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By: LazerKim


On Jan. 19th news article started to circulate pertaining the final OFFICIAL CLOSURE of Kim Hyun Joong’s case! I’m sure everyone have read this news and I’m writing this article about the case closure just for the record that finally our nightmare is over! Meaning Kim Hyun Joong is NOT GUILTY of any crime as he was allegedly accused of assault by his ex-girlfriend who created all this circus so-called scandal.

This should have been a happy news and a reason to celebrate at first glance as we read about the case closure!  But it turned out to be a fiasco among KHJ fans creating sudden outburst of anger on how the media related the news! It’s like short of saying “ok you’re not guilty but this is what you have done!!” I knew it the media would never allow themselves to be eating and swallowing their own lies misleading the public with totally twisted information pertaining this case.

The fact that the fake evidences were just right in front of their faces, they chose to ignore it and continued misleading the public! Which only goes to show those media outlets do not have any intention of bringing out the truth about this case. And this is so sad, how these people can manipulate their evil intent to others just to destroy!

But in all fairness, prior to reading this news article pertaining the Hyun Joong’s case closure, Netizen Buzz posted the article that described how the fake evidences to this case was created, and I’m thankful with that! With hopes SK public and the haters would read it, understand, how they have crucified an innocent man into believing before thinking and unfairly judged through the trash news they read.

However, no matter how the media related this news, the important thing is we now know that Hyun Joong’s case had officially been a CLOSED CASE!

Despite of how the SK public misjudge him, I believe that someday Kim Hyun Joong shall be vindicated beyond our expectations, I never lose hope and I believe in prayers…



When I first read the news I felt angry no matter how I have expected this kind of news would be out there! After some hours I read another similar news from SOOMPI that gave me a big LAUGH! Other than repeating the twisted information, Soompi even added an invented story!! Gosh I died laughing! And as expected the haters were there so fast leaving their harsh comments and I laughed again! Where in hell did they get that story?

We are all familiar with Hyun Joong’s official testimony at the police station and he’s consistent about his statement, this is the first time I have ever heard that Hyun Joong practicing martial arts to A that caused her injury! This obviously is a BIG LIE! Common sense tells us, a person being accused of a crime having a lawyer to defend him, is it wise to change his testimony from the police station much more to the DA? Come on Soompi don’t you have anything better to come up with to a more credible news? These haters and media outlets are not thinking at all!

My wild imagination is saying this……Two nations from the other side of the world has been at war for years, pointing their weapons at each other, that I want to scream “stop” you’re pointing at the wrong target! There is your target SK media, its showbiz culture and haters! Get set and shoot!…. We may never know having common enemies may lead these two nations to lasting friendship!! Again Kim Hyun Joong is a common denominator in uniting people around the world!



I was trying to reflect everything that transpired in that nightmare and how it ended that made me think, so this is how it is in South Korea. I have noticed media are trying to pull down artists who have been up there for long and just waiting for the right timing to initiate their fall! And lately this became so obvious to me although they have been trying to destroy Hyun Joong since he started his solo status but failed for a lot of times, until this so-called scandal erupted the media took advantage of the chance.

On the first stage of the nightmare the media was successful in their KHJ demolition, well that’s what they thought!! LOL And it’s a good thing his World Tour was there during the nightmare and had proven that the media indeed was a failure! Because what they were expecting was a flopped concert series that would lead Hyun Joong’s downfall. But contrary to their expectation all concert venues in any cities Hyun Joong performed was full packed and indeed very successful!

And one very significant to me is that Hyun Joong even gained fans from the nightmare. You may say out of sympathy or curiosity but how ever a fan may discover a star it may start from there knowing more about Kim Hyun Joong and I tell you knowing him is endless!! Because this guy has a very interesting life story that any fan can be proud of.

Think about it, who are those artists with the same category who hardly rise up and still trying at this point? They should be given a chance to achieve what Kim Hyun Joong has and still achieving! And they consider him an obstacle in their path towards stardom! Believe me that woman A cannot achieve in creating a so-called scandal by herself, there must be someone else behind her. Well this may just be my theory but common sense would tell us what is already so obvious in our own very eye!

I would say it again…… “Evil intent never win!”



There are agencies who are blood suckers in business, and they do exist in reality! Now I came to realize these agents would push their managing artist to the limits until they become a star. Fine, but when things get rough they just drop the artist like a hot potato! I have seen that from KeyEast, so disappointing! It’s indeed scary to be up there as everyone leaves you when things go rough. As the saying says “You would know who your real friends are in times of need and in trouble.”

And I have also noticed in South Korea celebs who might be in such hot situation none among his co-celeb would even take his side publicly! I call these people a bunch of cowards. Why? They are scared that once these celebs just sit or stand by Hyun Joong side the public and their fans would leave them as well! This is sooo sad!

And yes this is something new to me because in my country, a celeb being trapped in a scandal their celeb friends would openly defend them without losing their fans. Simply because their friendship has got nothing to do with their profession, as simple as that! And if I were a fan of that co-celeb why should I change my views about him? My being a fan has got nothing to do with his friendships with anyone, it’s his choice it’s his life!



Let’s just say granting Kim Hyun Joong may have lost some of his friends, but the truth is NO he did not lose them, because they are not his real friends to begin with. We know who the real ones are, and those were the most unexpected, his previous bodyguard and his previous manager who had taken care of him and had known Hyun Joong since the start of his being a solo artist who left a message to his fans saying, “he’s a good man, believe in him and stay with him.”

Those are his real friends not to mention his two current managers, they may not be saying anything in public but by just seeing they stayed by his side all through out the mess, I’m so thankful to them for taking care of Hyun Joong. We don’t count friends by its numbers but by its quality of loyalty.

And most of all Kim Hyun Joong is truly gifted with a million fans worldwide who are truly loyal and sincere to him as his fans, who did not leave him but stayed with him during the darkest moment of his life and until now they stayed by his side with undying support. These people are his real fans and they are millions worldwide! Indeed he is truly blessed with so much love. Such an amazing star, Kim Hyun Joong he is!



