Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SUCCESSFUL GEMINI




By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong launched his first stop concert series GEMINI with a tremendous success last night Jan.27th! The venue Yokohama Pacifico Convention Hall with a capacity of 5,000 was just full house, which is quite expected since the concert tickets for this venue had been long all sold out since day one as soon as ticket selling opened up. This goes for today’s concert at the same venue as well.

The fact that GEMINI concert tickets in all 10 venues are nearly sold out in other areas, that UM decided to have another additional venues at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture on Feb. 18th, 19th and 20th. I call this Kim Hyun Joong’s power! The power to conquer, power to gather a huge crowd out of his concerts and power to capture hearts!

                 CONGRATULATIONS Kim Hyun Joong….You’re the best!!

At this point I would like to thank Henecia Japan fan club officers for assisting at the venue and helping other fans for info dissemination. Thank you so much!

To KHJ fans who have attended the concert and had been so diligent in sharing with us updates pertaining the concert at the venue photos, updates on how the concert was. Thank you so much!

And KHJ fans who are active on-line who have been diligent in posting updates. Thank you so much to all of you and your efforts are greatly appreciated by all of us worldwide. Please do keep up with your good work all for the love for Kim Hyun Joong we are very proud of you. Thank you so much!

True to my heart KHJ fandom is the best fandom above the rest that I’m truly proud!



I would like to thank most of all, KHJ Japanese fans who attended the concert as they really screamed and chanted on top of their voices during the concert and they joined Hyun Joong singing his Japanese songs! That was really fun and Hyun Joong really felt their love obviously he was so happy! Towards the end of the concert as he sang his finale number, Hyun Joong made his exit to the back stage.

The stage lights were already turned off as if the show is done and finish, but the fans chanted Hyun Joong’s name even louder for some minutes! At the dark stage the band members took their position and finally Kim Hyun Joong came in to the stage and started his encore! A roar of screams from his fans came stronger and louder that I felt goose bump there! I felt the love between Hyun Joong and his fans so strong that they wouldn’t let go of Hyun Joong! Gosh can’t help having misty eyes there! He was truly missed by his fans!

And for the first time after the concert he took the privilege to see them off as his fans were about to leave the venue, Hyun Joong stood at the main entrance of the hall as he waved goodbye to his fans! And that was such a sweet gesture from him! His fans still not contented as some of them gathered at the back stage facade to see him off as Hyun Joong finally waved at them! This is again a “can’t get enough of you syndrome!”



As we have known Hyun Joong for years he always have something different from his concerts. You may say GEMINI is the same in 2013 as he sings and dance live with the band showing the other side of him as a rocker. This time it’s totally different even some of his songs in his show repertoire were being re-arranged. He didn’t dance this time, no signs of a rocker but a complete matured gentleman! He looks so dashing in his grey suit and deep red suit.

We’re used to seeing him in all black which is his only favorite color, this time we can see colors from his costumes which is good! Very good in fact! As we expected another memorable concert that he showed a different side of himself as an artist, a new man in his new life and a real gentleman whom he is in his real life. This is how I described him in Gemini!

Seeing from his rehearsals he just seemed to be jamming with the band enjoying singing with no movements but just plain singing! But seeing the whole show last night I came to understand what he was trying to convey out of Gemini! And that is simply sharing his music in a most simple way, but the impact of the concert is just so amazing! By just his presence on that stage, is so strong that he possess just everything by himself and his music is enough to capture his audience.

Truly he rocked the entire universe last night in a tremendous concert hence he rocked the stage gently in a totally different image and a unique one. I’m sure everyone here may have been surprised from the photos posted from last night’s concert, and so with his Japanese fans at the venue! No one had ever guessed what Hyun Joong had in store for this concert I’m sure of that!

At the venue as the fans entered the audience gallery the first thing that they have seen on stage was the band instruments. So they were thinking this is another rocker who’s coming out! And everyone was just surprised as Hyun Joong came out to the stage he was in grey suit, totally formal from head to foot! And the opening number was Unbreakable! No choreography, no dance movements Hyun Joong simlpy sang the song!

This time he used only two sets of costumes for the entire show, period. The show itself is just so simple nothing flashy even with lights and effects, unlike the World Tour. But this concert only has Kim Hyun Joong and that would be enough to light up the stage and let it explode to the highest peak of his music and his presence. This concert proves his power being a true Concert King who can capture the world by his presence!

You can say now, this guy truly is full of surprises! Well we have known him for years, indeed he made a big surprise this time but he was sooooo amazing in this concert. I’m so proud of my CONCERT KING Kim Hyun Joong he is, a totally Unbreakable Star!



In this concert Hyun Joong grabbed the chance to talk to his fans! He said a lot but may I just highlight on this one that really struck me with this statement he made as he said

This will be my last concert tour for Japan and there will not be anymore concert after this…….”

