MESSAGE to Kim Hyun Joong



By: LazerKim


To dear Kim Hyun Joong,

After the huge success of Gemini that made you and your fans truly happy with the memorable 2 months that you stayed in Japan, we are now facing another nightmare but you and your fans are much stronger this time to face this nightmare. However, may I appeal to you to please LISTEN to us for once and for all.

I can only protect you through this site, but allow me to get things straight. Not that I’m being an intruder to your privacy although this is no longer private so we face the public! Choi is trying to bury you alive and obviously manipulating media in destroying you. I know how stubborn you are, but READ the following….


**STAY AWAY from Choi, you have done your part, STOP being a gentleman to her. Please refrain from getting in touch or responding to her in any way, cut on text message or any other communication with her. Get your lawyer to do that for you in communicating with her ONLY if necessary. She will try hard to use your words to trap you. Obviously she never has any respect on you.

**PUSH through with the Pregnancy Test and DNA test on her through legal means and your lawyer can do that for you by filing an official legal petition. This will give you and everyone of us some peace of mind. If you have proven the test to be negative, then file a court case against her.

**FIGHT for your right through legal actions, I think it’s time for you to expose her, who she really is. This is totally unfair the whole world knows who you are but this woman is trying to hide her true identity, STOP protecting her from us, because it’s not doing any good to you nor to us your fans.

**NEVER NEVER marry her, she’s trying to blackmail you and this is a SICK woman you are dealing with, never give-in to her wishes at any cost. If in case the test turned positive you may provide legal child support, but please never ruin your life for another mistake….


We’re all getting tired of that woman CHOI that I wish to put an end to all her LIES! She’s taking advantage of your kindness and hiding behind the skirt of media to take control.       We believe nothing from what she said, and we only believe in YOU.

And please come back to your second home Japan right after your MS and stay for good, we know how happy you were during your stay and so with us. Be strong and look forward to that day as you return here in Japan.

Don’t forget the Time Capsule you and your fans are committed to as you have a home with your fans here waiting for you. Someday you’ll find the right woman who will love and respect you that you can be proud of, and we’ll all be happy for you.

If you’re hurt, we feel hurt as well, we are twins remember? We are all at your side and we cannot allow anyone to ruin you this way without a FIGHT.

I repeat, this is not about fan jealousy, this is about REALITY that you are a victim of a scheme to destroy you by that evil woman and the media. Period. And this is alarming to us that’s been affecting your fans, simply because we CARE for you, we are family.

We believe in you and no one else. TRUST your fans as they TRUST in you…

We just have to eliminate what is making you and your fans unhappy. I hope you will understand.   Be strong, we are here for you because we love you… God bless…

                                                                                                   Sincerely yours,


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81 thoughts on “MESSAGE to Kim Hyun Joong

  1. Well said…
    Kim hyun joong oppa
    What are you scared of? If u have done something wrong and hiding it from us, we do not mind about it. Our love towards you is not for a short time.Nobody is perfect.we too committed mistakes and it doesn conclude that one mistake erases thousand memories. we love you for what you are our love doesn end just like that.

    If you are right then stand up. Dont protect the girl who is creating a mess not only in your life but also to your fAmily.
    We agree you dont want to reveal her name, but is she worth it?.

    She may also point out at your family.. then who is responsible.


    And please stop hiding her… once you put her on spotlight she has no time to sit and think for another lame story.

    Don forget: we were there and always there for you.

    Love you stay healthy and strong.


  2. yes Hyun Joongah I believe in everything LK has said please please do not listen to that woman and do not give in to her even if the child is proven to be yours, yes you can give child support but other than that do not communicate with her at all, honestly I don’t believe she is pregnant at the first place she lied before about the assault case why would you or any of us believe her now?? it’s just a question.

  3. Waiting for the new update is just killing me…what will Hj doing? how is he doing right now? what are they up to? its already 2nd day after the text messages out.

  4. Just to say, on yesterday I read an interviw that HJ came in 20 11 or 2012 where the host asked, why the young is not a part of his fan club, or something to that effect. His answer was, he asked that of his dance leader, and the answer was, when you are 30 you will know. Well, now he is 300 and I think we all understand. Some of you here may know more of this interview. I think I have the just of It right. If he had a younger fan base he and they would not survive.

