Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WELCOME BACK!




By: LazerKim


For the past months I’ve been asking myself when can I get to see Kim Hyun Joong at the airport again? And this question echoed among his other fans, as similar thoughts we have here!! At last what we have been waiting for finally got out from his kitchen after cooking for us! Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Haneda Airport Japan last night January 9th to attend an official promotional event for IG fan meeting January 10th in Kanagawa Prefecture Japan. (Kanagawa Kenmin Hall)

Looking dashing in his black coat Kim Hyun Joong handsome as ever still looking good as hundreds of fans waited and welcome him with so much warmth. Geez how I miss this guy it has been over three months since the last time we have last seen him at the airport now finally back on the track!

Did anything change? Oh yes Hyun Joong looks healthy, blooming and I have noticed this time bigger number of fans came to both airports to see him off and to welcome him, took his pictures, videos both at Gimpo Airport and at the Haneda! The only thing that did not change is the excitement among his fans who were dying to take a glimpse of him and take every chance to take pictures and videos!

Shall we tie him down here in Japan and never let him go back to SK?? That will be fun! LOL!   It’s so great to see him again, a bigger sigh here and a greater relief there, that at last he’s finally back on his toes and quite prepared to face tomorrow much stronger than ever!

May I ask, upon seeing his airport photos yesterday what did you feel? Have you felt a sudden heart lift and an unusual excitement? Well I did!! We have been used to seeing him at the airport through the pictures shared by his diligent fans at the internet but this time I felt different, as if I have not seen him for ages and would just run to him and would say….

“I’m so happy to see you again, be strong, you will never be alone…” This was what I have in mind in teary eyes upon seeing his recent airport picture! And it feels so great!

                                      Welcome back my Brave Hero!!

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Today January 10th Hyun Joong and his fans spend time together with the hand shake and picture taking event at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall I may not be there since I’m at the other side of Japan for work, but seeing the photos obviously Hyun Joong and his fans had the great time together! The venue may not as huge as the venues where he performed his concerts but the encounter is much closer that his fans had the chance to see Hyun Joong up close.

During his World Tour he had been saying he would love to see his fans in a smaller venues that can create a much closer interaction. And so with this event his fans had the chance for a photo session with Hyun Joong and he even played on letting his fans go for interesting poses with him all together “fighting” a big cheers and shoot!! That was fun!!

It’s so great to see Hyun Joong smiling again and having such a great time with his fans. We may not be there but it really feels I was one of those Japanese fans enjoying their close encounter with Hyun Joong and he enjoyed this short moment too, obviously! The event may be simple but being with him in a fan meet close encounter is such a memory to keep whoever fans were there, it’s worthwhile moment to share with.

And I’m most thankful to Kim Hyun Joong for being there today to spend time with his fans in a rare chance that made his fans happy from that venue had reached his other millions of fans from every part of the world through the internet. I thank all the fans who took pictures and videos at the airports and at Kanagawa who attended the event. Thank you so much for sharing with us, your effort is very much appreciated by all of us fans.




Allkpop posted news entitled “Kim Hyun Joong makes a Japanese come back next month” the article talks about his up-coming album Still and his Japan Tour Gemini! Well at least the news is positive, and I hope the next news is another good news! There were negative comments from the hater’s camp, what do you expect? But I chose to leave it these haters cannot live without hating and they will die with it but, so be it!!

As I have mentioned in my previous article Best Wishes, we close the year 2014 still smiling despite of the pain we endured at mid year being stamped down as we fought back and defended Hyun Joong. As this year 2015 opens up, I believe we are much stronger as his fans that there’s no pain inflicted to us that we cannot endure and survive with.

This 2015 we will not allow anyone to insult us anymore. They said “actions speak louder than voice”. We will remain silent and decent BUT we will show those haters that nothing can stop us from supporting Kim Hyun Joong and his projects no matter what they say and no matter what they do, we shall be supporting and protecting him till the end.

We fight for our right being fans of Kim Hyun Joong by bringing him up there to the top with much effort and sincerity in supporting his up-coming album and supporting his Japan Tour event.          ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN VOICE!

It is the right of every individual fan to support and follow whoever she wants as those haters do not have the right to interfere with our lives. In short, “Haters mind your own lives!”                  

Click like on this news and ignore the hater’s comments!

