Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HEY YAHOO!



By: LazerKim


The Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards Night was held last night Dec.8th, as everyone was looking forward to this event, we fans of Kim Hyun Joong waited patiently and hoping we would see him boarding the plane bound to Hongkong to attend the event. Although we know and understand the situation, however there were KHJ fans at the venue who waited even though there was a slim chance of Hyun Joong to attend the event. I fully understand this and decided to let go.

BUT for Yahoo Asia Buzz to confuse everyone as what award goes to Kim Hyun Joong after winning the top rank at the voting polls is a different story! There’s this category Most Popular Asian Idol, or Most Searched Korean Artist, Top Asian Idol or whatever, it does not change the fact that Kim Hyun Joong is up there at the top rank gaining over 3 million votes at the voting polls and everyone who participated at the polls be it KHJ fans or fans from his other contenders knew this fact. And YOU Yahoo poll organizers knew this very well!

I really hope Yahoo can clear this out pertaining to what award goes to Kim Hyun Joong, since this is the first time I have ever heard changing the title award to a winner at the last-minute of the event after winning at the polls being conducted for a month, or they will finally lose their credibility! I would just like the organizers of Yahoo Asia Buzz to keep the record straight, we simply do not want to be confused over this matter.

I can understand how disgusting and frustrating this could be to us fans, and what a way to confuse everyone right at the night of the event! And the fact that among all seasons in this voting polls Hyun Joong got the highest votes in comparison to the previous years without being cheated by his other contenders, is something the entire world had seen!

This is not about crying over a spilled milk, this is about being FAIR and for Yahoo Asia Buzz to clear up the air! You cannot just change the title award of your winning nominees overnight as the whole world is watching you!

Hey Yahoo wake up! You would not want to be called scam, would you? So may I just request Yahoo Asia Buzz Organizers to post a formal announcement on winners and their title awards. Kim Hyun Joong is a deserving winner, and you yourselves know that fact!

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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84 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HEY YAHOO!

    • He has suffered a lot to become this KHJ. He is obviously the toughest person I know, so he is gonna be fine. He is UNBREAKABLE…
      It’s going in well
      It’s going around well
      I haven’t died and I’m back for ya
      Unbreakable, unbreakable

      We all pray for him.
      Mr. Unbreakable FIGHTING.

      • Yes eli, after these heavy storms..,one day will come where the whole world will reveal who the KHJ is.. if there is a heart,will’ harder than Diamond it belongs to him..’ya he is UNBREAKABLE!:):):)

  1. I wanted to say something positive after all this so… I just received the bluray of KHJ’s world tour here in the US from yesasia and the bluray is excellent quality, sound and picture! (Just wish it had English subtitles so I could understand what he is saying in between the songs.) I highly recommend it to anyone!

    • Nice! I’ve seen the news on Steve Lee’s IG. and reading the comments of his post was very pleasant, since everyone was expressing their love to The Leader ❤

  2. Hi everyone, as I was reading the comments I felt that we fell in this storm of worrying and sadness and anger again, may I just suggest to try to be positive as possible I know it can be hard but let’s do it for Hyun Joong, remember what Lee Sori(I’m not sure I got the name right) said to him that we can give him power, so we need to give him positive energy as well and may just share a religious opinion, God is stronger than all forces on this Earth and he and us will stand by oppa’s side forever, so please try to be calm and let’s be positive all this is going to pass, and if for just one second KE or any other company won’t accept him, we can protest in the streets, but I somehow don’t see that this is going to happen, but I actually feel the KE is not that good of a company too but it’s oppa’s choice.

  3. I need time to think about all of this. I have been a fan of KHJ for about 2yrs, so I am new tto all of this. LK, you have said before that someone big is behind this, and I have agreed, but now I believe it more now than ever. I believe someone took a prank started by that girl and her friends and it has led to this. Here in the USA we are use to fraud scams and scandals, but this has taken the cake. Hard to believe that this is coming from a group of people who have based their existence on culture and moral grounds. Yes, I agree with all that we keep fighting and supporting KHJ no matter what. I still beleven that when all is clear he will return as pure gold. God is still not finish with him. Again, let us not use unkind words to others, for we will be like them. God bless all andlet us continental to bring peace in this world
    Happy holidays.