Ouch!!  I said to myself, this is it, the most painful part as I can sense his MS is soon approaching! God I can’t help and control having misty eyes!

He tend to say goodbye to his fans on this concert series, I know that for a fact, and we are already expecting this. I can only speak for myself but, why is it so hard to accept that he’s bound to be in his military service sooner or later, whether we like it or not??

However thanks for the good news as he announced during the concert that there will be an additional concert schedule as I have stated earlier. At least we can still have another chance of seeing him before he finally leaves for MS.

Is this enough for us? When is it gonna be enough, when in fact we can’t even get enough of Kim Hyun Joong no matter how many concerts and events he has!! Gosh this is just so crazy!!  It’s just so difficult to let go…….BUT let’s take this one day at a time, for now let’s just enjoy GEMINI and feel every moment we got with Kim Hyun Joong!

Therefore, on the next 24 days of GEMINI let’s make this the most memorable period for Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. We close our windows and doors from the outside world and focus ourselves to GEMINI. Meaning no news circulation, no reading from trash news and haters, we hear or see nothing except Kim Hyun Joong and GEMINI, his photos, videos and updates period.

We are blessed with a reason to smile, a reason to laugh, a reason to be happy more than we can think about it, because Kim Hyun Joong is with us, near or far it doesn’t matter. What matters the most is that he’s out there finally to share with us those memories he wanted to give us. Let’s make the most of it and treasure every moment with our GEMINI!



From Kim Hyun Joong’s Phantasm World Tour 2014 to Gemini Japan Tour 2015, I have been mentioning we gather memories out of these concerts not to mention IG which is our easier access to watch every time we miss him. Since Gemini shall be his last concert before his MS, Hyun Joong truly thought of making this concert a very memorable one.

As I have said earlier this concert may not have all the flashy accessories on stage in a concert like the World Tour, but just his presence and being with his fans to share his music is what he’s aiming for. A simple show but the most memorable one among all his concert series. This guy is really artistically smart!

Watching from this first stop, for me this is a different concert and I would say the most romantic of all he had performed. Simply just Kim Hyun Joong singing and his fans are there is more than enough to make good memories happen.

Hyun Joong explained the concept of GEMINI, other than the fact that Gemini is his Zodiac sign, which symbolizes Twins. He said…

Whenever, wherever we think of each other, we feel hard, we rely on each other and we live this way.” 

We may have different interpretation in his statement, but I’ll take it from GEMINI the twin sign, as twins think and feel the same, if he’s sad, we’re sad, if he’s happy we’re happy! All these years of following Hyun Joong as his fans, he’s right, we live this way!

And this was quite visible specially the times of hardship which we had experience quite recently. But now that it’s over, we see his smiles again and we know he’s happy and started to move on, as we are happy and have started moving on too!

As he once said “We live only once”!    Let us make him happy and let him feel how much he is loved by all of us, how important he is to us….and let him feel we are the happiest proud fans in this world for having him as our  ONLY ONE…….KIM HYUN JOONG.

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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TO HENECIA… [FR: LazerKim]



By: LazerKim

My Dear Readers,

I may sound to be repeating myself but seriously, once again may I appeal to all fans of Kim Hyun Joong to please please let us all say a little prayer for him before GEMINI starts. Prayers for successful concert series for his safety and health.

I believe in unified strength and prayer is the key factor in bringing him up to the stardom where he truly belong which we all aim for being KHJ fans. This concert series is crucial BUT we can do it, nothing is impossible with sincere and clean intention.

Get involve, no matter how far you are from him the LOVE keeps him near to you. We all hold on tight, we shall be together ever unbreakable with Kim Hyun Joong!

Thank you so much for staying with him from high tide to smooth sailing. Now is our time to rejoice, let’s make this happen, we keep up with our strength knowing Hyun Joong pulls up his strength and power from us fans. BE HAPPY! Love is in the air!!

                Good luck to all of us! Good luck to Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GO GEMINI!




By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong has been busy with his rehearsals and with preparation to the most anticipated concert series GEMINI which shall be starting tomorrow Jan.27th Tuesday as his first stop shall be in Kanagawa! We have waited anxiously and at last we’ll be seeing him on stage pretty soon, as the clock is ticking I’m sure every single fan of Kim Hyun Joong is just so excited for this concert series!

For the Japanese fan who have not purchase their ticket, go get it now!  And for those fans from other neighboring countries this is your chance to watch his concert so come and get it while concert tickets are still available. Get the first flight going to Japan, grab that ticket, go to the concert and occupy those seats! He is waiting for you!

Let your love be heard by him, this is your chance to show that love, chant with the highest peak of you voices that the whole world can hear how much we love Kim Hyun Joong! Enjoy the concert with him! Fighting!!

