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By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong ended his Gemini Concert Series last night Feb.20th with so much huge success which is totally overwhelming. May I just highlight on two scenarios from his last concert. I just want to say “this is it” it finally sink in to me that this is his last concert for this year and the waiting period start any time soon from now while I write this article.

From the beginning of GEMINI  Concert Series, Hyun Joong has been controlling his emotions the entire series which he had been doing for the last 15 concerts he performed. Instead he gave all his smiles, crack all the jokes he can with his fans and making sure his fans truly are enjoying the show, making this ever memorable to all of us as it is to him.

Until at the final series he could not take it anymore, as his fans sang Your Story on the last series of Gemini, he just broke down into uncontrollable tears. His fans continued singing to him as he turned his back still trying hard to hide the tears in his eyes and that really broke my heart!

If it pains us that we won’t be able to see him for 2 years, it’s so much for him to bear as well, since he had spent all his life on stage and I can see he’s not really prepared to leave all these behind him even just for 2 years.

Until the concert ended his fans were allowed to gather at the park area of the venue as he walked on his way to his car back to the hotel. This gave his fans to take their last glimpse of him that I think it’s the same volume of fans who watched his concert! The “Can’t get enough of you”  KHJ fan syndrome always strikes whenever he’s around!



The following day Hyun Joong attended to his last event in Tokyo attended by 400 fans as Hyun Joong wore their bracelets to each and everyone, while some waited outside the venue to take a glimpse. Right after which he went straight to Haneda AP back to Seoul, Hyun Joong would like to go quietly and he did as I thought!

But at the airport tarmac viewing area, there were fans waiting for him just to take their last glimpse even just the aircraft where he was boarded! It was cold but his Japanese fans abide by the rules on his departure, no cameras, no videos so they waited outdoor to the tarmac!

For me this is the most touching incident I have ever encountered being a fan! Amazing fans I’m truly proud of KHJ fans, such a great fandom he is blessed with!

We have seen all his smiles the entire time he was here in Japan performing his concert series, he is back to Seoul, but why do I feel those smiles would just suddenly fade when he reach Seoul?

Is it so hard to let go? Maybe! Or I just don’t want him to lose those smiles he showed us these passed weeks in just an instant when he’s back home to Seoul. He never fails and maintained that smile at Gimpo Airport. I’m so glad to see him smiling till the last glimpse.



I hate goodbyes first and foremost, I honestly do not know how to handle such scenario. Hyun Joong mentioned he wanted to go to his MS in silence that I sincerely hope his Korean fans would understand because Hyun Joong doesn’t like goodbyes as well!

All I want to remember are those smiles he left for us and that’s it. He never mentioned the exact date when he’ll be enrolled to MS, but let’s just respect him on that and let go….

I would just like to think that every time he ends a project he takes a rest from the lime light and go back to his hiding cocoon to cook something for us on his project. That’s how I’m gonna picture him in my mind for the next 2 years while waiting for him. This may be so easy to say but deep inside me I’m crushed…

At this point we have to be strong for him, but to be able to do that, we bring out our emotions of missing him just for one day…

So for once and for all, let’s burst it out just for one day, to be sad, to cry, to be lonely, to scream, to be scared of tomorrow, to feel the emptiness, to feel the pain on his departure, everything that’s pinching our heart. Write whatever we feel and you are most welcome to bring it here in my comment boxes. I dedicate this article to let go of our emotions.

After this article in the following days we shall be facing the next episode of being KHJ fans with much strength to endure the 24 months, we have something to do for his future…still with smiles…

We never forget, as we dig in on my next articles, we make use of our waiting period for him. Just remember, it is not his fault to be popular, to be in the global star status and to be loved by millions worldwide. Let us not forget!



To Kim Hyun Joong:

I know you will never forget GEMINI and your commitment at the TIME CAPSULE as we shall not forget the same commitment after 2 years, and please be back in Japan. 

We shall be waiting for you, take your time, build your dreams while you are there and we are all with you supporting your dreams. Just like you, we never give up as your fans!

Stay strong, take care of yourself, don’t get sick because we will all worry about you. If you are down and lonely, you know where to go to boost your confidence as you always do. Please bring our PURE LOVE with you.

                Just like you, we hate goodbyes, so we’ll say……. SEE YOU AGAIN! 

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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126 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SEE YOU!

  1. Dear LazerKim,

    Thank you for your article,
    I am truly happy to find your blog.

    To Kim Hyun Joong,
    I consider You my Family now and forever,
    no matter what is happening my love always will be with You
    Your choice whatever it is I will support You until the end of time…
    Let me share some of my wisdome ;they are my help together with your music to cheer up :
    -Walk away from anything or anyone who takes away from your joy.Life is too short to put up with them.
    -There comes a time in your life when you realise who matters ,who never did and who always will.
    So don`t worry about those people from your past ,because there is a reason they didn`t make it to your future…!
    -I am thankful to all those difficult people in my life ,they have shown me exactly who I do not want to be
    -The only person you battle in life is…Yourself
    -To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an hour.

    No Fear
    God Bless You Dear LaserKIm,
    God Bless Him,
    and all his Fans
    With Love
    Sok Szeretettel

  2. This woman is nuts! She is a lying, desperate sicko who needs mental help. Hyun Joong needs to get his crap together and realize this relationship is toxic! He may truly love her but love is not enough in a relationship like this. You can love someone but that does not mean they are good for you. These two obviously bring out the worst in each other. He breaks up with her, they have a physical confrontation (which I now know after this latest attempt to defame him that it was 100% instigated by her) and she lies about the extent of the situation and files charges on him. So apparently he felt bad and wanted to try to make things “right” and got sucked back in. Thinking with the wrong head there Hyun Joong? So now he breaks up again and she’s pregnant? If she was she would have gone to the doctor. She would have went to his family. She would be trying to work this out. She has to be lying and is once again out to destroy him. Sadly the media and those sites are more than happy to once again oblige. This world has become a disgusting cesspool of sicko’s that thrive on hurting and destroying people. No matter how much I love his music and dramas, Hyun Joong needs to get out of the music and acting business and go live a quiet normal life. It’s the only way for him to be free from all this, because there is no way this could be the kind of life he wants to live.

    • Yes, but he will be away for two year so let them have their fun now. Things can change in an instance, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I do not remember how the statement goes but he said something to the fact that God has given him a burden, well he is going through this now. Yes, even us have to ripe what we sow.bad choices but that does not mean we give up on life or our passion. We are over comers and he will overcome. Have Faith and Trust God. Had similar experience with my son, but he was not a celebrity and I think this is why I took a hold to HJ. Similar in statue, personality, and of course very handsome, and good in his field. Yes, they tried to take him down and his first marriage need in divorce but now what a difference. Yes, he was depressed and thought the world was going to end but family, friends, and those who believe in him brought him through. Second marriage, family life, and work are better the second time around. So never give up, yes it is hard to hear and see what someone you love go through things like this, but if it does not kill you it will make you stronger. No matter what keep the Faith and release your stress. The green monster is very alive and well and what you are witnessing is the effects of jealousy.