Now we can end this episode of our story with Kim Hyun Joong and we start fresh with the next chapter of our life with him as his loyal fans. I’m not saying we would no longer walk on a rough road, it’s a part of life, there’s always obstacle around his path. And these obstacles doesn’t matter, what really matter is how we deal with those obstacles. It may strike any time since Hyun Joong’s is soon to come out on his concerts, they will not stop until he drop, but of course we will not allow that to happen!

Let us not forget that the aim of his detractors is to push us his fans and break away from him. We already have seen the obvious for the last 5 months and they will try again and again while Hyun Joong is out there. Well let’s prove to these people we are totally unbreakable with him that the more they pull him down the more we push him up!

From this time on may I suggest that we stop circulating bad news coming from these media outlets and let’s start ignoring for real. Because these haters are just so happy to see us stressed out, and they are unhappy if we are happy! It’s jealousy and envy that they have because their biases couldn’t even climb the first step up on the ladder of stardom, and it’s been 5 years since Hyun Joong has been a solo artist but none of them ever succeeded!

So I was thinking this is the best way we can fight over his detractors, by remaining silent be blind and deaf to the trash news. Let us focus on Hyun Joong’s up-coming events and his album. By this way they cannot suppress our happy days in supporting him and his projects. We leave all of these nightmares behind us, and face new beginning.

LOVE is in the air since Kim Hyun Joong is back to us soon and let that love consume our being his fans….     Count down 2 days to go and he’ll start rocking those stage with us filled with love as we gather another memorable moments with him again!



I would like to thank my dear readers for sharing your thoughts with everyone here in my recent article Hottest Gemini, we do share with you having the same thoughts and feelings pertaining the current situation we have.

As always, this site is open to every KHJ fans, anything goes in my comment box, nothing matters, we share the same love as far as Kim Hyun Joong is concern, and I guarantee your words are safe and no one will dare attack you from here. Thank you so much I have learned a lot from you and most of all thank you for staying with Kim Hyun Joong always…

We keep our strength, we move on as we close the last chapter of that nightmare with a smile knowing he is NOT GUILTY of anything and look forward with so much hope that someday Kim HyunJoong shall be vindicated and God will provide that right to him….


Stay where you are, and you are surrounded by so much love from your fans! Just close your eyes sing for us, and nothing else matters…. keep the love on stage!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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64 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CASE CLOSED

  1. I love this article, I agree that we shouldn’t really bother about the haters let’s just ignore them and not let destroy our happiness with hyun joong, I can’t wait for the Gemini tour 🙂

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    • Thank you LK for this wonderful article. i enjoyed every line as it portrayed all i had in my mind about this so-called scandal.

      Thanks to all our leader’s fans for staying with him throughout supporting him all time. This made him win the best K-Pop idol of 2014 in all the polls conducted ❤
      This would be more than enough for all his haters, by now they would have learnt a good lesson that no one can separate his fans from him by these silly half cooked scandals.

      Keep supporting our leader with all our heart ❤
      All Henecians… Fighting !!!

      ❤ Luv u always – Kim Hyun Joong ❤

  3. Hi LK and everyone,

    Thank you very much Lk for such a wonderful article. You are the best .

    This case had been dragged for so long. Finally the case was officially closed .He was fined which is not beyond expectation. The medias were beyond expectation they keep showing their worst till the end. I think they have already lost their dignity they kept twisting the fact and mislead the public..What a painful reality we live in.

    I now can laugh when I saw a harsh and ugly comments. Their hatred and their ill-will are beyond normal . All their words carried a hateful feeling and ill-will attitude . They ignored the truth and deny the fact . They just agreed with everything the outlet medias said . They are so impossible and ignorance which work well with the irresponsible medias who dishonest to the public. I laugh because no matter what the truth is they still believed what they want to believe as the truth is not their interest. They are interested in blaming the person. Therefore whatever medias said is the truth for them as if duck can become a swan if the media said so. So we’ better save our energy to support Hyun Joong in his next project. i truly believe something about this girl will come out sooner or later. You can lie to other but you can’t lie to yourselves and the quilt will eat you till the end of your life.

    I will start calling KIm Hyun Joong ” Saint Hyun Joong ” as I read a comment said the way Hyun Joong took all responsibility for what the person” a ” did he could be called a saint.
    Outlet medias , haters had made KIm Hyun Joong A Saint. The fact that he can stays clam , stands tall and keep silent in the mid of heavy storm of hatred , misunderstood by public and wrong doing of medias ….. I love to call him Siant hyun Joong hahahaha…… He is the man of honor. His honesty and his sense of responsibility is outstanding…..Beside .if medias and haters can easily call the person who used outlet medias , Photoshop and a made up medical certificate to destroy a person ” a victim ” I think I can proudly call Kim Hyun Joong ” Saint Hyun Joong ” .

    In my opinion he is a real victim of jealousy and revenge. I did not say that he did not make a mistake but he is definitely an innocent man from the wrongly accused of the person “a”. He admitted only what really happened and did not admit what he did not do but the medias , miss “a ” and the ill-will haters have painted him into the person they want him to be. Can’t say much just very sad that their society allowed these people to destroy a person’s life so easily’. His life might not important to them but the injustice and wrong message that they keep injecting to people mind is like a poison that will destroy people in their society in time.

    I can not believe that SK public actually do not have a problem with a woman created fake evidence to manipulate public in order to destroy a man. They accept the medias that distorted the fact without any question . I don’t want to think that they are such a superficial people but they seems to disregard honesty and sincerity. At least I expect them to show their disagreement toward this kind of behavior. I myself a woman I think what she did has shown that she does not respect herself enough. I will not surprised at all if we will see more of Miss ” a ” alike in SK because the society seem to support it. I hope they have a better way to support and strengthen a woman to realize her own value. i personally do not think ” a ” will ever feel good about herself for the rest of her life..

