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By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong shall be releasing his latest album “STILL” on Feb.11th as Universal Music Japan released it’s MV teaser in Feb. 4th which has created another festive mood among his fans on-line! In all venues where Hyun Joong performs Gemini there’s always an areas at any lobby venue where fans can make their pre-order of this album.

I know many of us may be starting to think what we can give to our lover this valentine, and I’m sure many of us are already thinking of what we can give to our only one idol Kim Hyun Joong! At this point I can only think of one special Valentine present for him and that is bringing him to the top of Oricon rank!

This present would surely bring him a big smile on Valentine!! And how so lucky fans we are since Hyun Joong shall be performing Gemini on this Valentine’s day in Osaka! This is a great Valentine date for all of us having Kim Hyun Joong with us on this day, let us give our best effort in supporting STILL and let us make him happy! So come and get it grab the copy of his album STILL now!



May I just mention that all Japanese albums created by Kim Hyun Joong gained the GOLD record at the Oricon. Hyun Joong is the only Korean solo recording artist who was able to attain such amazing record breaker among all Korean solo artists from the time he decided to embrace his solo artist category. Until the year 2014 his albums continue to be at the top 20 most salable albums of all time since he started in his solo career.

In short, every time Hyun Joong launches his album it always gained the top-selling album on its first day launching, placing him on top of the Japanese Oricon Music Chart. And we fans made it to place him at the number one golden spot all these years, knowing he truly belongs to the top, knowing there’s no other artist who is the most deserving than him and I’m just stating this fact, nothing from the record is overrated here!

If we fans were able to maintain his albums to the top all these years, then this time we can even do better, now that we are stronger than ever. If Gemini has been gaining all the tremendous success, then we can do it with his album STILL. If Gemini is his last concert before his MS, then it’s possible that STILL may be his last album. Therefore having said this let us give our best shot by placing STILL up to the top rank number one at the Oricon Music Chart.     We can do it…..

STILL album CD international purchase:

CD Japan (

YesAsia (

Video source: Universal Music Japan, KHJ Vevo….thanks!


EVEN NOW (Ima demo) is the title of this song from the music video carrying single from the album STILL and viewing this video, I’m speechless and just said WOW! Without listening to the meaning of the song I knew right at once what Hyun Joong is trying to convey in this music video. May I share my humble interpretation which is just lingering in my thoughts of this video and the song Even Now, a very meaningful song in a deeper level I can grasp.

The song tells about his memories of love that he doesn’t want to forget, and saying “If it’s not you I cannot love anyone else… I don’t want to forget”. Listening to the song immediately gives me the impression the love is for someone. But as I watch this video, I was wrong. I think Hyun Joong is pertaining to something and not someone and that is his guitar and his music which is his first love.

The first scene in the video is Hyun Joong walking in a stony ground and the surrounding looks like on fire under control and guitars burning. This is at the first lines of the song that tells about his memories, the burning guitars, the abandoned keyboard, meaning it’s music that he’s pertaining to about his memories.

The next highlighted scene was Hyun Joong still walking like dreaming aimlessly in a dark hallway there was light from windows that he just glance at and just kept walking in the dark. I describe this as the ups and down in his life in attaining his dream.

The next scene is a dead-end with abandoned musical instruments and a scene focus at the microphone he’s holding in his hand as he grip tightly, while his handsome face in glaring eyes of anger, he threw his microphone towards the musical instruments! Ouch!! I describe this scene as his hidden anger to his critics. For some reasons I was affected by this scene that I felt a pinch in my heart, having the impression is he giving up? NO WAY!

The next scene is burning musical instruments into a huge fire he was looking at, and turn his back walk away head on and stoop down. I take this as a sign of his humbleness as the flames of fire shall bring him to the heights of success in a brand new much stronger Kim Hyun Joong and his brand new music. This is what we currently see in Gemini!



We all know that Kim Hyun Joong’s first love is music. He bought his first guitar out of his part-time job that he diligently saved money for this and he literally sleeps with his guitar. That’s how much he loves this musical instrument at the very young age in high school as he started his dreams and he was able to attain it through perseverance and hard work until he reached the ladder of stardom. Music is his first love and his dream, and he cannot live without it.  He’s a persistent type of person and would never give up whatever challenge may there be, he face it head on until he achieved his dream.

