Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHRISTMAS WISHES



By: LazerKim


As always Kim Hyun Joong never ever forget his fans and has always been very thoughtful even in the grand or simple way he can. With all his sincerity, he does everything to stay in touch with all of us his fans on Christmas season, as we treasure in our heart his every gesture meant for us! That’s how strong Kim Hyun Joong and his fans are bonded together that shall remain unbreakable as ever!

On the Eve of Christmas 2015, Henecia Japan posted a short video message coming from Kim Hyun Joong to all his fans around the world, translating his words as…

“Hello, I’m Kim Hyun Joong, it’s a happy Christmas Day today! The cold days continue but be careful not to catch a cold! MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

                                                                                     Hanecia Japan, thanks for sharing!



Kim Hyun Joong being a Catholic like myself and other fans do celebrate Christmas as a special season of the year, that I would like to share this article filled with love and wishes to everyone regardless of religion. On this season I call Hyun Joong a White Knight who has the power to unite people around the world irregardless of nationality, race, color, religion, language, social status or whoever we are.

Let’s include even those haters anyway it’s Christmas since they too gathered to talk about Hyun Joong that only made him even popular on line!! Kim Hyun Joong would only embrace whoever is in front of him irregardless of anything and that’s him in reality! He sees everyone equally with no discrimination.

Every Christmas season since 2011 I always get to mention the very first article Christmas Dream which I have written on the eve of Christmas! That writing an article started like a play expressing my thoughts since I didn’t have anyone to talk with who wouldn’t think I was crazy searching all about Kim Hyun Joong! Who would ever think I ended up being attached to a lot of people around the world through him?

And not just anyone, but people who truly loves with all sincerity to only one star who brought a strong unity and I have proven this fact as we were given an ultimate test that made us stayed by his side through many ups and down yet remained strong being with him. I think this is the greatest gift we gave him and shall endlessly giving him, to a truly deserving star of all time. Being a part of Kim Hyun Joong’s fandom is one special thing I’m truly proud that I shall humbly keep this lock in my heart.



For the last four winter season spending in front of my screen having Hyun Joong in mind, he always has something good like a present to his fans towards the year end that every fan do cherish that present from him, which has always been his music. I can still remember this song Marry Me Marry You which he released on the eve of Christmas 2011 that I guess none of his fans slept that night and just kept listening to this music at YouTube!! And minutes prior to the release of this song, he was spotted at the airport unannounced coming home to Seoul from US that even made his fans so happy!!

I was asking myself, will I be having a blue Christmas for this year? As I was writing my recent article Nightmare Rewind, I admit I was all down while writing and reacting to some news articles, I said to myself I don’t want to spend my Christmas with that awful feeling. Until the great news came out on the 19th of Dec.that Kim Hyun Joong is coming back sooner than I was hoping! It was such a big surprise for me that I couldn’t explain how I felt reading the good news!

Early 6am on Dec.19 while I was doing my routine voting, I hardly believed when a friend of mine shared the news about Hyun Joong’s Japan Tour that the first thing I asked was, “where did the news came from?” I have to admit I already doubted news coming from Seoul or SK! Sorry about that but what I have been through these past 4 months was such a trauma!

I found out the news came from Japan which is more reliable, that’s the only time I felt relieved and excited in tears that I can’t wait to bring that good new in this blog site!! It was such a  tremendous hunger for this news to come out that I felt and finally relieved! With this good news, it’s more than enough for me to say I got the best Christmas present this year, as the first part of my wish came true, to see Kim Hyun Joong on stage again!



Normally once I felt the cold winter air around me, Christmas is the first thing that I can think of! The feeling of gloomy winter these past days were all gone and now all I can look forward to is seeing him again on stage. What else can I ever ask for this Christmas? Santa Claus came in earlier bringing us a great new, and this news is more than a precious Christmas present for me!!

