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By: LazerKim


A news article from this media outlet Top Star News with the a title “Kim Hyun Joong JYJ Kim Jae Joong and “special” bond…Jae Joong Hyung write to me this letter” was posted Jan. 16th. This article which obviously taken from Kim Hyun Joong’s documentary back in 2011 caught my curiosity as to why would a news item posted back in 2011 would be posted again after 4 years! And the article ended with “Meanwhile KHJ is being boiled for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend habitually.”

This news article was really tricky and totally misleading obviously, if that media outlet wants to write about Hyun Joong’s case might as well get straight to the point instead of bringing out an old story and stating a twisted information about the case again! Why can’t they just post the DA results instead? Is it because the results are in favor of Hyun Joong that he is not guilty of any of those charges or any crime?

Of course the media wouldn’t want to be a laughing bug to be eating their own words after destroying an innocent artist! In fact they are the guilty ones for making the public believe in all lies just to earn from their dirty work! End of story…

The article stated that Kim Hyun Joong is being boiled! Oh yes I agree Hyun Joong is being boiled with such high temperature and is just aching to get up on the stage to rock the entire universe with his music with a stronger power than ever. He’s hot and so hot to perform the most memorable concert series in Japan! At the same time his fans burning with a lot of enthusiasm well anticipated up-coming Japan concert series “GEMINI” from Jan. 27th to Feb.14th and his up-coming album “STILL” which shall be released Feb.11th!!

Top Star is a very good name for a media outlet and as far as I know the title belongs to Kim Hyun Joong as he has been the top star of all times that any where his name appear has always been on Top among all hottest stars!



May I just share my wild thoughts about SK media and SK showbiz culture that seems to me is getting to its worst. Recently a star actor was just about to perform in a variety show as he started with recording the show and out from nowhere a news broke out about this star accused of tax evasion which he had already settled with. And the producer of the variety show cancelled this star from the show after the news broke just like that!! What does tax evasion got anything to do with the variety show?? I can’t understand this kind of showbiz culture!

And in another note, a certain Clara filed a complaint against her agency ceo for sexual harassment through text message!! Wow!! I don’t believe this and the way I read the news it seems this Clara simply couldn’t get what she wanted from her agency!! Or another female who greed for popularity using this controversial issue. This sounds familiar and you know whom I’m talking about! Well I would say Korean women though not all is just so scary!! Sexual harassment over a text message that doesn’t even signify anything about sex, probably only for malicious minded people! What’s going on??

These are just a few that I have read recently and sound to be alarming for a showbiz culture and how media is putting this on! I can understand that in SK scandal, and controversial specially sensationalized stories are the top salable news in this country it seems! Now I’m having this impression that SK showbiz culture is no longer healthy to their artists!!



In connection to what I have written above, if a so-called scandal was unjustly done to Kim Hyun Joong it’s very likely that any move he make, these media people are just prepared to stamp him down again! And it seems his Korean agent can no longer protect him, just my opinion.  My apologies to my judgement but this is now how I see the entire scenario as far as Hyun Joong is concern or any Korean artist being a victim of scandal and controversy.

Well I’m just writing my mind out but can we encourage Hyun Joong to better stay in Japan for good and for real? I mean not only for these two months but maybe even before and after his enlistment. We all want him to be back after this and I got no doubt his fans shall all be waiting for him but I just wish he comes back in Japan instead and not in SK in doing his music for the future after his MS.

What has been happening to SK showbiz is already alarming. I agree in any part of the world showbiz has been a hot item to talk about. But maybe not as worst as we read about SK showbiz culture, that even the tiniest matter an artist can do that doesn’t even concern the showbiz is being made into a big deal! So much hypocrisy here, no offense to SK showbiz culture but this is getting out of hand.

And by the way, as I have mentioned earlier until at this time we have not read any progress pertaining to Hyun Joong’s case. What’s holding them back? So who can bring out the DA results? His agency I suppose, but where are they? What about the media? Oh I have mentioned it earlier what seems to be the obvious they will just sink down from shame (if ever they have) for posting such dirty trash news with all lies for months!

As we have seen the KHJ case recap how the fake evidences were created just to destroy a person and this is just sad that A and media ever exist through their evil ways and how they can swallow all those lies they brought to the public.  May I just share the old saying……… “Evil intent never win”



There’s a new voting polls being conducted by Drama Fever and there are only two contenders Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho. Both are from Hyun Joong’s first drama series Boys Over Flower, and with this regard I got a high respect on Lee Min Ho and his fans. Now in this voting polls allow us to leave comments after voting but unfortunately there are harsh comments at the polls which I suspect KHJ haters were the ones doing this because I know a lot of Lee Min Ho fans and they are not likely to bash around.

Therefore may I appeal to all Kim Hyun Joong fans to refrain from replying to the harsh comments or it would be much better not to read the comments and ignore it. Let’s just vote peacefully and leave the polls. Let’s bear in mind KHJ fandom is a decent fandom, we don’t badmouth on others, we may state our opinion but we never use unpleasant words.

As I have mentioned in my recent article “action speaks louder than voice” let our effort in voting be our voice in bringing Hyun Joong right on top of any polls.

                             ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN VOICE!

Drama Fever Voting Polls link:  VOTE NOW!




Henecia Fan Club Japan has been busy with their information dissemination pertaining to Hyun Joong’s up coming concerts that I truly appreciate. As I have mentioned in my recent articles since we can no longer rely on media and KE that we fans shall be on our own let us be more considerate to the officers of Henecia fan clubs in any country since these officers are not being paid to assist in any Kim Hyun Joong events.

The fan club officers are just there as volunteers on their own will in making these concert series possible and organized. If they may not be able to provide some information that we seek, let’s be considerate and I’m sure the officers are doing their best in helping other fans. And making sure that each and every fan is being informed of Hyun Joong’s concert series which starts January 27th until February 14th in Japan.

These concert series may differ from Hyun Joong’s World Tour that its concert promotion are visible anywhere we go within the internet or any country where he performed. As I have mentioned in my other articles, there may be some unhappy people out there who may not be happy to know that Kim Hyun Joong is coming back on stage and may just mess around! As we can see Top Star News was attempting to be a “kill joy”!! But no matter what happen nothing and no one can ever suppress or control any single Kim Hyun Joong fan in supporting him and his projects.

As to those unhappy people who’s trying to destroy him, the more you put Kim Hyun Joong down the more he’ll rise up even higher than what he had already achieved!……… Bear that in mind!  You can never put a good man down!

While writing this article concert tickets in Yakohama and Nagoya had been all sold out in just a matter of minutes upon general ticket selling started yesterday. See I told you!! lol!

For the international fans who would like to watch GEMINI the up-coming concert series of Kim Hyun Joong here’s one way you can purchase the tickets link below.

Gemini international concert ticket purchase link:


Still album CD international purchase:

CD Japan (

Yesasia (

Links shared by Noya Thanks!