Allkpop (



We had a good start this year 2015 although, there may be some unacceptable matter at the polls Lotte Duty Free as Kim Hyun Joong won the first place spot but the acknowledgement was given to three artists instead of just one for the category Best Model, not plural as in Best Models but just one singular person should win. Lotte should have categorized their winners like first runner-up, second runner-up ect!! This is if they want everyone to be winners!! LOL

Now here’s my 2 cent. These people organizing those polls doesn’t realize how Hyun Joong fans worked their guts out, effort and time we spend on those voting polls! Again these people doesn’t realize that Kim Hyun Joong fans is still the strongest fandom among others, specially at this time. These people think his fans had left him after the nightmare without realizing that nightmare made us stronger and even multiplied in bigger number of fans for Kim Hyun Joong!    I call it Positive Impact!

Now that Lotte Duty Free, Yahoo Asia Buzz ect. knows the strength of Kim Hyun Joong fans I hope they would be careful next time not to under-estimate his power and his fans strength.  BUT it doesn’t end here, in fact it’s only the beginning of a new life for Kim Hyun Joong and his fans, we are never quitters we fight all through out till the end in any polls where Hyun Joong’s name appears.

And most specially at the Oricon as Hyun Joong has been keeping a good record high as always being no.1 in ranking in any of his Japanese album releases. That’s a fact, there’s no over rating here! His album Still shall be released on Feb. 11, let’s continue with our support and let’s keep him at that highest rank!

And also may I just say, I’m aware about the KHJ case revue but I chose to wait for a while and we’ll discuss it later. For the mean time I honestly don’t want to spoil anything because I’m happy to see Hyun Joong back on his toes and I just want to celebrate! My comment box is open, as I always say anything goes in this blog, feel free to share your thoughts and we’ll read from you. Thank you!

From now on let’s set our minds, now that Hyun Joong is almost done with cooking in the kitchen, we look forward to what is in store for us from him, but let’s keep our awareness since he’ll be out there again and it’s very likely some may attempt to mess around the joy we have, if you get what I mean!     PROTECT THE PRINCE!

Shall we tie him down in Japan and NOT let him go back to SK? That must be fun!! LOL!!

                                       To Kim Hyun Joong….“WELCOME BACK!!”   

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing




Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks!

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49 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WELCOME BACK!

  1. Hi everyone!
    Good news! Just read at twitter that 2 of the venues are sold out ~ Yokohama Pacifico & Nagoya…
    Hoping for our boy that the rest too will follow…
    That’ll show to those close-minded countrymen of his how very much loved he is no matter how hard they try to humiliate him.
    Really wish we could do something to blast back at those nasty ‘insects’…
    Hate that our beloved boy could be hurt again…

    On the positive side, it’s now less than 2 weeks until his ‘GEMINI’ tour!
    Can’t wait for all fancams & FA of those who’ll be enjoying with our boy…
    Wish we could go…

  2. I start to count down 10 more days we will see him on stage.
    it’s so exciting just to think about it.
    It will be a great come back.

    Thank you in advance for clips and pictures from fans who make to the concert.
    They are so lucky.
    Ii just hope after the GEMINI concert he will have another one.
    The concert that will be held in Korea for his fans before the MS.

  3. Watch him walk in the airport …oh god what the good day.He is so damm gorgeous right? He look much stronger .Thank you so much for all sis.Cry for joy.

  4. Am overwhelmed with all the joy i feel,its really good to know that hyun joong is happy with the preparation for the concert.I always know that God won’t forsake Khj,we have enemies more when we are growing stronger..I want u,hyun na to put ur trust solely on christ,never give up on ur dream,and pray always.Please always remember that happiness is a choice we make not an emotion we feel.Don’t ever be worked up by what others say but work with God,please hyun joong,do not look back on the mistakes u have made but plan for the untold joy you want in the furture
    This is some lyrics from one of my best christain songs:you’ve got to say goodbye to yesterday,move into another day,i know its gonna brighter day,oh what a happy day…always God loves u most, love u.

      • Hi Tina and harriet ,

        What a beautiful thoughts from both of you. Reading this i feel so fresh and so inspire .

        Kim Hyun Joong , your fans love you dearly and always believe in you. Thank you for coming back and thank you for believing in yourselves.

