Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BEST WISHES!




By: LazerKim


Every year I get to review all highlighted events I have posted in this site pertaining all about Kim Hyun Joong and his fans, that we shared a lot of good memories in this site having a common interest in the career life of our only one. This is the forth New Year review I have written since I started and I think this year is the most unforgettable I have spent writing in this site. Many ups and down, many unexpected events transpired, be it something that made us smile and made us cry. But we did stick around and shared those joy and sadness all for the love of Kim Hyun Joong.


We started with year 2014 as Hyun Joong brought to us his dream of portraying a character that he had been longing to portray in his third drama Inspiring Generation that brought a lot of attention worldwide with Hyun Joong’s transformation and well-developed skills in acting. That finally he was able to prove himself as a good actor and gained a lot of praises from the media entity and experts in the field of acting in dramas.


Right after this drama Hyun Joong attended a lot of interviews and fan meet in promoting Inspiring Generation as he proceeded to the memorable World Tour Concert Phantasm by mid year performing in 6 countries 10 cities that again brought a lot of attention to the huge success of these concert series. Again Hyun Joong showed a tremendous development in his singing and dancing skills which I was not expecting after over a year of not performing as a dancer yet he showed a greater power on stage.



At the middle of the series the most unexpected incident popped out just from nowhere by a no one blinding the public out of a so-called “scandal” made by media and a woman in Hyun Joong’s life that brought his fans to a nightmare. We all shared the dark moment out of frustration and pain that Hyun Joong suffered from being in a trial by publicity, that such pain brought his fans to a strong unity to defend him and to defend our right as his fans to support and love him. The nightmare may be painful yet it brought a stronger impact to Kim Hyun Joong’s World Tour Concert as it continued to be a huge success despite of the setback!

As soon as the great news that Kim Hyun Joong shall be performing in Japan, another negative news item about the nightmare popped out that I’m just glad it didn’t last long at the internet, instead there were news article explaining how fake those pictures used as so-called evidence in that so-called “scandal”. Hyun Joong’s detractors may have succeeded in destroying him for four months, but I still believe bad intentions never last long, and that there’s this mysterious KARMA which is just around to strike any time!

However, the scandal turned out a positive impact on Kim Hyun Joong since he even gained fans and supporters out of the so-called scandal! In this blog site alone Hyun Joong gained a huge number of new readers that this site was able to maintain until at this period!



Towards the end of the year voting polls started to come out giving us the opportunity to show our support to Kim Hyun Joong. Each of us diligently contributed our own time and effort to vote in each of those polls with a unified aim in bringing him up to the top being the best artist. We experienced the joy of winning and achieving our aim but in one prestigious award the Yahoo Asia Buzz dared to stamp down Kim Hyun Joong’s name and his fans to the extent of stepping on his and our dignity.

What Yahoo Asia Buzz did was too painful to all of us considering the effort and sleepless nights we poured on that voting polls. But we never gave up and continued voting in greater strength wherever his name appear in any voting polls. Kim Hyun Joong’s name has always been on top rank and was able to maintain until at this moment.

Inspiring Generation won the top rank as The Best Drama 2014 since the polls closed! CONGRATS to Kim Hyun Joong and to all of us fans who participated in voting that became our daily routine! Let us all keep up the good work and your effort is very much appreciated by him and I’m pretty sure of that! Trust me!



When everything seemed hopeless and scary as if the feeling of not seeing him again just haunted us with uncertainty, came a good news from Japan before Christmas that Hyun Joong indeed is coming back by the beginning of 2015. The good news lifted our spirit in looking forward to seeing him again soon! Now we are well motivated by that light from the dark tunnel as we close the year 2014 with a big smile on our lips and more love to Kim Hyun Joong.

A few days before Christmas, another surprise came as he started to surface from nowhere like one incident at Busan the Luxbene store inauguration and his photos were all over the internet! I said to myself, “that’s it kiddo you’re doing it right.” And take note that event was not an official one but simply being invited by the store owner whom I assume a friend who is kind enough to share Hyun Joong’s photos to his fans.

And for two consecutive nights before New Year’s Eve, Hyun Joong was spotted at one of Jaksal outlet! I remember writing in one of my articles “Happy Moments” I stated this…

“What about visiting one of your Jaksal outlets? Anyway you own the place so it cannot be called an official exposure just like in this candid pictures! Just once let your fans see you, can you?”