Whatever obstacles or whatever may be going on around let’s just take this as a challenge. Fans from up far who may not be here in Japan to watch the concert don’t be disappointed. You know what? Just by the fact you know there’s a concert of Hyun Joong coming out and by just trying to get updates on the event and spread the concert news, this itself is already a support. Your interest your enthusiasm about the event is enough to say “I am with him” And you are, mind and heart and your dedication to Kim Hyun Joong to be a part of this memory is enough support.

Another important thing is Hyun Joong’s up-coming album STILL. Here our support is also very much-needed since we want him up to be at the highest rank at Oricon Music Chart. In the previous years I understand on-line international purchase was being counted, so I believe it will be the same for this year. Now granting for the sake of argument international purchase would not be counted like in SK or granting there’s no music chart to consider, wouldn’t you want to have a copy of Hyun Joong’s album? As the saying goes If there’s a will there’s always a way!

Let’s be confident God knows we all have a clean sincere intention of bringing him up to the top, God will provide, I have that strong belief. If this is meant for Hyun Joong then it’s for him and no one can break that or destruct him from climbing up to the top. Most of all we pray for him and the success of these projects, I believe prayers can move mountains.

Count down begins 8 days from now is a big day to all Kim Hyun Joong fans as he comes back to rock the stage again as the HOTTEST GEMINI ever born….. Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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101 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HOTTEST GEMINI!

  1. Hi everyone.. Not one to comment a lot but an avid follower of this blog and love Hj no less than all of you 😊 it has been a roller coaster for all of us … This was truly a test for all of us fans, although hj was my very first and has always been my ultimate bias, this nightmare was what made me realize how much of a fan I was … With me feeling his pain and sadness when I am so far away and totally a stranger to his existence.. A rockstar can only be a true rockstar as far as what heights if his fans take him so it makes me happy that as fans we have taken Hj to where he is at ( at the very top) and he has taken us fans to a wonderful place that is but ours .. His fans. My most sincere thanks to LK/Peeps at HYunniespexxers and ANgeljoong for all yor efforts… You have become the voice of so many Hearts beefing for hyunjoong… It pains me to see him going through so much but it all fines me great joy and a sense of pride to see him go beyond all his pains and loneliness to continue to go after his dream… I too want to lash out at every single hater out there … I too wish day in and day out to find a way to share his pain but at the end of the day all we can do is keep him in our thoughts and prayers and give him the support that he needs most right now… As a fandom I am proud that we do not idolize him blindly nor do we act rashly ….we instead love and see him for the imperfect human that he is trying to be perfect for us… We instead find ways to make him feel loved… Thanks everyone and keep up the good work… May we all in our little ways be Angels keeping Hj safe … May we all in our little ways … Be a blessing to him as he had been a blessing to each and everyone us😘😘😘peace ya’ll😊

    • Hi ,

      Thank you very much for a beautiful though, words and comments.
      We love you and we love him dearly. It is not a blind love it is a healthy love for a one good man we happen to find him.

  2. Oh!! Please forgive the misspelled words and added words. But wanted to add, let us not get in the dirt with the haters let them believe what they want but let us maintain our dignity. Evil may win a battle but they never win the war.

  3. Thanks again to all who come from to this site and others. In was worried that somd would believe mans report and leave KHj, but happy to read the comments and see that we
    are keeping the Faith and will contine to support KHJ. I too believe that there is big mone behind the scenes trying to orchestrating the take down of KHJ. Why? What took so long for them to come to an conclusion? Why wait until he is winning just about every poll, he is coming out with a new album, touring Japan, and that his fans, true ones, did not leave and new ones were added. They couldn’t take this so they had to find something hence the fine. Another reason I enjoy the company of the fans is the wisdom you all show, you do not just believe everything thing you read but you add your live experiences are. In America such matters would not have taken about six months and come out with just a fine. It would have been some jail time or community service. Also, the fine is not that much in US dollars. Right, now the case is close and no matter how they frame it there was no indictment or guilty verdict given. Also, if this is how the courts inin SK handle their business shame on them. Again, the first go round did not work so they had to come back for second to see if they can peel away at his confidence and his fans strong support but what they do not understand is that God is in the midst. So keep the Faith and Believe. Be bless all.

  4. Hii!

    I’ve been so excited after reading the summary of the case, its finally over and his concert is going to start–good things are happening!

    I was wondering if anyone here is going for the meet?? I want to send a message!!!


    Lots of love!

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    • Hello Ellen! Thanks for the Reblogged and welcome back! Yes i miss your updates!! But I’m so glad you’re back, just in time! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  6. Just like most of you, I would feel better if he signs up with a company in Japan and when he is ready he can make his own company.

  7. es lamentable que hayan personas que solo se ocupe de arruinar a una persona, porque si alguien no te gusta o te cae mal dejas comentarios desagradables, no te gusta no te importa asi de facil, en mi caso hay artistas que no me gustan no los sigo, por lo tanto no ingreso a sitios donde hay informacion sobre ellos, que respeten nuestra decision de apoyarlo, a mi me gusta y si quiero lo sigo, porque aguantar insultos por eso.

    yo entro a esas paginas que hablan de las ultimas noticias y he dejado mi mensaje de apoyo, lo mejor es no responder a los malos comentarios, es iniciar una guerra, por favor apoyen con sus buenos comentarios en todas las paginas en las que hablen de KHJ y no las compartan esto crea mas polemica.

    gracias lazzer kim por tus articulos estos si se deben compartir, siempre demostrando el amor que sentimos tambien por el.

    • Don’t respond to haters, just write supported messages Gracias por tu sugerencia es una buena idea, también he escrito mensajes de apoyo, aunque me muerdo la lengua por responder algunos de ellos y si lo he hecho lo he hecho muy respetuosamente , algo difícil pero si se puede.

  8. After read the news that his case was closed l really feel RELIEVED, NO MORE, l was expecting this, since the beginning we knew that he will recieve any kind of punishment for his mistake. The true is that his honesty condemned him, incredible but it is true. But he acepted it. He took all the rsponsibility, and even sent her that letter, he acepted that unintentionally he psychologically and physically hurt her. That is why l forgave him, as a TRUE MAN he faced it as he usually do in his honest way, without regret , even if it would hurt and damage him so much. He decided to confront it with the truth not with inventions or exagerations which he hates so much. In any moment he said that it was not true that they mutal fought, he did not acept that he assaulted her or did it frequently.
    The fact that he has to pay 5 millon wons for their mutal fight just shows me that it is considered not too serious, just that A made public a domestic fight.
    So dont fell sad dear family, it was expected, since the begining we knew that just for beeing accused like that and acepted part of it, he could pay something, he and we know it. We are not blind not stupid, we just forgave and understood that he is a human being, as me, as you and many others, neither perfect not inocent just a person who wants to live his life on his way, but Iit was not easy to do, he said once ¨ALL MY LIFE I THOUGHT THAT MY LIFE IS MINE ,KHJ LIFE, BUT NOW I KNOW THAT IT IS YOUR¨ When l read that, my heart hurt so much because it was during his last tour just during the nightmare.
    Well my boy it was your most expensive fight with a GF, take it like that, pay and move on. At last you are totally free to do what you want, if you like, talk about it, if not l will understand you.

