Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SUCCESSFUL GEMINI




By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong launched his first stop concert series GEMINI with a tremendous success last night Jan.27th! The venue Yokohama Pacifico Convention Hall with a capacity of 5,000 was just full house, which is quite expected since the concert tickets for this venue had been long all sold out since day one as soon as ticket selling opened up. This goes for today’s concert at the same venue as well.

The fact that GEMINI concert tickets in all 10 venues are nearly sold out in other areas, that UM decided to have another additional venues at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture on Feb. 18th, 19th and 20th. I call this Kim Hyun Joong’s power! The power to conquer, power to gather a huge crowd out of his concerts and power to capture hearts!

                 CONGRATULATIONS Kim Hyun Joong….You’re the best!!

At this point I would like to thank Henecia Japan fan club officers for assisting at the venue and helping other fans for info dissemination. Thank you so much!

To KHJ fans who have attended the concert and had been so diligent in sharing with us updates pertaining the concert at the venue photos, updates on how the concert was. Thank you so much!

And KHJ fans who are active on-line who have been diligent in posting updates. Thank you so much to all of you and your efforts are greatly appreciated by all of us worldwide. Please do keep up with your good work all for the love for Kim Hyun Joong we are very proud of you. Thank you so much!

True to my heart KHJ fandom is the best fandom above the rest that I’m truly proud!



I would like to thank most of all, KHJ Japanese fans who attended the concert as they really screamed and chanted on top of their voices during the concert and they joined Hyun Joong singing his Japanese songs! That was really fun and Hyun Joong really felt their love obviously he was so happy! Towards the end of the concert as he sang his finale number, Hyun Joong made his exit to the back stage.

The stage lights were already turned off as if the show is done and finish, but the fans chanted Hyun Joong’s name even louder for some minutes! At the dark stage the band members took their position and finally Kim Hyun Joong came in to the stage and started his encore! A roar of screams from his fans came stronger and louder that I felt goose bump there! I felt the love between Hyun Joong and his fans so strong that they wouldn’t let go of Hyun Joong! Gosh can’t help having misty eyes there! He was truly missed by his fans!

And for the first time after the concert he took the privilege to see them off as his fans were about to leave the venue, Hyun Joong stood at the main entrance of the hall as he waved goodbye to his fans! And that was such a sweet gesture from him! His fans still not contented as some of them gathered at the back stage facade to see him off as Hyun Joong finally waved at them! This is again a “can’t get enough of you syndrome!”



As we have known Hyun Joong for years he always have something different from his concerts. You may say GEMINI is the same in 2013 as he sings and dance live with the band showing the other side of him as a rocker. This time it’s totally different even some of his songs in his show repertoire were being re-arranged. He didn’t dance this time, no signs of a rocker but a complete matured gentleman! He looks so dashing in his grey suit and deep red suit.

We’re used to seeing him in all black which is his only favorite color, this time we can see colors from his costumes which is good! Very good in fact! As we expected another memorable concert that he showed a different side of himself as an artist, a new man in his new life and a real gentleman whom he is in his real life. This is how I described him in Gemini!

Seeing from his rehearsals he just seemed to be jamming with the band enjoying singing with no movements but just plain singing! But seeing the whole show last night I came to understand what he was trying to convey out of Gemini! And that is simply sharing his music in a most simple way, but the impact of the concert is just so amazing! By just his presence on that stage, is so strong that he possess just everything by himself and his music is enough to capture his audience.

Truly he rocked the entire universe last night in a tremendous concert hence he rocked the stage gently in a totally different image and a unique one. I’m sure everyone here may have been surprised from the photos posted from last night’s concert, and so with his Japanese fans at the venue! No one had ever guessed what Hyun Joong had in store for this concert I’m sure of that!