A dancer will die as dancer, a singer will die as a singer and a musician will die a musician. This is an artist’s point of view, meaning an artist having a talent that runs to his blood and developed it through hard work, it’s already in his system that no matter how an artist switch his career, it’s still being an artist that he’ll be day dreaming on his retirement days. With Hyun Joong it’s still music that he will ever long for, he grew from it, music is his air to breath, it’s his food and water in order to live.

Can you just imagine a person being stolen taking away from what he grew up with and love so deeply? Do you know how painful that can be? That’s how painful it was for Hyun Joong. Music is his life and that is why he doesn’t want to forget as what the song says and he will never forget his music whatever happens.

That gave me a lot of hope in the end watching this video as he sang saying  “I don’t want to forget”. But throwing the microphone really hurts because I never want him to give up music. Music belongs to him and Kim Hyun Joong belongs to music that no one or anything can take it away from him, period.

Music is his first love, that one time in his life it was love that was trying to kill it and trying to take it away from him! But it was also love that revived his first love in music. And it’s happening that we currently see in Gemini, the great love from his fans made it to bring his music back to him wholeheartedly. *sigh* Such an amazing man Kim Hyun Joong is.

In this music video it ended Hyun Joong walking away from the burning musical instruments which for me perceive as turning back from the past and facing the future. As he said in the song “I don’t want to forget” yes he will never forget…. Whatever it may be we all learn from experience, the past will remain a memory BUT I believe Hyun Joong will be back to his music as a brand new musician much stronger and wiser after his MS.

Just my thoughts that I want to say this…

“Here’s a boy who has an Unforgettable story behind him and now is facing a new stage of his life…….towards the future of an Unforgettable man of all times.”

I don’t want to forget Kim Hyun Joong, STILL the only one, the greatest artist I have ever known….unforgettable, that’s what you are!



Kim Hyun Joong is back! It’s been a while since the last time I have seen his usual big genuine smiles, now I see it!  He’s back and he’s happy now! Gemini is getting better and better with all those big smiles from him, more jokes, more affection to his fans as Gemini continuously gaining tremendous success from day one until now! The additional concert tickets in Chiba has been selling like hotcakes!!

The happy days of KHJ fans continue as Hyun Joong shall be performing tonight in Nagoya for second round in two consecutive nights as he rock the stage with his music in his recent performances in Yokohama, Kanazawa, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya all venues in full house! Rain or snow it doesn’t matter, his fans happily enjoyed the fun at the concert!

To KHJ Japanese fans….. “Thank you so much for your warm endless support to Gemini. Your greatest love to Kim Hyun Joong has been seen and felt by the whole world!” 

To Kim Hyun Joong……. “Be where you are sincerely loved, respected, protected and nurtured. In short, please stay where you are, where you are needed and where you can be peaceful and happy, Japan is for you forever!!”



This month is said to be the month of hearts as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a special day for lovers that they do celebrate their love with each other. Being a fan and being in the world of Kim Hyun Joong in a special relationship we celebrate one kind of unique LOVE and that is an unconditional love. This is the kind of love which is unselfish that we do share that common love with others. The more people love Kim Hyun Joong the merrier, the more we feel happy as we spread that love for him all over the world.

As Hyun Joong and his fans may be strangers to each other in the real world, but our hearts and his heart have a clear understanding of how why when and what binds us with him. I have this in mind as I was watching Hyun Joong performs his Gemini in all venues with a common ground called love and how his fans connect with him, as he connects with them that the rapport was so strong and so visible that indeed there is a PURE LOVE in between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans.

I have seen this scenario in all the venues where Gemini was and I’m sure I would be seeing the same scenario on the coming days of Gemini because Hyun Joong and his fans think and feel as ONE like twins…

For Valentine let this be the most special day to all of us and to him since Hyun Joong shall be having only one Valentine date and that is a date with all of his fans near or far. Treat ourselves after what we’ve been through by supporting STILL as this album is the most memorable album he had ever created, both to him and to us.

This album STILL is the greatest reward that we can give to ourselves as KHJ fan and this is the greatest reward that we can give him as our ONLY ONE…

Be a part of this valentine memory, support STILL album, let’s bring him up to the top of Oricon and say to yourself……

                           Kim Hyun Joong you are STILL…THE ONLY ONE!