To Kim Hyun Joong:   “Thank you for hearing from us how much we wanted to see you at least for us to know you’re ok and that you have finally moved on!”



In everything that happens to our life good or bad serves a reason towards something better than we expect. As we look back, we may never forget the pain we had but as the wound heals from that pain, we learn from what we have experienced. Let’s just say it’s a part of growing up in a stronger strength as fans of Kim Hyun Joong to stay by his side no matter what happens. I’m truly proud being a part of this fandom!

We welcome the new year 2015 filled with happy feelings of looking forward to seeing Kim Hyun Joong again…. what more can I ask for? A bright career future for him. As they said no pain no gain, we hold on to this thoughts as we continue our journey with him be it smooth or on bumpy road we travel, we shall stay together with him.



Despite of the setback we had and as I look back, for me it wasn’t bad at all because it was from those incidents that we have proved to ourselves how real we are in a true life of a fan, we have proved to ourselves how intense our love and concern to Kim Hyun Joong that brought us more than what to expect..

As we say goodbye to 2014, the only wish I have is to push away the nightmare to 2014 wavelength and never come back to us and to Hyun Joong anymore!! From this year I learned a lot more about media, South Korean showbiz culture, and about his haters that made me realize how an important person Kim Hyun Joong is. Because if not they would just ignore him! Remember a tree that bears good fruit is likely to be stoned done.

“Goodbye to 2014, please bring with you the bags of nightmare and don’t come back!!”



On my birthday in October, I was wishing to see Kim Hyun Joong on my screen and relate his side of story from the nightmare to be able to clear his name. However, this is gonna be his choice and not ours. And when the great news came out, I felt all negatives had just vanished, that I think whatever wish I got pertaining the nightmare is already irrelevant. The media and that woman including the haters got what they wanted, however as I mentioned earlier it won’t be for long and that their motives had only proven in favor of Kim Hyun Joong in so many ways.

My wish now for 2015 is that Hyun Joong may be able to achieve what he wants in his career before his MS. I know he has been wanting to share with us more memories that we can keep while he’s away and I wish he’ll be able to pursue with it in the next remaining days. And for us fans to maintain our strength we gained out of the setback and stay firm.

Once Hyun Joong is out there again, let’s be on guard and protect him. I realized we can no longer trust the media for reliable news and you know who those media outlets are, so we’ll be on our own during the next project of Hyun Joong. There may be smear campaign to encounter but let’s not others step on our foot again. Enough is enough we already had endured so much insults in 2014 than let’s start fresh for 2015 and never allow us and Hyun Joong from any form of disrespect on him and on us.

Just keep in mind YOU are not alone. Let’s do what we have to do, stamp on any obstacle that’s getting on our way until Hyun Joong succeeds. I cross my fingers that his upcoming Japan Tour and album release won’t be the last before he step in to MS.



Thank you so much to all my readers and those who have been active in my comment box thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with all of us. You just don’t know how much it helped in comforting one another during those dark momentsYou have been truly my greatest inspiration in writing all about Kim Hyun Joong!

                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!

To Kim Hyun Joong:      Thank you for the life you have shared in this blog site. You shall always be remembered for what you are the greatest artist I have ever known. Thank you for the memories, thank you for the love you have shared!

                                           HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks!

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59 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BEST WISHES!

  1. Hello LK and everyone, please pay attention to the following if you aren’t aware already. Let’s do our best :

    Henecia please go here, like the article & leave great support messages for hyun joong…don’t fight with haters just support him…please we need you here…/kim-hyun-joong-to-make-a-japanese-…
    by Sandra Silver

    My Henecian friends… all KHJ fans. Please like the allkpop article about KHJ’s comeback. The article is clean… there’s nothing about the scandal. There’s no need to read the comments if you don’t want to get angry. More likes is better than more dislikes. It will be a big slap on their face if it gets so many likes despite of their bashing. Please like the article in the allkpop site and twitter page. Fighting for KHJ!
    There’s also another one in soompi, please like it as well. I repeat there’s no need to read the bashers comments if you don’t want to ruin your day. Fighting everyone!…/kim-hyun-joong-coming-back-with-se…/
    by Melanie Scp