At the venue as the fans entered the audience gallery the first thing that they have seen on stage was the band instruments. So they were thinking this is another rocker who’s coming out! And everyone was just surprised as Hyun Joong came out to the stage he was in grey suit, totally formal from head to foot! And the opening number was Unbreakable! No choreography, no dance movements Hyun Joong simlpy sang the song!

This time he used only two sets of costumes for the entire show, period. The show itself is just so simple nothing flashy even with lights and effects, unlike the World Tour. But this concert only has Kim Hyun Joong and that would be enough to light up the stage and let it explode to the highest peak of his music and his presence. This concert proves his power being a true Concert King who can capture the world by his presence!

You can say now, this guy truly is full of surprises! Well we have known him for years, indeed he made a big surprise this time but he was sooooo amazing in this concert. I’m so proud of my CONCERT KING Kim Hyun Joong he is, a totally Unbreakable Star!



In this concert Hyun Joong grabbed the chance to talk to his fans! He said a lot but may I just highlight on this one that really struck me with this statement he made as he said

This will be my last concert tour for Japan and there will not be anymore concert after this…….”

Ouch!!  I said to myself, this is it, the most painful part as I can sense his MS is soon approaching! God I can’t help and control having misty eyes!

He tend to say goodbye to his fans on this concert series, I know that for a fact, and we are already expecting this. I can only speak for myself but, why is it so hard to accept that he’s bound to be in his military service sooner or later, whether we like it or not??

However thanks for the good news as he announced during the concert that there will be an additional concert schedule as I have stated earlier. At least we can still have another chance of seeing him before he finally leaves for MS.

Is this enough for us? When is it gonna be enough, when in fact we can’t even get enough of Kim Hyun Joong no matter how many concerts and events he has!! Gosh this is just so crazy!!  It’s just so difficult to let go…….BUT let’s take this one day at a time, for now let’s just enjoy GEMINI and feel every moment we got with Kim Hyun Joong!

Therefore, on the next 24 days of GEMINI let’s make this the most memorable period for Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. We close our windows and doors from the outside world and focus ourselves to GEMINI. Meaning no news circulation, no reading from trash news and haters, we hear or see nothing except Kim Hyun Joong and GEMINI, his photos, videos and updates period.

We are blessed with a reason to smile, a reason to laugh, a reason to be happy more than we can think about it, because Kim Hyun Joong is with us, near or far it doesn’t matter. What matters the most is that he’s out there finally to share with us those memories he wanted to give us. Let’s make the most of it and treasure every moment with our GEMINI!



From Kim Hyun Joong’s Phantasm World Tour 2014 to Gemini Japan Tour 2015, I have been mentioning we gather memories out of these concerts not to mention IG which is our easier access to watch every time we miss him. Since Gemini shall be his last concert before his MS, Hyun Joong truly thought of making this concert a very memorable one.

As I have said earlier this concert may not have all the flashy accessories on stage in a concert like the World Tour, but just his presence and being with his fans to share his music is what he’s aiming for. A simple show but the most memorable one among all his concert series. This guy is really artistically smart!

Watching from this first stop, for me this is a different concert and I would say the most romantic of all he had performed. Simply just Kim Hyun Joong singing and his fans are there is more than enough to make good memories happen.

Hyun Joong explained the concept of GEMINI, other than the fact that Gemini is his Zodiac sign, which symbolizes Twins. He said…

Whenever, wherever we think of each other, we feel hard, we rely on each other and we live this way.” 

We may have different interpretation in his statement, but I’ll take it from GEMINI the twin sign, as twins think and feel the same, if he’s sad, we’re sad, if he’s happy we’re happy! All these years of following Hyun Joong as his fans, he’s right, we live this way!

And this was quite visible specially the times of hardship which we had experience quite recently. But now that it’s over, we see his smiles again and we know he’s happy and started to move on, as we are happy and have started moving on too!

As he once said “We live only once”!    Let us make him happy and let him feel how much he is loved by all of us, how important he is to us….and let him feel we are the happiest proud fans in this world for having him as our  ONLY ONE…….KIM HYUN JOONG.