  3. Dear lazerkim
    After read his words l really fell hurt, not for his scandal but for his HEART.
    Since the beginning I pictured this problem, they like eachother, as she is older than him she is more experienced, able to convinced and manipulated him, the sex plays an important side in peoples´ lives specially in youngers, but it doesnt afect your personality your charater, the way to work, to behave in society. I always think that your private life is THAT YOUR private life.
    I remember these days to Michael Jackson, the poor boy who after his death we know that everything was false, but how much he suffered from media and judges from people. That he was strange undenieable, but nobody denied his talent til now. or Ricky Martin who declared that he is gay and now he continue his life after that scandal, another talent man.
    the list ….. But, what if he has a baby, what if he wont marry her, what if he fall again with her, what …… ???
    My God, l love him the same, l always thought that he is not alone, that he has a gf, that he makes love and kisses a girl, as a fan wrote here time ago when they said that he is gay because he did not have a known gf.
    I love his songs, the way that he sings is soooo…sweet, so sensitive, l love the way he gives himself to his music and acting, the way he looks for satisfing us, for entertaing us, for giving unconsciously lots of happiness to our hard lives, for beeing our angel without know how he is important in our lives.
    I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH HIM, l love the actor,singer in him.
    l dont care who is on his bed, l pray to a good girl will be in his heart and in his life, l pray that he will have a little of hapiness in his busy life. l pray as l pray for my children that their lives dont have too much messy, that they will be strong enough to face their issues with responsability.
    He is for nature and nurture a charismatic man, everyone fall in love just listening to him, his voice , his smile, his jokes that is what we love.

    God give him wisdom to do the best for him and the baby, if it is true that she is pregnant. Remember that only human are able to stumble over the same stone to learn.

    • I so agree. But in spite of,Michael Jackson kept moving on and creating, and this is what I boy must do and do not give in. Yes, the what ifs, but no man knows the human heart. But as you stated we STILL love you EVEN NOW, Gemini, so take your rest and get ready for your MS.

      Oh! To the one who said he should go in front of the media, I do strongly disagree because even your spoken words can be taken out of context. Here in the state we have a football player that shows up for his interviews but he gives the following statement “I’m here because I do not want to get fined”. The reason being he gave interviews but he found they were taking his statements out of context so the next time he did not show up and he was fined. Now, he is making money off his statement to the media. And trash media you should never give a statement. We must try our best not to walk in traps They set for us, and this is one lesson, of many, I hope he learns from this. Another, and I an going to say it, stop looking for a girl who can drink with you this is not a good thing. Others, but I hope you will come to a knowledge of this on your own. There are a lot of grandmother’s here and we can see what happened. Love you.

  4. I am going to keep saying this Trust God and Keep the Faith, and yes in the process release your stress/thoughts. But, the only person who can go through this type of situation is Kim Hyun Joong. Why? God has put a hedge of protection around him call family/Henecia, and loving international fans, and of course his family. I do believe that he will be happy as he obtain the wisdom that will come out of this trail, he is still young. I am reminded of the story of Job. As long as he stood firm in his belief he was bless more coming out as he had going into his trail. So HJ stand strong and hold on to your belief. Yes, you have to go through this now but look to the present and not your past and if you read or heard the negative comments do not take to heart but learn from them. To all those who think you can box with God your arms are to short, so be careful because you are stil living and have a lot to face. This goes for miss a and her friends. What have shocked me is this is a women who is 2 years older than he, 31, and this is how she acts and people has taken her side. As fans of KHJ we are much smarter than that. So release the stress and don’t worry. God sees and knows all.

  5. Oh please i want to maintain my composure but this time i will allow myself to get at least angry even for a seconds.damn!!those people who are easy to judge.and damn this damsel in distress girl…

    i guess this certain ms A needs someone to talk to.needs a real friends that won’t allow her to do such stupid scandalous hilarious things…i still don’t know her so i don’t want to allow myself to judge her..but now i don’t really care if i misjudged her.
    i even read the comments of netizens that why sungmin of super junior got a lot of trashtalk about getting married.and why hyun joong have all the supports?

    It is actually sungmin’s jealous fans who are betraying him but hyunjoong’s henecia are very supportive. That is really the difference. Pathetic netizens woahhhh!! My mind is about to blown up if i will keep this thoughts for myself…i hope after writing here it will ease my burden.

    i am proud to be henecians…thank you all for undenying love and support for khj. We are one no matter what..lets fight for our hjoongsii…

    hjsii pls.keep calm.even our own shadows leave us in darkness we’ll never leave you at times like strong.!!!

    • i wish that KeyEast would not give statement that could get slayed by netizzen like with what happen when the case first started. i’dvrathervwish them to stay low for now, make it clear from girl’s side as well. i hate seeing KeyEast got bashing because the girl’s alleged injuries pics destroy their whole first statement. it’s crucial and critical at this point to have the facts and truth before going to public.

      • Well you are expecting too much KE has clearly shown that they do not care for Hyun’s well being. Their statements are incompetent to say the least.

    • You said, i even read the comments of netizens that why sungmin of super junior got a lot of trashtalk about getting married.and why hyun joong have all the supports?
      because KJHL fans are wise, are experienced girls, mothers, GFs, grandmothers, boys with same experences, people in love, and mostly we know him too much to even figure out his feelings and his acting. WE LOVE HIM.

  6. Well…that psycho started to Lie again. I knew she will want more and she will be downing in her own lies. What a conniving evil person 😈.

    I think is about time Hj will give his side in front of the camera and not statements that can be misinterpreted or lost in translations. She wants Him and is obsessed with Hj that is why she is doing all this Circus.

    The sad thing is that psycho doesn’t even really understand the damage she caused to soo many people.
    I don’t believe Hj will have something to do with her after all the havoc she caused in his life. Well hope so, I still give him the benefit that he will use his common sense.

    What a dirty game this one is playing….what a sorry excuse of a woman😝

  7. God, I was in shock myself reading the media today. he is suddenly trending again… and with negative comments to be found in all over comment section. They are adults, why people can’tjust leave it at that? i have seen too many same stories in real life that similar to HJ and Ms Choi’s line… some end up good, some end up worse. it’s their life, their privacy, their decision, their responsibility, their own consequences on whatever they decided to do. all we can do as HJ’s friends (now i hope we can stay that way in his eyes), is giving support towards long term goodness, keep their family safe, and cheer for their happiness, isn’t it?
    If he’s going to be a father, congrats and hope he’d be a good one, the best one even.
    if he’s going to marry her,i hope for the best, and they shall treat each other right, protect each other,stay faithful, and live happily in love.
    if he decided not to proceed with matrimony, at least keep a good relationship for the sake of the child she’s now carrying. the child is innocent, whatever mistakes the parents had, or whatever issues spark between them.
    To all of us, i think the best way is giving our full support.

      • Hahaha, I know ms. LK, I know how you feel. I was running around and cursing everywhere myself this late afternoon after reading the media. but ibtook a sip of my coffee, and sit, and look at his picture on my desktop, and get to think. our point of view is not the same, since we’re not the concern party. God knows what and how they are. so i told myself to calm down and let him be, let them be, and just cheer on whatever good came out of this mess, and be sadbfor him when bad things happen.
        i personally, will definitely stay, give him a pat in the back and told him to keep doing good and stay strong. #unbreakable literally speaking.

