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By: LazerKim


I would like to thank my dear readers for sharing your thoughts on Kim Hyun Joong in my recent article SEE YOU on my comment box that inspired me in every article I write, I have learned a lot  from all of you, thank you. No matter what situation there may be, be it on a smooth or bumpy road of this journey I would always maintain an atmosphere of family filled with love and understanding between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans.

My dear readers please allow me to use my freedom of speech in expressing my thoughts and feelings that I may a bit harsh or blunt please forgive me. They said good communication is the best way in maintaining good harmony within a home. I would just like to air out my opinion pertaining to what has been currently happening. Some may not like my opinion pardon me I’m just simply expressing my thoughts as I go on writing this article. Thank you so much for your understanding!


During the nightmare in Aug. last year KHJ fandom was accused of being delusional fans in blind devotion to Kim Hyun Joong! Oh I never cared what they think and say, no matter what happen I’m still a loyal fan of Kim Hyun Joong! I am not in blind devotion either, that I can see mistakes of my idol, and who doesn’t make mistakes to begin with, but it’s not enough reason to leave him.

I still believe if my idol is facing trials, the more I would stay to defend and protect him. I may say no matter what happens, I’ll stay by his side but it doesn’t mean I’ll go blind with mistakes. I may point out mistakes and say “don’t do it again, ok?” like a big sister telling her kid bro and continue supporting him. It’s giving my idol a leeway to change which everyone is entitled to, no matter how many mistakes, it doesn’t count, what matters most is my being there for him to understand and support.



I assume everyone had read Hyun Joong’s statement pertaining to the news about him and Choi which shed light to the recent trash news by media again.

From this drama chapter created by that woman Choi, I have noticed a similarity which for me is already alarming. I have noticed from the nightmare in Aug. and this latest roller coaster news of so-called pregnancy, that every time Hyun Joong goes to Japan for a concert series or event  this woman Choi seem to me was always having tantrums!

In the first nightmare the incident transpired in May 30 midnight before Hyun Joong was leaving for Japan to attend IG Fan Meet. Then again Hyun Joong was going to Japan to attend to his Gemini Concert Series in Jan 9th, as his statement said Choi informed Hyun Joong that she’s pregnant?? If you really cared for someone and is just on his departure would you give him something to worry about?

And upon arrival of Hyun Joong back home to Seoul from a successful concert in Japan, I would assume upon waking up, here comes the trash news stating Choi is pregnant and soon a father to be! LOL I’m sorry to say but this gave me the impression Choi is a lunatic who needs psychiatric treatment, and I mean it, not as a criticism but a human concern!



At the statement of Hyun Joong, Choi could not contact for medical check up on alleged pregnancy. So what does this mean? It’s a natural instinct of a woman on her family way to know the condition of the child inside her womb, but she refused to undergo the medical check up! This gave me the impression she’s not pregnant for real, that again she seeks for Hyun Joong attention since they formally broke off before Hyun Joong left for Japan!

May I just clarify they did not reconciled, after the case closed Hyun Joong admitted they met again to eventually break off formally that both agreed upon which did not happened in May 2014 that Hyun Joong was trying to break up with her that caused her to go ballistic and next is history accusing him of assault!!

Now this is alarming that seems to me she is SICK! I’m sorry but who can be so normal woman to let her man worry over a questionable pregnancy and upon coming home the news was already at the media!?

Kim Hyun Joong I do hope you are seeing this loud and clear, if you can ever trust her again! My apologies but this is getting out of hand, she’s practically destroying Hyun Joong right from the very start of that nightmare, still not contented she went again to the media and get the dirty laundry to the public again! This time the only difference is that Dispatch did not use Choi as informer since she lost her credibility from the Aug. nightmare with her pure LIES but this time it’s a “friend” of Choi was cast as informer!

Well everything from the report was detailed unfortunately many loop holes on that report yet the so-called friend must have known a lot where Choi is going and at what date! Now I would think Dispatch and Choi are getting to be close friends, don’t you think so? With obvious demolition schemes on Kim Hyun Joong by a tandem Dispatch and Choi.

Now I can conclude this Choi is making a fool out of Kim Hyun Joong! Is she on drugs or something? Just asking! But definitely she needs counselling or psychiatric help and I’m not kidding here!       Kiddo I really hope you are reading this! 



As the statement said after the assault case ended Hyun Joong admitted to have met with Choi again and eventual broke off towards the end of last year, so she goes on trantrum again! There’s the pattern, they are breaking off so she made up stories again! God this Choi never realize what all of these roller coaster had brought Hyun Joong while the media took advantage of her tantrums!

Now I feel Hyun Joong being threatened all the time! There’s a common question at the fandom as, “Why would Hyun Joong meet with her again after what happened?” Others may have been disappointed but hang in there, Hyun Joong has every reason why, the guy is smart and gentleman let’s not forget. He knows something is off with Choi and handling it carefully.

Please don’t misunderstand this is not about fan jealousy, this is about reality that Hyun Joong is being a threatened victim by an obsess woman, sorry to say that. He is definitely a VICTIM of this woman. And this is really sad, what about his future, his freedom to move, if she kept on chasing him and tailing at him making up stories to the media? Take note she’s even a jealous type of woman who is totally insecure!

I think she never realize what she is trying to inflict Hyun Joong to destroy him. This is how I see the entire scenario from the Aug. nightmare, and this current roller coaster about pregnancy! She never realize how it is for a man having that burden on his shoulder just to be fooled of FAKE pregnancy and trying to linger on in the public mind, since she refused pregnancy test and now cannot be reached, so where is she? She’s up with something!

God my heart bleed with what is going on surrounding Hyun Joong and as I have mentioned this is alarming! I’m not exaggerating we can see how these incidents transpired and may I say…… BEWARE OF HER NEXT STEP!



I must admit from the time Choi came into the picture I started to get scared with Korean women, how they easily manipulate men in the most dirty way, not all though. Because after this scandal she created in Aug. last year, was followed by other Korean female  victimizing male celebs as their prey either to gain fame or money! And these scandals reflects to other women be it Korean or from other nationalities.

I shall never forget how Choi manipulated the media in putting dirty laundry to the public just to seek attention from Hyun Joong. I never believe there is love between him and her because if there is love there should be respect. Obviously respect is a foreign word to Choi!

But I bet you Choi, you’ll have a day in court, if not, you meet your karma in hell. These acts reflect evil in destroying a man who is decent enough to even protect her name from us, still a gentleman despite of all of these. While Choi is doing everything to get her prey hooked at all cost!

May I just clear this up again, this is not about fan jealousy, this is about reality as to what Hyun Joong is currently facing, being a victim of an obsess woman that media has been using to destroy Kim Hyun Joong that we have to protect him from.



At Hyun Joong’s last message to his fans stating that he hopes for a family atmosphere between himself and his fans. Being a family the older ones guides the younger ones and we rely our trust and confidence with our family members. Hyun Joong as a member of our family, we care about the most our favorite son, grandson, brother, kid bro, we see him as a big part of the family.

