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By: LazerKim


Where is Kim Hyun Joong? How is he? What’s keeping him up? I miss him so much! Quite recently these questions from Kim Hyun Joong fans have been lingering at Tweeter after Yahoo Awards Nights event. All the while I thought this was nothing new since I have gone used to a pattern that every time Hyun Joong wraps up a project particularly doing concert,  he takes a break from the public eye.

This time it seems different, I was already expecting a longer waiting period than usual. Obviously we don’t hear from him nor from his agent, as if the guy doesn’t exist at all!  I’m just thankful to those people close to him who posted some of his photos that are not meant for publicity.

After Yahoo Asia Buzz voting and awarding, I was surprise that all of a sudden talks about the nightmare just popped out from nowhere!! There’s even an article that talks about “2014 Celebrity Scandals” and Hyun Joong came in the first in the list as expected again in twisted information! I can just sigh thinking that no matter how we bring out the truth people still believed the trash news. Oh here we go again!  And that’s really so frustrating!

I’m pertaining to this article (link below), and this is the second article I have read with similar topic.                                      (Noya thanks for sharing!)




At this point allow me to iron out some matters after the nightmare, to fully understand why we barely see Hyun Joong around. Speaking in general, any artist who may have been at the same situation being a victim of a scandal, here’s what to expect. First, it’s expected that he will be away from the lime light for a certain period of time. Second, producers would be hesitant in providing projects to the artist. Third, media would be eyeing on him. Fourth, he’ll be in public scrutiny. These are the normal repercussion after a scandal in any artist.

In some artist’s contract with his agent, keeping a good moral character and good public image is stipulated in this contract. Let’s just say granting Hyun Joong may have failed to abide on this area of the artist’s contract with his agent and was given a temporary suspension due to the scandal which is a natural ruling in the contract, whether he’s guilty or not, he was a victim of bad publicity. May I just clarify this is just my personal opinion on such artist’s contract depending on the nature of contract between artist and agent.

Under such circumstances, Hyun Joong is likely to face the same situation as other artists who was also a victim of scandal. BUT is it the end of the world? Is Hyun Joong’s career over and done? NO definitely NOT, for as long as his fans are there supporting and waiting for him that for me he is still an unbreakable star that no one can beat him, my journey with him isn’t over yet. In fact I still believe he will come out even stronger than ever.

I’m done with blaming KE for their irresponsibility since I have already written a lot more articles attacking them and I’m no longer expecting anything from this company anymore. And yes it’s better for them to remain silent, it’s too late to hear from them again, as the damage had already been done and had cause a lot of disappointment to Kim Hyun Joong fans. No matter what they do to cover up their shortcomings, it won’t change anything, not unless I can see Hyun Joong right in front of my screen again!

Somewhere along the way during the nightmare, it was clear to me where the faults fall and we know very well how such manipulation from the media and that woman conspired in destroying Kim Hyun Joong. I still have this thought of “how I wish to bring back that period and do the right move.”



Past is past meant to be forgotten but maybe not for me, neither would I want to forget otherwise I won’t learn anything from that past. I was just a spectator four months ago during the nightmare and what I would like to share with you is my wishful thoughts as I bring myself back in time at the same spot four months ago with the question “If I were Hyun Joong’s agent, what would I do during that nightmare period?” Here are my wishful thoughts.

If I were Hyun Joong’s agent, here’s what I want to do….  First move, right after the scandal news came out in Aug. 20th, and after gathering info from Hyun Joong on what transpired between him and that woman, get a good lawyer, think carefully, act and move fast that every minute counts to respond within 5 hours after the news came out. If I were his agent I would face the media with my own video recorded in releasing statement pertaining the alleged accusation. By this way words cannot be twisted by the reporters that even the public, and the fans can interpret.  Provide warning on libel to any malicious unbalance reporting of media.

Second, that time those photos so-called evidence was released 7 days after the news exploded, get out again to counter attack those so-called evidence. A lot can be done in 7 days! Obviously even at first sight on those photos spelled a lot of loop holes! At least say something to defend, just by the fact those photos were out there was already offensive. As far as I remember, the police said the only evidence they have is the statement from A.

Third, I would push Hyun Joong to face the camera and state his testimony after he had gone from the police station. By this way again media would not be able to twist his words. As an agent of a star I should consider that my company name clearly represented by Kim Hyun Joong and therefore I have to do everything in my power to protect my name and his neck, instead of running away that gave me a clear impression of being a coward! I think everyone at KE had forgotten that Hyun Joong was a victim of trial by publicity. Go by the flow on high tide and don’t allow yourselves to get drown!


Fourth, if I were his agent during that nightmare he was at the middle of completing his concert series, I would further promote the concert even much louder as if nothing happened and expose him further about the success of each concerts. This strategy is reversing the negative to positive,  “innocent until proven otherwise.” so why should I stop?