Here I post Kim Hyun Joong’s concert schedule for GEMINI!   See you there!!

GEMINI Japan Tour 2015 Schedule:

  • Jan. 27- 28………………….Kanagawa  (Pacifico Yokohama)
  • Jan. 31 ………………………Ishikawa (Kanasawa Opera Seat)
  • Feb. 2………………………..Hokkaido ( Sapporo Municipal House)
  • Feb. 3………………………..Miyagi (Sendai Sun Plaza)
  • Feb. 5-6……………………..Aichi ( Nagoya Congress Center)
  • Feb. 8………………………..Niigata (Perfectural Civil)
  • Feb. 9………………………..Fukuoka (Sun Palace Hotel)
  • Feb. 10………………………Hiroshima (Uenogakuen)
  • Feb. 12………………………Kanagawa (Alpha Anabuki)
  • Feb. 14………………………Osaka (Castle Hall)



For those fans from up far who couldn’t make it for the concert, don’t feel down as I have mentioned in my previous article by the mere fact you know Kim Hyun Joong will soon be coming out for this concert and updating with the concert news and spread it is enough support. Or by merely spreading the news about this concert in notifying our co-fellow fans pertaining this event is enough support. Get involve, it’s party time!!

There’s a call from Tweeter as we make noise about GEMINI we may join in trending if ever there is currently going until tomorrow, let us participate in the trending. Let’s show to those people we can make this happen, we can push Hyun Joong up to top of his stardom where he truly belong and let’s show them we are absolutely UNBREAKABLE with him.

There may be strict policy in every concert venues in Japan pertaining videos and photos, let us be patient I’m sure his Japanese fans will find a way to take a few shots! I hope!! For those fans who are diligent in their updates keep up the good work, we’re all after your updates and shall be well appreciated by all of us as always. Thank you and Good luck!



Since the entire concert series shall be running for 3 weeks, let us make a happy atmosphere within the fandom all over the world that I think Hyun Joong deserves this and so with us fans after we have been through in the last 5 months. Let us close our windows and doors from the outside world who is trying to destruct our happy days and dedicate this period during his concert all for Kim Hyun Joong.

No news circulation, no trash news and no haters comments, that these are the factors that’s making us unhappy. Let us ignore all of those and just remain focus on GEMINI as we keep our eyes and ears open to the concert updates. As I have mentioned earlier if there may be a trending at Tweeter let us participate with it.  Let us make noise in any form such as posting anything that pertains GEMINI concert or anything about Kim Hyun Joong. Let us show the world that we can make this happen a successful concert!

Let us be where we can be happy and this is being at his side! Staying happy as his fan is how we can fight over his detractors. We stay deaf and blind from the trash news, no more pain, no more tears, and all we have now are happy days having Hyun Joong in GEMINI with us!

         Let’s have fun, let’s share the love, nothing matters happy days are here again!



In every event that Kim Hyun Joong shares with us, we treasure those with utmost importance and this concert series is one of those treasures. Hyun Joong and his fans had been from a lot of trials specially the last five months, and I think this concert is the light from the dark tunnel where Hyun Joong and his fans have been through.

He’s working on his best effort to make GEMINI the most precious memory to all of us, let us take this by heart. It wasn’t easy for him as we fully understand but Hyun Joong is a strong artist and a real professional that he will be up there on those concert stage with all his strength and power as we all aim for another successful concert.

The success of these concert series is within us his fans as we give our sincere support, and this is our chance to show him he is loved by all of us. I’m sure his Japanese fans will take care of him and shall be in those concerts with their biggest smiles and loudest chant.

For as long as Hyun Joong can see from the stage that his fans are all happy, he’s happy and this is where he gets his adrenaline in performing every single concert. He needs that, it is his power booster hearing those loud chants, seeing those smiles, seeing that his fans enjoying his music and his presence is enough to keep him going.

It is from us fans that he pulls up his strength, let us be strong for him let us be happy for Kim Hyun Joong, as we keep all the memories we can gather from the hottest GEMINI…



I’m just dropping by actually, since my busy days at work had already started, and I feel this is an important message that I would like to make. May I sincerely appeal to all Kim Hyun Joong fans to please offer a prayer for him while he’s holding this important project.

The success of this concert will be depending on all of us specially his Japanese fans. I truly believe he will rise up from this concerts as we push him to the heights of success with the help of the Almighty God.

As we can see from the concert schedule I have posted in this article is a bit tight or so hectic! It’s traveling around Japan and performing 11 concerts in 10 cities, for straight 3 weeks, and his only rest is his travel period by train or airplane! Let’s pray for his safety and most of all his health, that he may be blessed by more stamina to carry on.