    • Thank you for your reply Lena, you are totally right we should be using right words not unkind words because if we did, peace of mind will go away, let’s be as polite as possible, and I pray that oppa and all of us Henecians get what we want this christmas.

  4. The part I am questioning the most about this fiasco is what if Jessica had won the vote? Would they have changed the categories for most searched Korean male and female artist or would it have been kept as the original title of most searched Asian artist? If Hyun Joong would have come in second would he have won an award the same as Jessica? I have my doubts. I think this was all decided after the outcome of the vote and if Hyun Joong had not had the most votes over Jessica, YBA would have had her win the award as it had been originally done all these years. I now question all the issues we were having in voting for Hyun Joong as maybe having to do with YBA trying to “help” determine the outcome but they grossly underestimated the tenacity, loyalty, and determination of Kim Hyun Joong fans. My apologies to all for the anger and accusations I have posted here but I am still fuming about this whole thing and had to vent.

    • I think she only got a award because she would go to the ceremony…but it’s a total injustice no sense the change of the title of the award.

      I respect the decision of Hyun Joong if he personally decided doesn’t go to the ceremony, but if was his agency who doesn’t let make a video for thank his fans, not even a message with his words in his page or facebook, or at least a thank from his company for the award, I think his company is exaggerating a little, I understand all is very recent and they don’t want a public appearance yet, but a message is something more simple and for me that doesn’t affect him. On the contrary, it make it seem like he is resentful with the way that all happened and we know it don’t is like that and we know he is grateful with his fans for won for sixth time.

      • I just think they wanted her to win. They already had her confirmed to be there. Why was she going if they didn’t know who was going to win? I believe they thought she would win because of her popularity and when she didn’t they changed the award. If they are going to base the award on who can attend then the award is pointless. When the the “one who shall not be named” won after the cheating mess, he didn’t even attend and there was no problem. Hyun Joong didn’t attend last year and there was no problem. YBA has become corrupt and has lost any credibility after this.

        As for Hyun Joong not attending or sending a video. People need to remember in SK after a scandal, I hate that word but that’s what word they use, the ones involved are supposed to “reflect” on what they did. Even though we know he didn’t do what he was accused of and is still being bashed for, anything he does is scrutinized and he must stay out of the public eye as much as possible and for a long period because if he does not then in the Koreans eyes he is not remorseful and can not be forgiven. We international fans have to understand that South Korea is his home and he must appease the people there if he wishes to continue with his career. He appreciates what we fans have done. He always does, always has, and always will. While we may not agree with Keyeast we have to remember they have in the past let Hyun Joong make his own decisions and haven’t made him conform to the “idol” persona. He really became his own man at Keyeast but in the end it’s all about money to these companies. They have to do what they have to do just as Hyun Joong does. I respect what Hyun Joong is doing and I personally didn’t need him to attend and didn’t need a video because after being his fan for so long I know he appreciates us. I know that 100% for sure without needing to hear it. So while we can be sad and miss him we must not be disappointed and angry. We have to be very understanding right now and continue to support Hyun Joong even without the usual and heartfelt gratitude he has always given to us fans.

        • Allie dear, I have to say thank you for actually explaining the SK society, I agree HJ lives there and he will continue his career there. But they are a hypocritic society who plays the rightfull and the saints when that is not entirely true. I can give you examples here but don’t want to really monopolize the page.

          But..I still think that even if KE gave HJ enough freedom to express himself on the other side they actually never managed him properly. The first thing they should have done when the hell broke lose, they should have taken a stand and protect their asset, KHJ here. U know they never actually issued any statement that they stand totally behind him and they would take actions to protect him against any media circus. Their protection was just milking the profit they got from KHJ popularity, which is huge. They never managed him properly, the body guards is not included, for example: His Youtube channel is not being properly monitored against haters comments/ his facebook not updated as it should/his site with KE is never updated and never have been translated in other languages as it should have been with an international Star of his status/ their PR statements are amateurish (last year about HJ appearance in one of the events in Japan..).