  5. Hi guys….do you know where in the youtube can i watch the full clip of KHJ world tour Seoul concert recently released by Universal Music? Sorry, embarass to say but i just can’t afford to buy it….T__T. It will be sooo appreciated if somebody can upload it. Thank you in advance. Kamsahmnida….

  6. Hello LK and everyone ^^ My God, how to describe my feelings when I saw KHJ again at the airport through photos and fancams!! I really don’t know if I can describe it! I was feeling so happy, I felt how much I had missed seeing him all this time, I felt once more and even stronger what a blessing it is to have each other (HJ & fans) in our lives ❤ Similarly to you LK, I felt the urge to go to him (if I saw him by close) and tell him "Darling, we, your fans are with you! We are so united and strong, more than ever!" He really has united people from all over the world, not just united to support him, but also united like a real family, whose member really cares for each other.
    Also, I want to say, when I saw him again I honestly felt so much love naturally flowing from my heart ❤ Kim Hyun Joong is a man with such a love-inspiring presence, he's such a great magnet of love ❤ It's impossible to not get attracted by such a magnet!
    You know, today I went back to work after recovering from being sick and although I was tired due to lack of sleep, I didn't mind at all. My mood was really up while working, all thanks to HJ ^^
    Really looking forward to his new album release and his new concert tour to see him perform again!!

  7. **Me senti muy emocionada de volver a ver y tener noticias … hizo extrañar muchisimo, espero que todas sus actividades en Japon le vayan bien y que sienta todo el cariño de las fans 🙂 ………………**

  8. Thank you LK, been a year since your last article, missed you. It is a good start for 2015, let’s hope better news will continue. Thank you DATV and thank you UM for adopting HJ. Thank you Japan for the love and warm embrace to Hj. Yes Lk I think that is a brilliant idea to tie him in Japan, lol. He did mention in the FM that he will be longer this time in Japan, so maybe it can be done?!
    Just a reminder Hj never smiles at apt in SK, if u recollect past vids. In Japan is always a smile.
    Allkpop and Sompi both mentioned the return of Hj, not badly written for a change, strict the facts, the commentors seems are the same under different names, not even worth taking a look, they don’t even deserve our attention because in their small narrow world they would not understand reason or common sense or facts even if will beat them on the head.
    Let’s wait for the Gemeni tour is just around the corner and the new album, our task is to put Hj back on Oricorn chart as the FIRST place. That will be a slap in the face of his haters.
    Thank you the Fans who attended the FM and shared with others and thank you to the fans in SK who I think they really have a hard time with those haters, but done such an wonderfull job with that site, we all know what I am talking about. recap of the so called “evidences”.
    LTDF – at least they’ve put him as First. LK may all your and our wishes will come true!! 🙂

  9. Thank you very much LK for such a supportive article.

    I think all of us have experienced the same group of rough people in some websites. I just laugh when i saw the exactly same bad comments from few months ago. They can’t accept the fact . The truth hurt them too much .Now I’m not upset anymore because it was so clear that they are just a group of unhappy people I don’t think they truly care for any woman if they can ignore justice and the fact. The truth is they are just fan girls of other idols and they are scaring of Kim Hyun joong’ s success. Realizing this I simply ignored their bad mouths. They surely knew the medias and the accuser had exaggerated the story and lied but they chose to believe what they wanted to believe. They already decided they wanted to be stupid and acted stupid. Let them be.

    I agree that we do not need to respond to bad comments . We just press ” like or ” dislike ” for comment and press ” like ” for the article.

    So happy to see his smile. I did smile without knowing as soon as i saw his smile in the video. Thanks so much to all those fans who shared these precious moments with us. Happy to know that he will be in Japan for one or two months. I’m sure he will find his good spirit and can maintain his peaceful soul there.

    Regarding LTDF I felt pity for them.They are so shameful. Their act are so embarrassing . LTDF and YAHOO did damage their good reputation . They transformed trustworthy companies into dishonest companies.. i can’t believe the well-known companies could simply lie and humiliate themselves in front of their customers faces.

    Looking forward to seeing him on stage again soon. Just can;t wait.

      • Hi Noya,

        Thank you so much for your comment. It is the same with me . I enjoy reading from you as well. I found our opinion is quite similar.

        I ‘hope the love from all of us will push away the pain in his heart and slowly replace it with all the love we have for him.