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks        

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42 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STILL….. EVEN NOW

  1. Dear LK I really loved your interpretation of the MV.
    Actually I am 120% sure that there isn’t any sign of giving up in MV, since “give up” is not defined in his Dictionary. He has worn a white coat which is a very good sign. After throwing the mic he is coming out of all the smoke and fire with a white coat. He is out of fire *unharmed* which reminds me of a mythical character in my country’s literature. The character is a young, kind-hearted prince who is wrongly accused of a crime. By his father’s order he has to pass through a hug fire to prove that he is innocent. The fire will decide; if he comes out of fire unharmed this shows that he is innocent. And now our HJ is out of fire more powerful than ever, more loved.
    He will never give up his love, like us…We’ll never give up on our love for him.
    My heart is so warm, now that I obviously see he is getting better and better day by day. Wow God these recent fancams of him leaving venues are fantastic. His shining genuine smile brightens our entire world. This is the power of love and this love belongs to him forever.

  2. I never thought about it that way hmm….but that’s one way to take it. A songs meaning can depend on whoever listens to it. Are you some kind of a psychologist or something?^^ I like how you digested the song along with the video. Cause me most of the time I take a song as it is but sometimes depending on what I feel it can mean differently. Yours is almost clinical, I hope I am not offending you. Your point of view definitely makes sense if one really looks at it very closely. I hope not too, I hope Hyunjoong doesn’t give up. Cause giving up means he’s letting the bullies win and we don’t want that. But I think he won’t give up, seeing those smiles in his Gemini tour. Those smiles is not the smile of a chicken, he doesn’t squawk. He barks, like a Maltese! A gentle but fearless person. He’s obedient to what his heart wants. He wouldn’t have endured all those years of training and harsh critics if he doesn’t love what he does. He lives for the stage, the performances and his songs. Plus he knows his fans will be sad if he gives up. He wouldn’t let everything his fans did end for nothing. And I will stand by that. 🙂

    • Hello Fay!
      I’m back, thank you for sharing your thoughts! May I just clarify I’m not a psychologist! LOL I die laughing at this!! No problem! I’m just a simple production artist. I agree with you listening to music depends on the listener.
      This is Hyun Joong’s last concert series, his last song and his last Music Video before his MS and I assure you HJ did not just make this MV for nothing, he make sure this mv is not just an ordinary mv. Since it’s the last, might as well look at the details, and what does these details mean to him. for me I take it as visual art appreciation (than clinical! LOL) on what this MV is trying to convey.
      We’re the same I just take any song as it is, but i’m sentimental. So for me I think it’s time to pay attention to his last music because it would take 2 to 3 years again before I get to watch his MV and hear his music. So I put this up speaking of how I interpret the mv and share my thoughts as usual.

      Don’t panic LOL he’s not giving up he has Gemini, read again please as I clearly stated, “A dancer will die as dancer, a singer will die as a singer and a musician will die a musician.” Take it from here. I just want us to pay attention to this mv because it’s his last and believe me it’s not an ordinary mv that we can just take as it is. You never thought it this way as you said, well everyone of us is different right? This is just what I can share. Music is the last thing he’ll throw away.
      Thank you again Fay, take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • I did and I believe it ^^ I am not in a panic just want to get that out to who ever enemy is reading and I do believe there are. He’ll come back stronger and powerful than ever. He is “UNBREAKABLE!”

        • Yes, he is not giving up, he is letting us know he is changing. Just like his dramas, he charged from a flower boy to a mature man and now he will be changing his music. So let us get use to less dancing and more chatting and songs.

        • Hello again Fay! Pls do me a favor pls. NEVER forget that feeling you have. Yes we have the same belief there’s enemy. There’s another journey that I know we’ll be getting through while HJ is in his MS. I mean it as I wrote we shall NEVER FORGET. For the mean time we enjoy Gemini until HJ gets to his MS. I understand you, I do hope you’ll stick around for a while in the near future.
          Oh btw, do you remember Marry me Marry you the song? Hj was misunderstood in that song. This is another reason why I put up this MV. And I was right he was again misunderstood. But I’m glad that was settled right at once.
          Yes Fay KHJ is forever UNBREAKABLE and we will show it! Thanks again do stick around ok? fighting!!!

          • Misunderstood? How? People just never stops in finding fault, really?!!! Don’t worry it will take Kim Hyun Joong to tell me to go find a life to make me forget him and that won’t ever happen hahaha! Like I’ve once said on another blog I will still support him even after he feels it’s time to close the curtains and be just a simple citizen of S.Korea. You will never get rid of me, and that’s a promise! I’m gonna stick around for a very very long while.