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks!

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42 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SUCCESSFUL GEMINI

  1. Hi LK I so love the concept of the tour it’s, beautiful , I wish him and all of us the happiest times and memories in these concerts 🙂 I want to say a lot of things but I don’t know where to begin hhaha
    However Oppa please take care of yourself and be the happiest star with your happiest fans 🙂

  2. Hello Lazer Kim,

    I really love your articles and came across this article by you as I was reading over your archives. I only discovered Kim Hyun Joong in July of last year – and it was quite a bit of sadness and grief for me during August and September, but when I saw his apology and the type of apology it was – from the translation – I realized I was dealing with someone who was apologizing in the classic Christian manner – he only mentions his fault, not hers at all, and that was when I decided – OK- that’s it. I’m his fan. Anyone who apologizes in that manner – is a very big person in his heart.

    So when I came across this article written by you 2 years ago – I realized that you were displaying that same tenacity, that same loyalty, that same – “through thick and thin” behavior as that other fan. Thank you Lazer Kim for being you – and for being an inspiration. I am still going through all your archives whenever I get some free time to sit and look – and I am so loving it!!!!!

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures (!!!!!!) Thank you!! I cannot get enough!

    Kim Hyun Joong is really a worthy idol. I really liked your account of the first night in Yokohama a few days ago. Did you see the flowers from Bae Yong Jun there (the pictures of the flowers) ? His was the first flower arrangement. (I can read a little bit of Kanji, kana and hiragana (I’m half Japanese). I thought it was nice of him to send the flowers even though it was Universal Group that put on the concert.
    Thank you for your prayers for him – I too am praying for him. Take care and God bless you.

    Lazer Kim’s 2012 article below:


    She reminded me of my aunt who was a fan of a famous local singer/actress in my country, that she had been supporting for over 20 years ever since the singer started in showbiz. She’s a loyal fan who supported, defended and protected her idol. Until such time her idol faded from the lime light, because of drugs her idol slowly deteriorated. All the years she had been supporting her, she never got a chance to meet her in person. But when her idol was rehabilitated, she was able to visit her and met her for the first time in 20 years. She introduced herself as an avid fan and her idol cried to her out of depression.

    My aunt told me, a true fan doesn’t leave her idol just because nobody likes her or him anymore, not because your idol faded because of a mistake since nobody is perfect. She said this to me, “For 20 years I can only see my idol on TV, movies and from afar stage that she cannot see me. But when everyone left her, I didn’t leave. When there was no longer crowd of fans surrounded her, now she can see me, and I’m happy that even I have seen her worst, she’s still the most beautiful person I have ever known.”

    Back in time, I could not understand her way of admiration to her idol. But now that I’m a fan, it was only at this time that I understood. She told me a love for an idol is the most unselfish love a person can experience having to love a stranger. But the joy of being a fan is priceless whenever you watch your idol. She said other people would not understand the feelings of being a fan unless they have experience the same way as we do. She understood the addiction of a fan and being captured by an idol, because she has been that for over 20 years to one single idol.

    This is all I have for today’s dosage, I have learned my lesson today from the elders and I will keep it in my heart. I am not saying I’m gonna be fan a forever because nothing is forever, but I do hope to stay a bit longer and watch Kim Hyun Joong grow on his own and be a role model to the young generation.


  3. Hi, sisters /and brothers/. Thanks to all the fans that share videos, pics and information about the concerts. I would like to read somewhere every word that he said to the fans, but I can`t find it in english. As a fan from a very distant country /Bulgaria/ I have never had the chance to participate in any of these events. And I am so envy of you, but at the same time so happy and grateful for the postings. Please, sing for me, yell for me, wave him for me, ask him for autographs and send him my love, together with yours. I will keep following every article here. I cannot say that I`ve never been a fan of anybody / I am 34 now/, but it is very strong now, and I `m a little scared. I have a very handsome husband and still think of KHJ before I go to bed, it`s crazy :))) How can a man have such a deep, passionate and gentle voice!!!!