    Fighting, Alien family! ^^

  2. Hi lazer kim !
    i red your article “he personally wrote to his fans as his routine every time he is not on public exposure, saying he’s busy working on his project”
    i was wondering where does kim hyun joong write to his fan ! i didn t find any officiel twitter or officiel web site
    please help me and thank you :*

  3. Hi evryone..
    Happy new yr to all… m a kind of one among the new born fans of khj. I am from India.. where you guys would find only a lil number f fans… but …. here seeing 1000s f hearts beating with love for khj i feel extremely happy. We all love our one and only one .. Let ds b a wonderful year for all of u and our boy as well……

    • Hello there! Welcome to the world khj! I got many readers from India too and we’re all from different parts of the world but yes you are right our hearts beat as one to kim hyun joong! Thank you so much take care be happy and see you again! God bless…

  4. Hi Lk.

    Just miss you article. I hope we get to read an article from you next week. I ‘m very exciting for tomorrow. Missing Hyun Joong so much. Really hope to see a good fancam from IG fan meeting.

    there are one thing I want to mention in my previous comment is i would like to support and express my appreciation to KHJ’s Korean fans . I think they probably feel very hurtful and much more frustrate then us as everything happened in their society. . I can feel that it ‘s hard for them to defend KHJ when most people there seem ignorance toward justice especially when it involves celebrities.. however i believe they have been doing their best in their situation and still keep supporting KHJ untill now. I hope this New Year will be a nother great year for them and Kim hyun joong as well.

    The following is the link that you will find the topic is very very interesting. I wish the verry best for Kim Hyun Joong and all of us.


    • Yes I agree with you. To our Korean Henecia sisters thank you, gracias, abrigado from the LatinAmerican Henecias. Fighting! You are not alone you are part of this great worldwide family.

    • Fancams from Haneda AP have already brightened our day ❤
      He really looked better at Haneda. When I first saw his pics of departure at Gimpo, I told myself does he have to look this much gloomy whenever he is in public?! 😦 But fortunately he had a beautiful smile on his face when he reached Japan! I suppose weather is much better in Japan 😉 I’m sincerely grateful to his Japanese fans that are this much kind and warmhearted.
      Bella you’re right I think henecians in SK are really under pressure, more than any other fans. Actually I don’t know how they can tolerate harsh comments in different sites since they know the language. I’ve read somewhere in FB that when he was leaving Gimpo AP fans have told him “everything is well” ^_^

  5. Thank you Lazer Kim for wonderful articles.Happy new year!!!!!And best wishes!I can’t wait your next thoughts.Is special for our souls.


  6. Looking forward for your upcoming concert kim hyun joong…..we are here ready to believe and support you,no matter what

  7. Happy New Year to all!
    Hoping that 2015 will be a happier, successful & more peaceful year for our beloved boy & his fans…
    Can’t wait for the coming Japan tour & his new album!

    Another thing, is he really having an ‘IG’ FM in Japan next Saturday?
    I can’t for the life of me remember where I read that…getting old, m afraid, hee…

    So, anyway, I came across this forum at OneHallyu, discussing about our KHJ.
    As usual the ‘affable’ posters were doing their best to diss on our boy.
    M not a fan of that site at all but since I was there I did my best to put in my 2-cents…
    So if anyone here would like to add in your 2 cents too I’ll just post the link here :

    Of course, be prepared to be lambasted by those oh-so-righteous ‘choir’ boys or girls…
    But just treat them with amusement k cos from reading their comments they seemed to be stuck on recycling old news & didn’t seem able to discourse with much intelligence or coherence when asked to substantiate their reasonings…

    On a very much happier note, let’s keep on increasing our anticipation for the return of…our Only One!
    Counting the days…

    Take care, Ms Lazer & friends…

  8. I believe everything happen for reason(s). We might can’t figure it out at first, especially when we feel unfairly treated, upset, mad and keep finding reason for it happened. But, when we calm down and start to accept the reality, we can finally saw the big picture. We absolutely can’t change the fact that it has happened. We also can’t control other’s thinking and act but don’t let them control yours. As long as you are right, sooner or later the truth will reveal. Just remember, you only responsible for what you said and did. Let others responsible for theirs.

  9. Happy New Year LK, it’s been awhile since is write here, but I love reading you articles. Lots of good and bad things has come and gone for all of us. But one thing will never change and that is the LOVE we all have for Kim Hyun Joong. Whatever they throw at us, we will not fall easily. It will just make us stronger and better. Let us leave all that happen in 2014 behind in 2014.

