid.
      Scary obsessive bitch…what is not mine it should not be to someone else.
      Go to hell choi psycho and stay there:)

      • Love is blind dear Noya….HJ said once back then, when he loves someone he will love wholeheartedly…history has spoke abt how stupid man can be when they deal with woman they love so much….Gosh, I cringed myself when i said this abt HJ coz me also didn’t believe that HJ would love a woman so much like this….I hope what i said here is not true at all….but if its true, it shows how love can make men become so weak…

        • I hope and believe is not the case here…he suffered enough, we all could see it.
          Never eat where you spit they say.
          I sitll hold Hj as an intelligent person, very stubborn true, but not stupid!
          He is too creative and have a bohemian heart, but not stupid.

          • ‘I find hard to believe he has some feelings for someone so sick in her mind. Don’t believe he is stupid, he may make mistakes, but not stupid.’
            I am glad since I have some Henecia I know believe that HJ was making the same mistake twice.

        • People who once loved someone wholeheartedly also can stop loving completely without knowing too. Love needs to be nortured with respect and trust without these two elements before you know love will eventually dry out .

      • yes can’t agree more, HJ is not stupid and would not make the same mistake twice. Therefore it is heartbreaking to hear quite a number of Henecia complained about his stupidity……………

        • I can’t help but think he was truly stupid to trust a wrong woman and made mistake twice.
          Hopefully he will learn this time after seeing his parents was dragged to deal with her tricks.

  11. i think i know why khj silent..if he speak up, then this story will continue public and media can easily manipulate his words and become worst..good move khj..discuss privately within family..we will always love u..nothing to prove to the haters..we will always be with u..

    • ‘i think i know why khj silent..if he speak up, then this story will continue public and media can easily manipulate his words and become worst..good move’

      Yes, HJ acted wisely. First he claimed responsibilities ONLY IF he’s the father. He also rebutted that no marriage was discussed. Finally, his father said A has edited and manipulated the messages. This indicates that A lies.
      These are very important rebut providing A refused to take pregnancy tes.

  12. d pregnant is about 10 weeks..but the girl said she can felt baby kick and can be seen via ultrasound..hmmmm…so fast..really..susp..

  13. Please, if you are a fan of HJ, do not touch this girl or send any type of messages to her. You will be causing more pain and problems for the one you are trying to protect and his family.

    • I totally agree with you. For my part I’ve seen this kind of information but have not released anything since it is only a rumor that some fans rose to Twitter.
      I think this kind of information should be handled more carefully and seriously and not as a result of looking for a culprit, even if it is nothing confirmed.

    • Also, as you can see the more she talks the more she people are seeing her as someone evil. Now, she has called his parents liars. It will not take long for this story to die down and she will have to come up with something else, and this is went everything will blow up in her face. People are getting tired of the back and forward, mostly created by her. Let us just keep praying. Ms. Lazarkim, rest a while and see what she will try to creat. You have done an excellent job from the start and the finising line is close at hand. God bless you.

    • Yes, u are right. Any action to find her and try to warn her or even catch her is definately wrong and it will cause some more pain to HJ and his family. I agree absolutely that such actions are unacceptable.

      But to the extend of this mess, its a normal, people so curious abt her and will trying to know her at least acknowlege her face. I hope none of us especially fans in SK try to do stupid thing like send her message or threaten her. Really hope so.

      As for me, am already curious abt her since 2014 incident started bcoz I have seen quite sometimes this suspicious woman around HJ in his fancams. I just hope Henecians doesn’t do things beyond their limit.

      • Dear Atiq
        Yes, I must say that I find rather curious with all this, how has well said RECOGNIZE his face.
        Nor do I have intentions to do something against it, I agree that all that can harm more KHJ.
        I have personally witnessed the alleged girl alone in a fancam 2013, have not seen more material on it.
        There will be shaped to send me some other fancamn out where her? But internally, so that they are not disclosed and not susceptible to misuse.
        Is that really have a lot of curiosity. : /

  14. Khjisdaring
    Letter to HJ and his parents, a global action!

    Here is the appeal from the Facebook Unbreakable Heneicia:
    “Hello everyone,
    After reading Kim Hyun Joong’s parents’ interview and feeling their pain and anguish, it was decided to send a letter of support to HJ and his parents…below is the letter we came up with…if you agree with it, please like and add your nationality in the comments…if you have any comments, please leave them below…since we want this letter to be sent from the whole of the Henecia family and is addressed as such, your names and nationalities will be added to the letter so KHJ and his family will feel the global support…you will have till Sunday noon, Korean Time, to leave your likes and nationalities…”

    Join this action and show our support to HJ and his families!
    Deadline : Sunday noon, Korean time
    Spread this news!

