Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GO GEMINI!




By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong has been busy with his rehearsals and with preparation to the most anticipated concert series GEMINI which shall be starting tomorrow Jan.27th Tuesday as his first stop shall be in Kanagawa! We have waited anxiously and at last we’ll be seeing him on stage pretty soon, as the clock is ticking I’m sure every single fan of Kim Hyun Joong is just so excited for this concert series!

For the Japanese fan who have not purchase their ticket, go get it now!  And for those fans from other neighboring countries this is your chance to watch his concert so come and get it while concert tickets are still available. Get the first flight going to Japan, grab that ticket, go to the concert and occupy those seats! He is waiting for you!

Let your love be heard by him, this is your chance to show that love, chant with the highest peak of you voices that the whole world can hear how much we love Kim Hyun Joong! Enjoy the concert with him! Fighting!!

Here I post Kim Hyun Joong’s concert schedule for GEMINI!   See you there!!

GEMINI Japan Tour 2015 Schedule:

  • Jan. 27- 28………………….Kanagawa  (Pacifico Yokohama)
  • Jan. 31 ………………………Ishikawa (Kanasawa Opera Seat)
  • Feb. 2………………………..Hokkaido ( Sapporo Municipal House)
  • Feb. 3………………………..Miyagi (Sendai Sun Plaza)
  • Feb. 5-6……………………..Aichi ( Nagoya Congress Center)
  • Feb. 8………………………..Niigata (Perfectural Civil)
  • Feb. 9………………………..Fukuoka (Sun Palace Hotel)
  • Feb. 10………………………Hiroshima (Uenogakuen)
  • Feb. 12………………………Kanagawa (Alpha Anabuki)
  • Feb. 14………………………Osaka (Castle Hall)



For those fans from up far who couldn’t make it for the concert, don’t feel down as I have mentioned in my previous article by the mere fact you know Kim Hyun Joong will soon be coming out for this concert and updating with the concert news and spread it is enough support. Or by merely spreading the news about this concert in notifying our co-fellow fans pertaining this event is enough support. Get involve, it’s party time!!

There’s a call from Tweeter as we make noise about GEMINI we may join in trending if ever there is currently going until tomorrow, let us participate in the trending. Let’s show to those people we can make this happen, we can push Hyun Joong up to top of his stardom where he truly belong and let’s show them we are absolutely UNBREAKABLE with him.

There may be strict policy in every concert venues in Japan pertaining videos and photos, let us be patient I’m sure his Japanese fans will find a way to take a few shots! I hope!! For those fans who are diligent in their updates keep up the good work, we’re all after your updates and shall be well appreciated by all of us as always. Thank you and Good luck!



Since the entire concert series shall be running for 3 weeks, let us make a happy atmosphere within the fandom all over the world that I think Hyun Joong deserves this and so with us fans after we have been through in the last 5 months. Let us close our windows and doors from the outside world who is trying to destruct our happy days and dedicate this period during his concert all for Kim Hyun Joong.

No news circulation, no trash news and no haters comments, that these are the factors that’s making us unhappy. Let us ignore all of those and just remain focus on GEMINI as we keep our eyes and ears open to the concert updates. As I have mentioned earlier if there may be a trending at Tweeter let us participate with it.  Let us make noise in any form such as posting anything that pertains GEMINI concert or anything about Kim Hyun Joong. Let us show the world that we can make this happen a successful concert!

Let us be where we can be happy and this is being at his side! Staying happy as his fan is how we can fight over his detractors. We stay deaf and blind from the trash news, no more pain, no more tears, and all we have now are happy days having Hyun Joong in GEMINI with us!

         Let’s have fun, let’s share the love, nothing matters happy days are here again!



In every event that Kim Hyun Joong shares with us, we treasure those with utmost importance and this concert series is one of those treasures. Hyun Joong and his fans had been from a lot of trials specially the last five months, and I think this concert is the light from the dark tunnel where Hyun Joong and his fans have been through.

He’s working on his best effort to make GEMINI the most precious memory to all of us, let us take this by heart. It wasn’t easy for him as we fully understand but Hyun Joong is a strong artist and a real professional that he will be up there on those concert stage with all his strength and power as we all aim for another successful concert.

The success of these concert series is within us his fans as we give our sincere support, and this is our chance to show him he is loved by all of us. I’m sure his Japanese fans will take care of him and shall be in those concerts with their biggest smiles and loudest chant.

For as long as Hyun Joong can see from the stage that his fans are all happy, he’s happy and this is where he gets his adrenaline in performing every single concert. He needs that, it is his power booster hearing those loud chants, seeing those smiles, seeing that his fans enjoying his music and his presence is enough to keep him going.

It is from us fans that he pulls up his strength, let us be strong for him let us be happy for Kim Hyun Joong, as we keep all the memories we can gather from the hottest GEMINI…



I’m just dropping by actually, since my busy days at work had already started, and I feel this is an important message that I would like to make. May I sincerely appeal to all Kim Hyun Joong fans to please offer a prayer for him while he’s holding this important project.

The success of this concert will be depending on all of us specially his Japanese fans. I truly believe he will rise up from this concerts as we push him to the heights of success with the help of the Almighty God.