Hyun Joong is sincerely doing this for all his fans as he promised he’ll be back to us after his World Tour last year, and he fulfilled his promise. Knowing the guy having his word of honor as always and has never failed us, in return may we just say a little prayer for him during this concert series.

What Kim Hyun Joong needs at this time is YOU and your prayers. Thank you so much.


Keep up with your strength and power, your fans are all behind you with so much love………keep the love on stage!    Go Gemini……break a leg!

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CASE CLOSED




By: LazerKim


On Jan. 19th news article started to circulate pertaining the final OFFICIAL CLOSURE of Kim Hyun Joong’s case! I’m sure everyone have read this news and I’m writing this article about the case closure just for the record that finally our nightmare is over! Meaning Kim Hyun Joong is NOT GUILTY of any crime as he was allegedly accused of assault by his ex-girlfriend who created all this circus so-called scandal.

This should have been a happy news and a reason to celebrate at first glance as we read about the case closure!  But it turned out to be a fiasco among KHJ fans creating sudden outburst of anger on how the media related the news! It’s like short of saying “ok you’re not guilty but this is what you have done!!” I knew it the media would never allow themselves to be eating and swallowing their own lies misleading the public with totally twisted information pertaining this case.

The fact that the fake evidences were just right in front of their faces, they chose to ignore it and continued misleading the public! Which only goes to show those media outlets do not have any intention of bringing out the truth about this case. And this is so sad, how these people can manipulate their evil intent to others just to destroy!

But in all fairness, prior to reading this news article pertaining the Hyun Joong’s case closure, Netizen Buzz posted the article that described how the fake evidences to this case was created, and I’m thankful with that! With hopes SK public and the haters would read it, understand, how they have crucified an innocent man into believing before thinking and unfairly judged through the trash news they read.

However, no matter how the media related this news, the important thing is we now know that Hyun Joong’s case had officially been a CLOSED CASE!

Despite of how the SK public misjudge him, I believe that someday Kim Hyun Joong shall be vindicated beyond our expectations, I never lose hope and I believe in prayers…



When I first read the news I felt angry no matter how I have expected this kind of news would be out there! After some hours I read another similar news from SOOMPI that gave me a big LAUGH! Other than repeating the twisted information, Soompi even added an invented story!! Gosh I died laughing! And as expected the haters were there so fast leaving their harsh comments and I laughed again! Where in hell did they get that story?

We are all familiar with Hyun Joong’s official testimony at the police station and he’s consistent about his statement, this is the first time I have ever heard that Hyun Joong practicing martial arts to A that caused her injury! This obviously is a BIG LIE! Common sense tells us, a person being accused of a crime having a lawyer to defend him, is it wise to change his testimony from the police station much more to the DA? Come on Soompi don’t you have anything better to come up with to a more credible news? These haters and media outlets are not thinking at all!

My wild imagination is saying this……Two nations from the other side of the world has been at war for years, pointing their weapons at each other, that I want to scream “stop” you’re pointing at the wrong target! There is your target SK media, its showbiz culture and haters! Get set and shoot!…. We may never know having common enemies may lead these two nations to lasting friendship!! Again Kim Hyun Joong is a common denominator in uniting people around the world!



I was trying to reflect everything that transpired in that nightmare and how it ended that made me think, so this is how it is in South Korea. I have noticed media are trying to pull down artists who have been up there for long and just waiting for the right timing to initiate their fall! And lately this became so obvious to me although they have been trying to destroy Hyun Joong since he started his solo status but failed for a lot of times, until this so-called scandal erupted the media took advantage of the chance.

On the first stage of the nightmare the media was successful in their KHJ demolition, well that’s what they thought!! LOL And it’s a good thing his World Tour was there during the nightmare and had proven that the media indeed was a failure! Because what they were expecting was a flopped concert series that would lead Hyun Joong’s downfall. But contrary to their expectation all concert venues in any cities Hyun Joong performed was full packed and indeed very successful!

And one very significant to me is that Hyun Joong even gained fans from the nightmare. You may say out of sympathy or curiosity but how ever a fan may discover a star it may start from there knowing more about Kim Hyun Joong and I tell you knowing him is endless!! Because this guy has a very interesting life story that any fan can be proud of.

Think about it, who are those artists with the same category who hardly rise up and still trying at this point? They should be given a chance to achieve what Kim Hyun Joong has and still achieving! And they consider him an obstacle in their path towards stardom! Believe me that woman A cannot achieve in creating a so-called scandal by herself, there must be someone else behind her. Well this may just be my theory but common sense would tell us what is already so obvious in our own very eye!

I would say it again…… “Evil intent never win!”