  4. Hi my dear Lazer Kim and friends,,,,,

    good writing again from u LK…..always stimulate my heart of becoming positive person every time….be positive even people who have no life still coming lingering around and busybody abt HJ wellbeing…i kind of annoyed actually abt it when i saw them in EVEN NOW teaser ealier,,,,but here reading ur masterpiece and all our sweet friends comment made me feel relief and calm abt the fuss….in fact, i feel happy yet funny seeing their reaction with HJ’s extraordinary come back…and its even in Japan!!…LOL…

    woww…i keep repeating the teaser to see it more clear everytime but i just can’t get enough with it…it would be so astonishing MV….the music, the genre, HJ’s style, his hair style, new up-to-date fashion, the video plot, the story, the concept over all is one of a kind, it simply AMAZING. Ottoke…can’t wait to see the full video.

    Abt the concerts, gosh u n other fans were so so lucky to have a chance seeing him performed on stage lively before his MS….yeah, its apparently the best gift from HJ to his beloved fans….I feel so happy for all of u…honestly, i feel so sad for not being to go there but i kept searching any video abt it but failed..only one vid from tomanatu…i really hope some more will coming soon uploaded…i hve to see how great his perfomances is on the day…i must see…T__T

    My beloved boy looks so lively, happy always with sweet smile on his face…i cry myself when reading all RT and all updated news abt him on concert yesterday….it touched my heart so hard that his concert was sold out and he even added up 3 more concerts!! Yeah, he indeed the amazing guy i’ve ever met…no one like him in this world…he is the ONE and UNIQUE ever…

    i pray to God hat HE will always protect him from harms, flow him with happiness and successful in whatever he do in future…may God bless us and HJ…and his family….his friends too…

  5. Thank you LK, now that looks amazing. We all want to be there. Thank you to all the super fans that attended and going to attend for sharing for being there and showing how much they love him. This concept is so suited to Hj and so beautiful. It seems a mature and better Hj, also the smiles are genuine and more free. Welcome back our Star. 🙂

  6. AM really far but am crying,tears of relief and of happiness.Khj is my greatest inspiration,i pray that one day i get to tell him how much am really grateful to God for his existence. All strenght to hyun joong.there is this quote that i really like,pertaining to khj:a kind heart is a fountain of gladness,making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles”love u.

  7. God, I upgrade my computer so constant, I seek in twitter, tumblr, facebook, official page to see if I find any new evidence, a new image of what has been so far its 2 concerts, finally looking at youtube to see if someone has uploaded a fancam, and I could not catch almost anything.

    The thousands of Km and 12 hours separating me from Japan, make this very distressed, I would give to be able to sing with all my heart songs and seeing her warm eyes as close as I could.

    It saddens me to have known so late, and not being able to vibrate with every fan with every comeback, single, concert, news, project, or anything about him.
    I do not want him to go to military service, what’ll do for me? 😦

    I must say it is the first time I feel this feeling for a person (crush), although it pains me to admit it, never will know, and that he will never know of my existence.

    Anyway I do not regret any second, hours and days that I spent watching all their material, music, dramas, fancam, fanmeeting, etc …

    KHJ, I love him I love him from here to infinity.
    Sorry for my English.
    Love to all who love KHJ. ❤
    And I feel very lucky to have found this blog to express myself 🙂

  8. I love reading your blog. Each word reflects how I feel. I was so happy not am so happy to able to hear his voice yesterday, today we did not succeed as much but we still tweet and share the excitement. He is fabulous. His words about the concert are the most meaningful I have ever heard from an artist. He is detailed and thoughtful. I think that is the reason why we love him so much. He looks so happy and relax. I really love this Phoenix. Thanks again for the blog, keep safe and please keep writing.

