The Henecia KHJ fans are all supporting Kim Hyun Joong in full force to fight against Choi and media outlets. We will not allow another incident of nightmare back in Aug.2014 to happen again that Hyun Joong’s case was neglected.


For the last time we’re giving your company the last chance to make up for your lost image. This is your chance to show the world you are competent agency to a star KHJ.

May I appeal to your good office to please do all you can to support, protect and defend Kim Hyun Joong against this media scheme and CHOI in destroying his image again.

Kim Hyun Joong and KHJ camp:

Please do not allow Choi to have her pregnancy test without your presence with KHJ’s lawyer and if possible have the DNA test within your presence as well.

We have learned the lesson in Aug. scandal, please let us not have it again, I appeal to all of you from Keyeast to support your managing artist Kim Hyun Joong for the last time, and we his fans shall always be at his side to defend, protect and support in full force.

Thank you, hoping for your understanding and consideration. God bless…

Very Truly Yours,

LazerKim  ( KHJ fan writer )


To all KHJ fans:

Everyone is entitled for a second chance, let’s allow this right of chance to KE, this time we have to unite in full force. God bless us..  Thank you for your understanding.

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24 thoughts on “Attn: KEYEAST and KIM HYUN JOONG

  1. So now she has lost weight. What’s next? A miscarriage, I hope not. That would be awful for her or any woman. But wouldn’t that be her next action? I truly hope KHJ knows we all support his decisions. KE should file a defamation lawsuit against Choi and the lawyer. Stay strong KHJ and fans.

  2. I have a question, does the military in South Korea pay child support to the child’s mother when the father is serving? Here in America they do, the money is taken out automatically and send to the mother. Is it the same?

  3. At this point, KE should prepare a lawsuit against Mrs. Choi on behalf on HJ. Her story has changed so many times in two days. From “the sweet reconciliation (her delusional version)” to “I will not cooperate no matter what” . So far, there is no consequences from any of her actions. If her lawyer is fabricating evidences with her, his license need to be taken away and he needs to be sued as well. Those people along with the Korean Media (Dispatch particularly) should face consequences.
    They need to have a court order to get her checked physically and mentally. I hope they also get an restraining order to get her off him for the rest of his life.

  4. Big yes i agree with you dont let that girl do her pregnancy test alone without KHJ by her side if possible do ultrasound to prove if she is really pregnant,@ im ur avid fans since 2008 i just only watch en like ur ved in youtube,if only i can buy ur album i want to buy to show my support Segyero KHJ KEEP FIGHTING

  5. Lazerkim, yes I agree with you… This is big damage to KHJ reputation, his career as well as his personal life also. Now they take this as a game, opportunity & try to play it time to time by using new strategic…. Therefore, KHJ agency should take this as serious case & should take necessary actions to protect him….. As his fans, we always with him. God bless you..KHJ….

    Lazerkim, thank you for standing on behalf of KHJ…..

  6. Totally agree with you Ms.Lazerkim
    Dear KHJ,
    This women is a demon that want to destroy you. Remember, she is a demon who will never want to see any lights or love.But full of lust and greedy covering her soul! Fight back this demon not compromising with this challenge. You are not alone and don’t deal with this demon alone! Always with you , don’t forget God. Gods give the wisdom,strength and empower your confidence. Suffering time would pass very soon,
    Best wishes
    -from the distance –
    The sound of wisdom

  7. Yes thank you for writing this Lazerkim. Poor khj has never-ending troubles behind his back. I hope that it will be proven how wrong this ex is. It is so obvious that she’s not letting him go and all these are set ups, to ruin his life. And I hate her disturbing lawyer and for selling stories to the magazines.
    Khj please don’t back down and keep fighting for your own rights and reputation. We’ll keep supporting you no matter what happens but please don’t let us down.

  8. To:Keyeast we appeal to you as loyal fan of KHJ, please provide him needed assistance a qualified lawyer to depend him from this scandal. This is your last chance to show your concern and protection to KHJ before his military service. Please grant our request in this regards.
    To:KHJ Be strong and be determined to whatever decision you may have. Use your good judgement in this matter and hope everything will be fine. Still your the only one no matter what,take care as always…

  9. Dear Hyun Joong,

    Very naive of u to get back with her after she damaged u beyond repair. Whatever the outcome, please please do not marry her. If baby is yours (I hope not) , just give child support. Go serve ur MS n get as far away as possible from this dangerous scary girl. I pity u and also us Fans for all the bashings.

  10. Ms.Lazer Kim…please post this letter to the official Facebook of leyeast so that they can also read this I was so pity on KHJ because he had a lot of suffering for this issue…..I hope they can do effort this time for KHJ sake.

  11. Hope this will end soon so that our KHJ could rest well before going to his MS. We know our hyun joong is suffering from this intrigues. We support him in this battle.

  12. Totally agree with u dear LK.

    This time its very important. KE can’t just let KHJ struggle by himself. Their job not only giving out the statement of KHJ but far from that they must trying their best to protect Khj snd help him at all cost to clear up his image.
    This girl is dangerous that she could has something else to bash Khj again. As per what her lawyer said, they have plenty of evidences?? Shhttt all these people!

  13. Yes!!! AGREE with U Ms.LK♡ We shud protect Our HJ ~~Please – Please Help Him from This Psycho B**ch!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Can’t stop Cry , This Psycho Woman really Gave KHJ and Us a 2nd Nightmare!!! Wish I Could do something for Our KHJ ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  14. Excellent! Lazer Kim Henecias of Venezuela Kim Hyun Joong trust and we agree with you that DNA testing should be performed in the presence of the attorneys for the Keyeast Agency. If she is lying that we all know so if this is found to appear before the press and ask for forgiveness and make him sign a caucción and no closer to our Hyun Joong. Thank you dear God Bless you. Kiss Kiss !!

  15. I’m worried that they are going to check up in hospital of Miss Choi’s choice… That women might even bribe doctors and twist DNA reports!
    Better to have multiple opinions…

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