Lastly, if I were his agent I would go after that woman and media who released those photos. If I really care about my company since Kim Hyun Joong is a big part of it, I have to protect him first and foremost. Win or lose at least I did my part as his agent in protecting him. You don’t push a member of your own family to the quicksand just to save your own neck!

Big stars or any high profiled personalities are so close to controversies, scandals and malicious bad publicity that I suppose every artist’s agent is fully equipped with this knowledge on how to handle such situation in protecting their managing stars against bad publicity. That these agents should always be alert and prepared any time. This is nothing foreign or new to these agents I suppose!

Let’s just say it’s Hyun Joong’s choice to take this nightmare by himself, however agent is always above the artist by authority. If I were his agent I would give him a real spanking and do what I say, face the camera and talk!! Do not apologize to a woman who only seek your attention, and just meant to destroy you!!

This is just my wild thoughts sharing it with you!! I’m not saying I tolerate wrong doings, NO definitely not. What I’m saying is, there were a lot of opportunities to dig out the truth during that time, knowing that woman lied from the very start. Instead of what we have until now which are all twisted news about the nightmare! Is this fair?



These thoughts I stated above may not be within the SK showbiz culture, but who cares about culture in saving an artist’s future? In this generation sometimes bending out from culture is better in teaching the public about the trash news they read that made them believe before thinking instead of, THINK before believing!

Going back to the nightmare, and seeing from those photos of so-called evidence may look real without thinking. But with those photos seem to be serious allegations, these people should have asked themselves, if this is for real, why is it that the complaint was drop if these were serious allegations?  And from the police side saying there’s no substantial evidence to these allegations to file a case in the court of law is enough reason to drop the charges.

Let’s face reality, Hyun Joong was not the only artist who have experienced being a victim of a scandal that he’s not even found guilty! There are a lot of artists out there who have experienced it and they are still at the lime light. I’m not here to give you any false hope but simply stating facts about reality. However, some may say SK has a different culture since SK is one of the most conservative country in Asia. Fine! Primitive in culture I would say, but their media is one big trendy fox in destroying their own Korean artists!



I have been a Korean drama addict that introduced Kpop or Korean music to my life until I ended up a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong. In watching Korean dramas and American movies, some of those actors whom I have watched had also experienced some scandals in the past. But I still watch their dramas and movies. I used to listen to American music that many of those musicians have their own stories, still I listen to their music. I said this in one of my articles and saying it again. An artist private life good or bad has got nothing to do with how I want listen to their music or has got nothing to do with my watching their dramas or movies. It’s not their personal lives that I’m buying!

Just the same in admiring Kim Hyun Joong as an artist, I like his music, I like his dramas I like attending his concerts and his personal life has got nothing to do with what entertains me. I don’t see any reason why I should change my views about him as an artist to begin with. I enjoyed his concerts and I would still put him on my top priority as “must watch” list of concerts to go. He’s not my boyfriend, he’s not my lover nor my husband to be affected by his personal life through this scandal which he’s not even found guilty of the alleged assault he was accused of. So who cares whoever I want to support?

Another reality to face is that this world is full of hypocrisy! This goes not only to SK since there are a lot of hypocrites on-line obviously not even Koreans, but people from around the world who claims to be “righteous”. Righteous hypocrites I would say who calls Hyun Joong a woman beater! Unfortunately, these people are wide readers of tabloids obviously like frogs who would easily jump to judgement before thinking. Oh I can still remember, as soon as this Ms.A stated she just wanted an apology, these frogs immediately turned upside down doubting on her motives that I can only laugh at!!

THINK before judging, that’s the moral lesson in this case. Obviously that woman was not after justice but simply to revenge and to destroy Kim Hyun Joong, period. And so that concluded the nightmare, still with the thoughts, the truth always prevail!



While we wait, keep up with our precious time on-line by voting, and I guess this is the most practical way we can do instead of feeling frustrated over future plans of Hyun Joong which is not even us fans who can decide on that area. Let’s stay contented, enjoy each other’s company, talk about him, review his dramas, video footage, and if you have further time to spare you can go to YouTube and report those insects there specially at KHJ official channels particularly Timing and his latest promo video clip of World Tour 2014.

We have now a long list of voting polls and its links below after this article, for those who have not tried voting please feel free to vote and experience. This can help us ease that empty feeling of missing him in his absence. It’s like playing games of horse race that you can enjoy! I guess this will help us divert our mind to a more enjoyable activity which is still connected with Kim Hyun Joong since we still have that aim of bringing him up there on top of the polls. Some of those polls may not be for publicity but the participants or fans from other nominees can see who has a better fandom among all the stars being nominated.

Allow this voting be our daily routine every time we search for Hyun Joong at the internet. It may take time before we can hear about him again so might as well enjoy the gap while he’s not around to keep him closer to us even we don’t see him. Let us divert the negative vibes to positive and keep those smiles while we vote! If the thoughts of nightmare strikes our mind again, you may bring it here, feel free using my comment box and let’s talk about it just to bring it out from our chest and smile again! That’s life we have now for four months since the nightmare.