      • I’m really disappointed in KHJ-ssi behavior. To forget how to avoid a pregnancy when you’re 29 y.o., even if you’re drunk, it’s simply something I cannot understand. I’ve just have a bitter taste. Maybe he is not the person I thought he is. Sorry. I was his oversee fan since 2009 when I discovered SK entertainment thanks to a sageuk -Yi San, my first ever drama. Since than I followed almost all the info about him (and his band). BOF was one of my fav. drama. I supported him with my poor means (writing on his official sites, voting for him, sharing his music and dramas with my friends, making him more popular in a country where Asian music it’s not so popular). I’m just feeling disappointed not because he has a gf, he had a violent reaction or he get back with someone who destroyed his career, but he didn’t know how to manage his private life issues. Pregnancy is not something you can play around because involve other people too. In the same time I’m sorry for him as I’m sorry for me, as a fan.

        • It requires two to tango, and sorry dear but the pregnancy cannot be stopped IF the woman wants it, men don’t have a saying in our bodies. He is a man and she is a psycho ready to do whatever to get him for her and her alone. You should be sorry that Hyun was involved with such a low life

          • there are so many ways for an adult man to avoid accidental pregnancy, the best one to not do it, second in other area, third verified condoms, forth calendar, fifth coitus interruptus and the best for a potential child never do it when one or both are intoxicated. Yes I’m sorry for him meeting such a low gf and not knowing how to deal with her. But that’s their life. I’m just a fan enjoying his music and his performance in dramas. I hope, when he’ll be back, to enjoy watching him in a movie.

            • I understand you because at first I felt very disappointed because of the pregnancy…but you know? I know some cases of people around me the girl for a reason wants a baby from her boyfriend, she is taking the pill and the boyfriend knows, so…there is no problem with the sex. The girl leaves the pill with intention of conceive and later she get pregnant and say she doesn’t know why. Or in the HJ case maybe they were using a method but it failed we don’t know. But I really don’t think he doesn’t care of avoid a pregnancy. he is not an adolescent and she is not his first girlfriend.

      • I don’t think he will marry her. Yes if he want to be in the tabloid every now and then I’m sure of that LOL. In the first place KHJ want to end this relationship right?and One thing more I remember one of his interview that he want to raise his family out of the city, it means he wants private life. Not like what this A is attention seeker is easier for her to run and go to the media and do whatever she want.and not even considering KHJ image as an artist. If it’s true that she’s pregnant why not go to KHJ parents to tell them directly her situation, while he’s out of the country? As simple as that if she want. Hope she will not threaten KHJ about her pregnancy just like others said. I wish everything will be resolved as soon as possible.
        Thanks once again Ms.LK take care and have a pleasant en lovely day🌺

    • To be honest I can not imagine good relationship among them Considering what she did in the past 5 or 6 months she did not respect him did not respect his career . How can you marry to a person that love to humiliate you in front of the public . KHJ is a public person and this ” a” seems to love medias than anything else.I feel scare just to think about it. However I will never ever support anyone to go back or keep the unhealthy relationship no matter what. It will be too painful to everyone involve in the long run.

      • That’s why i said, to support him in any decision he’s going to make, for he knows what’s best and whatever happened between them, regardless what people say about it. we can’t stop him doing whatever he thinks what’s right, can we?

  8. GOODLUCK Hyun Joong,take Very Good Care Of Urself,i Am Not Going To Say Anything Concerning Whatever Pregnancy That Lunatic Is Claiming.Hyun Joong Will Be Out Of The Military And Countinue With His Career In A More Developed Way And Get Married To A Woman God Will Bless Him With By God’s Grace.No Matter What,hyun Na,u Will Always Be My Number One,never Forget To Commit Urself To God And God Will Commit His Love To U,to Everyone Reading Fornication Is A Great Sin,read Revelation In The Bible And Ask God For Forgivness.Hyun Joong, I Will Always Be Waiting For U,love U.

  9. Hi, this is my oppinion, regarding the latest news. – I was shocked, of course, before the official statemnet of his agency. Now I see it more clearly. The recent events just prove KHJ`s words. They were a couple, he wanted to separate, there was a fight /one fight /,maybe they both used violence during that fight. She filed charges and he was truely sorry for the way they separated / I mean that he couldn`t control himself/, after the official apology he gave her a surprise for her birthday / this is what I read somewhere/. We don`t know what happened, after all they knew each other, they had a relationship. We all know how softhearted KHJ is.
    In fact I can not imagine that a 30 year old man can resist a beautiful woman in certain circumstances. He is a man afterall. I believe they had a few days together, maybe she was nice to him, she wanted to be together with him again, but KHJ made the decision to separate. Few days after that she said she was pregnant / the stronges weapon to hold a man/, he and his family wanted a conformation, she denied and ended all contacts. She was waiting for the end of his tour and immediatly on the next day the bomb was thrown… He is shocked and we all are.
    Now, if she really is pregnant / which I don`t believe/ it will be awful for him, he will not have the chance to be truely loved, to marry a woman he really loves and respects, he will have to take responsibility for his weakness and carry this burden / the woman, not the child/ forever. Even if he does not marry her and takes care only of the child – still his whole life will change and he will always be divided between his future family and this kid.
    But as I said, I don`t believe she is pregnant. It is her last hope to keep him for her. And this only proves that she was angry before and she filed false charges to punish him.
    I really feel sorry for him – he has met the wrong woman and made a second mistake – to allow his feelings / or physical attraction/ to shadow his mind.
    I am his fan, now more than forever and hope that Henecians will believe him and see the true face of the situation.
    We can`t expect a man, who has so much pressure on him to be always prefect in his actions, we all make mistakes, he hasn`t commited a crime – he just showed weakness towards a woman he once loved. We scold the Korean pop industry for being severe towards the idols and we are doing the same thing now. We have our families, but want him to love only us, to kiss no women, to live like a priest.
    I will not stop loving his music, I will not forget his 10 years of everyday efforts, I will not forget each and every word he said during the concerts and I belive in his true love for us. I really wish him personal happiness and I am very sad that he may hot find it.

    • This is such a great analysis of the situation & I totally agree with you. She is so showing her true colors. OMG I hope she is not pregnant. How awful that would be. But since she’s refusing to verify it I guess she’s not.

    • I truly agree with u. I have a same thought as u. This woman is just trying to get his attention. She’s so greedy to have Hj only to her. i think she got jealous so much when HJ really busy with his schedules, meeting many people, here n there for his concerts, meeting fans, showing his love to his fans…she couldn’t hold herself to tell the world that she has a baby with Kim Hyun Joong. Thats why she spreading it out to her friends and her badmouth friend so itchy to tell the media abt it. Damn! This girl is so dangerous. So dangerous to be with even a commoner, what else if she married a star like HJ, the most succesful solo artist for the time being. She will definately destroying Hj’s life sooner or later.

      i hope Hj make a wise decision abt getting married to her if really she got pregnant to his child. This woman is so untrustworthy and sick. I hope HJ could hold himself and thinking straight abt it. If needed i hope HJ could spare his time to pray to GOD for HIM to show him what is the best way for him to follow. Please HJ, GOD give u all these obstacles in ur life bcoz HE knew u can handle it. And for the sake of ur future, please pray and asking GOD what should you do, Insya Allah, God will show u the way HE wants u should go. May GOD bless u always.