          HJ may be stronghead, which we know, but in this case he most probably would have taken a proper professional and good advice, which I feel was not given.
          I think KE handled all the story poorly from the beginning, my opinion here.

          One thing is for sure KHJ fans all over the world know him, support him and will always be there for him. So, ok let him recover and “contemplate” (what stupid term here.. what they expect him to became a monk or something?!?).

          Re YAB, I consider them a Big Joke not reliable and has been! Lost all credibility!
          Lets go voting on other POLLS to keep KHj at the Top where he belongs, till he will came out of his “contemplation” 🙂 We are all with him!

          • I absolutely agree that Keyeast did not do the right thing for Hyun Joong. They handled the situation horribly and their official statement did not help but I also believe the translations of that official statement were distorted to fit the medias need to bring down another “idol”. Those distorted translations were the work of the international media and international followers of Kpop but I do know that the SK media and many of it’s citizens had a hand in trying to ruin Hyun Joong. They thrive on putting their “idols” on an unobtainable pedestal and swarm like vultures and attack like hyenas to topple them off of it. It’s really disgusting and VERY hypocritical but the international media and some of Kpop’s followers are exactly the same way. All I’m saying is I’m just not sure KE is keeping him out of the public eye. I think that is probably Hyun Joong himself. He may have gotten advice but we all know Hyun Joong is honest to a fault and will not lie. At this point I think he should have remained completely quiet because her evidence was proven as false by the police and if he hadn’t admitted to that one physical confrontation of pushing and shoving I think this would have already blown over. But Hyun Joong has always admitted to his wrongs and has always taken the consequences of his actions. That’s why I know 100% for sure he is telling the truth. Too bad the haters won’t look at the real facts and official statements by the police and will only believe the distorted facts and lies by the media and those disgusting k-pop sites.

            • You are Right On with each word/sentence here Allie. Little jealous and frustrated people playing the saints are all over SK and the Kpop world, we all had the “pleasure” to see how vicious they are.
              I thousand per cent agree that all story was blown out of proportion and may I say, Hj is an honest man, but in this case he should have shut up and take the fifth…but… now this is only water under the bridge. Lets wait patiently for more calmer waters. 🙂

              • Thank you so much to you guys for sharing your thoughts, and AMEN to all you have said, count me in with the same opinion! *sigh* I think I need another page to iron out everything what to expect in the next few weeks since we still have other voting polls in front of us. About KE, they are hopeless and I got nothing to expect from them anymore! I even feel better relying on one another here than waiting for them to get their butt on the right spot but obviously I think they are just one step of abandoning him. Well, this gave me the impression from their latest release stating a line of their artists not even mentioning KHJ at all! Jesus spare me some self control!
                Anyway, my readers do drop by from time to time and we all read from one another, thank you so much I really appreciate this specially on my absence since I got limited time to reply bcoz of work but surely I read all your comments and appreciate each and everyone of those.
                Take care, be happy and God bless… Oh I’ll just be popping out on my next article see you!! Much love to all!!

        • Totally agree with u…
          However have to admit that eventhough we understand the rationale, it is still hard not being able to see or hear any news of our beloved boy for such a, well, long time…for us anyway.

          Today though, haha, could kiss Sung Oh-ssi…for inviting our boy to his wedding…
          At least we got to see that beloved face again…even if only in a few photos.
          M hoping that there’ll be more photos of him posted…somewhere public…
          Wishing & hoping fervently…

  5. After all the hardwork this is whvat YBA organizers did.
    annual hot search Korean male artist (Kim Hyun Joong)
    annual hot search Korean female artist (Jessica Jung)

    • LOL Oh this really makes me laugh! Am I missing anything here? Hola thanks for the info, since I have been reading a lot of title awards! I’m sorry but this is the first time I have read that there’s a category Hot Search Korean Artist??? Did I miss this category during the voting polls?? I’m just sooooo confuse!!! So this is their way of covering up their own mistakes??? LOL

      Yahoo Buzz you are in the history now!! LOL

    • Then how abt the non-Korean artist whose also nominated in same category…there were Taiwan, Hong kong and China male n female artist also in that title. Did they also been awarded the Hot search of the year representing their country??