I mentioned in one of my articles that I see him as an artist whom I admire, at this point allow me to be a big sister for him and lend an unsolicited advice pertaining women.

I wish Hyun Joong may stumble on a type of woman whom he can be proud of, who can support him all the way, who can inspire him and can understand the nature of his career, that he’s always surrounded by crowd and a woman who is not selfish, possessive and jealous type who is not a destruction to his image. In showbiz no one is allowed to be jealous as a general rule! Because celebs are surrounded by talented beauties.

And most of all, I wish he’ll find the right woman for him to love him dearly, to uplift him and to love what he loves which is his music, likewise a woman whom he can love forever.

My dear readers I know you have so much to say that’s been there deep inside you, advice to Hyun Joong and opinion to what is currently happening. The good and the bad! My comment boxes are open for you to share your thoughts as we read and learn from you. Thank you so much!

           An alien family who shares together stays forever with Kim Hyun Joong



Wake up kid, Choi has been trying to destroy your life and your career once now twice definitely there will be thrice and even more. 

I’m sorry to say but she will never gain your fans respect from what she inflicted that it was so much pain to bear for all of us but made us stronger as your loyal fans.

We are here to protect you because you are a member of the family you have built within us and we care so much about you as always! 

Everyone make mistakes, no one is perfect, but what matters the most is how you learn from your mistakes.

But nothing change in your fans, we shall always be at your side to love, support  and protect you as a member of our family. That’s what families are for.

   This will be the first and the last time that you’ll ever read advice from a big sister!

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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83 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ALARMING FACTS

  1. Just had to come back and leave this scripture. My reading for today, do it in the evening, when it is quite, not an early raiser.
    For i know the plans I have for you, ” declares the LORD, ” plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me. When you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the LORD, I will bring you back from captivity.
    Jeremiah 29 : 11 – 14a.
    So you see my son, He is waiting for you to come to Him in all sincerity. Is this not right on time. Keep the Faith and do not give up. Thank you Kim family for allowing us to love your son, and giving us such a wonderful young man to care about us as well. Love

    • Lena, thank you for such a beautifully written response. Joined in prayer for strength and Grace during this trial and as he goes to his military service.

  2. hello everyone! am an avid fan of khj . i felt so bad about what’s getting of him. I know that this issue have no weight to begin with since this woman is a psychotic. she is really sick and need to confine to a hospital. he doesn’t deserve to be hooked with a piece of shit. By sometimes person is not aware of evilness others might bring unto him. unknowingly he was already drown to the pit of hell. i know that there’s no truth to all of this claim made by this bitch. As human khj maybe vulnerable to indulge with sexual preoccupation but hes not stupid to really go with it without precautionary measures. He had terrible experienced last Aug. so he already know who to trust with. I just hope that he will get peace in his heart and mind when he enlist in the army soon. I am praying for his recovery from this cancerous situation he had encountered right now. FIGHTING AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KIM HYUN JOONG .
    from Ate Weng , Cebu Phils

  3. I totally agree with you ms. Lazerkim. As a fan, honestly, im getting tired of this “ms.choi” drama. And how much more our dear boy, to start again and be destroyed. I feel sad for our dear khj coz he just gave himself a chance to love & what did it cost him? I wish that ms. Choi will finally let our dear one free – free from her so that he could truly be happy. Our dear one deserves that. May this issue make our khj a wiser person. And may this also make us his fans stand by him. It’s easy to be disappointed but before we think of leaving him, let’s try to be in his shoes. Let’s try to see things from khj’s perspective. I guess we have known who he is over the years. Let’s trust khj & hold on to our belief of who he is. A beautiful person inside out. Imperfect but beautiful in his human way. ☺

  4. Dear hyunjoong-ssi, just want to tell you that we are not leaving you.
    In fact we are behind you all the way.
    Do what has to be done but not because you are forced to do so, alright?
    Listen to wise counsel especially from people who truly love you, please…
    For your own sake…

    Take care, dear love & know that we, your fans, love & support you most sincerely.

  5. For me,It hard to accept Ms Choi, If she was really pregnant she should be check at the hospital to prove the fact.Is it good thing for her? If Kim Hyun Joong were a father of her child.Kim Hyun Joong is gentleman enough.he is responsible sure. (Kim Hyun Joong will be father of your child,Ms choi.)
    Ms choi. you are a FELONY girl.
    I went crazy.
    Kim hyun joong.It ‘s hard time for all your fans.Are you know? I want to tell you from my heart.
    I will stand beside you forever.

  6. Dearest LK, Thank you so much for such a insightful and meaningful article. Your article really can clam my heart.

    Your article reflects almost everything in my head, heart and mind. It’s really good for me to take time out and look at everything around again. Then from disappointment comes to understanding and a more peaceful heart. i hope HJ ‘s heart and mind will be more peaceful and solve this mess with wisdom and confident.

    I think I will not think about what was already passed. we have to deal with present and keep supporting Hyun Joong and help him to make the best out of it.

    Yes, ” a ” claimed she is pregnant and her lawyer confirmed it. The next thing is it should be consensus agreement in the pregnancy . Then DNA checks if it’s possible because it is necessary. If it is his then he can plan to take necessary responsibility for the child. It is not necessary to get marry to responsible for the child. Marriage and responsible for the child is two different issues. There are many ways to responsible to a child together without marriage. The baby shall be a reason to marry only when a couple love and respect each other and have a healthy relationship. Everybody knew this is an unhealthy relationship . The woman accused she was repeatedly beaten by him she should never want to live with the guy that she said had beaten her . She has choices the baby should not be used to marry him.How will a baby grow up in the family that parents do not respect and love each other. As it showed to us and the public very clear that ” a ” did not respect HJ and his career. She repeatedly humiliated him through medias. How can they ever think about marriage. HJ did make some mistakes but he did the right thing to both of them when he denied marriage arrangement.

    I hope Hyun Joong will make a wise decision for his life. Marriage is a big thing that you have to live with it for the rest of your life. The reason that 2 people should live together as couple is love and respect everything in each other life. Everybody deserves to be happy if you know you can not be happy with the person then don’t do. No matter what’s people said this is your life . They will never be suffer with you and deal with the problem with you. Don’t ever let feeling guilty to lead your life . Use your heart your brain and your instinct to lead your action. Then the future will be on your own term not by force.

    Further more I believed a 31 years old woman will know very well how to get pregnant if she wanted to and how not to get pregnant. I’m sorry to say that HJ was trapped and this is a planed pregnancy to trap him. They knew each other for 2 years and may be a couple for months but she never get pregnant but now when they agreed to officially separated she let herself pregnant.

    it is really feel heavy in my heart as we hope to see him meet a decent woman who really loves him , respects him and his career to create a family with. Well, this is life it ‘s not always go the way we hope or want to. It is not also the reason to let him down. i feel the need to rise his spirit up out of this mess and keep supporting in every possible ways to help him pass through this with confident.