  3. yes LK that is the meaning of the song and MV I wish if somebody translates the ong in English I want to know the meaning of every word

  4. Thank you dearest LK, thank you for the light. You know I heard the song watched the MV but didn’t know the lyrics, but first impression was: beautifully done, dark, painfull and sorrow, loved the concept and the song just Perfect in it’s simplicity. Oh yes pain that he is leaving his greatest love Music behind for 2 years in MS, leaving his beloved guitars behind….I wonder if he still have the first one he bought that he loved so much, bet u for sure.
    That powerfull and sad moment he throws the microphone into the flames, I felt like nooo, don’t throw away yet…..that said a lot of how’s Hj hurt I think.
    But then fire can also be interpreted like a purgatory, let behind all and start anew, come back like a Phoenix from fire.
    So, I much prefer the Phoenix version, close and burn the past and come back.

    Can I say this Gemeni tour, this is one beautiful tour, and Hj seems to enjoy his music very much and his smiles are genuine and happy.
    Thank you Lk for your time, we are here as always! 🙂

  5. Now it all makes sense!!! I thought there was more to the lyrics and strong emotions than love for a girl! Thanks LK for sharing that beautiful and deep insight. I was literally ENLIGHTENED! It is indeed, a beautiful love song and to others, they may sing it for someone they love but to KHJ, it is truly for his music. Now, I will be watching the MV in a different perspective too! I hope that more fans will be able to read this article or at least interpret it this way.

    I can’t wait for the CD! It is coming a long way with a detour (so it could count in Oricon) but I’m doing all this to show KHJ that he is loved in all corners of the world!

    • Hello Ann! Yes I think many fans had misinterpreted this song and you are right we can sing this song to our love ones its a beautiful song and meaningful but to HJ its music that he is pertaining to. I think ill post this again on separate page just the mv and interpretation so that other fans can understand.

      Thanks you ann take care be happy and see you again! God bless…

  6. Hi sweet, Lazer Kim! You are so busy with his concert series right now but still came out to share your love with your readers. thank you! In case the readers are unaware we have two projects going right now for KHJ: #KHJValentine2015 and Global Support for KHJ. Two videos are being created by myself and my friend Seta. We have partnered with Ms. D the president of Kim Hyun Joong’s World Fan Club to bring the two videos on USB or DVD to the final leg of his concert tour and deliver to his manager.

    The deadline was actually today for submissions but I want to encourage all the fans who participated that we have made solid arrangements so KHJ will actually be receiving the videos and will be able to view them at his leisure when he has time. Probably after the tour concludes. The fans have done a beautiful job creating fan art valentines for him and I am thrilled to be creating the video with their voices saying I love you Kim Hyun Joong in their native languages. I am very excited about my friend’s project too… she has received photos and love messages in English from fans all around the world and will be displaying their flags to show Hyun Joong just how many countries have fans loving and supporting him.

    the fans can read all about the projects here:

    thank you as always LK for taking care of him in the venue he loves most… his music. You are a blessing to the fans as well as to Hyun Joong for being a part of his dream. thank you!

  7. Omg…Lazer Kim u are so right in describing the meaning of his EVEN NOW ….why am i so lousy in intrepreting it…Lol….i was so eager to know the meaning in English when the MV just came out…and then when i read the meaning in English, i couldn’t understand it at all, that i kept thinking it was abt the love to a girl?!…then i asked WHO??…nahh, couldn’t be that “B”…not possible at all and bull***t, telling myself..LOL…why am i so stupid??!!

    Thank you for make it easy for me to understand it LK. I feel bad for HJ for such thought that i’ve taken. U know,I wonder myself abt it so much coz we know HJ always make a song abt his life story…and i can’t understand why the song sound a lot for loving truly for ‘someone’….i forgot that he was once so much in love with his ‘Guitar’ that has threw him to rebel against his parent and how much troubles he went through when he was out alone. He gained a lot valuable experiences during that process and how proud he was to telling people such hard experiences. He learned a lot from that ‘nightmare’ and thats what make Kim Hyun Joong nowadays.

