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By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong won at the MALE STAR 2014 voting polls with total votes of 2,242,179 overtaking his contender Lee Min Ho with total votes of 2,240,378 with a slim gap of 1,801 votes as the voting polls closed last night. I think this was the most exciting voting poles I have seen during the last three years of my being a fan. It was a very close battle neck to neck race at the very last-minute that really made my heart beat so fast even I was not an active voter in this polls and in fact I merely participated with it just by a little over an hour before the polls closed.

And most of all, I have proven how contagious KHJ fans are! Last night after work I read a lot of Alert calls from Tweeter and Facebook being shared with me by other fans that caught my curiosity as to what was going on! And found out how close the race was, and so I tried voting so that I can observe number of votes coming in to Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho. As this polls started Hyun Joong had the lowest votes while Lee Min Ho had the higher number of votes. After a week or so Hyun Joong was coming up slowly until such time he had overtaken his contender’s votes.

But yesterday Hyun Joong’s votes were slowly declining then early evening his contender was so fast eating up the gap from Hyun Joong. About an hour towards the end the polls system started to freeze that no one can vote. However, Hyun Joong was still taking the lead with a gap as low as 67 votes. As i have said I was not an active voter in this polls but honestly I felt like melting from where I was seated with my laptop! I see no one was moving among the fans but of course the frustration was beginning to build!


This polls freezing incident transpired thrice, so I was thinking the polls was overloaded with fast turn out of votes. The first freeze Hyun Joong was still at the offensive side with a gap of over 1,000 votes, and this gap was eaten up in just minutes leaving Hyun Joong with a gap of 67 votes still leading though and freeze again!

After some minutes the polls roll again and this was so crucial because Hyun Joong was overtaken by the speed of votes coming out and there was barely minutes left to vote to be able to chase his contender! His fans never gave up despite of this polls stop and go and in the end Hyun Joong still lead and gained 1,800 gap from Lee Min Ho as the polls finally closed.

I know everyone was holding on keep voting, can hardly breath out of high tension and when it was over, it was such a relief and everyone so happily rejoicing as his fans placed Kim Hyun Joong right on top as the Male Star 2014. Last night I would say I was just a spectator, observing the polls and the voters. But what I felt was a strong determination among Hyun Joong’s fans who participated in this voting polls and never gave up till the end, to achieve the goal of placing Hyun Joong where he deserves to be and that is on Top of the polls being the Male Star for this year.

CONGRATULATIONS to you guys, I’m truly proud of you and your tireless effort in voting for our only one Kim Hyun Joong. Knowing you are all doing it out of love which is a priceless effort to give him.



Another good news, we have reached over 3,000,000 votes as of last night after the tension at the recent polls, Hyun Joong’s fans continued to vote for Yahoo currently with a vote gap of over 550,000 from his contender as of this morning. Kim Hyun Joong still maintain his lead as we continue voting for him still with the same effort.

As I related what transpired last night at the Male Star voting polls before its closing time, there’s that freezing at the polls, that can also possibly happen at Yahoo Asia Buzz voting polls. In fact it already happened that seem to have malfunction in the voting system that we couldn’t even do something to be able to vote.

And all we can do is to wait until the polls roll up again. Whenever this happen other fans switch to voting to other polls where Kim Hyun Joong is being nominated until such time Yahoo polls gets to its normal system and go back to vote which I think is a good idea instead of being idle in waiting.



At the Best Korean Drama 2014 polls, Inspiring Generation took over the first place for the first round nomination as the polls for this round closed then the voting polls started again with its final round. The polls started with fresh zero on all the drama nominees as we start voting again until Dec.30. This is just a one vote for a day so let’s keep up with our daily routine votes.


There’s another voting polls currently being conducted which is the Seoul Music Awards and Kim Hyun Joong is being nominated in three categories. Unfortunately the polls only allow smartphone with android in voting. I think Kpop artists who have released their album for year 2014 are the nominees. To the fans who has a smartphone with android I truly hope you can vote as much as you can since this give some limitations to fan voters. I shall be posting tutorial or guidelines below on how to vote in this polls.


