Kim Hyun Joong…(message) KIM’S FAMILY



By: LazerKim


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kim,

May I express my heartfelt gratitude to you both that I would like to say Kim Hyun Joong is truly blessed with such wonderful parents like you. Thank you so much for sharing your son with us his fans.

I would like to thank you for your effort to shed light on this controversial issue that your son Kim Hyun Joong is currently facing.

I am in deep shame as a fan to have dragged both of you  to the extent of facing the media in revealing the truth pertaining to this controversy knowing your family is very private.

A big percentage in Kim Hyun Joong fans are also parents and we do feel how you feel for your son or even much more pain on your part as parents. I would like you to know that his fans from the entire corners of world from different nations are with you in facing such trial in every step of the way.

His fans never believed in any negative media statements being thrown to Kim Hyun Joong and we remain in believing only in your son. His fans shall continue to fight for his right as a man and as an artist whom we truly admire and respect.

You are not alone, Kim Hyun Joong is not alone in facing this turmoil that brought your family. His fans are with you all the way remaining ever supportive to you and your family.

Please be strong as we join you in fighting for his right. We do share with your pain and shall be praying for your family that you’ll be able to resolve all of these in peace.

How I wish I could do more than what this site can do for Kim Hyun Joong and your family to comfort you during this period. But all I can do is to sincerely pray for him and your family.

I do believe that God gave this cross to Hyun Joong because God knows he can surpass all of these in making him a better and much stronger person more than he already is.

Please do take care of yourselves, stay healthy and strong, for Kim Hyun Joong needs you more than anyone else.

From the bottom of my heart, in behalf of this humble blog site and KHJ fans, thank you so much.      God bless you and your family.

                                                                                                  Sincerely yours,

                                                                                           LazerKim  (KHJ fan writer)


May I appeal to everyone to share with me in this open letter to Kim Family in expressing our appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Kim and in showing our support to the family.

My comment box on this page is open ONLY for words of gratitude. I shall open another page for your opinion and thoughts as usual. Thank you so much!

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SPEAK UP!



By: LazerKim


I’m sure everyone here have read the latest show of Choi as she brought out nonsense text messages between her and Kim Hyun Joong! I’m getting tired of this freak show filled with her own lies again and nonsense fairy tale love story that gave me a total headache! I feel like I’m reading from two morons talking with each other!

The first trash news posted on Feb.22 with loop holes, the media and Choi realized, “ah this is unbelievable!” So they released another post which was Choi’s fake text messages, again with so many loop holes, and another that post “KHJ threatened to kill me” The media and Choi are really best of friends!! LOL

If you noticed the more Choi opens her mouth the more illogical lies and stories are coming out. So I urge her to talk some more, in the next few days the truth will be revealed from her own lying mouth. This is a real circus!! Oh but beware! She will never expose herself to the public so beware of those photos claiming to be her, she knows she’s being hunted by Hyun Joong’s fans.

From day 1 of this nightmare in Aug, I have only one conclusion about her, that someone big hired her to deliberately seduced and to destroy Kim Hyun Joong. Unfortunately Hyun Joong fell in her trap and that is why we have this endless freak show with Choi. I still have that wild thought lingering in my mind as I wrote in my article in Aug.! But I’ll discuss this some other time, I still need to dig in further on more info.



I can sense something is just not right somewhere, having the question “Why did Hyun Joong went back to her after the case closure?”  So I reviewed the nightmare in Aug. that led me to this impression…..

Is Hyun Joong being blackmailed all along from the first nightmare in Aug. 2014 until now?

Seeing her again after case closure may be another mistake he took in his hands BUT I think he was being ill-advised back in Sept. to meet Choi again. Remember he was being left alone and a lawyer was just at his side and Choi’s lawyer stated this in Sept. 2014…

“Our current stance is that he needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration. We will take action as needed. Our biggest goal is to reveal the truth, and for that to happen, he must admit, apologize, and reflect.”  ( Doesn’t  this seem like a threat? I’m just asking!!) Fr article Scandal Diary

I think it’s not only admitting to assault that Choi wanted that time but a reconciliation with Hyun Joong. Remember, Hyun Joong was breaking off the relationship in May 30 that turned Choi ballistic and filed the assault case? I think this was an agreement placed by Choi to reconcile with her or she’ll be out there for another bomb shell ready to explode. Later in Jan 2015 before Hyun Joong went to Japan they broke off again, so Choi made up this so-called pregnancy and rushed to the media again!! This is how I analyze it.