  10. OMG this is so unreal… it’s sad he back together with her after all the mess. Sigh*

    I wonder why she doesn’t want to confirm it, Hyun Joong needs to know if he is the father of that kid if it’s true she is pregnant. All of this is so sad, sad, sad…hope finally we can to know the true very soon.

    • Simple the pregnancy is fake, 1st instinct of a woman being pregnant is excitement to know if her baby is healthy right? Go to the OB and have the baby inside the womb examine. Hj will find out she’s lying again that’s why she refuse to the medical check up or pre-natal.

      • Hi Lk,

        Do you remember i have posted in one of your article that this ” a ” should be forbidden to be near him more than 10 maters or she should be reported to the police if she has been seen around his place. It is proved why I said that. I ‘m not surprised at all if this ‘ a ” trapped him to come this far. the classic thing is she really loves medias.

  11. Again, I do not know what all of this means. After September was he still seeing her, was that a request from her to make an official breakup after the end of the year? I do not know but the human heart is something man does not understand. Again, I feel that is was all a plan but again I will trust God and Kim Hyun Joong no matter what For I am human too and I will never allow evil to win.

  12. I feel obliged to write again, I just read the publication that made the agency and really is very sad … I still have my position, I am disappointed KHJ start his tour in Japan knowing she was pregnant … I still remember that one of its I keep concert they recorded the “gwiyomi” so that after their future children would not feel ashamed to see, at that time was very funny, but now I wonder, would he have thought of that future child was on the way?
    The company has not confirmed anything of embrazado, it remains to be seen, but still no denying that they continued to maintain a relationship. That is, while many of the fans passed in December lamenting the sadness of KHJ, praying for him, wishing to pass happy holidays, praying to give energy, courage and love … he met this girl, really sad and disappointing. So I have no strength or courage to continue.
    Since September last year up before the tour, where everything was uncertain for him, I feel that all those months of sadness for me were in vain.
    Anyway thank you very much for all your words, to understand me, and answer me kindly.
    Esperare the next few hours the official press KHJ is my last hope.
    Girls, if you know any news please enlighten me and let the links! I need to be fully informed.
    THANK YOU, and love for all ❤

      • That A told HJ that she was pregnant in January….yup, surely HJ knew abt it but when HJ asked abt pregnancy examination in hospital for confirmation she refused. Again after discussing with his family, they agreed to meet A’s family talk abt the pregnancy and ask for examination again. She refused. ….( didn’t u get the situation here my dear? )

        Its not confirm yet, how to tell fans? No wonder sometimes he looks distracting by something in his concert. Like something bothering him.

        Then on 22nd of February when this news burst out in media/inernet,HJ try to asked her again to clarify the truth and asked for examination but she were failed to be contacted. ( can u see the picture here dear? )

        Hj also deny making an arangement for marry her.

        All i can see here is, the girl try to seek his attention again with pregnancy!! Right after short time their break-up she tell HJ she’s pregnant. If u noticed HJ at this time should be really busy with his Imademo album promoting and the schedule in Japan should be quite hectic. But this girl came up with this shocking news.

        Then right after Hj came back from his successful concerts in Japan, a Women Sense magazine published the news ( source : from her friend’s ??!! ) abt the pregnany and marriage. Is this coincidence? No..its a very well plan of attacking Hj again coz she knows exactly what date this magazine will be out. How come her friends know abt the pregnancy and dare to divulge the secret to media??
        Why her friends so busybody?? For me she just use her own friend to make up the false story.

        Sorry..i can’t buy this news really…i choose to remain positive beside HJ until further clarification.

        Sorry again miss Gaby, im not offended by ur thought but hope u would just think clearly abt HJ’s situation. I can imagine how hard for him to keep carry on his concerts but at the same time thinking so much abt A’s allegation.

        Remember he’s cryng at the last concerts…he really looked disturbing at the time.T__T

        • Girls apologize for my words if you upset him, always first impressions are the strongest and most negative thoughts about everything, but as I read your words, I’m reassuring.

          I must say that every time I get to read the blog, more and more reassured me, and I take everything more calm.

          Although I do not deny that I still find myself anxious to know his own statement.
          When I read the news for the first time and I told myself that if it was all true, would not be Henecia … but as the hours pass and read, the more I calm down and think think I would be able to pull my KHJ life completely, is that really love him too, which is why my anguish, my pain and my words of anger … and this is the only medium that allows me to vent and read me and I THINK.
          Thanks to all of you for your words, and promise to be patient and see everything in the most positive way.

          KHJ is that! I love you too and I hope everything will come in these days is for the better, I hope everything is resolved quickly and in the most positive way possible, which then between the SM and stop bothering, And please !!! Must have contact with this woman, who detest with all my soul.
          Kisses to all, and my intention was never to bother them with my words, sorry if someone’s annoying!

          I retire … I’ll see some videos of my only eternal love KHJ, since in these days of madness had stopped seeing her things, but I am in deficit her beautiful face and voice hahahahah. 🙂
          THANK YOU ❤

          • dear Gaby, i don’t have any issue with ur thought. Ur thought is as pure as it is since u love HJ so much like us. I really understand it. Please don’t feel it annoyed us. Its a natural feeling when u love someone with your wholehearted. Me too feeling the same at first but i come to think straight abt this after so much thought abt the news and put myself into HJ’s shoes. Hope we can endure this difficult times together until the end.

          • Or we could call her the ‘mental diva’…
            Since she’s so obsessed with making a spectacle of herself through the media…

  13. this is khj’s statement regarding the news…

    “In regards to the assault case between Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi, the agreement was made back in September. It is true that Kim Hyun Joong and Choi met after the lawsuit, however, they decided to break up towards the end of the year. A few days after, (Early January of this year) Choi told Kim Hyun Joong that she was pregnant.

    Kim Hyun Joong and his parents have attempted to contact Choi and Choi’s parents and requested that both families meet and discuss the current situation of the expectant mother and make a visit to the agreed hospital and doctor for examination. However, Choi denied these requests and currently cannot be contacted.

    Yesterday (February 22) after the reports, Kim Hyun Joong attempted to contact Choi again to confirm the pregnancy, but was not able receive a response. Rumors of both families meeting and discussing marriage are groundless. Kim Hyun Joong stated that if Choi’s pregnancy is true, then he will be taking on the necessary responsibilities.

    We ask to refrain from releasing news reports that stretch the meanings of one sided opinions when the truth has not yet been confirmed.”