  10. Happy New Year 2015

    Hi LK and everyone

    first of all Thank you so much LK for your hard work to manage this blog. Thanks a lot to make this blog as a paradise for all HJ’s fans and the ones who admire him. I can not imagine what will happen to me if this not here while we faced the nightmare. thanks for your bold, your witty, your spontaneous reaction ,your intellectual, your fighting spirit .your heart warming and Lastly your love for Kim Hyun J\oong. Thank so much for everything you have done I truly appreciate and admire you. Last year was full of happiness and sadness . When I was happy this blog made me even more happy when I felt down and sad this blog raised up my spirit. Thank 5thank thank

    Thank you everyone here . The comments here is like medicines to put a smile on my cheek or a laugh on my face. Thank you for being here. Thanks for sharing good time and bad time together . We have achieved a number of success that made us proud to ba KHJ’s fans. I’m sure KHJ is also proud to be loved by all of us. i feel so good that we are able to show that Kim Hyun Joong will always be protected and loved because he is such a good man and a talent artist..

    lastly thank you Kim Hyun Joong for being you and thanks you for your music and your hard work to make your fans happy.’ I wish you will become the most successful performer in South Korea.

    may all your wishes come true/

    May all my wishes become true.

    • Happy New Year Bella!
      Thank you so much for the compliment. Honestly just like you im so glad to have this space where i can pour out whatever i think and feel all about KHJ. And maybe if there’s nowhere for me to go specially during that nightmare i cant imagine myself to be just in one corner and cry out by myself and thats even painfull! Knowing people around may never get to understand so why else would i turn to them? And im so glad you’re here and we can share both joy and sadness. That’s more than enough for me to keep going and deal with life!

      Oh yes im sure hj was able to gather his strength knowing we’re here for him. He had been in a lot that sometimes it feels he got no one to turn to but as i always say he’ll be stronger and powerful than ever. He’s never a quiter and we have seen him that way all these years. He’ll prove himself again and this time we support much stronger.
      I take the pain as it is but it only push me harder to be brave and strengthen my support to KHJ. And that happened right before my eyes im still thankful that made me realize how important he is in my life.
      Thank you again bella for always sharing your thoughts the I and my readers learn from you as you learn from them too I guess this is such a good stimulant to all of us in sharing among ourselves. Take care be happy and see you again!! God bless..

  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR MISS LK, thank you very much for your effort thru the years, i hope that, 2015 will bring us joy and more success to KHJ, thanks to all henecians around the world, for the love and friendship….

  12. Happy New Year Lazer Kim dear!!!!

    Also to all my beloved friends KHJ TRUE FANS, Happy New Year!!!!!

    Last but not least to my handsome boy Kim Hyun Joong, his family and all his friends, Happy New Year!!!

    “May Light always surround you;
    Hope kindle and rebound you.
    May your Hurts turn to Healing;
    Your Heart embrace Feeling.
    May Wounds become Wisdom;
    Every Kindness a Prism.
    May Laughter infect you;
    Your Passion resurrect you.
    May Goodness inspire
    your Deepest Desires.
    Through all that you Reach For,
    May your arms Never Tire.”
    ― D. Simone

  13. Happy New Year 2015..may each and every day of the new year brings lots of happiness and love..saranghae khj..saranghae henecians..

  14. Happy New Year Ms.LK and to all KHJ Lovers, My Best Family ever. And for sure A Bless New Year to My Only One KHJ. Honestly ,I can Stand through 2014 because of This Amazing Man. Everyday woked Up seing His Smile from TL, Heard His Song~ It Was a Great Healing to step of my Day. Happiness,Love and Courage from Henecia and KHJ itself truly enough as my Vitamin. Wish this 2015 be a Bless , Happiness and Full of Love for all of Us, especially for Our Only One KHJ. Pray for More Bright career and Success for Him.Coz no one Can put Him Down . Thanks always for Ure articles Ms.LK ~~It’s like Our Daily Bread ^^ ~Once again Happy New Year all~~ God Bless ^^ (Ana♥)