At this point, nothing else really matters being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, knowing he is loved by millions worldwide and nothing can ever change that!

                                                                                    LazerKim here writing 

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80 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] NIGHTMARE REWIND

  1. I appreciate your writings! They keep me well-informed about KHJ ♥ I feel at ease whenever I read your blog. We all know he can get through this and be the apple of the eyes of the world again 🙂 Sml for KHJ Always and irresistibly the best 💞

  2. As usual,I always appreciate your articles,Lazer Kim,helping me to better understand the facts.
    You know,I thought the nightmare was over…but after that ridiculous story of Yahoo awards…I’ve thought “oh no..,there’s no limit to hypocrisy! Here we are again!!!😓” what makes me REALLY angry is not just the change of the award itself..a prize it’s just a prize,depending on the value you give to it…BUT the intention,the motivation,the hypocrisy behind that change ,as if to say “oh he won again,how can we give such an award after all that scandal?” so let’s change it.
    I don’t want to give Yahoo too much importance,after all,who are they? Anyone can wake up and say “let’s arrange for a new award” BUT this award,the meaning of that particular award ,after all the pain and damage to KHJ,was like an international recognition of love and devotion to KHJ,the proof of a ever strong popularity and fame DESPITE everything and everyone. We,as KHJ fans…we didn’t need it…we already know our feelings for him! We know how great,and strong and courageous this MAN is…BUT…FOR THE WORLD to know…to acknowledge…who KIM HYUN JOONG is ! For them to know that is not just a mere coincidence that after that scandal that they created, KHJ is still on the top! For them to know “you cheaters,liars,haters…YOU WERE WRONG! YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN WRONG …what are you going to say now?” sadly this is just “if”…hypocrisy wins…but just for now! The truth is always stronger ,I believe this so much . Let’s wait for the next awards…I’m voting despite the difficulties in being a fan from Europe..😓

    What I hope, more than everything now is for KHJ to never loose is balance,to never loose love for life and for the people he loves . And for those who love him,his family “in primis” to always support him helping him never to loose sight of the more important things . For us,each one of us,with our own normal lives, no matter where we are aroind the world,to continue to show him love and care.

      • I’ve filled that part but when I press “OK” to go to the next step it says
        “이미 가입하셨습니다. exception”
        which means “You have already subscribed”!
        and it doesn’t go further to the “Fill-in information” step!!

        • I think they need a proof!! o.O
          Foreign membership valid proof of identification (passport, national identification card, driver’s license) must be confirmed sign-up process of the submission is complete.
          FAX to submit proof of identification to confirm the receipt and processing of an average week or so it may take time.

        • I haven’t signed up for that but I think they may want to limit it to koreans or foreigners who live in Korea, it’s just my thought

    • Guys if a poll ask for your personal ID such as passport think again! Remember we are at cyber, just a reminder, I leave that to your discretion. Thanks!

      LazerKim here!

  3. hi Lk ,

    thank you so much for another great article. I could not agree more, I feel like you are reading my mind. I try to be positive but I must admit that it was hurtful to read HJ ‘s apology letter.I do not have a big heart like him. I found KE is the most disappointed agency for artists . They are not capable to protect their artists. Their act were so disappointed from the beginning till the end . I think KE’s act was a nightmare after the nightmare.

    I have been very busy lately but still manage to vote for HJ in some polls. Well, Yahoo I think Yahoo should feel ashame for its lie and poor performance.What a liar and unprofessional organization . Yahoo acted like a cheater. It just simply cheated its voters in front of their faces. It’s so shameful. What a joke and what a tricky organization Yahoo become. Yahoo respects nobody including themselves. Probably this is the last time I will participate in anything regarding yahoo.

    I hope HJ is fine and become stronger than ever . He is the only star who always send out positive energy event in his difficult time. I could not imagine other star who would have the same energy as him. I hope he will feel love , a lot of love from all of us. Funny thing is the more they stained HJ’s image the more SK as a nation being stained as well. People from SK and it’s media should realized that. Destroying a good people like destroying their own nation.It’s so sad that Sk’s medias are not interested in justice . They are more interested in feeding their society with scandal without caring for the truth and a person’s life. They repeatedly created haters . Too much jealousy too much power without control will destroy their entertainment industry and their country ‘s reputation .

    • Hello Bella! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I don’t know I just feel heavy about the letter of apology, as I have mentioned down there, I’m still convince public apology to her was unnecessary since these are private matters. If the right move was done I’m sure it wouldn’t reach that stage of doing a public apology, well she doesn’t even deserve it to begin with!
      Well anyway, I’m so relieved now that HJ finally brought that album out there and I would say my wish or our wish had been granted, to see him again! Until the ultimate wish that I have I shall be waiting.
      As I was replying to the comment boxes here, I have been thinking I don’t want to spend this holiday with uncertainties, what can I write that can bring joy to everyone here to at least compensate the pain we have for the last 4 months? Then out of nowhere a great news came out! I wrote this article in tears that breaks my heart, then I wrote that Great News again in tears but this time it’s tears of joy!! I know he’s just around seeing from all of us. But this is the best Christmas present I ever have, a news that we’ll be seeing him again very soon from now! *sigh* HE’S BACK FINALLY!!
      Take care, be happy, enjoy voting and see you again! God bless..