  14. Ms Larzakim said it all let us wait on conformation. Can gou all imagine what he must be going through, if we are like this. Please give him time to wrap his thoughts around all of this.n I believe because of the type of his personality she called wanted a meeting under false pretense, and here we are. We all know that he would not refuse to speak with her if she asked because henis that type of person. So I believe he was used, again too trusting but that is how God made him. So just let us wait and now matter what I am not leaving.

  15. Thank you everyone for the love, support and understanding for our only one KHJ. As for me I have nothing against him getting married & start a family of his own.bcoz he deserve to have it & to be happy anyway. But I think it’s much better to marry someone who can give him full support, love, trust,& most of all a public figure she must understand & protect his reputation in all aspect of his life. And not someone who is cunning full of disrespect to him. Yes he deserve not a perfect one,bcoz nobody is perfect but the best one who can make him happy & proud. Wish him to make a wise decision in this regards. fighting!!!!
    Ms.LK thank you very much for all the article that u provide for us also space in this blog to express our thoughts en feelings about what’s going on to our only one KHJ. Take care and have a blessed day! Thanks,

  16. Unfortunately the more hours pass and no official announcement from him and the agency, the news is still real.
    It is not a thing to leave him alone or not, but he owes much to his fans, and we were with him in the past scandal, what we have always defended and now this happens. We deserve a little respect and that really inform what happens.
    With the last scandal, wait patiently for new tests, always trusting him … but now, as justified what happened ?, is really sick, and no way to justify what is happening.
    Okay that is part of his private life, but this goes beyond anything private or not.
    While his fans did their best to look for evidence and claim that accusations of “A”, now called Choi, were false meanwhile he is reconciled with her ….
    While we were suffering, we were saddened by the photo that appeared to him with his face full of sadness, meanwhile is reconciled with her …
    So far there is no statement that tell us otherwise. I’m really sad and disappointed. I just hope with all my heart that everything is lie and deny it outright, as clearly as possible. It is possible that this girl wants to ruin again.
    And sorry, but I dare not think that everything is true, he was reconciled with her despite everything, he will have a baby with her, to marry her, and as I read somewhere … that she is his true love. Why honestly do not know if I can continue to be Henecia, I’m too hurt and disappointed.
    I hope to swallow my words, everything is very bad news and KHJ are well, happy, and ready to enter the MS, because if so, I’ll wait 2, 3 or annually as necessary, and leaneth forever.
    I know many girls bother them my comment and say that I am not Henecia heart, but this goes beyond love an idol, love it, love your work, love him as a person going in the moral and values ​​that have and what is in my heart. We all have our tolerance.
    I repeat, will wait patiently and open to new news heart, in my heart albergo still hope that everything is a lie.

    I do not even dare to listen “Imademo” without thinking that he secretly and sincerely dedicated the song to her. 😦

    Sorry for my English.

    • Hello Gabby i understand how you feel. No i dont misjudge you what you feel is just but natural i think everyone still hs that pain w the recent scandal.

      As i mentioned this is another test to all of us you are not alone. Look what more w me ive been openly defending hj and those trash news hurts me too. But if we give up we’re allowing those who wanted to ruin him win and that could even more painful. We have each other to comfort and im sure everything will be fine. One war against her just once and we’ll start ignoring her as if she doesnt exist. She became our weakness so hj detractors are trying to attack us thru her. We hv to be strong. I have explained about imademo as mv described. I would love it if you continue to join us here dont give up we hv to fight all these head on.

      Thank you so much for sharing your feelings we are family nothing matters. Take care be happy and see you again. God bless…

    • Hi Gaby,

      If everything is true, it would be easy to just admit it and take the consequences. In that case, KE or HJ would have released their statement. Simply say that, “KHJ and Mrs Choi have reconciled and are expecting a baby”.
      I am just as anxious as you are, and I have promised myself not to speculate, but I just could’t stop my thoughts. I really think that HJ is shocked by the news just as we are, and he probably didn’t know it until the 21st (seeing how his mood changed at the bracelet event and his attitude at the airport). This explains why there is no statements from him at all. He needs to know the facts and evidences before he can respond. She is so desperate to either having him back to ruining him completely, and without a plan, I am really fear for what is next for HJ.
      I hope that he is using his network to work this out and We have to wait patiently.

      • Dear LazerKim and Divergentamy

        I’ll have it, hope is the last thing you lose.
        But I sincerely hope that the resolution of all this is that the news is a lie ….
        I can not imagine another result, I can not imagine remain part of it if everything is true, sorry. I’m shattered.
        Today was a fatal day for me, I keep updating internet to see if I find a new story … a positive.
        Anyway the news said that she would give birth in September, meaning that she is 4 months pregnant … or that she and KHJ had a meeting in December, when all we suffered for it yet.
        It would be easier to accept if she had been pregnant since June, in his last time with him, but it is difficult to accept this form in December … ..Espero will understand what I am saying, to ideas and write to me difficult.
        Anyway’ll wait patiently for your return.
        Thank you for your words and for your understanding.

        • Dear Gaby,

          I understood you completely and respect your feeling and thought. I must say I feel and thought exactly the same . However feeling is feeling it responds automatically from what we see or read and we can not control it. Feeling is reaction according to the object in our mind. The way to deal with it is to bring our mind back from thought and focus on what we are doing in present to avoid more escalated thought that will accumulate to more deeper feeling and will result to sadness and anxiety without knowing.
          We don’t know the truth yet. What I do is I keep my mind fresh and do not escalate my thought.

          As his fans I feel the need that we comfort each other. We are just a human being we expect we support and we disappoint that is normal when we love and care for somebody. I prepare myself if the thing does not turn out the way I expect then it’s really his fate to face more trouble ahead of him. i can not imagine unhealthy relationship will find a happy life. I still love him dearly and will feel disappoint because I don’t trust ‘ a ” I find her dishonest and tricky. However I have to accept if that will be his choice for his life. He is still a good man with a pure heart who unfortunately meet up with a person who does not respect him and his career.

          What I can say now is Please Hyun Joong make the best choice for your life.This will be the most important decision that you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

          choose comfort each other my thought

      • Agree with you … just a pat on his back, and say that we’re still around after allbof these would have become the greatest support for him, what else can we do, right? He’s human, he’s a man, which we trust as kindhearted and loving.
        His works have helped me through great ordeal, so i’m staying, be here as his works have for me.
        Disappointment is present, cannot deny that, but i’ll try to stay calm, be realistic and keep the head cool enough to wish him all best wishes.
        even with the media are roaring about the news, there’s nothing new from both parties so far. i actually feel afraid of netizenbuzz/dispatch suddenly came up with new update and bashing HJ’s name.