  5. Ms.LK,from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for all the effort u are doing right now, for our only one KHJ.🌺🌺🌺 pls. Continue to do so this times of need.your very much appreciated in this regards.thank u once again and take care…
    Hyun joong ah… If you don’t mind could you please,please, listen to all our advice here once and for all for your own sake for the sake of the baby, if there is. Many of your fans here are advance in experience in life. We know what you are going through right now. As proverbial saying” The naive person believes every words but the shrewd one ponders each steps.”now we encourage you to consider and look for the advice of others esp. To those who are matured ones. We do care and love you that’s why we don’t want you to be dragged down without any legitimate action. Yes in everything there is an appointed time, A time to keep & a time to throw away, A time to love & a time to hate, A time to be silent & a time to speak. I think this is the right time for you to speak or to take action agaisnt those who defame you in every aspect of your life. Remember this scandal not only involve you & Ms. Choi. It also involves your entire family from eldest to the youngest. I’m sure this issue has a great impact on them too just like ours. So please understand, we are very much concerned to you not just an artist but as a human being like us. Coz I believe that every human has the right to seek justice. I do hope that you may take this into consideration and I or we assured you that whatever decision you may take, we will support you, coz we believe and respect you.
    Thank u very much for your kind attention… Fighting!!!

  6. Tweeted by @svetulchica

    “If you love someone, you may pray for his happiness”

    .. This project is a prayer chain for our Only One Kim Hyun Joong.

    There is no rules, just that everyone must say a prayer for
    KIM HYUN JOONG everyday at 3:00 PM (SK Time).

    No matter what is your religion, just say a prayer. So then, wherever we are, we are united at the same time to pray for the same person.

    Et least we can do something for him…

  7. Thank you Ms. Kim, for your message to Kim Hyun Joong. I pray for him everyday, I worries for him everyday and I hope that he will be ok.

    To Kim Hyun Joong, I hope that you will see my message for you. Please be strong and don’t let Miss. Choi and the Media take you down. You are a one of a kind person in this world that has help someone like me through so much. Let me return that same gift back to you in your time of need. My love and prays are with you whenever you need them. May God watch over you and guide you through this hardship that you are going through now. May God show you with his love and grace because you are his child on earth. Also remember that you have millions and millions of people all around the world that LOVE you very very much. Let our LOVE be your STRENGTH in your fight against those that are trying to bring you down. I LOVE YOU AND PRAYS FOR YOU ALWAYS.

    Dont worry my boy it happens around the world. Let me share you a real story of a young pretty idol form my country who lost his mind for an older pretty girl, he was going very well when they decided to get married. They had a baby, but problems , which were surely expected appeared. she accused him for assulting , domestic violence After a few years, the official separation and divorce, she did not let him to see his baby who was his adoration. They needed to go a mediation to solve the problem. Now he is doing a campaign advising parents to do it to solve problems and let the children to get the love of both. his song is AMOR DE DOS, his name is Fausto Miño, an adorable young father whose son and carrier is his priority, both now have good relationship but they are not together. the link here
    After read those ms from you if they are, l really love you much more, you show a lot of your kind personality, any of the ms is awful. You show your weekness with her, ( do you miss me?? i miss you), show there your fears ( my name will have a red line and everybody will consider me a criminal), your worries ( are you ok, how is the baby), clarifies your statement to be responsible even considering marriage, despite to be concious it is not good to get married only for a baby, You shows also your confusion knowing that both are not good together, so marriage probably wont happen. You will have the right to be sure both are good ( let me talk with you when l come back) which did not happen , you are not prepared for this. Surely she will get from you a lot of money with this and you will be always at her side because of the baby.
    And even a funny phrase ( dont dare to cheat me when l was in the MS or l will kill you) at the beginning l laugh remembering the times l said it to my husband when he travelled, you need to be crazy to get it as a threaten, then, l advise to drama industry dont use this phrase any more, (GYP said it a lot to GJD in the drama).
    As she is older many think that she is not inocent as she likes to everybody sees her. As the same of Fausto, you deserve to see your baby and be part of his/her life far away of his mother.
    Finally, showing these ms, she become to be more a not credible girl. What is the problem to get a DNA just to be sure and care better to both. l wonder. Why not to expect the baby in armony, for the baby´s sake.
    You are passioned, sturbon, 4D, but adorable human being. I wish to see you again with that big smile that you have when you are with fans on stage. who were enjoying the moment to see your surrender to your music. That is the man we admire, the artist, the professional you are, hope you can control her in any way to shut up her mouth and care herself and the baby in peace.
    Well it is not something to judge hurt since it is a problem that youngers around the world have, you life is now 100% well known, it is an open book. Howmany idols or artists have had similar or worst experiences that the media does not care, it is because you are special my boy and A and media knows well, just with your name in the titles they got money.

    • Hi Jazu,

      You just made me about to cry with your kind words to him. I can not watch his clips now if I do my feeling will be more. This is affect me so bad to see a happy young kind man who has worked his bud off to make others happy with his crafts has been destroyed days by days. I ‘m very worry about his spirit and self esteem . I hope he will develope tremandouse inner strength to put his feets together and held his head high and do the best for his life.