I knew it Hyun Joong was just around cooking something for us as he always does and probably even reading from us on how we manage to endured all those days of missing him!! I’m beginning to prove now how a teaser this guy could be!! Oh yes Kim Hyun Joong never fail to surprise his fans!! And this time, how I wish to put a leash on his neck and tie him up here in Japan which I think is the best place for him to do his music where he is secured, protected, nurtured, respected and loved by everyone!

I’m not insinuating that Hyun Joong should leave his country, no of course not, because no matter what happen he loves his grass-roots and we can never take that away from him. However, in doing music business I think he came in to the right place. And may I just clarify to other malicious minded haters that this album project together with his upcoming Japan Tour 2015 had long been in process by Universal Music Japan and that he is NOT in exile, since he has been under contract with this company ever since he started his solo artist career in doing any of his Japanese albums, I hope this is clear enough to them.

Kim Hyun Joong is a global star as he gained this star status around the world, still continuously gaining and shall be gaining in the near future. No one can ever control his growing popularity, and nothing can ever change the love and sincere support his fans is giving him no matter what happens!



For the past months, do you know that feeling of being scared that you won’t be able to see him again? As if it’s haunting me deep inside that I was filled with uncertainty! However I know very well Hyun Joong never give up, and this time he showed it loud and clear, that he’s coming back to us, as he promised! A big sigh and relief that all those dark moments just vanish from thin air, enough to say Kim Hyun Joong is finally coming back!!

I am most thankful to the management of Universal Music Japan for hearing from us fans how much we needed to hear from him through his music, how much we needed to see him through his concerts, how much we love and support him no matter what happen, as this company shall be releasing Kim Hyun Joong’s album and Gemini Japan Tour project! My Christmas wish came true!! I’m the happiest, joy to the world!

To Universal Music Japan, this project is the greatest gift you shall ever give to the world! And in return we fans of Kim Hyun Joong shall be supporting this album as always a memorable music for us to treasure being his fans. Thank you for your trust. 

                                MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!

To Kim Hyun Joong, my brave hero, thank you for hearing from us your fans. Stay strong, stay confident and we shall always be at your side. Keep remembering you are loved as always and you will never be alone!       Thank you for being YOU our only one!


                                                     …with love from all of us fans around the world!

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagge, Ms. D thanks!

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Kim Hyun Joong won first place in Best Model Award under Lotte Duty Free. CONGRATULATIONS to Kim Hyun Joong and fans! We made it again! This is another Christmas present for Kim Hyun Joong, coming from the hearts and sincere effort from all Kim Hyun Joong fans who tirelessly voted for him everyday! Thank you so much for all the effort! Let’s keep up the good work with our daily routine voting with the remaining polls! Fighting!! Vote now!


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10. Poll for contemporary male singer has restarted for final round!
Vote to keep HJ on top! Poll ends 3rd January


11. Most Loved Male Celebrity 2014 (Male Star 2014)


lets keep fighting and make khj no 1
via.: Deanna Dsc – Henecia Philipines   (Thanks for sharing!)


43 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHRISTMAS WISHES

  1. For those who hasn’t hve a chance to get KHJ Tonight : Premium Live Concert DVD, here u can watch it…the concert is lively, HJ is too cute and in very happy mood that he always smile, very sweet smile that i can’t just resist to re-watch it again and again….he talks a lot that i love to see most of the time…just enjoy guys…

  2. Hi everyone!
    I just went to this Youtube site for ‘The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2014’…
    The link is below, by the way…
    M a bit surprised & disappointed that our beautiful boy is nowhere in sight.
    Lol! I guess m not satisfied unless our boy is up there too…biased noona & all…
    No offence to any Suju or 2PM fans here, but I guess m biased cos for me our boy is more handsome/beautiful in features than either Donghae or Taecyeon…or Baekhyun?
    Not sure who the last one is though…
    Even Kim Soo Hyun is in there…
    But again, that’s my view & taste, hee…
    One thing though, the people who created this requested that fans comment at their site with their suggestions…
    So, ladies, if any of u have an account at Youtube, perhaps u could suggest to them our boy?
    Just so that they would be persuaded, perhaps u could send some pics of our boy especially the ones from ‘IG’ & the World Tour?
    Just cos the pics of our boy there are some of my favourite ones, hehe…
    At any rate I think most of us agree that our boy is one gorgeous dude, right?
    So what do u think?

