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By: LazerKim


I’m writing this article and posting the interpretation of the song EVEN NOW that I realize many fans had misinterpreted the meaning of this song. Some may think Hyun Joong is singing this song to someone, NO but he’s giving this song to us which we can sing to someone we love. In fact we can even sing this song to him, which is very meaningful and the meaning actually goes to him since it’s Hyun Joong who is the one leaving us temporarily for his MS.

Listening to the meaning of EVEN NOW and viewing the MV I may say “Hyun Joong what are you trying to convey?” So here’s what, let me call your attention to the scenes without the band so we can get what he’s trying to convey. May I invite everyone to re-view the MV and read it’s interpretation below the video. My dear readers please bare with me, please help me in spreading this interpretation because it would be unfair to Hyun Joong if he’ll be misunderstood in singing this song, thank you so much!

This is a memorable song for him and to us since it may be the last song he’ll leave to us before his MS. I posted the English translation and lyrics of EVEN NOW below this article. Let’s treasure this song!  Let’s sing this song with Kim Hyun Joong….

Source: Universal Music Japan, Vevo, Thanks for sharing!   Fr: YouTube



EVEN NOW (Ima demo) is the title of this song from the music video carrying single from the album STILL and viewing this video, I’m speechless and just said WOW! Without listening to the meaning of the song I knew right at once what Hyun Joong is trying to convey in this music video. May I share my humble interpretation which is just lingering in my thoughts of this video and the song Even Now, a very meaningful song in a deeper level I can grasp.

The song tells about his memories of love that he doesn’t want to forget, and saying “If it’s not you I cannot love anyone else… I don’t want to forget”. Listening to the song immediately gives me the impression the love is for someone. But as I watch this video, I was wrong. I think Hyun Joong is pertaining to something and not someone and that is his guitar and his music which is his first love.

The first scene in the video is Hyun Joong walking in a stony ground and the surrounding looks like on fire under control and guitars burning. This is at the first lines of the song that tells about his memories, the burning guitars, the abandoned keyboard, meaning it’s music that he’s pertaining to about his memories.

The next highlighted scene was Hyun Joong still walking like dreaming aimlessly in a dark hallway there was light from windows that he just glance at and just kept walking in the dark. I describe this as the ups and down in his life in attaining his dream.

The next scene is a dead-end with abandoned musical instruments and a scene focus at the microphone he’s holding in his hand as he grip tightly, while his handsome face in glaring eyes of anger, he threw his microphone towards the musical instruments! Ouch!! I describe this scene as his hidden anger to his critics. For some reasons I was affected by this scene that I felt a pinch in my heart, having the impression is he giving up? NO WAY!

The next scene is burning musical instruments into a huge fire he was looking at, and turn his back walk away head on and stoop down. I take this as a sign of his humbleness as the flames of fire shall bring him to the heights of success in a brand new much stronger Kim Hyun Joong and his brand new music. This is what we currently see in Gemini!



We all know that Kim Hyun Joong’s first love is music. He bought his first guitar out of his part-time job that he diligently saved money for this and he literally sleeps with his guitar. That’s how much he loves this musical instrument at the very young age in high school as he started his dreams and he was able to attain it through perseverance and hard work until he reached the ladder of stardom. Music is his first love and his dream, and he cannot live without it.  He’s a persistent type of person and would never give up whatever challenge may there be, he face it head on until he achieved his dream.

A dancer will die as dancer, a singer will die as a singer and a musician will die a musician. This is an artist’s point of view, meaning an artist having a talent that runs to his blood and developed it through hard work, it’s already in his system that no matter how an artist switch his career, it’s still being an artist that he’ll be day dreaming on his retirement days. With Hyun Joong it’s still music that he will ever long for, he grew from it, music is his air to breath, it’s his food and water in order to live.

Can you just imagine a person being stolen taking away from what he grew up with and love so deeply? Do you know how painful that can be? That’s how painful it was for Hyun Joong. Music is his life and that is why he doesn’t want to forget as what the song says and he will never forget his music whatever happens.

That gave me a lot of hope in the end watching this video as he sang saying  “I don’t want to forget”. But throwing the microphone really hurts because I never want him to give up music. Music belongs to him and Kim Hyun Joong belongs to music that no one or anything can take it away from him, period.