    And the link is

  15. I’ve seen on twitter, walking and circulating the full name of the woman, and insist that it is the girl with the fancam.
    I really can not get much information on where girls twitter, if not it is real.

    According to these girls, shortly after these fancam, fans wondered who was this girl and a time after his name was revealed, which coincides Choi’s last name.
    Someone manages more information?

    It would be a shame they started divulagar that fancam girl is this woman that we all hate, and then not actually doing it.

    • Ahh…circulating so-called photo of her is bit too much. What if she is not the one and the girl in the photo come to sue fans? Is it possible? afraid things going out of control bcoz some fans must be really angry with this Choi and do stupid thing especially young fans. sigh….

  16. #Ms.Choi
    What on the earth is she really upto??
    From the moment i read of this issue, all my mind is filled with is just 2 questions..
    1. If she is pregnant, she should tell that to hyun joong oppa, and both families sit together and plan their future..
    But why on the earth is she bringing media in between them.. Is it a mode to communicate with the father of her child???
    2. Is she is not at all intended to marry hyun joong oppa, and she wants to bring up her child alone, then she need not have to inform hyun joong oppa either that she is pregnant.. She could have done that by her own, somewhere silently..
    What is she really planning to do???
    Destroy our precious one???
    Ms.Choi or what-so-ever, if your feelings for oppa is true, stop everything right now, talk to him and his parents directly and settle the issue.. And let him to be in peace for the next two years of military service.. And help him make a proper come-back which was supposed to happen..
    If you are here just to spoil his name and fame, back off right now..
    Because he is not so weak and helpless as you think, he has a very big family of fans, who stands by his side no matter what, and protect him till the last..
    Oppa.. Stay strong.. and fighting!!!
    Sarangeya oppa…

    • I think when they broke, and knowing how HJ is very gentleman, she wanted revenge with huge lies to destroy his career and lost his fans. This is just the opposite happened: he won very loyal fans and made a triumphal tour in Japan. Furious, she is now trying to push him to suicide by accusing HJ and his family with increasingly huge lies.

  17. yes I agree with every word LK said Hyun Joong pleazzzzzzzz speak up I beg you I beg you don’t protect her pleaszzzzz, when I heard about this news I was really hurt I can’t imagine how you must be feeling now so pleazzzz you need to put an end to this yourself so pleazzzzzz speak up I beg you.

  18. Dear KHJ,
    If you read…
    Important thing you might need to do is STOP blaming yourself and try to clear your mind , rest well and eat healthy. You need to charge your body and mind to be ready. Spend more quiet time to yourself to think carefully, be with your parents, stay in touch with your boss.Let the evil bark until she has no voice.Open your eye to see the others person point of view ,your parents , your close friends, your fans. You will see everything more clearly. I wish you can fight through.
    Always be wish you
    God blessed

    • ‘HJ Stop blaming yourself ‘ well said. He has had more than enough blame, both from the public and even from some of his fans.

  19. I love this page bcus I agree with all KHJ fans, he needs to sue Ms.choi for defamation. all KHJ haters can die in their own hate.

  20. Maybe my opinion is a little bit different here. I don’t really need to hear HJ’s story or explanation. I would like him to take legal action against her and the lawyer for defamation as soon as
    possible. They need to be punished for what they did.

  21. I think we have to give HJ sometimes to clear up himself first. He has messed up the thing, he embarasses, he confuses and the worse he has dragged his parent into this crazy mess. I hope anybody who close to him can advise him wisely. Especially people who we always see in his life like his managers, his coordy noonas, hyung dancers or even BYJ maybe. Hope they persuade him, give him strength, let him calm and push him up to stand up tall, dare to face all those people who try to make him down. Tell ur side of story. Give a damn to all who hates you. We are here Hyunjoong, will support u, care for u and love u always ever.