There are agencies who are blood suckers in business, and they do exist in reality! Now I came to realize these agents would push their managing artist to the limits until they become a star. Fine, but when things get rough they just drop the artist like a hot potato! I have seen that from KeyEast, so disappointing! It’s indeed scary to be up there as everyone leaves you when things go rough. As the saying says “You would know who your real friends are in times of need and in trouble.”

And I have also noticed in South Korea celebs who might be in such hot situation none among his co-celeb would even take his side publicly! I call these people a bunch of cowards. Why? They are scared that once these celebs just sit or stand by Hyun Joong side the public and their fans would leave them as well! This is sooo sad!

And yes this is something new to me because in my country, a celeb being trapped in a scandal their celeb friends would openly defend them without losing their fans. Simply because their friendship has got nothing to do with their profession, as simple as that! And if I were a fan of that co-celeb why should I change my views about him? My being a fan has got nothing to do with his friendships with anyone, it’s his choice it’s his life!



Let’s just say granting Kim Hyun Joong may have lost some of his friends, but the truth is NO he did not lose them, because they are not his real friends to begin with. We know who the real ones are, and those were the most unexpected, his previous bodyguard and his previous manager who had taken care of him and had known Hyun Joong since the start of his being a solo artist who left a message to his fans saying, “he’s a good man, believe in him and stay with him.”

Those are his real friends not to mention his two current managers, they may not be saying anything in public but by just seeing they stayed by his side all through out the mess, I’m so thankful to them for taking care of Hyun Joong. We don’t count friends by its numbers but by its quality of loyalty.

And most of all Kim Hyun Joong is truly gifted with a million fans worldwide who are truly loyal and sincere to him as his fans, who did not leave him but stayed with him during the darkest moment of his life and until now they stayed by his side with undying support. These people are his real fans and they are millions worldwide! Indeed he is truly blessed with so much love. Such an amazing star, Kim Hyun Joong he is!



Now we can end this episode of our story with Kim Hyun Joong and we start fresh with the next chapter of our life with him as his loyal fans. I’m not saying we would no longer walk on a rough road, it’s a part of life, there’s always obstacle around his path. And these obstacles doesn’t matter, what really matter is how we deal with those obstacles. It may strike any time since Hyun Joong’s is soon to come out on his concerts, they will not stop until he drop, but of course we will not allow that to happen!

Let us not forget that the aim of his detractors is to push us his fans and break away from him. We already have seen the obvious for the last 5 months and they will try again and again while Hyun Joong is out there. Well let’s prove to these people we are totally unbreakable with him that the more they pull him down the more we push him up!

From this time on may I suggest that we stop circulating bad news coming from these media outlets and let’s start ignoring for real. Because these haters are just so happy to see us stressed out, and they are unhappy if we are happy! It’s jealousy and envy that they have because their biases couldn’t even climb the first step up on the ladder of stardom, and it’s been 5 years since Hyun Joong has been a solo artist but none of them ever succeeded!

So I was thinking this is the best way we can fight over his detractors, by remaining silent be blind and deaf to the trash news. Let us focus on Hyun Joong’s up-coming events and his album. By this way they cannot suppress our happy days in supporting him and his projects. We leave all of these nightmares behind us, and face new beginning.

LOVE is in the air since Kim Hyun Joong is back to us soon and let that love consume our being his fans….     Count down 2 days to go and he’ll start rocking those stage with us filled with love as we gather another memorable moments with him again!



I would like to thank my dear readers for sharing your thoughts with everyone here in my recent article Hottest Gemini, we do share with you having the same thoughts and feelings pertaining the current situation we have.

As always, this site is open to every KHJ fans, anything goes in my comment box, nothing matters, we share the same love as far as Kim Hyun Joong is concern, and I guarantee your words are safe and no one will dare attack you from here. Thank you so much I have learned a lot from you and most of all thank you for staying with Kim Hyun Joong always…

We keep our strength, we move on as we close the last chapter of that nightmare with a smile knowing he is NOT GUILTY of anything and look forward with so much hope that someday Kim HyunJoong shall be vindicated and God will provide that right to him….


Stay where you are, and you are surrounded by so much love from your fans! Just close your eyes sing for us, and nothing else matters…. keep the love on stage!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HOTTEST GEMINI!




By: LazerKim


A news article from this media outlet Top Star News with the a title “Kim Hyun Joong JYJ Kim Jae Joong and “special” bond…Jae Joong Hyung write to me this letter” was posted Jan. 16th. This article which obviously taken from Kim Hyun Joong’s documentary back in 2011 caught my curiosity as to why would a news item posted back in 2011 would be posted again after 4 years! And the article ended with “Meanwhile KHJ is being boiled for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend habitually.”