Music is his first love, that one time in his life it was love that was trying to kill it and trying to take it away from him! But it was also love that revived his first love in music. And it’s happening that we currently see in Gemini, the pure love from his fans made it to bring his music back to him wholeheartedly. *sigh* Such an amazing man Kim Hyun Joong is.

In this music video it ended Hyun Joong walking away from the burning musical instruments which for me perceive as turning back from the past and facing the future. As he said in the song “I don’t want to forget” yes he will never forget…. Whatever it may be we all learn from experience, the past will remain a memory BUT I believe Hyun Joong will be back to his music as a brand new musician much stronger and wiser after his MS.

Just my thoughts that I want to say this…

“Here’s a boy who has an Unforgettable story behind him and now is facing a new stage of his life…….towards the future of an Unforgettable man of all times.”

I don’t want to forget Kim Hyun Joong, STILL the only one, the greatest artist I have ever known….unforgettable, that’s what you are!



I don’t mean to break our happy days to have other thoughts than Hyun Joong and Gemini, I just want to clarify the meaning of this song EVEN NOW. This song is NOT to that woman who destroyed his life or to anyone in particular, may I just clear that up! This song is for his FIRST LOVE which is his MUSIC.

His MS is just around the corner as he mentioned in Yokohama this will be his last concert series and this song “may be” his last song for us. Let’s just say he’s bidding farewell to his music since he’ll be away for 2 or 3 years, as this is the way I describe the MV. And maybe by the time he comes back he’ll be changing to other music genre, that’s possible knowing this guy is fond of innovating his music, we may never know the future.

As I have mentioned earlier Hyun Joong is sharing this song to all of us but since it’s him who is leaving I think it’s time for us to sing EVEN NOW for him instead. With the same thoughts as he said in this song….. “I cannot love anyone else if it’s not you… I don’t want to forget.”

I hope his Japanese fans can read this, so that they can sing this song with him at his concert!

The memories of him is not that easy to forget, how can we if we can’t even get enough of him!! It’s never enough!! However, the important thing is we do not forget him. Well I can only speak for myself because this is very true to me, I cannot have someone else to be my idol, to follow, to protect, to defend, to the extent of writing articles for whoever! I tried but it wasn’t effective at all!! LOL This made me conclude my writings is truly exclusively for Kim Hyun Joong.

There are memories in our lives that we cannot forget no matter what we do, and for me Kim Hyun Joong is one person I can never forget, I’m sure everyone here shares the same thought….so shall we call Kim Hyun Joong our ONLY ONE LOVE…. STILL….

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

                        Let’s sing this song with Kim Hyun Joong!


               **1st stanza**

Ima mo kimi no omoi de ga, Ima mo iro ase na kute

Toki ga nagare tara,  kioku mo usu reru,  Oro ka ni mo so shinji teta

Ayamachi nara, doko kara ka, Omokage o, egai te wa

Kimi dake o moto me teru,


Namida de arai nagashi,   Betsu no kioku dai temo

Kimi o….. ima demo,   Kazoe kire nai hodo no

Amai yoru to kotoba to,  Kimi o…..wasure rare na, te ima demo

**2nd stanza**

Ima mo kimi yo yubisaki,  (I feel baby)   Ima no kimi ga mune o ta ta ku

Ayamachi nara, doko kara ka,   Omokage o egai te wa

kimi shika, ai se nakute


Namida de arai nagashi,   Betsu no kioku dai temo

Kimi o….. ima demo,   Kazoe kire nai hodo no

Amai yoru to kotoba to,  Kimi o…..wasure rare na kute ima demo

**3rd stanza**

Kimi ga tachi satta kokoro wa kaseki dare ke

Dare mo mitase, nai daro… sa ima demo….

Namida de yoru akashi,  Kasane ta kasuka na emi

Kimi o…..ima demo…..

**4th stanza**

Kimi to waru i ta mi chi,  Tai ai mo nai subete o

Kimi o…. wasurete ku nai yo….ima demo…ima demo

Wasure nai  wasure rare na i…. ima demo….made  ***



English Trans. EVEN NOW     (Shared by Nixie, thanks!)


STILL album CD international purchase:

CD Japan (

YesAsia (http://www.yesasia.

 Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!