Source: Hancinema (–most-popular-actor-in-a-drama-nominees-list-69015.html#pd_a_8034891%23pd_a_8034891)

Kim Hyun Joong for Inspiring Generation is one of the actors listed to be nominated at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards under the category Most Popular Actor in a Drama for Inspiring Generation. So far Hyun Joong is leading among nominees. You can vote using Android Apps. This polls is different from Best Korean Drama 2014.



These past weeks we have been busy voting for Kim Hyun Joong which I think helped a lot in our healing process over the past. I may not see you since we’re at the cyber, but I can feel all your smiles while voting! Let’s keep this up, enjoy every moment as we vote having the thoughts we’re doing this out of love to Kim Hyun Joong.

In opening up this article, I shared what I have felt yesterday during a crucial moment in voting. In every game there’s a winner and a loser just the same in these voting polls, but in this effort being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong what matters the most is unity in fulfilling a goal of placing him up to the top.

For the fans who have not experience voting specially the new ones, I would like to encourage you to give it a try. We shall be helping and guiding you in the best way we can, and letting you feel you are not alone. My comment boxes bellow are free for you to express whatever voting problem you may encounter and as I always say anything goes in this blog!

At Yahoo Asia Buzz, we have three days left to vote, let’s enjoy every moment of voting and maintain our dedicated effort. I have posted the other polls not to give you that feeling of being overwhelm with voting load since we can take this one step at a time. As of this period we focus on Yahoo while we slowly learn the mechanics on other polls.

I know the feeling of missing Kim Hyun Joong is still in our mind, then we might as well bring that feeling of missing someone over the polls and vote!! Happy voting!!

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing



Link 1 (

Link 2 (

Link 3 (

Link 4 (




You may vote from any of your gadget, laptop, desktop, tablet, and from your android, smartphones, for as long as there’s internet connection you can vote anywhere from any gadget. This is a once a day voting!


You may find the guide lines on how to vote at Seoul Music Awards at Hyunnie Pexer’s Blog or at Kim Hyun Joong Supporters. Thank you so much sharing! Link as follows:

Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog > (

Shared by Ms.Lina Perez from Tweeter thanks for sharing! Note that this tutorial came from another fan blog (Infinite, thanks for posting!) but not our contender. Of course we vote for Kim Hyun Joong!
Note: In choosing artist whom we want to vote, there are 4 bars on top of the list of artist choice, tap on the 1st bar KHJ is at no. 54, 3rd bar KHJ is at no. 49, at the 4th bar KHJ is at no.46. Hyun Joong is being nominated for 3 categories. 
We may find voting process a bit complicated, BUT I believe nothing is difficult in our determination, in time we can learn as we go on trying and sharing once we have learned the voting process, so let’s not give up. KHJ fans do help one another to be able to accomplish.
Please do visit this blog from time to time and read my comment boxes, as I’m sure some of my readers are most willing to share the voting process once we have succeed in learning! Thank you so much! We’ll do everything just as we can vote for Kim Hyun Joong! Fighting!

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!

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89 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BEST STAR

  1. si quieres hablar con una amiga yo siempre boy a estar halli para escucharte y para poder darte la fuerza necesaria este es mi facebook es gatix_al96_@hotmail.comla verdad solo te puedo decir es q no se hablar koriano pero si tu me enseñas la verdad boy a poder aprender y a si poder comunicarnos si solo te puedo brindar mi amistad como una amiga con quien tu puedas hablar y a si poder escucharte y poder aconsejarte si es q tu me lo permites y quieras por q la verdad eso lo q yo te puedo brindar en estos momentos mi nombre es carmen y la verdad me gustaria mucho ser tu amiga

  2. SPECHLESS…. JAJAJA Nice to see that new fans enjoyed a lot this experience as once we did, proud of him, My humble baby, l hope to see you in the ceremony this year, we really die to see you again.

