To my dear Henecia, and all KHJ fans


We are again facing another test being loyal fans of KHJ. We have learned our lesson from the recent nightmare in 2014, let us not allow Kim Hyun Joong to be insulted again by media outlets and by Choi.

I have posted a letter to KeyEast appealing to the company to support Kim Hyun Joong for the last time. I fully understand that there is still pain in our heart for what had happen to Hyun Joong’s case back in Aug.2014 due to KE shortcomings. 

At this point, we have to be humble just like Hyun Joong as always and show we can give another chance which everyone is entitled to.

Pride cannot take us anywhere, Hyun Joong needs help, let us be there for him as we always are, get involve and this time we have to unite for him.

I believe in collective strength can make us win this battle against media and Choi.

May I appeal to other KHJ bloggers to please help me circulate this message and message to KE to be able to reach all KHJ fans worldwide.

May I appeal once again for prayers that Hyun Joong may surpass this trial. I believe God will not give him such trial that he cannot handle, but he needs us now.

Prayers move mountains, God never failed us when we prayed for Hyun Joong’s Gemini and Still that we are sincerely thankful for. We have clean intention in supporting, defending and protecting Kim Hyun Joong and clean intentions are always blessed.  Thank you so much!

God bless Kim Hyun Joong. God bless all of us fans.

 Stay alert, believe in ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong.       PROTECT THE PRINCE!

                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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40 thoughts on “Attn: HENECIA and all KHJ FANS WORLDWIDE

  1. Couz even I’m not knowing you in person. Just by watching your uploaded videos. I feel that your a good person. So Fighting Oppa.

  2. I will support you all the way Kim hyun joong. No matter what happens I’ll be ur fan here in Phillipines. Go go go Oppa.

  3. Yo confío en mi Lider, lo apoyo y apoyare siempre….. pero la verdad ya estoy harta de la Srta. Choi.. no entiendo como una “persona” puede querer hacer tanto daño….y perjudicarlo… pero aquí estamos las Henencias para apoyarlo para confiar en el y así se haga notar que el no esta.. y no estará SOLO para defenderlo de Gente que le hace daño!! Dios cuide y proteja a Kim hyun Joong

  4. I trust you.
    I’ll always support you, both in good and bad times and this other side of world. I hope this is resolved for good and you’re okay.
    My ♡ is yours
    From Mexico ¡FIGHTING! ✌
    Always smiles ツ despite what happens ツ

  5. I trust you.
    I’ll always support you, both in good and bad times and this other side of world. I hope this is resolved for good and you’re okay.
    My ♡ is yours
    From Mexico ¡FIGHTING! ✌
    Always smiles ツ despite what happens ツ

  6. KHJ… he is not only a person but also my inspiration in many ways…. he gave me courage and strength to face day after day of bullying… i am i new fan to kpop and kdrama but i see his soul in his eyes…. i have never believed in anything people would say about him cus to me he and his songs gave me sooo much more than any “artist” has ever given me… i heart KHJ and will be a loyal supporter.

  7. Its just amazing….the hard year for both u and us *ur fans
    But no matter what happened,we’re always behind u….beside u….around u….to give u strenght and faith
    Please be strong and stay there….in the place where we can see u shine….once again
    Lots of love and thought from Indonesia

  8. I cried when i heard that why every one only think of his bad !!!! Its just thag they are jealous of his succes and wants to make him falll !!! We fan will always be there in all steps of ir life !!!! So opa fighting !!!!!

  9. I’m an INDIAN fan of KHJ oppa. I never saw him or attended any of his performances. But one thing is fr sure…. I will aways support him. Being his fans, we must STAND BY HIS SIDE during his bad times. Hope he comes out of this soon. Waiting fr his next album…

  10. I feel like it’s another test of time again for us to stand firm with our Only One Kim Hyun Joong. There is nothing that can bring us down if we all united as one to protect our LOVE ONE. Let us show the world just how strong we are when it come to protecting our Angel.