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42 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MEMORABLE SONG

  1. I’ve been hearing that song after it has been released last Feb. thru spotify, and i have learned to love that song and all the songs in that album. I never get tired of listenning to all his songs. I just saw the MV now and thank you for your writeups. I totally agree with you.

  2. Today is my birthday and i decided to start it off by watching the music video even now by Kim Hyun Joong.Kim Hyun Joong is my favourite South Korean artist mainly because of the kind of person that he is and it’s a pity that discovering him recently,he has to leave for MS soon.Being far away from my family does make me feel depressed at times but listening to Kim Hyum Joong lifts my spirits and reminds me of my purpose of being where I am.So thank you Kim Hyun Joong for being the star that you are and hopefully time flies by very fast so you can return to all your fans as soon as possible.For now,I will enjoy the awesome music that you have given us already and sending you love from South Africa ☺.

  3. Am really happy that the concert series is going well,today is his album release, God will see hyun joong thru.shout outs to his family,friends,fans,and pantners that are working with him,God bless all.lazer kim,i really hope u will post another article.thanks to u,i have the opportunity to say what i feel in realation to our prince.goodluck to u hyun na,God’s favour surrounds u,love u.

  4. Hi LK, Me again.

    I saw pictures of HJ from the Hiroshima concert he looked a lot skinnier than the beginning of this concert series. Is he skinnier ? He must be very tired . I hope he is healthy and have enough rest. However his smile is getting brighter and brighter in each concert. So happy to see his heart-felt smile.

    Please be healthy , eat well and rest well Hyun Joong.

    • Hello Bella! He’s ok he just have colds since Sapporo, he’s a bit haggard only becoz of his colds. This is one reason why i appeal for prayers because every time Hj has concert series by midway in the series sometimes his immune system dropped from travelling and fatigue it also happened in his WT last year. Specially in this series schedule is really too close hectic, not only to him but even us from the production. But he’s ok now, worry don’t he’ll be alright. Let’s just be glad this concert does not include dancing so it’s less tiring. But honestly speaking I love this concert series the most! And you’re right he keeps those big smiles on and off stage even with his colds! And hot noodles is his cure! LOL!! Thank you Bella! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Hello LK,
        Thank you so much for letting us know about KHJ. We will continue to pray for his health. This concert series is so close in terms of dates – do hope he takes care and has a chance to rest in between performances and traveling.

        Like Bella said below, he did seem to lose a lot of weight – but is it me or does he seem even handsomer now than at the beginning? Is it because of his frequent smiles in the pictures, and his getting rid of those bulky coats on stage???

        On another note, I just received the Bluray +CD of Ima Demo from the Intl express delivery! Wow – when they said it will be released on 2/11/15, I had no idea it meant it will be delivered to America on 2/11/15! Can’t wait to listen and see it!!

        • I just wanted to say that he looked much better on Saturday. He looked so charming and gorgeous. He is always in my prayers, and in many others. Thanks fir the update

  5. Thank You LK for this wonderful article. Yes it is a Memorable song and MV that HJ is leaving us before his enrollment, leaving behind his beloved Music. I really loved your a dancer a singer and a musician para…so true, but isn’t Hj actually All of them a Singer/Musician and a dancer.
    That is his life his reason for being his Music, he will not leave it behind, he is just putting it on hold till he will be back. Hj is not a quitter he loves what he does with passion, I believe he will continue to do His Own Music after MS, hope so.
    But we will have to make it memorable for him as well to put this on Oricon chart to make him proud of his fans.
    We have to make him feel that his fans are with him and will be with him as you said, always, that he is loved and appreciated because he really is Unique and real.

    See, the Gemeni Tour I think I’ve never seen Hj having so much fun and also enjoying it with his fans, all the concerts till now they look from afar like a big continuous Party of Hj and his Fans. Frankly I wish I can be there and understand …..seems that this is the Party to be!!!

    LK you must share with us the joys of this series and a Big Thank You to all the Good People who are going to the concerts and sharing with us on TT, we love you all.
    LK you are Our and Hj’s Guardian Angel. 🙂

  6. another inspiring article you got here, i believe that this song is not for that woman, this is for us and him… lets guard him in his absence, if you have a plan, just let us nkow and we will help …..

  7. Hi LK. Here again another great article from you. I love so much to read your article. I was smiling while reading yours.