    PS Sorry Ms Lazer for posting something else instead of the topic stated…

    • LOL it’s ok sweetie thanks for sharing! The video started w #100 all dirty looking, not my type just my personal opinion here! It’s good hj isnt in the list he’s such a handsome angelic neat guy to be in the list.of dirty looking guys!! No offense the video showed those guys first! So Arfina dont get disappointed that polls says Most Handsome Faces and in to be fair hj’s contender should be as handsome as he is too competitive enough. Well we all have different taste and choice but for me i like neat looking men thats why i got all eyes on hj’s face and overall personality inside out he’s the most handsome for me!
      Happy holiday take care and see you again! God bless..

      • Hmm, come to think of it most of the ones chosen are not my type either, Ms Lazer.
        Lol! U are right, I guess we adore the clean-cut look of our boy…though there are a few exceptions for me with the neatly-whiskered type, hee…
        Actually if ever m good enough to edit a video, it’d probably be all about our beautiful boy…from debut till now with the different hairstyles, airport fashion through the years etc…
        If only…

        Ingat to u too, Ms Lazer & hope u’ll be among our boy’s staff again for his Japanese activities!

        • Hi Arfina….i agreed with LK….no offence but when i look at all those faces one by one i just keep smiling myself…then no.10 i giggle myself…up to no.2 siwon i LOL….WTH!?…dunno how they choose all those faces but most of them just can’t be called Handsome at all….they might just have a good and strong personalities…thats all….but Siwon?!…LOL….so, don’t get upset for such listing…

          By the way, if u look at the comment section, u see how they fight each other for the sake of their own choices…..frankly said, they are all so childish…LOL

  3. Hope not too late to say Merry Christmas to everyone .
    Thank you so much for being here sharing love..

    May all your wishes come true.

  4. Hello LazerKim and everyone here 🙂 Even if I’m late, please accept my best wishes for Christmas season. Though I wasn’t commenting for long time, I always read both the articles and the comments here. I’m so happy that our HJ began to appear again and that we have both new album and concert tour to look forward too 🙂 Once again I won’t be able to attend his concert, but it really gives me immense happiness that he is back and that we will get to see his performance again even if it is through fancams (really thankful to those fans by the way).
    Indeed, this Christmas is happy eventually for us ^_^

  5. It’s so frustrate to see the score moves abnormally . The gap of more than 5,000 points come to less than 100 points different in less than 20 minuets. I ‘ m sure by the time I finish this post his contender will be on the top. It is really something wrong or may be they have organized a group vote I’m not sure but it’s not normal. Hyun joong score never increased more than 5 points while his contender ‘s score moves at least 50 points each time. Breuuuu Sorry I feel so so frustrate to see this in front of my eyes and don’t know what to do. Please anybody if you can help or have some other advise.

  6. Hi everybody

    I think there is something wrong with the poll for contemporary singer when you vote for hyun joong each time his contender score are moving like more than 50 points but for hyun joong only 5 points at the most. In about 3 minuets his contender ‘ scores increase like almost 500 points while Hyun Joong only 50 points. Please check what is going on with this poll. I did not know his contender anybody know ? Who is he ? When I go back to the poll he might be on the top if the score keep moving like this. It’s really not normal.