  4. Dear LazerKim, thank you, I could not agree more and how I wish that KE would have really acted as a proper agency should. KE handled all this poorly/disastrously from the beginning and it done more damage than help with their lame reaction allowed media to make a molehill out of nothing instead of taking control to minimize the damage. Yes we all know that Hj usually takes all upon himself, his own master, like in the past, but in this case I agree with you if a proper advice would have been offered or given I am sure he would have taken it. Every word of HJ got distorted and far from the truth and for sure they’ve more than had enough time to deal with those properly as Hj was busy and under contract with his concert series. PR dept in KE seems inexistent, remember in the past the mess in Japan, remember the Beijing concert that got cancelled and KE was not even aware?
    Amateurish managing for one of their biggest Star, who brought them enough publicity coverage and for sure a raise in the shares, oh yes Hj was the Golden goose for them.
    Yes KE allowed their star to be publicly insulted, offended, they allowed trash media and cyber bullying to character assassination without even giving him the benefit of the doubt or hearing his side beause of the lame statements they issued. Instead of doing damage control was like they put more woods on the fire.
    Not to talk about the haters, who lack common sense and read and understand what they want and all are applying for Sainthood for sure, frustrated little people without a life.

    I have my wish as well (which you also mentioned here) that I pray will happen, that after all the legal proceedings will be finished with the authorities, maybe they are finished already and we don’t know, that Hj will go to a decent and fair TV show and say his side of the story cause as you said his own words nobody can say otherwise. I have Faith the truth shall surface somehow!

    They say what is not killing you is making you stronger, I wish he will emerge from this stronger and wiser and to move to a proper and realiable agency that know how to protect their artists.

    SK culture or not, “reflect” or not, Hj must fight to clear his name.

    From our side we have to keep HJ name first in all polls, that way we can prove that he has a huge fan base, well, we have proved that at YAB with over 3 millions votes, bet you they didn’t have that much in all their years.
    We must not allow KHJ name to be out of those polls.
    At least us as fans can help him regain his status by proving that he is very much in demand and frankly we need to do that prior his MS.
    So fighting and keep our Only One in first place.:)

    • Hello Noya!
      Silence is good, it’s a virtue. But not all the time. Media can make you or destroy you, that’s the power of media, that’s why careful handling is an utmost importance. It’s like a wildfire that you cannot easily control nor ignore specially if a big star is their target. I strongly believe someone big was behind this conspiracy, I never doubted A cannot do this by herself alone.

      Reading from the letter of apology the 1st picture I imagined was like HJ writing that letter while a gun pointed on his head, that’s my 1st impression. Just my opinion it’s like a career suicide! He was a victim of trial by publicity and bumping on public opinion, that cannot be taken lightly nor by being silent. After that nightmare followed by other controversial issues from other idols. Smelled fishy!

      For me this is nothing new, here’s a good example of what power media has. Politics and showbiz have similar nature because they are public figures. Years ago we have a President who was a famous actor before he became a politician. He was a media favorite figure in smear campaign, that he ignored and kept silent, until one day he woke up he’s no longer the president of our country.

      He was ousted by his Vice President who was a female. She learned that lesson about media from him so during her reign she never allowed media to destroy her, by blocking those smear campaign against her before it turn to wildfire. She gained 2 terms in the Presidency. That’s the power of media, they eat through the sensational stories they write. This is a fact.

      I repeat, silence is good but not in a trial by publicity. We have seen it from this nightmare, that’s why I wrote this article hoping we learned something from it. In this article I’m just expressing my thoughts. Noya you said it all, a typical repercussion in this nightmare as a result of negligence

      It is not a sin to fight for your right. It’s never too late, that’s why we’re here, that’s why the voting polls are there in this article because this is the least we can do. The nightmare was bound to happen for a reason and we learn.

      I dream that one day I would see HJ sitting in front of the camera as he relate his story, this time without being cheated nor being twisted. Media started it, he has to end it through media in clearing his name. We are there with him with our full love and support.

      How I wish…. remember my birthday wish? LOL This time it’s my Christmas wish. I will have the same wish through out until I get it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

    • Dear Noya and Lk , love your comments I feel exactly the same as both of you have expressed.

      LK I wish all your wishes become true ? Amen.

      I have exactly the same wish.
      May all my wishes come true.

