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By: LazerKim


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Hold your breath, finally!!!…. Kim Hyun Joong shall be performing in Japan from January 27th until February 14th in 10 cities for 12 performances on his JAPAN TOUR 2015 GEMINI. And another good news Hyun Joong shall be releasing his Japanese second full album “STILL” on February 11, 2015.

Japan Tour 2015 Schedule:

  • Jan. 27- 28…………………. Kanagawa  (Pacifico Yokohama National Convention hall)
  • Jan. 31 ……………………….Ishikawa (Kanasawa Opera Seat)
  • Feb. 2…………………………Hokkaido ( Sapporo Municipal House)
  • Feb. 3…………………………Miyagi (Sendai Sun Plaza)
  • Feb. 5-6……………………..Aichi ( Nagoya Congress Center)
  • Feb. 8………………………..Niigata (Perfectural Civil)
  • Feb. 9………………………..Fukuoka (Sun Palace Hotel)
  • Feb. 10………………………Hiroshima (Uenogakuen)
  • Feb. 12………………………Kanagawa (Alpha Anabuki)
  • Feb. 14………………………Osaka (Castle Hall)

Shall we say this is a great present for all of us this Christmas? Great!! Now this is the real time we show our full support since Hyun Joong shall be releasing his next Japanese album and it’s time again for all of us to bring Kim Hyun Joong and his music on top of Oricon! We have lots of time to prepare for this to be a part of his fan’s effort in bringing him to the top of the chart.  And for the international fans this is your chance to see Kim Hyun Joong in person as he performs live, you have much time to prepare for this too.

Oh this is really a great day for all of us! As he promised he’s coming back to us, and he never fail to keep that promise. It’s high time now to show to the world how much we love and support him as we always do.

I’m just dropping by to bring this good news to all of you, may all of us have a real great day today!! Oh please don’t forget to vote!!  Fighting!!   See you!!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing 

Even Now > album details:


Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks!   

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lets keep fighting and make khj no 1
via.: Deanna Dsc – Henecia Philipines   (Thanks for sharing!)


71 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GREAT NEWS!

  1. Have you seen the Xmas video of HJ?
    He looked very good. I’ve read in some comments that he looks tired! Actually in my eye he is really happy with a smile, which he is trying to hide it?! :)) He is tired for a good and happy reason so there isn’t any concern 😉
    I wish everyone a merry Xmas and a happy new year. I’m really happy that everything settled down happily before Xmas 🙂

    • Yes, in my opinion he looks a little tired but as you said for a good reason, I’m just wondering why wasn’t this video released on his youtube channel? I know that the haters maybe waiting for something they can pollute with their comments, but we can’t live like that, as someone on twitter shared a quote that says “Dear haters, I have much more for you to be mad at” LOL I think we should live this way hahha.

    • It says that: Please note that your vote on HanCinema is not taken into account by KBS!!!
      And the procedure of voting on KBS page was very confusing 😦 I couldn’t vote.

    fighting .

  3. Hi Lazer Kim!

    I am a fan from India and I am dying to go for his concert in Japan..specially since its on my 25th birthday! But unfortunately I can’t seem to find any official website where I can buy these tickets online 😦 😦

    Can you or any other fans help me out please???? It would be the best birthday gift ever!!

    • Hello! Happy bday in advance! the only advice i can give is to go to a travel agency and they can help you out to secure your visa 1st and foremost. relate your intention of attending the concert to help you w your travel itinerary and concert ticket purchasing. may i suggest if you can choose nagoya feb 5 or 6, osaka feb 14 this will save you from domestic travel.

      • Hii! Thank you so much for your reply and for your lovely wishes! ^_^ That’s actually a great idea I hadn’t thought of before..maybe an agency could help me out..I wish it was easier to access him. If only there was a way to relay a message across! He is already a global star and has sooo many international fans who would love to see him, if only the process was easier..I even want to send his agency a message but I haven’t been able to come across an email address/phone number or even a postal address that garentees that they get the message!

        Other than that, I love reading your updates on him, specially since news of him is so far and few in between now. I wish all of us could get together and do something for him that lets him know that we are there for him. Thank you again! =)

  4. Well, I realize now that LDG is much older than KHJ… I think the look is similar only at glance, coz when I look closely, surely our KHJ is much more handsome and angelic… Thanks for your opinion Ms. LK…
    One more thing, I found some difficulties in voting for best modeling Lotte Duty Free yesterday. I’ve select KHJ but I think my vote hasn’t been counted coz there was no such word as “thank you for voting”

  5. Hi,Miss LK… what a good news! So glad to hear it… By the way, yesterday I watched a drama entitled Lovers in. Paris. I was almost tricked myself to see one of the male cast. He looked like our KHJ in so many ways. His eyes and lips as well as his way in talking. At first I thought he was him, but if he has ever involved in any drama I would have known. I was sure that this drama was never mentioned in his history. So, I immediately search for the full cast of the drama and I found out that his name is Lee Dong Geun. I noticed that some photos of him were looked much like our KHJ as if they were brothers.
    So, have you known about him before and their similarities, Miss LK?