  22. Dear LK I have read all your post and didnt comment as usual on the last two because I am so fed up with all of this, so this probably will be may my last two cents, maybe because your writing always compels me to answer, so here it goes,

    Kim Hyun Joong SPEAK UP! I agree with you about not approaching the unethical Korean media, so with your agency, not KE that has approved again dont give a Fu** about you but the Japanese one and give an interview to a Japanese outlet.
    Yes JAPANESE you owe it to your fairhful fans. Have you heard if skype? Just saying. But be preapare to bear your soul. We need the truth. We need it from your lips. We do not need Korean so called journalists twisting and interpreting we need a professional to report your side,
    You have to tell all. Yes all, no privacy issues because there are none. Your dignity has been trampled so to recover it you must tell it all.
    About your father, please let him know that I admire and deeply respect him. He is the only one who has shown respect, common sense and dignity. Your silence has allow that his name be thrown into the mud. Mr Kim as a mother I understand your pain.

    • Of he goes to Japan just to make his statement he will be accsused as coward, I don’t think that should be doing even we know thats the support from there is still strong but this situation now is clearly different.He has to face SK community in order to make it right back to the way it should be. He has to stop this lunatic once and for all by himself.

    • Like the idea of not going to a Korean outlet because they probably will not air the comple message plus the are not deserving. His video message is the best way. Please bring some peace to your family. Please do not leave for your MS and have your parents in this state. Thank you

    • Hear Hear …..YES HJ SPEAK UP. Yoli you are sooo right…Japan has been good to HJ there they will not twist his words will let him say his part properly and they will have a real Translation. In SK they are so biased. HJ you are NOT alone we are with you all the way, your family and friends and loved ones go Clear your NAME!! 🙂

    • Totally agree… he needs to clear his name before he leaves for MS. Todays news was heartbreaking, if his parents are suffering like this, I cant imagine what state he is in. I’ve felt sick with worry all day 😦
      Clear your name, Hyun Joong!
      People will listen now.
      Suing her at this point, may not be wise (as she claims to be carrying his baby) ….but, forgiving her…..I hope not. After all she has put him and his family through…the way she disrespected his parents….just, no.

    • Forgive me of having another opinion.
      I think it is not appropriate for HJ to deny her pregnancy by telling the public that he did not have sex with A between this period and that period.
      First of all, this will be his own version that cannot be proved. The best way to prove his innocence is to demand the pregnancy test.
      Secondly, if the denial will achieve nothing then that is no point to share this kind of information to the public. If I were HJ, I would not tell as well, this is my privacy.

      HJ’s response and how his handling of this is much better than 22/8, in my view.

  23. With a smile(sorry some mitakes in typing,court not cult,just aggitated)i wish hyun joong would fully embrace God And his word closely.whoever it is that is working secretly with that witch will definately pay a heavy price,there is no way he will get married to that madhouse,for me i will never ever stop praying for khj cause his existence is such a huge gift God gave me,he has taught me a lot in life,after God,my Parents,siblings,hyun na is my greatest treasure,you have to pray,eat,discuss with family,friends and fans,that lady never and will never deserve ur love and respect,take very good care of urself cause we can’t afford for you to get sick,love u.

  24. Am crying after reading the interview with his parents,they are hurt and if they are like this then its more for its clear that the madhouse nevert loved hyun joong she is out to hurt him both professional and personal.for hyun joong parents to be like this, i advise that she knows now that serious downfall is waiting fort her,just like judas,someone was to betray Jesus But Woe To that person.a fathert or mother’s pain bothers the child a lot.i honestly dont think hyun joong wasd blackmailed his biggesty mistake was what he felt for her but be assured that it will be the last that is why she is dragging it on.our prince had made his big mistake in life,we should let him heal.there is nothing for him to clear,we need to shower him with love,cause at of all he is the one in more pain.if we set aside how we feel and smile alot for him he will always smile back.hyun joong right now has a crucial thing to do than to go to cult cause truth be told God acts more efficiently,TALK TO GOD,we must send him off

  25. I don’t believe Hyun Joong is being blackmailed. To say that gives the impression he did something wrong and has something to hide. He told the truth. He can’t stop the media from twisting his words and putting their own biased interpretation onto the situation. They are still doing it by claiming he was fined for assault which is not true and that he admitted to dating this woman for 2 years and apologized to fans because he lied about it, which is also not true. They just will not print the truth.