    • Hello Jazu! LOL yeah I guess they really enjoyed voting! And I’m truly happy with that! We now start crossing our fingers to see him at the awards night! If not I would understand as to why, but still I really hope KE would allow him to do so, bcoz I’m sure he already has the invitation from YB! Thank you, take care, and see you again! God bless…

  3. Hy LK sis, I guess dt u might b bussy with ur next article.anyway Dear LK sis,ur commitment, hard work and dedication here encouraged us a LOT..ur valuable service is the queen of ds little kingdom..¤_¤
    And, I’d like to make ds an opportunity to thank all the khj fans specially the friends who posted their posts here.once we shared our experience,happiness as well as sadness,our ideas,opposes,criticises,feelings,loses,victories,problems,answers, and so.. It was really a precious experience.. Although we haven’t seen ourselves in-person we worked as members of a one family..sometimes we were in troubles, then our friends helped us..thanx for ur love and care LK and frnds.. Thanx Khj for making us together! Well, I just can’t sleep[3.30 n my place] although the polls are closed,becz of d great pleasure in my mind.. Anyway nice weekend to all.oh LK, we need dt BLOG PARTY hehe…LOL++++ :P:D:));)

    • LOL!! Janani the party is at my latest article YAHOO CHAMP!! LOL Thank you so much, I’m so flattered! But it’s my sincere pleasure to bring all these to you as we do it all for KHJ! Everyone here is my inspiration, thank you to all!
      Take care, be happy, still enjoy voting for other polls and see you again! God bless… Oh congrats to Hyun Joong!!


  5. Omg omg omg!!! I am SO happy he won YBA for his 6th consecutive year!!! Great job in everyone who voted! We managed to kill YBA with over a 600k gap of KHJ in the lead!!! I woke up early for like once in my life lol just to check the polls and find to my surprise that the poll was closed. Then I checked on twitter and found out that KHJ WON!!! Omg, this is the BEST news ever! Having KHJ show up to accept his award will definitely be the best Christmas gift to us, but most importantly we showed everyone including the haters, but especially HJ himself that our love for him will NEVER change and we will support him no matter what! Ahhhh, all those late nights staying up voting and then getting sick was all totally worth it for our Only One!!! Congratulations KHJ and everyone who voted for him! Now go and have a well-deserved rest! We earned it. 🙂

  6. :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P
    WE DID IT!!! Thank u all the ALIEN FAnMILY guys!! Best wishes here, from Sri Lanka…

  7. He won YAB for the 6th year in a row yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I’m so happy with all the fans and so happy with him, I wish he does come to the ceremony, because I’m dying to see him and going crazy haha

  8. Greetings everyone…Advance Merry Christmas To All. Ms LK, really it will finish later. YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!! My life is back to normal again.LOLSSS. Im n d mood after i saw new pics of KHJ smiling with his friends distributing coal briquettes.Tnx Hyunnies Pexers. Congrats to all KHJ Fans for the undying support to proved that “HE IS UNBREAKABLE”. Hi Janani …good day.

    • Hi floran sales,, where did u go last 3 Days¿.¤_¤..I ws looking Of course we hv only…..(i guess)Hours to fight 2 achieve the victoryof YAB mission.. Wish dt all u r doing fine.come on! Fighting until d lzt second!!!!

      • ouchhh!!!!sorry, jajaja. i jst grab the chance to keep on voting and voting coz’ everything is with me, the network, my time, YAB so smooth. i will go out if its time to vote on the other polls and go back again. hw r u?

        • I’m fine… Well,it’s happy to hear u voting easily.. Oh,hw can i contct u?? U didn’t R u on fb?(extremly sorry 4 posting ths here)

        • Oh sorry f.sales, I just asked it as a foreign friend.. Apologies 2 u for repeating the fault quiz twise..anyway nice day!!at last we won d YAB mission!