  15. Boarding on Flight ✈ 2015 has been announced……. Your luggage 💼 should only contain the best souvenirs from 2014….. The bad and sad 😔 moments should be left in the garbage…….
    The duration of the flight will be 12 months.
    So, tighten your seatbelt 💺
    The next stop-overs will be Health, Love 💖, Joy, Harmony, Wellbeing and Peace ✌. The captain offers you the following menu which will be served during the flight…….
    A Cocktail 🍸 of Friendship
    A Supreme of Health
    A Gratin of Prosperity
    A Bowl 🍜 of Excellent News 📰
    A Salad of Success
    A Cake 🎂 of Happiness
    All accompanied by bursts of laughter……
    Wishing you and your family 👪 an enjoyable trip on board flight ✈ 2015…..🌟💥✨💥🌟
    Before 2⃣0⃣1⃣4⃣Ends,
    Let Me Thank All The Amazing People Like You 👍
    Who Made 2014 Beautiful For Me.
    I Pray You Are Blessed With a Spectacular Year Ahead.

    Happy New Year to ALL , to you dear Lk and to our KHJ!

  16. Happy New Year to our Kim Hyun Joong, Happy New Year LazerKim and all fellow KHJ fans! ❤ LK dear, your summary is concise and includes everything! Thank you very much!!
    Indeed, the news about HJ and his new pics made us so happy erasing the pain and sadness.
    Wish that 2015 will be a better year, a great year for HJ and for all of us!!

    DEAR LAZERKIM THANKS. only positive things will be happened next year we can see.
    KIM HYUN JOONG l like the man who are you, your way to act , to speak, to try your best in everything. The way to be yourself, honest, saying the true is your motto that is why l believe in your words. Congratulations , l get my hat out for you, enjoy your tour and FMs, we will wait for your dream, The free Concert for the fans before to MS. HAPPY NEW YEAR KIDOO. GOD BLESS YOU.

  18. To God be the glory for great things he has done. Yes, Hemhas brought Kim Hyun Joong back to us because the prayers of the faitful availed much. lazerkim, youmkept the faith and to brought all us into the light. because of this blog and many thers that never left but supported him, thank you. I am sure he has learned a valuable lesson , you can’t trust everyone and sometimes listen to your family and friends because they can see what you don’t see. Be bless in 2015 an to your family, friends, and friends happy new year and be bless.

  19. Happy new year 2015 LazerKim, and happy new year to HJ’s true fans, his friends and his family.
    And a all my best wishes to Hyun Joong for this new year (to forget these injustices till the end of 2014 with the awards of KBS!).

  20. During this 4 month and this incident he and his fans have suffered a lot but there are also some good lessons in it. He may have found out more about his true friends and supporters in the hard moments of life. I am really thankful to his friend in IG who dared to invite him to his wedding ceremony despite the spoiled atmosphere of SK. Also Steven lee who constantly shared news of HJ’s activity on his IG and it was a relief seeing that all the comments are just love for HJ.
    Actually I wasn’t his fan before this nightmare!! I just knew him and liked him because of his angelic face in BOF. When I defended my master thesis in August I gained some free time after 3 years and that was the time that I searched his name to see if he has new drama! And it was then that I found out about this incident. I didn’t think that it will become this huge! Actually I didn’t believe it since I was watching BFF in that time and I was getting to know the real KHJ. He was such a brave, caring and calm person that I couldn’t believe the news. I was really sad that all of this is happening to him just the time that I have known him! It was completely painful since I’ve experienced this situation in 2006 when Juve was accused of calciopoli! I had this fear that HJ can’t survive this situation or if he overcomes it anything won’t be the same as the past, since Juve hasn’t regained its true place in Europe after 8 years.
    I had this fear and I couldn’t bare the comments of haters, I couldn’t believe their harshness! And that was the time I found your site and knew that he is so much loved even now. It was a great relief. You were the person who had so much faith in him and reassured us that he will comeback even stronger. Actually for me he is a source of inspiration not just an artist that I like, since during this brief time I’ve learned so much about life from him and his fans.
    So this was my story that I wanted to share with you since you mentioned not only he didn’t lose any fan but also he gained more 😉
    Actually these days I am so happy that he has shown more of himself to us. The opening in Busan was really a breathtaking surprise. He looked brilliant, and the peace in his eyes was really comforting. He definitely knew that we are so much worried that if he is in low spirit, therefore he seeks every opportunity to inform us about himself. Such a kind, caring and responsible person he is.
    Dear LK thank you for being here for HJ and his fans. I wish all of us a year full of happy memories of HJ and may God keeps him safe, healthy and happy forever.