  5. Very well written, LazerKim, as always.
    Unfortunately, some people just blindly follow media thinking it’s the truth, without knowing that the media just wants a big scandal to sell magazines or get attention, they minipulate facts into ugly lies because that’s what people eat up.
    They are too to use their brains for just a minute to differentiate between thruth and lies.
    People tend to turn aganist artist so fast and hate on them because it’s easier to believe what’s given to them by the media than to try and find the truth. A lot of artist have been victims of hatred from scadals when they weren’t even proven guilty. One that really sticks out was Tablo’s scandal because I have always been a High Skool, though HJL’s is a much serious one.
    I got so frustrated and furious of KE because they didn’t even TRY to defend him in anyway. At the begining they just lied to the public about how long they have been dating that when the truth was revealed it got HJ in a worse position. They remind me so much of DSP Entertainment, HJ’s previous agency, there were also scandals concerning HJL and they didn’t defend him either.
    I think this comment is getting too long (LOL), it’s the work of months of frustration.
    Anyway, I really hope this nightmare is over soon and We get to see our past 4D Alien. And remember: Egypt still loves you and waits for your comeback.
    -Egyptian Henecia

    • Hello Miriam!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. That’s how media works, normally they choose words with double meaning. They write briefly in a way they strike attention and make the public believe what they want to believe, specially with tabloid. Getting the first instinct of their readers that can be shocking believable even without concrete thoughts to the readers!
      With KE…oh my God! The first statement they released seemed like coming from a staff who was just making coffee for her boss!! The next was hiding under the office table!! It was such a disaster! I was just surprised they took this lightly that I would like to scream, “is there anyone there courageous with skills enough to face the media?” So instead of digging out for truth we were served with twisted news!! Oh well it’s done! LOL at least now we can just laugh it out and staying positive for the future.
      Thank you again Miriam take care, be happy enjoy voting and see you again! God bless..

  6. Thanks a lot LK for being here for HJ and his fans. I check every eng blog of HJ 2 or 3 times a day to see if there is any news of him. And your articles are the most inspiring ones.
    By reading this article and the comments I couldn’t help crying. All the time since the nightmare I’ve been telling myself that he is the toughest person I know, he has been through a lot to become this KHJ, he is innocent and most important he has God on his side. And I believe that if you have God with yourself nobody can’t cause you any harm and he will protect you.
    These are all the facts that we knew about him therefore we just need to be more patient and everything gonna be alright.
    But very deep deep in my heart I am an awfully pessimistic person. I have this fear with me that what if we can’t see him again as KHJL!  So I just need you to remind me everything is going to be fine and this is obviously not the end of the world for us. Please keep telling this, please keep the spirit up, please be there and help us not to forget how great and Unbreakable he is.
    I just want these haters who don’t have brain in their head listen to “Unbreakable” to realize that they definitely can’t beat him and he keeps going forward. This is his word and we believe that he is the man that always keeps his words.

    • Hello Eli!! Thank you so much. You know what? I’m just the same as you are, there are times I’m being pessimistic but let’s turn our mind beyond, you are a believer and so am I. Honestly, I find it difficult to forgive whoever has done this to HJ because I’m scared that i might not see him again. But I stick to the facts, and encourage everyone to stay because we are his strength. They said in everything that’s happening to our life has a reason and the outcome has always been for the good side to all of us. This nightmare happened to HJ is painful for him and for us, but look at us, isn’t it we are together for him, look at those voting polls he’s always on top and it’s our own effort right? You are right, he is tough, there’s no trial that he can’t handle, otherwise God will not give it to him.
      Take care Eli, be happy and see you again! Enjoy voting with a smile!!! God bless..

      • Thanks dearest please stay here for HJ so we can give him hope and energy. I can just pray every day for him to not lose his faith. If only God shows us a little ray of hope.
        In these days that we’ve missed him so much this part of “your story” comes to my mind
        Even when time passes, it’s only you
        Won’t you come back to me?

  7. Dear LK, please help to advocate ernestly to vote on the Lotte Best of the Best Model poll. I would think this is really the most important poll now because it lets the advertisers and producers see that HJ is much loved and wanted. Lotte can also reach a much wider public and can keep HJ in people’s mind. Guys, please vote on this and spread the word . Please do it for HJ’s sake.

    • Hello there! Yeah I agree with you HJ had been an endorser of Lotte, I just found out about this polls this morning after I have posted this article and still finding for tutorial using laptops, I have tried voting through my phone it works, but it’s different using other gadgets. Yes definitely I’ll encourage everyone to vote in this polls. I just need to look for a tutorial so that everyone can vote using any gadget. Thank you, take care, and see you again! Enjoy voting! God bless..

  8. Dear it seems different voting in Lotte DF through my laptop.. I tried but I am not sure, what a fustration, hope you try to look for another tutorial or a translating guide with pictures like other polls. l did clicking in the red option but l am not sure, unfortunatelly I do not have a smartphone, Should l buy one in this xmas? well let me think ………………….