        Looking forward to his GEMINI ‘s concert.

        • Dear Bella, I really like your wish! and I truly pray that it comes true.
          Although I’m not specialized in interpreting his facial expressions yet, I’ve noticed that he is not the same as the past. I think his wound is not healed yet. In all of his recent photos there is something wrong, you can hardly find a photo that makes you feel relief. I’ve read people say he is tired or it’s his shy face but it gives me an impression that he is embarrassed to face people! 😥 This thought really breaks my heart since he is pure and innocent and it’s extremely cruel to do this to such a person. (p.s. as I mentioned before I’m badly pessimistic, I really don’t want to spoil our good mood so don’t pay too much attention 🙂 )
          LDF update – Have you seen HJ holding a bouquet behind himself for us? 😉 Refreshing ^^ Finally they admitted formally who is “the Top Winner”!

          • Dear ell,

            I truly believe my wish will come true. It is very natural a person who receives a lot of love will never stuck in pain.This is why we have to make him feel loved. There are many ways that we can express our love and trust
            toward him just keep doing that. We must show to others and haters that great love can really heal all wound. You can see the haters tried so hard to make sure he feel hate. These people are the worst human being who can be extremely cruel and can enjoy destroying a person’s life.

            I personally do not think he is embarrassed to face people but he needs time to heal his wound. This is a huge troublesome that create by a person once he trusted. He was badly betrayed . That person aimed to destroy him and his career that he have worked so hard to earn it.. Can you imagine how you would feel if this happen to you. Therefore he might not want to pretend that he is happy like nothing happen. He just be natural as his own self. He is just being honest .I think he is a kind of person that truly respect himself and do not care the person who misjudged him. He does care the person who loves him. However he is just a human being who can feel hurt and discourage at time.

            In my opinion KHJ is a strong person and he is very professional when come to work. He can separate work from his personal life well. We have already seen how he handled the scandal that came between his world tour concert. He handled sudden nightmare with calm and honesty. I just feel ashamed toward medias and looked down at them. I admire Hyun Joong and respect him much more after the scandal.

            However it won’t be too long that we can see those lovely expression from him as often as before.

            Regarding the LTDF ‘s latest picture. I love his smile from this picture. It’s a great pic. with perfect expression. However I expect to see this pic in the cover page of LTDF facebook. I still hope LTDF will brave enough to do the right thing soon. We will see how big is their guts.

            • “Therefore he might not want to pretend that he is happy like nothing happen. He just be natural as his own self.”
              If this is the reason, it’s fine since he has every right to be unhappy, mad,…
              At first I thought that it is part of their culture, and he has to look like this. Look like an exiled person, unhappy and gloomy to reflect that he is ashamed of what he has not done!! As I knew he is honest and is not a man who can pretend something that he doesn’t believe, I thought maybe it’s his true feeling. Thanks for your comprehensive explanation 🙂
              You’re right, the pic is great. I had seen such a pic of SJ’s donghae and leeteuk on LDF’s FB and I really wanted HJ’s pic with this theme. Wish came true ^^

  10. Actually when I first saw his pics of airport in SK I really felt depressed. He looked gloomy. Is it a sin to be happy? Does he have to look like this for the rest of his life? But the transformation of his mood was really interesting the moment he reached Japan 😉
    At Haneda airport he realized that he has a powerful army that protects him as a precious prince. We all desperately want to see him smile but I think he should be prepared mentally to smile. He can show us a smile to make us happy while be sad inside 😦 but I think this time he was sincerely happy since even his eyes were smiling shyly.
    As Rose mentioned I’m sure that haters are this much angry since he is doing very well. It is the sign of their frustration. They’ve thought this is the end of KHJ and now they see reverse of it which is really painful for them. They are just green with envy. I think we should avoid struggling with them since they’re badly suffering from lack of logic and will drive us crazy! They talk about extremists and judgment of God! They are extremist themselves! How they don’t afraid of God’s judgment while they’re making life like a hell for an innocent person. Do they really believe in what they say or these are true only for other people and they have the right to hurt others emotionally or maybe physically if they have the opportunity.
    We should just leave supportive comments and share love to show them how to behave humanely. Just not paying attention to them since there isn’t any room for them in our world. Shall we draw a dreamy line around ourselves and his scent? ❤
    He has said that he wants this album to burn like a fire! I am 120% sure that he has accomplished this wish. We are burning with joy to hear his latest masterpiece and those haters are burning with envy 😀

    • i LOVE it! “We are burning with joy to hear his latest masterpiece and those haters are burning with envy’ We will burn up the charts when we purchase his album and singles as they are released. those haters will just have to go up in SMOKE! LOL! thanks for that thought! 🙂 it made me smile BIG!