    Kim Hyun Joong my dear , everybody make a mistake . We can only learn from it and be wiser. Never use your time blaming yourselves for whatever had happened. You are a good man , a good person and a talented artist that I admire. Most of your fans are experiences human being we knew well what is right what is wrong and we support you. We love you because we see a gentle heart and a beautiful person in you. A beautiful person needs to love himself and do the best for himself. Your fans will never leave you and will always support in everything you decide to do. Keep your head high and believe in yourselves. God will always be with you.

    Sorry for a very long post.

    • Also, it is interesting that she did not response to him or his parents, and stayed hidden until his statement came out denying that both parents are meeting to discuss marriage. This is really what she is after and she will do anything to achieve her goal. This is why it is important that we assist him and his family to stay the course for we are with you. Another thing that we have forgot to mention, not only does she not respect HJ but she does not respect his parents or family. So how can they get married and have a happy life? Someone said, if it is true he should run off with the baby. True but do it legally, get custody, I really don’t believe she is stable and is able to raise a child.

  7. Hello, Lazer Kim…I’m happy you expressed your feelings in such an honest way…as Kim Hyun Joong fans, we have been trying to be supportive and positive, but we are also human and are dying to express our frustration and pain at the mess that HJ finds himself in. As someone who has had to face similar trials in my life, I need to address Kim Hyun Joong and give him a much needed advice…I hope he will have the urge to read his fans’ reactions and heed their words…
    Hyun Joong, I was exactly your age when I unwisely got involved with someone similar to Ms. Choi…he pursued me for two years until he convinced me to marry him…I didn’t listen to my parents’ advice…I convinced them I knew better…I was emotionally involved and convinced myself I was in love with him…i got married to him with my parents’ blessing which was given because they loved me but knew I was going to be unhappy with him…I threw away a very promising future…I soon regretted my stupid decision…but there was a child…whom I love very much…living with him was such hell that I asked for divorce before the birth of my child…he made me go through hell until I finally was released from my marriage…he spread lies and fabricated evidence…and destroyed my credibility and reputation along with his lawyer…much in the same way that Ms Choi and her lawyer have been doing…I don’t want to go through what hell he exposed me to…but I want, need to give you advice as your older sister or mother figure…whichever you choose…
    People like Ms Choi will NEVER make you happy…they bring nothing but destruction in someone’s life…they need help…professional help…not yours…not mine…you cannot help her…I’m speaking out of experience and as someone with a degree in psychology…she cannot love you, nurture you…she might tell you she loves you, but she doesn’t…she can’t…you might think you love her…but that love will not last…love needs a positive atmosphere to grow and flourish…not a toxic environment like this…you cannot build your life in an atmosphere of lies and accusations…of mistrust…you cannot build your future with someone who is not supportive, caring and honest…the relationship WILL NOT last…the marriage will be toxic…you will feel imprisoned, chained, desperate to be released…and bringing a child into a relationship like that is NOT HEALTHY for the child…please DO NOT get married to her out of love or responsibility…being honorable is a great thing…but it will not make you or your child happy…it will make both of you miserable… if there’s a baby, make other arrangements but DO NOT BIND yourself further to her…do not marry her-WHATEVER HAPPENS…I got out…you will want to do it too…this is a lifetime we are talking about…please listen to my advice and take it into consideration…it was too late for me…it is not too late for you…I only have your best interest at heart as your fan and as someone who cares for you very much…

    • Hi Seta,

      Thank you so much for sharing such a valuable life experience. It will be very very useful for everyone especially hyun Joong. I read your message without breath it was like water pouring from the tang. I really really hope this message get to Hyun Joong or people around him will give him wise advices.

      I can not agree with you more. I pictures Hyun Joong will face the same experience as you if he decides to merry her. I really feel happy for you that finally you can get out from that situation.

      i wish at least one person in SK who is professional in psychology would look at this issue and help this woman. I wonder why nobody in her family or her friends see the up coming problem if this two marry. I guess if HJ is not a popular star they probably will give her different advise. As a woman I feel ashamed to see a woman planed to get pregnant to trap the man.

      the more I think about this the more i feel sorry for HJ. It was so unfortunate to meet a person like ” a ” . He deserves to be happy with a woman who respects herself and respects him.

  8. we are also worried. I would like to hire a detective. Trace this woman. Hire to protect hyun. She can do anything. Now he needs to take every step. To have always evidence. Sad. .. There is only good news. Hyun grow up. Our love will help him.

  9. Very well said again ms lazerkim. From my previous comments also i said that ms choi probably needs someone to love her.obviously a person who is lack of love from everyone, leads to be a possessive one…i pity her anyway, i pity more hyunjoong..of all people why this man encounter a woman like her.???
    If only i could take his burdens…

    The only thing we could do now is to pray for him..we all know that there will always be a rainbow after the rain…time will even heal the wounds but our love for hjsii will never fade til our second life or if ever there would be third, fourth and so on..

    As i always say be strong, stand tall uri hyunjoongssi. We’ll always here til the last drop of our blood….fighting

  10. I don’t even have words to say. I believe this woman has some extreme issues and KHJ is definitely smarter than this. Seems like the media is her new cooking something up.
    Let’s say yes you’re pregnant,is the first thing a normal person in that situation will do is to meet the media not the father can only laugh. .what bullshit..
    It hurts soo much cause he doesn’t deserve all this.
    Let’s all pray for him..This woman is destroying him completely. .how can you do this to someone you love??? Soo UNBELIEVABLE…
    LK I haven’t posted comments in a while but I couldn’t help it this’s just to much..

  11. Thank u LK…every word says what we all think. But this is a True Kafkaesque Story or KDrama at it’s Best. I can’t believe such a sick person is on the loose?😕😕😕😕😕 The psycho wants Hj attention and him no matter how much damage she is doing. Really scary woman. If Hj said will take responsibility is because he is a responsible person usually, but with this psycho he just made the mistake of his life. He wasn’t serious about her …but…it seems she was. This is not love…this is obsessive behaviour and they have most probably a proper name for it.
    What is most scary that the trash media in Sk are having a field day and they actually give the bitch time. I wonder what she will come with next? I want her face out in the media why hiding? We may see her Ugly Soul??

    P.s. Haters ..pls don’t come here and insult us in our Home.

  12. i agree with all of you… she is crazy and if he has nobody to protect him the situation will be worse. and korean media …… jackals. i’m very sory for him. if you have a plan in order to sustain him…..let me know. if we let him alone he will be finished. fighting!!!

    • What a strange woman! She said their parents met to discuss about theirsituation, Why she put every thing on the media. I don’t know What behind these. Be alert.

  13. Wow!!! I do agree with what you have written here!!! 🙂 I just think that if there is true love then they should make things up… but she’s insane… she’s hurt not only him, but also the fans who really love him like us.

    I am still experiencing mixed feelings 😦 it was not easy to believe they had come back after what she had done to him in August… but I understand they might have wanted to patch things up… or just see what would happen if there was a true love between them…

    What is unacceptable is the fact that she continues hurting him… taking advantage of her being a woman and now forcing him to stay by her side by talking about her pregnancy… Is it a way to keep a man for yourself nowadays?