    • Dear Jazu,

      I can not agree more.

      You have made the best conclusion for this nightmare.

      I ‘m ready to move on with some good memories in my heart. I have met a bunch of wonderful people here who are intellectually outstanding and emotionally healthy sharing valuable experience and though that fulfill my heart. I have found that the artist I adored become a man that I have never though he would be.. a real hero of his own and the man I can’t help but to respect and admire in his willingness to do only the right thing. Lastly I have experience the power of unconditional love and care we have toward the one person and a warming heart among the group of people in this fandom. it is such a very special memory after all.

      • I wonder where was ” martial arts demonstration” cause coming from. It really confusing me. I read @ allkpoop, kdramas n few others that i forgot…some of them mentioned abt “martial arts”. And there was one prosecutor interviewed talking abt the ‘verdict’, martial arts. The heck? Why all these unknown statements suddenly come out now?! Where they get that? And one site saying that ‘police said…bla…bla..bla?” and it sound weird and bullshit. Where was the official statement from police? Why all these saying coming from ‘3rd party”? Where was official statement from KE??!!! Did they all died already?? How abt HJ’s attorney statement? Didn’t he has one?

        Sorry guys, i feel so pissed off abt all these. I know and understand that the case was Closed but it left so much confusing and misunderstanding to us fans and non-fans. However, i feel grateful also when look at how annoying haters when they heard it was not serious and only charged abt US$5,000 FINE! It made them really mad to hear that and how they react was soo funny…haha..

        • Martial arts demonstration??…………. jajajajaja
          maybe it is because it happened just after IG had finished. we know that he learnt a lot about it. They are just speculations, for sure KHJ is smiling moving his head reading it.
          I hope that the official veredic will apear any time. We will be ready to listen to a lot of speculations about it, in favor and agaist. In addition to talk about him gives the media money ahhhh. Even if they write a simple new haters are there to spread his hate. it happened years ago and now, that is why UNBREAKABLE was written and now it fits so well to him, his haters and the media.
          it seem like it was finally an stupidity and a ridiculousness to accuse him without hard evidences. Since now another path, another view and another GREAT PROJECT FROM OUR ONLY ONE.
          GOD BLEES YOU

          • Hi sis Jazu…

            yeah, the part where haters so mad abt this conclusion were really made my day…u can simply detecting their frustation and unbelieveable feeling abt this ending case from their comments…and i LOL at those u said “he already LOST ALL HIS FANS at least”….”almost no fans left to comment here” ..something sound like that….bwahahaha…delusional haters with their nonsense…LOL…

            love u all here…love HJ and all his supportter in S.Korea…may God bless us and HJ and friends..and his family….

        • LOL LOL I die laughing reading from allkpop where on earth did they get that? Its not even in his testimony!! LOL I bet you they just knew DA clearance was released thats all. Let’s just enjoy the circus i wont be surprise if 1 day they will post another fake clearance LOL

          Its ok atiq the comment boxes is for everyone to air out any thoughts and feelings you are welcome.
          lol lol still laughing here w that invented story!!

          • yeah…Allkpoop is ‘interesting’ one coz there u can see the Die-hard-antiHJ fans clowning around and make fun of themselves, showing their stupidity to another level of all stupidity on earth…LOL…

            thanks alot LK for ur hot article this time….so much to say abt this….LOL.

        • He had previously said that the so-called broken/cracked rib incident was from horsing around – apparently that was him showing off some martial arts moves – which BTW is a VERY believable explanation. It has nothing to do w/the one mutual fight he admitted to.
          I noticed that the news sites (granted I have to look at the translated sites) are contradicting each other & also their own previous reports ~sigh~ The one clear thing? Case OVER, small fine, they would not have a case if KHJ had not been honest & admitted his mistake.

          • Hello Teleri! May i just clarify that the invented story about martial arts was never been in hj’s official testimony. If I am charged or investigated having a lawyer beside me the 1st thing that a lawyer would tell me is do not change your statement. Hj maintained his statement all through out. And this is the 1st time for us to read such story after 5 months when the nightmare started.
            LOL where on earth did they get that story!!??

            • LOL …. Fiction ladies, pure and simple, those guys are trying their hands in writing novels, the only things is they are not professionals! Just amateurish news…yes we should laugh they insert all kind of made up stories. They simply forgot what they wrote few months ago…. the martial arts where not an item then, this is brand new.
              this is for them:
              The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
              Albert Einstein

              bet you they will not know who he was…lol..:)

  9. Hello everyone,
    Thank God this chapter is Closed.
    I just have one question is anyone here in his right mind think that the DA report was sent to those trash media? I mean if this is private how come they (the so called “media” sites) come up with those fiction stories?
    Reason and common sense is screaming that for sure the DAs result was most probably sent to KHJ and maybe KE (which I doubt) as their involvement it seems was null and inept in this scandal. So the conclusion someone got hold that the DA cleared KHJ but nobody of his PR (which is inexistent as KE support of course) didn’t bother to clear this so ….they make stories upon stories. Pure fiction.

    I do not believe for one moment that he was fined and the fiction that you read on those so articles is really laughable (martial arts…people get a grip…what are talking about?!?) even the amount seems soo small for what they say….who are they kidding really?

    We can all make a tesis and get a PhD on SK media and Showbiz and their unforgiven/biased public conduct on how to destroy the reputation of one good man.

    For all those who hunted KHJ and for that little nobody a….What Goes Around Comes Around!!
    Your Itime will come.

    I really pity the fans in SK and really what a society they have there……

    Sorry Lk for ranting, but feel so frustrated of the unfairness of the trial they done to KHJ.

    I am a Fan of KHJ and I will continue to support him and I am proud of it and I hope he will succeed and be happy and strong in everything he will decide to do in future!

    Let’s give KHJ our Gemini, the full support for this Gemini Tour, let’s keep him on Oricorn chart the first. Let show those little narrow minded people We do believe in KHJ.

    Let’s give him this gift of support prior his MS.

    • Hi dear Noya…so, there really has DA report abt the case? Where can i read them? Or can u paste it here the link or the article…if its true, now i can get rid all my wary abt this mess….really it burden me when thinking that HJ might feel really hurt…he might be cry when he alone at night…goshh, i thinking so much of him…T_T

      • Hi dear Atiq
        of course we don’t have the DA report and neither those trash media has it. Do you believe that DA will send to media the report instead to Hj? This is private Hj may disclose this or his inept KE.
        But they just want to put a spin in his coming concert series and new album hence they come up with fiction stories.
        I hope somebody will be good enough to translate in English the truth. We will see that soon enough.

        That Hj was cleared by DA I am sure and I am sure no fine imposed.after all police cleared him …they are making up stories to damage his reputation and his work and fans.