    However the case was closed and all of us have learned a big deal about SK society its entertainment industry and culture of the haters.. There are many good things also happened during this nightmare. I experienced a power of love and witnessed the healthy relationship between fandom and the artist. I discovered that KHJ is a true gentleman and a real man of man who do everything with his heart . I can wholeheartedly respect and admire him.. His honesty and sincerity is outstanding and will be something that always relate to him as long as he live. He has proved that he is much more than anyone expect he would be. I dare saying that he is the only one in SK entertainment who has this kind of guts.

    The final words is those who created this nightmare and trash report I wish they personally will face injustice and being judged in order to realize the value of justice. It will be good if the person “a” will be forbidden to be near KHJ less than 10 maters and it should be reported to the police if she is seen around his apartment area. For the haters let them be . It is their nature to hate they will have their own lesson one day.

    Now we can move on . KHJ has already moved on . What we can do to cheer him up is giving full support to his new album and concert. Fighting !!!!

    Kim Hyun Joong , we love you and we believe in you.
    Stay Happy , Stay Strong
    Your dream is also our dream.

    Sorry for a very long post.

    • Hello Bella!!
      Wow now this is for real and you said it 100% on the dot all of it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      And about women fr SK excuse me for the others but this incident and what is happening I cant imagine they can do such things to destroy innocent men. Im also a woman and this wrong doings reflects to women and its a shame. And this A I’m sure right from the start her only motive is to destroy HJ. Since day one I called her stupid and i realize calling her that is not even enough to suit her!! She is one woman i will never forget! And if ever there’s women’s association or organization in SK I really hope something can be done to change SK women’s image.
      And yes I really hope something can be done with SK culture and media. I think its their govt responsibility to straighten up their culture. And to at least take pride of their artists and at least protect their rights as human too! What they are showing is how they treat their artists like animals! Im sorry but this is getting to my nerve. From the start SK media didn’t even give the chance to HJ to have a fair trial by publicity by listening to both sides HJ and A before bringing it to the public instead of twisting his statements and concealing the truth. Hj was totally crushed by these evil people.
      Oh and may i just say one day that A will meet her destiny a man who can really beat her for real and let’s see what she’ll do. She’s still lucky HJ never exposed her. Then Im sure someday someone will. Thats gonna be her karma!!
      *sigh* I’m angry again I better end this before I can spill out!! lol
      Thank you again Bella take care be happy and see you again!! God bless…

    • Hi Bella!
      A very good & insightful post, dear!
      It’s such a shame that a country that is supposed to be technologically advanced is actually a breeding ground for hypocrisy & narrow-mindedness…

      But whatever; it’s another 2 more days, ladies, before our boy will be on-stage again performing with m sure his usual enthusiasm & professionalism.
      Waiting with bated breath now…

    • Very well said Bella (as usual)…LK u know u r a Gem. We are all sisters fighting for the Truth. Love u girls. Big like ♡♡♡

    • Hi Bella. that was again an awesome post no matter even if it was 2X long, i will still enjoy reading it.
      @Bella, LK, Arfina, noya & all other beautiful hearts who have commented here :
      Love u ladies for such an understanding. May God bless you all as u were so kind & patient enough to listen to all these dramas but still stood by his side.

      my testimony 🙂
      i never had a chance to meet a henecian in my country as SK entertainment industry was never introduced to it until mid of 2014.
      i was the only KHJ fan since 2008 🙂 but now to know all the henecians around the world makes me feel like home and i thoroughly enjoy the sisterly hood/friendship here by reading articles about and comments about KHJ 🙂

      This man is really blessed !!!

  4. Well the fine which l was expected to come give us an idea to the seriousness of his mistake.
    Because he acepted to fight hard together, and inocently said that she PROBABLY got injured her rib when playing, he faces this punisment. His honest …………. ahsss, this time it makes trick him.
    But there is a controversy about what kind of playing they did. Martial arts??? soccer???—— whatever playing is playing rude or not too rude, l saw my sons playing rude onces, until get bruises just enjoying with friends, bringing out adrenaline that boys have. We as girls dont understand it but when we experienced it as me, we got it. He was wrong from the beginning to end with her. She was not the type of girl that he likes, a strong girl who can drink with him, play with him, practice sport with him, playing other games as he is a spotman, we can see in We got Married. But this girl pretending to be the type of the one he likes could not become a good partner for him. Her fustration was clearly shown when he ended the relationship.
    I wonder what if he did not end it, what other tricks she would file to bribe him if he pretended to break the relation.
    Fortunately he ended that sick relationship, even though it leaded to facing this nightmare, and damaging his image. Knowing him he probably thought to end it, cooling the relationship after the fight, but with this passioned and delu girl it did not work. So he took the responsibility for this mistake, because he has to move on without regrets. The fine … well as l said it was expected since it was in the Prosecutor’s Office and he took responsibility for that. it clearly shows that is was not so hard to pay more or go to jail. that is all. He is neither perfect nor inocent just a man who likes to live his life in his way and who likes we understand it.
    Great lesson for them, just they know how was their relationship, l will love and support him just because he behaved as a REAL AND MATURED MAN.
    That he needs to give up his carrer. Foolishness let me say. The fact that his first love is his work, nobody could deny it. His music, is his life, his soul, his air, his time to relax and feel relived, that nobody dares to touch it, he worked hard for it even agains his parents, he always fought for doing what he loves. Now is time for us to help him to continue, because we need him in our lives, hge will do it for his and our sakes.
    love you my ONLY ONE

      Dear Jazu,I really like this part very much… time to get peace ❤

  5. I wonder if this girl is not from a family of Korean mafia or girlfriend of a mafioso or something like that! It is not possible otherwise.

    • Dear France501..rolf…had same thought here…far fetched but could be.
      I still think what goes around comes around…Karma.♡♡♡

  6. Hi LK, thanks for your article and it helps a lot to comfort us. However, after the case’s closed, unfortunately there are still trash media reports from both Japan and China that insult and humiliate HJ. That’s sad, but it really hurt his image. I’m worried about his Japanese album now. Our only way to support him now is by buying his Album, help him to achieve good results on Oricon chart. This is how we can support him and ease his pressure. Dear HJ fans, please get your copy of the Album “still” and support him. Make sure your order count on the Oricon chart, please. This means a lot to him.