    I’m sorry to say this… but Hyun is blind… he doesn’t want to see what reality is…

    Anyway, the press reported she’s pregnant and that her lawyer has enough proof of it… What we fans have to do is to accept the fact that HE IS A GROWN UP WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO HAVE A BABY… I personally can’t hate a baby… so I’ll support him as long as he doesn’t marry her.

  14. I love you kim hyun joong! HATERS I WARN YOU OR I’LL SHOOT TO KILL!! BACK OFF FROM MY COMMENT BOX! Ara if I ever see you in this site again YOUR’RE A DEAD MEAT!…

    LazerKim here….owner of this site!

    • Call me whatever you want. Doesn’t make it true. I could say the same to you for believing what some woman, that you don’t even know, says is supposedly true. I read Hyun Joong’s statements. I read the police statements. I looked at all the timelines, dates, documents, and everything I could find about this mess. In doing so, I believe what Hyun Joong has stated happened as being the truth. He did not admit to assaulting her. He admitted to one mutual physical confrontation when they were breaking up. That is all he admitted to and I believe him and you or anyone else calling me names and trying to shame me into thinking I am wrong will not change that. I believe him not some woman who got caught lying about evidence and if she had been sincere she would have went to the police only and not to the media. And she went to Dispatch of all places! The tabloid of Korea. She has problems. Severe problems and she needs some help. Seriously, if you choose to believe what she says then this is a woman that went back to her supposed habitual abuser, that she filed very public charges against. She goes back to him and to top it off she gets pregnant? First who in their right mind would go back to an abuser who you got away from and then second be careless enough to get pregnant by that abuser? What sane person would do that? No one that’s who. So it doesn’t matter which side you choose to believe, either way the woman is nuts. All Hyun Hoong asked for is proof and she runs and hides and announces this through a “friend” in some magazine? Then he makes a statement trying to clarify his position and she gets her lawyer to make this big announcement? Who does that crap for something that should be private for the sake of the child at least? No decent, sincere person that’s for sure. This is all too manipulative to be just coincidence or the product of circumstance. So you’re telling us to see reality? Well right back at ya!!!

      • Absolutely, I do know that people who have really suffered continual abuse will go back but NOTHING shows that this woman has EVER had that experience. She has misrepresented & lied several times. KHJ being a gentleman and being truthful, admitted his wrongdoings (that one fight that got physical) when he did NOT have to – if he hadn’t, then he would not have been convicted of that ONE count. Now THIS garbage from her – WTF!!!???? Getting her friend to leak the story of her pregnancy to the media & getting her lawyer to deal w/it? What kind of a sane person does that? Obviously they did get back together for a bit in the fall as KHJ is not denying that she could be pregnant w/his child. But the whole thing STINKS of her setting him up to force him to stay w/her & marry her. That’s been her goal since first meeting him (or before, since maneuvering her way into meeting him…). Talk about sasaengs….. This is a private family matter – should have been between him & her, & their parents. Bringing in the media to force the matter? I have no POLITE words about that!

  15. As much as we want to protect our boy from all the pains, problems and difficulties in this world, we cannot. We are witnesses to his “growing pains”. Like any of us, he will also need to go through some challenges in life, make mistakes and suffer consequences of decisions he has made. But it is through these trials that he will become a better MAN. And that is what he repeatedly tells his fans – he will
    work hard to become a better actor, singer, dancer, performer – a better person. After MS, he said he will come back more mature and with better music. You cannot be better by merely saying words, you get “better-shaped” by life’s experiences. So as fans, we are here to walk by his side – our mere presence encouraging him to keep going on and to get up when he falters. Unnis are here to give him a little chide or sisterly word to keep him on track or focused (like LK !) . It hurts to see someone you love suffering and in pain but there is more pride and happiness in seeing that love one come out of all these stronger, wiser and still full of energy, hope and love. Fighting everyone!

  16. I see a pattern here…that everytime they would separate, HJ will be going on a concert tour. After HJ’s Successful concert tour, she or her camp will go to the media to retaliate since she did not get what she wanted(that is to have HJ stay with her). Media and netizen doesn’t realize that she is a psychopath playing the victim to manipulate HJ. Ever since the assault issue, I see HJ as a victim of blackmail. If you’re a normal girlfriend, you would be supportive of your BF especially with his career to show your love and support and deepen your relationship. But it seems like jealousy and obsession is what she has. Poor HJ. Everytime something good happens to him, she retaliates to bring him down.

    When I found out that he’ll be a dad, the first thing that came to my mind is that I’m happy for him that he found someone again and that he’ll be a great dad because my worry was that he will not be able to settle down bec of trust issue after what Ms A did to him. Then when I looked for more details, I was disgusted to find out that it was Ms A. Like every fan, I was shocked. After what we’ve been through bec of that girl, really? I don’t want HJ to be trapped in her evil arms.

    My initial reaction as a fan…I was tested by this one!(With the assault allegation, I never doubted him. I even fought for him.) I didn’t want to listen to his music or watch his videos eventhough there were new ones from the concerts. I just keep on looking for news and updates and see what are the views of other fans hoping that this is not true. Thanks LK for stressing out that we are not a blind fan, but we just try to be more understanding and loving in this kind of trials. I was angry at first to HJ to be honest bec after what we did to defend him from this girl, he impregnated her! Then, after KE released a statement, I felt better because I know she is lying and trying to get even with him again! I couldn’t imagine not listening to his voice and music again as if there is no other beautiful songs or good artists. I asked myself, “who will I listen to now?” I’ve realized that there’s no other artist for me but HJ. LK, yes to like being a family that it was just initial anger because of caring so much!

    I have a question in my mind Lazer Kim, the fact that HJ said that he will take responsibility if she is preganant and even involved parents from both sides means that something happened sexually even after the allegation broke out? Bec if not, he can simply deny that nothing happened between them. But I do understand his situation wherein if he denies it, he will look bad, and if he said he will take responsibility, he is still being criticized, so no way out for him but to sue those people and media that tries to destroy his reputation. But I don’t think he will sue knowing how he is and his agency especially when his enlistment is near.

  17. Hi Ms. LK,
    Thanks for the article. I feel the same way as most Noonas around here. I was still in cloud9 with the success of Gemini concert so I fell really hard when i found out about the bomb set out by this woman. At first, I was shocked and thinking to myself, “another nightmare?” Honestly, I was disappointed. Very. Not so much because of the possibility of marriage but because I feel like the person I saw during Gemini concert and what the article portrayed are two different people. I do feel betrayed if in fact he did reconcile with her and end up having a baby. I would think he would have already learned his lesson the first time but then I felt like we at some point go through that phase–love conquers all, me against the world era–which I seriously hope is not the case for our Joongie. I feel like being a Noona about to give a good spanking to a little brother just to come out of its fantasy.
    My heart is still unsettled at this time knowing that the confirmation of pregnancy is still up in the air. And its because of KHJ’s latest statement that if intact its his, he will take full responsibility for it. If in fact he didn’t reconcile and surely knows nothing happened, why would he state that? Don’t get me wrong, I love him dearly and only want the best for him but I am scared that as most Henecians would agree, as gentleman, sincere and kind as he is, thinking about the welfare of the child, he can be easily manipulated by this woman.
    So right now, I am scared for Our Joongie. I earnestly pray to God to give him wisdom to make the right choices and give him a lot of strength to go through this. Ultimately, happiness is all we hope for Our Only One and being with a manipulative and hurtful woman is not it.
    I started as a fan from a far, just an onlooker but now I considered myself part of a family. A big family ready to defend, protect, support and love. Our Only One need all that and more. Have faith Our Phoenix, pray and take a deep breath. We know it has been rough, but know that we, your family are not going anywhere. We are here to stay. For good.