    • Dear Eli…I’ve appreciated your words…I came to love him even more because of the accident started on that 22nd of August! That made me,like for you,appreciate KHJ not only as an artist,but also as a person,so it’s true…that nightmare made KHJ having new fans and also strengthening the love of us who already knew him…this is fantastic! Me too I’ve found this blog of LazerKim because of the accident…so..even a terrible experience can bring good things thanks to all of you!
      Ps. It’s just a coincidence,but that Friday morning,the 22nd of August I was in Rome,in the kpop shop of Mister buy KHJ’s album ” Timing” for a friend of mine!!! Not knowing about the terrible fact yet. I ‘m sure none of us forgot what we did that day…

    • Hi Eli and sara

      Thank you for your inspiring story. It’s really sad that he has to face this nightmare that he does not deserve. I personally admire him more after the nightmare . In my opinion he is brave and honest to himself. I really wish he will be success than ever with his comeback and his name will be cleared before he get in to the MS.

      Now I can’t wait for his comeback and IG fan meeting this coming Friday.

      • Hi Bella! Thank you so much! And infinite kamsa hamnida to LazerKim who created this seems like nobody around us understand how we feel…but here,in this special “place” we can really understand one each other,share our feelings and our heartbeats go on the same pace!💓 Every day I ‘m always more and more impressed by the wise,intelligent,mature and conscious attitude/behavior of our beloved One … I’M SO SURE is really a beautiful person so he absolutely deserves all the best!!
        PS. happy for your attending this coming fan meeting! I wish I could be there…😅

        • Thanks Sara and Bella, It’s really a relief to have people that understand you and have the same feeling as yours 🙂
          Oh the IG fan meeting! Really looking forward to see the fancams, I hope he can show us his bright smile with those pearly white teeth! ❤

  21. Hi LK, great article as always, I agree with you that the only good thing that came out of this nightmare is that Oppa knew how much we love him and we knew how much we love him and care about him, it brought us together instead of breaking us like the haters wanted.

    Happy new year to you Oppa and all Henecia Family and Triple S, I hope 2015 will be a good year and I have a meditation on this 2015 is an odd number, if you divide an odd number into couples of 2 numbers, 1 number will remain alone, that number is the KING, so I hope 2015 brings a lot of royal things to Oppa and to all of us, Happy new year everyone 🙂

  22. Dear LK, thank you once more for this wonderful blog. As I had said before your words were my umbrella on that horrible nightmare. You are so right again. We were a fandon now we are a family all over the world. This so called “scandal” helped us glue and stick together. Before this horrible nightmare I was just a follower, he was one of my favorites, but no more, during this trial seing all of you real fans and his demeanor made me realize he is my only one. For the first time I voted without ceasing, and I am still doing it and what is most important I reached out to other fans. It has been a joy to share him, follow him, missing him, and being awfully proud of him. When the cover of Gemini went out I saw him as a phoenix, burning ashed from his past and building stronger than ever. I am a catholic as him and my prayers were answer that day. You cannot imagine the joy when I see him stronger and more beautiful. After all Raphael “is one who heals”. The Busan pictures are so fantastic, that man is so smart, do you need a big agency to have awesome ads? NO, I just take my cell take selfies and pics of my handsome friend. All that and his tour is a BOO YA IN YA FaCE YOU HATERS I AM UNBREAKABLE! Well I feel better as always after being in your blog. Sorry is so long. Wishing you the best always and I will toast for you and our dear boy as we wish in my country “I wish for you and your loved ones health, wealth and love and specially time to enjoy it all” . Love my sister. Happy New Year. Feliz año nuevo!

  23. Happy new year to all lovers of hyun joong.To lazerkim,a big welldone for all ur time and devotion to kim hyun joong,and thanks to hyun na forever true fans.A man of uniqueness is who hyun joong is,no one is Perfect but for sure he is an angel.Am glad and pleased that a new year is here and that means new expirence and better things,may God shower his blessings to everyone and kim hyun joong.To hyun joong,you just keep working
    towards achieving ur dreams doing whats right in the sight of God,no one loves u better than u enter the new year i hope u eat well,laugh ur heart others and keep up ur Faith.HAPPY NEW YEAR,love u.

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