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May I appeal to all KHJ fans to please STOP re-posting re-tweeting or circulating this trash news from DRAMAFEVER, which is another misleading information. Kim Hyun Joong and us fans had enough insults from these media outlet, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Thank you!



With all due respect to DRAMA FEVER the title of your recent article dated Feb.3 entitled:       “The Cast of Boys Over Flower: Where are you now?”

In case you are not updated pertaining Kim Hyun Joong, you did not answer your own question as to where he is. Just for your information, he is currently doing his concert series in Japan and has been gaining such huge success in any venues he performed. That is where Kim Hyun Joong is.


Just for your information DRAMAFEVER! Aren’t you tired of your trash news and articles which is totally misleading to your readers??? Just asking!

LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks!

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  1. I have stopped reading those kind of articles and hate comments because they were not worth my time and emotions. Instead, I am devouring all info I could get from articles, videos and photos that are being shared by KHJ fans esp those in Japan attending his concerts! These are all worth my time!! I am on HIGH now, vErY hAPpY mode because of Oppa’s successful Gemini tour and Still album! Can’t wait for the CD 😃

  2. Now its time to let fools fool demselves,all of us should just focus on khj.i stopped reading those articles a long time ago,following this nightmare,to my understanding i think hyun joong passed on his message clearly:silence is the best answer for a fool.they will keep on hating and hyun na will keep on rocking.God’s favour to khj,love u.

    • In his previous Gemini concert he has mentioned something like 2-3 yrs MS before he can meet fans again. Sigh**…..i feel sad all of sudden.

  3. okey…honestly, i’ve gone to that trashy site already and i just laughed at what it said….Lol…i think they just don’t have any idea what issue that can make people comeback to their site since KHJ case has been closed..that’s why even a tiny pieces of KHJ story can pull some people to go least they got some hits on their traffic…LOL

    anyway, just for info…i just found one site from one of HJ fans…her nick is Cozy….she got awesome videos of HJ that i’ve never seen before since i knew HJ…and all of them are in HD….unfortunately, it got no Eng sub….anyway, i just enjoy watching the videos repeatedly since i’ve known the content ( have watched most of them with eng sub but with bad resolution in YTube )

    There’s one programme called Kpop Hero ( SBS channel ) and it shows some part of KHJ’s programmes that he had participated in SBS since BOF until his solo debut….it just great to see how they appreciate HJ’s talent, his honesty in all his stories, how talkative he was before…LOL…oh, he just looked sooo stunning….okey, just sharing with u the link…

  4. Don’t worry. The true is THAT INSPIRED GENERATION WAS NOT IN DRAMAFEVER, IT WAS EXCLUSIVE FOR VIKI. I SAW IT IN VIKI , for Dramafever it doesn’t exist they pretend not to know about it. HEIRS was in dramafever and VIKI. That is why they promote it. But seriously l think that it is the worst drama of LMH, too old to pretend to be at school. It disgusted me. Even that they work good.
    Because of it, are they jealous of VIKI??? , l wonder??
    It really calls my attention, why IG only in VIKI. I thought that PLAYFUL KISS was a success drama in VIKI and other pages too, not exactly on tv in Korea. PLAYFUL KISS is very famous than many other dramas through VIKI. It and BOF dramas where KHJL performed are in the most favorite drama group.
    They know that KJHL is stronger, but he is not WORKING with them.
    I need to tell you that I BOUGHT YOUR ALBUM. AHHHH VER HAPPY

    • Yes, very true both of those dramas was very strong for KHJ. Both went worldwide. Because of him many around the world got interested in kpop, I was one of them but now watch more dramas from Taiwan.

  5. Dear Lk…why go there to that mediocre site? They were and are against Hj since day one. Never include that in browsing even, not worth our time. They are some kind of very shallow wana be commentors on things they think they understand. Don’t take them seriously.
    let us keep that smile and keep the happy times with this concert series.
    Just being happy and those concerts a success will make those antis, boil and more boil….