  9. Oh I got the flu in late November and I felt bad doing nothing in those days with painful headaches and reading your blog here LK and everyone comments about Uzoosin, wuri Kim Hyun Joong, our alien prince, our top male star for 2014 hmmm, our yahoo blockbluster for 5 consecutive years gave me relief. While I am recuperating I get this chance to write a little. I became Kim Hyun Joong’s fan in late 2009 and became active in polls so much starting in 2010. 2012 was the most horrible experience. It felt quite a nightmare and fans came united again to send requests in letters about the bizarre tremendous increase of votes of the other teams possibly peculiar activities. But after all the challenges, the controversies, my own and our Kim Hyun Joong’s I am still here going strong as his fan. Keep on writing stories LK, stories that make us all his fans become more inspired and stronger too.

  10. I like reading your views and feelings about Kim Hyun Joong
    Please could you tell me the best resource for a letter and a kdo to KHJ
    Big thank you in advance

  11. Very well said ms lazerkim…we love supporting him..this is our happiness.let show the world that we never stop loving and support him…there’s always an orchestra of angel playing with my heart everytime i vote…to the point that i might have a nervous breakdown .urrrggghhh..but i am happy for him…cheers everyone..i love you

  12. Very well said ms lazerkim…we love supporting him..this is our happiness.let show the world that we never stop loving and support him…there’s always an orchestra of angel playing with my heart everytime i vote…to the point that i might have a nervous breakdown .urrrggghhh..but i am happy for him…cheers everyone..i love you all..

  13. It may be their Psychological problem LK,, anyway as they get such a chance to keep bad comments about a good man once in a blue moon,they keep going day they will really regret about the things they did…but,the lovers can love him forever..time will resolve all the problems. AS A FAMILY WE R STRONG ENOUGH TO PROTECT HIM FROM HATERS..with that hope let’s VOTE!!


      I know you’re all busy voting, but may I appeal a bit of your time to visit KHJ official channel at YouTube (link bellow). There are haters there who leave harsh negative comments who are determine to ruin the page Beauty Beauty, KHJ and us fans. May I appeal to all KHJ fans to report these haters. The more reports the more YouTube is likely to block those haters. I have been keeping my cool on these haters and ignoring them but enough is enough!

      The following are the hater’s usernames as follows:
      1. Faith Moon
      2. MWith S Limited
      3. Play girlz
      4. Thepretieminie
      5. Shineeamber
      6. Missingofajay
      7. Tegorin
      8. Jaejoongkim

      YouTube KIMHYUNJONNG official channel (By: KeyEast)
      TIMING > Beauty Beauty

      Here’s one way of blocking harsh negative comments at YouTube:


      Thanks for your time!
      LazerKim here!

      • ok…i’ve done my part reporting all those losers….LOL LOL…why don’t i hve thought doing this before….thanks for letting us know abt the REPORT…common guys, lets go to his youtube channel and do ur rights..

        AJA AJA FIGHTING!!!!

          • to this kind of people, its useless and wasting time to convey them abt the truth coz they just don’t care abt the truth…and i don’t understand, why they bother to sneak into HJ official channel and spread their hates…its like once they open their eyes in the very nice sunny morning, they straight away thinking of to harras somebody today no matter what….so sick people…

      • Haters have the worst life ever and it only shows that they are not happy…so let them be haters…i always say this but when i read the comments i really wanna explode of anger..but let not step down to their levels…fighting everyone…

  14. Thnks sis it is good to see Hj name first in polls as the winner. YB is a must win even if they extended the date for voting, we don’t give up. For the rest of the polls we have to keep up the fight. Let those polls winning be our gift to Hj for Xmas, show that his Fans are there supporting him. That we want him back at Top where he belong. We don’t give up on our Star. Voting!!♡♡♡☆☆☆

  15. I just checked the previous year result for Best Korean Drama and surprisingly You are Beautiful had won on 2009 instead of BOF..LOL..even PK can’t beat the 1st in 2010 which is Mary stay out at night, JGS drama…LOL…i guess at that time international fans still have no clue of KHJ in that drama…well, now after a years people had watched BOF in many countries, i bet HJ is the most people fall in to in that drama…same to PK he gains alot of fans from that drama too…and this year in IG with the strong fighter character…..thats show how he became these days…nothing can stop him from being at the TOP..LOL…proud to be his fans!!