        Why they hate him in SK beats me.

        • Well dear..thanks for replying me….so, its not confirm yet he was fined or not? Today the whole day at my office i can’t concentrate at all my work. Keep checking abt the news, reading those trashy site ( well, have no choice ), reading comments ( how pissed off those people…lol ). Like it or not,well i’ll just wait for the official one. thank you so much dear for all ur writes here. It really comforting me.

          • Dearest,
            yes there is a DA result, we all are waiting to get a normal unbiased and clear translation from the SK fans. I know because ppl at TT are doing their best to work on it. I still don’t believe he was fined after all they write, hard to believe their stories. i avoid reading the comments, it is just spoiling my day with the stupidity they all share there.
            But yes thank you God for small mercies, the case is Closed. AMEN!

    • Dear Noya,

      It is such an expensive experience for him . It is also proved that he is a real true man. No matter what the news said one thing nobody can deny is he is honest with his words since day one of this scandal. He accepted only what he did and deny what he did not do. If the medias and others keep twisting the fact it just showed that they are scaring of the truth and Kim Hyun Joong ‘s honesty. I believe deep in side the hearts of medias personal who knew the case well respect him and/or scare of his being a real man.

      I’m ready to give him warm welcome to the new chapter of his life with a cheerful heart and wish him a bigger success for the up coming projects.

      i think life is just like you practice meditation ….no matter how many time you was distracted and lost your breath the important thing is to make sure you always come back to your breath again and again. Kim Hyun Joong will only get better and stronger.

      Love you Noya.

      • Bella dearest,
        Thank you and same here. 🙂
        U know they say nobody is a Prophet in his own land, but the honesty of Hj and that he always kept to what he said and promised made him a very special person in that showbiz they have there in SK, refreshing and out of the box thinking. Not the usual idol cute, Hj was and is special.
        But what they did to him is just soo much misdjudgement and misunderstanding and biased and trial publicly that, taken aside the fact that I am a Fan, I am also human and this is not right by any standards in the world. They all just made a witch hunt with Hj, like they wanted to burn him to make an example. They are real vicious and scary in SK and i do not belive they have a conscience. How they sleep at night with the knowledge they done that. I cannot even imagine the pain he and his family went through. I know they say what it does not kill you it makes you stronger.
        Yes let’s support him in this project and keep him up where he belongs because this man is one of a Kind.
        love you girl:)

  10. Hi everyone,

    Please do not upset with what you read. We already knew the nature of SK medias we knew that justice means nothing to them and they are good at twisted words to mislead and manipulate the public. What do we expect then ? They have earned their income this way for years we can’t change them as long as the South Korean still love to eat their news. Why don’t we just laugh at it and celebrate to Hyun Joong that finally the case officially closed and he can get rid of unhealthy relationship for good. Don’t waist our time with the craps but focus on the core.

    No matter what they wrote to make news the fact is he is innocent from the accusations of assaults. He was fined only for the physical harm which he admitted a mutual fight with the person ” A ” . They can fine him only because he admitted to that . Actually he didn’t have to because there is no prove he was the one who did that accept her words. This alone already showed a lot of who he is. He is honest and sincere all along since day one. The fact that he does not disclosed the person ” A ” identity showed me that he is a true gentleman a real man of man. How many Korean have this kind of guts to take responsibility like this. What i know is he is hated by people who don’t know him at all but he is well liked and loved by all people who personally knew him .

    This nightmare made me knew him better and help me see why I love this particular korean artist . The answer is beside his music, his performance and his charisma on screen i love his spirit his heart and soul . He has never failed me . He is proved he is a talent artist. He is perfect because he is not perfect he is just a decent human being, a real good man. The more I know him the more I feel proud to be his fans. This nightmare proved that he will be the only artist that I will keep supporting as long as he is in entertainment business.

    From now on I will look forward to his concert and support his works. The future is in our hand we will happy if we choose to be happy. I truly believe Kim Hyun Joong choose to be happy. I truly believe he is unbreakable. I think he will do well with his motto ” Life is one shot ” he will give the best of him whatever come to his life. As his fans I just want him to feel love a lot of love from all of us. I do believe the unconditional love from fans will give him strength and stay tall as long as he live.

    Kim Hyun Joong Fighting ,
    I believe in you and i’m very happy to find you.
    Thank you for the countless happy moments you gave me.
    Therefore I will always support you and so proud to be your fan.

    • You are so correct – you said “They can fine him only because he admitted to that . Actually he didn’t have to because there is no prove he was the one who did that accept her words. This alone already showed a lot of who he is. He is honest and sincere all along since day one. The fact that he does not disclosed the person ” A ” identity showed me that he is a true gentleman a real man of man. How many Korean have this kind of guts to take responsibility like this. ”

      He did something wrong but then he ADMITTED it! Despite knowing it would pander to the haters. He’s a courageous young man. We all make mistakes but our true character shows in how we deal w/those.

      I am soooo glad that the prosecutors have finished up his case. Of course those haters are already twisting the facts (well they’ve been doing that) of this – saying he’s found guilty of assault blah blah – NOT. Just sickening.

      Well we can just look forward to his concert & album!

    • I agree with you. This nightmare made me realize he is my only one. Before this I like him but now I really truly love him. He is such a man, he owned his mistake and now is paying dearly for it.

      About the Korean media, I was hating them but then I realize that they dont deserve such a string emotion from me, so now I pittied them ,they are fools and cowards.

      About the SK entertainment and idols, how many can survive something so harsh as this, how many can become a phoenix without an agency? Not one but only the only one. SK in ya face!

      Lets make sure he is on top of the Oricon. Please remember that yesasia wont count. Love always

    • Hello Bella,
      Yes you are right and Hj is right “Life is one shot” so I do hope he will make the most of it.
      Hj just proved he is the Only One and they just lost all of them.
      I loved your below… we are all with HIM.

      Kim Hyun Joong Fighting ,
      I believe in you and i’m very happy to find you.
      Thank you for the countless happy moments you gave me.
      Therefore I will always support you and so proud to be your fan.

    • Dear Bella,
      May I just say that I am in love with your words?
      After reading all horrible comments that I don’t know why I couldn’t stop my curiosity and I went through all of them! 😥
      Your words are very heartwarming ❤

    • Oh Bella, I so love what you said here, I’m really so touched by your words!! And I feel so identified with your words!! Exactly, Kim Hyun Joong is so much more than just an artist we admire! He’s such a lovely human being! As I said in another comment, he’s such a love-inspiring man, such a great magnet of love that it’s impossible to not get attracted by this magnet ! ❤
      He has given us so much to cherish, he has made our life more colourful and even healed many of us in various ways! Apart from being hard-working, I really love his sincerity and honesty in his work and in everything he does and it's that quality of person he is that makes him into such a great artist as well, an artist that we can't help but be enchanted under his spell !
      He is a blessing in our lives as we are also to him, he is a human being with a lot of light coming from his soul and heart.
      I truly thank him as well from the bottom of my heart! Love him and support him always! ❤

  11. Don’t worry, dear!
    No one’s going to leave him, no way!
    None of us believe that crap anyway…
    As I’ve said at another forum, the SK police are as fickle-minded as the netizens.