    • As always media did it just before his new work.
      But it will be ok, fans know everything well to face it again.
      KHJ and family fighting

  7. Самый шикарный красивый мужчина Азии! !!💖 💖 💖 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 😙 Спасибо Корея!

  8. Hi My Lazerkim and All!

    I am so glad and happy that this nightmare is closed! 🙂
    I don’t like to write about this case.
    But ,,he breaking her heart?”I don’t think this!I don’t know the girl,probably she is good in reality,I really don’t know…
    But…But!If she was in love so much….she didn’t need to run to the police immadiately after the break up….You’re right Ms.Lazerkim,this girl wasn’t alone when she did this with him!
    There are a lot of couple every day whom they break-up…
    And they need to go to the police because of break up?Nonsense!
    From now he need to dread when he will meet a girl,the girl go to the police if the girl hit her arm in the door or fall of the bed?Or when write about his concerts,films,and etc,immadiately write about his scandal too?Scary!
    His name is already muddy!And the only one responsible because of this is the girl!!
    If she don’t tell anybody that he and she broke up,just ask apology in private,no one know this relationship and probably they would go back to each other!
    She demand apology from him a lot of way,but not this way!
    I admire that he defend her!He is a gentleman,but she don’t deserve it!
    This girl never loved him with her whole heart!This is not love!
    He need to time to forget,BUT STILL this case will always in his mind and heart,even when we see his smile and his sucessess…
    This affects in his future relationship!No one else think about this?
    Probably he will never believe in a girl,even if the girl really will loves him!
    I always hoped that he will choose his colleague or someone like this,who loves in him really who is he!But no!
    I don’t know him in personally,but his personality is very loveable!
    I am sorry for that he don’t find a girl who loves him with her whole heart,just for this circus!
    I don’t understand too that why break up the girls with him?This is nonsense too!
    I know his personality very well,because my personality is the same,and I think this kind of personalities are very loveable because of the funny things,unexpected funny things,kind heart,modest,humble,and helpful things.My best friends love me because of this things,so why the girls don’t love him for his cute personality?And if this girl pay attention to these things,help in their relationship that he feel that he is himself,she loves in him that who is he,doing comfortable the relationship…probably he would loved her really,I think a boy just loves a girl,when he would be himself without adaptation,but when a boy want to break up,this mean he don’t feel the relatioship is comfortable!And this time,the girls let leave go the boys,and if he will go back,he loves her…Based on these…I think,this was an infatuated relationship,or we all know who is he…a top star…But I think he don’t deserve that a girl loves him for obsession,for because he is a very famous rich star or his handsome face,or etc.He is a very intersting person without a famous-rich life!He really conquered the hearts of the persons in the whole world!A little cute korean conqueror. 🙂 Why he don’t know conquer a girl’s heart?
    Because I think this girls never discovered in him his real heart,pure personality,But They know just he is a famous handsome star,nothing else!So sad!
    But not a hard thing to see who is he,just look in his eyes deeply,and will know who is he in his soul!I can not speak about him bad things,because there is not!Just one thing..that he is special person in this world!
    And this justify my intuitions about him,because one one country where the persons don’t know who is he,and who pay attention about him,they know how loveable he is!I am sorry for the blind girls in his life don’t know this,and don’t know the haters too!So,I just wanted to tell that ,,he had to pay a high price for this girl…not in his money,but in his reputation and his life.But now he know who are they his real friends,fans and well-wishers,(like me…).Good luck in his next concerts!
    Be happy,dear Hyun Joong-ssi!

      • Hello Rose! It’s alright! Since day 1 of this nightmare started I already doubted A if this was done to her by an ordinary man I don’t think she’ll even step on the doorway of the police station. Right from day one she already had the motive I’m pretty sure of that. She prepared for this for almost 2 months since the incident in May 30. There’s no love, I very much doubt about that on both sides because if there is this, then there should not be a nightmare. I still believe HJ will find the right woman for him. He has mistaken on the choice of woman and I’m just glad he realized this A is not for him the earlier the better. And I’m sure he learned from all of these. But gosh excuse me for saying this but some Korean women are really scary for allowing themselves to be used just to destroy! And this is getting rampant these days. Thank you rose for sharing, take care, be happy and God bless..

  9. Tengo unas dudas con respecto al caso, ¿Cómo es posible que KHJ haya admitido la culpa de lo sucedido, si el no cometió nada?…Y si las pruebas son falsas, como es posible que de todas formas le hayan hecho pagar una multa?. No quiero atacar a nadie, y debo decir que me encanta KHJ. Pero de todas formas chicas, tengo esas dudas, si pudiesen respondérmelas se las agradecería enormemente.

    • I have some doubts about the case, how is it possible that KHJ has admitted guilt for what happened, if not commit anything? … And if the evidence is false, as you may have done anyway you pay fine ?. I do not want to attack anyone, and I must say I love KHJ. But girls of all shapes, I have these doubts, if they could respondérmelas is the most grateful.

      • Hello lee!
        Hj admitted to altercation and he denied what he was accused of assault. So theres a big diff between altercation and assault.
        The evidences obviously are fake. where can you find bruises from arms and legs at the same size and color? How would we know if its really A’s arm and leg are those?
        If indeed they had a relationship for 2yrs as A claimed why is there a need to photo shop their photos?
        All medical certificates from those evidences were not signed by medico legal. Theres no xray result fr alledged rib fracture. So this doesnt stand in the court of law
        All those medical certificates contains a lot of discepancies.
        All text messages presented from those evidence doesnt contain the sender and date therefore how would we know if those text message came from khj.
        Lastly hj admitted to being guilty of breaking the heart of A thats why he apologize for breaking her heart that
        caused mental and emotional pain. Heart broken from a lover and fake evidences doesnt qualify in the court of law!
        I hope this can help you enlightened if not pls hang in there ill post some links that you can read from for better understanding. Thank you take care be happy and Good luck girl from all shapes!! LOL God bless..