    What you wrote about this song is so true. I like the song since I heard its melody from the teaser when the MV came out with the full song I really love the song and the way HJ expressed in his MV. When I first read the ENG lyrics I did not think much about anything I just took it as a beautiful love song. However i was wondering there is no woman only music instruments in the MV. .It was never one hair in my head think that ‘ you ” in the song refer to ” a “. I was laughing when i read your article because I can not imagine anyone would think that way. I would think he is more than happy to be able to get out of this relationship. He is so lucky to get out of it soon enough. That’s how i think. It is really too scary to have this kind of person by your side.

    After reading your previous article I watched the MV carefully and appreciate his love for music even more. I truly appreciate he is sharing his life through his music. He has expressed it so clear through his MV. HJ did love guitar he even collects it . He said in one of the show in his younger age that he prefer to spend money on guitar or music instrument rather than a house. It must be very hard for him to leave his music and stop singing. That’s why he decides to come back after MS . He is such a special person he is really one of a kind. His eyes at the end shows that he will determine to fight for his dream and show his music to the world no matter what . I will continue to support him no matter what too.

    The last few days I start to search for DVD and clips of his variety shows and his old projects as far as The M’ pick the reality show before he debuted with SS501 in 2005 . He was so young then he was so funny and innocent and cute and always honest with his feeling and spoke his mind. I truly fall in love with that young guy. He changed from a beautiful innocent young man to a very handsome mature man now.

    LK, everything you said in the article is making a lot of sense and I really thankful for your commitment and devotion to support Hyun Joong in his good time and bad time. I’m so so glad that you was sent to create this blog . i like to say God sent you if not too much to say that. Lastly I’m so glad to be part of Kim Hyun Joong fandom. I feel proud to be among people who I believe full of wisdom and humanity.

    Reading the lyrics I agree with you ” EVEN NOW ” is so perfect for us especially me to sing to Hyun Joong too.

    Let’s our love be heard by bringing EVEN NOW to the top of oricon chart on February 11th.

    God bless you LK.

    • Hello Bella!
      Thank you so much for the compliment and for sharing your thoughts as always encouraging, that suddenly struck me! This may be out of the topic I just want to share not brag though please don’t misunderstand. I met my accident back early 2011 that almost killed me, I have been a dancer/choreographer all my life from primary school and because of that accident I lost my career. So much devastated to the extent of losing self confidence. I changed path still on stage though but I miss dancing, however, it’s a joy to see others do it for me.

      So i can understand HJ as an artist with what he had been through. And no matter how strong an artist is it’s not easy to bring back that confidence, I know it since I’ve been there in a different situation though but still the same concern.
      I wrote in my old article HJ was my healer, bcoz it was at this site that I slowly built my confidence until I had the chance to go back to work in 2013.

      Now it’s HJ who needed that confidence and this is why I never left him. I’m happy now that he’s back not for long though because of his MS but I will continue to encourage him through this site as I know you and my other readers here will stay and help me encourage him further for his next come back after MS. Time will tell, I’m a realist, but as I stated in this article “A dancer will die a dancer, a singer will die a singer, a musician will die as musician.” I truly believe in this so I’m confident HJ will never give up his music, till death do us part, that’s what musicians said!!

      HJ made this MV as his last that’s why I’m putting this up for us to pay attention to it in a deeper insight because he’s conveying his farewell to this stage of his music to welcome another music genre. I expect that after 2 years or so.
      Thank you again Bella take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Thank you so much LK for sharing your precious experience with us. I’m sorry to hear that you have been through such a crucial experience . I’m so proud of you as the person you are now. No wonder why you are so wise , so clear and so understanding the difficulty situation hyun Joong might faces. I believe in your experience and your wisdom.

        I’m very positives if all his fans keep supporting him and never give up to clear his name he will come back even stronger. To be honest i think this is a must to do not because the man is KHJ but a person who deserves justice from this society. This fight will benefit anyone who might be a victim of the similar manipulation and lie in the future. It is for raising awareness in our society . Judging the others without trial should be ashamed and must be commended, ignored and isolated. No one should be allowed to destroy a person life without responsibility.