    I am getting so frustrated with Hyun Joong’s obssessive need to protect this woman! Why does he feel he needs her permission to release those texts!! Good gosh release them and show that she is a liar and manipulator! Sorry to say but I feel and have always felt Hyun Joong has a skewed view of what a real relationship is because of things he has said in past interviews. Falling in love at first sight otherwise he gets disappointed as he gets to know someone, won’t say how he really feels so he pretends not to care, and being “all in” and doing everything for the girl no matter what are just a few of them. That is not how a real relationship begins, develops, and grows. I really hope he figures out that love and respect are mutually exclusive in a relationship. You can’t have one without the other and it has to be on both sides. This woman has neither. She is vindictive and vengeful. He better wise up and start speaking out instead of feeling this warped sense of nobility to protect this nutty woman. I honestly fear for his well being and the well being if his baby, well if there is one. Glad his family finally spoke out.

    Also no matter how angry we get we must not wish real harm on this woman. She may be carrying his child and we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen. We can wish that Hyun Joong gets justice and that this woman’s lies are exposed but let’s not stoop to her level. I think she honestly needs some mental help but if this is just the kind of person she has chosen to be, well then, what goes around comes around and she will get hers eventually, one way or another.

    • Dear Allie and LK ,

      I am of same opinion as LK that HJ was blackmailed by the psycho back then when all started, I had the same feeling that he was protecting something or someone very dear from that freak that he didn’t want to put all laundry out also he was in the middle of his WT and could not really take action properly.

      Otherwise I am sure Hj could have wipped the floor with her because I am sure that he had witness that he didn’t attack her on the day he departed to Japan, most probably his team was with him preparing to travel. Hj most probably didn’t want other people involved in this, hence the silence. And then all got out of proportion by SK media and haters.

      I also believe Hj side, he was always consistent on what he said from the begining that he knew her for 2 years but went out with her only from April 2014 till end May 2014. He never said otherwise and stayed firm in his statement.

      I also find it hard to believe that Hj will have fallen for this kind of woman, to cheap. Maybe for him was just an affair and nothing serious…..for her it was most probably the chance of a lifetime to catch a Goldfish…

      If he met with her after the nightmare, maybe she stalked him…., followed him after all the freak knows where he lives.

      I feel for his parents, their pain and for Hj, she insulted Hj and HJ Family and KE making all liers, when the one who is continually lying is the psycho.

      Re Hj’s Dad text msgs, I think Dad was referring to texts He (not HJ) exchanged with the freak and as any decent normal person will do, was asking her permission to show the truth.

      This bitch is so inconsistent in what she is saying that as Hj’s Dad said that she is having a drinking problmem but I won’t be surprised if she is not on drugs as well she is too erratic in her behaviour. But for sure mental patient. I hope by God she is not pregnant.

      Yes HJ is about time to SPEAK UP, clear the waters too much pain for your family and all around you to much hurt. It is about time to get rid of the trash from your life and move on.

      We will be with you always! 🙂

      • I suppose he could have been protecting someone else and she is using that against him, but that is hard for me to believe too. What could anyone, that he feels the need to protect so strongly and is so close to, have done that justifies him being crucified like this? This is his life and career that is being destroyed. I just don’t see anyone that close to Hyun Joong ever allowing that to happen and I do not believe for a second she has anything on him personally. As I said blackmail implies he is hiding something bad that he did wrong and I don’t believe that. Although thinking about it he is still protecting this nutty woman even after everything that happened so maybe “the protecting someone else” theory may not be a stretch after all. Whatever is going on the one thing that has remained consistent is his version of what happened. People can gripe all day about how wrong they think it is for a man to get physical in any way with a woman in a fight no matter the circumstances but their argument is only valid if it is based on the truth. If they want to be judgmental and condemn someone for something they were not there to witness I can’t stop them but these people might want to consider getting off their judgmental high horses and remember that people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

        Anyway, I feel bad for his family and it is obvious they are very concerned for him. All we can hope for is the whole truth to be revealed and pray that he and his family have enough support to get through this.