    • Rocky, I felt the same —betrayed, disappointed too! But I’ve realized that what we feel is nothing compared to what HJ is going through right now. We feel bad and down, but with him, it’s more multiplied. We don’t know exactly how serious or deep their relationship was and what really transpired between them(maybe she seduced him as one of her tactics which is not impossible! Lol!). He tries to make fans happy by performing to us, but he has a personal life too to pursue, maybe just a bad decision that will make him more wiser and stronger later on. He just hope and pray for the best!

  18. After reading the last sentence of that woman, and collapse again, breaking into tears and say to myself “that’s not true, it’s all false.” Between Calm and analyze both releases.

    The agency KHJ says they actually kept in touch as a couple, to break later this year. Unfortunately we will never know if it was a love relationship, or just to calm a little crazy feelings and obsession that woman.

    They also say that woman told him to KHJ of pregnancy, and that he wanted evidence, which she refused.

    If KHJ had been sure that she was pregnant actually do not think that would have involved their parents to solve the problem between the woman and himself. The most logical thing is that this relationship was already in serious trouble (probably by attacks of insanity of it) so that KHJ has had to involve her parents, she must have been serious.

    Now, in the statement he gave her lawyer claim that KHJ was aware of her pregnancy and is still haunting. So would not it be more logical to KHJ had been prepared for the time when the news explode? And this way we can prepare ready communicated in the most clear and calm that would let their fans?

    Obviously, the girl lying again and KHJ was never aware of her pregnancy, always for him was a rumor and above all that he doubted deeply of this woman’s pregnancy because I doubt that was gone so quietly Japan without leaving at least someone, or your family fixing this situation, because if they wanted to ruin it once, it was logical that with this new news would try again.

    Moreover this woman’s lawyer says they were in constant contact, then why the point of the media to inform the woman’s pregnancy ??? If they were supposedly on good terms ???

    For those who say they are some crazy fans, and we blame the woman, the tests say she is completely mad, and feels her for KHJ is not love at all, she is obsessed with him. When you love someone you never get to that point of damage.

    Although logically KHJ also made many mistakes with respect to handle the situation.

    We can only hope more press, and hopefully everything will be resolved in the best and healthiest way for him. Trusting in the case if there baby, no marriage at all (would again be too disappointed ) and hopefully stop KHJ defend and defend him once.

    In order to finish (sorry always write, therefore, I need to vent :() I must say that KHJ entered my life relatively recently, I thought the first scandal me forget him, and let go of my life soon but it was not, my love grew even more, I learned to know and believed fully in the now with this second scandal also thought that perhaps it was time to let go of my life, but just thinking about it suffer more than what I suffer now fighting with each Henecias and supporting KHJ.

    I regret not having met him before, but also grateful that I met and have lived their toughest moments, despite everything and I support him, and that is why I love him deeply and he is my “ONLY ONE”

    I’m sorry for my English 😦

  19. Oh my Gee Willackerz…seriously this is the most real life, dramatically acclaimed, ex-so called baby mama drama happening to KHJ!!! Okay lets get down to the fact-as is…he admitted being rough with her…not comatosing her to her near fatal relations of the happenings!!! And it is not okay to be physical, nor to be a liar….he humbled down to save face(like who would want to drag out the fact your being accused an abuser???) Now that every person can try to calm down and salvage their view on KHJ….he ends up dipping in the accuser for a last kiss and goodbye?? And then now the chic is pregnant??? She let him know because its the right thing to do? ??? And now she avoids the response of responsibility he is trying to be???? This is a mental breakdown of the average scorned female! !! I feel bad for the child (if there is one)…how dare anyone play with someones life, career, or livelihood!! And truly these media writers…where are you getting your information? It seems pathetic that the first rumor…gossip…is speculated as news??? This is a joke…I mean seriously…as a concerned human being…I might file charges against this Ms. Choi and the media for defaming the character of KHJ!!! Seriously in need of truth about this person!!! Disfunction aggressive behavior or displaced aggression is not considered healthy relationship. I hope Ms. Choi seeks some help…or if you claim pregnancy and let the story get this far…provide factual evidence….hearsay is a claim anyone can make…and tarnishing someones life is not a claim of love. …Ms. Choi you are a resentful soul who needs more than my prayers for what you started….TRUTH will come out more and more…but your ugliness of heart will cause you more hurt than what you are doing to KHJ!!! This chic Choi needs prayers, bowing at the temple, thousands of hail marys, and a temple to just lock yourself in…wow…and LazerKim and faithful ones to KHJ and the fight for faith in inspirations of life “Fighting, my fellow fan family!”

    • she always say she has evidence,in the end she never has….lol 🙂
      Probably she sitting at home and make evidences,that’s why he can not contact her!Too busy to make false evidence!
      or lying in her dispatch’s bed or her lawyer’s bed to make false evidence together….oh,probably her baby’s father are they!

  20. If it’s true and it’s really his baby (very first thing is a paternity test most definitely) then he better take that baby and run for dear life cause any woman who would do what she is doing is completely unstable! You do not go public, through a lawyer no less, and all psycho drama queen times ten when there is a baby involved. The child should come first. He had already said he would do right by the child so what’s her issue? Did she really expect him to be with her after what happened? And why did he even get within 2 inches of her after everything that happened? Ugh!! They’ve lost their damn minds!!! I’ve got more important and more drama free things to deal with and honestly this is none of my business anyway. I will just hope for the best for Hyun Joong and move along. Hopefully when he comes back in 2 years things will be better for everyone.