          • Lee i’m sorry I have trash your other comment, because i’m doubting if you are a fan or not, as you have read this blog site is exclusively for KHJ fans only. But since you don’t bash so I entertained your line of questioning. This is my last words to you.
            HJ submitted his official statement and if he is guilty of what he was accused of he should be in court by now, right? But he’s not, this is just as simple a common sense. It’s your own prerogative if you believe or not. If you doubt that is your right, we got nothing to do with it. If you are still interested, you may research about KHJ but make sure you research on facts. I got over 400 articles all factual feel free to read them it’s all about KHJ. If you believe in those lies you read from the trash news then that’s up to you, I’m just sorry that you seem to be a victim of media lies, but it is your right and I respect it. I hope you’re reading this with a clear understanding because next to this will end in my trash bin. Go girl of all sizes start researching….Good luck!! LOL

    • Por tus dudas Lee
      KHJ admitió desde el inicio haber tenido una pelea con A que llegaron AMBOS a lastimarse emocionalmente de palabras y que acabaron en una ligera pelea física cuando el decidió terminar su relación, nunca se declaro inocente de esa pelea, pero tampoco culpable de haberla golpeado fuertemente y peor frecuentemente como ella declaro, que si el no cometió nada?… nada tan grave como ella pegono, Y si, las pruebas son falsas, fueron manipuladas en primer lugar, por lo tanto pierden credibilidad, en mi opinión esos moretones en su brazo si fuesen reales, para mi indican forcejeo no golpes. He visto golpes reales de ese tipo, y esos no lo son. No hay rayos X que demuestren su costilla rota, de lo cual el no lo supo hasta la acusación. Por lo tanto se nota que le tomo 2 meses para preparar su venganza, que esperaba esperando te has preguntado??? ADEMAS el día siguiente temprano el viajo a Japón, no pudo haber visto sus moretones, por lo que muchas cosas pudieron suceder en ese lapso, sospechoso no? .
      A tu pregunta de como es posible que de todas formas le hayan hecho pagar una multa?. Gente que saben de leyes lo dijeron de antemano antes de esta sentencia , ya que el admitió su pelea desde el inicio , la Oficina del Fiscal de alguna manera debió procesar el caso para cerrarlo definitivamente y porque admitió una pelea y presento su disculpa a Miss A deberá pagar algo. Incluso hubo algunos que lo sentenciaron a pagar mas de 10.000 dólares o ir a la cárcel por 2 meses o años , de ser verdad. What ????? Pero con evidencias manipuladas Y MENTIRAS ???? No way.
      Entiendo tu frustración al inicio incluso llegue a escribirle que me gustaría darle una nalgada por no controlarse y luego abrazarlo y dejarlo llorar en mi regazo, mientras lo consolaba. No pienses que no sufrió, el tiene una peculiaridad el ser transparente. Su rostro lo dice todo, lo vi en su FM de IG el día después de su pelea, estaba inusualmente serio, los comentarios del porque no sonríe mas,
      que es un creído etc………., y cuando canto su triste canción de despedida del drama IG con tanto sentimiento y tristeza ……….aahhhh…….. yo también note eso pero paso, no lo asocie en ese momento. últimamente su sonrisa es sincera pues sonríe cuando lo siente , pero aun hay tristeza.

      Ahora no conozco de leyes pero he visto y escuchado sentencias de culpable de delito menor de …………. y sentenciado a ……………………. eso es todo, si buscamos ser mas quisquillosas y mal intencionadas podemos interpretar de culpable de lo que ella aseguro lo cual, no es así lo sabemos y también por la multa.
      Como mujeres que somos tenemos nuestras mañas, algunas veces he sido malosa con mi esposo, algunas veces lo hice sentir culpable solamente para salirme con la mía consiente de lo que hacia, créeme que me sentí tan mal con mi esposo después de este incidente de KHJL porque simplemente se que puedes manipular en mayor o menor escala. Tratar de manipular a alguien no es correcto, y como es el, ni cuenta se habrá dado de las intenciones de Miss A. Sabemos que los chicos no toman en serio las salidas con muchachas lo se por mis hijos, por lo tanto no creo eso de su relación AMOROSA de 2 años.
      A pesar de todo eso KHJ tomo responsabilidad de ello, el es inteligente, un verdadero varón da la cara y así lo hizo, podía negarlo todo pero no , allí lo vimos disculpándose, aceptando como antes las balas, en silencio, para que decir nada si ya lo condenaron, lo crucificaron, le apodaron.
      Si esto responde tus preguntas bien, si aun tienes dudas busca en tu corazón si alguna vez el te gusto, mira sus videos entiende su personalidad juguetona, bromista ruda a veces , humilde comiendo en los mercados, disfrutando de cosas simples, honesto con sus actitudes, protegiendo a su familia, a sus amigos a sus AMIGAS Y NOVIAS. El actúa de acuerdo a las circunstancias pues hay lugares para todo como para dar autógrafos, para fan meetings, conciertos, entrevistas, si va al aeropuerto es de pasada no para hacer entrevistas por ello solo saluda y pasa, el nunca trata de sobresalir, aunque debo aceptar que no lo necesita con su presencia es suficiente para robar cámaras. Entiende su posición , el sabe como es su cultura y los medios, nunca lo veras discutiendo su vida privada con nadie, ni aclarando nada, ni dando gusto a los medios a seguir con su circo.
      Se disculpo con la persona correcta con Miss A a quien hirió, y si ella lo disculpo siento que fue por entender que ella tubo su parte de culpa. Que diablos hacen otros criticándola por haberlo perdonado o a el por disculparse ?
      Muchos querían verlo caer, era el momento, es mas dicen que por ser famoso y tener dinero no lo condenaron a mas, por lo que veo la oportunidad de terminarlo no les fue suficiente, pues cuando son famosos mas los critican, les suspenden contratos, les insultan, los mandan a SM, tienen que desaparecer dicen por lo menos 2 años etc. tonterías. El no , siempre fue diferente, siempre el líder en muchas cosas y esta es una mas. Cuanto pagarán porque les de la primicia de una entrevista para hablar al respecto. Lo cual debería hacerlo pero no lo creo.
      Por estas cosas siempre lo apoyaré, me gusta su manera de actuar aun con sus errores, los enfrenta, el es un hombre de soluciones no de quejas o de victimizarse, odia las ridiculeces y ama su trabajo como a su primer y único amor. disfruta como nadie de su música, es una persona que disfruta del escenario de sentir a sus fans y compartir momentos inolvidables con ellas.
      YYY. Bueno ya me alargue, como dije antes no quiero convencerte de nada solo tu puedes decidir si lo apoyas o no o simplemente te mantienes al margen. Pero se muy objetiva en tu apreciación. Mira que no somos ciegas pero si con suficiente experiencia para mirar las cosas con perspectivas reales y claras.