  26. Read the article on hyun joong parents interview… M heartbroken…. Heartbroken that hyun joong and his family has to go through this nonsense.. Even as a fan… We are feeling heartache for hyun joong… What’s more the parents… What makes even more sad when the mom says the poor son dare not even step a foot out from the house…
    Since the last incident we know how the media has been unfair to hyun joong… We are not fools or blind… We don’t need the media to tell us what type a person he is… Only fools believe whatever they read or idiots that can’t wait to see him fail..
    My only wish is for this nightmare to just end… Though I do not understand why hyun joong went back to that woman who once tried to destroy him… I’m not here to judge him… I too wish he can come out and speak out … What ever the outcome may be… Those that are your true fans will still stand by you..

  27. We’ll said!!!

    And I agree with you 100%. Kim Hyun Joong, should tell the side of his story. KHJ, You have to speak up. Is this something that go against the Korean culture? Just shed some light to what is happening to you not to public but to the us your fans who loves you. The fans never failed to show you love, it was proven during your last concert series in Japan. Trust us and we will do the rest. We will fight this with you…

  28. I am happy and sad at the same time, sad that the entire family is suffering and happy that they finally came out and spoke. I firmly believe that people do not relies that there are other people involved in any given situation, and sometimes you have to show that other human Side. Some people think this is a game, but everything you have said or do in this world to harm others you will not go unpunished. For those who do not have children and your written words have cause this family pain just wait. To the parents and other family members be encouage God is still ever present, and I have experienced similar pain and if He brought me through He will do the same for you. Keep praying and never give up for you are great parents, just keep surrounding him and we will too. Love in Him, our Lord and Savior. Small prayer, Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.

  29. How it feels to be khj’s mother? “Words are not enough to describe how painful it is” i hear mrs kim…if my son would be in the same situation i don’t know how will i take it.

    mrs kim was right ms choi is murdering the whole family and specifically the baby…anyway i don’t care anymore about what she wants to inflict.i just pray for the whole family of khjssi..

    Hold on henecia, just keep on praying and support khj.. remember we are one for our only one…

  30. I dont think he is being blackmail, if this is true what on earth he still want to see her after what she did to him in August 2014. he willingly meet her inspite all the accusation she claimed he assaulted her last August 2014. I read in the korean news that the assault case he was fined 5 million won just this January 2015 in one of the case filled by this girl afrer the prosecutor reviewed the case.

    Can KHJ figure it out that something wrong with this girl. Why he still continue to communicate and see her inspite of all she did to him.
    This is fatal attraction or obsession and if he thinks this girl will be ok as long as he continue to be friends with him his wrong.

    im not sure if Im correct but KhJ admitted he had several girlfriends before that he never mention the name including this girl but we never heared any bad thing his other girlfriend did to get back to him.

    i have my own opinion who was his previous girlfriends at least 4 belong to the idols girls group. One was already married just last DEc 2014. she hinted inmne of the singing variety show that she had relationship with him. The 2 belong to the same girl group but the older idol they broke up around 2009. The other younger idol I suspect they dated around 2011 and early 2012 and broke up. I have a strong feeling this is the girl because I saw a picture and article about this girl idol showing her bruises at the time on August 2014.

    One of his Rumored girlfriend is also a member of a girl group and they had a tv show and saw some article and picture of them together. They both said they would never admit or mention the name of her boyfriend in public.

    About the older girlfriend mentioned by his co actor in Barefoot friends show I suspect she’s a popular TV celebrety and actress. On all tv show rhat she had before they always asked her about him but she always denied and even KHJ. she mentioned that she would also never tell who is her boyfriend to avoid the many anti fans. KHJ hinted about her in one tv show around 2010 and 2011 that he dated this celebrity actress.

    This celebrety actress said before they stop communicating and she mentioned last DEC 2014 that she broke up with her boyfriend last 2013. I read in her fb that she mentioned something that she had less stress in her life since a certain friend of her was gone in her life.