    • Dear jazue this link takes you to the poll, there are 3 buttons at the top for “Korean” “Chinese” and “English” chose english and complete the process and if you have any problems comeback here and state them 🙂

  9. Thank you Lazerkim for sharing your thoughts…Very well said…what you have stated is exactly my thoughts and sentiments…KHJ doesn’t deserve KeyEast,i.just hope and pray he’ll be able to find an agent who’ll stand and fight for him no matter how tough the situation is…

    • Hello Ella! Thank you so much, the pleasure is mine in writing it for you! *sigh* you are right I really hope there’s a better agent there to handle him in the future, agents are the pillar of every artist, this is a fact that we cannot deny, however they work hand in hand in terms of business, give and take which I did not see in this nightmare unfortunately!
      Take care, be happy and see you again! Enjoy voting! God bless..

      • Hi lazerkim😊 thanks for sparing me your time…You’re right about the agent being the pillars of every artist..and so with the “give and take” relationship , but it seems that KE is only good in taking very generously, and hates giving back in return..KE doesn’t know that the word “give” existed😬☹….We so miss him so much…Precy and i love him so much..we love his dramas and music…He is a good actor,a very singer and dancer…He really worked so hard ,and deserved every bit of recognitions he have…It’s just so frustrating that becsuse of that girl everything he has work hard for were destroyed in.less than a week or so…I hope and pray this 2015 onwards he’ll have a better career and agency and so hoping that we’ll get to see him again..back on his feet and smiling…thanks again and take care..

  10. Hi LK, I disagree with you in the part where you said you should separate an artist’s life from his private life because people tend to do as the artist do so if the artist was proven guilty of something and was left alone people will think it’s okay to do so too that’s why the society must be hard on those celebrities who are proven guilty of something, now we all know how gentleman Hyun Joong is and his kind pure personality he is not guilty of this so KE should have promoted this fact, I’m fine with the exile strategy in the Korean culture but only for those who deserve it, Kim Hyun Joong does not deserve it because he is not guilty of anything, again that’s where KE failed they should have stressed the statements from the police and do everything you said they should have done.

    My worries now are will he be able to trust someone again, this must have left a very deep wound that will take a long time to heal, I pray that he heals from everything and anything fast.

    • Hello Tina!!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I’m not so sure if I got you right, anyway, it’s HJ himself separates his privacy from his work being an artist. As we all know he never go public about his personal relationship until this woman drag him out, still he did not expose her identity. I got what you mean artist should maintain his good image which I agree and HJ did exactly that for so many years. Now this nightmare came out which he’s not guilty. it does not change my views about him no matter what other people say, that’s what I mean in this article.

      Another thing, Tina may I ask, what is it that made you first attracted to KHJ? Is it his being a singer his music, is it his dramas being an actor? Before you buy his music or watch his dramas, did you know anything about his personal life? I’m sure not, right? This is what I mean his personal life has got nothing to do with my listening to his music or watching his dramas.

      I agree with you 100% this blog exist because I believe him, I trust him 100% and nothing can change that. Take care, be happy, oh and thank you for helping others here in voting at Lotte, i appreciate it very much. Enjoy voting dear and see you again! God bless..

      • I think that an artist shares his soul in his music or art in general, and when I first listened to “I’m your man” I felt his soul in this song, it was so beautiful and somehow I could feel that this person singing this song must be a very good and pure person because if he wasn’t he wouldn’t have been able to sing it like that no matter how hard he tried, that’s what attracted me to him and it was proven later when I watched reality shows with SS501 and recently in BFF in the episodes of Home Cooking when he won the one bite quiz everybody couldn’t believe he won and he felt sorry that he won while everybody were trying to win lol, only to lose it by a trick from Kang Ho Dong ssi lol, sorry for going out of contest haha.

  11. i am not sure but for my view, SK loves scandals….they treat the scandals like their food…. are they enjoying look people suffer of liar rumors? dont know…. hwaiting lazer kim! hwaiting hyun joong!

    • Hello there! *sigh* I think so too it’s SK’s leisure hobby I guess and that’s so unfortunate, because here in my base people are so busy with work and their lives, they may read a few scandals but they just simply brush it off, so scandal stories are not so salable here. While in my country, almost just the same. and even stars do experience scandals even worst than this nightmare, they are still there doing movies and shows popularity even unaffected. Thank you so much, take care, be happy and see you again! Happy voting! God bless..

  12. To my lovely new fans of KHJ, haven’t u seen enough of HJ’s video/drama/fancams etc?? LOL…i don’t why i ask this to u all. Well, these days i linger around youtube and drama site to ‘see’ him. Watch his fancams in youtube. There were a lot lot of fancams of HJ but i want to share with y’ll one of my favorite clip, the one he’s dancing to RainB’s song, “Rainism”. This is the first version he covers it i think in 2009 in one of his FM. Let’s see….fancam credited to HollisHyun….she/he always have a good quality of her/his fancams….

    he looks soooo cute here with his hairstyle and his suit….so sexy…i got struck when i saw this for thr first time….LOL LOL

    ohhhh how much i miss him these days…..