I was reviewing the nightmare in Aug. that led me to the impression, he’s being blackmailed, and this could be the reason why Choi can easily manipulate on him?  I’m sorry but no matter how I analyzed everything I just don’t think there’s love in between them, if I recall WT and Gemini since I was there in both series BTS. All I can say is……… If a man loves a woman why would he break off with her twice?

Pregnancy is a way for Choi to tie him down again knowing he love kids and would surely damp him to the quick sand! Just my wild thoughts though, but this matter really kept nagging my mind as to why did he went back to her? Because he is being blackmailed.

Choi definitely is not happy whenever Hyun Joong is in Japan and going home with huge success!  WHY???  Because someone else is behind her and is not happy either…



Allow me to speak out my mind further on what I still want to say to him that’s been in my mind since the first nightmare concluded in Sept. I think Hyun Joong has to clear his name.

How I wish he could leave even just a personal recorded video and spill out the true story of the nightmare before he leaves for MS and post it when he gets inside MS..

It’s his personal life, I know. But precisely so, it’s his personal life which had been in private for 10 years, now it’s out there being dragged by a green monster. It’s his choice though, I’m merely wishing he would. So that we can do our homework in defending him while in he’s in MS and prepare for his home coming on stage all clean. We got to help him

If he cannot clear himself in his favor, how I wish he would do it for his fans sake peace of mind. Otherwise this will really mark on him forever and may backfire even in his personal future. I’ll discuss this some other time in another page.

It’s only Hyun Joong who truly holds the truth that I hope he can bring it out. SPEAK UP!! as many of his fans has been silently screaming in their mind, count me in! And if he does this I just wish he would STOP protecting her because it’s not doing any good to him. My mind is screaming this statement….

Speak up! Have mercy on yourself! And have mercy on your fans, they are no longer teens who can keep up with stress like this!!

Let’s continue being alert with whatever is happening around. We cannot allow Hyun Joong’s name being dragged to the drain without a fight!

Let us continue with our daily prayers for ourselves and for Kim Hyun Joong, that we would be able to surpass all of these trials soon….

               An Alien family that prays together stays forever in one Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

BREAKING NEWS:  re: KHJ’s parents interview


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MESSAGE to Kim Hyun Joong



By: LazerKim


To dear Kim Hyun Joong,

After the huge success of Gemini that made you and your fans truly happy with the memorable 2 months that you stayed in Japan, we are now facing another nightmare but you and your fans are much stronger this time to face this nightmare. However, may I appeal to you to please LISTEN to us for once and for all.

I can only protect you through this site, but allow me to get things straight. Not that I’m being an intruder to your privacy although this is no longer private so we face the public! Choi is trying to bury you alive and obviously manipulating media in destroying you. I know how stubborn you are, but READ the following….


**STAY AWAY from Choi, you have done your part, STOP being a gentleman to her. Please refrain from getting in touch or responding to her in any way, cut on text message or any other communication with her. Get your lawyer to do that for you in communicating with her ONLY if necessary. She will try hard to use your words to trap you. Obviously she never has any respect on you.

**PUSH through with the Pregnancy Test and DNA test on her through legal means and your lawyer can do that for you by filing an official legal petition. This will give you and everyone of us some peace of mind. If you have proven the test to be negative, then file a court case against her.

**FIGHT for your right through legal actions, I think it’s time for you to expose her, who she really is. This is totally unfair the whole world knows who you are but this woman is trying to hide her true identity, STOP protecting her from us, because it’s not doing any good to you nor to us your fans.

**NEVER NEVER marry her, she’s trying to blackmail you and this is a SICK woman you are dealing with, never give-in to her wishes at any cost. If in case the test turned positive you may provide legal child support, but please never ruin your life for another mistake….


We’re all getting tired of that woman CHOI that I wish to put an end to all her LIES! She’s taking advantage of your kindness and hiding behind the skirt of media to take control.       We believe nothing from what she said, and we only believe in YOU.

And please come back to your second home Japan right after your MS and stay for good, we know how happy you were during your stay and so with us. Be strong and look forward to that day as you return here in Japan.

Don’t forget the Time Capsule you and your fans are committed to as you have a home with your fans here waiting for you. Someday you’ll find the right woman who will love and respect you that you can be proud of, and we’ll all be happy for you.

