Kim Hyun Joong…[article] AMAZING VALENTINO



By: LazerKim


BREAKING NEWS: The photo above is the handsome thief who have stolen the heart of millions of fans worldwide on Valentine’s Day! His name is KIM HYUN JOONG!

Again Kim Hyun Joong performed a tremendous concert on Valentine’s Day Feb.14th in Osaka Jo Hall attended by 16,000 fans as the venue was full packed! No doubt Kim Hyun Joong still takes the reign as a CONCERT KING and the most romantic one! It was in this concert that quite a number of his international fans came over just to watch and witness the huge success of Gemini concert series! It was a beautiful day yesterday as the sun shining upon Osaka and the mood at Osaka Jo Hall was quite festive!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day yesterday and as I have mentioned in my recent article, “Let this be the most memorable Valentine to all of us as Hyun Joong gives his 100% to his fans on this special day!” And it happened! This concert is I think the most fantastic, and the most memorable among the recent series! The crowd at the concert was even louder and Hyun Joong was in his best as always, but I would say this concert is exceptional, that Hyun Joong even doesn’t want to leave the stage after Encore and would still want to stay with his fans and perform the show again!! Such amazing guy!

Right after the show fans came rushing out of the venue and you won’t believe this but some fans lined up to the street where Hyun Joong would be passing through back to his hotel and they lighted those green sticks along both sides of the street just to take a last glimpse of Hyun Joong! I honestly had goose bump seeing this scenario, that feeling of “Can’t get enough of you” is just so visible among his fans! From his car Hyun Joong happily waved to his fans with that big smile on him!

To Kim Hyun Joong:  “Thank you so much for making this Valentine’s Day ever memorable to each and every fan near or far! Thank you so much for the love.”

To all KHJ fans  “Thank you so much for being there with him on this day, for making him happy and for showing your love as we share with you that love for Kim Hyun Joong!”



Kim Hyun Joong was a chatterbox in this concert!! LOL He did say a lot,  joked a lot, did a lot of funny things unexpectedly and it was fun! I would say this series was filled with laughter, lots of smiles from him and his fans, lots of louder screams and a bit emotional! Allow me to focus on the highlight of his words, as he mentioned about his MS and finally the words that I want to hear from him spilled out that really made me so happy, relieved with lots of hope as he said…

           “I won’t be around for 2 years, but I’ll be coming back, wait for me…”

These words from him alone is enough for me as a Valentine present for the rest of the years on this special Valentine’s Day. I knew it all along he will NEVER give up his music because he cannot live without it and I’m really so happy to finally hear this from him in front of his 16,000 fans and would reach in all corners of the world where his fans are.

TRUST! This will mark to our mind now, and knowing Hyun Joong will never spill out his words if he cannot deliver, he will certainly deliver 100%. YES!! It was a perfect night of all nights in the concert and this shall be the most memorable Valentine for his each and every fan worldwide!

Kim Hyun Joong is coming back on stage after his MS to rock the entire universe again!

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One particular statement he made also would be my landmark where we can meet him while he’s in MS as he stated….

“Each of you are stars in the sky everywhere you are as I will always remember the green lights and this moment…”

As Hyun Joong stated every time he look at the sky he will get to remember his fans as the stars from the sky remember those green lights. There you go, every time we miss him while he’s in his MS, just look at the stars in dark sky of the night and we see him as the real STAR in the sky, Kim Hyun Joong he is…

As Hyun Joong was saying this statement, I can’t help to be in teary eyes again!! Oh no not at the middle of my work!! God this guy has a way of making his fans laugh and this guy has a way of touching his fans heart! Honestly, I really do not know how I’m gonna deal with the aftermath of Gemini! I just know I need to be here and burst out, where else can I go to?  It’s so hard to pretend that I can handle the sadness…

It’s just that Hyun Joong had been a part of our lives being fans, everyday of our lives for so many years he’s always been there with us, so the least I can do at this point is to take this acceptance little by little the fact he’s going away for a while, so that by the time this gets in to our system, we can still put on a big smile for him before he goes. He said…

“I’m looking forward to the day when I will sing again on stage, fans take care, don’t get sick, stay strong and endure the 2 years and I’ll be back!”

