Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GEMINI MESSAGE


By: LazerKim


During the Osaka concert in Valentine’s Day, Kim Hyun Joong posted his written message to his fans at the back drop of the stage and at the screen of Makuhari at the last three Gemini Concert Series with the following statement:

“At the stage of Osaka Castle Hall, the concert may have been for sometime…No, it may have been the final. In the final concert I want to say these words to everyone…

It is your TRUST and LOVE that brings me here.  In our life, when we encounter the unclear future, we grasp the tiny hope and with this hope that support each other, I have been blessed by everyone’s good fortune that I can sing  my last songs here…

After this, people will look at this Kim Hyun Joong again… I would like to present to you a more mature and better music from Kim Hyun Joong. I hope everyone around me can be happy! I shall become an impressively excellent artist and come back.

I shall not forget the past 10 years which filled with gratitude to you believing the miracles we made. If we can be in a better situation like a family atmosphere in meeting again, then we shall be very happy……Thank you very much!

Even if we are far away, we maintain to be in our heart with each other…I love you, I love you all!

Until the day we see each other again without feeling lonely…because I am always been by your side…. Please cherish our memories of each other and live well… because you are always by my side….then there will always be happiness any time.”

                                                                                                     Kim Hyun Joong 


Thanks for sharing Fumi!

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( Fumi)



Music is his first love, that one time in his life it was love that was trying to kill it and trying to take it away from him! But it was also LOVE that revived his first love in music. And it’s happening that we currently see in Gemini, the PURE LOVE from his fans made it to bring his music back to him wholeheartedly.          (Fr article: Memorable Song)

TRUST that to his fans they will only believe in him that he will come back to them no matter what happen. TRUST that to Kim Hyun Joong he only believe in his fans that they will stay with him no matter what happen.        (Fr article:  Still…On Top)

Last night at Makuhari Concert, his 2nd to the last in this series Kim Hyun Joong stated this…

“There are thousands of fans here right now. I shall be singing all my life and even there’s only one person to listen to my song, I will still sing…”

A dancer will die as a dancer, a singer will die as a singer and a musician will die a musician.          (fr. article Memorable Song)

Let us start keeping his statements in our heart and survive the 2 years to be able to look forward to a long-lasting uninterrupted period with Kim Hyun Joong in the near future…



Thank you for being YOU our Only One. Thank you for everything. You shall remain as  our only one as ever until you come back we shall be waiting, no matter how long it will take.Thank you for the LOVE and we love you so much!…. You will never be alone ever”

                                                                                            Lazerkim here writing

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31 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GEMINI MESSAGE

  1. To KHJ:
    I didn’t know I could feel this way..I thought I would be stronger….
    Since Gemini Tour started I felt so happy for the wonderful opportunity for you to be on stage again…before ms…I knew this concert series would be unique and unforgettable…and so they were! Thank you dear Hyun Joong! Jongmal…gomawo ! I did not attend physically,but I was there with my mind&heart…I thought and I’m still thinking..How can we repay you for these wonderful gifts? For those magic days filled with music and love? For these expressions of joy and gratitude that we saw on your face? You don’t know how happy you made us! Will we be ever worthy of this KimHyunJoong? NEVER BEFORE I see such care and concern for us fans, how much special you made us feel…every night after the concert you wanted your assistant in the car to keep the light on for us to see you, even just for few minutes ,til the car left the venue…you gave yourself 200%. And what an unforgettable moment seeing you playing your guitar and singing “the song”…how can we forget this? We will never!!! THANK YOU for never refraining from showing your emotions and for trying to be closer to your audience during the concerts! You were swimming in the green see! THANK YOU for your greeting on the parking lot on the last night! That meant so much! You didn’t want to let go of us and we didn’t want to let go of you! You gave yourself to us til the last drop of HyunJoong 💖💖 . And even if when you were hardly keeping your tears,when your voice was choking because of the emotion or when you were trying to control yourself biting your lips..we felt like dying because of the pain, in those moments we loved you more than ever, because you showed your inner YOU .. your love for promised to come back..MUSIC need you to come back, You belong to music like belonging to your home, music is your home…so please come back “home” will find us waiting for you at the door..just like a beautiful song that says “I won’t be happy til I see you alone again, til I’m home again and feeling right, I wanna be home again and feeling right”.
    I CANNOT FORGET,WE WILL NEVER FORGET THIS WONDERFUL,AMAZING,SWEET,ALWAYS CARING TALENTED GUY…YOU ARE OUR BRIGHTER STAR KIM-HYUN-JOONG ! every single second during these coming two years,when you will be far, you will be hearing the echoes of our hearts beating together as one…longing for your coming back.💓💓💓💓. With infinite love and devotion.