  17. Dear lazerkim
    I will tell you that as well as Rose l had the same feeling in 2014, that he had a gf, really l dreamt it, if you know l have children almost at his age, seeing them with their gfs and the problems that one of them had, and facing other from my students, pegnancy, abotion, fights, live without marriage, l felt that he had similar problems, and l did not fail. Unfortunately his private life, is not his at all. He is famous, if anybody said his gf not to have a baby, it is usual among youngers but if a famous said it is a big sin.
    KHJL chose this life, he knew that he will no be happy at all, he chose it even acepting the concequences,l was surprised that a baby did not appear before , some one metioned it, lf it is true he will be father soon , not in months, if it is true he will be responsible for that, l know him, he will face it, and acepts the baby if it is his of course, and what……….. what famous is happy, Tom Cruise?? Noooo
    He always tries to live a normal life but lately he realized that it will be imposible.
    Dear fans , we must let him to solve it at his way, I agree with LK when she said that she suports him,the artist, it is not our business his life, who is on his bed, who he loves, pl,ease calm DOWN.
    Sooner or later it will be solved, she really likes him with her to any cost , he will need to face the presure , But l hope he does what he considers good for him. Surely there are some people to say him to marriy her, …….. another batle KIDOO, DO AS YOU WISH, I WILL SUPORT YOU.

    • In one of his inerview back in 2011 he said that he coudn’t ever live as mysterious as his sunbae BYJ. He loves to live a normal life like boy next door. Playing around with firends, go out at night together, have a drinks with them.

      I remember this now coz after this happened to him I think he should be put a limit to his activity in his life. Do not so carefree like normal people. I think he thought he was not as popular as other idols that people doesn’t really care abt what he’s doing outside his ido world but actually they really do care abt it and if they have a chance will try to beat him down. He didn’t realize that he was so open to be criticized and to be downed.

      His heart is so gentle that people always trying to take advantage on him. Remember he told that he would just give his money to any of his relatives or friends who come said and they in hardship and needed money but it turned out they just wanted his money without any repayment.

  18. Dearest LazerKim…thank you soo much for this wonderful article. Your words are just like mana from Heaven to all Hj fans. Thank you for your feelings saying what we all feel.

    The Gemeni was such a beautiful tour and what Hj and the fans shared is much more valuable than other things.

    Like Bella, I don’t want to spoil my taste with bitter things, I want to have that euphoria still and enjoy it.

    Till Hj will not say his part everything is just suppositions and trash media.
    Thank you again LK for being Our Home and Hj’s Guardian Angel! Love you girl:)

  19. Thank you so much LK for such a beautiful article. I will not let anything to spoil your beautiful article. Thanks thanks a lot to share these memorable experience I can feel the atmosphere just by reading your article and look at the pictures .

    It was really a heart warming concert. He was very much be himself. His smile is so pure and true to his heart. I really love to watch all clips about this concert and smile to myself can’t tell how happy i’m to see him happy . I believe this concert had healed his wound and he did realize the love from fans.

    We will never really know what will happen the next two years . We just know what is happening now. We know we love KHJ and admire his works we know we will be looking forward to his come back. In the next 2 years in MS we want him to be healthy, safe , successful and most important to be happy . He will always be my special star who always appear in my memory.

    Love you LK
    love you KHJ and keep fighting.

    • Hello Bella and to everyone here!
      Forgive me if may not be able to reply to each and everyone here, since I’m still at work non-stop I just take my breaks to burst out how i feel at tweeter simply because I couldn’t work after that news broke! But I do hope everyone is reading this.

      Bella thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I’ll be writing about that news since it’s still a part of HJ’s story and how his fans deal with such news again. I’m just waiting for some statement hopefully from HJ himself.

      I would just like to make myself clear, this is still HJ’s privacy and you know me as much as possible I don’t want to touch his private life in this site. But then here we go again another Media scheme which of course I reacted and I did that at tweeter.
      As I was saying since this matter is HJ’s privacy I made my word it has got nothing to do with my being a fan. This trash news doesn’t change my views on HJ whether this is true are not, it’s none of my business. Just this, first I didn’t like how media brought this up, second, it’s very likely A may be involve how would such info would be out there if not from her.

      Honestly, I got nothing against HJ getting married and having kids I would be happy about it and sooner or later he’s bound to that direction, let’s face it that’s reality. Then if he’s bound to end up with A, fine it’s his decision it’s his life. BUT i can only say good luck to him! This woman destroyed his life once and I’m so confident hj is such a smart guy not to just jump to such decision, I consider this. But then again it’s his life, it’s not A that I support it’s KHJ. I would rather ignore her existence ever.

      Now let’s get to the facts. If the news is true as it stated they allegedly reconcile in Dec. I think it’s just right that A should have come forward and clear HJ’s name, if she’s bound to go back to him and admit that she LIED about those accusation which may mark on HJ forever! I’m sorry but my views on A will never change even HJ has to marry her, although I wish not! If she lied the 1st time then there will be a 2nd time which I think is happening again IF indeed that new is not true. Although this trash news has a lot of loop holes again so I’m reluctant into believing and I would only believe what HJ has to say on this.

      And if this is untrue, well Hyun Joong shii I think it’s high time for you to make a move and put libel cases on those people destroying you! Oh yes by the way Dispatch stated they reconciled in Dec, and A announced she’s pregnant in Dec. while Allkpop stated it was in Jan. LOL We are all women here and we know how cycles of pregnancy is. so be the judge.

      I shall be waiting until tomorrow hopefully we get some light to this roller coaster before I write my next article pertaining this trash news. I repeat, nothing change in my views about KHJ period. I just need to attack those media outlet. Bcoz whether this trash news is true or not something is still off in those news. I’ll dig a little deeper but definitely I won’t let this just drop on earth as if it’s nothing bcoz HJ’s name was being mentioned, that’s just gonna be my purpose.

      Thank you so much for reading this lengthy comment from me, I just have to write my 2 cents on this matter, I shall continue on my next article. Take care everyone, let’s not be affected by this trash news no matter what happen LK is still the same protecting and ever defending KHJ. Be happy, and see you again! God bless..

    • This news are a roller coaster for me, as a mother I got so angry with my boy, then I remember is his life and I will respect it no matter what it is. I had many things to say to him but I will not, I will keep them in my heart with my prayers and best wishes,

      I hope he tells his side. Hyunnie be strong. Whatever you decide do it with your head high. Whatever path you take may God bless you.

      LK thanks just thanks, Lets wait for his stament

  20. Hi LK,
    I have followed your blog for quite a while now, always love your articles and never posted anything but I would like to say something today…

    When the news broke out, I was in a complete shock. Because there is no respond from Hyun Joong or KeyEast after 12 hours, I believe that everyone is surprised by it.
    For the thousands of fans who supported Hyun Joong in the past ten years, if he would know about the baby, he probably would shared the news with us.
    In fact, he said that (in one of his concerts) he had an boring winter, don’t even remember how the Christmas was passed and spent most of his time in practise room and felt lonely until the concerts.
    However, I do believe that the relationship he shared with her is toxic. It is purposely displayed by the media through her or her network. There is really little truth to it.
    As a fan, we appreciate Hyun Joong’s hard-work and his craft in music and drama. We are crying in pain in the case like that. I do think the Henecias are amazing, there are so many fans swear to protect him and support him in whatever situations.

    This is what I would like to say to Hyun Joong:
    “Please take care of yourself and sort this out with your support system. However, I do think you need to take your time and come up with a plan.
    Util we hear something from you, we will try to close our ears and open our hearts. Pray for you…”

  21. I truly believe as star as bright as KHJ will shine forever. There is no growth without hardship and no smiles without tears. FIGHTING!!!!