  13. Well if I may say even after the nightmare I was a little surprised they still considered him on these voting polls. I thought they would forget him or try to. I believe that he will make a comeback in Gods time. I do believe that all these things happened for a reason, for a better reason. I do hope that he learned his lessons too and be stronger and wiser next time. It will help him become a better person and a better actor for us to enjoy and support. Let’s give him the space, I know that he feels awkward towards others right now because of that but let’s not forget him and show him we support and love him like before, if not more ^^
    Saranghae Leader and Hwaiting always!!!!

    • YYeesss!!! Alleluia!! 100% agree with you!! I love this, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts so inspiring! This nomination and number of votes alone shows the power of KHJ!! Fighting!! God bless…

  14. Me I was so affected when I know the funishment that khj undergo now…but at the end I’m ver6 thankfull because he has a family and friends that really believed in him and of course we the hdnecians..the true henecuans I know will always with him no matter what happen to him and we provedthat by still prpromoting him that his country not able to do it during this time ..we the WFCKHJ are here…thanks LAZER KIM for your inspiring article…no can change my feeling as a fan for khj……

    • Hello Nhor! Thank you so much! Oh dear we’re on the same boat so we feel the same way! We just have to keep roaring with our journey with KHJ. Anyway, we’re happy doing this voting for him, right? So matters now we just have to keep going! Take care Nhor, be happy, enjoy voting and see you again! God bless..

  15. Good job guys for making him #1 currently with Lotte Duty Free poll. I think this is the most important on-line voting among the rest. Despite the scandal, KHJ LDF FM did not get affected, you can still see his LDF endorsement. I think this is his biggest/longest endorsement. I was able to vote only once though because I couldn’t access the site anymore. Does anyone know how many times we can vote? Is it restricted to Asian countries only?

    Let’s keep on voting! LK is right, this help us fill in the gaps for KHJ’s absence. Though we don’t see him on screen or on stage, we somehow keep the connection through voting for him diligently and hoping that by doing this, we’ll get to see him sooner.

    Lazer Kim, as always, thank you for voicing out our sentiments!

    • Hello Grace!! Ohhh YYesss LOL! Reading this from you makes me realllyyy proud of being a part of this KHJ fandom! And yes, the nightmare is definitely a negative vibes but we will stay and be happy even he’s not around we’re still here until he shows up again! Just like him, we never give up, we’ll stay connected with one another with KHJ.
      Thank you so much Grace, take care, be happy and enjoy voting! See you again, keep up the smiles!!! God bless..

  16. Thanks for your time and perfect words…
    What you wrote is What i feel.
    KE never ever took care about KHJ…
    And everything they did make me.think…
    Did KE have a lawers team?… Do they have EVEN ONE?
    Is almost ridiculous What they did… Every desition they took was worst than the one before!!
    And the apology… Come on!! He never should admit anything! They made him write that stupid letter What for?
    Just for A having her.revenge?… Absurd!

    If i were his agent i will fight with and for him… And stay by his side in every moment showing the truth…

    I agree With you about not to mix his personal life with his artist life…
    BUT I love also the great person he is… The Wonderfull man i always knew… And overall the charm hearth and gentleman Khj and i wont ever change my mind no matter What people say…
    Khj Leader is our only one and even If the one Who should stay with him is not protecting. Him now… We will, cause We only could love What We know and We know Who reallly is our KHJ

    • Hello Clau!! LOL LOL I’m sorry I can’t help laugh at this about KE! If they have those lawyers I’m sure they won’t release a statement which appear to be said by a secretary who’s making coffee for her boss LOL!

      Clau you have a very good point here, I hope you still have time to read right up there my reply to Noya just the same reply to you about that letter of apology.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, take care, be happy, enjoy voting and see you again! God bless..

  17. Thank U so much for the article!
    I thought I didn’t have issue with KE 1st statement…
    but explaining slight physical altercation was enough,it no needed to include rib fracture if he didn’t do..that caused very much damage to him..I wonder why they said it was because of playing around despite the fact that police confirmed there was no such injury..No doubt that move caused very much damage in public opinion
    I just said their action from very beginning not recent ones..
    Look like their actions have caused damage to him more than not protecting their own artist

    • agree with was like they made that 1st statement base on what they heard/saw from the media only which is A’s accusation….Shouldn’t they get all the information first from police dept then make a public statement? I guess they never expect such allegation/slander could happen to their artist that make them no clue at all what to do next? Its the first time for them maybe…is it? i don’t know but hope they learned their lesson.

      • I think what KE needs is a good legal team and a strong PR manager who is well verse with handling media. This is very important in any artist agency specially agents who are handling big stars. The first statement that KE released was a disaster!! LOL An expert in handling media was urgently needed that time, obviously! *sigh* You are right rib fracture need not be mentioned since even HJ wasn’t aware about it.