    Aja aja fighting yorobunnnn…..!!

      • also think its robotic magic ( been there done that ) coz in 2011 HJ has gained quite huge attentions from oversea fans…needless to say that in 2011 too he promoted his 1st solo debut with ‘Breakdown’ album that has caught many heartthrob in the world nation…LOL…so, robotic cannot beat human’s preserverance anymore…LOL

    • Omo..the celebration event is on 8/12 right…so, how do they will contact HJ to remind him abt the winning? Is it enough time for him to make a reservation on tix etc.? But i guess HJ’s agency has reminded him earlier just to get ready for the event..LOl…obviously he’s unbeatable so far…lol…Lets pray for that time!!

  16. thanx LK sis, ppp¤_¤ as i’m free enough after sitting my AL exam i hv more spare i oftenly come to this page and comment..again thanx..

  17. Hello LK.. i was a bit frustrated with YBA that it keeps in error in submission… it was so depressing that a post a status on FB and a fan shared me the link of hallyu vote and said to vote hyun joong there at the last 2 days of voting. it keeps my adrenalin back and voted there …then back at YBA… i find it hard to vote the other polls coz i don’t know what to do …but i voted Inspiring Generation everyday…i enjoyed the experience and i know now how to keep my pace in voting without pressure and enough sleep. at first i was frantically voting and even grab just 30 minutes to 1 hour sleep …and only meet a slow connection of the net… i find 3:00am to 7:00am Philippine time suited me best.. i can cast a lot of votes without the frustrations of error in submission… i admire all kim hyun joong fans around the world in helping each other…united in one purpose to keep him on top…. his fans are one of a kind…. i am proud i am one of you…

    • hy maelena,i too believe dt all khj lovers hv the same heart which is kind.honest.and gving helping hands to each other…that is a precious gift hehe.

  18. It was crazy. We are following the polls closely from all over the world, how I tweeted couple weeks ago we are votung from all over. I was so happy to read all the Henecias were voting with one only heart all over the world. That tweet was an answe to one of my cyber friend who was worried to go to bed, I told her to go because it was America time to cover their backs North and South we are voting for our only one. Our face page is updating very often and keeping us focus. This poll has created a great camaraderie. It is quite fan to calm down each other, vent our frustration for the slow page or laugh at our mistakes. We are voting blind, many of us made mistakes and did not get it, so thank you ouy Asian sisters who patiently translated for us and guided us in the process. We wanted the 3mill so bad, now we are going for the 325… We are one big global family, divided by continents, languages, and time zones but glue together for the love of that fabulous, gorgeous, incredible man our Hyuny, our only one.

    • Hy yoli, as u said at the beggining i too voted as a blind due to characers[may b chinise] on dt page..thanx to our sisters we voted correctly. We should be proud of being a one fanmily though we’re from diff. Countries all around the world..see ya.

  19. hello to you LK…this is another experience that i will not forget…voting for him is a real expression of our love for him..happy voting and good day to all of us.

  20. I remember when I voted on every poll that had Hyun Joong’s name on it. I finally had to learn to prioritize because the lack of sleep and never getting the important things done that I needed to do became a bit of a problem for me. Had to just start voting on things that were actually awards. Well so I told myself because there I was voting like crazy on the Male Star 2014 where there was no award. The power of Kim Hyun Joong. lol.

    • Hello Allie! LOL yes I had the same experience as you had back in 2012 that I too have learn my lesson!! Geez KHJ fans has that strong contagious spell LOL believe me I could not ignore and can’t help responding to their call, so i went crazy the last day of voting! I just felt what they feel! so amazing really!! LOL You’re right, the power of KHJ too strong to ignore! And yes I admit I got that regret I should have paid attention to other polls and vote with them, that’s what i’m doing now and encourage! We’ll do whatever it takes just to put him on top!
      Thank you Allie, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  21. Hello girls,, If we try our best we’ll b able to bring the gap upto 600000 in YAB!! Although we have 3 days,LET’S TRY AND TRY! Anything can happen if we give up! So let’s work harder than before girls..Aliens should MANAGE their time to Come on !! ffiigghhttiinngg++