  11. hi.. i am from sri lanka. still i didn’t see KHJ as a person by my eyes,or i didn’t get any chance to participate for a concert or fan meeting.bcoz Korea is far away from me. but i am his one of fan. no matter what happen, i will be a fan of him forever. bcoz he is really talented. feeling so sorry with recent news. really painful. but lies can’t be hidden forever. truth will come out. until then wait and see. KHJ, we will pray for you with lots of love.becoz when i was in pain i used to watch SS501 including KHJ you tube videos. they helped me to smile. still they are the reason that i can forget my pain and smile.thank you KHJ & ss501 team members. i will pray for him…

  12. .. I am a fan of Kim Hyun joong since 2011, although I may not be active in his concert or any gatherings or activities concerning KHJ, I never met KHJ in person, but I am telling that no matter what happen to KHJ I will always be his fan. News is always a news, truth or lies all we have to do is wait for the answer from KHj, and of course to always support him. That’s right let us help him pray for him to have a peace of mind, we may not see it, we may not hear it but I believe he is having a hard time now. Let him now that all his fans is supporting him and waiting for him. Let him feel our support so he could stand in front of us with a strong gesture and with smile. PLEASE don’t BREAKDOWN, we know your UNBREAKABLE, YOUR STORY might bring tears but be STILL because your not alone, just think of it as a FAIRYTALE so much wonderful things to come, U, don’t ever forget that your a LUCKY GUY, YOUR SMILE will bring happiness to your family and fans. TONIGHT rain may pour but tomorrow you will see the HOT SUN shining, just don’t be bother by the HEAT..


  13. Yes, agree and will add my prayers. This is another reason I like this family because they are more Spiritual than religious. God bless and we know He does answer prayers so let us be in peace and remember it is in His time so do not let us get discourage. One thing we must remember, this time he involved his parents, which was the right thing to do, and this time Key East has stepped up and now an attorney should be there because he should have no contact with her without an attorney present. Also, the attorney should be calling and speaking with hers, should be no contact between them. Therefore, you take away some of the stress that would lead to a miscarriage because it appears she does not want to speak with him therefore, the media and hiding.., her words in a way.

  14. Hi everyone ,

    the following is a recent statement from KE

    Keyeast Explains Discrepancy Between Kim Hyun Joong and Ex-Girlfriend’s Stances on Pregnancy Issue

    2015.02.24 16:56

    Kim Hyun Joong has released the official statement on the discrepancy between his and his ex-girlfriend’s stances on the pregnancy issue.

    On Feburary 24, Keyeast, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency, made an official statement through press release, saying, “We would like to once again clearly let you know of Kim Hyun Joong’s stance on the discrepancy between the report quoting Choi’s attorney, which was released today (February 24), and Kim Hyun Joong’s official statement, which was released yesterday (February 23).”

    According to Kim Hyun Joong’s agency, his ex-girlfriend, Choi, notified him of her pregnancy in the beginning of January and Kim Hyun Joong notified his parents about this. Kim Hyun Joong and his parents contacted Choi in order to confirm this in the presence of the parents of both parties, but Choi repeatedly changed her mind and did not comply.

    Kim Hyun Joong’s agency claimed, “Choi contacted Kim Hyun Joong on the night of February 23 and made a plan to meet up at the hospital of her choice at 2 p.m. the nex day, but Choi never showed up.”

    About the report claiming that he was suspicious about her pregnancy, the agency stated, “He was not trying to check because he was suspicious on whether or not she is pregnant.”

    The agency added, “If she has a child, it concerns both families, so he simply wanted the families of both parties to confirm it objectively and check up on the health condition of the mother and the fetus before discussing the future plans, which we think is a regular procedure.”

    Lastly, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency added, “Once confirmed, he wants to discuss the rearing of the child in the future. We express our regret at Choi, who did not directly respond to Kim Hyun Joong’s repeated request for confirmation on this issue and failed to show up at the place of appointment (to meet up on February 24 at 2 p.m. at the hospital of her choice).”

    Keyeast Explains Discrepancy Between Kim Hyun Joong and Ex-Girlfriend’s Stances on Pregnancy Issuelarge view

    The following is the official statement

    We would like to once again clearly let you know of Kim Hyun Joong’s stance on the discrepancy between the report quoting Choi’s attorney, which was released today (February 24), and Kim Hyun Joong’s official statement, which was released yesterday.”

    We will give further explanation on the statement made yesterday (February 23) as well as what will happen going forward with the issue.

    In the beginning of January, Choi notified him of her pregnancy and Kim Hyun Joong judged that it is right to let his parents know of the issues regarding pregnancy and discuss their future plans.

    Kim Hyun Joong and his parents decided that it is logical for the parents of both parties to be present at the hospital to check on the pregnancy and discuss the future plans. They continued to contact Choi’s side and even made a reservation at the hospital of Choi’s choice, but she changed the reservation many times and did not comply.

    Afterwards, she was out of touch before the article was released through Woman Sense on February 22.