    Ahhh…now i’ve relieved thought…LoL…. u r genius LK…and others who think the same way…okey…now im going to memorize the lyrics in Japanese…Love so much this song, the rhythm…the music…the tone…the softness of Hyunjoong’s voice…they combine together become sweetness to ur ears…

    • LOL I die laughing at this Atiq!! Thank you so much, can’t help not to respond, it’s my break so I can reply!
      There’s a part in the song that says something like “the sweet words…. even now your fingertips I feel you baby” These were the words that gave way for me to understand. Fingers strum the guitar, the sweet words are the lyrics from the songs he sing with his guitar. I confirmed my insights before writing this article about the MV because I don’t want to write a wrong interpretation too! HJ is sending a strong message out of the MV, he’s one step to giving up but there’s his MS after which he can decide. Maybe encouragement can make difference.
      Yes I love this song very meaningful and the melody is really good. Trust HJ he’s a smart guy but I understand how you feel LOL any girl will do except A or anyone like her!! LOL
      I gotta go! Thank you again Atiq! take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  8. great insight, Thankyou for helping all of us find a place to share these feelings. I did try to order the DVD so that it would count in Oricon, hope it works and gets to me. I agree it’s very important to get this last album to a high sales. Wish I could be more sure of the process of purchasing, but all we can do is our best, and I hope to see a revitalized KHJ in a few years. And I hope you are happy and Healthy at that time too, so we can all still enjoy this Blog.

  9. i feel really blessed being able to know khj,he is truly special. i will never cease praying for him,he’s blessed and he shares that blessing to all his fans,the scandal am sure has changed kim hyun joong in some ways that i believe will be of positive impact in hyun na’s life.To hyun joong :for one to get to their destination in life,you must overcome the toughest bridges of your life & value your passion and enjoy your talents!let God guide u,love u

  10. As always very insightful, and last night after reading your assessment of still and even now I had to go to YouTube and watch some of my favorites from his beginning in SS501 to his solo career. On one of the sites a fan was concern if his present situation would tarnish his reputation and cause him not to be able to come back as a SS501 member or continue his career. I was happy to see some fans encouraging her to keep the faith. It was then that I remembered that some people use that old adage, “if I can’t have you no one will”, and she tried to take away his ability to make music which is like killing him softly. But, thanks be to God for you, other bloggers, and his true fans we stood right beside him. Kim Hyung Joong will come back, from his military service, more strengthen and his music will be something out of this world. Why? Because of his God given talent which he uses for good and not evil. So, he has given us enough to satisfy our appetite while he is in the military. Just let us continue to keep him in prayer for we know he will be back. He probably already planning his next project for he said in one of his concerts, ” it will be three years” before he is back. Thanks for your insight and for bringing it to us. God bless you all. Just keep praying.

  11. I was hardly breathing..I felt like he meant “dissolving in the music” “me and the music being ONE”
    I felt like being nailed in the heart.
    Once again KimHyunJoong was able to make me cry💕💕

    Ps.I had to post two comments..sorry😅

  12. Grazie LazerKim,your article really touched my heart…especially the description of “Still” mv that you made..I’m loving this song so much..the more I listen to it..the more I feel like drawing closer to his heart…
    I totally agree with you,I think the song refers to music,to his only ONE LOVE.
    I love the intro,how the instrumental part play together,I’m “melting” for the way the theme of the piano and both acustic&electric guitar work together…until the song reach ,with a “crescendo” of emotions, the climax moment of Hyun Joong singing/screaming “Ima demooo”💓. The images of the video amplify the emotional tension and there is so much poetry in it! Just like the parts where him,dressed in white and wrapped up in a cloud of smoke,seems like disappearing/dissolving in it…I was hardly breath

  13. Gracias por escribir siempre articulos tan buenos a cerca de Mr.HJ, que reflejan el sentir de muchas de nosotras, es tan bueno que una persona como usted logre ver la humildad, perseverancia, el amor y lo agradecido que HJ es, no solo con sus fans si no con toda aquella persona que este en contacto con el. Sus fans y no fans no solo siguien al idolo si no al bello ser humamo que existe detrás de toda esa fama. Con todo el éxito que tiene es una persona tan sencilla a través de todos estos años él no ha perdido ese niño dulce y sensible que lleva en su corazón. A donde va él siempre ilumina con esa luz tan especial que el lleva. Una vez mas le agradezco que tenga este blog donde expresa su idea y la de mucha de nosotras. Saludos