    • Hello Janani!! You’re right count me in! Nothing is impossible with our determination! And yes time management is important too, so we won’t neglect the real world responsibility!
      Take care, be happy enjoy voting! Oh you can comment as many as you can no problem we all read from you. If I may have failed to reply please forgive me but don’t worry I do read all comments here any time wherever I am with wifi! This goes to everyone here! See you again! God bless,,

  22. I’m getting frustrated with the Best Korean Drama vote.. it keeps saying I’ve already voted for a day when I didn’t think I had voted.. I think in the past 3 days I’ve been sure of only one of the votes.. And Yes!!! it was a stressful vote for “Best Star”, and while it’s not an award.. and more a popularity contest.. it was great to have such a great showing, and being able to hold off on one of the largest obsessed fan group of LMH. Morally it was uplifting for me, and hopefully all of his fans who had to deal with so much this fall. NOW again.. we’re fighting the large fan group of Jessica in the Yahoo poll is nerve wracking. The Yahoo Poll is important because that’s an actual award that we hope KHJ will come in person to publicly to accept, so it means a lot more than all of the other Polls. It’s amazing to see the total numbers for both #1 KHJ and #2 Jessica continue to rise.. showing that no fan on either side is giving up. Record high Voting in any poll that KHJ participates in is what I’d like to see before he goes into the military. Thanks for the articles that uplift all of us and all the info.. I’m still trying to figure out the voting for the newest one.. I do have an android tablet and phone, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to vote yet even with the instructions.. It’s a work in process..

    • You just have to clear the history or get rid of the cookies before you vote the next day..and you can vote easily in the Best Korean Drama. Besides, you can even vote again the same day if you are using a different network/IP each time!
      I have done it,believe me!

      • Hello there! In this polls Best Korean Drama, we have to vote after 24hours, and please don’t forget to fill in catcha! I made that mistake at first actually!! LOL too excited to vote I got worried, then I realize i didn’t fill in that bar catcha!!
        Yes you can vote from different IP at the same day, I do that too! Try another browser. If you still having problems, bring it up again and we’ll try to figure out how we can help you. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  23. Hi LK…that Baeksang awards, is it the same as Best korean drama that can only vote 1 time/day? What if i vote tru different gadget?

    • I’ve tried to figure this out too.. I think if you vote with your freinds.. or some other person’s computer it will be a vote.. but if you vote with a laptop, and then try to vote with a desktop from the same IP address (same server, your own internet service) then it won’t work. So.. even if I tried to vote under my husbands signon.. I don’t think it would work for a second vote since we have the same WIFI internet service. But.. Maybe if I try to do it with my phone using the 3G service rather than my wifi service it might work? I’ll try it later today, I’ve been having problems voting in that poll anyway so I have nothing to lose.

      • Hello there! No I think Baeksang awards is different polls. Ok at this stage of voting it’s choosing nominees.At Hancinema as you open that page scroll down there’s a list of artist and his drama click on the circle scroll down and click on vote. At this stage of the polls we can use any gadget, your laptop, desk top, tablet and android phones.

  24. Reblogged this on Hyunnies Pexers's Blog and commented:
    Thanks Lazer for this article….. and links to polls included. 3 days to go for YBA …… KHJ supporters are working hard to keep him in his rightful place …. The BEST fans ever. Congratulations everyone. Keep up the good job.

    • Hello Ellen! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial, this really helps a lot! Thanks for reblogging! I sure do hope the Male Star 2014 would appear in some internet news. Although this is a good experience for the new fans to know to boost them in voting! Thank you again as always, take care, be happy and God bless..

  25. Hello LK sis,,omo..CONGRATS!!!our khj has bcm the Male Star 2014! We have proven how strong the Alien fanmily guys are!! Ye ye. Let’s fight+++!! ¤_¤ 😉 then we will b abl to hear more good news in the near future!!

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