        HJ is a positives person but also stubborn. We have to make him believe he is loved and admired. I promise you I will be with him as long as he still enjoys his artist’s life. You are right we probably have a lot to do the next 2 years at least. Talking about him and reviewing his past projects is also one way to support him while he is away. I wish there will be a military promotion programme to follow the activities of MS …hahahaha….It’s a kind of dream to follow HJ from time to time during his MS.

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  9. Whatever the message of the song matter because it tackle in general with his career…personal life…entering ms soon..the henecians..that i think is the main because of this song…Ms. Lazer Kim thanks for the wonderfull articles you made for KHJ…i more known him by now because you page is one of my references to more #KHJPHOENIX2015…thank you!

  10. LazerKim and everyone that commented – this page is filled with so much sweetness and understanding from everyone. Thank you all for sharing your hearts. Please continue to pray without ceasing for KHJ at this time. Pray for all of the people involved in the concert series and their families. Lazer Kim and others – thank you so much for all your prayers in the past – you who have known KHJ so much longer than my six months. God bless you LazerKim and the other writers here.

  11. Thank you again. When back and watched his time as a member of SS501 and then to his sole career, and yes his music is always number 1. I believe that he has already have ideas for his new genre of music after his ms. I believe that is why he said,” three years before he is back in Japan” remember, he said this while on stage, so to me he also means back on stage. Thanks for the English translation, and since I am on the other side of the ocean I am most thankful to you and others blogger who did not leave his side. Thankful to all of those who have given us a play by play of his different concert venues. I am thankful for his true fans who have stayed by his side and are lifting him up. I am thankful to God for his blessings and grace towards Kim Hyung Joong as he went through one of the most difficult times in his life. She almost got away with killing him softly by trying to take away his music, but God has a different plan because of the prayers of many hearts. Kim Hyung Joong did his part by giving us such great songs before he leave us , so let’s us be happy and Continue to lift him up in prayer and God will do the rest. Yes, remember he was once by our side and we were one by his side but that once is forever. God bless and love.

  12. I remember when the interviewer asked him to whom the songs are dedicated. he was saying if im gonna sing for my loved girl I wont share it with my fans , why l would dedicate her a song that everybody will sing. It should be private only for her. That is true, also we listen to some songs like save today and your story in Japanese, the songs are about a death girl, very sad.
    No, definetely it is not for A, it is just another emotional song maybe because of his mood lately.
    Dont especulate about it , the video design and message is opposite of a romantic stoey, You can dedicate to of couse as a romantic song for a lover but. no more.

  13. I’m so agree wth U Ms.LK♡ ~~Thanks God we all Have the same though. The first time I look the envy I’m just wondering ,This is a sadness Love Story but why there’s no woman in this MV. I’m carefully looked to the MV♡ and got What’s KHJ wanna say to Us through His Music ㅠㅠ .I’m Thankful fr U Ms.LK♡ U clarified this to all of Us. Hope no one will misunderstood about this song again. Deep in My Heart I wish That KHJ will know that He is always in Our Heart~ even this is His last song before His MS , But KHJ and His Music will never be apart from Us “HENECIA” ~What ever happened last yr even some ppl or dirty media wanna ruin His Life BUT EVEN NOW KHJ is STILL Our ONLY ONE, and It Will be FOREVER!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET HIM.Like What U’ve twitt ytd, HENECIA and KHJ are TWINS ^^
    And Now Let’s Bring Him to The Top af The ORICON Chart ~Our Valentines Gifts to Our Only One Love♡ FIGHTING for KHJ and all of Us. Many Thanks and God Bless U Ms.LK♡ ^^

  14. WOW… Thanx a lot LK sis!! I’m totally refreshed this morning from your interesting Article.. It’s so nice.. :P:) Deep meaning of it deeply touched bottom f my heart……. Music is the best lover, it’s always with us no matter even when it is sadness filled in soul.

  15. Hello Rose!
    Thank you so much for the compliment you make my heart softer! You and everyone here are my inspiration. In my other articles i keep mentioning we shall not forget what was being done to hj. When hj gets in to ms we shall make the move i promise you that.
    Thank you again Rose take care be happy and see you again! God bless…

  16. Thank you LK for clarifying! Your interpretation makes a lot of sense. And I feel sad for him that he had to give up this love of music temporarily for MS(which is not worth it because of how he is treated in his own country).

    We can go on and on about why we love him so much and what makes him standout, thanks for this blog site that we are able share our feelings!