This news article was really tricky and totally misleading obviously, if that media outlet wants to write about Hyun Joong’s case might as well get straight to the point instead of bringing out an old story and stating a twisted information about the case again! Why can’t they just post the DA results instead? Is it because the results are in favor of Hyun Joong that he is not guilty of any of those charges or any crime?

Of course the media wouldn’t want to be a laughing bug to be eating their own words after destroying an innocent artist! In fact they are the guilty ones for making the public believe in all lies just to earn from their dirty work! End of story…

The article stated that Kim Hyun Joong is being boiled! Oh yes I agree Hyun Joong is being boiled with such high temperature and is just aching to get up on the stage to rock the entire universe with his music with a stronger power than ever. He’s hot and so hot to perform the most memorable concert series in Japan! At the same time his fans burning with a lot of enthusiasm well anticipated up-coming Japan concert series “GEMINI” from Jan. 27th to Feb.14th and his up-coming album “STILL” which shall be released Feb.11th!!

Top Star is a very good name for a media outlet and as far as I know the title belongs to Kim Hyun Joong as he has been the top star of all times that any where his name appear has always been on Top among all hottest stars!



May I just share my wild thoughts about SK media and SK showbiz culture that seems to me is getting to its worst. Recently a star actor was just about to perform in a variety show as he started with recording the show and out from nowhere a news broke out about this star accused of tax evasion which he had already settled with. And the producer of the variety show cancelled this star from the show after the news broke just like that!! What does tax evasion got anything to do with the variety show?? I can’t understand this kind of showbiz culture!

And in another note, a certain Clara filed a complaint against her agency ceo for sexual harassment through text message!! Wow!! I don’t believe this and the way I read the news it seems this Clara simply couldn’t get what she wanted from her agency!! Or another female who greed for popularity using this controversial issue. This sounds familiar and you know whom I’m talking about! Well I would say Korean women though not all is just so scary!! Sexual harassment over a text message that doesn’t even signify anything about sex, probably only for malicious minded people! What’s going on??

These are just a few that I have read recently and sound to be alarming for a showbiz culture and how media is putting this on! I can understand that in SK scandal, and controversial specially sensationalized stories are the top salable news in this country it seems! Now I’m having this impression that SK showbiz culture is no longer healthy to their artists!!



In connection to what I have written above, if a so-called scandal was unjustly done to Kim Hyun Joong it’s very likely that any move he make, these media people are just prepared to stamp him down again! And it seems his Korean agent can no longer protect him, just my opinion.  My apologies to my judgement but this is now how I see the entire scenario as far as Hyun Joong is concern or any Korean artist being a victim of scandal and controversy.

Well I’m just writing my mind out but can we encourage Hyun Joong to better stay in Japan for good and for real? I mean not only for these two months but maybe even before and after his enlistment. We all want him to be back after this and I got no doubt his fans shall all be waiting for him but I just wish he comes back in Japan instead and not in SK in doing his music for the future after his MS.

What has been happening to SK showbiz is already alarming. I agree in any part of the world showbiz has been a hot item to talk about. But maybe not as worst as we read about SK showbiz culture, that even the tiniest matter an artist can do that doesn’t even concern the showbiz is being made into a big deal! So much hypocrisy here, no offense to SK showbiz culture but this is getting out of hand.

And by the way, as I have mentioned earlier until at this time we have not read any progress pertaining to Hyun Joong’s case. What’s holding them back? So who can bring out the DA results? His agency I suppose, but where are they? What about the media? Oh I have mentioned it earlier what seems to be the obvious they will just sink down from shame (if ever they have) for posting such dirty trash news with all lies for months!

As we have seen the KHJ case recap how the fake evidences were created just to destroy a person and this is just sad that A and media ever exist through their evil ways and how they can swallow all those lies they brought to the public.  May I just share the old saying……… “Evil intent never win”



There’s a new voting polls being conducted by Drama Fever and there are only two contenders Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho. Both are from Hyun Joong’s first drama series Boys Over Flower, and with this regard I got a high respect on Lee Min Ho and his fans. Now in this voting polls allow us to leave comments after voting but unfortunately there are harsh comments at the polls which I suspect KHJ haters were the ones doing this because I know a lot of Lee Min Ho fans and they are not likely to bash around.

Therefore may I appeal to all Kim Hyun Joong fans to refrain from replying to the harsh comments or it would be much better not to read the comments and ignore it. Let’s just vote peacefully and leave the polls. Let’s bear in mind KHJ fandom is a decent fandom, we don’t badmouth on others, we may state our opinion but we never use unpleasant words.

As I have mentioned in my recent article “action speaks louder than voice” let our effort in voting be our voice in bringing Hyun Joong right on top of any polls.

                             ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN VOICE!

Drama Fever Voting Polls link:  VOTE NOW!