  11. Hi LK and evryone

    I am also verrry happy to see this good news of his comeback. You guys are really lucky… u hv all got a chance to meet him close enough and see him performing on stage again. Lets dont waste it… this time, make this tour and his new album the ever most successful one .. ..

    all these haters hunt him even now, only cus they are afraid of his strength and talent.. they know he is the best and they want to show him down some how.. thats why they do all these.. but each of us know well that our hyun joong is really amazing and we will support him no matter what. As he said once ” if we hold on together.. our dreams will never die..”

  12. Hi LK and everyone, I agree let’s just ignore the haters and focus on supporting oppa and wait anxiously for what he has cooked for us lol 🙂

  13. Hello Rose and everyone here!
    I have read all your comments thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

    I have been observing these sites with haters and I have noticed when you give positive comments to KHJ in no time someone will attack your comment. Sometimes as soon as you posted give it your comment give it 5min someone will just pop out and attack! So I have every suspicions there may be two or three with different user names ready to attack you. I may be wrong but don’t they have anything to do in life like work or studies? as if their job is to attack and hate as their way of living!! LOL
    No matter what we say they will never take it that for them it’s their opinion is right! So it’s useless to explain to them the truth about the case it will only go around the bush over and over. These people thinks they know HJ better than we do, how could that be if they are not even fans who’s following him?
    I tried to comment at YouTube until I finally reported and it stopped!

    Thank you again take care, be happy and see you again! god bless…

    • Wow!It is surprising to me!In your site no one people who attack my comments!
      Everybody are so nice to me when I write!But possible I don’t read them all comments,because I don’t have a lot of time to sit here all the day!I want to go to University to study and want to go to South Korea to learn drawing( I begun to know Kim Hyun Joong-ssi,when I read about South Korea,this before I never knew him…circa 4 year).Anyway,this is not important.I wanted to say that I have a very good opinion about this boy.He so reminds me of own myself!I read a very long time this site,because it is so good to read.You really like him,and this is so good!And when I saw that how many people hurt him,I could not stop not to say anything!Why hate him?They met him once?It is true that I am not a fan,but I never read about him bad things,JUST good things!I consider him a great man!So humble,kind and modest,and this is very rare in famous and rich peoples!!!!And I don’t believe in the media.Unfortunately,I have enough life experience to know when somebody is lying or bad person!Unfortunately not once I have been disappointed in others and friends too!I do not trust the people,but I trust in him,I see in his eyes that he is not a bad person!I am sure in this!And please!Don’t get me wrong!I’m not opinionated!But I learning a lot every day!!Very lot!!I know pretty much everything!I always wanted a scientist,so I read all the day,if I have time!I do not want to offend anyone!But if somebody pop out and attack in 5min because of my comment,then those people don’t do anything the whole day!!!!Just hang on the Internet!I am glad if I can sit a little bit to read this blog or read on internet useful things to my study,but I don’t have time all the day!And if they are fast like this,then they are sit and do nothing!But gossip,cursing,hurt others,they always know better than the person him/herself!I hate this!I don’t like if somebody know me better,than I know myself!!And it is true about other persons!Yes,I don’t know him in personally,but I never judge!I always observing the behaviors of peoples!This are more telling than words!
      I really do not want to offend anyone!The uneducated and lazy people are the worst in the world!They know everything and they are so sarcastic,cynical!The uneducated and stupid people can be deceived!
      Even we all see with our eyes what happened between Hyun Joong-ssi and the girl,and if we can see that he didn’t beat her,They never believe in this,they can find something that they can hurt him!!Worthless people are like this!
      And when they attack after my comments,because they know that I am right about him!The truth is often painful!
      But seriously!They will know sooner that he will have a baby than he would know own himself 🙂 Sorry,for my joke!
      I really pity them,that they are do nothing,just attack…(star wars:attacks of the pitiable ,starring:Kim Hyun Joong jedi 😀 ) This blog is their workplace 😀
      Sorry for my long comments,and sorry to the haters,but this is the truth,
      and sorry for my jokes!Please,work or study,not hate this boy!Love,not war!
      And have a nice day to you,to all,and to Hyun Joong-ssi!