  2. Thank you for keep posting te news of him, and still be his fans, most of all. He in indeed aware of the love he gets from all of us, .. US, I said, i’m included.
    For some reasons, his work has made me stronger in my darkest days, and through his works i could be better at work, and as a person. His songs keep me company, and I can relate to what he’s been going through.

    When I first saw the news of his upcoming album, dahaenghida, i said to myself, at least he’s okay, and working hard to make his best effort to stay positive and strong for us,all, his fans.

    2 years will pass us by so quickly, and when he returns, hopefully he’d be bouncing higher and like stars, he’d shine brighter. whatever negative comments were made in media, we know he’s a human being, he made his errors and mistakes. but what makes him special is the willingness to admit his faults, and pay the consequences of wht he did. even Zeus is way worse than him. his promise to be a better as a person and live a healthier life shall be judged in the long term and i believe, all his fans would support him.

    Personally to KHJ, or anyone who can rely the messages to him: Thank you for just being YOU, keep doing the greatest work you’ve been doing, The Henecians will be staying and waiting for your return safely, happily and healthily. Live your life as normal as you would, date the one you love, and cherish it. Don’t hide anything, because it’s who you are that we love, not any fantasy nor facade.

  3. OMG…just by reading the tweets, seeing all the photos, it make me tearing again….then i came here reafing all ur comnents…T__T… i just can’t help myself. …T__T

  4. Dearest LK,
    From all the articles you wrote and all are great, but this one is one of the most beautiful and also one of the most meaningful, coming with the message from HJ.
    His goodbye message to the fans his thanks to the fans soo touching and true, I think HJ is one amazing artist and person and his honesty is remarkable he knows and appreciate his fans.

    And today’s concert was one of the most emotional that can be, his thanks to all, his appreciation. Thank you to all those amazing people that were there and gave their farewell to Hj and shared with all of us from afar those emotional moments. To see Hj on stage with his guitar is a perfect moment. To see Hj emotional is just show us that he knows he is loved.

    To be a fan from afar you have no idea what range of emotions passed with following every single TT and news from this amazing tour of this wonderful artist.
    Thank you LK for your time in sharing with us those moments and thank you for putting in words what we all feel, you are our Home.

    To Hj – Good luck in your MS, this is your duty and time, we all know that, but please take it with you that your loyal fans will always be here waiting for you.
    For us you are the Only One as you once said and wished.

    Thank you for your music and for the artist you are for the joys you shared with us. We stand by you always.

    I believe you will come back to your big love, Music, with great ideas, I strongly believe you have a lot to share and show in the future. A new Hj with great ideas.
    Those 24 months will pass quickly.

    Lk dearest thank you again Angel. Ours and Hj’s Guardian Angel. 🙂

    • Dear Noya,

      You make me cry especially when you said ” He knows he is loved ” it really touch my heart. Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful thoughts and feelings . Really love your comment .

  5. Thank you very much Ms.LK for highlighting KHJ msge to all of us.i think This must be the parting words from him 😔 to assured us that he’ll be back for us after his MS & for us a promise to wait for him. I know it’s hard to each & everyone of us (to KHJ & to us as his true en loyal fans) but as you’ve said, this is the testing time to proved that our loved for him will not fade away during his absence. As seeing KHJ singing with his best and putting his emotion on it plus the sea green light as waving to the beat of his song, I felt 😂. Yes our eyes cannot see him for 2yrs.or more but deep in our hearts en mind there’s a lot of treasured memories to fonder over about him.why not go back to the past as we wait for him. Rewind everything about him start from his debut to the present.i think this is the best way to combat our feeling of missing him.also we have a lot of article from Ms.LK to review them from the start. Hope everyone of us can think positively and encourage one another for the love and trust to our only one KHJ.
    To:our only one KHJ don’t worry,be strong & healthy.. Remember whatever the season is the stars of the heavens is always there,so you are to us. Take care we’ll be waiting for you.
    To:Ms.LK thank you very much from the bottom of my heart..for all your effort in making this blog available to all of KHJ loyal fans. Take care & have a blessed day.. 😄always Kimsmile 😄😄

  6. Dear LK,

    Thank you so much LK for another heartfelt article.