    The Best Revenge Of All: Happiness

    Keep that love on stage as you said LK. 🙂

  6. Sorry, but being on the other side of the ocean i did not see the article and probably would not have read it because one thing for sure is this, whoever is behind the curtains pulling the strings is very upset. Why? Because Kim Hyung Joong did not fall or hit rock bottom as expected but gained fans and their boy, whoever it is, did not climb to the top. As Kim Hyung Joong’s fans we must be aware that they will continue to spread untruths! and Went they do not not answer but pass on what he is doing now. Because of the fans videos and writing he is having a very successful tour in Japan and more dates were added. So, don’t get mad, ignore the lies and reveal the truth. Remember, cheaters and liars may win a battle but they never win the war. Also, they better be very careful because whoever it is they are backing they need to pray that the same or another type of scandal does not befall that person. Right now Kim Hyung Joong has people praying for him. Have you put people in place to pray while you are carrying out such schemes? Remember, God is not marked, whatever you sow you shall reap.

  7. I saw that too! Its so sad that they claim that they are journalist yet they can never put in the time to actually be a journalist by finding out the truth. I am so glad I stop supporting Dramafever a long time ago. When Inspiring Generation came out Dramafever did not provide subs eventhough it was number one in its time slot on several occasion. Drmafever do not employ journalist with integrity but “fangirl bloggers” with time to kill.

  8. Don’t waste your time in Dramafever. Their bias is Lee Min Ho. One of the member/reader Ukegirl always write very nasty comment about KHJ. The writer Shelly wrote that Inspiring Generation fall short. What does she mean by that. I also read KHJ wikipedia. I don’t understand why it only mention that Inspiring generation has a premier rating of 7.8% and clearly did not mention that it ended at 12.3% with an average of 10.2% , which is by the way the number one drama even competing against Yoochun Three days. Whoever wrote KHJ wikipedia should be fired. For me, Inspiring generation was a success in terms of ratings. How many K-drama right at this moment can even go over 10% rating.
    As for Miss A, I felt like she is marking her territory which is KHJ when she went straight to Dispatch. She makes sure no other woman can have KHJ except her. Sorry for comparing her to an animal.

    • Agree. They promoted heirs very heavy and they gained the ratings, but now I have read comments where some are saying it was over rated. Since I may be one of the few who had no interest in watching it I can’t comment one way or another. But one king for sure you line up a lot of kpop stars and you got yourself a hit. Also, read where one was disappointed in his acting. Well, for me, that was one of the reason I did not want to watch because of all of his dramas only “City Hunter” I like but can’t watch again because of the ending. As the saying goes be careful who you build up, if it is him. Pray for him.

  9. Hi, LK, Thanks for your information

    I do not read it and I stop reading drama fever and allkpop long time ago since they are dishonest and distorted the truth and misleading the readers. It ‘s not worth reading them. Their writers are absolutely not capable to be a journalist or reporter. I ‘m wondering who is the editor or the sponsor of this site. I soon will say bye bye to everything about KPOP because of them . I will only follow Hyun Joong because I like him not only as an artist but a person. I think soon kpop will down the drain because they let the immoral medias to destroy their artists without control and it shows the attitude of people in K- entertainment industry . I think probably they get pay by someone to distribute a bad words about celebrities or they got pay to destroy a person. However the quality of their news or article it also shows the quality of their readers too. I was wondering if their reporters have guts to show their faces when they dare to write something they knew that come from their ill-will to mislead their readers . If people still like to read trash news sure that they will be more immoral medias in the future. Stop reading them and stop supporting them is the most easiest way we can do. We can be sure that one day they will face a miserable situation that no one will try to help them. I witnessed that in my country. So, watch out your karma.

  10. Oh… i read that article… i was drawn to read it because i wanted to know what they will say about our Joongie… yeah!! I too was riled up!! Clearly they did not do their homework before posting the article!!

  11. It really doesn’t make me angry anymore…Please everybody open your eyes…HE is BACK on the Stage which Only belongs to HIM.
    What do they mean by adding “Unfortunately” in the beginning of the sentences? Or what is this “Unbreakable” singer?!
    This DF is really pathetic 😐 They’re burniiiiiing in hell let them enjoy it!

  12. I seriously have no idea what on earth they’re trying to achieve! Everyone knows about his Japanese tour but not Drama Fever? It comes to show that having uneducated pricks as supposed journalists are never reliable.

    Their entire article written by them was so pointless and irrelevant within their headline! “Where are you now?” Instead of adding their current works, they just simply took their past works off of Wikipedia! Lol! Shouldn’t the title be “what were you doing till now?” if that’s what they were aiming for? LOL!
    Drama Fever always gave off an image of mediocre, self proclaimed journalists trying hard to not fail at so called journalism and now it seems they’re hell bent on proving it to us! Lol! Try harder next time, Drama Fever. Sit in your office, leeching off on other’s success while our idols make millions just by spreading love and compassion!

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