      I will be forever support him .Now I’m not even care whether his reputation will be completely damaged or not I just care for his well being as I can see Satan in Choi ‘s heart.

      • dear
        now he is in the middle of the storm , getting shots, for his “sins” calm DOWN , it will pass, l saw before with others in his situation. Just let him know we are behind him, he is not alone, l will definetely respect his decision, knowing him it will come from his warm heart.

    • Dear Jazu ,I love your comments so much! They made me cry too! it’s so clear that you are such a mature wise person , I hope KHJ is reading this good advices from you,from LazerKim,and all the dear friends here. I’m so touched and happy that our Prince has ,as a fan ,a woman like you , who is a wife and mother also! Now.. I’m feeling so sad, not crying is really difficult , I’m so afraid for him for how he must feel now… Please all of you take good care

  9. what is wrong with him…? Is he blind or closed his eyes can’t he see that lady is doing everything in every posible way to get herself back in his life… Am sooo tired of this worthless rumors…..
    Ms lazer why didn’t u send your message through mail,in that way it will reach him soon ??

    • Hello there! Yes I already did and I’m sharing it to his fans what I wrote to him so he would know his fans support him in this nightmare as well and not only coming from me as his fan.

      • Dear LK,

        Is it possible that the miserable woman is the one I mentioned in your post last year that I was so scare for HJ the way she looked at him . Her eyes was so invited and seductive even in the open field. I’m sorry to mention this again.

          • Oh gosh….i saw her too….but not sure wether she’s the same one u mention…the one i saw always come with one tough guy beside her ….i think just to cover up her appearance in public….but true, her stare, her smile just something weird to me…

  10. Lazer I am once bitten twice shy.
    HyunJoong kind of disappoint us when he admitted he hurt Ms A last year.
    In fact I was afraid what we uphold and fighting for him here will backfire. I understand we have to support and stand by him. I treated him like a son but when you see your son doing nothing when being bullied, it’s very stressful and devastating. I hate people washing dirty linen in public and this Ms Choi is having fun doing it to Hyun joong and his family .

  11. us encourage fellow henecians to storm the heavens with our prayers and rock Twitter with our support to hyun joong if only to get our message of support across to him… Right now I don’t even really care now about what will happen to see his career cuz I believe he is talented enought and backed by a really strong and solid fandom…and that he will rise again. Right now though I just care about his well being … No matter how strong he is and how hard he is trying to hold things together , like everyone he has a breaking point and what choi is doing is way too personal and malicious… So let us keep him strong and lets tell the world that they have us to get through first before they can get to him.

  12. Good morning and thank God we ard still here bless with life. Now, for this matter, Miss lazarKim I agree, and it is not like me are telling him what to do but but it is more in the line of giving advice just as you will give your own child but in the end it is his decision. I am from a large respected family, no riches, but honest working successful individuals. Many nieces and nephews and I would not stand by and see them keep making bad choices and would not give advice, and I always end with, “it is still your choice and I’m going to love you anyway. There is nothing short of murder that will stop me from loving you.” As Family it is our responsibility to look out for each other. Today is my prayer meeting day and I will be lifting everyone up including Ms Choi. But before I leave let me tell again that I suffered through a similar experience with my son, but he is not famous and it was not spread all in the news. Again, one of the main reason I took to HJ is he put me in the mind of my son. Of course, we are oceans apart and of different shade, but nevertheless same personality. Other characteristics, HJ was born 6-6, my son 7-6, tall, very handsome (God given), a gentlemen (kindness taken for weakness), and a 4 d personality. Jealousy have brought down many men, whether rick or poor, or acelebrity or not. My son, because if false reporting almost lost his live, attempted suicide. Why? Because he realized that he did not listen To sound advice , did not protect himself, and thought he was helping. But, one young lady got others to write a false report and my son was under investigation. As the leader saw this allegation was getting serious she went into hiding and her parents protected bher and the investigators were not able to find her. But they has enough, so call evidence from their first oral and written statement, that they put out the word he will be arrested. While he thought he had disgrace the family that he thought he should end this life. But, one family, of the girl’s keep questioning their daughter and one of the investigators did not believe their story. My son was found still alive and in the end tat family finally got the truth from their daughter, it was a lie and they mafe it up. But he had lost his license and there were people who believe. He got his license back and those who believed had to apology, of course some still believe. The other thing that I believe, vey strongly, that prayers were heard. Again, Spiritual and not religious. Pray the promises of God, and especially, the one that states, “He will never leave or forsake.” My son is doing well, happily married and 4 children, and he is still admired, and successful. God does not lie nor fail, He will take care of His Children but we too must follow Him, Trust, and Believe. He will be alright. He too is from a familybof believers, and there is a whole community praying. Yes, he will suffer but he must learn and go through these hard times and yes, we must go through with him. How eld would he or us be an example for others. God made HJ, for such a time as this, a d he will come through this fire but jt willntake time. Get the attorney and use him/her in alllll communication. Words spoken or written can be taken out of context. Look at the text messages. Well, got t to go. God bless and Ms LazarKim, God put you and the others arkund him for such a time as this. God bless and In spite of have a bless day. God loves you and so do I.