  22. Congratulations, my dear boy, for your wonderful success in Japan.
    Know that we rejoice & share the joy that you receive from your fans & will continue to wait for your return so no worries there…

    It is however very sad to think that your own countrymen are so jealous of your success to the extent of wanting, no, needing to destroy your career, your life-line.
    Whether the news is true or otherwise, I hope those who truly love you will be there to support & love you always.

    As for me, I’ll be there for him, God Willing…
    Cos I was & still m mesmerised & enthralled with the artiste & person, Kim Hyun Joong…
    That is my main focus ~ & his happiness is the most important.
    I pray that the AlMightyGod will give him His Guidance & keep him safe, spiritually, emotionally & physically, now & for the rest of his life.
    May he have a happy & fulfilling life as an artiste, a son, a husband, a father etc as long as he lives, God Willing…

    Have come to love you & will always love you, my dear boy…

  23. I’ve been a lurker for some time…but finally feel the need to comment. I love your articles… I felt so at ease last Aug/sep ( during the scandal ) to see such support for HJ. (that’s the time I discovered this blog)
    I am so confused…. I’d be so disappointed if the news were true (can’t help feeling that way, no matter how much I try to reason with myself… does that make me a bad fan?)
    I couldn’t support it…after all this woman did to HJ. If she loved him, she would never have sold out that way. That isn’t love… its vindictive and cruel. This latest story, yup – vindictive and cruel.
    I think it would cause so much pain to those who have supported and protected him…if true. I hope not. If it is BS, this may be a good chance for HJ to finally set the record straight, before MS.
    Praying for a statement soon.

    • Another thing, he’s been in Japan the last few weeks…
      He would have known she was pregnant Dec…yet still announce a tour and be away from ‘A’ during early pregnancy?

      • Lyana,

        Since there is no news from Hyun-Joong, I think that he is probably as shocked as we are. I do believe that Miss A is really desperate and will do anything to either getting him back or destroy him completely.
        Hyun Joong talked about everything in his concerts, we even know that his dog is pregnant. This just doesn’t add up.
        We are all anxious but we have to wait for his words. Before that, we pray for him…


      • 1. I google abt that news, the first who reported it was Soompee and their source from a magazine called Women Sense….surprisingly, the magazine got that information form so-called friend’s of the ex-gf

        2. Later Allkpoop reported it as ‘rumour said’ which means they don’t even consider it as TRUE information. Just for selling news and get benefit of it.

        so, for me it still ridiculous and so fishy…is HJ being trapped?

        U accused him of assault – u forgave him – then u reconciled ( as if ) -make love ( really love him huh! ) – months later – friend ( again ) tell she got pregnant!? – will be father sooner….how stupid is this? does she really love him yet still try to tainted his image again?? right after his succesful concerts!! …Is she really proud of having sex with him the hallyu star and telling all her friends abt it? even the pregnant result?? its disgusting!!?? i wanna throw up…. : Q

          • I can’t really focus on my work today. It’s so disturbing my mind thinking what and how HJ will react on this. I even didn’t dare to check other sites for any information abt this new development. Its already 11.30 am in Malaysa rigth now but still no new update in here. I guess everybody is from the other side of world. nervous…my heart thumping every second…T__T

            • The statement from KE has left me even more confused!
              I know its his private life, but to think during Nov/Dec, he was possibly meeting with her, while we were up voting, constantly defending him… it’s hard not to feel disappointed.
              I’m not about to leave…but I am unsure how I would feel if the pregnancy rumors are true (which I’m doubting)
              I have nothing against HJ marrying and having kids….just not with someone who betrayed him in such a way. It’s hard loving someone so much, and being unable to help them.
              On the bright side, I feel that people are starting to see that this woman is just out to hurt HJ.
              Hope he is wiser in the future… He needs looking after!

              • Another thing bothering me – the contradiction of the text messages ‘A’ sold to dispatch last year, ‘Don’t leave Oppa’ or something along them lines…yet she is now 2 years older than him? Has something been mistranslated, or is she is stupid as we all thought?
                Why is HJ not defending himself. I get, he is kind hearted, but this should be cleared up asap. Or how can he, or us, be ok during his MS?
                It’s not about being noisy and feeling entitled to know about his personal life, I know its his, but just to clear this up would put so many people (mainly HJ) at ease, So he can leave the public eye for this next 2 years, peacefully
                (sorry for my rants!)

                • I think this is very much a nightmare for him.
                  Our KHJ has always been a very private person especially with his love life & family.
                  To have to endure so many months of being the focus of his countrymen ~ & not in a good way either ~ must be a very painful thing for him.
                  I really hope he is getting strong support from everyone around him…

  24. Dispatch news: Dec. 2014 Ms.A confirms that she was 11 weeks or almost 3 mos.pregnant and expected the baby by Sept. I think as a mother there’s a wrong calculation in this pregnancy. What do u think guys????

    • That’s what I think as well. Why they so obsess to destroy his career. If it ‘s true what is her motive to Tell the media. Will this person will ever stop to destroy a man’s life?

      I will never stop to support him just because of this news. He is a talent artist and I really love to see more of his work after his MS.

      • I hope they were all wrong spreading this news. Bcoz what, i read somewhere fans said he mention abt his dog get pregnant during his talk in his concert recently. SO, hope they misheard abt it instead his dog pregnant, they think its his ex-gf…



  25. What a happy feeling for him to have a successful concert.then now what is this news again.oh no my heart beating so fast it seems I have a heart attack about this news.😓

    • Please be patient and do not let this news affect you. I will not take this seriously as I already experienced how they did with the fake evidence 6 months ago and now this again. They seem don’t want to stop destroying him.

      My feeling toward him is stronger. Be strong and be yourselves Kim Hyun Joong. We love you and believe in you.

  26. Oh!! I should have said meddling by her friends but thank goodness no children but with his second wife within three years they had two, and his wife did bring a child from her first marriage and you would think that he is her natural father. So let us just keep him and her in prayer.

  27. As a fan I will remain a fan, no matter what. I do not know if this is true or not but let us watch our words again. As for me, I find it interesting how “miss a” friends comes out with the news of her and Kim Hyung Joon, just after a tour. So I will wait for confirmation, and if it is true then it is time for her friends to stay out of the relationship and let them handle it and as fans of KHJ let us continue to support as they may have a happy family Life. I have been through this with my son and after 7 years of meddling a divorce took place. But now he is much happier because his selection in a wife, experience help, was better the second time. So let us watch our words and let the haters keep hating because he left us with so much to remember him by so let us dwell on the memories for no matter what there is none like him. As Ms Kim always say stay focus and watch your words. I love you all in Kim Hyung Joong fathom fan world, the one and only. Remember, God is always in the plan so keep the faith and keep praying.

  28. Yes I am going to miss him truly. Two years is still two years. And yes I’ve just read the “news”. I really don’t know what to think right now. All I know is I wouldn’t have a problem is he does have a child. He’s a grown man, he’s of legal age. It’s not like he’s a teenager and he’s not the first one to have done this. My problem lies to the other party. That will be my biggest obstacle to understand and to accept.