    In these 2-3 weeks there have been a lot of feeling. It’s hard to express how i feel. i just can not write into words. It’s a lot of mix feelings. Deep inside there are two feelings appear clearer than others. The happiness for his very successful concerts and to see him really enjoy his times with fans. The other one is the sadness that hide somewhere very deep in the back of my heart to see him work his heart out days and nights with the tight schedule to meet fans and make all fans happy . I just have to hold my tear and pray for his strength. He is proved that he is a man of his words and fans are never ever wrong about him. He is just worth to be trusted and respected. A real man of honor.

    All his words have touched my heart. I can see that the next 2 years will be some what difficult for fans. One good thing is we can aim to looking forward to his come back.

    Thank you so much HyunJoong for your heartfelt good bye . it is the most memorable good bye that i can’t help but have to look forward to see you again. I think you know how much your fans love you and how much we appreciate your work. Even though 2 years seems too long but the memories we have with one another will keep us closed. I ‘m so happy to find you and thank you again for countless happy moments that you have given me since the first day I knew you. You must know beside a talented artist you are a very good person who i trust without doubt and you always have a very special place in my heart .

    I will wait for you. You have 2 years for yourselves now.
    Be healthy, be strong and be happy.
    Your dream became my dream too.

  7. Another great article, lazerkim, thank you. I hope you wil write here during those two years and we will rewatch funny moments, his music, some of his interviews, a lot of pictures, etc. I guess we will not have any information about how he is doing, but I read somewhere that MS soldiers can receive letters from their families. If we unite, I guess, we can send him a common letter /or several/ to keep his faith in us during those difficult months.
    Maybe he is very tired /physically/ after the concerts, but I am sure he is very happy, because of our love. Thanks to all the fans, who visited the concerts and showed him that he is sooo much loved and cherished ./unfortunately I couldn`t, as I`ve mentioned I am from Bulgaria, it`s very far and I have never had the opportunity to see him/.

  8. LK, thank you again for your wonderful article about KHJ. 2 years is too much, but I have faith with him as he promised to his fans. I Will always be here for him and waiting….no matter what. I hope and pray that after his MS, he is coming back with another new album, drama…. like BOF or PK and a MOVIE.

    I thank you so much KHJ for giving us your music, because by listening to your music everyday makes me smile and keeps me going in spite all the stress at work. I will pray for your safety and for your health so that when you come back to us after 2 years….. you are in good condition to make your fans happy with your new music and drama and even a movie. Keep fighting!!!!!! just remember that we are always here for you and we will never forget and leave you. Your fan forever!!!!

  9. I don’t know how are my next 2 years.
    Cannot image the life without his appearance ,,,
    Waiting for you, for your comeback, Hyun Joong ah.

    Stay healthy and happy, my prince

  10. Thank you for this emotional farwell. It is so hard to part from him. I want to thank because through your writing you always voice my deep feelings for this wonderful man.

    To Hyunnie we love you, the love that understands, forgives and most of all stays till the end. We love you and we are proud of you. Thank you my Hyunnie for all these wonderful memories, take care and remember you are always in our prayers and hearts.

    To all the people in the Gemini concert series, kudos thanks. To Manager Seo thank you sir, and could you have pity on us overseas fans and let us have streaming for his last concert?

    No matter how long we will be waiting for you with open arms. Remember swetie we love you.