  13. Dear LK.

    Thank you so much for your great article. it directs to the point.
    I can never say better than what you wrote in your article. I share exactly the same thoughts and feelings..

    In September last year I already felt the danger and post that he should never let this person be near him any more. I have some kind of feeling that something like this will happen because she will never let go of him. She will try every possible ways to trap him again and if she feel she will lost him she will completely destroy him . That ‘s how I felt then but to scare to express. It becomes true now.

    I just hope and pray he will be safe from this trap and make a wise decision for his life. Till now I have never seen one good thing this choi did to be able to say that she is one decent girl . She just showed more how disgrace she can be . She exposed private conversation to the public to prove that she did sleep with the man and get pregnant. I feel ashamed that she dare to be a mother. She planed to get pregnant and uses the unborn baby ( I doubt it ) to catch a man. I know it’s cruel to say this but her action revealed it all.

    Please Kim Hyun Joong listen to your fans for once. Be away from this Choi. She might not be a bad person in your eyes now but I’m sure you already realized that she did not respect you and did destroy your reputation you have built for 10 years. You need to really love yourself and realize your own value first before you can make the one you love or anyone eles be happy. Please love yourselves. I beg you.

  14. Dear HJ,
    There are a lot of bad things that have happened between you and Ms. Choi. She is destroying you! That is not love! She only loves herself, not even the baby. She does not know how to protect you or the baby(if it’s true that she is pregnant!). You committed mistakes by trusting her again, don’t create more mistakes by marrying her. We want you to be happy. Your fans will never accept her. I personally understand why you kept this a secret from us, but now that we know, we are trying our best to support and understand you. We are still here for you. Lazer Kim is right, you should have your lawyer talk to her lawyer because any move you make or say, she will use it against you. We are so afraid on her next step. She might say she lost the baby and will blame you. This girl is from hell!

    To ” Miss” whatever your name is….
    I am “Pissces”…we are, generally , kind and gentle…but when our loved ones are hurt , we can be harsh to those who hurt them…SO… This is my belief and if I am wrong I am willing to apologize …
    YOU NEVER LOVED HIM , THE TRUE HIM…even if you claim this or you want to believe this, yourself..YOU NEVER UNDERSTOOD HIM…THE TRUE HIM…NOT THE CELEBRITY, BUT THE REAL PERSON…You only loved the idea of being with him..NOT WITH THE REAL PERSON, BUT WITH THE CELEBRITY..Even your violent revenge didn’t come from too much love but from the anger that you didn’t get what you wanted…You just took advantage from his good heart , from his kindness…I’m sure you hoped for his “mistake”..Maybe you have made it possible , that “mistake”…I could buy your story if you were 18 or 25 yrs. old…but you are 31…I doubt that till this age you never heard about second-day pill…but it wasn’t necessary as long as you had already plans for that “mistake” to happen…You are saying that you want to protect your unborn child…How? didn’t give birth to that child yet , but you already exposed him to public attention…did you ever think that , in the future ,that child will be always pointed as an “abuser” child ? will that child feel then?…how will that child feel when he will learn that his father is called an “abuser” because it was his mother that made this possible?
    So if you really are so genuine and if you really loved him once,and if you are really worried for your unborn child, which I sincerely doubt , stop with all the lies and the discrepancies and settle this in a civilized manner away from public eyes….Or even better, if it could be possible , back off from his life. Saying this , as a woman, I think for the future good of both…I’m sure he began to realize that you are not that great love he wished for all his life…that great love for which he could give up to everything…it remains only for him to admit that…and to stop caring so much for you and your feelings for his sake and for to give himself a chance to a better life , for having a little hope for a future happiness..And if it’s not the case yet , I can guarantee you that it will be someday in the future…and it will be worse for both of you…not mentioning the child.