      • LOL dont worry rose this is a free hater blog I delete whenever haters leave comments. So you’re free to open up and we’ll read fr you thats for sure if not fr me my other readers may reply to your thoughts and dint worry about it too bcoz we almost think and feel the same as far as khj is concern. Thank you rose!
        Precisely who among the busy body wld even take a glimpse of those comments and attack w nonsense words. You know what this is just my opinion it takes a simple common sense to take the whole pic of that case together w those so called evidence to identify if A is lying or not. The problem is those who judge him doesnt have common sense! Then the media since they eat through sensationalized news to the extent of destroying if they cannot deliver they will not eat!! Poor media and shame on them! lol

        • Hello again rose! May i just rephrase my statement. If it’s true that A had rel with hj for 2 years as claimed while hj denied it saying they know each other for 2yrs but onky had rel for 2mos. Thats very clear. If they indeed had rel for 2yrs there should be pic that they are together and not that pic putting 2 separate photos into one which was done through photo shop that appears they are together in that pic but the fact they are not. A man will not break up w his gf if he truly loves her. And honestly i see this case as pure consiracy to destroy hj. If that A really loves hj she not even dare to take their affairs to the publuc. And even worst take it to the media. I see this hj being badly provoked dekiberately done by A. We hv seen her motive and the fact she doesnt hv a case made her withdraw her charges meaning she’s not after justice and she knew too well she LIED all through out. And obviously her motive is just to create a scandal and she was being used to destroy khj. a clear cut conspiracy by A the media and i suspect someone big behind A. Otherwise she couldnt hv done this by herself im pretty sure of it.
          Now the truth started to surface media now ignore bcoz they will just eat their own words after sensationalizing the case. Will they admit that they published fake evidence?
          Thanks again rose anyway ill write about case recap next time im just waiting for something to come out. Actually i hv already written about those evidence @ article Scandal Diary but the case re-cap has precised points on those evidences. Thanks again for sharing!

          • Yes Rose those photos are FAKE meaning there’s no photo of A and hj together ever existed 2 years ago! And the other photo fr IG the person sitted in front of hj is not a woman or girl but a man! All those so called evidence are fake. If its true that there was a rel 2 years ago as she claimed and they photos taken 2 years ago theres no need to have those fake photos. lol The media and A deceived the public through fake evidence just to destroy khj thats their motive!

  14. Thank you LK! As always, you exactly expressed how we fans feel and think.
    It’s great to see him again…looking so handsome as always! Thank you to all the fans who shared your videos and photos of him! Being too far away from where he is, we look forward to each post shared through FB, Youtube, etc. Thank you to Universal Music Japan for believing in him and making him visible again!
    I was active in trying to defend him, not until yesterday that I realized that there is no point of doing it. Whatever we say is not going to change their opinion and vice versa. It’s non ending exchange of opinions and they will just ruin your day. I don’t get why these people who dislike him put so much time in trying to trash KHJ. They are such haters and even putting down innocent Japanese fans. I agree, the best way to defend him is to show and express your love and support.
    I get the picture why LDF can’t post and give the title to KHJ alone. See how haters reacted on his comeback and reappearance? LDF even apologized through private message. That’s the best thing they can do, they are pressured from both sides. And I’ve read one fan said that she just came back from Korea and did not see any singke picture of KHJ. I really don’t understand SK culture! After all he has done for his country…one relationship trouble discredited all his good works…they are hypercritical and unfair to put him down like that! These haters are too clouded that they don’t know what they are talking about. It makes me angry when they said that he admitted in beating her up. That is what I want to correct them. He was just taking all the responsibility as the man in the relationship, not in admitting to her accusations. And for that, I respected him more.
    Let’s stay strong and supportive!