    So don’t get upset, dear!
    We are not as gullible as those wacky countrymen of his…
    Nor as malicious or inflexible in our attitude, God Willing…

    So, let’s just do our best in supporting our boy now!
    Forget about them…
    Show those nasty ‘insects’ the power of our KHJ & his fans…
    Don’t forget to pre-order our boy’s album & for those who are able or live in Japan, do attend his tour…please!
    Show our beloved boy your unfailing support & adoration…
    Help to heal him with your/our great love…

    • Im with you guys!!!!!it still shows that no one can break him as long as his solid fans are with him…we must look forward to the positive side of this issue not the negative one..khj dont need to please anybody he just need people who trust and always be with him even in difficult days of his life..

      Fighting henecia and triples!!!!
      We must show them that his solid fans is also unbreakable!!

  12. Wait… I’m just a bit confused. Why is it again so many versions of police’s statement? Didn’t they say that A couldn’t provide proof for rib fracture? And a question! Is this 5 million won a huge amount of money or not? I mean in situations similar to which A has claimed, what is the usual punishment?
    I am really really frustrated. Since I don’t know now that the case is over it is going to be good for him or not! I’m really worried about his upcoming Album and concerts. I personally can’t support him regarding the concerts but I pray those who are in Japan support him fully. Oh God please HJ deserves to be happy, he has tried so hard to be this KHJ! It is not fair to lose everything so easily… 😥
    By the way I hateeeeeee this soompi! Their Article is very horrible! Making fun of him! Rude media!
    There is a Korean version of the news which I couldn’t understand because of good translation of Mr google. Also I really wanted to understand the comments…can anybody help?

    • Dear Eli!

      We are all worry for him!
      But he don’t lose anything!No,if his true fans and other peoples who like him support him further!!And Don’t be confused!
      He just admit ,,light physical altercation” and martial arts playing or something like this,and for this the money punishment!There is no evidence that Hyun Joong-ssi is guilty!The police told many months before this!!!And this is the situation when the police or prosecution use the ,,summarily indicted”.Simple arrangement!Because no one no what happened between them!
      Because he was so sincere and admit ,,light physical altercation”!But there is not evidence against him!Just her words….this is what for he fined.
      It’s not a big amount!A real court is not like this!If he really beat her,the punishment is a bigger money,but rather jail….But we all know that he is just made a mistake…He don’t know how evil can be a women,if the boys leave they…Never believe in the media!!!!!!If the sky is blue,they say it is dark….just for seeking the money!!I just worry for him now,because surely a terrible feeling that damn evil persons curse him! If I would be able to time travel,I would go to the past to save his reputation,but I can’t,just I can pray to the God that he learn from this lessons and he never believe in anybody!
      I don’t think that I have to talk about this further!I think everybody who loves or likes him,they know the best how kind and good person is he!So forget this nightmare!Not worth mentioning either!
      We just support his further career!Now more than ever!

      • Dear Rose, I know all of these. But… As I said I’m a bit impatient, in these situations always thinking about so many negative things that might never happen but I can’t actually control my thoughts 😦 I just want to see the end of it, HJ standing on the stage of Yokohama, relieved from all concerns with a genuine smile. He should have learned his lessons from this case but I want to see that he has moved on. Simply I want him to live happily 🙂

  13. Lazier Kim, I love your posts and articles very much and wait impatiently for your intake on everything related to Kim Hyun Joong. I have been shocked and disgusted with how the S Korean media has singlehandedly tried to destroy Kim Hyun Joong’s reputation and the fact that they have carte blanche to write whatever they please with no accountability. You’d think the entertainment world would try to put a stop to all this fiasco but I guess they are at the mercy of the media and public opinion influenced by the said media. It’s a terrible thing when artists are left defenseless in face of the wave of bigotry and hatred that’s addressed to them. It is my opinion and desire that KHJ would be better off basing his career in Japan where he has had nothing but respect and support. The media in S Korea is worse than that in the UK and US.

    PS. Do you have an email address where I can contact you? I need to ask you something in private.

    • Hello everyone!
      Im currently having problems with wp that i couldnt get thru to new post. Its just good though because im angry and when im angry as much as possible i dont want my anger gets to my fingers and type to express anger over MEDIA and that stupid woman A.
      As i have mentioned in this article the media wouldnt dare eat their own words and so they again twisted info pertaining hj’s case.

      The truth is KHJ ‘s case had officially CLOSED. For media its so difficult for them to write a NOT GUILTY verdict. Anyway the most important thing now is that this case is close it over it finish.

      SK media and its showbiz culture is HOPELESS meaning its dying of cancer so let them die. We on with our lives we continue supporting kim hyun joong and nothing else matter.

      We move on from this chapter no matter what we do we cannot brain transplant people from SK. I feel sorry for hj’s korean fans who may have to endure with this kind of showbiz culture and their media. Nevertheless we go on with fight by pushing hj to the top thru his concerts and his album.

      As i have mentioned in this article we are on our own Im no longer expecting any move from his agent who are just a bunch of coward so we stand firm by hyun joong side.

      We do not forget what media KE and that woman A has done to kim hyun joong. We mark on these people but we leave them behind and move on.

      I’ll be back within the week I’ll be writing my next article and let’s see what lesson learned in this incident. May i just appeal to everyone to pls refrain from replying from haters comments from other sites lets leave them and just move on. As i have said ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN VOICE.

      Let us just focus on the concert and hj’s album. They will not stop until they see hj is going back on stage they cant take it and will do everything to pull him down. Lets just remain firm and stay w hj.

      Thank you so much everyone take care be happy LOVE is in the air as hyun joong is just around us!! See you soon and God bless…

  14. I was really confused yesterday; I didn’t get your point completely! Are you referring to JKS by mentioning variety show and tax evasion? I just today found out about him, that he has been put out of the show in spite of recording 2/3 of it! SO funny! Just 2 days before the show’s premier! The news out of nowhere!! Why are they so precisely attacking their most wanted stars exactly when those stars are in the middle of a new and promising project!? I don’t believe that this timing pattern is accidental. In general I don’t really follow SK showbiz except for my favorite actors! I didn’t know that the atmosphere is this much spoiled! I think after our HJ, JKS is the second star with worldwide popularity that goes through a scandal!
    I have recently watch “Pinocchio” and “You who came from the stars”. During watching them I’ve been just thinking about HJ, that how they have the power to bury the “truth” and how they can be extremely cruel to torture an innocent person for their own profit. I am very surprised that their people don’t even think! Why they don’t use their logic! They just want to reach to a final conclusion very fast and get rid of that person. Do they even think for a second that it is life and future of a person that you are so carelessly judging about it! These careless people are more frightening that those who have malicious intentions, since they can be manipulated so easily by the second group and help them to reach their goals! Totally disappointing!
    LK as you said someone really powerful is behind all these so called scandals. I really feel pity for them; they are just ruining their own talented young generation.