    • Hello naya! i have watched lee dong gun in lovers in paris which was aired way back 2004 before i first watch khj at bof 2009. no i dont see the similarities just my opinion. i have known khj in 2010 but have not known anything bout lee dong gun. surely he’s older than khj.

  6. Hii lazerkim….thankyou so very much for this great news..I am so so so happy for him…yes as we alwz say this he is the only one who ever keeps his promise no matter in what situation it is, no matter how much hard work he have to od ..he is the one who will never gonna let go offhis fans and loved one’s expectations….and this is the one and the major reason that his fans stick to him and they can do anything for him to be on the top of the world…
    This is the high time now..I am so excited for his new album…it seems like it was a long time ago I heard his voice and it really feels like after such a long decade I am going to see him performing again…it will be so. great n fascinating listening to his charming voice again…
    Thnx LK for giving us a great news and making my day…keep smiling LK..and do write moore and more about him…take care….KHJ jo wha he yo…:-) ❤

  7. Thank you so much for a very very good news. I feel relief and happy deep inside. It ‘ s hard to explain but suddenly all heavy stones in my chest disappear. Happy Happy Happy.

    Does his IG DVD have Engsub?

    Can’t wait to listen to his new album.

    Keep fighting and keep voting . It will be a very nice CHRISTMAS gift for him.

      • Is the dvd region coded? Does anyone know?… I don’t read Japanese so it has been hard trying to find out the information on it. I would love to get it but only if it would play, especially if it has english subtitles!

  8. wow..thank you for this news..amazing so happy..can’t wait his airport fancam..hehe..merry christmas n happy new year to you khj and to you all henesians..

  9. I was reading this on FB yesterday, I was really happy about his news. So he was silent all this time cause he’s going to give such an explosive comeback on 2015. Hurray to that!!!
    Well I think God gave him the go sign already, isn’t it leader? I also feel it’s good to start his new year with a Bang! Though he’s going to be in Kanagawa on my birthday argh! How cruel is that for me T.T!
    S.Korea may not be ready for his comeback but the rest of the world is, that’s bigger than S. Korea 😛
    Hwaiting Leader! Thanks LK for the news ^^ Gotta go and vote vote vote!!!!

    • Big like for:
      S.Korea may not be ready for his comeback but the rest of the world is, that’s bigger than S. Korea !!
      True!! 🙂

  10. He is UNBREAKABLE after all.Thank you God to bring him back. Sis thank you for all this great news.I’ve been frozen so long just because I can’t bare with all the news…to cruel for him.Still , deep down I believe he will bounch back.God guide him as always and he having all of you the great fans ever.Kim hyun joong thank you for comeback we love you boy…more bless and shine for your future.

  11. I M SO HAPPYYYYYY! I’m eager to listen to the new album! I’m also glad because there’s still much exciting work for our KHJ to do!!!😊😊😊unfortunately…I will be in Japan and South Korea in April and May!!!(bought the ticket in October) I will miss him😓😓😓.but I’m sure all of you who will attend,will do a great job in supporting him!!!FIGHTING!!😘😘😘😘

  12. Hallelujah! Santa is a bit early, but we are all in festive mood of Christmas. Thank you LK this is sooo nice. Oh Yes that picture…like a Phoenix rising ! Thank you Japan for being kind to HJ and loving him and supporting always. You know what they say “nobody is a prophet in his own land”….well, I take that as SK and KE lost, cause they don’t protect and appreciate a real Gem, pity.
    Lets make him win the Oricon chart again let’s keep HJ in his rightfull place!
    Keep Voting and yes a Merry Christmas to ALL Aliens/Henecians…KHJ Fans in all!!
    Our love and support will give HJ a nice Christmas gift!! 🙂

    • Hello Noya!! LOL I’m so glad Santa came earlier so that I can at least write a good piece on Christmas Eve and that’s no sleeping sis spending the eve at work, nevertheless a happy article is what I have been longing for to write for months now!! And finally I got it, Alleluia!! Oh how I wish to put a leash on his neck and let him stay in here Japan for the rest of his days before MS where he is well protected, nurtured, appreciated, valued and loved by all his fans! It’s SK’s lost not his. Thank you so much take care, be happy, enjoy voting and see you again! God bless..

  13. Thank you and to God be the glory for great things he has done. He has brought KHJ back and he will be better than ever. I’m state side so thank you, his fans/family from all over who has kept the faith and supported him. Now, we must continue to vote, support, and mind our words. Yes, they will come buy let us continue to ignore them. Love and Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all, especially to all who have kept us up today on the news.God vless

  14. What can we say but praise to God Al-Mighty!
    Thank u for this very welcoming news…
    Wishing & praying that the tour will be a huge success…
    That our beautiful love & his fans will have a wonderful, memorable time together…

    Welcome back, our precious & beloved boy…

  15. LK is there any chance that you’ll be the part of production team??ahaha..envyyyy!!!!!
    this is really a great teaser..look like a fantastic cinematography video clip!!
    GEMINI!! love the tour’s name!!show em what you got gemini boy!!
    you were right, LK! he’s not hiding..he’s just busy “cooking” something for us..and here it is!!! looking forward to know the lyrics of the new songs..
    really looking forward to see him in action your camera on and record every second memory of him..
    aahh..feel relieved now..
    thx HJ, please be happy from now on 😀

    • Hello there! Well yes, I’m crossing my fingers here. LOL he’s always cooking something behind our backs and I feel he’s just around watching us enduring some pain for the last 4 months! This guy is really a teaser!!LOL And he made us all fell even deeper love for him! I always believe in his spell LOL! Take care, be happy, enjoy voting and see you again! God bless…

  16. Very happy! Wish I could go to Japan to see his concert. Hopefully, someday he will come to the USA. Good to see all those haters couldn’t stop him.