  10. I’ve just seen your article posted by someone on twitter and…here I am!!! I didn’t know the case was finally closed…I could hardly believe it..but it’s true!!!!.. Me too I was shocked when I heard about the Martial Arts! The last attempt of haters to find something against frustrating!!! Once again I felt like we were on a rollercoaster! Ups and downs! A never ending story! Anyway the news of the closure and your article really got me up!😊😊😊
    So I can finally say dear LazerKim ,that me,and I’ m sure all of us in this special place that is your blog,I feel so thankful to you for the opportunity we had to encourage, strengthen and supporting one each other during this difficult months , by “breaking down” the barriers of language and nationality and been able,as no other group of fans in the world ( and I’m absolutely sure about that!!!) to remain kindly united and close to our Kim Hyun Joong.💖..I have to say now,that even when I thought the situation was desperate,I’ve never felt alone !👧👩👧👩 ‘💕💕💕 .
    We know now that the issue is definitely over BUT I don’t expect SK media and netizens and Miss “A” to acknowledge their mistake and their misjudgment…I know they will never say SORRY…but it’s a relief to imagine that at least,in their minds,(because they will never show us) they MUST feel so stuuupid and fool! A total failure ! What a senseless war they tried to wage agains KHJ! (and his good army of fans all around the world😊) He’s now stronger and more popular than ever ! Their actions and words were like a boomerang!!! It just hit them right in their faces😃 !
    I feel much more relieved now and I’m eager to hear from you soon and to share with all of you dear friends here ,emotions,memories and heartwarming news from our strongMAN KHJ💕 💕💕
    Let’s always keep our worldwide HUG around KHJ strong!!!!

  11. Thank you LazerKim, finally we got to see Case Closed! But even on the end the antis found a way to twist it. France501 is right, what a weird culture they have there in SK, I am not even trying to understand it anymore, so disappointed on how they treated their own, they are a xenophobic country and culture for sure, but to treat their own like that?!

    Just that KHJ is so long on the showbiz if he was unkind or violent or something else (except the stronghead that we all know…) till now we will have known and for sure former girlfriends would have come out and said something, so why they do not use their heads and common sense, that is one thing I can’t understand.
    All his coworkers had respect for him so how come he is the black ship of the showbiz in Sk?

    Friends: by now for sure Hj knows exactly who are his real friends!

    Hj I know he is an entertainer and he must keep that facade, the show must go on, but for sure a deep scar is in his heart for all that they’ve done to him. I do hope that time will heal it and with his fans support and love he will see that he is still numer One for millions of fans.

    That Killer Entertainer ….KE, what a dissapointment, not even one word, not that we expect something from them, but HJ is still their artist, Hj helped them grow and they earned fame and money from him.

    Our Unity as fans and our continued support and love to KHJ the artist ,the man, I do hope will give him the power to continue and to move on from this. He is stronger and wiser today and for sure a lesson in life that will make him even a better man than he is.

    This Gemeni tour and new album just show us HJ is not a quitter and he will prove them all that he still is Number One!

    To HJ: Head Up Hj, We, your fans believe in you, love you and admire you and support you and will be with you always. For us you are the Only One!

    Well said LK … keep the love on stage! 🙂

  12. When I read the news about the indictment, I wasn’t happy bec it was very one sided and biased. I was hurt on how netizen attacked KHJ and I felt bad that I couldn’t defend him because of how the article was negatively written. I didn’t share, like, or comment on the post. I don’t want to spread the bad publicity. And where the heck they got the “martial arts moves” statement from? I was hoping that someone would post the original statement from the police, so that we can prove how their media twist things up. There’s only one article which is from MISMSN that was not biased and I even thanked them for that.
    Competition in SK entertainment industry is stiff. There are new younger artists/groups and emerging younger generation of fans. I think that they are these group of KHJ bashers we battle with. You can tell by how they comment. They are envious and threatened by KHJ’s popularity that they feel the need to detroy even their own people. Unlike in the country where we came from, we would be proud and supportive when our own artist is being recognized by other countries. And I don’t get why Koreaboo, allkpop, soompi etc who promote kpop idols are also the one’s who destroy them. It’s ironic, KHJ was the reason I got an interest in SK culture and it is also through him that I’ve realized that I should be disgusted instead(because on how harsh they can be).
    KHJ might have lost some fans bec of this storm. But who needs unloyal fans? I was so happy and couln’t believe that we made him on top of the polls like in YBA and LDF Model of the year award. This just goes to show that he is UNBREAKABLE! And our KHJ is not a quitter neither. He must have felt our strong love and support that he courageously stood up for us in return. Because it’s not easy to put your chin up and smile after a malicious allegation and receiving harsh criticisms.
    I’m so happy as a fan that he suprised us with Gemini Concert tour and a new album before his MS. But sad that I can’t go:-( No matter how much I tried to convince my husband, he wouldn’t let me go bec of the distance. It’s one of my ultimate dreams to see him perform live. I hope you post a lot of pictures, videos and translate also details. It made me smile LK when you said that knowing him is endless because that is exactly what I feel. I can’t get enough of him.
    Looking forward for your next article! Thank you!
    —-Love and support for KHJ always!