        • ok…i’ve google the news abt JGS…oh my, its him….i thought Eli talking abt LJS bcoz she mentioned abt Pinocchio…it instead JGS!!…Well, at first it was confusing actually..LOL ….anyway, that news really scary for me coz it was just abt tax evasion that the star had been paid them…what the heck with them? It looks like those entertainment agencies/productions were so scared of public sentiment!? Shouldn’t they just make it straight for public understand the situation rather than just kick him?! Funny yet b#lls*#t!!

  15. Really hate those anti HJ. I feel hurt too n sad at the situation. They jz believe the girl n trash HJ. I wonder if he cried over it. During Ss501 days, kyu jong said sometimes leader cried alone at night due to burdens. Now that HJ fans put up the evidences of Ms A lies, anti HJ still bashed him n refused to believe us. I am also wondering why Ss501 members n jae joong never speak up to defend him. I wish more friends come out to defend him. Looks like korea netizen hates him. I am glad he will stay in japan for 2 months.
    i also saw videos made by anti HJ. I feel like crying. Hoping for a miracle. Hope netizen n media have to apologize to him n the fans for destroying his image. Oh God! Please help.

    I am waiting for someone to translate the talk session during young seang Seoul police concert where the sub unit get together. Heard he mentioned leader when asked abt their 10th anniversarry.

    • Me too just read abt those news in a few site but, omg, what a rude words they talked abt HJ….i hope they are not TS and just some crap of some other low level group’s fans who full of envies with our dear boy…i really want to believe most of them are not TS…if they are really are TS, gosh, what a shallow minded they have..i pity them that they easily feed themselves with what the media wanted them to believe in…they still have issue with SS501 disbanded case? i guess they still not satisfied with HJ stand on that issue and keep grudge on him…and until the mess happened, they you go they all just have to show their truecolors…damn….

      Anyone is real TS here please have a say here, i feel so upset reading all their hateful comments on HJ…they think SS501 without HJ can be susccesful?? Didn’t they know SS501 has gain so many fans tru HJ’s fans after BOF? Who doesn’t love them after knew HJ is one of them? They wanted to kick HJ? Lol…to be honest i don’t really care at all if SS501 can not come back at all ( eventhou i used to hope that it will be materialised ). HJ has much more fans compared to the 4 members fans thou. He even famous in Japan rather the other 4. His Japan albums sale always Top of the Oricon chart. No need to say more. All of us knew all these facts. I guess these what made TS really mad at him, judge and hate him without any conscience on the case…LOL..really people have to live up their life and move on….

      For my beloved TS who HJ biased or who still support leader here, Kudos to all of u. We will keep support Hj no matter what. I’m not Henecian but i guess im just an Alien so love him so much.

      • Hi, dear!
        That’s probably the main reason why they dislike him so…
        I mean the so- called TripleS…
        They have always vehemently denied that the reason SS501 became so popular in 2009 was b’cos of our boy & BOF.
        True, they were really popular back when they just debuted until they went to Japan in 2007…
        But one of the reasons why hyunjoong agreed to join WGM in 2008 was b’cos they weren’t that popular by that time.
        Suju & Big Bang, not to mention DBSK, the original ones, were making themselves known & making waves…not SS501, sorry to say.

        This bunch of TripleS, weren’t they predicting that our boy would fail as a solo?
        Then what happened?
        Not only did he succeed but to eclipse all 4 members in popularity & fame?
        Lol! What a nerve ~ was what they were probably screaming…
        M not saying that the other members aren’t successful in their own right.
        They are, definitely but compared to our boy, well, his success was & is on another level totally.
        So of course, they would be howling out for blood, our boy’s blood…
        Now with this unfortunate incident, they have found a way to further vent their hatred…by bashing him mercilessly.

        As you said, it’s laughable when they opined that the group would be better off without our boy.
        I guess they are desperate enough to believe that…
        It would be better for the 4 of them cos they won’t be eclipsed in popularity, I guess…
        But could they achieve a lot more success & popularity by themselves?
        They could try…

        I think for most of our boy’s fans, they would rather he remains a solo cos they prefer listening to his voice only…
        But for now what matters most is for us to continue supporting & comforting him…
        Show him our unchanging love for him & ‘screw’ those unhappy. nasty creatures…
        Let’s concentrate on our boy’s tour & his upcoming album, everyone…

  16. there is a big declined in korean showbiz industry in japan because of politics and korean showbiz culture…..they are very big in japan before but not anymore…only few maintain their popularity in japan and one of those is KHJ..thanks for his ever faithful fans, for their support and love for him, i’m happy i live in japan..thanks miss LK

    • Hello Isabel! Yes I agree with you, the decline is quite huge compare to previous years which I think is a better timing for HJ lesser noise lesser competition with other Kpop and Jpop. Oh hello neighbor!! LOL Thank you isabel take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

    • U know what, i think if the situation getting worse in Korea, still they keep attacking HJ till the end, i guess HJ would end up like his sunbae BYJ. If im not mistaken, back then BYJ also facing the same situation…i mean not ‘assault’ but he once has been attacked for his involvement in x-rated drama/film…he got so much criticsm regarding that…Korean entertainment society is really crazy. That’s why he brought himself to live in Japan for good. Hj might be decide the same also and i will totally support him…though i feel sad for him coz he loves his country so much….of coz everybody loves their own country…T__T

  17. i think i posted my comment in the wrong place,well i’ll try to recall what i said. Am far in terms of distance but not in interest. i must confess that when i first heard of the scandal i was hurt but i prayed and latter felt better and happy when i saw the picture of hyun joong coming out of the police station, his eyes was filled with hope,faith and discipline. we will always support him no matter what happens, he’s not just an idol but a true blessing from God to all who adore him. we are not worshipping him but giving him the respect he has worked hard for. the japan concert is for us,so we must support it by God’s grace. forget the haters,to hyun joong and every of his fan in general: life is in all corners,so is hatred and criticism but true love is straight forward” also: people always bring up the past in order to hurt our feelings,but never mind,as far as you have walked pass that stage, take it as a climbing block to your success”. love u.

  18. wishing i could be in one of his Japan concerts… kim hyun joong is the greatest performer in his time…no one can pull him down because henecians are pulling and tossing her up… God always blessed those who are persecuted ..