  17. The cover is like a Phoenix rising from the ashes more beautiful and enchanting than ever, I told that to my Henecias sisters in Latin America and we all agreed. We are so happy. He is loved no matter what. The title is the best part “EVEN NOW”, yep even now he is unbreakable. I am also curious how that narrow minded people handle that, no matter though because it is on their faces. He is so brave. i am so proud of him. I love him and respect him even more. BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!

  18. I think i just died inside.. the album is being released 3 days after my birthday .. best birthday gift ever, i swear.
    I promised i wouldn’t cry when he comes back but i can’t help it :,D
    Will never stop voting and supporting our “Leada” LoL.
    Thanks, LK.. you always know hoe to make my day .. but that just made my year.
    Miss you, 4D leader

      • I WISH, Tina! LoL ..I’m just a fan and I’ve been for 5 years.. I support him via facebook pages and I own a tumblr blog dedicated to him and SS501. Though I have to admit that i have been a little less active due to my crazy schedule and lessons as I am in “Senior 3”. 😦
        I really wish there was an official fanclub but since kpop isn’t so popular here in Egypt it’s hard to find many Henecia.
        So glad i could find another Egyptian Henecia XD \o/
        Which city are you from? I’m from Alexandria.

  19. OMG!! my heart pounded from how happy I am, I’m shouting YES!!, Oh I think we are all over the sky right? I’m even doing my own excitement move it’s not a dance it’s a move with my hands LOL LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. This is our Man, who always keeps his word no matter what.
    Just a few days ago we were all longing for a little ray of hope which calms our broken heart and TODAY, he rises like a beautiful sun.
    I like this picture of him in the fire, very meaningful! He is like a fire that will burn his haters and their baseless rumors. He has come back to us from fire which shows how Unbreakable he is. Surely he has God with himself.



  22. yeayyy….love love this news….daebakkkk!!…Thank God for ur love..thank LK for bringing this news to us….i also thought that his coming album ( as he said in LDF FM ) won’t be release bcoz of this ‘scandal’. I’ve felt so down after reading all those article again abt his ‘scandal’ few days before.

    By the way, I thought its gonna be his Korean album. What a silly i am. LOL…so its Japanese album he will promote..Oh, i really wanna see how Korean media, haters and his narrow-minded Korean people talking abt this. Will it gonna be HOT again soon??? LOL…ahh, i’m so happy..dunno how to express this happiness….T__T

    • Hello Atiq! Thank you so much! I’m just so glad it’s not a Korean album and I pray HJ would work on more Japanese album in the near future! I agree with you we felt the same about those news articles and this news is like a bomb on those haters!! LOL Take care, be happy enjoy voting and see you again! God bless..

  23. Best NEWS OF THE DAY!!! When I was reading*Nightmare rewind* my heart was on the floor, *sigh*,now this is such a relief, can’t be happier. .
    Good just has to prevail..:). Everyone let’s keep doing our best and VOTE endlessly. I truly believe he can see and feel our support in many ways…
    KHJ Fighting!!!!
    LK thank you SO MUCH!!!

    • Hello Hadiyyah! Thank you so much! We have exactly the same feeling, as I was responding to my comment box at Nightmare Rewind, I can’t help ask myself is this how I’m gonna spend Christmas, with full of uncertainty? What pushed me to write Nightmare Rewind was what those news article were showing. I was really wishing for a good news it’s so hard to write while concealing what I really feel. Then a friend of mine at work shared this news that made my heart beat fast! I just can’t wait to bring this good in this blog! I’m so happy! Take care, enjoy voting we now have a lot of motivation, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  24. what a good news…yes I’m so happy for this news..:) Christmas is really in the air, khj fighting..
    thank u ms. lazerkim for all the info about hyun joong..God bless..:)


    • Jazu i would just like to tell you I was in tears writing NIGHTMARE REWIND that breaks my heart! Now I write this news again in tears, but out of happiness!! *sigh* I thought this project would just stuck up to nowhere! Really thank God! Yes you’re right he wants us to be relieved and happy! Such a guy!! LOL

      • I was as always looking for news or reading other post, l was just reading in wordpress when sudently it apear in the scren as a new post ,jaajaja …….. you can believe as how fast i open it and yes, found it, I was really happy to be the first to read it, it opened just in my hands, while i was reading, I could not avoid to write you and thanks God for that. We really know him in any way. I was thinking what will be his gift, and it is it .
        We are now more motivated to vote ehhhhhhhh

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