Kim Hyun Joong is coming back on stage after his MS and that is very clear now. In spite of the fact that we’ll surely miss him for 2 years, we have something to look forward to. And by that time after his MS he’ll never go away again and stay with us for as long as he’s breathing!

We may bear with a little sacrifice with time but let us look at the brighter side after his MS, he will be a new man in a new life with his brand new music to share with us. I think this is the most important thing, knowing he’s coming back on stage and nothing else matter!




At the concert he felt being emotional so he tries to recover from the thoughts and stated:

“MS is a Korean man’s responsibility. I don’t think I’ll be lonely during the MS because I got so many memories in my 20’s compared to other men, so I’ll not be lonely.”

Indeed Hyun Joong has so many memories and that would give him lots of time in MS to think back in time. Just the same with us when he goes we have already gathered lots of memories in our bag ready to put them out and review how he was in those years. We have seen how he grew up, we have been with him on his journey to stardom and we learned out of those memories. We don’t need to worry about him, he’ll be alright!

We still have 3 concerts to be looking forward to as we continue to remain happy with him as we’ll be seeing him in Chiba for his last 3 concert series as he stated:

“Osaka was suppose to be the last concert but I feel fortunate that this concert is not the last because I won’t be around for 2 years, I feel relieved.”

Hyun Joong said he won’t be lonely when he gets to MS, but he’s relieved Osaka is not the last concert instead he still have 3 more upcoming concerts in Chiba on Wed. Feb.18th to 20th!! LOL of course somehow he’ll miss what he’s been doing all his life singing on stage! He just doesn’t want his fans to worry about him while in MS.

So the next thing we do is the start building tents within the vicinity of the military camp and camp there with all the gadget we can use for updates and spy on him!! LOL I wrote this statement few years ago! Gosh now it’s coming near!! Hold on, I need more time!

I feel very happy that we have a perfect AMAZING VALENTINO this Valentine 2015 as Kim Hyun Joong shares a lot of fun with his fans in a most memorable Valentine, be it near or far, he’s always with us!!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

For complete updates on Gemini in Osaka pls visit Hyunnies Pexer’s blog link below. Thanks for sharing!


Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!

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31 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] AMAZING VALENTINO

  1. Oh my, thank you soo much LK for this article. Amazing Valentine Day it was and Hj made it just perfect. What a treat for those fans.

    Ok I see everybody is in a sad mood because Hj is enrolling soon, girls 24 months will go in a jiffy, because everyday that passes is closest to the time he will be back, think positive girls.

    LK here is our home and here we will come to talk with you about our Artist, I am sure that you still have lots to tell us and to share with us, you did promise somethings that you want to write about, when Hj will be in MS, so I believe time will be short in a way.
    We are all a big Family here waiting for our healing Idol, our stress reliever, your wrote about that once.

    I may repeating myself but this Gemeni concert series I think are the BEST and this is a Big party that Hj is having with his fans is just perfect at every venue. I just wish I could be there to take part. May I thank to all the good souls that are sharing the news at TT and others, big bow to you. It sounds that all are having fun and Mr. Teaser is having a ball with teasing all mercilessly, making memories for himself and for his amazing fans and all are falling again and again for this wonderful artist. I think we can all see that there is much love here and it is mutual Hj loves his fans and the fans love him more and more with each concert. Sad that is going to end this series but, what wonderfull memories for all, we will keep looking at the stars and what a parting gift, till next time.