  16. Lazer Kim, I CAN KISS YOU NOW…you said exactly what I wanted to tell Kim Hyun Joong…word for word…exactly those words…like you took the words from my mouth…and Hyun Joong, if you are reading this…PEASE, PLEASE, LISTEN TO YOUR FANS…WE ONLY HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART…WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY…LISTEN TO WHAT LAZER KIM IS TELLING YOU, PLEASE…❤

    • The feeling is mutual . Thanks Lazer Kim for writing down the feelings of each Henecian and I hope Hyun Joong will listen to us and live life to the fullest after this dark phase in his life.

      Hyun Joong , the reason I can connect with you is we have had similar childhood . We both were miracle babies and our Dad’s are the reason we are in this world today .I have hope and prayers do work and I know God will take care of you as he is taking care of me and all us even during our bad times 🙂

      LK thanks for the sound advice and keep up the good work. Cheers 😀

  17. Some sites are even sharing the conversation b/w khj and choi..this s completely ridiculous..He must b going crazy for sure..lets srop all tha rumours and crap and jzz move on for heaven’s sake

  18. Thank you LK. You say it all. Those words we want to say to HJ. Please listen to us Hj Ssi. We do it all since we love you so much. Once you said, we are twin, your Gemini. So, can’t you feel what we’re feeling now?

  19. To Mitka

    in response to your comment This is my reason why it bother me whats going on right now with khj. I understand its his private life but and he can decide whatever he want to do with his life. i just dont understand why he let himself to be in this situation again after what happened last August 2014.

    If he really want to break up with this girl why meet her again and got drunk. why he still concerned about her after what this girl did to him. i can not blame choi entirely to what happened if shes really pregnant because Its up to KHj to avoid this to happened.

    for me it just show that he can not let go of this girl. he should have somebody with him when he decided to meet this girl to avoid this situation.

    Its his life and he should think several times in his decission. If its his baby take responsibility for the baby. dont just marry the girl because of the baby.

    I dont want KHJ to be like the other famous actor and singer that he married his girlfriend because of the baby and after a year the girl sued him for divorce and physical abuse and asked half of his assets and properties.


    • You are right! That is Crazy Choi’s ultimate goal, divorce and get 1/2 of his assets. She does not care about the baby and HJ with what she is doing right now.

    • I agree with you, it is just that I think I can undertsnd him. I guess he followed his feelings, what he felt right at that moment / starting from her birthday/ and he didn`t think of the consequences. I am sure that he didn`t plan it, it just happened. I even think that it is part of his 4-d personality – to be spontaneous and unexpected. We are laughing at his comments in interviews or shows, but we are unhappy when he acts spontaneously and unreasonably in his life. I am sure this whole story will make him wiser and tougher and he will lose some of his charm – his innocence.
      Reading their messages /I am not sure if all of them are true, but some of them sound like him/ I believe that he cares for her, but does not love her and does not want to spend his life with her, at the same time he is interested in the baby and cares for him/her too, wants to raise him/her, but is sad and maybe even frightened that everything is happening this way and he has to be 2 years in MS, and the scandal, the way she treated him, without caring for his future or fans… I am sure he is very confused right now. I just want to wait for his decision and no matter what it is to wish him happiness.

  20. Thanks LK every word is true.
    Dear Hj
    We your fans love and respect you. Respect your private life and of course nobody can say to you what to do. BUT now it seems someone is going with all guns and intentions to Destroy you, your life and your beloved career. Please for your sake and Future ..Help us to Help you. Fight for your name for your future and your family. We are with you all the way. You worked too hard and showed what you are made off to let that person drag you and all your dears and loved ones to the mud.
    Please stand up and fight. You are a man of your word and a Gentleman. You can do it you are not alone.
    Please before your MS clear those muddy waters for your sake.
    We are here by your side always.
    You are not alone!💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  21. I really agreed and support to Ms LK …
    Thanks Ms Lk said out those what i would like to advise our beloved one..
    So,please Hyun Joong ssi ,stay away from her,dun go back to her again ,never,never…

  22. If someone is trying to put you down “to ignore is the best insult” but this is not something to ignore khjssi.. This needs a fight, this is war!!! And we are your warriors..

    In every single day of your life you are with the fans…and in every nightmares you had you walk together with the fans. How we your fans can protect you from this? When you don’t even want to protect yourself…

    lets walk together again this time…

  23. i read that khj went with his parent to the hospital to check how this choi and the baby is doing. If this is true Im not sure but Im just confuse why he still saw her after what she did last August 2014. If he really want to break up with her why he meet her on Dec 2014.

    i just hope he will think twice what his decission if she is really pregnant. I dont want him to decide to marry this girl just for the baby’s sake. He can support the kid without marrying this girl. I dont want khj to be like the other famous singer that he got his girlfriend pregnant and decide to marry her for the baby’s sake, and after 1 year the girl sue him for half of his asset and property.