    After the Woman Sense article went out, Kim Hyun Joong’s parents called Choi once more to request confirmation but she was out of touch until later at night. When Choi claimed that she is only free on February 24, Kim Hyun Joong’s parents made an appointment to meet up with her at 2 p.m. at the hospital of her choice. However, Choi did not show up even after the time of appointment.

    After Choi notified of her pregnancy, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Hyun Joong’s parents were not asking her to confirm the pregnancy because they were suspicious on whether or not she is pregnant. If she has a child, it concerns both families, so they simply wanted the families of both parties to confirm it objectively and check up on the health condition of the mother and the fetus before discussing the future plans, which we think is a regular procedure.

    However, it is difficult to understand Choi stating through her attorney today that she is pregnant and that she has evidence to prove it. Whether or not she is pregnant can be found out if we contact the hospital directly. There is no reason whatsoever for her to reveal the evidence of her pregnancy to the public, like her attorney said.

    We would like to once again reveal that Kim Hyun Joong is trying to check up on the pregnancy with the parents of both parties, and once confirmed, discuss the birth and rearing of the child.

    We express our regret at Choi, who did not directly respond to Kim Hyun Joong’s repeated request for confirmation on this issue and failed to show up at the place of appointment (to meet up on February 24 at 2 p.m. at the hospital of her choice).

    Photo credit: enews

    Reporter : Lee Ji Young | Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung
    [Any copying, republication or redistribution of enewsWorld’s content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited Without prior permission from enewsWorld. Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civill penalties.]

  15. I actually want media to show Choi on screen as well. Why hide her identity and why she is not letting KHJ and his family to go to the hospital with her. She is again faking out. I bet next she will claim to dismiss her pregnancy due to pressure. Such a bitch! If she really been through all those assault gor whicj she took money as well then why she slept with same guy again? Now she again blackmailing him via media to get more money. Such a nice way to earn money. Telling Meadia She has evidance after reuniting happily doesn’t make any sense.

  16. Thank you LK! I am preparing a post today… I am 100% with you… we need to close ranks… and at this point that means including KE as part of our camp. They are still his agency no matter what and yes! They now have a second chance to prove they are not INCOMPETENT! It seems they are stepping up with their latest release as they repeat the facts OVER AND OVER as if they are trying to tell the netizens… GET A CLUE! Her story is FULL OF HOLES! LOL! I just pray they hire for him a good lawyer because hers is a penniless desperate DIRT BAG who is doing this FOR THE MONEY! I smell a ‘miscarriage due to stress’ Suit in the making. He wants to take KHJ to the cleaners and he has the bullet in this pscho woman to fire using the big guns of the Korean Entertainment Industry Mafia. It is a CORRUPT business and there is no doubt about that. We have to become his Green Army advancing on the enemy and never letting them have a victory or rest until all is revealed. Thank you LK for always being the voice of reason and truth and only stating the FACTS. Love you so much!

  17. Hi LazerKim! I thought we could be here these days to talk about our good memories,the success of Gemini, imagining our KimHyunJoong relaxing at home thinking about the same memory as well….but…once again WE ‘VE BEEN CALLED TO WAR …so let it be. I’m ready to defend our Prince and to spread as much as possible this your article. We are all involved and we must do all that we can to defend HIM “nails&teeth”
    I did not believe the story of reconciliation and planning marriage even for a second!…I felt weird,and still felling weird about the fact that HyunJoong allowed this Choi to be close to him “physically ” and that this closeness lead them to what happened..I don’t judge him, but I blame her. ..why? Because I’m sure that her obsessive sick -love for him cause him to “fall” . Whether she begged or threatened him, I don’t know,she mischievously appeal to the normal,natural desires of every young man…temptation is not easy to resist when the occasion present itself ,so I think she took advantage of him!!!!! The only fault I found with him is to have been to good to her,thinking she changed,thinking she could not harm anymore…but…sorry to say..if you are a viper, you cannot become a dove. She said she was not the one to spread the news…but if that it’s true…why not make a declaration of deny? For the sake of peace and Joong’s reputation,she supposed to say “it’s not true” and even if pregnancy was true,to keep the evolving of events PRIVATE. but since she’s going around in happy company of lawyers and media..once again she proved,to be was she is…A LIAR,cheap and immature kid ( omg Choi you are 31yo supposed to have some brain) not even caring for the life of un unborn child that for sure does not exist. I hope this situation will soon be cleared up. It seems KE is givin a good defense to KHJ so I want ,as you said, to give them a second,chance. BE STRONG KHJ!!! We are always with you!..FIGHTING!!!