  29. Thank you so much again ms. lazerkim for this wonderful thoughts.keep it up and God bless you always..

    no matter how long it takes, let’s wait for our khj…i am too emotional that i never had a chance to watch his concerts in japan.and it means i’ll have to wait two years before i can watch him. I don’t know how long it would take to wait and wait and wait to fulfill my biggest dream (to watch a concert of him personally..i hope it’s never too late.

    about the news, if it’ s real then we must respect it. I always take every negative news about khj in a positive way. As a fan i’m always trying my best to understand every little thing about him and never will i leave him.

    Hyun joong God bless you wherever you go.don’t let your heart be have all the reasons to smile. Aside from a good family, your henecia (i ) will support you (if forever really doesn’t exist the i must say) until the last drop of my blood…take care always..

  30. His simple mild is pure like a child as his smiles all are beautiful. I repect all his actions and will wait for his comeback.

  31. I’m the one who waiting for his come back, evev more than 2 years, I can wait for him. His smiles and how he treated his fans is the most important for me. He’s the one who the best in my memories and he will be in my mild all the time…

    • Please be patient and ignore it for now as LK said. I still remember how this person tried to manipulate public with her fake evidence 6 months ago. Now come up with a new thing. I just feel sad for HJ.

      Whatever, however I continue to support him and hope he will be free from all this trap.

      • I hope the news is not true if otherwise I will still support him as a talented artist and looking forward to see more of his work after MS. HOWEVER, I can’t accept Ms A I can’t accept that she washed dirty linen in public. I hate this type of woman no matter how desperate she is.
        I was told by a Korean friend she dun believe the news but she said Korean girls would use any dirty trick to get her man and my friend admit she is one of those Korean girls. I nearly fainted.

        • I feel the same toward “a” . I’m sorry to say that “a” is too dangerous to be around or to be trusted . It seems this person uses media to destroy KHJ again.

          In my country a woman claimed she was pregnant with a famous male star and had a baby . The star wanted to make a DNA’s test with the baby but she refused however this case revealed that the baby is not his and he was not the only one that she had a relationship with. However this case was a big scandal then and his career was suffer tremendously even though the baby is not his..

  32. I dont want to ruin your morning ms lazerkim but when i open my fb today theres a very shocking news that i’ve read that this girl a is pregnant and khj is going to be the father of the child…i just cant believe it!!im sorry i just cant contain my emotion

    • is shock news but i thing it was another fake news abt him..they was jealous at him..all his fans still love him whatever bad news come. they want to ruin his careers and live..they are so evil..too all KHJ fans please don’t believes those rumors.. please love him more..

    • Pls calm down and if possible lets stop circulating that news. Everyone pls listen up. We do not know the truth i dont want to conclude anything about that news. It wouldnt help if we spread that news. Thank you ill be back..

        • Yes, I too believe in fate but not the fate of man because the only person who has the plan for our live is the Creator, God. I went back and read his profile and realize that he would have a heavy burden to bear because how many children at his young age would have been able to accomplish the things he did, and if he kept is parents advice to pray before doing anything then he will be fine. I also, realize, that from the start of his career he has had to fight off negative reviews and still to this day. What we must realize that HJ has a hedge of protection around him, a loving and praying family, and his true and loving fans, and friends. Love covers a multitude of sin, and it was proven from the first try of a scandal. The haters came out, some so call fans left, but love prevailed and the love was seen in Japan and spread around the world. The question is what matter of man is this? Answer, a man that has God given beauty from the inside out and natural God given talent. The problem is, in this world some of us can’t accept perfection, no one person can have the talent he has but David did and he too made mistakes, and God still called him a man after his own heart. So no matter what is said, I believe that God has not brought him this far to fail. He will go to MS, he will come back, he will obtain a true family live, and he will find hid true fans waiting for him. Trust, believe, have faith, and pray.

          • Thank you Lena.

            I felt very sorry for Hyun Joong. One thing I know for sure is he can not trust the person who had tried to destroy his life.

        • HI friend..

          Do u mean Fortune Teller? A person who has ‘ability to see other’s people future”? Thank you dear but so sorry i don’t believe fortune teller. But ur story i find it very interesting thou. Thank you for so caring with HJ’s life. As for me now, after what had messed around few months ago, it realy make me put on extra cautions not to judge or think to hard abt the so-called ‘news’. Know what, it was really coincidence this news all of sudden burst out right after he end up his concerts tour with very successful. U can see his fans, thousand even millions still love him…they don’t even bother abt the craps months ago.

          And this morning Tadaaaa…the news abt his ex-gf pregnant!!! And what more ridiculous is its expected he weill be a FATHER on this September!!?? The Hell is this?? I really angry right now. But i wili wait for HJ’s official statement first.

          Even so, it didn’t mean that i will leave him or hate him after that. I still love him all my heart. Well, just that i wanted to say…

          By the way, thank you LK for this new write-up….we are tested again…but we definately will overcome this sooner or later….just pray, GOD will help HJ, his family, friends and his fans to face this peacefully.

        • Dear, I don’t think anyone here feels you are crazy.
          Just that we believe in the Will of the AlMightyGod rather than anything else.
          Aside from that you could say our religion forbids us from believing in anyone but God in predicting a person’s future life.
          So what we could do is to pray hard that our boy’s future will be a good & peaceful one with a happy family no matter whom he marries, God Willing.

          Thank you for your sincere concern for our beloved KHJ.
          That shows what a decent & wonderful person you are, dear Rose.

          • Yes, I agree that only the Creator God knows the plan for our live. and yes, if he is making bad choices he need to heed the advice of his parents, pray before you act. HJ is bless with good parents and he grew up in a loving environment, he is loving, caring, and maybe too trusting. But, that is the gifts given him by God along with natural beauty that shine from the inside out and natural talent. This is why many can’t come close to his statue or could have the hardship that he will face in this life. God has built ed him up well to endure, no matter what comes against him. He will be God’s example for others. Reading his profile from a child he venture out to obtain his passion and dream and still kept his humble Spirit no matter what obstacles came his way. He will show others that you must continue to go forward. It may not seem like it, but there is a hedge of protection around him and he will continue to gain wisdom from all of this, and he will find his happiness. Believe God and Trust Him. He created you and only He knows. Thanks for putting that out now our prayers for HJ can be more specific. God bless.

        • Dear Rose
          l tell. you that l had the same feeling in 2014, that he had a gf, really l dreamt it, if you know l have children almost at his age, seeing them with their gfs and the problems that one of them had, and facing other from my students, pegnancy, abotion, fights, live without marriage, l felt that he had similar problems, and l did not fail. Unfortunately his private life, is not his at all. He is famous, if anybody said his gf not to have a baby, it is normal about youngers but if a famous said it is a big sin.
          KHJL chose this life, he knew that he will no be happy at all, he chose it even acepting the concequences,

          • agree
            but if we think carefully he will change his life in any way entering to the SM, he told once they will change me so much. I hope that it helps him to reflect and see his future and his fate. Remember Michael Jackson?? he really suffered so much in his life but never lost his fans. KHJL never lost us.

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