  24. I read their messages, that Dispatch released. They seem real, but only show that KHJ is caring for the child and at the same time is feeling confused. The messages do not show that he has threatened her or that he will not take responsibility for the baby.
    I don`t know why this situation bothers so much the fans. It is his personal life. He obviously does not want to marry a woman, just because of the child, and he has written this in one or two of the messages. I can see through his words that he is really gentle and caring and not a bad man at all.
    The only bad thing is that all is outside to the world and each and every one of their actions is shown to the public. But I can`t see any sin in his actions or anything wrong. As I have written before / and Ms Choi confirmed/ he congratulated her for her birthday, they saw each other , she was drunk, he felt sorry for her or felt some of his old feelings, they were together a couple of weeks, but finaly separated. What is so wrong about that and why everyone here is crying or feeling betrayed? KHJ is a kind and loving person with his own feeling and weaknesses, but he loves us, he loves his music and these are separate things. I don`t agree that we or his parents or his agency or anyone can tell him what to do with his personal life. It is his choice and I will support him, no mather whether he decides to be with her or not. I wanted something different for him – a caring woman, a reasonable one, but life is not always what we expect. If he really has the time to read this blog or any of our comments I would like to tell him: please follow your heart, do what you think that is right to be done, don`t listen to what people say, because they have their own life, families and sooner or later they will forget the matter. I love you, I love you exactly the way you are and I completely understand you.

    • Hello Mitka! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. May I explain as to why this situation bothers his fans and yes I agree it’s his personal life which is there in the public that’s why it bothers the fans. May I ask do you believe what choi has been bubbling with the media is true? Choi is dragging HJ’s name to the public, is this right for you? are you happy with it? Do you think it is right that this woman accused hj of assault and tainting his name is ok with you? Are you happy with it? Bcoz it seems Hj isnt happy that his name being dragged with lies created by choi to the public.Think again! Thanks take care and see you again! God bless..

    • Dear Mitka
      May I share my view about this situation….
      What are we doing now here is protecting KHJ from the dark intention,from his life destroyer,from the lust and greedy soul! We obviously seem Ms.Choi is harmful to KHJ’s mentality.
      Protecting our loveed one,our parents, our friends,our family or colleagues is the right thing to do for all of us or for anyone.
      If I see somebody walking his way in to the darkness and get lost in delusion, I can’t sit and do nothing surely we don’t want his life turn out to be disaster after he accept something that never involve him just to quiet the medias.
      His future is worth to save like our future as well.
      The women that KHJ would care her feeling now is his mother not Ms.Choi.
      I fully support the right decision…
      Thank you and be blessed
      -the sound of wisdom-

      • Hi, I am happy that you have payed attention to my oppinion. It is not true that I don`t care about him, and yes, I don`t believe to what Ms Choi says. At least I am sure that not everything is true and each situation looks different when we look at it from a different point or angle. I also can not undertsnd why she does everything to make their relationship public. I do not agree with that, because this hurts him, his career and his fans.
        But apart from that if it is true that he had some connections with her after the accident /which is obvious/ it meens that he has shown some weakness. I don`t see people in black and white colours. I think we are all in lighter or darker grey colour. I just want him to be happy, I want him to worry about his own happiness, because I am sure that when he is happy we will be as well. As a family. I don`t know if this happiness will be with her / I doubt that and belive that she is the wrong person/, but I see that he is responsible and caring and I expect everything.
        Again – I do not blame him, I blame her for making everything public and most of all I blame her for accusing him in something ridiculous and not true and I want him to make the decisions about his personal life himself. We may only give advice and support.

  25. Very good and direct to the point letter. I do hope he will get the chance to read it and follow everything. He’s to good to her, she obviously doesn’t deserve all that because she’s using it to her advantage. I really really want everything to be cleared but I don’t think that will happen soon. Although there are some people who are changing their mind about her. My friend shared me a comment made by someone it said:
    I use to feel pity for this girl but I’m starting to think she’s a lair. I mean why is she always going to the media shouldn’t she be talking this out with KHJ & his lawyer instead of going to the media every time ? And not showing her face what is she hiding? I mean she’s made all this pretty public so why hide her face. I’m just starting to get suspicious of what her true intentions are in all this because the more I watch the less she looks like a victim to me & more like a person that calculates her every move. She’s appearing to me as a manipulative person. It’s totally fine if some don’t agree because we are all entitled to our own opinion, I’m just sharing my current thoughts & opinion on this issue.”
    It’s just one person but it made me really really happy. I know I won’t solve the issue right now or clear his name but for me it’s a start. and I hope more people will notice all her crooked ways.