    Hj cast a special spell that can’t be broken, I do hope we will have sporadic news once in a while during this time.
    Meanwhile let’s enjoy the last concerts and the best memories.
    Happy Lunar New Year to All, a new beginning a new year, let’s make it better. 🙂

  2. Hi my dear LK and everyone here…

    Thanks again for ur newest article LK..u always amazed me with all ur wise thought abt our boy. I have a mix feeling at these days after sometimes watching all those wonderful fancams, audio clips and all those drop dead gorgeous photos of HJ. Can’t get enough with it, really. I want more and more of that.

    Ahhh…the feeling i hve once i saw those spectacular views inside the arena. I really want to be there, get immersed in that tens of thousands of green lights…experience the loves and beautiful souls around there…really thankful to those fans who captured the best of the best of HJ…eventhou it was restricted but their efforts were really really appreciated…Kudos to them!!

    Hj will be away in just short of time by now..can’t really imagine how would i feel when the time comes…sooner or later we must have to let him go willingly and i can feel how HJ would feel too and it made me really sad but at the same time i feel relieved coz we let him go with so much of loves …millions of love been engraved in his heart and soul and will give him strength in coming 2 years…T__T

    What will i do in 2 years time? Thats what i hve in my mind recently. But seriously, i think i can’t even watch other actor’s drama or other idols variety programmes etc. except HJ’s coz I scared it would be distracting my feeling to HJ. Cincha, am afraid of my own feeling! I hve to be strong and what make this so funny is I hve my husband at home. Am i crazy?! LOL…what this guy have done to me? its weird yet so fun…LOL,,,did you’ll experience the same too?

    • Hello Atiq!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I do understand how you feel honestly I’m scared too, that’s why I don’t want to make promises I just have to go on and live, whenever I miss him I’ll be right here and express what I feel and I wouldn’t care what others may say if this can help me, since there’s nowhere I can go to be understood. 2yrs is such a time BUT this is a test of time to all of us, as I have said in my recent article “Once HJ cast his spell to anyone there’s no way to get out from his spell.” And I believe in this. I’m a drama addict, I appreciate those actors whom I watch and I watched their other dramas but somehow they never captured me as much as HJ had. Meaning the admiration doesn’t last not even for a month that I get easily tired!

      There’s this song that says “If you love someone then set them free, if they come back again, then in the end it’s meant to be.” After 2yrs when you get to see HJ again you would know for yourself how strong he had captured you. That’s why I said time will tell. I’m talking about reality, but HJ has that spot in our heart that belongs only to him that I truly believe is lasting. So be confident we can just help each other’s loneliness once he’s gone, we can only depend with each other and this site shall remain open to all his fans.

      LOL yeah this is funny pls tell your husband you need a little space for yourself and come over burst it out here so that you can smile to your husband again! No Atiq you are not crazy! It’s just that HJ became our stress reliever, I wrote about this few years back, we read about him and it somehow divert our minds from the real world which is full of stress! But this is the simple way I can explain as to why we are so addicted to him. And yes you are not alone I do experience the same feeling despite of my busy days I can’t end my day without even checking on him on line. How I wish we can stop the time though and enjoy his concerts!

      Thank you again Atiq, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  3. Hi LK

    Thank you so much for such a great article. in the past two weeks I have read all updates regarding KHJ concert series. There is a lot of feeing while reading all the desscription from fans. I can feel love and trust that fans have for him in the same time I felt love from him towards fans . The green sea at Osaka Jo Hall was something that I have never expected to see. It just so great to see it on his valentines concert.

    Hyun Joong looked great and be himself at his best at Jo Hall Arena. I was laughing a lot when I saw him laughed after the corus guy finished his wgiyomi. I think his spirit found its home now. I ‘m really appreciate and amazed the level of trust and confident he has toward fans . This is such a warm relationship between an artist and his fans. it was great to see he was being himself in front of us.

    when he said “. Wait for me ” . I was so touch . The phase was very simple but when it came out from a guy like him it become emotional and very very special. It showed how much he cares and how much he appreciated his fans . I think he started to fall in love with his fans again……………kekeke,ekedanh

    I’m sure I will be here and will be his fans as long as he still singing. I start to think what we
    Can do to cure ourselves from missing him when he Is enlisted .