  9. Hi LK. Here another excellent writing.

    Thank you so much for updating HJ’s concert for us.
    It’s so blessed to hear that he is doing well and have a very good started for his concert series. While reading tweets from fans who attended the concert I had a goose bum from time to time. It is such a good feeling to feel the love.

    Being loved and be able to love is such a wonderful feeling. His positive energy and his warm attitude toward fans were so visible. It ‘s visible enough to touch the fans heart. As well as the love from fans which have expressed loudly through out the concert. It is such a healthy food to our heart and soul to witnessed this.

    Thank you so much to the Japanese fans for their excellent support and also all international fans who have been supporting him both in the concert and wherever they are. I’m sure our love has been heard and appreciated by him . His love and his trust for fans is so touchable in his action.

    Lastly for the Korean fans I would like to thanks for their patient and tolerant . I knew it was not easy for them but I ‘m sure they did the best they can to express their love and trust toward him. I would like to let them know that their effort to support HJ is truly appreciated and respected. I’m looking forward to supporting and collaborating with them for whatever activities that will be arranged to support Kim Hyun Joong in the future

    I will continue to enjoy the rest of his concert series . This is the most precious time we have with him before his MS. let make the best out of it. This is the real time we have with him that’s matter now.

    Can’t thanks enough for those fans who diligently posted update and shared all pictures and fancam for the fans that can’t attend the concert. Thank you for sharing this happy memory with us.

    Thank you Hyun Joong for your effort to make us happy.
    Stay Happy , Stay strong and be healthy.
    You are the Best.

    You could see it, how was it, feel the exiting moments at the concert, listening him singing and……… definitely this guy is in my heart deeper.
    Hope that he other concerts will be as great as this one.
    TO KHJ . Since this distance l send you my boy ALL my blessings, and love, good luck.
    I hope you can realize your dream about the special concert that you always wish to prepare for your fans.

  11. I hope that the concert will be available to fans not able to attend on a DVD, I love this new incarnation of KHJ, and so appropriate for his last concert before MS, intimate communication with the fans.

    • LK if you have a moment to send me a message, i wonder if you could find out from someone in henecia japan or someone who is organizing the venues how fans can send flower arrangements to the 2/14/15 show for KHJ for valentine’s day. i don’t know if you saw the special projects i am working on with another fan to present to him on valentine’s day. we have made arrangements with someone working closely with him to just deliver our projects to him on a USB to see at his leisure. the two concepts are 1.) a video valentine to him from his fans using their beautiful fan art and saying we love you kim hyun joong in their native languages. the subtitles will be in english and he will know they are all saying the same thing in different languages. 2) a global project another fan is putting together with photos of fans and each saying a 20 second message to him in English. her project will display all the flags of all the different countries that are represented by his global fans. it is going to be really special for him and our aim is for him to feel that family bond we all feel with him and each other. the fans have been asking about sending flower arrangements also, and i hope you might be able to help us. if not perhaps the person who has agreed to help get the projects to him will have some insight. thank you anyway. here is my article outlining the details of those two projects.
      there are instructions on how to participate and links to the facebook events that have been created to help centralize the submissions. thanks! I know you are super busy! fighting! all the vids and pics have made us all breathe a deep sigh of relief seeing him so happy and mostly back to his old self! thank you for sharing your insight as well! love you sis!

  12. You are perfect LK ❤ I think you read from our hearts 😉
    Yes his presence on the stage is enough for our heart to reach max rate. These days my heart is beating so fast constantly that I can say it is technically beating out of my chest…He will kill us one day with his charm
    And you are totally right he looked like a REAL gentleman. I had the same feeling especially when I today watched the teaser of “Still”. He reminds me of Jane Austen’s Gentlemen. Also there is a very powerful feeling in his look which puzzles me…It makes me sad somehow…or maybe I can’t get its true meaning!
    I was very touched when he said the concept of GEMINI. I just want to hug him so tight and tell him thank you for being this much strong…thank you for your great soul… thank you for being this person that you are now 😥

  13. I’m so happy for the success of the concert! KHJ has the greatest fandom, tried and tested! I was listening to live streaming and reading tweets from fans who were at the concert. I’m very grateful for the fans who made effort to share their experience when it was easy to just focus on KHJ’s performance. Love the part when fans was chanting his name for minutes until he came back for the encore. We can’t get enough of him. I will stay up tonight againbfir the live streaming. I’m 38 years old and no other artists had affected mevlike this but KHJ.

