Kim Hyun Joong…[article] YAHOO CHAMP!



By: LazerKim


As expected Kim Hyun Joong took the lead at Yahoo Asia Buzz voting polls and finally won over 3 million votes, gained over 600,000 vote gap from his contender at the last days of voting before it finally closed at midnight last night. This is the 6th year of Kim Hyun Joong winning an award from Yahoo Asia Buzz as it is for six consecutive years and probably the last award from Yahoo that he shall receive before his enlistment. For six consecutive years, every last month of the year this is the greatest gift that Hyun Joong receives from his fans effort in voting in gaining those trophies he received.

Once again we did it for him and I think this is just so memorable, knowing every time we devote our time, effort in casting each vote, we do it all with love for him. This time we did it with all our smiles and enjoyed every single moment of it and once again the power of Kim Hyun Joong had been proven from all of us fans these past weeks at the voting polls, proving our collective strength in bringing him up right to the top of the polls! Yes we have achieved what we are trying to prove that no matter what happen, Kim Hyun Joong still has the strongest support from his worldwide fans ever!

CONGRATULATIONS to our only one Kim Hyun Joong! And CONGRATULATIONS to all of us his fans for a job well done in gathering our sincere unified effort in this voting polls! Thank you so much for all your time and effort in voting for Kim Hyun Joong.

May this event be remembered by the entire world as we speak of the name KIM HYUN JOONG!    “You can never put a good man down!”



I also would like to thank Yahoo Asia Buzz, for nominating Kim Hyun Joong as an artist truly deserving to be nominated in this voting polls. And at last we had a smooth voting system till the very end of the voting days that fans had voted happily and gone away from the stress history! I wouldn’t say it was all perfect at the polls the entire voting period, still our perseverance as a fan voter was tested, but we took it as a challenge and never gave up voting.

We may have experienced some problems at the voting system, however, I appreciate Yahoo for doing something about their system that we came back to normal voting the rest of the week and I’m just glad we had a smooth voting at the last hours before the polls closed. I would still say of all the years voting at this Yahoo polls, this year 2014 was much better than the previous years, as in this recent polls we voted with smiles for Kim Hyun Joong!

And so to Yahoo Asia Buzz, thank you,  please do keep it up with the good work till the future! It may take time before we fans of KHJ may appear at your polls, but we do hope he shall be again nominated in the coming years when he comes back to us after his enlistment. We shall be looking forward to vote for him at your polls in the coming years, and you may expect that from all of us KHJ fans in the future! THANK YOU!

Lastly, we KHJ fans are very much looking forward to see Hyun Joong on your stage on December 8th as he receives his award, please do confirm his attendance to the awards night. Thank you!



How does it feels to be a winner? GREAT!  It’s been a month of voting that it became our daily routine in voting for Kim Hyun Joong not only at Yahoo but in other polls as we take one voting polls after the other. We celebrate with our achievement as last night on line having a festive mood after the polls closed everyone was just so happy! We now wait for Hyun Joong to be at the airport bound to Hongkong as we cross our fingers he would!

Now that we are done with Yahoo, the bus doesn’t stop from there! We still have other polls to focus our attention again while waiting for Hyun Joong to be out from his cocoon as I’ll be posting those voting links and I appeal to all fans to please do keep voting. Let our victory encourage us further to vote in placing Hyun Joong on top of the polls where he belongs. If this is one way we can ease our feeling of missing him so much and so be it, let’s enjoy it as we got nothing to lose with the time and effort we share at the voting polls, knowing we are together in this crusade with one definite goal and doing it for love.

Now I guess we can spare time in learning some of the complicated voting polls. If anyone has succeeded in learning please do share it with all of us so we can vote with you too. Again my comment box is open to all KHJ fans to share anything under sun! As they say, loving is sharing, and that’s what KHJ fandom is all about! Creating Love as it is in the air!



Yesterday as early as 5am, I was having my morning coffee and just about to do my routine morning voting at the polls, I have seen this picture above! My eyes grew big staring at it and trying to identify it carefully if this was his old picture since it’s the first time for me to have seen it! But it’s Hyun Joong’s latest picture taken last Tuesday Dec.2nd at a charity Briquette activity. If you remember he had a picture of the same activity back in 2011 during this same winter season and he’s doing it again. God it’s sooo good to see him again!

Hyun Joong looks good with chubby cheeks obviously healthy and seeing those genuine smiles again really made my day such a great day till midnight last night after winning at Yahoo! Now it’s even missing him more I guess and really sooo eager to see him at the airport bound to Hongkong one of these days! It’s been months now since the last time we have seen him, and I guess it’s high time to get him out there!

For all we have been doing these past weeks voting, this may sound shallow but it feels like I was already gratified by seeing him again even in just photos and knowing he’s doing alright, very much alive and kicking! The tireless guy doing his charity effort as he always does whenever time allows him and we all know that, even without those publicity, it’s his fans who truly knows him well! Don’t argue because it’s the truth!

It feels great to be a winner, and it even feels greater to have seen Kim Hyun Joong in those pictures! What a way to miss someone that feels loving him more as his fan, so simple yet inspiring to start my day with a big smile!!   Be happy everyone!

Our Champ wins it again and with no doubt, Kim Hyun Joong is a deserving winner!!