  13. I have always been a big supporter of kim hyun joong. The first time I saw the scandal on facebook. I couldn’t believe it. So I deleted it. I knew he was and support him always

  14. Thank you LK for your article. Yes, all Henecias, true TripleS and Alien’s army are and will be always beside HJ. He is our only one !

    I don’t understand his “friends”. Maybe HJ said to them to be quiet and do not say anything. But he helped them a lot, everybody knows that (even antis). JYJ, Kang Ho Dong, SS501 members (and I thing many others) were helped and supported by him. I hope very strong they will help him after his MS. 4 persons said their feelings and I love them for that. Actors of IG showed their support by inviting him and show them with him. But the others acted in cowards (sorry to say that but it is my feeling). Koreans are weird for a french woman!!

    Someone in Instagram posted a “SOS” because in a japanese television program “Non-Stop” a commentator said “This man is crazy and a dangerous man”!!! I think it’s a defamation from a commentator in TV! Is anyone aware of this? I hope legal actions are underway.
    I ask to the japanese fans to support our prince to make him very happy and make him forget all these abject words with a huge success.

    Big hug to all his fans and to our alien prince<3 ❤

    Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  15. Thanks LK for your comforting words ❤ Your words made me think about this incident more wisely, I think I’ve been very emotional as usual! During this period I was always thinking about negative things… that he may never be able to stand on his feet again. But actually this is definitely impossible. For sure as you said this was not the first obstacle in his way and is not the last. From every obstacle he has learned a new lesson which will be useful in future; this is the price that he has to pay if he wants to fly high.
    I was just thinking about how he feels now; his pain was intolerable for me. But I had completely forgotten that if God gives us a pain he will for sure give us the ability to endure it. HJ just needs some time to settle his feelings and he will feel better when he realizes the reason of this pain. I am sure that all of these happened to him for a good reason. HJ is definitely so much loved by God. He will protect HJ in the best way, maybe this incident happened to prevent future bigger pains… he himself will realize this reason soon. Maybe even ten years after today when he looks back to this nightmare he still feels the pain, he still cries but he knows that all of this has happened for a good reason and then he feels relived.
    Sry that this cm is going to be so long! but since this is our last talk about the nightmare I wanted to add one of my stupid thoughts 😀 There were times that I was telling myself why he admitted. He shouldn’t have said the truth when he knew their malicious intentions! Now I’ve realized how immature I was as his dongsaeng! I was just worried about his reputation, which I assume he has saved it by being honest. Today he is the man of honor in the eye of his fans and also other sensible people, he has gained more respect for sure. This made me realize why I like him so dearly. As a person who is still young and growing up he is one of the people that I want to learn so many things from him.
    And haters… bottom line: They are burning in hell, both in this life and in their future life. Just let them enjoy themselves.
    I am very much excited to see him on the stage again, the place that truly belongs to him and he looks more bright there. In advance I should thank those who kindly share lovely atmosphere of his concerts with us through fancams. Our bright days are coming…LOVE is in the air… His scent is in the air ❤

    • Hello Eli!
      I can’t help not to reply to you since I have read your comments from my recent article, Eli feel free to air out whatever your thoughts are you are most welcome in my comment box and expect I’m reading from you and from everyone here. We have the same thoughts 100% when the news about this case closure i was burning with anger, I’m just glad wordpress was not working with me that time so it gave me sometime to cool down before I write.

      Now with HJ yes I’m very sure if we feel hurt for the last 5 mos. much more with him, he’s just a human being too, if he can bring himself to cry so much the better in letting out the pain he feels so that he can smile again.

      And yes I agree I believe God will not give us any trial that we cannot surpass with. This may bound to happen to HJ for a reason you’re right, for me this even shows how strong he is, I mean this nightmare was a huge bomb on his head but this is his trial which mean he can surpass it. And slowly it’s coming to a light from the dark. It may take time yes but he’ll come around soon. HJ is such a professional when it comes to his work this I truly believe and he’ll maintain it all through out the concert, I’m very sure of that. His adrenaline comes from his fans believe me.

      Experiences, challenges, trials these are factors that makes a man even stronger he’ll learn, only this time in the hardest way. Will he ever forget no, and I don’t want him to forget this nightmare because this is how he learned. If he forgets this he won’t learn. Just the same with us that’s why i wrote in my other article we forgive (which is hardest to do) but do not forget, we too have to learn something out of the nightmare bcoz we are also connected to him too. We may just be spectators but we learn from what we observe.

      It will take time for him to recover, it’s so natural for him to have low self esteem after what was done to him, but I strongly believe he will surpass all of these and be a better person. And on stage he’ll be the same KHj with that power he has. Rest assure everything will be alright with him.

      Thank you Eli, if the nightmare or anything you don’t feel right, feel free to share it with us, i know it’s not easy to forget, but we will as we move on along. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  16. I must say that being the world of kpop make few months, my love for KHJ began weeks before the scandal broke, after already having eaten “We Got Married” and “Barefoot Friends” and could not enternder as someone with that kind of personality, and everything showed in his concerts, fan meeting, interview, were all false. I really could not believe that still exist in the world that will shape entertainment companies carrying both a person in order to make it more loved by the public, but in reality does not match virtually anything with your personality. Nor could he believe that the girl accused this type of crime to a media outlet, and not the police discreetly, what is intended? It was what I was wondering.
    That is why I followed the case, reading all the articles were I can read to understand why it happened, and thus see who was right or not. And by doing this more and more convinced I was all a lie.
    Really glad I followed all the way to support Kim Hyun Joong as well as inform me about it, not just say “It’s my oppa and I love you in spite of everything” because that was really ridiculous. Being first-in meet KHJ had my doubts, but never stop fighting to get a true 100% convinced me, and now this! And I totally convincing.
    I love Kim Hyun Joong completely, and although the media pidiesen forgiveness and ex girlfriend too, the damage already did, now just hope you feel better and we follow brindad that smile we love.

    sorry for my English.
    Greetings from Chile ❤

    • Hello Gaby! Thank you so much for following this case that somehow enlightened you with the truth, thank you for not giving up so soon and your understanding about the case.
      May I welcome you to the world of Kim Hyun Joong!! Please do stick around! Take care be happy and see you again! God bless…

  17. Thanks and as always your articles are right on time and full of facts and truth. Yes, the green eye monsters are alive and well but so is love which is stronger. Let us live on and Continental our support of KHJ for liars and cheaters never wins. God bless and what a great beginning in the New year.