  21. Just saw a news update confirming A’s pregnancy …. Although not verified as the truth for some reason I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces . Hyun joong was and will always be my very first Koop bias, although I lurk in silence mostly , I am an avid as an avid fan can get . Being so far from him, like most overseas fans, I follow and look out for him from afar. But no less than a regular fan that gets the opportunity to support him in his events, attend his concerts or purchase his merchandise. The scandal mid-last year broke my heart as well, not because we found out he was in a relationship but because it pained me to see him suffer so much . It broke my heart thinking over and over again how anguished he must have felt to see all his hard work and sacrifices go down the drain, it made me sad thinking that he was prolly blaming himself over and over again, replaying in his mind what he could have and could not have done . My greatest joy was to see him smile again towards the end of his Gemini tour. My greatest consolation the thought that he will be alright as he was able to surpass the storm . Now here we are again. I am upset and disappointed at hyun joong. Upset and saddened as a mom would feel when a beloved son goes astray . I am upset because I wanted so much more for him. Disappointed because he chose to make decisions that were not well thought of. I am upset , yes, but like the strong emotions we feel at times for our children when they choose to not heed all the wisdom and love that we thought we have showered them …. That anger simmers down , dissipate….and make me love him no less. I will not pretend to not be disappointed because I am. Not because he made a mistake but because just as he is human prone to making mistakes, I am human too with the same human emotions that are sometimes beyond reason. My heart is broken ….yes…. not because he will be father soon or even a married man soon, but because I hate to see him become less of the man he has so much potential to become. True, one cannot choose who to love, but one can choose how to love somebody. In another hour or so the story may change again, A May not even be pregnant or hyun joong may not even be the father , still it will not change the fact that some things have happened … Things that could have been handled by both parties more maturely and more responsibly.

    I am a fan for life, I suck at letting go that I get stuck on people. When I choose to be with someone, it is for keeps, as such He will always have my heart .

    My heart is broken because I feel his pain, his confusion and his frustration. My heart is broken knowing that a time like these when such a blessing like the coming of a child, is supposed to be greeted with much joy , our hyun joong is torn and broken.

    I pray that he will not lose faith in Us , his fans ….and most importantly I pray that he will not lose his faith on himself. He is a wonderful person, it pains me to see how blind other people can be to the beautiful person that he is. So as we wait in earnest for all this to come to pass, I can only send a prayer and keep him in my thoughts , like a mom constantly fretting for her child, I can only wait and have faith in him that amidst the darkness he will find in his heart the light that will give him peace and happiness.

    • Ps….. As for A … She is not significant to me… So from the get go … I have given up on her compassion and humanity…. I do not know her and should not judge… But I am entitled to my personal opinion and have the right to asses a persons character based on my intuition and personal perceptions …. That said … I can only say that love begets love. If she truly loved hyun joong , she would not have dragged him down to the pits of hell, see him loose all that he worked hard for. Most importantly …. she would not have resorted to tactics like these to get his attention or secure his love… She only needed to love him sincerely, and he would have loved her back.

    • Unni you make cry you write so well like Lazer Kim unni. You said everything in my mind.
      I love him like a son and I pain to see him suffer caused by a crazy woman.

    • Amen to both comments. As mothers we never givenup in our child/chrildren. also, you said she has dragged him down to the pit of hell, and when I read that I thought well one thing about it he can only come up once he has been there. It may take a while but he will return and we will wait. God bless him and all of us with strength to endure.

    • Yesterday I also had your same kinds of feelings, was totally distraught, anger, disappointment, and I told myself to stop being Henecia, we did not deserve this treatment, we deserved not happen again for this suffering which it bugs us and did not respect us.
      Passing the hours I’ve calmed down, though I keep certain former feelings, but increasingly weaker.
      I feel very sorry for him, that’s why I kept my open heart and I realized that I love so much I do not care about the outcome of this situation (Unless it decides to marry her, I think I could not handle that situation)
      Too bad we’ll never know the full truth of these facts, we can only hope other official news agency and above all of KHJ.
      For my part I will always love him, in the purest form that I can, wanting to come around for the better and that here from afar will pray for him, his family and friends support it and to PLEASE! What do come around and walk away from that woman fully.
      And if it’s it baby, is sure to be a great dad ❤ as we have seen is with small fans ❤

    • I’m really in deep pain and confused on what’s going on right now. But I know we will surpass this roller coaster. Lets keep praying.

  22. it just confirmed the pregnancy of that damn woman (by the lawyer of the woman, if you can call it woman), I’m in sock again … I hope to get calm soon 😦

      • oh no…what?? are they sure that the bitch is pregnant? is there any proof that she is pregnant?? are they sure the khj is the father??? im sorry but I don’t believe her lawyer anymore both ms a and her lawyer are liars..but I hope he doesn’t marry her…omg the life of khj is like a kdrama series..poor khj, he doesn’t deserve this…:((((

    • Nothing is confirmed because she only speaks of lies. To be honest, have a baby or not is such a private matter. Babies are blessing to the world. If she has any conscious, she will not use the baby as a weapon. As a mother of two young boys, I am so sickened by these. I am so tired of her lies. And this lawyer of her, other than money in this world, there are also morals and conscious.
      Gaby, I am upset as you are. Even they have a baby, it should have been discussed privately for the child’s sake. I have lost my words here. HJ definitely made a mistake here – should never have met her two years ago.

  23. Here we go again, last Sunday I was so shocked too. I even wrote my questions. I was deep shit scared. I was not afraid him having a baby. It’s just natural, he’s of age even supposed to be married but of course we know he’s married to his work and to us. What my problem was HER! My friend and I talked about this, I’m even proud he’s going to be responsible and even told that to the media. Bashers always say he’s a powerful celebrity but I don’t see it anywhere here. If he is such, this wouldn’t have happened. This issue wouldn’t have blown up inot our faces. The devils got timing, she doesn’t want Hyunjoong to move on and she saw that when he was in Japan. I bet she’s been living in her computer, tracing everything he does. If you put it that way she’s really really scary. So what’s she’s going to do now that Hyunjoong is going to his MS? Hyunjoong’s parents already went in the picture I think they do feel they have to protect their son already. She doing everything to destroy him. Someone even mentioned she’s going on public, I don’t know if that’s true but don’t Koreans know what’s true and what’s not? On Sunday the news said they got back together Hyunjoong gave her a surprise birthday party and with flowers too. Isn’t it too fairy tale like? That speaks something about her mind. She’ making this whole story in her head about their happy reconciliation. Why won’t the Korean public see this? Is it because it’s a common thing? If I was a lawyer i would give Hyunjoong my free service and ask the court to have her psychologically examined and ask for a restraining and gag order for her because she keeps on talking to the media. I’m really angry at her. Can’t they see how sick she is?

  24. I’m very afraid to this new episode of the drama, because for me she is like a drama’s antagonist girl, with dirty tricks to have anything she wants or destroy her victim… whats she really want? marry him or money or both?
    what she doing next? this is a part what real scared me!
    like a drama..I saw two choices to next steps
    1) she desapair to make another fake proves like a pregancy exames or something like this
    after that, she say to everyone ( media) she lose his baby for a violency from him…. and now
    want a indenization again.
    2)she was pregnacy and do this to catch him on her web, and now she say ,she scary because KHJ try to oblige her to abort or something …. because she was hide until now.
    for that he must exige a medical report include a DNA for baby (who knows?)

    i’m really worry if i’m right…

    • Hello there! You guess it right! Her next step to accuse HJ of unwanted pregnancy unto threatened abortion. We have to be one step ahead from what she’s planning to do! Thank you so much! Take care be happy and see you again! God bless…

  25. Ella nos esta vendiendo una imagen diferente de KHJ, yo no crei en el primer escandalo, confie en el, ahora con esto me da pena realmente, ellos no volvieron pero si hubo algo entre ellos despues de la denuncia para que ella diga que esta embarazada y que el quiera confirmarlo, si no es el que le pide que regrese como ella lo ha hecho creer, es ella quien lo obliga, realmente yo me siento triste no quiero pensar que este chico sea igual y que ambos les guste ese modo de vida, quiero creer en el KHJ , siempre he seguido el chico alegre, relajado, bromista y en cierta manera frio, pero que no tendria una relacion enfermiza con una mujer loca, que el diga algo ya por favor que se defienda.