    Thank you so much LK for what you have done for the last few years and for what you will do to keep our spirit high while waiting for Hyun Joong..


    • Thank you so much for sharing some of you and your boyfriend’s experience. It is a very useful information. Now I have some idea what HJ might face when he enlists .

      Have a beautiful day . Everyday is a beautiful day for both of you.

      • Hi, I hope you enjoyed the article about the korean MS, but it is not about me, it`s just something that I found on the internet.
        Luckily, I am also happily married /but not to a korean :)))/ and it is a great day everyday for us. Thank you, beautiful day for you too :))))
        PS: The korean MS seems very severe, I hope KHJ will be fine, he is really a strong man.

  4. wow! am overwhelmed with happiness and and a bit of sadness that hyun joong is leaving soon but am really grateful to later Kim for putting this words hyun joong spoke,am 100% positive that after 2 years,our prince. will be back, filled with soooooooooooo much to share with us,his fans.Thanks to later Kim I have a place to talk about hyun na: far better is it to dare mighty things,to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much,because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat “u are really a man of honor,take care,love u.♥

  5. Thank you LK for another great article.
    Actually I don’t like celebrating special days, even birthdays! This Valentine’s Day was my first valentine’s celebration! What a brilliant start. I’ll never forget what HJ said and what he did on this day. I was very fortunate that I could at least hear his voice via live stream…I’ll treasure every moment forever. My face was full of tears when he said wait for me and fans constantly replied Kidarige. The fans in Osaka Jo hall are true angels ^_^
    I really thank God that gave HJ and us this final opportunity to say goodbye, to give him the LOVE he deserves that only belongs to him. I thank him for being this much persistent in spite of all hardships. He didn’t give up on us and our dreams and so do fans. Although his absence is definitely hard for us we still have some reasons to be happy. Happy… since he is leaving us while he is healed, now that his smile is getting more beautiful day by day–> It’s called the Power of LOVE! It’s a relief for me; I even couldn’t imagine him leaving us with a broken heart.
    I think I’m very good at being apart from my loved ones and not missing them!! It’s just enough for me to know they are healthy and fine and we’ll meet again in future! But in case things got hard for me I’ve already found the solution…watching Kiss Kiss MV gives me the feeling that he is right beside me.
    So HJ-aa take a very good care of yourself and don’t get sick or sad. Don’t worry about your ONLY ONE position in our heart…It is always and forever yours. And thank you for telling us about the spell! We’ll watch the stars in the sky whenever we missed you and we’ll see the face of our only star brighter than any star in the sky….Waiting for you with all our heart so please stay happy ❤

  6. Of course we will wait for him, I don`t want him to be warried. I can only imagine how he feels right now. There are a lot of new boy bands and singers coming, the competition in the Korean pop scene is severe. And the recent scandal, as a top… I just want him to be sure that we truly love and support him and we will never forget his music, performances on stage and on the screen, his warm smile, gentle heart, funny reactions, warm voice, his love for his fans and devotion. His effort won`t die in two years.
    I don`t know what do the boys do in the Korean MS. Does anyone have an idea?I just want to have a clue what his life is going to be for two years. Maybe he has forgoten what is it to be a normal, unfamous person. Do they share common rooms, bathrooms? How are the other boys going to treat him? What if some of them are jealous and torment him???? I am just soooo worried. Feep fighting KHJ and look at the stars more often!!! We love you.

  7. Thank you again LK for a beautiful words and great article. KHJ fans all over the world really appreciate your time and effort. I am very happy to learn that our boy did a fantastic job again on his concerts. My prayers for him to have a successful concerts and to overcome all the trials he encounter through his life. Please LK, continue to write a good article about him especially during his absence due to MS . We have to assure him and let him know that we are always here for him and waiting for him. For sure we’re all going to miss him, but because of the love from his fans all over the world, his musics, videos, and especially the blog from his fans and the blogs from you LK will helps us to endure all the loneliness. I hope for the best of the best and for him to come back to be fine young man, an actor, singer and of course great dancer! We love you Kim Hyun Joong! FIGHTING!!!!!!!