    LK, each article you write, I read it slowly, feeling every word because I get what you and agree in everything. Yeah! The Gemini! You have mentioned about him being artistically smart. He knows what he wants and knows how to execute. He always try to reinvent himself, be it in hairstyle, acting role, fashion, music, etc. We will not get tired and get enough of this man…from his sweet voice(that pierce through your heart) to his personality. He was so adorable during the talk last night when he teased the fans. He always suprises his fans too! I’ve never seen any artist who done what he did last night, made extra gesture by bidding goodbye to each one after performing to them.

    LK, I hope you will continue to write often about our “one & only” during his absence from MS. Your articles has been consoling and can help us cope with his absence. Thinking about this makes me cry. I will try to remember his message to us(about Gemini meaning). He prepared this intimate concert tour and album to able to say goodbye and leave good memories to prepare us for his absence. He will be lonely, we will be lonely, but as long as we have each to draw inspiration from, we should be fine. He is such a brilliant and loving man! Who said that hasn’t done enough reflecting?! Lol!

    Thank you LK for this blog site! I can express my emotions and get reassurance as well. Thank you to all Henecians for love and support!

  14. Great written, thank you so much, Lazer Kim.
    Cannot keep my tears when seeing beautiful pictures of HJ’s first concert.
    Wish all the best for him.

  15. Hello Ms.LK! Thank u very much for this blog of urs and to all ur sacrifices in providing us up-dated news about our only ONE KHJ, & also for all the wonderful articles that you have written for us to read from time to time. your such a good writer in conveying your thoughts about KHJ.please continue to do so even if HJ is not around due to his MS. Thanks once again ur effort in doing so is very much appreciated👏👏👏🌺🌺🌺 take care… To: KHJ congratulations for all the success, wish u all the best & good health… Fighting we love & support u as always. Thank you,

  16. Yes! We cannot get enough of KHJ ! We are beyond ecstatic that he is back! And we will make the most precious memories with him before he temporarily leaves us …

    LK, you are such an eloquent writer! You have a way with words expressing what I and most probably every fan feels at the moment. I must say the KHJ fandom is also blessed to have you writing all these beautiful articles voicing out our deepest sentiments and love for KHJ. Shout out too to the other fans who continue to update us, Thank you!

    • .Hello ann! lol Thanks for the compliment! Just like how hj describe Gemini as twin sign we think and feel the same so khj fandom is his twins!! Its so myterious we feel the same w him right? And the bond is just so unbelievable! This is the 1st time for me to be a fan and im lucky that i belong to a fandom full of love and you are lucky too all of us are i think!!
      Thank you again ann take care be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • Keep that pen writing LK ! See how many fans all over the world you make happy? More power to you ! We are all soooo happyyyy 👏👏👍👍💃💃

  17. misty eyed while reading your article..soooo happy to see him again and hoping for the success of the remaining concerts…he’s really dashing in his outfit..i love it..thanks again miss LK

    • Hello Ellen! thank you so much for the reblog I’m truly glad to spread the word and GEMINI is a huge success, but still being modest here!! LOL But it’s true it’s really a big success. I agree with you no can ever beat him!! Take care Ellen be happy and see you again! God bless…

  18. Thanks Lazerkim, for sharing your thoughts. This blog with updates means alot to me as i am unable to attend the concert. May I share this link on my blog please? I m ok if you are not comfortable. will respect your decision. Looking foward to hear from you soon. Thank you.


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