      • I found it in the links you shared here in the official site…haaaisss…I just feel as confused and angry as everyone. All our effort is just gone wasted. I especially pity those who had sleepless nights. It seems that they are showing that both Top male Korean and top female Korean are in the equal standing. Obviously they were oblivious to all our efforts of making the gap as big as possible. It seems like YBA organizers wanted to please also the other group of fans since she is coming and especially the advertisers and also make their event seem glamorous without the no. 1 winner’s presence. On top of mind was only advertisers, more business. I feel being used by Yahoo. Yahoo is such a USER…

  6. Once again YBA proves they are completely unethical. The cheating fiasco before and now this. Sadly they won’t do anything to correct their complete disservice and total lack of respect to Kim Hyun Joong or us fans. I am disgusted with this entire mess!

    • Oh yes Allie you are so right and I’m done with YBA after all of these fiasco this year is the worst mistake they have ever done to an artist and this is really so frustrating!

  7. Why all want to make him down???? i don’t really understand.. If Yahoo don’t want him to win, they had just not to nominate him but why to do that?? yes it is really hurting… I am very sad for our lovely Kim Hyun joong.. I hope he is right and stay unbreakable even they work hard to destroy that good man!!! Now I begin to dislike Jessica, she know that it is not true, she must said something like she desagree about the fact…. aaaah i am very ANGRY

    • Hello there! Here’s to explain as to why YAB nominated KHJ and I think this goes to all voting polls. These organizers choose popular artists who can generate traffic at the web site. For the last six years Yahoo had proven how diligent KHJ fans are in terms of voting for him that generate crowd by millions at their web site. In short these artists are being used and so with the voters. I can accept this but to mess up with the title award supposedly given to KHJ is such an insult. Not because they knew HJ wouldn’t come to the awards night they can mess around!
      And with what they have done it also made Jessika who is innocent about the whole mess made her appear to be cheated as well! It’s because the whole world knows she was KHJ’s contender under the same category and she lost by 600,000 votes from KHJ. Yahoo should realize this, how a big mess they have created.
      It’s not apology that I need to see from them but a clear cut posting as to what award was suppose to be given to KHJ and if they are considerate and decent enough, they should have given the award, have the proper announcement during the awards night that KHJ the title that he won at the polls.
      I really hope YAB is reading this article.

      And i think this will be the last time I’ll ever support Yahoo Asia Buzz.

    • I agree with you. On allkpop (only haters there) Jessica receive for female YBA and than KHJ for man?!? They didn’t say anything I’m awaiting for official Yahoo winners list

      • yes…it’s ridiculous how they only named Jessica…and don’t say anything about the male winner. Ugh…this is a disaster. Even on the ceremony they only say his name but without pic, without message, nothing. It’s like only we know he won that award. sigh…

      • I already voiced my disapproval over at AllKPop 😦 I’m fine w/Jessica being recognized (since she’s a victim of SM right now) but KHJ WON this award & even tho he couldn’t accept in person ~sob~ he deserves to at least be recognized as the WINNER!!!

  8. okay I got everything now, I have posted a complaint on YAB facebook page, but may I just say let’s not let our anger make us make mistakes and use “F” words and such, let’s just keep cool and post complaints everywhere we can, and I like the idea of not using yahoo’s services, that’s a good idea.

    Away from this I somehow feel and felt (while voting) that Hyun Joong oppa does not care about Yahoo awards and maybe that’s why he didn’t come.

    • Your right tina if we used harsh words to other it can reflect to khj,,,so guys cool down if hyun joong knows about it im sure he will be the first to be hurt coz he dont want us to become mean to others…we need to respect others even we are deeply hurt

    • Hello Tina! I’m just as confused as you are!! LOL I just can’t help but laugh at Yahoo for being unprofessional. All the while I thought they have changed but it’s so sad at the very end Yahoo had just proven how incompetent they are. Just felt being cheated so unexpected to the end!