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  19. hi kim…as I sat here and read you article I felt the same way.. when I read the article that came out I had to laugh to. what? when? did KHJ martial arts? I laughed so much coz the news media are so funny at times and shows what idiots they are… Everyone should watch “Pinnochio” show. It shows the true media crap in korea. Im always going to love KHJ no matter what. And no, im not a teenager but in my 50’s…. love that boy to death… the harder the struggles the stronger he gets. I will always watch over him…His shy smiles gets my heart every time… one question….in that article I read it said he had to pay a fine…is that correct or a lie? thanks for your hard work…you are awesome letting us all know whats going on…love ya kim.. ottia

    Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 10:03:46 +0000 To:

    • Yes, he was fine with about 5000 in a civil law suit summary. As you may be aware a civil lawsuit is only to compensate economically to the wrong party for breaking some law, never in a state ruled by law, except Korea, must be used as a conviction or admittance of culpability. The wrong party in this case that ratchet being filed the suit at the beginning of the nightmare and how our dear boy manned up and owned his mistake he was open to be filed.

  20. I have been his fan from the first day I heard his music via You Tube and didn’t even know what he looked like, where he was from, just fell in love with his music, then I saw him as Ji Hoo, loved him even more, and have listened to his music every day.He is always with me. I never did believe in any of these rumors. I have been loyal as a fan every day and will continue to do so. I truly believe in him, will always love and support him. Like you so beautifully stated in all of the above, let us all move on and be ready for his comeback. We all need it and he definitely needs it along with all of our love and support. Thank you so much for a well written article. You did it perfectly. Stay strong Kim Hyun Joong, this elderly fan from America dearly loves you.

  21. I have loved him for five years now and I will always believe and trust in him he says he belongs to us and others will always be jealous of that hater are very sad people with no thoughts of their own only believing others lies and twisting their words . We true fans have been hurt along with him and will recover alongside him he knows we will always be with him our one and only kim hyun

  22. Yes, lets move on. We have gone through so much, seeing his pain reflected in his eyes has been a heartache for all of us who love him. I am praying that he is able to smile again. We are praying for healing, we are praying constantly for him because we love him.

    Reading the news made me so mad and sad for him. Not again I thought but like you I did not post or comment on them and ask everyone to let them drown in their own hate. I only commented when a distress fan was posting questions. The translations were so shamelesly misleading. Explaining the legal jargon was really a pleasure to me, and with that chatting with Henecias all over. Many were so scared without understanding the closure. I have never encounter such vile culture like the K Media culture. No conscience or ethic whatsoever. They are disgusting.

    So my Henecia sisterhood and brotherhood is time to enjoy our Unbreakable Phoenix and be his wind under his wings, he must fly high, and for us we are above the ignorance of all those haters. KE will receive his due on time and we will watch it crumble. That horrid woman well KARMA.

    Keep on loving Kim Hyun Joong and stay together like the family we had become, stroger glue by love, mesmerized by our Only One.

  23. Its a thing of great we can rub our hyun na’s innocence all over the haters faces.They are dying of shame,thats why they are spilling nonsense,i am really happy to laugh out at their stupidity,we Really Ought to celebrate by going all out in this concert.Hyun Joong,never let the world take ur joy,God has vindicated u and no one can pull u down,so they can go around decieving themselves.But for us,be rest assured of our undying support,take care,love u.

  24. Hello dear Lazer Kim, thanks for your article thank God that this nightmare is over, always keep supporting my Angel Kim Hyun Joong never doubted his behavior I knew he was innocent. I am very happy and very proud to be Henecia and I am from Venezuela. God continue to bless our Hyun Joong and we’ll take care of your Henecias always protect him. Lazer Kim thank you very much for you to love and believe in our Kim Hyun Joong receives a big hug and blessings from a distance.

    • Yuki eres lo maximo. I want to say that in the middle of all posting the news Henecia Venezuela flooded Facebook with punctures of our love on his silent but always present charity work. Good job Henrcia Venezuela, and if you speak Spanish join them, they will make you always laugh they are the most 4D club

  25. Hi there, nice to hear it from you, i just realized it too that no one ever tried amongst his co- celeb to take sides with him. Not long time ago here in my country a tv-host /comedienne /actor was hardly beaten and brutally accused of rape by a trying hard starlet , but his co-tv hosts, even the tv station where he works fully supported him until he was proven innocent . But still KHJ is one lucky guy because he has our love and support, let them jealous to hell because we will protect kim hyun-joong with our undying love until forever!

  26. Thank you.Hope Our Only One is happy and healthy.I really feel I want give him a huge hug for his brave heart and for his honest way to be.He is special and sensible man.I want make here an appeal to all who love and support Our Only One to show theyr love and support.Will be beautiful if all his fanclubs from world will send to him flowers and messages at Gemini events.How he said is his first project before Ms.Every man is changed after experience of Ms.Will be very good for him if will feel support and love for him and his work before this new steps in his life.He will be in Ms two years.What we will do missing him so much?Hope he will have projects even in this two years bcs we can’t live without him.

  27. Yes , Let’s Move On and Ready for His Comeback ^^ KHJ GEMINI Concerts~~ Let’s Spread Love and Success of Our Only One♥ Thank U so much for this Wonderful articles Ms.LK♡ U’ve said what’s in my Heart +_+ Love U Ms.LK♡ and all KHJ Lovers around the world ♡♡♡ ^^

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