  14. Thank you for your wonderful article… as i’ve seen the video and read the English translation of the song i know it wasn’t for a girl because it is much deeper feelings, emotions that are more hurting if lost.. and from what i have read from previous comments, interviews he doesn’t have a serious relationship with a particular girl since he started to do music….not even the recent one who causes him much pain that is deserving for that very deep emotions of the lyrics. now that you viewed as i did cemented my idea that it is for his music and not for someone or somebody. Yes indeed it is hurting if he will part of his music…Kim Hyun Joong is Music …and Music is Kim Hyun Joong …you are right Music is what he breathe… MS will just a pause… a break of his real world… but also an opportunity for kim hyun joong to create another genre of music based on his experiences… i am looking forward for a more different music from him right after MS and on that day i promise myself to be there in his concert after MS wherever it may be… Thanks LK once again my waiting is not vain ..your article enlightened and inspired me as always…i am looking forward for another good article from you… a review perhaps of his valentine show on the 14th ……………………..Good Luck……………………………………………………………………………… to Kim Hyun Joong …Thank you for your Music ……you are the ONLY ONE for me and no one else ever since.

  15. Love these pages where we can freely express our fangirling, without anyone stopping us.
    Again I say, I really love KHJ, sometimes I had platonic love, but never gave me as strong as after meeting KHJ, is that I love him completely.
    I was so excited to see their new video “Still” when I realized I was released, my whole body started to be nervous and my heart sank within me. Once I saw it, had only words of praise for him is that the video is perfect, his voice is perfect! And the video is emotionally perfect, even without understanding the meaning of his letter (hahahah) one can see their suffering through his voice, his expressions <3. He is PERFECT!
    Take for myself a playlist on my youtube channel with only "Still" to play the video many times and give my support, hope will serve my method, because I'm really not sure.
    Sorry for my English, I'm a fan of Chile, and tried to find some serious blog KHJ in Spanish, but I had no luck.

    Greetings and love to all Henecias ❤
    I love both the video, his expressions, his face, his emotions, I made over 200 quality image capture in 1080 hahaha is that really love him so much! 😦

    PD: The interpretation you gave the song is prefect, as I thought so too. KHJ spoke previously that this song would be what was happening at this time, referring to quit music for a while, so after the lyrics in Spanish, do all that interpretation of love, to his love of music. And again he said, is PERFECT! ❤

  16. i learned new things as i read your view it in a different angle, the message of the MV is strong as well as it is really wonderful..every body movement is sexy, and he improved a lot in singing…i can’t get over it, the lyrics is also amazing, it’s good that i can understand nihongo that’s why it’s more meaningful to listen…let’s put him at the top of the chart as a gift for him…thanks again, MISS LK

  17. A very wonderfully articles again coming from you…later.As the days PASSES..I feel I’m so very loved with this guy..I think because he showed how much his fans are very special and had a place in his life.TOGETHER WITH EACH OTHER…May I say the relationship of his fans to him…I’m very happy for him and for us to having such a good man not only in looks but also within HIM…I love you KHJ.!..Thanks Lazer Kim.

  18. I was waiting for your blog, and it doesn’t disappoint. As usual on the dot. I love his video and the song so much that I wont be able to wait for the CD. As it becomes available I will download it. He is such an amazing person. Hearing his voice today at 3am, thank you Henecia Japan for the streaming, we could feel his joy. The fans were having a blast and so was he. He is smiling again! His genuine smile! The one that brighten his beautiful eyes! I am so happy and thankful that he is back.

    Now we would love to have him in the US. A dream I know but it would be so good. His CD must be number 1. We are ready for it.

    Kim Hyun Joong we love you my sweet boy, from afar all your fans are thrilled to share your success. Your happiness is ours. Remember you are loved always. Hyunnie eres mi niño de los ojos cafes. Love you my boy!

    • Yoli, I am right there with you! That is why while he is tucked away in the MS I am planning to organize the US fans with the help of some friends to get an ‘Official’ USA Henecia organize. No one can really be official Henecia right now except Japan and I think maybe Korea but the other countries are using Henecia for the fan clubs and I don’t see anything wrong with that. It is now synonymous with KHJ fans. I would like to work with his new agency after he gets out as well and try to show them that the fan clubs from other countries should be accepted as Official. That is why I plan to work hard to plan and organize USA KHJ fans while he is in MS. If we can provide the proof in the numbers to his promoters, we will have a good chance of bringing him here for a concert tour. I am too busy right at the moment with the project but after I have my surgery next month and recover… i will be trying to get started. If you are interested in helping, i would welcome you. You have my email and I now have yours so we can communicate easily. Thank you for all your support on the project! 🙂

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