Henecia Fan Club Japan has been busy with their information dissemination pertaining to Hyun Joong’s up coming concerts that I truly appreciate. As I have mentioned in my recent articles since we can no longer rely on media and KE that we fans shall be on our own let us be more considerate to the officers of Henecia fan clubs in any country since these officers are not being paid to assist in any Kim Hyun Joong events.

The fan club officers are just there as volunteers on their own will in making these concert series possible and organized. If they may not be able to provide some information that we seek, let’s be considerate and I’m sure the officers are doing their best in helping other fans. And making sure that each and every fan is being informed of Hyun Joong’s concert series which starts January 27th until February 14th in Japan.

These concert series may differ from Hyun Joong’s World Tour that its concert promotion are visible anywhere we go within the internet or any country where he performed. As I have mentioned in my other articles, there may be some unhappy people out there who may not be happy to know that Kim Hyun Joong is coming back on stage and may just mess around! As we can see Top Star News was attempting to be a “kill joy”!! But no matter what happen nothing and no one can ever suppress or control any single Kim Hyun Joong fan in supporting him and his projects.

As to those unhappy people who’s trying to destroy him, the more you put Kim Hyun Joong down the more he’ll rise up even higher than what he had already achieved!……… Bear that in mind!  You can never put a good man down!

While writing this article concert tickets in Yakohama and Nagoya had been all sold out in just a matter of minutes upon general ticket selling started yesterday. See I told you!! lol!

For the international fans who would like to watch GEMINI the up-coming concert series of Kim Hyun Joong here’s one way you can purchase the tickets link below.

Gemini international concert ticket purchase link:


Still album CD international purchase:

CD Japan (

Yesasia (

Links shared by Noya Thanks!



Whatever obstacles or whatever may be going on around let’s just take this as a challenge. Fans from up far who may not be here in Japan to watch the concert don’t be disappointed. You know what? Just by the fact you know there’s a concert of Hyun Joong coming out and by just trying to get updates on the event and spread the concert news, this itself is already a support. Your interest your enthusiasm about the event is enough to say “I am with him” And you are, mind and heart and your dedication to Kim Hyun Joong to be a part of this memory is enough support.

Another important thing is Hyun Joong’s up-coming album STILL. Here our support is also very much-needed since we want him up to be at the highest rank at Oricon Music Chart. In the previous years I understand on-line international purchase was being counted, so I believe it will be the same for this year. Now granting for the sake of argument international purchase would not be counted like in SK or granting there’s no music chart to consider, wouldn’t you want to have a copy of Hyun Joong’s album? As the saying goes If there’s a will there’s always a way!

Let’s be confident God knows we all have a clean sincere intention of bringing him up to the top, God will provide, I have that strong belief. If this is meant for Hyun Joong then it’s for him and no one can break that or destruct him from climbing up to the top. Most of all we pray for him and the success of these projects, I believe prayers can move mountains.

Count down begins 8 days from now is a big day to all Kim Hyun Joong fans as he comes back to rock the stage again as the HOTTEST GEMINI ever born….. Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WELCOME BACK!




By: LazerKim


For the past months I’ve been asking myself when can I get to see Kim Hyun Joong at the airport again? And this question echoed among his other fans, as similar thoughts we have here!! At last what we have been waiting for finally got out from his kitchen after cooking for us! Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Haneda Airport Japan last night January 9th to attend an official promotional event for IG fan meeting January 10th in Kanagawa Prefecture Japan. (Kanagawa Kenmin Hall)

Looking dashing in his black coat Kim Hyun Joong handsome as ever still looking good as hundreds of fans waited and welcome him with so much warmth. Geez how I miss this guy it has been over three months since the last time we have last seen him at the airport now finally back on the track!

Did anything change? Oh yes Hyun Joong looks healthy, blooming and I have noticed this time bigger number of fans came to both airports to see him off and to welcome him, took his pictures, videos both at Gimpo Airport and at the Haneda! The only thing that did not change is the excitement among his fans who were dying to take a glimpse of him and take every chance to take pictures and videos!

Shall we tie him down here in Japan and never let him go back to SK?? That will be fun! LOL!   It’s so great to see him again, a bigger sigh here and a greater relief there, that at last he’s finally back on his toes and quite prepared to face tomorrow much stronger than ever!

May I ask, upon seeing his airport photos yesterday what did you feel? Have you felt a sudden heart lift and an unusual excitement? Well I did!! We have been used to seeing him at the airport through the pictures shared by his diligent fans at the internet but this time I felt different, as if I have not seen him for ages and would just run to him and would say….

“I’m so happy to see you again, be strong, you will never be alone…” This was what I have in mind in teary eyes upon seeing his recent airport picture! And it feels so great!

                                      Welcome back my Brave Hero!!