    MY strong suspicion who is KHJ girlfriend who is doing this is the dancer in his music video or the other member of the famous girl group. Its only my opinion and correct me if Im wrong.
    Hope and pray KHJ will learn his lesson about this girl.

      • to Allie my mentioning who I think is KHj girlfriend Im just answering one of the comment made by one of the fan of KHJ who think maybe the older girfriend he mentioned in his previous show The Barefoot Friends Ep 9 is this girl Choi.

        I just voice my opinion who I think was his previous girlfriends was. I base it on the many show I saw that they mentioned him. About the older woman I just mentioned her because she was also a tv actress and singer and she was always asked about her relationship with KHJ in the past. He mentioned it on one variety show and described her personality that everybody can tell who she is.

        she denied any relationship with him but she said before that she never tell even before who his boyfriend because of the anti fans. Not only her but the other girl linked to KHJ also mentioned that never she will also mentionwho her boyfriend was.

        I only mentioned who I think his previous girlfriends and who I think is this Choi.
        all the rumored previous girlfriends they are all fine with me except for this one Idol who I have a strong feeling that she is choi. I saw a picture and article about her with bruises all over her thigh and leegs at the same time the assault scandal came out last August 2014 and they mentioned his name.

        The other girfriend that was rumored to be KHJ girfriend is the dancer of his music video I dont know her age but It looked like his older than him.

        I can feel how hurt his parent right now and how much they suffered because of this and as one of his fan he should talk and tell the real story. Its a big puzzle to me why his protecting her and still communicate and meet her. Some people might get the wrong idea that she blackmail him of something thats why he keep silent.

        I understand his parent if its true that they went to see her in the hospital but she was not there because of their concern for the baby.

        • Can u just say the name? Its confusing.Do u mean his used to be gf are LHR, HB or UE?? Nahh…atress tv and singer..?! Who else? I don’t think idol would do crazy thing like this. Otherwise her face would already on screen and media internet.Well, thinking so hard abt who this lunatic just make our mind tiring. Just forget it and pray one day we will be given a chance by GOD to see exactly who she is.

    • I don’t understand what is the relevant to mention abt his previous girlfriends that he has before. This is the first time i read abt it in full detail. Anyway i don’t think we fans bother abt his old girlfriends. They just might be friend with him. Even Jessica used to hve a drink with him sometimes since they live near each other block. So, its normal idols befriending with idols coz only idols know how their idol’s world is. And to be honest i prefer they get married to each other since they live in the same world. Look at what happened when he has commoner as his girlfriend? She can’t stand to see his idol boyfriend linger around with beautiful girl idols. Even she pick a fight with his boyfriend’s fans.

  31. Dear Lazerkim, thanks for the writeup once again. I suspect that’s more to that. I am so furious with Choi till no words can describe. But HJ and his family’s safety and health is the priority. IF there is someone behind the scene, HJ may be trapped. I am very upset too. We have to be strong. I believe we will all be there for HJ.
    Choi, this is between you and HJ and you choose to make public. And causing unnecessary pain to HJ and family. If you are still stubborn and don’t stop these vicious moves soon, i strongly believe you will get it. I hope one day, you won’t be living on the streets like a rat. Be genuine kind please. Thank you.

  32. As i’ve read the news today i cant stop crying….why the whole family needs to suffer like this??is khj ok???he needs to be stronger this time not for his career but for his own good and for his own health…i wanted to curse this people who are ruining hyun joongssi’s life..give him peace of mind pls!!
    Kim Hyun Joong dont lose hope many people all over the whole globe loves you so much!!!although were not there to comfort you,hug you,pat your back and telling you be strong its gonna be alright..but were here praying for you and for your whole family….
    And for you monster Choi are you happy now that you completely get the attention of all???i hope someday you will not regret what your doing right now..and to be honest with you witch i am doubful if you are trully pregnant..and stay away from our kim hyun joong he deserve someone who can give him true hapiness and love. all henecians out there khj needs us all this time i think his not in good health,,the best we can do right now is to pray!!