    Ps. Strange coincidence,but ..nightmare 1 happens on the 22second…nightmare 2..on the 22second again, right? I hope I don’t have to fear this date anymore ,

    • Hello sara! Remember i wrote we have something to on our next episode of our journey being a khj fan? I guess this is it! I cant forget i really felt strange about his going bk to sk.

  18. Thank you for your writting LazerKim…
    just by read at your post, it make me better, and i will love Kim Hyun Joong oppa whatever will be..
    ♥♥♥♥ KHJ ♥♥♥♥

  19. Hey lazerkim and thank you for your articles that I’ve been following now for a while. Well it is weird and doubtful that she didn’t want to go to a hospital with him, but after thinking a lot about it I guess maybe she is because it’s not easy to lie about such a thing as it will soon be reviled, I mean he will notice after a while that her belly isn’t growing even if she provides him with fake test and he believes her plus I don’t think she will risk putting her self in that extreme hard situation unless she is really a psycho. And as much as I hate and disrespect her, I want her to show up for a test and put him at ease.

  20. After last night assault I was distraut and quite angry but in my mind keep on popping the native advertisement incident couples months back. Wow we were just talking about that and preparing for the next attack and bam it rammed us.
    I am using my free speech and many years in the advertising field to post what I am going to post. These are my ideas. This is what I have learned from the last nightmare and with my right to free speech I blamed all of this on KeyEast and specially on BYJ. Their incompetence and betrayal is too obvious now.
    Your flowers Mr Bae were so your Japanese fans started to believe in you again. That was a great native advertisement placement, bravo. You have launched a frontal attact to destroyed the only thing that has stood up and stopped your goal of destroying him, the Henecia fandom. You are using him, our loved one as a weapon against us, how dare you, so facing this evil and taking my right to worship I will follow what it has been planted inside my heart:

    Using this media I call upon you Lord and your mercy. I believe that your promises are true. I believed that what is spoken will become and what is asked shall be given. And trusting in your word oh merciful Father I call upon your promise, that those who are destroying shall receive your justice 100th fold, that for all the tears they caused they shall received your Justice 100th fold, that all the heartache and pain they cause they shall receive a 100th fold.
    Lord we are facing evil and we plead for your help, protect our loved one Hyun, and I call upon his name Raphael and thus his patron Saint to come to his protection, on this war we need your legion of angels and saints so on your mercy Lord please send:
    Archangel Raphael, your healer to heal his mind, heart and body
    Archangel Gabriel, your messenger to clear the confusion and lies that sorround him
    Archangel Michael, to defend us in battle against evil
    Saint Benedict, your faithful servant in which You bestowed the power to repeal evil
    Saint Cecilia, patron saint of musicians so his gift will be unpolluted
    And as a mother with a broken heart I beg you Our Lady of Guadalupe, to sorround him with your maternal love, you the patroness of the Americas, my land, you who protect the unborn, protect those innocent lives used on selfish evil purposes
    In Jesus name I pray,

    If you read this thanks even if you dont believe you just joined me in prayer.

  21. Praying that he will find strength in our love and support despite this woman’s claims, which I believe to be false from August, we don’t know the whole story. He is facing his military service and must have that on his mind and all of this woman’s attempt to discredit him among fans is only serving to unite true fans in love and prayer for his well being.

  22. Dear God….we know very well Man plan and God laughs. But a bit of a Miracle to clear those muddy waters will really help. I know mysterious are God’s ways …but I believe the Truth always find a way😇😇😇

  23. It’s a great idea, Lazer Kim…I totally agree with you…about contacting KeyEast and asking for their support…HJ needs our support…regardless of pride issues…and prayers do move mountains and collective prayer will change impossible circumstances…thank you for your insight…Lazer Kim, I just posted a response on your previous -yesterday’s- blog…I addressed HJ with some much needed advice…is there a way he can read it? Please let me know..

  24. I BELIEVE AND WILL ALWAYS STAY FOREVER IN HIS SIDE!!! FOREVER LOVE MY ONLY ONE ♥KIM HYUN JOONG♥ Thanks always for gave Us (me) Strength Ms.LK♡ Coz Together and United make Us Stronger. Pray for KHJ♡ He deserves Happiness. His Worthy of Our Love +_+ ~~God Bless Our KHJ 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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