  19. Thank you LK for this article and they haven’t changed have they? The SK media is stuck in 2014, well they didn’t win in 2014 do they expect to win in 2015? Such a lame way to save face by again, misleading the public. At least here in our country, the media asks for the two sides, at least. Here there’s just one side, they didn’t even ask KE! and the troubling part KE didn’t release any helpful statement regarding the matter.
    Real NEWS should have two sides, as I keep hearing balance reporting.
    So my minds made up since this whole “thing” happened. Kim HyunJoong should change his home company. Or concentrate on other countries like what you said. After his MS he should concentrate on people who truly supports and needs him not destroy him.
    I’m familiar with this Clara, she’s got a sexy image. Well I don’t think this is the first time she’s received such message not from her manager but from other people as well cause of her image. I also remember the actor Park ShiHoo who was accused of rape but in the end the case was dropped and the accuser withdrew, did the media said sorry even his basher a big NO! They destroyed his career and image for what? A starlet who obviously wants an easy career. The SK media is going down the drain, can’t they do real articles and not just something they heard of? If they don’t have any credible information that can support their news and not just third hand information they shouldn’t write, otherwise I wouldn’t call it news but just hear say which any one can do. So I wouldn’t call them reporters but annoying neighbors who’s got nothing to all day but gossip. How can someone sleep well at night knowing you’re a part of destroying someones life? Oh I forgot, they don’t have conscience 😛

    • Hello fay! CORRECT everything you said i agree! Yes balance reporting prior essencial for a credible news. I think they dont have that in SK! Im just thinking if no one buys those trash news will media write such trash? They write those trash bcoz the sk public buys it. It should hv been alright if the reader dont just grab the news and conclude! But the problem is korean public just believe what they read and the media would just take advantage without thinking and conclude period. So premitive in culture really im sorry but sk should do something to their media since its already polluting the minds of the public specially at the internet.

      And the women they appear to be innocent looking but….. no comment as i said scary! And KE is hopeless coward irresponsible. Oh yes park shi hoo i pity the guy. Actually i feel sorry for artists. And as a woman yes i feel ashame w what these korean women been doing soooo cheap. Im a woman too but they dont deserve my support sorry bout that and i cant be blamed with what they have been doing shameless really specially that A! grrr
      Thank you Fay for sharing your thoughts take care be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • Yes KE is, I’m sorry coward. Sa ating salita, puro pakabig lang sila. As much as I want to give them a chance your article made me stay with what I believe in, I guess your with me now ^^

  20. I honestly can’t understand them. It is going to be extremely annoying. I am really curious to know how long they will continue in this manner! They don’t miss a single chance to mention this so called scandal in their articles. I guess they’re really suffering from lack of superstars since even now HJ is the main character of their news and articles. I may be able to tolerate the harsh comments of haters. As I know most of them are just some fans of other very average idols and their comments are out of jealousy. But these media! They’re bringing it up deliberately again and again, whenever there is good news of HJ.
    I sincerely pray that both his album and concert series will be a huge success. So that HJ can prove himself once again through his own hard work and talent not those dirty ways that his bashers have chosen, making money by destroying other people’s reputation. Then SK has to make a choice if they want to lose such a jewel and continue in their old manner, since they are the one in the verge of loss. HJ has such a powerful army that nothing can affect him, his place is in our hearts and we’ll protect him like a family.
    HJ is innocent and pure, free from any malicious intention, therefore I’m 120% sure that he always has God by his side. When I yesterday heard that tickets of 2 venues have been sold out I was ready to cry out of happiness. Oh thank you God for showing us rays of hope, making our hearts strong that everything is going to be fine. I have an important exam on 1th Fab which I’m not fully ready for it yet! Actually I don’t know whether to count days or not, paradoxical feeling! 😀 I wish those who have the chance to attend his concerts the most joy and cherish every moment of being by his side ❤

  21. Forgot important thing…KHJ have the most awesome / amazing Fans. Henecia and others …like us the “Aliens” who may not be affiliated to any fan club but still Fans to the core!
    With our support Hj will always be at the Top.
    Henecia Japan Rocks!♡♡♡♡

  22. Thank you Lazerkim, every word true to the dot, you really know how to put things in the right light. You should have been a journalist sis.
    The Sk media and showbiz are not just scary but a shame. The way they treat their artists who put the name of SK through Hallyywave in the international spot is just a disgrace. I can’t call their trash things as journalism, because this will be an insult to the real journalists doing their job.
    How they treated and how they allowed others to bash Hj is such a bad note and a black dot for SK, they do not seek the truth they seek scandals to sell their trash and it doesn’t matter if they destroy someone’s life on doing so. Seems like have no souls.
    Yes LK you can never put down a Good Man via lies, I still harbour hopes that one day the Truth shall be out there.

    I understand every buy on line will count on Oricorn chart, so just for info girls: there are few copies left on this site
    I have pre ordered my new CD via CDJapan they deliver World Wide:

    also purchased can be done at YesAsia: Hyun Joong (SS501)

    Now waiting for Gemini Tour (our Gemini) to put on the concert of his life.
    God Bless and the Truth Shall set you Free! 🙂

    • Hello Noya! Thank you so much for sharing the links! Yes I may frustrated about SK showbiz culture and the media but I still watch Kdrama because I fully support Korean artists specially Hyun Joong of course they are the ones being treated unjustly and that’s too painful for an artist who work their guts out night and day just to entertain people.

      The public thinks this job is so glamorous but behind the scene they work more than anyone else in such an abnormal body clock, specially in the drama production that actors and crew could hardly find time to eat and sleep on the right enough time, that’s how it is in the entertainment production. If they may have nice clothes, cars house they deserve it because they work hard for it.

      That’s why it hurts to any artist to be destroyed in such a way out of lies. And people would just judge them harshly without thinking. They are just too busy to believe lies than seeing the truth and that’s way too frustrating.
      Thank you Noya take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • Yes, you are right, I have not completely stop watching but I watch the same dramas over and over again. Not sure if it is like the states, that every time it is watched you get residuals. I like the ost from mary staed out all night and I have watched that over n over again. I have a top 10 but lately tried to get into the new drama the kings face but the acting of the lead actof, in my opinion is not uo to par, now I do like him n he is one of my favorites but not here. I don’t watch any new dramas and it is not because of khy but I have found that most of their story lines all have an underline theme and only the actors faces change. Also, I had respect and still do in somethings but I have found that their culture is not as pure as they have led others to believe. So for me I can’t support whole heartedly. I have moved to other countries, right now not finding even good ones therefore, the going back to my top ten. God bless all in SK who has been caught up in sillyness n have suffered. Now I see another ons of my favorites, Jang Suk. Boy, if yku could not continue hour craft in America because of tax evasion a lot if actors would be out of a job. It appears that SK is eating thdir young. Why? And they keep bringing out new groups.

  23. Thank you for such a great article, you and the others are truly bless, and thanks for always keeping us inform. True God will take care of him and those who try to do him harm. There is a verse in the Bible that states,” you can harn your brother more so with words than a weapon”
    So, this is why I am happy that KHJn fans are different, for we will have to answer for our words. I am a fan across the ocean, but have voted in as many polls as possible and just voted in the drama fever poll. One thing for sure, he is close to LM H but they all are winners in their own rights. God bless and Angel hope you are doing much much better. KHJ fans let us always keep the Faith. Also, I will wait patently for videos regarding his tour because as you said this is his fans doing this, such love and I am sure this is why the paper came out with that article. Question???? Has this every been done before, where fans step in to promote their idol?