    • Hello Yoli!
      I responded to your message, pls do check it out! Oh yes Tencho (manager) have been so kind and so nice to his fans that we will ever be thankful to him for taking care of HJ!
      Thank you so much Yoli for sharing your message to HJ, he’ll read from you! Take care, be happy and please do stick around and join us in our waiting period. See you again and God bless…

  11. wowww
    How emotional article dear Lazerkim.
    Brillant and accurated, definetely we will wait for him, no doubt.
    Happy to see the flowers too, friends are starting to lose fear.
    Happy return my baby, take care and DRINK A LOT to celebrate it and say good by to your closer people, you have many around who love you for sure.
    I enjoy how you really sounds like my sons, ¨I will drink a lot with friends to….. or because…. ¨ they usually say.
    OMG, how many phrases that you say l listened to at home. Maybe that is another reason why l love you.
    Thanks to let me live it with you, to let me feel you near me, to care you.
    I will wait for you , l have a lot to rewatch and reread to feel you near, live well my son, this new step will get you wisdom, and make you strong for sure.

    • Hello Jazu!
      My God Jazu you just let me be in tears again reading this!!! Yes you’re such a good mother to hj and you showed it here in this site through thick and thin and im sure he’s proud of you and just as much as all mothers here who have been here to watch over him all these years!
      I thought Im done with tears last night here i go again!
      Oh thank you for mentioning his friends yes i saw the flowers at the lobby last night and fr whom those were. Im really glad they finally surfaced and had gone from their fears from ruthless people!

      Please do stick around Jazu and so with my other readers here I really dont know how im gonna manage on my next articles for 2yrs but definitely I would like hj to feel we’re still all here and waiting for him. That would really gives him a huge confidence with no single doubt that what he reads from this page is nothing but the truth from his fans that can inspire him further until he comes back.
      Thank you so much again Jazu take care be happy, its our last show tonight TTT! And see you again! God bless…

      • Ms. LK … maybe collecting mails and an insight of his might be activities would help, or a poll of his past works, a contest of a couraging mail to HJ and … many things you could think of to cheer and cherish …

  12. After this next few weeks when the concert clips are done being posted, and we learn that he’s gone into his Military Service (I’m assuming he’ll do it without notifying anyone, we’ll just hear about it in the news with some picture of him in his Uniform, or entering the training with out any fanfare, then there’s going to be a time of missing him, but we have to take to heart what he wants and that we have to be there for him when he gets out. I’m curious if he has any Idea’s yet what he intends to do?… Maybe he really wants to do the smaller .. and I mean really small .. Gatherings that are intimate? I personally want to see him do something like Garth brooks did a while back when he did the Free Concert in Central Park, and it was broadcast and put on DVD. (not that I want him to back off of music like Garth did). I hope that the Letters and thoughts keep coming, maybe not as often obviously, but maybe during the years we could have Memories of Times in the past that were significant to keep us going and keep us prepared for his return.

  13. Hi dear LK and all my dear friends…

    Last night, when i watched him sang The Reason I Live in Makuhari ( he gave fans right to capture him ), i couldn’t help myself from teary so much..T_T. The way hi sang it with all his heart…it sound so pure from his gentle heart…Oh my i cried alot these days..

    A day before i watched a clip from youtube..can’t remember from whom but it was the translation of his message in Osaka…ahhh, i cried again…it so touched my heart deep inside…i feel the sincere love that he gave to us his fans…the mutual love that HJ would also feel these days and it got stronger and stronger day by day…as much as how we would feel in these 2 years, i guess HJ also feel the same, worried but somehow we have to face it with strength that has been bonded between us, HJ & fans….

    Thanks LK for this article and thank you for replying me in the previous article..i hope HJ’s spell would lingering around me for these coming 2 years…how can i forget the person who has given me ‘life’ and happiness when the time i needed it so much…Thank God for sending this Unique person into my life…T_T

  14. This is really one difficult time fo Hyun Joong and us, his fans. I pray that two years will just pass really quick so that we could see him again on stage. The future is uncertain, yes, that’s true. But for me, I will wait for Hyun Joong and will always remember that he did that Gemini Tour for us to feel his sincere heart, in connecting with the people who has constantly given their trust in him.

  15. I love him…I trust him..I’ll be right here when he comes back regardless where I roam around,that’s for certain.
    But at this moment,thinking that it would be his last stage performance for the next 2 years,I can’t help not to get teary,I started missing him already. T__T

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