  26. Thanks a lot Ms.LK! this article of yours gives clear pictures of what I have thinking of about that woman.yes being obsess and possessive can make a person do something that is not normal or right. I know dealing with this kind of behaviour can be distressing and exhausting.thats why now I know why KHJ want to end this relationship in a calm and fine manner.and by being considerate to her he allow time for her to accept the facts and separate with her in a friendly way. But as we can see this woman is not cooperating with Him instead she’s making it more difficult for him. Yes you are right KHJ is the victim here I think she threatened him about this pregnancy again.
    To KHJ please do Take care and be strong! I know your a clever man be wise in dealing with this kind of situation. And you have our full support!
    Still here no matter what…

  27. thanks LK…this woman is inflicting emotional damage to KHJ, i hope he will be with his friends and family to help him..this case needs a professional to handle..

  28. I just have to remember Hyun Joong may be nearly 30 but because of the life he has led he has been sheltered to the point of being quite naive. Those companies like to keep them boy groups isolated. He also does not convey his feelings which lets people take advantage of him and twist his words. He just needs to realize guilt or feelings of obligation are not a reason to be with someone, especially a nut job who is incapable of dealing with reality. Sure this can happen to anyone but they don’t get crucified by the public. Once the lies are out there it’s hard to get the truth heard. I just don’t want Hyun Joong to suffer the extreme hatred anymore. The hate actually started long before this lying, nutty woman came along but this has made it so much worse and unbearable to watch. He doesn’t deserve such hate. He deserves to live his life and be happy just like everyone does.

      • Agreed with u. Hyun Joong should not protect the girl that destroyed him. Even after fans posted the lies she made on assault case, I still see antis bashing him n hate him. They don’t care what we fans tried so hard to dispute the allegations. I think Hyun Joong career is gone in Korea. Forget about advertisements. I think acting for him after MS is also hard to come by. I am also afraid he b given a hard time in MS. i m feeling very sad for him. Koreans hate him too much without caring for the truth.

    • I also agree with you. He has lived an isolated and totally different life from all of us. I am sure he accepts the world differently. I don`t know what his thoughts are, but I guess he felt sorry for her, maybe had a moment of weakness, maybe she missed him, needed him and he wanted to console her and then he decided to end up with her. I guess he saw her true face again, somehow… In the reality shows that he had perticipated I have noticed that he is very open to the people`s differences. He accepts each person the way he is, does not try to change anyone. This time he has to be tougher and has to show some strength. At the same time he has to be careful in each action, because we do not want to piss off a mentally insecure and disoriented person.

  29. The moment I heard that they did not reconcile but simply met, it eased my worry. This woman has serious issues and I really wish for her to get help. This little stunt of hers will only bring bad things for her in the future. Will she have anyone that would trust her? Her family is probably going through pain considering her actions are affecting them too. Has she no value for her life and her parents? She doesn’t realise what her actions might cost her because she’s really, really sick. I mean sick in a way of illness. Such a person definitely needs psychiatric attention.
    Hyun Joong, I am sure you know what you’re doing. You are a wise man. I have put my trust in you and I’ve always given you the benefit of doubt even when many would come my way to tell me otherwise. But I believed in you wholeheartedly. And not once have you failed me! You’re doing good so far. Stand up for yourself. And please, stay the hell away from her! She is no good. The more you stay close to her, the more she will obsess over you. She needs to forget you. She needs to get healthy before she goes haywire and causes pain to many more around her. Please stay safe and healthy. We’ve got your back no matter what! We are waiting for you so go and come back to us! 💗 Hwaiting, my love!

  30. Ms. Kim thank you for your wonderful article. I totally agree with you. If you truly love someone, you should have not done such a things. From what I see there is no love at all. It’s just for attentions only. I really hate the things that she is doing to my sweet angel Kim Hyun Joong. But I can’t fine myself to hate her. The wrong that she is doing not once but twice now. I hope that she understand that what she did to him will hit her twice as hard. But if she don’t, She deserve what ever come her way. Karma is not a good thing once it come back to haunt you for your wrong doing. Also please understand that I’m a person that can not hate people easily. But I will never forget what they have done. I could forgive but will never forget so please try to understand my thought too.

    To Kim Hyun Joong, Please stay firm to yourself and be strong. You have all of us who love you very much and will support you forever. I know how much this Ms. Choi is hurting you and trying to take you down along with the media. Because you are a truly kind hearted person. The kindness and love you have for others are truly one of a kind. I that you will find it in your heart to forgive her wrong doing but to never forget what she have done to you and move on. She is not someone that you need in your life. You deserve better. Last of all, I love you very much and I’ll stay by your side and support you til the end of time.

  31. Dear LK, I agree with everything you said. She is probably bipolar, which explains why she pushes him to the wall when she doesn’t have her way. She needs treatment, she is self destructing and destructing HJ’s life as well. Very scary woman!

  32. Thank you, LK for saying what all the noonas want to say! I love this young gentleman so much like my own baby brothers who are about his age. Fortunately, my brothers have never been taken advantage of like this toxic woman or I may have been put in jail by now! LOL! It is good that he is hiding her identity because I would want to cash out my 401k, fly to KOREA, Bitch slap her good and fly back! Srsly though… my poor baby…. what has she been threatening him with to even get him to see her again… probably said she would kill herself or some such nonsense…I am more fired up than last time because this is just too much! I know there is more to come because someone high up in SK entertainment is backing her big time. they are jealous that they couldn’t rip his fandom apart the first time… he goes back to Japan and enjoys tremendous success… he makes #2 on Oricon the day his album is released… he sells out 55,000 seats for a concert… how could they sit still? It is just disgusting! I will keep praying and continue voicing my support always…We got our messages of support and love to him through a Divine Miracle and it was just in time before she dropped the bomb! I love you, my little baby brother. Please listen to your noonas and let her go asap. Please hire an EXCELLENT lawyer who can defend you and ferret out her lies. I love you too much to stand idly by…. I am heartbroken and in tears.. Please take care of yourself! If you don’t your noonas may have to come over like a green army and just attack all that seeks to destroy you! 🙂

  33. I suspect : 1. This woman has mental problem. 2. Timing – She told HJ at beginning of January thinking she can get away by using falsified pregnancy report (old trick) to keep him. But if you recalled KHJ fandom compiled and published on 1/7 all the evidences showing how she fabricated Dr. reports, pictures, text messages, etc… on line, and KHJ went to Japan on 1/9 and never heard from her again.