    • Hello Winky! Thank you so much for the thoughts, just in time I’m here it’s my rest day. Don’t you worry I’ll be here for a while, as I have mentioned in this article where else can I go that i shall be understood being a KHJ loyal fan. Just like everyone here this is a place for all of us to share our thoughts and feelings. This site shall always be open as long as HJ is with us, and even he’s in his MS he’ll be with us. Just look above you at night time and see the stars, that’s how we shall meet him. TRUST that’s the most important thing that we ought to have and consume in our system. At the concert he asked his fans “will you wait? then wait for me” This is enough affirmation and we shall be re-affirming that trust constantly.
      Thank you again Winky, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  8. I see it as something positive. I have two years to raise money, travel to Korea, search KHJ, make deeply in love with me, and as will be thirsty for love, one will want to marry me and make many little children. END ❤

    • And if he never will love you?Why he never was been in a serious love?There are a lot of beautiful women around him.What if he has an other half,and that’s why he never can love other women truly?Some say if somebody has an other half,he or she never will can love other persons in truly!
      Anyway,Thanks for the amazing concerts to Kim Hyun Joong!

      • hahaha not so serious. My comment is just a joke. or ?? you think even keep hoping that truly would fall in love with me? hahaha that only happens in my parallel universe.

        • Lol, I think almost all his female fans day-dream of that.
          Or at least we day-dream of meeting him…one day…
          Yes, this 2 years?
          Time for us to grow our money-tree so that once our boy comes back from MS we’ll be ready to raise him back to the top with our full support & love…

          Thank you to all those fans who updated us on his concerts especially the one at Osaka. You don’t know how grateful we are…
          M hoping that a DVD will be issued for them or if not all then the concert at Osaka. That was one memorable & special celebration with our Only One…

  9. I want him to be finished with ms asap because I hate waiting for him to go to ms I just want it done so we can have him for ourselves forever

  10. Que trsiteza no saber de el durante dos años, lo echaremos de menos, pero estaremos a la espera, que son dos años pasan volando. y luego lo tendremos para siempre.

  11. Thank you LK for great article.
    Of course I wait for Hyun Joong.
    My feeling is so mixed, I’m happy with the success of HJ’s concerts, but I’m sad because it’s going to the end.

    • Hello Fanjoong! Oh same with you here mix emotion, I’m very happy about the success of HJ’s album STILL and his concert series GEMINI, still sad though time is fast approaching towards his MS, that we have to endure with *sigh*
      Thank you Fanjoong, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  12. Comment fr: Grace Cua…misplaced
    I thank the fans who shared their videos and photos and also updates of the concerts. These will be precious to us as we will be watching these over and over again while he’s gone to cope up and fill the loneliness in our hearts.

    Lazer Kim, I hope you will continue to write articles like this during his absence to help us cope and stay strong. This blog site allows us to share our thoughts and feelings with people who understands. Through this, also reaffirms the many reason why we love “the only- KHJ” and encourages us to be united and strong.

    Yes we are sad that he will be gone for a while, but thank you HJ for reaffirming us to stay strong as you will come back for us(gosh! I’m teary eyed as I’m typing.). KHJ, WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU! I’ve been a fan for only less than a year but his impact on me is strong that no other artist has affected me this much. I’ve ordered his concert DVDs to watch since I know that I will surely long for his performances on stage.

    To all the fans, it is the love for HJ that binds us…thank you for that love! Fighting!