If you’re hurt, we feel hurt as well, we are twins remember? We are all at your side and we cannot allow anyone to ruin you this way without a FIGHT.

I repeat, this is not about fan jealousy, this is about REALITY that you are a victim of a scheme to destroy you by that evil woman and the media. Period. And this is alarming to us that’s been affecting your fans, simply because we CARE for you, we are family.

We believe in you and no one else. TRUST your fans as they TRUST in you…

We just have to eliminate what is making you and your fans unhappy. I hope you will understand.   Be strong, we are here for you because we love you… God bless…

                                                                                                   Sincerely yours,


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By: LazerKim


Dear Sir:

First of all I would like to thank you for responding to the media pertaining to the latest scandal that media and Choi has been dragging Kim Hyun Joong’s name to be able to destroy your managing artist.

Evidently Kim Hyun Joong have shown the entire world the overwhelming success of Gemini Concert Series Japan Tour and album STILL topped at Oricon, enough proof that he is still in power in gathering huge crowd of fans probably beyond your expectation.

After the huge success of Gemini, here comes the demolition scheme of South Korean media outlets and this woman Choi who is very obvious to many of his fans is an overly obsessed woman and had gone out of her way to destroy Kim Hyun Joong’s image in Aug.22, 2014 and again the latest scheme in Feb.22, 2015.

With that scandal and currently in the process of destroying him again, don’t you think this is too much and enough grounds to go after Choi and those tabloid media outlet to take legal actions on your part as a company agent? No one in this world does not know that Kim Hyun Joong is under your management.

If only KHJ international fans is the right party to take actions, we should have done so right after the case closure in 2014. But legally speaking I think there are only 2 prominent parties who has the right to go after these evil people and that is KEYEAST and KIM HYUN JOONG.

However, as we know Hyun Joong shall soon be enlisted to his Military Service, therefore it is only KeyEast who can possibly take legal actions against Choi and Media outlets.

May I appeal if not urge your good office to please do something about this and this has to stop. Unless legal actions are done I don’t think this woman CHOI will ever stop making up stories to the media, and this is really getting out of hand!

It is not the fault of Kim Hyun Joong to be popular, it is not his fault to be in a global star status, it is not his fault to be loved by millions of fans worldwide.

Thank you for your understanding.

Very Truly Yours,

LazerKim    (KHJ fan writer)

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Message to star Evil – MS. CHOI




May I just say, you are one DANGEROUS woman! Have you seen your doctor lately? Oh not the OB Gynecologist, the psychiatrist, have you? Better have that psychiatric check up just to make sure you’re mentally stable which I very much doubt!

You know what? You are the greatest LIAR I have ever known! I never believed what you have been talking about to the media, first you accused Hyun Joong of assaulting you which is a BIG LIE, now you’re saying your pregnant??? Which I assume another BIG LIE And now it seems to me you’re swallowing your own lies! Why? Are you scared of having a credible pregnancy test and credible DNA test?

So you’re stressed out? I can guess, the next story you’ll put out to the media is that because you were stressed out with your hell fairy tale stories you just had miscarriage, and put all the blame to Kim Hyun Joong! Don’t you? Go ahead do your thing and i’ll push you to hell where you belong!

You love hurting people, don’t you? Do you know how many are they? Are you happy now?  CHOI you are so evil that you sold your soul to Satan and I feel so sorry you’re such a disgrace to other innocent women and you are a disgusting creature!


                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

          I hope you’ll be infected by Ebola with your lies, this virus is like you…so evil!

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Kim Hyun Joong…[ARTICLE] LazerKim REACT!



By: LazerKim


At the latest drama “Fairy Tale of the Evil Choi” yesterday’s episode, I read this respond from the lawyer of Choi that I would like to express my reaction, as her lawyer stated:

Miss Choi’s lawyer once again spoke out on this, telling EToday, “It seems that rather than being suspicious about whether Miss Choi is pregnant, their concern is more of whether the baby is Kim Hyun Joong’s or not… We have plenty of documents, so it will not be hard to confirm it for them. If Kim Hyun Joong’s side really wants to go through DNA testing to confirm, then we will have to oblige, but as both sides have suffered a lot of damage even now, we worry that this damage will continue to grow.”