    • Its website from China or Taiwan i guess and that guy i think is popular in their country. So, logical they would trying very hard to make their own artist at the top…

  7. Hi sis merry chrisrmas n all to khj family. Niseko nvr stop snow rain since last night but I always feel warm coz of his smile n sparkling eyes. I am sure… he get the most popular actor on baeksang award.He will always shine no matter how thick the cloud want to cover him.Bless ya Rafael .

  8. hi dear all….a christmas gift for whom who never seen this clip before…i just found this just now….Baek mir honeymoon scene….lol

  9. Merry Christmas to you LK….. he is the true PRINCE of hallu..the original…everyone there wants to reach what he have achieved, we are always one for him…maybe he will say his goodbye to his concert before leaving for MS….i wish he will…

  10. Merry Christmas to you LK … the best thing that ever happened to me this year is finding Kim Hyun Joong in the midst of my sorrows… loneliness… and problems. i thought that only Kim Hyun Joong will ever ease my pains and aches away ..but the fact is… it is a package …having kim hyun joong in my life doubled, tripled and multiplied through you ..and the rest of the caring loving and strong kim hyun joong fandom united as one… i never thought i could feel this way in my mid life… this is my first Christmas that i experienced a lot of well wishers around the world. reading your article warmth my heart even more..and didn’t know my tears falling from happiness of hearing his voice and loving him more and the fandom… huah! still crying right now but it is tears of joy knowing he is just there caring his fans though he is in pain. i wish i am in Japan right now and have the chance to thank the Japanese people for their caring hearts to our Only One Kim Hyun Joong..never felt this good before… Christmas became more meaningful with such kind of person i have in my life now… You… Kim Hyun Joong and the rest of Kim Hyun Joong families around the world who became dear to me… i love LK and as always loving our Kim Hyun Joong …no other one… Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and hopeful new year to us all ..KHJ fandom. KOMAPTA … FIGHTING!!!! and let us keep on Fighting!.

  11. Merry Christmas to all about God bless. To Angie, I will be praying for you as you start preparing for your surgery in February. To you LK and others thank you and have a bless holiday free from harm and no longer subject to harsh words in the new year. God has truly bless us and we are thankful. Love to all my sisters around the world. I am on the other side so I will be looking forward to posting of his tour. Thank you

    • thank you sweet heart. It’s a not very complicated surgery so i should not have any difficulties. thank you for your prayers. I will need them for after because my body will be changing very rapidly and I will need to get used to those changes. I am hopeful I will be at optimal health in about a year after surgery! Then, I will wait patiently for Hyun Joong to come out of MS and come back so I can go see him! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family too! 🙂

  12. LK! Good Morning Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas to you and all the fans too! I am so happy and proud of my Angel to come out with a present for us just as I knew he would. In my last article, trying to explain the eerie silence from KE on his activities, I wished he would be able to give us that Christmas Gift of a new project to express his love and thanks to all the fans who have stayed at his side. And WOW! just a few days later the announcement came out! I was so happy to have guessed it right and know him well! He is consistent and reliable, my Angel Prince! Thank you for making the announcements and keeping the fans informed as I have really been struggling with fatigue and just have not had the energy to write any articles or update my Voting Polls. I am grateful you posted those as well for the fans.

    I have had some fans asking where and how they can purchase tickets for this new Gemini Tour. If you could help us on that and post some links or instructions, that would be very much appreciated. We all know this is the last opportunity to see him live before MS. I would love to attend as well, but my health will not allow, unfortunately. I will be having my surgery in February and I am preparing for it now. But, many fans from all around the world are wanting to get tickets and attend. If you know where/how they can purchase them, it would be greatly appreciated for you to share! Thanks so much for your diligent love and support of KHJ and his Alien Family. Love you, sis! Merry Christmas and happy Anniversary to your blog! 🙂

        • Merry Christmas Angie!
          Thank you so much!
          Be strong honey, I’ll be waiting for you, please take it easy and I’ll be praying for your speedy recovery. If you’re schedule is February, I do hope you’ll be able to recover before Valentine’s Day since that will be the end series of Hyun Joong Gemini Japan Tour 2015, although I’m crossing my fingers for an extension since the venues for the up coming shows are much smaller this time. Get well soon, no worries everything is gonna alright for you.