  33. [Single] Kim Hyun Joong parents interviewed 100 minutes ①
    “The FACT” TV program
    HJ’s omma says its all a lie.
    They asked A to go to the hospital for a check up but she broke the promise.
    A claims that she had given sonogram of fetus but its only via Kakaotalk and without her ID.
    So that’s the reason why HJ’s parents insist on going to the hospital for a check up. On top of that HJ’s father heard about A drinking alcohol.
    He told A to stop drinking as he wants the baby to be safe.
    The safety of the baby was their ultimate concerned not that much of wanting to know if she is really pregnant or not.
    HJ’s parents hope A could stop talking about personal matters through media.
    They wish A could meet up and solve matters face to face in proper manner.
    In fact.. HJ’s omma just had her discectomy surgery but still went to the hospital but end up A didn’t appear.
    HJ father was crying as HJ is sick after this whole incident.
    many thanks Lynn Kim for the translation.

    • I dont think its this older girlfriend he mentioned in his former tv show Barefoot Friends. I only have one older woman linked to KHJ on my mind, she is a famous celebrity actress. KHJ admitted in one of the variety show around 2009 or 2010 that he dated a famous celebrity. she discribed her and it fit her in her discription.

      everytime she appeared on tv they always asked her about her relationship with him and she always denied. She dont want to mention her boyfriend to avoid many anti fans.

      She mentioned around 2009 that they stop communicating when one of the ss501 member asked her during his radio show program where she was a guest. She also mentioned on DEC 2014 that she and her boyfriend broke up last 2013.

      I dont think its her because a lt of famous male singer and celebrity love and have crush on her. She even had a million who propose to marry her but she’ not that kind that only after to be famous and for money. She always mentioned and also everybody mentioned that he like a famous actor model and its not KHj.

      why my opinion its not her because her personality does not fit with this girl choi. This older actress is very religious and active in her church and very active in charity.

      MY last reason why its not this older noona as you mention because this older celebrity actress mentioned in her facebook account late part of last year that ” she had less stress in her life now since a certain friend was gone in her life. I thinks she is referring to her former boyfriend.
      She does not sound an obssess woman in my opinion.

      • Totally agree with you.
        You know who might have been his girlfriend at that time?
        Now I read that the old girlfriend is an active member in charitable activities, could be this girl Hwang Bo? Maybe I’m wrong.

      • ohh,, i dont know.. it was just a guess, i just coincidentally watching barefoot friends.. he said it so i only guessed.. i am getting too frustrated due to this choi girl and even with keyeast as they haven’t done single think to help KHJ… i have seen other agency like YG who helped and protect their artist but Keyeast is doing nothing.. Poor KHJ is facing the bashers and the situation alone.. We cannot even help him but only pary for his goodwill… hope this choi’s drama come to end fast.. #PrayforKHJ

  34. Just read in the Chinese Weibo, said HJ’s mom has spoken up…but I cannot find the source of the news. Said Mrs. Choi has sent them hospital files without her name. HJ’s mom has been ill, but to meet her at the hospital on the 24th, she went on her wheelchair…she was in tears in the interview…Chinese fans were very very very angry….I wish I can find the source.

  35. I think he is protecting somebody else who he does not want involved in this circus.. And maybe the girl is threatening to include this person. I remember having read somewhere that HJ was mad because of an ensuing blackmail that will involve this other person in early 2013. I thought that died a natural death but it exploded in 2014 and here we are. Poor HJ. I also believe that there is a bigger hand in this. The girl is not working alone. Just my view.

  36. 😥 why all these need to happen to khj..?
    mayb there is wonderful life is waiting for him in he have come through all of this..i wonder and alwiz thinkng what his condition now..his mother might crying look his son suffering..we know how much khj love his parent and alwiz want to be a good son…i hope his parent alwiz beside him to support..

  37. True, there are photos of the supposed “Choi”? do you have a link to these images?
    To me they sent me a video of KHJ playing soccer and leaves a girl, some fans say she could Choi, but I find a little obsessive thinking that any girl who converse with KHJ can be Choi …
    Dear LazerKim, have you any idea why KHJ has mantendio silent so far? He has not denied messages Choi?
    What you think will be the next step to give our KHJ regarding this?
    I’m still so sad 😦

    Thanks Dear LakerKim ❤ for everything

  38. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SPEAK UP! | LazerKim

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