LAZERKIM REACT!    (To Choi’s lawyer)

Attorney, it is the right of Kim Hyun Joong to suspect first and foremost if she is indeed pregnant and if he is the father of that so-called pregnancy of Choi. Of course, will he be giving child support to someone else child? Come on! Please don’t under estimate Kim Hyun Joong or his fans, we cannot be fooled!

And the good lawyer stated they have plenty of documents to confirm her pregnancy! Attorney two important document is just needed to prove she’s pregnant and that the father is Kim Hyun Joong, a pregnancy test and DNA test and making sure that KHJ camp, his lawyer is present during the test making sure that the specimen to be used for the test are coming from Choi for accuracy.

Choi’s lawyer said:  but as both sides have suffered a lot of damage even now, we worry that this damage will continue to grow.”

With all due respect Attorney, who started all of this roller coaster? It’s your client Choi your camp who started bringing this mess to the media to the public and now you’re saying both of them suffered a lot of damage? Can’t you just settle this among yourselves in private? May I just ask, why do you drag the public about this trash, if your client does not have an ulterior motive in destroying Kim Hyun Joong? I’m just asking! It will definitely continue to grow if you and your client Choi will not stop this mess!

Attorney think about it, you are even dragged by media! Where’s our professionalism here? And the fact you are bringing this mess to the tabloid media outlet, pardon me for saying, but don’t you think even you as a respectable lawyer would agree to be dragged by such low class media outlet? Come on Attorney, can’t we have some class here?

We’re all professionals and educated, maybe it would be best to place our profession in its right places, don’t you think so? You should be the one to advice your client to settle this in private instead of bringing this to the public that it’s not even public’s concern since this is a personal concern between Kim Hyun Joong and your client Choi. Don’t you think so?

Attorney remember Kim Hyun Joong is the VICTIM of Choi who is an overly obsess woman and you should know that your client is totally “off”…!!

And may I just say with all due respect, at this point in time it’s not an Ob Gynecologist that she needs, but a Psychiatrist, to check if she is mentally stable for real! This is not a criticism but a human concern.            I rest my case, thank you!

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: This is my blog I have every right to say what I want just like anyone else, and so with KHJ fans, for as long as we use proper words. Thank you!



May I appeal to all KHJ fans let us have a seized fire over KE, Kim Hyun Joong needs us and so with his agent. Let us give chance for his sake PLEASE. It is only his agent who can help him in SK, whether we like it or not. Let’s be open minded about this and let’s be a bit considerate. Let’s do this for him for once and for all. At this point in time we support him to the fullest force we can spare as his fans and so with his agent given the last chance.

This is not easy for him so let’s make it even a bit lighter for him to fight for his right. We are all behind him and with our prayers and sincere support he can surpass all of these. He’s hurting, he’s badly hurt that this nightmare seem to be endless. It’s even harder for him than us, so we have to stay strong for him.

I’ll be here every step of the way, I welcome every KHJ fan at my comment box. And let us maintain our harmony and unite as ONE to our ONLY ONE.

                                God bless us all. God bless Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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To my dear Henecia, and all KHJ fans


We are again facing another test being loyal fans of KHJ. We have learned our lesson from the recent nightmare in 2014, let us not allow Kim Hyun Joong to be insulted again by media outlets and by Choi.

I have posted a letter to KeyEast appealing to the company to support Kim Hyun Joong for the last time. I fully understand that there is still pain in our heart for what had happen to Hyun Joong’s case back in Aug.2014 due to KE shortcomings. 

At this point, we have to be humble just like Hyun Joong as always and show we can give another chance which everyone is entitled to.

Pride cannot take us anywhere, Hyun Joong needs help, let us be there for him as we always are, get involve and this time we have to unite for him.

I believe in collective strength can make us win this battle against media and Choi.

May I appeal to other KHJ bloggers to please help me circulate this message and message to KE to be able to reach all KHJ fans worldwide.

May I appeal once again for prayers that Hyun Joong may surpass this trial. I believe God will not give him such trial that he cannot handle, but he needs us now.

Prayers move mountains, God never failed us when we prayed for Hyun Joong’s Gemini and Still that we are sincerely thankful for. We have clean intention in supporting, defending and protecting Kim Hyun Joong and clean intentions are always blessed.  Thank you so much!

God bless Kim Hyun Joong. God bless all of us fans.

 Stay alert, believe in ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong.       PROTECT THE PRINCE!

                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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