    • Hello Grace! I moved your comment here since your comment ended up somewhere from here!! I hope you can drop by again. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Don’t worry I’ll still be around, as I have mentioned in my recent article there are a lot of matters I still have to write after Gemini or as soon as HJ gets to MS.
      I think it would be better to let our tears just flow out so that when the time comes he’s going it won’t be too painful or emotional, I hope!! Although even within myself I couldn’t guarantee!
      Thank you again take care and see you again! This site is always open to every KHJ fan, anything goes in this site! Be happy! And God bless..

  13. Thank you once more, Lazer Kim, for your thoughts and feelings,..they reflect the feelings and thoughts of every fan around the world…but we have to be strong for him…and for ourselves…like he said…take care of ourselves and wait for him…it’s not easy and it will not be easy…the emotions that every fan will face on that last day on the 20th will be like no other…I’m sure HJ will himself feel tormented…on Saturday, while reading the tweets from fans on location at the venue, the tears will not stop flowing and the pain will not be ignored…there will be more tears…on the 20th and beyond…maybe every time we listened to his songs…or watched any of his dramas…but one consolation will hold us strong…he will come back…at one point this last month I was paralyzed by the thought that he might just give up…but his reassurance has made us hope again…dream again…and smile again… albeit a bittersweet smile…but a smile nonetheless…he has offered us a way to feel close to him during those long months of separation…look up at the stars in the sky and know that he’s looking up at the same time…feel the connection…and I will be doing that…looking up and feeling close to him…every day…

    • Hello Seta!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! *sigh* I agree with you. We have surpassed a lot being a fan proving how much we love HJ and I’m sure he felt that these past months and ultimately during this concert series which I’m happy about. This gives him a lot of encouragement from us fans and now that he affirmed he’s is coming back, then this way helps us to be confident to stay strong and look forward to his coming back that i’m sure this is it the ultimate come back of HJ much stronger and powerful. All we have to do on his MS I think is to make the 2yrs shorter and it won’t drag us that before we knew it 2yrs is over and he’ll be there in front of us again! I should say we’ll remain as we are ever loyal to our only one. HJ wanted to go in silence as he mentioned in the concert and we’ll respect that. That is if his Korean fans can help it not to see him before he goes. Oh I don’t want to think about it but can’t ignore it as well!!
      Thank you again Seta, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  14. It was a truly memorable Valentine concert ❤️😍❤️😍 and thanks to fans who posted videos and pictures, we can replay these beautiful memories over and over. Oh my but the concert was also a roller coaster of emotions for KHJ and his fans!!! We have been treated with so much love from KHJ the past few days that the thought of not seeing him for the next two years is unbearable. 😭😭😭 As his enlistment nears, separation anxiety is setting upon all of us including KHJ. Tears will flow, sadness will loom, sighs will abound for the next two years. But as you have said, let us just look forward to his coming back on stage. Let us make the most of what we can and enjoy every moment with KHJ ! Let us fill the remaining days with lots of beautiful memories that can get us through the next few years.

    • Hello Ann! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m so grateful to the fans on line who has been sharing updates, that makes HJ even closer to his fans from up far. His going away to MS has a strong impact to each and every fan he has whether they are new fans or the veterans. I’m really thinking of a way we can divert our minds from feeling lonely at least for the first few months which is quite crucial since it’s in this period that everything will sink in to our system. As for me I really got lots to do in this site.

      Today is my rest day so that gives me time to dig deeper and review the recent past. I think we have forgotten something very important to HJ’s future. So i was thinking instead of the thoughts of loneliness and missing him I think there’s more relevant matters to be settled that we can do and make use of the time waiting for him in a constructive way, that others may also benefit from. I’m still thinking about it, I just hope I can do it.

      Thank you again Seta take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  15. Thank you again. Yes this was the best concert ever! He was happy and had a blast. Reading the fans accounts, watching the videos, watching him skipping and singing so care free. I will miss him dearly. I dont want to part from him and I know he must go, but this bitter sweet farewell is killing me. I wish the best for him and all these memories will be kept deep in my heart. Three more concerts to try to fill this craving for more. Best Valentine ever!

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