B67JODmCMAA3aqX (1)


Today January 10th Hyun Joong and his fans spend time together with the hand shake and picture taking event at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall I may not be there since I’m at the other side of Japan for work, but seeing the photos obviously Hyun Joong and his fans had the great time together! The venue may not as huge as the venues where he performed his concerts but the encounter is much closer that his fans had the chance to see Hyun Joong up close.

During his World Tour he had been saying he would love to see his fans in a smaller venues that can create a much closer interaction. And so with this event his fans had the chance for a photo session with Hyun Joong and he even played on letting his fans go for interesting poses with him all together “fighting” a big cheers and shoot!! That was fun!!

It’s so great to see Hyun Joong smiling again and having such a great time with his fans. We may not be there but it really feels I was one of those Japanese fans enjoying their close encounter with Hyun Joong and he enjoyed this short moment too, obviously! The event may be simple but being with him in a fan meet close encounter is such a memory to keep whoever fans were there, it’s worthwhile moment to share with.

And I’m most thankful to Kim Hyun Joong for being there today to spend time with his fans in a rare chance that made his fans happy from that venue had reached his other millions of fans from every part of the world through the internet. I thank all the fans who took pictures and videos at the airports and at Kanagawa who attended the event. Thank you so much for sharing with us, your effort is very much appreciated by all of us fans.




Allkpop posted news entitled “Kim Hyun Joong makes a Japanese come back next month” the article talks about his up-coming album Still and his Japan Tour Gemini! Well at least the news is positive, and I hope the next news is another good news! There were negative comments from the hater’s camp, what do you expect? But I chose to leave it these haters cannot live without hating and they will die with it but, so be it!!

As I have mentioned in my previous article Best Wishes, we close the year 2014 still smiling despite of the pain we endured at mid year being stamped down as we fought back and defended Hyun Joong. As this year 2015 opens up, I believe we are much stronger as his fans that there’s no pain inflicted to us that we cannot endure and survive with.

This 2015 we will not allow anyone to insult us anymore. They said “actions speak louder than voice”. We will remain silent and decent BUT we will show those haters that nothing can stop us from supporting Kim Hyun Joong and his projects no matter what they say and no matter what they do, we shall be supporting and protecting him till the end.

We fight for our right being fans of Kim Hyun Joong by bringing him up there to the top with much effort and sincerity in supporting his up-coming album and supporting his Japan Tour event.          ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN VOICE!

It is the right of every individual fan to support and follow whoever she wants as those haters do not have the right to interfere with our lives. In short, “Haters mind your own lives!”                  

Click like on this news and ignore the hater’s comments!

Allkpop (



We had a good start this year 2015 although, there may be some unacceptable matter at the polls Lotte Duty Free as Kim Hyun Joong won the first place spot but the acknowledgement was given to three artists instead of just one for the category Best Model, not plural as in Best Models but just one singular person should win. Lotte should have categorized their winners like first runner-up, second runner-up ect!! This is if they want everyone to be winners!! LOL

Now here’s my 2 cent. These people organizing those polls doesn’t realize how Hyun Joong fans worked their guts out, effort and time we spend on those voting polls! Again these people doesn’t realize that Kim Hyun Joong fans is still the strongest fandom among others, specially at this time. These people think his fans had left him after the nightmare without realizing that nightmare made us stronger and even multiplied in bigger number of fans for Kim Hyun Joong!    I call it Positive Impact!

Now that Lotte Duty Free, Yahoo Asia Buzz ect. knows the strength of Kim Hyun Joong fans I hope they would be careful next time not to under-estimate his power and his fans strength.  BUT it doesn’t end here, in fact it’s only the beginning of a new life for Kim Hyun Joong and his fans, we are never quitters we fight all through out till the end in any polls where Hyun Joong’s name appears.

And most specially at the Oricon as Hyun Joong has been keeping a good record high as always being no.1 in ranking in any of his Japanese album releases. That’s a fact, there’s no over rating here! His album Still shall be released on Feb. 11, let’s continue with our support and let’s keep him at that highest rank!

And also may I just say, I’m aware about the KHJ case revue but I chose to wait for a while and we’ll discuss it later. For the mean time I honestly don’t want to spoil anything because I’m happy to see Hyun Joong back on his toes and I just want to celebrate! My comment box is open, as I always say anything goes in this blog, feel free to share your thoughts and we’ll read from you. Thank you!

From now on let’s set our minds, now that Hyun Joong is almost done with cooking in the kitchen, we look forward to what is in store for us from him, but let’s keep our awareness since he’ll be out there again and it’s very likely some may attempt to mess around the joy we have, if you get what I mean!     PROTECT THE PRINCE!

Shall we tie him down in Japan and NOT let him go back to SK? That must be fun!! LOL!!

                                       To Kim Hyun Joong….“WELCOME BACK!!”   

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing




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