  18. thanks again LK…as the time goes by we long for him even more, like every minute, every hour and even in sleep he is our visitor. admit it or not, we are very affected with this nightmare…..we know that he is stronger than we think, i hope that it’s true..please be strong until the tide subside, we are here waiting for you..we love you

    • Hello Isabel! I bow to your thoughts which is very true to me, as time goes the more I want to see him, but keeping me patience and moving forward holding on to my hopes that one day as I wake he’s already out there to be with all of us! *sigh* Thank you so much Isabel, take care, be happy enjoy voting and see you again! God bless…


  20. I think KE adopted policy of prudence to protect Kim Hyun Joong.Was and is good policy.Better to keep silent not to take scandals.They have class and diplomacy.Maybe KE know who is behind this mess.I think they did good sense policy.KIM HYUN JONG SHOW HE HAVE CLASS,DIGNITY AND HE ALWAYS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS LIFE.IS WHAT TRUE MAN DO.AND ALL PEOPLE ADMIRE HIS BRAVE HEART.HE IS ALWAYS MAN OF HONOR.

    • COMPLETELY AGREE, his class and kind style is evident facing his scandal, l agree since they are not giving more food to the Media. but making him win in polls WE PROVE TO BE THE MOST POWERFUL FANDOM IN THE WORLD, we show also to be the most faitful one and even if we have differences our love for him mantain us joined supporting him as hard as our streght permit.
      He is not death in the showbiz.¨He is resting and spreeing with fellows ¨ jajajaja………….
      SORRY LAZERKIM, but I am always positive, it is my way to face the life, finding solutions not making problems bigger. Someone called me superfitial saying that nothing affects my mood, I said him,that is EI emotional intelligence, l proved that person that it is better than suffers for nothing and everything, I always look for peace………… Oviously that when I have a bad reaction, everybody avoids me jajaja…….. I see that his character is like mine in any way that is why l understand and aprove what he did and is doing now facing it.
      Xmas is near hope to get a gift from him.
      My God how great moments l spent with you KHJL family.

      • Hello Jazu!!
        Oh yes I agree with you, you”re always positive that’s why i enjoy interacting with you!! Yes finding solutions…over the past, that’s why I wrote this article. Refresh your memory my friend we’re together in this blog during that nightmare and everyone knows there was not a single damage control done during that time that’s why we end up in a bigger problem until now with those twisted info right? HJ suffered over trial by publicity which should have been avoided only if the right move from KE was done to protect him. This is my point.
        The big boss was in the news within that period but KE was able to control right on the dot, so it stopped in less than 24 hours, so KE can do it why can’t they do the same thing with KHJ? But what has been done is done but somehow I hope we learned something from the past. This is the essence of this article. That’s why I have this “what if… or If I were his agent…” just wild thoughts! Trial by publicity, public opinion….it’s all there in the nightmare!!
        Thank you so much for sharing take care, and see you again! Happy voting! lol Love lots!! God bless..

        • Amen, how geat man he is ,l love him so much .
          we will suport him every time, and Yes we had a nightmare, l remembered how we fight with haters here trying to make them have sense, but this case as you said, tought everyboby, KHJL, KE, the fans, the media and haters, too. l know that HE will be greater after that, more suspicious, more careful, more confident and more trustful on his fans.
          God bless us and him, we have too much to do together.


  21. And all projects are very sucessful.
    In fact even negative publicity have good part bcs create opinions and name of celebrity have part by free publicity bcs people with good sense not believe media without think.

    • Thank you so much Marutasan! Well, nightmares stays at night but we also wake up in a morning with a bright sunshine!! Take care dear, be happy, enjoy voting and see you again, God bless..

  22. In my country many artists have this type of pressure from media but artists ignore all this pressure and they do their projects and enjoy their work and every second of their life with confidence.

    • Hello cagome! I agree w you as i have mentioned in my other articles someone big is behind this nightmare i got no doubt about it. if it’s only A who was involve i dont think she can do this by herself thats pretty obvious! i wasnt even expecting this would go big and messy. Yeah i just hope ke would just ignore this and start getting hj on the move.
      Thank you cagome for sharing your thoughts take care be happy and see you again! oh enjoy voting! God bless..

        • :)I enjoy and vote.And want tell to Our Only One life is one shot.Good guys go in heaven,bad guys go everywhere they waaant…:)and yes….can be exciting to be gentleman.

    • Well SK is still living by double standards, one way moving forward and one playing the very conservative…but things can be done different with just a bit of efficiency and at the right time and in this case ….all was done upside down.
      And for sure the gold digger had some backing to go to that trash media with all that trash. It smell of conspiracy to bring down either KE or HJ…..they damaged their biggest star. Just a thought….

  23. I think he is too good artist and he scared or upset someone with power in his country.Is like a theory of conspiration but my inside idea is all his problems are bcs he is the best superstar and there is a lot envy about his popularity around world.I not can say too much about this idea but many celebrities have this influences and media pressure.t

    • I agree, it is someone big in his country that wanted him out of the way. But, it will not work because you can not keep a good man down. Also, I feel that Kim Hyun Joong may know more about his situation then what we know, therefore he is keeping a low profile and quite. But, if you look at what is happening with k pop since his scandal thing are not working out very well. Many groups are breaking up. So there you go. Be careful with what you ask for.

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