  9. Since last night many of us are angry and pissed with the video message lie to the award title change! Totally irritated by these unprofessional doings of Yahoo. Some fans had already left messages voicing their displeasure on Yahoo Entertainment FB page. So for those who wanted to voice your unhappiness, please go to this link – Look for the post with a video clip of Jessica giving an interview and leave your message under the post.

    But I also wanted to highlight that we should direct our anger to Yahoo who is such a lousy unprofessional organizer but not towards Jessica. Already saw some fans’ remarks have directly / indirectly hitting Jessica (not in this blog but on twitter and elsewhere). She has no control over the award title given by Yahoo in this case. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m no fan of Jessica or GG. I just don’t want Henecians to get into quarrels with other artistes’ fans unnecessarily.

  10. ” Top search korean male artist”….what they mean by this?? did they mean his name was the most top search while the mess exploded months ago?? im so pissed off abt this when think abt s so absurd….does this catagory exist before? this i all bullshit….are they trying to punish him or humiliate him with this kind of award?? so, all this while all our efforts are useless…YAB organizer is so unprofessional in come an establish website do this to the netizens? They make an awards, make a poll, ask netizens to get involve with voting system…they get million hits when people votes in their site….n at the end, they just simply change the awards for the artist with the most votes ever?? This is crazy…its like a scam to me…and hey, they even have their shares floating/traded in US stock market…they are a big company like Google, Facbook etc but they have cheated and do a scam like this….

    Should we do something abt this? Or should we just let it go and forget abt the fraud and everything since it would just hurt HJ in the end? sigh..pity my baby….T__T

      • But that was ridiculous coz i never heard such award before…if that award was given even for the most high votes ever, Hj should won them ealier before but never such award he received..please somebody correct me if i’m wrong…i think we need an explaination/verification abt this from YAB organizer…

  11. we finly showd wot unity f khj
    hencianz z…..we votd 4 oppa
    rstlssly…n md him wn evn….u
    yahoo ppl rrly r disgstng …hw
    mch did u gt frm ur orgnzrz media
    hs…r frm jssica….remmbr 1 thng…
    d thng wch u cnt tk awyz dng all
    deze trflng stuffz z our luv 4 hyun
    joong oppaaa….he woz nvr bn
    alon…n wll neva b…..we wll alwyz
    b der 4 him….so juz bzff n gt a
    lyf…. kckur a**hrd…f**krz….

  12. we finly showd wot z unity f khj hencianz…..we votd 4 oppa rstlssly…n md him wn evn….u yahoo ppl rrly r disgstng …hw mch did u gt frm ur orgnzrz media hs…r frm jssica….remmbr 1 thng…d thng wch u cnt tk awyz dng all deze trflng stuffz z our luv 4 hyun joong oppaaa….hw woz nvr bn alon…n wll neva b…..we wll alwyz b der 4 him….so juz bzff n gt a lyf…. kckur a**hrd…f**krz….

  13. Pathetic YAB….an insult to KHJ and to our intelligence, somehow thought they are serious but it seems they are just a Big Joke.

    Regardless let’s keep KHJ name as a first in every available polls. Showing that he is the Only One worth voting for.

  14. I salute the fans who were at the venue to show support.

    I want to stress that let’s not just be disappointed and not do anything. Let’s write to YAB organizer and tell them that we are fooled. Please let me know how to reach them!

  15. I’m happy that KHJ won and that we were able to show our love and support, but at the same time disappointed with Yahoo Asia Buzz organizers. What can we do to protest? Does anyone know their email/address? We are all determined and I’m sure we can do something together about it. Thanks Lazer Kim for bringing this up. As a fan, I’M HURT by how YAB discredited our One & Only!

    We are still apparently affected by “the nightmare”. I knew he is not going to the awards night and I understand why. So sad! This why I thank that we have this blog site to vent our feelings and it’s always great to know that we have same sentiments for KHJ.

  16. I am very very very disappointed with Yahoo . All our effort been wasted! Yahoo is a cheater and a killer! Whatever happened i will still continue my support towards KHJ!