    He is irreplaceable! I’m 39 y/o and there’s no other artist that affected me like this before. You are right again Ms LK about him being our subject in the song” Still” which makes the song more meaningful to us. Thank you for the romanization of the lyrics, I’ve been waiting for this!

  17. Thank you for referring to this. i was confused since I heard this song Is this song really for her oh God what’s going on with him Did he forget that she was the reason for the destruction of his life . But after reading your article I was relieved and started re-thinking the words of the song and gathered my thoughts I felt every word he is really sad burning from inside . his voice is wonderful You can feel its sense of sincere in his voice but I am afraid bad thoughts coming through my mind …yes right music is his life is the air he breathe, but in spite all of this he has to be strong no one is allowed to destroy the dreams that he has been working hard to achieve

  18. Think the same… He is the only one! Our only one… We are waiting for him 1000 years if it were necessary… Really love this guy! His smile change my world…

  19. Hi! I am so glad you wrote this! This was EXACTLY what I was thinking about! Many were wondering if this song was for her and I’d just wonder, “Do you think HJ would want to do anything with her!?” Music is sacred for musicians/singers! Dedicating a song for someone who we want nothing to do with just poisons it! I had a strong feeling that this song was about him parting with music; his first true and only love. As a singer myself, I cannot begin to imagine the pain of separating with music. It is something I could never be able to handle. I am sure HJ feels distraught right now. This song, he said, shows the sadness and frustration of a man. By this we should know how he feels.
    The next two-three years would be very tough for us and especially him. Let’s work hard to give him strength, more than before!

    PS- thank you for sharing the link of the English translation! ^^

    • Hello Nixie!
      May i thank you for sharing the translation of Even Now. My apology i should have inform you first but Im really dead busy since the concert started.
      I knew it this song will be misinterpreted its just good there a music video so we would know what hj wanted to convey. Common sense would tell us if its for any particular person then it should sang in Hangul and not in Nihongo right?

      I would admit the 1st time i heard and viewed this song my 1st impression was that the song does not seem to jive with the mv. So i ignored the meaning and just watch. Then i took the lyrics little by little. The word that give in was touch of fingertips then the sweet words at night. In strumming a guitar fingertips is being used. sweet words at night hj spend a lot of sleepless nights playing his guitar trying to compose a song until he fell asleep having his guitar beside him during his high school days. I remembered that in one of his interviews bk in time.

      Also I remember he was saying if im gonna sing for my love one i wont share it with my fans. This was when he did marry you marry me bcoz he was also misunderstood that time.

      Watching the mv and listening to the song doesn’t make sense at all if we do not know his life story. And you are right its so painful to part ways with music. That mv was full of emotion. Why would hj sing such an emotional meaningful song for a woman who destroyed him and his life? It doesnt make sense right? Hj is so smart to do that! And the fact he’s leaving showbiz is not that easy plus we do not know whats in the future. Its so much pain for him leave this way that how i wish to kill that woman!! lol

      There are so many things we ought to do after his concert and upon his getting in to ms. I dont think hj would stand on that stage to clear his name so its our turn to do that for him if we want him back to showbiz. Whatever it may be i really think we have to do something while he’s in his ms. I just hope his fans would cooperate. Poor hj really its so painful to be misjudged without a fight.
      Oh well why am i saying this!! Thank you again Nixie take care and see you again! God bless…

      • Count me in Lk. yes we should do something to clear his name, we do have like 24 months…..and maybe even before. We are all here to do that. !!:)

      • Hi! Aw, don’t apologize! I totally understand! I am glad my translation was helpful! ^^

        Yes, you are right! Most of his songs are love songs and I think it’s very easy to misinterpret it. But we should know that Hyun Joong is very passionate about his art and simply wants to showcase it rather than finding meaning behind the lyrics which are not even written by him! His soulful voice is what always paints a picture! Lyrics do play a major role but sometimes they don’t have to be related to certain events in life. It can be written about anything or anyone! It doesn’t even have to be about the individual himself!
        I absolutely agree with you. I hope fans can be cooperative and work on taking off the stain on his name. We know he is innocent and hopefully during MS everything would be out in the open. When he has a comeback, I wish for it to be a free and powerful one, not something that he does with a heavy heart.

        Thank you for sharing my translation! Have a blessed day! Take care!

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