  24. I might say that the tabloids/media in korea is really scary..they tend to destroy their own artist,although im not watching korean drama anymore when the news about khj exploded but this drama pinocchio catches my attention so i watch their last ep. and i hope that whoever watches it will get the real lesson from this, that not all the reported reports are liable and true.and khj is one of the victim of media’s propaganda and this close minded people and khj haters rejoices when they read about the articles coz they have the reason to attact this poor man.
    Will they can bash and hate khj all their life and i dont care as long as i believe in truth and in humanity..who cares about them anyway!!!!hehe.may i add this one i read an article in allkpop about the reunion of the 3members of ss501 and some of the comments are that they are happy that khj did not belong to this mini concert coz his a shame to the group lol!!!fyi khj is one of the biggest star of this group,if i compare him to food he gives spice to them he is the main course of this band if they say they love triple s then hate khj then they can call themselves ss401 fans(and honestly im an only khj fan;)!!
    Thank you ms. lazerkim for this wonderful article and i hope that the concert of kim hyun joong will all be successful..GOOD VIBES TO ALL AND GODBLESS!!

    • Hi! Like what u wrote…

      ‘fyi khj is one of the biggest star of this group,if i compare him to food he gives spice to them he is the main course of this band’

      Well said…
      In fact if I may say so, he’s the biggest star in the group…& that’s a fact not an exaggeration…
      I guess some people couldn’t stand how very popular he is considering that he’s supposedly the ‘least talented & weakest singer/actor’ in his group.
      Lol! There are still some poor envious souls at AllKpop & OH who couldn’t seem to get over their bitterness at his ‘disbanding’ of his group…
      Poor them…still harping & resentful on some old news.

      Anyway, for now our boy is safe & away from those nutty countrymen of his so we should be thankful for that…
      Another 9 more days..yay…before we see our boy where he belongs…on stage, being his scintillating self…
      Wishing & hoping everything will go smoothly & successfully for our beloved boy & his ever-loving fans….

      • Thank you arfina!!jealousy can cause them to hate,,so we might show to the world that the fandom of khj is the coolest and didnt spread hate to others…

        And i hope that someday i will see his group ss501 performing live in a stage.

        But right now were all looking forward for his upcoming concert in japan!!!we wish him all the best…daebak khj!!!
        And i’ve just read a link a while ago that khj dont want to renew his contract with keyeast but it has no confirmation yet

        • Hello there! I really hope he won’t sign any managerial contract with any Korean agent, if indeed his contract term expired. I really cross my fingers on this. Japanese artist’s contract is more reliable and with much better terms and conditions on the part of the artist with a clean give and take in terms of business. And I wish he’ll be offered and he’ll sign on it on the next near future.
          The success of Gemini and Still his album holds on for a next project so we really have to pray for these 2 projects and help him to succeed so we’ll have at least one more chance to see him before his MS. *sigh* I cross my fingers!
          Thank you so much, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  25. No words I can say to all those trash. Media!!! I just can pray for Our KHJ.Like what U have said Ms.LK, no One can put down The Good Man!!! I’m happy just to know that He is Healthy and Happy in Japan. Excited fr His GEMINI CONCERT & His 2nd Japan Album. For International Fans U can make account and purchase here 👉 it count in ORICON😉
    Let’s Support Our Only One KHJ 😉🙆
    Thanks always for Ure Articles Ms.LK♡ it’s always being Our Healing and Motivation fr always kept FAITH and Stay STRONG to Support Our Only One Kim Hyun Joong. FIGHTING for All of Us!!🙆🙆

  26. Hope that you can help with detailed inf because we are not clear how to buy l also have an address in Japan, l like to buy too.
    Do you know any inf about his case or updated resolution?. I think that he needs this last resolution to be tranquil and be happier. And seeing the result of the poll, in Drama Fever did my day Just that both are the finalist makes me happy, Over many good handsome actors he is finalist, it is incredible and a good tool to fight against haters.
    I cant wait for his come back, God bless my boy and his fans

    • Hello Jazu! I have just posted CD pre-order links with the article or from Noya’s comment box you may check it out. Thank you, take care be happy and see you again! God bless..




        • Hello Cagome! Oh yes I agree with you 100% Japan has been very accommodating for international market specially in entertainment field and artists are well treated with equal respect, fans are very supportive. And since Japanese are busy people they put priority to what the people needs rather than destroying thru media. The government has very strict policies when it comes to info and news. Busy Japanese do not have time to even glance at showbiz gossips, scandal and controversial news! Japan is one of the most peaceful discipline country worldwide.
          I really think this is the best place for Hyun Joong I think he is happy here and where he can find peace. Thank you Cagome take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

  28. Gosh would they ever stop? Well I guess not. Full of hate cannot bear the sight of a person loved so much as we love our only one. After the fiasco of yahoo the polls for me dont matter anymore. I was so mad of the injustice, but I decided to stop being mad and get even. I have never voted so much in so many polls. I imagine those annoying rats squirming when they realized he is unstoppable and his fans have unconditional love for him. I am so proud of him my lovely phoenix and like you I wish he would stay in Japan where he is loved and cheerish. For the diagusting SK media, karma is upon you. I believe God’s justice will come and like a flood it will wipe out all the evil that tried to destroy this beautiful soul. Thank you for your post it was excellent as always.

  29. I must say that I found very little bashing on the DramaFever site compared to AllKPop or Soompi. & go VOTE!!! KHJ is within 4 pts of passing LMH! Although I think DF is a bit off to have put the biggest stars all on one side of the chart ~sigh~
    Clara is well on her way to proving her case against her management w/her text messages – the police are validating them. Which PROVES that if that MissA’s text messages had ANY validity then the police would have used them! Which they did not.
    Also, I’m shocked that there is still so much misinformation & hate against Park Shi Yoon when he was EXONERATED! I mean you are so correct about the media – they will gleefully drag somebody down w/no proof but then the corrections & announcements of innocence get buried on the back page. The drama Pinocchio does an excellent job of showing this phenomena.

  30. Another great article! Is there a site with English translation where we can buy or pre-order his Still album? I obviously cannot read Japanese but I do want to order his album. I have a Japan address to sent it to to make the purchase count in the chart. I hope you or anyone can help me and the other international fans.

    • Hello Ann! I think you can order fr yesasia just like what the other fans are doing although i personally havent tried but so far yesasia delivers promptly coming fr other fan’s feedback. Check it out it may help you.
      Thank you ann take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Thank you LK for your reply. Thank you for reminding me. I do have a Yesasia account that I used to order KHJ’s world tour dvd last year but I had it mailed to my home address. Now, I changed my preference to Japan-English and shipping destination to Japan. Album not available for pre-order yet though (I’m not sure if it will be?). I hope this will work for me and the other fans outside Japan.

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