  15. Thank you – very well said, your article as a balm for the soul. We are all very worried that after the scandal – he will be in a depression. I know that he is strong and brave man and that he will stand, especially with such support. I’ve always said that the evil people who want to hurt him – trying in vain, because love him and believe in him, millions of people around the world. I was happy to see his smile, most of all I just want him to be happy – because I get a lot of joy and happiness from his work. He is kind and bright person – he has the talent to change people for the better, I’m not exaggerating, because I feel it on their own – and personally read the comments of people who came out of depression because of it, and one girl even wrote that he had saved her life. How can you not love him – because he is laid out on the stage 200% – with him should take an example, he deserves the best.

  16. what a good news to start our year….yes, our wish is granted, we can’t tie him, but he’ll stay in our care for a month or two, i wish i can bump unto him somewhere, but i’m pretty sure that maybe we can’t see him, knowing that he is resting here is enough for me, happiness overflow in my heart, i wish him all the luck and happiness in this tour..very happy to see him again.

  17. Great comments… I was happy to see him at the airport to leave for Japan, but he did seem reserved.. but I think it was more that he’s contemplating that this is the last time he’s going to go to Japan for a tour for a long while.. his talking about this during the fan meeting reinforced that belief that he’s going to go to the military service soon… I did notice that when he landed in Japan he seemed to be smiling a lot more at the fans waiting for him.. doing that usual wave and smile that he always did in the past.. and this really made me feel better, maybe it was just the way the photo’s were taken that made it seem like that to me. I have to thank the fans who posted translations of the event, and pictures of it.. Those of us all over the world won’t be able to see him at all.. so anything the fans in Japan can send is a blessing.
    I agree.. just keep doing positive Fan things for KHJ and leave the haters alone.. it is hard I agree.. but it’s best to ignore them, KHJ has been a good example of that for us.
    Japan fans!!!! What can I say but thankyou for doing your part in uplifting KHJ. The Japan fans and other fans from around the world that are able to visit Japan to see the concerts are VERY LUCKY!!! since these may be some of the last major concerts he does before military service. I heard he was going to be on a TV show??? Hope we get to see and get it interpreted for us… To you and all the others who get info out.. Thank you.

  18. 현중오빠 잘해요.정말 사랑해요.우리는 네곁에 있어 항상.다 괜찮아..괜찮아.우리 미안먀에도 오세요.많이 펜여러분이 오빠를 기다리고있으니까요.

  19. Thank you LK for this nicely written article. Like thousand of KHJ fans all over the world, I was glued to my phone the whole time checking updates, despite losing sleep. He did look so serious leaving Korea but maybe he was still unsure of the reception and or reaction he will get from fans and other people. But so happy to see him smile arriving in Japan and during the event. Yes thank you to all the fans who untiringly posted pictures, videos and updates. It meant a lot to share those special moments together. Let’s keep the positive vibes!!

  20. Dear LK, as always a pleasure to read your blog. Yeah please lets kidnap him and keep him in Japan sorrounded by love. I was so happy to see the pics, it made me a bit sad seeing him so serious leaving Korea but what a joy to see his shy smile again in Japan. All those photos are quite a treat for all us over the world.
    About defending him in all the comments, I agree completely. Do not waste your time with those people no matter how articulate you are they will find a way to offend you and offend him, so let them dwell on their on hate, we have too many things to enjoy and cheer to let them take away our joy.
    Sorry about the hate towards Koreans. We just cannot comprehend all the hate, it is not an excuse but sadly is too easy to become emotional and find a target for our anguish. We do not understand Korean society, talking for the Henecia Latinoamerica, for us it is just too hard not to fight. We are too passionate for our Hyunie but I will pass the tip to just to like and just ignore, not in our blood but for him we will do whatever is needed.
    Now lets all plan how to kidnap him and keep him in Japan.
    Love to all henecia sisterhood and to Hyunie our unconditional love and support.