  26. This days I pray so much for him & crying :(( my tears can’t stop..why you do!!..plz push to her & stay strong for any reply…you are our angel U know?!…plz listen to our advice we want your happiness…PLZ

  27. Thank you so much for this post! I agree word to word of what you are saying LK! She is SICK and she needs medical attention. Her lies are just spiraling out of control and anyone with enough sense can see how she’s trying to grapple with her own lies and tripping over it! In all this circus, we are so enraged at her and venting it out. But, poor Hyun Joong! Whom is he venting it out on? I feel so awful that I cannot do anything to help him in his tough time! This is extremely frustrating!

    All he has to do is come out, hold a press conference and call out her bluff. Hyun Joong, stop protecting whomever you are trying to protect. We see through all her lies. We believe YOU and support YOU in every step. It’s time for you to speak up! Screw the rest, you’ll still have us – your loyal fans! People treat you badly there? You move to Japan where we saw your smile return!

    You deserve peace & are entitled to a public apology! Check on each and everything & cross check again like Ms. Lazer Kim said! DNA test should be mandatory! I don’t think I have to tell you about that! 🙂 Think about yourself for once. Don’t let her ruin you by keeping quiet! If not for you, do it for us.

  28. you can be blind if you love her that much and shes using that love against you , she can toss you in her finger if you will continue to love her, she is not the right girl for you …. please consider our flee…we love you and we dont want youto get hurt by that woman…

  29. I can’t even sleep thinking about what will be khj action after this…is there any new update from his agency??..i hope he will make a right decision.. 😦

  30. Love then betrayal is the hardest thing to be accepted in life. Hyun Joong, please don’t have any lingering feelings for her, not even pity or hate…let us pity and hate her. Please think of her as an accident in life, keep your head cool and sort yourself out.
    The bottom line is, even the baby news is true, at most it means that you have slept with her after whatever happened ( it is a mistake but not a sin). Regardless baby is a blessing to the world, nobody in their right mind will use the news to destroy someone’s life. She has to live with her consequences one day, what she did is a sin and an unforegivable one.
    Being true to yourself and stay in truth is very important. Don’t lose yourself in it. As a fan, all I want is to see you on stage again. So please fight for the truth and right, we are all behind you and we will wait for your return. You said that even there is one person listens to your sing, you will continue to be an artist…millions of fans are waiting for you…

  31. Dear KHJ,

    Please listen to your parents and your caring fans. They know what is best for you if you still care about your career in the future after MS. It is time to check in to the military. After MS, buy a house in Japan and move permanently in Japan. Stay as far away from Miss Choi before she ruins you through public humiliation. Use your head and not your sympathy to Miss Choi. She doesn’t care about you. I feel really bad for your parents especially your mom. You will eventually find the right soul mate who will loves you and not hurt you. Be smart and stay healthy.

  32. my tears are flowing and i can’t control it…HyunJoong ah please stay strong,think before you do any decision…HENECIA will always be with you NO MATTER WHAT…we just want the best for u…

  33. my tears are flowing and i can’t control it…HyunJoong ah please stay strong,think before you do any decision…HENECIA will always be with you NO MATTER WHAT…we just want the best for u…

  34. Dear Hyunjoong-ssi..

    For me this is already disaster to you, your family, KE and ur fans all around the world. This has to be stopped now and immidiately. You have been stripped down all the way by this girl. I hope u don’t blind with love at this moment and PLEASE THINK STRAIGHT and WISE FOR THE SAKE OF UR CAREER!! Choose ur CAREER or GIRLFRIEND?

    Girl u can find them anywhere HJ. You don’t deserve girl who doesn’t love you, doesn’t respect you and your family. But now your career is in jeorpady. U must one step ahead of her. Its wasting ur time and energy to persuade her or whatnot. She just burning you out one step further in whatever defences u did.

    Please LISTEN to ur fans. LISTEN to Lazer KIM call out!!



  35. I hope Kim HYUNJOONG please don’t go back to her..let her live her life anyway he really destroyed you.. and we your fans are so affected…the only we want for is to be happy again…. until you comeback…….we STILL love U…..

  36. Thanks Ms.LK♡ We are all in the same thought. Wish KHJ will Read this and listen to Our Heart ㅠㅠ ~~All the Love, Prayers and Bless fr Our Only One KHJ 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  37. Please be strong khj..i am your new fan….I cannot hate u even after knowing about this latest news…I hope u will find a girl that truely love u in future..please stay away from this cruel lady..