As we can see from the concert schedule I have posted in this article is a bit tight or so hectic! It’s traveling around Japan and performing 11 concerts in 10 cities, for straight 3 weeks, and his only rest is his travel period by train or airplane! Let’s pray for his safety and most of all his health, that he may be blessed by more stamina to carry on.

Hyun Joong is sincerely doing this for all his fans as he promised he’ll be back to us after his World Tour last year, and he fulfilled his promise. Knowing the guy having his word of honor as always and has never failed us, in return may we just say a little prayer for him during this concert series.

What Kim Hyun Joong needs at this time is YOU and your prayers. Thank you so much.


Keep up with your strength and power, your fans are all behind you with so much love………keep the love on stage!    Go Gemini……break a leg!

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks! Ahlia, thanks!

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26 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GO GEMINI!


  2. Dear Ms. LK

    Thank u for the updates. Im very happy that HJ is in action again.Love to watch his concert but it is impossible for me at this time. I will just support him through prayers. I will pray for his protection while travelling and performing.. Thank u Ms. LK. God bless u more.

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  4. Thank you LK for another geart article, a new year with a new beginning, better times.

    You are so right:
    Let’s have fun, let’s share the love, nothing matters happy days are here again!

    Let’s support our Star with whatever means, let’s put a happy smile on his face, let’s make him feel his fans love, let’s make new memories with fanscams, updates, pictures and for those attending a big thank you in advance for being there and supporting and for …sharing. Can’t wait for this.

    All for One! God Bless and break a leg! 🙂

  5. ohh god, who would be going to any of those shows !. Being in my country and know that then performed a concert of KHJ thousands of miles away, makes me very anxious again 
    I keep updating my page to see a short video, or picture!
    Is that really need to see your face! and I see him smile !!!!!!!!

  6. i wish i could see his concert but i just cannoy make it…..wish himm all yhe very best….. kim hyun joong as u r very hard worker please take care of your health….. eat good nutrious food…do not stress ur body much…take care of throat as it very important oragan for you….. please take care of your health…. you just do not have work hard at rate of your health we know you love us we will accept your love….alll the best for all your concert n complete tour wish u a happy tour n good concerts

  7. I cannot be there but I will support in all the ways possible! most of all with prayer wich is actually the most powerful mean of help!
    And for those who will attend the venues…GO GIRLS GO!!!!! Have fun and support him! It’s like you are going to represent each one of us who is living far!! So…I know you will do a greeaatt job!!! So happy for all of you!😘😏😏😏

    • i agree…for those fans that get to go you represent each of us that live so far away…enjoy!!!!I know you will love/support him with all your heart and smiles…I won’t give up my dream of seeing him…Guess the TIMING is not right..

  8. OMG… So much excited that I can’t think of anything!
    Just want to see This Hero on the Stage tomorrow, the place that truly belongs to him!
    KING of the Stage is Comiiing… KIM HYUN JOONG
    He is always in our prayers…I am sure he will make it the most memorable concert tour, since he is back to show the entire universe what Unbreakable means.

  9. Thank you, Kim for your wonderful insights and suggestions..I was feeling sad about not being able to attend concerts…I can light candles and send prayers holding him in the light…love can travel and heal…Blessings to all…

    • yeah, me feel sad too for not able to go there n see him perform on stage before his MS….it always be my dream since I knew him in these 5 years time to watch his great performance…sigh…well, I guess i hve to keep it only in my dream…LOL

      Forsure i agree with LK to pray for his good health, stamina, for his persistences and dedications of his works….so that, he can overcomes whatever the situations will be…i pray for God to serve him with smooth and succes concerts….

  10. Your words always reflect how we feel. Yes lets keep on praing for the well being of our loved boy. He will succeed because God blessess him and our love will be his energy. #KJHPhoenix2015 is the trend. Please join us and keep spreading the love.

    Lets face this new adventure as it is a big world party, a beautiful gift from our Hyunnie, so brave and hard working. With many Henecia I spent more than 3 hours lustening to his music and all his hard work and success. He is so humble. He deserves this. I am a very #ProudHenecia.

  11. Dear lazer kim
    Ccould you give me a safe link in english to buy his album l have a sister living in Japan and l like to send it to her, because in march she was sending the family a package and l like it here in my country. But the thing is that the link has to be count in the sales there in japan. I will be worried if this CD is not count in the first day of sales. How can l buy it safety and in time?
    l trust on your advise , so please help me.

  12. Thank you for your sharing. I am from Taiwan and arrived Japan since yesterday. I get ready and look forward to the upcoming concerts. Gemini go go go… exciting*^O^*

  13. Later kim…I’m so very eyed right now because I feel the earned and live of his fans towards him…Yes I will pray for his health so that he performed well as always he did…I’m very very happy for #KHJPHOENIX 2015…….

  14. Spot on as usual, LazerKim…you always tell us what we need to hear…and as far as prayers are concerned, I agree wholeheartedly…KHJ needs our prayers to help him stay on his feet, feel the love and get going…my prayers have already started and will continue…♥

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