  17. wait wait guys…i didn’t know anything…just knew abt this..what catogory HJ won??? wasn’t it the poll we voted is for Top Asian artist coz its include males and females artist from all Asia countries?? WDH??!!!!! we must complaint this!!!!

  18. Omg!! Are we teased¿ So disappointed..:@>:) :(What can we do,cz ds is a money centred society.. After all,NO MATTER,KHJ IS THE TRUE WINNER!!

  19. Reblogged this on Hyunnies Pexers's Blog and commented:
    Not really very happy at the result of YAB Awards last night. Something was not right. All along we were making sure that KHJ has this big lead over his second contender, Jessica. So how come he ends up with Korean Male Artist Award?

  20. My point exactly. My first reaction to the result last night was to question the award given to KHJ. I question the Korean …. and then the Male Artist attached to the title. I was hoping for the TOP Asian Artist Award which I believe is more deserving of him. YAB Hall of Fame would’ve been more appropriate based on his winning streaks – 6 consecutive years that is. Or maybe I just don’t understand their criteria at all.

    They shouldn’t have done the poll if they already have the winner in mind. I have nothing against Jessica’s award. I am just confused ……. I felt cheated ….. KHJ has been leading big time all the while. Who got the Top Award then? Enlighten me please.

  21. I am so upset… Sick yo my stomach! I need to get off this disgusting mess! I complaint @yahoo but I dont get Asia at all… That is so unethical so #unethicalyahoo. I dont understand it. I want an explanation but I cannot find anything at all. i am so used to have contact numbers to complaint if I disagree with something that this actitude of we do what we want and you cannot say a thing is really too much for me. Uggggh! I do not like this feeling…. I am worried about him so much more, this really makes so sad.

  22. then who received the true award of Hyun Joong, the most popular Asian idol??? I don’t understand yet why they nominated HJ if they didn’t want he win…even if Hyunnie don’t say thank you to us directly, still I’m glad he know WE are here for him.

  23. I’m very upset about this. Don’t want absolutely nothing to do with Yahoo. I deleted the account I signed up for just to vote for KHJ. I also uninstalled the Weather app from my phone.
    Let’s Boycott Yahoo!!

  24. We should boycott the next years voting event… this is unfair to us fans…they have to understand that we fans did the voting and they owe that to us.

  25. What d!!!!!i voted for how many nights and days and im excited to see khj receiving his AWARD….grrrrr!!if i were in that trashy yahoo buzz chubachernes i will throw tons of tomatoes to them.he dont deserve such treatment if they have problem about his scandal it is much better that they did not include khj as one of nominees..and they give the award to his contender what a shame YAHOO!!!we know the whole truth so dont fool us!!just eat your awards we dont need that.
    KHJ fighting!!!! ke stay away from hyun joongssi he dont deserve a company like you

  26. That was a pretty underhanded thing to do. Fans worked so hard to get him that award, and then they switched it? Makes you not want to take the Yahoo awards very seriously.

  27. Fans would not be disappointed even khj didn’t attend the ceremony…we are so.damn disappointed about this changing matter of an award…this is so damn offensive for khj and henecia…

  28. It’s really sad that this kind of thing happen. I thought the YBA organizers are professionals and keep their name in good hands but at this moment only I can say that Henecians watching your polls around the world, we are not stupid and idiots who easily cheated. I was guarded the 2 nights voting… We are not only Henecians but people who trusted YBA but now only see how cheater you are and irresponsible YBA…

  29. Yes it’s true…changing the title of an award? We voted for most popular asian idol!!! So absurd…all through out the day i (we) the fans all over the world waited for the ceremony to see kim hyun joong’s 6th award of most popular asian idol…then suddenly “most search korean actor”? Woaaahhh!!i i have a fever of 40..i am not really well…i am so disappointed with this yahoo award…

  30. Im agree with all articule that was an abuse by KHJ and his fans .why yahoo awards change the lástima time the categories of votes.that sitution Looks so umbelieve .This company in my opinión Now lost credibility . My king continúe the number one no my hearth.

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