  38. I completely agree with everything you said. We love him so much and seeing such a horrible thing happen to a GOOD man like him is just too painful. Where is the justice? I am here, thousands of miles away and I cannot do anything to help him. It’s so agonising to feel helpless. He’s helped through a lot and I only want to be there for him too. But there is so much one can take. Her recent accusation had my blood boiling! If it weren’t for my exams, I’d grab a ticket, board a plane and fly to Korea to bitch slap that girl! She is seriously ill and if HJ is around her, she would cause more pain to him and all his loved ones.
    Hyun Joong! It’s time for you to take action! Screw what others think! WE your LOVING, LOYAL fans are here to support you and encourage you. We believe in you, wholeheartedly! Sue her wretched arse! It’s about time.

  39. Thanks for this article Ms.LK ,you are the healer of us and our love one.
    Dear KHJ,
    Empower yourself and “say no” to the thing that you never do! “Say no” to Ms.Choi and tell her camp to “stop”creating more stories.Tell the world that you do not involve with her in any relationship. It’s time to “say no” stand up with the tough legal person and humanity rights protecting team against her actions.
    Even Ms.Choi would announce to public that she will suicide herself because KHJ refuses responsibility on her (as she wishes)…”let her do it!”
    Then the world would be in peace.
    Beware of her next plan which I guess…it’s entirely burnden you career and your life…
    Why don’t you and your company consider putting more efforts to sort out some hidden agenda between her,her friends and certain medias.
    Because if this story proof that they are destroying team,The media association might step up and stop them too.
    You and your company waste time for so long.

  40. Only thing I want to say to KHJ Oppa is you need to speak up now!! Its time for you!
    Don’t stay calm any more!! Everything has a limit!
    I strongly insist to expose her tooo…
    This is the right time if you don’t her lies would never stop!
    I know you want to keep your life private but now there is nothing private here…
    Go take legal actions watch your every step!
    As lazerkim said every check every details and be sure not to contact her at any case!
    And just don’t forget that you are not alone in it!
    We are always with you and respect your choice no matter what it is!
    Oppa fighting!!
    We love you!

  41. Thanks for express the feeling from all fans to him. This is the great message from all fans who love him. We all pray for him and hope that he will be safe from her soon.

  42. I really hope he will read & listen to your advice..he deserve a happiness not sadness like this..she really cruel but I feel like khj love her to much tats y i scared she will used his kindness to make him shames again..please khj..stay away from her and you will get better girl in future and fall in love again and live happily with you true family in future…

  43. Thank you, LK! I am bleary eyed from crying and bags under my eyes down to my knees I am so worried for KHJ. I am afraid he will just get drunk again because he is in so much pain and do something STUPID like meet her and then she might attack him again and make him defend himself and say he beat her AGAIN and made her lose the baby. They are going after him psychologically and emotionally and I am so worried. That’s why i started a #PRAY4KHJ campaign on twitter and fb. I am going to wear a green ribbon for reminder and pray for him everyday as i am wearing it for him… I am so worried. I hope he listens to your good advice! He has so many noonas and oemmas that want to take care of him and help him… i do hope he listens. thanks again.

    • Hello Angie! Thank you! May I just correct this, no it’s nothing like that it’s Choi who’s chasing after him. Trust me on this Choi just wanted to appear like hj is head over heels on her! NO hj knew all along something is off about her that he’s been careful in handling her. Don’t worry he won’t get drunk just bcoz of a women NO he’s not like that as far as I know him. He drinks bcoz he wants to enjoy, and not a way to forget, it’s the other way around.

      • Dear LK,,we know our khj very well…just wish n pray that the choi’s dirty mind and bad attitude will reveal very soon..and all haterz will comes to know the truth..

      • Thank you LK! I am still very worried about him though… how does she have this power over him that he even went back and slept with her after last time? I am just very concerned that he is so soft hearted that he will fall for her tricks again. I have been praying constantly waking and sleeping. .. this smear campaign is just too much and I am deeply worried. ….ask I have the power to do is pray and support. …

    • Let us encourage fellow henecians to storm the heavens with our prayers and rock Twitter with our support to hyun joong if only to get our message of support across to him… Right now I don’t even really care now about what will happen to see his career cuz I believe he is talented enought and backed by a really strong and solid fandom… I just care about his well being … No matter how strong he is and how hard he is trying to hold things together , like everyone he has a breaking point and what choi is doing is way too personal and malicious… So let us keep him strong and lets tell the world that they have us to get through first before they get to him.

      • Hyung joong.. plz don’t get yourself with any decision.. see I’m one of your fans in INDIA.. even you have fans all around the world… this your personnel matter that no can interfere in take good decision because it’s your life. never ever loose your hope.. I really love kim hyun joong

  44. Pingback: Message to Kim Hyun Joong | LazerKim

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