  21. LK, as always I am glad you are here reporting all the good news! I have been extremely ill and unable to do much online these days. I injured my shoulder falling on the ice, and typing this just now is painful, but I have to say something about the hate comments i was reading on the allkpop site. there was one person: sh122 who seemed to be defending Hyun Joong from another hater jarhorn and poplock. sh122 was very rude and used a lot of foul language in the responses and was very disrespectful to Koreans as a whole. I do hope that sh122 is not really a fan of Hyun Joong’s but just another poser trying to make his fans seem ignorant and disrespectful. However, if that person is truly a Hyun Joong fan, I want to beg them not to express hatred back to the haters and especially not to disrespect Koreans. Hyun Joong is Korean, and those comments caused me to feel hurt and sad enough to get tears in my eyes. I was thinking about what if KHJ read these? ugly comments from his fans in his ‘defense’ would hurt him far more than the ugly comments from his haters. i could not say this on that site because it required to sign up and log in and I’m not going through all of that right now. I don’t know if that fan, sh122 might read here, but i do hope all the fans will think hard before being hateful back to those ugly comments. Hyun Joong’s fandom is about love and support. We reflect his sweet, kind and sincere personality. We never want to bring ugly and negative attention to his name. Thanks, LK. Your advice not to read the comments is well said. I know the fans do read them anyway and get fired up… i just pray they will be thoughtful and mindful of their responses if they do decide to take on those haters. Thanks for giving me a space to say what’s on my mind. I have to stop because it hurts to type! LOL! love and miss all the fans and so glad to see KHJ out on exposure again! Yes, Japan should just tie him up and keep him there away from the haters!

    • Dear Angel take care, l hope you will be good soon, l really enjoy your post too as well as this.
      Well let me tell you that l could not help myself to write a comment there, think that l should not but it was imposible not to do, so l was there time ago to respond haters, as you said l did it as respectful as posible. l hope that KHJL family at least choose the like buttom. lt really revolves our stomages to read haters coments. they insulted us, but they dont be aware how delusional they are atacking him too, trying to down him. l feel that KHJ is not right with his own nitzens yet, His different behaviour when he left from Korea and arrived to Japan said too much.
      Now it is time to be happy, our family is happy, l can not wait for videos of the FM , IG was a great drama. Fortunately there are many fans who sent us news, l always check Henecias and Triple SS sites as well as SS501 official one looking just for KHJ news. Happy to see that triple SS seems to be really united now.
      Dear Lazerkim l noticed that l was really desparated for KHJ news, l am worry thinking what will happen when he goes to the MS. How it will hurt.
      Well God protect our ONLY ONE, GOD BLESS YOU KIDOO.

    • Hello Angie! Take it easy now go have some rest and I pray for your speedy recovery! I got it whoever that sh122, you’re right. but actually there are some fans specially the young ones who have badmouth!! I experience it here too so I have to edit their comments, it’s not nice for ladies to have such badmouth being read by a gentleman, that’s embarrassing!
      Take care now, I’ll keep with the updates as much as I can. Get weel soon, be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • ha ha LK! I think I read on the site that sh122 is actually a guy! Maybe that’s why his tone is different. Even so, I wish he or she would be more respectful and emulate KHJ with a kinder attitude. It hurt my heart to see those hateful responses and I hope KHJ just stays away from reading those awful comments. The fans have been working hard to leave positive thoughts and to ‘like’ the article and we have the likes up to par with the dislikes and more positive comments than negative now. The fans are so good and diligent supporting him. He is blessed by them as they are blessed by him. so nice and heartwarming. those haters will eventually grow tired of being shown up by the fans and troll somewhere else. When you are kind to your enemy you heap burning coals on his head… to paraphrase the ‘Good Book’ 🙂

    • I absolutely agree with you Lazer Kim and you Angie (and all dear sisters in this blog). Better not to read negative comments,do not allow those bad words to affect our peace after a long time of insecurity and fear. This is a great moment for our KHJ so let us work to be in that same mood as well!!👍👍it’s so nice that we have the chance,as fans,to reflect the same attitude of Hyun Joong💕 : he’s kind,honest and let us be that way too! What a privilege!!! With our behavior,we can honor our KHJ! We can reflect his amazing personality…I think we can really stand among all the other fans (also among those who claim to be fans but that, with their badmouths, they risk to bring shame to him and to us)…We really don’t want to bring shame to him!! So it’s a good resolution to continue to ignore them and keep on being worthy fans of our KimHyunJoong. The best Artist with the best supporters!!! Fighting!!!😉😉😉💕

      • thank you everyone, for the well wishes! i feel energized reading from all of you. I am not healing well because of my other health issues and it is going to take some time. Your kind wishes help me feel better in my heart! thank you so much. I can’t wait to buy this new album and put KHJ at #1 once again! seeing him smile at the hand shake event for IG was balm for my wound as well! Love you, my sweet Angel, KHJ and all the fan friends I have too. komopta!

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