    I also suspect that KHJ has to keep good term with her before case close. Do you remember her attorney threaten they have more… more what ? private pictures????

    You don’t want to anger a lunatic, you can only take time and ease yourself out of the situation. I think HJ did exactly that. I believe this time HJ is fully prepared to deal with this psycho and let’s just simply give him shout-out and let him know we are behind him in every step he takes.

  34. Oh!!!! Also, it will be hard for her to continue to go to the media because they will soon discover that she does need help. Yes, and they need to ask her and her friends some questions. Why did she go into hiding and didn’t go to the doctor? Why is she not accepting his calls? At her age, why is she hiding? What is in her background? It is time for them to ask some serious question of her else they are not real journalist. Pinocchio.

  35. this woman is SICK!!! She’s Psycho!!! No Brain!!! Drama Queen!!! I’m sorry to say this , But this Woman really makes my Heart Bleed, and all of Us too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ~~I Pray for KHJ to Be Strong , to Fight and Clear His Name from this Psycho Choi!!!! God Bless Our Only One KHJ 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Bless U too Ms.LK 🙆

  36. Sorry, got posted before I finish. I was asking, if you have children? Well, be careful because you never know what could happen to you and yours. Some have lost their lives behind this type of toxic love, and as I stated earlier I experienced this with my son. But, those who tried to destroy him no good thing came but my son is happy with a beatific family, we are more than conquers. Keep the Faith, and my boy learn, take heed, listen, and always pray.GOD IS READY TO HEAR YOUR CONFESSION, for you are a Child of His.

  37. Kim Lazer thank you very much !! your article is very good and yes I agree with you, that woman is a psychopath and our Kim Hyun Joong should not fall into their hoax she wants to destroy it again, I also believe that pregnancy is false, and that she not to have a medical examination leaves a lot to think about. That woman is obsecionada our Hyun Joong and that is very dangerous. The fact that he has returned to her after she wanted to destroy his career and his image and exposed to public ridicule me has very angry. He must take the psychopath of the way before she does something worse. I pray to God that this situation is clarified and our Alien goes well this whole nightmare.

  38. the drama will not end as quick as we would wish it’ll be. like watching a 120 episodes drama with uncertainty air time.
    I really wish he’s reading your articles and the comments attached, or someone close to him does.
    at this point, all i can think of if she doesn’t want to get married, why told him about the pregnancy? And if she wanted him to be held fully responsible, why not embracing him instead run away and hide. i don’t like the fact she makes HJ as well as KeyEast look ugly in public eyes.
    maybe because i don’t understand the culture and the way of thinking, i appologize. but as a woman, who was once in her recent situation, i know how it must’ve been felt. in the end, i had the kid, not marrying the father, and live well, without making any further drama. there was a bit drama, it took years to finally resolved. I’m an asian, and catholic.
    to make it as drama or not, is actually be in her hands. she graduated from drama major too, i read in one of the media.

    To Hyun Joong:
    Drama is about the work, not way of life. we know you must be really tired and exhausted with the recent events. Your mistakes was when you started seeing her again AFTER the last ordeal with media and law.
    There’s nothing right on how to fix this, but I wish you find the best solution for the long run. If there’ll be a child, man up, in any kind of term you can think of.
    Have a healthy life as well as healthy relationship. We are here to stay and support you, like all family would.

  39. As a mother speaking from a similar situation, the only difference is he was not a celebrity and it was not all in the news. So Lazerkm I could not agree with you more. The reason, this type of person can do bodily harm and this is why it is very important that we surround him. The reason my son survive is because of the family, friends, other love ones, and those who believe in him. We are more than conquers, but we must keep our eyes open, and my dear boy I am sure it is now. I know you went back because of her plea and you probably did love her but now you know just how dangerous this type of relationship is. Unfortunately, the media is helping to give her and her friends courage to do the things they are doing. To the writers and commenters, do you have

  40. I was waiting for this article. Yes again dear LK you are right and I agree with you. I am also going to use my free speech and calmy, will try, to convey my feelings.
    That woman Choi is a diagrace to us all. She is a psycho. She needs help. She is a conninving horrible being, doesnt deserve to be called a human. A human care and has concience something foreign to her.
    Do you ask how Hyun went back to him? Seriously dear ladies do I have to remind you how obssesive we can become with our men. Calling them, checking on them, stalking them and those calls I need to see you, I promise I wont after this, I will die or kill myself crap. Have you use this strategy? Do you know someone who does? I bet the answer is yes.
    As a mother of a young man this terrifies me. This nightmare is so close to my heart because I have loved this young man for many moons and my heart aches for him. Yes ladies he is the victim here. Remember not all women are ladies and so not always the blame is upon the men. I am a Latina and I was told that “el hombre propone pero la mujer dispone” roughly “the men propose but the women decide”.
    There is more ugliness coming mark my word she is not done. I am scared for him, I want him to go to MS where he was safe, yes ladies I am that scared if that crazy bicha.
    To Hyunnie, love, you must close this door now. Is your life in ruins? Not love but you must move on. Are u afraid? Good I hope you are learning. My boy go just go. When you come back a mature gorgeous man we will be here waiting for you, remember we have a date, you signed it in front of 6k adoring fans and I promise for that date no ocean will stop me to see you shine. May God bless you and give you strenght, protect and keep you safe. I love you my boy. Now go.

  41. Add grandmother’s advice to what was said above, this chick is up to no good. There is a song in the US about “know when to walk away, know when to run…” Sweetie you need to RUN away from that girl. I agree 100% with this article. Blessings on your life and future.

  42. I love this part “Others may have been disappointed but hang in there, Hyun Joong has every reason why, the guy is smart and gentleman let’s not forget. He knows something is off with Choi and handling it carefully.” because I can’t accept how much of an idiot our Hyun Joong is by getting back with her after everything she put him through! Is that love? Is that mercy? Geez… Hyun Joong, DON’T BE A SAINT! Also, I’D LIKE YOU TO HAVE YOUR FAMILY ALTHOUGH I MAY ENVY THE GIRL! JUST PLEASE BE WITH A WOMAN WHO LOVES YOU PURELY! NOT AN ANGEL BUT A HUMAN WILL SUFFICE! AND OF COURSE SOMEONE YOU LOVE DEARLY! AND CLEARLY, THAT’S NOT CHOI!!! PLEASE LET THIS BE THE LAST TIME WE HEAR YOU TRYING TO PATCH THINGS WITH HER! I’M ALWAYS WITH YOU BUT I DON’T WANT YOU, TRIPLE S AND HENECIA TO GET HURT BY THIS WOMAN WHO’S CLEARLY IN NEED OF PROFESSIONAL HELP! LASTLY, YES! WAKE UP HYUN JOONG! WHAT YOU HAD CLEARLY ISN’T LOVE! GOD BE WITH YOU.

    • Exactly my words…I was just telling a friend she is reminding me of that psycho in Fatal Attraction…Hyun Joong, please…please be careful…she is obviously out of control…

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