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing





You may vote from any of your gadget, laptop, desktop, tablet, and from your android, smartphones, for as long as there’s internet connection you can vote anywhere from any gadget. This is a once a day voting!


You may find the guide lines on how to vote at Seoul Music Awards at Hyunnie Pexer’s Blog or at Kim Hyun Joong Supporters. Thank you so much sharing! Link as follows:

Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog > (

Shared by Ms.Lina Perez from Tweeter thanks for sharing! Note that this tutorial came from another fan blog (Infinite, thanks for posting!) but not our contender. Of course we vote for Kim Hyun Joong!
Note: In choosing artist whom we want to vote, there are 4 bars on top of the list of artist choice, tap on the 1st bar KHJ is at no. 54, 3rd bar KHJ is at no. 49, at the 4th bar KHJ is at no.46. Hyun Joong is being nominated for 3 categories. 
We may find voting process a bit complicated, BUT I believe nothing is difficult in our determination, in time we can learn as we go on trying and sharing once we have learned the voting process, so let’s not give up. KHJ fans do help one another to be able to accomplish.
Please do visit this blog from time to time and read my comment boxes, as I’m sure some of my readers are most willing to share the voting process once we have succeed in learning! Thank you so much! We’ll do everything just as we can vote for Kim Hyun Joong! Fighting!
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37 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] YAHOO CHAMP!

    • Thanks Ellen for reblogging! Thanks so much for your effort at Hyunnies Pexer’s blog has been actively posting and sharing us info on the voting polls. You did such a great job in helping us and we’re all proud! Thank you! God bless..

  1. l am not a lawyer but if his case is not solve yet probably he is not allowed to go ,sad but his 1 place is undeniable. He is the only one, love you kidoo.

    • I don’t think the case affected his work in oversea…Yahoo won’t nominated him if they think he shoudn’t be in the list bcoz of the case…i feel really dissapointed with KE…don’t they have to announce abt his attendance wether he can go or not,,,so imcompetent…

  2. Morning all….tonite is the ceremony but still no confirmation abt HyunJoong attendance. *Sigh*….guess we won’t see him tonite…even this blog is so quiet these few days…whats up guys?

  3. I hope he is there because we miss him so and his appereance will be a great farewell gift. We know he is enlisting so I hope KE stops being so incompetent and let us have his smile one more time. We sent our love with a very clear message of love and support. Give back our Lider one more time.

  4. muy contenta por nuestro campeon y darle otra alegria ya q se enlistara y una vez mas la familia verdosa unidas haciendo un buen trabajo con mucho amor y entusiasmo ahora ver como recibe el premio y disfrutarlo

    • read on TT that KE did not respond to YB invitation for KHJ ..don’t know how true this is, (but KE still sucks. ) Hope that Hj will attend at least to say thankyou to all the fight and love his fans put there to show the world for us he is Nr 1 the Only One!!
      Let’s put a petition KHJ please go to Hong Kong!!

  5. Congratulations ! Please add this voting poll on your list for KHJ to reclaim his #1 spot. He was #1 during first round of elimination. Now he’s #2 this second round (until 12/13). You can vote every 30 minutes. Final round will start 12/14 and ends 1/3/15. Please spread the word. I just lke seeing him win. Thank you.

  6. nervous waiting for the news wether he will come or not for ceremony…this whole day i was just killing my time with HJ concert and the fancams of his concerts, FM and drama filming….LOL..

  7. thank u so much for these beautiful articles lazer kim we really love reading your.each time i see there is a new article on your web makes me so happy…thanks for everything you do here…thank for every single words you say here to encouraging fans.

  8. Hi LK,ya we miss him so much.. I don’t know what is this miracle,once i see his face my life starts to fill with a cool motivates my life to live.. I still don’t understand What the soul in his portrait.. Had it not been for KHJ, I may not enjoy my life as a fan..even after the nightmare I always respected his moral sense though the haters were trying to put that good man down’ as u said LK..what a relief, after all WE ARE HAPPY! Omg!now it’s time to enjoy the, i read dt ….fans are dancing now! “Girl gimme gimme all ur lovin..And let me let me get ur loving..KISS KISS!!Lol..i don’t know the exact meanings of them but i really )-|~o)(b)=D>@):- Oooooooooh..It’s time to Party…lol++

  9. Im a short, fat, chubby americn woman…and right now Im doing a short, fat, chubby dance…YEHAWWW KHJ…GO BABY GO….You cant be taken down coz we YOUR FANS WONT LET IT HAPPEN. I LOVE YOU KHJ

    • I’m a TaLL, (too tall to ever be called chubby) a little overweight new grandma doing a happy chair dance too!! hope he actually gets crowned. I heard that there are other factors involved in who wins.. (like times a site is visited using Yahoo, ect… ) and it’s frustrating to know that Jessica is invited and confirmed but so far no indication that KHJ has been invited or confirmed, but that now is out of our hands.. we as fans have done what we can, and I hope no matter what it uplifts KHJ.. great to see him doing the charity work… he does look healthy and hopefully he’s enjoying a well deserved time with family and friends.

  10. I’m very very happy for Kim Hyun Joong. I want to say Congratulations to Kim Hyun Joong and want to thanks all of his fans all over the world for their effort for voting. Everyone did a great job.

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