          Don’t worry now, I’ll always be here to update as much I can. We still do not have details on how to purchase tickets for Gemini but I’ll be keeping you informed as soon as I get the info since this is out of my line of work and wouldn’t want to give any wrong info. I’m not so sure yet if this is gonna be the last project for Japan before his MS. Although I do not want to preempt anything, just as take advantage of this chance watching Gemini rather than wait for another chance that we might regret!

          May I just say, someone mentioned that international purchase of his upcoming album STILL under YesAsia shall not be counted at Oricon. In the previous KHJ albums, overseas sales were separated from the local sales here in Japan for statistic purposes but the purchase was counted at the Oricon. Nevertheless we are purchasing the album not only for the purpose of Oricon chart be it from yes Asia or wherever we can purchase it doesn’t matter whichever is convenient. We are buying his album because we want to have it and also as our support to KHJ. Anyway, I’ll be sharing info pertaining to where we can purchase his album on-line. Thank you for your understanding.

          Well Angie, I’ll see you again, please do take care, be happy take it easy on yourself and Happy Christmas!! Get well soon, you have my prayers and God bless…

  13. Dear LK, your article made me cry again, tears of happiness. I’ve been reviewing his videos during this period and very recently I’ve watched his MBC documentary. There is a part that he says music is his everything and it’s the end for him if he throws it away 😥 It made my heart breaks into pieces, that how grieve was this situation! A person was in the verge of losing the hope of his life, and this person was our only one 😦
    I am really grateful that he gives his strength from God and the necklace that he always wears, that he is this much strong and responsible. This time he showed the entire world that we should only have a little more faith in him and he’ll make everything right,make all our wishes come true! He is not a man that turns the ones who love him down. He is the Gentleman!^_^

    Merry Xmas everyone. Best wishes for all of you and our Leader ❤

  14. I’m the First to comment!! haaha Merry Christmas LK, I’m christian too but I’m Orthodox we celebrate Christmas on jan 7th but in Egypt the Christmas season starts from dec to the end of jan (we include Epiphany in the season too haha) I pray for a happy, blessed, joyful Christmas that’s full of love for all of us Henecia and Triple S and our only one and his family and friends and all who care about him. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  15. Merry Christmas to All to you dearest LK to KHj. I knew he will send greetings for All. Thank u UM for adopting Hj thank you Japan for giving Hj the love and credit he deserve.
    His Fans base is from all over the World…that is a much bigger fan base….
    a happy day♡★♡★☆♡★♥

  16. Wish U a Happy Merry Christmas Ms.LK♡ Always thankful with all ure articles. Kept Me and KHJ Lovers to Stay Cool and Strong to past all the Bad rumours happened out there. Give more POWER & FAITH in Support and Loving Our Only One KHJ. KHJ is The MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS for all of Us. Merry Christmas all Beauties♡🎄↖(^▽^)↗🎄

  17. Merry Christmas to you too. Wevare having a very happy and bless Christmas. Thanks for your words always true. We love him and I am grateful to Japan and all the fans. I agree with you he will do so much better in Japan. SK has proven to be quite small minded and pituful. Merry Christmas and a blessed year to you, all your readers, our henecia family

  18. I know what you mean, about the fear of maybe not seeing him again. I am just happy that he’s a strong person and I want to believe the we, us is a part of his strength. A part of why he’s still standing and fighting. And I do hope he’ll continue fighting the way we are fighting for him.
    I am happy to know that he shares the same belief as I am, though I wouldn’t really abandon him even if he’s from another faith. It’s his honesty, love for his fans and craft that I admired. Him being in the same faith as I am is just a plus.
    Merry Christmas Kim Hyun Joong and Merry Christmas to you too LK 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

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